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Elias Xitavhudzi, also known as Pangaman, was a South African serial killer who killed 16 people in Atteridgeville, South Africa, in the 1950s. Xitavhudzi targeted white people only in the then-segregated community. His killing spree was at the peak of apartheid in South Africa. He got the nickname “Pangaman” – a panga being a type of machete with which he would mutilate his victims. Xitavhudzi was arrested when he attempted to sell the watch of one of his victims. In prison he quickly confessed to his crimes and was convicted of 16 murders. He was sentenced to death and hanged on November 14, 1960. He was one of a series of serial killers to have come out of the Atteridgeville area.

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Frank Landingin, 19 years old

*It’s unknown what the Chicago resident was doing prior to his disappearance Nov. 4, 1978. Police link his death to Gacy on Dec. 26, 1978, after they discover some of his personal items inside Gacy’s house. Landingin’s naked body is found in the Des Plaines River at Channahon in Will County on Nov. 12, 1978. He had died of asphyxia after a pair of bikini briefs were stuffed in his throat. He is identified by his father, fingerprints and dental records.*

He tugged at my heart as I watched a documentary on John Wayne Gacy today….

How beautiful he was 🖤 RIP


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Need me a horror movie where one of the characters wants to die but serial killer simply won’t kill them

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Misery leads to crime. I saw so many boys whipped it ruined my mind.

Albert Fish, AKA the Brooklyn Vampire

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After a gruesome night of killing, the nightstalker, now known as Richard or whatever fake name he might’ve went by came back to his home, the Cecil hotel (1419) undressed in the back of the building, left nothing but his underwear on throwing the rest of his bloody clothing in the dumpster and he’d walk in like nothing happened.

I’ve attached a screen recording of the info on him in the Cecil hotel.

(Sorry for the crappy screen recording)

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Ladies and gentlemen, my first hate comments on wattpad 🥳

Seriously it’s just annoying and it won’t change anything. I’m not being disrespectful to anyone and I am not doing anything illegal at all.

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Anthony McKnight


Anthony McKnight was an American serial killer and rapist who attacked 10 women, killing 5 of them, in California between 1985 and 1986.

Not much is known about McKnight’s early life. He is known to have served in the army, navy and air force. He was described as a lively and friendly man who was popular in the area he lived in.

In 1982, McKnight was arrested while attempting to rape a girl, he was not convicted and got fined, put on the sex offender database and his fingertips were put into the criminal database.

In October 1985, McKnight stabbed a girl in the neck, raped her and left her unconscious, she was found and taken to hospital where she survived. A few days later he raped and beat another victim who managed to escape and notify the police. By December the same year, McKnight had stabbed two further victims, both of who also survived. He attacked another woman in January 1986, attempting to strangle her, she also survived the attack.

In November 1985, McKnight’s car was stopped for an ID check, he was interrogated and released. As someone on the sex offenders list, McKnight remained under suspicion, his photograph was shown to three of the victims all of whom identified him as their rapist. He was arrested on 24th January 2986 and became the main suspect in 7 murders. McKnight pleaded guilty but was matched to the victims by DNA. In August 1987, McKnight was found guilty of kidnapping, rape, assault and attempted murder and received 63 years in prison.

After his conviction, McKnight was transferred and later his DNA connected him to five rape-murders. He was sentenced to death on 17th November 2008. On 17th October 2019, McKnight died while in prison, aged 65, from unspecified causes.

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 In 1987, three bodies were found in an isolated cabin off Consolidated Road in Preble County, outside Eaton. Authorities figure two of the victims (Melinda Newcomb and Donnie Marker) were killed for stumbling across a murder in progress, but the motivation behind the death of the original target (David Smelser) is a mystery.

Music: Rattlesnake Whiskey, by The Shootouts. Find more at:

Check out this episode!

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