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Missing coffee runs with my friends

Ft pasta that was absolutely not worth how much we paid for it 🤮 and an old picture of a book

Day 4:

16th July - Do you have a lot of work to do for school or university or your job this summer?

- oh ABSOLUTELY! our school is super crazy and likes to pile on the work 📐📐📐

Currently I have lost track of what assignment I need to submit when- I desperately need to get that sorted out😂

Currently solving integrals 😗✌️ anyone wanna join

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I am back at Istanbul for a short time but I need to finalize a lot of people work for university-_-

16th July - Do you have a lot of work to do for school or university or your job this summer?

Ngl because I graduated from high school, I don’t have much to do and my summer internship got cancelled… My main goal is to revise some bio topics before med school begins in October but even that is not a super heavy workload.

🎧gfriend, tarot cards

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july 16th, 2020

2020 quarantine challenge - week 3 : thursday

q: what is the song that makes you happy no matter what?

-probably any song of one direction’s because im their ultimate fan since young and all of their songs make me so happy and i can vibe along easily any time <3

also i drew a heart today as you can see i suck at painting so i photocopied the drawing i drew and painted on another paper so that if i regret painting i have backup HAHAHAHAH

pandastudies 🐼

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15 JUL 2020


Hey guysssss. Sorry I’ve been so quiet on here these past couple of days. Essentially, I’m doing my biology coursework in one day (why did I do IB? 😭) because I’ve been writing a proposal for my school to raise more racial and cultural awareness and increasing ethnic inclusivity 🥰. Ahhhhh, I’m so excited because I thought my prefect team would be so against it but they all for it which is nice.

Also, I got my report yesterday. It’s not bad but I’m annoyed that it could’ve been better if my teachers didn’t cap my point score and we’re more honest with their feedback. My French teacher said my speaking wasn’t that good but he gave me 20/24 on my last speaking (a couple of weeks ago) and told me it was great? I’m a bit confuzzled because why is 2+2=5 please? 😭 Anyways, that’s left me feeling lowkey gutted but I know that the only grades that really matter are my UCAS predicted grades for uni and the ones on my actual diploma.

Fun fact: I really want a bullet journal again. I tried to keep one before but I like keeping all my tasks in one place so I can get an overview and yeah, it just didn’t work. But I found discbound bullet journals and I’m in love 😍. I want one. And I want to go completely analogue with my planning and most of my documents and project planning etc. If you’ve known me before this studyblr, you know that I’m always switching up my organisation system and now I’m tired of digital 🤧. I’m blaming studyblrs for my new found interest 😂.

So as you can see, I have been being productive, I promise, I just haven’t been documenting it!

Now, time for @myhoneststudyblr ‘s Summer Studying Challenge (and congratulations for 15k followers, Sophie - how awesome is that?! 🥰🎉❤️)

DAY 2: Have your plans changed at all because of the pandemic?

Well, right now I’m meant to be packing for a flight to Morocco to go and starve and hike in the mountains for 4 days so yeah, I guess my plans have changed 😭. My other plans though? Not really. Just relaxing, working on projects, studying and just improving my self and my life as it is right now.

DAY 3: Do you have a specific goal for this summer?

Honestly, I just need to finally get my life organised. I think it’s because I’m such a conceptual learner but I can’t just have a to do list and some goals written down (which there’s obviously nothing wrong with). I need to have an understanding of how I’m actually spending my time and why that is and how I’m improving myself whilst still living the life I have right now being the best version of myself right now. As you probably can tell in my post about how to study for uni exams, I like almost a formulaic approach to things so I can play around with it after. Kind of vague but I’m working with it and once I’ve got that down, I’ll happily share it ☺️.

Andddddd QOTD: How do you organise your life?

As you can probably see, I don’t 😭. But that is all about to change. I’ve used Notion (which I liked) and right now I’m using a combo of apps (Things 3, Fabulous, Done, Notebook etc.) but I’ve decided I’m switching to an analogue bullet journal. Let’s see how long this will last 🤧.

Alsoooo, mind my camera quality (I just took this) and look how cool that glass bottle is???

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14-15.7.2020 — 65-66 / 100 days of productivity

@myhoneststudyblr ‘s summer studying challenge:

14th July - Have your plans changed at all because of the pandemic?

absolutely! I was going to do an internship way back in march but then the labs all shut down so that never happened. then uni opened up (online lectures) two weeks late and all exams have been shoved to the end of the semester which will be absolute hell.

15th July - Do you have a specific goal this summer?

to make it through the semester with decent grades 🥴

today’s resource

why we need to abolish ICE

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Day 3 of the summer studying challenge 😊

Do you have a specific goal for this summer? ✨

I really want to do research ahead of my independent project in my final (that starts in September! How am I in my final year already??) and I’ve already made a start on it. I’m real excited about the piece I want to write. I also want to do some online classes on poetry as I normally focus on writing prose.

🎶 Dream A Little Dream Of Me - Cass Elliot

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Had a picnic with lake view and drew a deer. His name is Prongs.

@myhoneststudyblr ’s Summer Studying Challenge July 15th: Do you have a specific goal for this summer?

A lot, but i don’t think i will achieve all of them. I want to learn how to cook this summer. I also need to learn this years subjects before i start junior year. And i need to practice my target languages but so far i’ve only practiced Spanish. I have a long way to go.

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Day 3 of the summer studying challenge

Do you have a specific goal this summer?

- not really, just basically to stay safe from the rona lmao

Buttttt I started working out again so maybe we’ll see results soon!!!

Congrats again to my girl sophie @myhoneststudyblr on 15k followers!!!! I’m so proud of you and I love you so much!!!✨✨✨

@bulletnotestudies @seven10script @arushipun

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My grandma is forcing me to drink this lemony drink everyday because apparently it’s going to help me lose the weight I gained during the quarantine -_-

15th July - Do you have a specific goal for this summer?

My main goal is obviously to get somewhat good at Mandarin at least to the level of understanding simple conversations, reading simple phrases, and being able to do simple tasks like ordering food. Also to get my driving license.

🎧gfriend, room of mirrors

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ft. the first time i tried to make banana bread (left), and the one i made today (right). when i first made it, back in april, it ended up a little like banana bread pudding. this time, i was able to make it actually resemble bread! success!

7.14.20 | 2020 Summer Challenge by @myhoneststudyblr

q: have your plans changed at all because of the pandemic?

a: yes! originally i was supposed to have this big dance performance in august, but now it’s been rescheduled to april, which means that i don’t have any of the rehearsals right now (and will have them during the school year 😓) otherwise, well, my grandparents were supposed to come this summer, too :( but they’re coming early next year (if it’s safe ofc)

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14/07/2020 16:22

Okay so I’m gonna try do the summer study challenge - I’m only gonna post the questions on a weekly basis at a Minimum, I might do more frequently but I doubt it😅

Summer studying challenge (days 1 and 2)

13th July -  What are your plans for this summer?

Right now to finish up my enrolment for uni and to prepare for the calibration exam they have (it’s basically to see how I am in chem/physics/maths, if I do poorly in any then I’ll get extra tutoring in that subject). Uhh I need to head down to the uni itself to check out the accommodation and I need to get things sorted for moving out! 

14th July - Have your plans changed at all because of the pandemic?

Ooooh yeah definitely. We were planning a long, month long holiday because it’d finally be all three of us (my siblings and I) done with schooling - them done with uni and me done with highschool, but we couldn’t do that :(. I was also planning on volunteering at the rabbit shelter again and do kickboxing twice a week but both of those are put on hold too rip

🎶bleach - anatu

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14.07.2020 | morning existential crisis journal entry ft. tb from a meal out with my friends (I miss them already)

Today I kinda injured my left arm (as you may have seen in my previous posts lmao) but thank goodness there’s no serious injury. What kinda frustrates me out is tomorrow I’m going to have my piano tuned and I can’t ‘fully’ test it out after the tuning. (Pop songs? Fine. Classical? Nope. I don’t want to risk my arm and hand ;-;) But no worries guys. I think it would get better in a while ^^

summer studying challenge
14th July - Have your plans changed at all because of the pandemic?

For the summer plans I posted yesterday? Not so much. But my mom and I were supposed to go to a trip to South Korea after semester 2 ended. Thank goodness I didn’t book anything because I heard from a friend that the refund process is really sh*tty during the pandemic D:

song of the day: Florence + The Machine - Bedroom Hymns

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I love cycling here, the roads are so beautiful


I cycled with my cousin and reread my Spanish notes for a little revision.

@myhoneststudyblr ’s Summer Studying Challenge 14th July: Have your plans changed at all because of the pandemic?

A few actually. I was thinking about applying for some jobs this summer to save some money for college. But i think it would be a little dangerous now so i will wait until next year. I was also planning to visit my best friend but we meet via zoom now. Also my cousins wedding got cancelled which is the reason we are in countryside but i love it here.

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Day 1-2 of @myhoneststudyblr ‘s Summer Studying Challenge

13th July -  What are your plans for this summer?

My plans for this summer are to work on myself as a whole. My hs final results came out yesterday and i got a 94.6% which made me very happy. So i can ease off on the studying a little bit even if my uni entrances aren’t over yet. I don’t wanna give up my studies altogether but i’m not as pressured to just study the whole day anymore. I want to get a bit of a hold on coding (and touch typing) and really work on my physical and mental health. I hope to get back to manifesting my dream life and journaling.

14th July - Have your plans changed at all because of the pandemic?

Yes. Before the pandemic came along, my exams were supposed to finish on 17th may and i would’ve been heading off to college by now. But whatever happened is for the best, because now i have a bigger chance to get into one of my preferred universities. Just what i miss is meeting my frens and giving them big hugs and having fun with them. I hope i can meet my bbs soon.

stay safe everyone. much love <3

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