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“ Already Gone ”

“ PART II : CHAPTER 2 :: DAY 2 ”




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SUMMARY : Time Loop Drama Au.

Detective Steven Rogers is stuck in the same day over and over again in which the same event ends on each day : his partner Y/N Y/L/N always dies before midnight no matter what he does. Can he finally save her and solve the horrendous crime that connects all of the events ?

PAIRINGS : Steve Rogers x Reader

RAITING : Explicit , Angst , Tragedy , Drama

WARNING : 18+ , Sad , Deaths , Time Loop , Violence & Blood


author ’ s note : The 2nd one is the last part of Chapter 2. I apologize for the bitter ending again , sorry. “ happy ” reading



Everything blurred out for what felt like hours, but it was only minutes. His neighbors, hearing the shot and the commotion came running over and called the police.

Once again, his apartment was filled with people but this time it wasn’t for a simple letter but his dead partner. Again, Steve looked from her coffee cup to her bag by the door.

This was personal, this was about him. But why was it about him?

For some reason, they didn’t let him change before they brought him down to the station.

Y/N body was still warm on his floor, being photographed by their own colleagues. Her empty, lifeless, but perfect body.

This time she didn’t die as a sacrifice to save the boy but as a way to show him something. Why couldn’t he figure out what it was?

When he arrived at the station, one of the other detectives, Stark, led him to another part of the station.

Steve, still in shock, finally realized what was happening when they were wiping his hands for gun-shot residue. He had been a simple, silent zombie up until then.

He slowly realized that no one had really said a kind word to him about his dead partner the entire ride over.

They thought he did it.

“ What the fuck is going on ? ” Steve finally snapped out of his grief-induced trance. “ Y/N is dead and you are .… you think I did it ? ”

The tech looked at him with a tight look on her face. She just shrugged, as if to say that she was only doing her job.

He looked up to glare at Stark and another officer who he just noticed was obviously guarding the door. “ Can you tell me what’s going on ? ” Steve demanded.

Stark looked at him with sympathy.

“ Look, Rogers, we’re all broken up here right now, but there are procedures and after this morning with the letter, and the girl, and you just telling us some random kid is going to get snatched so you could be alone with her .… ”

“ Why would I shoot her ? ” Steve exclaimed. “ She is my partner ! ”

“ Calm down ”

“ No ! I have no reason to be calm. Look at me, I’m still covered in her blood ! ” He gestured fiercely at his clothes.

Stark sighed. “ Come with me, the captain wants to talk to you with internal affairs ”

Steve was practically seeing red.

“ Why don’t you just fucking cuff me because I am not going without a fight. I had to watch some masked man shoot her in the chest and saw him stab her yesterday and I can’t deal with any of it ! It’s too much ! ”

“ See ! That’s the shit that’s not right. How did she get stabbed yesterday if she got shot today ? You sounded just like that this morning when you took off running. And we still haven’t talked about the letter. Who is Steven Grant Rogers ? Is that you ? ” Stark’s voice was sharp but steady.

Steve slowly wiped his eyes, not really realizing he’d been crying. On his hands, was her blood. Again.

“ Fine ”

Reluctantly, he sat across from the captain and the IA goon.

There wasn’t much he could say. Everything he said just made them more suspicious. Eventually, another detective replaced the captain and Steve tried again but it just wouldn’t work.

Odinson came into say that there was no GSR on his hands but he could have worn gloves, since they found a fiber on his weapon.

Strange lurked in the doorway, eyeing him but still offering a sympathetic nod at one point. He almost didn’t care.

The day, this day, felt even longer than the previous one.

But Steve had figured out one part: if he saved the boy, he couldn’t let Y/N out of his sight.

That night, in a holding cell at the station, he felt his eyes finally get heavy just after 1:45.

When Steve closed his eyes, he prayed for the first time in a long time that he’d get another chance. And at 2.00, he was dead asleep.


author ’ s note : another day , another death , sorry. Totally getting real good with the upcoming chapters. Stay tune ! Hope you love this chapter ! Thanks for reading ! Bye , lads !!




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“ Already Gone ”

“ PART I : CHAPTER 2 :: DAY 2 ”




Previously Next

SUMMARY : Time Loop Drama Au.

Detective Steven Rogers is stuck in the same day over and over again in which the same event ends on each day : his partner Y/N Y/L/N always dies before midnight no matter what he does. Can he finally save her and solve the horrendous crime that connects all of the events ?

PAIRINGS : Steve Rogers x Reader

RAITING : Explicit , Angst , Tragedy , Drama

WARNING : 18+ , Sad , Deaths , Time Loop , Violence & Blood

SONG I LISTENED WHILE WRITING : “ Hold Back The River ” by James Bay

author ’ s note : Welcome to the 2nd Chapter. These events here are getting pretty heavy. And it’s pretty good and angsty. Again , I ’ m very sorry for the feels Happy reading — i meant — just- just read it



She stood there, alive and well in his kitchen, wearing the same red sports bra and black shorts as yesterday. He almost wanted to hug her. Almost.

Y/N eyed Steve suspiciously, sipping on her tumblr. “ What’s going on ? ”

It was the second time she’d asked that and he finally shook his head and tried to untie his tongue. “ Do you trust me ? ”

“ Well, to be honest with you .… ” she sighed. “ The past few weeks have been really rough on everyone but you’ve gone around like it’s somehow more my fault ”

“ Y/N, look, I’m .… ” he rubbed his eyes. “ I just need you to believe something bizarre that I’m about to tell you .… ”

She was shifting her weight back and forth, impatiently then suddenly looked down.

“ What’s that ? ”

“ A note from the killer ” Steve said, flatly. “ Do you want some coffee ? ”

“ A note ? From the killer ? And it’s just lying on your floor ? ”

Y/N ran up to shove him slightly and pull an evidence glove from his shirt pocket. “ Seriously, what is wrong with you ? We need to call this in. Have you called it in ? ”

“ No, because of the thing that’s happening ! ”

Holding the note in her hand, gingerly, she didn’t back down from him. “ What thing that’s happening ! ”

“ Today is …. today is yesterday, or tomorrow is yesterday, or something. I don’t fucking know ! ”

“ There is only one today, Steve ” she rolled her eyes. “ You drink too much ”

“ Then why is it today again ? ” He glared. “ I’m still going to make coffee, the stuff you made yesterday sucked ”

Y/N turned away to pull out her phone and call in the clue. He was about to tell her exactly who would be coming into the room but still felt strangely numb from seeing her die yesterday.

Today. Whatever. The way she had looked so fragile and small, beautiful and innocent as the life slipped from her eyes.

Steve had seen people die before but never his partner despite how he felt about her.

Y/N had annoyed him the entire time that they had been together and he had reacted to her harshly, never really letting her get through to him.

But she still reached out to him at the moment that she needed someone the most.

Thinking about Y/N’s dead body turned him to thinking about the woman before him today. Steve never noticed the slight curves to her form before.

The way that she was leaning against his kitchen island, glaring at him, as she talked to headquarters. Fit but still a gorgeous form.

Shaking his head, he placed a finished cup of coffee beside her. Y/N took it, sipped it, but still kept firm eyes on him as she hung up.

“ They’re coming, everyone. They might be able to find something on the note or in the hallway. We could get lucky. Can I take a shower while we wait ? I brought my clothes with me and was just going to change when I got to work ”

Maybe it was the sound of her voice, repeating the exact same words, but the numbness drained out of him like a waterfall.

Y/N wasn’t dead.

Steve knew he couldn’t save the other girl but there was a chance that .… “No, fuck. Oh fuck, Y/N, we can catch him ”

He let his coffee mug fall to the ground and grabbed her arm; she struggled against him and set hers on the counter but still followed after, down the hall.

“ Where are you going ? What’s happening ? ”

Outside, they met the rest of the team. The same people as yesterday — Fury, Stark, Banner, Odinson, Heimdall — looked at them with surprise when they came charging out the front door of the building.

“ Captain, I know where the body will be ” Steve said quickly, scanning the street for anything that looked suspicious. He wanted to keep walking but the captain grabbed his arm.

“ I thought this was about a letter, Rogers, what’s happening ? Y/L/N, do you know what he’s talking about ? ” Fury looked confused and annoyed at his detectives.

“ No, we don’t have time. He’s going to leave the girl a few blocks away. And he’s going to take a boy in Staten Island ”

Steve shook away from the other man’s grip. “ We have to go to both places now. Just trust me ”

Two deep breaths passed. “ You will have to explain all of this later. Odinson, you and your team go upstairs and look at that note and bring it in ”

“ Rogers, you and your partner aren’t dressed to go anywhere …. but go to that drop site or whatever you are talking about. Stark and Banner follow them slowly and watch from the car ”

Fury firmly looked at Rogers. “ Call in the address to the boy as you go. I am putting myself out there for you so you had better be right ”

Steve nodded and took off. Y/N ran after him and the two other, older detectives trailed after, moving back to their car.

He called out the address of the boy as they ran to Y/N and told her to text the address to the rest of the team.


They were still early — it was only 6.45. They would be able to wait him out, hide around the corner and catch him in action.

They didn’t know exactly when the girl was dropped, since the café only opened just before 8.

They slowed down and he directed them into an alley in the line of sight. They’d called to tell the team the location and Steve gave some idea about where they should park.

After they stopped running, it felt cool in their shadowed look-out spot. It took him a while to realize that Y/N was shivering.

“ If you’re cold, why do you run like that ? ” Steve whispered in demand.

“ I wasn’t planning on hiding in an cold alleyway ” she rubbed her hands up and down her arms. “ What are we waiting for ? ”

He blinked. What was he doing? Was this the smartest thing? It had to be.

“ He’s going to drop the body of the girl on a chair at that café in, I think, 45 minutes. And the other team is on its way to get the boy. Today, we stop him ”

Y/N shook her head. “ Steve, umm .… ”

“ What ? ”

“ We are sort of …. unarmed ” her voice was small. Fuck.

“ Well, the M&Ms can do that. We can just, uh, get a good look at him ” he quickly fumbled over his words.

What was he thinking, just running out of the house like that? They had had time. What if this is just some fucked up dream? Maybe it was.

Steve was probably going to get suspended for making bizarre demands without actual evidence. His heart was racing at the realization of his massive fuck up.

“ I still don’t understand why you’re pretending to know what he’s going to do ” Y/N kept going. “ And why there was a letter at your apartment that you didn’t seem to care about ”

“ It’s because I already read the letter ” Steve snapped, glancing around the corner at the chair. The clock seemed to slow down each time he looked at the still-closed café.

Y/N shook her head. “ It was still sealed with I got there ”

Steve rolled his eyes. How could he convince her of something so ridiculous?

“ I already told you .… ”

“ Well, sorry if I don’t believe you ” she sharply said in a hushed tone.

Turning away from his goal, he met her eyes. Her intensity had been part of what bothered him at first but just the idea that Y/N would sacrifice herself for someone else made him realize what made her a good cop.

Or at least a better one than he gave her credit for. She put herself into everything that she did; why didn’t he notice that was useful before?

“ Look .… ” Steve started.

A sudden screeching of tires interrupted him. Shit, he had been distracted. He bolted out of the alley with Y/N close behind him.

In the distance, they saw their partners’ car disappear after a dark, black car. They ran up to see the small body of the Romanov girl, now tossed onto the sidewalk rather than propped up on the chair.

He must have spotted them. He put his hands on his knees and stood near the girl’s small body before daring to look up to Y/N. Her eyes were wide both with the shock that the girl was dead and that he was right.

Slowly, she took a step back and shook her head.

“ We missed him ” her mouth slowly forced out.

“ Yeah ” he stood and smoothed his hair. “ I’ll call the captain. Maybe the others will catch him. The boy had better be safe ”


They stood and waited, keeping the crime scene clean from the growing crowd of onlookers. The street was soon screaming with police cars and officers.

Steve hadn’t really moved from looking at the empty, dark face of the child. Of all the emotions that churned in his mind, one of them was a small sense of satisfaction that they were ahead of him.

They’d gotten the call that the boy and his mother were fine at home with firm instructions not to leave the house without their police escort.

At least they believed me about him.


Steve could almost relax as he and Y/N were briefly dismissed to return to his apartment to change and then return to the station.

There would be more and more questions, especially regarding the letter and his apparent knowledge about where the girl was and who might have been the next on the list.

He’d stopped it.

Maybe that stupid dream was worth it.

“ You can take a shower first ” Steve said. “ I’m going to clean up the mess ”

Y/N was still eyeing him suspiciously, but went ahead.

He dried up his coffee spill and picked up the pieces. He still eyed the eerily similar placement of her bag from the dream he’d had. Shaking his head, he put the broken pieces in the trash.

Whatever he’d dreamt, it might have prevented another death. Well, 2 deaths.

When Y/N emerged, he took his turn.

It almost felt good to shower today since he still felt like he had worn these clothes many more days in a row than he actually had. Steve met his eyes in the mirror after he was done and he looked slightly less tired.

Maybe life could finally move on, if they were able to get a plate on that car and any evidence from the letter. That could put more of the pieces together.

Steve noticed Y/N was absently looking at her phone when he briefly entered the hall to head to his bedroom to change. She had been frowning at something but hadn’t said anything about it when she fleetingly caught his eyes.

If it had been serious, Y/N would have brought it up. Nearly finished dressing, he reached for the drawer where he usually kept both of his regular guns. When Steve opened it, his heart fell. It was empty.

At the same time he had the thought, there was a suddenly clattering and banging in the kitchen and the distinct sound of Y/N grunting and fighting. His other back-up gun was across the apartment.

He had to get it in time.

Steve burst through the bedroom door to see the same masked man holding a gun to her head. He saw an angry scratch across her face and her bloodied nose; there was also panic in her eyes.

Y/N looked desperately at him, still trying to resist her attacker.

“ You are going to choose him ” the attacker hissed. “ Now you lose her ”

With one swift movement, he pushed Y/N away and shot her in the chest. The loud bang and the sight of her crumpling to the ground stunted Steve’s reactions and the attacker fled.

Steve, not knowing what to do, dropped to his knees to put pressure on the wound.

Gasping, Y/N shuddered. “ Don’t let me die alone, Steve ”

Same words, different time, different place. Why was this happening ?

“ Please, Y/N. Don’t give up. Stay with me …. Stay with me ” Steve pleaded as blood slowly seeped below her, forming a growing puddle on his kitchen floor.

Y/N’s eyes looked panicked for a few more seconds before that light—that same light—faded. Steve screamed, clutching her closer.


author ’ s note : Thanks so much for the response. This is one of my favourite types of stories, a drama one. It’s just very interesting so I hope you love it ! Thanks for reading !




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Am I the only one who gets super frustrated because you get reads and maybe a bookmark or a few kudos or 2, but your readers never comment?

I try to update more consistently but I havent gotten a comment on a single one of my books even after a fanpage promoted it on Insta.

submitted by /u/golfwangover
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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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Good Day everyone,

I am new to Reddit and to this Community. A friend of mine suggested this community. So I decided to observe. To my surprise I have found some useful tips and advice as well as supportive and understanding community when it comes to the struggles of being a writer.

Thank you, I hope we can all get along and have a good time

submitted by /u/UNSC_KYP
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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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I want to write fanfic but I’m not a good writer, my biggest issue is dialogue I just feel that it comes off as really weird and just doesn’t work right and I get in my head bad about the story not being any good anyways and why would people read it etc. Any advice on writing better would be hugely appreciated. Thank you

submitted by /u/Trjm2195
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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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I think this belongs in discussion/venting haha. Anyway.

I wrote a longfic recently and had a regular commenter since chapter 1. Around chapter 10 I picked up another regular commenter. And then suddenly, around chapters 17-19 or something, they both stopped commenting. I used to look forward to their comments every week - some were so detailed and they seemed to really enjoy my story. I also had a couple other commenters who would occasionally comment every few chapters but they also disappeared :/ I didn’t let that stop me from writing, and I managed to finish my fic anyway, but I was kind of in turmoil for a few weeks because of it. Did I do something wrong with my story? I believed in the plot and the characters and it felt very disheartening when responses just petered off like that. Thankfully, I did end up getting nice comments from others when I posted the final chapter, albeit very slowly and in trickles, but sometimes I still wonder what happened. One of my regular commenters still reads my stories from the kudos I see them leave, but I do wish I knew what they thought of my longfic and whether they liked it in the end - or if they dropped it.

It makes me a little sad because I worked so hard on the story. Now I try not to get so attached to the stories I write and post but idk, it’s a different experience. I don’t want to place so much emphasis on reader response because I want to write for myself, but it’s hard.

I guess I wonder how other writers deal with it? Or if anyone has had similar experiences? Or am I just being a baby about it? Haha 😔

submitted by /u/wind-fleuret
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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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I will spend weeks outlining the backstory of an OC because I worry about inconsistencies. I will write up a timeline of events that may not even come up during my story. But in case it does, I’ll know how the character will react due to the backstory. Does anyone else do this?

submitted by /u/drunkfeels
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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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i was in middle school when this fandom was in its hay day and i took complete advantage. i read so much fucking fanfiction lmao it didnt matter if it was complete garbage. i remember reading these fics and having them play in my head like movies, but as i go back to them now they are completely unreadable.

i want to relive how i felt when i first read those fics but i cant get over this barrier. and everyone who wrote for the fandom has grown out of it so its just the old stuff left. ugh idk it sucks lol.

submitted by /u/urog-grobar
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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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Long-story-short I recently started writing fanfic again but it’s basically just a self-indulgent story about one of my OTPs

Just finished the prologue and intend to work in a couple of chapters before thinking about publishing it and…well, that’s the problem

I’m not really sure about actually publishing it, I made the mistake of comparing my work with someone else’s and thought “Well…their writing is better and the way they portray the characters and how they feel and act feels natural and very canon. I don’t think I can’t do the same, maybe I should just keep the story to myself”

I really don’t care much about validation, I write for fun and if someone can find enjoyment, even if they don’t say it with comments or something, in what I wrote then that’s enough for me. I guess, I just don’t have confidence in my writing because its been too long since the last time that I wrote a fanfic

Or maybe is just me thinking that the plot is dumb or that my self-indulgence is making the characters act OoC. Again, I’m writing this mostly for myself, I’m not even sure if I’ll finish it because I’m still thinking how it should end, but I can’t help but think “Maybe I should post this….but what if people think is too OoC and this pairing have better writers doing a better job than me”

submitted by /u/JustARandom-dude
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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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So, good news is, I’ve fallen back in love with one of my fics.

The bad news is, I hate the way my writing is in that particular fic. The worldbuilding isn’t really all that there, and there are some plotlines that I straight up dropped at a certain point and never got back to, and have no idea where I had even been going.

So, I started re-writing the fic, and I really, really love how it’s coming along. I have two chapters done, but now that I’m ready to post them, I feel stuck. I’ve never re-written a fic before, so I don’t know what to do when it comes to posting it. Do I:

  1. Just replace my current fics chapters with the new ones once I get all of them re-written?
  2. Abandon the old fic and start it over with a note in the summary directing readers to the new fic?


submitted by /u/januarysdaughter
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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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Like, my previous post: Here

I know this is a very strange post, but hear me out. I’ve been writing fanfiction since 2008. I’m a dreamer and I express my creativity in various ways. I like writing, I do, but I prefer editing photos compared to writing even more. (English is not my first language and I still struggle with my writing) That’s why if I can, I prefer to make .gif covers that shows what to expect in a story. However, creating these .gifs covers for my stories doesn’t really matter because I often fail to finish my fics because of my short attention span.

For this reason, I’m willing to accept request from other writers who are more passionate about writing than I am. At least, in this way, I can help other writers reach other readers through this method.

So I will be taking the first three commenters who are interested to have covers made for them. I am doing this for free.

Here are Samples of Covers that I made so far, which included the first 3 people who commented on my previous post. (At the bottom part of the sample covers, there is a risque cover for a fic which I labelled NSFW. So you’ve been warned.)

And I will be making another post like this on the 30th of this month.

Also, this is my way to celebrate for finally reaching 350 user subscribers in my AO3. Needed to take a break from writing for a bit.

submitted by /u/bloomsburry-dhazel
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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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Am I the only one who doesn’t write fanfics about real people? Especially ones where the REAL person is featured as a bully, rapist, stripper, ect. Imagine having people write smut about you? I would feel so awkward and imagine if the person read the smut about themselves that others wrote. So, is it just me who steers clear from real people when writing a fanfic?

submitted by /u/Dork-a-tron_2000
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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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