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#sequel trilogy
okay all the Good, Upstanding, Righteous Jedi Spirits appearing to destroy the sith and take the galaxy for the light is good and all, but hear me out.
Rey's not a jedi. there hasn't been a new jedi since order 66 destroyed the creche. Rey has like a month of training from a not-jedi who's force school failed miserably, she wouldn't be a jedi in the eyes of the order.
so instead of the Jedi or the Sith, she gets the grey force. not dark or light, not life or death, not good or bad, but the balance.
anyways this is the long-winded way of saying Chirrut and Kanan pop out of the force, pat Rey on the shoulder, and yell you're doing great, kiddo, now fucking blast his ass like the chaotic good ghost parents they are.
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readwithjulia · 7 hours ago
Book review!
Tumblr media
The Last Jedi: Expanded Edition
Author: Jason Fry.
Date: 34 ABY.
Genre: science fiction, space opera, adventure fiction.
The movie alone was very divisive for Star Wars fans. You either loved this movie with all your heart or despised it. (I love it, and in my opinion, the hate that this movie receives is childish)
But, this is the book. The expanded edition. Meaning that this already amazing and complex movie has been expanded on.
So, if you’re reading this chances are you’re a Star Wars fan who has already watched the movie. So I love this because I can basically spoil everything.
So, the book begins with a prologue with Luke Skywalker’s point of view before Rey arrives on Ach-To. He’s basically having a dream of his life on Tatooine if he didn’t go to rescue Leia Organa from the Empire. It was meant to just be eerie, but it terrified me a little bit.
Then we begin chapter 1 in Leia’s point of view, and she’s saying a eulogy for Han Solo, her deceased husband. So basically, the beginning of this book gives us an insight into what was happening before the D’Qar base evacuation.
Next (I love this) we get an interaction between Rose and Paige Tico, the two sisters. Now, I adore this part of the book because we did not get to see Paige and Rose interact at all. And even from this small interaction, I love their relationship because they’re so close. But it also made me sad, because Paige was preparing to go into her bomber ship, and Rose was worried that something bad was going to happen to Paige. And that just made me upset, because that’s true.
After this, we are finally starting the events of the movie. We are in Connix’s point of view, as she oversees the evacuation of the base, and then the First Order arrives and all that.
I really like how from this point, the author uses the exact same words that the characters say in the movie, but we do get to learn some more things. For example, the First Order taking over the galaxy is explained a little more:
The New Republic Senate was in ashes, the heart of its fleet was incinerated...
Basically, the destruction of the Senate left the Republic in chaos, giving the First Order the chance to take over a galaxy in chaos. I know people can’t understand how the First Order took over so quickly, but this book briefly makes it understandable.
So from this point on, we basically rewatch The Last Jedi except it’s a book. Some parts of the movie are told from the point of view of different characters, like Admiral Ackbar, so I find it interesting to see how other characters are feeling.
It also explains how the First Order was able to track the Resistance:
“... Our tracking system’s computer network contains millennia worth of data...” “... Our sensors pinpoint the target’s last known trajectory, and tracking control analyses it against our data sets. Trillions of potential destinations are sifted and reduced to hundreds, then dozens, and finally one.” - Page 79.
I also loved to see what Rey was thinking while she was on Ahch-To, trying to get Luke to save the Resistance (honestly I don't understand the hate around his character in TLJ).
The ending was also beautiful. We got to have a heartwarming yet sad conversation between Leia Organa and Chewbaca.
And then after that we get a short part in the point of view of one of the Ahch-To island natives, and then it ends the way the movie did, with that boy holding the broom like a lightsaber.
It’s an amazing book and if you love the sequels and/or TLJ, then I really recommend it.
🎵 Ahch-To Island - John Williams
My masterpost
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trooperst-3v3 · 11 hours ago
Took Gary to the local Droid Park today. How could I stay so warm out there while looking so cool?
Could it ~*fancy*~ stolen new CAPE?
Tumblr media
I may have made Deej take, like, 47 pictures of me looking rad as hell in this thing. I'm gonna frame them.
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earisridesagain · 16 hours ago
Chapters: 7/20 Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Rey/Ben Solo | Kylo Ren Characters: Rey (Star Wars), Ben Solo | Kylo Ren, Armitage Hux, Leia Organa, Finn (Star Wars), Poe Dameron, Rose Tico, Chewbacca (Star Wars), R2-D2 (Star Wars), Knights of Ren, Original First Order Character Additional Tags: Dubious Consent, Canon-Typical Violence, Intimidation, Panic Attacks, Implied/Referenced Self-Harm, Collars, Slow Burn, Eventual Happy Ending, Eventual Smut, Self-Hatred Summary:
“Don’t throw away your life,” Kylo Ren pleaded. “Don’t condemn us both to loneliness.”
She could. She should. She wouldn’t.
Small lines twitched in his otherwise impassive face.
As long as my friends live, I won’t give up. Out loud, Rey said, “We have a deal. I’ll come to you. I’ll behave. And my friends will live.”
Canon-divergent from the end of the throne room scene in TLJ.
Kylo Ren is able to keep Rey as a semi-willing prisoner and help her master the Force. He has plans for her, plans for her role in his new Empire. But Rey has her own plans, and they don't involve being the Supreme Leader's creature.
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galaxy-of-fools · 19 hours ago
Finn: I’m sorry, I can’t be the man you want me to be.
Poe: Damn it, stop being so romantic!
Poe: Now, turn around and come back to me, you fool!
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amadan-kenobi · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
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secretficblog · 22 hours ago
In another life - Chapter 3 - Poe Dameron x Reader
Summary:  Long before there were new Jedi, before the fight between the Resistance and the First Order came to an end, there was just a young man, skilled in flying anything he could get his hands on, with the urge to be something greater. Then there was you. You broke him
Rating: M for smut in later chapters
Now on ao3, come say hi if you want to!
Warnings: both of them are idiots, I feel like I only write idiots with zero communication skills, you’ll see; now with more angst; you dumped him;
no use of y/n
Word count: 2220
first chapter here ; second here
Tumblr media
Kijimi, a few years ago
“Dameron, what in the everloving fuck did you do?”, you yelled over the sound of blasterfire.
“He altered the deal, so I altered it even further!”, Poe called back to you.
“Well he wasn’t happy with that, I’m guessing”, you retorted. Quickly you raised your blaster over the large barrels you were taking cover behind and shot at the attackers blindly. They were approaching rapidly and from what you could tell, there was quite a few of them. The frigid air smelled like spilled spice and the coldness was slowly seeping into your clothes, the floor underneath you was making you shiver. Your hands were shaking, unsteadily holding your blaster and you weren’t sure if it was from the impending feeling of doom or the low temperature on the planet you had made your temporary home on.
“If we die here Poe, I’ll haunt your ass!”, you shouted, turning to where he was sitting mere moments ago. The spot next to you was vacant.
“What the fuck, Dameron?” Kriffing cunt. He left you alone in this. Of course you knew he hadn’t run off, he would never turn his back on you but he had some sort of suicidal plan he was currently implementing without consulting you first. By now you knew that that was typical for him but the way your heart sped up, fearing for his wellbeing, was always the same, even with the knowledge that he had returned to you safely every time so far.
You grabbed the blaster tightly, pulling out a small mirror, which you usually used to fix your hair in the middle of a long day, from your pocket and let it peak out slightly next to the barrels. You could see at least three of them slowly closing in on you. You picked the one to the far right off first, aiming your blaster and shooting him in the chest. He thudded onto the floor, alarming the other two. The next time you held out the mirror you saw the flash of a familiar looking jacket on the rooftop behind the attackers. How had he been able to sneak up on them like this?
Poe snuck closer, leaping soundlessly from roof to roof and dropped down on the man on the far left, taking him down with the full force of his body and choking him out. You left your cover, ready to take the last man down, who was aiming his blaster at Poe. Your companion was still busy with the other attacker and didn’t notice the dangerous situation he had gotten himself into. “Dameron, move”, you screamed, hands shaking from the cold as you willed you blaster to shoot the last attacker. You missed just as he hit his mark. Poe had whipped around slightly but not far enough for the shot to miss him entirely. You couldn’t see how bad it was from you position but he went down with the intensity of the pain.
Letting out a feral growl you aimed at the last man, adrenaline steadying your hands as you hit the mark not once but four times in your uproaring anger.
“Maker, baby, cool it, I think you got him”, you heard Poe wheeze behind you. His voice sounded thin and strained but at least he was talking to you.
“Kriff, I thought you died on me for a second, Dameron”, you whispered. He was still sitting on the floor, breathing heavily. Your eyes slid down to his waist, where the weapon had penetrated his flesh. He looked up at you, eyes wide. “Sweetheart, I think I still might”, his voice was wavering, he was scared.
“No, no, you’re alright, I just need to get you home, I have a cauterizer, we can fix this”, you rambled. Of course he knew you had a cauterizer, you lived together. You just needed to keep talking to help yourself focus and most importantly, to keep him alert. Red was blooming through his big coat now and you could barely hold it together. Hands still shaking you lifted the scarf you were wearing off of you and tied it around his mid tightly. Getting him home was a hassle, you were more dragging than carrying him as he faded in and out of consciousness.
Normally, you loved wandering around the streets of Kijimi with him at night. You thought about the times you two had sneaked through the allies, a bottle of Corellian Firewhiskey in one hand, stealing quick kisses here and there on your way home. He needed to hold on so you could spend more nights like this, bathing in the moonlight and unbothered by the cold, unsure if the warmth you felt came from the drink in your hand or the way he looked at you.
Finally, you made it and carefully guided him towards your shared bed. His skin was cold as ice, his lips blue and he had stopped shivering a while ago. You covered all the areas you didn’t need to access to cauterize his wound with thick blankets made from bantha wool. After cauterizing the wound, you sat next to him until he started shivering again. Planting a soft kiss on his forehead you allowed yourself to relax slightly and take your eyes off of him while he slept. You nuzzled his head, whispering soft nothings into his hair and letting your tears fall freely. The ice-cold grip of fear closed around your heart as the realization set in that you had almost lost him today.
 Hours Later
Groaning, he pushed himself up on the headboard hours later, eyes trained on your exhausted and tear-stained face. “Do you think this is all I’m good for? Running spice until I get killed?”, he asked.
“Of course not Poe, that’s ridiculous.” You were unsure of what he was getting at but you didn’t like the undertone in his voice one bit.
“I want my life to mean something, no stick around here in fear of the First Order.”
“Poe, I-”
“I know this isn’t the life you want to lead, sweetheart. If I’m sure about one thing it’s that I want you by my side, wherever that may lead us.”, he interrupted.
“Poe you can’t make a decision like this based on your love for me! I’ve seen you fly, I’ve seen you fight, they’d be lucky to have you.”
“Come with me then!”
“I couldn’t, the things I’ve done in life Poe, I’m not one of the good ones, I’m not talented like you, I’d be a burden more than an asset to the Resistance.”
“Think about it baby, we could help end this war”, the idea of fighting for a cause, dying for it, made your spine chill. You were not brave like him, you were not nearly as selfless as he was. Quite the opposite actually, you wanted to hide out on some backwater planet, take Poe with you and wait the result of this war out. It wasn’t like the sides of this war didn’t matter to you, you were painfully aware that the First Order and the Resistance weren’t two sides of the same power hungry coin.
You had seen and felt the destruction the First Order inflicted on the people of the galaxy first-hand. You were clinging desperately to the idea that you could make a living as a spice runner, with Poe always by your side, more bothered by the deals you were closing than by the constant fighting around you.
Your father had once told you that this was how movements like the First Order came into power in the first place, because people refused to accept the state of the world and rise up but instead tried to protect their own little flawless corner of the galaxy with all their might until it was too late. “I’m no hero, Poe. I don’t want this.”, the words slipped out unintentionally but that didn’t change the truth behind them.
“People are dying everywhere around us.”, he shot back, “We could be next if we don’t do anything about this.”
“I’m sorry, if you chose this you’re going down a path I can’t follow.” The look of hurt in Poe’s eyes following your declaration made you physically recoil. You never wanted to hurt him, could he not understand that you wanted him to be okay, wanted the both of you to be free and together, regardless of anything else? You gazed into his eyes, willing him to understand why you reacted the way you did. Instead he averted his eyes, searching around the room for something to focus on. The silence that settled between the two of you was an uneasy one and it kept stretching on.
You were about to open your mouth when you heard him quietly whisper “You are my everything, I’d never give that up. I’d never choose anything over you.” Tears were stinging in your eyes but you did your best to hold them back.
“Let’s go to sleep, Poe”, you replied quietly. You settled down carefully next to him, leaning over while making sure not to come near his wound. Your hand reached up to stroke over his face, fingertips softly grazing over his stubble. You leaned in, softly touching his lips with your own.
“We can talk about this tomorrow”, you said. Poe drifted off into a deep sleep soon after, the exhaustion and the blood loss pulling him under. You however stayed up, thinking about what he had said.
Poe had potential, he was brave, albeit to reckless for his own good. He would make a great member of the Resistance. You could see him making a difference in this war. When you pictured him, shining hero of the Resistance, you couldn’t see yourself with him anymore. Poe was good and selfless, for all his snarky and flirty comments he was soft at heart, caring and passionate.
You were not.
You just wanted to curl up next to him and stay in your shared bed forever. Poe was destined to be something greater and your fears were holding him back. He had said he would never choose anything over you. He didn’t have to, you would make that choice for him. In the time you had gotten to share with him, your lives had intertwined and you barely remembered what it felt like to be without him. This realization shocked you. You needed to let him go, let him realize his dreams and you had to allow yourself to go and find yourself again. Not once did you doubt that he was the person for you but you feared the timing the two of you had was off. Maybe there was a chance for you, another day, to rekindle what you had.
Quietly, you slipped out from under the arm he had thrown over you and collected a few items you wanted to take with you. After carelessly stuffing a few items of clothing into your bag, you let your fingers slide over the pictures of the two of you that were displayed in the room. You decided to slip one of them into your bag as a reminder of the things in the galaxy that were worth fighting for. The tears streaming down your face where only made obvious to you when they dripped onto the bag in front of you. You wiped your face with the shirt you were wearing, the fabric scratchy on your soft skin. You wanted to take one of his shirts with you but you knew that the minute you unpacked it you would be on your way back to him. You couldn’t be selfish right now, you needed to be selfless like Poe so that he could have a chance in this galaxy and not waste his life running spice with you. It was for the best.
You planned on leaving a note, not wanting him to think someone took you against your will. Hands shaking, you skribbled “I’ll find you in another life, Dameron, be a hero” onto a piece of paper and turned back to his sleeping form. What a dumb thing to say, but you were at a loss for words. Yet, you wanted to believe in those ridiculous words you wrote down, sounding like a girlish fantasy.
It was better this way, for him. You would manage somehow.
He was in a deep but restless sleep. Careful not to wake him you placed a hand on his forehead and he stilled immediately. Fresh tears prickled in your eyes. You bent down one last time to kiss his lips gently, bidding him a slient farewell. You shouldered your bag and looked back over to his sleeping form one last time, the urge to lie back down was overwhelming. “This is for his best.”, you reminded yourself and closed the door quietly. As you heaved your bag onto one of the two speeders parked outside, you allowed the tears to flow freely, weeping for the life you could have had if it was not for the situation around you.
He was the right person for you, you were sure of that. It was just the wrong time, the turmoil in the galaxy left no room for happy endings.
Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Comments and Reblogs make my days as I’m fighting my way through my third involuntary online semester so I’d really appreciate that. Stay safe in these wild times loves xx
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shadyscroller2 · a day ago
All My Fics
hello! welcome to my profile. here are all of my fics on ao3, which basically sums up my search history on Tumblr. 
happy reading! 
Thunder In Heaven (1.9k words, T+): Aziraphale is scared of the thunderstorm outside. He feels better when Crowley comes along. Fandom: Good Omens.. Pairing: Crowley/Aziraphale 
Find Another Case (1.7k words, G): In the Blind Banker, John denies being Sherlock’s friend. What would have happened if John had done the opposite? How would Sherlock react? Fandom: BBC Sherlock..Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson 
He Said He Loves You (949 words, G): John is living happily with Sherlock and Rosie in 221B, a year after the events of Sherrinford. Rosie is a toddler, and she doesn't know what she's saying half of the time. So what happens when she says the one thing that John could never utter himself in seven years? And how is he going to face Sherlock? Fandom: BBC Sherlock..Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson 
Snipping Away (6.4k words, M): When John was in the army, he was paid as a barber to cut hair for his fellow soldiers. Time passes, and one day, Sherlock is in his mind palace, and John sees that his hair has grown quite long. To cure his boredom, John decides to give the man that he's been pining after a trim. What could possibly go wrong? Fandom: BBC Sherlock..Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson 
All Depending (6.7k words, M): When Mycroft suddenly passes away, Sherlock experiences heavy grief. John is there for him through thick and thin. After all, there's no one way to deal with grief. It all depends on the person. It all depends. Fandom: BBC Sherlock..Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson 
Dinner and a Movie (1.9k words, T): Castiel is still new to Kansas after six months of living there. So his best and only friend Dean Winchester takes him to a movie in town. But Dean's acting different tonight. He's not paying attention to pretty girls, and Cas is his main focus. It's like they're out on a date. And that's just too crazy. Right? Fandom: Supernatural..Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchester 
Vietnam Sounds (2.6k words, T): After Dwight gets a concussion, it's up to Jim to take him to the hospital. Michael lets them go alone, and Meredith lets them take her van.But when Dwight blurts out that he's in love with Jim while he's being treated, Jim doesn't know how to handle it. How can he, when Dwight doesn't even know what he's saying? Fandom: The Office..Pairing: Jim Halpert/Dwight Schrute 
Stages of Christmas (5.6k words, T): Sherlock and John are spending Christmas together after Mary has run off with David, while carrying David's baby. After that whole fiasco, Sherlock feels pressured to fix things again with John, but how can he do that when Sherlock's more than certainly fallen in love with him? Fandom: BBC Sherlock..Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson 
A Sledding Mishap (6.8k words, T): When Cas finds some school bullies harassing middle schooler Sam Winchester, Cas protects him and helps the boy by teaching him how to fight. In the weeks before Christmas, they become fast friends, and eventually brothers. But when young Sam takes Cas to meet his gorgeous older brother Dean, Cas finds that his whole world is about to change. Is the Christmas spirit enough to save all of them? Fandom: Supernatural..Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchester 
A Christmas Burrito (and a snowball fight) (842 words, G): Team Free Will is heading back from a case, and surprise, surprise, Sammy wants a burrito. But the line is long, and Dean and Cas are stuck in the car waiting for him.What else can Dean do besides try to seduce his best friend with a ferocious snowball fight? Fandom: Supernatural..Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchester 
To Be Wanted (2.0k words, G): Something's been bothering Troy, something from his past. And he's been waiting for his friendship with Abed to take the turn that most of his friendships do, but it hasn't yet. What's different about this one? And how is he ever going to get an answer to his question from Abed as discreetly as possible? Fandom: Community..Pairing: Troy Barnes/Abed Nadir 
Show Me Something (819 words, T): Finn must tell Poe Dameron that he's in love with him. Rey thinks so. Practically everyone thinks so. But not while Poe is working on maintenance for his plane, and not while Poe's shirt is pressing a little too nicely to his sweaty chest...Great. How is Finn going to focus now? Fandom: Star Wars Sequel Trilogy..Pairing: Poe Dameron/Finn 
Animated Christmas (2.6k words, E): Dean thought it was a nice picture: the snow was falling outside, Sam was away, and Cas was in their living room decorating the tree. It was just them alone, in their faraway cabin in the middle of a snowstorm.So, of course, one can't blame Dean for wanting to get the most out of his precious, alone-time with his angel... it is Christmas, after all. Essentially just a lot of smut, and they're obviously both in love big-time. Fandom: Supernatural..Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchester 
Do What You Need To (2.5k words, T): Dean has reached his end... with a nail in his back. He knows it's not the ending he should have had.But he has a plan. He's done all of this for a reason, one that he must tell to Sam now that he's dying in his brother's arms... again. Here's why I really think Dean let go so easily. Fandom: Supernatural..Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchester 
What To Do With Your Crush at a Carnival (4.4k words, G): Troy and Abed are busy making a game out of their night at the carnival, that they almost didn't realize their feelings for each other. Fandom: Community..Pairing: Troy Barnes/Abed Nadir 
Your Hand Please (653 words, G): Dean doesn't know where he is. All he knows is what's in front of him: the tall forest that he had thought he left behind; and his best friend falling to pieces. Dean can only hope that this is all a dream. Fandom: Supernatural..Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchester 
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trooperst-3v3 · a day ago
Solo was in the break room today and saw his old locker had been broken into. He knew it was me, since nobody else on the ship carries bolt cutters on their person.
His Force Ghost serenity started to break and he got a little mad at me for "rifling through his private things," but I pointed out that those "private things" either belong to:
1. Kylo Ren, a person he claims no longer exists since he turned to the Light Side (I don't get it, either, but he insists it's A Thing.).
2. Himself (Ben Solo), meaning he admits that he is, in fact, the same person as Kylo Ren. In which case, I would be morally required to call Poe Dameron and his Resistance buddies, because Mr. Ren has quite a few war crimes for which he has not yet answered.
Solo apologized and told me to enjoy my new cape.
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marajadedameron · a day ago
It’s so fucking dumb and antiquated that Leia’s children did not bear her last name. Organa is one of the only things left from Alderaan. And although she was not Alderaanean by blood, that was her home, it was where she was from. Her home planet was peaceful, diplomatic, etc. and since it is no more, you’d think she’d want to preserve what little she has left of it, and pass that name down for generations. And it’s a royal name, it’s recognized throughout the galaxy. Instead she takes her husband’s name and gives that to her child(ren)? The name that, according to the Solo movie, isn’t really his? A name given to him by the Empire? And then a name known in the galaxy as an outlaw, smuggler, low life? Like, what the actual fuck?
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thedarkreborn · a day ago
Tumblr media
The Galactic Empire has fallen. After forty years fighting a lingering but inevitable defeat following the Battle of Endor, the Empire has agreed to surrender. In a show of good faith, the New Republic has pulled all but ceremonial remnants of their fleet away from Coruscant, their galactic capital, for the treaty signing. Now dignitaries from the two governments meet to usher in a new era of peace and freedom for the galaxy, unaware of the dark threat approaching from the unknown regions…
Out of the blackness of space comes a glittering jewel of a world, its entire surface covered in layer after layer of towering cityscape. The world is Coruscant, and from this distance it looks small and alone without the interstellar traffic that ought to be dancing around it. Today, this bustling hub of the galaxy has been reduced to hosting one meager Lambda- class shuttle soaring in from the black depths of space—a late arrival for today’s ceremony.
All of the preparations for the momentous event are completed, all of the other participants already in place. Bunting in intermingled gray, white, red, and orange flaps in the breeze over a large central square many stories up from the squalid depths of Coruscant’s underlevels. The square is empty of sentients at the moment, although a table with two chairs sits waiting for occupants. Behind it flutter two tall banners, one displaying the chilling encircled gears that symbolize the Galactic Empire and the other the stylized upswept-wings emblem of the New Republic...
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thecyndimistuff · 2 days ago
want to adjust Tag and Bink’s character design but literally any adjustments I do will just make them look like Poe and Finn 
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trooperst-3v3 · 2 days ago
Found some coffee!
I cut the lock on Ben Solo's old break room locker (He's a ghost: it's not like he really needs anything in there anymore, right?) and managed to find half a bag. It's hella expired, so it tastes about as good as licking a tree, but at least I can keep the caffeine headaches away for a few more days until the new stash I ordered arrives.
I helped myself to one of his old "Kylo Ren" capes while I was in there, too. It can keep me warm during this planet's colder seasons, and also billow majestically behind me as I walk through the local farmer's market. Nice.
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howtheworldcouldb · 2 days ago
I feel like recent Star Wars stuff has forgotten that Luke was the original hero, not Anakin. Anakin is important only BECAUSE it tells us something about Luke’s story. And that Leia was just as important as Luke, that she worked independently of Luke because he was a PART of the rebellion, not the whole thing. I dunno, I’m just tired of the Jedi as a concept getting so much weight at the expense of individual characters.
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