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#september 23rd

Today’s afternoon snack:

-> Pear & blueberries

-> Savory mix of pretzel sticks, mixed nuts & rice crackers

I took a bath and washed my hair today because I needed to just wash away all the stress from my new job (although today was significantly better than yesterday) and afterwards I felt a little hungry so I had some fruit. uwu The pear was perfectly ripe and super juicy this time but the blueberries are so sour. :’’) I really didn’t get lucky with them this time around and I bought a huge pack as well.

Then some time later I was craving some savory so I grabbed a light snack of some mixed goodies~

Deliciousness score: 8.5/10

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Today’s lunch:

-> Toasted ciabatta bread

-> Lettuce & grated carrots

I ended up being home an hour later than planned because they finally gave me a proper welcome and tour of the secondary school I recently started working at.

That being said, I was pretty hungry by the time I came home but I also didn’t want to eat too much because I’m gonna take a bath and wash my hair later, which means I’ll be standing bend over at the sink so that isn’t ideal when you’re stuffed. xD

During the break at school while I was waiting for the coordinator, I also had a quick snack I packed with me. There were two thin slices of honey cake in the package, but I only had one.

Deliciousness score: 8/10

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