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can’t believe i need to say this, but i was browsing through the tags and-

tubbo has said he’s uncomfortable with shipping. putting aside the fact that he’s a minor, you’re breaking his boundaries.


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something that most people don’t realize is that if you’re washing your hands in front of a mirror, a vampire could be right behind you and you wouldn’t know a thing

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did  the thingey now i sleep

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Can someone recomend some music? Something that blew you away. Need inspiration.

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it’s really hard making a dance to Jane’s a Car when you don’t understand car talk

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Why is math so stupid? Once you start getting into algebra, nothing makes sense anymore and the rules are random. The only math class I enjoyed in school was geometry, cause shapes, but all the other advanced math subjects are just memorizing formulas using rules that are arbitrary and never explained

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Just saw a bunch of judgemental comments about Billie Eilish on a mindless self indulgence song… Seriously?

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Dose anyone ever just sit down and go what the fuck am I doing?

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Just wanted to remind y’all about this thing Reki said to Langa in the ep 2 preview 🤪

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Friendly reminder that the whole “Don’t ship adults and Minors” thing applies to reader inserts too.

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Watchdogs review time

Honestly, this game is incredible

If really feels like an assassins creed game set in moderns day

The story is solid, if a bit confusing at times after the confrontation with Iraq (amazing boss fight) that really made me like all the side characters as well as the villains.

The stealth combat is phenomenal and really turns everything you know on its head. The firefights are pretty ok, but not super spectacular, but i give it a pass on that. And the driving combat is great, but is definitely lacking in many mechanics and can often be infuriating on some missions. But boy is it ecstacy when a traffic light gets a kill.

The mechanics are one of a kind and turn this game into something really special. But like Shadow of Mordor, it left alot of room for improvement.

While WD 2 is amazing in all its own rights, i think 1 will always be my favorite of the 2, and for good reason


8 excruciatingly long heart attacks out of 10

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When your bumper group makes you say “what the fuck is wrong with you people” 3 different times before 10 am, it’s time to leave the group.

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Any vampires here? Please feel free to barge in my life and make it interesting.

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It seems like Shovel has some interesting preferences hehe ;)) She likes her women rough! 

This mini-comic was also a excuse to practice my colours and lights ^^ 

Hope you all like it! 

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Remember the advert for some brand of smokes from many moons ago(I think it was Virginia Slims) that had the tag line “Portraits of Pleasure”? Well, this is the exact opposite.

I’ve been here for 3 hours and I’m already a disaster area. Schwetty from zee roller boogie, messes everywhere… and this could have easily been prevented.

Lol, Sunday mornings…

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