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Seraphim, my latest obsession.

I’m just watching it for the plot.

The plot :


A Netflix Original Anime: Blood of Zeus ZEUS

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I’m heavily thinning down my F/O list;

Here is an updated list:

  • Shadow Weaver(She-Ra)
  • Vlad Dracula Tepes(Castlevania)
  • Seraphim(Blood of Zeus)
  • Marcellus Slenderman(Creepypasta)
  • Dean Hardscrabble(Monsters University)
  • Tora(Midnight Poppy Land)
  • Alma Peregrine(MPFPC)
  • Ophelia(Siren’s Lament)

I do NOT share F/O’s

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title: a gust of wind

hermes x female reader

? a request ?

↱ genre: smutty & fluff

↱ word count: 1.4k+

↱ warning(s): unprotected sex, semi-public sex, fingering, squirting, explicit language

a/n: my laptop is broken so I had to do this by phone :/ if I see mistakes I’ll clear em also I woke up from a long ass nap


Hermes arrived at Olympus looking down at the Polis nearby to see how they were doing hoping he would see you again. Hermes eyes had wandered upon you when you were bathing in a nearby river he knew it was wrong but he couldn’t fight the urge swelling inside him. He wanted you, the way the water splashed against your skin, the way it dripped down your breasts as you walked out of the river to dry yourself.

“HERMES!HERMES!” He was snapped out of his trance by his brother Apollo

“Sorry” His face turned a dark shade of pink

“Are you watching that fine young maiden again?” Apollo smirked as Hermes became at loss for words.

“I can explain-”

“No need, instead of standing here and watching her like the pervert you are do something about it” His laugh boomed across Olympus as he strutted away.

Hermes turned to see you were gone just like a gust of wind, He planned that he would meet the young lady that occupied his mind.

The next morning he watched as you made your journey to the river. He watched you hum as you settled your things down and stripped out of your attire, Hermes couldn’t help but groan as your breasts slipped gently out of your dress and the way your ass moved as you peeled the remaining of your clothes off.

“S-so beautiful” he whispered as he watched you from afar waiting until you were done,

You hummed lightly as you waded into the water, you used the lavender bar you made earlier on and rubbed it across your body.

You threw your head back as you took a deep breath to enjoy the nature around you.

Hermes watched as you rinsed your body and made your way out of the river drying your body, he quickly hurried towards the nearby river and waited as you dressed before he could appear before you.

The brushed rattled and you stopped your sudden movements as you examined your surroundings

“H-hello?” you called out softly hoping it was a cute small critter.

The bushes moved again this time a little more violently “Anyone there?” your voice wavered, tears formed at your eyes.

Hermes emerged from the bushes, you took a step back and almost fell into the river until a large pair of hands held you up.

“I’m so sorry, forgive me” Hermes smiled sheepishly, his face turned a bright shade of red

“Thank you so much” you smiled, placing a peck on his cheek.

You gasped as you realised the stranger, the way his figure towered over you by many times and the way his face was beautifully structured as if he was carved from gold.

“H-Hermes” your eyes widened as you trailed your fingers across his face

Hermes watched as you examined, the way your fingers trailed across his body he couldn’t help but lightly moan. You looked up to see his face turn a bright shade of pink. You smirked and roamed your hands this time lower.

“I’m Y/n” you trailed off as you looked up at the god who seemed to be in a haze over your movements

“Quite cheeky” Hermes caught onto your behaviour and brought your hands to a halt. He kissed your hands lightly before holding your waist

“The truth is I’ve been watching you for a while, I can’t help but want you, you don’t mind do you? He placed a kiss on your forehead.

“Please do” you moaned as he pressed you closer to his body.

Hermes crashed his lips against yours, his large hands worked around your body, fondling with your bum as he moved his lips to your neck sucking gently.

“More please” you whimpered as he left a trail kisses around your neck, he peeled your clothes off and took a step back to admire your beautiful curves.

“You are even better up close” his eyes glistened as he begun to peel his clothes off still watching your movements. You took his hand and brought him into the river kissing him deeper than before. Hermes grunted as your hands wandered to his lower body, caressing his cock which twitched and leaked with pre-cum. Your breathing hitched as you looked down to see his impressive length, it’s the biggest thing you’d ever seen.

“It’s really big,” you said unconsciously biting your lower lip, his grip around your ass tightened as you couldn’t help but touch all over him.

“Y/n wait” he warned taking a hold of you arm, “Not yet” he kissed your lips sweetly.

Hermes begun to massage your clit, moans spilt from your mouth as he rubbed more inserting a slender finger, working his way deeper into you. His tip became more prominent and red as he watched you throw your head back in euphoria moaning his name continuously.

“P-please I want more” you begged as you pressed your hands firmly against his chest bucking your hips to meet his thrusting as he added another finger stretching you further.

“Are you sure?” He asked using his free hand to caress your face and hardened nipples.

“Y-yes, just please- FUCK ME!” you groaned holding onto his arm as you rode out your intense orgasm.

Hermes lifted you, your legs hugged around his waist and you felt his leaking tip brush against your core making you squeak. He slowly propelled himself inside you groaning at your tightness, the way you clenched around him it made it difficult for him. His forehead pressed against yours. You moaned louder as he pushed himself further into you adjusting to his vast size.

“Move-e” you tapped his shoulder signalling him. He began to thrust slowly brushing your insides in the most delicate way making your mind a haze. Hermes sped up his thrusts, slamming into you more aggressively than before making you groan louder. You found yourself bouncing at a faster pace meeting his thrusts. You eyes shut as you found yourself approaching an orgasm. You breathed heavily as you left scratch marks across his back from the insane pleasure you were receiving. You felt an insane wave rush through you as you came down hard.

Hermes still pounded in you, his rhythm not faltering as he fucked you relentlessly. You did not care if anyone came by the river, all you cared about was being with Hermes. His head pressed against your chest, licking and sucking gently on your nipples as he groped your bum tighter.

“HERMES-S!” You cried out as he left kisses on your neck, thrusting at an inhumane pace. You were certain you would not be able to walk back home after his. You felt another orgasm approach and this time Hermes was about to cum too.

“Y-y/n you milk me so well” He moaned as his thrusts became sloppy gesturing he was cumming fast. You felt your orgasm approach quicker as you clamped down on his cock, squirting from the fierce pleasure which was followed by his hot cum gushing inside of you, wasting not a single drop as he pressed you closer against him. You both groaned loudly followed with desperate kisses.

“That was amazing, so amazing” He smiled pressing his forehead against yours before settling you down in the river.

“I loved that so much” you grinned as he cleaned you up. A part of you felt sad as you were unsure whether you were to see him again, your smile faded a little and he took notice.

“What’s the matter Y/n?” he asked lovingly before placing a warm kiss on your lips.

“Will I be seeing you again?” you tumbled, pleading you did not sound desperate. He lifted your head cupping your cheek gently, his face appeared almost hurt by your assumption.

“Of course you will darling, I’m not letting go of you any sooner. I made love to you Y/n, I promise” he smiled before lifting you. You gasped as you felt his length press in-between your bum cheeks. You turned to see his head bow down in subtle shame.

“It’s okay if you want more” you reassured him, holding his arm softly.

“Could-d we do it at Olympus, we don’t have- if you don’t want” he rambled on, your eyes lit up in excitement at thought of going to Olympus.

“I would love too” you smirked as he wasted no time dressing the both of you and hurrying you off to his home for more rounds and just like that you were both gone like a gust of wind.

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:: Want It Then I Cop It ::

Body @ Inithium 

“Offline” x “Lotte” Dress + Sheer rigged for the Maitreya, Freya, Hourglass, Legacy, and Kupra bodies @ OFFLINE 

Always Hair by [Stealthic]

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Giuseppe Bazzani (1690–1769), Dead Christ mourned by Seraphim.

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Gah, how do the clown husbandry people come up with all that stuff, it’s crazy complicated looking 😂

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:: Careful What You Take For Granted ::

Body - [Inithium] Kupra

“Off-line” Elaine Knit Bodysuit rigged for the maitreya, freya, hourglass, legacy, and kupra bodies located at the [UniK Event] 

“Dua” Hair located at [L’etre & DOUX] 

Photo Booth & Pose Set “Tomorrow” “ Indecent” located at [FOXCITY] 

Shoes by “Viet” rigged for the maitreya, freya, legacy, hourglass, and kupr bodies.

Birthday Girl eye make up located at [Babe] 

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Decided to redesign this old character of mine, Venus. Their siblings will be on the way soon!

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I hope I’ve met your expectations sksksks

heron x injured black reader (f)

¿a request?

↱   genre: angst

↱   word count: 670 +

↱   warning(s): none, well ig there is mentioning of blood

a/n: i did not proof-read i’m sorry, i’ll make changes if it’s that bad

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oh thank you so much zoë <3

• i like my nose and freckles

• i can be smart sometimes

• i think im a good listener

• i like that i can make my friends laugh :)

• i’m observant

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