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boysthatgovroomvroom · 12 hours ago
Hello guys! I need your help!
I'm trying to explain some of the drama of f1 to a close friend of mine. I decided to do a PowerPoint of the most important ones. My short brainstorm session has come to this. If you have anything else I should add please reblog or leave a comment about what you would title the drama + a short description of what happened so I can put it in the PowerPoint. If you want I can even upload the finished product here. I am thanking yall in advance ❤️
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whxt-did-we-just-do · 13 hours ago
current drivers eggspin has pissed off so far:
Mick (he didn't say anything but we all have common sense lmao)
that's uhhh 12/20, 12/19 if we don't count the egg itself.
Monaco, I'm begging you for Max and Yuki bc I want to hear the swearing ajdjsjsjsjsj
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double33trouble · 13 hours ago
No waay.....🤯🤯🤯
I wish Max would be in front of Lewis in the standings but yeah i guess everyone is enjoying the show
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Credits: IG- formula.pitstop
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f1incorrects · 15 hours ago
Max: You read my diary?!
Sergio: I'm sorry, but at first I didn't know it was your diary!
Sergio: I thought it was a very sad handwritten book.
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la-liga-jojaa · 23 hours ago
El equipo de Sayago obtuvo 7 veces el  ascenso a Primera  División, en 5 oportunidades fue Campeón (1955,1958,1974,1989 y 2007/2008). En la B jugo 819 partidos, gano 362,empato 245 y perdió 212, marco 1192 y recibió 863 goles
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pierregirll · 2 days ago
VİDEO:Raimund Reidmann /Instagram (AUSTRIA)
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limp-wrist-max · 2 days ago
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“Weekend with the guys. ✌🏼”
via @pierregasly on Instagram
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hon3y-badg3r · 2 days ago
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📸: Joe Portlock/Getty Images
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deliveryscooter · 3 days ago
my therapist: caucasian checo isn’t real, he can’t hurt you
caucasian checo:
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puck7-motorsports · 4 days ago
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2021 Spanish Grand Prix: Perez overtakes Ricciardo with stunning move
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Dreamwatch 5.09.21 (Match 5)
SEISHUN-GUN (Masato & Hayato) vs Vicio (Sergio Perez & Miguel Luis)
(Click here to watch!)
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On their way to fighting.... Two members of the new and improved Vicio faction, Masato and Hayato find themselves fighting Sergio Perez and Miguel Luis, a duo that has tagged a few times in Dreamwatch. The two heads of SEISHUN-GUN have said since day one that their goal is to be the top team in Dreamwatch, and they're willing to fight any duo to prove it.
This match was absolutely incredible. This may be the best tag team match that has happened in Dreamwatch so far. Everyone in this match came out in full force and showing off the full extent of their strength. Masato & Hayato pulled out a plethora of tag team maneuvers as well as some beautiful aerial maneuvers and impactful offense. Vicio responded in kind with a mixture of treachery, agility, and absurd amounts of explosiveness. This match pretty much came down to the wire but in the end the Vicio team was not able to deal with the pressure of the situation, and a miscalculation on their part caused Hayato to lock on a step over armbar to secure the submission victory.
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Their victory was short-lived, however, as the rest of this new formidable faction showed up and surrounded the ring. As they closed in on Masato and Hayato, the two decided to ball their fists and fight through it and a chaotic brawl ensued in the ring. Unfortunately, since Steel Johnson was hurt it was just the two of them against five brutal assailants, many of whom had weapons and fire at their disposal. They were both left bloody, parts of their bodies were slightly burned, their clothes were singed, and the punches left bruises on them. Masato reached for Hayato following the onslaught and Hayato softly held Masato's hand his his own as personnel rushed the ring to assist them.
In the back Gomez laughs, smoke still coming from his mouth. They were foolish to fight back like that. This tough guy act they put on is going to cost them those tag team titles they're trying so hard to win. Gomez is going to be so happy when he and Heath Anderson get to personally kill the dreams of Masato and Hayato. Heath Anderson says that they should listen to that little voice in the back of their minds that tells them that they're in over their heads. The little voice that pleads with them to run away because they're scared. It could save their lives.
Masato & Hayato are being rushed away by personnel trying to check on them when Masato breaks away, fury in his eyes, yelling that they do not know who they're fucking with. Masato gets close to the camera and tells them to look him in his eyes so they know that he means every word that he says. Masato and Hayato are demons they should not have tangled with. He says their match will end with him personally burying them if he has to. Hayato chimes in saying he will put his hands around Gomez' throat and choke the fire out of his mouth. Masato is seething but he and Hayato are both pulled away by paramedics, they hold on to each other as they depart.
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danielriccforwdc · 5 days ago
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well we definitely know how this one will go......but ok hear me out!
✨Christian Horner as the second teammate✨
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