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romancemedia · 2 days ago
Honestly after rewatching the series finale of The Batman a thought just occured to me. The last thing that Batgirl said on the show was “Junior Justice League. Teen Division.” I wouldn’t be surprised if somehow that’s what helped inspire Young Justice, the show we all know and love today.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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gracelesstars · a year ago
No wonder Jensen Ackles was against the ending
No wonder Jensen Ackles treated 15x18 like the ending and barely talked about the last two episodes
No wonder Jensen Ackles was talking about there being a possibility of playing Dean Winchester again, even though he was killed in the finale
No wonder Jensen Ackles opened his own production company
No wondering when in 5 years time Jensen Ackles stars, directs, and produces a 6 episode Supernatural reboot ending that Dean, Cas, and we all deserve
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kylejasonblack · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
New Yorkers stop to watch the series finale of Seinfeld in Times Square, 1998.
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Sallie: why would you go?
Me too sallie me too
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reidscanehand · 10 months ago
The One Where Everyone Finds Out (Finale)
Episode 8 of The One Where Everyone Finds Out
Spencer Reid x BAUfem! Reader
(plus a little Morcia love because, as we all know, she is his God Given Solace). 
Category: Very, very fluffy. 
TW: mentions of Maeve’s death, cursing 
So, we’ve made it to the end. I cannot thank you all enough for making my first experience writing a series so incredibly fulfilling and positive. Thank you so much for reading! It’s been so delightful to celebrate reaching 1K followers by getting to interact with this delightful group of humans! 
Much love to you all xx 
Tumblr media
Spencer Reid doesn’t talk much. Or, at least, he doesn’t talk much now. When you’d met him, when he’d guest lectured for Dr. Blake all those months ago, he’d been effusive to say the least. But he’d been through a lot since then, quite a lot, actually. When you’d joined the team, Alex had brought you up to date on the Spencer situation, explaining what had happened with Maeve. You felt bad for him, for losing a loved one in such a traumatic way, obviously, but also because it could not be particularly comforting to have everyone know your personal business. So, from the beginning of your work with the BAU, you’d worked hard to maintain a relationship with Spencer that was more cordial civility than guilt-ridden co-worker watching for, what it seemed the team thought to be, an inevitable breakdown. You didn’t push him, but you didn’t push anyone. The only one you really knew was Dr. Blake, and even with her you’d never known her on such a personal level as working with the BAU required. You’re honored to have been asked and quickly trained to join such an incredible team, but you’ve become rather hyper-self-conscious since starting work. Going from formal teaching assistant with a Masters in Psychological Linguistics to FBI profiler is a big leap for anyone, you suppose, but you’re worried that the good will of the team could run out at any moment. You keep your thoughts to yourself for the most part, helping with graphological profiles or translations as much as you can.  
So, no, Spencer Reid doesn’t talk much, but you don’t either. Which is perhaps why him speaking to you directly makes you nearly jump out of your skin.
“You know something, don’t you?” he whispers from behind you. You watch him bite back laughter as you jump away from him with a shudder.
“Uh,” you pant out, “um, I don’t...uh-I’m-I don’t know what you-”
“Don’t lie to me,” he replies, but it isn’t callous or harsh, just matter-of-fact. “I know you’ve seen something. Plus, you’re the only one that would be able to pull some information out of something like this.” You stare at him wide-eyed.
“Alex would have seen-”
“You forget that I’ve seen Alex look to you for linguistics work,” he interrupts again, only this time his tone is different. If you’re not wrong, it’s almost...teasing. “So, either you’re not saying what you’ve figured out or I’m wrong. And, no offense to you, but experience has taught me that it’s definitely more likely the former.” If you weren’t already blushing, the small smile he shoots you then would’ve definitely caused the tell-tale heat to rise in your cheeks.
“Um,” you manage to get out around your anxiety, “, if th-the profile’s right and the u-unsub is from the continent of A-Africa, then i-it’s likely they’re f-from Papua New Guinea.”
Spencer’s watching you carefully, taking in everything you say and nodding slowly, “What makes you say that?”
“Th-there are over 820 i-indigenous l-languages spoken in Papua New Guinea. That’s why the unsub’s syntax k-keeps changing. They’re translating from one or two other languages into English.” You swallow loudly and he catches it, eyes snapping to meet yours again.
“I knew you knew something,” he reassures you gently. He takes a deep breath and steps slightly closer to you. It suddenly occurs to you how deeply intimate this is for this man. If it were anyone else, they would be holding your hand, grasping onto your shoulders. That’s the kind of weight this moment holds for Spencer and you’re a little overwhelmed by the action. He looks at his feet, shifting his weight on his heels before looking at you again. “I know it can be hard to figure out where you belong on a team like this, but...Y/N, don’t ever doubt that you belong here. Because you definitely do. Not only that, but you have an incredible mind. You should share it more often.”
You somehow manage a nod and a very small ‘thank you’, which Spencer receives with a small nod back. And as the two of you continue working with the new information you’ve given him, you can’t help the smile on your face. Because not only do you feel like there’s a possibility that you might actually belong here, but you’re pretty sure you have a crush on Spencer Reid.
It’s a little embarrassing, really. Here you are, an adult woman, a profiler with the BAU, and yet, you can’t stop having allergic reactions to your hand sanitizer of all things. You’re not as opposed to germs as Spencer, certainly, but you’re not unaware of them. If anything, you find the smell kind of comforting, the act of putting it on a methodical reassurance to ground you when things got overwhelming. You were going to have to give it up, though, if the rashes didn’t stop. 
You huff, slightly annoyed with the circumstances, as you finish washing your hands in the bathroom in order to get rid of the offending product. You return to your desk and toss your hand sanitizer into your rubbish bin. 
“Did you have another allergic reaction?” Spencer asks, suddenly. You jump a little, surprised he’s paying attention to you. Most of the time, you’re able to keep your crush under wraps, at least as far as you’re aware. Being a profiler certainly helps. You know exactly what to do to hide something like this, but, when Spencer catches you off guard, like right now, you’re not as in control as you’d like to be. 
“Oh,” you sigh, frowning, “yeah.” You hope that sounds as nonchalant as you’d like it to, but it’s a little difficult when his beautiful eyes continue to study you like that. You’d think that hanging out with him outside of work a bit would make you assimilate to it more, but no such luck, apparently. 
“What type was it?” he continues, shockingly curious for such a banal topic. 
You shrug your shoulders, “It was that homeopathic brand Penelope suggested. I don’t know what it is that’s freaking out my skin, but I guess it was in that one, too.”
“That’s too bad,” he replies. “I admire your dedication to cleanliness, though.”
“Well, I might have to give it up altogether if this keeps happening,” you grumble, trying to hide your blush. You look up and Spencer is still staring at you. He opens his mouth only to close it again. As he starts to look away, you get a sudden surge of confidence choosing to stand, cross to his desk and lean against it, staring down at him. “Got a suggestion brewing in that big, beautiful brain of yours, Dr. Reid?”
Now it’s his turn to blush before meeting your eyes again. “Have you tried a more natural substitute?”
“Such as?” you ask, trying to maintain some semblance of calm, cool, and collected. Hand sanitizer, you admonish yourself, the guy can make you blush over hand sanitizer. Jesus Christ. 
“Um, tea tree oil,” he nods, clearly slightly uncomfortable. 
You feel a smile tugging at your mouth as you respond, “Really? Why?” 
As you’d hoped, Spencer’s face breaks out into a huge grin, thrilled to share what he knows with you. “It contains terpinen-4-ol, a compound that kills most bacteria and viruses.”
You narrow your eyes at him, jokingly, “Is that all?” Because you know it isn’t all. You know he knows everything there is to know about this. As if he hears your thoughts he sits up a little straighter. 
If possible, his smile deepens, “Terpinen-4-ol has also been shown to increase the activity of your white blood cells, which helps fight off even more germs and foreign invaders.” 
“Wow,” you say. “Tea tree oil, huh? How’d you know about that?” 
And just like that, his smile is gone, replaced with an intense blush. He clears his throat, “Well, I, um...I-I know that you’ve been s-struggling to find, uh, a hand sanitizer that w-won’t make your sk-skin break out. So,, I t-took the liberty of l-looking up an-”
“You looked up a hand sanitizer alternative for me?” you interrupt, completely incapable of fighting the smile growing on your face. 
“Y-yeah,” he stammers, not looking at you. “I know that’s-that’s super’s not my business at all, but-but I know you’re g-getting frustrated with - not that you s-seem frustrated! You’re lovely, always! I mean-” Spencer’s eyes are so wide, his breath so panicked, that you’re slightly surprised he doesn’t go into cardiac arrest when you place a hand on his shoulder. 
“Spencer,” you whisper gently, “that’s not weird at all.”
“It’s not?” he pants, finally meeting your eyes. You nod. 
“You knew I had a problem and worked to find a solution. That’s not weird, that’s just straight up kindness and consideration,” you beam. You feel your breath leave your lungs as Spencer grabs your hand from his shoulder, holding it in his own for a moment. He opens his mouth to say something, only to be interrupted by Hotch. 
“Reid, Y/L/N, we have a case,” he says, and you’re thankful that he doesn’t look for too long. Because as you and Spencer stand to leave, you’re certain that, unlike your crush, you’re definitely incapable of hiding this. 
Falling asleep on the jet isn’t exactly easy. It’s obviously better to have a private jet than for the team to have to travel on a normal airline, but it doesn’t really change the fact that it is still a plane. And the seats are a bit bigger than the ones on a standard airline, but they still aren’t exactly comfortable. There was a couch, but you are far to meek to stake a claim to it. However, it is on this trip back from North Dakota that you find yourself actually waking up as you near the Quantico air strip. Or, rather, being awakened. And not only that, but you’re being awakened from an exceptionally comfortable rest.
“Hey, sleepy head,” Spencer breathes, groggy himself.
“Hey,” you reply with equal wooziness. For a moment, it’s almost blissful. The two of you are staring at each other, still in that half-awake afterglow of a nap. It takes you exactly four seconds to realize that you're laying on Spencer’s chest, the armrest that had been between the two of you put out of the way. And even though he’d comforted you and helped you warm up back at the crime scene just that afternoon, you feel like you may have crossed a line.
“Oh my God,” you surge back, stopped by Spencer’s arm that still rests around your shoulders. “I’m so, so sorry! I didn’t mean to lay all over-”
“It’s really okay,” Spencer smiles. “I definitely would have pushed you off in my sleep if I was uncomfortable.”
You can still feel a blush steadily creeping up your neck. “Spencer, I appreciate you being polite, but I know that you’re not exactly...touch-prone.”
“I guess…” Spencer drifts off, closing his mouth before abruptly opening it again, only to close it moments later. He looks back up at you, hesitantly, before continuing. “I guess it really matters who it is.”
“Oh,” you breathe. You don’t even try to fight your smile as you look away. Something’s bothering you, though, and you turn back to him. “You do that a lot.”
“Do what?” Spencer asks, a sudden nervousness edging his tone.
“You open your mouth to say something to me and stop yourself,” you answer, genuinely curious. Looking back over the many conversations the two of you have had since establishing a rapport a few months ago, it is the one physical constant that really stands out beyond the growing tactility over the past few weeks.
“Huh,” Spencer responds, thoughtfully. The two of you are distracted for a moment, moving to buckle in as the jet gets closer to landing.
“You’re the only person I know who lets me slow down for a minute,” Spencer whispers a few minutes later.
“What do you mean?” you ask confusedly.
“My mind moves really fast; too fast sometimes,” he admits slowly. “But there’s something about you that calms me down. Reminds me to breathe.” He’s blushing fiercely, but looking you directly in the eyes.
You’re so entirely unsure of what to say in this moment. You take his hand and squeeze it, smiling, but you can’t say what you want to say.
You’ve never said it out loud. You’ve known. You’ve known for months. But you’ve never said it out loud, not even to yourself. It felt wonderful, but also like some horrendous secret. It’s such a gentle emotion, yet carries such weight and power that, surely, the moment it’s said, even privately, would shift some great force of the universe.
You’d been worried, terribly worried that the moment he realized your feelings for him, he’d pull back. Because you’re fairly certain he doesn’t feel the same way. All the months of close’d be foolish to hope for that to be anything other than...just that. But as the two of you leave the theatre, you can feel the shift, the weight of it pressing down on your soul. He’s not listening to a word you’re saying. You’re rambling and you know you are, a habit you’ve picked up from him, a habit he doesn’t mind in the slightest, usually. But, he’s not listening. And you know why.
He knows. How could he not? You’re pretty sure Hotch knows, too. And probably Alex. Hell, the whole team probably knows at this point. They are profilers, for God’s sake. And, as careful as you’d been, your feelings have only grown stronger, more and more difficult to hide.
You stop talking and Spencer says nothing, his eyes still locked on your profile as you park the car in front of his apartment building.
“Spencer?” you ask. He says nothing, so you clear your throat and speak again, “Spence, we’re here.” You look over as the genius blinks rapidly, looking out the front of your car to his apartment building. “You zoned out on me there, mister.” You’re trying desperately to keep your tone light. Maybe then you won’t cry.
“I’m sorry,” he breathes, more thoughts clearly present on the edges of his voice.
“What’s wrong?” you ask carefully. The threat of tears is growing so intensely, you can’t take a full breath for fear they’ll fall. He’s watching you so carefully, even if you could breathe without crying, you doubt you’d be able to anyway.
“Nothing,” he finally gasps. “Nothing at all. I’m just tired. I-”
“Shit,” you interrupt. Because Spencer is definitely lying. Because Spencer definitely knows. Your hands fly to your eyes to attempt to still the tears, but it’s too late. You’re absolutely sobbing. You can vaguely hear Spencer asking why you’re crying, if you’re okay; he tries to pull your hands from your face, but you manage to wrench yourself away. You can’t seem to stop yourself from crying now.
“You c-can g-go,” you manage through the sobs. But Spencer won’t let you go home. You’re suddenly being led up to his apartment and sat down on his sofa. You finally manage to calm yourself down, tears are still falling, but your breathing is more stable. Spencer enters the room having gone through to his kitchen to get you some tissues. You accept them and give him a tight-lipped smile and accept them, wiping away some tears and managing to abate some of them in order to speak.
“I’m sorry,” you rasp. “I’m just…I’m tired. I’ll leave you be.” You try to stand, but Spencer pulls you back to the sofa by your elbow ever so gently.
“Y/N,” he says and you can practically feel his eyes searching your face even though you won’t meet them, “please tell me what’s wrong.” You sigh deeply, trying not to completely lose your composure again.
“I just…oh God, you just…you know, don’t you?” You finally look at him fully, a few errant tears escaping. Spencer stares at you, complete confusion in his eyes.
“I know what?” he finally asks. You can’t do this. You absolutely cannot do this. You can’t lose Spencer. You won’t do it. You stand up abruptly and cross to the door, managing to get just past the threshold, before Spencer catches up to you, spinning you around by your elbow.
“I know what?” he asks again, more desperate this time. You look up at him, meeting his eyes once again. A deep sigh comes from the depths of your soul. You can’t lie to this man. You can’t lie to yourself anymore.
“You know that I’m in love with you,” you whisper.
Of all the times you thought you would say it, you’d never imagined it would be like this. You were right. For such a gentle emotion, the weight of it feels like it’s shifted the entire universe. Spencer doesn’t respond immediately. He doesn’t let go of you, though. He doesn’t drop his eyes from yours. Without warning, he cups your face in his hands and kisses you. For a moment, you don’t kiss him back. You’re too overwhelmed. But then you’re kissing him back and it’s just as wonderful as you always thought it would be. He pulls away from you for only a moment, panting and smiling down at you.
“You know all those moments I’d start to say something and then couldn’t?” Spencer asks suddenly. You look up at him, incapable of anything but a smile as you nod in understanding. 
He chokes back some tears as he continues, “I think I wanted to say I love you, but I didn’t know how. But, I do, Y/N, I love you. I love you so much.” 
You’re pretty sure Hotch knows. In fact, you’re positive he knows. His treatment of you on this last case was far too cautious for him not to know.
You’re also pretty sure Penelope knows. In fact, you’re positive she knows. She’s noticed the fact that you’d stopped drinking coffee, if anything.
You’re also pretty sure Derek knows. He’s been fairly cautious with you on the last few cases, but also, if Penelope knows, he knows.
You’re damn sure Alex knows. She’s closer to you than your own mother, so she definitely knows.
You wouldn’t be surprised at all if JJ knows. She’s the most familiar with this, by far, so she definitely knows.
You’re not sure if Rossi knows, but you wouldn’t be shocked if he did.
The only person that you’re sure doesn’t know is Spencer. The two of you have been married for nearly two and a half years now, but some things never change. And you know he doesn’t know. But you’re nearly at the three month mark now. You’re bound to start showing soon. Spencer’s a brilliant man, but you’re fairly certain you could be nine months pregnant and if you didn’t tell him, he wouldn’t know. At least that’s how it seems at this point.
You can’t believe you’re running late. You’d scheduled your appointment with the doctor for way before you needed to be at work this morning, but, of course, your appointment had run over. When you walk into the office, there’s nobody in the bullpen. Shit. Of course you have a case today.
Fuck, you think. You march yourself up the few steps to the conference room, sighing deeply, already exhausted.
“Surprise!” You nearly shriek. The entire team is standing around the table, a cake in the middle of it, a banner hanging above it spelling out ‘CONGRATULATIONS’.
“You guys!” you exclaim, a huge grin spreading across your face.
“You’re finally having Baby Geniuses! Finally, Dora will have someone new to play with!” Penelope shrieks over the heads, crossing to hug you. Derek gives you a one armed hug, his other arm rocking his and Penelope’s daughter, Dora. You’re passed through the rest of the team, various congratulations and hugs and kisses from all of them, until your finally standing in front of your favorite genius in the world. He kisses you, on the lips first, before pressing another kiss onto your forehead and then into your hair. 
“I knew this time,” Spencer whispers as he embraces you, “I knew.”
You narrow your eyes at him interrogatively, your smile not abating, “Which one of them told you?”
Spencer crinkles his nose adorably before sighing, “Alright, alright...Hotch might have mentioned it first.”
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theroyalmisfitmess · 2 months ago
Opinion on how Jake's personal arc ended
Been rewatching clips of the B99 finale on YouTube and I don't get how people are disappointed with how Jake's story ended? Yes, it's not what I and most of us expected, but it made perfect sense.
From the very start of the series, Jake already had his biggest goal accomplished: to become a detective. While getting into the FBI was something he wanted (as it was hinted at so many times), his entire arc was more of growing up—as opposed to Captain Holt, Terry, and Amy who were still in the process of reaching specific career goals. Jake was already a detective and he couldn't want anything more. That is, until, he met Captain Holt and fell in love with Amy.
Captain Holt and Amy showed Jake that there are more things to life aside from his career. Captain Holt showed him that he still had a lot of growing up to do, and Amy showed him that he can have other goals he never thought or imagined of having (falling deeply in love with someone, starting a family, being a father, just to name a few). In turn, the goals Jake realized and made through Captain Holt and Amy beautifully came into full circle in the series finale.
The unpredictability of life was always what Jake experienced and what B99 tries to tell us. Admittedly, I do think it was odd to have Jake say he was bored at home a few episodes ago and then have him suddenly decide to quit the NYPD. However, I've given it some thought and it's not odd at all... When Jake told Captain Holt that one look at Amy was all it took to let him know, I realized that this is exactly what made Jake decide to quit doing police work. Amy was moving up in her career the way she wanted to and the way it should be. Jake never wanted to hold Amy back and he always hoped for her to achieve everything she wanted. He definitely took careful considerations about everything but he concurred that there is only one good decision regarding their current parenting situation.
To sum it up, I'll tell you guys this: at the end of the day, Jake already got what he wanted in his career. He developed new goals in the process, and along those he now he has to work on achieving those new goals, especially the one that really matters—being a present, active, and dedicated father to Mac (and who knows, Mac's future siblings?). When Mac grows up or goes to school full-time, it's possible that Jake could either go back to the 99, be Rosa's PI partner, or even land in the FBI. After all, his record as a detective has been said to be stellar. I even think that the 99 consults to him the same way they do to Rosa from time to time.
His story is not the typical sitcom ending for a main character and that's the beauty of it all.
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cxrebirth · 2 months ago
Lucifer isn't breaking his promise to Rory if he watches her life with Chloe on like a plasma HDTV in his Hell office
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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gracelesstars · a year ago
Supernatural producers and writers: We are giving our characters full closure. No loose ends.. No open questions left. No spin-offs to be made of this. This is the end of the end.
Jensen Ackles: *hears about the ending* Idk this doesn’t sound good you guys
Supernatural producers and writers: “Well this is what we got. Take it or leave it.”
Jensen Ackles: Okay... Sure... This is fine... 
Jensen Ackles @ SPN fandom: SO anyways.... I know, it’s the end, but who knows... maybe in 5 years time we’ll be back for a 6 episode mini reunion series. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Jensen Ackles: *makes his own production company*
Jensen Ackles: “This is my last time dressing up as Dean Winchester (...) AT LEAST FOR NOW”
Jensen Ackles: *makes no comment whatsoever on the Supernatural finale*
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romancemedia · 5 months ago
I can’t believe Yuki and Machi got to share the last kiss on the show.
Tumblr media
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ashleyinwondrland · 2 months ago
Whenever I finish a satisfying series finale I always do the same thing.
Tumblr media
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kalashnikov56 · 4 months ago
Just finished watching the series finale of BuzzFeed unsolved true crime,will say just one thing-
Tumblr media
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misslane · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
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