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#serial killer
truecrimestuff · 3 hours ago
This might be kinda stupid but where do you find the photos from the crime scenes? Or autopsies
I mainly use Reddit :) Some good subreddits are -
I have also linked websites below that I get a ton of info/pictures from <3
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kll4trhll · 14 hours ago
movies about Ted Bundy:
The deliberate stranger:
Tumblr media
This is the essential film about Ted Bundy, don’t expect exploitation type film making, it’s a pretty thorough look at the case and the guy who plays Bundy(Mark Harmon) has a pretty plausible performance. It’s sort of similar to the movie about John Wayne Gacy, to catch a killer.
Ted Bundy(2002):
Tumblr media
This particular movie is very strange.. it’s unlike the before mentioned film and is very exploitive and at times almost comical in a really atypical way like there’s this montage with music playing and just has bundy dumping bodies sleeping beside them and having the after sex cigarette, there is also a scene were he’s perving on a woman and is pleasuring himself until this guy dumped some water on him, I did laugh at that tbh, the face he was making was to much. if you can get past the oddities this film is fairly accurate and doesn’t hold back on the details, it portray’s Ted as a straight up sociopath looking into a mirror just making weird faces and saying “hi I’m Ted” in a strange voice, this is however in my opinion the best Ted bundy movie it is very accurate and the guy who played Ted(Michael Reilly Burke) does give a pretty good performance, creepy and manipulative is how I’d describe this version of Ted Bundy.
The Ted Bundy story:
Tumblr media
The Ted Bundy story is adapted from the Ann rule story a stranger beside me, although this one does fabricate some of the events it’s still a pretty entertaining watch, it does have a fairly low budget but it didn’t really affect the movie at all. This movie draws pretty decent parallels to the life bundy was living, he came off as a nice guy who couldn’t possibly be capable of murder even talking a individual out of suicide as Ted worked on a suicide hotline, it is inaccurate at times but it’s still definitely worth watching.
Extremely wicked, shockingly evil, and vile:
Tumblr media
Ok so to be honest I believe this one is a tad overrated, don’t get me wrong it’s still good just far from great a lot of incidents are fabricated including the scene were bundy is speaking too Liz in the prison and writes hacksaw on the window, yeah it was bullshit. Just played for dramatic affect, but I do really like how you never see Bundy kill anybody though and just the side of him every body close to him knew, it’s not horrible but not great I’d give it a watch the best scene by far is the whole trial.
Bundy legacy of evil:
Tumblr media
Bundy a legacy of evil is terrible, it’s unforgivably inaccurate and the guy who plays Bundy just doesn’t do a very good job, neither does the actress who played Elizabeth Kendall god that was annoying and came off like a very ill attempt of portraying a female in distress. for some reason in the early 2000’s there was a uproar in low budget serial killer flicks, and the individual who directed this one also made some other shitty ones, especially the Ed gein movie were they casted fucking Kane Hodder(he also starred as Dennis Rader B.t.K) this movie is one to skip, the acting is atrocious, it’s inaccurate, has terrible cinematography, and is just plain ole fashioned shit. Kane’s in this one to I believe so if, and I say again if you’re a Friday the 13th fan and want to see Kane acting as a police interrogator this is it.
Bundy and the green river killer:
Tumblr media
I was genuinely surprised by this movie, at first I thought it was gonna suck but the more I watched the more invested I got into it, this follows the story of how they used Bundy to help build a profile for Gary ridgeway ( the green river killer) which ultimately led to his capture. and it’s got some pretty good stuff going for it, the actor who played Gary ridgeway did very good, the actor who played Bundy had some iffy moments but not to many. the main complaint I had was some of the acting but that’s really a tiny nick pick, btw this movie is available on Tubi tv for free. That app is great for serial killer docs and movies the 2002 Bundy flick is also present on the app.
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horrorlesbians · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
becoming hannibal lecter’s cell neighbor in the bshci fit
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yanderemommabean · 23 hours ago
Apparently there’s a serial killer in hot springs Arkansas, and I live pretty close to that county
They’ve found 5 bodies, all women,
Not sure if it’s 100% but mom and some peeps on Reddit are freaking out about it so imma look into it in a bit but IDK what to really think about the whole thing
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A late submission for @riverdalepromptathon​: week eleven
>> Sunnyside Trailer Park + waiting
Do It For Riverdale
Cooper can’t come home soon enough, is all Toni can think, as she waits in the Jones’ trailer in the recently re-established Sunnyside Trailer Park, leafing through Betty’s extensive instructions trying to find something that will make Jughead a bit more manageable. He’s currently sitting on the couch, sullenly watching reruns of Driveldale and refusing to talk to her, periodically texting from his phone.
Toni sighs and goes back to the 173-rule book Betty has written for whichever poor soul has to take care of a sick Jughead when she’s out of town for business.
If you ask her, when dealing with Jughead Jones, only three rules are necessary and they’re the exact same ones Billy Peltzer ignored when taking care of Gizmo: no exposure to light, no contact with water, no feeding after midnight. Unfortunately, just like Billy, she has already gone and broken all three rules. It’s the only logical explanation for Jughead turning into a gremlin. She pulled back the curtains this morning to force him out of bed, she insisted he took a shower (because, quite frankly, he stank) and fed him Pop’s after midnight, in the hopes that he’d stop whining if he had his gob stuffed. Forsythe Pendleton III, however, is a master multitasker where food is concerned, so what she got for her troubles was mouthfuls of both complaints and food crumbs.
And, to tell the truth, it’s not as if Jughead’s actually sick. A couple of Tylenols and a good night’s sleep was all it took for him to get over his (very mild) cold but Betty kept harassing her over the phone, and if there’s one thing worse than Jughead Jones throwing a tantrum, that is Betty Cooper getting into a snit. So, Toni acquiesced to babysitting checking in on him for the entirety of the four days Betty was in Pittsburg consulting for the FBI.
Once the Tylenol kicked in on Monday, the first symptoms of Jughead’s Betty Withdrawal Syndrome appeared.
On Tuesday he was full of pent-up energy, spewing theories and working on plots for his third novel, which he explained to Toni. In painstaking detail. Using a murder board. Until the wee hours of the morning.
On Wednesday came stage 2, i.e. irritability and grumbling. Toni had to listen all morning to his diatribe about the FBI taking advantage of Betty and not paying her as much as they should. To be fair, he was probably right on that: Toni has met Glen, Betty’s supervisor, and, honestly, the dude is a complete douche with delusions of grandeur. In the afternoon, she was regaled with a 3-hour-long philippic on how the processing of his mortgage application is delayed because he’s being discriminated as a Southsider. Also probably true, if one considers how fast Archie’s application got accepted despite the fact that Archie has zero income (his separation pay has been frozen for the duration of General Taylor’s trial) and is still paying up the damages caused by accidentally burning down his own house during his annual “Support Riverdale’s Fire Department” Neighbourhood Barbecue. Still, one can listen to Jughead’s rants for so long.
Today is the day of Betty’s return and Jughead has entered the abject misery stage. He’s moody and taciturn, and that would be a welcomed reprieve but for the fact that idleness is not Jughead’s natural state of being and seeing him like this is quite disconcerting even for Toni.
So far, she has tried coaxing him out of his funk with a double malt chocolate milkshake with extra cherries from Pop’s (#17 on Betty’s rule book: “to be divided in two glasses so as to avoid brain freeze”), animal crackers (#23: “always with soda, because he gets thirsty”), the blue-green comforter (#56:  “make sure he wears a t-shirt and not a hoodie because he gets too warm”) and Betty’s cable knit blanket (#57: “make sure to cover his shoulders because he gets too cold”) with no success.
He’s currently wrapped in both the comforter and the blanket, not so much a burrito as a mishappen dumpling or fritter. A petulant beignet of discontent? Toni muses. A grouchy pampushka of resignation?
She’s about to try #161 (“blueberry pancakes -cut in small bites, to be served with warm milk with a straw”), when Jughead sits up straight, cocking his head to one side, pretty much like a Pointer that gets its first sniff of truffles. Although Toni can’t hear a thing, she has learnt not to question Bughead’s sixth sense. Crying “Betty!” Jughead leaps up and begins to frantically clean the kitchen table, putting leftovers in Tupperware and empty paper containers in the recycling bin and, then, he opens the fridge to take out a huge bouquet of buttercups. Toni blinks. The sneaky bastard must have got them while she was picking up their order at Pop’s!
It’s at that precise moment that Toni hears the roaring of a car’s engine, quickly followed by the skidding of tires. A door opens and closes and, then, there are feet running on gravel and up the rickety steps of the trailer. The door bangs open to a breathless Betty.
“Juggie!” “Betts!”
The two lovers meet in the middle of the trailer’s living room in a dramatic embrace that puts Rhett and Scarlett to shame. Toni rolls her eyes. They would be cute if they weren’t so insufferable. As if to prove her point, their kiss quickly turns heated, involving more tongue than what Toni’s willing to see. There’s a ripping sound and Toni’s treated to an eyeful of Betty’s tits in her bra, the remains of her shirt hanging loosely from the waistband of her jeans. Betty’s hands are already inside Jughead’s sweatpants, so Toni makes a dash for the door before she gets an eyeful of Jughead’s dick as well.
Outside she’s greeted by the sight of Charles Cooper leaning on Betty’s Camaro tiredly rubbing his face.
“Hey, Charles!” Toni waves going down the few steps. “I didn’t know you were working with Betty on this assignment.”
“Hey, Toni.” Charles greets her back. “Jughead asked me to help.”
“Oh.” That’s strange, she thinks. Jughead’s very vocal about Betty’s sleuthing abilities.
“Well, uhm … not with the case per se …” offers Charles reluctantly. “More like, uhm, keeping an eye on Betty. You know, make sure she eats and rests properly …” He trails off.
“Oh my God!”, Toni realizes, “You are the one Jughead has been texting all day long!”
His grunt is affirmation enough for Toni.
Now that he knows that she knows, Charles is a lot more forthcoming.
“Every fucking half-hour, Toni!” he wails. “I mean who does that?!” Charles runs his hands through his hair. “And then there’s Betty! Do you know what she talked about for the entirety of our drive back to Riverdale?”
Toni has a pretty good idea.  
“Jughead!” Charles actually tags at his hair this time. “For six hours! Can you believe it?”
Toni can.
“Did you know that Betty forgets to eat when she’s in research mode?” Charles is on a roll now. “Did you know that if you put food on a plate and give it to her, she’ll nibble on it but won’t eat all of it?”
Toni does.
“Did you know that you have to feed her in portions, to make sure she eats it all? That, apparently -no listen to this!” Toni bites her lips in an attempt to school her face into something resembling rapt attention rather than a case of the giggles.
“Did you know that there is an optimum way to portion her food??!” Charles voice has gone up an octave. He reaches into his back pocket and produces a moleskin notebook and frantically searches for a page –“the optimum number of bites is” -his eyes bulge- “3-3-2-4-1!”
“Oh! You got FUCKED!” Toni crows.
Charles rears back. “I beg your pardon?!”
Toni points to the notebook. “That’s Forsythe’s Unsolicited Companion to Keeping Elizabeth Diverted” she winks. “Aka F.U.C.K.E.D.”
Charles blinks.
“This,” she fishes her own notebook, “is Betty’s Ultimate Micromanaging Manual of Elaborate Rules.” Charles silently mouths the words. “B.U.M.M.E.R.?” he tries. Toni smirks.
“Welcome to the team!” she slaps his shoulder. “I’ll add you to the group chat.”  
“There’s a group chat?” Charles’ voice, Toni notices, is now a bit faint. He’s probably tired, poor lad.
“Do you need a lift anywhere?” she offers. “I’m heading back home. Where are you staying?”
“I’m staying with Betty and Jug …“ Charles starts but trails off as increasingly loud moans fill the night. They both turn to look at the trailer, only to see a hand sliding down a foggy window, the Sunnyside version of Titanic’s iconic scene. How does one steam up a whole room? Toni vaguely wonders.
She decides to put Charles out of his misery.
“That’s my bike over there” she says. “Hop on. You can crash at my place and tomorrow morning, while Betty and Jughead are doing the Whyrm’s inventory, we’ll meet at Pop’s with the rest of the gang and we’ll tell you all about the Bughead babysitting system.”
“Betty and Jughead are inventorying the bar tomorrow?” Charles can’t make heads or tails of this night.
“Well, they don’t know it yet”, Toni offers walking towards her bike. “But they’ll be completely mortified for their behaviour tomorrow -they always are- and I’m planning on milking as many favours as I can!”
Charles contemplates her in silence. “Is that why you’re doing this?” He really wants to understand why anybody would repeatedly subject themselves to this madness. “For the favours?”
“Well,” Toni explains, “it’s certainly a perk but no. We do this, because they’re our friends and we care for them.” She gets one leg over the Enduro. “And also, for Riverdale.”
Charles blinks. “For Riverdale” he parrots. It’s not so much a question as a statement signaling complete incomprehension.
“Look, when Jughead and Betty were apart for those 7 years, the Ghoulies went wild with the drug dealing and the township was dissolved. Now everything’s back on track. Jughead exposed Hiram’s illegal mining, Betty blackmailed the governor into reinstating Riverdale, everything’s going well.”
Charles just stares.
“Besides, it’s not as if they really can’t take care of themselves” Toni says. “It’s just that they’re miserable without each other and prone to making bad decisions. We just help avert that.”
Charles still looks unconvinced.
Toni waggles her eyebrows and pats the Enduro’s seat. “For Riverdale!” she says.
The moans from the trailer have grown louder and now separate phrases are discernible. Phrases such as “Harder, Jug!” and “Yeah, that’s how you like it!”
Charles hurries over to Toni’s bike and holds on tight for the short ride to the Topaz-Fogarty-Keller household trying to forget what he just heard.
For Riverdale, he decides.
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kll4trhll · 6 hours ago
Ed Kemper fact:
After Ed Kemper killed his mother he slit her throat, cut her tongue and larynx out, cut her head off and used it as a dart board(amongst other things) he also stuffed her tongue and larynx down a sinks garbage disposal but the vocal chords were to tough and kept coming back up, Kemper would say "That seemed appropriate - as much as she'd bitched and screamed and yelled at me over so many years."
Tumblr media
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crimesandcuriosities · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
"I envy Hindley. Myra gets the potentially fatal brain condition, whilst I have to fight simply to die. I have had enough. I want nothing, my objective is to die and release myself from this once and for all. So you see my death strike is rational and pragmatic. I'm only sorry I didn't do it decades ago, and I'm eager to leave this cesspit in a coffin." - Ian Brady
The above statement was spoken by serial child killer Ian Brady, after receiving news that his co-offender Myra Hindley had been suffering from a cerebral aneurysm in 2000.
Until his death in 2017, it was public knowledge that Brady had spent a long time campaigning to starve himself to death, rather than live out his incarceration at Ashworth Hospital any longer. `He began a hunger strike in 1999, which resulted in a feeding tube being fitted to keep him alive.
However, a medical tribunal which took place in 2013 heard statements which claimed Brady's highly publicised hunger strike was all a scam. Ashworth staff known to Brady claimed that he would consume up to three meals per day. Mark Sheppard, who spent over 2 years caring for Brady in his latter years, divulged that he would routinely make himself toast at 6:30am every morning, while other nurses recalled frequently bringing hot water to his room so that he could make himself packet soups.
In 2002, Hindley died due to respiratory failure following a heart attack, and Brady followed 15 years later. In 2017, at 79 years old, he passed away due to complications of a chronic lung disease.
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yourickieone · 11 hours ago
Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer: Anastasia gives the tragic details of her assault
“I was six and my first memory of the night was the opening of the window. I got up and was carried out of the window, he told me 'You need to be quiet, don’t ruin me, do what I say'
He take the girl into the house. There everything was dark. She recalled the empty food packages and “takeaway stuff” scattered around the “slimy” house, and the recurring Madonna album. “Holiday” and “Like a Virgin” inadvertently became the soundtrack to Hronas assault
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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slasherbaby · 10 hours ago
okay so this is for the anon who keeps leaving hate in my inbox- i’m not gonna publish your asks because they are rude & i’m not putting you on my dash, but if you can’t tell the difference between
and real life fucking serial killers?? THAT IS YOUR ISSUE. not mine!
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fluent-n-death · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'm so glad I'm alive to read these headlines
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