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#serious questions

So, I’ve just read two book series and realized that I have no way to leave comments the way I do on AO3 or here on Tumblr. I assume authors who use publishers want comments and critiques the same way others do? Or is that a big assumption? Is there a way? Help?

I’ve just been reading a lot of AO3 work the past couple of years, and the urge to leave the same kind of advice is KILLING me with these two series. Like, don’t get me wrong, I really liked them. Otherwise I wouldn’t be caught up with what’s published in both in less than a week.

But, binge-reading a series in a few days gives you a lot of insight into patterns you might not otherwise see if you read one, then wait for the next to come out then read it. Unless you reread the whole series when the new one comes out like I always do.

So yeah, how does one contact a real life author to offer comments, and do big time authors like that sort of thing?

Do you know anything about this or anyone who does?

@systlin @gallusrostromegalus @luci-in-trenchcoats @officialleehadan

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Serious questions about the coronavirus. March 25, 2020

If you do not have a will, or need to update your will? NOW is the time.

Now, is the time to do the critical thinking.

Do you want to be on a ventilator?

Who will raise your children, and in the event that the designated passes, who then?

Who will care for your mother/father?

What other difficult and sobering issues need to be addressed?

I know this is a hard conversation. We need to have it.


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ok just here to come back for one hour to ask one question because im really curious about this:

what is the MOST IMPORTANT WORD? love? peace? jesus? god? what word has the most use in the world and stuff. let me know. ill reblog every response i see, feel free to even send it to me in an ask

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