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So when I first cross-posted to Ao3 I expected more comments/reviews to come in compared to FFN, but surprisingly I didn’t receive any at all on some of my works. Now, I don’t let that get to me, but it’s still something I’ve noticed because of the current disparity with my reader engagement in FFN (a lot) vs Ao3 (barely any) when many people here on this sub swear Ao3 gets more engagement (yes, yes, I know there are a lot of factors, none the least of which is the fandom itself and the tags/genres etc). For example, one fic of mine has almost 300 FFN reviews but on Ao3 just got its first comment this week (one of the fics I’m celebrating in this post!).

Anyway, I’m chugging along 2021 and surprisingly in the last ten days, I’ve gotten the first comments on three of my cross-posted works on Ao3 (from different people too) and they’re all super positive! And several sentences too, not just a “good job” kind of deal. One of the comments even lamented the fact that there were no other comments and how disappointed they were about that. Bless their heart. :)

To anyone who leaves positive, supportive, or even concrit reviews/comments on fics, I adore you. I don’t let stats or lack of engagement get me down, but I can’t deny that I feel good after reading positive comments/reviews. Especially ones that are more than a few words!

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Every time someone tells me that they cried reading my fic it actually makes me happy. Am I bad person? Probably, but let me explain myself anyway. Someone commented “Thanks for making me cry” on my fic a while back (one I’m just now checking on due to having covid, oops) and I smiled at that. Not because I collect tears of the innocent or like watching people sob in emotional turmoil, but because I know that I was able to put enough emotion into my story for someone to feel what I wanted to convey. This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten a comment like this, but every time I feel like I’ve accomplished something. I mean, even if they didn’t actually cry, they still mean that they got emotional. I was able to take some words and put them on a screen and somehow tell a story that had some amount of life in it. I had only posted one chapter before unpublishing it when I got covid (so I could actually plot some stuff before rewriting it, and also because I felt like I was legitimately dying). I just checked my email and found the comment way too late and now I’m just like, extra excited to get the story back out there with actual effort and plot instead of winging it like the deep fried mess I am. I know this was weird and random and I’m basically telling the internet that I like making people cry, but yeah- I’m just happy. 🙃

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I can’t believe fanfic has become so riddled with ads including in text ads. I usually just read stuff on fanfic through email subscription links. But clicking from Google on IOS with the free version of AdGuard and all their ads are shown. There’s a pop up add I have to click through to get to the authors page, a banner ad that follows me down the page, and in in text ads every few pparagraphs. I took a screenshot shot here.

if people have a better Adblock suggestion let me know. I’m curios why email links don’t seem to have this problem?

Anyway makes me grateful to A03 they are explicitly anti ad, all the ads make the story literally unreadable.

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I started a story last month, that absolutely blew up on me.

Back story: I’ve been an on and off writer for about ten years over multiple profiles. I’ve done decently in terms of views/hits over the past few years across one-shots and my one ongoing long fic. Not mind-blowingly good, but more than enough to keep me happy.

I started a new fic last month and it has just blown up way more massive than I was expecting. I hit 1000 views for the month with 2 chapters. The highest I’ve ever hit was maybe 2-300. It’s such a rush to see the views bar just skyrocket in ways I’ve never seen before!

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Getting a 400 error.

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Si no sabes que ver en Netflix esta entrada es para ti

Si no sabes que ver en Netflix esta entrada es para ti #Netflix #series

Las 9 mejores series de comedia en Netflix
Pocas personas debe de haber en el mundo a estas alturas a las que no les apetezca de vez en cuando despejar la mente y echarse unas risas con alguna buena ficción televisiva. Más aún si pensamos en los tiempos que corren, coronavirus y crisis económica y social mediante.
Aunque a veces no es fácil dar con una buena, ya que normalmente suelen caer en…


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Part One of You keep me waiting

Warnings: Mentions of Murder 

Word Count: 1.5K

He wonders how little he drank for him to remember the events of the night before, or at least remember enough to know who left those marks on his collarbone. Attempting to avoid his own gaze in the mirror he starts his daily routine and heads out to get his first cup of tea. 

He doesn’t know where the habit started, not the drinking or the sex to forget the night before. But his tea habit: one in the morning before going to work, one at work, one during lunch, then several in the afternoon that soon turns into another long work night. 

“It’s the stress.” She tells him one night when she sits across from him in the middle of the night drinking a special brew that cures hangovers deadly hangovers before they have the chance to kill her head in the morning. The only light on her brown skin coming from the fridge. 

It’s the same quote that he tells himself every time he calls her over and wakes up wondering what the hell he was doing with his life. 

Her notes started piling up in his junk drawer along with every letter from his mom he can’t seem to throw away. 

Thanks for last night, made you some tea x. 

And just like that, the cycle repeats. He told himself to stop, go to therapy, something. Yet like a child, pride keeps him from walking through the door. But like every other day he shakes his head and grabs his robes before heading out the door. 

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I mean, it’s not a big deal or anything, but I enjoyed knowing that I’ve managed to put out something of good enough quality for some people to go, “I really liked that one. I wonder if there’s any more?” and proceeded to just check out the ones that interested them.

So I’ve got a kudos summary email with 11 different works on them with one or two new kudos each and it’s not, as I said, a big deal objectively, but it’s a pretty damn big deal to me! I want to frame it on my wall.

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I’m fairly sure they meant it as a compliment since the rest of the comment was nice (they basically said they liked the series I was working on and to “keep it up”), but then at the end they hit me with the “Your writing is quite competent.” which kinda?? i dunno? i guess to me competent means like meeting the bare minimum standard. So ostensibly a nice thing to say but sort of not?

I was also nervous to post this one because it’s way out of my comfort zone (just a lot of fluff, I don’t love that stuff IRL so it’s kinda hard for me to write bc I never know if I’m quite hitting the mark). So now I’m just kind of second guessing it even though I’m pretty sure it’s good.

I’m not trying to complain, it was nice of them to leave a comment and I’m pretty sure they meant it to be nice, it just left me feeling a little weird I guess. idk I’m probably just overthinking it (hence the venting tag lol)

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I am feeling really sad right know… My Computer crashed recently and I had a few screenshots fan fiction saved there, that I reallg loved and enjoyed to reread. I couldn’t save them. Today I wanted to search them again and safe them again… Only to see that they got deleted, which basically means that I won’t ever read them again. Sadly the fandom is pretty small and I don’t think anyone has a copy of them. :(

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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I wrote my first multi-chapter fic and it is almost done. From the beginning I knew what story I wanted to tell, what plot points there would be and what the final twist would be. And I’m so close to the end, but suddenly I’m questioning my end completely and wondering whether it’s not too cliche. It’s not like I can really change it because everything in previous chapters was written towards this ending. While my words used to flow I’m now stuck. I feel like the characters aren’t themselves and I don’t know how to write what I envisioned. How do I get out of this?

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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Today, I got a hate comment saying that I made the characters stupid and that my writing was awful. I ended up deleting it, regardless of me wanting to defend the reason I wrote them like that. In these situations, should I delete their comments or actually reply to defend myself and my characters?


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Requested: It’s a series, there are no requests here!

Word count: 1,877

Warnings: Cursing

Summary: Julie and the Phantoms ( + Flynn ) go to a musical diner/café/restaurant for inspiration and hopefully a future gig but they end up meeting a very special waitress.

Note: We love Reggie moments- Love our himbo the most! Told you I’d do it today lol

Oop, just remembered I forgot the taglist for the last part so Imma add that in a sec lol


Part 1 here   Part 2 here   Part 3 here   Part 4 here

Part 5 here   Part 6 here   Part 6.5 here   Part 7 here

Part 8 here

Y/N sat on a table, writing out the setlist for the next day, another job Cal had left for her to do and it pissed her off to no end. She understood having a bad day, sure it sucked but don’t take it out on your employees! She let out a breath she didn’t realise she had been holding and decided that as long as she got paid properly she would put up with pretty much anything.

She still needed to practice her duet with one of the guys, Josh, but of course, he couldn’t be here, just her luck. Obviously, she didn’t blame him, things happened, but everything seemed to be going wonky lately and all Y/N was some stability in her life, Cal was a different person all of a sudden, she more work than she could handle and top it all off she was developing feelings for a ghost. Scratch that, she has feelings for a ghost that she could touch but no one else could see and it honestly kind of scared her.

Y/N huffed, placing her notebook next to her before hopping off the table, it was clear to see that she wouldn’t get anything done any time soon.

“Hey, Diner Gal! It’s your favourite phantom, me!” Y/N jumped a bit before turning around, an exasperated smile on her face, “Hello, Leather Boy, nice seeing you again.” Reggie grinned, he loved hearing her voice, it comforted him and made him feel wanted, “So, what are we doing?” Y/N sighed, turning back to her notebook, “I’m stressing over a setlist and a duet I’m supposed to be practising for, but I don’t expect you to do the same.” Y/N grinned at him over her shoulder. A worried puppy expression clouded over Reggie’s face, then he thought of an idea that brought a bright smile onto his face, “How about I help you practice? I mean, I could sing the other part, girl or guy. I’ve been told I have an excellent Sandy impression, I’m especially good at Summer Lovin’ in case you were wondering.” He winked at her causing her to burst into laughter, a warm smile lighting up her face.

“Um, sure, you heard and Dear Evan Hansen?”

“Have I? Julie showed 1 song to Alex and he wouldn’t shut up about it, he kept making Julie play us those songs over and over and over again, I think I know literally every line by now. Alex swears that he is Evan but instead of Connor it’s Zoe who’s dead and that him and Connor are happily married with a puppy.” Reggie widened his eyes to emphasize his point, Y/N snickered, “What a terrible fate you’ve been succumbed to.” Reggie rolled his eyes, secretly admiring how carefree the girl before him looked, “I’m serious! My ears can recognize any song from 3 miles away!”

“Okay, so, do you know Only Us?” Reggie nodded, he knew that one especially well, not just because of Alex but because it was his personal favourite, it’s how he always imagined love would feel like, carefree, a little awkward but completely accepting and unconditional. It wasn’t something he had experienced very much of and certainly not in the way the song presented it but he hoped maybe one day he could experience it exactly how the song said, with Y/N. “Yeah, I do. Is that the song?”

“Yep. I’ll just put the backing on, thanks for this.” Y/N smiled before making her way towards the counter where the kept the tech stuff. Soon the familiar melody drifted out of the speakers in the room and Y/N made her way back to Reggie.

I don’t need you to sell me on reasons to want you

I don’t need you to search for the proof that I should

You don’t have to convince me

You don’t have to be scared you’re not enough

‘Cause what we’ve got going is good

Y/N was looking right into Reggie’s eyes and it honestly made his heart skip a good thousand beats, he felt like she singing directly to him, like he was the only person that mattered. She made him feel alive.

I don’t need more reminders of all that’s been broken

I don’t need you to fix what I’d rather forget

Clear the slate and start over

Try to quiet the noises in your head

We can’t compete with all that

She moved closer to him, raising a hand to push away a strand of hair from his eyes, a soft smile forming on both of their faces. She stepped back, wringing her hands in front of her.

So what if it’s us?

What if it’s us

And only us

And what came before won’t count anymore or matter?

Can we try that?

She took his hand and raised it up to meet her own before intertwining their fingers, she smiled down at them before meeting his eyes, the awe in them shining through causing her to smile bashfully and look back down.

What if it’s you

And what if it’s me

And what if that’s all that we need it to be

And the rest of the world falls away?


What do you say?

Reggie unlinked their fingers and poofed onto a nearby table causing Y/N to snicker as her nearly kicked a ketchup bottle.

I never thought there’d be someone like you who would want me


Y/N looked away, feeling more than slightly flustered, why was a song so much better at deciphering her feelings than her own mind!

So I give you ten thousand reasons to not let me go

But if you really see me

If you like me for me and nothing else

Well, that’s all that I’ve wanted for longer than you could possibly know

Reggie poofed back down and held both of her hands, looking into her eyes. It felt like they were promising to be with each other forever, no matter what, just like in the song.

So it can be us

It can be us

And only us

And what came before won’t count anymore or matter

We can try that

He pulled her into a hug, singing into her ear, she’d never been serenaded before and this was probably the closest she’d ever come to a real experience but Y/N swore that no one would ever understand how she felt. It was perfect, even though it was all just practice for a duet she was doing with some else.

It’s not so impossible

Nobody else but the two of us here

'Cause you’re saying it’s possible

We can just watch the whole world disappear

'Til you’re the only one

I still know how to see

Y/N sat on a nearby table, Reggie standing in front of her holding her hands tightly, rubbing his thumb over her knuckles.

It’s just you and me

It’ll be us

It’ll be us

Heat pooled in both of their cheeks, this moment was special, no matter what happened after they both knew this had connected them. Y/N brought a hand up to his cheek and brushed her thumb over it, delicately as if it were a petal.

And only us

And what came before won’t count anymore

Y/N got off of the table, letting go of Reggie’s hands causing him to feel slightly disappointed, he enjoyed the warmth that radiated from her like she was the sun. She was the sun that brought light to his world. She belted out the note and Reggie just stared in awe.

We can try that

You and me

That’s all that we need it to be

And the rest of the world falls away

And the rest of the world falls away

She went back over to him, once again intertwining their fingers before Reggie looped his arms around her waist and she wrapped her around his neck.

The world falls away

The world falls away

And it’s only us

They stared at each other for a few more seconds before Y/N buried her head into his neck and Reggie squeezed her tighter. He was afraid, what if this didn’t work? What if they turned into his parents? But then again, what if they clicked and everything was perfect. That was a risk he wasn’t sure he could take but he was starting to come to the conclusion that it might be worth it.

Neither of them knew how long they stayed like that but eventually, Y/N moved away, “So, uh, I should get back to work, you know, things to do and, uh, people to please.” She chuckled awkwardly, how do you follow that up with casual conversation? “Oh, yeah, Julie and the guys are probably wondering where I am.”



“So, bye.” It came out more unsure and more of a question than Y/N had hoped it would but Reggie didn’t seem to notice, “Yeah, um, bye.” She stepped back and sent him a small wave and smile which he returned before poofing out.




“Well, wasn’t that just sickeningly sweet, I do so love it when romantic drama is added to the mix.” Y/N whipped around and was met with the same guy in purple she had seen just the day before. “Who are you and what are you doing here?” The man mockingly gasped, “How rude of me, the name’s Caleb, I’m a very special…friend of Cal’s” Y/N raised a brow in disbelief, “Oh really? How do you know him?” Caleb rolled his eyes, “Cal, are we friends?” Y/N frowned before spotting Cal walk out of the shadows, what the fuck was happening and why was it kinda terrifying. “Yes, we are.”  

“Cal, what the fuck is up with you?” But Cal didn’t answer, he just stared, he stared into nothing, as if anything and everything didn’t exist and he was the only one there. She glared at this Caleb guy, “What did you do to him?” Caleb smirked and chuckled? Deep, scary laughed? Whatever it was it made Y/N’s skin crawl, no one should laugh like that and not get thrown into a bin. “I just gave Cal a little ultimatum and he chose well, so now I have a little, how do I put this, control over him.”

“Now I have an ultimatum for you too, you see, I’ve been giving you a gift, a present shall we say, but everything comes with a cost and so now I’ve come to collect.” Y/N shook her head in confusion, “What’re you talking about? What gift and what price?” Caleb did another weird chuckles thing that made Y/N roll her eyes. “Sweetheart, how do you think you can see those boys? Why have you never seen any other ghosts beforehand?” Y/N stuttered, it made sense but it still kinda hurt. “What’s your price?” Caleb smirk, “That’s exactly what I wanted to hear, and it’s simple really, I want the boys. And you’re gonna help me get them.”

That was not what Y/N expected, “What happens if I don’t?” Caleb’s expression darkened, “Well, you’ll have to get used to a life without your precious ‘Leather Boy’” He pulled a face at the nickname whilst Y/N stood there frozen in shock.

Well shit.



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Crushes & Crafts - Vol. 2: The Second Grader.

[Modern Au! Single dad!Din Djarin x Kindergarten Teacher! Luke Skywalker]


Originally posted by haydent

NOTE: Hi! I know it’s been a month, I’m so sorry, It’s been a rough one but I got a burst of energy. I hope the next part won’t be a month from now. Also, Yes, I know, there’s another bracelet refrence, get used to those. And as always, let me know if you’d like to be tagged. Enjoy!

Warnings: None, I think? I do imply that Grogu might be high functioning autistic with some of the ways I describe him, but that’s just how I write him. I apologize if that offends anyone, let me know so I can change it!


It wasn’t that Grogu didn’t like school. No, He liked learning, and he loved Mr. Skywalker, it was just.. He didn’t always get along with other students. Din couldn’t figure out if it was just that Grogu didn’t have the same sense of humor and social cues as all the other kids, or maybe it was because Grogu was either too far ahead of them, or too far behind them. No matter the reason, Grogu’s least favorite part of the day was right after lunch, when all the kids in school would go play on the jungle gyms, and in the fields.

Sure, In theory, Grogu could play with Winta and the other girls that Mr. Skywalker had introduced him to the first day, but Grogu didn’t like the games they played. They always wanted Grogu to be the baby when they played house. Most of the boys either played Kickball or a big game of tag. The third grader known as Ben Solo had a very good kicking leg, and no one’s speed compared to fourth grader Poe Dameron’s when it came to tag.

Grogu liked to play in the fields, and pretend. He would take the little metal ball that his dad knew he loved, and then go throw it up and try to catch it. Sure, it was lonely, but Grogu was just trying to get through the day. He would think about Din, and his aunts and uncles. He’d be able to watch a movie with Uncle Cobb and Uncle Boba that night, and he was excited for it.

Then a second grader noticed him, and wanted to talk to him. Rey was quite lonely herself, So she figured maybe this kid would want a friend. She went away from the loud noises of kickball, playing pretend, and tag, and went to Grogu, playing catch with himself, and smiled.

“Hello.. I’m Rey..” She said sweetly, and Grogu jumped, clutching the ball tightly. He tensed, but once he saw that she wasn’t jumping around, all energetic, he hesitantly responded, “I’m Grogu..” “It’s nice to meet you, Grogu.. What are you doing?” She asked. Grogu looked down to his hands. “I’m playing catch..” Then, he remembered how Din reminded him that people liked to be invited to do things with you. “Would.. Would you like to play with me..?

Now, Rey didn’t often get invited to do things like this. Well, she didn’t get invited to do anything. So she smiled, and held her hand out for the ball, and when Grogu handed it to her, she tossed it to him. And he caught it. And as they tossed, and caught, they began to talk about things. Rey mostly, but when the conversation interested him, Grogu had no issue rambling on.

Din wasn’t the only one who noticed Grogu’s hesitation towards the other kids. Luke noticed it as well. And to be fair, he had good reason. Luke knew Grogu was a bright kid, who would probably take on the world one day. Of course. Everytime he thought about Grogu, His thoughts would drift to Din Djarin, and those gorgeous brown eyes.

Yes, Luke Skywalker had a crush on a parent. A pretty big one at that. But, he knew it was against his own rules. However, his rules only ever said that he couldn’t date the parents. There was nowhere in the rules that said he couldn’t admire and daydream about a parent. As Leia would so often say: Luke was always finding loopholes in his guidelines. But, when there was a parent as cute as Din? He needed to find a loophole.

As Luke watched over all of the kids, playing, he noticed that Grogu was playing with someone in particular. Rey. Luke had taught Rey about two years earlier, and he was absolutely delighted that they had found solace in each other. He smiled gently, excited to tell Din about this at the end of the day.

He watched the two, admiring their natural friendship that was blossoming. Rey had always tried to put herself out there, but was never quite able to make the impression she wanted. But now, Grogu had been kind enough, or awkward enough, to listen to her, and play a game with her. And of course, Luke’s mind inevitably wandered back to what Din was doing.. He was very curious..


Currently, Din Djarin was tempted to bang his head against a wall. He didn’t like the situation he was in currently. Din worked in a hands on company, that had him running around town, doing meetings, finding people, and specific items. Through that, he had met many friends, but this meeting? He desperately wanted out of it. He had never heard someone talk so slowly and so monotonically.

So, much like a certain Kindergarten Teacher, Din’s mind drifted all over the place. He thought about Grogu, and how he was doing, how his day was going, if he was okay with the other kids, if he ate all of his lunch. Yes, Din might’ve been overprotective, but that was normal with Adoptive parents. He was just worried about being the best he could for Grogu, his little monster.

And then there was the subject of Grogu’s teacher, Luke. Luke was so much more handsome than Din had first realized when he picked Grogu up from school that first day.. Everyday when he saw him, He made Din smile, which was a power only Grogu had. As Din thought about this, his hand drifted to his wrist, where he played with the bracelet Grogu had made him, and It made Din remember what he really went to work for.

To provide Grogu with a great life. Din would go through hundreds of boring meetings if it meant that he could see a smile on Grogu’s face. But with Grogu slowly growing up, well, not as slowly as Din wanted, his friends had been trying to convince Din to ask Luke out on a date. They tried to justify it by saying Grogu loved Luke and would want Din to be happy. However, Cara had come to the conclusion that the real reason they wanted Din to ask him out was so that Din would shut up about Luke’s “Beautiful Blue eyes,” And “Contagious Golden retriever Smile.”

Maybe it would be good for him to date Luke. Or at least try to. There hadn’t been very many people he was ever interested in. There was Xi’an, but she had been before Grogu, at a time where Din wasn’t truly himself. When you’re extremely lonely, as Din was, and refused to let anyone in, as Din did, You get with the wrong people. When Din found Grogu though, he felt a sense of family he hadn’t had in a very very long time.

But now, with Grogu starting kindergarten, it was only a matter of time until he got invited to Parties and Sleepovers. It was sort of a double edged sword. He hated that Grogu was growing up, but he knew that he needed to step up and be good for Grogu. He needed social interaction, and to have friends his age. Eventually, the meeting was over, and he headed over to the school. It was time for him to pick up Grogu.


When he got to the school yard, his Dad-senses (Cobb nicknamed them that, after taking Grogu to see Spiderman and noticing similarities) immediately went off. Grogu wasn’t next to Luke, like he usually was, so Din went to Luke, confused, and somewhat concerned. Was he sick? Hurt? Why hadn’t Luke called him?

“Mr Skywalker, Where is–” Luke nodded over to the playground, smiling gently, Watching as a little girl stood at the bottom of the slide, encouraging Grogu to slide down. Din stopped, realizing what he was looking at. His little man had made a friend. It made him smile, and he glanced at Luke. “When did he do this? Did you help him at all?”

Luke chuckled and shook his head. “He did it all by himself. She’s a second grader, but She’s very kind and an excellent friend for him.” He said gently. Din nodded gently. “I should let him play for a while, right? I shouldn’t make him leave..” Luke nodded gently. “I think that would be best.” He smiled gently.

“Do you ever get scared that he’s.. Not like the other kids?” “Mr. Djarin,” “You can call me Din, it’s okay.” “Okay, Din.. Well, There are no two kids who are the same. But Grogu is a really interesting kid. He’s wonderful. He just has a difficult time relating to the other kids. Which is okay, of course. But Rey is very kind and quiet like Grogu is.” He said honestly.

Din nodded. “Mr Skywalker, I–” “If I call you Din, you can call me Luke.” He said gently. Din smiled gently. “Okay, Luke..” He said gently. “I was wondering.. Well, Uhm..” Din decided it was now or never, because there was no way he was going to get a better opportunity than this. And seeing Grogu with another kid, playing and having fun, made him see that He needed a life of his own, outside of Grogu.

Luke chuckled gently at his stumbling. “I was wondering if You’d like to get dinner.. With me.. As a date..” He said gently. “Tomorrow.. Maybe.. You don’t have to, I Just–” Luke smiled. “I’d love to, Din..” He said honestly. Din smiled gently. “Okay.. Can you give me your number so we can set up the details?” He nodded gently. “Of course! Do you have somewhere to write it down or..?”

Din quickly checked all off his pockets, but to no avail. “I left my phone in my car.” He sighed. Luke giggled gently, and grabbed a sharpie he had in his chest pocket, reaching a hand out for Din’s arm. He looked at Luke, confused, and offered his arm to him. Luke opened the sharpie and scribbled his number onto Din’s arm, smiling gently. He noticed the bracelet once again.

“I really love how you always wear Grogu’s bracelet.. It’s cute.” Din chuckled gently, trying not to be drawn from the conversation by the feeling of Luke’s hand on his arm. Din wasn’t used to the touch at all. “Thank you.. So, I’ll text you later, then..?” Luke leant up, pressing a quick kiss to Din’s cheek. “You’ll text me later, Brown Eyes.” he said gently.

Din was blushing darkly at this. He had no idea to react, so he looked to Luke with a smile. “You think my bracelet is cute?” He asked. Luke laughed gently. “I do. I think everything about you is cute.” After a few minutes, Din called Grogu to go home, and that night, Luke got a text.

‘7:00, Tomorrow? I’ll wear your favorite bracelet.’

‘Sounds like a plan, Brown Eyes.’

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𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 : part two!! i’m so happy everyone enjoyed the first part as much as i did! this is a lot more of everything we love about enemies to lovers, and also a lot more drama in the chess world (it’s absolutely riviting, take it from me!) again, i just want to reiterate that you don’t to have any understanding of chess to read checkmate, because it’s only important whether she wins or looses :) i hope you enjoy part two, please let me know if you do.

𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 : explicit langauge, main characters being absolutely horrid to each other and again, the good ol’ banger or sexism, not only in chess but in life <3

𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐥𝐞𝐭 𝐦𝐞 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤 𝐨𝐟 𝐏𝐀𝐑𝐓 𝐈𝐈 here


The first thing YN noticed was that the Regional Championships certainly had a bigger budget than the tournament she had played three months ago. The Championship is taking place in one of the fanciest hotels YN had ever seen, situated in the middle of Manchester. There had been doormen on the door to open it when she got out of the taxi, and somebody to take her bags off of her when she made it inside. She had no idea that chess was a game that could enable such a budget for things such as its Championships.

The main reception of the hotel is just as impressive as the outside, she notices. The ceilings are high and mighty, looming over her as she takes just a few steps into their threshold. Her shoes tapped on the marble floor and her eyes drift upwards and around her. The floors, she noticed, were almost like a chessboard, with a brown and white squared pattern. It was on a diagonal, so it wasn’t completely the same but the concept made her smile slightly. Another thing that caused a small smile to grace her lips was the flower arrangement in the centre of the room, sat upon a small wooden table. It looked to be a tree of some sorts, but with different coloured small flowers along each other the branches. It was very pretty, one of the prettiest things YN had seen in the a while. 

“Uh, hello.” She says, stepping up to the reception where the receptionist sat behind the desk, “I’m here to check in.” 

“Name?” She asks, clicking something on the computer she had in front of her. The girl offered her a smile, which YN returned. 

“YN YLN.” 

The girl types, what YN presumes to be her name, into the computer. She hears a few clicks before the woman’s movements stop, and her eyes flicker from the screen back up to YN. She can’t quite decipher the look that the girl is giving her, and she hopes that it isn’t a bad one because it could be interpreted that way. 

“You’re here for the chess tournament?” The tone of her voice is one of a surprise, and it causes YN to flutter her eyes down to the floor slightly before moving back up again. 

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