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#serenity in us jjh
jae-canikeepyou · 10 months ago
| serenity in us | j.jh | ch. eighteen
Tumblr media
word count: 9.5k+
a/n: it’s kinda rushed and not revised hahaha but here’s the final chapter of the series! thank you so much for reading and making this far :D until the next, hope you can join me again ♡ ~j
Tumblr media
tensed. nerve-wrecking. awkward.
these pretty much summed up how jaehyun felt once he stepped into the room where everyone was— the club house.
among the small group of friends, the first person he immediately met eyes with was jungkook; introduced by his buds and later by eunha. five hours have passed and jaehyun hasn’t talked to you yet, because there were many things he was curious about and wanted the questions popping in his head answered.
did you replace him? was the argument with you back then led to path to a breakup? where did you meet this guy? what would happen to you and him now when he already imagined a future with you? or will there ever be a future with you?
you were feeding jaewon while jungkook fixed his bib around the child’s neck. the image and scene shown before him was what he pictured out to be, maybe years after. as of now? he couldn’t help but feel jealous.
his friends read him already, his feelings were written on his sleeve and they weren’t hard to miss. he had the urge to speak with you, but he chose to wait instead, like he always did in the three months prior. if he made a move, he was afraid that he might mess up or further create a gap between the relationship.
jaewon was eating as usual, both of his hands occupied with snacks he loved. he wiggled and dance to the music yukhei played, and seemed to have noticed a man he hadn’t seen for awhile at the corners of his eyes. he shook his legs as a sign of wanting to be put down, and he walked his way towards jaehyun. your boyfriend was shocked to see the child do it; as he was only twenty-two months.
jaehyun was touched, overjoyed even— that a wee child like him had such good memory. the tiny reaching arms asked to be carried, jaehyun peppered him with kisses, earning fresh giggles from the precious lips. jaewon continued to caress his face, giving drooly touches to jaehyun’s face. this act of affection probably made you melt inside, probably something you thought you’d never feel again.
yet what you feel now, would they turn out differently if jaehyun was the father? would you still hold onto that resentment and not communicate with him at all? would you let your child grow up without knowing who his father was? but the truth came just five hours prior, and it was challenging to bring it up to jaehyun if you’d talk to him tonight.
the party didn’t seem like it was coming to an end. the boys wanted more rounds of beer pong and mario kart, so jaehyun worried about he’d feel and do by then. you and him had exchange glances but it was only up ‘til there, like none of you wanted to make the first move. he could read through your actions, unsure and troubled. while you read him; hesitant and distanced.
the moment jaehyun carried jaewon, the child found comfort in his touch and slowly met his slumber. jungkook could see the attachment his son had with jaehyun. hence he decided to talk with the man outside the club house.
“hi.” jaehyun heard and felt a figure approach him. he looked up at the young man who tilted his head, asking him to follow him outside. “mind we step out for a bit?” jungkook asked with hands in pockets.
jaehyun patted the child’s back to keep him asleep, and scanned the room. everyone including you were focused on the headed battle between the boys. it was the right timing to actually talk about you, or if jungkook has an update about you. he stood as per the man’s request, his hearing slowly ringing and heart beating in against his chest. “yeah, sure.”
they walked along the pavement with a long trail of street lamps stretching until the next intersection. crickets clicking their voices and the bustling of food stalls were louder as they passed by them. jungkook bought drinks for refreshments to cool themselves down from the rising temperatures of their bodies. whether or not was it from their emotions or the climate change, only they’d know.
they stopped where the panoramic view of the city lights spanned the horizon. they talked for a good five minutes before the topic of themselves and friends shifted to focus on you. jaehyun knew how jungkook kept praising you, and who wouldn’t be proud of what you’ve become today? he still loves you, and the question was if your heart ever beat for him or did it change over a span of months.
“actually on our way here..” he began to talk, looking up to the stars. jaehyun gulped at the mention of ‘our’, and tried to keep a straight face. “..y/n told me a lot of things, because i asked her to. y’know, regarding her life after that night. she must’ve had it hard.”
“it was tough for her. together with heartbreak and constant criticism.” jaehyun continued listening to him as he swayed from side to side gently to keep the child in lulling pace.
“i don’t think anyone can be calm in that headspace if they were in her shoes. she has a genuine heart and i think people don’t see that because she represses her emotions.”
jaehyun couldn’t handle the air surrounding them the more this topic prolonged, even if it was only a minute.
“why did you really call me out here?” he raised a brow and questioned with a serious expression, taking jungkook aback with his query.
he knew this particular conversation was leading to somewhere else and he wasn’t feeling good about it compared to before. “i already know y/n’s past. and it looks to me you have something more to say. might be rude of me to ask, but can you get to the point?”
jungkook cleared his throat and let out a short sigh. a change in his gaze was an impression jaehyun had expected, somehow. he drank from his soda, voice trailing of to a silence. “funny, y/n said the same thing when i wasn’t getting to the point. alright. do you know.. about that?” he asked.
“about what?”
the silence was killing jaehyun and it felt like eternity.
“that i’m jaewon’s biological father, it’s a hundred percent confirmed.”
he brought out the document that was kept for the past five hours. jaehyun’s view blurred a little before his sight focused on proven numbers. he could’ve known the news earlier, he wondered why it was revealed only now.
the resemblance between jungkook and jaewon were uncanny. he realised now that this friends’ assumption were correct.
his heart pumped slowly as it compressed and released. he was getting more confused as his eyes trailed down the list of numbers. “what? y-you.. how? why?” he was out of words and composed himself. “it wasn’t jinyoung?”
jungkook chuckled softly as he shifted weight from a leg to another. “‘it isn’t me?’, you’re not asking that?”
jaehyun also chuckled at the question, patting jaewon’s back gently. “why would i? i know fully that i didn’t sleep with her.”
“y/n said you were drunk at the party.”
he blinked several times. just how much have you told him? he wondered. “right, so were you.”
“yeah but, i didn’t expect *coughs* the result..” jungkook leaned against the railing with a small smile as he blamed himself. “who knew we were common friends? small world, to think your brother’s my mentor in paediatrics.”
they talked for another ten minutes, a heart-to-heart one even though they only met today. “that aside, y/n finds it difficult to confront miyeon.”
“why would she confront miyeon?” he turned to him 90 degrees.
“she thinks miyeon had something to do with the document.”
jaehyun unknowingly let out a scoff, refusing to believe what he heard. his brows knitted slightly as jungkook just stared at him blank face. then the dimple boy’s smile faltered with wide eyes. “miyeon isn’t the type of person.”
jungkook crossed his arms in question. “is she not?” he asked, reversing his psychology. “i noticed the way she looked at y/n when we arrived. she didn’t look happy.”
“i’m pretty sure there are things we don’t understand about women- oh just a sec.” he fixed jaewon in his arms who was bothered with the blasting ringtone from jaehyun’s phone. “hello?”
due to the windy night, he put him on speaker with wonwoo on the phone. there was chaos on the other line and the vibe was different before they left the venue. “hey man. you with that handsome guy too? uh jungkook?”
the said man swifted his head to the phone as his name was called.
“we just grabbed a drink outside, why?” he and jungkook looked at each other and started to walk back when he heard loud screams in the background.
“remember when i said the girls are so awkward to each other?” wonwoo asked. “well they’re kinda raising their voices now and guess who started it?”
confused but well aware of the situation, he recalled what jungkook mentioned earlier about you planning to confront miyeon. “did y/n say anything strange to her?”
wonwoo snorted. “why would you doubt y/n? she’s doing fine until miyeon suddenly, well kinda yelled. then she started saying things regarding you? anyway i could see y/n’s pissed so if she was angry at you on the dna result night, she’s angry angry right now. see for yourself.”
the call ended and jungkook clicked his tongue. “guess you’re the one who doesn’t know a thing about women. let’s go.”
as they reached the entrance of the clubhouse, jaehyun stood still behind the frosted glass partition, shocked with your words.
Tumblr media
when you noticed your son, jaehyun and jungkook leaving the venue through the reflection of a mirror, you weren’t sure whether to follow them out or not. something pulled you to stay, and when you did, you didn’t expect the chaos that awaited for you minutes later.
even earlier, you were well aware of the air lingering between you and miyeon. it wasn’t the usual type. she kept fidgeting since you arrived. whenever you asked, she’d avoid the question. maybe you might’ve gone a little far into pressuring her that caused her to blow up to how she was at this moment.
now you sat there on the floor and puzzled, your cheek throbbing. lips swelling and eyes sucked air and soon forming tears. you held your cheek and thought to yourself; was this the karma you were destined to have after hurting your boyfriend that night at the boutique’s entrance?
you received that hit and you immediately knew how jaehyun felt when he was being accused of the one thing he didn’t do. you saw the exact image of yourself when miyeon was now breathing heavily before you.
but you never expected her to behave this way, ever.
the others were watching, and little did she know jaehyun and jungkook had just arrived. they saw miyeon having her fingers pointing at you. “say that again? say it again so everyone can hear!”
you rolled your eyes. “i only said i don’t understand why you’re being so emotional. it shouldn’t be much of an issue. let alone react.” you groaned as you stood up, dusting your clothes and looked at the others. “they’re not reacting so much, so why are you?”
miyeon noticed the familiarity in your words that caused her brows to knit towards each other. “emotional?! me?! who wouldn’t be?! everyone here including you knows jaehyun is suffering and you’re not doing anything about it when it’s your fault?! he’s clearly hurt and-”
“you’re not jaehyun.” you clicked your tongue, stepping forward.
she stopped her useless blabbering you didn’t care about and at the same time, she heard footsteps that halted in their stance.
you checked your chipped manicure before your eyes slowly looked at her with pure annoyance. “you don’t have to tell me how he feels or dictate him on what to do just because you’re seeing him recently. i see his messages and i know.” you put pressure on the part word. “he’ll do things his way and i’ll do mine. you’re not a problem solver of our relationship.”
“i’m not asking you to do what i tell you to! it’s just a friendly suggestion and it’s your loss if you don’t want to take it.” she gestured that her arms were in the air as she explained.
“this is a different circumstance. unlike you, i didn’t break up with him. i only asked him to never visit me again. so in respect, he gave me space.” you sat down on the chair. “it’s not the same as breaking up.”
at the corners of your eyes, you caught sight of the guys behind the glass divider from the entrance. it wasn’t a good choice to spill what you thought, but you knew you just had to let jaehyun know the truth.
“if it’s not, why are you with another man? that jungkook guy? you sure have guts to come here with him when jaehyun’s present.” miyeon stepped forward as well, challenging and provoking you.
“he’s a friend. a new one. he’s here to testify but,” you paused as your eyes trailed to them walking silently at the back. “i’ll do that for him since we came to the topic.”
with the suddenly changing the of topic, you knew right away you hit the bullseye as miyeon followed where you hands were leading to.
the heartstrings of yours knotted and entangled in ways that also led your stomach to churn. dozen pair of eyes boring into your body, like heated gazes full of curiosity. miyeon’s in particular, already clicked to you, that she had done something with it.
jungkook quietly placed the document on one table but handed to you instead.
it was fear that paralysed some from moving forward, and it would happen anyone actually. miyeon didn’t expect that she would ever have that fear, and experience it so soon. “what is that?” her voice softening yet audible for you to hear. she knew that certain envelope.
“i was told a photocopy of this was meant to be mailed to me.” you waved the document then threw it on the table in front of miyeon. “but it never made it to my box. my guts said someone made sure it doesn’t reach my house. probably did a few tweaks before it actually was mailed to the jung’s residence.”
“your point is?” she chuckled bitterly and rolled her eyes. the girls took note of her unusual behaviour as they waited for what was to come next. she always cover her feelings with a chuckle.
this time you stood and were a step away from her. you had no shame into exposing what she had done. “it’s the actual and real proof of the d.n.a test. he’s jaewon’s father.” your chin pointing towards jungkook who had his son in his arms.
the crowd formed around jungkook, bombarding him with questions and evidence and reasons to this exposed, somewhat good news. you felt relieved, yet the confrontation and response didn’t end there.
jaehyun’s gaze at you never left. he was waiting for you to look back, and when you did, your lips flattened as if you gave an apologetic smile. he thought he was imagining things, however, seeing how you still remained your expression, he wanted to approach you right then and there.
you locked eyes with miyeon, mouthing and telling her to admit her plan. “why would you do this?” your teeth gritted, almost begging and just soft enough for her to hear. you only wanted this to end; the misery and the misunderstanding between you and jaehyun.
“what the hell?! are you accusing me y/n?!” she let out a huge bewilderment and slammed her palms on the table. as they met the surface, it was visible her hands were shaking.
the rest of them flinched at the impact, all attention were turned back to you when your name was mentioned. “what she’s trying to say is.. you edited jaehyun’s name into the test result.” you heard jungkook cut you off, never expecting him to speak up. “making everyone think he’s the father when he isn’t.”
she crossed her arms. “you don’t have any proof.”
“is it really necessary? because i saw you enter namjoon’s laboratory first hand.” jungkook stated while spinning his phone in his palms. “..unless you forgot what you did that day.” he clicked on the play button where a daily vlog of namjoon’s was left recording for content.
the footage did in fact show miyeon entering the premises. she seemed to have observed the number of files on the desk, later skimming the room in case someone would come in. she fiddled with the files and took a page before the camera shut off due to full memory storage.
“sure, but that doesn’t mean anything.” she scoffed in a louder tone. jaehyun recognised the fits and something wasn’t adding up. “i was visiting namjoon and asked for some reference report samples for my thesis. seriously don’t be deluded into thinking you know everything-”
“mind you i did take the swab test on the same day you brought y/n and jinyoung there.” jungkook rotated the screen for a better play. “this was days after the test, and it’s also the first time i met you.
the aura in your demeanour changed along with the words that followed after.
“that’s why you’re fidgety when we arrived.” you said in a low voice, palms gripping your blouse as if it would help to stop your heart from tightening. “you’re scared of jungkook because you were caught doing something.”
miyeon raised her brows, they knitted so narrowly that she wondered why you were constantly shoving her into one corner. it caused the room to a dead silence as you spoke up.
and everyone had the same question; miyeon didn’t respond, were you right?
“did you really do this, miyeon?” jaehyun approached the crowd with jaewon, taking her aback with his sudden entrance. his eyes never leaving the phone.
“jae, i-” she hitched in her breath as she struggled to find the right reason. “you can’t be serious, you believe her?”
“answer me.”
“don’t pressure me!”
“what else am i supposed to do? defend you? you’ve been acting strange since we ate at the café.” jaehyun lowered his voice.
prior to knowing the news from jungkook, not only were you hurt that your boyfriend shattered your heart, miyeon was missing; in a sense that she was never present when you were at your lowest. she, one whom you considered as best friend other than eunha, would have the audacity to let you drown in your heartbreak.
so when the question whether miyeon actually moved on from jaehyun was brought upon at the truth or dare game months ago, you didn’t feel any jealousy or a tight, congested squeeze in your heart at the time. you didn’t mind that before— because she claimed it was all history. however, somehow.. you felt that uneasiness now.
the heart never lies. you’ve heard that countless of times and it only would be proven when the truth was out. or in other words.. shown in one’s expression.
she sniffed and looked elsewhere to avoid the attention. “..i did it, alright?!”
you and miyeon had a quiet stare down until you were the one who fell apart first. “i didn’t want to believe you would go to that extent for your interests even if it would hurt others.” you paused. “but you didn’t come back to town for me, or for the sake of our friendship or to make it up for the lost times you weren’t there for me.” you continued and you were surpised she listened.
“the footage ‘didn’t mean anything’?” you let out a suppressed laugh, yet sounding more of a scoff. “it may not have any meaning to you, but to me, it meant something when you still have feelings for jaehyun.” you hiccuped and breathed and gasped for air.
“i’m not accusing you for anything, i just want to hear the truth.” at this point it was getting harder to breathe. “now that i know.. it’s because you- miyeon.. you’re still in love with my boyfriend.. you still love jaehyun..”
jaehyun could see and feel the pain in your voice, like every word ripped a part of his heart until there weren’t any left. the welling of tears by your eyes were obvious to him. and that little spark of hope he held onto for a new start with you suddenly hit home run.
he was longing for you. he felt the forgiveness in your tone. he wanted you close. why was he a step too late tonight?
jungkook grabbed you on the arm, pulling you to his torso because he knew exactly what you were thinking; you didn’t let go of jaehyun. you still love him so much and nothing hurts more than your heart being disappointed, that miyeon didn’t even try to deny her feelings she has for jaehyun. you couldn’t help but cry, letting jungkook comfort you despite jaehyun being there— not because he was of close proximity, but because jaehyun wouldn’t know your current feelings for him now.
jaehyun handed jaewon to yukhei and stormed out of the clubhouse. soonyoung chased after him, only to nearly trip in his steps as your boyfriend paced back and forth with fingers interlocked behind the nape of his neck. “jaehyun.” he called his friend and saw the tears welling in his eyes.
“oh my g- i’m so so so stup- i’m such an idiot!” he groaned, almost shaking and vibrating in guilt and anger. he might’ve felt that, yet soonyoung saw him otherwise.
it was clear to everyone jaehyun was jealous. in denial of his feelings because he didn’t want to appear a coward. “dude, no one is calling you such names-”
“i shouldn’t have worried too much about her!” he hissed and sat on the steps of the clubhouse, arms covering his entire face. “why did i worry all these months if only i knew i’d be hurt in the end?..”
“jae, it’s just a hug. you’re acting like jungkook is jinyoung, bro.” soonyoung pushed the door’s gap and took a peek of you and the others.
“y/n hugged back! that’s a different thing..” jaehyun ruffled his own hair. though he was hesitating, he joined soonyoung into seeing you through the thin gap. he sighed heavily again. “i don’t i think i can do this. why do i put myself out here pretending like i’m alright? because compared to before, seeing her only gives me pain and guilt that i wasn’t a good boyfriend to her and now jungkook’s potentially capable in doing this.”
his ears rang, silencing and normalising. he felt like he was going to puke. he didn’t want to think that the effort he tried into reaching you all went in vain. there were a few arguments before jaehyun faintly heard them calling out for your name. “y/n! where are you going?”
jaehyun’s broken heart beats shattered more than ever. he knew he didn’t have the courage to meet you again when jealousy was consuming his entire mind. “soonyoung, listen carefully.” his eyes taking glances of the door and his friend.
“i have a bad feeling about this-”
“it’s not all bad, soon.” his dimples faded just as his expression did. “..can you pass this message to y/n?”
Tumblr media
two days have gone by quickly and sometimes you hoped the pain went along with it. well, it didn’t and so did another news that left you in shambles. you were hoping to talk with jaehyun after the intense quarrel with miyeon, explaining to him for the wrong things you’ve done. yet right when you wanted to, you were told he stormed off the clubhouse, not a word exchanged between the both of you.
they said he was to leave the country in three days and soonyoung passed the message that jaehyun would contact you. but until now, your chatroom and his message remained untouched since, and that was a week and half ago.
you tried reaching out and minute after minute, and all you could conclude was, this perhaps was a payback for what you’ve blamed him for. so you completely understood why he kept his distance from you.
eunha stopped playing with jaewon, carrying him in her arms and passed the child to you. she snapped her fingers before you to come back to reality. “bub, you’re doing it again.” she singsonged, letting your son to play with her hair.
“i know.” you prolonged your sigh and bit your lips. jaewon played with the ends of your ponytail as his arms wrapped around your neck.
“then what are you worried for?” eunha yawned as she felt tired looking at you walking back and forth in your living room. “miyeon apologised, though i guess you both wouldn’t be as close as before.”
you scoffed and sat on the sofa, tucking jaewon and yourself more in your cardigan. “..and it goes the same for.. jae. i don’t think he’ll ever talk to me ‘cause i’m sure he was shocked to know the truth. i couldn’t even say a word to him after that and now i’m informed he’s leaving? it’s too late.”
“it’s not too late to try again.” eunha swirled her tea in the mug. “from what i heard, jaehyun did this everyday for three months hoping it would get him somewhere. to at least know how you are or an update.”
“i see.. but hearing that jungkook is the real father as the news? it’s the sole reason why he’s distancing himself.” you looked up to the ceiling. “eunha, i am doing all i can. i check my messages every hour to see if he replied or seen them. i leave him several missed calls and-”
“but who and what are you doing it for, y/n?” she stood up to sit beside you. “who are you thinking of when you claim you’re ‘doing all you can’? for yourself? to make your guilt disappear? did you think of jaehyun as you’re doing this? it looks to me like you just wanted this to pass.”
including the months prior, jaehyun never once crossed your mind on a daily basis. not until you got a message from that got you thinking of him. so even for the recent two days, all you thought about was for your son’s and your sake. “i..” you laid jaewon down and paused. the wet wipes in your hands fell and you hated yourself for being this selfish.
eunha kicked her feet up as she headed for the door, the people behind it were the gang except for miyeon. believe it or not, when they came in, you wanted jaehyun to appear last, yet jungkook showed up instead.
he waved and immediately walked towards you like you’ve been friends for so long. sitting down beside you, he rubbed your arm in greeting, later caressed his son’s cheek. “hey.. i just came from dr. yunho’s clinic. how are things going with you and jaehyun?”
you gave a quick shrug of the shoulder and a purse of the lips. “really quiet. it’s like i don’t exist to him anymore.” taping the diaper with the flaps, you gently let jaewon sit up.
“i doubt about that.” he leaned back, his voice playing around the air.
if he didn’t forget what he saw two nights ago, he assumed the others didn’t too. they took little glances of you to check your mood regarding the matter; how much of an impact jaehyun’s sudden plan left on you. though you looked unaffected, deep inside they knew you thought of him.
“no message at all?” jungkook raised a brow. you shook your head in response thinking he never would.
not until your phone notified you with a message from him.
your new-found friend tilted his head to one side to see the sender and he jutted his lips, telling you to check it.
several voice messages from jaehyun.
jungkook left you to have privacy, taking jaewon with him as you plugged your airpods into your ears. your heart was drumming fast because there were messages with around a minute each.
hi love- uh, y/n. *chuckles* sorry, i felt calling you that because honestly i kinda miss it. this probably will be the last message you’ll receive from me. at least for now? i don’t want to be those douche who does farewell through texts. i’m not that type of guy- *pauses* ah, sending you this.. i think i am..
you didn’t like where this was heading.. just what was jaehyun trying to say?
i’ll get to the point. maybe you’ve heard the news from soonyoung or the others. it’s.. true. i’m actually on my way to the airport now. i just left the penthouse to take the last bits of my things, heading to where my mom is. maybe stay there for a while, clear my head out from all this. and you know, maybe find some peace.
the others quietly looked at your frozen state, holding the buds that clung onto your ears. the shine from the outside accentuate the sparkles forming in your eyes as you covered your lips, mouthing a ‘what?’.
they knew what you felt. and they weren’t informed of this sudden news too.
that he was leaving today.
i know how much jinyoung and i have caused you and our estrangement have caught you right in the middle. the more you and i got close, the farther my gap did with my brother. at some point i know you blamed yourself whenever this happens, but you shouldn’t, y/n... even if it weighed heavily on your heart.. the blame is on me and him, we don’t have that mutual trust and it caused you to be conflicted. our pasts have scarred us. because of that our differences evolved us to the men we are now.
now you felt their stares on you and looked towards them. you gestured for car keys and they soon knew what you planned to do. they’re going with you too.
i gave much thought to what you said, that i could be the perfect father image for jaewon. *clears throat* and i really thought i could be the perfect boyfriend for you too. but how can i be that person for you when i couldn’t perfect my life and most importantly myself? how can i lead you when i’m still bothered with little things that surrounds me? i couldn’t even control myself.
jaewon was back in your arms since everyone was in a rush to head to the venue. you were still listening to jaehyun’s voice and every word entering your mind sent bullets to your breaking heart.
thinking back at the clubhouse, we didn’t talk but i saw how you lived completely fine without me. jungkook seems a better man, decent one who can lead you. compared to me who only has money and riches, he has the mental capacity and capability to be with you. inexperience as i am, a coward too, for not having the courage to talk to you in person, i’m not up to task to being someone you’d want to walk alongside with.
you were sure there was still time to fix things with him..
because you thought he was leaving tomorrow.
the car door was shut close and faintly you heard yukhei and soonyoung arguing to step on the pedal, you sat beside the driver’s seat while the others rode in jungkook’s car.
*laughs* and just so you know i’m not pitying myself. it made me realise you’ve made the wrong choice, that you loved someone like me, who’s similar with jinyoung. can’t tell us apart, can you?
you shut your eyes closed, hoping the next things he was going to say weren’t what you thought they were.
but aside those, i loved every second with you. i loved who i was with you. i loved how i could be myself without my family coldly responding to every move i make. you and jaewon were the joy that caused my cheeks to hurt. i missed your touch and your smile. the hugs that brought me warmth. *pauses* i just missed everything about you two and i wanted to say this one last time.
the sun today was brighter than most days, you couldn’t see what was in front of you, yet you felt your serenity was getting out of your grasp.
it was just like the dream.
i’ll always always love you, momma. *giggles*
the car abruptly met its breaks and the screams and pushes from your friends caused you to open your eyes. the struggle to comprehend the brightness quickly ended when the vehicle stopped in the middle of the road, just few blocks away from your apartment and not at the airport.
you were still in the neighbourhood except you saw how soonyoung and jungkook’s cars have sandwiched jaehyun’s car, rear and back.
jaehyun angrily stepped out of the car as he recognise soonyoung and yukhei in front of him. they were busy arguing with each other when the boys pointed at the car you were currently in. jaehyun turned back to see you with jaewon out of the vehicle. you removed your airpods, tears finally falling and rolling down your cheeks.
as much as jaehyun’s heart dropped to the floor; he remained his composure and his decision. he wasn’t believing what he was seeing— you walking towards him with the most painful expression.
he didn’t want you to cry because of him, yet it was always like this. it was always because of his doing.
“you could’ve at least give me a call instead of these damn voice messages!” you threw the airpods at him, while he successfully caught them when they dropped. “i would’ve interrupted you and stopped you from leaving! but why would you leave me with no choice?!” you panted as your lips quivered.
jaehyun gulped and bit his lips, looking upwards. he knew how his waterworks couldn’t stand the pained you. “y/n why are you here?..”
“jung jaehyun!” he heard you raise your voice. the voice calling his name in misery was full of impact that he couldn’t control his expressions anymore.
he sniffed his nose from running. “because if i say it in person..” he caressed your cheeks with his own tears falling. “..i know i’m going to.. break down.”
“then break down.” you sobbed, causing jaewon looked up. jaehyun caught his attention too, alternating gazes between you and him before he started to cry as well. “you don’t have to hide this side of you from me.”
jaehyun felt how his friends waited for his response, even more so, he felt jungkook’s stare the most, like it was piercing against his skin. they met eyes and suddenly he remembered everything. “i’m not worth to be with you, y/n.”
you hated how he said that. but you hated yourself more for not saying anything else. you didn’t agree yet here you were, at a loss for words. jaehyun hugged you the last time with a tight squeeze. you didn’t want him to let go, repeatingly telling his heart not to. “then.. are you leaving because of me?”
jaehyun cupped your jaws to admire you intently and lovingly. “nonono! it’s not you, it’s never you, y/n..” he gave you a forehead kiss. “please don’t blame or put yourself as reason to my decision. i want you to remember today that the reason why i left is because of me.”
“but you’re still going..” you combed his hair from the back, tears continuing to fall and jaehyun mirrored you. “..don’t go.” you hiccuped. “if you do, that makes you no different from your mom.. we can still fix this.. us.” you corrected.
he knew you weren’t wrong and was split in two. his mind told him to leave, his heart told him to stay. “it’s not the same y/n-”
“so you’re leaving your family behind?” you rubbed jaewon’s head as the child wrapped his arms around your neck. and jaehyun froze on the spot, recalling what jinyoung said.
“i’m talking about y/n and jaewon. they’re your family too. and i don’t think they’ll be happy about that.”
“this is just temporary.” he rubbed your tears away though that wasn’t much of an effect because they wouldn’t stop falling.
stop this.
“take care, okay? you too, buddy.” he held jaewon’s head with utmost care.
his warm touch left your body and you swore it grew colder the more jaehyun stepped backwards and grabbing hold of the car door.
don’t leave.
kyungwon and chungha pulled you back into the jungkook’s car. the three vehicles were enough to cause traffic in the middle of the road. yukhei and the boys too headed in and moved to the side of the road to create access. “y/n, we can’t stay here long. cars are honking at us.”
your ears muffled, tears blurred your eyes and no matter how much you called out for your boyfriend, his dimples were so irritating you wanted him to stop giving you that stupid smile of farewell.
jaehyun closed the door, eyes never leaving you with a wave of goodbye. he rubbed his tears away, and you wished you heard him say those words for the last time. however, seeing him mouthing them was never enough.
“i love you.”
Tumblr media
( 2½ years later )
“come back here!” you chased your four year old son around the university campus entrance as you ran with your graduation cap. people giggling at the sight of this adorable child with a huge bouquet of flowers. phones were then brought up to capture him, they recognised him to be the face of a leading fashion brand for kids. “y/l/n jaewon!”
he suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned around, eyebrows narrowing when the flowers your aunt gave fell to the floor. he crossed his arms with a pout of his lips. you clicked your tongue in pride as this method always worked whenever he misbehaved.
“can i have my flowers back, baby?” you put out your palms.
a whine escaped his pouty lips. “i’m not jaewon!” he threw a fit and that had you bursting in laughters.
with short sigh, you crouched down anyway to soothe his mood. “okay. what do you want me to call you, hm?” you fixed his baseball cap that it was now turned backwards.
he looked elsewhere and back at you, his honey orbs reflected your figure. “jericho..”
“alright. mommy will call you that from now on.” you stretched your hand and he firmly grabbed it. “let’s meet granny and pops?”
it has been two & a half years since the drama. everyone went on with their lives and became successful in their own paths. soonyoung and chungha opened up a dance studio, yukhei became a top model for several brands. wonwoo started a business and kyungwon became a part of a flight crew to travel around the world. eunha recently started medical school with jungkook.
the friendship you had with miyeon rekindled, but you weren’t as close as before. just acquaintances, it was what you would like to address you both now.
it also has been two & a half years since you last talked with jaehyun. he was indeed a man of his word and really said that those voice messages were the last ones you would receive from him. though cutting ties weren’t exactly part of it, you knew he needed space and believed that he was going to be fine.
life has gotten busy after he left, you became loaded with university work and internship, on top of that your other part-time jobs too. as much as life tried to keep yourself occupied, there was never a day where jaehyun never appeared in your head. you missed him, you wanted to tell him of the accomplishments you’ve achieved and this included your son as well.
the company whom jaewon endorsed for have asked permission whether you would let your son model for clothes. and you agreed with them as it might be a chance to connect with jaehyun, letting him know you both were doing alright.
you have gotten close with jungkook, given the fact that he asked eunha out a five months ago. now their affection reminded of how you were with jaehyun, making you wish he was physically.. here.
among the group, you were the last to graduate. so it was a little expected that everyone around you would throw a party for your day. “congrats teacher y/n!” eunha hugged you from behind, the others following suits as they handed you more flowers and chocolates. the bags given to you were now hung onto your forearm.
couple of pictures were taken until a final one was with jaewon alone. he took off your cap and wore it on him, giving you a kiss on the cheek. “c’mon, i reserved a v.i.p spot in a restaurant nearby! we’re a little late in schedule so let’s get going!” uncle caleb held your shoulders, pushing you into the van with the others.
“w-wait- don’t make me run! i’m wearing heels!” you scoffed as you struggled to jog across the street.
in the van seated you, jaewon, your uncle and aunt, eunha and jungkook. as you went on to check your phone for the pictures taken at the ceremony and the photo slogan, your fingers and smile faltered at your lockscreen wallpaper— jaehyun’s picture at the beach with a white tee, its sleeves rolled up to his shoulders and his hair all curly and messy.
you cleared your throat but missed seeing that the couple behind you have seen your change of expression. later you felt a soft nudge, turning back to see eunha bubbling her cheeks. “you can think of jung jaehyun after. you’re supposed to enjoy your day, y/n.”
“please,” you rolled your eyes. “i just forgot to change my wallpaper.”
“oh how is jaehyun by the way?” aunt jenn asked at the mention of the name. she turned over her shoulders with her hairdo. “it’s been too long.”
“i’m trying to forget him.” you propped your elbow onto window ledge. “so i have.. no idea..”
they knew that that was a lie.
you’d never force yourself to forget him.
avoiding the topic for at least 30 minutes now, the car took its rest at the parking lot when your eyes widened at the venue for the celebration. for all the restaurants your uncle reserved, it had to be this one. it brought back memories, particularly the place where you first met jaehyun.
“if there’s anything you need help with, just give me a call and this guy-” yunho pointed at jaehyun and pat his back. “-will pick you and birthday boy up and head to my office.”
“hyung!” jaehyun gasped loudly, later covering his hands at the volume of his complaint. “sorry, i don’t mean it in a negative way.” he smiled awkwardly at you.
“no worries.” you gave him a sincere smile
you pursed your lips and bit the inner gums, a pressed grin trying to appear on the corners of your mouth.
eunha poked your sides where a teasing smile was contagious enough that aunt jenn did the same. they knew the story from start to finish, so being here just made it extra funny. “how am i supposed to enjoy my day when i’m brought here?” they heard you say and picked jaewon up to head inside.
the v.i.p. section of the restaurant was decorated neatly as if it had been prepared weeks beforehand. gold balloons of letters and numbers floating in the air, the banner included your name and you even have your own stand-alone figure board.
everything felt complete.
but your heart didn’t feel that.
there were games and karaoke, truth or dare and pretty much all the activities parties have. your son seemed to have enjoyed the party than you did. he was bringing smiles to everyone as always. yukhei made him do all kinds of poses and he was willing to strike them with the cute sides he has to offer. “you have to do something because he’s going to steal your moment.” wonwoo sat on the table with you, eyes glued to your son. “it’s your day.”
you giggled as you popped a potato wedge in your mouth. “it’s okay. makes it easier for me to control him later when he’s tired.”
“you have a point.” he drank from his soda and slid his phone for you to see.
the action was so obvious for you not notice. “what’s this?” you raised a brow, curiosity and interest started to grow in you.
“jaehyun still asks me about you from time to time.” wonwoo wore his glasses to go to the message app. “though it’s only like few times a year.”
“really?” you chuckled, and you weren’t going to show a hint of happiness after hearing that from him. for all these years wonwoo kept it a secret as he knew you still loved jaehyun, so he waited for the right time to bring it up. that being today. “how much is ‘few’?”
“it’s funny because,” wonwoo paused as he munched on the platter you shared. “it’s only on occasions.. which is your birthday, jericho’s birthday, halloween, christmas, new year’s and all. i told him if he really wants to know how you are, he should ask you himself.”
touching as it seemed, you knew jaehyun wouldn’t message you. “nah, he made it clear to me that the voice messages were the last-”
few squeals and calls for your son’s name were getting louder, catching your attention and your head swifted to see jaewon playing with the decorative streamers. he ran out of the v.i.p room with a huge hat covering his view and out in the hallway when everyone heard his fall echoing the area.
“jericho-” you called out, but was cut from his cries.
he came back in tears and snots all over his face as if he saw a ghost. his arms were stretched wide to reach you. “mommy i’m hurt!” he pointed at his bruise.
“see, this happens when you’re too hyper.” you giggled and carried him to one corner to clean his face.
everyone found him adorable and comforted the child until their laughters were immediately replaced with sounds of silence. the atmosphere of the room changed instantly too. “jaehyun?”
you stopped your chore.
“oh my g- jaehyun!”
“you should’ve called!”
“what are you doing here dude?!”
why was it that when you yearned for something for so long, you ended up being hesitant and frozen in state as it finally arrived? because that was exactly what you were feeling now.
you wanted jaehyun, but now he was here, why did you want him to leave?
mixed emotions were bubbling in your chest and they were to the overwhelming point. you couldn’t handle this stress of expectation from the others wanting you to talk with jaehyun. not in this headspace. in such good timing you had to change your son’s change of clothes, so you carried him quickly and went to the toilet.
however, halfway across the v.i.p. room,
“hey, y/n.”
he called you.
Tumblr media
the v.i.p. room had its own perks, the balcony and a glass separating you both from the outside. you were standing at the corner of the railing, steps away from jaehyun, your arms crossed as you rested them on the rail. despite the weather transitioning seasons, it was chilly being up that high meters above the ground. you were slightly affected with the acts your friends have done, shoving you and him out here while they enjoyed themselves inside with the view before them; literally that meant you and him.
jaehyun wore a white tee, a black denim jacket paired with black jeans and brown suede shoes. his hair was slightly permed too. there were stubbs around his cupid’s bow and jaw. he looked more mature, decent yet a soft side was evident in him.
on the other hand, jaehyun loved how the sun appeared as your glow. you looked elegant, beautiful than ever. your hair grew longer and the black dress that hugged your figure only had him admiring you like he did that day.
“so are we just going to stand here, staring at each other the whole day?” jaehyun broke the quietness in between. “i wouldn’t really mind that.”
“i- i wasn’t staring..” you gulped, hands finding your cardigan when you realised you actually left it inside.
jaehyun chuckled and removed his jacket, wrapping it around you. “i know.” his soft and gentle voice made you smile a little. “i said that ‘cause i wanted to hear your voice.”
you guessed everything was normal since he chuckled.
“yeah, and your voice took me by surprise.” you turned 90-degrees to face him. “what brings you here? did wonwoo tell you we were here?”
“no, i arrived just last night.” he cleared his throat that he rotated his heel, his back leaning against the balcony railing. “yunho-hyung told me to book this restaurant for next week. it’s his daugther’s first birthday. then i saw a sign labelling that this v.i.p. room is booked by your uncle. heard jaewon calling out ‘mommy!’. but yeah, it’s all by coincidence.”
you covered your lips to stop yourself from laughing. “ah, so you’re here for uncle duties.”
he guessed today might go well since you giggled.
jaehyun nodded in agreement and he too, let out a giggle. “mhm, you can say that.” he spotted your son staring at him. “wow, i haven’t heard ‘uncle duties’ in years.”
“well, he’s potty trained now. i guess your ‘uncle duties’ are over for him.” you opened the door to let jaewon go to you.
“i think you mean nappy changing.” he snickered as he bent down to meet your son. “hi there.”
jaewon shyly hid behind your legs, his head peeking out to see the unfamiliar man. “jericho, come in front and say hi.”
“uncle jungkook said you should help aunt eunha with her clothes.” jaewon told you and gave a quick wave to jaehyun before he went back inside.
jaehyun smiled admiringly. “he’s so big now. last time i saw him he was in your arms with wobbly steps.”
you shook your head. “yeah, he’s becoming cheeky too.”
jaehyun still felt the squeeze of his heart whenever you smiled. that peace he attained after landing to the city his mother resided, it was incomparable to what he was feeling now. he told you about how he was able to forgive her, that staying there made him realise not all things were meant to hold a grudge for, and people were meant to be given a second chance, jinyoung included.
that was why he came back, not only because of his niece’s birthday, but because he was ready to start all over again with you. the longer he stayed there, the more he missed you.
“why are you smiling at me like that?” he heard you ask.
“i’m not.” he defended himself.
but your eyes then caught his lips trying to saying something. “what is it?”
“i have two questions i want you to answer.” you hear him say and nodded. “why did jaewon call jungkook ‘uncle’? why is everyone calling jaewon ‘jericho’?” your lips ‘o’ formed once he asked those, and to say it honestly?
the answer’s relating to him.
“y/n? are you tearing up-”
immediately you rubbed the tears away and faced the sunset. “i- i’m fine!” you sniffed.
“are you sure-”
“yes! there’s just something in my eye-”
“but i didn’t see anything go in there-”
“i promise you jaehyun i’m really okay-”
“then why aren’t you answering my question-”
“because my son sees you as his father and ‘jae’ reminds him of you so he doesn’t want to be called by that.” you panted, shushing him with the questions he wasn’t able to say.
you hugged yourself more in his jacket, tilting slightly away from him as you remembered the days where jaewon asked you; why jaehyun never came to visit or hung out with his uncles. or why jaehyun never contacted you.
it was hard to believe that a child of that age would remember the scene where jaehyun left. perhaps it was the group pictures or your phone’s wallpaper that made him remember his face, yet they weren’t enough to support reasons that your son felt something when your boyfriend parted ways.
“if, for all these years i’m the one missing you, then jaewon misses you tenfold..” you wiped your falling tears. “i don’t know how it’s possible for him to recall what you did, but i’ve practically ran out of reasons to tell why you’re never coming back..”
jaehyun’s smile faltered, his heart dropped when you suddenly became weak. his hands stopped mid-air from comforting you. he has to listen to what you have to say.
“it was so hard for me to stay strong for jaewon when i couldn’t even stay strong myself. this kid.. he surprises everyday but i was speechless when he surprised me with questions about you.” you hiccuped. “ugh i’m crying- i shouldn’t be-”
the jacket you wore slipped down your shoulders, jaehyun pulled you in for a long and tight hug. it was warmer than the outerwear ever gave.
his hand rubbed the back of your head gently, the scent of his perfume calming you down. “i’m sorry for being selfish. i’m sorry for leaving you alone. i’m so so sorry that all i ever did was to cause you pain.” he pulled away from you to see you clearly, his eyes boring into your with tears starting to form as well. “i’m sorry for being a coward that we weren’t able to fix us. and i’m sorry for not trying again.”
he saved his breath of a while. “i’m here now. you can hit or punch me for being a douchebag and a jerk. i’ll accept whatever decision you’ll make-”
you tiptoed and closed the gap in between, shutting him up because the problem was never him.
jaehyun opened his eyes in shock, letting you go for while as a grin was seen on him. but he yearned for more and he dove right in, wrapping your waist to deepen the kiss.
you held his cheeks at his endless apologies. it was you should be asking for forgiveness. “jaehyun, hey. shh. you did try again. look, it’s my fault for not doing anything, or talking to you that night. it’s my fault for distancing myself even if i saw the effort you made to reach me. i’m the one who should apologise.”
“no, i’m sorry.”
“shut up, i’m sorry.”
“are we really going to argue who’s at fault here-” jaehyun suddenly felt a tug on his jeans, followed by a hug on the leg. jaewon’s sobs finally entered his hearing and he didn’t think twice to carry him in his arms. “hey buddy. don’t cry.” he wiped the tears with his thumb.
jaewon rubbed his eyes to see jaehyun’s smile, and though that made him smile a little, he brought forth his arms towards you.
but you didn’t take him away from jaehyun. “aww, why are you like this? jaehyun’s here, baby.” you chuckled as he hid himself at the crook of jaehyun’s neck.
the dimpled man was quick to change mood. “if you can’t tell mommy why you’re crying, can you tell me instead? exclusive for boys only.” jaehyun asked as he fixed child in his arms.
your son pondered a while before he cupped his hands to whisper to him. jaehyun’s ears started to tint in pink, later in red. a ‘pfft’ and a low giggle bubbling out of his lips while you were left there, confused and curious.
“what did he say?” you raised a brow, causing jaehyun to give a light nudge to the child and encouraged him to tell you. “baby, what’s your reason for crying, hm?”
jaewon played with his fingers while a pout began to show again. “because daddy kissed mommy.”
jaehyun looked at you lovingly, it was leaning towards the flirty side but you knew he was teasing. you rolled your eyes at his scheme, yet you wouldn’t say you didn’t miss this playful side of his. somehow everything seemed to return to normal. somehow all you both needed was communication and honesty.
and somehow? that answer from jaewon became the serenity that binded you and jaehyun together.
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Valentine Boy
Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 Coming Soon
Tumblr media
Special Cover Art by @nakayutasama​ <3
You’ve been dating College Student!Jaehyun for a few months now. He’s unbelievably sweet, smart, oh..and very handsome. Best of all, he gives you the best love you’ve ever had. He’s the love of your life and you can’t see anything going wrong as your relationship sails smoothly..that is..until you discover his biggest secret. He’s been hiding the fact that he’s a camboy and you start to wonder..Is Jaehyun as sweet and honest as you think he is?
Pairing: female reader X college student and camboy!Jaehyun
Genre: Angst, Smut, Fluff
Chapter Word Count: 21.8K
Warnings: cursing, cheating, cam boy (video-recorded sex with online audience), deception, manipulation, blackmail, alcohol use, descriptive smut (fingering, overstimulation, face riding, dirty talk, BDSM themes (handcuff usage, spanking), drunk sex, oral sex (m&f receiving), some masturbation, rough sex, vaginal penetration, breast fondling, dry humping, semi-public sex).
(A/N): firstly, THANK YOU SO MUCH @nakayutasama​ FOR CREATING THIS AMAZING COVER ART I HAVE NO WORDS FOR YOUR TALENT!!! and thank you ALL for the overwhelming support I’ve received for this fic. It makes me so happy but it also make me super nervous lmao,I just want you guys to be able to enjoy this fic with the direction that I take it, and sometimes I get insecure when I worry about how it will be received. ALSO THANK YOU ARI FOR PROOFREADING THIS LONG ASS FIC FOR ME I LOVE YOU MY QUEEN!!!! Thank you all again and I hope you enjoy it!!! The final installment will be up soon!
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[The Night before Spring Break]
“Do we have enough content for a week or so? I’ll be gone with my girl to Bali. I trust that you’ll upload everything on time.” Jaehyun fixes his shirt over his head while his back is faced to Reina. He doesn’t see her eyes roll in annoyance.
They’ve just recorded new clips to post during spring break for when Jaehyun goes on vacation with you.
“Yes, I will take care of it...but I have a surprise for you..” She fixes her smudged lipstick.
Jaehyun turns to her carefully, his hand already on his backpack. “You know I don’t like surprises.” He says lowly.
“Oh, Valentine Boy, don’t look at me like that..especially not while I clean your cum from my legs.”
Jaehyun glares then gets up from the couch and heads for the door. 
“Anyway..I’ll be seeing you in Bali.”
He freezes in his tracks. “What did you just say?”
She gets up and walks over to him, a sly smile creeping across her face as she swings her hips.
“I thought I deserved a break too. I should treat myself to a fun vacation, right? And what better place to visit than Bali!” Her eyes open wide.
Jaehyun drops his bag and grabs her wrist, he spins her around so her back hits the door. 
He towers over her with dark eyes and a menacing look. He looked as if he would tear her apart in three seconds if she were to utter one more word. But Reina is only turned on by his swift movements and harsh grip.
“Ah!” She hisses. “I love it when you’re rough with me..but are you sure you can go another round?”
“You’d be crazy to come to Bali! But if you do, I don’t want to see you, I don't want to hear you, I don’t even want to smell your cheap perfume anywhere near me and my girl!”
Jaehyun says through gritted teeth.
“Oh, Jaehyun..a few minutes ago, you were dying to be in me..”
“It’s called acting!”
Reina chuckles, then leans in close to whisper in his ear.. “I can control my desires...can you? Will she be good enough? Can she satisfy your hunger?”
Jaehyun steps back, his mouth falling open into a gasp. “She’s more than enough..don’t you ever talk about her like that. You’re letting this gig get into your head if you think you could ever replace her. Move.”
Reina only grins and steps to the side. “I’ll see you in Bali, Valentine Boy.”
“For your sake, I hope we don’t run into each other. Don’t forget who I really love, Reina. You’re just my..Hmm how do you say it? Coworker.”
He brushes past her and opens the door to let himself out.
[The First Day in Bali]
“Oh my God! Look at this room!!” You say with excitement. Your eyes widen at the sight of the gorgeous room overlooking the beach in Bali. There’s a main living room with a U-Shaped white couch and a huge TV Screen.
The kitchen was big also, filled with brand new and stainless steel appliances.
“Oooo!! This is so cool!” You drop your bags and run off to the bedroom.
Jaehyun laughs as he follows in behind you and watches you prance around.
You push onto the wooden sliding doors, they open to reveal a California king sized bed. It looked like a heavenly cloud and you couldn’t wait to be in it with the one you loved the most.
The best part about it all was you had the entire villa to yourselves. You could go out onto the patio and enjoy the serene environment that surrounded you. You could just imagine the wonderful moments you’d have with Jaehyun during the sunsets. The sun shining onto his peachy skin and bringing out his more handsome features like his eyes and soft lips.
You gasp, then turn to him. “This..this is beautiful Jaehyun. It must’ve cost a fortune.”
Jaehyun shakes his head. “Remember what I told talk about expenses, okay?”
He stands over you, wrapping his arms around your body to pull you into him more. He looks down into your wide eyes, brimming with tears.
“What’s wrong?”
“Do you think I’m worth all this, Jaehyun? I don’t work so hard..and to spend it all on me.. I just.” You shake your head and break the intense eye contact he held.
Money was something you always struggled with. Your mom did the best she could to provide for you since you were young, so you always tried to spend wisely and appreciate every dollar. Your family never had disposable income to take trips around the world or even to Disneyland. You’re only able to attend college because of scholarships and loans.
So for someone to spend money on you just to give you a vacation to enjoy, you found it difficult to accept. It was all so new to you.
“Hey.” Jaehyun takes your chin in his hand and tilts your head back to face him.
“You’re worth all this and more. I love much. Please never doubt that.”
He leans down to place a delicate kiss on your lips. Your arms circle around his waist as you hug him and tip toe to get another kiss.
“Thank you.” You whisper.
He kisses you deeper now, taking your tongue into his mouth as his head turns. Your eyes close as you enjoy this moment with Jaehyun. The two of you standing at the foot of the large bed in the wonderful room. Your hair swaying gently with the breeze coming through the open doors leading to the patio and pool.
When you pull away to breathe, you open your eyes and look into Jaehyun’s before biting your lips.
“What time is dinner?” You ask quietly.
Jaehyun smirks. He already knows what you’re up to from your lustful tone. “Well...we have reservations for 6...which is 45 minutes from now..”
You run your fingers up the back of his neck slowly then massage his scalp. “Hmmm..the sun’s getting real low..Can you...push it to 7? That way..we can enjoy the sunset.”
Jaehyun bites his lips. “It’s really difficult to get reservations at this restaurant, babe.” 
Your other hand traces over his bulge and palms it as you still look into his eyes.
Jaehyun clears his throat. “But I’m sure I can pull some strings.”
You wink. “Good.”
You take his hand and lead him to the patio where there are several lounge chairs. You then push his chest lightly, making him fall into one.
You crawl over him and lean over his lap. He watches you below him while getting turned on by the lustful look in your eyes.
He takes in a sharp breath, watching as you take the waistband of his sweatpants in your teeth and drag it down slowly, his somewhat-hard cock springing up.
You lick over it slowly from the base to the tip, your eyes locked with his as the taste of his salt skin awakens your senses.
Your tongue dips in between the small slit at the top, collecting a tiny bit of precum in the process. Jaehyun watches your beautiful lips on him as your ass sticks up in the air. The breeze from the ocean feels harsh now that you are outside. It blows so hard that your dress flips up and exposes your ass cheeks, only your opening is covered by a g-string.
You continue to lay light, teasing kitten licks along his length while cupping your hand around the base and moving it up and down steadily.
“I’ve wanted to do this since we got on the plane, babe.” You say before running your tongue up his shaft. 
Jaehyun is fully hard now, his lips red from him biting them as he watches you work. 
“Fuck, baby, I wanted to take you in the bathroom, too. But this is so much better.”
You smile then sit up straight.
Jaehyun frowns and reaches out for you. “No..keep“
“Don’t worry, baby, I just want to get this out of the way.” You zip your dress down and throw it to the side. You lean down to Jaehyun again but he stops you.
“But baby, that bra must be so uncomfortable..” He smirks.
You chuckle then take your bra off as well. Now you leaned over Jaehyun in just your thin underwear. 
Jaehyun is even more turned on now that he’s seen your entire body dazzling in the rusty sunlight, your hair blowing in the wind and your body above his as your chest heaves.
You take his length into your mouth completely. Hollowing your cheeks so that he feels the soft surface of your mouth.
Jaehyun groans and leans his head back. “Fuck, you’re so beautiful.”
You roll your tongue across every vein as your hand strokes the base that you can’t reach with your mouth. You enjoy the sounds he makes but you want more.
You take your mouth off of him, letting a stream of spit fall from it.
Jaehyun looks down and grunts. 
You wipe your chin. “Shouldn’t you be making a call?”
Jaehyun tilts his head questioningly.
You raise an eyebrow.
A short moment passes but then Jaehyun falls out of his dazed feeling and remembers. “I’ll call them right now!”
He reaches over for his phone on a glass coffee table beside the chair and dials the restaurant. But you resume what you were doing, this time, taking in his entire length and gagging.
Jaehyun flinches at the sudden feeling. “Oh fuuuuu— HELLO! Yes.. I’m-I’m Jaehyun.. and..”
He struggles to speak while he watches you suck and feels your tongue across his aching cock.
You can feel your sensitive area become wet as your legs shake. You then take his other ball into your mouth and cover it in spit.
“Sir?” The person on the other line speaks.
Jaehyun holds back a groan. “Ah! Yes! I’m so sorry, I uh, I have a reservation for two and I want to change it to 7 instead. C-can you do that for me?”
“Do what, daddy?” You mouth.
He smiles and bites his bottom lip to hold back another grunt as he thrusts into your mouth.
You hold his hip down and shake your head as you stroke his cock. You then lick his neglected balls slowly before taking one into your mouth completely.
“Oh sh-“ He closes his eyes tightly, leaning back into the chair as he holds himself back.
“Sir..we usually don’t make last minute changes, but fortunately we do have a spot open for 7.”
The person awaits his response, but Jaehyun is too captivated by your mouth. Your tongue is working magic on him as you swallow him completely and gag.
You suck harder and move faster, releasing your hold on his hip so he can fuck into your mouth now. He whimpers quietly while moving the phone away from his ear with his other hand. You breathe through your nostrils as you feel him hit the back of your throat.
He’s about to cum but..
“Sir?!” The person tries to get his attention again.
You chuckle, sending vibrations through his sensitive member.
“Yes! Ah! God, yes!” He yells into the phone as he releases into your mouth, coating the back of your throat with strings of cum.
“...We’ll see you then.” The person states then hangs up.
Jaehyun drops his phone, not caring where it falls, but moaning loudly now that he can be as vocal as he wants.
He runs his hand through your scalp as he thrusts into you slowly to get every bit out and into you. “ naughty girl.”
When his grip loosens, you lift your head and let his essence cover your chin. “What did I do?” You ask innocently while wiping your mouth. You then shrug your shoulders.
He chuckles. “You’re gonna regret that, sweetheart, come here.” He makes a motion with his finger. He looks dangerously handsome, a strand of his hair falling into his forehead after he climaxed.
You crawl over him, but stop. “Where do you want me, baby?”
He wipes your chin for you and smiles widely. “I know you’re dripping...should I help you out with that, sweetheart?”
Your legs tighten just from the sound of his gravelly voice calling you ‘sweetheart’. You nod.
“Stand up for me, baby.”
You do as he says and watch as he slides down so that his body now rests at one level rather than being lifted at the neck up.
“Sit on my face, right now..I can’t wait to taste you.”
Your eyes widen. “A-Are you sure?”
Jaehyun smiles and licks his lips. “Get on” He says with a deeper voice.
You quickly stand over him and lower yourself slowly, kneeling into the chair.. Jaehyun takes the waistband of your underwear in his hands and rips it off of you.
“Hey!” You let out but he slaps your ass.
“It was in the way.” He gives a sly smile.
With a reassuring nod from him, you rest your bare pussy onto his open mouth, but not without flinching from the feeling of something being against it finally.
“Mmmmm..” Jaehyun hums then licks up and down your opening.
You move back and forth, slowly grinding against his soft lips and flattened tongue. Your breathing becomes shallow as he passes it over in between your folds slowly, pressing against your sweet spot gently.
You naturally raise your hands up to your breasts and massage them as you watch Jaehyun below you. You moan as a shaky breath leaves your wet lips.
He just has to touch you so he places his hands on your waist. He pulls you down onto him more while flicking the tip of his tongue onto your bud.
You let out a whimper, moving faster as Jaehyun pushes into your opening with his tongue. He pushes in as deep as he can while watching you move above him. He enjoys watching you like this with the sky above the both of you, painted in colors of blue, orange and pink.
It didn’t feel real, it felt like he was looking at a painting. Your perfect breasts move while you grasp them harder and let your fingers rub against the hard nipples.
Your hair is still blowing in the wind and your mouth opens while your moans get louder.
You grind onto him harder. “Are you sure you’re okay? Fuck..this feels so good.”
Jaehyun nods.
His hands lower from your waist down to your ass cheeks. He spreads them apart so his tongue can explore every inch of you, sticking the tip of his tongue on your slit before flicking it from side to side. He buries his nose onto your clit to provide the perfect stimulation.
“Jaehyun!” You cry out and move your hips faster.
He feels himself become hard again as he feels your round ass in his hands and listens to your wonderful sounds. 
“I’m-.” You convulse over him and shake. 
Jaehyun watches as you writhe, your entire body becoming covered in goose pimples and your jaw clenching as your head falls back.
He continues to massage your clit with his unforgiving tongue. Your eyes shut tightly while you orgasm for what feels like a century.
When you finally start to come down, Jaehyun releases his hold and takes your waist in his hands again. He quickly flips you over so that you’re on your back now. He throws his shirt off and kneels over you as your legs fall over his shoulders.
“I love you..” He says before pushing into you slowly.
You take his head in your hands and kiss him, licking off your essence from his mouth as he enters you completely.
He pushes deep inside you, running against your wet and sensitive walls as you whimper into his mouth. 
One hand massages his scalp again while the other presses onto his back.
Jaehyun kisses you harder and harder each time, he takes your bottom lip into his mouth before licking over it.
“I love you too, baby.” You whisper once you pull away to breathe.
His chest presses against your breasts. Your heartbeats run at the same pace, his breath dances on your chin as his speed increases.
He glides in and out easily, your bud being stimulated easily by his quick movements. But he goes so deep, you begin to widen your legs more for comfort.
He pushes into you harder, pressing you into the chair and you’re sure there will be a lasting impression of your body based on how hard he's pushing.
“Baby, you’re so wet.” He leans into your ear and whispers while gripping the crook of your knees. He watches you below him, your brows furrow and your lips red from you biting them. Your eyes are wide and brimming with tears as he fucks into you deep and keeps your legs by your head.
You look down to see his hips slap against your ass cheeks rapidly. His abs and biceps flex with every movement. And you think to yourself, how hot he is.
“Shit.” You orgasm again just from the sight of the beautiful man above you.
Jaehyun’s movement stutters. His cock being greeted by your convulsing wet pussy is enough to make him cum, but he pulls out quickly.
“Open, sweetheart.”
You open your mouth and look up with low eyes as he releases onto your tongue and chin.
“F-fuck.” He curses from the sight of your position, your legs by your head and your chest rising up and down as you catch your breath.
You lick all of it up and swallow.
“Oh, you nasty girl. Let’s get cleaned up.” He picks you up from the couch and holds you in his arms bridal style. 
[Third Day In Bali]
After snorkeling a few times and enjoying a walk through multicolored flower fields, you and Jaehyun decide to take a cooking class together. You both needed to work on your skills, so what better way to learn than to learn from each other’s mistakes.
“Hello! Welcome to Laplapan Village! Today, we will be making Sambal. We will start off by taking a walk through the market behind us and buying the spices necessary for our dish!” Your tour guide states enthusiastically to your group of about 10 couples.
Jaehyun turns to you and gives you a wide smile. “Are you ready?” His eyes shine brightly in the sun, his skin shimmering with small balls of sweat. He smells like fresh sea and sage, but he looked like a prince. He had already gained a slight tan during your stay. Your eyes travel down his thick neck and to his exposed collar bone. Luckily, all the places you marked the night before were still being covered by his linen button up.
You nod and smile back. “Of course.”
He takes your hand and leads you in front of him. The two of you walk through the market and gaze at the vibrant colors, the smell of unique spices fill your noses. Everything is so bright and beautiful. People smile as you pass by their stores.
The tour guide had given you a list of spices to buy, so now it was up to the two of you to find them. Sounds easy right? Well, with no comprehension of the language and no cell phone service to simply Google the names, you were left to ask the owners of various shops if they had certain spices. Some gave you weird faces while some were very helpful.
Jaehyun laughs at your awkwardness. You hit him lightly on the arm and roll your eyes.
As you walk in front of him, he watches the way your body sways in your sundress, your curves perfectly accentuated yet the flowiness of the dress left much to the imagination...that is, to everyone but him. He knows exactly how your body looks underneath, he knows that your thighs and gorgeous skin were littered with his love bites, and that your waist has small bruises left from his fingertips.
He bites his lips as he thinks about the night before as well. But then he smells your hair, it is a refreshing scent. He loves to bury his face in it just to smell that scent. He loved placing his chin on your head as you laid on his chest and fell asleep. But most of all, he loved moments like this: you holding his hand as you guide him through crowds, you turning to him with the prettiest smile on your face and your beautiful, captivating eyes.
“Ah! Here it is, Jae!” You squeeze his hand gently once you find the right peppers.
“Ooo!! Yup those look spicy as f-“ Jaehyun’s face twists as he lifts it to his nose.
“We’ll take it, thank you!” You speak over Jaehyun before he continues and hands the store owner the money to pay.
The rest of the day went by smoothly, you enjoyed cooking together. Luckily, you had aprons for when things got messy. The two of you were probably the most childish during the lesson. You laughed at everything and stared at each other.
Jaehyun tried to blame you for making the dish too spicy.
“Maybe if you weren’t busy staring at my ass in this dress, you would’ve measured the peppers correctly.” You whisper into his ear as the two of you eat with the other couples.
Jaehyun only smirks and turns to you slightly. A twinkle in his eye catches your attention.
He places his large hand on your thighs and squeezes them. You flinch and almost hit your knee against the table.
Jaehyun stuffs his mouth, chewing as he turns back to watch you.
You lick your lips as he pushes his fingers up towards the apex of your legs slowly. You gulp and look down as his long fingers caress your thigh and send goosebumps up your neck.
Jaehyun chuckles quietly then leans closer to your ear. “Be careful, sweetheart.. I’ve been dying to rip that dress off of you all day.”
You look around at the other couples. None of them seemed to notice that he was carefully pushing his fingers against your dress, pressing ever so lightly to apply pressure to your sensitive area.
You try to scoot away from him, but he grabs your thigh and pulls you back to where you were.
“Hmm now why would you do that? Are you running away from me? Your boyfriend? Tsk tsk..”
He pushes two fingers against you again but with more force this time while he takes a scoop of rice up and holds it in front of your face.
“Open for daddy.”
You open your mouth. Jaehyun places the fork in your mouth and drags it out slowly.
He watches as you struggle to chew while he runs circles onto your aching slits.
“Open….” he whispers huskily. Your mouth falls open as you give him a questioning look.
“Jae..we can’t..”
Jaehyun smirks then leans into your ear again. “Open your legs or I’ll fuck you right here and show them how much of a slut you one knows you’re not wearing underwear right now. Do you want them to find out?”
You gulp. Your eyes widen at Jaehyun’s sudden shift. He very rarely spoke dirty to you, but you had to admit you liked it. You are thankful to be sitting, your legs becoming weak as a growing and unignorable wetness starts to build below you.
You do as he says while moving down more so your lap is completely under the table.
He continues to tap your slit and move his harsh fingertips up and down slowly, teasingly.
“What are you..doing?” You ask through a shaky breath.
Jaehyun smiles. “I’m playing with my food.”
“Jaehyun..that isn’t fair..” Your stomach starts to feel uneasy. You can feel that need for release growing.
“I’m so hard right now..just thinking about slamming you down onto this table. Fucking you from behind while all these people watch. It’s been a while since I’ve been rough with you, hasn’t it?” He takes a deep breath. “I miss watching you cry when I choke you.”
You open your legs a little more and place your fork down. You shift in your seat slightly, grinding onto his fingers now to feel more, more friction, more of him, more of anything that will just get you to cum.
But he pulls his fingers away and places his hand on the table.
“Do you miss it, baby? You have to show me you deserve it.”
You pout. “Of course, I love it! Please..just touch me again.”
“At the dinner table? Oh naughty girl, that’s just not right. Who would do such a thing?” He winks then takes another bite of his food.
You curse quietly and shake your head, glancing away from his beautiful fingers that were bringing you to paradise just moments ago.
That night, you and Jaehyun went to see a movie on the beach. You cuddled up to each other and enjoyed your warmth. He would look over at your cute face every now and then and grin to himself. He knew he was lucky to have you.
But when you got back to the villa, Jaehyun didn’t pick up where he left off. No matter how much you begged. 
“Please!! Jaehyun...I want you so badly.” You practically cling onto his arm as he changed into his night clothes.
“Hmmm I’d say we’ve been fucking a lot..almost too much on this trip.. can’t you last just one night without it?”  
You look up at him with big eyes as he brushes his teeth. “But you got me so wound up at dinner. Ugh!”
Jaehyun only laughs as he watches you through the bathroom mirror. You stomp off to the room and take your dress off.
“Why would you start something you’re not gonna finish?! Ughhh! You’re so unfair! I’m never sucking your dick again for this!”
Approaching you, Jaehyun laughs so hard he nearly chokes on his spit. “I love when you’re bratty.”
“Pleaseee Jae….” You crawl over him and onto the bed while begging one final time.
He suddenly brings you to his chest and holds you tight in a comfortable bear hug.
“Yes, just like this, baby..this is how I want us to be tonight..” He hums in your ear.
“I love you..”
Your heart rate speeds up as you rest on him. “I love you too….but I mean it when I say I’m never sucking your dick again.”
Jaehyun chuckles. “Sure..whatever you say, sweetheart.”
[Fifth Day in Bali]
The fourth day was filled with many more adventures with Jaehyun. You had your bratty moments but he would smirk and say that he liked it. Perhaps because he knew what he would do to you during your last night in Bali.
Tonight was your final night so you decided to go to a popular nightclub after having a romantic dinner on the beach.
You wore a black lingerie set Jaehyun had bought you. It had a gorgeous lace bra and garter belt with a lace thong accented by red beads attached. Once again, you felt beyond delicious and ready for Jaehyun. But unlike Valentine’s Day, you’d been together all day, there’s no way he’d be late for anything.
Your black leather dress was tight and accentuated your boobs while minimizing your waistline with a chain belt. The dress stopped a little higher than mid thigh but had straps which connected to your stocking heels.
If sexy was a person, you were sure you were it for the night.
You did your hair and makeup nicer than usual. You even wore Jaehyun’s favorite lipstick, a blush pink color that you wore with a lip liner so it would complement your skin color perfectly.
“Wow..” Jaehyun gasps when you walk out of the bedroom.
He was waiting for you on the couch. He stands up and walks over to you, a smile crossing his face before he licks his lips. “You know what? I’m not really feeling the club anymore..why don’t we just stay inside and..”
“Nope! We are not staying in on our last night! Let’s go!” You shimmy away from him and head for the door.
The club was large and lavish. Stunning women and men danced to bass boosted music while under the colorful stage lights. You and Jaehyun were still feeling the effects of the red wine you had at dinner. But you decided to have a few shots so you’d really be engaged and as carefree as the other club attendees.
Bodies swayed easily, bodies were on top of bodies as they grinded and made out.
They all looked so sexy, you wanted to feel what they felt, to be as they were with the ones you hoped they loved too.
Jaehyun wraps his arm around you, pulling you into his chest. He slants over and kisses your ear. “You look amazing, my love.” His voice is raspy and low, the alcohol clearly having an affect on him.
The music is loud but you can still hear him. But more importantly, you can feel him. The way his arm holds you. The way his heart beats against your back. Your butt presses against his pelvis. You grind onto him along to the music. Your bodies move together as you blend into the crowd of other lustful dancers.
Jaehyun pants into the crook of your neck while your hand goes to his head and your fingers intertwine with his hair. He moans quietly as you massage his scalp and press onto his growing erection.
“Fuck baby, I love you.” He whispers again.
He grips your hip with one hand so the two of you stay in sync. His other hand snakes up your abdomen and to your chest. He cups your breast through your dress as you let out a quiet mewl.
Your butt moves in circles on his lap, making his head spin. He moves his hand from your breast and then to your neck. He squeezes gently. “Show me how badly you want it, sweetheart.”
You grind onto him harder. You’re both tipsy and everything seems a bit hazy. A machine releases smoke which makes the two of you even more dazed. All you feel is a longing for each other being boosted by the heavy bass.
Jaehyun is about to whisper again when he feels someone pull him away.
The person grabs his hand.
“Hey!” He calls out.
He’s too drunk to stop walking, they easily overpower him and ignore his calls.
You, on the other hand, feel his absence only for a brief moment before he is replaced by someone else.
You close your eyes and dance with the person, being too drunk to realize that they’re not Jaehyun.
Jaehyun is shoved into a wall, before someone places a hand on his chest. 
“Well, hello, Jaehyun.” Reina says sneakily.
“What the f-“ 
Jaehyun is interrupted by a rough kiss. Reina holds his face in her hands, pulling him close so her chest rests against his. 
Jaehyun doesn’t protest at first, instead he wraps his arms around her, pulling her onto him even more while overtaking her tongue with his. 
You also enjoy intimacy with someone else. Their hands roaming across your body as your back presses into their broad chest.
“You’re beautiful.” The person leans down and whispers in your ear. His voice is low and sexy, sending butterflies through your entire body. In a drunken haze, you let out a laugh and close your eyes while grinding your butt onto him. It had to be Jaehyun, right? Only Jaehyun could feel this good.
But Jaehyun is making out in the corner with Reina. He spins around and pushes Reina into the wall, his lips still latched to hers. Reina moans quietly as she runs her hands up and down Jaehyun’s biceps.
She bites her lips when he pulls away to look at her, his forehead sweaty and his mouth open as staggered breaths leave it.
“You look great in this shirt, Jaehyun..” She unbuttons two more buttons to reveal his chest and runs her fingers down the bare skin slowly.
“Have you missed my touch?” She asks.
And that’s when Jaehyun shifts back to reality.
It wasn’t her touch that he missed, it was yours. Jaehyun wipes his mouth and looks at the red lipstick smudge on it in confusion. 
“I thought I told you I didn’t want to see you here.” He growls out.
He begins to grow angry at himself for being so ‘easy.’ Reina caught up to him and now you were alone somewhere on the dance floor. You could see them together at any moment.
“Ahhhh..Jaehyun, baby, you know I couldn’t resist.” Reina smirks. 
Jaehyun shakes his head and starts to walk away, but Reina tugs his hand. “Just touch me..daddy, feel how wet I am for you already.”
She tries to pull Jaehyun back onto her but he shakes his hand out of her grip. 
“Reina..I am too upset for words right now. You have the audacity to show up at the same place me and my girlfriend are at just so you can lure me here. I may be drunk but I’m not stupid. I don’t want you.”
Reina’s smile turns to a frown quickly as she watches Jaehyun walk away from her. It feels bad to be let down after being wound up by his wild kiss, but it feels even worse to know that he wants you more than he wants her.
Meanwhile, the man behind you moves his hand from your waist to your hips. You swing slowly onto him to feel him.
He takes your movement as a sign to touch you more, placing his round lips onto your jawline and soon your neck. You place your hands behind you, throwing your head back as you arch into him. His touch feels amazing, sparks of electricity running across your skin as you dance to the intoxicating rhythm. Everything is blurry and all you can think about is the yearning in between your legs. The yearning that can only be satisfied by him, by J-
You hear a loud, hoarse voice over the music.
Your eyes snap open as you are taken out of your trance. You turn around to see Jaehyun looking angrily at the man you were dancing with.
“Shit. Jae—I’m so sorry. I-I thought..”
He turns to you, steam practically escaping his ears. You shudder from the look on his face. 
“Y/n..what the fuck!”
The dark-haired man chuckles. “Hey, we were just having fun..”
He turns back to the man. “Hey dickhead, can't you see she’s taken?! Fuck off!”
Jaehyun got so upset so fast, you didn’t understand. Was it the alcohol that made him this angry?
“Jaehyun!” You try to pull him away as the man steps closer to him, but Jaehyun doesn’t budge.
“Like I said..we were just having fun..but I can see why she wanted to get away from you.” The man snickers as Jaehyun’s head looks as if it’s about to blow. 
Jaehyun’s eyes widen. “This fucking asshole..”
“Hey! That’s not true!” You put your hand up to the man. “Just leave us alone.”
“Pretty boy started this...I want to see what he’s all about.” He crosses his arms.
Jaehyun balls his hands into fists. You turn back to him and place yourself in between them. “Jaehyun..don’t do this, let’s go home. The last thing we want is for you to be arrested in a foreign country. It’s not worth it.” You place your hand on his.
Jaehyun huffs and turns away from you, speeding to the door. You struggle to push through the crowd to follow him out.
“, wait.” You finally caught up to him outside, but he held his head down and stared at the ground. 
“I’m so sorry, I was drunk, I’m still a little drunk, I didn’t..I swear I didn’t know you weren’t behind me.” You beg while panting.
Jaehyun purses his lips. “I don’t want to talk about it..” He raises his hand and calls for a taxi.
He opens the door for you. “Get in.”
You hurry inside the taxi and fix your dress. Jaehyun joins you and closes the door. He shows the driver the address, but then the two of you sit in silence.
You stare at the side of his face, waiting for him to turn to you and see your face of regret and eyes filled with tears. His jaw is clenched, his eyes are focused on the dark road and street lights outside.
About 10 minutes later, you finally break the silence. You place your hand on his thigh. “Jaehyun, I would never cheat on you, you know that..I love you, and I’m so sorry.”
But he still stared out the window. “How could you not feel the difference, y/n?”
“I-I don’t know, I was drunk. Please, believe me.”
“I don’t know..maybe you just wanted someone else, someone other than me? Is that it?”
“Jaehyun, no, that’s not true at all..I just-“
“Then why did you dance with him?! I’m your boyfriend right?” Jaehyun finally turns to you, his voice rising as the two of you sit in the backseat of the taxi.
“Yes! You are! And I love you so much, please believe me.” A tear runs down your cheek.
Things went south so fast. One moment you were dancing together, the next you were arguing and on the brink of a breakup. But you couldn’t understand why Jaehyun would’ve been this upset. A part of you felt it was unnecessary given the fact that you were inebriated at the time.
Jaehyun turns to the window as you approach your villa after a long and tense ride.
You can’t help but wonder why Jaehyun had let go of you in the first place.
“Where were you, Jaehyun?”
Jaehyun’s eyes widened slightly. He was thankful that you hadn’t seen him with Reina, but how could he explain his absence?
“What?” He turns to you.
“Where were you? Why did you leave me alone on that crowded dance floor?”
“Are you seriously trying to turn this on me right now?” His eyes narrow and you never felt so small. But you remained firm, your concern was valid after all.
“I’m just asking-“
“No,’re just trying to come up with an excuse for your...slutting around..”
“What? ‘Slutting around’?”
“I went to the bathroom and I came back to you dancing with another man.”
“Jaehyun, I’m not stupid, you were gone for longer than a bathroom break.”
He rubs his temple. “The place was crowded as fuck, y/n! It was difficult to get to you! Wait, you know what, I’m not doing this. You’re making me feel like the bad guy.” He slams the door and heads inside.
You thank the driver before leaving through the other door.
“How am I making you feel like the bad guy when you’re the one that left me in the middle of a nightclub in a country that neither of us are familiar with?!”
Jaehyun takes his shoes off and places them on the floor.
“I drank too, y/n, and I messed up by leaving you. But you know what? At least, I don’t become a fucking slut like you when I’m drunk.”
You scoff. “Wow..Jaehyun, just wow.” 
You drop your purse and kick off your heels before rushing into the bathroom to cry.
Jaehyun breaks at the sound of you crying in the bathroom. He sighs and closes his eyes. “Shit.”
You sob uncontrollably while sitting on the edge of the bathtub.
Jaehyun knocks on the locked door. “Hey...listen..I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”
Jaehyun knew his outburst had more to do with Reina than it did with you. He was upset that she actually showed up, he was upset that your relationship was at risk because she was there. Things weren’t going as planned, and he didn’t like that.
But unfortunately, he couldn’t control his anger and took it out on you instead.
“Y/ know you made a mistake, okay? I’m sorry, I just got upset.”
You sniffle and wipe your eyes. 
“Talk to me, please?” Jaehyun leans on the wall beside the door. “I don’t like hearing you cry, baby..”
You roll your eyes and think of how ironic all of this was. One moment he was calling you a slut, the next moment he was begging for forgiveness like you were.
You wash your face and breathe heavily into the towel.
“Y/n...don’t go to sleep angry at me, you know I don’t like when you go to sleep after we argue,” He says.
A moment later you open the door and brush past him while looking at the floor.
He takes your hand and brings you back to him, pressing you into the wall while towering over you.
“Look at me. We’re both upset, right? Let’s just forget about’s just me and you right more crowded clubs, no more weird guys. I don’t want to regret this vacation, I just want to be with you, okay?”
You look up at him slowly. His eyes are brimming with tears as well. He’s so handsome as a strand of his dark hair hangs in his forehead, his lips are pouted. His cologne fills your nose, he smells so good, you just want to rest on his chest and breathe him in.
You place your lips onto his. He steps forward, making your head fall back into the wall. He takes your head in his hands and presses onto your lips harder.
Your tongue crosses over his bottom lip slowly, teasingly while he turns his head.
Jaehyun then grips your chin in his hand and kisses your lips harder. His kiss is filled with fury, anger, longing. He bites your bottom lip as your eyes close and your back leans even more. When he pulls away to breathe, he looks at you through low eyes while still holding your chin. 
His gaze sends chills through your body. It’s a dark gaze that you can’t read. He looks as if he wants to destroy you, make you remember why you’re his. 
You breathe heavily, your chest rising and falling as you stare at his lips, wishing they were back on yours.
But instead he rubs his thumb along your bottom lip.
“You love me...right?” He tilts his head, his eyes still narrowing in on your open mouth.
“Of course I do, Jaehyun.” You say breathily.
“Show me then…” he steps back while taking his belt off.
You reach to the back of your dress and grasp at the zipper at the top. You want to move fast, to feel him all over you, bringing you to paradise in this large comfy bed. But it was clear that he wanted to take his time as he sat at the edge of the bed and watched you.
“Turn around.” His voice is so low and demanding. He rarely got like this but you weren’t surprised since he had been upset for most of the night.
You turn and take your dress down your legs while bending over to show him your ass in your pretty lingerie.
You stand up straight and wait for his next instruction. You felt..nervous for some reason. You heard the bedside drawer open and jingling, then, he spoke.
“You’re beautiful...come here.”
You turn and walk to him quickly, your heels clinking against the floor.
He looks up at you, through his long lashes, as his arms rest behind his back. “Close your eyes, sweetheart.”
You do as he says the feel his large hands squeeze your waist. He hums as they float from your hips and around to your ass. 
“Does it feel good?” He asks as he squeezes your ass cheeks. Your legs shake a bit as you become turned on by his firm touch. You can just imagine the smirk on his face right now. 
“Good.” He says before leaning forward and kissing your stomach, he grabs your wrists with one hand then places them behind your back. You exhale, but before you can enjoy his mouth on your heated skin, you feel ice cold metal replace his hand. The handcuffs lock around your wrists as your eyes fly open. 
Jaehyun looks up at you with the most devilish smirk across his face. “Oh, my love, we are going to have so much fun.”
You chuckle. “Where the hell did you find handcuffs?”
Jaehyun bites his lips. “I bought it just for you..since you can’t behave and stay still, I’ll have to force you to.”
You roll your eyes. Jaehyun always had an interesting imagination.
“What if-“ You start but Jaehyun interrupts you.
“Do as I say, baby, or I’ll put the gag in you too.”
Your eyes widen as you gasp.
“Get on your knees.”
You kneel before him, your arms still behind your back in a painful bind. His hard member sticks out of his pants. He pulls his zipper down and begins to stroke it in front of your face.
You lick your lips and bat your eyes.
“Do you want it?” He asks as his hand moves up and down his beautiful shaft, spreading pre cum as the tip twitches.
You nod. “Yes.” His long and girthy dick stands before you, making your chest tremble.
He grunts as he watches you stare in hunger. “Are you sure?”
“Yes, please, I want to taste you.” You beg once again, ignoring the pain in your knees as they dig into the hardwood floor.
“Hmmm...didn’t you say something like “I’m never sucking your dick again?” He teases.
“Yes, but come on Jae, you know I didn’t mean it.” Your legs become weak and soaking at the very spot you need him to be in between.
“And here you are on your knees, begging for it.” He chuckles while moving his cupped hand up and down.
“Well, baby, I can’t do it on my own. Get to work.” He pulls his phone out to record you as you practically leap forward to place your lips on his veiny cock.
You lick a long stripe slowly and really wished your hands were free so that you could stroke him while you licked the tip.
You look into the camera as you lick him again slowly. You swirl your tongue around to collect what leaks from the tip then swallow. “Since when do you like to record me?”
You didn’t mind being recorded. In fact, it made everything even sexier. 
“I miss you when I’m at work. Sometimes I just need a little break and this will help me during my most..difficult times.” He winks.
You smile slightly then place your mouth over him and finally take it into your mouth. You move your head up and down while hollowing your cheeks. His tip pushes against the plush surface of your cheek, causing him to let out a throaty groan. 
You moan as well as you imagine him being inside your aching pussy next, sliding in and out of it easily.
He’s already worked up as you can feel every vein bulge from the movements of your mouth on him.
You pull away to breathe and let a string of spit fall onto him.
“’re beautiful.”
You go back to work on him, doing your best to cover every inch of him, but struggling without the use of your hands.
Jaehyun takes his free hand and places it onto the back of your head. “Let me help you.”
He thrusts into your mouth abruptly, causing you to choke. He grabs a fistful of your hair and thrusts into your mouth again.
You moan as he continues to fuck your throat raw and fast. The vibrations push him along even further. A tingling sensation overtakes the pit of your stomach as his groaning increases. Tears fall from your eyes and trace over your round cheeks.
You whimper as you struggle to breathe through your nose. 
“Just a little more, baby.” He watches you below him in your beautiful lingerie set. Your lovely breasts resting in a neat lace bra and your ass looking ever so pretty in a matching lace thong. The garter hugs your waist beautifully and he can’t help but lose it at the sight of your gorgeous body on the floor, your mouth open and drooling over him as your eyes leak tears.
He grunts and thrusts one last time, holding you down onto him as he coats your throat in strings of his essence.
“Ahhh..good girl.” He breathes heavily and pushes into you a few more times. Your jaw feels like it’s locked and your face is a mess.
He lets you pull your head up. Your lips are swollen as you cough a little. He then places his phone down and grabs your waist, forcing you to stand up. He stands behind you and pushes you down onto the bed. You turn your head and exhale as you anticipate what he will do next.
Then, you feel a sharp slap to your ass.
You cry out from the sudden hit and feel your body fall into the bed more.
“That's for being a slut tonight.” He grumbles but tilts his head once he sees your thin lace thong becoming increasingly wet from the hit.
He delivers another smack.
“And that’s for getting turned on by me punishing you.”
“I can’t help it, baby, I need you.” You cry out.
He slaps you again. 
“Ah!” You yelp.
“You should be happy I’m not using my belt.” Jaehyun would’ve loved to go harder on you, as hard as he goes when he’s being recorded. But you weren’t like needed care and love. He wasn’t just fucking you, he was making love, and he wanted to make sure you were comfortable. Tonight, however, he was wound up and angry at you dancing with someone else. He had to punish you just a little.
“Jaehyun, can’t you see how wet I am, baby? Fuck me pl-“
Another hit. He bites his lips once he rubs his hand over your round butt and feels it becoming warm from irritation. The handcuffs jingle as you struggle against them, but you’re the prettiest sight. Your hands tied behind you as you bend over the edge of the bed with your ass on display for him. Essence running down your shaking legs in a steady stream.
“Not yet, and you know why. Now, stop talking.”
“Make me.” You felt your bratty side slowly creep out as Jaehyun became rougher with you. You liked him this way. It made you both more turned on when you role played.
Jaehyun chuckles softly. “Ah you fucking slut, you have no idea what you’ve done.”
He pushes the thin string covering your needy pussy aside, he watches essence drop from your folds and nearly loses it. He then presses his middle and ring fingers against your slit. 
You whimper from the feeling of his fingers finally on your throbbing skin. He gently slides his fingers over and in between, pushing them apart slightly to watch your slick. “Mmm...your pussy is dripping and we haven’t even started yet, sweetheart.”
He grabs your hair with his other hand then pushes his fingers inside you without warning.
“Is this how turned on you get just from sucking me off?”
“Jaehyun!” Your legs shift as you try to adjust to him.
He bites your neck as you moan.
He pushes his fingers in and out of you quickly, his knuckles brushing against your folds repeatedly as he slides in.
Your mouth falls open as his long fingers stretch you out so satisfyingly. They explore your silky walls. His thumb rubs circles onto your clit, making you dizzy.
“’re so wet, this is easy..” He whispers into your ear, the sound of his raspy voice mixing with the sound of your drenched pussy greeting his fingers with every push.
You’re already close to cumming as you clench around them. 
“Jaehyun..I’m going to..”
“Really? I couldn’t tell.” He says sarcastically.
He moves his fingers even faster. Your moaning becomes louder and you start to ride his fingers on your own. He curves the tip of his fingers so that they press against your sweet spot.
You moan loudly and back into him more. You wished you could see his face and watch him lick his lips as he uses his fingers to bring you to paradise. 
You shake around him as he sucks hard on your collarbone once again.
You cum hard, but he doesn’t stop. “, I’m sensitive..” you try to push yourself up away from him.
He then grabs your bound wrists to hold you still. 
“I don’t care, you’re gonna take whatever I give you. Isn’t that right, little slut?” His fingers pump in and out once more, you whimper and feel tears build up. Your chest feels weak as you are sensitive and unprepared for another orgasm.
“Jae..oh God..”
He grabs your waist and flips you over. “You’re such a whiny brat.”
He pulls his fingers out, a ‘pop’ echoing out into the room. He hurriedly unhooks your garter from your thong and drags it down your legs. He then bunches it up into his fist and stuffs it into your mouth. You choke as he forces it in.
“There..much better.” He smiles, watching as your eyes water and your mouth stays open with your drenched thong inside it.
You breathe through your nostrils and watch as he goes back to finger you. He moves slowly, enjoying the way your bare opening closes around him while trembling.
“Fuck, I love your beautiful pussy.”
You clench from his words and mewl. You just wished he’d go faster now that you were being built up again.
Your hips move down onto him again, but he places his free hand onto your abdomen to stop you.
He slides them a little faster now, using two fingers from his other hand to rub fast and hard circles onto your bud. 
He watches as your essence coats his fingers. You feel so good around him. He can’t wait to feel you around his now hard cock.
You cum again, your back arching and eyes rolling into the back of your head as you moan loudly. So much cum escapes you, you wonder how badly you’ve ruined the sheets. 
Jaehyun gets on his knees quickly and fixes his face in between your legs. He licks your pussy as you quiver and shake.
“Jaehyun!” You say in a muffled scream, the feeling of his mouth on you being way too overwhelming as you cum a second time.
Your legs kick and your body moves up on the bed. Jaehyun grips your thighs and forcefully drags you back towards him.
“Stop fucking moving or we’ll be at this all night.”
If it weren’t for your hands being behind you, you would’ve pushed his head away, but his strong grip on your thighs kept you still. He easily overpowered you as his biceps flexed under his shirt to hold you still. All you could do was let your sensitive pussy be consumed by him as you cry.
His hands rest in the crook of each leg, behind the knee. His grip is so harsh you swear there would be an imprint of his hands there once he was done.
He licks up and down your slit, licking up your cum and swallowing it just as you did his. He pushes his tongue in between your folds, moving in and out and from side to side.
You moan as his tongue brushes your clit.
You breathe heavily and start to relax. 
“That’s it, baby, you taste so good.” He whispers onto your opening, his breath sends electricity through your body, making you jump slightly.
Your heels press into the bed as he widens your legs even more. 
“Look at me..” He commands, his husky voice sending delicious vibrations through your core.
You look down to see a string of spit leaving his mouth and onto your opening. The look in his eyes is sinful. He wants you to watch him devour you like some piece of meat being eaten by an animal.
He continues to lay his tongue flat against you, his lips also pressing onto your folds.
He can’t hold back anymore as his erection becomes almost painful, so he presses his face into you more, his tongue going as deep as possible as your back arches. He curves the tip of it before bringing it upwards and downwards.
Your legs become weak while his nose massages your bud. You can feel that aching in your stomach that tells you you are about to cum again. A bundle of nerves just waiting to be soothed. Jaehyun loves to hear your high pitched squeals and feel the unsteady vibrations of your core as you get close.
He circled his tongue around your clit in a fast pace then licked up the juices that had escaped previously and hummed. 
His tongue laps up everything between your folds as you grind your hips onto his face now to chase after your high. He hums as he savors your taste and warmth of your pulsating pussy around his tongue.
The vibrations from his low groans made you see stars and with one final flick of his devilish tongue, you cum for the third time and nearly black out. 
He takes his face away and watches as you clench around nothing while liquid comes pouring out.
“Fuck that’s sexy.” He takes his shirt off and stands up before taking his pants off. 
He then helps you get to the center of the bed where he kneels over you. He takes your panties out of your mouth and tosses them to the side. He kisses you on the lips, his mouth still wet from being coated with your juices.
When he pulls away, he takes a key from under the pillow and opens your handcuffs. He raises your arms above your head and kisses you deeply, smashing his warm lips onto yours as your eyes close. You smile but before you can thank him for letting you loose, he places the cuffs back on.
“W-what?” You ask with furrowed brows and look into his eyes.
That’s when you realize that he has now placed the chain of the handcuffs around a bar in the headboard so you are bound to it. He was distracting you with a kiss as he did it.
“Jaehyun..that’s not fair.” You pout.
“Life isn’t fair sometimes, baby.” He drags a finger down the side of your face while he pretends to pout as well.
His finger traces down your collarbone and dances around the mark he left earlier. Your skin becomes littered in goose pimples from his light, feathery touch
He reaches under your body and undoes your bra in the back. He throws it to the side before placing both hands on your breasts. 
He massages them gently, pushing them together and flicking the nipples as he licks his lips.
He then pushes your legs far apart like they were when he was eating you out, only this time, he pushes his dick into you, pushing deep into your silky wet opening.
You both moan and exhale. He thrusts into you slowly, allowing his cock to rub against every inch of your tight, smooth walls. Your eyes shut tightly as you adjust to him.
He places both hands on either side of your head and watches you take him in while your hands are bound above.
Your eyes are still teary and your lips are still swollen from you biting them.
“ feel so good.”
He nearly loses it when you look up at him with wide eyes. You’re like his own personal doll, open wide and tied up for him alone to use. Your legs look longer in your heels and your body looks even better now without any underwear on it. He fights the urge to go faster, to fuck your insides so hard you couldn’t think straight.
He pushes into you even deeper. You whimper loudly.
“Do you like that? Do you like when I fuck you harder?”
You lick your bottom lip and nod. “Y-yes.”
He thrusts into you hard again, your breasts bouncing.
He picks his phone up. “You look pretty like this, baby.” He snaps a few pictures of you in this position with his cock buried so deep inside you, you can’t see the base of it. Your mouth falls open into a moan as he pulls out and pushes in again, sliding against your shaking walls.
“Harder...” You beg.
He puts his phone down and forces into you with a rough thrust. The headboard moves this time.
You feel like a slut. From the way he looks at you to the way he has you splayed out and begging for more. It all made you feel like a porn star. But you loved it, you loved being like this only for him.
He grips the headboard now and moves faster as he anchors himself above you. Sounds of the bed moving against the wall, his grunts along with your whimpers, and the slapping of skin on skin fill the room.
His abs flex each time he pushes into you with a loud grunt. His hair becomes wet with sweat and dangles over you.
He’s beautiful as he ruins you. He makes you weak with just a single glance, so his stare is overwhelming. 
He enjoys the way your breasts bounce up and down with each movement, but he also enjoys having you pinned into the mattress below him.
“Y/n...I love you..” he looks into your eyes before kissing your lips.
He lets out a groan and leans into the crook of your neck. He fucks into your body so deep, your head starts to spin. He hammers your insides and groans.
“Jaehyun..I’m going to..cum.” You let out a high pitched squeal as his veiny dick hits that one spot to drive you insane. Your mouth falls open.
“Fuck.” He mutters out. You’re afraid the headboard might break.
His jaw clenches while he climaxes. You reach your orgasm as well, calling out his name as you see stars.
He moves a few more times so you can ride out your climax but he then pulls out and lays down beside you.
He takes your handcuffs off. “I’m not done with you yet..”
What you didn’t know was that he had taken his performance enhancing supplement that day. Meaning that he could endure several orgasms in one go.
He usually only took it on days when he recorded, but he had taken it just for you tonight. He wanted it to be one that you would never forget.
Your eyes widen. “What?”
“Turn over.” He kneels in the bed and motions for you to turn onto your stomach.
Your arms are weak, but you do as he says so that your bare ass faces him.
“Touch yourself.” 
You groan. “Baby, please I’m so-“
He smacks your ass hard with his hand, the slap being so loud it came as a shock to your ears.
“Fuck.” You groan.
“Do as I say. No whining or I’ll put the handcuffs back on.” 
You start to touch yourself with two fingers running along your slit slowly. Jaehyun kneels behind you and watches. 
He wraps his arm under you and brings your lower half up more so that your face is down but your ass is up in the air.
“Good girl.”
He pulls his arm away and begins to stroke his semi-limp cock.
“I’m gonna fuck you hard, again. Do you think you can handle it?”
You snicker. “Again? When was the first time?”
Jaehyun gasps then slaps your ass a little lighter this time. “I should’ve never taken the handcuffs off, you’re a brat.”
“Then punish me, baby, I’m waiting.” You tease him as you push your fingers in and out.
He pulls your hand away and holds your waist, pulling your ass flush against his pelvis as he slams into you.
“Ahh!!” You cry out as he fucks you roughly from behind so soon after your orgasm.
Your head goes upward, but he grabs your hair and forces your head back down onto the bed.
He pushes into you harder and grunts as he feels your tight, drenched walls around him once again. 
His speed increases and so does the volume level of your moans. He decides to push hard into you, releasing all of his anger and frustrations out on your body. He grabs your waist powerfully, his fingernails digging into your skin to leave a bruise.
Your ass cheeks slap against him, filling the room with lewd sounds. His tip reaches the low part of your stomach. You cry out his name as he fucks you so hard into the bed. He moves faster and you begin to clench uncontrollably. You begin to drool on the bed, your eyes are watery as tears escape. He feels so good as he ruins your guts and makes you feel raw.
“You like this, don’t you? Being fucked like the slut you are..” He grabs your hair and bends your neck backward so he can growl into your ear.
You see the dark look in his eyes, the way his nose scrunches as he pounds into you and goes harder than he’s ever gone before. “Yes! Yes, oh my God..” He fits into you perfectly, sliding his delicious length in and out like it’s easy.
He brings one of your legs up over his shoulder so he can enter you from a different angle, one that he knows will drive you crazy for sure. High pitched noises escape you. Jaehyun bites his lips, watching your body glisten with sweat and breasts move up and down.
“You’re all’d never leave me because you’d miss this too much, wouldn’t you? My little slut..” His dick grinds against your walls and hits your sweet spot each time it enters.
“Jaehyun! Fuck!”
He rubs your clit while still thrusting into you so hard, the bed creaks. “Touch me right there…” You moan.
“Good fucking tight.” He pants and releases into you.
Your bodies shake and collapse onto the bed as you both cum harder than ever before. Something about Jaehyun being so dominating turned both of you on.
Jaehyun pulls out of you, laying beside you so he can just stare at you for a moment. Your body is tired and weak and soon you fall asleep. Jaehyun cleans you up while adoring the way you sleep so fast. You snore lightly and your mouth falls open.
He knows things could’ve gone better that night, but he is still thankful that the two of you are together and cuddling during your last night in Bali.
[Last Day In Bali]
The sunlight couldn’t be any brighter as its rays peaked through the slim blinds and onto your bed. You grumble a little bit when you feel the heat on your arm. You turn over slowly, your body still aching from the night before. But you’re able to reach out and tap the fluffy white blanket next to you.
“J-Jaehyun?” You say, peering out through one eye to see your brown haired boyfriend.
But you don’t see him. 
As your senses awaken, you hear the tapping of keys in the living room.
“In here, babe!” Jaehyun yells out.
You smile when you hear his sweet voice and lay back down in the bed. “Oh my God, I can't feel my legs.” You chuckle.
“Ahh..sweetheart..I didn’t even go that hard on you..” He trots into the bedroom with a cup of coffee.
“Here..I’m working on a paper that’s due tomorrow, but I’m almost finished.” He places the cup down on the dresser beside you before ruffling your hair with his fingers.
He looks delectable with no shirt on and just boxers. His soft hair is still messy too, falling into his forehead limply.
You clutch the blanket to your naked chest and smile widely. “Thanks, do I look?”
“Hmmm..” Jaehyun tilts his head and smirks. “Like someone pulled your hair a few times last night..”
You chuckle a less than sexy laugh, but lick your lips as you remembered the way he pinned you against the bed just a few hours ago.
You sit up on the bed and place a finger into the waistband of his boxer shorts, tugging it teasingly as your eyes lock. “I miss having my hair pulled…”
He bites his bottom lip and sighs as he watches your daring eyes below him. A low groan escapes his perfect lips.
“, I wish we could..but I have to finish this assignment..” 
You pout and withdraw your finger. “Okay.” 
“I’ll make it up to you later baby, it’s our last day in Bali..we’ll go to the beach one last time and do whatever you want to do.” He holds your chin and rubs his thumb on it.
You smile. “Okay, my smart baby, get back to work!”
Jaehyun gives your forehead a light kiss and leaves.
“Professors that assign homework to do during spring break don’t make any sense!” You yell out and fall back into the bed.
Jaehyun only laughs and sits back on the couch with his laptop.
After about two hours, Jaehyun finally finishes his work and walks back to the room. He plops down into the bed and places his iPad in the center.
You put your phone down and turn to him.
“Wanna watch some Tik Toks with me?” He gives you a cheesy smile.
“Of course! You look like you could use some decompressing..” You rub your hand on his hair and smooth it out of his face.
He takes the move as an opportunity to kiss your wrist.
“Hey!” You laugh at the ticklish feeling and move your hand.
The two of you watch many, way too many, videos well into the afternoon. But losing track of time with the one you loved the most was okay.
You and Jaehyun laughed together as you laid on his chest and scrolled through his ‘for you page’. You’d look up at his face every now and then just to watch him laugh. His eyes crinkling into thin lines and his dimples becoming deeper than any of the earth’s trenches. The warmth from his chest when something made him echo out thunderous laughs and the way his fingers drew small circles onto your naked back. He made everything feel right in that moment. Your spring break with Jaehyun was working out to be one of the best vacations you’d ever had. You never wanted it to end.
“Alright...I think it’s time we head to the beach..” You rub your eyes.
“Yeah..but remember when you said you missed having your hair pulled?” Jaehyun’s raspy voice entered your ear.
You put your hand onto his chest and looked into his eyes. “That was a while ago, Mr. I-am-a-devoted-student.”
Jaehyun pouted. “Hey..don’t be so harsh, sweetheart...does the offer still stand?” He places his thumb onto your lips, running over it slowly.
You open your mouth slightly then stick your tongue out. You lick over the top of his thumb while looking into his eyes.
Jaehyun’s breath hitches. He swallows hard as he watches you take the rest of his thumb into your mouth and past your gorgeous lips.
You lift your head up and place the iPad to the side. You then crawl over his lap and straddle him.
You bite your lips as you feel his hardening member strain against his boxers. The thin fabric of it being the only thing separating your bare opening from his aching manhood.
He immediately places his hands on your thighs and relaxes into the bed.
You move forward and backward slowly, too slowly. Your hands are resting on his toned chest as he struggles to breathe normally.
He pushes up into your body more, trying to stay at your pace but finding it difficult as your beautiful body moves above him. You’re like an angel. Even with disheveled hair and smudged makeup, you’re the most beautiful person he's ever seen.
“” Jaehyun licks his lips. “You’re beautiful.”
Jaehyun is fully hard now and reaches into his shorts to pull his dick out. But you hold his wrist and shake your head.
“Not yet..” You whimper, your entire body trembling as you tease him, your folds now dripping from the steady movement. You swivel your hips and grind down onto him a little harder.
Jaehyun groans just as you lean down to kiss him. The taste of alcohol and coffee on his tongue sends a rush through your head. 
“Baby..please..I wanna feel you..” Jaehyun looks into your eyes as you pull away from the kiss. He tightens his grip on your thighs.
You give a half smile then lean down to his ear and whisper. “You can feel me..after you shower..”
Jaehyun pouts.
“You smell like alcohol, babe.” You plop down onto the bed beside him and laugh.
He sighs loudly and turns over to you. “Why do you do this to me?”
You run your hands through his hair. “Get washed up baby, we can’t spend our last day here inside!”
Jaehyun hurries into the shower as you laugh.
You hear the water start to run in the shower and get up to get your outfit for the day together. But as you arise from the bed, you see a notification pop up on Jaehyun’s IPad.
It’s a text message.
From someone named ‘R’.
“It was nice seeing you last night ;)”
Your brows furrow. Who could this be? Who of Jaehyun’s friends had a name that started with R? And why wouldn’t he just save their real name? How could he have seen this person last night when you were both at the club together? This person had to be texting the wrong number.
Another text comes’s from the same person.
“Can't wait til you get back..”
You stare blankly at the IPad, trying to remain calm as you read through these mysterious and yet flirty messages. Or were you over exaggerating? Maybe this person was just a classmate working on a project with Jaehyun, maybe it was someone from your university that just so happened to be in Bali for Spring Break like you guys were, because Bali is a popular destination for college kids, right?
But why were you looking at his IPad anyway? You should’ve respected his privacy, but you had your suspicions still. You just couldn’t push them away, could you?
Another text..
“I’m gonna make up for it when you get back, Jaehyun, gonna show you..”
“Everything alright?” Jaehyun’s low voice speaks out from behind you. He’s so close, you feel his warm breath hit the back of your neck.
You swallow hard and turn to him. You didn’t hear the water stop or even his light steps. Did he know that you were reading his texts?
He stared into your eyes intensely then shifted his attention back to his screen on the bed. You stepped in front of it and smiled.
“Y-yeah..everything’s fine..I just..I got kinda dizzy when I stood up too fast.” You chuckled but Jaehyun only gave you a small smile.
“Are you okay now?” 
“Yeah! I’m fine!”
Jaehyun forces a wider smile and nods. “Good! I was wondering if you wanted to shower with me..we’ll save on water. It’ll be good for the Earth.” He raised his eyebrows and winks.
You smile and join him for a shower, forcing the many thoughts you had away. You don’t want to ruin the vacation as Jaehyun had accused you of doing the night before during your little “fight.” You want it to be a good time for both of you, so you continue on and go to the beach.
‘R’ could’ve simply been a classmate or friend of Jaehyun. You shouldn’t overthink it, there had to be an explanation. While walking on the beach together with your hand in his, you try to think of your moments together. Sweet and tender moments of laughter like this morning, or when he held you bridal style when you first went to the hotel. Or when he surprised you with a large bouquet of flowers while you were in class and risked getting scolded by the professor.
That was the Jaehyun you knew. There was nothing to worry about with him. He loved you and proved it many times, so why did you feel this unshakable tremble in your chest that screamed ‘danger’?
[Two Weeks Later]
Back in class, you tried hard to focus on the lessons, but something still upset you.
“I’m gonna make up for it when you get back.” What did that mean? And what else did that person text?
But then, you rubbed your eyes and looked back at your computer screen. 
You thought about Jaehyun’s sweet smile and how he loved you during your break together. You smiled to yourself and remembered when he told you he missed you whenever he was at work.
The person next to you then took out their container of strawberries and popped the cover off. The sweet smell filled your nostrils and made you exhale. You could really use some refreshing fruit from Bali right now.
That’s it! You could visit Jaehyun at work and drop off a basket of fruits from the market. It was time that you spoiled him for once. He’s given you so much already, it’s the least you could do. You smile to yourself as you imagine the grin that would grace his face once you surprised him.
Luckily, you remember the name of the place that he works at, even though he mentioned it only once in the past and never again.
You show up to the prestigious building with your best dress shirt and office skirt on. You wanted to look professional as it was a very serious work place. You just hope that you came late enough to deliver these fruits and not upset the manager.
The woman at the front desk looks intimidating, but you put on your brightest smile.
“Hi, excuse me, I’m looking for Jaehyun. I think he’s working right now.” You give a small smile to the older blonde haired lady with a silk Versace handkerchief tied around her neck.
She gives you a small smile and nods, “I’m sorry dear, but there’s no employee here by that name.”
“, could you look again? I’m sure he’s just not showing up in the system, but he’s working until 5 today.”
She sighs then takes a look at her screen. “Hmmm..nope! No one here by that name, sweetheart. Are you sure you’re not thinking of ‘Johnny’?”
“No-no it’s Jaehyun...Um there may be a misunderstanding or something..” You blink rapidly.
She shakes her head and turns the computer screen to you. “’s the schedule for next week..”
You scroll through the names.
“Normally, I wouldn’t show this to anyone...” She whispers, but you’re too focused on finding his name to listen.
You continue scrolling until you get to the bottom.
Jaehyun’s name isn’t there on the list of employees..
It didn’t make any sense. Your grip on the basket starts to weaken. You can feel a small crack in your beautiful world start to spread.
Jaehyun lied to you..all this time. This wasn’t even his workplace.
You step back as she turns her screen back to face her. You look at the floor and fight back tears.
“Dear...are you okay?” 
“Y-yeah, I’m fine.” But you really weren’t. You couldn’t fight back the tears anymore. The floor below you became decorated with one, then two, then three teardrops.
“Here.” You wipe your eyes and hand the fruit basket to the lady at the desk.
She looks puzzled. 
“Sweetheart..” she starts.
“Please!! Just take it!..I’m sorry for wasting your time..” you turn and leave the fruit basket on the front desk.
There were too many thoughts running through your mind. You walked heavily, with fury running through your veins and clenched fists.
How could he take you for a fool like this? How could he lie to you? Was he spending time with ‘R’ whenever he said he was “working”?
But you would confront Jaehyun, you would get answers when you met up for dinner. You had to know the truth and let him know that whatever game he was playing was over.
[Later That Night]
You meet up with Jaehyun at your favorite restaurant. You wait for him outside and when you see him walk over, you stare blankly.
“Hey, baby!” Jaehyun gives you a bright smile as he trots over. Maybe he didn’t see your frown, or wet, red eyes..maybe he didn’t notice your voice crack before you swallowed hard.
“We need to talk.” You look up at him once he stands over you. His bright smile fades slowly and his grip on the strap of his backpack tightens.
“You’ve been lying to me, where have you been?” You say sternly, your lips pursed as Jaehyun stands tall in front of you now.
“What are you talking about?” He gives you a confused look.
“Cut the bullshit, Jaehyun, I went to your ‘job’ to bring a gift because I’m a nice girlfriend, but to my surprise, you weren’t there. And you know what the icing on the cake is? You’re never fucking there, you don’t work there, Jaehyun! And don’t you dare lie to me with some dumb excuse, don’t insult my intelligence! Because the nice lady at the front desk even showed me the schedule and guess whose name was on it? Taeil’s but not yours!” Your voice raises, but there is no one around to hear.
Jaehyun’s mouth opens and you see a slight panic in his eyes. “Y/ can’t be serious.. Why are you getting upset with me? That lady is new! She doesn’t even know how to operate the employee system properly yet! I’ve only seen her once.”
You scoff. “Oh God, here we go..”
“Y/n! I wouldn’t lie to you, okay?”
“Then why aren’t you on the schedule and everyone else is?! Did she just delete your name completely?”
“My name isn’t on the schedule for next week because I asked for time off..after all we’ve been through..” He shakes his head and turns away.
“Don’t give me that, Jaehyun! We just had spring break, why would you need to take time off?”
“Because my dad fucking hates me, okay?!! He keeps putting pressure on me because I’m failing my fucking business classes. They aren’t easy, none of this shit is easy, especially when it comes to being his only son! He’s going to stop paying for my classes if I don’t get pre-selected for the business school by the end of this term, so yeah I need a fucking break!”
He turns back to you once you remain quiet after his outburst. “Listen..I’m sorry..I’m sorry, I’m just stressed out...I should’ve told you I was gonna take time off, but I don’t understand why you are making me feel guilty about this?..”
You feel an immense pain in your heart. You feel guilt, confusion. You had accused Jaehyun without considering his personal issues at home. From the very beginning, he told you just how demanding and controlling his father was. He told you that he loved painting and creating art and hated that he would have to take over his father’s position in a big company one day.
It was something he struggled with constantly. The tug of war between being who he is expected to be and being who he truly wants to be.
“I’m sorry, forget I said anything.” You say quietly now.
“Trust me...please just trust me, I’m not hiding anything, I need you to understand that if we are going to make this work.” Jaehyun steps towards you and places his hands on your arms.
You look away.
“ don’t love you want to end things? I try so hard, but it isn’t enough, is it?” Jaehyun looks at you through teary eyes.
You shake your head and look back at him with furrowed brows. “Jaehyun..”
“No. It’s okay, let’s just end it since you don’t trust me.” Jaehyun says.
“Jaehyun, no, I love you and I’m sorry. It’s my fault for blowing up at you. But I love you so much..I just wanted to surprise you.” You break down into a sob before he takes you into his arms and holds you close.
“’s okay..I’m sorry too..” He kisses your forehead. You look up at him and kiss his lips. 
The two of you stand there for a moment, embracing each other lovingly, enjoying the proximity of your bodies and the way they fit perfectly together.
Jaehyun pulls away and looks into your eyes. “Are you hungry?”
You shake your head. “Not really.”
He chuckles. “Me neither. Let’s get out of here.”
He takes your hand and leads you to his car. He then drives and parks in an empty parking lot. A soft song plays in the background as you begin to kiss again.
Jaehyun’s tongue traces over your bottom lip. You turn your head and run your hand down his chest, your delicate touch sending shivers up his spine.
Your hand travels all the way down to his jeans and rubs his bulge. He fidgets and moans into your mouth.
Jaehyun growls out:
“Needy.” *kiss*
“Girl.” *kiss* 
You laugh, but continue to press onto the growing tent.
“I’m sorry I yelled at you.” You whisper.
“It was kinda hot.” Jaehyun kisses your neck and pulls your leg over his lap. “I was thinking of how I would punish you for I’d shut you up.”
You climb over the center console and onto his lap, his arm around your waist as he helps you.
He pushes the seat back and puts his hands behind his head.
“No teasing this time, baby.” 
You nod, quickly unbuttoning your shirt. The cold night air hits your chest but the warmth in the car quickly comforts it. 
Jaehyun then pulls your bra down, your breasts popping out from it and bouncing gently.
He leans forward to palm both nipples, watching you as you bite your lips and moan quietly. The stars shining on your skin through the sunroof. 
He licks one of your nipples and listens to you cry out. Your head falling back as he flattens his tongue against your heated skin once more.
He looks up at you through his lashes then sucks your nipple. 
“Jaehyun..that feels so good.”
He hums and sucks as you move back and forth on his lap. His bulge presses against your underwear as your skirt slides up your thighs.
He zips his jeans down. You watch his length spring out, the tip red and dripping with pre cum. You could orgasm from the sight alone.
You leave your skirt on but shimmy out of your panties. He then pulls out a condom and glides it down onto himself.
“Come here..” Jaehyun calls to you then lays back down on the seat. You lower yourself slowly, thankful for your own essence that allows him to enter you easily.
“Fuck.” You mutter once he fills you up completely. You feel every ridge of every vein run against your silky walls. For some reason, he feels bigger than usual. 
You move up and down and swivel your hips. Jaehyun’s dick glides into you easily now, your wet entrance happily greeting it each time.
Jaehyun watches you through low eyes. He doesn’t smile, but he doesn’t frown. It’s a blank face, it’s almost like he’s not really there with you.
The truth is, Jaehyun was thinking about how close he was to being caught. You went to his workplace and discovered the truth. He was able to cover it up quickly but he made you feel bad in the process. A part of him truly regretted lying to you. But he knew one day he would find a way to explain it all to you and he knew you would forgive him because you love him.
Your whimpers grow louder as you approach your climax, but Jaehyun is nowhere near his. You bounce up and down faster, hissing as you take in sharp breaths and closing your eyes as you clench.
He stares at you again and thinks of how precious you are to him. Your face is beautiful even as your mouth falls open into loud moans and your eyes shut tightly. Your jawline and neck sparkle not only with sweat, but the reflection of the stars above you.
Your womanhood feels amazing around him as it always does. He rubs your clit to push you further along.
“You can do it, baby, cum for me.” His deep voice echos.
The car is filled with lewd sounds of skin on skin and your cries.
“J-Jaehyun..” your name falls from his lips. He watches your perky nipples. He palms one with his other hand then pumps your breast.
You cum hard not long after. Curse words leave your lips as you fall apart on him. He continues to push into you, even as you clench uncontrollably around him.
He grips your waist and slams you down onto him, your tight pussy providing sensational vibrations to his cock.
“Ahh..that’s it, sweetheart.” Jaehyun grunts
“Baby!” Your eyes fly open. You are so sensitive and on the brink of passing out from your intense orgasm but he doesn’t stop to let you recover.
He pushes into you hard from below, you breathe heavily and look up at the sky as tears fall from your eyes.
“This pussy is mine right?” Jaehyun growls.
“Y-yes…yes.” Your head is empty as he continues to fuck into your body from below.
He then cums and stares at your body above him, so beautiful, so perfect.
You lay on top of him for a moment. He holds you against him in his arms.
“I’m sorry..” He whispers then kisses your ear.
“I’m sorry, too.” You whisper back.
A few minutes later, you get into the passenger seat and let Jaehyun drive you home.
However, he has to make a stop at the gas station to fill up.
When he goes inside to pay the cashier, you grab his phone.
You tried to think of the security code. What could it have been? You tried his birthday, but it didn’t work, you tried several other basic combinations like ‘1,2,3,4’ or ‘9,8,7,6’ they didn’t work.
Jaehyun was still inside, but you only had one more try before his phone would lock  itself for a few minutes.
You thought for a minute then tried one final code..your birthday. And it worked.
You quickly went to your contact name on his phone and selected “share my location.” This way, if you ever needed to get to him, you would know exactly where he is.
The idea sounded crazy to you, but a part of you still felt unsure about everything. You wanted to bring up the text messages you saw, but you knew that would make him upset again. He’d ask why you invaded his privacy. So instead, you decide to have his location turned on for you to see...just in case.
Jaehyun gets back in the car and you’ve already placed his phone back in the cup holder.
“Let’s get out of here..” he gives you a wide smile and winks.
[A Few Days Later at 12:33 PM]
You to Jaehyun: hey baby, just got out of class, what are you up to
Jaehyun to You: getting ready for work at 1, I’ll be free at 3:30, I’ll come over to your place
You to Jaehyun: sounds good, love u
Jaehyun to You: I love you, too
You immediately place your phone back into the pocket of your shorts and head for the bus loop at your university. These buses were free and available for students, staff, and professors to use. Since you didn’t have a car, you found it very convenient, for there was always a route that could bring you to or at least close enough to your desired destination.
You had to see where Jaehyun was when he went to work. Something didn’t feel right and your mind hadn’t been at ease for days. You wanted to trust Jaehyun, but you couldn’t come up with a reasonable explanation for his weird schedule and the way he would act whenever you asked him about his job. It was like he didn’t want to talk about it. He’d change the subject.
You got on a bus that would take you in the direction of where he worked. You went to his contact name in your phone once you sat down, and at 1PM, you saw that he was no longer moving based on his blinking dot, he was stable in a location after traveling there. When you looked closer, you realized that the location he was at was not his work address. It was close, but not exactly where his work was.
After about 20 minutes, you pulled the string to let the driver know that you wanted to get off at the next stop. 
You stepped off and proceeded on the rest of your journey on foot, walking closer and closer to where the blinking dot was.
When you were just a few feet away from him, but very far from the building he claimed to work in, you noticed that you were in an apartment complex.
Your heart started to beat fast. What could he possibly be doing here?
You walked closer and closer, eventually to the very apartment building he was in. You looked at your blinking dot and at his blinking dot and saw that they were nearly on top of each other.
What would you do now? You couldn’t just knock on the door of any random apartment, people would think you’re crazy or sketchy. 
You bit your lips and closed your eyes. This couldn’t be happening. You swallowed hard then did what you had to do next.
You opened Safari and went to OnlyCams, then looked up the username of the person that your best friend showed you after Valentine’s Day. Your hands started to shake, you were so nervous you felt as though you would throw up right then.
You knew your suspicions would be wrong, for Jaehyun could never do this to you. No, he loved you too much, he wouldn’t lie to you, you just had to trust him.
They’re live. Shit.
You take a deep breath and quickly make a fake account by signing up for a free trial and registering your email. It was a stretch but you had to know, you’ve gotten so close.
Once you’re finally in the chat room under the video playing, you see a couple on a couch. The male’s head isn't shown, but the naked woman has a leash around her neck that is being pulled by him as he fucks her from behind. Her eyes are teary and her cheeks are stained with mascara as she moans. The man yanks the leash and pushes even harder, her ass hitting against his pelvis.
You narrow in on the man and the room, looking for anything that would indicate that it’s him.
He grunts, but you can’t tell if they’re his grunts.
That’s when you see a phone on the table by the couch. It’s off to the side, barely in the camera’s view point.
You take a deep breath and decide to call Jaehyun.
You put the call on speaker as it rings then switch back over to the live stream. Sure enough, the phone on the table lights up as a call comes in. You shudder. You can’t see the contact name, but it could just be a coincidence right?
The screen goes black just as the phone stops ringing. You hang up and wait for a moment.
While you wait, the couple change positions with the other woman over his lap as they sit on the couch. He chokes her while she bounced up and down on him.
You still can’t see his face, but his hands look familiar. The length of his fingers look familiar.
You swallow hard then dial him up again. The phone on the table rings.
You let out a shaky breath as tears come to your eyes. It was him, it had to have been. You end the call then exit the stream.
It becomes difficult to hold onto your phone as the reality sets in, the reality of what you had been hoping was not true. Jaehyun was cheating on you. All those times that he said he was going to work when he was really going to another woman.
You’re a fool. You thought to yourself. How could you not know that he would cheat on you? 
You sat down at the end of the staircase outside of the apartments and placed your head on your arms. You cried into them hard, finding it difficult to even breathe as your world crumbled before you.
Everyone told you from the beginning that Jaehyun was a player, that he didn’t stay with one girl for too long, that his appetite could never be satisfied. But you ignored them, you trusted him and gave in to him. You thought he loved you, you thought you were different.
He made you feel like you were good enough, that he loved you more than anything in this world. He played his game so well.
“I’m so fucking gullible.” You cursed to yourself and sobbed harder. You wanted to walk home but you didn’t have any strength in your legs, you could only sit and rest your head into your arms. Even when the dark sky was about to burst with what would be the worst thunderstorm, you stayed there. You didn’t care if you got wet, you didn’t care about anything really.
You sat there for what felt like an eternity, wishing that your mom were there to comfort you, wishing that you could run until you couldn’t run anymore, with the pain of breathing and walking becoming so unbearable that it would finally overtake this pain you felt right now.
It felt like you had been stabbed in the heart and Jaehyun was watching you bleed to death.
How could he do this to you? That’s all you keep thinking. 
 And when it was 3:30 PM, you heard a door click open. You stood up and turned around.
Jaehyun was at the top of the staircase, locking the door behind him.
His movement froze when he turned and saw you at the bottom of it.
“Y/n?” His breathy voice echoed in the hall.
Your eyes were red and swollen, he knew you had been there crying for quite some time and he felt his heart break.
“Y/n..please..I can explain.” He hurries down the stairs but you shake your head and burst into tears as you run away from him.
He grabs your wrist and pulls you to him. “Please, it’s not what it looks like.”
“Fuck you, Jaehyun! I know it’s you, I watched it on my fucking phone! Let go!”
“No! Baby, I-“ Jaehyun’s grip doesn’t loosen as he begs you to stop.
Without thinking, you slap him with your free hand. He lets go and your mouth falls open but you don’t say anything, you turn around and run.
Jaehyun touches his red cheek then runs after you as the rain begins to pour down on both of you. “Y/n!! I’m sorry! But I can explain, just stop. Let’s talk about this!”
But you continue running. Your vision is blurry, your tears mixing with the rain as you run faster and faster. You keep going, just as long as you get away from him.
Jaehyun eventually slows down and stops following you. “Fuck.” He curses and throws his backpack to the ground.
He bends over and pants, how could he have messed up so bad? He let lust and greed take over, and now, he lost you.
[One Week Later]
It’s been a few days since you discovered Jaehyun’s secret. Your best friend helped you by making you laugh or helping you cook dinner. She’d take you to your favorite ice cream shop or bar and get you drunk. But unfortunately, you always ended up crying after the fun. 
Everything reminded you of him, you couldn’t get his dimply smile or beautiful laugh out of your head. 
You deleted his number from your phone, or rather, your best friend deleted it, but he kept texting you. You didn’t let her know this but you recognized the number. 
Jaehyun to You: Please, talk to me, I messed up but I still love you
You’d receive messages like this at least twice a day. The first day after you caught him, he texted you once an hour. It was difficult but you were able to turn your phone off and cry in bed alone. He didn’t dare try to see you as you both knew your best friend would be crazy enough to cut him if he tried.
You would’ve loved some comfort and wisdom from your mom, but you knew she too loved Jaehyun. She invited him over many times and enjoyed his company. He made her laugh and smile with his charm. She would’ve been devastated if she knew what he had done.
But for now, you only had your best friend and her boyfriend.
“I feel like a complete idiot.” You said one night at dinner. 
“He’s a fucking douchebag. He didn’t deserve you, but don’t worry you’ll find someone better.” Jackson, your best friend’s boyfriend tried to help you feel better. It had been a week and you guys ate out at a Korean barbecue place.
You nodded and looked at the sizzling beef.
The night went on and the three of you talked about other things so you wouldn’t think about him, but in the quiet moments you saw how cute they looked together. You remembered how cute you and Jaehyun looked together, walking hand in hand as you explored the city.
That night, when you were alone in your bed, you decided to delete the photos of him and any couple photos you had from your Instagram. You didn’t look at the pictures for long, because it would be difficult to let go, but you had to try. It was the first step you needed to take towards moving on.
But one photo caught your attention. It was the one of him in the vinyl store. You snapped a quick Polaroid of him flipping through vinyls to buy. He was adorable in his white T-shirt under a brown button down. His ears turned a peachy pink when you caught him off guard. His hair was wavy and made him look innocently cute.
He laughed and looked away shyly, like a girl that had just been asked out.
Just remembering his face sent butterflies through your stomach. You smiled to yourself as you heard him singing like you did that day.
He picked up a Styx vinyl and showed it to you.
“Look at this one..” He said while running his hand over the cover.
“Styx? Who’s that?” Your lips pursed.
“You don’t know them?” 
“Never heard of them.” You shrugged.
“Oh come on, don’t you know ‘Babe?’’ His eyes widened.
“NOPE, but if you sing it to me, maybe I will.” You gave him a wink and stepped closer to him while looking into his eyes.
He chuckles and looks away. “Well, I guess it’s time to embarrass you.”
“Wait..” Your eyes grow, but Jaehyun quickly places the record down and grabs you into his arms, holding you tightly against his chest.
He pecks your lips as you press your hands against his chest.
“Jaehyun!” You giggle as he lays even more kisses along your jaw and neck. People in the store turn to you and start to laugh.
“The song goes...
‘'Cause you know it's you babe
Whenever I get weary
And I've had enough
Feel like giving up
You know it's you babe’.” 
He sings obnoxiously loud, but it’s beautiful. You loved hearing him sing. His voice was soothing and had a warm tone about it. You’d never heard anything like it before. The raspiness of it gave you chills every time.
Tears fall onto your pillow while you remember the good times. You go to YouTube and search for the song so that you can listen to it, knowing that it would make you cry harder. But you just wanted to hear it..just one more time.
You cried yourself to sleep again, forgetting that you were supposed to delete the photo.
Jaehyun stares at the text box. He sees the blue messages he’s sent and waits for you to text him back even though he knows you won’t.
He places his phone down on the bar and rubs his tired eyes. He hadn’t slept much, he stayed up and cried sometimes over you. He hated himself for what he did and he wished he could make everything right. He hoped that one day you would give him a second chance.
But unfortunately, he just wanted to stop thinking about you for now. He missed your touch, your smile, your scent, your hair, your giggle. He missed everything. He couldn’t work with Reina anymore because he was so heartbroken to lose you. Why didn’t he just tell you honestly from the very beginning when he started this job? Why couldn’t he tell you when you had so many chances to before?
He downed another shot and swallowed the bitter liquid hard. Getting drunk would help him forget how he was feeling, if just for a few hours. He thought he wouldn’t see you if his vision was blurry.
He is too drunk to walk or drive, so he calls the one woman that would take care of him.
“Reina..I need you.” He mumbles over the phone.
Reina is ecstatic as she drives Jaehyun home. She’s more than happy about the breakup and believes that he will finally be hers.
“Take me to your apartment, I can’t let anyone on campus see me like this.” Jaehyun leans against the passenger window. He starts to sober up and hates himself once again for calling on Reina for help.
When they get back to her apartment, Reina pours herself a glass of wine and sits on the couch next to Jaehyun.
He bends over and screams, but she’s unaffected.
“Damn it!” He lets out.
She swirls her wine while looking at the glass in her pretty hand.
“This is all your fault!” Jaehyun yells.
“Are you talking to yourself, Jaehyun?” She takes a long sip then places the glass down.
“No! I’m talking to you. You ruined my relationship. I was so happy with her..then you came along and offered me this fucking job.” Jaehyun sat up straight and looked at the floor while crossing his arms. His hair is disheveled and his face is red.
She laughs. “This is my fault? You’re the one that got yourself into this. You should’ve stopped when you had the chance. You should’ve told her the truth, Jaehyun.”
“Fuck you..I should’ve said no, you always wanted me more than I wanted you and now look at me. I’m alone, I’ve lost the one woman I love.”
Reina scoffs. “No, fuck you for coming to me when you have no one else!” She says and storms off into her room. “You’re an asshole and I should’ve never gotten involved with you! She hates you and I hate you too, Jaehyun!”
Jaehyun stands up and walks over to her room. He holds her shoulder and brings her to the wall. “What did you say?”
“I said I hate you.” Reina pouts and stares at his lips. She started to tear up at his words when she realized that she wouldn’t get him now that you two had broken up. He was still in love with you, she didn’t stand a chance.
A low chuckle escapes his chest and it makes Reina weak to see his smirk. He’s drunk and sweaty but she wants him so badly. His dark eyes narrow in on hers, making her feel small.
“That’s not very nice of you. I recall you wanting to be my girl, even stalking me in Bali.”
“Y-yes, I did that, but I was a fool to think you’d want me. Even now, I’m a fool..”
He grabs her chin in between his thumb and index finger. “No, you’re not. You just have to show me why I should be yours then, kitten.”
Jaehyun was too good at getting Reina where he wanted her. She had a weakness for him and he knew it. He knew what to say to make her fall for him every time.
She can’t resist him. She rubs her hand over his crotch before pulling the zipper down.
He takes her hand and flips her around so his chest is on her back and she lays flat against the wall. He flips her skirt up and teases her entrances with his tip.
“What do you want me to do?” Jaehyun whispers into her ear from behind.
“Fuck me, Jaehyun.”
He enters her swiftly, sliding into her easily as she moans.
They have sex without cameras, but it isn’t the first time they’ve gotten drunk and done something they’d both come to regret the next day.
She rides him as he lays on the bed and imagines that it’s you above him. He can hear your whimpers and see your dazzling skin. He can feel your dainty touch, it’s like you’re right there with him.
His vision is blurry, he tricks himself into believing that Reina is really you.
He flips her over and hugs her while still grinding into her body below him. “Baby, I love you, I love you so much.” He says to Reina, forgetting that she’s not you.
Reina, on the other hand, believes that he’s talking to her. She cums unexpectedly and smiles to herself thinking she finally has him, he’s going to be her boyfriend because he just said he loves her.
[The Next Day]
Jaehyun wakes up to a buzz from his phone.
When he forces his sleepy eyes open he sees Reina in his arms. “Shit.” He says quietly and then carefully shimmies out of the bed. He struggles to remember what happened the night before, but based on his naked body, he knows he and Reina had sex and he deeply regrets it.
He looks at his phone, his eyes widening when he sees your name pop up.
You to Jaehyun: we need to talk.
You couldn’t stay away from him anymore, you missed him so much your heart hurt. You texted him because despite what everyone had told you, you had seen a different Jaehyun during these months. Something about him had to be genuine, and you wanted to stop crying at night. And your best friend knew you needed closure. She wanted to feel better so she supported your decision to talk with him.
Jaehyun quickly responds.
Jaehyun to You: yes, when and where
You hesitate to answer. Is this what you really wanted? Do you really think he could change?
You to Jaehyun: meet me downtown at 12 PM
Jaehyun puts his clothes on and calls for an Uber to take him back to the bar that his car is at.
As he’s about to leave, Reina surfaces with her blanket wrapped around her.
“Where are you going?” She rubs her eyes.
Jaehyun turns and replies with a wide smile, “She texted me back! I’m going to make things right!”
Reina frowns. “But..”
“I’ll text you later and let you know how things go!” He heads out the door. It slams shut behind him. Reina stands and fights tears, once again feeling neglected, disappointed and hurt. She had gotten her hopes up..again.
[Downtown, 12 PM] 
You stepped on your toes as you anxiously waited for Jaehyun. Maybe he changed his mind, what if he didn’t show?
What if he didn’t care—
You see him, his hair a bit messy but he walks quickly towards you.
You gulp and feel your chest cave in at the sight of him, your love.
“Hey..” You say quietly.
“Y/n..” The way your name leaves his lips in a breathy, low tone makes your legs weak.
He stops before you, you look up at him and breathe deeply. You can do this, stay strong. Your best friend's words echo in your head. You had to remain firm and not fall for him in the first twenty seconds like a fool.
“Can we walk?” He asks.
“Sure.” You shrug.
The two of you walk side by side in silence for a few minutes. 
The day is bright and sunny, the wind feels good on your skin.
“Y/n...a few months ago, I met this girl named Reina. She was in the top 10% of creators on OnlyCams and she offered me a job. She said I could work with her and we’d split the profits evenly. It’s an easy job. I just have to...have sex with her on camera and that’s it. We were only supposed to meet once a week to create content, but then the subscribers wanted more. We knew we could make money so we met more often. I let it get out of hand.” 
He takes a deep breath. “I-I shouldn't have gotten involved with her..I should’ve just said no and gotten a regular job. I should’ve thought of you first, I thought it was okay because it was just physical not emotional, but it’s not okay and I’ve hurt you.”
You stop and turn to him. “No, it’s not okay, Jaehyun. I fucking hate you for this.”
Jaehyun swallows hard and looks away from you. “I’m tired of walking, can we get on the Ferris wheel?” 
The city had a large Ferris wheel that rested at the center of downtown. It was an attraction that many people went on to complete their vacations.
“Only if you pay.” You roll your eyes, Jaehyun holds back a laugh.
The two of you get in your own pod and sit down. It’s the perfect day to enjoy this ride. It’s quiet and not too many people walk around, you can really enjoy nature and the view of the city from above. But unfortunately, your heart was still broken and you were still sad.
“You cheated on me several times. I gave you so many chances to be honest with me, but you turned it on me every single time! You made me feel like I was crazy not to trust you when things just weren’t adding up. And here I am, being a fool for you.”
“I know, and I’m so sorry for being an ass all those times. I know I could never make up for it, I want you to know that I love you and I’ll be okay with whatever you choose to do now that it’s over. But I hope you’ll choose me, I hope you’ll give me a second chance.”
“You know me, you know I would’ve been okay with it had you told me..It’s just a job, Jaehyun. Why didn’t you tell me?” You turn to him with tears in your eyes again.
“Because I thought you’d break up with me for even thinking about doing this with someone else. I’m sorry I didn’t believe in you.”
“Well, now I’ve broken up with you for lying AND cheating. You made me feel like I wasn’t enough, and Valentine’s Day was the icing on the cake. You spent it with someone else. Do you know how hard that was for me? Oh and in Bali, you lost it when I simply danced with someone that I thought was you yet you were fucking someone else daily? That’s twisted and crazy…” You scoffed. “And you expect me to trust you again?”
Jaehyun gives you pleading eyes. “I know...I'm a piece of shit, I can’t take it back, but I can be better, I promise. Losing you has taught me so much.”
“What else is a lie, Jaehyun? Are you really into painting or was that something you used on all your girls?”
“I swear to you I never lied about anything else, I love you, every moment we had was sincere. You weren’t a game to me. Please..believe me.”
He places his hand on top of yours. You glance down at it and pull your hand away.
You shake your head. “I don’t even want to be here with you right now. How long is this ride?”
“Um...thirty minutes..” 
“THIRTY MINUTES? Are you serious, Jaehyun?!!”
He nods and scoots closer to you. “Don’t worry, it’ll go by fast as long as we talk. Tell me what’s on your mind.”
“Jaehyun…” You exhale and let a few tears fall. He quickly wiped them from your face as he stared at you. “Do you love her?”
His brows furrow. “No, of course not. She’s just my coworker and I plan on stopping if you come back to me, I’ll never do those things on camera again.”
“Does she love you?” You look outside to avoid his gaze.
“I-I don’t know and I don’t care, because you’re all that matters to me.” Jaehyun just wants to hear you say yes, he just wants to see you smile again.
You turn to him. “Jaehyun..I don’t know..I need time.”
“Okay, we have about twenty minutes left on this..” He sits back and looks out through the wide window.
The city is nice, peaceful. The buildings come together like legos but less pretty.
You start to think of all your moments together. Would you stay with him to experience more special moments together just to be hurt in the end?
You stare outside and think of everything as time passes by. You sit there in silence but it isn’t awkward, it’s comfortable, actually. You’re allowed to think.
When there’s only about ten minutes left and the ride starts to descend, Jaehyun gets on his knees and kneels below you.
“I love you..I always will..and I’ll give you however much time you need, even if that means waiting until the day I take my last breath.” A tear runs down his cheek as he looks up at you.
“Jae..” You exhale. “Get up, don’t be so dramatic..”
But he doesn’t move. You rub your hand along the side of his beautiful face and bite your lip.
“Fine. I’ll give you another chance, but if you hurt me...I never want to see you again.”
Jaehyun jumps up onto the bench beside you and takes your face in his hands.
He kisses you for a long time, placing his lips on your chin. “I love you, I love you, I love you, I’m so sorry, I’ll never hurt you again.” 
You nod.
The two of you went over to your place and made love, you told each other how much you missed being together.
You felt like you could give Jaehyun a chance, it was a mistake and you truly hoped he learned.
[A Few Days Later]
Jaehyun receives a few missed calls from Reina. He hasn’t seen her since that night and he doesn’t want to.
“You should be upfront with her, don’t keep her waiting.” You told him as the two of you ate lunch together.
Jaehyun swallows a piece of his sandwich and nods. “You’re right, it’s gonna be difficult to face her, but I have to.”
That night, Jaehyun takes you with him to Reina. You wait in the car as he goes to her apartment. She gives him a big hug after she opens the door, but Jaehyun pulls away quickly.
“Reina..listen..I’m done...I’m sorry but I can’t do this anymore. I can’t be Valentine Boy.”
Reina’s mouth falls open. 
“Y/n and I are together now’s best if I stop this now..”
“Jaehyun..think about the money.” Reina pleads with knitted brows.
“It’s not worth it, I don’t want to lose her. I’m sure you can find someone else to take my spot or you can do it solo.” Jaehyun shrugs his shoulders. “I’m sorry, I have to go.”
Reina’s eyes start to water. “But you said you loved me..”
Jaehyun sighs and turns his head. “Reina, please, I was drunk and thinking of her, you know that. You know that I’m always thinking about her.”
He turns to leave before Reina can say anything else.
He joins you in the car and lets out a loud exhale. 
“How did it go?” You ask him. 
“Well..She’s not too happy..But it doesn’t matter..She’ll be fine.”
That’s what Jaehyun thought, but he was wrong. Reina was furious and had another plan. She wasn’t going to let him go that easily. She was going to make him regret ever leaving her.
She threw her plate with her dinner on it to the floor and watched the glass scatter.
[One Week Later]
You and Jaehyun relax at the park. You hold hands while walking through it and share a triple scoop ice cream cone.
“You’re hogging all the chocolate..” he says before leaning closer to you and attempting to take the cone out of your hand.
“Ah! ah! if you want it, you have to get it from my lips.” You wink and rub some of the chocolate ice cream onto your lips.
“That works for me.” He lays a smooch onto them.
You giggle from the ticklish feeling of his tongue on your bottom lip.
You both sit down on a bench and watch dogs play at a dog park.
“This is nice.” He says before wrapping his arm over your shoulders and pulling you closer to him. His warmth almost outbeats the sun itself and he smells like fresh apples.
“It is..I love dogs..I wish I could have one here..”
“Do you miss Hazelnut?” Jaehyun asked.
You laughed out loudly and turned to him. “Her name is Peanut.”
“Oh shit, I’m sorry.” His eyes crinkled as he laughed at his mistake.
“But yeah I miss her. You know I don’t get to see her much because my dad took her away when he left my mom. I hope she’s doing well.” You missed your 12-year old poodle dog from home. You thought of how helpful she’d be when you were stressed. You always rubbed her coat when you were at your desk, studying for a difficult exam in high school. She’d sit beside you and look up at you with wide eyes. It was as if she was silently telling you ‘you’ll be okay’.
Then, shortly after you entered your last year, your dad left your mom and decided to take her with him since your mom wouldn’t let him take you.
It was a weird split you thought, but it was what it was. Fortunately, you were old enough to be mature about everything, but the pain of watching your parents split after so many seemingly happy years of unity still hurt you.
“I’m sure she’s doing well, babe.” Jaehyun rubs his hand along your arm.
[A Few Days Later]
You get on the bus that takes you to campus so you can attend your first class of the day. You notice that a few glances shoot your way, while you sit on the bus and look out the window.
Is there something on your face, you wonder.
You pull your phone to look at yourself and surely, there’s nothing on your face. Maybe you were just imagining things.
You finally get to campus and that’s when you notice that more people stare at you. Some look away but some give you a look of disgust that you’re confused by. 
Your brows furrow. What was going on?
You look down at your phone when you feel it vibrate in your hand. It’s a text from your best friend.
Bella to You: don’t go to class
She then calls you before you can reply.
“Bella? What’s going-“
“Where are you?!” She yells over the phone.
“I just got off the bus. What’s going on?”
And that’s when you see it. Posters of you posted all over on trees and taped to buildings. Some were the small, some were big and hard to ignore.
Your mouth fell open. They were pictures of you that Jaehyun took. Adult pictures and nudes that you had sent him. The ones you sent him on Valentine’s Day and the ones from Bali. Some were of you hollowing your cheeks around Jaehyun while some were taken from behind you, wrists in handcuffs. 
They’re obscene pictures and now everyone has seen them.
Only Jaehyun had access to these photos, how could he do this to you, how could he do something so mean? Your hands start to shake, you run off to the nearest bathroom to avoid any more gazes.
Once in the stall, you unlock your phone and go to call Jaehyun, but you see that you’ve got a new email from one of your professors and...the Dean.
Miss y/l/n, 
We have noticed a series of adult rated photos have been placed across campus. These photos were also sent to our emails from your email address. Please see us at 2:30 PM today so we may discuss this. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated. It is not a joke and now housekeeping will have to remove every poster that has vandalized our beautiful campus.
You hold your head as you cry. This couldn’t be happening. They thought you had done this.
You had to call them and let them know that you were being harassed. 
Meanwhile, Jaehyun was searching for the perfect puppy for you at the animal shelter.
All of the puppies were adorable, but none of them seemed to be the right fit for you..that was until he got to the end of the line and met the cutest Senior dog.
Her name was Dora and she was a small brown and white corgi with big ears. 
“This is Dora, she’s 9 years old, but she’s a great companion, and loves to cuddle while you read to her.” The shelter worker told him.
Jaehyun chuckled at her name. “Dora...the explorer?”
“Yeah, she’s a senior dog so not many people are interested in caring for her. They’re afraid of how much work it’ll be..we can take a look at the other dogs if you’d like or we can-“
“I’ll take her.” Jaehyun smiles.
Dora gave him the widest smile and started to shake the little nub on her bum.
That’s when he knew that she was the one. He knew that Dora would make you so happy. So he adopted her and took her home.
He took her to the pet store and bought her food, treats, toys, two bowls and a bed. 
It felt like the two of you were going to raise a child together and Jaehyun couldn’t stop smiling to himself. He was so happy to be with you. Everything felt right.
He waits for you at his place, but as he relaxes into his couch with Dora falling asleep on his chest, he gets a text message with a random link.
Without thinking, he clicks the link and it opens to an anonymous post on the OnlyCams website.
His eyes widen when he sees what it is. It’s a folder with pictures and a video of you. 
The one he took of you.
“What the-“ He immediately closes the site and opens his iCloud. He didn’t upload the pictures so who did?
When he sees his log in history, he sees an address that he recognizes and confirms his suspicions.
He dials up Reina and sits up straight, placing Dora down to his side. 
“Hello, Valentine Boy.”
“Reina! What did you do?!”
She chuckles over the line. “I did what I had to..”
Before he can get another word out, he feels his phone vibrate as he receives a call.
It’s you.
He hangs up on Reina and answers your call. “Y/n. It wasn’t me, I-“
“You were the only one that had those pictures Jaehyun! Do you think this is some kind of sick joke? Did I do something to you?!” You sob and yell over the phone.
“No, baby, believe me, I didn’t do this! It was Reina..I.”
“So this is why you took that video and those pictures of me, so you could embarrass me in front of the entire school. Well, good job, Jaehyun. Now I have to meet with the fucking Dean! I never want to see you again!” You hang up and slam your phone onto the sink.
“Damn it..” Jaehyun exhales and plops down onto the couch, unsure of what to do next.
Part 4 Preview
Reina places the final touches on your lipstick and looks into your eyes. “You look beautiful, y/n. I know it’s your first time, and I know you’re nervous, but it will be okay, just follow my lead.”
She smiles defiantly and tightens the pink collar around your neck.
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jaehyunfirstlove · 3 months ago
Nonstop - Ch. 9
Tumblr media
After making a name for himself as only the second rookie in the history of the sport to win the championship, Jeong Jaehyun has an insatiable thirst for victory. Written off by his detractors as a stroke of luck, he’s determined to prove them wrong, embarking on a reckless quest to win another championship, regardless of the lives he may ruin, including his own. You haven’t been a part of his life for a long time, but you’ve been the only one who could reason with him. Can you save him from himself, or is it too late?
Pairing: racer!jaehyun x ex-girlfriend!reader
Special appearances: Taeyong, Johnny, Haechan, Yuta, Mark, Doyoung
Genre: angst, fluff, hurt/comfort, exes to lovers, motoGP au, smut (18+ only)
Chapter warnings: mention of pain meds, racing injuries
Chapter word count: 0.8k
Taglist: @jaehyunnie77 @mrg-jjh @keeach​ @erisxczenie​ @notsooperfect​ @marklexleaf​ @urijihooniesstuff​ @the-universe-in-you-jjh​ @nootnoot-yoonoh​ @ahgastayzen​ @winniet​ @jaejoongiewifey-blog @iknowyuno​ @jaebeomsbestie @tamakikaname​ @ellethereal00 @10chitaphrr @tansyfleurwhisper​ @nctnews-main​ @michplusb​ (send me a message/ask if you want to be tagged in future fics)
Ch 1 Ch 2 Ch 3 Ch 4 Ch 5 Ch 6 Ch 7 Ch 8
A/N: super short chapter, i apologize. also we’re winding down with this fic, only one more chapter plus an epilogue after this!
Disclaimer: i am not a medical professional or a motoGP expert, so please excuse any inconsistencies.
You paced in the hospital waiting room, unable to sit still as you waited for news. You were grateful for Mrs. Jeong’s presence, not just for her serene demeanor and the fact that she could converse calmly with the doctors, but also for her family’s connections, which meant Jaehyun was getting the best care.
At some point Mr. Jeong arrived, and he looked broken, defeated. With his head down he asked about his son’s condition, and Mrs. Jeong looked at him with disdain, but she still answered him, letting him know that someone would come out soon to advise them.
It felt like a lifetime, but finally the doctor came out, and your feet felt like lead as you walked towards him. Mrs. Jeong grabbed your hand and squeezed it, and you squeezed back, holding your breath for what the doctor had to say.
“Your son was fortunate,” the doctor began, and you all breathed a sigh of relief, “he has a broken arm but he’ll live, but no more racing for the rest of the season.”
When Jaehyun was awake and you could finally see him, you felt nervous as you opened the door to his room. You knew by now he’d been told that he couldn’t finish the season, and he would no doubt be devastated, but also, it would be the first time you would have talked to him since the Doyoung incident and the revelation of the team’s real ownership.
He looked up when you came in, and smiled softly. Your heart lurched in your chest at the sight of the softness in his smile, but also at the way he looked so exhausted, so helpless in the hospital bed, his arm bandaged all the way to the shoulder.
“Hi,” he said, the dimples in his cheeks extra deep as he smiled at you.
“Hi,” you replied, but you couldn’t hold back anymore, rushing to his bedside and throwing your arms around him.
“Ow! Careful!” he chuckled, and you immediately pulled back, worried that you’d hurt him.
“I’m sorry!” you held your arms back but he just laughed, the sound of it like music to your ears.
“It’s okay,” he said, “it’s not as bad as it looks.” He tried to sit up, tried to look tough, but winced in pain and lay down again.
“I heard it’s broken, that sounds pretty bad to me,” you scolded him, fixing the blanket around him as he tried to get comfortable again.
He sighed, staring up at the ceiling. “You know, modern medicine has come a long way, I’m sure I could get this fixed up and be able to race again next weekend.”
“Very funny,” you said, rolling your eyes at him, “don’t use my words against me.”
He gave you a serious look, like he was actually contemplating what he just said, and panic bubbled up inside you at the thought of him actually trying it.
“Don’t you dare,” you warned him, knowing full well that with his mother’s connections at the hospital, some doctor could definitely be strong-armed into doing it.
He broke into a wide grin, grabbing your wrist and pulling you towards him. “You’re worried about me, huh,” he teased, trying to wrap his good arm around your waist and pull you against him.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you teased back, “that’s the painkillers talking.” You pretended to push him away, but he was strong, despite the surgery he just had, and managed to hold you tight against him.
“Don’t lie,” he said in a husky voice, “I know you want me.” His face was now level with your chest, and he looked hungrily at the hint of cleavage your shirt afforded.
“Jaehyun, I don’t think we should be doing this here,” you bit your lip, because his hand, which had been on your back, was now roaming downwards, over the curve of your ass.
“Well, I can’t really go anywhere else, so it’s gonna have to be here,” he spoke into your chest, squeezing your ass making you yelp.
“I meant, we shouldn’t be doing this at all,” you clarified, but your brain was getting hazy the more he touched you.
“Why not?” he suddenly looked up at you with concern, removing his hand from your ass, “is it because of Doyoung?”
“What? No, not at all, I told you, there’s nothing between me and Doyoung. He already went home.” You missed his hand on you and brought it back, returning it to where it was.
He smirked, squeezing again, and you inhaled sharply. “Does this mean you’re free,” he said lazily, and you noticed his head was starting to fall, the painkillers starting to kick in. “Are you free to be with me, Y/N…”
His head fell back on the pillow, his eyes closing, and you helped him settle back, adjusting the pillow around him. He continued to mumble incoherently, and you couldn’t help but smile. You tried to leave but he suddenly grabbed your hand.
“Stay with me,” he slurred, eyes closed now.
You leaned down, pressing a kiss to his forehead. “Always.”
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healing. jjh
Tumblr media
4.1k words | jung jaehyun’s series [chapter viii: home]
intro | chapter i | chapter ii | chapter iii | chapter iv | chapter v | chapter vi | chapter vii | [you’re here]
— genre ➛ romance, ceo! au, single dad! au, h. smut.
— triggers warning ➛ sexual themes, description of sexual scenes in some chapters, age gap between the main characters, daddy kink but not in the heavy way, just mild roleplay
— disclaimer ➛ this used to be an exo’s jongin series that i used to post on my very first account (fuckmeupexo). the series was pretty followed, so you may still find reblogs around, so this disclaimer is to let you know that NO, i’m not copying, i was the one who wrote the jongin fic back in the days. i now decided to turn it into a jaehyun one, not suitable for minors, but at this point you do you and with some minor and major changes in the plot.
Tumblr media
You sighed, tying your hair up in a messy ponytail and walking toward the kitchen where you knew Jaehyun and Jaeun had run into. 
Your head was light, yet you could hear your thoughts flowing around. You spent so many days with Jaehyun, almost wrapped in a bubble, away from all other people apart from your mother and Junghwa; you hadn’t heard your sister or your course mates in more than a week and you felt out of the world. 
There were so many questions running through your mind that made it more difficult to wrap yourself in serenity. What were you and Jaehyun? Were you still only his daughter’s babysitter or were you his other half? Were you actually someone in his life apart from a person whom he could rely on? You didn’t want to think through it too much, but you also wanted your heart and mind at peace.
You entered the kitchen with a light smile on your face, Jaeun was hitting her father’s thigh with her little fists, while Jaehyun was pouring some hot coffee in his cup, the ghost of a smirk marking the sides of his lips. On the other side, just in front of you, the kitchen table was full of food, from fruits to milk and cereals, even pastries were scattered neatly on the whole surface. 
“Did you do all of this?” you asked widening your eyes in front of all that food that made your stomach growl even just at the sight. Not talking about how good everything smelled, the perfume of melted sugar was lingering in the hair and was probably going to stick to your hair as well. 
Jaehyun puffed out a laugh while blowing the hot coffee, the other hand coming down to caress Jaeun’s hair. “Wouldn’t I be the perfect man of your life if I did?” 
Of course he didn’t do it himself; you rolled your eyes, why did you even ask when you knew he probably had been busy getting ready and smelling like fresh aftershave. 
“You would” you chuckled passing in front of him, one hand reaching to smooth his cheek before you walked past and sat in your chair at the table. Jaeun followed your movements, sitting on your left, while Jaehyun slowly walked to sit on your right. 
“I wish I could do so much more for you, but I paid my sister’s pastry chef to come up here before going to her place and that’s what I can do for you” he smiled “this and more”
You smiled back at him, looking at his dreamy face. Just one day before you met Jaehyun your life was a mess, you relied on your parents’ money, hoping to buy enough food for the week and the books you needed in college; and now that you had Jaehyun, one of the richest men you’ve ever met — now you just wished he could understand that he didn’t need to pay the best chefs or buy you expensive things for you to fall for him. He could be the most average person on Earth and you would still crush on him hard.
You shook your head a little before turning to look at the food in front of you. 
“What?” he asked hiding his face in the cup. 
You sighed biting down your lip and trying to contain yourself. You shook your head, trying to get his preoccupation away from his face. 
Jaehyun looked at you for more than normal, he knew something was roaming in your head, so — trying to distract him — you raised your hand and caressed his cheek once more. 
“You need to bring me to uni” you changed topic, the wrinkles of worry on his forehead melting a little. 
Jaeun on the other side started to whine while moving her arms around, calling for your attention so you could finally give her the food her tummy was calling for. You turned your head and started putting some cut fruits in front of her. 
Jaehyun hummed. “Sure” he sipped a little bit of his coffee again, almost drowning the upset of not having you at his house all day. Maybe he thought that with you agreeing to stay the night you were agreeing with not-going to university and welcome him home for lunch — which he wanted to have, for the first time in years, in his own kitchen. 
You looked at his expression with suspiciousness, you knew he was hiding some thoughts from you, just like you did not even a minute before, but his mind was still so difficult to read. Sometimes you had to remind yourself that you and Jaehyun were still in an unstable phase, where you knew everything and nothing about each others. 
Did he know how many sisters you had? Or did you know what his favourite color was? You both knew so much of the people that surrounded you, like Jaeun, Junghwa or your mother, but you still did know nothing about your most common likes and dislikes.
You bit down on your tongue and looked at the food in front of you, doing what you knew wasn’t going to be good and healthy for either of you two. 
“Alright”, you whispered.
You let every concern slide down your skin.
Tumblr media
An hour later you and Jaehyun were leaving Jaeun at the kindergarten and after the man kissed her goodbye, he turned on the car and started to drive toward your school. The air was tense in the car without Jaeun’s happy humming; you didn’t even know why you felt that way, having to leave Jaehyun after almost three days without parting from each others was leaving you with a choking feeling. 
“Will you be coming back home, right?” Jaehyun’s voice broke the silence. 
You widened your eyes in surprise, turning to look at Jaehyun’s side, his gaze concentrated on the street. For a moment you thought that the voice was only some trick of your head, maybe you wanted to hear him talk because the silence was killing you — the only thing that gave away the fact that he indeed spoke was his bottom lip trapped between his teeth.
“Of course, Jaehyun” you murmured cocking your head a little. 
You asked to yourself why would such a thought break in his head so suddenly, not finding an answer in his eyes or in the way his jaw was clenching, almost breaking the skin of his bottom lip. 
“Why would I not come back?” you whispered softly, lowering your head. If you did anything that made him think that you weren’t going to come back to him, surely you didn’t do it on purpose. 
Jaehyun shook his head, furrowing his forehead and opening his mouth to talk, but no words came out of his lips. He kept on shaking his head for some other seconds before taking in a big breath. “I don’t know, I… ” he sighed and now you were the one biting your lip. 
“Did I do - ”
“Oh, God, no!” he cut you mid sentence. “You’re perfect” he sighed stopping at a red light and finally turning to look at you. 
You could see how tired he was, but this time it wasn't anything physical; the weight of his mind and thoughts were exhausting him. 
“I… I just want you so bad” his words came out almost painful, a plea. 
He dropped his head against the headrest, closing his eyes. “I’m fucking scared. Literally, scared like a child that you will leave me. I wouldn't even know how to stop you, how to keep you. How do I keep a girl like you? Teach me. Literally. Teach me how to keep you so when you’ll run away from me, one day, I know how to make you come back”
You swallowed, the reality of how deep you both were in that situation now hitting you way too hard. You didn’t answer him and just took a deep breath, waiting for him to start driving again. 
Your choice of staying silent wasn’t because you were regretting something or because you didn’t know how to react in front of his words, simply you wanted to think about yourself for once. Stop asking questions like “were you enough for Jaehyun” and start to ask yourself some questions such as were you happy with Jaehyun? And was it the best thing to do? Now that you weren’t naked and under his spell you could think straight without being poisoned by his perfume. 
After less than four minutes Jaehyun parked his car in front of your university. People were roaming from side to side, some guys running to their classes, other sipping some coffee. You brought nothing, you didn’t even have a pen or a book, so you were going to run to the locker you rented at the beginning of the semester and hope to find something inside. 
You took a big breath and turned around, Jaehyun was already looking at you, his eyes shaking, but his jaw clenched. He was adorable, he truly looked like Jaeun and you couldn’t help but smile. 
You opened the door and Jaehyun almost gasped dramatically, you weren’t going to leave like that, right? 
“Jaehyun” you murmured turning to look at him. You grabbed his face in your hands — your own face inches from his, smiling lovingly looking into his eyes. “I’ll always come back home to you and Jaeun” you whispered, the smiled spreading even more at the baby’s name. 
Jaehyun relaxed in your grip, snuggling his cheek in the warmth of your palm. You were far too gone for that man, but how could anyone blame you when he gave you in two days everything you wished for in your whole life?
“I - ” he started, but bit down on his tongue. You waited for him to continue, but he just pressed his lips against yours, tasting the orange you ate for breakfast in your mouth. “I adore you”
Your heart missed a beat and you couldn’t help but blush. “I accept that” you pecked him again “for now”
Brushing away his hair from his forehead, you winked jokingly and got out of the car. Waving at him, you finally took your leave and walked in your university with a pounding heart that you managed to keep hidden. 
Jaehyun shook his head with a smile on his face, trying to hide it by biting his bottom lip and then started to drive away from the his parking place. 
If he didn’t tell you he loved you it wasn’t because he was a coward or because he wasn’t sure of what he felt, he just knew it was still too soon and he didn’t want to scare you away from him. Not again. 
Tumblr media
Three days after your “car exchange”, you were back to normal; you went to university when you had to, you studied for the exams you were going to give on January every evening, you picked Jaeun from the kindergarten and then waited with her for her father to come back home and have dinner all together. You barely got back to your apartment anymore, Jaehyun also suggested you to stop paying the rent and just move in with him and Jaeun, but you still weren’t sure. 
Not because of Jaehyun, of course — Jaehyun was the most amazing man on Earth, he pampered you with kisses and cuddles and gave you everything you asked for (he even tried to be at home as soon as he could just to spend his time with you and Jaeun). You weren’t sure just because your apartment was your home, you lived there for years, you couldn’t just drop it back to its owner and jump in Jaehyun’s arms. 
Also, you didn’t want to be a burden to Jaehyun, he was already too nice with you and not only because you were his… other half? Yes, you weren’t sure what you and Jaehyun were.  Every time you wanted to bring the topic up something came around — (and/or) maybe, you were just too scared of hearing Jaehyun say “you’re Jaeun’s babysitter”, because a babysitter shouldn’t have had sex multiple times with her baby’s father. 
Just as many other days during that month, you went to pick Jaeun at the kindergarten and after your usual drive home, you now were at the penthouse. The small girl was watching the television, sitting on your lap and you were studying for your exams on the couch. The house smelled so good, the kimchi stew was cooking in the kitchen at a low fire, so that when Jaehyun was going to be home, you would have had dinner together and Jaeun wouldn’t have to wait too long at the table. 
Jaeun’s eyes weren’t fixed on the television in front of her anymore, her honey brown orbs were looking around, enchanted by the colors of the Christmas lights that you turned on half an hour before. She probably was too interested in the cartoon playing to notice it before, but now she just couldn’t tear her attention away from the green and red lights hung around the living room. You never really thought about it too much, but coming in Jaehyun’s life you came in Jaeun’s as well. Something as normal as Christmas or going out together to the mall became something special for a baby such as Jaeun, that never had a female figure to connect to his dad by his side. Yes, Junghwa and Jaehyun’s mother were with him before, but they never slept at home with him or cooked him dinner; simple things that you did carelessly, but that for Jaeun were big and special. 
You and Jaeun tore your eyes from — respectively — your book and the decorative lights when the lift, that worked as a door for the penthouse, opened. As usual Jaehyun came in, even if with almost an hour of advance, with tired eyes, an headache and a sore back. 
“Hey, you’re early” you smiled softly standing up from the couch with Jaeun in your arms. Jaehyun was still taking off his shoes when you reached for him, pecking his lips quickly and letting Jaeun kiss her dad as well. 
“I know, ” he sighed taking off his coat and taking your face back to his lips, his right hand holding your cheek “the meeting ended pretty soon, so I took my leave and came back home to see you guys” he smiled tiredly before kissing you and then dropping a smooch on Jaeun’s cheek. 
You turned around and walked in the kitchen to turn the fire higher since you thought he was going to be home at nine and you let it go very, very slow before. Jaehyun followed behind you, watching Jaeun laying her cheek on your shoulder and closing her eyes. Jaehyun bit the inside of his cheek, loosening his tie a little and going to sit on his chair. You could tell even just by staying in the same room as the man that he was hiding something from you and you were dying to know what it was. 
You turned around and eyed Jaehyun in his seat, his long legs, his closed eyes and his bared neck as he threw his head back. The veins on the surface of his neck made his pale skin glow even more under the artificial light of the kitchen, his long eyelashes caressing his cheeks and the struggling way his lips were parting to catch air. He was hiding something from you. 
“Y/N” he called you opening one eye and catching you staring at him. “Could you please bring Jaeun in the living room and come back here?” 
You hummed a little, “sure”. You got out of the kitchen and put a very sleepy Jaeun on the couch, your heart pounding in your ears, the worst scenarios creating in your mind. 
That was probably why he came home earlier, he wanted to “talk with you” and he couldn’t keep it for himself any other second more, let alone an hour. 
You walked back in the kitchen with a sigh and tired eyes for all the hours you spent studying and reading your boring philosophy book. When you entered the kitchen Jaehyun was already on his feet, pacing out from side to side with an hand on his hip and the other pressing softly on his lips. 
“You need to tell me something?” you choked out sitting on the chair Jaehyun was on before. He turned around with a burst since he had been too concentrated in his “walking” to hear you coming back in. 
You had no clue what he was going to tell you, in those days you both had been a little cold with each others from time to time, but you still always found yourself back and managed to end up sleeping and cuddling together, so nothing was coming up in your mind. Nothing apart from Jaehyun telling you that your little game went too far and you both needed to go back to your places: him the boss and you the employee. 
Your throat was stinging and you couldn’t keep your forehead from furrowing. 
Jaehyun stopped and took the chair next to you, dragging it on the floor making a sound that made you cringe. He sat down and his eyes bored into you, but still his gaze was soft and not hard or chastising as you imagined. 
“Yes!” he started taking a deep breath in his lungs “actually no, I don’t have to tell you nothing I have to ask you something”
The lump in your throat melted and the weight on your chest lifted, you looked at Jaehyun with both eyebrows raised. 
“Go ahead” you muttered. Jaehyun raised his hands on the table and picked yours that were already laying on the surface, his warm fingers embraced your cold ones as he started playing with them. 
“I don’t even know how to put it down” he sighed “Next week, Saturday, my mother decided to have the usual Company’s Christmas Party where me, my sister and all the employees are invited with their families” 
Your heart missed some beats, you weren’t sure why but seeing him so embarrassed and basically sweating for nothing made your heart flutter. His eyes were looking straight into yours.
“Ugh” he flustered taking away an hand from you and passing it through his hair “what I’m trying to say is would you come to the dinner party with me?”
“Me?” you exclaimed in surprise pointing your index toward your face and widening your eyes. Surely you would have never expected Jaehyun to invite you in such a place when even his parents would have been there, also you were the babysitter so even if you worked for him you didn’t work for the company. 
Jaehyun smiled sweetly at you, taking your face in his palms. “Of course, or else who should I go with?” he chuckled.
Your cheeks went pink, he was inviting you with him, not just at the party. He wanted you to be by his side during the dinner. You bit your bottom lip to contain your excitement, but then again: “and Jaeun?”
“We’ll call a babysitter for the night, don’t worry” he sighed in relief, hearing that you weren’t rejecting him and his invite. 
Because contrary to your ideas, the real scared one was Jaehyun that evening; he was so scared of hearing you say that you didn’t want to have anything with him and his family, scared of hearing you say that you weren’t his. 
You stood up and went to the kimchi stew, turning off the fire with a big smile on your face. You scoffed “Jaehyun, I’m the babysitter, I should stay home with Jaeun”
Jaehyun from his place pouted a little, his hands playing with the tips of the hair that was falling from the hair-grease and on his forehead. “Yeah, but you’re my girlfriend too”
You almost gasped, thank God you were giving him your back and he couldn’t see your sparkling eyes and your red cheeks. You felt tipsy, your head spinning a little. 
“Jaeun” you called “dinner's ready”
And even if Jaehyun couldn’t see you, he smirked hearing your shaking voice, he could tell you were smiling.
Tumblr media
At the end you accepted and decided to go at the dinner with Jaehyun. 
“Will it be big?” you asked the same night, putting on your pajama. Even though you accepted, you and Jaehyun didn’t have much time to talk about it during dinner, since Jaeun started talking about Santa Claus and he then got a call from a foreign business partner. 
Jaehyun hummed spitting the toothpaste in the washbowl. “At least one hundred people”
“One hundred?” you widened your eyes looking at Jaehyun through the mirror. One hundred were a lot of people, how could his company have more than one hundred people working. Also how could a hall keep one hundred people.
“There are one hundred and fifty people working here and they’ll come with their families” he explained before washing the remains of the toothpaste from his mouth. 
You sighed “Jaehyun are you sure you want me to come with you?”
“Hey” he stood up from the sink and towered over your form, as you were leaning against the sink. He gripped your face in his hands, wetting your cheeks and squeezed them together. “You’ll be a princess in there, do you hear me?”
You hummed smiling a little with your eyes, not really sure about his words and Jaehyun pecked you on the lips, wetting your lips as well. 
“Will there be your parents?” you asked when he turned around to dry his mouth and his hands with the towel. 
“Yes, baby”
“What if your mother doesn’t like me?”
Jaehyun turned back to you. “You’re the first woman I date after Jaeun’s mom, she’ll be just happy to know that I got someone new”
“Okay, I get it but - ” you followed Jaehyun as he left the bathroom in just his underwears to go in your shared bedroom and put on his pajama. “What if she won’t like me anyway?”
“She’ll get through it. I’m the one dating you, not my mother”
You whined a little, stopping your tracks and sitting at your side of the bed. Your side, yes. Now that you spent so many nights sleeping with Jaehyun, you decided to share the bed as you liked, and since Jaeun usually jumped on the bed to come and sleep with you the most, Jaehyun gave away the side of the bed closer to the door to you, so that Jaeun could simply come in and stay with you at night. 
“What should I even wear?” you broke down on the bed as Jaehyun opened the wardrobe and took out his pajama. “What will you wear?”
“I’m not sure. A button up, either a blue blazer or a purple one with glitter, usual stuff” he muttered sounding like he wasn’t really caring about your mental break down. 
You stared at the ceiling for a good minute, hearing Jaehyun hum a song for children that you already heard Jaeun sing. You were asking to yourself why would Jaehyun choose something as difficult as blue and purple, and you didn’t even have money to buy a good dress. Also, glitter, God, why!
“Here” you heard Jaehyun say. He threw a white package with golden borders on the bed just next to you, almost hitting your arm. 
You stood up and looked at it. “Shut up” you murmured widening your eyes. 
Jaehyun smirked and came next to you, sitting down on the other side of your bed, wrapping his arms and legs around your waist.
“I wanted to give it to you on Friday, but since you’re almost crying in desperation: here you go”
“What’s this?” you mumbled leaning into his chest. 
Jaehyun hummed, searching for the best words to use. “It’s my way of thanking you for all you did for me and Jaeun, but it’s also a present that clears to everyone that you are mine and that Jung Jaehyun is reborn and has the most beautiful woman by his side”
You turned to look at him with caring eyes, full of love and affection, full of the emotions that you had felt in your life only for him. “Jae” you whispered.
“Let’s say this is a present from me. This dress links you to me, but me to you as well” he looked down “I’m absolutely crazy about you and I want everyone to know it”.
Both with blushing cheeks, you kissed.
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jae-canikeepyou · 11 months ago
| serenity in us | j.jh | ch. seventeen
Tumblr media
word count: 6.1k+
a/n: alright lovelies, second last chapter before the final one! i’m happy this is coming to an end because this is one of the series i really liked writing :D please do enjoy reading! ♡ ~j
Tumblr media
he wished he was as strong like those heroes who were praised for their good morals & bravery. he wished he was as alert like the wisest side characters the cast adores. there were many wishes in his life he hoped to receive, but instead he was portrayed as the villain.
jaehyun hoped for redemption for his mistakes although everyone told him the chances of it were very slim. because even after three months of staying stagnant and idle, which was what the others saw him do most of the time, he already had plenty of ideas to get back to you without ever messing anything.
he knew eventually that the hole he painfully left in your heart would be something he would fill up again. yet doubt continued to burn his mind until ashes remained. he tried looking at the bright side that maybe time was what you needed.
now he was on his second drink of black coffee so that he could keep his brain functioning. apparently the ideas he had were impossible to be carried out today or in the days to come. he and miyeon have been talking for hours in the restaurant, had endless meals and orders.
“it’s still summer and you got weeks left before you start a new semester.” miyeon folded her arms with her legs criss-crossed, a little shocked to see her friend gulp another glass of caffeine. “i don’t see why you’d want to keep yourself awake on vacation.”
“if you’re in my shoes i think you’d understand.” jaehyun let out an exhale of relief from the cool refreshment. “i’ve got a lot going on in my mind and i’m not sure if i could fix it.”
a hum was heard from across him and it portrayed a sound of uncertainty. miyeon could only purse her lips in response.
jaehyun rolled his eyes and a faint grin managed its way into her peripheral. “do i look that desperate in trying to win her back?”
“you look desperate in everything.” she joked that a loud giggle made jaehyun’s eyes curve in disbelief. “twenty-three years into existence and you should know you’re the type who doesn’t want to lose.”
that was true enough and he wasn’t going to deny it. he wasn’t able to see it until lately. being blinded by love and clouded with anger weren’t exactly things to get rid of easily. his wallpaper was still you and jaewon, and he intended to keep it that way. almost everyone told him to move on, but he couldn’t. he never would. this wasn’t some type of relationship where he could rebuild with just words and actions alone.
this relationship contained a life to care of, a small one to nurture. he had to ensure he was capable in doing so. seeing his wallpaper again, he then finally understood what jinyoung meant and what you believed in briefly, that his brother ‘changed’ for jaewon’s sake.
the thing was, if that time arrived where you saw his efforts growing into a better person, would that be enough to ask for forgiveness? “you even asked to patch things up with me after our breakup. you didn’t want to lose our friendship.” she quirked up a brow.
jaehyun sighed a long one. “then you should know how much i don’t want to lose this. i need y/n in my life.. and my son-”
“the reason why it’s easy for us to fix things is ‘cause we have known each other our whole lives and i understood your side of the conflict.” miyeon’s folded forearms reached the cold surface of the edge of the table. “do you really expect y/n would do the same?”
he bit his inner gums that the gesture was visible on his lips. the thought of it was blur, unclear, and the spark of hope wasn’t within his reach just yet. “i don’t know, but i’ve known her long enough that she will.”
“time doesn’t prove that, jae. ten months being together with her isn’t enough.” her voice almost whining as jaehyun doesn’t see the bigger picture. “it’s her mental capacity to process the reality. shock can stay in hearts longer than you think. you’ve just brought back the trauma she forgotten.”
the mood between them made him slightly drop his fists and the force shook the ultensils, the table wobbled a bit. “you’re supposed to cheer me up. not crush me like i’m a flea.” he gritted his teeth.
“because you’re being stubborn.” she clicked her tongue and was supposed to be used to this side of jaehyun. “as usual. and don’t get me explaining how much of a jerk you actually are.”
“no you’re being unreasonably emotional.” his orbs darkened and she could see the change. “why are you reacting when it’s me who’s going through this?”
miyeon shoved a bread into his mouth to silence him. “she’s my friend and i don’t want y/n to experience more heartbreak from you as you reach her out. i know what she feels ‘cause i’ve been there.”
“oh my g- that’s basically telling me to stop pursuing her.” he swallowed the food and stood up. he wasn’t having this conversation again. “please miyeon, don’t tell me what to do. you’re as annoying as my brother.”
she followed him out of the restaurant. “i guess i gotta agree with him. yunho’s right. it’s best for you to leave the city. you’re not thinking straight.”
jaehyun wondered what was in miyeon’s head and her motives into this. he knew her purpose to meeting him however, with the way she behaved he didn’t know it fully anymore. the support from her was unusual and though he felt the sincerity, he couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.
taking the pedestrian, he was yanked backwards though it was green light. “stop it, ‘yeon.” he rolled his eyes as he felt her arms linking on his, in which it was bringing discomfort and rage to his angered mood.
“stop what? from humiliating and downgrading you and your mistakes? you have to wake up, jae.” she shook his limbs as they stood on the sidewalk, away from the pedestrian.
“whatever miyeon. i’ve heard enough from you for the past hours. i’m going home. so unless you have another way of helping me to reach with y/n, i ask you to leave me alone.” he shrugged her off of his arm and walked across the street. the warning bell of stoplight nearly meeting its end.
he arrived to his apartment and the first thing he sees was your picture with jaewon on the frame. every day since that day it was like you were always welcoming him home. he missed that feeling and he loved that, he still did. your smile, the the only difference was that he couldn’t see it anymore.
jaehyun always checked his phone; your message bar pinned at the top of his lists of chats. he grinned at the nickname. “momma”, he chuckled with a pained smile, and with how amusing it sounded left his tongue, tears couldn’t help but stream down his cheek. your last message to him was in response to his ‘i love you’, and it wasn’t in text. it was your voice. he lost count of the times he replayed it because he already knew which second you said it by heart.
and he didn’t bother changing his clothes and plopped himself on his bed. the blanket and pillows were the only ones who knew of his tears. his friends assumed he stopped crying after that rainy night.
in fact it was the beginning. jaehyun wasn’t the type to cry for things easily— aside from his mother,
you were the only he ever cried for.
his phone vibrated before he was close to drifting away into dreamland. a link was sent to him from yunho with applications to different universities abroad, asking him to consider. with respect to his brother, he checked the list out.
although he made up his mind that he wasn’t going anywhere, it might change because one of the cities included where his birth mother resided.
Tumblr media
a soft yet bothersome rummaging awoke you from your slumber, quickly making you sit up on the cold sheets. it didn’t take long for you to fathom that you were in an apartment, and not in your own residence.
the interior was neat, plain, minimalistic, hence bright enough for the morning sun to light up the whole area. however, the more the rays met every corner of the room, its layout reminded you of jinyoung’s apartment when you first dated. it was exact the same except the furniture had been rearranged, or maybe that was how you remember it. it had been a long time after all.
you walked on tiptoes even if you were on carpeted floor. before you was a huge mirror attached to the closet, and soon realised you were in a huge tee. you must be dreaming. it was deja vu, like from a year and a half ago being replayed. was it all in your head? the morning after being drunk, the quiet setting and a new set of clothes. then your eyes grew.. what if something happened again? you hoped this time you wouldn’t run into anyone and luck was on your side.
this is jinyoung’s place.. you thought, as you noticed a frame that was the only one that remained unmoved.
but why would he still live here when he moved to the penthouse months ago? was this place another home where he grew up and kept hidden half of his life?
checking your phone, it was eight in the morning. there were no messages from eunha and the others just yet. maybe they were still asleep and hungover from last night. you sent a message anyway in case they were curious of your whereabouts.
the bedroom had the same perfume and scent from last night. it was funny how you remembered it. more of it was because both jaehyun and jinyoung had similar, strong eau de parfum that could last hours.
you opened the door and it creaked open, taking a little peek of the owner of the apartment. music began playing in the living room then a sizzle of a stone pan emitted the smell of fresh butter. a hum echoed the room. it was deep. you were hesitant to move any further, and as if he had superpowers, he was able to feel your presence and turned back.
your conscious kept telling you to leave.
but you panicked, as always.
quickly you ran back to the bed where you legs led you to, heart hammering ever so strongly and your hearing deafened for a while with long ringings in your ears. you hid under the sheets, enveloping your entire body knowing that he was coming into the room. you shut your eyes and brace for the touch that was coming for you.
you slowly removed the blanket above you. “i’m sorry jinyoung! i was just about to leave-”
“ah, you’re awake.” he greeted with an energetic voice.
what? you blinked twice and rubbed your eyes.
the voice.. it wasn’t jinyoung.
and it definitely wasn’t jaehyun’s.
“h-hi. uhm jinyoung moved out months ago. i’m the new tenant here. man’s pretty cool when he gave his furnitures to me. i wouldn’t have to spend a dime.” the young man had a gentle smile plastered on him. welcoming but awkward.
he placed down a breakfast tray on the side table. “i made some waffles and hot chocolate.” he scanned you from head to toe and let out a chuckle when you squint your eyes from the headache. “or should a get some hangover drink instead?”
“oh.. how long have i been o-out?” you wrapped yourself deeper in the blanket, earning a raised brow from him. “and where are my clothes?”
“well, we arrived here at exact midnight.” he had his fingers to his head when thinking, later checking the clock hung on the wall. “it’s 8:05 now. i washed your clothes, they should be dry soon.”
you couldn’t take your eyes off of him and probably invited him for a stare down until the other breaks away from the competition. you looked at the view outside; bright, hot and happy. this man was emitting the same energy as the weather. “i slept on the sofa, so don’t worry.”
loosening your grip on the blanket, he sat on the edge of the bed, sinking down his weight and shifted for a better posture. it seemed like he had something more to say, you wanted to tell him that. but you didn’t know his name to begin with. “i’m sorry, if this is an inconvenience.” you bit your inner gums.
he rolled his tongue in his cheeks before pursing his lips to a circle, eyes still glued on you. “aside from wearing my favourite tshirt, it’s all good.”
“sounds like you’re saying i shouldn’t be wearing this.” you tugged on the huge gray tshirt, smiling softly.
“sounds like you don’t know what sarcasm is.” he brought out his hand for a formal greeting this time. “just kidding y/n. aren’t you going to thank me for saving you last night?”
he knew your name and cackled at your innocent reaction— furrowed brows and wavering eyes. “you kept saying ‘i’m y/n and not afraid of you’. hence why i know your name.” he seemed to be comfy around you, maybe it was his nature. seeing how you went silent and he totally understood you wouldn’t speak anymore, he decided to burst your bubble.
“i’m jeon jungkook.”
nope, the name wasn’t familiar at all nor did it ring a bell. for seconds after staring at him, what did cause a spark of realisation in you was his eye smile. you tried so hard to remember because you felt you’ve encountered him. “oh, thank you.” your voice appearing an inquiry rather than gratitude. “did we meet before, jungkook?”
“as a matter of fact, we did.” he took the tray and head outside of the room knowing that you were wide awake, eating at the dinner table would make a lot more sense. you were confused, and followed him out of the room. “just briefly, though.” he continued.
he led you to the living area and grabbed a glass to drink. meanwhile you sat on the chair observing his every move, you’d say you were still suspicious of this man, yet something told you he was of good spirit. he gulped the drink like it was the last thing on earth, wiped his mouth with the drips from it and that was when the realisation hit you again, harder this time.
the paper towel covered half of his face and when both of your eyes met his, you let out a small gasp and slid into your chair backwards. the action caused the glass to fall and gladly there weren’t any water in it. “oh my gosh.” you trailed off, shocked and beyond words to express your rising heartbeats. “can it be? you’re that intern at dr. jung’s clinic.”
jungkook nodded and gave you an applause which lasted for five seconds. “bingo.” his pearly whites revealing themselves more than before. “took you long enough to recognise me.”
“you were wearing a mask, i couldn’t tell at first glance.” you lifted the chair up and scooted back to the table.
he asked you to dig in for breakfast and he propped himself on his elbows. “well now you know.” he sat back and seemed to be enjoying his accomplishment earlier. “may i ask why a young mom like you was at the bar last night?”
the question made you place down the utensils, chuckling awkwardly. “i-it’s a long s-story.” you stuttered and nearly choked on your waffles.
“i understand if you don’t want to tell me. i mean, who am i to ask when i’m a complete stranger-” his statement and response made you feel guilty, something about him warmed your heart. was it because you hadn’t talked with anyone besides eunha and the others? let alone someone of your age?
“i’ll tell you.” cutting him off with a clink of your ring to the glass. “you helped me, so i think you have the right to know.”
explaining to him from the beginning was like telling a story out of a novel. it wasn’t too detailed or too vague, it was just enough to hit the right parts for him to comprehend the problem you were in. right now, the situation was at its climax and you had no idea how it would end. the more you talked, you felt like you were annoying him with your tiny scoffs and whines.
but jungkook just listened and although it looked he wasn’t paying attention with his glances on the floor or elsewhere, you could tell he was when he reacted to whatever you mention something he didn’t expect.
within months all you felt was the entire truth weighing you down during these times. you believed that somehow you would pick yourself up and accept it, yet jaehyun’s face continued to reappear in your mind and thoughts. “am i weak for not talking to him?” you asked, your food long untouched and you don’t bother eating as you lost appetite.
“i think you’re just strong enough to let him go..” he paused, noticing your growing frown at the sensitive topic. did i hit the nail? he asked himself. “..or did you.. actually let him go?”
“that part is still unclear to me. i think i love him but.. i don’t know how i feel now.” you received a message from eunha, phone later buzzing with spams of your whereabouts. you stood up as you remembered your son in the hands of aunt jenn. “i have to get going.”
jungkook was interrupted with his eating, standing up and went to one room to get your washed clothes. as you had them in your hands, he had the same face where he had something more to say. “hey, if you got some advice for my messy relationship and life plans, i’ll probably consider taking it.” you joked and went to the bathroom to change within minutes.
“it’s actually.. not an advice.” he chewed in between breaths as he waited for you. he took his car keys hung on the wall, later gesturing you to head to the lift lobby with him.
you raised a brow while clutching onto your purse, not having a hint or clue where he was getting to. “what is it then?” you pressed on the button.
he licked his dry lips and for sure it wasn’t the humid weather that was making him feel this. “did you perhaps receive a mail? an envelope of some sort?”
“not that i recall, no.” the lift dinged and you both went inside and continued the conversation. his expression changed when you answered him honestly. “why?”
“it’s from my thoughts since meeting you at the clinic. now that i have the chance to see you again, i had to ensure my conscious was correct-” he gulped quite loudly and he made you feel as though a secret was to be unveiled.
“can you.. uhm.. get to the point.” you bit your lips at this uneasy feeling.
“the envelope had the confirmation results that your son, is indeed my own.” he said without a pause or breaks between.
it took a minute for you to process what he just said. excuse me, what?
tons of questions entered your mind. you wanted answers now. eunha and your family could wait for another hour, this news couldn’t. “w-what?” your breaths were now uneven. heavy and suddenly you forgot to breathe. “are you sure you’re awake because i’m convinced you’re not. based on the bed hair.” you held your stance against the railing of the lift while you pointed at his hair.
he pulled your hands into his car, letting you sit on seat beside the driver’s. “i’m serious.”
“that can’t be. i heard the results and eunha told me what she saw on the paper. jinyoung wasn’t the father, but jaehyun is. a hundred percent.” you scratched your head as it got more confusing.
jungkook then retrieved a file inside the drawer underneath, one that looked exactly like you saw at the jung’s penthouse. he twisted the string to open the flap, pulling a document with numeric calculations.
you were handed the paper and jungkook fixed himself properly on the seat. “a d.n.a test result?”
“yeah. i took it three months ago when i visited my friend at the practice clinic.” he explained as he was about to go on details any moment now. “now before you ask why i took the test, i have to tell you what happened that night at the house party.”
you nodded, giving him permission to continue.
“i was partying like most people were. being invited was something i was excited for. y’know, i rarely get these chances because i’m a med student and was constantly studying.” he crossed his arms as he continued, while you listened to him intently. “i had a girlfriend and we had a fight, so i planned to meet and apologise to her since i was told she was there too. but i was too drunk to even do a simple task.”
you weren’t sure if it’s just the morning hour that delayed your apprehension or how fast he spoke of the event, but you just had to listen his side of the story. “then my memory became fuzzy. i woke up the next morning and.. you were beside me. i guess you knew what happened.”
his fingers tapped on the wheel a lot frequent the more he spoke. he cleared his throat. “my messages were filled with capslock, my friends saying that my girlfriend dumped me because i slept with a girl.”
“i gave her time, but she wouldn’t budge at all. so within a year, i happened to see you waking around town from time to time. your belly growing bigger the more i did bump into you.”
at this point you were speechless. you didn’t know how to response or react, however you felt rude to let him talk while you stayed quiet. “so even from before you assumed jaewon’s your..”
“i couldn’t face you because back then, we were strangers.”
you looked down at the paper in your hands, still baffled at the result.
name of child: y/l/n jericho name of alleged father: jeon jungkook probability of paternity: 99.9998%
“yeah.. and about the test..” he caught sight of you staring at the said fact. “my friend is cousins with this girl named miyeon. she came to the clinic and though i didn’t mean to eavesdrop, i overheard her talking with some people. that’s you and jinyoung, with jaewon.” he started the engine fastened the seatbelt and saw how fidgety you were.
“once you left, i had to ask my friend a favour to help me run the paternity tests. he said there were other extra swabs from jaewon, and i just knew i had to.” he said with his voice guilty as ever. “i’m sorry if i suddenly slammed the news to you. i’m sure you weren’t expecting this from me, but i’m willing to take the responsibility, though that would take years before my graduation..”
you smiled at his heartfelt consideration. however, why was he apologising? for what reason? for staying behind the scenes while watching you raise a child on your own? he was a busy man and currently has a life ahead of him.
even if he did apologise, that wasn’t your concern now. there was sincerity in him and you sensed a good heart in this man so if there was anything that kept drumming your heart, it would be the question you’d ask constantly when you do meet the rest of your friends.
why would miyeon go to such an extent to mess around with important documents? what was her plan? did she ever hold any grudge against you-
she did hold it. your eyes weren’t deceiving you when you had that allergy attack back then. she purposely didn’t help as you suffered pain. you couldn’t explain in words on how you were feeling now. as if your blood circulation all shifted and flowed up to your head, it was equivalent to the rage growing inside you.
“y/n?” jungkook called out, letting the engine to be idle for a while before he drove you home.
“is this document an original copy?” you began to message eunha to meet you at the boutique in an hour.
“yes. it’s the one and only. why?” he read your movements and stepped on the accelerator, turning at the next street.
“someone messed with the results.” you dialed your best friend’s contact as she hadn’t replied instantly like she would usually do. “and i have to solve a misunderstanding i started.”
Tumblr media
eunha’s jaw dropped when you arrived at the boutique with a man she hadn’t seen before. she gave you a nudge of disbelief while pulling you close to her. you knew she had a lot of questions, because you basically left them hanging on a thread last night. “please don’t tell me you had too much fun- ow!” she held the spot where you flicked her.
gritting your teeth at the assumption, you turned to jungkook who happened to overhear the awkward conversation. “stupid. he came to my rescue when dohwan wanted to make a move on me.” you pinched her cheeks when she didn’t believe you for a second.
“so, why is he here?” she looked at you with curious eyes, later softening when you started to tear up. “what happened?”
you couldn’t put into words on what you were feeling. it seemed like the truth turned out to be false and now all you did for the last hour prior to arriving was blaming yourself. “i’ve done something bad to jaehyun..”
“you cheated on jaehyun- ow!” she was whining at another hit from you. “y/n! tell me! you’re making me worry!”
“jaehyun’s not jaewon’s dad!” you held your breath with shut eyes, sighing afterwards as she fell silent. “he is.” you pointed at jungkook and you swore you saw eunha’s face changing when she finally spotted the resemblance between him and jaewon.
heavy steps were increasing in volume the other side of the boutique. your aunt and uncle rushed down the wooden stairs to see you with clenched fists. jaewon smiled as his arms were stretched out to reach you.
jungkook’s lips agape when you showed your son to him, in awe to see his child, a carbon copy. he carried jaewon and he had no words to say, just pure joy written in his actions as he hugged the child.
eunha took the file from your hands, reading the details word per word, number per number carefully to not miss any important detail. she scanned the table and the name did have jungkook’s and jaewon’s.
“jaehyun is confirmed to be the father. how’s this possible?” uncle caleb leaned over to see the document while exchanging glances with his wife, who was also shocked with the revelation.
“it’s not possible for him to be the father since he didn’t do any test.” jungkook explained, remembering the day you entered his friend’s clinic. “a swab test is to be carried out and because he wasn’t there, he’s not the father.”
“and you are the father? young man?” aunt jenn came forward to formally greet him.
he nodded and that was enough for the couple to believe him. jungkook held up his phone that provided a picture of his younger self as an infant, he was the splitting image of jaewon. “i can explain my side of the story in detail. but i’ll do that once y/n talk things out with jaehyun.”
they looked at your way, waiting for your answer. however you stared at your phone, frozen whether to confront jaehyun now. would he be willing to meet after you ghosted him for three months? would telling him the truth solve the problem and the misunderstanding? even if you did that first, you knew there was one thing to do before jaehyun knew of this.
aunt jenn wrapped you in her arms for comfort. she was able to read your mind and tears wanting to fall. you wanted to apologise to jaehyun for being a mean person. you went aggressive on him despite hearing him out, but that was brief only. what concerned you now was the deliverance of your discovery.
“i have to talk to miyeon.” you began in a soft voice, taking the rest of them aback with your plan. “she framed jaehyun. i know she’s the only person who would do that.”
“she would stoop that low to ruin your relationship with jaehyun?” eunha scoffed in disbelief. “what if it’s jinyoung’s doing? wouldn’t you be attacked for accusing her?
you scrolled down in your dm’s to look for her name. “i’ve known jinyoung longer than i know miyeon. jinyoung wouldn’t do that.”
“how can you be so calm? if it’s really miyeon then you’re supposed to be mad at her actions!” she wiggled your shoulders and the tensed air was cut off with jaewon’s giggles.
“i’m not calm, but there must be a reason as to why she did what she did.” you began typing on your phone. “the girls told me to meet them, but you’re coming with me too, jungkook.”
( an hour later at jaehyun’s side )
jaehyun sat there at the lounge, his head down to the floor for a bow, causing his entire family to simmer to a silence where only their breathings were heard. he couldn’t believe at the audacity he had to step foot in his own residence after being kicked out from bizarre news that had his family in a frenzy. mr. jung showed no mercy, while his wife remained stoic, still had a disappointed look on her.
in the three months of no contact, especially to his parents, jaehyun’s siblings were the only ones who talked with him. jinyoung kept his distance, for his anger still consumed him.
although all were present in the house, they never expected him to show up, not ever. they saw how jaehyun changed in the span of a short time. he didn’t shave, probably lost a few pounds and looked haggard from all the thinking and mental draining. “who allowed you to come here?” mr. jung asked with a voice jaehyun hadn’t heard in a while.
“it doesn’t matter, dad. i only came to ask for your forgiveness before i leave the city in three days.” jaehyun looked up to see his father arched a brow, who was obviously not following what point he was trying to get to.
his eyes panned to his other two sons who mirrored the same expression. “and you think leaving the city would make you a better man?”
“no. accepting the truth and asking forgiveness for my mistakes is what makes me one. i’m leaving to find mom. and i’m going there to forgive her.”
now everyone in the room stared at each other at the statement. not one of the siblings ever spoken of her existence with the stepmother present around them. mr. jung cleared his throat, hoping it would ease the tensing air. jinyoung brought his arms down from folding them, as he too, sweated at the current aura.
it was only a matter of time before mr. jung broke the silence. “do what you want.” he walked out of the room with his second-wife beside him.
the five of them remained in their positions. jaehyun stood up slowly as his limbs experienced parathesia. he dusted his clothes and retrieved his bag for his phone. maybe it was his instincts that his body felt entirely at home in the penthouse. he scrolled down his socials without noticing his siblings coming to his way. “that was bold for you to mention mom.” jessica sat on the couch with crossed legs.
“i said that hoping dad would forgive me for what i’ve done.” jaehyun briefly stared at them before going back to using his phone. “guessed that didn’t work.”
yunho fluffed his brother’s hair, switching the television on with krystal immediately changing the channel. “actually jae, it did.” he grabbed the remote from her. “you were indeed referring to yourself about forgiving, but it was another way to refer to dad too. he was caught on your web and it probably would keep him thinking for the rest of the night.”
he threw his phone on the center table. jaehyun then rested his head on the sofa, closing his eyes as he was unsure whether what had happened, spoke of the truth of his father’s feelings. “not like i give a damn.”
“are you seriously leaving?” jinyoung poured a glass of water for himself. “you’re leaving your family behind-”
the youngest sighed heavily. “why do you even care?” he half-lidded opened his eyes to see jinyoung staring at him, blanked face. “aren’t you supposed to be happy that i’ll be out of your sight and you’ll have to move to my room-”
“i’m talking about y/n and jaewon.” jinyoung paused his drinking halfway when the rest of them swifted their heads towards him. “they’re your family too. and i don’t think they’ll be happy about that.”
“oh my g- you of all people should know how much anger she holds when she gets hurt! she ignored for you for a year. so how much of a difference is it when she doesn’t want to see me? she doesn’t read my messages and she probably erased me from her life!”
“dimwit, your voice is overpowering your phone. answer the call.” krystal interrupted the quarrel, her eyes on jaehyun’s phone.
jaehyun held his posture after sitting up too quickly, briefly feeling dizzy at the sudden stand. he was surprised to see soonyoung requesting for video call. “uhm hey?” he greeted.
“dude!” soonyoung’s face took up the entire screen on the phone, making jaehyun distance himself from the device than lowering the volume. “you have to come here to the clubhouse quick!” his voice was in a whisper that it was loud enough for the siblings to hear the conversation.
the dimple boy rubbed his eyes now that the exhaustion practically left his system. “why? you know i’m not in the mood for-”
“your ex-girlfriends are giving off a strange vibe and i swear it’s not a good sight! they’re kinda ruining the party i planned for chungha’s birthday!” the screen switched to the back camera. indeed there was a weird air between the two of you.
“bro. y/n and i didn’t really break up. she only asked me not to ever see her again.” jaehyun rolled his eyes as his siblings stood up from their seats to stand beside him. “but y/n and miyeon on each other’s nerves when they’re friends? that’s crazy man.”
“the crazy part is-” yukhei grabbed the phone. “ugh wait we haven’t got to the crazy part yet!” the camera was messy and had too much movements for jaehyun to actually see the point they were trying to convey.
jaehyun headed for the door while his siblings followed him out of the penthouse. “oh for goodness’ sake yukhei tell me what’s going on!”
“no, i’ll show you. i’m trying not to be obvious ‘cause i don’t want to appear as freaky, but do you see this?” the screen swifted to jaewon and a man carrying the infant.
jaehyun’s older siblings now scooted closer to see what yukhei was describing. “y/n’s with a guy and i don’t know if it’s just me but the guys and i notice this since he and y/n arrived. i want you to confirm what we’re seeing.”
if only they could zoom in manually they could’ve caught what he meant. “the guy looks like jaewon..” jessica spoke her thought aloud, making soonyoung freak out and the phone view to vibrate.
“exactly!” soonyoung’s lips appeared on the screen as he whisper-yelled. the rest of the guys included themselves in the frame after the camera switched to the front.
wonwoo took the phone and was careful to not be as loud as the others were. “jae, y/n hasn’t spoken a word yet. i just have a feeling that something is going to happen and you have to be here.”
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jae-canikeepyou · 11 months ago
| serenity in us | j.jh | ch. sixteen
Tumblr media
word count: 5.8k+
a/n: oh and it’s here! i apologise for the wait and thank you thank you for being so patient with me and my messy schedule ;-; i hope this meets your expectations~ enjoy reading! ♡ ~j
Tumblr media
jaehyun was running, fast.
he didn’t care how the light of day brought him to be in the spotlight along the street of the familiar town, heads of his neighbours turning quickly to the panicked young man. he didn’t care how crazy he looked to other people, how much of a mess he appeared to be. he had to find you because he felt tears starting to prick his eyes when he realised you were gone.
and you left without second guessing.
was it from the force of wind brushing past him or was he actually crying? his mind kept denying yet his heart felt the pain he hadn’t been feeling since his mother left. the experience was all too exact. jaehyun might’ve sprained his ankles to finding you, in every corner of the town, in every place you both had dates on. he wanted to scream, yell and cry out your name, in hopes you would believe him that he wasn’t that kind of man, and that he would never that to you.
the news desolated with his conscience today. each step he took only made the guilt grow, which he wasn’t supposed to feel such a thing since he knew himself better than anyone else. his chest ache from being breathless and emotional damage combined. his friends followed from behind him, as quick as they could so they wouldn’t lose track or the sight of him. they spread out in every direction, calling his name to stop and think where you would exactly run to and not just random places jaehyun thought you’d be.
finally hearing the pants and yells from his friends, his senses came back to earth. he stopped at a park, benches empty when rain began to drizzle, the droplets cold as his heart slowly did too. yukhei bent down without a care whether he would stain his clothes with dirt. he was tired, they all were, who wouldn’t be exhausted when they’ve been running for half an hour? this wasn’t cops and robbers or a game of tag. this was a troubled jaehyun they witnessed seventeen years ago— flustered and hopeless and chasing.
“i’ll try going to the boutique.” jaehyun saw the mentioned place, his voice a little glad that it rained as his tears were perfectly camouflaged with the weather.
wonwoo held the boy’s shoulder, stopping him from his walk to the store just across the street. “and you think her aunt and uncle would just let you in?” he took a deep breath, having enough of the energy taken away from him and his friends. “she probably told them on her way there.”
“i have to tell them it isn’t true! none of it is true-” jaehyun paused mid-way after seeing the blinds of the boutique shut to a close with the sign flipped on its other side. he quickly ran to the store, yelling and begging to see you.
inside, you held jaewon close to your chest, covering his ears from the continuous knocks on the door and window. your eyes still suffered from shock and despite hearing jaehyun’s pleads, you saw him on the small screen beside the counter, the surveillance camera placed outside. he was being pulled away by his friends as he tried to break free. the doorbell camera showed his hair stuck onto his forehead, drenched from the rain with a pained expression.
bothered with the commotion outside and the disturbance your boyfriend caused, uncle caleb swung the door in which zipped jaehyun’s shouts to a silence. “she doesn’t want to see you. you shouldn’t have come here.” he warned with stern, a father-figure tone you haven’t heard since his advice when you experienced the same with jinyoung.
“please, sir..” jaehyun halted the door as your uncle attempted to close it. “..let me see y/n..” he missed seeing the change of aura in uncle caleb’s eyes, ones filled with fury.
soonyoung started to pull jaehyun again, whispering to him that the more he continues to be stubborn, the worse the situation would be.
he crossed his arms, not a word said besides a couple of gestures that asked jaehyun to leave the property. “your actions have said enough, jaehyun. i was actually rooting for you because y/n felt complete with you around. she’s at her happiest. now i don’t know what to else to say other than how disappointed i am in you.”
jaehyun’s lips curve at the honest opinion, it was better to hear how you felt when everything was fine. at this moment it already seemed like all was too late. he remembered what you said before, that even if you don’t trust or believe anyone, you would still give them second chances. he wanted you to hear him out and perhaps give him a chance.
“dude, let’s go. find another time-” yukhei read the atmosphere changing and darkening.
“there won’t be another time! i have to talk to her!” jaehyun shrugged him off and yelled in tiptoes to see you. “y/n! please! i didn’t know i did that! i would never do it to you! believe me!” he didn’t notice that the more he shouted, his legs unconsciously tried to step inside, causing your uncle’s blood to boil.
“young man, i could report you for trespassing. step aside now before i call the cops.” he fished out his phone from his pockets, with just one press of the button he could end up in cells.
however jaehyun was too focused on his emotions than the scenario before him. “y/n! baby!” he groaned, his friends were beginning to lose grip of him.
full bitterness and cold blood swarmed your head down to your ears and chin, yet jaewon recognised jaehyun’s voice in the background— a lot different than he expected. he started to be affected with the noise and nuzzled deeper into your neck. you didn’t want to traumatise your child as early as now, and decided that talking with jaehyun would stop the issue from deepening.
you handed jaewon to your aunt, exiting the back room and walked towards the front door. you asked uncle caleb to leave the both of you, and when he did, you made sure his friends did the same. the wind entering the store with the droplets of rain already soaking your clothes. jaehyun’s eyes grew when you appeared, he just knew he had to tell you everything-
jaehyun stayed the way he was hit, his mind telling himself he probably deserved it. he held the throbbing area, your breaths heaving heavily like you had limited oxygen left- no, he thought.
you were about to break down.
“you.. disgust me.” your palms still feeling the impact and it ache like your heart was.
for some reason he began to feel hurt than guilt more than anything. all he ever did was give you love you needed. he loved you more when you understood his shallowness and his anger reaction and forgave his temperament. yet he thought to himself, this was the y/n he had caused to become. “y/n you can’t just say things like it’s final! i want you to let me explain-”
“explain what, exactly?!” the rain slowly softening and you pointed on his chest. wonwoo and the others who were behind the bushes, were frozen in their place once you spoke in a hurtful and blaming tone. “that you managed your way in to my life knowing that jaewon’s your son?! you didn’t even bother telling me that you knew me before you met me?!”
“the first and only time i met you was the restaurant! and no, i didn’t know jaewon’s my son until the damn numbers confirmed it!” jaehyun held your hands and practically knelt down for forgiveness, but you slapped his hands away. “i- i didn’t know..”
you wanted laugh loud at the incredulity you were hearing now. what a lie that was. “if you’re expecting that you’re seeing your son, you’re not.”
jaehyun stared into your eyes, both mirroring tears that wanted to fall at the confrontation. what were you saying? “what? but i have the right to see him.”
“the hell you don’t! i was alone carrying a child without knowing the jerk who did this to me. i was this close to telling you that maybe you’d be the perfect father image for jaewon and to actually know that you’re the same person, i’m-” you choked on your own saliva at the plot twist of everything.
and as if it was in the right timing, the thunder boomer right above you. jaehyun stuttered and was out of words, his lips agape speechless. he didn’t want to lose you. “if you could just listen what i have to say!” he blinked that his tears rolled down his cheeks. “..if you won’t listen then what can i do-”
he waited patiently for your answer, he really did. except you blew off like sirens and face turned sour. “never come here.” you told him, immediately seeing his face turning to a frown.
“y/n.. it was a mistake..”
“mistake?! if there’s any mistake that was because i loved someone like you!” you pointed at his chest, poking him forcibly when a sob finally cracked from you.
you brought your hand up, shushing him to speak no more. “did you ever stop to listen to me whenever i try to tell you the truth of my feelings for jinyoung? did you ever believe me in that topic? did you give me a chance to say something? remember what i told you, not everything has to be about you. so why do i have listen whatever crap comes from your mouth?”
“i do believe you and i-”
“not at first! i had to convince you several times before you come back to your senses. where’s the trust in that, hm?” you held the door knob and jaehyun felt himself weakening from the running, from the emotional turmoil, from the potential breakup held now.
“i may have flipped out and caused a scene a couple of times but you know that it doesn’t have to be this way! we don’t have to be this way!” he held your hand, not wanting to let you go. he knew he didn’t do that that night, and yet why couldn’t he bring himself to telling you?
“really? that’s what you’re going to say? because so far, the way how i see it, you made sure that you were going to steal my heart, make me fall in love with you, take advantage of it and break it.” you counted with your fingers and paused. “you’re just like jinyoung and you’ve made me come to hate you.”
the door slammed in front of him. usually the last words said before parting ways with you after dates would be ‘i love you’ or ‘see you’.
he never thought ‘hate’ would exist there.
Tumblr media
the more time passed, the more the news slowly paralysed your heart, eating your conscience whole and you had no idea how you would cope with all that has been revealed.
those words repetitively haunted you in any kind of form you could imagine and it was impossible to forget as they were glued to your mind, to your dreams, in this case, a living nightmare. echoes of three specific words roamed around your hearing like species of the unknown and of the undiscovered, whispering until your own persona crumble and tear apart.
and those three words were enough to cause your world with him falling apart. lands that connected you both fell into the abyss.
you were watering plants at the boutique and was supposed to help aunt jenn with the next batch of orders. she snapped fingers to bring you out of the daydream— you were stuck as statue.
“dear me, how long has she been staring off into space again?” she whispered to eunha as she fluttered her eyes alternatively from you to her.
eunha had her face down on the table, tapping a glasses jar with her new manicure. she gave up trying though she’d usually bombard you until you slap were annoyed with her. “do you want to know in hours or in days?” she prolonged with a hum, circling a dandelion to make her wish come true.
that is, for you to talk to the people who were worried and consult them because they knew what you heard led to another lowest point in your life. “it’s been three months, seven days, nine hours, thirty-two minutes and ten seconds since the reveal. the same amount of time she’s been ignoring my calls and messages.” eunha continued, purposely raising her voice.
to her joy it actually worked. you placed the can on the counter with glares that telling her you didn’t want to be reminded of it. “i can everything you say.” you opened the fridge and grabbed a jug of milk, chugging it down like it was beer. “as you can tell, i’m living my life like i’ve always been. with, or without guys.” you tried to sound enthusiastic.
“but you didn’t have to exclude me too!” she whined, standing up with clenched fists. “i’m not your best friend for nothing.”
“i’m sorry, okay? my mind’s a mess and i thought handling it alone would keep me at peace.” you shut the fridge’s door with the jug of milk then heading back to organising flowers as you didn’t want to discuss the topic any further.
your chest squeezed and you weren’t going to lie about this. even your own best friend, have been pushed aside by you, all because you faced so much heartbreak. it was normal to want to be left alone for a while, but you didn’t intend that there wouldn’t be any communication. you didn’t really mean it and losing track of time wasn’t something you’d usually do either.
eunha’s arms were wrapped around your arm, making you feel that you missed out a lot in seven days. mainly because it was just you, jaewon, your aunt and uncle. just like the old times.
that was before you were reconnected with the jung’s again.
“doesn’t do you any good, does it?” eunha stated the obvious. “the girls have been asking how you were. i could only tell them you wanted to be alone.”
you were exhausted mentally at the hundred possible facts that jaehyun could’ve known he was the father and left jinyoung in the dark, including you. did he just use you to be part of his plan to plot against his brother? it was hard to believe yet it already happened and confirmed.
you shook your head as you stopped working, head throbbing and piercing from all the overthinking. when was the last time you actually rested? jaewon seemed to have his and sometimes you hoped you were a child again— carefree and not a single problem having to come your way.
“even if they relayed how i am to jaehyun, never in a million years would i ever meet him.” you scoffed as you tried not to sound as bitter, but the truth always reveal in the voice, so there was no avoiding in that.
aunt jenn asked you to take a breather. she saw how you were opening up to them after locking them out for a week, and they wouldn’t let this chance pass. also she wouldn’t let you unconsciously destroy the flowers in your hands now. “i know it’s hard to accept the truth-”
“the truth was already in front of me.” you scoffed louder, showing that you were beginning to be emotionally unstable with lips quivering and eyes welling. “i was so blind. so blind that i repeated the same mistake twice- i fell in love with the wrong guy again.”
“y/n, you didn’t know that jaehyun would be that kind of person-“ eunha tried to cut you off because the sudden explode of your voice was leading to something she might not be able to control.
you let out a bitter chuckle, chugging the milk to a one shot while you corrected her. “oh i know so, honey. i knew he and jinyoung are definitely brothers. i told you they have same genes! why am i not surprised?”
the sarcasm almost made you laugh as you played with the lid of the milk jug. it sounded stupid knowing that the light you longed to look for— the one that was finally grasped in your hands— ended up to be the darkness and had the deepest secret kept away from you. you were about to take another gulp when the air within the boutique changed.
they exchanged looks a little often than usual and though you’ve noticed them, you didn’t bother to say anything else or more. eunha threw a wasted wrapper used for a bouquet, her expression showed no regrets in her action because she really meant doing it. “girl are you still breastfeeding jaewon that you’re taking another jug of milk?”
your eyes widened as the said second drink was in mid-air and paused at the assumption. you had a puzzled look that made eunha chuckle this time. “no.” you said through uneven breaths, your answer sounding more of a question and let go of the drink from your palms. “i do this when i overthink.”
“clearly.” eunha rolled her eyes playfully. “c’mon. let’s have some you and me time, hm? i can’t have you moping around when you really need right now is a refresher!”
the work you left behind on the counter were soon handled by your aunt and she smiled softly with a hint that you should comply with your best friend’s plea. “where do you have in mind?” you gave in willingly, finally agreeing with interest.
“where do you think?” her tone was audibly cunning but it was all with good intentions. she wanted you to feel better and make you come out of your shell and began packing her belongings. “i’ll ask the girls to join us.”
a family then passed by the store with the huge window perfectly framing them while they pointed at the flowers shown on the display area. with them if you were going to be honest to yourself, you actually saw a future with jaehyun— the one where you were both settled with stable occupations and would raise kids of your own. it may seem like you were wishing on a star for countless of nights. the first half came true, yet the other half of that wish just ceased to exist because of the truth.
brushing the thought aside, eunha already opened the door for the last minute plan she has on her sleeve. “let’s go!” her hands were up high. “aunt jenn! jaewon’s in your care while i bring his momma out.”
you rolled your eyes as you haven’t heard the nickname in a while. leaving the boutique, you remembered your argument with jaehyun on this certain spot. guessed it was time to leave it behind.
Tumblr media
there was a brief tranquil of silence in jaehyun’s new apartment, just a light gust of wind entering through the curtains and the ticking of the clock. he needed company with all the things going on, especially when his precious someone wasn’t in that place to do so— that meant you. his eyes always led back to the several polaroid pictures displayed on his desk, but today of all days hurt the most as it supposedly marked another monthsary with you.
except he couldn’t spend it today. what’s worse?
he might never.
“you haven’t heard from her?” yukhei slid the chair backwards that its wheels were halted by the mat beneath it.
jaehyun tossed the basketball up high as he laid there on his bed, eyes glued to the mahogany sphere when he waited for it to fall back down. he cleared his throat, knowing that there was an obvious answer to this obnoxious question. “do you even have to ask? she doesn’t answer my calls.”
“i’m surprised she didn’t even block you. maybe you and y/n aren’t just.. endgame?” they turned heads to soonyoung who now teared up at the marvel movie— a pillow before him like it could hide the beads forming around his eyes.
when everyone else in the family doubted jaehyun, he himself knew he swore the truth a month ago. he pressed a smile at this truth though, something never crossed his mind. “yeah. i guess not.” he threw the ball up again.
“but in all honesty, jae.” wonwoo sniffed from the cold outside. “you would do something by now if you really love her still. this isn’t like you, holding yourself back and letting her go easily. continue doing that you’ve convinced y/n that you actually slept with her-”
jaehyun missed catching the ball and it dropped right after his friend repeated a word he didn’t want to hear. “she’s already convinced that day! look, i did drink but i didn’t hook up with anyone that night at the party.”
laughters of disbelief bubbled out of their lips, making it sound like they meant responding this way. “are you really sure dude? because it was on the same day miyeon dumped you. anything could happen with a snap of the finger.” soonyoung referenced the iconic action. “we know that because we were at the party too and-”
“that was before you suddenly disappeared from the group.” yukhei added, still questioning why that was never investigated. his brows arched for answers as he looked towards jaehyun. “so? shouldn’t these series of events add up to you by now? jaewon’s your son. that’s the result.”
“jaewon’s..” he trailed off, as the way the precious name rolled off his tongue hit differently now. “i was drunk. it’s not like i could remember what happened.” jaehyun said, yet pausing immediately feeling the stares locked on him.
“are you doubting me too? my family kicked me out of the penthouse because of what i did and..” he spun the ball in his palms, sitting up to prove a point. “..even my small family of three doesn’t want to me to meet them.”
he stood up on his toes, grabbing his coat from the metal stand. before his friends followed him out of the apartment, wonwoo texted the rest to join them, and to encourage jaehyun to at least clear things out with you. because jaehyun had plans to amend his mistakes but the timing never was right.
being the faster walker he was, it was unusual for his friends to see him turn back when reached the corner of a street. jaehyun pushed his friends to an alley nearby.
“hey, what are you doing?”
“stop pushing jaehyun.”
“c’mon we’ll miss the green light!”
“shhhh! she’ll hear you!” jaehyun covered their lips with his entire arm, making the rest of the confused before hearing giggles from ladies.
you were being pulled by a hyperactive eunha, who was trying her hardest to make you crack a smile. to the boys it seemed like you were headed to the same restaurant you met jaehyun. it got their hopes high that maybe your friend had planned something to make you meet your boyfriend. but it said otherwise when you only passed by it.
a thump on the ground caused them to turn around. jaehyun was squatting uncomfortably with his palms before his face. “i know what i did and did not do. i know i didn’t sleep with y/n. i didn’t- whoa! where are you taking me?”
he was dragged by yukhei, soon under his arms and had no clue where they were headed. “we’re going to the bar.” the smiley dude cheered with his pearly whites.
“guys, you know i’m at my lowest now, and i’m still trying to pick every fallen piece of myself after all that.. nevermind.”
“which is why you need a drink.” soonyoung pinched his cheeks, pointing at the bar just across the street. “you went out for that, yeah?”
he flicked his forehead and a prominent red spot have already shown itself on the smooth flesh. “i went out for fresh air?” jaehyun did say that, but he wasn’t too sure himself why he actually stepped foot outside.
“seeing y/n after a while made me think that’s she’s overwhelmed as you are because the truth is out.” wonwoo gave an eye contact with soonyoung and yukhei. maybe it was best to give jaehyun space to think.
“sorry if we bothered you, but you gotta tell us if you wanted to be alone.” yukhei brought out his hands for a handshake before taking their leave.
“yeah i think i might need that. see you around.” he felt his phone buzzing in his pockets. the long hours of overthinking and night of insomnia finally came over him. he placed the phone by his ear, surpised at the name of the caller. “yunho hyung? you said you won’t call me.”
“i didn’t say ‘never’. can’t i check up on my brother?” a soft chuckle heard from the other line. “i hope you’re doing well despite what happened. dad’s order still stands, but personally i prefer if we meet from time to time.”
he cleared his throat in case he sounded tired to yunho. his eyes slowly welled from the tears and probably would break down sooner than expected. yunho noticed the silence and awkward air, just the breathing from younger one. “well.. hit me up if you needed something from home.”
walking back to his apartment, he tossed the keys high after fumbling them in his pockets. “is it a bad thing when you want something so bad? i don’t think i can live without y/n and jaewon. how can i fix things when she doesn’t want to see me? how long will i wait for-”
the young man paused from his questions at the stern voice and sat down at the low ledge planter beside his apartment car park. he held his temples from the heavy throbs as he tried to understand the reality of things. “what?”
yunho continued typing his report, fixing the phone between his chin and shoulder. “imagine how long she waited for the child’s father. i wouldn’t be surprised if she’s going to make you wait. give her time.” he finally held the phone. “meanwhile you take a break. go on a short vacation or an exchange programme. staying here will hinder your well-being.”
for a second his hearing muffled. why would he suggest that when closure with you was the only thing he keeping him here? he still longed for that hope and until your name appeared on his phone, that would be the signal to converse with you. he scoffed and sighed, “hyung, i’m not leaving the city. i’m going to see y/n and my son even if i have to wait for years. you don’t have to tell me what to do.”
“alright. whatever you think is right, i’ll support you on that. call you later.”
jaehyun shoved his phone in his cardigan pockets, head fuming like it did when he was told he was out of the penthouse. “i’m so tired.”
yet another call made its way to his device, he second guessed that it was you and missed to look at the picture and name of the caller. “hello?” he brushed his hair up, regretting that he should’ve worn his cap.
“hey heartbreaker.”
he arched his brows and checked the name. “miyeon? what made you call?”
“thought you needed company. it’s not like you to brush off the guys. they called me to meet up but i guess that didn’t work on them. wanna come with?”
Tumblr media
chungha and kyungwon exchanged glances at each other. they witnessed eunha asking several times with repeated questions before she was pushed aside by you. she sounded motherly, but your drunken self have already found her amusing. in your peripheral, she looked distorted with those adorable squishy cheeks you hoped to munched.
your giggles have attracted attention to everyone in the bar, people having their phones up at the lady dancing at the centre of the dance floor. “they’re like marshmallows!~ can i kiss them?”
eunha gave up entertaining you and went back to sit with the girls. “i said she can have fun.” she told them as her hands looked for the glass she left behind. sipping it quickly to keep an eye on you, she let out a deep sigh. “not this much fun. look at her, she thinks everyone’s her friend.”
indeed you were joining group selfies and stealing the spotlight, circling around the pole. “ah let her be. we haven’t seen her this happy.” kyungwon too had her phone up to record. “it’s good she’s smiling.”
“but she’s not sober though.” chungha was worried but not as much as your best friend was.
“yeah let’s just hope she doesn’t strip.” eunha checked her watch as it was already 9pm.
you haven’t felt this euphoria since jaehyun was at the doorstep of the boutique. though sometimes seeing his face in your dreams were painful, you were surprised that you weren’t that reactive whenever you passed by his socials nor have you blocked him.
was it a revenge kind of way for him to know that even with instant communication, you would never contact him? you held a grudge, even more so than to jinyoung. the weight of it differed but the scar was all too similar with the pain his brother had caused you.
minutes later you felt your friends pulled you back as the sways of your body told them you’ve had enough. “i don’t want to go home.” a whine bubbled out from your lips, caressing a random guy’s cheeks. “you’re my home.” then a small giggle followed, causing the girls to roll their eyes. “i’m sober enough to go home myself-”
“no can do. i’m taking you home momma.” eunha pinched your nose so hard that that probably jolted you back to your senses. wide awake and slowly comprehending the surroundings, your head pierced with a throb and your gut immediately telling you to head to the toilet. “y/n!”
“i’m awake now! go ahead! i’ll be fine!”
it was late in the night and the lighting seemed dim compared to the outside, but you managed your way to a cubicle anyway despite feeling groggy. i’m not going to puke, i’m not going to pass out. not here, not again, you told yourself.
and you regretted that so much because you actually stained your favourite shirt in the most disgusting way ever. “ugh curses!” you hissed as you rubbed it off with a paper towel. and because you weren’t much of a drinker, you knew how vulnerable you were and decided to call your friends.
to your dismay the battery life only had minimal percentage left. you headed out of the toilet and when you were to press ‘call’, your phone blacked out and missed seeing a figure waiting in silence and observing your every move. they blocked your way once you stepped out. “greetings, m’lady. you look like you’re on your way home, can i assist you?”
you froze, recognising the voice you didn’t expect to meet them here. “no thanks, dohwan.” you refused his persuasive offer and took a step backwards as the pungent smell of alcohol entered your nostrils. although you met him once and have heard stories from the jung’s, he has this aura you disliked and all you wanted to do was to not be in his presence.
“can’t i help my brother’s girlfriend?” an eerie grin sent chills down your spine.
“i’m fine.” now you were sober, yet your gut couldn’t take the painful churns. it was causing your immune system to weaken. “my friends are waiting for me-”
he knew you looked pale, and without his step brothers in sight, he thanked the advantage. “your friends seemed to have taken off.” he took a small glance over his shoulder, making sure that rowoon had them.. occupied.
dohwan held your arm, gripping on it with force subtly, but it proven enough of his actions otherwise. you hated this feeling, not being able to protect yourself when you have the capability to protect others. he lightly dragged you that your legs slid across the floor. the music was loud and booming the systems and its speakers. your whines were overpowered by the beats and people within the bar had their own things to deal with. the more you resisted, the harder his grip was. the crowded had its own wave— little by little people have come to the center of the dance floor, swallowing you in the midst of it.
now you were widely conscious, aware of what was happening. did you see him correctly? it could be in your imagination or just the remnants from the alcohol you consumed, but he held the waistbands of his jeans, hinting something absurd.
you panicked, knowing where his would lead to. “let go of me!” you stepped on his foot. he didn’t budge nor showed any pain, except for the same grin but wider. he let out a drunken chuckle, like he was enjoying your reaction. multiple profanities echoed in your mind. you screamed loud enough for at least someone to hear, but even that had no effect.
you had to go for the offense.
he felt a sharp hit towards his gut, realising that you elbowed him. only for a brief moment he shut his eyes from the impact, you disappeared from his sight. tears resulted from fear, and it was much worse than what you’ve experienced with jaehyun’s or jinyoung’s fits. meanwhile you went towards a group closest to your grasp and hid behind them.
dohwan’s loud groans went out of control, like an animal on the loose looking for its prey. he caused a commotion— breaking every glass and yelled out your name. you flinched at every decibel of his voice.
he was getting closer, but was soon silenced and stopped after several bouncers came to the scene. you could still hear him calling your name and decided to remain in your position within the crowd.
a rush of relief washed over you, however, you were too overwhelmed from his plot that you passed out.
nauseous and dizzy, your vision swirled in circles and distorted shapes— diving in and out of the conscious and unconscious. maybe you were half conscious, but you were able to smell a strong perfume that saved you from your fall.
the scent was familiar and new at the same time. and you squinted your eyes to make the image before you clearer. rather, a drunken and gibberish words bubbled out from your lips.
“j-.. j...?”
“hey, don’t worry, i got you.”
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jae-canikeepyou · a year ago
| serenity in us | j.jh | ch. fifteen
Tumblr media
word count: 4.5k+
a/n: i’m not gonna lie but i was literally pulling my hair out while typing this chapter! 👀😂 i hope it doesn’t make you do the same idk let me know & send an ask! enjoy reading! ♡ ~j
Tumblr media
( a week after )
“what the hell?”
jaehyun stood on the loft balcony where he saw an unsightly scene before his eyes. he couldn’t help but put on a disgusted face seeing his sisters wear teeth trays and his brothers getting their teeth cleansed. “i will head back to my room and sleep. hopefully wake up from this nightmare.” he stretched in his pj’s and turned around, yet saw jessica gestured him to come down.
they had annual check-ups for this spectrum, though using teeth whitening kit was usually something done in their daily lives. yunho called him but was inaudible, no one understood a word. “how about talk until you’re actually done with that?” krystal grinned wider than she already was.
“ew. the more you do that, the more hideous you look.” jaehyun told her as he sat on the chair where jinyoung completed his. “how do you even manage to get the lead role.. and you weren’t supposed to be here. i was happy i wouldn’t get to see you for two months.” he let their personal dentist wrap a gown around him and inclined the chair that he was under the dentist’s headband light.
“i’m filming overseas but that doesn’t mean i don’t have breaks for two months straight. i asked for an advance.” krystal scowled behind her mug.
“yeah, a leave which lasts for two weeks.” jessica teased, hi-fiving jaehyun.
he wanted to get this done as soon as possible, for a date awaited him where you gotten spare tickets to an amusement from aunt jenn and uncle kaleb. he was to meet you at noon and considering the time now— he only had an hour to get ready so he could pick you and jaewon up from the apartment.
soon mr. jung walked down the stairs and saw his children all together without him or his wife asking them to. the siblings noticed the smile plastered on his face that seemingly had no intentions in changing his expression.
of course, which parent wouldn’t want their children to get along? it was all he ever wanted. imagine the patience he held in the years passed with three sons who all went through similar rebellion and ‘finding-my-own-way’ kind of life quote. some would have given up half-way. now that they were all grown and managed to build their life together, he wasn’t too worried of problems— since he already overcame three.
“i’d like to get this overwith, doc.” jaehyun shook his leg impatiently. “i have plans in the afternoo-” he was cut off abruptly from a light hit by his father.
mr. jung sighed in small shame. “your manners, jae. dr. lee has been our family dentist since you were a wee boy.” he reminded him of the service.
“nonsense! this is no biggie. jaehyun has perfect teeth that i even used it as a sample for lectures!” dr. lee waved his apparentus to convince his friend.
“i know how that feels because you couldn’t help it.” joining the conversation, yunho drank a cup of coffee as he shifted his weight on one leg. “i used an adorable baby for paediatrics seminar next week...”
jaehyun knew of the news and didn’t really want to hear any of it further. the clock was ticking and he couldn’t interrupt dr. lee for continuing his job. his father was on watch and probably monitoring him now. the conversation just gotten longer and having his mouth wide open was too much of an exercise to do in the late morning. his fidgety state caught his sister’s attention and they managed to halt both doctors’ medical news update.
much to jaehyun’s dismay, he found out shortly after that jessica and krystal did that not for his sake, but for the possibility of him bursting out in fits they didn’t want to see. ‘no hard feelings’, krystal mouthed and that pissed the young brother, rolling his eyes and held the armrest.
“thanks for the food. i’ll be heading out.” jinyoung stood up and went for the door, only to be stopped by his father’s words.
“oh you’re going to the clinic? are there any updates from the test?” mr. jung flipped the pages of the morning newspaper.
jinyoung gave a nod. “yeah. i’m getting it today.” he double checked his phone for the e-mail he received. “but i won’t open it just yet. i have to wait until jaehyun brings y/n here after their date.” he took a small and quick glance at jaehyun, who, obviously, was trying to hold his blank expression under the dentist’s supervision. “later.”
awkward. that was what lingered in the air in the whole penthouse. the sisters and yunho both shared a look. the seriousness of the matter was likely to be seen and witnessed at the later age of their brothers’ lives. they didn’t expect it to be happening now. other than that, they still gave their support.
jaehyun’s sarcastic chortle made heads turn to where he was. “don’t worry. she’s in good hands.” he finally sat up once dr. lee gave him the signal, while he took his leave. jaehyun walked to the table for his cup of coffee, giving his brother a glare.
“what?” jinyoung seemed to take the insult quite to heart.
“y/n and i talked about this and just because i agreed with your terms with her, it doesn’t mean you can have her. i have no intentions of giving y/n to you.”
“stupid jae.” jinyoung rolled his eyes. “y/n made it clear that there’s nothing left for me in her life, except for the child. you should be well aware i’m doing this for jaewon.”
“here you go again. beautifying your words to get them to be on your side-” jaehyun gulped his drink and went to the edge of the staircase.
jinyoung planned to leave earlier, but now that jaehyun was close to pulling a string in his collectedness. “i never said anything about sides. you brought that up. and it’s their choice whoever between us they find practical in this issue. as much as possible i want the family to be out of this. we brought them too much troub-”
“‘we’?” the younger one scoffed. “you’re the one who impregnated her,” he took a step closer, forgetting his plan with you for a while, causing jinyoung to furrow his brows at the rude accusation. “ left her, and broke her.”
“if you’re blaming me again, remember that you’re the one who brought her back to this family right when i was still moving on.” jinyoung swung the door that it was almost 180° wide then slamming it behind him. he didn’t leave just yet and stood against the entrance door— bunch of memories came flashing before his eyes.
how dare jaehyun spit out history at an important time like this? jinyoung thought. he had a strong feeling that jaehyun didn’t just referred you. there was an implication that he was the start of the trouble. excluding your existence, he was referring to their mother who left them. however, jinyoung still couldn’t tell him that he treated mother like his own.
even if it was for a short while.
the 2003 thanksgiving dinner wasn’t the definite time his siblings’ mother actually left. she still stayed for a week— around half month subsequently to the family event. but had her ways to keep out of her children’s sight and took the opportunity when her own family had an outdoor activity in the woods, and packed her belongings while at it.
it took a little time for her to realise that mr. jung left the pre-teen jinyoung at the house, who caught her doing something that was without hesitation. she was surprised, of course. but on the fourth night of her stay in that week, jinyoung promised to not tell anyone about her, even if it meant it would hurt jaehyun the most.
“how can i get jaehyun to like me?” he swirled the pasta linguine around his fork, voice cracking the more he asked. “yunho, jessica and krystal already likes me, and it’s only been a month, i think.”
“jaehyun may be a difficult child to crack, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a soft side.” she gave a warm smile before it was replaced by a realisation that she was talking to her husband’s child from another woman. little did she know, jinyoung could read her clearly. “..he loves someone singing him to sleep. you can start from there.. take care of him for me.”
jinyoung heaved a breath remembering that time. never knew why that certain memory suddenly came to him.
“i don’t think anything’s gonna be settled between us, mom.”
Tumblr media
the movements of the gondola sent you mini heart attacks, squeezing the organ like it was fresh fruit. you hid the slight fear threatening to show on your face in worries that jaehyun might make fun of you for the rest of the day. the aquarium should’ve been the next area to visit on your list. there was a schedule; picture taking > booths > carousel > snacks > aquarium. yet jaewon kept on pointing at the huge circle— the ferris wheel, and he would be throwing tantrums if the ride was out of his sight.
in which he did and your boyfriend was quick enough to divert his attention. however that didn’t quite work until jaewon threw another fit with lots of people nearby. so here you were, clinging for dear life on the available handles attached on every part of the gondola.
jaehyun sat opposite from you as he supported jaewon’s stance on his lap. the child sang loudly in the gondola, where other people from the following carts were giggling.
at least a hint of your son’s terrific twos have started to show. but seriously, his terrible twos in the past week, who would’ve thought your son was an advanced kid in development? he could figure out whether you were cross or not with him. not to mention he already mastered his climb out of the crib. aside from squealing publicly or crying so suddenly, your day could’ve been worse.
“chungha and kyungwon slept over again? the last time we all did wasn’t enough?” his eyes widened with a nod, realising it all came to picture when soonyoung had suddenly became emotional in their group chat.
“they wanted a sleepover without you guys. and they wanted to see jaewon again. it’s nice to see new faces in the morning. i’m getting fed up with seeing eunha all the time.” you took several pictures of the sun in the horizon, finally overcoming the fear.
jaehyun hummed and asked for your phone while jaewon walked to you. “c’mere, let’s take a picture together and send it to yukhei. he’s been wanting to come to the park but he‘s packed with photoshoots and invites from brands i don’t wanna list out.”
you slowly and carefully walked to sit beside jaehyun and carried the child. “do you always have to tease yukhei with everything? i kinda feel bad for the guy.”
he stayed silent and jut his lips. “that’s because he kept saying he wanted to do a modelling collab with you. he pesters me about it and what am i supposed to say?”
“then let him!” you stated in a rather exciting manner that jaehyun was speechless. noticing how his eyes bore into yours with the response, you fluttered your lashes in disbelief— in a good way, that he was being too overprotective and exaggerating. “i mean, it’s better than jinyoung.. right?”
it wasn’t right to encourage that certain spectrum of his mentality, especially when today was the day jinyoung told you he hoped to mend things with him once the results were out.
yet what you did just now, it was like you were augmenting the strength of fans to the flame rather than pouring sand. but in the depths of your own understanding, the mention of his brother’s name for now was the only way to prevent jaehyun from displaying dejection over a small matter. “sorry i ruined the mood.” you sighed as you accept your fault.
reaching the ground, you felt a bit of a weight from jaewon’s diapers and sniffed it to confirm the assumption. “i’ll change his diapers if you’re worried about staining your new clothes.” jaehyun gently pushed you off the seat and out of the gondola.
“says the person who runs away when a dirty nappy is near him. i can take care of him and myself very well, thanks.” you sounded a bit offended but not entirely. you just wanted to get the joke you longed to say out of your system. “i don’t even need new clothes..” walking fast to the nearest public baby changing station, you grumbled that it was inaudible for him to hear the rest.
he remembered that time and jaehyun gave a faux smile to jeer at you with arched brows as he caught up to the door of the station. “or i can buy you another set of clothes.”
you placed him down on the surface while struggling with the items you were carrying. “oh honey quit bragging about your riches and help me with jaewon.”
jaehyun flattened his lips, bummed at the fact he wanted to spoil you and turned him down instantly. “i thought you didn’t need help.” his teasing voice began to make you sulky.
“who was it that got competitive to get, not one, but four stuffed animals? huge ones to be precise..” you paused as you ripped the new baby wipes with your teeth, making him chuckle hoarsely. “..if it weren’t for that, i wouldn’t be asking for help.”
“they come in a family set and i didn’t tell you to carry all of them though.” jaehyun messed your hair-do and helped you anyway. “besides, jaewon wanted all of four coloured bears.”
to your boyfriend, there wasn’t a valid reason nor a clear explanation why you acted cranky at a time like this. was it the periods or was it the pressure and anxiety of today’s reveal? seeing you reacting over something so small and trivial, he thought the latter seemed more appropriate and convincing.
jaewon reached his arms up, sensing he was done with nappy changing. “alright, fine. i’m being too tedious, i’m sorry.” you kissed jaehyun’s cheek, tossing the diaper to the bin and pulled the child’s jeans up. “let’s get going? i’d love to stay longer but i wouldn’t want to risk getting any of us sick.”
the once white fluffy cloud above the leisure park turned gray, accumulating as much cloud cover and sooner or later, it would rain. “dad wants your presence at dinner. ‘cause you know, today seemed an important day.”
Tumblr media
jaehyun dropped the soaked umbrella that soon created pools on the floor. “why are you guys here?”
the gang waved excitingly despite none all of them could fit themselves on the sofa. the penthouse was full with people again and it almost made jaehyun throw up at how claustrophobic he felt. “mr. jung invited us as well! surprise!” yukhei slung an arm around him as they walked to the living room. “sweet, isn’t it? gotta love parties.”
“this isn’t a party.” the dimpled boy rolled his eyes and sat on the separate armchair.
“what’s a party without food?” soonyoung presented his way of plating in front of the tired lad. “we have a private buffet, live chefs at the back kitchen and all-you-can eat platters which i don’t want to list.”
“who cares about naming them? i just take whatever food my eyes land on first.” yukhei chuckled, and had a flirtatious smile at one of the ladies who were assisting the chefs, giving her a wink and a call-me gesture.
“oh my g- if i lose my composure before the results comes i’ll make sure you’re both in the pool.” jaehyun hissed.
jinyoung held the envelope and placed it on the coffee table, figures that he really needed all the strength he could gain with confirmed numbers carefully printed out on the paper. he told everyone to eat before proceeding to the reveal. the air was as tensed, and he could feel the mixed of worries under this roof.
you were with eunha where she gave you counsel she thought you urgently need to hear. her presence was enough and you assured her that you were fine. doing something else to keep you occupied only cause a rise in tension. your eyes met with jinyoung’s and behind his thin lipped smile, it was obvious you both shared the same cup.
if there was one thing you’d want to do this very moment, that would be travelling back in time to the day where it all began. it wasn’t that you wanted to rewrite history so you wouldn’t have to experience the pain it gave. you just wanted to know where you actually went wrong and took the path downhill. your stubbornness in ignoring eunha’s warnings, being gullible in jinyoung’s words, your carelessness on that spiked drink, his lie; those things happened along the way.
in your mind you continuously pressed the rewind button, recalling memories that might give hints to the questions that were left unanswered. why did you leave yourself vulnerable? why weren’t you as open-minded and aware of the things around you before? why did you let jinyoung’s true nature and actions affect you so much-
but that was exactly where you went wrong.
you loved him.
and this man proudly said he was your child’s father.
now you weren’t, and never going to let a traumatic experience get the best of you tonight. the results were on that piece of paper, inside the envelope, and on the coffee table; sitting peacefully before serving its purpose. your lips agaped when jaewon grabbed the said information with his drool-stained hands. “oh nonono jericho! that’s not a graham cracker!” you slid your socks in quick, small steps to prevent the envelope from getting wet.
he quaked at the echoes of your stern voice, accidentally knocking a cup that soaked his clothes. the poignant smell of wine overtaking his nostrils. he then turned to you slowly before his pout changed into a voiceless, strained cry. it may have looked adorable to most of the people who witnessed it, but you were worried about unintentionally surprising the child.
“hey, you can open it and tell me the result later, okay? i’ll just grab him a change of clothes.” you nudged jinyoung as you carried jaewon and rushed him to the toilet adjacent to the kitchen.
the child’s cries went to a low volume, jinyoung clenched on the envelope and sighed nervously when he took its flap to open it. a folded paper was inside and took it with his fingers. jaehyun sat there quietly with arms crossed as he observed him, an expressionless face turned into an annoyed scowl. he stood up to go to the counter to freshen his mind with airpods attaches to his ears.
jinyoung gulped at the numbers, several blinks could not completely cover his emotions. his heart dropped to the floor at the result. this couldn’t be it, right?
name of child: y/l/n jericho name of alleged father; jung jinyoung probability of paternity: 0%
he should be feeling puzzled, he was certain that he was. no words were needed to say aloud, everyone knew what his demeanour meant and even they were sure he was father of the child. there was no doubt at all.
while the rest of them were holding themselves back from saying anything offensive, there sat wonwoo, who couldn’t help but feel bad for his friend. other than jaehyun, he treated him like his own older brother. at that moment, he was staring out in the space where the knew the ambiance of the penthouse was nothing but unpleasantness. his eyes trailed back and forth from jinyoung to the envelope. and as if it was all in great timing, it fell from its place.
“hyung?” wonwoo called him to confirm what he saw was true. “i think there’s another paper inside the envelope.”
jinyoung looked confused, but bent to retrieve the envelope anyway, and indeed in it had the said paper. he unfolded and at the speed of lightning, he strided his way to jaehyun, who was about to sit back down on the armchair. “oh? you wanted a fruit punch too? ‘cause i’m not getting on for yo-”
“you jerk-!” he punched jaehyun right in the jaw, flicking his knuckles from the pain. but it was nothing comparable to the pain he just read on the paper. “girlfriend stealer!”
the collapsed boy tasted blood on his lips and it certainly needs stitching. he looked at his friends; yukhei, kyungwon, miyeon, soonyoung, wonwoo, eunha and chungha, crowding over the paper that jinyoung crumpled and threw. their shock only made a mess in jaehyun’s mind. “what the- isn’t it too late for you to say that?!”
at the upper lounge by the loft’s barrier, yunho, jessica and krystal knew the commotion would soon get out of hand. although they heard how it started, the quietness downstairs became unsettling. they were met with a scene all too familiar, yet surprising as well because it looked more violent than the last time. “oh no.” jessica covered her lips, then turned to yunho in hopes to stop them.
you froze inside the common toilet, hugging and comforting jaewon from all the noise and yelling. what was going on that made the brothers fight again? was this the anxiety you were worrying about since last week? there was a consistent knocking on your disturbed heart, urging you to face what was happening. however, you wanted to remain inside because this had happened before— in this very residence and the same two people at confrontation.
you leaned against the door for a listen, but the toilet was at a blind spot from the living area where the yells weren’t even clear from here. all you could decipher and fathom were ringing impacts of the echoes from the heated argument.
jaehyun wobbly stood up with the assistance from soonyoung. he could clearly see the anger displayed on jinyoung’s face in spite of his bruised eye blocking half of his peripheral. the same crumpled paper were in the hands of yunho and he too, had an identical reaction with his friends. he waved the paper in the eyes of his sisters, and jaehyun didn’t like the fact they were leaving him in the dark; his own blood family.
he noticed the way jinyoung twitch his hands in preparation for another punch. “is there something i need to kno- wait.. is it something only i don’t know?” he coughed out the droplets of blood stuck in his throat. “why are you all like this-”
jinyoung grabbed and threw the paper, desperately wanting hit him with all he could gain. “you’re really choosing to play dumb, jaehyun?! you can hate me all you want, even for your entire life, but you had to humiliate me in front of everyone with a secret you’ve been keeping?!”
confused more than ever, jaehyun rolled his eyes at the nonsense. “what the hell are you talking about-” the paper now landed on his lap. it was a paternity test result, he assumed it was jinyoung’s until he saw the name.
his name.
name of child: y/l/n jericho name of alleged father: jung jaehyun probability of paternity: 99.9998%
jaehyun’s hand shook in bewilderment, he looked back up to his brother whose eyes were filled with betrayal and hatred, but there was a pinch of sadness. he looked at the paper again. “t-this isn’t true, jin. i didn’t do a test! i’m..”
before he could say anything further, he received another stinging punch. “i don’t need an explanation because that paper summed it all!” jinyoung violently took jaehyun’s shirt and shoved him to the ground, punching him until he grew tired.
with the looks of the strength he gave out, there was no stopping in this fight— no, he didn’t want to stop. yunho tried to separate them yet jinyoung screamed at him for interfering. the other boys tried to as well, but to their fear and disappointment, infront of them revealed a beast out of his cage, out of his usual, calm composure.
“you’re jaewon’s father!” jinyoung shouted.
a battalion of heartbeats were marching to your chest, the build up was overwhelming. you were still in your stance, jaewon in your arms, lips quivering and legs vigorously shaking. it was getting harder to breathe, your comprehension thinning to a narrow tunnel where jaehyun’s face appeared before your imagination.
you swore you couldn’t hear the words. it looked like the universe let you hear that specific unanswered detail. you didn’t know what else to do but all you knew was you had to get out of here and out of their sight. jaewon touched your face, hearing the imminent whimpers from the bottom of your throat.
his words of “mama” comforted you, managing to divert your attention to the argument behind the door. you had to leave, your feet were itching to go.
“jaehyun you slept with y/n at that house party! you purposely did that and for what?! to get revenge on me for making your life miserable?! to make me look like an idiot who couldn’t move on from a girl i only ever loved?!” he had jaehyun under him, tears welling and palms shaking in anger. the tears however, they fell in innocence. “this is the only time i could make y/n to forgive me completely and you just had ruin it!”
“i may have been and attended that party but i didn’t sleep with her! the heck i didn’t know who she was until i met her at the restaurant!” jaehyun yelled, almost pleading which shocked everyone to see this side of him. “i didn’t do it!..”
jinyoung clapped sarcastically and stood up, cheering like someone who lost interest in continuing the painful conversation. “cut the pity effect little bro! if this was your plan all along because you think my existence made the only woman you loved leave then congratulations! your plan was perfect and smooth!”
“i’m not playing victim and you know i would never do such a thing-”
“oh really now?!” jinyoung knelt down to face him head on. “you think some convincing would make you come clean?! when what you did was really really dirty-”
krystal clicked her tongue and tapped her legs repetitively at the only worry that clouded her mind since the fight started. “ugh i hate interrupting this important chit-chat but mind telling me where y/n is?”
the shattering of multiple displayed vases against the floor were heard behind the line of hosta plants. the sudden noise made them aware of your existence and the leaked news. jaehyun cursed in profanities, rushing to reach you.
but the loud slam of the large entrance door concluded your feelings towards the revelation.
and the serenity you longed for diminished instantly.
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jae-canikeepyou · a year ago
| serenity in us | j.jh | ch. fourteen
Tumblr media
word count: 5.2k+
a/n: i’m days late but it’s better than not posting! :p just 4 chapters left until the series is over! i hope you’re liking how the story goes and we can talk about it~ enjoy reading! ♡ ~j
Tumblr media
“how was the procedure for the test?” you heard yunho asked while he instructed the new interns in the clinic. jaewon was scheduled for another appointment, and you hoped this would be the last since your son’s health showed improvements for weeks now. thanks to dr. yunho, your worries flew away.
and so did your cash.
that aside, it wasn’t a big deal having your savings deducted. you’d do anything for jaewon and it would put less stress in you to see a smiling angel rather than a sour-faced child who couldn’t put pain into words yet. nights became peaceful, days were better, jaewon was smiling more than ever. in the past few weeks you got to earn double from the modelling side job. the café you worked at regularly was visited because they either recognised you or your child.
“it went smoothly. although we had to take a couple more samples from this little guy because he found the swabs ticklish around his mouth.” you pecked loads of kisses on your son’s neck. each and every time he bubbled in laughter you would always be reminded to cherish the moments before he actually grows up.
“oh aren’t you adorable?” yunho pitched up his voice imagining how jaewon behaved that way and played with the little one. “come on kiddo, i’ll have to take a picture of you. you’ll be the star for my presentation next week.” he carried him in his arms and placed him on his work table.
the story of his words dated back to the last time you visited the clinic. you remembered yunho couldn’t wait to tell you about the reactions the students gave from one lecture he attended— as a guest speaker for a medical university.
he was wrapping up the talk and his laptop wallpaper unintentionally appeared on the projector screen. it happened to be a selfie of him holding jaewon, that was taken while you withdrew cash for the checkup. the students assumed jaewon was his son and some recognised that he was briefly an endorser for a baby brand. he said that it was a little difficult to keep them calm because they had more questions for jaewon rather than topic they had discussed.
so in return to their sudden baby curiosity than to medicine, he fooled them into thinking that jaewon was his son when asked. others believed and others doubted, but the latter counted less, leading yunho to entertain before he had to confess the truth. it was amusing that even until now, people could still recognise the child after the promotions ended.
the force of the door had you turning your head over the shoulder. jinyoung slid the door of the office, shutting it afterwards and pulling down his mask since he was cautious of his appearance out in the public. “tsk, it’s so hard to go through shortcuts when my fans recognised me so quickly.” he tiredly sighed.
he let the weight of the take-out food slam on the table, irritated at the fact that yunho could’ve just dialled his -late- lunch when it was only a call away. but his brother really had to take advantage of his visitation and time to make him do his orders.
“that’s what you get for topping the charts from your tv series! oh, join me, y/n. i bought enough for the two of you.” yunho gestured you to sit with him; completely ignoring jinyoung’s frustrations and vent-outs.
“and what about me? i had to go difficult measures just to get your favourite food. i should be getting the treat too.” jinyoung scoffed but cupped his hands at the toss of new car keys. “please don’t say you’re asking me to fetch something at home.” he guessed, and he had a hunch that he was indeed right.
yunho winked at you and it looked he has something planned in his sleeves. not that he seemed a horrible brother to jinyoung and jaehyun, you were starting to understand why he liked teasing the two. they have similar expressions when being cornered into their dislikes.
“sheesh i’m not making you an errand boy, and if i did, you’re a bad one.” yunho advised with a bowl in hand that probably would topple over if he hadn’t been careful. “you can head home now. i can tell you haven’t gotten the sleep you desperately needed. take my car.”
he did look tired yesterday and it wasn’t because he nearly had a physical fight with jaehyun; it was more of the thinking that probably took a toll on his body. “i still have filming later. i’ll be sleeping at the film truck. bye.”
a little over five minutes, jinyoung was already on his way out with no second guesses. he gestured you a wave goodbye and as you did the same, a chuckle from yunho already proved that he really did attempt to play around with him. “he doesn’t look after himself when things get too busy. jaehyun’s one to talk too.”
right.. he doesn’t look at himself when he concerns personal issues with others..
yesterday was chaos and jaehyun didn’t calm down after dragging him out of the studio. although he was quiet the whole ride, you could feel the energy he was giving out. recalling how eunha exchanged small glances at you through the reflection of the rear mirror, even if she were in your shoes she wouldn’t know what to do to converse with him. you stayed silent as you thought about it while feeding jaewon with spoonfuls of rice.
the sudden unresponsiveness caught yunho’s attention and he wouldn’t let this slip away because he knew something went wrong. it was written in your actions. “you look bothered. what’s up?”
“for the longest time i’ve wondered why jaehyun and jinyoung always argue each time they run into one another and it’s not just because of my previous relationship with jin.” he heard you say in a voice of regret as if you blamed yourself that you were like miyeon; who contributed to an emotional mess, but this was to the two brothers.
“i came to know why jae hates jinyoung yesterday, i didn’t know your mother did something to scar you and your siblings.” you continued. “after the fight, i couldn’t even comfort my boyfriend when all i felt from him was that he wanted to be alone.”
yunho placed the utensils down and wiped his lips, knowing that this concerned his troublesome brothers. “ah, it makes sense why jessica stayed behind at breakfast.” he played with jaewon’s hands that tugged his uniform. with the expression you gave, he knew you had to know the whole story— in his eyes, because at the time he was old and mature enough to take the situation in. “jessica is the only one close to being a mother.. to jaehyun at least. she held that image for his sake.”
he further explained that their mom was indeed a great mother. she had all qualities but took no hesitation to leave for another man when mr. jung told her the truth, that his past lover carried a child during a period of their rocky marriage. that was a couple of years before krystal and jaehyun were born. nevertheless the affair affected the siblings— but jaehyun took it deeply to his heart.
no one could blame jaehyun, he was a child at the time. everything he saw his mother did that day was an act of abandonment, a scar he would never heal from. it was permanent as tattoos. his family hoped he would eventually understand it as he grew older, except his bitterness weighed more and he didn’t have any love left to show.
then you came to realise that he was living in the penthouse for the convenience and financial support. he would listen to yunho and jessica, maybe krystal sometimes but that was all. it was why they were shocked to see him change to a whole new person whenever you were around. sides of him they’ve never seen in a long time.
“he’s a difficult lad to handle.. i know you have the patience to understand jaehyun and that’s the reason why he’s grown to love you so much. keeping quiet is alright, but you both need each other now more than ever.” yunho wiped his lips clean while you did the same.
one of his interns knocked on the door. “dr. jung, i finished the report. can you review it?” a male voice inquired before opening the door.
briefly your eyes met with the intern, jaewon seemed to catch his attention and gave him a piece of half-eaten cucumber. gladly though, he took the baby’s offer which made your son smile with new pearly whites. he grabbed his phone and snapped pictures of jaewon, and you have gotten used to strangers doing this. “i’m sorry he interrupted your time with dr. jung. i’ll be taking my leave now.”
“no worries. your baby took my stress away. thanks buddy.” behind the mask, you knew he was smiling. he patted jaewon’s head and you bowed to exit the office before waving back at yunho.
yunho nodded since his hands were occupied with paperwork. “jessica might already knocked some sense into him. no one’s at the penthouse besides my siblings. off you go & meet my stubborn brother.”
and here you were after thirty minutes.
it hasn’t been long since you stood in front the door that had your fists refraining to knock. heck, there shouldn’t be reasons for you to hold back when it took you a short while to trust yunho’s words. a part of your conscience told you a million times to do so because jaehyun’s your boyfriend. and the other part of you was just afraid to face the ‘jaehyun’ you witnessed yesterday. however, if yunho said jessica did her part, then why question it? they knew him well enough to tell you when the right time was to see him.
jaewon caressed your face and called ‘mama’ probably a couple more times before your hearing took notice of his voice. a little pout growing on him made you realise you left him hanging for a while.
you fixed the carrier around your torso, jaewon was getting agitated at the discomfort. “baby, i can’t put you down if you keep movin- ow!” your head swung back and held the sore spot as he butt heads on your lower lip. he found that funny and began to wiggle.
“alright kiddo i’m convinced that you’ll be worse than this when you hit terrible twos. thank heavens your momma’s patient." you hissed when you began to taste the bitterness of your blood.
looking at the door again, you attempted to knock. but jaewon’s squeals and laughter grew louder and although you could stand the amount of drools seeping through your fingers, dirtying the luxurious door was something you didn’t want to do. “jae, baby-”
clicks of the doorknob were drowned in the echoes from you and your son’s bickers, not noticing the door was already fully opened.
jaehyun stood there amused and cleared his throat for the attention. “hi.” he leaned against the door frame with arms folded. “heard voices i really missed and i know it’s been a day.” he approached you for a hug, unbuckling the belt and lock of the carrier behind you. the way he did it was smooth and he already carried jaewon in his arms, in which the latter found comfort at the crook of his neck. “you could’ve called that you’re coming here.”
“hey i thought you were still mad and wanted to be left alone, but i sent you a message anyway. you could’ve checked your phone if you weren’t that busy.” you shut the door and wore the home slippers he offered. jaehyun led you to the sofa, what caught your eye surprised you. there were pictures laid out on the whole coffee table, like they were taken out from numerous of albums. “and i suppose you were.”
“i’m sorry.” jaehyun chuckled and let jaewon play with his hands. “i didn’t mean to come off as rude. i really should work on controlling my anger.”
his sincerity broke down your walls of suppressed hard feelings from yesterday. you sat down with him and laid on his shoulder in forgiveness. “you had reasons for it and it was explained quite sufficiently, so i really understand.” you said, remembering the conversation you had with yunho.
he knew he doesn’t deserve you, but the clouds above still gave that blessing knowing that it was the only missing piece that could make him whole again. he kissed your temple, trailing peppers of them down to your cheeks. the touch on it was long that the affection seemed to bother jaewon. he let out a high-pitched shout and slapped jaehyun on the face.
“jericho!” your brows furrowed and the child flinched in the most cutest way your boyfriend has ever seen. the child knew there a difference in response between jaewon and jericho. he seemed to know the weight of your anger when called him with the latter.
trying to hold back his giggles as quiet as possible, jaehyun snaked his arms around your waist as jaewon got down from the sofa to sit on the carpet floor, in which your son’s eyes began to form beads of tears. he threw a fit for being the centre of focus and you brought both of his arms up as punishment.
instead of crying, he glared at you for embarrassing himin front of his favourite uncle. “uh-oh, you gotta keep staring momma. you might lose the battle.” jaehyun rubbed your waist, resting his head on yours.
the smell of scented shampoo brought him back to when he first hugged you; you in tears after the party he was invited at. you locked your fingers in his, your body gave up on jaewon’s new skill. “i don’t know where he learnt it from.” you said in a low voice, “my nightmares of his terrible twos are coming too soon.”
“probably from you, momma. you were very scary yesterday too.” he teased, making you sit up to see his lips refraining from laughing out loud during a situation of discipline.
you rolled your eyes and flicked his forehead. “for the last time, i told you not to call me that. if i hear you say it again, i’m-”
he silenced you with a kiss on the lips, its pressure caused you bend backwards and loosen your grip on his hands. “i love you.” he said between breaths and held the nape of your neck.
jaewon started to whimper and snot began to bubble by his nose. he walked and went between your legs where his palms squeezed your knees. once you felt them getting soaked through the jeans, you pulled away from jaehyun to check the child. he was wailing and gurgling from hiccups trying to come out from his throat. you cooed him and used a small towel placed in the pockets of his hoodie.
your boyfriend’s snickers rang in your ears that you poked his dimples a little harder to stop teasing the child. “okay, okay. i’m just second, gosh i can’t believe i’m competing with a child to get your attention.”
you carried jaewon into your arms. “did you really think a kiss would make me forgive you?” your voice hinting that you were mad but not totally since he practically called you the name pretty much through texts as well. you didn’t want him to know you were not cross with him until he figures it out.
jaehyun’s smile faltered and you pressed your lips from grinning wide. even with the slightest sweet actions, you weren’t the type to fall into his trap. “duh?” he was playing with you again so your heart would soften. he knew you couldn’t resist him. “you had the choice to refuse my kiss but here you are, liking it.” he dove in for more.
as much as you wanted to head to the balcony for fresh air, he would know it was your way of escape of dishonesty towards his words. you could only avoid eyes as it was the only reason you have to hide yourself from freaking out because well..
he was damn right.
“you’re such a tease.” you pinched his cheeks before he could pursue it and spotted a picture of young jaehyun that was too adorable to not point it out. he knew you start questioning, so he grabbed several albums and told wholesome backstories you never expected to hear.
“..and wow, looking back at these yeah i do cry a lot.” jaehyun sounded shocked like it was a revelation that was kept hidden from in order for him to recall it himself.
he went on and on, telling you how he cried after his father actually used a bowl to even out his hair length, or he cried at disney because the mascots were huge. “who knew this cute baby would be a bad boy sometime in his life.” you pointed at the pictures and popped a biscuit in your mouth.
jaehyun reacted as if he was attacked by your words, but he wasn’t going to back down that you started a playful war. “this baby became your baby though.” he took the third picture and copied the smile. “you love this bad baby.”
the impact it gave you caused your throat to feel prickly and eventually itch. you choked on the snack and paced to the kitchen counter for a gulp of water. he followed you with loud laughs and jaewon joined his so-called victorious roar with a raspy squeal. it all took real stunt for your son to team up with jaehyun. boys gotta be boys and you tried to comprehend their minds. now you could see both of them dancing and sliding with their socks as they headed to you.
“are you alright y/n? my bad, i didn’t know it would trigger you so much.” jaehyun’s cheeks hurt with how his plan turned out. “anyway do you want to have dinner with me?” he held your waist as your back touched his chest. he laid his chin on your head, moving his jaw that the vibrations caused you turn around. “i haven’t showed you chef jaehyun. i’ll cook steak.”
you smiled but sighed so soon, looking up to him with a pained face he didn’t want to see. and it wasn’t because of the minor accident, but it was something else. “i’d love to see you cook, but wouldn’t your parents be here by then?” you gave a flat smile. he knew what you meant. his stepmother made it clear that she wasn’t fond of you.
“i guess today’s your lucky day. they’re out of the country and jessica left earlier to assist them. krystal’s at the other side of city for two months, yunho hyung said he’ll be having o.t at the clinic and jinyoung.. i don’t care about him.”
“jinyoung said he’ll be at the set and won’t be going home.” you put the cup down, opening the refrigerator for possible ingredients he might use.
he scoffed but he wasn’t as affected as you thought he would be. “ah right i forgot, you were with him. how long until the results?”
“three to five working days. or more, depending on the lab. miyeon recommended her cousin’s, so i’m guaranteed with the time period they gave us.” you hugged him from the back, sniffing his perfume your nostrils loved smelling. “why? what’re you thinking?”
he felt a familiar sensation whirling inside him even with the smallest of gestures you do to him. and this caused him to flip you around that you’re in between the counter and himself. “i’m thinking of controlling my jealousy once the results are out. who knows, it might be worse than my anger.”
“hm i’d rather see a jealous jaehyun.” you leaned against the counter, wrapping your hands around his neck. “i find that side.. attractive.”
“oh boy, what have i done to miss y/n.” he chuckled and looked down at the hems of his jeans. your son tugged them and raised his hands. “jaewon, what’s your secret so that mommy can love me more?”
jaewon puckered his lips and took your face in his tiny palms. you let him kiss you on the lips and you could hear jaehyun scoff in behind him. even if he knew you were his, guess he does have a competitor in this relationship after all.
Tumblr media
eunha groggily reached for the door, sleep was all over her face as the people behind it continuously kept pressing the bell. she tsked, remembering that she was at your apartment after a long day at intern and heck it was evening already. who would come to your place at this time? she scrolled down her phone and a message from you reminded her about the event today. sometimes sleep makes people forget the important things and she knew it was the exhaustion that caused it.
and she soon opened the door, revealing wonwoo and the rest of them who were now pushing their way into the home. she let the boys trample upon each other and fight their way in before they even had the conscience to greet their arrival. chungha, miyeon and kyungwon were to sleepover, but the boys? they had to prepare themselves with reasons once you come back.
“y/n’s not here yet?” kyungwon tiptoed as she took the grocery bags to the table while the rest of them already made themselves at home.
“oh she said she’s near. leave the door unlocked so she wouldn’t have problems while carrying jaewon.” eunha hit yukhei lightly on the head with a magazine, the guy flinched at the strength and helped out with the items.
“what’s the plan?” soonyoung turned the television on and managed to go to your netflix channel. “most of the crew will be here. except jaehyun, obviously grounded for being such a pain to y/n.”
chungha rolled her eyes and pulled her boyfriend by the ear. this was supposed to be a girl’s night since it was postponed for a couple of weeks now. “you can’t sit here like a king while everyone else is helping out set up the games. sometimes i wonder why i agreed to date you.”
it wasn’t that she made a mistake to bring the boys here, soonyoung overheard her talking through the phone and was persistent to join. he kept reasoning that with all that has been happening within the group, he thought that tonight was the perfect night to lift whatever negativity that were to arrive, or if there were still some that lingers around.
maybe they could find other things to explain why your apartment was suddenly filled with uninvited boys.
jaehyun noticed you staring at his side profile whilst going up the lift. he felt your admiration towards him and looked down at you, his breathy chuckle blew your fringes away. “what?” he gently squeezed your hips. “do i have a stain or something?”
you gave a small shrug and waited for the numbers on the side to ascend quickly. “just thinking how a face like yours could end up being on the national t.v.”
jaehyun had a silent response but didn’t seem surprised with your wonders. he caressed your face with utmost care. “you’re saying that when my girl’s on thousands of magazines all over the country? hm, talk about humility.”
the lift dinged and the hallway sounded more lively than usual. their laughters echoed the entire floor and you knew you had visitors, but jaehyun swore he heard his friends’ wild reactions and chants to whatever they were doing.
“please not me! i’ve had too much secrets revealed!”
“why do you have a lot of them anyway?”
“it’ll be so funny if you end up doing my dare!”
“i’m not gonna! spare my sanity people!”
“i’ve gotta record this for keeps!”
they heard the door click and your friends stood like deers in the headlights. snack wrappers were on the floor, empty bottles that were later used for truth or dare, crumpled named papers for ballot drawing. “uh hi?” you greeted from where you both stood, making jaehyun flabbergasted at the sight of his lads’ presence. “i’m pretty sure this was a girls’ night only, but i guess the more the merrier.”
jaehyun helped himself entering your household, the guys approached him where yukhei took jaewon. “i’ll help you, dad.” yukhei made the child bounce in his arms and went to the farthest end of the living room. everyone else were entertained with jaewon showing off his dance he learned from jaehyun on the way back.
you tiredly sat by the dinner table, rubbing your temples to sooth the pain away. eunha grinned at you like she always have done whenever you were on a date with jaehyun— planned or unplanned, her reaction towards it was identical. “here i thought you’re giving him another timeout after yesterday’s craze.” she slid the cup across the table for you to drink. “changed your mind?”
“yeah. dr. yunho talked me through it earlier at the clinic.” taking a huge gulp, you gestured her for seconds as she mouthed at your assurance towards the older brother. “sure, jaehyun’s my boyfriend but i don’t want to side him innocently without knowing anything of their past. i would seem so biased doing that even if what he did was wrong, wouldn’t i?”
eunha raised her brows and widened her eyes. “what you get for dating a son of a rich family. you’re caught up in their mess too and girl, one advice.” her fingers asking you scoot in closer. “don’t take any sides. not even jaehyun, just be the middle person in their matters.”
“i know. aren’t i doing it now?” you asked softly that this conversation was only between the two of you.
she smiled softly. “yes you are. i know you’re careful, but think about it, okay? jinyoung’s so close to the finish line. once the results are revealed, you’ll have to agree on daily terms ‘cause it’s not just you three. jaewon’s in this too.” she held your hand, causing you realise that she saw things before you did. “bring the brothers together on d-day and talk things out.”
when she said those words of encouragement, sometimes blessings were in disguise. perhaps you were too occupied to live in the present that it prevented you from looking ahead. eunha was that person and honestly she helped filled in holes you thought you missed out seeing. your heart dropped at the care and support you received from her since the beginning. “thanks bub.” you tilted your head up to avoid people seeing your eyes shimmer in tears. “i hope jae behaves well when that happens.”
“c’mon, if jaehyun’s the lion. you’re his tamer. he won’t do anything when you’re there to warn him.” she commented, standing up to follow the others’ plead to join them in the next game.
she did say that, your heart was filled nothing but anxiety. “let’s just hope he doesn’t.”
an hour into the game, wonwoo spun the bottle and no one cared to even count the number of times yukhei complained for being chosen for the truths. he was all for the dares because that was the sole purpose why he took the time and initiative to pack his bag to join the sleepover. yet in all those turns soonyoung and the guys never gave him a chance to.
meanwhile you were worried about your son’s body clock for tonight. he would usually sleep at this hour, however with visitors that would postponed. the seventeen-month old kid ignored his bottle of milk and whined since he wanted the banana flavoured milk wonwoo let him drink. “he goes ahead of me when i want to take a sip. i can’t refuse these cute hands.” wonwoo scrunched his nose to fix his glasses and poked the child’s nose. “is it alright for him though?”
“yeah sure. just give him this since he’s all comfy with you. try lulling him to sleep too.” you handed the bottle and hit eunha on the arm for her impatience. it was your turn for the game anyway.
you looked at the growing anticipation and balled fists of everyone as the empty soda bottle spun. it was probably the longest one yet; soonyoung, yukhei and jaehyun held each other in hopes none of them would be picked. they made a bet and whoever had five secret reveals first would have to pay other. they were now tied and were on the edge of the cliff.
it was finally slowing down, the neck of the bottle pointed towards miyeon. imagine the solace in the boys’ eyes and the panic intensifying on her face. chants of dares were more than truths— in the past hour that was all everyone chose. since it was nearing midnight, miyeon went for truth.
yukhei readied himself time ask the golden question by stretching his limbs and circling his neck. “have you really moved on after you broke up with jae?” he pretended to interview. he bent his head after kyungwon’s hit. “ow!”
“why would you ask that when y/n’s here? you gotta learn to be considerate for both ladies.” she whispered, yukhei marvelled quite at a tone and cursed his late apprehension. he mouthed a ‘sorry’ for his carelessness.
miyeon reacted with a giggle. “it’s okay, you don’t have to freak out. i’ll answer it since it’s all history.”
if people assumed you weren’t panicking, that’d be an understatement because you actually were. whilst sitting there, you hoped jaehyun wasn’t holding your hands for it would show your heartbeats speeding at a surprising rate. but he rubbed your hands and brought them up for a kiss.
“i moved on. it took a while, jaehyun actually contacted me and we talked things through even if it was a bad way of ending things. we’re all good.”
there wasn’t much weight in your chest upon hearing the truth from miyeon, and it wasn’t congested or tight than you thought you’d feel. it was in the past; she and jaehyun have broken and patched up. what was happening now was all for good old nostalgia and honesty.
besides, there were new futures to look forward to. most of all, thinking that miyeon and jaehyun once dated didn’t hurt you at all. deep inside you, you hoped jaehyun would finally have some idea that it was the same for you and jinyoung— that you were in the same situation as he was to miyeon.
but the point was.. there was a difference. you and miyeon didn’t have any beef with each other, the brother have and still do. that thought alone only made your head hurt. jaehyun was sure your heartbeat would slow down after hearing from her. he was a hundred percent sure you’d be fine.
what he didn’t know was that it’s because of him your heart wasn’t able to. you were worried, no..
you’re very troubled when the day comes.
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| serenity in us | j.jh | masterlist
Tumblr media
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serenity in us 🥂 (completed)
genre: college au | fluff | angst | richboy!jaehyun
↳ “serenity is found somewhere between the sky and the sand.” the quote was referring to the horizon; maybe something beyond it could finally bring you the peace you needed. so the universe made you cross paths with a young man called jaehyun. the encounter? you both figured that life became.. so much better.
[ date started & ended: 8 apr — 9 nov 2020 ]
chapters: one ➙ two ➙ three ➙ four ➙ five  ➙ six ➙ seven ➙ eight ➙ nine ➙ ten ➙ eleven ➙ twelve ➙ thirteen ➙ fourteen ➙ fifteen ➙ sixteen ➙ seventeen ➙ eighteen (final)
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| serenity in us | j.jh | ch. thirteen
Tumblr media
word count: 5.5k+
a/n: hello loves, i’m back to tumblr now and i’m sorry if i made you wait. if you still want to be part of the taglist, pls do msg me/send an ask. let’s continue shall we? enjoy reading! ♡ ~j.
Tumblr media
wonwoo trailed his eyes away for a second from his playstation to the bothered soonyoung beside him, who had the audacity to abandon the game he promised to complete ages ago. the bummed boy slid his entire body against the sofa and threw a fit, in which he unconsciously kicked yukhei in the groin.
couple of hisses and groans made wonwoo pause the game, watching them for a while before turning his head to the sound of the opening door. jaehyun threw his large duffle bag to the floor, later the wood tiles beneath creaked from the heavy footsteps and wonwoo knew what this specific behaviour was.
“they’re wrestling again?” jaehyun grabbed whatever snack bag was available on the table in front. the packet only had little left for his stomach to be satisfied and wasn’t sure if he would grab anything else for seconds.
“always do.” wonwoo stated, eyes still glued to the screen. he slid soonyoung’s long forgotten controller across the coffee table and asked him continue the mission from there. “can’t stop them once they start. i don’t even bother.”
jaehyun remained silent and helped the older one with the game. wonwoo seemed to notice it and sat comfortably before he asked his friend. “that duffle bag. you’re gonna crash here tonight?”
the clicks of the buttons became frequent and repetitive whilst the flashes from the screen blinked in different ranges of neon colours. “mhm, i can’t? i mean you’ll let me, right?” his elbows met wonwoo’s arm, only to be responded with a scoffed sigh. “ah hyung, please?”
“whenever something happens it always has to be my house.” he sat back in defeat from the outcome of the game. “jaehyun, what happened this time? you came here when you broke things off with miyeon. i suppose it’s not the same for y/n.”
now soonyoung and yukhei stopped their fight and half-stood like meerkat brothers in a desert at the mention of it. déjà vu so it seemed. to them, things were suspicious if jaehyun did the same act twice. they had to force him tell them the whole story and dig that one thing that was occupying his mind so much it left him to become quiet again. soonyoung perked a brow and dusted the dirt off his clothes, he took a piece of snack from yukhei as all of them circled around troubled guy.
the first half of his day was alright; everything went well really without having to stress about. one was the part-time work he has been going to gave him an increase for his dedication to help out even on non-scheduled hours. and second, he was glad he didn’t have to see jinyoung for a few days at home due to his ongoing shooting for his television series— that probably lifted some tension off his shoulders. he wouldn’t know how to act around him if all he remembered was his brother clinging drunkenly on his girlfriend. he forgave you for that, but there wasn’t space left for forgiveness for his brother.
what bothered him was you told him of your decision to forgo with the paternity testing, which meant you would have to meet up with jinyoung alone any day this week. though he did receive your message, he was hoping he could tag along; to ensure that his brother would not do anything.
but something was holding him back to do so.
because even then, when he recalled at two of you at the night in the rain, it slapped him like claps of thunder. storms of all of your pasts caught his thoughts in a whirlwind as if they wanted him to fear them; fear of what would happen.
“jae, cool off. you’ll break the thumb sticks.” wonwoo warned as he switched the game off, actually cutting short of jaehyun’s deep thinking.
he groaned loud. “my bad.” most of his thoughts about the test began clouding his head. “i just don’t know what to tell y/n.” he then stared at the phone’s screen blankly as his fingers twitched to find the right words. the controller slid from his thigh where his attention went back to thinking of you.
“about what? jaewon finally getting to know who his father is?” jaehyun heard soonyoung blurt out as he munched the snack with legs rested on the table. the latter devoured it whole and grabbed another, letting jaehyun’s brows to guess how he knew. “chungha told me last week. she met y/n and the others.”
jaehyun let out a long sigh, pressing the bridge of his nose. he didn’t want to be reminded about it the second time if that would only alter the change in his mood— since he was already brushing it aside. “it sounds like you don’t want the testing to be taken.” yukhei said as he combed his messy hair from the wrestle a minute ago. he covered his face with his forearms sensing that jaehyun was about to smack him with a pillow.
all of his friends were on the same page. they felt the strange aura jaehyun was showing and they wouldn’t let it linger within the room, not until they let him realise his attitude was something they couldn’t tolerate longer. jaehyun threw his phone recklessly on the table without caring if it would gain dents and cracks from the force. he messaged you and the boys were quizzical with the reply he gave you. “i don’t but i let her anyway because it’s for jaewon’s sake. gosh i should be okay with it yet i couldn’t stay still. i don’t even know why i- ugh..” he heaved a long sigh, the upper half of his body laying unkempt against the curve of the sofa cushions.
alike; wonwoo, soonyoung and yukhei shared purses of the lips as they stared at jaehyun whose facial muscles showed more creases. to say it honestly, they knew he was afraid of the outcome. jaehyun knew himself better than anyone else that he was an overthinker. with you however, it became twice the energy, or thrice so to say. his palms were probably being marked with crescent moons of his fingernails from clenching too much. his phone buzzed with your messages, indicating that your decision was final.
but nothing regarding letting him see you.
soonyoung nudged him to snap out of it, that he wasn’t looking at the bigger picture; that his ego still walked inside of a narrow tunnel when it came to jinyoung— never missed a second in which he always let his anger surround his thick-headedness. “hey, it’s not like y/n’s leaving you after that.” soonyoung trailed long with a low voice. “ there anything else that’s bothering you? you look intense and it’s kinda unsightly.”
“i know she’s not gonna.” jaehyun removed his hood above, shaking his head for his hair to breathe. “it’s obvious he is the father but frankly, i’m scared of how jinyoung would associate himself in their lives while i’m still y/n’s boyfriend. it feels like my privacy with her is being invaded.”
“not if he really does have the right to associate himself,” wonwoo stretched backwards whilst on the beanbag and jaehyun stared at him for answers, undeniably confused with the response. “isn’t that how you felt when your dad said jinyoung was to share rooms with you at the penthouse?”
“uh yeah? but we’re not sharing rooms now. agh did you really have to remind me about it? my head’s starting to hurt-” jaehyun rubbed his face.
“the medical records would be the proof. of course he has every right to be and act as jaewon’s father. just like he has the right to live in the penthouse because he’s your dad’s son, well practically still your dad’s son.” wonwoo raised a brow to get those facts straight for jaehyun to understand and take those in. “same concept jae. i know you’re mature enough to be aware of all this. don’t choose to be childish now.”
soonyoung nodded with hums of agreement. “well that’s a good way to put it, won’. tell mr. stuck-up he’s gonna make things worse if he continues in that direction.” he attempted to grab the console to return to playing the game, but wonwoo flicker his forehead for realising too late that he already long abandoned the game.
jaehyun squeezed the bottle for the remaining water, gulping each drop as if it were the last drinkable source on earth and not a word said to respond. they knew how aggitated he would get. “i’m not liking it where things are going now and if you were in my shoes, you’d understand.”
“of course we do. but to let so much jealousy get in the way of the relationship? you’re letting yourself be affected when you’re supposed to understand y/n’s standing as jaewon’s mother. she wants the best for her child. she doesn’t want her child to grow up fatherless now that your brother already convinced her that he actually is.” wonwoo’s voice raised by a half, noticing that jaehyun didn’t really listen to anything he said. “no wonder she gave you a timeout.”
“who said i was jealous?” jaehyun asked with marks of his clenched jaw outlining his skin. “and i’m not a child to be given a timeout!”
“do you all want meet the girls? i’m not liking the vibe in here right now. too negative.” yukhei tossed a ball up high and it came down at the palm of his hand.
“i’m with you on this one.” soonyoung smoothly slid across the living room.
in the end, his friends agreed to meeting you and they waited for dimple’s signal, who was already making himself comfortable by sinking deeper into the bean bag. his arms were yanked forward, almost hitting the floor with his entire face. “ow what the hell, can’t you see i’m a little hesitant to see her?”
wonwoo threw the duffle bag on his back, adding weight to jaehyun’s body and stopped him from standing up. “it’s been a week or more since she kicked you out of her apartment. should be more than enough time for your head to cool off.” he helped him up. “and if i were y/n i’d definitely be pissed at your flip-outs too. or not talk to you for a while.”
“she didn’t kick me out! she told me to leave and i did! there’s a difference.” jaehyun rolled his eyes and grabbed the keys to his car, heading towards the door whilst the rest followed him out. “she wasn’t pissed. she was upset.”
he did say that, but his heart hammered in guilt knowing the words he tried to convince them weren’t true. he didn’t want to look like a sore loser whose girlfriend managed to silence him with actions. the boys knew he was lying. he definitely wavered his voice and they immediately concluded his mind was occupied with whatever happened between you that night.
“you usually stay here for an hour or so. but you wouldn’t be here with narrow eyebrows and a duffle bag if she ‘told’ you to leave.” yukhei slung his arm around the boy and held his stance when jaehyun attempted to brush his arm. “there’s a difference.”
“seriously don’t shove my words into my mouth.” jaehyun poked him with his elbow. a smile curving at the ends of his lips. “i hate admitting i’m wrong, but.. you have a point. all of you.”
they reached the lift right when it dinged, signalling them that it’ll head to the designated level. “maybe let’s head to the bar? grab a few drinks? hopefully we make this guy feel a little better?” wonwoo pressed the button as he lightly fistbumped their shoulders.
soonyoung hummed in a tone that was quite eerie to the ears. “just don’t get too wasted.”
“why not?” yukhei asked, where he sounded quite defensive because he wanted free drinks from the ladies who worked at the bar. “it’s the perfect time!” he rotated his wrists to check the numbers.
he stared at his phone for a while, then cleared his throat before saying words the boys didn’t expect. they knew they eventually would, but not this soon. “we’re told to babysit jaewon.” soonyoung waved his device.
“you have my girlfriend’s number?” jaehyun leaned in sideways to see the phone, a sigh of relief exited his chest. “ah, chungha messaged. funny how you two haven’t confessed to each other yet. everyone literally knows the feelings you have for her.”
“yeah funny how you’re the only person in here who doesn’t know i asked her out last week.” soonyoung gave a proud smirk as he took a step out of the lift, making jaehyun fish out his phone to check their group chat with 99+ notifications above the app icon. “oh wait i forgot, you were too busy drowning in your own chaotic feelings.”
jaehyun scrolled down the long conversation he didn’t bother reading and thumbs stopped when he caught sight of a selfie soonyoung took with her. “oh wow you are dating. no wonder he’s kinda in a rush now. he’s excited to see chungha.”
a low but loud chuckle caused jaehyun to turn over his shoulder. he saw wonwoo clean the specs and wore them back again, and it was rare to see the older one let out an emotion to that extent. “what about you? aren’t you excited to see y/n?”
“i don’t look like it, but yeah. of course i am.”
Tumblr media
the director yelled “cut!” and first half of filming‘s finished. he called everyone to preview the final part. for you, the content of the whole scene didn’t really make sense as it was a perfume promotion. they needed at least something to catch the viewers’ attention. and chose jinyoung to be their brand ambassador and you acting as his lover. your screen time was about ten seconds and you knew that your back figure wouldn’t expose you as much as you thought it would.
jinyoung mentally screwed the staff for not being careful, that by now they should be aware of his conditions because today wasn’t the first time they worked with him. whenever you were around, a few have already figured his motives in the past hours and confronted him to be honest to them; mostly to himself. his eyes panned the screen where it paused on both of your silhouettes— by the faux night view behind and the balcony prop. he hitched a breath when he felt you brush past him lightly, almost centimeters apart. a fellow actor of his tv series visited, and later replaced your brief presence. he was someone he considered his best friend and knew his life cover to cover.
“are you going to keep staring at y/n or are you going to start telling me the deets of possibly taking her back?” bogum flicked his nose to break the awe shown on jinyoung’s face.
“getting her back would take me a hundred years as long as jaehyun is her boyfriend. i think it’s enough that i could be with her when jaewon’s my child.” jinyoung pursed his lips and dug his smile deep into the back of his head. “that alone, maybe my brother would understand. my fingers are crossed, tight.”
bogum shrugged as he has nothing else better to say. jinyoung did have a point after all. nothing should stop him from seeing jaewon, not even his own brother. the sounds of satisfied complimentary cheers had the two sharing looks. their eyes followed the growing voices, and it led to where you were. you put your hair on on side, nervously caressing the ends of the perm at the never-ending comments the staff said. the smiley co-actor began teasing the awestruck boy. jinyoung could stare at you forever.
they made you look stunning today and he couldn’t keep his eyes off you.
with steady steps you went down the stairs of the risen platform. the hem of the gown was pulled up, feeling a little better after hours filming. a shadow crept up from behind you and a hand touched your shoulder asking to look back. it was jinyoung. “i’m sorry it took so long to finish even if director said it’ll only take a few hours. i never thought it’d take up the whole day. and we only filmed the first half.”
“why’re you apologising? it wasn’t your decision that i’d be a part of it.” you raised a brow in assurance that he shouldn’t be too worried about bothering or affecting your schedule. he shouldn’t even involve himself with you anyway.
“but i do have part in it.” jinyoung trailed off as he unbuttoned his collar and removed his tie to rest against a partition. “i was the one who told the director to cast you for this commercial shooting.”
that was it. no wonder it felt suspicious when jessica suddenly called and informed about the new project. the faint smile on your lips faded quickly to a straight, unsatisfied expression and you could tell it made jinyoung flinch. subtle, but you caught him doing so.
he already knew you would react this way and knew he went ahead to reason out. yet he was a step late when he saw that sarcasm trying to evolve in your current mood. “okay? so you had all this planned and even asked your sister to cover up for you? just solely for your desires to be with me?” you hissed as the straps from the heels began to create blisters.
jinyoung lifted himself from leaning on the partition and offered a chair for you to sit. “well i didn’t ask her- maybe i did, i don’t know. but hey, that was quick of you to figure out.”
“trust me, it’s not that hard. i was like you before.” you massaged your ankles. “i was so desperate in a sense i pushed myself too far to be able to be with you 24/7. and look what it got me into? heart. break.”
the pause in between that last word was full of bitterness and hatred. you moved on already but just talking about it all came flooding towards you again. “i won’t be surprised if i get the same fate.” jinyoung felt his veins throb. he wasn’t too sure how to react now. “i know i deserve it anyway.”
it was satisfying to let out a i-told-you-so kind of huff and wanting him to experience the kind of pain he gave you. he thought that maybe if he loved you genuinely back then, he wouldn’t have to face the pain now.
“the moment i agreed to date jaehyun and be his girlfriend, you already received the same fate. you fully know i’m never going back to you.”
“i know that well enough.” jinyoung attempted to hold you hand, but your reflexes were too slow to avoid him. “i hope you know well enough that i’ve changed. for you and jaewon’s sake. i have to be the father my son would want to look up to.”
you were convinced, slightly. and you won’t deny that he was in fact was telling the truth. “i’ll take your word for it.” you nodded goodbye with a neutral and small smile.
“wait.” jinyoung’s voice was softer than before, making you look up to him with a tired face. “see you at the clinic with jaewon tomorrow.” he reminded you after you told him about forgoing with the testing. he later bit his inner gums to stop himself from smiling at your acceptance.
turning around to head back to the changing room, your first step was stopped hearing double door flying open. the impact jolted you from your stance. there were people talking softly as if they were asking one to refrain themselves from disturbing the rest.
“seriously you’re not thinking things through!”
“you’re attrating too much attention!”
“i don’t give a damn! i need to find my girlfriend!”
a strong arm grabbed your wrists and with the familiar, reckless behaviour, it had to be jaehyun. he stood in front you, his broad back blocking your view towards jinyoung. it looked like they had a brief stare-down before jaehyun pulled you away from the rest of the gang. he even ignored jaewon’s squeals who saw his mom walking further away. you moaned at the bumps your left high-heel did to your fresh blisters.
“jae- stop!” you yelled as he led you to a secluded and blind spot corner of the studio floor. a column large enough to make you both unseen from the crowd you left behind. “jung jaehyun can you stop acting so rashly?!”
he still had your wrists around his palms. his eyes boring into yours and caused you to not bat an eyelid. the gesture alone surprised you too much that it was the very first time he ever went physical.
and him right now was scarier compared to when you both quarrelled a week ago. “y/n, i thought your shooting was not until friday?” he asked with a low tone, anger starting to boil as it was heard in his voice. “and you never mentioned jinyoung would be in it.”
“if i did, would you stop me from doing my job?” you blew the strands of your hair that were covering your view. he was definitely letting his anger get the best of him, again. “you know the reason why i have to do this.”
“as a matter of fact, i would. anything to keep you away from my wretched brother.” he brushed his hair, finally releasing you from his hold.
it seemed your boyfriend wasn’t understanding the whole picture here. he was thinking of how he feels rather than yours; just like that night. “is it really hard for you to see that jinyoung‘s slowly changing for the better? everyone else can see that. even your friends do too. i could tell with the way they tried stopping you from confronting him earlier.”
“then they don’t know him as much as i do!” jaehyun growled and leaned against the column, folding his arms to try to keep his calm in the subtle ways possible. “he’s incapable of change. i don’t trust him-”
“he’s not who i thought he was, jaehyun.” he heard you say, and never thought he’d hear those words from your lips. “he’s changing for-”
jaehyun exhaled in a rather struggling manner. he couldn’t believe what he heard. you- his girlfriend, actually siding his brother whom he despised for the longest of time? he strudded forwards to where you were meek beneath him. “what, just because he stuck a medical pen on your thigh or helped you carry the remains of your gown ‘he’s already changed?’ to an extent you let him kiss you y/n!”
your lips agaped at the revelation of his presence whilst you were working. “you were already here?” you questioned him, surprised. “oh my g- jaehyun, if you were here then you know that that was for the shooting! there’s a difference between this and reality!” you hissed softly since you were cautious about the attention you both might bring.
in your heart, you never wanted to fight with jaehyun. not after that night. however, the atmosphere now was leading to that aura of that negativity again. “yeah? but there’s a difference between your work and your personal life! you rarely spend time with me!” jaehyun’s volume was getting louder and he didn’t seem to care about it at all.
“have you forgotten i slightly distanced myself after we fought last week?” you poked his chest with little force. there was silence, he didn’t speak for a while. you chuckled in disbelief thinking that you had to argue back in order for him to be quiet. you hoped he would stay silent. “i was expecting you to calm down if given a couple of days. i didn’t expect you show yourself more angry than usual.” you kept poking his chest so he could at least feel you weren’t happy with his behaviour. “you’re letting anger getting the best of you-”
“well who’s fault is that?!“ jaehyun immediately cut you off and had his palms on your wrists again as you shivered in fear. he felt how you convulsed in his force. you made it obvious to him that he was at his highest point of upheaval, but he was too clouded to see the growing pain written in the bites of your lips.
“you’re hurting me.” you looked down, trailing your eyes from his face to his hands that were squeezing yours tightly.
jaehyun scoffed, releasing you from his hold. “am i now? because the way how i see it, you’re hurting me.” he shoved your limb and turned around to leave.
this wasn’t the jaehyun you met, knew and loved. it was as if he was a total different person who was locked up inside and managed his way out of his conscience; this other jaehyun wanted you to see who he actually was.
the pulse from your wrists were forgotten, the throb of your heartbeat matched with jaehyun, yunho, jinyoung, jessica and miyeon’s words suddenly popping up in your mind respectively.
“i was at a rebellious phrase but y/n brought out the better version of myself..”
“if that’s jae calling, i suggest you to take it. trust me he could be very pressing.”
“as for the hero.. they can always mask their history and themselves.”
“mr. stuck up’s all cranky.”
“the relationship with him wasn’t healthy anymore and it’s very toxic.”
oh heavens. they’re all adding up now.
you finally plucked up the courage to say what you truly felt. it was a hard move, yet you couldn’t tolerate this— jaehyun any longer. currently he’s throwing fists at a wall that wasn’t precasted well enough to withstand several punches. “i’m starting to understand why miyeon left you.”
jaehyun stopped in his tracks and you soon appeared before him. his eyes widened in shock at a secret he planned to tell you before. “how did you know i dated her?” he circled his wrists for a massage.
a ‘does-it-matter?’ raise of a brow had him fuming. the resources showed themselves way back and you just happened to realise that now when the trigger’s been pulled. jaehyun knee his previous relationship was eventually spilled and you probably knew a part of it.
he sensed the darkness in your demeanour, a first time to be able to witness such intensity in your eyes. and he wasn’t going to lose such intensity, even if it meant you were his lover. “huh, what did she say? that i’m possessive? too insensitive? blunt?” he ran his fingers through his hair. “i hate to break your bubble, but this was me before i met you.”
you pressed your temples as headache began to come. “her answer’s vague but i know what she implied.”
“bullcrap y/n you better tell me because i’m going insane thinking that you’re gonna leave me like the rest of them-”
“not everything has to always be about you!” you shouted with clenched fists, your echoes completely silencing his stubbornness. taking a huge deep of breath as guilt began taking over your body, you brought both of your palms to cup his face. “why does it always have to be about- no..”
your eyes shone in the shimmering of your tears edging to fall, but you kept them in because you saw jaehyun’s eyes welled more than yours, so you held your stance remembering his previous words. “jaehyun what are you not telling me?..”
jaehyun pulled you into a hug, hiding his face at the crook of your neck. he was vibrating.. in fear. in fears that you might leave him. “i don’t want you to leave like mom and miyeon did..”
at the far distance where the gang stood, they stared at miyeon who took steps backwards and without a word, she cowered her head from the group. they all sighed, leaving eunha clueless regarding the issue. “i didn’t really have a choice..”
“well you kind of did?” soonyoung pursed his lips. “considering you knew jaehyun before the rest of us, despite being childhood friends, you knew what happened and still chose to leave him-”
chungha covered his mouth in embarrassment her boyfriend said. “you’re really not helping anyone here soonyoung.”
miyeon sighed. “then at least let me say and admit that i contributed to his unstable emotional state.”
“you aren’t the real reason and you know that.” jinyoung patted her head for comfort. “we all know why my brother ended up as he is now— angry and hurt and confused and terrified.”
eunha tried to intrude them as she was clearly not in their world. “seriously i can’t keep up with you all. what exactly happened?” eunha asked while cradling jaewon to sleep.
“my brother’s the rotten fruit of dad’s biggest mistake. he’s the reason why mom left..” they all hesitantly turned to the voice who immediately cut the conversation short and joined the revelation of his past. you and jaehyun were behind them and as you took jaewon in his arms, you knew things were just getting heated and huddled with the girls. “why mom didn’t even think twice to leave her own children behind!”
jinyoung walked up to confront him. again the younger one was picking another fight. “yeah i was twelve when i was told i had siblings.” he said, making jaehyun remember the time he suddenly showed up during thanksgiving ‘03. “trust me, it’s not a welcoming family dinner nor it ended well.”
you looked at everyone who listened intently. even if they knew the story, it was like they listened to it for the first time. “if you hadn’t showed up it would’ve ended well!” jaehyun scowled, causing jinyoung to grab his shirt. the other boys managed to separate them before it turned into another fight.
“i begged dad to not keep me as a secret anymore because i hate the fact i was hidden from the everyone!” jinyoung pointed at him. it then lit a candle to you and eunha, you both shared a look that the rumour roaming around the campus about a hidden ‘jung’ wasn’t jaehyun.
it was jinyoung.
“all he cared about was his image and to show the country how ‘perfect’ his family is when it really isn’t!” he yelled. “if you really want to vent your anger about mom leaving, blame dad!”
jaehyun brushed past you, slightly bumping your body and started a fist fight with his brother. “don’t call her like she’s your mom!”
a mocking evil laugh was sucked out of jinyoung’s chest. he gagged disbelief at the resemblance he suddenly recalled. “i guess i could understand why dad didn’t bother stopping her from leaving! she has severe anger issues and you inherited it! you’re the rotten fruit! no wonder miyeon left you! and now you put y/n into a dilemma!”
your boyfriend clicked his tongue. “shut up!”
before they could actually hit each other, you gave your son to kyungwon and stood in between the brothers. they pulled the brakes of their bodies seeing your pissed expression they never really seen before. “why don’t you wake up and see that you’re both the rotten fruits?!” you yelled as you switched and exchanged glances to the two of them. “for someone raised with privileges people sought to have, you really lack self-control.”
“you’re siding with jinyoung?! so you trust him now?!” jaehyun asked while catching his breath.
“i said ‘both’, didnt i? and for the record i didn’t say anything about trusting jinyoung. i still don’t.” you replied sternly and soothed your temples. “but i believe in second chances and that he’s doing everything he can for jaewon’s sake.”
jaehyun groaned and crossed his arms like a child. wonwoo, soonyoung and yukhei held their lips from curving into a huge smile. even miyeon couldn’t keep the boy’s mouth shut. they saw how you took your boyfriend’s hands to leave the venue. “we’re going because you’ve gone too far.” you told him. you began to take your leave and were about to walk past jinyoung standing in front of you. “and i’ll see you tomorrow at 4pm.”
imagine the blanket shame following your trail as you exited, you kept your eyes glued to the floor and jaehyun seemed unfazed; like he was used to causing trouble. eunha stayed quiet while you reached her car to get home.
once you were both out of sight, the rest of the diaper-buds took another route to exit the studio. “i’m sorry you had to see that.” jinyoung let out a long sigh.
“it’s not like it’s our first time seeing you fight.” yukhei said. “we’re used to it.”
“come to the penthouse when i send you the message.” jinyoung suddenly spoke in a low voice.
wonwoo shoved his hands into his cardigan pockets, already figured everything out. “you want us to witness the results of the paternity test?”
“yeah. when it’s confirmed, it’s the only way for jaehyun to stop his agitation towards me.” he folded the cuffs of his shirt.
deep inside jinyoung fully held onto that hope, knowing that even if there was no chance of you trusting him, there was a chance to reconcile with jaehyun.
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jae-canikeepyou · a year ago
| serenity in us | j.jh | ch. one
Tumblr media
word count: 2.9k+ ( putting this now yay :3 )
a/n: hey hi hello~ i’m back with another series! i was gonna wait until my semester’s done but my patience’s killing me and i don’t wanna keep you all waiting so here you go! ♡ enjoy! ~j
Tumblr media
“serenity is found somewhere between the sky and the sand.” you read the font words on the minimalist frame. it was a quote you heard in an ongoing, constant dream that you thought was needed to be drawn and remembered. in it, the quote was a voice as if a narrator spoke those words to begin something new. the scenery you ask? every place was different but there was always a horizon. the dream was vague and raised a lot of question marks in your mind the moment you wake up.
you hung the item on the wall, marking the end of unpacking your things since moving in days ago. the mess was finally cleared out and the boxes were emptied and folded briefly, lined on one side of the wall. you slouched low in exhaustion, sliding your home slippers across the white marbled floor. it was squeaking even, that only explained how much of a neat freak you were. a new apartment, simple furniture and man oh man, you have an automatic vacuum with a sensor that you didn’t have to worry about the dirt at the annoying, impossible corners.
independence was something you were blessed with despite being an orphan as early as two. uncle caleb; a friend of your father’s and aunt jenn; your mother’s half-sister, gladly took you in as their own.
honestly the mention of your beloved felt like they were still alive and just working abroad, because they were always reminded and talked about from your uncle and aunt. you had a striking resemblance with your mother, but the ways were your father’s. ‘a perfect combination of the two’, was how they described the child they never wanted to leave behind.
the door bell rang and the small screen showed your childhood— and best friend, eunha. she waved at the super tiny camera and had some flowers and bento boxes with her, all packed and nicely decorated. you pressed the button for her to enter. whilst you waited, you played an hour long track list of soothing, chill, instrumental songs to make the apartment a little noisy. one thing’s for sure, silent cleaning was not a good habit since you tend to procrastinate, oops. 
eunha greeted you a hug so tight, placing down the things she brought with her. “y/n! i’m so glad we’re living so close to each other!” she hugged you and fanned herself as if that would stop her eyes from welling. “how’s everything with you? you should’ve called me honey! you know i’ll be coming straight away to help! i have a hotline like the powerpuff girls has.” she winked.
“i’m great! i crossed out the things i completed and now free from the stress. i’m ready for the new semester.” you gestured her to sit, inviting her for the meal you prepared. “well i am the bubbles to your blossom~ but it’s really okay! i managed and here we are talking freely without stressing over things.”
her hands held yours and swung them with excitement. “after we eat, do you want me to bring you around town? there’s a vinyl record store i think you’ll like.” her voice beaming as she singsonged, chewing on the pancake with whipped cream and blueberries.
“it’s still 9 a.m. we have loads of time in the world.” you showed your watch.
the leaves began to fall and you twirled around the sidewalk’s lamppost. eunha took pictures of you, happiness written on your face. you both entered the said shop. records displayed and hung on the wall, posters of legendary artists and worldwide singers encouraging customers to come in.
your hands trailed along the shelf that had new and limited turntables. as much as you were itching to pull out your wallet, there were other important things you needed to worry about and independence meant discipline too. your fingers curled and hesitated, just inches left before you could touch the surface of the one thing you’ve always wanted to purchase.
eunha giggled at your whiney, surrendered self. your back turning away from the product and walking towards her. “y/n.” she called your name, but this certain tone was serious and was more of a reminder.
“i know.” you smiled as you wiggled your phone with the ever precious wallpaper of yours.
“oh! your aunt’s calling you.” she hopped and pointed at the device, making you sliding fingers on the screen a second later. she gestured that she’d head out and wait for you.
“hi aunt jenn.” you greeted on the phone, only to extend your arm slightly at the baby’s cry on the other line. “aw he’s crying again?”
“yes y/n. i’ll be heading to work soon. can you come here?” she chuckled, though it was obvious she had the baby in her arms.
you exited the store and pulled eunha, crossing the pedestrian. “alright, i’ll be on my way.”
Tumblr media
the office was dead silent and not one soul dared to speak. three figures stood in front of the angered woman; their continuous fiddles of the fingers and tapping of the toes became faster as they tried to come up with a reason to tell. just one. only the ticking of the clock on the table was heard. it was getting harder and harder to breathe even in a hundred square meter room.
“where is he?!” she yelled. the three flinched and were taken aback, hands either behind them or wrapped around an arm. the door then flung opened, revealing the said guy.
“young man, how can you be so inconsiderate?!” the woman asked again, this time it was in an annoying range of decibel that the listeners had to endure the volume. 
jaehyun brushed past the ‘meeting’ and sat in one of the leather chairs. his legs rested on the centered table, obviously not bothering to listen. “so, being a minute late concludes my actions in general?” he chuckled bitterly, spinning the chair around before standing up again.
“i couldn’t care less,” he now glared at the woman. “about this damn meeting. what is it for, anyway?! wasting my time!”
he left the room and the woman rubbed her temples, swinging her palms to tell the rest of the three to follow the young man. “jaehyun.” yunho called his brother, reaching a hand out to grab him, successfully turning the lad around.
“what?” jaehyun snapped, removing the grip onto his body.
krystal rolled her eyes, the pungent smell entering her nostrils. “you reek, jae.”
“you went drinking again, didn’t you? i could smell the moment you came into the office.” yunho asked, pressing the button of the lift to head down.
“when will you learn, honestly?” jessica fixed her bag on her arm. “grow up.”
jaehyun clapped his hands, applauding the expected words that woman instructed his siblings to do. “me? learn? i already did. i just won’t follow orders from that silver digger.”
“gold*.” they corrected him.
“see you’re still drunk.” krystal meddled with her new manicure, earning a nudge from jessica.
“whatever, noona. you get my point either way.” jaehyun fished out his car keys to toss them up high, whistling his heart out at his favourite tune.
they exited the building and got on the car. he dropped off his sisters at the blanc and eclare flagship headquarters, then drove to a nearby restaurant for lunch with yunho. they entered the place and went to the reserved table. jaehyun sat and loosened the buttons of his polo, removing the neck tie and sat back.
yunho stared at his carefree little brother, he put the menu down so he could maybe give him a little serious talk. he understood why jaehyun acted the way he did earlier. even he himself could do the same but given the circumstances of his standing in the family, of course he’d be the mature one. he was the first child anyway.
“got anything you want?” yunho asked, removing his sunglasses then placing them in its case. “i’ll pay.”
“nah, let me pay for my own meal, hyung.” he flashed a small smile. “i got my pay check.”
“so you still do have a heart.” yunho jokingly stated the overseen fact.
“c’mon you’re smarter than that doctor jung.” jaehyun said the occupation title in a childlike tone. “you should know why i’m filled with hatred towards the woman.”
“hatred is such a strong word, offensive even. but seriously jae, how long are you going to keep up with this behavior? the next thing you know it, you’re out of the penthouse.”
yunho raised his hands to order. the young lad didn’t dare to answer and he sighed at the usual unresponsive manner whenever they hit this certain topic. “look i know for the longest time she treated us like how captain george von trapp did to his kids. i get it. you hated how she uses out-of-the-world discipline and i totally understand that-”
jaehyun scoffed, disbelief clearly written on his face. “i was six when she entered our lives. a kid that age couldn’t handle being shoved around just because he thought there was no difference between boxers and pajama shorts. the sound of music is cool reference by the way.”
“you did have confused mind back then. and what else can i compare it with? she probably took the idea from there.” yunho laughed as he handed the utensils and handkerchief. “but still though, i suggest you man up and act like you do with dad. just be yourself.”
“easier said than done.” jaehyun began slicing his steak and popping one bit into his mouth.
“what makes you so stone cold towards her anyway?” he asked, fixing the handkerchief by his lap.
“simple.” jaehyun stated the obvious even if he knew that yunho knew the answer.
“she’s not mom.”
Tumblr media
eunha brought you to the restaurant that opened not long ago. the interior was eye-catching yet even with its simplicity, it was able to attract customers from outside. the smell of dishes that were yet to be served was luring and probably the reason why eunha chose the place. the waiters led you to the a table and soon came back with a baby chair. you placed the little un in it and he smiled with pearls trying to peek out.
you fixed the bib around him and booped his nose. gurgles of his hoarse laughs made everyone at your area turn to him. “ooh you sure are the spotlight stealer, aren’t you? these people are already taking a picture of you.”
“gosh he has the cutest smile.” eunha melted at the sight of him grabbing the tissue. “looky here!” she aimed her camera at him. “y/n, what’re you getting?”
you pondered for a while before your eyes landed at the name your stomach was craving for the past week. moving apartments had a toll on you— that resulted in you unable to cook your favourite meal. up until this morning were you finally found the time to do that. hence the breakfast eunha devoured within seconds.
“i’m getting fish & chips, and the classic steak.” your stomach growled at the picture beside it.
“alright, i guess i’m getting the same as yours.” eunha raised her hand.
the waiter came to your table to kindly ask for your orders. when you did so and thanked the man, a wallet fell from your right side. picking it up to give it to the owner, a large hand lightly touched yours and you looked up to see two men smiling softly.
“thank you.” the man in a suit said, taking the wallet from you.
“you’re welcome.” you answered. the man looked awfully familiar, as if he was on every commercial the screen had offered to show.
you and eunha shared a look. the telepathic words exchanged between the both of you had your eyes agreeing with what you saw, confirming his identity.
“he’s that celebrity doctor.” eunha mouthed. “dr. jung yunho, a paediatrician.”
“he seems a happy child. how old is he if i may ask?” he waved at him.
“this little guy here, just turned one few days ago.” you said, wiping off the drool with the bib.
“oh precious. belated happy birthday buddy.” he greeted.
you turned to the little one and carried him in your arms, waving his hands to thank the man. as you continued have your lunch and taking turns in feeding him and yourself, you noticed some movement where other children would approach the child on your lap. they would pinch his cheeks lightly and made faces they thought would make him laugh.
then the two men beside you stood. but before they left, yunho took a something out of his pockets and handed it to you.
it was a business card of his own practice office with an address and contact information. “if there’s anything you need help with, just give me a call and this guy-” he pointed at jaehyun and pat his back. “-will pick you and birthday boy up and head to my office.”
“hyung!” jaehyun gasped loudly, later covering his hands at the volume of his complaint. “sorry, i don’t mean it in a negative way.” he smiled awkwardly at you.
“no worries.” you gave him a sincere smile and he swore he felt like the world slowed down. everything else blurred where the only focus was you; how your hair length waved below your shoulders and your eyes sparkled with the sun’s reflection.
this young fine man though, whom you thought wasn’t paying attention or interest to, was now staring at you like he had a thousands of questions to ask to fill in his curiosity. “see you around.” yunho bid you goodbye, and the other trailed from behind.
eunha poked your shoulder with an intention of a tease. she grinned and you knew where she would go from there. “i know what you’re gonna say.” you rolled your eyes, yet a faint smile was evident in your lips.
“really?” her tone was very challenging. “i’ll test you. go ahead.”
“‘dr. jung yunho is so handsome! he’s so dreamy in real life! i should’ve asked for his photograph and boast it to my friends!’ yeah, i guess it’s somewhere along those lines.” you mimicked her voice and expression, not to mention gestures as well, especially the hands.
“yah i don’t act like that!” she defended, but there wasn’t any denial as she said that. “well, maybe. you’re not wrong though.”
“hmpf. and here you went ‘test me’.” you giggled, giving another piece of fish fillet to the one-year old. “and for the record, i’m always right whenever i’m proving you wrong.”
“fine you win.” she sipped her juice from a straw. “oh! hey, the guy he’s with is also handsome.”
you nodded in agreement at the obvious fact, although he did have tiny temperment. but that was only due to dr. yunho’s sudden suggestion. “he looked young. maybe his younger brother perhaps?” you wondered.
“hm. i haven’t seen him before. not on screen at least.” eunha chewed on her food. you raised a brow since you have no idea what she was talking about. “that doctor we conversed with, is from a family of good looking people. he has two younger sisters; jessica and krystal jung. the older one is the founder and endorser of blanc and eclare, while the younger one is an nationwide actress.”
“wow.” your eyes grew at the far/fetched level of these people. “sounds like an ideal family out of a manhwa.”
“egg-xactly.” she pointed at you with a hard boiled egg by her fork.
“that guy called him ‘hyung’ though. looked like to me they know each other. plus they have resemblance too.” you wiped your lips clean from the possible stain.
“oh dear ms. y/n.” eunha called you, her palms touching her chest as if she was surprised. “you have the hots for guys like him, which was why you-”
“ah-ah.” you glared at her, making her shush and zipping the imagination by her lips. “don’t talk about that.”
“bummer, i wasn’t even gonna.” eunha pouted but held your hand anyway. “i’ll always be here for you, y/n.”
“thank you.” you gave her a warm smile.
jaehyun waited by the entrance while his brother paid their meal. although he was bummed out that he wasn’t able to pay for his, he was somehow relieved. because once that cash was out of his pockets, he’d be broke the next time he goes to drink again.
at the corners of his eyes, he could still see you and your friend, as well as the adorable child seated on your lap. you were giving him a spoonfuls for airplane feeding.
yunho gestured jaehyun that they were leaving the restaurant. “hyung, why did you say that i’d pick her up?” he asked as he took a quick glance at you.
“c’mon i’m just playing around.” he nudged jaehyun.
“by matchmaking me to some random girl?” he scoffed. “you sure got a lot of time in your hands.”
“don’t take it too seriously jae.” yunho went ahead, leaving his brother flabbergasted.
he then shrugged it off and looked at you before stepping out. his ears perked up at the three second long conversation exchanged between you and the child.
“jaewon, look! mommy’s got an airplane~”
jaehyun stopped in his tracks by the entrance. his head quickly turning to you again. your lips mouthed the one word that shock hit his entire body. you weren’t just some random girl,
you were the mother of that child.
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jae-canikeepyou · a year ago
| serenity in us | j.jh | ch. twelve
Tumblr media
word count: 3.6k+
a/n: shorter than the previous chapters bc ya girl had some personal things to do and was busy. anyway, i hope you enjoy reading! ♡ ~j.
Tumblr media
“why is he with you?”
jaehyun dropped the keys to the floor. knowing that he was about to grab the half-awake, kinda sober jinyoung due to his prepared fists, you tapped his chest to prevent him from doing so. “get him and put him on the sofa.” you sneezed as jinyoung’s body dangled around your boyfriend‘s arms.
you were glad that jaewon was already put to sleep, the innocent child doesn’t deserve to see his mom’s current state; he would probably cry. the floor began to spin whilst you took the new towels from the cabinet. what jinyoung said earlier continuously ran in your mind, each word and letter left footprints as remembrance for your nerves but you didn’t want that.
you didn’t want to hear what he said.
cups of hot water and tea were already set and you took one to warm yourself up from the rain. jaehyun sat at the opposite end of the furniture. the glares he gave to his brother had you on the edge of the chair. you could imagine the resentment he has towards him, jinyoung too probably felt the same. not like you could blame jaehyun for acting this way. if you were in his shoes, you’d do and react exact like he did.
“i texted yunho hyung to fetch him.” your boyfriend broke the silence with a low voice, shoving his phone back to his pockets. “he’ll be here in less than ten.”
there were only a number of theories he could think of; how his girlfriend ended up meeting his brother and both were drenched in the rain, but only two possibilities stood out. either you bumped into him or he followed you everywhere. living in the same neighbourhood could result in any of these. jaehyun didn’t want clamour to begin with him despite knowing he has anger issues exclusively towards jinyoung.
“okay.” you stirred the tea with a spoon that the remains of the drink would melt away; and you hoped the current tensed air in your own house did so too.
sighing heavily, you pressed to soothe the temples that received stress signals from all that happened a while ago. jinyoung being there only made you want to throw up. him? jaewon’s father? he decided to appear now and not back then? you tried not to remember the trauma and pain he caused you to experience, you tried not to let it affect you; what he did to hurt you. you had to stay strong for jaewon, for your precious son.
the said child wailed for not feeling anyone beside him. months have passed and he already recognised jaehyun’s perfume, yearning for his taps to make him sleep. you and your boyfriend shared a look, but he knew you needed time to rest a bit.
“i think i got the colds. i don’t want jaewon to get sick.” your voice appeared to be rounded and curling. jaehyun nodded and cared for the child, the cries continued and you could hear soft lullabies and hushes trying to calm him.
jinyoung finally sat up, his five senses came together telling his mind that he was at your apartment. you gave him a cup of water and soon sat back. “thanks.” he took it and let its warmth spread to his cool hands. his ears heard jaehyun’s vocals. from the looks of it, it seemed like he has never heard his brother sing.
however his face softened, his facial muscles relaxed and then it hit you.. it was more like he hasn’t heard him in a long, long time.
too much thinking caused your head to throb due to the colds entering your system as you observed him looking at jaewon’s bedroom door.
“you knew that for a while now that i changed, and i did.. i did it for you!”
tsk, why did i think of what jinyoung said now?
“when he was young, i used to sing him that song.” he cleared his throat, standing up to refill the empty cup. “didn’t know he still has it in him- rather, i didn’t know he would still sing that song after..” he trailed off to a pause, eventually the absence of sound and leaving you empty-handed. he drank from the cup again, as if that would stop your growing interest.
the constant stirring of your cup was the only thing you could do to keep yourself occupied. at this moment you tried not to meet his eyes. “are you even sober? and why are you telling me this?..” a strong desire in you have been establishing to know the reason why.
he shook his head, denying the fact that you still viewed him as drunk. “because the last person jaehyun sung that song to was his ex-girlfriend..” he wore a new set of clothes, not caring who it was from as long as it kept him from being sick. it was on the armrest of the sofa anyway. “..who, allegedly.. was the person who made you suffer at her residence.”
miyeon and jaehyun? they dated?..
jinyoung stopped explaining, your face shaded pale grey and grown cold. perhaps you had too much news all said in one night that he decided to give you space to think and breathe. “my brother didn’t tell you?” he was surprised when you agreed. “miyeon didn’t tell you?” you suddenly became quiet, taken aback, and he pursed his lips with an oops-expression. “i-i’m sorry. i thought you knew.”
of course you wouldn’t know. miyeon only ever mentioned her boyfriend whenever they had dates, or whenever she was on cloud nine. she never said his name or showed a picture of themselves. same went for jaehyun. although you do understand fully why it was difficult for him to open up about his past, he didn’t mention her name despite already telling you that he has dated before.
“can i see my child?” his eyes tempted to look at the door but you stayed silent and began to plaster a pokerface instead, not noticing your clenched on the cup created light dent marks. “i guess, maybe next time?”
jaehyun closed the bedroom door and its click made both of your heads turn. “yunho hyung is downstairs. you can leave.” he turned the knob of the entrance door, jinyoung bowed as he took his leave, his lips flattened instead of attempting to give a small smile of pity.
you poured another round of tea to ease the mess your brain was beginning to have. immense negativity lurked in the house and no doubt it came from jaehyun, it was alive and felt in the room. he sat on the sofa, eyes never leaving you. he wanted to ask all sorts of questions without blowing up, but he knew he couldn’t control the rage once he released it.
the imagery of you and jinyoung flashed in his mind. he rested his elbows on his lap, head down from overthinking. you walked your way towards him. “why were you with him?” his eyes meeting yours and scruntiny was all you felt from them. jaehyun thought you’d reply instead of staying silent like earlier now that his brother wasn’t here anymore. he’d prefer if you speak now. you knew he was holding his actual feelings in, his lower jaw protruded and bit his inner gums. “i said, why were you with jinyoung?” his voice gotten lower.
“i ran into him then he collapsed. did you expect me to leave him there? in the rain?” you asked, brows starting to furrow in disbelief when you only want was for him to talk to you properly.
“uh yes? he’s drunk. anyone can see that. y/n, what if he’s pretending and hurts you again? just like two years ago?” jaehyun stood and his height alone intimidated you for the very first time. you placed the cup down on the coffee table centered at the living room.
the presupposition he said contradicted with how you saw jinyoung treated you recently. part of you was convinced with him while the other was with jaehyun. however, your boyfriend’s tone was something you couldn’t stand hearing, not in your tired condition. “he may have hurt me but you know that was in the past.” you held his hand. “it probably looks wrong because we dated before, but leaving him in the rain just doesn’t sit right to me-”
a vein around your wrists probably got twisted as you felt your hand being flicked away. jaehyun squinted in question as to why you seemed unaffected with his brother at your side where he knew you were supposed to resent him like he did. “wha-” he brushed his hair and with that being done he hissed, the conscience of jaewon sleeping was registered in his head. “that’s the thing! you both dated!” he grit his teeth.
your heart jumped a mile at his raised voice. “jae.. why are you so worked up? i had to help him.” you tried to understand the fits he’s giving; understand his position because maybe if it was you, and he was with miyeon, you would throw fits too, except not to this extreme.
jaehyun huffed, his aura already said enough and you sighed. “i don’t have feelings for him anymore.” you turned around and head to your bedroom, worried that you both might awaken jaewon.
he groaned in whispers, his arms rubbed the sleep from his eyes. “feelings is just a feeling! what you feel for him-” he followed you to the room. “it could come back.” he closed the door and rested his palms on his waist.
“babe, you know the only person i love is you.” you said truthfully and dropped your bag on the bed.
jaehyun hummed, almost sarcastic that it pinched a nerve in your heart. “yeah sure. we’re a couple now but feelings at an early relationship like this is so vulnerable to change.”
you stood there with lips agaped. jaehyun never acted towards you like this. a sudden swift of his head put another pinch to your heart; cynicism in his half-chuckles. “what if you fall out of love? what if a rift got in between us? what if i did the same, wouldn’t it be natural for you to be hurt? because that’s exactly what i’m feeling right now y/n!”
okay, now that was too much.
he’s being unreasonable tonight.
“for someone so loving and kind, i can’t believe you based our relationship on a ‘what if’! ‘fall out of love’? ‘my feelings rebounded’?” your face turned sour and hitched a heavy scoff. “i- you- just how unloyal do you think i am?!” you whisper-yelled, and he tensed up when taps of your feet became louder.
a bitter smile was seen on you and jaehyun realised too late that he stepped over the line. his expression thinned out and softened seeing your offended posture. “oh babe.. i’m sorry. i didn’t mean it that way-”
never have you felt so downgraded in a while. especially to experience this with your boyfriend really had an impact on you. “oh you mean everything you say jaehyun! like when have you never?” you finally sat on the bed without exposing to him your weakening legs. “i know you mean it when you said you’ll treasure me and jaewon, your dear friends as well..” you start to talk normally and in a much calmer tone.
“..but i know you also mean it when you still hold grudges with jinyoung and find him intolerable. why is it hard for you to understand that i can’t ignore a person who’s fallen ill?”
jaehyun scratched out the negativity that overtook the air. did he just forget that you once took nursing? did he forget that you wiped the tears from your face when jaewon had his symptoms? it concluded the fact that you were a person to keep one away from harm. he brought you in close for an embrace, your shampoo’s scent lingered in his nose and somehow it calmed him.
he held the back of your head gently with care. “i’m really sorry.. i flipped out when i wasn’t supposed to. did i scare you?”
“no, not really.” you pulled him with a forgiving hug, the sincerity in your voice was there, but jaehyun didn’t feel it though.
“are you sure?” he squished your face and forced your lips to pop out. you nodded because you were out of words to say.
the night wasn’t getting any younger, you haven’t had dinner besides the burger you ate prior to coming home. jaehyun stepped outside to reheat the food he cooked, he didn’t even need to ask. seeing you follow him out and made him want to care for you more. compared to when he first met you, signs of fatigue were showing and although he loved the fact how you let him into your life, he wanted you depend on him. he was your boyfriend after all.
and he promised he would definitely treat you better than jinyoung did, which confused you; not because of jaehyun, but it was what jinyoung said too. it was already difficult to tell your boyfriend about miyeon. telling him about his brother potentially being the father of your child was just the same. two people who’ve known him all his life brought in trouble, not that one was greater than the other though. it would still appear as bad news to him. would the issue with miyeon be delivered to him? more so, were you able to break the ice that froze and kept you from telling?
jaehyun cooked japanese curry and the scent of it was making you drool. he finally smiled, seeing you curl your fingers in delight of your approval of his meal. however, once he held your hand whilst you ate, he noticed the hidden discomfort your face was preventing itself to reveal.
“what are you thinking of?” he sat back as he sensed something deeper than what was on the surface. “it’s pretty obvious you have something to say.”
you intended on giving in now. he asked for this and all you could do was to tell him the truth. keeping him away from it might turn much worse if he were to find out at a later time. “y-yeah, there’s two things. if you’re ready to hear them.”
“of course i am. you’re not asking me if it’s good or bad news?” his spirits lifted up for your sake. after all it was his big reaction that started the quarrel. you shook your head, holding his hand for assurance. “then i want to hear both.”
well screw it y/n. tell him now. “jinyoung claims he’s the father of jaewon. and miyeon intentionally swapped my food with hers so that i could suffer from the attack.” you closed your eyes as you told him straight and worries shown through the bites of your lips.
jaehyun nodded like he heard you twice, and got up to sit next to you. “i had a hunch and believe that. look, he’s the only guy you ever dated prior to me. i’d assume jaewon’s my son too if i were him.” he let you lean on his shoulder. “but i can’t believe miyeon would do that to you. she’d never hurt anyone for her own benefit.” now he pulled away a little, and that movement of his kind of pierced your chest. “she’s not that type of girl.”
you cleared your throat as your own sobs itched to escape the organ. “other than eunha, miyeon and jinyoung are the only people who knows about my allergy. she didn’t help me when she saw i struggled to get the meds.” you explained. did he not hear what you said? did you really have to be convincing enough so you could get him to believe what miyeon did to you? facing him, the tears wanted to fall. however, that shouldn’t be main reason why you should shed tears now. “you don’t believe me?”
“i’m a little conf-”
jaewon’s cries filled the apartment and you knew you had to be with him. jaehyun stood up to accompany yet your hesitance and palms stopped him from walking further into the baby’s room. he gave you one last hug and kiss before turning his heel and called tonight a night. as you closed the door behind you, a deep exhale finally was out of your tired body.
but the exhale was rather a pained one.
one that jaehyun heard clearly as he took a step home.
Tumblr media
thankfully, the table you and your friends sat at was among the secluded area of the restaurant. although it was guaranteed that no familiar faces would pass by, you thought it was better to be safe than to be eavesdropped upon. eunha slapped your palms; she was bothered with the way you endlessly twisted the fork where not even one noodle was caught in the slim gaps of the utensil. yes, you stared into space and made the rest of your friends think they were talking to the wall.
“oh my g-” eunha scoffed and tilted her chin up, snapping her fingers.
“y/n..” chungha nudged you immediately because jaewon has been pulling your sleeves for the nth time.
and apparently you didn’t feel your son’s adorable tugs, your mind was too preoccupied with things that shouldn’t be minded now. it put your consciousness into a hazy state, clearly. only two news were in your head but they were so strong that it did keep you up for two nights. “mm?” you blinked several times, turning your head towards the people you left hanging. “oh i’m sorry.”
kyungwon gave spoonfuls to the baby to fill in your role. she assumed you had a lot in your hands. “it’s alright. you need rest sometimes.” she had her face caressed by jaewon.
“you better stop being quiet whenever you clearly have things to say.” eunha singsonged and flipped the pages of the menu in search for a good dessert. “also, we’re not that dumb to miss your strange movements in the past two days. spill it y/n.”
just yesterday, you told them about the possibility of miyeon plotting against you and the reaction jaehyun responded towards it. it was obvious kyungwon and chungha reacted the same as your boyfriend did, but surprisingly the girls explained how much miyeon changed; in ways they never thought she would. her sobs at the reunion weren’t genuine. so when they put the pieces together, it all made sense to them. they apologised for keeping the secret of the two dating before, because they didn’t want your impression to waver, because that jaehyun was already attached to you.
but you have to see things further regarding to miyeon. perhaps observe her first before jumping to confront her of her actions to you that day. you scrolled the site on your phone, thumbs pausing from typing further on the search bar since the gasps from the rest of them was rather a neutral and identical sound. “i’ve been thinking to do a paternity test.”
their heads and expressions had gotten stiff knowing that that was the last thing on your mind, and it was something you’d do at a later time. “you figured who jaewon’s father is?” chungha covered her mouth at the shrieky volume she let out. “why did he reveal himself so late? do you know the guy?”
though you didn’t answer verbally, the look in your eyes already foretold it. as much as you couldn’t believe he was, the guy said so himself. kyungwon and the two girls exchanged glances, your embodiment changing quickly. “jinyoung.” eunha sat back and her face darkened in annoyance. “should’ve known it the moment your belly grew.”
you propped your elbows and looked outside. uncertain, but you knew it was the only choice you got to convince yourself. “i’m a year late but i second to that now, eunha. he came up to me and said he was the father of my child. do you think it’s fine if we checked it? i mean he did message me about it..”
“if that’s what your gut is telling you to, i won’t go against it.” eunha shrugged her shoulders. “but just because you allowed it, that doesn’t mean it equals to you accepting him being back in your life again.”
before you could response, the bells chimed and indicated a new customer. “what did i miss?” you heard a voice and turned around to see miyeon standing next to the table. she arrived late due to helping her parents at the office and asked to save her a seat.
at the corners of your eyes you could tell eunha plastered a fake smile but true enough to their peripheral view. a habit of hers since middle school whenever tea was spilled or gossip spread around. miyeon acted her usual with no knowledge of what the others perceive her now, that included you as well. she sat down beside kyungwon and began to order her meal.
“y/n’s searching for a clinic to have a d.n.a paternity testing for jaewon.” chungha pursed her lips to drink the remains of her soup. “we told her to go for it since the father already claimed he was.”
miyeon’s brows arched in question, “it’s jinyoung, isn’t it?” her voice softened after seeing you nod concessionally, her palms holding onto yours when you mouthed how she figured it out too. “there’s no need to when jinyoung’s the only guy you had a relationship with before jaehyun.”
“well i guess if everyone thinks that way, i should tell him i agree to his request.” you crossed your arms even if anxiety’s eating you up bit by bit.
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jae-canikeepyou · a year ago
| serenity in us | j.jh | ch. eleven
Tumblr media
word count: 6.9k+
a/n: mhm, i’m late a day or two to post this. as promised in the previous, the story gets better from here. i hope you enjoy reading! ♡ ~j.
Tumblr media
( that same night )
jaehyun felt like he was going to explode; his hands were more than ready to knock every item he saw in the lounge, but he knew yunho had an eye to his every move as if he was under surveillance. he could feel his head throb to the point it was almost feverish and knew it would take days for him to simmer and cool down. usually a minute would be enough to reflect on his faults and then set it aside like it was history.
this time it was different. it could be anyone else to piss him off— his friends or yunho or his sisters. he could tolerate them, yet it just had to be jinyoung who really touched the tip of the iceberg where he was at his vulnerability, bruised his weak spots and made him suffer from there. the memory of your frail body trying to catch for air haunted him. what he and the others witnessed at miyeon’s residence was so so important, and he just couldn’t understand why you didn’t tell him this fact; a weakness of yours when he knew you told him everything.
the groans and hisses from the young adult bothered krystal, who sat very much dignified with a new facial mask, a towel as an updo and a phone to entertain herself. “are you done?” she rolled her eyes to purposely show how irritated she was with his immaturity. “i could still hear you even if you’re silently throwing tantrums like a child.
“i barely complained a minute!” jaehyun gritted his teeth, fists curling into a ball. the tone of his voice bounced back from all corners of the lounge.
krystal didn’t look up from her phone, unfazed with jaehyun’s reaction. “yeah well, it was an agonising long minute.” she struck him down and her sarcasm have triggered jaehyun.
“wear earphones if i annoy you so much!” he lazily and rudely slid the airpods across the coffee table, soon sitting at one of the armchairs to use his phone.
“great, so do you know you’re annoying.” she darted a gaze while her shoulders shrugged subtly, taking the airpods and wore them anyway. “jinyoung must’ve felt that earlier.”
the sound of keys jingling made the siblings turn heads and jessica arrived home looking exhausted than she has ever been; at least that what she looked like to them. she sensed jaehyun’s mood since the boy have had his fits. her brows then raised to see his dimples deepening just as she knew his thoughts were too.
the boy stared at the blue line blinking beside your name on his phone’s keyboard. no words other than yours were typed out although he had questions to ask you, but his fingers twitches with hesitation; then he figured maybe you were asleep so you could regain your strength.
at the back of his mind, the vision of jinyoung telling him off and referred him to the “bad guy” hit a nerve. veins were visibly pulsing the more he gritted his teeth. they only calmed down when jaehyun felt that familiar reassuring touch on his shoulder.
he looked up to see jessica’s soft smile as she sat adjacent to him, and that helped him relax for reasons he couldn’t explain why until this day. “i heard you caused a scene at cho’s. care to explain?”
“it’s not like it’s entirely my fault-” he began and scrunched his nose when krystal had to add side comments to infuriate him. “-shut up krys!”
jessica cleared her throat that alarmed the younger one. “hey, stay out of this.” she warned her before looking back at jaehyun. “i wanna let you know that i’m not taking sides.” she leaned and rested comfortably.
jaehyun rolled his eyes. he knew she talked with jinyoung already given the fact she wanted to know his point of view. he understood that someone had to look from the sidelines and yunho couldn’t explain much since he only witnessed half of the scene, and was there to break the violence. krystal wasn’t there but he hated that she went against his actions to help you.
“he said that i’ve pinned myself as the bad guy. that hyprocrite. i don’t see where i’m wrong with wanting to bring y/n to the hospital where she’s at the peak of danger.” he sighed, the hotness of his breath was equal to his temper. “what’s wrong with wanting her to be safe?..”
jessica crossed her arms as she listened intently, eyes boring into his that he almost was hypnotised. “everyone wanted that for y/n. if it was wonwoo or soonyoung or yukhei in jin’s shoes, would you react differently?”
he shook his head and scoffed thinking she should know that what she said was an obvious, obvious fact. “of course i would because it’s not jinyoung-”
“then, does it look wrong to you that jinyoung wanted her to be safe too?” jessica asked with unrelenting soft-spoken voice, jaehyun hitched a breath and gotten speechless. she wasn’t cross with her brother for feeling that way, rather with the way he perceived jinyoung’s act to help. “he responded the way he did towards y/n’s condition not as her ex.. but as the guy who studied medicine long enough to be able to save her.”
“yeah, a dropout med student.” jaehyun stretched his legs to relax the stressed muscles.
“look i’m not forcing you to accept the good your brother did because i honestly think you’d rather let your emotions get the best of you, but at least see that jin was helping when you couldn’t help yourself.” he heard her say, taking a sip from her mug.
jessica’s words caused jaehyun’s heart to become more locked up. he chose to filter whatever that contributed to disturb his thoughts— this included what she said. he told himself that anything to do with jinyoung has nothing to do with him. he stayed silent pretending to listen while his sister continued to him talk out of it; that he should start considering forgiving jinyoung and the latter to him. jaehyun then yawned as a sign to call it a night, thanking her for trying so hard reconcile. however, deep inside, he already knew that that would never happen.
meanwhile, krystal sat there with furrowed brows as she watched her brother leave the lounge, later going back to whatever she was enjoying at with her phone.
yunho who was seated at the dining table, sighed after finishing work. he and jessica both shared a look that no matter how much they attempt to bring their brothers to be in good terms, what happened just now would probably postpone the relationship that needed to be mended.
Tumblr media
it has been three days since you were discharged, and within those days all you heard were eunha’s endless lectures, your aunt’s extreme worries & your uncle’s overprotection shot up high due to your carelessness. they let you stay at the boutique, the place you once called home. you were still welcome to live there, but with the responsibility you had to take, it was better to ease the burden and remove it from their shoulders.
jaewon held your hands to keep himself balanced. majority of his time nowadays were his attempts to walk, and you —maybe— shed a tear that your baby boy bravely & successfully took his first steps without support. you helped aunt jenn sort flowers when he yelled seeing the man greeting him at the boutique’s entrance door. his sandals let out squeaks, merging with the chimes of the bells attached to the door. jaehyun stood flabbergasted, his hands covered his lips in shock as the child finally reached the fabrics of his jeans, smiling at him with his growing pearly whites and arms asking to carry.
jaehyun picked him up, your child caressed his face along with drools sticking onto it. “jaewon can walk by himself now!” he stated as you walked to him for a hug and he kissed your forehead; a gesture that became a natural thing to do. “this is an achievement, momma y/n.”
“i feel weird whenever you say that.” you pecked his cheek anyway.”
“not unless you think of it otherwise?..” he started to explain but shut his mouth at the glare you’ve given him, winking at you then followed by a naughty smirk he did similarly at the anniversary dinner. “ are you thinking-”
“you and your brain!” you pinched his sides and he squirmed, bringing jaewon closer to his chest.
whilst your voices filled the shop, aunt jenn nudged her husband who observed you both from the counter, a somewhat proud grins crept their lips. they knew the happiness jaewon brought to your life, however the happiness you wore on your face since upon meeting jaehyun was different; you were blooming, even more so now because you and jaehyun were officially dating.
they invited him for lunch, something they should’ve done before but never had the time to. jaehyun walked up the stairs as the early afternoon shine caused his insides to bubble up in anticipation. the warm and cozy atmosphere of the house was similar with his escape place; the treehouse. from the wooden flooring to the wooden chairs, flowers were dilligently cared for and displayed beautifully, all furniture suited the room. one frame caught his full attention, he looked over his shoulders where you were setting the table, your dense self unaware that he was staring.
the frame showed a picture of you with jaewon as a newborn. his heart sank the way there were dark circles around your eyes, tears on the verge of falling yet you still put up a smile because your whole world was in your arms. it has been little over a year since then and jaehyun wished he could to turn back time; meeting you earlier so he would be able to give you a hand into this life you were put into.
but in the end, he was grateful; rather it was better that he met you at this time because the maybe the past him would probably—
“jaehyun!” uncle caleb called him over to the dining, his arms flailing fast as he claimed it was bad for the food and tummies to wait. “let’s eat. we want to know more about you.”
“you’re y/n’s boyfriend.” aunt jenn joined the crew to persuade the boy. “it’s normal for us to be curious.”
he rubbed the stubbs of his chin where a smile crept at the label they referred him to. even until to this day the butterflies in his stomach were fluttering violently and it was a thing he could never control. “yeah sure. likewise, i’d love to know more about y/n’s family as well.” he gave the child to you, beginning to dig in the food your beloved had prepared. “which chapter of my life would you like to know?”
you coughed at his preparedness and you weren’t going to lie to your heart if this situation didn’t make you feel like this was an interview for a suitor. you already could sense aunt jenn’s eyes boring into yours so you could look at her, as if there were a moving spirit behind her to lure you in. finally giving her the attention, you read her lips and those alone nearly made you fall off the chair. definitely a suitor, her voice rang in your head.
“anything you’re comfortable in telling.” your uncle encouraged. “but like a new book, we’d start from the beginning, if that’s okay with you.”
“details are up to you. be yourself and at home.” aunt jenn added, making you sigh in relief that she wouldn’t pester you with her imaginations.
it took about a few munches for jaehyun to start talking. there was no hesitation in his voice. he was assured that these people before him were great listeners. “i was born privileged enough to be educated at a good school, raised by good family and lived a good life.”
he’s using past tense? you thought.
“but just like some books, the early chapters of my life started with conflict.. family issues, my siblings and i got a stepmom..” he paused to quench himself with water, the air became tight while everyone in the room waited for the next parts. “..which she used military ways to discipline us. i think it was that time when my family started to distort. dad became busy with work and rarely gotten time to be with us. it went on for more than a decade. it was hard but we thrived to work hard in our studies.. it was good until i rebelled.”
“and dropped out of school.” uncle caleb seemed to pick up the pieces. “just like me, hon.” he cracked a grin at his wife yet looked away once she glared at him.
jaehyun shot up at the accuracy, he looked at you while you nodded in acknowledgement of your uncle’s words. “y-yeah, few months into freshman year.” your boyfriend cleared his throat. “i was in extreme rebellious phrase at the time and wanted to be left alone.”
aunt jenn looked beyond the summarised story, she rested her arms on the table, leaning in forward in awe. “i’m glad you found yourself during the time of wanting peace.”
your hands were then held with strong intimacy, jaehyun’s eyes fixated on you and this wasn’t the first time your very personage made him feel all giddy or bliss. “i did, but she brought out the better version of myself after meeting her at the restaurant.” he said straight up, no pauses and breaks, which you swallowed your naïvety when questions again began to circle around your head. “i’m still shocked with the things i’ve done to protect her, even to jaewon as well.”
just how rebellious was he before he met you?
“mhm, isn’t that sweet?” your aunt nudge you, causing your whole face to burn up quickly. “you’re his inspiration.” she turned to jaehyun, her smile growing wider. “oh! y/n mentioned to us you’re in the same university.”
jaehyun felt a tug on his jeans then realising it was jaewon who stood under the table between his legs. “yes. i’m taking up business & management.”
“i like him already! great minds think alike.” uncle caleb eyed jaehyun with a smirk and nodded when the latter did the same.
“please take care of y/n, jaehyun.” the two people who raised you rarely asked for favours from others; this being the second after eunha. “and jaewon too.”
“of course.” he promised.
the crashes of waves and its bubbles seemed to have gotten jaewon crawling on the sand, while skins were baked under the sun. it wasn’t too hot or warm, the breeze entered just right when the three of you sat at the beach. being it already 3pm, it was a good thing the day appeared to be longer than usual. jaehyun brought out his phone where its viewfinder searched for you and your son. from where he sat, you were dressed quite revealing as your ivory white bralette and shorts contrasted the sand beneath.
you seemed to notice how he was on his phone upon arriving to the beach when it was his idea to come here for a refresher. “hey, we didn’t come so that you could use the phone!” he heard you from a distance not too far, your beach hat a little crooked while you gestured at him, he was tempted to fix it for you. jaehyun gave in as it wasn’t fair on your side, and he jogged quickly to save a falling jaewon who was stood out of balance.
the shadow of your boyfriend blocked out the sun, disrupting your sun tanning session. “hey momma, we didn’t come here so that you can sunbathe alone.” he let out a loud chuckle after hearing how embarrassing he sounded. you pulled him to the sand due to the nickname again, a hiss coming out of his lips. “my jeans!”
you propped on your elbows where he dusted off the grains of sand. “who wears ripped jeans going to the beach?” you challenged by adding more sand into the holes of his fitting.
“someone whom you love so much.” he combed back his hair, enjoying the sun. “someone named jung jaehyun.”
“unfortunately yes.” a humourless voice and your pokerface made jaehyun offended and he attempted to pour handfuls of sand onto your torso playfully, until he heard jaewon crying for ‘attacking’ his mom. “you made him cry.”
jaehyun carried your son and they went to a nearby store to purchase toys to cheer him up. you crawled back to the parasol but your eyes never left the two. his phone’s screen blinked from a notification, the wallpaper behind was clear to see that the photo you took from the reunion became his prized item. edited though, their group’s name took up half of the space. jaehyun looked happy as he’s ever been, but the feeling you felt that day never really faded. it wasn’t the allergy attack or how miyeon rolled her eyes on you.
it was how clingy she was with jaehyun.
note that you weren’t affected with this in any way. pictures are worth a thousand words, that’s a given. this picture, however, only said several words and pretty much summed up one phrase. “she’s likes him, huh.” you mumbled to yourself and tapped the screen again to view the image again.
before, you weren’t that convinced that people could change in span of years. and yet, what happened that day proved to you that people do can change within a year.. sometimes, months. ambiguous, she seemed to behave that way the whole day if you had to recall. she was good at it, good at hiding whatever she felt. it would definitely ring so true why she didn’t help you.
soon enough, jaewon’s gibberish voice met your hearing. guess it’d be better if i set these thoughts aside.. you turned to them and choked on the drink after sipping it once. “you finally bought shorts.”
“i don’t want to be teased by you.” jaehyun stuck out his tongue and laid on your lap. “i wanna be taken care of.”
“and here you are, wanting to be babied.” you tilted your head sideways, brushing his curls away to see his eyes filled with hearts. whatever feeling he has in store in them, it reached you that your heart melt at the sight.
he suddenly propped on his arms, his short resting period ended when he pulled you downwards for a long, passionate kiss; it was almost rhymthmic as he slightly held the nape of your neck tight. “no, i wanted a kiss.”
you grabbed a bucket hat and shoved it to his head, holding it down whilst he fought his way to your waist to tickle your sides. “don’t do things at your own will! i wouldn’t know what you want if you don’t say it!”
jaehyun sat up and ultimately covered his ears with the hat. “i’ll be super red if i say it!” he giggled honestly. “c’mon, let’s head to the water.” he said, jaewon then was swept up from his toes and whined. the watering can fell from his grasp without jaehyun’s knowledge.
whether or not it was in jaehyun’s personality, his care for jaewon expanded. everyone else saw it. so as you dove for your phone to capture them, you could only shake your head and melt at the sight.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it was decided to end the day with jaewon starting to experience heat rash from his inner thighs. irritated by it, you changed him into his casual clothes after cleaning up. jaehyun then did the same, and soon leading you both to his car.
walking back should be relaxing at least, but people were staring again. for a moment you cursed in your head for having quite a young face, yet a moment later you realised they were staring at jaehyun. taking a quick glance toward your boyfriend, his arms only wrapped you closer to him. “you’re with me, don’t shiver so much.” he assured you, and that specific tone of his reminded you of the day he helped with jaewon’s bronchiolitis.
once in the car, jaehyun’s phone was placed at its stand, the gps already mapped straight to your apartment. again the wallpaper showed and the uneasiness just loves to surprise you at times you didn’t expect it to. jaewon was in his booster, playing with his toys to wait for sleep to takeover. you looked back to him giggling at you as you gently tapped his thigh.
“he still has the energy to giggle like that.” jaehyun looked at the mirror above him. the engine started and his playlist blasted through the vehicle’s speakers.
“baby’s got it from me.” you proudly say, staring off the window where the sunset met its horizon.
he took small peeks between you and the road in the next hour. “you’ve been so quiet. anything wrong?” he asked. you almost sighed heavily at the sudden question but managed to hold it in so you wouldn’t have to worry him. how were you going to start the topic without showing you were sensitive and jealous about it? “was it the stares again?”
jaehyun caressed your thighs. as much as he wanted to stop driving and comfort you, he had to keep you both safe. he promised your aunt, uncle and eunha. he promised himself too. “you can tell me anything, you know that.”
“y-yeah, it’s the stares.” you lied, sensing his gaze lifting off the road. you thought you could finally get it out of your chest, apparently not. in the end, changing topics was the best route to the hide the awkwardness you just built up. “it’s not the right time to ask, but can you tell me about your birth mom?”
this lingered in the air when he lowered the music’s volume, his legs so close to wanting to step on the breaks to explain to you. then you felt a beam of regret tracking down the lines and shapes of your spine and lower back. the silence only made you let out a shaky breath.
“oh.” jaehyun replied in a low voice, then he bubbled out in small chuckles. “i’m sorry, i should’ve opened up about her. that was left unanswered for a while yeah?”
you nodded in response anyway, sighing internally because it wasn’t what you wanted to ask him; although you were curious of his mom, you were more curious on his awareness about miyeon liking him. your lips agape to answer but no words came out. “she left one day, never came back.” he said, his hands gripping on the stirring wheel. “i was six. pretty young and i couldn’t understand why no matter how much i asked dad. i’m 23 now. i haven’t seen her since then.”
he felt your hands cup his cheek. he didn’t like how you had to see his walls cracking down at the mention of his mother. “i’m sorry i asked.” you pout, and jaehyun put up a smile as he leaned into your touch. “it must be hard.”
“a lot harder than to cope with my stepmom’s discipline.” he chuckled. “i got through it though. my mates came to my rescue at the time i needed someone the most.”
“miyeon and the others..” you started by saying her name as you knew this could be the time to tell him about what she did.
jaehyun hummed, agreeing that his friends did play a huge part in his life. he could tear up right then and there. memories swarmed his lane, mixed feelings blending in like different colours on a canvas. “oh gosh did you know miyeon acted like a mom? i was super annoyed by it because it continued until we reached senior year of high school.”
you laughed remembering her small lectures during both of your time as nursing students. “i can relate. she’s still such a mom. she even cried when she knew i was pregnant.”
“she sounded like she was more proud than worried.” jaehyun turned at the next street, only few meters away from your apartment. silence then remained in between you two.
mustering all courage as you could, it was now or never. you had to tell him about what worried you for three days, that miyeon was the person who placed you in a difficult position that day. your flesh probably has crescent marks from the squeezes from your fingers. “did you know that miyeon..”
*prriinnggg* jaehyun’s phone rang.
great timing. you shouldn’t have prolonged it, y/n.
jaehyun put his phone on speaker and talked with his boys for next outing, yet said that he would call them later because he was with you. “sorry, i didn’t hear you clearly. so what about miyeon?” he pulled over on the roadside of your home. “besides being bossy and the mom of the group.”
your fingers fidgeted and you hoped he could figure out you meant. by now he should be able to notice the frequent glances you did towards his phone’s wallpaper. please heavens make him read my mind. he parked right before a lamppost and could see you clearly under its lights. “n-nothing. i just think she’s a great friend to have.”
“sure she is.” he laughed at your defeated and exhausted face where it looked like you weren’t focusing on anything or even him. “let’s get you upstairs.”
getting off the car, you stretched to release the pain from strained muscles. jaehyun had jaewon in his arms. for the remainder of the day, you knew tonight would be one of those nights where you would probably not sleep at all, let alone a good night’s rest.
Tumblr media
“you didn’t get to tell him?!” eunha gasped almost made everyone in the grocery store turn to you. secondhand embarrassment worked its way to slap your face, beetroot red seen on every angle the more eunha stared.
jaewon sat at the store’s trolley chair grabbing whatever caught his eye and threw them in the cart. “i tried to. i don’t know if it was the interruption or just me.” you gave a little whine when she said it was the latter. baffled that you couldn’t do the one thing anyone easily could, you took the bag of rice crackers out of jaewon’s hands and placed it back to the shelves. “baby, no.” you warned him.
he responded with a cute, sad pout no one in the world could ever resist. eunha’s tsks got in the way of your train of thoughts, making you realise that you vented your negative mood on him. so you took the snack and decided to purchase it. “so? when are you planning to?” eunha cocked up a brow, arms folded as she waited for an answer. “he has to know what miyeon planned.”
“and if my theory’s wrong?” you asked, remembering jaehyun’s face as he treasured his friends so much, those included miyeon as well. “i don’t want to their two decade friendship to be ruined because of me.” you began to swish the products under the scanner from the self-service counter.
eunha brought down jaewon and carried him, then pulled the lobes of your ears close to her lips. whispers were supposed to be gentle, her’s apparently was the opposite. “oh so you’d rather let your two-month relationship with jaehyun be ruined by her? think this through, y/n. jaehyun has to know.”
“okay. if he knows, what then?” you shoved the items into the grocery bag and walked out of the store. eunha followed behind shortly and pressed her lips because in her view, it was simple. jaehyun would talk it out with miyeon, let the truth come out of her eventually and whatever the result, he would understand.
the downtown street bustled with tons of people. vendors and food trucks would yell discounts; cheaper sandwiches and a free drink if you buy a meal. seats were empty and you invited your best friend to join you as you both weren’t full with breakfast. gladly the table you were at was enough cater two people. jaewon happily sat on your lap, satisfied with the two rice crackers in hand. his snapback and get up attracted bystanders and passerbys.
eunha checked her watch since jaewon drooled on it, pinching the child’s cheeks. “i’ll have a hotdog and fries.”
“alright. burgers for me because i’m super hungry-” you felt her stare at you, piercing through your flesh and you rolled your eyes jokingly. “i’ll make sure it’s not shrimp. don’t worry too much.” you grabbed your wallet and queued at the line.
jaehyun walked passed the boutique. the reflection from the outside blocked what was going on indoors. he could see your aunt tend to customers, one corner stood a vase where new flowers was set aside for you. pushing the door, she waved at him and pointed at the vase. then he waited for it to be given and gladly took the initiative to retrieve the flowers before meeting you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he reached the common area were people stopped by to eat. he saw you contemplate which meal to have, and walked towards you. he soon hummed into your ears. the melodic voice of your boyfriend’s became your lullaby and if he was a song, he’d be the first one to be played. “may i join you?” he slid his palms around your stomach.
“i told you to meet me at the apartment, jae.” you gasped yet hugged him back anyway. his perfume made you melt into his touch, and as you looked up, his jaw clenched where veins were quite prominent— throbbing simultaneously with his pacing heartbeat.
jaehyun knew you were admiring him. even without words, your small acts were loud enough for him to figure what you were doing. “i know, but saw you lining up here. the universe just loves to answer my wishes.” he brought up a bouquet of lilies you were supposed to get at the boutique after the meal. “i got them from aunt jenn’s.”
“aww. what would i do without you?” you tiptoed to kiss his cheek but he knew that, and turned his head to you, lips meeting and this had your back soles land to the ground. the vendor called you next and once you’ve said your orders, jaehyun pulled your arm to the table where eunha and jaewon were.
you shook your head and gave him your unit’s keys. he raised a brow when the metal touched his palms. “you guys enjoy your meal. i’m running late for the private tutoring.” he heard you say as he checked his phone for the time.
eunha waved a goodbye as she squealed at the food she craved for. “thanks for the food y/n!”
“i’ll be home before you know it.” you caressed jaehyun’s face, giving a kiss on your son’s forehead. “hey eunha, eat quick or you’ll be late too.”
“leave jaewon to me.” he assured you. “he’ll have the best time with uncle jae.”
their figures and smiles gotten further from your peripheral. your worries faded for the day, and that made you sigh in relief. maybe you do need to accept the hands that were willing to help you.
you just needed to intertwine with them to ensure you wouldn’t fall from their grasps.
Tumblr media
krystal mentioned days prior that you’d be teaching one student, that was a daughter of jessica’s friend. what she failed to tell you was that the child was a spoiled brat; lim yewon.
she was told her usual tutor wouldn’t be able to teach her for a while. you were her substitute and capable to continue from where she stopped. the coldness of her sharp eyes were cooler than the air conditioning around the bedroom. she fretted in her seat, unmoved and arms linked to doll that was creepy enough to send chills down your spine.
her mother was out for work. the only ones in the unit right now were the both of you and a housekeeper, who was busy with other things and you didn’t want to trouble her with more work. how will you survive the next two hours? with an attitude like hers, it was hard to get into her soft spot. first meetings were sure awkward, however, she was a child and should be a piece of cake.
or not.
no matter how much you tried to excite her with art, new vocabularies or numbers, yewon glared at you with the same expression in the last fifteen minutes. you lost track of the number of glasses you gulped and the positions you changed to prevent your limbs from sleeping. seeing her uninterested nor willing to talk, you chose to not teach and used the time to make her open up to you, even just a little. after viewing the room, her toys were mostly dolls and faux kitchen sets— complete ones too.
you scooted next to her and grabbed one of the dolls. “can you introduce them to me?” you smiled and you swore you saw how she twinkled.
yewon nodded and albeit her age of five, she knew how to care of a doll as if they were a fragile baby. “this is kimberly and that’s amberly.” she pointed the toy in her hands then to yours.
“are they twins?” you asked and the more you submerge yourself into the playtime, the more a smile grew at the corner of her lips.
she nodded and that’s when you knew you finally gotten her attention. she grabbed another small doll, placing it into the arms of kimberly. rips of velcro tape were heard as she adjusted it. “this is her son.”
“really?” you rested on one palm. “i have a son too.” you took your phone and showed jaewon.
“he’s so cute!” she squealed to the point it hurt your hearing, her tiny fingers imagined to touch him. “can you bring him in the next lesson?”
“only if you promise me that you’ll pay attention for today’s lesson. deal?” you managed to get a yes from her as she stood up to get her stationary in one shelf, her books in the other and another huge doll-like chair to sit on.
as busy as you were and yewon became talkative. before you knew it, you stood at the door entrance and yewon’s mom thanked your assistance into helping her daughter. the child finally hugged your legs and you were surpised at the quick adjustment and the development you both achieved today. her mother handed an envelope and although you were used to monthly pay, she insisted it was alright to give the promised amount weekly. by that she would be assured that her daughter learned a lot.
entering the elevator after the signalling bell, you stood inside the walls of the wood lamination of the metal box. numbers descended to its grounding point, you took a peek of the envelope. your heart dropped just as the white seal nearly fell out of your hands. this was more than what you asked for.
the evening’s chill soon brushed passed, causing you wrapped yourself more into the cardigan you wore and headed to the easiest route home. you were glad yewon’s house was close to yours. yet that was postponed as two men you merely met appeared just across. you didn’t know why you hid, but instincts led your legs to the bushes beside.
“what’re you gonna do about it?” rowoon nudged dohwan who was scrolling down his phone. you were supposed to head home. something about them was quite inquisitive where you recalled the jung brothers build up hatred towards the two.
“i wanna make y/n mine.” dohwan licked his lips.
rowoon chuckled before receiving a hit on the chest. “good luck with tha- ow.” he hissed. “i’m just saying bro. meddle with the jung brothers, you’re dead.”
“what? a bunch of rich kids always gonna get what they want?” dohwan spat, grabbing the other’s collar. “we’ll see what they can do if something that’s theirs is taken away from them. y/n will be mine.”
words never sent goosebumps crawling your entire flesh quickly than like it did just now. unknowingly you panicked and let out an intake of breath. you bit your lips for being careless at the noise and stepped backwards on a fallen branch. their heads turn to the noise and eyes saw slight movement from where you hid.
large hands covered your mouth and the man asked you to keep silent. he pulled your torso to the side where you stood at a blind spot. the man was strong but you had to get home. “ugh!” he groaned and released you from his grip.
you planned to shove the man back until you recognise him. “what the hell jinyoung?!” your chest heaved in relief it wasn’t a stranger. but you still panicked because it was jinyoung.
“shhh!” his palms gestured you to quiet down, a slurred smile seen on his face. “they’ll hear you.”
oh no. “are you drunk?”
the smell coming from his clothes later came. jinyoung scoffed at your assumption. “that’s mean. i was chilling with some friends. don’t jump to conclusions.” he walked ahead to the same direction you were going to. “you’re taking this way, yeah?”
“i can take care of myself.” you gripped on your bag strap and forcefully bumped into him.
jinyoung shrugged and followed you anyway. “sure you can.” he said, only to feel a plastic bag on his face after you unwrapped your food. from a step further from you, he could hear the grumbles of your stomach and the sleepiness in your eyes. he knew you had tutoring, heard it from his sisters and wanted to find time to talk to you. “y/n, please.”
for the next minutes, you ignored the guy and kept walking away from him. all you heard was him calling your name and begging you to look his way. your earphones weren’t helping, it had to lose battery right when you needed them to block out the chatters jinyoung did. you fished out for your phone to call jaehyun, and he didn’t answer.
you sat at the available bench. the pain from the churns of your stomach and your soles both attacked when you unconsciously stomped heavily instead of walking peacefully. “y/n-”
he jolt in his stance as you questioned him with harshness in your voice. “what is it that you want, jinyoung?”
“i wanted to talk with you.. properly.” he fixed his denim jacket, hid his hands into the pockets of his jeans. “i know i hurt you.. so much that i ignored your feelings just to not let the guilt take me..” he stepped closer and attempted to take your hand. “but now it did.. and i want to apologise for that. can i explain my side without being interrupted?”
the question he asked was uniform with that in yunho’s car. maybe it was the exhaustion finally getting into your system that caused you to blow up, triggering the stress just from his existence alone. seeing him only made your moods change, everything he did came back, punching you in the gut. “is it that hard to understand three steps you did to hurt me?” the tonsils ache from straining too much.
when he didn’t respond, you nodded with heaviness of heart. silence only meant he acknowledged his fault. in spite of everything, you let anger to be front of forgiveness. “you played around.. you left me.. and you crushed me.. all because you think i wasn’t good enough for you. do you know what my escape was? it was to move on.”
except anger didn’t come out of your lips.
jinyoung witnessed how your lips curved, trying to reach that breaking point, but he knew you were strong; stronger now than the last time he saw you. “that was before.” he said. “i know you knew that for a while now that i changed, and i did.”
“is this one of your sweet pep talk you guys do to take a girl back?” you threw the finished wrapper into the bin. “‘cause it’s never going to work.”
“i did it for you!” his arms shook your shoulders. “i can treat you a lot better than my brother ever could. he’s a stubborn brat who doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings but himself.”
“sounds awfully familiar. you’re describing yourself-” you slid your tired legs along the curb of the building apartment. jinyoung yanked you towards his chest, turning you on your heels. he embraced you, which you haven’t been in his arms for two years. “stop this please-” you begged, knowing that jaehyun would soon pick you up.
he hugged you tighter, not wanting you to escape. your felt your body squeezed like air was sucking out of you. there was vibration in his hands, almost to the point he was shaking and sighing heavily before he said the words aloud. “call me crazy, call all you want, but for the past months my gut has been telling me that i’m jaewon’s father!”
rain started pouring hard, similarly with the revelation slapped your face. and to think this was too surreal to happen in real life, jinyoung collapsed. you at least have some strength in you to partially drag him into the lobby of your apartment. “jinyoung, don’t close your eyes.” you wrapped his arm around you to keep the stance.
jaehyun heard thumps and groans outside the door as he was about to meet you. but his drenched girlfriend and brother appeared when the door revealed you both.
“why is he with you?”
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jae-canikeepyou · a year ago
| serenity in us | j.jh | ch. nine
Tumblr media
word count: 7.1k+
a/n: we’re halfway through the series aghh welps i might’ve written a lot for this chapter. expect the rest would be around the same word length. enjoy reading loves! ♡ ~j.
Tumblr media
eunha shook your body vigorously, jolting you out of the sweet dreamland. you hated feeling that sudden shock which either made your stomach somersault or your heart suffer irregular beats; then your mind just imagines the worse case possible and all relating to jaewon’s health. the night where he had his first symptoms of mild bronchiolitis did place trauma into your system. the feeling doesn’t seem to disappear too.
you groaned under the sheets, pulling them over your head to protect yourself from her constant nudges and playful hits. her squeals then were the trigger to fully awakening your half-sleep state. “wake up y/n!” she yelled, making your hands search for the device to check the time.
Tumblr media
ah, so it’s not a dream. we’re really official.
“y/n! wake up!” she pulled the covers with great force you swore you thought you were dragged along with it. the way the cold air met your skin and together with eunha’s cold hands sure was the best combination. sarcasm intended. from a third point of view and people you encountered, your patience overall was one of the best and they wished for all to have this factor. today however was cut short all due to one action, clearly annoyed the heck out of you.
the nervous laughter from eunha had your blanket brought front in defense. she probably looked like a bunny cornered by a hungry predator, but in reality you were just hungry for breakfast. more than anything, you were satisfied that she realised her mistake.
you grabbed her and put her into a headlock, she hit your arm twice before you released her. “i am awake and there’s a nicer way to wake a person up, eunha! you ruined my beauty sleep!” in ordinary days and almost everyday, eunha would always head to your apartment and be your personal alarm clock. but just the thought of her doing that would be a total nightmare; that you would want to continue sleeping to avoid her persistence.
and today was one of those ‘ordinary days’. “beauty sleep? really? looking like that?” she looked from the fuzziness of your bed hair to the disheveled silk pajamas. her brows arched so high they looked like seagulls. she clicked her tongue when you slid across the room to back to your bed.
“y/n please? jessica wants you to model for blanc & eclare at 2pm today!”
“i don’t remember agreeing to her- well i did say i’ll give it a thought- but i never went back to her!” you stood on your toes while you kept changing sentence midway and stretched your arms up to let the sleepiness disappear. doing some thinking right after you awaken took effort, and by effort, you have to get your brains cells generating the right vocabulary. “and i wanna spend the day with jaewon, eunha. i’m not going out.” you yawned as you headed to the jaewon’s room.
preparing breakfast was a piece of cake when it was just you and jaewon. but for the past few days since you started going out with jaehyun, eunha has been coming here, non-stop, imaginatively throwing her arms everywhere to mimic a flower girl, and cupping her ears to listen to ‘wedding bells’. because of this, you couldn’t concentrate at all. you’d either drop an egg or overcook the pancakes for scolding at her as the picturesque of the her wishful events occupied your head.
jaewon on the other hand, didn’t seem to mind whenever eunha would show pictures of jaehyun to him. he’d smile or point fingers at the phone, blabbering the same gibberish word. you couldn’t help but smile and caressed his cheeks as eunha carried him. “we saw uncle jaehyun few days ago, baby. you still want to see him?” you shook the bottle of milk and doubled check its temperature.
eunha pulled your ear to whisper. as if it was something important, you thought. “you and jaehyun are dating! “it makes sense if he’s a dad to jaewon? c’mon, how cute would it be to hear him say the word ‘daddy’?”
you rolled your eyes at your hyperactive friend, “yes we’re dating, but it doesn’t equal to adopting jericho as his son.”
“ngphf that’s practically the same?” she made a gurgle as she stated her point. “oh and i’m not lying about your schedule today. you really have a photoshoot because jessica personally messaged me to convince you.”
“but you rarely share your contacts to anyone?” you made your way to seat on the dining table with a full set of breakfast ready be eaten.
eunha showed her phone to you, the digital conversation with jessica was real indeed. “she isn’t just anyone, y/n. she’s jung suyeon, the lady boss of a famous fashion brand and!” she waved her fork like she was to chant a magical spell as your fairy godmother. “your potential sister-in-law!” her voice singing the more the prolonged it.
at this point you couldn’t help but blush in front of her. real or not, the topic itself could make anyone turn red. to think that eunha always thought ahead of you was something you were supposed to be used to. maybe it was a different guy that she actually acknowledged this time. in the past, she was against with you dating jinyoung. not because he was only nice to you, but the you years ago was too blind to see that being his girlfriend would make you an easy target despite knowing that jinyoung was popular in the university. even that popularity of his blinded you into seeing his rebel nature.
your friendship with her did have a fallout during the time, and it was the worse few months of your life. she ignored your messages and avoided you at campus no matter how hard you tried to reach out. but even in the darkest areas, there was always a light. she came back running to her best friend when you saw the two lines appearing in the test.
“m-maybe.” you cleared your throat, finally listening to her never ending, possible stories. “did you really say that i’m going to the photoshoot?”
“uh, duh?” her voice lingering in the air which made you sigh in defeat. “you can’t miss this opportunity gracely given to you, y/n! i’ll take care of jaewon if that’s what you’re worried about.”
“it’s jaehyun that my mind’s consciously injecting worry. i don’t know what he’ll say.” you squeezed the spoon you held to feed jaewon.
the part-time you worked at had enough staff members. so the chances to clock in for work was unclear and really depended on the customer flow. they knew you had a son and the priority to care for him was important, hence you only went to the café three times a week. the walls of your heart wanted to go for it, to make extra cash and consider the offer since it was a one in a million chance.
now that you thought about it, you never disclose this news to jaehyun. would you tell him that his sister asked you to join her company? to be one of the advertising models? however, if you were to remember jaewon’s first pictorial, he did might just do the same by letting you try it once. or maybe none at all.
once breakfast was done and readied yourselves to head out for little grocery shopping before meeting jessica, you fished out your phone from the pockets of your jeans. the sigh you let out went heavier at each exhale. eunha assured you with a pat on your shoulders. your fingers slightly shaking at your boyfriend’s possible response towards your decision.
it should be fine, right?
Tumblr media
the studio echoed with light beeps that sounded artificial and only heard in those sci-fi movies. stylists would leave then approach you after the photographer signalled them for another outfit or accessory. gentle colors were applied to your face and they puffed the curls so that they were not too outstanding. jessica stood there with some of staff members. a satisfactory grin crept her lips, nods of approval and few point gestures as if to make adjustments.
it was still new to you and took a while to process that this whole thing were others’ career. you sat by the bay of a window, natural sunlight added glow to your skin as you gazed at the camera in front. umbrellas were moved and shifted to redirect the light for a better balance.
they encouraged you with cheers and words revolving around ‘that’s great’ or ‘do it again’ or ‘just imagine jaewon happily dancing with his diapers on’. boasting the accessory was the main point, you were chosen to advertise, smiling was a part of it, yet it was quite amusing they include your son to be part of your act.
the very back door then swung open, the force wasn’t much of an impact but it was enough to make heads turn to the doer. jessica spotted her brother with a bubbled face that deflated into a small scowl. she rolled her eyes and pulled his arm to a corner where you wouldn’t be disturbed.
“why are you doing this?” jaehyun combed his hair backwards then resting his palms on his waist. “i thought i only said one gig?”
“i know and i listened,” jessica crossed her arms. she enjoyed teasing him and did so to see his reactions. especially when news broke to her that he started dating you. “but that was for jaewon. your girlfriend has a pretty face and i offered her a job and she gladly accepted it.” she turned just about 45 degrees and asked him to follow her.
jaehyun sighed heavily remembering the text message you sent in the morning. he could never understand what his sister has planned in her sleeves, but he still followed her into a room. he could hear the many compliments from the staff, and that made him smile a bit; but his frown was still evident on his lips. the rays shone brightly before his eyes completely adjusted to the right exposure of the sun. he saw how you confidently posed without hesitation.
his heart beat in a fast pace that he had the urge to jump in and hug you. you were only wearing casual clothes; a black tee, denim jeans and a pair of sneakers. so why did you look different? why did he feel like he did when he saw you the first time at the restaurant? was it the make-up? was it how they styled your hair? was it the sunglasses you wore? he couldn’t figure out what it was no matter how deep the dove into his thoughts.
jessica nudged him quite strongly that jaehyun had furrowed brows and a glare. “pretty, isn’t she? she’s prettier in a gown.”
his eyes widened and from jessica’s view, it was obvious he wanted to see you in that outfit. he kind of did, but he didn’t put any attention since he and jinyoung had a confrontation. the heat then spread from his ears to his cheeks, rubbing his chin as if to divert the focus of his sister. looking back at you again, your laugh had his jaw dropping.
to others who witnessed the man’s reaction, they concluded that he’s definitely smitten with you. it was then jaehyun realized that you smiled without trying so hard to be fitted in the modelling spectrum. he loved the way your eyes formed into crescents after an enticing gaze towards the camera. “she’s still shy, but she’s enjoying it.” jessica added while giving a push on jaehyun’s back. his legs stepped forward into the room, you waved at him as the stylists fixed your hair again.
patting the space beside you, he sat down and stared into your eyes, trailing from them to your lips. “what?” you asked, leaning a little backwards as he observed you up close. too close.
“are you wearing make up?” his eyes then softened when he saw how you panicked since there were people around.
“i am. they didn’t cake it much, which i prefer it that way. it’s natural.” you said honestly, your hands caressing the broadness of his shoulders. “you aren’t mad?” referring to the decision as you looked elsewhere.
he cupped your face and squished it, his dimples and cheeks bloating with air like they were about to pop and explode with cuteness overload. “why would i be when you’re this pretty? i’d want to you to myself if you weren’t too-”
clears of throats and giggles perked jaehyun’s ears, his head immediately swifting that the attention was directly on him. he gave you a little squeeze on the waist before leaving, except he didn’t. jessica stopped in front of him, hangers of new set of clothes pushed against his chest for him to wear. “you’re coming with me to dad’s company’s anniversary dinner tonight so suit up. y/n? you’re coming as well.”
why was everything decided before you even had your say? “oh no, i shouldn’t. it’s-”
“it’s gonna be fine! my secretary can’t make it and since you’re the only one free, i’ve decided you’ll fill up for her.” she gave you your set of new clothes. “you’re part of my staff now and you’re in my care. just for tonight, okay?”
how could you refuse her? she has a persuasive and gentle attitude, but her intentions were pure nevertheless. besides, it seemed she knew that deep into the abyss of your heart, you wanted to see jaehyun in a suit. were you really transparent to everyone you meet?
you checked your watch for the time, it was quarter to six. there wouldn’t be a problem with telling eunha to babysit jaewon if your excuse was anything related to jaehyun. that best friend of yours would go an extent to make you be with your boyfriend. she did start that by kicking you both out of the apartment.
with a last tweak, you fixed the ribbon by hem of your teal pants and tapped your heels for a better fitting, the door of one fitting room swung open. jaehyun stood while jessica lightly scolded him for not wearing a shirt underneath. you could hear several of his ‘tsk’s which made his sister give up trying. forcing him won’t do anything good.
Tumblr media
the ride to the hotel was rather a quick one and the more you walked closer to the venue, the more you felt conscious of being there. all guests were all out into their attire.
it got you thinking who they were. as much as information got to you, the company the jung’s owned were related to the entertainment field, except you had no idea of its details. seemed like jaehyun didn’t want to talk about it whenever you tried to ask or when your conversation touched around the topic. speaking of your boyfriend, he was very fidgety now and it was as if he couldn’t stay still. there were frequent scoffs and low groans, his cough clearings were deliberate too. that was only until you saw him shove his phone in his pockets.
jaehyun looked for an open space within the venue, at least a balcony where he could freshen his mind regarding the messages he received from his friends.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
just when he thought the war to have you was over, he pulled you close when he spotted young men eyeing you from head to toe. did you know about the eyes that were following you? he could feel himself losing his anger; his temples twitched with force from gritting his teeth. you looked up to see his jaws clenching, veins visible and you couldn’t tell how much tension he has put into them. curious, you followed where he was facing towards. and you regret not bringing your specs because the figures were too far for your sight to handle.
“is there a problem?” you poked his cheeks. jaehyun’s hands slid down to your waist, the tightness and grip from them made you let out a hiss, and he quickly apologised for his actions.
“i’m sorry. i just saw faces. i didn’t expect to see them here.” his expression softened as he walked with you behind krystal. jaehyun turned around again to see the men soon minding their own business.
what are they doing here?..
guests after guests continued to approach the siblings. they shook their hands for their presence to attend party. even behind the smiles jaehyun put on, the aura he emitted was exactly the same from minutes before; tensed. while you waited for them, you decided to quench yourself with some drinks and to keep yourself from feeling bored. but eunha knew you better than you knew yourself. your phone vibrated at the message.
Tumblr media
“hi, may i join you?” a voice tickled your ear, making you turn to the voice and soon lit up at their appearance.
“oh my goodness, miyeon? you’re here?” you gasped, nearly dropping the glass of sparkling water.
“hey y/n!” she squealed as she quickly pulled you into a hug. “my family’s invited tonight.”
miyeon was a classmate and friend of yours back in freshman year of nursing. you both immediately became friends because you would fangirl over this hot lecturer almost every lesson, pulled many all nighters and sleepovers. however she had to move cities due to family reasons the following year. now that she was here in front of you, you have a lot of things to catch up upon.
she knew of what had happened, for she was one of the first people you’ve told to besides eunha. “i am so sorry i wasn’t there when you were at your lowest. how have you been?”
you handed her a drink and assured that it was alright. “i feel your moral support even if you’re far. you text me almost daily, that’s more than enough, miyeon.” your voice filled with gratitude. “i’m very well, jaewon too and somehow i don’t want him to reach his terrible twos.”
miyeon’s giggles were contagious, so you laughed as well at the hopeful thought of jaewon actually being well behaved at that age. recently he was getting whiney when he doesn’t get what he wanted, or gave high pitched cries if he couldn’t get out of the crib in his own attempt. “aw i’m sure it’ll be terrific twos, y/n!”
“we’ll just have to see.” you said as you looked over the stage where the jung family stood from their chairs, getting off the platform to continue carrying out their duties. jaehyun still had wrinkled brows, but they relaxed when he spotted you and a big loving smile crept his lips.
a light bulb flickered above your head as you pulled miyeon to ask her about something to feed your growing curiosity. “by the way, how are you and your boyfriend? still intact despite the l.d.r?” the question had her eyes rolling at the mention of the relationship. “oh..” your lips lessened to a circle.
“mhm, we’re no longer together. he was so against at me leaving the city. i thought he’d be understanding but i was wrong. the relationship wasn’t healthy anymore and it’s very toxic. so i broke it off.” she nodded in agreement at your realisation. “how about you and jinyoung?”
your face formed creases to a sour-looking mien. her courage to say that was definitely inspiring. “it’s... eh.” you didn’t have the strength to explain any further. “same with you, i broke it off shortly after you left. he had other ladies in his radar. tsktsk silly me.”
“silly us.” miyeon squeezed your arm, shrugging off the negativity by bringing a glass for a toast. “to all the boys we shouldn’t have fallen for.”
the paralleling phrase with the movie probably was the best thing you heard tonight. applicable and really, it was the truth. “cheers.” you clinked the glasses together before feeling a hand snake around your waist. jaehyun’s low chuckle fanned your ears and you had to turn. “have you calmed down? your brows are so contracted.”
the largeness of his palms cupped the back of your head, tugging you closer when you felt his plump lips touch your forehead. “i have to stay with my siblings until the event finishes, but i’ll quickly run to your side after all is over.”
he was about to take a step when you pulled him back with his sleeve of his suit wrapped around your finger. the seducing yet soft eyes of yours had him off guard, but he liked the feeling of you not wanting him to leave. “care to tell me why you kissed me then?” you fixed his crooked tie and unbuttoned the first bud of his shirt; poor button having to suffer hiding his toned chest.
jaehyun pretended to think with his lips puckered closed. he tilted his head to the side, referring to the men indeed chattering within themselves at the corner. “i have to show them lads that you belong with me.” your boyfriend’s naughty smirk was now something that had you frozen for a while. you didn’t expect he’d do that tonight, or ever. he left with a wink and gosh was he so handsome.
miyeon snapped her fingers and you fluttered your lashes to come back to reality. “so you and jaehyun are a thing huh?” emphasising heavily with a playful note at the preceding word.
“yes.” you said in a tiny voice so shyly that she pinched your sides to tease. “wait.. you know jaehyun?”
“of course i do.” she hmpfed. “he’s the son of the country’s top entertainment company.” she laughed at your catchism written in your eyes. “but jokes aside, we’re ‘diaper buds’.. childhood friends, along with wonwoo and the others.”
“i see!” you clasped your palms together as you processed the group name she called themselves. “you all are practically siblings then.”
she scrolled down her phone and looked for the picture that showed them as children. “yes, but jaehyun’s sorta the leader. he always wants to be the superman of the league. so in this pic..” she moved to the next file, “..we locked him in a room because we didn’t like how bossy he was. and yunho captured this moment.”
“probably scarred him for life.” you laughed at a crying face of seven year old jaehyun, who was reaching out to cover the lens of yunho’s camera.
“trust me, it haunts him to this day.”
later in the evening, miyeon had to take leave but promised you to hang out again before she head back to her residing city. jaehyun in fact kept his word, yet the ‘secretary’ duty his sister had assigned you was put to use right when he had you by his side.
you poked his cheeks, now your turn to say that you’d be back. jaehyun gave a pout and you swore krystal covered her mouth to gag, obviously a fake one but you should know her by now. “oh gross jaehyun. if you’re going to be sweet with her, do it elsewhere.”
“exactly how i feel whenever you have kissing scenes. imagine how many times i felt disgusted.” jaehyun playfully scowled, his eyes still glued to you as jessica pulled your figure closer to introduce you to some of her clients.
“yours is done by will. refrain from pda at a public event like this.” krystal rolled her eyes, looking at where her brother was gazing at— you smiling with the others. “you must love y/n so much.” her voice approving of the relationship. “it’s written all over you.”
jaehyun shifted his weight on one leg, his lips unable to control its curve when two of his favourite words were said after another; love and your name. “yeah, i love her a lot.”
he admired you from afar. your existence became someone who calmed the raging seas of his anger, disoriented thoughts and harshness on himself. he didn’t think it was possible that there was a person in this world who fitted to be his ideal. he didn’t think he’d meet you soon.
the way your hands waved in refusal twinkled at the corners of his peripheral. he was curious of the exchange of conversation between you and those you met.
what made him bit his lips to the point of blood were the two men approaching you, giving you a gaze which jaehyun didn’t like. he was stopped by krystal who observed his change of mood. “please don’t tell me you’re going to create a fuss.” she hissed much louder than usual.
“i’m not!” jaehyun shrugged her arm off. “if you can’t see, they’re going for my girl.”
“rowoon and dohwan? jae, they have girlfriends. they wouldn’t make a move on her.” she assured the young man, but was later proven otherwise when their supposed taps of greeting to your shoulders became light grips.
jaehyun crossed his arms and gave an angered look. “well? they did and news came to me they’re single now.”
“it’s fine jaehyun. i’m sure y/n knows her limits and she has you. there’s nothing to worry about.” she placed her wine glass on top of a waiter’s tray. the music unmatching with the current mood. “see, jinyoung’s there and he pulled the two away from y/n subtly.”
his head never turned so quick at the mention of his brother’s name. he soothed the pain at the area of the strained neck muscle, his vision recovering from the darkness of closed eyes to the standing figures before him. jinyoung indeed had you at his side, diverting rowoon and dohwan’s attempts to flirt.
you were shocked with the way he pulled you aside, like how jaehyun did when you talked with him the other day. “just stay behind me. they’re not the type you should interact with.” jinyoung said in a whisper.
the rolls of your eyes caught his attention, and he bent closer to expound the reasons why he had to do what he did. “they’re users, men who are only after what’s under the sheets-”
“i didn’t ask for details, jinyoung.” you hissed softly as you tried to give as much attention to jessica for being her secretary. she took a file in her hands and slipped it between her arms and torso. was it another contract? the handshake exchanged with the man in front proved your assumption that it was probably another photoshoot agreement.
“still, it’s better if you know.” he let go of your sides that made you realise a second late his hands were on you.
rowoon observed the way you and jinyoung were close, whispering to each other as if a darkest secret was to be told among the both of you. he nudged dohwan slightly, grins showed on their faces. “hey y/n. apologies if our existence brought discomfort to you.” rowoon gave a bow of his head, hands by his chest.
“it’s alright.” you nodded as you shared a look with jinyoung. “him being cautious now is so unnecessary.”
“ah, really?” rowoon looked stunned, but you and jinyoung missed the move of his eyes trailing to the man behind you— jaehyun, who had his arms quite stiff even if they were crossed. he was looking where you were, and dohwan figured him out just by looking at you.
it was interesting to the two fine men you met, that they witnessed how you also missed jinyoung’s gaze on you. whether you were that dense or just unaware of those who admire you. the said man excused himself, leaving you alone with rowoon and dohwan as he was asked to be accompany his father.
awkward, you thought, but it was best to act normal and maybe converse with the men for a little while before meeting jaehyun later. “say, m’lady. what brings you to the event tonight?” dohwan asked, intrigued of the happenings before him.
“i’m jessica’s-”
“employee, yeah? a new model?” rowoon’s voice sounded excited. you could only nod at his research. “the modelling agency we’re in just signed a partnership with blanc and eclare. we heard she recruited a new face.”
dohwan took your hand for a shake. again his eyes looked back at your boyfriend. “well we wouldn’t be surprised if it was you. you’re beautiful, y/n.”
as the conversation dug deep into the depths of the unknown, you found out that their agency was affiliated with jaehyun’s family. facts after facts were slowly revealed to you; a lot more than jaehyun ever told you.
here you started to wonder why it was hard for him to open up. it was strange to hear things and news from other people rather from jaehyun’s lips. nothing seemed right, and you were the type to not meddle with someone’s privacy unless they’ve been disclosed to you.
“do you know the jung’s? jaehyun, specifically? because he’s been giving us quite a stare.” dohwan began asking like he was to interrogate.
“oh uhm, we’re dating..” you said, a growing anxiety rising from the pit of your stomach. somewhere at the ends your mind you shouldn’t have revealed it, yet this would have contradicted why jaehyun kissed you earlier. he did say he wanted to show others you were his.
“dating, hm.” rowoon hummed. “i’m not surprised. jaehyun attract ladies almost everywhere he goes. they trample upon each other in hopes to have him as their boyfriend.”
“no one quite won, honestly speaking.” he continued, swirling his wine in which distracted you a little. “except for one though.” as he said those words, you know he wasn’t referring to you. and soon you put the pieces together, recalling the conversation you had with the girls back in the library.
“he doesn’t just fall for any girl on a whim, but if he does, he’ll take care of her.”
the grip on your purse showed creases from your fingertips and the men could see that clearly. you didn’t know why you were affected. maybe you had the right to, or perhaps there was a time for everything. but did it have to be revealed now?
your purse dangling by your forearm vibrated, later noticing jaehyun’s caller id on your phone’s screen deep inside. slowly you turned your heel to see him with krystal, his chin gesturing you to come back. “i’m sorry. i have to go. hope to see you two around though.” you bowed.
jaehyun was already striding towards you, his posture and swiftness caught the attention of everyone since you were at the center of the hall. he grabbed your wrists, his entire conscience ignoring the warns of his siblings for being reckless as he was to leave the event in the before it ended.
though it got you questioning him, jaehyun probably had his reasons to do what he done.
for the third time tonight, you missed one thing again; that was the satisfied smirks creeping up their lips.
Tumblr media
jaehyun stepped on the brakes, finally reaching your apartment. his palms rested on the wheel were now caressing your thigh. the touch you felt from them gave off a different mood, as well as the clearings of his throat. you held his hands hoping for them to calm down, because you noticed he was feeling out of it since arriving the hotel.
he loved that even at the late of the night, you were able to keep him awake with the gentle tone of your breathing. “is it alright to leave like that?” you unbuckled the seatbelt and laid back against the seat, jaehyun doing the same as he turned the engine off.
“it’s fine. not like anyone would care.” he closed his eyes as exhaustion took over.
now that he mentioned it, it gotten to your curiosity why jaehyun wore such of an expression; though you’ve seen it frequently with his clashes with jinyoung. yet that specific look on his face back at the hotel was pinned to every part of your head. it was something you wanted to ask but was too hesitant to because a part of you was afraid to even bring it up.
but what did it matter? he’s your boyfriend now and there shouldn’t be secrets kept from one another. and if there were, you just have to find the right key to unlock them, hoping to free the prisoned sentiments he buried in his heart. who exactly were the men to jaehyun that caused him to kiss your forehead? other than they told you about being in the entertainment field as well, nothing else were coming into picture.
what things did they exactly do that even made jinyoung pull you away from them? at this silent moment you wanted eunha to give you a slight nudge so you have the courage to ask jaehyun.
jaehyun shook you back to reality from your trail of thoughts. “you wanted to ask why i behaved when rowoon and dohwan were there, right?” he knew you were easy to read, but you were delicate as an egg and he could crack you open.
“i’ve been meaning to ask.” you rubbed circles on his hands, leaning in closer. “and i wanna make sure you’re comfortable to talk to me about it. i understand if you don’t want me to.”
he cupped your face where his mouth curved to a tired smile. “i’m fine with it. ask all you want.” seeing you waver your eyes, he sat up properly in wonder. “what’s wrong?”
“i’m not supposed to be jealous now because that’s obviously in the past..” you paused as reluctance slowly was devouring you whole. “..they didn’t really directly tell me that you dated- i just had a feeling you did?”
jaehyun found you utterly adorable. the pink lightly dusted on your cheeks despite the dark of the night. eyes twinkling like the stars yet yours shone brighter. “but are you.. jealous?” his words pressing onto your shield of opposition. he gave a teasing smile before leaning in. your face bubbled and he couldn’t help but let out a loud chuckle. “ah so you are. well i can’t deny the fact i had a girlfriend in the past, so yes. i did date.” he got off the car, went to your side of the seat and opened the door.
you sat there shocked how he answered you that quickly, yet not totally quenching your thirst for questions about him. “also rowoon and dohwan brothers, they’re my stepmom’s adopted sons.”
it all made sense why the jung siblings acted that way at the dinner. the current matriarch of the jung family was the second wife.
“she expects us to be best of friends. we didn’t. they’re bunch of playboys who recycles their girlfriends.” he extended his hand which you gladly hold onto it.
“that’s a strong way to put it. no wonder you gave them the stares.” you leaned against the car, pleased that the cracks of his hard shell began to show.
he held your waist as he brought you close for a warm kiss, his head tilting in but you stopped him with your fingers. “they were eyeing you all over. it pissed me off.” jaehyun rolled his eyes before meeting your precious orbs. “cause you’re so beautiful tonight.”
a funny sound came out from your jutted lips and immediately your face flushed at his comment. “you’re really smitten, mr. jung.” you gave a small tease because that was all the guest ever called him. your palms tugged his collar and gave a kiss on his nose.
jaehyun knew his ears were red, he could feel the heat rising up to the highest temperature once you called him the name that probably made him want to explode in confettis. heart bursting in all sorts of loving emotions for you. it was different when it’s you. he rested his arms on the car, which was by your shoulders. “yeah. i really am.” he craved for the kiss, maybe a lot more compared at the tree house. you both melted at each other’s touch, just enjoying the moment like normal young adolescents in love.
he kissed you one more time on the forehead, covering your body with his large frame. his giggles tickling your ears. you looked up to him and he was dazzling. with the way he stared at your eyes then lips, you knew he was going to dive in for more. “i love you.” you confessed even if he knew it already.
“i love you more.” he got his prize again, his hands lightly gripping your back as you held the nape of his neck, deepening the kiss. however, he stopped when he heard a child’s hiccups entering his hearing at the close distance.
eunha cleared her throat with jaewon in her arms, your son giving an adorable pout with tears brimming on the edges. “i was wondering why you haven’t picked up your calls yet. you said you’ll be back by 11pm.” her eyes squinting at you devilishly and you didn’t want to be her victim at this late of an hour.
you let go of jaehyun, giggling embarrassingly. eunha gave jaewon to your boyfriend before nudging you. “it’s half past 11 and you’ve been making out for 30 minutes?” her tone had you biting your lips, though you knew she was kidding being strict.
“that’s too much!” you gasped as you hit her lightly wanting her to be careful of the words she said.
“actually i wouldn’t mind if it’s that long.” jaehyun stated his desires, making you hit him.
“anyway, i’m gonna head home. you love birds have fun.” eunha yawned quite unladylike and hugged you goodbye. she lived a block away and could’ve just sleep in your apartment like she always did. perhaps jaehyun’s appearance made her land on her final decision. “not too much fun though.”
Tumblr media
jaehyun plopped himself on the carpet, jaewon curiously poking his dimples each time they appear. you went on ahead to change to your home clothes and all you could hear was your son’s high pitched bubbly laughs; you figured jaehyun tickled his vulnerable spots.
it was rare for jaewon to behave this way, only whenever your boyfriend’s around did he show such adorable behaviour. so you got out of the toilet to have them both on record. “hey babe, there’s this trend going on and i wanna try it.” he saw you dry your hair with a towel, quickly turning away since you were in your bathrobe.
you flicked his ears when you sat beside by his right side. “tsk, i’m in my home clothes. just wore the robe ‘cause i feel cold. erase whatever you’re thinking.” soon scooting closer to fit in the frame jaehyun had already prepared. “so? what’s the trend?” you asked, playing with jaewon’s hands.
“they said babies cry when dad kisses mom.” jaehyun said so straightforwardly that it almost made you choke on your tea. did he just referred himself to ‘dad’? he looked like he wanted to try it out, all for fun. in fact, you’d like to see how jaewon would react, and you finally gave in.
he pressed the red button, the sound signalling to start. “baby.” you called your son, but instead jaehyun looked your way at the name. “jae-” you paused. right they have the same nickname. clearing your throat since jaehyun kept staring, you averted his gaze and onto the child. “jericho.”
jaewon turned to you with a toy in hand, a dummy attached to his mouth. “can you kiss mommy?” you smiled when your whole world lit up due to his growing pearls. he jutted his lips to kiss you, and you later sensed jaehyun leaning in to kiss you too. and the said man playfully pecking your lips sooner than imagined. your son was taken aback, giving alternate stares at what he just witnessed. jaehyun did it one more time until it became frequent.
tiny palms stopped jaehyun from doing so, as it was followed by a squeaky whine. there was reaction, but it wasn’t enough for jaehyun’s interest. hence he kept kissing you. jaewon then brought his hands to hit him, wrapping his arms around your neck and started to cry. “you don’t like it when uncle jaehyun kisses me?”
jaewon rubbed his eyes, his orbs darkened as he looked at jaehyun. you both shared a look, yet your boyfriend held his cheek at jaewon’s smack. obviously the hit wasn’t much of an impact to jaehyun, but he pretended he was hurt and let out a fake sob. “baby, don’t hit uncle jaehyun.” you caressed jaehyun’s hair, and he again pecked your lips. “i think it’s enough, jaehyun. your lips are so swollen.”
“you don’t mind if i spend the night here?” jaehyun asked with sleep all over his eyes, bringing jaewon to his chest. “i can’t face my family after i left without formalities.”
you stood to prepare jaewon’s bottle at the kitchen. the kettle you boiled since arriving had finished and your poured the water for the milk powder to dissolve. “mhm, guilty conscience hitting you now? sure. i don’t have spare clothes for you to change into though.”
jaehyun started to hum in random lullabies, his vocals filling the entire room. each word expressed in gentle care to put your son to sleep. no wonder jaewon loved it whenever he was around. “yeah so much, but i think they understand why i had to do it.” he turned to see you provide feeding for jaewon.
“don’t worry, i have spares in my bag.” he waved his belongings and went to the bathroom. you sat on the sofa to tend to jaewon, thinking how suddenly he would request for a sleepover. tonight would be the second night jaehyun stayed at your place.
it felt different and surreal knowing that he was once a stranger the first time he came over. now he was your boyfriend, a man full of affection not only to you but to your son as well. jaewon’s palms reached for your cheeks, his eyes closing and opening slowly to be awake still. the thought of your baby not having a father image did make you think of his future. would you be able to give that to him? would jaehyun consider that huge of a role without taking advantage of his kindness?
“we’ll take our time, right baby?” you bounced him lightly as he gave a gummy smile. and soon you drifted off to dreamland as the comfort of the sofa lured you to rest.
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jae-canikeepyou · a year ago
| serenity in us | j.jh | ch. eight
Tumblr media
word count: 4.5k+
a/n: hello my dears and loves~ hope you’re enjoying the series so far. happy reading! ♡ ~j.
Tumblr media
in all mornings jinyoung have spent since living in the penthouse, there was never a decent meal and only one kind of breakfast existed; that was specifically because of jaehyun. it was just him. either they end up arguing over petty things or the gestures of frequent eyerolls due to the fact that none of them would pass the side dish.
however recently there hasn’t been a schism, not even a trace of fretted air. jinyoung wasn’t the only one who noticed this though, as it happened for two weeks already. he preferred it this way, where jaehyun didn’t have to cause a scene almost everyday that he would always have to deal with his unreasonable reasons.
yunho stirred his coffee when jaehyun sat with his ears bright red, and to his surprise it wasn’t from the sunrise behind smiley, squirmy boy. “someone’s in a good mood.” yunho hummed, taking a sip from his cup. “care to share?”
“great. bet it’s one of his boring stories. i’m so entertained.” jinyoung rolled his eyes and crossed his legs for a comfortable position. he observed how jaehyun’s attention had been on his phone all the while and there was something that didn’t fit quite right to him.
“it’s nothing.” the younger brother looked up from his device, taking at least four pancakes and stacked them on top of one another. “just some old comics i’ve been rereading.”
lies, he has been chatting with you since the kiss. although it still wasn’t official or any upgrade in the relationship, jaehyun wanted to take it to the next level, but he understood completely how things were going fast between the two of you. he wanted to take time and start off as friends for now, and of course, would wait until you give your signal.
“i’m leaving. you clearly wasted my time.” jinyoung grabbed his cardigan and was about to leave when clinks of utensils met the glassed table, causing him to turn around at the rude manners. his gaze hardened when jaehyun mirrored the same expression. “what?” he spat.
jaehyun clapped his hands sarcastically, provoking for the change of mood of his brother. “since when were you interested in my personal life?” a rather bitter and annoyed scoff came out of his lips, each word filled with hatred and wrath that room suddenly met storms of blizzards. “i don’t need your response or your opinion. keep quiet like you usually do. by that i’ll be so entertained.”
yunho’s gaze shifted to jinyoung, whose jaw was already clenching its veins to pop out and his fists balling as if he was ready to charge at him. “jin, you’ll be late for your meeting. first impressions are everything.”
jinyoung’s quick silence made jaehyun scoff in a rude way. “yeah tell that to jae as well, but he should know that sometimes first impressions can be masked too. is he even aware-”
“you-” jaehyun stood and the chair behind him slid away from him due to his limb’s impact. “what are you implying?! you know nothing about me!”
because of this yunho had to step into the fight for umpteenth time, he didn’t bother to count as it happened too frequently. “leave him be. just go to the meeting for your new tv drama. i’ll deal with mr. stubborn here. i wouldn’t want dad to be involved over this useless argument you both fueled.”
the grasp placed on both brothers loosened, jinyoung nodded to leave while jaehyun brushed off his arm and went back to his seat. “i don’t want to say anything to you because i really hate repeating myself.” yunho crossed his arms, pissed. “you have to get used to living with him again, whether you like it or not.”
the prolonged hisses and the discomfort yunho saw from jaehyun was the exact same reaction in the years back. he didn’t know what else to do or say. taking sides would be interpreted that he was the enemy of the other; yet being the middle person was a challenge he battled since that day. and because he loves both of his brothers equally, he was careful not to treat the other differently.
a sigh then was heard from yunho, and jaehyun softened his tensed body, realizing how immature he acted, especially when conflicts like these happened so often. “remember what i said, if dad or mom heard the both of you and you somehow hit their nerve, you’ll be-”
“-out of the penthouse, i know.” jaehyun clicked his tongue, finishing his meal in a rather slow pace. “heard you a lot of times.”
“then stop acting this way. you don’t want to be lectured, fine. but at least get it in your head that i’m not going to do anything to cover up for you if you’re in trouble. that includes jin as well. you both clearly need to settle the beef you have with each other.”
yunho reminded him again, leaving jaehyun alone at the table. the boy’s thoughts had clouded with anger once again, letting out his repressed yell while he shoved food in his mouth as if to calm his system.
Tumblr media
clicks and flips from keyboards and books were the only ones heard across the library; but at the very ends and corners of the facility, soft snores and peaceful breathing took over one area where student could have their bodies recharged. you loved hanging there instead of the common circle. it was less stressing and the intimidation you felt from others were blocked like clouds trying to protect the excessive heat from the sun.
you stretched in your seat after hours of typing away the final report that was due next week. finishing it early would mean you had more time to spend with jaewon, or jaehyun, if eunha had heard your thoughts. she was sleeping soundly after pulling an all-nighter, much to your relief.
chungha soon arrived to the table you were at. she unzipped her jacket revealing food you both could snack upon with others. your eyes grew at how unpredictable she was and that she had this cheeky side to her; it was something you’d do as well considering you all have been packed with assignments already.
“you’re checking your phone again,” she scooted next to you. “there’s no use in hiding when it’s written all over you.”
you stopped fiddling with your phone, knowing what she meant with her words. your head quickly tilted as you turned to her and all she ever gave you was a perked brow. “w-what? n-no!” you hissed. “i-i’m just scrolling down instragram.” licking your phone immediately, your flustered state she managed to do to you had gotten you to tumble your books like a domino. eunha and kyungwon jumped at the noise, eyeing you both irritatingly whilst trying to adjust to the lighting.
“did jaehyun message that she made her books fall?” kyungwon got up to open the snacks as stealthily as possible so she wouldn’t be caught.
eunha stole the snack from kyungwon as if it was the last thing sold on earth. “would’ve been better if y/n fell instead of her books. haven’t had a good laugh since i kicked her out of the house with jaehyun.”
yes, you told them about the kiss from a month ago; that jaehyun initiated once he got closer to you, but they weren’t convinced that it was one-sided, given the fact chungha and kyungwon saw his changes while eunha noticed your softening heart towards him.
the thing was, you returned the kiss. it was a whole different impression that you returned his gesture. regret filled your head that you shouldn’t have told them about it, yet it was something you couldn’t keep to yourself since you honestly haven’t felt this way in a long time.
the unwanted attention from your friends and the embarrassment you felt continued for another minute until you finally buried yourself in your arms. “please don’t start. i know you have questions.” you then fanned to cool the spread of heat from the cheek below.
“well you aren’t wrong.” eunha pulled your arm to sit with them at a cozy area. “there’s one thing we want to know though.” she shared a look with two before poking your sides to get you confessing.
slumping backwards on a beanbag, you huffed out quite a long exhale thinking about the reasons you had to explain if they asked— “do you like him?”
i knew they’ll ask me this. “can i be honest?” you asked and they immediately nodded their heads saying it was alright to be. “i.. do like him,” once you said those words, the squeals they held in burst into soft cheers and whisper-yells. their hands applauded in the air but they weren’t making a single sound.
you rolled your eyes, “..but in a sense that i don’t know if this is infatuation or love. i admire the things he does to jaewon and me.. y’know like helping out and such. um.. i don’t want to like him just because of his actions alone. i wanna like him for his personality, for who he is-”
“look y/n, listen here.” chungha held your hands with a promising gaze. “we, kyungwon and i know jaehyun our whole lives, since when we were little. he doesn’t just fall for any girl on a whim, but if he does, he’ll take care of her. he’ll take care of you.” she said with more emphasis and pressure at the last word.
well with a face like his, there’s no way he remain single..
“mhm.” eunha munched on her snack with her legs up on the wall. “i mean, he did a lot of things already; the clinic, the feeding jaewon breakfast, the clothes, the baby booster, and the-rescuing-you-from-jinyoung. i could name even the tiniest gestures but these are the remarkable ones.”
“what’re you gonna do if he confesses?” kyungwon raised her brow.
Tumblr media
the question lingered in your head up until the finishing hour of your next class. concentration was your forte, a strong point you’ve held on to since childhood. but in this case, you may have forgotten what you learnt earlier due to jaehyun being in your head most of the time.
did it mean that you have fallen for him already? or were the constant appearance of his had become a thing you wanted to happen each time you daydream? you sighed as you exited the lecture hall and let down a heavy breath from mental exhaustion, diving your phone to message your aunt about jaewon.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you were about to reply when a tap on your shoulder made you turn around, anticipating and assured it was the two boys you’ve waited for twenty minutes.
“y/n?” you could hear the man, and swore to the heavens you wouldn’t want to see him again.
“jinyoung..” the once precious name your lips used to love calling appeared before you. he was well-dressed and had permed hair, a silver watch worth thousands and in his hands were several files and a bag.
he soon approached you, taking your hand to give you a paper bag. “an apology gift. i was douche for cornering you in jessica’s room.” he pointed the item. fishy, but it kinda was genuine? or maybe it was a front to get your heart back to forgiving him. “it’s matching clothes set for you and jaewon.”
“thanks for the effort, but i’m gonna have to refuse it. i have to go.” you fixed the strap that was sliding down your shoulders and turned heels to take leave. it was a rude move, yet it should say enough that you didn’t like him being around.
after all that had happened, you moved on, cut off ties and erased him from your life.
jinyoung gripped on the bag’s handle tightly, having to expect your cold response. “are you still taking nursing?” he raised his voice since you were just meters far from him.
you pondered for a while. it wouldn’t be rude to tell him, right? “i switched to early childhood education.” your lips flattened as you tried to take your leave. “it’s an occupation in demand, quite stable too.”
“that’s good to hear.” jinyoung sounded satisfied. there was an awkward silence before he saw your eyes lit up like they used to with him.
was there something behind him that made you look so lovingly? he kind of missed seeing that, though it wasn’t necessary to feel this way for you anymore.
“oh look! mommy’s there.” ah, it was someone.
raising his brows in disbelief, he turned around to see the person he always butt heads with. and he just had an argument with him this morning.
jaehyun was not once, or twice, asked about how it felt like to do something so out of his ordinary. he was asked all the time. coming from him they knew he was the type to be frank and go straight with his feelings. sometimes without ever thinking at all. he realized late that his heart went super ahead of his mind when he was with you at the wooden fort. the endless marathon of his thoughts subsequently told to his friends about the kiss. they bombarded him with questions and their curiosity erupted like a ring of volcanoes when they were supposed to be dormant.
well, apparently not.
he felt the heat of the topic slowly drawing near; the continuous tease of his friends’ amusement caused him to melt into their overflowing lava of pesters. jaewon interrupted his run of thoughts, the child squealing in a high range, noticing he usually did that whenever he sees you.
it was in great precision and care of the universe’s creators that the stars would align in the beautiful dark night panorama sky and make the perfect constellation. its twinkles made to boast its shine as if it was ready to answer’s the wisher’s desires. what jaehyun saw before him was probably the most dazzling, one of a kind star he has ever seen, but the constellation was not fitting at all, forasmuch the presence of his brother ruined the beauty you showed.
his brows narrowed too close almost as if some supernatural being was behind you. the two men saw the vehicle passing along the side of the road, driving at an unnecessary speed, and unexpectedly close to the street’s pavement. amused with your son’s smile, you weren’t aware of the event to come that it happened in an instant. the vehicle nearly crashing you and luckily jinyoung pulled your arm in time in safety.
“are you alright?” the grip of his hand might’ve bruised your limb due to his worried eyes boring into yours.
your chest suddenly snapped into reality and panic raged in like storming seas. your hearing went silent for a bit, voices slightly blocked. you could only nod.
jaehyun was relieved you weren’t hurt, but he didn’t like the way jinyoung still held onto you. it irked him, big time. maybe people could see the steam coming out of his nostrils, he stride quite heavily towards the two of you, dimples finally showing its hollow. similarly with what happened at the house party a month ago, the act of pulling your limbs was like a child’s tug of war. this time jinyoung did not force himself and let go of you.
still carrying jaewon, jaehyun’s strong arms held you close, caging you in as if to protect his prized item. his eyes never left jinyoung, who now stared at him with a smirk. “trying to be the hero again, jae? history must’ve repeated itself.” he said, referring to the time you visited the jung’s residence. “you make it seem like i’m always the bad guy.”
jaehyun let out bitter chuckle that his voice made you look at him. “what role did you land on for the tv series?” he asked and jinyoung’s expression changed in an instant. “oh, i shouldn’t have asked. you were always the antagonist.”
the double meaning seemed to have pissed the older one.
“they always have a reason why they end up like they are now. at least that part is true.” jinyoung turned to leave but stopped before he forgets. “unlike a hero.. they can always mask their history and themselves.” he gave a wink and left.
jaewon was now in your arms and you both walked ahead while you let the irritated dimples calm down. “hm.. probably why heroes wear those eye masks?” he heard you innocently said your opinion aloud.
the boiling blood in his body simmered down, a smile breaking through his lips to a soft laugh. “you’re funny y/n.” he walked alongside you, lightly pinching your cheeks and crossed his arms. it shocked you, but you wouldn’t say you didn’t like it. it was in his eyes that told you he liked being with you, and you felt the same.
the change of his mood was still unknown to you. how was he able to push aside his anger so easily? that wasn’t the question you wanted to ask him though. you took a deep breath, closing your eyes to bravely ask him; what happened between them that every time meet, they’re always at sword’s end? “jae-”
“do you wanna have lunch?” he asked, unaware of that you wanted to talk and you noticed his grip loosening after unfolding his arms. “i’m hungry.”
“o-oh, uh sure.” you nodded and fixed jaewon around your arms. “i know a place.”
so far into knowing him and —probably— or have fallen for him, it was still difficult to get him the tales of his backstory. witnessing first hand of the world the jung’s lived in, like a reality show, how they acted towards each other was definitely not scripted. it could easily pass as a melodrama and if you were a bystander, you wouldn’t know the family had problems within the luxurious walls surrounding and enveloping them.
jaehyun hasn’t looked at you since arriving to the café you suggested— that place krystal had you cancelling. eyes glued at every passing car with his elbows rested on the table. the day was especially bright and the rain spells have subsided with the change of weather every day.
“you’re going to hurt your knuckles if you keep doing that.” he heard you advise and pointed how his gesture was wrong.
“i see. i was thinking too much that i didn’t realized.” he fixed the utensils on his side though it was originally unmoved.
even the answer surprised him and got him curious as to why he said he was thinking when he actually wasn’t. but of course he would think a lot of possibilities whenever jinyoung was there, especially when you were talking with him earlier. he exploded again and his brother cornered and attacked him with words in your presence. why did he always appear when he was going to meet you? the anger in him kept building up. it was something he couldn’t control when fuel —his brother— kept being added to the fire.
however, he was calmer with you, for you were the fire extinguisher to his chaotic flames. “what exactly are you thinking of? they must be troubling that you refer them to ‘too much’.” the food came and placed on the table. you began to feed jaewon seated adjacent to you and jaehyun.
he took a chicken drum in his hands, chewing it before noticing you still staring at him. he always find himself like a deer in the headlights as his eyes met yours, luring him in. is there something on my face?
you gave an eye-smile because he had sauce around his lips. again, this made jaehyun’s chest rise as your fingers brushed against them. he held your hands with gentle care and caressed your palms afterwards, rubbing circles. his eyes fluttered as it twinkled the shine from outside. taken aback, you froze when you saw his ears transitioned to the same color with the salmon pink wallpaper behind him. “i’m thinking of you.” he said softly.
letting out a shaky giggle, you cleared your throat in embarrassment. okay, that definitely made you giddy in all sorts of levels. “really?” your eyes widened at his honesty.
“yeah. aren’t you tired that you keep running in my head?” he smirked, realizing you’ve fallen into his trap and wanted to tease you because your cheeks went from pink to red. he readjusted his collar and unbuttoned the first piece for a loose fitting.
ah.. cheesy, but we’ll see who’ll win this. “and if i’m not? will you let me run for a long time?” you played along while jaewon tried to catch both of your attention with a fry in his tiny hands. jaehyun quirked a brow as fascination showered his body. just how awesome could you get? he thought. you kept surprising him each day.
“as long as you don’t change lanes, keep running.”
you lost this, y/n. he’s got a way with his words.
“y/n. i know it’s been months since i’ve known you but.. i’ve come to the confirmation that i really like you.” he said it so flawlessly that he followed it with a kiss on your palm. he was genuine and honest, like a hopeless romantic who has a lot to show, and you could see it with what he has done to you and jaewon. “i really do and i can’t explain this feeling i feel whenever i’m with you. it just-”
“feels right?” you finished his sentence because it was exactly how you felt as well. “mhm, i get you.”
he smile grew, and it was wider compared to you have seen in the days prior. “but you got me already?” he said with a smug expression, an obvious hint given to be heard. “you- kinda let me kiss you.”
you nearly choke on your pasta and jaehyun giggled, continuing to fiddle with your hands as you took a sip of liquid to calm the irritation from your throat. “now that you reminded me, why did you?..” you asked with arched brows.
“not because you are beautiful.. but because you seem like the person who solves my problems..” he said, making you remember eunha’s words:
the way how i see it, jaehyun really seems the missing puzzle to your perfect picture. you shook your head to get it off of your mind, but it kept echoing like your heart is convinced while your head wasn’t.
“..mentally, physically and emotionally, you calm me in all those. no one in years has ever done that.” jaehyun continued, you tensed a little under his touch. he was starting to open up about himself. “my heart just loves your company.”
“just me?” you questioned. if there was ‘no one’, not even his parents or siblings, there was another person beside you who helped him overcome the battles? “who are they?”
jaehyun froze for a second as he came to his senses of this certain topic. “my mother..” he said. “..birth* mother. the woman you saw at home is my step mom. my real mom, she-”
his voice was shaking and you leaned a little forward that your stomach was at the edge of the table. “you don’t have to tell me if you’re not comfortable with it.” your voice consoled him again. he loved this certain peace in your voice. it introduced you like a lullaby to his ears, and the craving tune his heart yearned for, “tell me when you’re ready, alright? it doesn’t have to be now.”
“okay. next time.” he smiled back. “and y/n?”
“what’s happening between us, i know it’s rushed but.. i want to let you know that i’m always here for you no matter what.”
you munched swirled some pasta with a fork and gave jaewon some of it. it was hard to follow the conversation, why jaehyun became thankful or open. “where are you going with this?” you giggled, feeding your son as he smiled because another food was added to his taste palate.
“y/n, will you go out with me?” he asked while being all fidgety and nervous. you stopped swirling the next spoonful of pasta and looked at him.
as much as you didn’t want to say it in person, you wanted to go out with him. but you were afraid that you were taking advantage of his kindness, just as you’ve been with to your uncle caleb, aunt jenn and eunha. you wanted to at least show people you were an independent young mom. relying on others too much would make you vulnerable and become used to the structure. you didn’t want that. however, maybe you would give him a chance? “being with me means you’re entering a family, jaehyun. we’d be a handful..” you softly say, trailing your eyes towards jaewon. “are you sure?.. with me being your girlfriend?”
the look on his face brightened, as if he’d seen the rays of light after being in the cave for so long. he now interlocked one of his hands with yours and you could tell he was serious and overjoyed. the other rubbed his chin, a habit you noticed whenever he was either agreeing or thinking. “i’m more than sure y/n, and i’m not saying anything bad about being with you. in fact, i love being with the both of you.”
tears were close to falling, but you held them back. in this world, men like him were really hard to find. heck, you didn’t even know the father of your child but with what jaehyun had done so far, in a span of three months, he already filled that role, willingly. if you were feeling this way towards him, then you guessed it was alright to put part of your reliance on him.
worry was plastered on your face and jaehyun panicked a little, assuring you again with hand gestures. “hey, hey. it’s fine y/n. please don’t worry. it’s my choice-”
you leaned against his touch, and pressed a smile. “jaehyun, i’m not agreeing to be your girlfriend just because i need help to raise jaewon and you’re not my boyfriend just because you pity me. can we make this clear at least? we’re a couple because our feelings are mutual and-”
“i know that much, babe. trust me, okay?”
“o-okay.” you could feel your heart against your chest as jaehyun brushed the fallen strand to the side, admiring you like he did back a month ago in the wooden fort. he started with the nickname already.. “then i’ll be in your care. jaewon included.
“no problem. i’ll be walking alongside you in your pack, alpha.” he winked. “or momma y/n.”
“you really had to ruin the moment. i was feeling touched already.” you said, wiping the possible stain around your lips.
jaewon gave short breath and small hiccuped cries. the pout was forming and started to cry as he was left unattended temporarily by the long conversation. jaehyun lifted him from the high chair, cradling him when the child laid on his shoulders comfortably. “i’m sorry, we’re done talking now.”
this sight warmed you and the search to finding peace ended here.
maybe jaehyun was the serenity you were looking for since jaewon was born.
taglist: @dimpledsatan @pchyjaes @eyypeach​ @t-aeycng​ @princessaecha​ @cmpaws @tiha​ @jaeismytamtation @mary23copper​ @80sjae @anothermessedupbitch​ @fragilediamondgirl @painted-hills @espresseo-cafe @cupofjae​ @luluholdo16​ @californi-yeah​ ​@the-universe-in-you-jjh​ @ot9files​ @ur-fav-trashcan​ @lolovejaelovelo97​ @adventuresoflen
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jae-canikeepyou · a year ago
| serenity in us | j.jh | ch. ten
Tumblr media
word count: 7.9k+
a/n: creds to @cupofjae for proofreading this chap! thank you all for reaching this far into the series and i promise it gets better from here! lmk what u think and do enjoy reading! ♡ ~j.
Tumblr media
the long road ahead of you elongated, yet to you there was no end. buildings formed a concrete jungle, they later continued to sprout like plants and you ran to its horizon— you couldn’t seem to reach it. it was as if you were on a gym’s treadmill. the sky turned dark and the city lights on every tower’s facade lit their lights, creating words that were familiar and quite constant. then a voice echoed your surroundings, similarly with 4D effects you heard in cinemas.
“serenity is found in the horizon.”
a figure, no, more like a hazy silhouette appeared before you. they extended their arms with a yearn to reach your hands. the way it invited you was alluring, as if you craved for that serenity you looked for.
hey, you thought to yourself, haven’t you found it already? wasn’t jaehyun the one? the peace you had within you was there. even so, you grasped for that offering arm, hesitation evident in your actions, but who were you to refuse? it was enticing, like food was already served and yet you chose not to eat. you had to be decisive. your arm reached for it until it vanished into thin air, and soon you fell into the unknown chasm below you.
you screamed as loud as you could, lungs burning like a poisonous potion almost engulfing your whole chest. the light diminished, there was nothing else to hold onto to prevent yourself from falling. the tightness grew, it squeezed you, like oxygen slowly declining—
gasping for air, beads of sweat rolled down your forehead and temples. you checked the time; it was currently 10 a.m in the morning and you found yourself in the sheets of your bed. “it was a dream.” you panted. “just.. a dream.” if you could remember, this counted the ninth, and you’ve had dreams like this for months.
perhaps jaehyun moved you here when you fell asleep after feeding jaewon last night. every nerve in your body ache in result of accidental pulled muscles. the baby monitor placed by your side table flickered and showed your son. brows were narrowed and girl you couldn’t believe what you were seeing.
maybe it was the delay in screen time or it might be broken. alas you got off your bed and out of the room. jaehyun was nowhere to be seen around the apartment. very likely he might have returned to the penthouse and probably didn’t want to disturb your peaceful rest. quietly you twisted the jaewon’s doorknob to not awaken the sleeping child.
you had to rub your eyes several times before processing what’s before you now. your head tilted to the side due to this act of assistance. just how on earth could jaehyun fit in a toddler’s crib? his position already brought discomfort to you and you felt bad for not waking up in the middle of the night to check on jaewon. your son peacefully slept beside him, jaehyun’s hands rested on the diaper, assuming he patted him to sleep.
“jaehyun.” you called out softly, and he struggled to adjust to the rising sun outside the window.
he groaned and opened his eyes to see you, the person he wanted to see first thing in the morning. carefully he stepped out of one side of the bed rail since it was already lowered. he took a few stretches to let the blood flow normally in his blood stream.
the flush of his cheeks were not due to the bed marks caused in his slumber, rather it was from you discovering him sleeping in your son’s crib. “i must’ve looked hideous haha.” he chuckled, letting you pull his arm out of the bedroom.
“no, it was really sweet of you.” you complimented his act whilst preparing boiling water at the counter. “i guess i was too knocked out to even hear him cry. thank you for staying with him.”
“mhm,” his morning voice probably was the hottest thing you’ve heard all your life, and you tried not to blush so much. he kissed your head in admiration. “i’d do anything for you two.”
“do you want breakfast?” you opened the fridge to figure the meal you could cook with whatever ingredients were left inside. “tsk eunha probably cooked the beef for her dinner last night.”
jaehyun sat by the island, typing away with quick taps on the screen, his fingernails hitting on each key. he jumped off the chair and slid the home slippers to pull you in an embrace. “breakfast’s on me. i’ll bring you two to my favourite café-” he exclaimed before his ears caught sound of a light thump coming from the baby room.
you both looked at each other wide-eyed when jaewon crawled on the floor, attempting to stand on his unsteady legs. “good morning jae!” you picked him up where his hands wrapped around your fingers. “let’s try walking?” you singsonged without realising how jaehyun had an ardent, soft feature in his eyes on the two of you.
he brought out his arms and clapped multiple times. jaewon immediately beamed a smile jaehyun melt for, and called him out to encourage the child to take a few steps. you still supported him from behind, jaehyun continued to call the his name. “c’mon, you can do it.”
slowly you removed your fingers from his hands, ghosting the touch and jaewon had his arms up for balance. jaehyun started to sing, luring him into his arms. jaewon took about seven steps before your boyfriend caught him in time from falling. you cheered and praised your son, peppering him with kisses which bubbly laughs escaped his gummy smile.
jaehyun’s phone rang and he quickly answered it to stop the annoying ringtone. “hello?” he slipped the device between his shoulders and ear, giving jaewon to you. “oh, miyeon?” he greeted, your ears attentive at the name of your friend. “right now? i’m at y/n’s place.”
you lifted jaewon’s legs to change his diapers, cleaning him gently with wipes. “last night she said she wanted to hang out with me some time, when is she free?” jaehyun heard you say softly, and nodded to relay the message.
“really? that’s in two days? sure. we’ll be there.” a promising tone had you curious what the event was. “thanks. see you.”
“what is it about?” you asked, placing jaewon upwards on the sofa to get him changed.
“she’s inviting us for a reunion. the others will be there.” he approached with arms out to hug you; maybe assist as much as he could while he was here, but he blew fart sounds on jaewon’s stomach which caused him to kick your working arms.
“oh great! i’ll have to bring jaewon at dr. yunho’s for another check up on that day too.” you said, pulling one piece of wet wipes. “jae.. to the bin, then we’ll head for breakfast.” giving him a playful glare, you shoved the dirty diaper onto his face. a sour face plastered his face as you winked, and you’ve never seen jaehyun tumble backwards due to the strong smell of excretion. “get used to it if you wanna care for him.”
jaehyun covered his nose and multiple profanities in his mind wanted to come out of his throat. “hey! it’s stinks! agh!”
“bro is there poo that’s fragrant? no.” you kept laughing as you saw him discard the nappy and he rolled his eyes before joining you at the sofa. jaewon was all freshed up, letting him play at his area of the living room.
your boyfriend raised a brow and whatever was running in his head wasn’t transparent enough for you to figure what he was actually thinking. other than a grin gradually appearing by the corners of his lips. “did you just call me ‘bro’?” he hovered over you, not wanting you to leave his touch.
there was something in his smile that kept making you fall for him. whether it was the dimples or not, you loved how he spent every time he could. “wait, you have classes from 1 to 7, right?” you reminded him, only to have your eyes batted at him when he had that scratching gesture by the nape of his neck. “oh please don’t tell me you’re going to ditch.”
his palms gave in and you had to endure the weight he purposely put upon you, he laid flat while you tried to wrestle him off your torso. “the semester’s ending and it’s the last class anyway. the professor won’t mind.” he spoke against your neck, each word tickling your flesh. “besides whenever i’m with you, i don’t want to leave.”
“you’re such a baby.” you sighed, pushing him with all your strength once you saw jaewon crying for help from underneath. “oh what the.. jaewon..” jaehyun still exhausted limbs was brought back life when he was pushed away, seeing you carefully grabbing your child out of other side of the L-shaped sofa.
“o-okay.” he lifted the furniture and you carefully held his fragile head, cooing him immediately. “how did he get in there?”
“maybe he found a toy? i don’t know, this little fella surprises me everyday. he might be opening the door soon.” you patted his back and walked to the island to give his bottle of water. “we should get going. you’ll be late for class.”
you flicked his forehead and jaewon found it amusing. for the slightest thought you actually considered doing it again to persuade the man to attend class. “ow!” jaehyun rubbed the pained spot.
“go to uni or else we won’t have brunch.” you said with a pressed tone. “i’ll have to call dr. jung to confirm the baby’s timeslot.”
jaehyun already stood up and headed to the toilet to shower, “i’ll do it for you.” he said, and you couldn’t debate that because you’ve seen enough of how insisting he could be.
“it’s fine! just get to class jaehyun!”
Tumblr media
whether it was because of how busy you were or short term memory loss affected you much frequently, you couldn’t remember what you did. days just seemed to pass by in one sweep. now you were seated in the clinic waiting for the turn.
the ambiance of the waiting room grew tense than before. eyes piercing at you from all directions whilst you pranced jaewon in your arms. the lower half of their faces covered with their belongings so the words wouldn’t be readable and heard.
at this point, the levels of stress were fluctuating because as much as you expected this response, sixteen months into motherhood still was something you have yet to get used to. and you discovered that no mother is perfect. you have flaws but you knew they will be corrected through time.
their expressions changed when they realised how young you were. guess judging a book by its cover still has its power these days. you made your son face towards you and he beamed a smile. it always gets to you how he lowered your worries, every single day. he was the reason why you were able to move forward and think ahead. you’d do anything for him.
the whispers have continued, and although their assumptions of you had spread to others in the room, the nurse called jaewon as yunho’s next patient— finally saving you from the criticism battles you resisted. the door opened and revealed the said doctor. “y/n! let’s get him checked.” yunho’s smile made all mothers turn to him, then looked back at you with stares of jealousy.
wished you could roll your eyes, but that would leave an awful impression wouldn’t it?
you were seated inside. yunho took jaewon in his arms to have him examined. the staff were very entertained with your son. indeed he was a people person, his aura magnetised others and changed their moods.
it hasn’t been five minutes but your phone already bombarded you with calls that you chose not to answer. your fingers kept clicking the lock button to reject them as you’ve decided to give the day to jaewon. you didn’t bother checking the caller i.d too. yunho noticed the restlessness in your moves, tapping your hands lightly. “if that’s jae calling, i suggest you to take it. trust me he could be very pressing.”
the thought of it just made you grow anxious, no point in questioning that. “i think i’ve seen him enough.” you giggled as you took your phone and stood at one corner. “hello?”
“y/n!” she greeted and it was the total opposite of what yunho presumed. “are you free today?”
you scanned a quick glance at jaewon and later towards elsewhere in the room. “jessica? nothing is scheduled for me or jaewon today.” the soft whispers of yours were loud enough for yunho to hear, and he looked at you with arched brows. “oh.. is that so?”
“yes. my friend’s daughter is in need of a private tutor and krystal’s usually the one who does it.” she sighed in distress. maybe it was due to work, you thought. “but she’s filming for two months so she’s unavailable. you’re the first she suggested.” you’ve heard her high tone before however, it was nothing like this.
“alright. i’ll take it.” you said, uncertainty crawling your spine. “what’s the child’s level of education?”
“you’re heading to miyeon’s reunion as well right? she’ll explain there.”
the conversation went on for another two minutes. you started jotting down notes on an old receipt found in your bag then stopped when jessica said the words you never thought would happen. “also! for the studio, can you get my hard drive?”
you lowly chuckled and cleared your throat. “the deal was i’ll only be your manager for one night.”
shuffles from the other line became all too messy, and you admired how she still was able to phone you despite being super busy. she giggled and there was resemblance with yunho’s laughter. “i have to finalise your shoot from the other day, y/n! in which you did great! so i have to get it completed and uploaded.” she said, your statement long forgotten. who would forget their belonging especially when it was this important?
“you should really know when sarcasm works, jessica.” you teased.
“i’ll keep that in mind thank you. and i’ll meet you for cinematography work again next week.”
oh work.. please tell me this is not what i think it is.. you said to yourself.
maybe you shouldn’t have thought of it immediately, as a heavy sigh only spiked up your anxieties. “some brand called the office and they want you to be part of a short commercial promotion video.” she trailed off. “i told them you agreed to do it.” hearing that alone made you shut your eyes with pursed lips.
and so it is what i think it is..
there was a saying that once you started something, you must to finish it. seemingly so, this was definitely not the case. choosing to start walking this path was a hard decision, but you always always thought of jaewon; and what’s best for him. you just have keep telling yourself that all you were doing was for your son, and let that priority sink in permanently, marked like tattoos.
she then exemplified that you suited the image they were looking for. well what else can you argue when it was already decided for you? in the end, she was your boss, and already said her word. now you have to keep up with it without failing her.
“alright, i’ll see you at the reunion.” more allowance and savings i guess..
jaewon’s voice caught your attention the minute you ended the call. new maintenance were given to him in case his bronchiolitis rebounded. your heart sank not only of his condition, but the money taken out when it came to medical. you sat down and yunho patted your shoulders, shaking his head when he found your hands holding your card. “i got this. you don’t have to.” he assured you with a warm smile.
guilt began to cloak you. no matter how many times you insisted while pushing your card to be in his grasp, all he could reason out was because you were jaehyun’s girlfriend. now you sat back against the chair, accepting defeat and let him do as he pleases. this was the first it happened. you just had to make sure this would be the last he’d do as well.
yunho let out a soft chuckle. “you’re invited to the reunion too?” he asked as he typed the prescription and receipt, printing it and later switching the pc off. “my work is half day today.”
“yeah but i have to go to jessica’s office.” you put jaewon in the carrier, fastening the belt around your waist.
“okay. let’s go together.” he said and you followed him to his car; a different one compared to the last time you had the chance to.
there were times you wondered if you’ve done something that caused you to be sucked into a vacuity, dragging you into this type of world; big label names, fancy clothing and most of all, rich people. it was almost too good to be true; situations like these happened in movies.
but it already happened with you when your life met the jung’s.
after grabbing the harddrive from her office at the flagship store, jessica’s stylists called you for an honest opinion regarding the shoot. so while you were discussing, yunho took care of jaewon, until his peripheral caught sight of someone he knew.
jinyoung loosened the top button slightly choking his neck, pulling the tie downwards to have a proper exhale. he observed how you smiled down with staff, like you’ve worked with them for years. the wrinkles forming by the corners of your eyes had him staring, and he didn’t realise it before yunho’s presence made him aware of what he was doing. “i didn’t know you’d be here.”
“noona told me to get her harddrive, but y/n went in the office before i did.” jinyoung looked at jaewon, who was hushed with a dummy. the child stared at him with brimming eyes. “why did she have to ask me when she knows i had filming last night?” he yawned and wiped the sleepiness trying to overtake his sight. “could’ve asked jaehyun.”
“you know him well enough that jae would refuse, which is why jess asked you instead.” yunho raised his brow. “and you wouldn’t refuse this too.” he gave the child to him, using the opportunity for jinyoung to actually babysit a child.
he still carried jaewon in his arms where his gaze shifted to you, still conversing with the staff and he was reluctant to interrupt. there was an uneasy feeling in his chest the moment jaewon dropped his dummy and puckered his lips for a pout. his head turned towards you as if he lost you in his sight. “don’t worry. mommy’s there.” jinyoung comforted the child by hopping slightly to coo him; later twisting his hips for him to have a better view of you. “see?” he looked to where you were, eyes softening at the thought you; who was once his, now a mother.
yunho noticed the expression as it was obvious for anyone to not miss. “do you still love her?”
the question must’ve caught the younger’s attention, and started to ask himself if he did. he knew you were with jaehyun— rather than being angry at you for dating his brother, his rage sparked and diverted to the other; for dating his ex-girlfriend. in his point of view, you were his world. but not anymore. he rolled his eyes and continued to coo jaewon.
“hm.” yunho nodded, his lips curved at the similar response. “guess you and jaehyun have something in common.”
“the only thing we have in common is stubbornness.” jinyoung glared and later stopped his nostrils from flaring. “tsk, sounds weird now that i addressed it.”
“stubborn that you both don’t realise enough that you’re both in love with y/n.”
jinyoung cursed in his head, his sweat forming by his temples because if he reacted, that would expose him entirely. keep your calm, jin. you’re supposed to act like you’ve moved on.
from where you were standing, you tried your best to keep your calm composure seeing your ex with your son. maybe you did panic for a second before you realise jinyoung was caring for the child. his palms tapping the infant while talking with yunho.
the task was quickly done, and you got in the car to head to miyeon’s residence. you wanted yunho to finish whatever he was doing. the wait was silent, awkwardness dangling in the air. there were not a lot of choices to choose from in a five-seater car, you at least hoped jinyoung would sit beside the driver’s seat.
which he didn’t, he really had to sit next to you.
jinyoung gulped, remembering the scent of your perfume. it was hard for him to be collected ever since yunho figured the truth of his affection for you.
he looked at your rested hands he used to dearly hold, your bag he used to offer to carry, your arm he used to link with his. why did nostalgia speared him from all sides like he was out in the open? why did you continue to make his mind recall bittersweet memories with your essence alone? for the longest time he knew he moved on by keeping you away, act cold when he has to but.. you could date anyone else..
so why did you have to date someone he abhorred? who happened to be his brother too?
“jinyoung, you’re not supposed to want me anymore.” your voice broke his series of thoughts that began to circle in his head. he looked back at you wide-eyed, the little panicked breaths wanting to come out of his lungs became obvious. he hoped you didn’t notice.
you had noticed it for a while now, since he gifted you the bag you didn’t accept. maybe before that; back at the dinner table when he stood to contrast his father’s wife’s harsh words to you. it was since then the jinyoung you dated slowly showed on the exterior, small parts of his kindness seen, the cold jinyoung that caused him to become melted away. “i don’t know if you’re doing this to piss me off again, but please refrain from your desires to pursue me.”
“do i look like i’m pissing you off?” the voice he let out was soft, without intentions, just someone who wanted to talk. however your anger must’ve gotten the best of you, clouded your thoughts as you flicked his hand away. “i wanted to make things clear-”
“leaving me was already clear, jinyoung.” you looked outside where the clouds merged with others. “i don’t want to hear anything more from you.”
he coughed to release the lump in his throat. he expected a bitter response, but he didn’t expect them to be this blunt. “y/n, i’m trying to fix the damage i caused us- just.. answer me properly, please?”
patting jaewon’s back, you tilted your head a little to see his side profile. you’d be lying if you didn’t say your chest pounding hard. “f-fine, w-what is it?..” you asked, seeing his palms on the leathered seat clenching into a ball.
“is jaewon my s-”
“sorry for the wait!” yunho opened the door with a strong force knowing it took quite a while for him to end the phonecall. he fastened his seatbelt right away and started the engine. “one of my patient’s father needed guidance. let’s go to miyeon’s.”
jinyoung twitched and was displeased at yunho’s entrance, pressing the bridge of his nostrils that he didn’t get to hear your answer to his long-time curiosity, while you sat there with your tightening chest trying to forget what you just *kinda* heard.
Tumblr media
the mix varieties of food filled the residence and they were strong enough that people from the outside could smell them; probably follow its scent trail because hey, they smelled really good. the door swung open by yukhei, a huge gummy smile greeted you in. miyeon caught you in an embrace and kissed jaewon’s forehead, finally gotten to see personally other than video calls and the pictures you sent.
“i could smell the food the moment i got off the car.” you sniffed the aroma as if it were fresh air, two different scents merging into one and hoped you weren’t the only one who felt like this.
“i asked the kiddos to prepare all these for the reunion’s potluck. looks a lot but we have the dudes to devour the leftovers in case there are.” miyeon took the baby bag and your belongings to a safe area.
“there won’t be a problem if i was still pregnant.” you told her with a smile, she replicated it and approved the true fact she got to see for herself. “baby boy’s a big eater like me.”
“well we’ll enjoy the food very soon.”
jaehyun’s crew all got together and asked you to snap a picture. it has been a while since they were complete. so the atmosphere within the household was about to go up like fireworks; booming music, drinks bought by yukhei and wonwoo handed the camera to you before heading back to the others were. they kept pulling soonyoung’s shirt to get off the sofa while chungha and the girls helped to push. meanwhile your boyfriend stood there with arms crossed, giving you little glances in embarrassment that he was actually friends with this bunch.
you felt krystal’s being from behind, the familiar tingle sounds of her keychain bells caused you to turn around. she smiled with her eyes and stood beside you. “imagine the days i had to babysit them while their parents left them in our house for work.” she stated like it was one of her worst days. “but they’re still intact. that’s what i like about them.”
“i’m curious about what you felt whenever you had to.” you pressed the buttons to change the settings of the camera.
“i was a growing teen. puberty probably made me look like an enraged girl tryin to understand the curses of life, my mascara’s all over the place and had a bad hair day,” krystal smirked remembering that memory. “..where in fact i was on my period and didn’t want to be disturbed with their plans to prank each other.”
you almost spit a huge laughter hearing that. it was identical to what was before you now. the ‘diaper buds’ readying themselves for the group picture, they signalled you to start, and you clicked the button to capture. you noticed how miyeon clung onto jaehyun, and he did the same. brushed it aside, you assumed it was due to the fact they haven’t hung out along with the rest of them, huddled like they were a sports team. one wrong move they’ll fall like jenga blocks.
“i’ll carry jaewon for you,” krystal offered as she unstrapped the belts of the carrier. “i need someone to keep me entertained.” she said and immediately you agreed, the thought of miyeon’s actions vanishing into thin air. but you didn’t realise the frown forming at the corners of your mouth.
once jaewon was in her arms, you mouthed a ‘thank you’ and she was already ignoring you as your child have gotten her attention with him offering a snack to her lips. “you sure you can handle him?”
krystal gave a look of disbelief, but in her eyes she was pure and you could tell she told you not to even ask. “i’ve handled seven, one is no biggie. besides, jaewon’s quite a charmer.”
jaehyun then tapped your shoulders after seeing his sister left, bringing his palms to caress your face. “i see you’ve got your hands free.”
“ha, if jaewon was here and heard you, he wouldn’t like that. he’s a momma’s boy.” you pushed him away playfully with the camera on his chest as you stepped backwards that your hips hit the edge of a table. “maybe if you see him later he won’t let you carry him.”
“i’m his favourite uncle though.” he grabbed your waist, pulling you closer that both your knees grazed each other’s. “he’ll still like me.”
you poked his mouth to open as you let him eat a piece of high quality salmon sushi. “well aren’t you confident?” you asked, jaehyun thanked you by hugging, not caring if his friends were grossed out with so much public display affection.
jinyoung turned away at the discomfort of what he just witnessed. you were chatting with the person he hated, but that person was the one you loved. he took a huge gulp of beer. his actions became a little noticeable to jaehyun’s friends. they shared a look to confirmed what they saw was actually real.
he should feel fine, right?
however he ignored this feeling so that he wouldn’t be seen by others; that meant diaper buds.
because the lads pulled jaehyun away for heavens knew why, you ended up heading to the living area with the other girls. they were on bean bags which brought you back to the time you met chungha and kyungwon. huddled up like middle school girls, you joined them since they started snacking without you.
“a walk to remember?” you slumped on the one of the bean bags at the choice of the movie. varieties of burgers laid across the coffee table, through scent you could already taste its flavours.
“it’s a good movie, i’d watch it all the time.” chungha nudged you to look at the coffee table. “by the way, food’s served. miyeon’s so sweet to remember our favourites.”
you grabbed one plate that caught your eye, but before you could devour the meal, miyeon swapped hers with yours. “ah-ah, this one’s mine but you’ll like this. i remember you like anything as long as there’s mustard aioli.” she winked and gosh, she knew you so well.
the said meal finally met your palette as your fingers and toes curled at the aftertaste of this glorious flavour, licking the sauce that stained your knuckles. you squealed in delight and a little more you could reach decibels identical to dolphins.
not long after the boys soon joined the movie and jaehyun managed to sit next to you, where he again wrapped you around his palms. he rested on your head, and with the way he played with your hands, he really loved being with you.
few tears were already shed and you got caught in the moment too. you panned your view to see yukhei sleeping, wonwoo clearly wasn’t interested and went to reading a novel, kyungwon holding onto her handkerchief dearly. jaehyun could be close to tearing up too, but he’d rather lie than to be teased by you. “focus on the movie, y/n.” he said. “or am i too handsome that you’d rather stare at me instead?”
“nah. i realised how you and landon are both rebellious.” you took a bite from the burger, obviously kidding but he wasn’t having any of it.
he scoffed then clicked his tongue. “then you’re saying you fell for a bad boy. didn’t know you had a thing for a guy like tha-” jaehyun held his cheek from the pinch he never thought you’d do.
“hm, maybe.” you pecked the spot where you pinched him. he wrapped you more in his arm single-handedly because he knew his ears were turning red.
you hear chungha trying to shoo soonyoung away because the lad wouldn’t stop bickering at her for being too emotional. in order to not be his next victim, you quickly stood up to wash yourself from the tears brimming your eyes and the redness of your nose from spreading further. sad movies ain’t your thing. the sudden move caused your body to feel lightheaded, your peripheral dimming, and you cursed yourself for forgetting how this discomfort always affected you do so.
in each step you took, the feeling only became heavier, maybe thrice compared to earlier. finally in the bathroom, the discomfort continued and you felt your head beginning to spin despite standing still. the equilibrium of your body seemed to distort, weakness taking over your limbs. you recognised this familiarity, all too exact and the symptoms were the same. by this time you struggled to breathe, and checked the exhaust fan of the bathroom; it was switched on, so why were you feeling this way?
you heaved, clenching onto the marbled vanity— the only thing keeping your stance. your stomach began to somersault and you hated feeling this way again. “no. this.. is like- back then?..” you began to message eunha to prepare a ride home, sent her the address of the house and wait for her. “i didn’t drink my juice though..” the floor beneath you started to whirl, at least that was what you saw. it caused you to want to vomit. i have to go out.. ask for help.. mpfh-
the doorknob turned with your remaining strength. wonwoo stood behind the door and saw your pale state, dropping his book and the impact diverted heads to look your way. “y/n?” he held your arms to prevent you from falling. knowing you didn’t look too well, he just knew he had to keep you awake.
seconds passed and you’ve given up into trying to not show a pained expression. it was difficult to hide that fact without wanting them to be worried.
because this is a damn party.
you held on your chest, leaned in closer while you managed to say what you felt. “wonwoo.. i- c-can’t breathe..”
“hey, get a hold of yourself!” he said loud enough that the volumes from the all-surrounding speakers came to a pause. the rest of them rushed to your side where you were then brought you back to the sofa carried by jaehyun. each of their faces plastered with fear, your boyfriend being the most.
“what happened?!” jaehyun laid you carefully as he brushed your strands aside.
“i don’t know. i went to the toilet to wash my hands and she stood there as if she saw a ghost.” wonwoo said the fact, but it wasn’t enough to prove anything.
“ah you have to smile often, ‘woo.” soonyoung kidded, only to be stared back with pissed glares. “yep. not a good time, heh?”
kyungwon damped her handkerchief to wipe away the sweat rolling down your temples. the tips of her fingers felt the heat of your neck. “guys, she’s burning?”
upon walking down the staircase, jinyoung spotted the crowd with worried voices. they panicked and mentioned your name several times before he quickened his pace to see what was going on. he saw how you now sat on the carpet, taking huge breaths to catch oxygen.
“jin, i feel numb..”
the memory flashed in his head, knowing all too well you were experiencing this pain again. not again.
“i can’t breathe.. h-help..”
he gently pushed the others aside so he could see you. “give her space! she can’t breathe if you surround her like that.” he lifted you carefully, inclining your torso and you could feel your throat tightening. he didn’t pay attention that his actions have brushed jaehyun aside.
most of your friends obliged to his command, and he knew jaehyun was the only one who didn’t follow. “get away from her.” he heard jaehyun speak in a low tone. “if everyone gave her space, you might as well step aside-”
“what did she have for lunch?” jinyoung cut him off because he knew starting a fight with him wouldn’t do anything. he told kyungwon to continue lowering your temperature.
miyeon started to sniff, realising it may be her fault for this to happen. “she had burgers.” her voice already close to breaking down.
“was it meat?” he growled, and it only caused and spiked up worries within the group, until he remembered something. “check the damn food!”
yukhei grabbed your unfinished meal, separating the burger’s components. “uh hyung, it’s prawn.”
jinyoung cursed and slammed his fists on the sofa, jolting everyone else at his reaction. “y/n’s having an attack. she’s allergic to prawns, shrimps and lobsters. can you check if there are medications in her bag? there should be an injector-”
“ugh we don’t have time for this! bring her to the hospital!” jaehyun yelled, attempting to carry you in his arms. jinyoung stopped him by pushing his shoulders down.
“did you find anything?!” jinyoung shifted his view to chungha, who checked your bag, later shaking her head. “miyeon, your parents have an epinephrine in store? they’re doctors, right?”
“i’m not sure if-”
“you won’t know if you didn’t check! go!” he instructed, almost losing his mind. “use her phone, contact eunha now.” he instructed.
chungha did as she was told, hands shaking to unlock your phone.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
jaehyun swept you off from the sofa, flicking the home slippers. he rolled his eyes when his brother blocked his way. “butt off!”
“bringing her now would worsen her airways.” jinyoung scolded the younger one. “seriously jae if you knew what to do, y/n wouldn’t be suffering like she is now!”
“she wouldn’t be suffering if you didn’t block my way! i was going to help her and you had to appear!” jaehyun clutched onto the older one’s shirt after placing you down on the furniture.
“where’s y/n?” eunha’s voice echoed the house, she didn’t care about etiquettes at this point and ran to you. she received your message and luckily she came just in time. her appearance have called on yunho. he was enjoying jaewon’s company but it had to be cut short. “hey, just like usual.” she signalled jinyoung like they have done this before. “she only has one dosage left in her med kit.”
he brought you up from the back rest, removing your cardigan. if you weren’t in this state, you would’ve convulsed in jinyoung’s touch; he was someone you never wanted to meet anyway. yet you gave in not because you were physically weak, it was because you trusted that he knew what he was doing, and you were a little grateful.
pain stung his cheek and found himself falling sideways at the hit. he held the numbed spot and looked up to jaehyun. “what the hell, jae?!” he yelled.
wonwoo and soonyoung had to refrain jaehyun from punching further. “you could’ve rolled her sleeves instead of stripping her!”
“stop being a child! you always act before you even think!” jinyoung managed to punch him back. “i know what i’m doing! she’s sweating too much and she needs to breathe!”
“jaehyun, please.” eunha begged as she prepared the injector. “solve your problems later and let him help y/n. he was a med student, did you forget that?”
“yeah. so much that he’s so unrecognisable.” jaehyun rolled his eyes.
you began to let out struggled breaths as you tugged jinyoung’s clothes. the said man groaned since the act was delayed and took the injector from eunha’s hands. he removed the blue cap and pushed the pen at the middle of your thigh, holding it for ten seconds and later you felt the airways have loosened.
he moved your legs so you were laid down. it was indescribable about how he felt. all he knew was your pained expression was something he never want to see again. “y/n might need a second dosage in case it rebounds. give her time and just observe her.” he told eunha. his work was done and decided to take his leave. everyone in the room stared in wonder not like he caused a scene but he prevented someone to do that; someone who was his own brother.
seeing jaehyun’s flared nose made him curve to an dissatisfied grin. “what? no ‘thank you’? ah right, i forgot, you don’t know how to.”
jaehyun charged forward in anger, finally off from wonwoo and soonyoung’s grasps. he punched him again, with much force this time since jinyoung’s lips basically popped and bled. few gasps and pleads recoiled the household, asking them to stop. to no avail the men’s ears were clogged like they were in their own world.
they continued for at least one more minute before yunho stepped in between. “that’s enough!” he yelled, giving alternate glances of the two. they panted and tried catching their breaths. “you’re not children to behave this way! apologise!”
both brothers stood in an identical state of anger, not willing to compromise. “aint doing that!” jaehyun spat, blood splattered everywhere.
“kid’s got no manners after i helped his girlfriend!” jinyoung scoffed. “no one’s gonna stay with you long when you’re. such. an. ass-” he was shoved back and to the floor, receiving the blows from jaehyun’s fists.
yukhei got the lad in his arms by a headlock. restraining him was the only way to minimise the violence. “dude let me go!” jaehyun elbowed the torso but yukhei was strong enough to endure. he dragged him to the far end of living area.
“keep beating me up and i’m telling you you’ve pinned yourself as a bad guy.” jinyoung pushed him off and left the man drown in guilt and shame.
the bright light of the household may have shone too much that your eyesight came to a sudden, shocking dim, plunging your consciousness deeper in the depths of darkness. with this, you were definitely bribed at the thought of your body shutting down for the day.
but you didn’t.
you heard yells; loud ones that it were almost too deafening. jinyoung was right, one more dosage was still needed. and that pen sat on the glass coffee table, inches within your reach. aware that all attention were onto jaehyun and jinyoung, you had to inject yourself with the epinephrine as you felt your throat tightening again. gasping for air, your watery eyes took a fast glance on everything in front of you. in this moment you didn’t know what hurts more; the pain from your chest or the quick eye rolls miyeon done. whether it was for you or not, it was coherent to you that her lips scowled. immediately you looked away when she peered over to you, pretending you didn’t see her.
something was off but you couldn’t fathom it thoroughly due to your state now.
whilst reaching the medicine, your fingertips tapped the mug instead, making it crash into pieces underneath. they all looked your away and eunha did what she had to do. “don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” she cooed while she held in her tears.
Tumblr media
jaewon probably slept longer than you, he was still in dreamland prior your slumber. you scanned the room that you were admitted in, eunha sat and slept on the available chair despite how uncomfortable her sitting position looked. what stayed in your mind wasn’t experience of the allergy breakout, rather it was the jung brothers who fought nonstop before eunha inserted that medical pen.
the time was 8pm.
you nudged your bestfriend and she quickly opened her eyes; red and tired ones. she smiled at your conscious state. “welcome back, stubborn.” she poked your cheek.
“that’s the first thing i hear after i suffered so much? i’m kidding.” you fixed jaewon leaning against your torso. baby’s gotten big. “where are the others? are they here?”
eunha shook her head as she sat on the edge of the bed. “they left already, but they’ll visit tomorrow at your discharge.” she said, sensing how your attention was elsewhere and far away. “what’s on your mind? tell me.”
“two people.. jaehyun and jinyoung.” you sighed remembering their voices as they rang inside your mind. “i know they fought because of me.”
she crossed her legs. “no one in the room looked at it that way, nor have they said that, y/n.” she knew you never meant to blame yourself for all this. yet it was who you were. deep inside you knew you were the root of the start of their fight.
you held her hands that the force for them made her take you seriously word per word. “i’m the reason why they butt heads. would’ve been better if i didn’t have this allergy.”
“would’ve been better if you knew the burger you ate was prawn.” eunha pursed her lips that she cracked into giggles after she saw your offended demeanour. “seriously y/n, stop thinking so much. it’s guys’ problem, you just focus on resting, okay? you can talk to jaehyun about it after.” she let out a chuckle and handed you a bowl of porridge to eat, while you made jaewon lay on his back beside your thighs.
contagious enough that you started to laugh as well, the thought of you consuming the food miyeon gave reminded you of her.. wait, did she deliberately chose to not help you at that moment? she was your friend, it wouldn’t make sense if she didn’t help you at all. you immersed and drowned yourself from all the possibilities of her actions.
you took a spoonful to your mouth, regretting that you didn’t blew it before. you weren’t in the mood nor have the appetite to eat. miyeon’s expression continued to reappear in your mind. did you do anything wrong? “what if i’m thinking too much? is it bad?” you asked even if the topic could touch some sensitive areas. no harm in discussing about it anyway.
“where are you going with this?” eunha singsonged as she munched her portion of the pasta. the thing that bothered you grew slowly and you had to take it off of your heart before it seeps in. “you can’t give me incomplete information if you keep stopping-”
“what if someone intentionally did that do me?” the clinks from the utensils nearly brought jaewon awake.
eunha’s jaw dropped as her head leaned forwards for more convincing. “okay, you need to rest. you can have the porridge in the morning.” she took the bowl and lowered your torso down to the inclined bed.
a heavy sigh made from you made her raise her brow, eventually she sat with hands holding yours. “i am really fine, eunha. i- just.. hear me out.”
she nodded and you took jaewon in your arms, the noise must’ve disturbed him. “it doesn’t make sense. i know that no one has resentment towards you in the group.“ she shrugged as if she doesn’t bother thinking too much. “what’s your theory? if the food was given to you intentionally, what proof do you have?”
“excluding you, only two people in that living room knows my allergy to prawns.” you said in hopes eunha could get the gist of your point. “scratch out jinyoung. he wouldn’t go to such extent to relieve my pain if he were to do that.”
as adorable as she always looked, eunha’s eyes widened at the unexpected revelation. “are you saying miyeon did it?”
you tsked as your skin felt being crawled by the rash. “the menu’s a potluck. she probably told our friends to prepare varities and one of them is..”
and just by that, you and eunha shared minds.
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jae-canikeepyou · a year ago
| serenity in us | j.jh | ch. six
Tumblr media
word count: 5.2k+
a/n: i wanna keep my word for posting the chapters weekly but i’m kinda occupied with some stuff outside tumblr ;-; i’ll post whenever i can though! sigh i need to remind myself often :3 anyway, enjoy reading my loves! ♡ ~j.
Tumblr media
jaehyun was awakened from sleep with exact two pushes from yuta. he rubbed the morning sands along his eyelids, only to see his friends surrounding him from the sides. “whoa!” he finally realized their presence and fell off the bed. he scanned his room and remembered the news broken out to him last night. “what time did you arrive?” he groggily sat up to check the clock that didn’t go off. the time said 8 a.m.
“few moments ago.” soonyoung smiled as he pulled the sleepy man up on his toes. “your dad let us in. also he said it’s because it’s been a while since we all came together. he got fed up seeing yukhei all the time.”
“you guys refuse to join me whenever i ask you to!” yukhei whined. for such a tall guy like him, he was quite a puppy for his behaviour. jaehyun laid back down on his bed, too lazy to even hold a conversation.
“ah get up, jaehyun.” wonwoo pulled the guy up the same way soonyoung did. “we have the day to ourselves!”
krystal opened the door with a face mask and headband, a tooth brush in mouth with brows raised like they were seagulls. she pointed at the dining area which was clearly visible from jaehyun’s room. breakfast was ready and served. the rest of his friends were waiting for him. “hey dimwit, better eat before i steal your waffles.” she closed the barrier and left.
yukhei still stared at the closed door, hearts written in his twinkling eyes that always struck him each time he met her. “when will i ever get to do a collab with your sister?” he asked with pink cheeks. “she’s an angel.”
jaehyun looked at him in disgust. “i think you need glasses.” he rolled his eyes and told them to get out of his room since he needed to change. soon after, he headed downstairs to join the rest of them. his father then excused himself for work purposes and bid his son’s friends goodbye. the freshened up jaehyun groggily yawned as he poured orange juice into an empty glass of water, but the silence at the table had his ears alert and attentive. he gulped loud enough for all of them- including his siblings to hear. 
their shared looks had gotten his curiosity growing and he couldn’t describe what possible telepathic communication they were having. it was rare to witness them like this, but it was rarer to see his siblings do the same. “isn’t anyone gonna tell me something? you all look like you have a lot to say.” jaehyun continued with his meal, waiting patiently for someone to speak up at least. “well?”
“we thought you’d be mad about last night.” yukhei finally broke the silence. the rest of them swore inside, facepalming at his unnecessary statement. 
“and i’m still mad.” jaehyun raised his brows with a sudden lost of appetite at the events at the party. “so what brings you all here? i think you owe me an apology, hm?”
“jae, we’ve been meaning to tell you about jinyoung after the games.” chungha explained with a soft voice so as to change the air within the penthouse. “then he just showed up sooner than expected.”
jaehyun leaned back to the chair, scoffing at the reason. “so his appearance was important over my own feelings?” 
wonwoo wiped his lips at the smudge from the food. he fixed his glasses on the bridge of his nose as he tried to think of ways to divert the conversation. “she didn’t mean it that way, dude. what we’re trying to say is that whatever happened last night, it was going to happen eventually because it’s him we’re talk-”
“you’re not making any sense. was hurting y/n meant to happen as well? did jinyoung plan to shame her too?” jaehyun rolled his eyes when he spotted yukhei grinning with soonyoung and kyungwon. “what?”
jessica left the table briefly to answer a call and yunho read the atmosphere of the younger ones. although he tried to hide his laughter behind his cup, he failed and went to tease his brother. “look how you’ve changed since meeting her.” he chuckle as he placed the mug down. “i don’t think he’s here. where’s my baby brother jaehyun?”
“speaking of y/n, we think she’s more than an acquaintance of yours.” kyungwon commented, she pursed her lips to emphasize the tease. they all noticed the little changes jaehyun had each time he hung out with you, though it has not been that long.
“right. seems like you prefer her company than ours.” soonyoung pouted and faked shedding a tear as if he was hurt. “do you like her?”
few agreements and responses had jaehyun mind-blown at the quick assumption. “c’mon tell us. like we know you hung out with her before you came to the party. so? how many times did you meet her since the restaurant?” yukhei continued attacking questions to the now flushed boy, making the others do the same.
“oh my g- y/n she- i treasure her like i do with you guys. she’s a remarkable friend, fun, caring and loves her son and-” he paused due to the fact his friends’ smile widened than before. realizing what it meant, his ears tinted pink. “..she’s right behind me, isn’t she?”
“go on, i wanna see what else you think of me.” you joined the flow and fixed jaewon in the carrier that was attached to your torso.
jaehyun was left speechless, unable to say a single word at your sudden appearance. “i’m kidding.” you giggled.
jaewon wrapped his tiny arms around your neck at the numbers of unfamiliar people, letting out small whines before crying. you cradled him slightly in comfort and diverted his attention to the displayed miniature cars nearby. chungha and kyungwon approached you with softened smiles as you greeted them with your son’s hands. “aww y/n he’s adorable!” chungha entertained him with light pokes on his cheeks.
“how old is he?” kyungwon squealed while playing with his fingers.
“he just turned one couple weeks ago.” you made jaewon face them where he started reach out his arms to jaehyun. “oh? you want to him to carry you?”
jaehyun’s friends sat back and witnessed what was happening before them. he was helping you unstrap the belt of the carrier, like it was a natural thing to do. right when he carried your son, you took out the bottle of new milk and handed it to him. these gestures they were seeing had them nudging each other. even krystal was shocked at how gentle her brother was.
a couple of them secretly took pictures and kept them as proof, that jaehyun actually quote-on-quote, changes whenever you were around. yunho decided to enter the ‘sweet’ moment, another attempt to tease the younger one.
“this looks like a scene out of a commercial.” jessica peeked behind yunho and then looked at where you were. “y/n. let’s go to my office and discuss the next photoshoot.”
she approached you, arms linked to yours and pulled you towards the staircase. her eyes noticed how yours showed worry, never leaving your sight. “if you’re worried about jaewon, there’s no need to be. my brother’s good with kids.”
you tilted sideways to see jaehyun already cooing the child because you were not seen anywhere. “yeah, jaewon seems used to seeing jaehyun. today’s the fourth time.” her pat on your shoulder was what you needed as of now. jessica held back her smile, where your hands placed your chest meant you were assured.
“i meant dr. yunho. he’s a paediatrician remember?” her jolly tone had gotten you blushing in embarrassment. “jaehyun’s a little, hm.. i’d say he’s not that responsible-” she said, but the look in your eyes told her otherwise. “or maybe that changes today.” she winked.
once you have arrived at her home office, it was definitely luxurious however, not too over the top; although a chandelier didn’t seem to blend in well with the other displayed items. there was a strong smell of air freshener that your nose couldn’t figure the new scent. her office was tidy, organized and all furniture acted an accent to the color of the wall behind them. you sat on the sofa located at the center of the room, observing frames that she probably treasured for a long time.
“so..” you decided to cut the silence short. “..which company would want my son to endorse for?”
jessica brought out another folder, handing you a papers that looked familiar, but new at the same time. “oh this is another contract signing for blanc and eclare.” she gave you a pen. while you read the details of it, it hit you that this company in fact, was currently owned by her. well eunha did her research..
you shot up and caught her smiling as if she was enjoying your delayed reaction. “you’re going to hire me?” you asked as your tired brain tried to take in what was happening now.
“yes.” her voice was firm, sure and confident; you knew she was going to keep her word. “my assistant and fashion designer saw you at the photoshoot where jaewon had his weeks ago. they suggested that i should consider you to model for the clothes and accessories, or maybe some promotional videos as well. of course the confirmation would have to be made my me.”
placing the pen and the sheets of contract, your lips formed a flat line. “i appreciate the offer, but this is already too much. i’m fine with my son being in the limelight. as for me, i’m just young single mom trying to finish college. it was on-hold and i really want to continue my education.”
she saw how your demeanor changed over the course of minutes and understood where you were coming from. “look, you don’t have to sign the contract now, but i hope you do consider this as a sideline job. you have a beautiful face. and if my assistants sees one, they wouldn’t want to let a talent go.”
“oh um, yeah i’ll think about it.” you put your hair to one side. “being pretty is talent now?” you laughed slightly that jessica realized she sounded funny. 
“correction, i meant they could see how much potential you have and they want to cultivate you for that.” she stood and gestured you to follow her. “you can start by trying these.”
you blinked several times at the number of clothes hung in front. outfit sets already chosen for you to wear. “oh gosh.”
Tumblr media
jinyoung got off his car as he pulled over the apartment of the penthouse. when a sigh of relief was let out from his dry lips, he fixed his blazer several times before pressing the button of the elevator to a close. it had been four years since he last lived here, so the memories end to end bittersweet came flooding to him instantly; that included from the smell of the lobby to the shining door knob of the house.
he heard the front door click, and stepped back a few inches, waiting for the person behind to reveal themselves. whether he felt relieved or the fact that it wasn’t jaehyun who opened it still made his eyes widen. from the figures of familiar people behind yunho and krystal, they were unaware of his presence as he proceeded to enter. they were welcoming like always, but jinyoung knew there was a slight change in both of their demeanours; subtle.
“i supposed i came an hour early?” his hands gestured the number.
“a day early.” krystal shrugged and twirled to continue breakfast.
yunho patted his brother’s shoulder, asking him to join them. jinyoung refused and explained he’d like to tour the house to see if there were any changes to the interior. “we tried talking it out with jae. he doesn’t want to share his room.” he let out a long sigh, enough for him express defeat.
“that’s expected.” jinyoung took an apple from the fruit basket on the counter. “dad said i can use the spare room. tell him that.”
“you sure you don’t want to eat?” yunho tried again with an insisting tone.
jinyoung began to walk upstairs and waved, refusing the offer. “yeah.”
the reflective figure who stood before you, was someone you weren’t used to. the outfits picked out and chosen just had to be a little revealing; not too exposing. being the late bloomer you were, even the sight refined collarbones of yours made you shake on the spot.
jessica laughed at how sour your face looked, amused and amazed with the reaction of a young lady who hadn’t been taken out on a glamour spree in a long while. you sighed as the frills of the dress danced with the light movement of your twirl. the design’s nice, but it just wasn’t your type.
“you look like you haven’t worn a dress in ages.” she looked at your reflection, still giggling at the furrowed, worried brows you showed.
“oh i’ve worn a gown before.” you untied the lace that lines along your spine.
“really? i guess you do have some fashion sense in you.” she removed a hanger and gave another dress to try out. “what kind of gown is it?”
“a hospital gown.” you bit back your laugh, yet bursting soon like new opened soda drink. it was a true fact you cannot deny. you’ve never attended homecoming because you caught a fever, and your date stood you up. talk about best night ever.
“ahaha! and you have a unique sense of humor, y/n.” jessica complimented and you bowed as if you were crowned as miss comedian. “oh you look gorgeous! teal suits you so much!”
from the dark hue of the fairy lace hugging your torso to the beautiful waterfall of teal green fabric reaching your toes have convinced you of how less you paid attention or pampered yourself.
she was right, you did look gorgeous, but there wasn’t time to do so as you needed to care for jaewon. your grateful heart was full to even experience this with the owner of a well-known clothing line.
she completed the look with long silver earrings and a gold head piece, mimicking a leaf crown. and rose gold rings were slid to your fingers. although it was beyond perfect, you thought the hairstyle didn’t quite fit the motif. grabbing couple of bobby pins and ribbons, you braided and tied your hair to a low bun, leaving out strands of hair to dangle along your temples.
“a fairy is born.” jessica pulled you to a corner of her office where a mini photostudio was located. “i’ll let you feel how it’s like to model. you can keep the pictures.” she winked.
once she was done, her phone began to ring and had to answer it, leaving you alone in the office.
jinyoung noticed an opened door in the hallway so he decided to check it out. “this is not the lounge anymore?” he mumbled, walking freely and relaxingly on the marbled floor.
he pushed the door to widen, but the sun shone before he could see the person there. “jessica you there? the zipper is stuck..” you turned swiftly to meet the last person you wanted to see. “..w-what are you doing here?” your tone switching quickly at the presence of the man who made your world crumbling. your hands finding something to cover your exposed skin.
“i can’t?” he said, approaching you with slow, steady steps. “i’m quite close with the jung’s. known them since i was a child.”
“i swear if this is another game you’re playing, just stop it.” you snapped, walking to the vanity to grab your clothes. “you appear in ways i can’t imagine.”
“how about you? what are you doing here?” he smiled in a sly manner. the tension was now crawling on you, and so were his cold and blunt words. he was now behind you, like a predator to its prey, waiting to feast upon. except he would hunt you with questions regarding the past; your past.
your fingers curled as an army of heartbeats in your chest started to chant, heavy marches of nth battalion. if there was anything you could do to stop him, you would do it now. however the thing was.. you froze, just like you did when you found out the truth about jinyoung.
everything regressed to a covered silence, from the faint ticking of the hung clock to the loud conversations of the people downstairs. you couldn’t hear anything but his words slowly devouring your entire soul. you gulped, afraid what he’d do next that you closed your eyes.
but they fluttered opened the moment you hear him fix the stuck zipper.
“there. i helped you.” his smile was indeed ever so endearing; pity how he used that for other advantages, those that have tricked you in the past year.
you stayed silent, avoided his gaze and leaned against the vanity; still frozen and unmoved. same with your hearing earlier, the experience was happening to your sight. it was blurring to darkness, or was it tears?
“where’s my ‘thank you’?” his hands attempting to hold yours.
“i can say that for her.” a voice snapped you back to reality when a stronger grip replaced his. “y/n, are you okay?”
“y-yeah.” you assured him and grabbed your clothes to head to the walk-in closet. the door closed, and you should’ve been at least calmer since jinyoung was out of your sight. in fact you weren’t. there was silence surrounding the closet and it separated you from them, but it was their silence that drummed your heart the most.
jaehyun prevented his brother from leaving the room, locking the door and as well as blocking the closet door you were in. what he saw minutes earlier had his perception of jinyoung clouding in suspicion. he slid his arms in his pockets, letting out a scoff which he wanted him to hear. “i really don’t want any guy near her. let alone you.”
jinyoung nodded in amusement, swirling his tongue before answering. “hm.” his eyes changed the minute jaehyun placed his hands on the small bronze doorknob of the closet. “only a boyfriend says that. tell me, are you dating her?”
“we’re not. we’re just friends.”
“i see. well, i did, so.. i can be near her.” he took a lollipop at jessica’s vanity.
“you really are a piece of trash. you think you could talk to her after breaking her heart?” jaehyun clenched the doorknob and you could hear it slightly shake at whatever feeling he was exerting to. “she despises you.”
“she already opened her heart to you like she did to me, nice. but you see jae, that’s what all girls feel. they feel like they’ve been cheated upon, dumped. they want to be pitied for and-” jinyoung was shoved backwards where a cup holding several lipstick shades tumbled down on the table. “ooh did i broke a string of your heart too?”
the younger one growled, scrunched his nose at his brother’s provocative words. his fists crumpled and added creases to the well-ironed shirt. “not mine. just how many of hers have you broken-”
you bit your inner gums as you turned the knob. in any arguments you’ve encountered, this was probably the most tensed and suffocating. to think that you were the reason why they started to fight, you didn’t want to be there anymore. jaehyun let go of jinyoung to follow you out, he had his hands in pockets walking side by side with you. “i’m sorry you had to witnessed that.” he began with an obvious tone of frustration. “are you okay?”
you nod, your lips started to meet to let out a small smile of assurance. “are you okay? i know i am. i’ve been thinking about it a lot but you are the type of guy to stick people’s business.”
“there’s no choice since he is my brother.” he rolled his eyes, his weight becoming heavy with every step he took.
you stopped mid-way of the hall, processing the sentence he said just now. “wait what? jinyoung’s your-”
jaehyun’s plumped lips widened at the realization. “ah crap i was supposed to tell you later. my tongue slipped? he’s my older brother, half-brother.” when he saw how you had no words to say, he panicked a little without knowing what to do with his hands.
“but i’m different from him! we’re nothing alike!” he defended himself even if there wasn’t a need to.
“i didn’t say anything about what difference you both have.” you raised a brow that got his ears turning pink. this side of him was cute, he* was cute; an urge in you wanted to tease him and you actually did. he let out a soft chuckle, feeling more embarrassed than before. “i’m kidding, but if i am curious though. what sets you apart despite being brothers?” you asked.
jaehyun stepped forwards as he got you cornered between himself and the handrail of the staircase. his arms stretched out like he didn’t want you to escape and listen to the words he was about to say. “i’m sure i wouldn’t break your heart like he did.” he said so casually that it had you thinking twice what he meant by that.
yet he pat your head instead of waiting for your response. you twirled and headed downstairs; your heart definitely quickened, but maintained your walking speed. stop feeling this way, y/n.
Tumblr media
the day was to be spent and split into two parts: the business meeting at jung’s house, then the boutique. it was just that your aunt and uncle had to plan a mini getaway last minute— without telling you, and closed the business early to catch a train to the country-side. since that was clearly cancelled, you spent the rest of the day joining your new found friends from last night, along with jaewon and jaehyun’s siblings.
for you to be people involved with the jung’s ‘normal’ lives definitely was an intimidating call. it was hard to feel relaxed even if they asked you to. heck jaewon was already a step ahead of you, seated at the center of the lounge when the attention’s all on him.
the furnished interior caught your eye, then scanning the room because you had nothing else to do besides caring for your son and answer questions from curious people. how tensed jaehyun was compared to hours earlier still had an impact to the back of your head. there was a clash of confusion, not entirely sure whether it was their fight or just the existence of two men who happened to be related.
you sank deeper into the sofa as you continued to think deeper of the brothers’ moment. “what’s in your mind?” jaehyun rested his arm on the crown of the sofa. “it’s not like you to be like this.”
exhaling a sharp breath you turned to him and rolled your eyes slightly. “please it’s gonna take you months or years to judge who i really am.”
“a few weeks is already enough for me to know who you are. i’m a quite perceptive.” he boasted as he placed so much emphasis on ‘quite’.
the boldness he has had gotten you realizing that the confusion you felt was actually due to his actions he did to protect you from jinyoung. why he did so was still unanswered and maybe will remain unanswered. when you showed an unconvincing expression, he brushed your hair to the side, wanting you to look at him. “i’m an e.s.f.p.” he winked.
“uh-huh.. explains why you noticed my change of mood and how you’re so unpredictable?” you blinked to give a faux compliment that managed to make jaehyun grin.
“are you referring to what i did upstairs?” his tone getting a little challenging and teasing. “because if it is, i’d say i’m proud i did that.” he folded his arms that you could imaginatively see his nose elongating from his words. a pillow smacked his torso, earning him a yelp of dramatic pain.
“speaking of upstairs, i guess it’s about time you tell me your backstory?” you raised your legs to sit comfortably on the sofa. now facing him, he finally got the attention he needed from you.
jaehyun stared at you wide-eyed. “oh wow. i was about to tell you.”
“well i’m an i.s.f.j., so i’m quite observant.” you mimicked his tone and response. at the corners of your eyes, you noticed jaewon crawling towards to where you were; arms up for a carry when chungha gestured his nappies. “maybe next time? i gotta get this buddy changed.”
your figure and the girls disappeared within seconds that dimples couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. his friends cut the moment short when they sat beside him, their voices raising over others’. jaehyun’s ears soon blushed red and shoved away the palms that hit his body, but the voices and tease continued to torture him, in a giddy way.
he himself knew the growing smile forming by the points of his lips; something he couldn’t hide because well, who would hide feelings that was actually of good intentions? “guys, stop it.” he clicked his tongue, drinking the cup from the coffee table.
soonyoung reminded the rest to keep annoying the lad. “we need concrete answers because what you said at breakfast wasn’t convincing.”
“y/n’s part of the interesting people list huh?” wonwoo state the fact out there, and jaehyun jutted his mouth in in-denial. “have you fallen for her?”
“wow jae, that was quicker than waiting for a pre-ordered package-” yukhei proudly said that he was later thrown several pillows by the flustered boy. “ow!”
jaehyun stretched out on the sofa, making the others fall on the floor. he was definitely bold and expressive with his actions. he should be alright with the bombarding true facts from his friends but he couldn’t keep himself idle of anything he does, let alone hiding his growing feelings. “you want answers, fine. y/n’s cute and i think i like her. there i said it.”
soonyoung stifle a giggle, only to break out in loud laughters that he had to hold his stomach to sooth the funny pain. “talk about being honest! i really wasn’t expecting you to confess so quickly.”
“from a ‘remarkable friend’ to ‘potential girlfriend.” yukhei hi-fived the boys.
“that wasn’t a confession!” jaehyun brushed his hair back to wipe off the sweat that were to roll down his forehead.
“hey dude, if there’s anything you want from us, that’s our support.” wonwoo said with assurance. “go for her.”
“oh yeah! you definitely earned it this time rather than-” yukhei again was hit by pillows, but they weren’t from jaehyun. “ow! what the heck am i a new dummy for a pillow fight?!”
wonwoo pressed his temples and fixed his crooked glasses. “you’re not careful with your words, yukhei. you always blurt out things unconsciously that could make jaehyun-”
“it sure is lively here. the power of youth.”
they turned to the voice that sent the whole room to a silence. jaehyun stood up with the fluff of his hair messed up as if he had just woken up. he dusted his clothes, flattening the creases made from laying down. “oh, dad?” he greeted.
“mind if i join the conversation?” he asked ever so politely. once seated with the four boys, he placed his elbows on the sofa’s arm rest. “i didn’t mean to eavesdrop. i just happened to come here to retrieve a few things for jinyoung.”
“thanks for not letting him share my room.” jaehyun leaned backwards with arms crossed.
“i know things’ been rough between the two of you..” mr. jung trailed off as he noticed the awkward discomfort and the leaving urge from the rest of jaehyun’s friends. “don’t leave. you practically know what happened so it’s okay for you all to listen. jinyoung is a changed man.” he began softly, however he did not see the boys’ exchange of glances to each other. “which is why i’m letting him stay here.”
the shifts in jaehyun’s positions were too frequent to be unnoticed. wonwoo practically had to eye him intently to be aware of his rather responsive gesture. “if that’s your decision, i’ll respect that but if he involves any of my friends in his mess he’s out of the penthouse.” jaehyun sat back up to rest his forearms on his thighs.
mr. jung only pat his son’s shoulders before leaving the lounge, taking a box that was kept hidden in a closet at the far back. he already had one leg out of the area when he turned around to say something in case he forgot.
“oh right. please invite the pretty young mom for dinner as well. i’ll see you tonight.” he winked and closed the door, in which jaehyun was suddenly silent.
“‘involves any of my friends’, you’re obviously talking about y/n.” soonyoung wrapped his arms around the guy, later sending telepathic signals to wonwoo and yukhei with a sly grin.
jaehyun munched quite loudly and made his siblings think he forgot his etiquettes. he was complete fine with the older siblings sitting opposing to him however, specifically it had to be jinyoung to be right across from him. on the other hand he had no clue why his friends made stupid excuses to decline the dinner invitation, resulting to only you and jaewon happily eating right beside him at the table.
krystal seemed to softened up with the both of you as jaewon would try to climb onto her lap; letting out small bubbly giggles with a julienned cucumber. she gave a rather warm smile than a pressed one, and it surprised you a little. “i’m sorry for how i acted last time.” she began, holding your hands.
“accepted. i’m sure you’ve had your reasons.” you replied with a gentle voice that she found so assuring.
“it’s just that there were people in the past who pushed themselves into our lives, wanting to be part of the family for fame, finance and other reasons they think would benefit them.” she wiped her mouth with a cloth. “i don’t want to be mean but that’s how all perceive the jungs.”
although you could sense the ongoing tension between the two brothers, you wanted to pay attention to krystal since she was telling you something that seemed of importance.
“if there were, i guess there was an experience that stained your heart?” you fixed jaewon’s bib while exchanging glances between him and krystal.
“oh definitely. we were kids and one time we-”
jaehyun placed his chopsticks down heavily, the clinks of the glasses and utensils rang. his demeanor changed. chairs were pushed back as you felt his figure stand, followed with a slam on the table. jinyoung sighed and rolled his eyes, completely disturbed from his dinner. he interlocked his fingers, resting his arms on his torso. there he was, the same expression he gave off when you first met him at the campus two years ago. he looked at his angered younger brother before the words came right from his lips.
“if you really wanna talk about what’s pissing you off, tell it straight to my face because i’m just, right, here.”
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jae-canikeepyou · a year ago
| serenity in us | j.jh | ch. seven
Tumblr media
word count: 4k+
a/n: updates aren’t consistent i’m so sorry but i’ll post as much as i can. please endure my messy schedule ;-; meanwhile, let me know what you think of the series so far. send me an ask & we’ll discuss! enjoy reading loves! ♡ ~j.
Tumblr media
“if you really wanna talk about what’s pissing you off, tell it straight to my face because i’m just, right, here.”
everyone turned their heads to the heated argument. jinyoung hasn’t spoken since dinner began and you started to question yourself whether you’d leave or not; because it seemed serious and by just being there had it made you feel you’ve invaded something so private. this was stirring the atmosphere to a storm. yunho cleared his throat to make the two refrain from saying anything further, realizing how you were present and how disrespectful it was to argue with visitors over. they had to be controlled after all.
but jaehyun and jinyoung continued their stare-off, ignoring the reminders and warnings from those around them. their sisters didn’t want to be involved, you could tell in their stiff movements and sudden silence. it was by then was it confirmed that jaehyun and jinyoung’s inner thoughts had gotten in front of the line; all that were surrounding them came to a blur, as if was each other was the only thing they see. your eyelashes batted a quick look at jaehyun who was now breathing heavily. although you wanted to stop him from whatever he planned to do next, it just wasn’t your place to interfere. you were only an acquaintance of his whom he met recently.
“your whole existence pisses me off!” jaehyun growled, causing jaewon to jolt and nuzzle himself at the crook of your neck.
jinyoung scoffed with a soft but evident grin of disbelief. “why am i not surprised? other than your stupid ass everyone else made me feel welcomed.” he removed his napkin to prove a point, sighing afterwards as if he didn’t want to entertain his brother’s temperament. “and with the way you act i can tell i’m not the only reason that’s making you pissed.”
mr jung cleared his throat. “don’t you both have some conscience?” his stern voice have reached the limit where his sons soon felt the guilt. “we have visitors, please do remember.” he slightly bowed at you for an apology. you did the same, patting jaewon on his back as you placed him in the carrier.
“who’s our visitor?” you heard a woman’s voice echoeing the entire penthouse which covered the corners as well. she entered the dining area with her purse dangling on her forearm. what a grand entrance. her pencil skirt with unusual patterns contrasted the waterfall of staircase behind her. her hair carefully styled in a dashing low bun. she scanned the very open dining area, her eyes meeting yours and you’ve never felt the air turn cold like it did just now.
you gulped quite loudly but enough to make jaehyun sit back down, failing to see how his fists already formed crescent marks on his smooth skin. she gave a side cheek kiss to mr. jung, instantly making you think she was the matriarch of the household. “good evening.” you greeted.
she gave a smile, which utterly left you an impression. the jungs really were a family of beautiful people and the consciousness of yourself inside had diminished. “good evening.” she sat down on the pulled chair by jinyoung. “what brings you to our household..” she trailed off, eyes looking towards her husband for an answer, where he mouthed ‘y/f/n’. “..miss y/n?”
“earlier in the day, i was invited by jessica for work purposes. then mr. jung was kind enough to ask me to join for dinner.” you explained, carefully cradling jaewon who was drifting off to his slumber. you could tell she noticed jaewon but probably decided to leave the questions for later.
“i see. welcome y/n. we rarely have visitors over, so be honoured of the time spent here. you must be special. are you friends with any of the children?” she asked, your eyes wavered before you found the right answers to say.
“he became dr. yunho’s patient recently, but before that i was friends with jinyoung.” you said as you tried not to show any more emotion when her eyes trailed to jaewon at the mention of ‘he’. since it was for the health of the child, she continued her meal before humming in response.
jaehyun couldn’t stay put, his hands started to fidget by his sides that at the corners of your eyes, you could tell he was rather in discomfort. whether it was from mrs. jung’s presence or the ever bombardment of her curiosity, there wasn’t a speck of hint from him at all. your son started to whimper at the long conversation. you couldn’t blame the child, it had been nearly two hours anyway. he rubbed his eyes before looking up at you, showing off his growing pearly whites and you pucker your lips to keep him entertained.
mrs. jung tilted her head. jinyoung, who was beside her, took attention to the child in your arms. he knew she was going to ask, and that he was going to stop her because the topic was a sensitive one to be touched and conversed upon. however, he was a second late. by the time she rest her arms on the table, her shoulders leaned forward. a faint, unimpressed smile was seen.
“is your son asleep?”
your head shot up to look at her and knew it was unnecessary to feel heat spreading across your face because you should be used to it by now. but in fact, that moment proved that you were still haunted with people’s perception of the motherhood you were brought into at an early age.
“he’s drifting in and out of sleep.” you meekly answer, your head slightly cowering down. both jaehyun and jinyoung could see sad sparkles welling by your eyes. “but he’ll be reaching his slumber soon.” taking a peek of him and caressed his head.
“that’s a look of a mother to a child. i can tell.” she said. “you seem young. how old are you, if i may ask?”
“i’m 23, the same age as jaehyun.” you replied immediately, then looking towards the said man who did the same. mrs. jung was a beautiful person indeed, but something about her was bothering you that even words couldn’t explain.
your stomach caused it to churn in painful ways possible. you feel like you were to throw up when every nerve of your brain tried to make out the expression you just saw from her. a sigh from her spun tornadoes in your stomach now. “honestly speaking i wouldn’t want my sons to mingle with those who couldn’t have their life together.”
“mother!” jaehyun and jinyoung exclaimed simultaneously, later looking at each other in shock of their identical response. their silence depicting it was awkward for both to have mutual feelings regarding the statement.
“i’m saying what is needed to be said. haven’t i warned you about the people you meet and their upbringing? she’s a young mother with a young son.” the emphasis of her words caused your sight to blur a little. you froze yet again like earlier but this was much worse. “who knows what she’s here for?”
“a meeting for work.”
“my clinic’s being renovated.”
“fan service.”
jessica, yunho and krystal all said the reasons respectively although the first one was the only truth. mrs. jung fluttered her eyes to you; that gesture had you confirm the saying, seeing was deceiving. and indeed it was. “an invitation, as i mentioned before, mr. jung invited me.” your sad tone broke their soft mumbles, still trying your best to put up a smile when jaewon started to whine again. “the night’s not getting younger. i have to head home. thank you for the dinner.” you thanked the family and bowed to the couple.
“i’ll go with you.” jinyoung stood.
“i’ll bring you home.” jaehyun offered.
“i’ll drive her.” yunho gestured you with his palms, grabbing the keys of his car and went for the door. he winked at you for before letting you sit at the back seat of the car.
the house grew further away, vanishing in the horizon of the mirror up front. yunho’s eyes avoided yours and throughout the whole ride.
this family whom the nation looked up to, birthing public figures that would influence its every industry, actually has a story of their own; each part to tell that you’ve yet to discover. you witnessed the rift between brothers, the coldness of the children towards their mother, the drought of the marriage and most of all..
the imbalance of the entire family.
Tumblr media
the gentle fragrance of aromatic oil scented the room panoramatically. eunha scooted next to you after telling her what had happened back at the jungs. jaewon was finally put to bed, a child needed to rest up and somehow you thanked the heavens that he was so little. if he were older of three years of age, imagine the questions he’d bombard you with. you rubbed the nape of your neck as your mind spun in circles remembering mrs. jung’s words.
you never expected the gunman would pull the trigger so soon. the bullet hit straight to your heart, piercing through and made sure to expose the feelings you’ve long hidden and locked away with it. they were now in the open, waiting for you to tremble and fall apart... but you didn’t.
on your bed you were hurt and numb, yet no tears rolled down because they’ve already dried up. eunha hugged you, wrapping you tightly in her arms. “i’m always here for you, please know that.” she comforted you in warm, soothing way that you were thankful for.
a hoarse laugh was heard from your lips, knowing it was natural for her to be like that when you were at your lowest, and vice versa. “i know. i’m glad i’m not crying but..” you pat her back because you couldn’t breathe.
“but what?” she asked.
“..i’m not crying, so why are you..?” you held back your hysterical giggle, your body collapsing backwards at her emotional state. when her voice further sobbed it was your turn to have her in your arms.
“i’m crying for you! you’re supposed to cry at things like these!” she wailed and her lips curved the more she spoke. “but you never did so boohoo!”
you flicked her forehead, shaking your head slightly because why would you? it was a waste of time. no one knew. the only one who saw you shed a tear was your own pillows and blanket. not even those who raised you. you’ve repressed your feelings so well that your entire life was a blank page, good as new. there was nothing wrong with being too private; there was space and peace you needed. then you recalled the frame hung on your wall, ‘serenity’.
for some odd reason, your phone vibrated and you couldn’t distinguish if it was a call or text message, which was why you always leave your phone on ring. “y/n, did i mention that you and technology would never be together in an equation?” she wiped her tears away. when you gave a questioning look, she rolled her eyes at your naivety. “seriously y/n, jaehyun just sent you a message.” she scrolled the notification banner down.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“well? what’s taking you so long to reply?” eunha practically switched characters since one minute ago she was balling her eyes out.
you pondered for quite a while, even though you didn’t intend to. this man asked you to meet him tomorrow and it was enough to convince you this was a date. “i.. don’t know.”
since birthing your son, going on dates were shoved at the back of your mind. it was never a priority nor a thought. your world revolved around jaewon and he was your everything. eunha was an onlooker for every chapter you’ve gone through. she thought this was another chapter you have to enter, it was the only thing missing in your life. yet being the responsible mother you were and having to come to hate men like jinyoung, they definitely clash.
“this man isn’t jinyoung, y/n.” she snapped you out of the long trail of trance. her voice was serious to scare you like that. “it’s jaehyun. not all men are like jinyoung. give dimples a chance to show himself to you. well you’ve basically hung out before so what difference does it make if you said ‘yes, let’s meet tomorrow’ or something?”
“jung jaehyun.” you corrected, the pillow met your face with a loud thump. “he’s a freaking ‘jung’ who happens to be the brother of my ex and there’s a high probability that they inherit the same genes!”
eunha smacked your already buried face, the impact was much greater than life ever did to you. “and there’s a high probability they don’t? c’mon, give me five reasons to set those two apart. what does jaehyun have that jinyoung doesn’t?”
your lips agape, wavering and speechless. as you sat up, a scowl of annoyance rang in your best friend’s ears, what could you explain to her? making you analyse at this hour hurt your head, further deepening her quizzical look.
she clicked her tongue at your abstaining action. then rubbing her eyes due to the fact the girl before her didn’t seem like a mom; rather, a normal college student trying to decide to go for her date for the first time in forever. “i didn’t ask for this to happen.” you plopped back down, not knowing what else to do.
“yeah you didn’t, but cupid sure is doing his job.” she gestured her iconic know-it-all arms. “well?” eunha clung onto your arms in hopes you would answer. her pupils shone and that was the last string for you.
“fine, i’ll meet him tomorrow.” you sighed heavily, quickly switching off the side lamp as to end the complicated conversation, while she shut the door and slept at the extra room.
finally the lights were off, and you hoped that she didn’t see the change in color hues of your cheek.
Tumblr media
supposedly the administration office wouldn’t take long to tend to the waiting students. you held the files in your hands, biting your lips that due to this situation, the meeting with jaehyun would be delayed. in the queue, you were just a person away when you received a call from the said man. putting the files between your armpit, you slide across the screen to answer. “hello?” you closed your eyes shut at his low voice of greeting.
man this voice was melodic for a baritone. you did remember he mentioned he sang jaewon to sleep. now it felt like you wanted to sleep. “hi y/n. may i ask why you’re jittering so much?” he chuckled on the phone, bringing sonorous note of each word to your ears.
“me? i’m ji-jittery? i’m so not-” you defended with multiple batters of your lashes. the ajar of your lips dropped when you spotted jaehyun waving towards you with a rather impressed grin on the other side of the glassed partition.
“don’t worry. i’ll wait for you. we both had our last class.” he winked, still locking his eyes with yours.
“if you say so.” you nodded and ended the call. his grin wasn’t expressed to poke fun at. just a friend waiting for a friend. nothing else, nothing beyond, you continuously told your pounding heart.
the frequent brushes of both of your arms caused anxiety building up in your chest. it was as suffocating as you were with jinyoung, but this was the complete opposite. it felt nice, the whole contexture was warm, just like the last hangout.
maybe eunha was right, jaehyun was different from him. you looked up to see him amused with your behaviour. amused at how contrasting you were when jaewon wasn’t around, how innocent you acted with him and how adorable you become as the seconds prolonged.
walking alongside him, he said he wanted to bring you to a place where he considered it a place he recharge his comfort. away from the anarchic world he used to call home. there was a park few feet away. something in it had you narrow your sight for a clearer view, but it was separated with a creek between you.
“is that a.. secret base?” you beamed in shock, the wooden cube placed perfectly between strong branches. “or is it a treehouse?”
seeing jaehyun grab a long rope, he showed how it was done and landed on the other side of the creek. your legs soon were dragged like it had magnetising properties, copying what he did until you were next to him.
he held out a hand and pointed upwards. you cock a brow at the implying tone of his. “it looks cool, doesn’t it?” he asked proudly.
you caressed the rough surface of the tree trunk. a rather old ladder danced with the wind, and he helped you up with the strength he spared to have as you both began climbing.
“sounds like it’s your masterpiece.” you dusted the dirt of your clothes.
“my dad and my siblings build this. or maybe just dad. i couldn’t remember much because i was only three when it was completed.” jaehyun sat at a higher deck. “noona said this will be our ‘bridge to terabithia’ kind of world.”
there was hint of faint melancholy in his voice. though you do want to ask why, you were quite concerned that you might head towards a topic he didn’t want to talk about. so luckily for you, you had other things to ask, kind of like an interview session when friends wanted to go deeper into the companionship.
“you seem calm. feeling nostalgic, aren’t you?” a playful nudge on his shoulder had deepened the dimples crafted into his cheek.
“y-yeah.” his pearly whites started to show when he asked for your hand, pulling it to tour you around the area. a tiny house on a treetop along with a panoramic view of nature was an amazing view. what was more amazing was that how neat the interior looked, with old memories in forms of frames hung against the wall. you understood why he was feeling sentimental.
they were a happy family.
unknowingly your pursed lips caught his attention and he figured how you felt when the mood you gave off had changed. looking at the pictures you were admiring, jaehyun stared at them with a heavy heart. you bent down for a closer look and smiled internally at the visually perfect family.
a warm touch from him asked you to sit down, where he gave you an album he seemed to treasure the most. “you know, if you’re curious about my childhood you should’ve said so.” his voice almost bursting into loud giggles, but he flipped the cover open anyway like he really meant to show you.
“am i that readable?” you sighed, scooting next to jaehyun as he pat the space next to him.
“not really, but your eyes says a ton of words that people like me can decipher.” he said, you now noticing how close you actually both were. arms touching each other formed bubbles in your hsm chest.
“i should learn an alien language so you wouldn’t know what i’m thinking.” you placed your bag at front, taking the album from him. “although it’s hard to find a teacher because who knows if they exists.”
he rested his palms as he leaned backwards at your statement, his brows narrowing. “i believe in aliens!”
your giggles made him pout more while you were invested so much in the pictures laid out in front. “sure you do.” your voice a little teasy. “they come from a crane machine at any game arcade.”
going through the memory lane, he saw several embarrassing, unready smiles of his young self, soon following your fingers pointing at the one picture he was most proud of. “ah, i really won that plush!” he remembered the feeling of having the green alien from disney’s toy story.
“cute. do you still have it?” flipping through the pages where a young jaehyun had the plush toy in his hands.
“will you laugh if i said yes?” he questioned.
“will you get mad if i do?” you challenged him, and he somewhat sighed at your playfulness.
“no.” he singsonged, though you hoped he did kind of sing longer. “but i might be if you tell anyone.”
soon in the day, jaehyun listened to your side of your nostalgia and childhood; how you were raised and befriended eunha. everything seemed to slow and quiet down. he just wanted to focus on you. it might be mean but you were way more interesting than the story you were telling, though he still listened to some snippets of the memory. the more he admired the way you talk and the habitual gestures to explain things, he found himself switching positions for a comfortable seating, shifting his weight to his other palm.
of course you were aware of his action, that he was way closer than before. yet you still continued talking because not only were you getting to the fun part, you hoped he wouldn’t notice the frequent avert of your eyes or the shakiness within your voice. he was entertained, engrossed, listening. most of all? he clearly was interested.
oh wow, not so bad for a man of his word.
now was the time he got to see your features in detail because you were practically centimeters apart. there was a tiny problem though and that was a battle between his conscience, itching for skinship that appeared as a silent voice echoing in his head. his palms rested between you and him curled then uncurled, tensing then relaxing, scared and unsure. however he screw those and somehow gained his way, and he finally gotten your attention by leaning in.
“ i was trying to be-” you paused, realising he was really close. his irises shrank due to sunlight outside but they were soulful in some way. they seemed to say things that you knew he probably couldn’t say out loud. “jaehyun?..” you both knew where this was heading to, and were so immersed with each other’s presence and beauty that he closed the gap in between.
as you returned the kiss, the bubbles that were forming in your chest overflowed then popping to send signals of giddy.
it was nice.
he knew that you flinched slightly at the approach because heck, he initiated it and thought you’d refuse. you didn’t. pulling away, he gulped loud and went out for a fresh air. the sun’s spells kind of made it worse since he was already feeling the heat from his ears and cheeks. other than the slight outburst of flutter, the smile coated his face and each layer of happiness and glee overlapped one another.
never had he felt this way before. he wanted to take a peek to know how you felt as well, but once he stood at the door frame of the tree house, he would shy away at the sight of your flowing hair.
you fanned yourself several times and bit your lips. this was supposed to be normal hang out as friends. at that moment, everything about him was surreal, like he was the embodiment of a perfect boyfriend. jaehyun’s expression stayed in your head and your figure was now a half-moon, arching low enough that your face was buried in your legs.
the steady rhythm of your heart fluctuated to syncopated beats when you recalled the kiss. you kissed the jung jaehyun, son of a ceo, brother to a celebrity figures/professionals and a ‘father material’- you suddenly heard eunha’s voice. you shook your head and grabbed your phone with a panicked whine.
“i think this is the third count.” you whispered with shaking hands as you began typing the words you never expected to happen so soon.
taglist: @dimpledsatan​ @pchyjaes​ @eyypeach​ @t-aeycng​​ @princessaecha​ @cmpaws @tiha @jaeismytamtation​ @mary23copper​ @80sjae @anothermessedupbitch​ @fragilediamondgirl​ @painted-hills​ @espresseo-cafe​ @cupofjae​ @luluholdo16​ @californi-yeah​ @the-universe-in-you-jjh​ @ot9files​ @ur-fav-trashcan​  @lolovejaelovelo97​ @adventuresoflen 
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jae-canikeepyou · a year ago
| serenity in us | j.jh | ch. three
Tumblr media
word count: 3.2k+
a/n: i hope to post at least one chapter a week to keep you all updated :) enjoy reading! ♡ ~j.
Tumblr media
eunha had to bend her head low at the squeal she let out after hearing the help jaehyun gave that night. it was indeed embarrassing especially when his family was super exposed to the nation. semester had just begun and the first thing you hear was an existing club whom they dedicated the events they organized, that was regarding the jung siblings. the whole uni campus knew of the jungs since the institution itself was their alma mater. and there were rumours roaming around of the ‘hidden’ child; apparently the youngest, whom they’ve never seen.
and you’ve already met him— jaehyun.
on days with your classes or part-time, jaewon was usually babysat by your uncle and aunt. sometimes eunha would offer to help on her free days. today, he was at the boutique where it was your aunt’s established business since you were a little girl.
you had told eunha everything that happened that night, and the morning after. jaehyun had taken care of jaewon while you were still asleep, even prepared breakfast for the both of you. he didn’t have to, yet he insisted it was the least he could do to repay your kindness for letting him sleep in the apartment. and because of that, you thought that it would be the start of an endless ‘returning the favor’ streak. jaewon even smiled at him when he attempted the airplane feeding.
she swung her forearms to dance sideways, knowing that you were probably the first ever person to meet the jung’s without any special events to get in contact with them. just an ordinary day that usually would happen in any romance novel, or webtoon, because she reads a lot of those.
“imagine,” eunha began with her story-telling and took the nearby things as her props. she grabbed a pair of spoon & fork, placing them in front of you. “this is you— spoon, and this is jaehyun— fork.”
a choke managed to get its way out of your throat from her illustrations. “where are you going with this?” you asked, following a breathy laugh since you couldn’t predict what she was trying to explain.
“shh, don’t interrupt me!” she bounced in her seat as she itched to continue. earning a nod from you, she inhaled and exhaled. “and this is jaewon.”
you were so close to do a spit take on eunha but managed hold it back in when your eyes followed her hands, putting down a teaspoon. then your arms collapsed on the table, dying hard in laughter. “oh my gosh eunha!” you shrieked as you clutched your stomach. the heat of your cheeks were building up at her humour.
“wait i’m not done yet!” she too was giggling at how stupid she looked but she wanted to state her point. “this custard pudding is your life now; soft, fragile, still wobbling but managing. if life changes to a lasagna?” she gently pushed the aluminium tray. “you’ll need a fork, which is jaehyun.”
squinting your eyes at her as you tried to take in her purpose, you wondered why she was giving you a life lesson. “couldn’t i just use a spoon for the lasagna? it’s still manageable.”
“you can, but it’ll fall apart. you wouldn’t want it to be a mess, right?” eunha demonstrated with thin air though she did have a point. “the fork will do the job, the spoon will be able to rest.”
“how about the knife?” you asked, finally getting the gist of her strange illustration.
she took the knife and continued. “this.. is uncle kaleb and aunt jenn. they’ll help when things get harder. such as cutting away negative thoughts or atmosphere.”
“that happens when life becomes steak?” you questioned with uncertainty, your lips curving into giggles.
“yeah. but the fork is always there to pick the good parts and saves the day, and you’ll have a satisfied meal.” she said, and that left you speechless for a moment.
“wow. just wow.” applauding at her explanation.
as children, eunha was a great story-teller and she’d go on and on creating different plots to keep the story alive. little did you know she’d be giving you advice. “aren’t i creative? thought of it just before we ate.”
“yes you are.” you munched on your food, scrolling down the messages and viewing the video aunt jenn sent a while ago. “but i just met him recently, it’s not like he’d be the solution of everything.”
eunha’s jaw dropped at your assumption. “are you hearing yourself now y/n? your description of him is totally a father material, something jaewon definitely needs!” she squealed with sparkles in her eyes.
“you’ve been friends with me for so long and you still don’t know me when it comes to guys.” you stuck out a tongue. “i just said he was kind to do that.”
a challenging tone from eunha got you leaning backwards to the chair. “oh, i know you so well. okay, if you’re not looking for love now, that’s totally fine. the way how i see it, jaehyun really seems the missing puzzle to your perfect picture.”
“it’s gonna take a lot of convincing for me to be in the same head space as you.” you said, tilting your head sideways.
eunha shrugged but still stayed in her word. “i’ll give you three counts that’ll only take jaehyun to steal your heart. jaewon included.”
you gave up at her predictions; thinking that whatever stuff she was blurting out only came- or inspired by a fictional world of manhwa characters, plot arcs and perfect love story.
whispers were growing and crowds upon crowds continued to gather as you were finishing up your lunch. not like you cared anyway. phones were brought out and that was when you became cautious. you were greeted with a presence ever so familiar on your side and when you looked up, you wiped your lips with a tissue before greeting.
“mr. fork- ah, i mean jaehyun. hi.” you dusted your pants, smiling shyly. eunha bent her head so low, really not wanting to feel the second hand embarrassment you just did.
he gave a questioning lift of a brow before smiling back at you. “i could recognise you from afar. so you study in this university as well.” he said, hands in his pockets.
“i could say the same to you. e-except the recognising part.” you stuttered since he gazed at you quite attentively.
“can i bring you and jaewon somewhere?” he asked, his facial mask was by his chin as he waited for your response. no wonder people took out their phones. he really was ethereal, more defined and clear visuals especially in the day.
eunha kicked you from beneath the table. you endured the pain and automatically agreed on going with him when you thought you would refuse. she gave you a thumbs up and asked jaehyun if she could come too.
“yeah sure.” he nodded, putting back the mask on and you all headed to the boutique to fetch your son.
Tumblr media
jaewon sat on the boutique’s counter as his tiny hands grasped the stems of flowers near him. he wriggled them non stop since he was at that age of curiosity, and would bite anything they think was edible.
aunt jenn handled to the customers for the new flowers that have bloomed for the next season. she waved up high, seeing you and eunha entering. jaewon too, smiled at your presence, attempting to get up on the counter.
“y/n! eunha!” she beamed brightly, placing down the vase and giving you a hand at the nappies you bought before arriving.
jaehyun bowed and offered his limbs for a handshake. his smile almost had your aunt blush at his manners.
“and who is this handsome, fine young man?” aunt jenn winked at you slightly so that he wouldn’t see her action. her tone was unusually teasing towards you, and she never did that.
“oh he’s an acquaintance.” you introduced him as you looked at jaehyun. “she’s my aunt jenn.”
“pleasure to meet you.” he smiled. “i’m jung jaehyun.”
“likewise.” she offered him a glass of water and pulled your wrists to one of the rooms back of the boutique. “i see you have a suitor.”
you flushed pink at the mention of the emphasised word. “he’s- uh-” you whispered softly just so that no one could eavesdrop the conversation.
“stuttering, aren’t we?” she spoke witfully that made your lips drop at her full charge.
“aunt jenn!” you whispered that was almost a soft/shout. clinging onto her arm, she pinched your cheeks. “this is my third time meeting him. he can’t be a suitor.”
“who can’t be a suitor?” uncle kaleb went down from the upper floor. he looked at the entrance area, and immediately put on a straight face as he approached jaehyun. “i haven’t seen you around town.” he shook his hand for a greeting. “i’m kaleb. y/n’s uncle. what brings you here?”
jaehyun was startled at his straightforward question, he tried to speak out words that he hope was understandable. but none came out.
“besides eunha, y/n never brought anyone, let alone a male.” he winked. your heart hammered at how ‘strict’ your uncle was. he has every right to because he stood as a father figure to you.
your uncle noticed jaehyun’s bitten lips, and so he relaxed the faux tension by patting his shoulders. “shocked? ahaha! don’t be. i was just testing you. i put y/n and jaewon in your care for today.” and went back up to his office.
aunt jenn gestured you at the outdoor ground terrace to give you something. “y/n? here’s the flowers you wanted for your apartment-”
loud gasps escaped jaehyun and eunha’s lips. following of that was your son’s hiccuped sobs. you rushed back to the counter, only to see him in jaehyun’s arms, who was now cooing the little frame that clung onto him for dear life. he probably lost out of balance as he stood; his stance was still wobbly. the shock was too much for jaewon to handle that he hid his face by the crook of his neck.
your chest heaved in deep breaths, still worried about his condition since he had just recovered. jaehyun pat jaewon’s back, shushing the cries by shaking him gently. then went to the glass window to divert his attention.
eunha looked at you as she held her waist. she gave you a grin that probably sent your soul rising. “father material.” her fingers pointing at him with her palms cupping her mouth to a whisper. “that’s count number one.”
gosh this girl.. you rolled your eyes.
jaewon kicked his legs, wanting to be put down and he soon crawled to you. he had his dummy in his mouth, arms in the air and you picked him up. “is my jae jae okay?” your voice in a pitch that you usually do when talking to him. he clapped his hands in joy and you melted at his smile. you gave him pepper of kisses that eventually tickled him and jaehyun’s flat lips formed a curve at your hands-on care.
“we’ll be heading out!” you called your aunt.
“you haven’t told me where you’re heading though!” she yelled from the terrace. coming out from there, she gave a kiss to jaewon and gave you the baby bag.
“oh right. i completely forgot about it.” jaehyun interrupted and handed a card to her. “jaewon is selected to be the face of a baby product brand.”
“yeah he’ll be the face of a baby- wait what?” you copied his sentence but shot your head at him, wondering how that had happened so quickly. jaehyun scrolled down his phone and showed a picture of you and jaewon at the clinic with dr. yunho.
“it’s partially my doing, but it’s definitely accidental.” he said as his ears already tinted pink.
your aunt and eunha was ecstatic to know of the news. unlike you who still had furrowed brows and wrinkled expression, still processing the sudden situation. eunha had to nudge you to snap out of the stare. “well please explain how it escalated to this.” you asked.
“my father asked my whereabouts on the night i brought you and jaewon to the clinic. so i sent him a picture that i was with my brother.” he showed his phone to you in a swift manner. you nodded but still unsure whether you’d agree with it.
“hm alright.” you squint your eyes that got him blinking several times and stunned at your bland response. “but you had to include us in the picture as well?” your challenging voice led eunha to nudge you again.
“well- i-” he stammered, beginning to look for reasons to say. a relief left his system when he heard you simper as you head for the door.
“i’m kidding. jaewon’s too cute! can’t resist him, can you?” you let eunha carry him and wore the carrier on to your torso.
once you sat in the car, jaehyun went into details on how it all began. that morning when he got home, jessica approached him with a fowarded picture he took at the clinic. she said she knew two companies who desperately needed a baby to model for their product and clothing; he original endorser had to change plans last minute, leaving a bitter tongue on the c.e.o’s.
he was hesitant to agree because it was your child. and he didn’t know how else to contact you since he reformatted his phone, where your address was erased together along with it. he managed to endure the persistent request from jessica for a few more days before he identified you at the caféteria.
then you recalled the one sentence the said from that night:
“let’s just say interesting people tends to stay in my mind for quite some time.”
you hid your growing smile behind the strands of your hair; afraid that eunha might see your expression. if you were interesting to him, did it mean that you will keep seeing him from now on or just at events that brings you together?
you hope this was the start and not the end. there was something unexplainable about jaehyun that you couldn’t get it out of your chest; and it was something positive.
Tumblr media
the spacious studio was filled with camera clicks and calls of the photographers. jaewon was now placed in a tub overflowing with bath bubbles and squeak ducks around him. you stood at the sidelines, just near the lightings so he could easily spot you and not feel left alone with total strangers.
jaehyun watched you cheer your son with a voice you only do to him. soon laughing to himself when you ran towards him as he started to cry, where jaewon probably couldn’t see you due to the cloud of bubbles. he felt eunha’s figure on his side, who continuously took burst pictures of jaewon. “i know it’s not my position to ask or to meddle with y/n’s life..” he began by lowering his voice. “..she’s a great mom but it’s a pity she has to bear responsibility while she’s still studying.”
eunha’s ears attentively listened and perked up at jaehyun’s start of conversation. not that she wouldn’t tell him; she couldn’t do so without your consent. “yeah. it’s hard to believe that life immediately went tough when she knew she bore a child early. even if people became distant towards her, there’s still a handful of people who admires her for taking the duty.”
“people like you?” he gave an assuring smile while she mirrored it.
“yeah, of course she’s my best friend. i have to help her.” she went back to taking pictures. “y’know jaehyun, you can be one of those people in y/n’s life too.”
jaehyun bit his lips at the suggestion she gave. “i’m probably just a stranger to her.” his doubtful mind clouded his sight and eunha could see beyond that mist building up. he thought that you were already content with the people around you. yet that all had changed when he picked you up. she elbowed him lightly as she slowly encouraged him to start of as friends.
“and some ‘stranger’ like you could’ve chosen not to answer the phone or bring her son to the clinic.” she winked, making jaehyun’s ears blush at his actions. “but you did anyway, jaehyun.”
now that he thought about it, half of his body already stepped in your life. it wasn’t deliberate a move, rather a natural kind that was just part of his nature. he doesn’t show it to others, so why did he bother to show this side of him to you? his torso turned to an approaching figure, that was his sister, jessica.
his mood changed so quickly at their presence, switching from soft to stoic. “oh you’re here?” he asked, shoving his hands in his pockets.
“mr. stuck up’s all cranky.” she smirked as she matched her brother’s displeased tone. walking towards him with hands crossed until she was inches from his face, she pinched his nose so painfully that it was redder than his ears. “you’re flaring your nose. stop being mad.”
“i’m not.” he said, his eyes trailing towards you approaching the circle. he cleared his throat and jessica swore she saw him smile a bit.
“alright. if you say so.” she singsonged as she welcomed you. “y/n! you are a lifesaver!” she held your hands to shake them. jaewon handed her a toy he was chewing off. “and you little guy, is the big hero!”
jaehyun cleared his throat, asking for some recognition as well. “what about me? you wouldn’t get to meet them if it weren’t for me.”
“yeah thank you.” she said so bluntly, her attention still onto you and jaewon.
“wow not even a speck of pure gratitude, but i like you better than krystal.” he shrugged it off.
you stared at jessica and noticed how this jung family have been blessed with visuals you couldn’t stopping staring at. to think you have met three out of four siblings was just surreal, and it was just the same feeling as staring at your favourite clothing line.
a transparent file shook in front of your eyes, and you tilted sideways to see her face brighten like the lights did behind her. “contract signing.” she kind of danced as she pulled your hands to a corner table of the studio.
jaehyun was aware of your uneasiness, where all of this happened too suddenly. because this was equivalent to being casted; like jaewon passed through auditions and didn’t need to wait in a crammed room with other infants. if there was anything else needed, that would be a commitment of a parent. however, you were still studying. he held the contract file down, leaving you stunned at his gesture. you looked up at him and his face showed it all.
“i really think one gig is enough, noona.” he pulled out the papers, briefly reading through them. he clicked his tongue as his hunch was correct. “the scheduling is too much for jaewon.”
without you noticing, right then and there, eunha saw jaehyun fully stepping into your life.
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| serenity in us | j.jh | ch. four
Tumblr media
word count: 4.5k+ (i got carried away hehehe)
a/n: here’s the next part. i suggest if there are sns pics in any of the chapters, it’s better to scroll down rather than clicking them bc there might be texts in between and you wouldn’t want to miss anything out. enjoy reading! ♡ ~j.
Tumblr media
the weather today could be the best one yet this week. it was a combination of sunshine and breeze like the earth welcomed a new season. winter wasn’t your favorite nor was summer; so it was the transition that you preferred, which were spring and fall. looking back, you used to like all four seasons. yet after having jaewon, all you cared about was his condition and upbringing; outweighing yours. jaewon was sensitive in both summer and winter where he would get rashes here and there. that meant extra savings for healthcare products and suitable clothes that wouldn’t contribute to the baby’s irritated skin.
today of all days, you made sure jaewon was wrapped up properly. he wore a white hoodie with a black snapback and pants, together with another denim jacket and white sneakers that completed the entire outfit. it was your free day and luckily was a long weekend. so you decided to head to the nearest mall to have lunch. whilst walking along the street, you fixed the carrier hugging you as you face-timed eunha and showed her where you’re heading. surprisingly to her, it was as if she was watching a vlogger recording what she does in a day.
whispers and few stops from people crowded you for a while, and you noticed how their giggles were contagious as if they echoed from front to back. jaewon waved at them, like he knew he was the star. but it had only been more than a week since the photoshoot. the news spread pretty quickly and this all the more was new for you. you politely bowed at them, yet inside you thanked the heavens they didn’t ask further questions.
you booked the café a little too early and jaewon wouldn’t stay put where he tends to be fidgety in the tight space of the carrier. though he turned one around a month ago, he wasn’t still confident or balanced enough to walk alone. so he had his palms wrapped around your finger as he pulled you to anything that interested him. he led you to a clothing store in which had you double checking your pockets because of how luxurious the brand was.
“baby.” you called out to him and picked him up. he had his dummy in his mouth, then pointing at something to your left. “what is it?”
he hummed when you caught someone in your sight; someone you didn’t expect to meet in such open and public place.
“isn’t that krystal jung?” you mumbled with attempts of little steps as you slowly approach her. but then you stopped midway, realizing that she was looking at you.
your heart wanted to come out of your chest and eyes widened when she was actually walking towards you. jaewon started to be fidgety again, this time he was yelling out gibberish baby language that caught the attention of other customers and passerbys. you mentally hit and blamed yourself for those who began to recognise her. in order for you leave the scene, you slid backwards. yet krystal seemed to fasten her pace towards you.
crap did jaehyun or jessica tell her about me?
averting your eyes from her, you were so close to the entrance when she repeatedly tapped your shoulders. “act normal and just follow me.” she whispered, her heels clicking on the ground.
how it turned out the way you were now still wasn’t clear to you, hard to process and how jaewon open & closed his palms as if to reach for something he wanted. krystal jung sat before you in a restaurant she booked that had you cancelling on your café booking last minute.
sigh it was even aesthetic.
anyway being with someone so far-fetched definitely was at the bottom of your checklist. you glanced from left to right, wary and nervous that maybe you might be included in the papazzi’s news cover.
she ordered food for the both of you without a word said. a faint smile and cat-like gaze were her only response; out of habit or her nature, you couldn’t tell it apart. you gave jaewon a few spoonfuls before krystal slid her phone quite with force on the table. it shook you, but she probably just was as curious as everyone as who saw jaewon’s face on every baby product launched few days ago, being the photoshoot finished a week before.
you smiled softly with chin bent down, your eyes slowly trailed to her phone. “he’s the baby in the products, yes?” she crossed her arms, you knew when people crossed arms it meant the beginning of an endless questionnaire.
“how did they find you? did you bribe them to let your brother be the face of this product? or are you just as desperate as every person thinking that there’s a possible chance to be connected with the jung family? do you even want to be in the limelight? or, you’re just doing this to get extra cash because if that’s what you need i could just sign a paper and the money’s all yours.”
she pulled the last string of your patience and crossed the line. her persistent curiosity was sure impeccable but to ask such questions to a complete stranger? does she really think she’s above everyone else just because she’s earning more than what you earn?
jaewon’s giggles broke the tensed air krystal started and you bounced him slightly to quiet down. you cleared your throat loud enough for her to hear. “yes he’s the baby of the product. and as the matter of fact it was your sister’s- actually brother’s doing that we got into the industry. we were already dragged into the limelight by meeting your siblings coincidentally and if you think i’m that desperate to look for money, i can find other ways to earn them.”
you wiped any possible excess stain around your lips and stood up politely to leave the table. you gave your part of the payment and she arched a brow that you could pay for both you and jaewon. “oh and one more thing, i’m not easily played upon when it comes to money. you can sign the cheque, but it’s the matter of your account if there’s still any balance. even so i wouldn’t accept the transaction. you should change the way you think of people too. it irks them sometimes with that tone of yours. good bye.”
krystal was left speechless and wore her sunglasses to cover her eyes. she immediately dialed digits on her phone as she brought it up to her ears. “come here.” she instructed with stern. “i don’t care! just come to the restaurant near dad’s company!”
jaehyun observed his sister eating angrily with a flared nose. he could picture the scene now, but if he actually did it, he would probably have to pay for their lunch, and he couldn’t afford it right now. “you know you have a little..” he pointed his lips that mirrored the stain on krystal’s chin.
“shut up!” she raised her tone and quickly wiping it away.
“what is it now?” jaehyun exhaled as he sat back to enjoy his sister lose herself at probably something so little and childish. “i was finally having my serenity at the renovated infinity pool until you called. even screamed at me for no reason.”
“ugh she was staring at me at louis vuitton and i thought she wanted an autograph. i even went far measures to invite her to eat with me and her baby brother.” krystal starting to spill everything that had happened earlier.
jaehyun rested his elbows on the table, now entertained at the story— something he hadn’t heard from her in a long time. “wait, so you were with a fan?” he chuckled, rubbing his chin at his sister’s action. “you think so highly of yourself that you jump to conclusions quickly.”
krystal gulped on her juice before she slammed the glass on the table. a held-in squeal came out of her lips with shaking hands. “she even said something similar with you!” she rubbed her permed hair to a mess.
“i’m starting to like her already. we think alike.” he nodded, still grinning at his sister.
“then you both should die!” krystal threw a used tissue at him and he avoided it by moving sideways. his palms caught something hard just beside his thighs and grabbed the item.
“hm? this looks familiar.” he brought up the item to his eye level before his eyes widened at the owner of the baby dummy. “hm? you were with y/n and jaewon earlier?”
she shot up to jaehyun who now had thousands of questions in his eyes. “ah so that’s their names? you know them?”
jaehyun placed the dummy in his jacket and stared at her intently. “no not really. they’re regulars at hyung’s clinic. jaewon had a condition- wait, did you say something to her?” he asked, already noticing the wavers in her eyes and lips. “noona, did you say anything rude to her?” his tone getting serious at the ticking second.
“i didn’t.” she tsked, crossing her arms after finishing her meal. “why are you acting up so much?”
“no, why are you acting up so much? you must have said something that irked her and she probably did the same, hence why you called me.” jaehyun huffed.
“but still she didn’t have to tell me to change who i am! i mean this is who i am!” she gestured herself and raised her voice that it echoed the vip room.
jaehyun smirked in disbelief. “look, i’m guessing she stared at you because she knows we’re siblings. even she was shocked knowing i’m related to you all. and jessica persuaded y/n to agree with jaewon’s contract-”
“hold on jessica casted the baby?” she asked.
he stood up and patted her shoulders. “i’ll tell jessica that it’s your fault if ever y/n terminates the contract.” he winked and left. “thanks for the lunch krys!”
Tumblr media
jaehyun caught up with you and jaewon as you he saw you both headed to the store. he pulled up by the street and rushed to get to you. it was such a timing to have run into you right he left the restaurant. he was glad you were still nearby and he could return the dummy jaewon left. “hey y/n.”
“oh hi jaehyun.” you greeted and he held jaewon’s hands. “what’s up?”
“i found his dummy.” he handed it to you and turned his heel to leave.
you felt bad for wasting even a little of his time and sighed at what you did next. “um, do you want to join us?” you twisted your body to show jaewon because you knew he couldn’t resist the kid. then in the next hour he joined you on your shopping spree, buying more clothes for you and your son.
he pursed his lips while he observed your every move; and honestly jaehyun felt like an intruder for interrupting quality time. “is it okay for me to join though?” instant regret filled his chest at his sudden question, he himself didn’t know why he even asked. yet you welcomed him with a warm smile.
“if i’m not holding back your schedule, that’d be great.” putting jaewon down, you both began to walk as jaehyun followed from behind. “besides, i need clothing suggestions for this little guy. he gets bigger everyday and all i have of him are sweaters and hoodies.”
jaewon continued to pull your finger, screaming in glee as he saw an indoor car ride and a toy store. “ammaaaa.” he let out gibberish words and his voice started to break down when your stealthy self prevented him from walking. “jae- wait for mommy.” you struggled to carry the baby bag, carrier and new purchased towels.
to your surprise, jaehyun’s hand stopped you from moving too much and gestured you to give the bag. “i’ll carry those..” taking the things and then carrying jaewon. “..and this handsome fella, so you’ll be at ease. better?” he smiled and walked to the leisure area.
“yeah. much better.” you answered with shy grin, trying your best not to blush at his sweet and considerate action.
the next few hours were mostly walking around, pigging out here and there. jaehyun was helpful in choosing various of styles that’d fit jaewon. and throughout the time, either he had him in his arms or supporting his wobbly legs from behind. you messaged eunha and sent her a video of the two, in which you didn’t expect she would still count.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you arched your brows as your fingers stopped typing, and found yourself doing exactly what she instructed. what was this growing curiosity and why were you feeling a mixture of every emotion? it was slowly creeping your chest until it overflowed. the closing in of far silhouettes of your son and jaehyun came into the frame. with your laughter heard in the background, you couldn’t believe eunha noticed it when you didn’t. jaewon was blabbering gibberish when he later uttered words you never thought he’d say. you covered your lips in total shock.
jaewon pointed at the colourful fairy light hung across the indoor leisure park then touching jaehyun’s face. “dadada.” he repeatedly said whenever jaehyun looked his way, making the dude smile at the ‘supposed’ name.
“say uncle jae. hyun.” he mouthed his name slowly as possible and rubbed jaewon’s head as they walked farther from the frame.
it was really a faint and inaudible question but you somehow finally understood it after a few repeats. you unknowingly smile to yourself, thinking how your son called him the name despite his father was absent in his life. it was the first he ever said the word along those lines and it broke you little by little as time passed.
“y/n. let’s go to that store. they got discounts.” jaehyun pointed like he was going to buy some for himself too, making jaewon bounce to excite the kid. he was dressed simply and compared to his siblings, you thought he’d be wearing outfits similar to those models in billboards. surpisingly though, most of his outfits were normal; how a college student would dress on a daily basis.
entering the store, customers were already looking at the two boys. their hands cupping their mouths to hide their words of assumption. your hands snaked passed the hanged clothes then brushing passed jaehyun’s, causing a funny jolt from the both of you.
“you wouldn’t mind if we put jaewon for a fashion show here?” he pointed at the fitting rooms. “sit there and wait.” 
every time the curtains were opened, the smile on jaewon’s face grew wider and wider. jaehyun had him to wear numerous of outfits that your phone could run out of storage. people crowded outside of the fitting room you stood by and again they brought out their cameras and phones to capture. initially you thought they were doing it to get a snap of jaewon as he was the new face of the baby brand— maybe some did get a picture, but the focal point was jaehyun. who wouldn’t be star-struck at his entire being?
he had everything; the perfectly molded handsome face, the towering height and the gentle spirit every girl craved for. even he had your jaw dropping back at the restaurant. you pursed your lips when the squeals continued to grow at the two boys. the attention they had was magnetic and you couldn’t explain whether the uneasy feeling was for your son or jaehyun.
you shook off the thought of the latter. jaehyun was a kind friend that you happened to come across recently. eunha’s words suddenly popped into your mind, that she predicted that it’ll take three counts for the guy to steal your heart. seeing them approach you, you tried to remain your calm and composure. eunha was totally teasing you.
appear normal and unaffected, y/n. hold up, why am i affected with the girls’ infatuation on him when jaehyun’s not my-
“y/n?” jaehyun held your shoulders, waving the number of outfit pairs in the basket he carried. “i asked jaewon to choose and he actually did.” his laughter was contagious and you helped him with the rest of the clothes.
“sometimes i feel like he’s more fashionable than i am even if we wore matching attires.” you placed the basket on the counter with rather a long and extended sigh.
“are you sure? he got the fashion sense from you. he chose dandy clothes and guess what, it suits him so well.” jaehyun made jaewon jump within his arms.
“thank you for helping me. oh, how much are these by the way?” you looked down to your belongings.
jaehyun held your hand to stop you from grabbing your purse. “don't worry about it. i’ll pay for it. i was the one who suggested a fashion show.”
a laughable scoff came out of your lips. “but i suggested to you come, so i’ll pay.” your insisting tone had started the back and forth’s of ‘i’ll pay’. it may look stupid to some people but jaehyun thought it was a kind gesture of helping out.
“nonsense. i haven’t have this much fun. let me pay, y/n.”
“i can’t let you do that.”
he managed to give his card to the cashier in charge and grinned proudly as if he had won a fight. you tsked with a little tantrum that only he could hear. the cashier soon gave the card back, and said a comment that got your heads turning in an instant. “you have a wonderful, beautiful family.” she said with all honesty that her eyes weren’t lying, they beamed with admiration and glee.
“oh. she’s not-” “aha, he’s not-”
you both tried to come up with reasons that her assumption was indeed false, but the waves of her palms and the bubbly giggles from her chest had jaehyun’s ear tinted pink— at first, before turning into a bright beetroot red. “i have an eye on these things. trust me when i do say that. treasure each other.” she winked as a greeting of goodbye. her words brought you to a silence until you reached the entrance. 
jaehyun heard your awkward gulp, making him do the same before jaewon snapped you both out the short trance. “sorry i was taken aback by the lady’s- well, i gotta agree that you and jaewon are beautiful people.”
“says the guy who comes from one.” you grinned and fixed the bag hung on your shoulders.
“touché.” he noticed the exhaustion under your eyes and how the sky dimmed as it met the sunset hour. “alright, then. let’s head to my car. it’s just across from here.” 
your chest ached at the kindness he has given and you shook to refuse. “jaehyun. this is too much. you've helped us and i probably could never repay that-”
“nothing is too much for me, y/n. i wanted to do this so let me.” he said, asking you to follow him to the car. once reaching there, he opened the door and put the stuff inside. “wait here, i gotta get something.”
when he left, your phone vibrated at the umpteenth time. “hello?” you greeted, letting jaewon rest on your chest.
“y/n. i’m at your place. where are the plates at?”
“oh eunha, they’re at the right shelf near the fridge- wait how did you get in?” your lips agape whilst making jaewon sleep.
she laughed at the other line and you had to pull the phone away from your ear. “who puts an extra key under the mat? that’s so so so predictable and stupid. what if i were a thief?”
“i- you- i’m not stupid! and for the record, a lot of people do that!” you hissed in denial that eunha continued to laugh until she couldn’t breathe. “eunha!”
“okay i’m sorry. i just barged in because i had no food in stock in my fridge. i’ll be staying the night too.”
your eyes trailed to jaehyun who was now crossing the street. he made silly, quick skips as if he was to take the last bus home, where in fact he wasn’t. he opened the door and waved at you. “eunha, you literally live an apartment away. look, i’ll be there soon. don’t set my house on fire. bye.”
jaehyun took the rest of the belongings to the trunk of the car. while you wanted to help, you didn’t want to wake the kid up. when he did all the work and finally scooted next to you, you caught something that was in the grip of the palms. he immediately saw your expression and went ahead of you. “i know what you’re going to say but i wanna let you know that i wanna hel-”
you sighed in defeat. your body gave into the leather behind you and decided to accept what he offered. “-that you wanna help. i know that much, jaehyun. but seriously you went all the way back to the store just to buy a baby booster?”
he only smiled and scrunched his nose as a reply to your flabbergast and carried jaewon to put him there comfortably. “i saw how tired you look every time you have him in your arms, i thought this would be perfect for him.”
“it is convenient.” you agreed to his reason, taking careful steps to the front seat. “where would i place this when we get home? i don’t own a car-”
“leave it here.” he started the engine, his eyes locked on you, true to his word as he smiled. “i’ll come to you right away when you need a lift. i have your number.”
Tumblr media
eunha opened the door and greeted your arrival home. you both shared a look when jaehyun took jaewon to his room; the kid cheered at the number of toys in his box, wanting his ‘new’ uncle to play with him like they did at the leisure area at the mall. a teasing nudge met your flesh while you unpack empty bottles and wet bibs on the table, making you smile a little at the action. “you didn’t tell me he’s with you~”
rolling your eyes, you attempted to hit her arm but she dodged it like she read you completely. “after i had lunch with krystal, he met us halfway to the store because jaewon dropped his dummy.. and we kind of hung from there.”
“mhm, pretty sure you invited him.” she winked and you forced her to work with the dirty dishes. “how did it go?”
again with the storytelling, eunha could only squeeze your arms as you told her what happened throughout the day. you tried to keep her quiet by muffling her into your arms, but failed when she took the bag of new clothes. “are you sure it’s only jaewon? i’m not convinced.”
“yes, i’m a hundred percent sure!” you whisper-yell, pulling her ears to the sink again. however the force and strength she has was strong than your tired-self, and went for the bag only to see a manual of the baby booster jaehyun bought.
she smirked like a real-life emoji that had you hiding back into your shell, all because you felt shy and embarrassed at his action. “y/n honey, did he buy this?”
“that’s-” you stuttered.
“count number two.” she finished your sentence though it wasn’t what you exactly meant. she spun with her socks, hands in the air, celebrating that her intuition was accurate; rather than the count she thought was in the jaewon/jaehyun video you sent her.
jaehyun sighed while leaning against the wood kitchen frame with a disheveled outlook. his clothes full of drools and wrinkles that needed a good ironing. you gave him a water to drink as he sat by the dining area, his dimples deepened when he met your eyes. “how’d you do it y/n? jaewon’s a handful when putting him to sleep.” his voice shaking in a funny way. “i salute you.”
“pfft, you managed though.” you let out a small chuckle, completely ignoring eunha’s figure on trying to get you to answer her question. “i’m curious how you got him to sleep.”
he caressed his chin as he decided whether to tell you or not. his ears tainted pink identically at the store. “i.. sang? only soft hums and he just.. slept.”
“thank you, jaehyun.”
he smiled and dove for his ringing phone. answering the call, he excused himself and headed to the entrance door. “hello? yuta hyung?..” his voice minimising the more he walked further away.
eunha nudged you yet again. your patience was close to running out and if you only had the power to pinch her face right then, you would not have to suffer this ongoing tease she had planned in her sleeves. you gritted your teeth and widened your eyes as you chased her around the living area, fingers curling at her presence alone.
why were you affected? actually, why did you let it affect your feelings? if you truly appreciate jaehyun’s actions, you should have felt solid gratitude instead of embarrassment. you never felt this way before nor had it happened to you. eunha then hugged as an apology, but her plastered smile meant she still stood in her word.
jaehyun soon came back, a puzzled look on his face. “i can’t believe this.” he brushed his fingers through his hair.
“what’s wrong?” eunha asked, fascinated how an ethereal human could show such expression other than being perfect.
“he put me into a gokon and asked if i wanted to come? where’s the logic in that? i’m already part of it before i knew it myself.” he gulped onto the glass of water. he checked his phone again at the message. “great, now he wants me to bring a friend because one girl backed out. i have to go. thanks for today y/n.”
stunned with how he said all that in one breath, eunha poked his shoulders and pointed at you. “y/n can go with you.”
“ha?!” your face went sour at her suggestion. “excuse me, i have a son-”
“-whom you’ll let me babysit him for tonight! now you two get going and enjoy!” she clapped her hands and pushed you both to the door.
“stop suggesting things!” you whined, turning to her but she wouldn’t let you stay.
“hm?” she asked with ‘innocent’ eyes. “it’s called helping jaehyun! toodles!”
jaehyun too was shocked at the sudden turn of events. you were now out at the apartment hallway when the door slammed right at your face.
did i just get kicked out of my own house?
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