gravityfallsrockz · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Yes it most certainly did
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juphro · 2 days ago
Remember when they were saying everyone should get an electric car?
Tumblr media
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i-simp-for-sundrop · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bro, if Tumblr does end up going, then I will miss every singke one of you, I pray it doesn't because I love it here and I prefer it here rather than Instagram and discord.
I will miss you all so so much if this beloved site does vanish
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blaze5681 · 2 days ago
Me: *trying to make a sad and inspiring paragraph about Amphibia's ending*
Also me:
Tumblr media
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the20thcenturykid · a day ago
Seriously, if they make Ezra "serious calm and collected Jedi Master" I'm gonna buy some cowboy hat, pour gasoline on it and set in on fire.
Give me "I'm serious only when situation requires me to be but rest of the time I'm feral piece of shit who annoys everyone around just because" Ezra we all deserve. Stop making all Jedi characters so collected, give us some chaos energy of Rebel-raised force user who's solution to problem "how to defeat military genius with whole fleet" is "space whales".
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tirsynni · 2 days ago
So after literally months of stalling it off, I finally went in and got my hair cut today. It’s extremely different than what it was before, and I’m having a blast with it. Possibly too much.
Prior to this, I had long blond hair, long enough that it reached the small of my back. I knew I was going to cut a chunk of it off, but I figured shoulder-length would be fine. Except then it started. From almost every imaginable corner. People informing me that I couldn’t cut my own damned hair because my hair was pretty as it was and it would be a shame to cut it.. 
It’s fucking hair. It’s not a matter of life or death. Hair grows back.
Enough people complained about it that I decided I had no choice: I needed to cut it even shorter than shoulder-length. So today I took a picture of Leon from RE6 in, showed it to the hairdresser, and told her that I wanted that style. She was hesitant at first but then seemed to have fun with it. She kept saying that no one ever let her cut their hair this much.and she worked hard to match it to the Leon pic, going so far as to ask me if I had plans to color it.
And honestly... if my sick kitty keeps getting better like she is and I bring in enough extra funds from petsitting, I’m going to say screw it and take that picture back with me when I go in for a trim, telling the hairdresser that not only do I want to keep that style but I want that hair color, too. Because where I live there seems to be a blond fetish, with far too many people coloring or bleaching their hair blond, sometimes even so pale it’s almost white.
So far I’ve had one person struggling not to say how much she hated it (was one of the people who preferred it long). Now I’m curious how Monday is going to go. ::D
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assumptionprime · 16 hours ago
I just found you like yesterday, and your comics are amazing! I honestly had no clue how much I'd relate when I read them. Especially with the self-esteem one, and with dealing with appearance being more of a thing, and the skin-holy fuck my skin is so smooth I love estrogen! I'm terrible at saying stuff so thanks for being awesome!
Thanks so much!
When I started making these comics I had no clue how much other people would relate to them, but the response has been and continues to be amazing.
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doppleganger-rental · a month ago
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jes12321 · 3 months ago
I do wanna say that Matt Murdock’s excuse for a blind man catching a brick that was chucked through a window at his client is that he is a “really good lawyer” has got to be the most in-character thing the MCU has ever done for him.
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aniseandspearmint · a year ago
I feel like I need to say this, as I've seen some concerning fandom purity bullshit crossing my dash.
This blog is unapologetically pro AO3.
I support them and all they do, may they continue to do it for decades to come.
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yellenabelova · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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talesfromtreatment · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Can't tell if Ancient As Fuck or the physical incarnation of a bad hair day. Are we certain this is a cat and not an overly loved stuffie?
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trust-me-i-just-get-weirder · 11 months ago
While we’re remembering Eric Carle’s legacy, consider supporting the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. It’s a small nonprofit museum that Eric Carle and his wife founded, and it’s dedicated to promoting anti-racist education and marginalised voices.
If you’re not in Massachusetts, their online gift shop is wonderful too! They have a great selection of underrated picture books (I love their AAPI stories and LGBTQIA+ collections), plus art prints, posters, clothes, etc. They even have Eric Carle themed fabric! Just look at this shit and tell me you don’t want A Very Hungry Caterpillar themed quilt.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The caterpillar is gay now. We called dibs.
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ngoziu · 4 months ago
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daredevil man without fear. best friend is cute. oh no one fear
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lustfuldevils · 3 months ago
fuck around and find out~ljn
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
genre: nasty k? Like look hear me out, lemme explain myself. this my first jeno piece k? he’s sexy, and and and like I indulged k? k?
warnings: nasty kissing, it's cute in the beginning though then smut, creampie, multiple orgasms, jeno is lowkey a freak, loves calling you pretty girl, chain. dangling. action. he eats pussy, he eats it good too, strength kink, biting, besties desperate,
words: 4.5k
songs: fubu by ambre, fue mejor by kali uchis ft sza, sailboat by quin
Tumblr media
jeno ♡︎: can we call? I miss your pretty face ;)
You perked your head at the sudden message, a wide smile appearing upon your face as you read the text over once more. He had been so busy with his group and performances that you both haven’t had a chance to really talk much, sadly.
you: yeah! call me, loser.
Jeno didn’t waste a single second after receiving that text, the FaceTime screen appearing notifying that he wanted to video call. Answering immediately, the look on his face was not pleased. He was being playful, you know that cute smile of his was going to to appear as soon as you smiled.
“Is this what I get? I wanted to see your pretty face and you call me a loser? Harsh.” He rolled his eyes, slowing smirking at he stared at you. “Shut up. I missed you loser, how are you? I love the eyebrow slit by the way, it looks really good.” You complimented as you laid back on your bed. He sat up in his spot, hand rubbing his bare chest before toying with the little charm on his gold chain. Black hair messy and barely covering his eyes. He looked handsome even when he was tired.
“Thank you. I’m good, really sleepy but I wanted to talk to you. I missed you too. Maybe we can fall asleep on the phone tonight, I really need it since I’m not with you physically.” He pouted. The fact that it made you pout well was enough to make you coo. “Yeah yeah, I don’t have my cuddle buddy so yeah. I’m a little salty about it. Jaemin has been denying me of cuddles since he’s your substitute.”
You tsked jokingly; mentally noting to give Jaemin a piece of your mind. You know he’d listen to you, that man was too much wrapped around your finger to tell you no.
'That's a shame." You shook your head. "Yeah, he's being mean to me. So, can we? Please?" Never saying no to him, you smiled softly.
"Of course. Want to share play so we can listen to some music together?"
Jeno sat up in his spot. "I thought you'd never fucking ask. I'll send the link. Hold up."
You could hear him shuffling around as you were getting comfortable yourself, switching one light off and turning on the one that lit up the room with pretty lights, a purple, pink and yellow combination. Jeno said he always loved seeing those lights on, especially when he slept over. You told him you'd buy one for him but he said it wouldn't hit hard enough when he had it, it was something comfortable about you having it.
Once the link was sent, you tapped it and instantly your shared music started playing. New Person, Same Old Mistakes fitting the right vibe. Jeno smiled as he watched you bob your head to the song, man did he miss you. Missed you too fucking much.
It was never the same when he didn't have you around. Something about how he didn’t get to see you like he usually did because of his busy schedule. It pained him really but those selfies, the texts and videos you would send him always helped him through the busy days. Those feelings that lingered seemed to grow stronger as days, weeks and even months went by.
Utterly obsessed with you was starting to become a serious thing, a real thing that he couldn't control. He knew it was getting bad when his thoughts went dark with filth, how he wished he had his hands on you, touching and squeezing.
Just the thought made his face warm. "What are you doing?" He raised an eyebrow as he looked up at the ceiling. "I'm just looking online for some more graphic tees, you know that cute baggy ones?"
He titled his head. "I might? Send me a few pictures." Of course he knew what you were talking about, he was just going to buy them for you.
You took a screenshot of few examples from the current that you liked and sent them to him.
"Oh those kinds, yeah those are cute as fuck. You thinking of getting them..?" He only questioned as he added those shirts into the cart. "Mm, I'm not sure. I'll look at a couple more but I want like two that go with my colored jeans I have. Like the brown ones I have."
"Yeah, I got you. What about accessories, I know you're starting to rock more accessories with your fits. I think those earrings you wear make you look really pretty." He decided that adding jewelry to the cart would be a nice touch so he took a chance on what he thought you would like and wear.
You looked at him with a shy smile. "Jeno shut up."
"Make me." He licked his lips and chuckled at you looked away. "I call you pretty all the time and this just seemed to make you all shy, hm? Why is that?" His tone was playful, teasing and you loved every single second of it.
"Don't question me, Lee Jeno." You muttered sassily.
"Oh but I will. You can't stop me." The way he looked at you sent shivers down your spine. It was a different kind of look, a way you've never experienced before. At least, one you've never seen before. You wondered if he's look at you like this before. His eyes were low, lips slightly ajar as he stared at you.
"That's what I thought..say thank you." You wouldn't admit that hearing him talk like that made your thighs rub together. I felt wrong just doing the action but your best friend was fucking hot. Nothing more to it, he was attractive. You rubbed your bottom lip softly as you mumbled.
"Thank you Jeno."
"Good girl, you're welcome." He propped his phone up and relaxed back, one arm behind his head. You could tell he was starting to get sleepier and you figured why not do the same.
"I miss you a lot Jeno, I hope you come back soon..' You mumbled, grabbing a hold of one of your plushies.
"I promise I will." He whispered sleepily.
Tumblr media
Jeno's name popped up on your screen, that familiar jingle filling your ears before you answered the call. He was sweaty, black cap on his head pushed up a little to show the sheen of sweat on his forehead. He licked his lips before smiling, eyebrows furrowed as he looked at you. "Hey."
"Hi, you're calling me while you're at the..gym?" You raised an eyebrow.
"Yeah, is that a problem?" He tilted his head a little as he asked.
You shook your head before responding, crossing your legs as you sat back against your headboard. "No, it's just unusual. You like full focus while working out. How's the tour going?''
"It's going great, almost done. It's nice seeing all our fans you know? Makes me happy."
"That's really sincere of you. It makes me happy knowing that you guys are getting all that support and love. I mean, shit the music is fire. I hope you get a break once you're done, are you gonna bring something back?" You jokingly asked.
"Oh, so you just care about the gifts huh?"
"Noo Jeno, I don't even care about the gifts. I miss you more than anything right now and I really want to see you when things are settled...this is the longest i've been without you."
He clicked his tongue. You can't say shit like that, let alone look at him the way that you're looking. Mouth in a pout, eyes glossy, eyebrows furrowed once more to really put icing on the cake. "Don't look at me like that."
Things were starting to get harder for him, looks aren't nearly enough to do him good with the way he's been feeling.
"Why not?"
"Because..." He sighed.
"Because what?"
"Do you really wanna know? I don't think it'd be appropriate in a public setting like this.." Oh this was different, yet this was the same feeling you felt the other night. This urge to push your thighs together, satisfy the ache that started to grow so easily. Your thoughts passing a boundary of no return with just how badly you wanted Jeno. Had he been closer to you, you would have exposed yourself and revealed all the nasty shit you've been fantasizing about him but to know he was...feeling a type of way. It made you feel heavy in the brain.
You wanted to know. You craved to know.
"I wanna...I wanna know." You mumbled.
Jeno sighed once more, not once looking around. He didn't need to since he was in a totally private gym. "You wanna know, huh? Would it make you feel good knowing how much you turn me on? Or the fact that every time i see you, I want to fuck you until you can't think straight?"
The air seemed to get thinner as you tried to hold in any noise that deemed needy. "It's perverted of me, right pretty girl? How badly I wanna fuck my own best friend, blow her fucking back out." That made you whimper, hearing that made you want to touch yourself.
"Jeno.." You whispered. You didn't know he had a mouth like that on him.
He looked down, noticing the tent in his gym shorts. "Fuck, m' hard baby. Look.." He flipped the camera and angled it down, hand gripping the outline of his dick without an inch of shame. You couldn't only imagine how he would be if he was physically with you.
"This is what you do to me. You plan on fixing it?" He flipped the camera back to his face, hat pulled off and dark hair wet with sweat. Jaw tight and eyes dark as he looked at you, it was the kind of looked that made you want to spread your legs and show him just how wet he made you.
You did, you boldly propped your phone up to show your panties: more specifically the dark spot on your panties and how lovely the material cupped your pussy. He groaned lowly, swallowing his spit as he parted his lips to speak.
Lost for words he was, too in love with the sight of your wet pussy. It was a tease, it was almost deadly how badly he wanted to taste you. A sweet mess that was ruining your panties instead of on his tongue. It was fucked up actually.
"You plan on fixing this Jeno..?" You flipped his question on him and he had to keep himself from booking a private flight back home.
"Wanna fuck around and find out?"
"I do." You nibbled on your bottom lip. "I really do." The drag of your palm made you shiver slightly as you pushed it lower until you were able to cup your pussy.
"Fuck-" He wished you were more careful with your words.
"I bet you wanna cum on my dick so badly."
You nodded your head. "Yeah.."
"Yes Jeno! Don't tease me like that."
"I can do whatever I want."
Tumblr media
After that little scene, it seemed like things progressively got worse when he was being very mean to you over texts. Just text messages, no calls and you were starting to lose your mind. Dramatic words of course but it felt like it. You hated him for making you feel like this and the feelings were mutual. He hated how easy it was to make him feel like...this. Fucked up and desperate. Pussy drunk when he couldn't even taste you; feel you.
The tour happened to finish back in your state and he was thankful that his plan fit in his schedule. It was starting to get late and you hoped you would get to talk to Jeno before you went to bed. The text almost startled you in a way. You weren't expecting anything.
jeno ♡︎: hey, come open the door.
you: why?
jeno ♡︎: your package said it was delivered.
you: jeno..i know you didn't.
you: why
jeno ♡︎: why not? shut up and lemme spoil you. now go get it.
You dropped your phone on the bed and slipped your slippers on before walking down the hall and into the living room, tugging down your shorts. Once you pulled the door fully open, there stood Jeno with a bouquet of flowers and a duffle bag, package indeed resting beside him.
You gazed him, top to bottom from his shoes to the baggy black cargo jeans, baggy long sleeve striped shirt to the gold chains around his neck. He looked too good, too good for even you and here you were wearing a pair of heart printed pajama shorts and a long sleeve top that exposed your left shoulder.
"Surprise..?" He smiled as he looked at you, looking pretty as always. Skin glowing and just a perfect sight for him. Now that he was standing in front of you, the weight of him missing you crashed down heavily. He couldn't think straight seeing you and he almost laughed at the fact.
"Are you just gonna stand there pretty girl or what?" He spoke again.
You cupped his cheeks, the warmth of your palms spreading to his cold cheeks as you pulled him into a gentle kiss. Your glossy lips colliding with his soft ones. He dropped his bag to grab your hip and squeeze, pulling you close as his tongue met your in a desperate kiss. It was like he was deprived of you and this was his way of feeding his hunger. His fingers dug into your softness, kissing you in the doorway of your front door, not giving a fuck who saw.
You break away from the kiss and breathlessly whispered, not wanting anything more to escalate. "In..in." As he trailed his lips down to your neck, firm yet soft kisses to your skin. "Fuck wait." He pulled away, grabbing his back and leaned down to lift up the package all while you watched. You should have offered to help but it didn't matter once his dropped the items down.
He pushed you further into the house and kicked the front door closed, shoes getting kicked off as well. "I got you flowers.." He chuckled as he held them out for you to take and when you did, he watched you look at them. Watched you smell them before setting them in the vase that sat on your little table.
"Thank you Jeno." He grabbed you once more to kiss you, kiss the gloss off your lips before trailing sticky kisses down your neck. All while his hands got greedy enough to move from your hips to squeeze the fat off your ass. "I wanted this to be a bit more romantic but I desperately have been waiting to taste your pussy, ____.." He guided you back on the couch, watching you drop onto the soft cushions.
"Jeno!' You exclaimed, laughing as he seemed to really have no filter or no sense of self control. Hovering over you for a moment, he gripped his shirt tugging it off. He was a sight to see, lean yet toned in areas that had you drooling.
"What? Can you blame me for being like this when I haven't seen you in months and like two fucking days ago I see your pussy while I'm at the gym? Miles away. I want it." He chuckled softly as he gave the part of your outer thigh a smack. "So I'm gonna take it..'
You were thankful the couch was big enough for this sort of thing. Leaning back down, he kissed you as he pressed his hips against yours. Even with his pants on, you could feel how hard he already was. He could feel how desperate you were just by how you were grinding back.
Hands squeezing and tugging areas that made you moan, sliding up your thin shirt to cup your breasts. He lowered himself to take enough to take a nipple into his mouth, shirt nudged away to give him access. He sucked and tugged on the nipple before giving attention to the other one. Both breasts tingling, nipples hard.
Any sound you made only made him want to fuck you more. Tugging your shorts off and leaving you in just your panties and shirt.
"Wanna taste your pussy so badly." He guided your body, flipping you onto your stomach before landing a rough spank to your ass. Such a pretty fucking arch you had when he did spank it again, thumb rubbing along your slit as he pressed kisses against your back.
The rough scrape of his teeth against your skin making you push back against his thumb. "Fuck you're so hot.." He whispered as his face got lower, kissing your ass and sinking his teeth into the fat of the cheeks before getting low enough to press a sweet kiss to your clothed pussy. Just the scent of you was driving him insane.
He pushed your panties to the side, groaning loudly as he stared at your pussy with no inch of shame. "...can i?" How polite of him to ask.
His tongue pushed past your pussy lips, sliding between your slick folds. He had such a hold on your thigh that you were sure it would leave a mark with just how hard he was gripping, nails digging into your skin. He flicked his tongue against your clit, sucking your folds as the taste of you spread on his tongue and fueled the fire in his gut.
He ate like he had never eaten before, teasing rough fingers along your slit as he fucked you with his tongue, sucking so loudly. He knew he could sit here and eat you out for the rest of the night but the need to fuck you was heavy. To feel you cling to him, feel you tremble in his hands as he fucked another orgasm out of you.
"Oh..oh.." You gripped the cushions, pushing back as he rolled his tongue. Kisses pressed your slick pussy lips before he pulled away, lips glossy from your arousal.
"Jeno-" Your ability to speak was suddenly cut short when he sunk two long fingers into you, leaning over you once more to press gentle kisses to your spine. "I got you baby.." He softly speaks, voice strained as he pumped his fingers in and out of you. The cold gold of his chains meeting your hot skin, mind growing hazy as he felt your pussy squeeze his fingers. The wet sound of his fingers fucking you made him moan.
He couldn't believe how fucked up he was just from touching you.
"Shit." He growled, quickening his pace. You were a mess, so caught up in the pleasure. You were close, he knew you were close. "M'gonna cum...jeno gonna cum.."
"Cum baby, cum on my fingers.." Those simple words pushing you to your limit, he watched as you shivered but push your hips back for something more. He couldn't believe his eyes. Nothing could have been hotter than that.
"You're making this difficult for me, jesus-" Pulling his fingers out slowly, he spread them to watch your sticky cum spread between them both. He took them into his mouth, sucking his fingers clean as the taste of you was one that he was obsessed over.
"Fuck me, wanna feel you inside me.." You whined.
He leaned up, kneeling behind you to push his pants and boxers down. This was no way near romantic but he promised he'd make it up to you, he swore. Feeling the warm air hit his bare cock made him hiss, dragging his ringed thumb along his cock then wrapping his fingers around it, stroking himself slowly as gooey precum spilled.
"I'm sorry, pretty girl.." He pushed his cock against your ass, making you feel the throbbing heat before he slid it against your wet pussy.
"Shut up.."
He only chuckled as he pushed into you, gripping you tight as he watched you push back until your ass made contact with his thighs. A bold fucking woman you were. The stretch of your velvety walls making him throb intensely. Pulling back out, tilted his head back a little as he pushed back in. "Jeno please..."
"I'm only giving you time pretty girl- only being polite. I'll fuck you like I promise I would...gotta let you really feel me ya know?"
Jeno pushed his hand against your head softly, starting a steady tempo of fucking you. Deep. Slow. The constant snap of his hips against your ass growing louder as he watched your pussy coat his dick. You loved how he was soft yet manhandled you in a way that showed you just how strong he was.
"You're fuckin tight.." He mumbled lowly, rubbing your hip in his palm.
The natural curves, the soft touch of your skin and the way sweat coated your body. Roughly, he dragged his nails along your back, snapping his hips faster. Your shirt pushed up to expose more skin, he licked his lips.
You had never felt like this, felt so exposed. Loving the touch he gave and the way he fucked you deep. Any article of clothing disregarded, tossed on the carpet.
Skin to skin.
One smack turned into two more. He couldn't believe he didn't get a taste of this before. A taste of what you were hiding for so many years. The fact that feelings were shared, lust was shown and need was strong made him ache. He was able to see your beauty, able to see your body tremble and face contront with pleasure all because of him.
Heaven knows he'd been fantasizing about you for ages.
He basked in your moans, fucked you until you knew you could feel him in your tummy. Every stroke sending a shockwave of pleasure throughout your entire body. So sensitive from the first orgasm, another one coming.
"Fuck, are you gonna cum again?" His dark eyes dropped to watch your cunt pulsate. Creamy cum coating the base of his dick as he pushed in. "Already?" He taunted lowly. He felt you squeeze him as your body almost dropped, hands shaking.
It was hot enough to make him cum, pulling out rather quickly. He watched his dick bob up and down, squirting string of pearly cum against your pussy.
Jeno smirked with bated breath, watching his cum run down your pussy lips.
"Jeno where...I never thought you'd fuck me like that." He chuckled as he slowly flipped you onto your back, capturing your lips into a kiss as he held your face in his hand. Fingers digging into your soft cheeks as he slid his tongue into your mouth. Kissed you like he was making it known that you were his, claiming you. You wrapped your hand around his cock, stroking him slowly.
It felt like you were becoming delirious.
Desperately you wanted him back inside you. He pulled away, breaking the kiss with a low grunt as he gripped your thighs, tugging you a bit lower before letting you guide him back into your tight hole.
Giving your cheek a soft caress, he hooked his thumb into your mouth, letting his spit hit your tongue. "Shit- you're so hot...swallow it." He pushed his hips against you, deep and precise strokes, sounds of skin colliding only grew louder within the living room.
Each rough thrust making your body rut up against the couch, breasts bouncing with the same tempo.
He leaned over, chain dangling over you; swinging back and forth.
"Shit..shit I'm love with you.." The utter control he had over you entirely, the way your mind clouded with just him. Eyes watching him as he stared right back at you. The look of lust, the look of pure animalistic desire, the look of love as he fucked you. His forehead pressed against yours and hand cupped your cheek, his breath fanning over your lips. Hands clinging to him, you keened and cried. Messy words and breathless encouragement filled your ears.
You were so pretty, so fucking pretty. Overwhelmed and moaning because of him. His own best friend.
"Jenooo I-....I-.' He lowered his head into the crook of your neck, finding your hand in the midst of fucking you. He pulled it up to his lips then managed to guide your hand to the back of his neck. "I know. You're doing so good...fuck- just wanna make you feel good...make you cum again baby."
Your head turned to the side and he raised his head up to press his lips against your cheek, wrapping a strong arm around your shoulder and holding you against his body as he fucked you into a state of estacy.
You couldn't think straight, couldn't formulate words to save your life. Lee fucking Jeno was making you like this; this heady in the brain.
"You're squeezing me so tight, shit. You just couldn't wait for this huh? For me to fuck you like I wanted?" His voice grew hoarse.
"Claim this pussy as mine because that's what you wanted. Right? This pussy is mine, right baby?" His words were strong enough to hit you in the gut, strong waves of intense pleasure overwhelmed you completely as your orgasm came. He was pussy drunk, congested with nothing but you and the way your pussy felt wrapped around his dick. No one else could have you like he had you right now, no one ever would.
"Tell me it's mine.." He pushed himself up, gripping the back of your legs to hold him. "Fuckin tell me who this pussy belongs to."
"You! God you!"
He moaned. "Say my name, fuckin say it."
"Jeno! Please Jeno please...m' sensitive!" The man above you chuckled evilly, slowing his hips as he felt his cock throb. He thought it was cute seeing you grip him so tight.
"I know baby, my sensitive girl. Tell me you love me."
You were on the verge of tears. "I love you so much..." You whispered. You meant those words. Let this sudden energy fill the air with such deep affection.
"Good girl. I love you more.." As those words spilled from his lips, he fucked his cum deep into you, making sure to fill you up deep. Jeno's hips came to a complete stop and he stayed there.
This blissful look on your face made him melt, he couldn't help himself from pressing his lips against yours. He pulled out slowly, carefully. Suddenly he had missed the wet heat of your cunt so badly.
"I found out didn't I?" You whispered as you looked up at him.
"Who said I was done exactly?" He snickered as he pressed a soft kiss to your forehead.
"You horny fuck." You laughed.
"I got months of pent up frustration, pretty girl. Just shut up and lemme make you feel good yeah?" He gave your ass a little smack.
"Eat my pussy then." You slowly sat up. "And you call me the horny fuck?" He rubbed your inner thighs.
"I missed you, Jeno. I can't help myself." Shit when you put it like that.
"I missed you too. More than you realize. "
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milkhorns · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Can’t wait til these guys meet 😭😭
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gravityfallsrockz · 16 days ago
Owl House Fandom every week be like:
Tumblr media
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the-home-kvetch · 3 months ago
White atheists will really tell you that all religion should be abolished and think they're progressive.
How do you plan on abolishing religion? By burning our synagogues, churches, mosques, and temples? By sending our children to residential schools? By stealing our babies? By burning our holy books? By spying on us and punishing us when we practice at home? By burning is alive?
All of this has happened, in the name of eradicating one religion or another.
You cannot abolish religion without committing genocide.
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herewithstupid · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lil Nas bringing the X to x-rated performance by ripping his pants live on SNL 🤣
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