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#seriously watch inside job if you haven't already
ohajime · 8 months ago
Hiiii!!!! can you do like when you guys are supposed to meet up and they waited for about an hour or so and kept texting you you but you haven't replied so they thought you ditched them and got mad at you and stuff then they decided to go home and while on their way home not too far from their school they found you unconscious body with a large wound on you back and your head bleeding?.
can you pleaseease do tsukishima, yamaguchi, ushijima, bokuto (I'm sorry if that's a lot)
Haikyu Boys when you get hurt Pt 2 (Ushijima,Bokuto
Tumblr media
Part One Part Two Part Three
Word count: 2.6K
Genre: angst, fluff
Tumblr media
You were having the worst week this week,  from battling a cold and your boss making you do all sorts of extra jobs (that were definitely not under your job description.) As easter was swiftly approaching you and Ushijima had your annual plans of going to the local kids community center and helping them with an easter egg hunt. But you don’t think you can manage it this year.
Ushijima gets home from practice with 4 bags just filled with easter eggs ranging from all different sizes, “woah there Toshi, you’ve got enough there too feed all of england” you laugh  
“I don’t think these eggs will be able to sustain England Y/N” he says seriously making you laugh even harder. As you were laughing, you felt another migraine come along making your cringe in pain. “Toshi, I don’t think I can do the easter egg hunt this year?”  
He sits down next to you alarmed that something is wrong, “why what happened Y/N” he asks
“I’ve been feeling terrible all week, and I even have a migraine right now” you say to him thinking he would understand.
“That’s it?” he questions thinking what you said was a joke “I think you can handle a migraine, remember we’re doing this for the kids”
His words were making you feel slightly guilty since maybe you were being over dramatic. “Y/N if it’s really ‘that bad’, i’ll make you some tea so you can feel better,” he says going into the kitchen to start on your tea. You murmur a quiet “thank you” and you end up falling asleep, hoping that by the time you wake up your head stops pounding.
As you wake up, you realise you slept all the way through the night and over to the next day as when you look at your clock it says 12:32 pm. You look at your nightstand and saw that Ushijima wrote you a note saying:  
Y/N I've left out early to set out the easter egg hunt, I’ve made you breakfast so eat up and get prepared for the event which starts at 4pm. Please don’t forget.
Sincerely – Ushijima Wakatoshi.
You chuckle at the fondness of the note, before realising your pain. Your brain felt like it was having a live concert inside that definitely was not going to end soon but you still got up prepared for the day. You didn’t want to let Ushijima or the kids down.  
When you go to the kitchen , you see the cute breakfast that Ushijima made you consisting of all of your favourite foods and with another simple note of him saying ‘ I love you. ‘ Ushijima has always been a lovely boyfriend, treating you like the queen you are always making sure that you were okay. Of course, his bluntness and his lack of social cues was something to get used to but when you did get accustomed to it, it only made you fall in love with him more.
You got ready, feeling even more sick as the piping hot shower that you usual have, did not help as when you were showering you felt heavily faint. However, you persevered since you did not want to let Ushijima down.
You finally were prepared to leave the house, with the community center being on 15 minutes walk away you were leaving out at 3:50pm since you were planning to take your car anyways. When you leave your home, you realise that you forgot your car keys so you dash up the stairs (a bit too quickly) to go and find them. Scrambling through your draws, your head is pounding harder and harder and the more it pounds the quicker your moving making you even more faint. You eventually find your keys and you’re ready to zoom to the community center but your body gave out and you pass out tumbling down the stairs landing at your front door.
Ushijima was waiting outside of the community center waiting for you to arrive it was 4:05pm and he was wondering where you were (knowing that your place was only a 10 minute drive away) he sent you a few texts asking where you were but when you don’t respond Ushijima becomes slightly annoyed, plastering a fake smile on his face and entering the community center, starting the easter egg hunt.
The easter egg hunt came to a close at 8pm and Ushijima assumed that you would’ve showed up some time in the middle of the event, but you obviously didn’t show. After making sure that all the kids left safely Ushijima decided to call and text you more and when you continuously don’t respond and your calls go to voicemail he says ‘Y/N, im really disappointed with you right now. How could you do this to me? You said you would show up, the kids were really upset, how could you be so selfish?’
He walks to your house knocking on the door, but when you don’t immediately answer he knew something must be up now, since you haven’t responded to any of his texts and calls and didn’t show up he figured there was something deeper then you just ditching the event.
He used his key to open the door, surprised when the door hit something. He tried again hitting the ‘object’ that was laying at the door again. He carefully pushes the door to make enough room for him to fit through the gap. When he entered, he was startled at the sight of you, there you lay completely knocked out with a blood stain next to your head. He knelt down next to you and touched your cheek you were extremely cold, he had to get you to a hospital stat. He called an ambulance, panicked. Worrying about how long you’ve been out for since it would have to be atleast more than 4 hours he assumed.
You woke up in a foreign room, with your head slightly stinging. You place your hand on the back of your head and wince, then you remember you need to be at the easter egg hunt so you bolt up ready to move.  
“I don’t think that’s wise for you to do that Y/N” Ushijima says to you  
“Toshi, what happened?” you ask still in pain
“It seems you fell down the stairs and hit your head” after he said that all your memories come flooding back, and you remember rushing to the community centre, looking for your keys, and then falling down the stairs and everything going black.
“I’m sorry Ushi for missing the easter egg hunt, I really tried to get there,” you say with an apologetic look on your face  
“It’s fine Y/N of course you wouldn’t of been able to get there after falling down the stairs” he says “Also, this is proof of why you shouldn’t run down the stairs”
You eventually get discharged with the doctor telling you all you need to do is rest and stay off your feet. Ushijima took the doctor's orders very seriously, becoming your loyal servant and waiting on you hand and foot, tending to your every need. He did also make you were eating healthy and taking all your medicine so you could have the best recovery possible.  
Also, after realising that this could’ve all been avoided if Ushijima didn’t guilt trip you in the first place for having a migraine, he made sure to never ignore or dismiss when you say you are ill or have anything wrong with you even if it’s a migraine, a lost limb or a simple paper cut.
Tumblr media
The Olympics were coming up and Bokuto couldn’t be any more excited than he already was. Everything he’s talked about for the past month he manages to find a way to relate to the Olympics, and as annoying as it got sometimes you were just as excited for it as much as Bokuto was.  
Bokuto was heavily busy with extra practices so you were bored and lonely, since your boyfriend was at practice all the time so you chose to take up a new hobby. You decided to paint, although you weren’t an award-winning painter you still found joy in it. Being Bokuto’s girlfriend you had some slight unwanted attention on you: the usual fans of Bokuto that just followed you to have an extra aspect of him in their life's, or his fangirls that adored him.  
You didn’t mind the fangirls for the most part since majority of them were pretty tamed and did fawn over your relationship. However, there was the minority of fans that did make it known to you that they DID NOT like you at all. When you started posting your paintings, it seems their hate for you amplified since they always found the need to leave an astray of mean comments on your post. But that didn’t mainly bother you since you thought that they only had that energy behind the screen.
The days went by getting closer to the Olympics, with Bokuto always asking you every day “Y/N you are coming to my games, right?” to which you always replied “Of course Kou, I’m coming” which always made him smile.
When the Olympics came, you’ve went to all the games cheering Bokuto and the team on as they were winning round after round. Whilst this was going on, the group of girls that were sending you horrible messages and making mean posts about you weren’t stopping. At first, you didn’t care for them but it seems their posts only gotten worse making comments about your artwork, your face, your body type ect.  
You didn’t want to tell Bokuto as you felt that it would ruin his Olympic momentum and you thought you could handle it all on your own.  
It was nearing to the final game of the Olympics, and Bokuto was ecstatic he made sure that you promised you’d be there claiming that you was his ‘good luck’ charm.’ You were excited to go too, the feeling of watching Bokuto play was exhilarating seeing him fully in his element was great for you to see.
On the last game day, Boktuo was already at the stadium since him and the team had to be there earlier to practice and you planned to meet him there just before the game started at 4:30. You went to a florist before the match getting Bokuto the biggest boquet that you could buy.  
On your way to the stadium you here somebody whistle from behind you, you turn around and see a group of girls waiting behind you smirking. “Hi?” you say more like a question then a statement “do you want something from me?”
Some of them laugh, but the one standing at the front who you mentally lable the ‘main one’ steps closer to you and says “We want you to stay away from Bokuto” you realise that these were the girls sending you hate online for these past weeks.
Before you can even blink, the girls jump you, hitting, kicking and clawing at you. You are in pain, screaming and crying for them to stop and leave you alone. You lay there, letting them beat you up thinking that you’ll probably end up dead out of this. All you can think about is Bokuto, you didn’t get to wish him good luck, or give him your flowers (that you spent a fortune on) or even tell him that you loved him one last time.
You think the girls eventually stopped but you couldn’t tell because your body was throbbing and you hurt all over. You tried to get up still wanting to go to the match but you collapse going out cold.
Bokuto was scanning the crowd over and over for you, hoping to spot you there. But he couldn’t, he was wondering where you were getting sadder and sadder by the second since he really believed you were his good luck charm and he probably wouldn’t be able to win without at least seeing your face once.
They didn’t win. Bokuto knew he wasn’t playing at his best, since all his mind was on was thinking about where you were. You’ve never missed one of his games, so he was incredibly worried. After he accepted his second-place medal, he rushed out the stadium to go to your house but he was stopped by some fangirls ‘I guess signing autographs is the least I can do’ he thinks, the fans were being a bit odd today but he didn’t have time to focus on that as his mind was racing thinking about you and your whereabouts.  
One of his fans did give him an alarmingly big boquet of roses which he appreciated ‘these must of cost a fortune’ he thinks. Although it was a probably a long shot, he decided to ask the fan if he saw someone who looked like *whatever you look like* to maybe see if someone else saw you. Which the fan replied “yeah I saw them with some guy at this restaurant whilst we were going to see you!” they exclaimed.
‘A guy’ he thought ‘that most likely wasn’t you.’ Seeing Bokuto’s confusion, the fan followed up with “I'm pretty sure it was her I mean we all know who Bokuto Koutaro’s girlfriend was.” Bokuto didn’t reply just walking away making sure to thank them for the flowers.  
He was rushing towards your house on foot (since all the taxi’s and ubers were fully booked because of the Olympics) whilst running he stumbles across your passed out body all black and bruised with scratch marks and bleeding all over you. “what happened” he whispered, knowing you obviously weren’t going to respond.  
He picked up your near-dead body, and cradled you in his arms taking you back to the stadium (since he knew that getting an ambulance to come here or running to the hospital would basically be impossible.) When he got back to the stadium, he did get odd looks from strangers but he didn’t care, his only agenda was making sure you were okay.
You woke up, and saw Bokuto pacing the room repeatedly you tried to get his attention by saying his name but your throat was damaged. He eventually notices you and runs to your side, stroking your face softly and giving you a gentle hug making sure not to hurt you.  
“Who did this Y/N?” he asks with worry in his eyes  
You ignore his question and look at the silver medal wrapped around his neck making you sad “I’m sorry I didn’t make it to the match, I tried I really did try” you said with your voice sounding even worse after you said every word.  
“Don’t be silly, I’m just glad that you’re okay babe, I was really worried about you.” he said
The Medic came in and said that you had multiple broken ribs, but beside that you were fine you just needed to rest your throat and let your bruises heal. You eventually told Bokuto that it was some of his fans, he was upset that you hid this from him for so long but he was just glad that he got to you as soon as he did. He managed to play at the next Olympics and you were there fully present, with your even bigger boquet of flowers watching win gold.
Authors Note: I tried to make it as close to your request as possible, but I hope you enjoy as I really do think this is my favourite work so far.... :3 Comments and feedback appreciated.
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ssa-m-187 · 6 months ago
A Not-so-good Day
Tumblr media
Summary: Spencer is worried about Reader after a bad day.
Word count: 1.3k
Pairing: GN!Reader x Spencer Reid
Genre: hurt/comfort (ish?)
Warnings: none really! (if i missed anything or if there's something you'd like me to tag pls let me know!)
A/N: using prompts 33 & 67 from this list by @writings-of-a-hufflepuff! the prompts are bolded:) welcome back to me writing things i wish would happen and being sad that they're not real lol i wrote this months ago, probably because someone (me) wanted a hug from spencer reid after a bad day...some things don't change. this is written terribly and like i said it’s super old and i haven't looked at it in a while so....if there are any mistakes, no there aren't anddd as always, let me know what you think!
As soon as the door to your apartment opened and you walked inside, Spencer felt himself relax; he let out a slow breath, unclenched his jaw, unfurrowed his brow, dropped his shoulders, and let the tension he didn’t consciously realize was there seep out of his body.
When you walked into the room, Spencer was happy to see you acting like your usual self. He knew that, as much as you loved your job, it also took a lot out of you, especially lately. Obviously, and thankfully, not every day was a bad day; maybe it was Spencer’s darker side that told him to prepare for the worst, but he seemed to always hold in half a breath waiting for you to return after a long day, dreading the prospect of you coming home upset.
Some days, you would come home noticeably depleted, as if you were a beach ball, and someone just opened the plug and let air drain out over time; you were less animated, less smiley, and most telling to Spencer, less talkative, but you were also more touchy, never seeming to want to leave Spencer’s side. Most days, though, you were totally fine, and Spencer would breathe easy knowing you’d had a good day.
So when you walked through the door today, Spencer was calm, seeing you smiling and laughing while you discussed your respective days; you told Spencer about the different people you’d seen throughout the day, and Spencer told you stories from whatever shenanigans were going on with the team recently. After sitting down for dinner, you both made your way to the couch; Spencer picked up a book, while you flipped through the channels on your TV trying to find something to watch. Suddenly, Spencer felt the cushions shift, and he looked up at you standing on the couch, reaching for his legs.
“Can I—” Spencer paused. “Y/N, what are you doing?”
“Gimme one sec, one second…”
You pulled his legs around so he’s laying across the couch cushions, head on the arm rest; you then grabbed the book in his hands and put it back on the coffee table.
Spencer looked at you incredulously. “Hey! I was reading that!”
“Spence, I know you know what page you were on. And anyway, it’s not like you haven’t read that one already.” you said, smirking.
Before he knew what was happening, you slid next to Spencer, your back to the couch cushions, tangling your legs between his. As soon as you were settled, you laid your head on Spencer’s shoulder, took a deep breath, and just stayed there quietly.
It was then that Spencer’s heart dropped.
He didn’t know if he should say anything until you were reaching your hand around to play with the hair at the base of his neck.
“Y/N?” he asked, staring up at the ceiling, trying to keep his voice level and his mind focused.
“Is everything….okay?”
“I don’t— I don’t know, you just…” he trailed off, unable to put his feelings of unease into words.
“You mean this?” you asked him, not understanding what he means. “You’re worried because I want to cuddle? That I made a-- a sudden decision,” you said in a mocking tone, “to lay here with my own boyfriend??! Spence, seriously.”
Your words made Spencer regret saying anything in the first place. But your tone...your tone set off alarm bells all throughout his head, but he didn’t know how to get that across to you without sounding accusatory; you hated when people tried putting words into your mouth, so even if they were accurate words, you tended to reject them completely and Spencer knew that.
“Yes? I mean, no, not that entirely. It’s just-”
You didn’t let him finish. “Sometimes I just want to cuddle, okay? Is that so bad?”
“Not at all! You don’t think I love being here with you?!” It’s true— he was so comfortable with you and he loved when you both did absolutely nothing together, like what you were doing now. “I’m just worried about you. It wasn’t like you to stop everything and whip me around on the couch like that,” he laughed slightly. “You just got so quiet, so fast...and I know you don’t always have good days, and I try— I really try to figure out when you’ve had a bad day so I can be here for you, you know I hate seeing you upset...but I also hate seeing you like this. Overcompensating in some ways, putting your guard all the way up so you don’t have to deal with whatever is upsetting you.” He looked at you, and turned your head so his eyes can meet yours. “You don’t usually get this quiet, and then this defensive, unless you’re upset about something. I— I know you, and I know you know that but it felt like now was a good time to remind you of that. We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to, you know I won’t pry. But—” he stopped as soon as he noticed your gaze falling.
“Hey—” he said, earnestly. “Hey, love, look at me, please—”
You finally glanced up at him, fearing the look on his face when he’ll notice the tears on your lash line. You appreciated it even more when he doesn’t acknowledge them, knowing it would upset you more if he did.
“But,” he continued, “for the love of all things good in this world do not try and keep up a front around me! It’s just me. It’s me, Spencer.” You sucked in a small, sharp breath at the little crack in his voice when he said his own name. “I love you. I want to be here for you however I can, and I want to be able to help you with whatever I can offer. And as much as I pride myself on knowing you so well, I can’t always read your mind, so I need you to speak up when you’re upset about something. I don’t need you to tell me what you’re upset about; that is,” he added, “if you don’t want to. But just tell me that there’s something bothering you, that you had a not-so-good day so I can try to help you feel better. That’s all.”
He reached out his arms, wrapping one around your back, and the other coming up to the back of your head, pulling you tight against his body. Your head stayed nestled on his shoulder, your breaths quiet on his neck. After laying in silence, eyes less damp, you whispered, “Sometimes it just...all gets too much, y’know?”
Spencer pulled you tighter. “I do,” he responded, desperately trying to keep his voice even enough so you won’t be able to hear how it’s thick with emotion, although he knows you can probably feel his somewhat erratic breathing. His heart was breaking for you; he knew there wasn’t anything he could do to take away your pain completely, and the thought of you having to suffer through anything at all made his throat burn and his eyes sting. But the last thing he wanted to do right now was cry; he knew it would only make you more upset…which was silly, because he only wanted to cry because you were upset in the first place.
After a few more minutes, you broke the silence.
"I had a not-so-good day," you said in a small voice.
"I know, love," he replied, rubbing circles into your back. "I know you did."
“Today was the longest day ever. I— I know it’s already kind of late, but I’m really contemplating a nap.”
Spencer nodded. “Go for it,” he said. “Nap."
“I’m just...I’m just gonna stay right here, if that’s okay,” you mumbled into his shoulder.
Spencer smiled into your hair, knowing your mind was finally at rest, and listened as your breaths evened out, finally falling into the sleep your body craved. He continued tracing circles into your back and playing with your hair as you slept, and you slept deeper feeling Spencer with you the whole time.
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johnsamericano · 7 months ago
𝓓𝓪𝔂 12:
ℓєє мαяк
23 days of NCT masterlist.
taglist: @notbeforelong @mrcarbonatedmilk @unknown5tar @whathamelon @ajhdr @curieouscapt @silent-potato @gjheaaa
warnings: baby daddy mark, hidden pregnancy (?, tooth rotting.
Tumblr media
“Dude, isn't that y/n?” Mark’s old friend, John, pointed at you.
Yeah, that was most definitely his ex. You were holding a small girl between your arms, helping her reach for a box of lucky charms. You looked just as beautiful as three years ago, even more, he daresay.
“Go talk to her.” His friend elbowed him. “I’ll go get the meat, maybe you can invite her to our barbecue.”
“We haven't seen each other in a while, don't you think it'll be a little too weird?”
“Go for it, I know you're still hung up on her.”
“I heard your last girl complaining about how you called y/n’s name while having sex with her, it was hilarious, to be honest.” Mark punched him in the arm, earning a small groan from the tall man. “But seriously, though, you broke up with her to focus on your career. Now that you have a stable job, what's stopping you from getting her back?”
“I don't know, man...”
“Give it a try, I'll be with the butcher if you need me.” He winked at the Canadian boy, making his way to another aisle.
Mark took a deep breath before his feet finally started moving. You were placing the small girl in the shopping cart’s seat, tickling her tummy while at it.
“Y/n?” Your eyes almost came out of their caves as you heard his voice.
“Mark...” You stared at him with wide eyes, looking back and forth between the little girl and him. “I thought you’d moved back to Canada.”
“I came back a year ago.” He fiddled uncomfortably with the rings adorning his fingers. “I really wanted to contact you, but since things between us were a little complicated when I left...” By complicated he meant breaking your heart and leaving a day after ending things between you.
“It’s really okay, Mark. No hard feelings.” You smiled sweetly at him, your pretty eyes turning into half moons.
“And who’s this little one? Your niece?” He caressed the top of the girl’s head, who wasn’t even aware of his presence, too focused on getting rid of the wrapping around the chocolate you’d just bought her.
“Mommy, I need help!” Mark froze.
“Oh, sure sweetie.” You tone completely changed when addressing her. “Mark, this is my daughter, EunHee. Say hi, baby.”
“Hi, Mark.” She extended her hand as you tore the wrapping of the chocolate bar open. His surprised expression turned into a big smile, covering her small hand with his significantly bigger one. “Look, mom. His cheeks are just like mine!” She poked Mark’s cheekbones.
You could almost feel a drop of sweat rolling down your forehead.
“Wait, you're right.” The Canadian man pointed out as your daughter smiled at him. “That's crazy.” Thank God Mark was so naive. “So where’s the father of this little bean?”
‘Right in front of me.’ You thought.
“She doesn't...”
“Oh, sorry. It must've been hard raising her on your own.” He reassuringly placed a hand on your arm. “How old is she?”
“Uhm, s-she’s-”
“I’m this old.” EunHee interrupted, showing her three small fingers.
You hoped Mark’s brain capacity wouldn't be enough to connect the dots. But you had to admit, it was pretty obvious.
“Wow, you're so big.” It was heart-warming watching your daughter interact with her father for the first time, even if they didn't know the truth about each other. “So, we're having a barbecue at my place today. There’s always room for someone else, and you can bring EunHee if you’d like. My address is still the same.”
“I’ll think about it.” You handed the chocolate bar back to your daughter, who didn’t even take a second to eat up the whole thing.
“Alright, I guess I’ll see you then, maybe.”
“Mark’s hitting on a mom!” Yuta mocked him, causing the whole garden to erupt into laughter.
“And what’s wrong with that? She isn’t married.”
“Mark, you literally just met with her again after three years, slow down.” Jaehyun interceded, eyes stuck to his phone.
“Guys, stop messing with Mark. He's always loved y/n, so let him be.” Johnny spoke from the grill, turning around a steak. “Besides, I saw the little girl. She looks a lot like Mark, so I bet no one would be able to tell they're not actually related.”
“How old did you say she was?”
“Okay, don’t be mad at me, but did you ever have sex with her without protection?”
“What are you trying to say, Haechan?” Taeil asked bitterly.
“Just think about it, guys. It makes sense.” While his friends discussed the possibility of him being a dad, Mark’s head was rather busy trying to remember every little detail from the last time he was intimate with you.
But as much as he tried, he couldn't remember having worn a condom. And as far as he knew, you weren't on the pill.
The doorbell cut his string of thoughts, snapping him back into reality.
“I’ll get the door.” He didn't expect you to be behind it, holding your -and possibly his- daughter’s hand tightly. “Oh, hey.”
He seemed uncomfortable, had you made a mistake in accepting his offer?
“Hi, I couldn't find someone to look after this little monster. I hope your friends won't mind.”
“Not at all, they love kids.” He stared intensely at your daughter, finally noticing those similarities Johnny mentioned before. “Come in.”
He guided you all the way to the backyard, everyone greeting you with a big hug.
“Nice to see you again, y/n.” Johnny murmured, patting your back.
“She’s like a little doll!” Jaehyun squeaked excitedly, sitting your daughter on his lap. “What’s your name, sweetheart?”
“I’m EunHee.” He cooed at her high-pitched voice tone. “Your dimples are pretty.”
“Thank you.”
The boys seemed completely comfortable with your daughter, fighting with Jaehyun, who wouldn't let go of her.
“Can I have a word with you?” Mark came from behind you, making you jolt at his sudden presence.
He walked you to the kitchen, away from the noisy men outside. He anxiously twisted his hands, trying to find the correct words to demand for the truth.
“What’s wrong?” You asked worriedly, taking a step closer to him.
“Is EunHee mine?” Well, you were definitely not expecting that. You thought that after meeting him at the supermarket, your secret was safe. Apparently, it wasn’t. “By the look on your face, I’m guessing she is.”
He groaned in frustration, rubbing his face with the palms of his hands.
“I’m sorry for keeping it a secret all this years. I won’t force you to step in and take responsibility for her, we can just leave and pretend this never-”
“What are you even talking about? Why wouldn’t I want to take care of my own daughter?” The frown on his face deepened. “Did you know you were pregnant when we broke up?”
Should you tell him the truth?
“I...” He looked at you expectantly.
Of course you should tell him the truth, he deserves it.
“Yes.” His heart dropped, guilt filling every inch of his body. “I didn’t want to hold you back. It would’ve been unfair for me to use that as an excuse to stop you from leaving.”
“So you’re saying I missed three years of my daughter’s childhood because you didn’t want to be selfish?” With every word his voice grew louder, shouting by the end of the sentence and catching the other guests' attention.
“Mark, we should talk about this another day, when we’re alone.” You tried leaving, but his hand clutched your wrist tightly.
“No.” You could admire tears sparkling in his eyes. “I don't want to miss another second of her.”
“Mommy?” Just then, EunHee walked into the kitchen, holding Yuta’s hand. “I heard screaming, are you okay?” Mark nodded at his friend, as if signaling him he could leave.
“Yes, I’m alright, sweetie.” You swung her up in your arms, coming closer to Mark who had the sudden urge to hold his baby. “Are you sure about this? There’s no backing out.” You mouthed, feeling a pinch of relief as he nodded. “Baby, I’d like you to meet someone very special.”
“This is Mark...” She looked at you with her small eyebrows furrowed, she’d already met Mark. “Your dad.”
Mark honestly felt like crying, your daughter smiling excitedly as she urged you to put her down, letting her father hold her close to his chest.
“Mommy said you were lost.” He felt so warm inside.
“I promise not to get lost again, alright?” His lips pressed a kiss into her forehead, already enamored by the cheerful giggles erupting from EunHee.
You observed them with regret. If you'd told Mark you were pregnant before he left, perhaps he wouldn't be on the verge of tears right now, perhaps your daughter wouldn't have had to deal with her classmates’ non-stopping questions about her father.
“Y/n?” Mark called out for you. “C-can we have a family hug?” He moved his hand invitingly, making space for you to join.
You walked into his arms, every negative feeling vanishing as Mark embraced you, both of you trying not to sob.
“What do you want to do now?” He let go of you, using both of his arms to embrace EunHee.
“Make up for the lost time.”
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biisexualemma · a month ago
amends pt.2. bucky barnes
word count: 1.2k
warnings: bit of swearing but nothing else i think
requested: yeah by a lot of people lol thank u
plot: you're being held captive by the avengers
a/n: thanks for the support on this series so far! if you wanna be added to the taglist for this series lmk!
part 1 / masterlist
Tumblr media
"oh christ," you rolled your eyes, peering through the glass to see him approaching. "what are you doing here?"
"'supposed to keep an eye on you."
"i'm not a child," you frowned, tilting your head at him.
"no, you're not," he shook his head. "but you are on the top ten most wanted list," he quirked an eyebrow at you.
"wow, top ten? really?" you raised your eyebrows, letting out a huff. "i must've stepped up my game to make it that high up."
"i still rank above you, so don't let your head get too big," he positioned himself on the other side of the glass, his back to you as he let out a sigh.
"hm," you rested your chin in the palm of your hands. "do you have any advice on how i can be a better bad guy? you are the worst of the worst after all."
his shoulders straightened, he didn't budge, but kept his sightline away from you. "m'not anymore."
"yeah, yeah, you said that already," you huffed. "kinda' boring though isn't it?" you pushed yourself out of your chair, strolling closer to the thick glass wall separating the two of you. "i tried the straight and narrow for a while— it's not as fulfilling as people make it out to be," your shook your head, eyeing up his tense shoulders, his side profile, watching how his jaw would tense the more you spoke. you breathed out a laugh. "c'mon soldier, i'm being enticing— ask me why i gave it up."
you saw him glance for a split second out the corner of his, your lips breaking into a grin.  "because people— strangers actually, you help them again and again, and all they do is take and take from you until there's nothing left. and you're supposed to just accept that's the way it is," you leaned up against the glass, back to him but your head rolled over to watch him. "the system is bullshit."
"so that's your villain origin story? you got sick of helping innocent people?" you hadn't expected him to respond, you were expecting silence, nothing. "and that's the story you're sticking to?" he quirked an eyebrow, scoffing as he glanced at you for only a second.
"i got tired of being used and for what? there's no satisfaction in helping people who throw it back in your face," you fought back, pushing your back off the glass so you could face him. he didn't flinch. "'thought you might understand that."
he bit down on the inside of his cheek, glancing at his feet for a minute before shaking his head. "don't compare yourself to me."
your eyebrows fell into a frown for a split second. "someone thinks highly of himself," you teased. his arms folded over his chest. "aren't you're supposed to be keeping an eye on me? you haven't looked at me once, soldier."
"stop calling me that."
"sorry-- you're right," you tongue ran over your top lip. "sergeant's the correct title, hm?" you had to bite your lip to disguise your growing smirk. but he didn't bite. his fists clenched tighter, you thought the vein in his forehead might burst if you continued. you rolled your eyes, huffing. "promise i won't turn you to stone."
"what?" his eyebrows knitted.
"if you look at me," you rolled your eyes. "it won't kill you."
"m'not so sure about that," he mumbled quickly. "you talk a lot, do you ever stop?" he changed the subject quickly, still refusing to turn to face you. he was really taking his job very seriously, he wouldn't let you have any fun.
"you're asking questions about me, we must be getting somewhere," you wore a soft smirk on your lips. "i can think of more than one way for you to shut me up sergeant."
"oh jeez'," his face contorted, shaking his head. your smirk grew into a grin, letting out a small laugh. "you should definitely stop talking now."
"you're no fun."
"this isn't supposed to be fun," he huffed. "you're being held in a cell until they decide whether to turn you in."
"thought my fate was already decided?" you quirked an eyebrow, edging closer to him. he didn't say anything. your grin slipped from your lips, your nostrils flaring slightly, groaning when he ignored you again. "this is stupid, will you just look at me and tell me the truth?"
you stumbled back a little when he turned to face you sharply, his blue eyes watching you as you tried to cover it up. "you think you deserve the truth? or anything after everything you've done?"
you couldn't tear yourself away from his eyes. they widened, your frown setting into your features as you took a step closer to the glass. "and you do? you deserve their forgiveness?" you lips turned into a scowl. everything has taken a very quick turn for the worst. "i know every bad thing you've ever done, barnes. don't act like you're above me."
his chest was rising and falling faster now, jaw sharp but his eyes softened under his frown. he didn't say anything for a few seconds, letting your words linger in the air. your hands were tightened into fists, watching with wide eyes as he backed up from the glass. he reached the door and pulled at the handle. "you don't know shit," he mumbled under his breath, slamming the door behind himself.
"so you broke barnes?" your eyes shifted to where tony stood in the corner of the room. "he lasted longer than i thought he would."
"why am i here?" eagerly you spat the question you'd been mulling over since your conversation with bucky earlier. you should have been handed over, held accountable for every bad thing you'd ever done and sent away somewhere awful to rot for the rest of your life. instead, you were sitting here.
"you wanna' get straight into it?" he quirked an eyebrow at you, waiting for your reaction but you only stared straight through him, your lips tightened. you hadn't eaten or slept in the last forty-eight hours, and this company wasn't improving your mood. "alright-- lets get into it then. no bullshit."
"you really know how to talk a lot about nothing tony--" you snapped harshly. he cut you off.
"we're not turning you in," he folded his arms across his chest, eyes narrowing at you. you slowly moved back onto your feet, your head tilting. "i convinced the board to let you work off whatever your sentence would've been," he shrugged. "under our supervision."
"no," you said quickly. your gritted your teeth, shaking your head. "un-convince them."
his lips turned into a frown. "too late, i signed the papers."
"no," you repeated. you approached the glass, slamming your fist into the wall dividing you two. you could feel yourself spiralling. "you can't do that."
"when you've committed as many crimes as you have, you tend to lose your say in the matter," tony tilted his head as he spoke. your breathing grew heavy. you shook your head again.
"why?" your eyebrows were knitted into a frown, none of this was really making any sense to you. "you turned your back on me. why would you go out of your way to bring me back?"
tony glanced away from you for a second. "yeah, well, call it making amends," he turned to leave, no longer able to hold your stare.
you threw your fist at the glass again out of frustration, letting out a groan. "i'm gonna' make your life a living hell!" you raised your voice as he reached the door, pulling it open he rolled his eyes.
"what's new?"
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Coffee of the Week pt.2
Tumblr media
Icon credit: @thatspookyagent
Summary: This is the second part to Coffee of the Week, where Colin takes the reader out for their date. You can read Part 1 Here
Warnings: None this is pure fluff
Word Count: 2245
"So," Mare said in a bored voice. "Have you decided where you're taking her for your date tonight?" Colin paused for a moment before answering, which confirmed Mare’s suspicions
"No I have not." Colin said, doing his best to avoid Mare's judgmental eyes. 
"Really man, you had all week to think of a place."
"I know." He signed leaning back in his chair, he swiveled it to the side to face Mare. "But like where would I even take her? There's only like three restaurants in Eastown." 
"Hey!” Mare said defensively. "We have four restaurants you're forgetting the KFC that's attached to the Taco Bell." Mare joked as she began to put away her papers. 
'My bad." Colin smiled to himself at Mare's little joke. It seems that lately she was warming up to him, it was nice to be able to joke and talk to her like this. He watched as she cleaned up the rest of her desk.
"But seriously where are you taking her." Mare glanced at the clock on her computer screen before shutting it down. "It's already 6:30 you should be getting ready by now."
Colin glanced down at himself. "What's wrong with what I'm wearing now?"
Mare pursed her lips. "Nothing. Just forget I said anything." 
"See there's another thing I have to worry about now." Colin ran a hand down his face. "I haven't even been here that long so I don't really know where is a good place to eat at.” Colin sat with his head in his hands for a moment before lifting it up, eyes glancing towards Mare. He turned slowly towards Mare, a hopeful smile on his face. "Unless you-"
"If you could recommend-"
"Mare please!” He had stood up at this point and moved towards Mare’s desk, she had scooted her chair away from his approaching form, her face scrunched up at his persistent pleading. “Please tell me where to take her! I really like her and I don’t wanna mess up." Mare finally glanced over at him through the corner of her eye. He looked like a kicked puppy, he was so desperate it physically hurt her. 
She sighed. "Fine." Colin's face split open in a wide smile. "Stop that." She snapped, he immediately tried to change his facial expression back to neutral but Mare could see he was trying to fight back his smile. "You should take her to the Italian restaurant that's near the center of town, one of my friends works there." She tore a piece of paper off one of her reports. "Tell her that Mare sent you and she'll make sure to give you a good table and treat you and (y/n) well." She handed the paper over to Colin.
His eagerly grabbed it and smiled widely at Mare, "Thank you so much Mare you-"
She held her hand up to silence him, pointing an accusing finger. "Don't make this into a big deal detective." Mare shrugged on her coat and made her way towards the door. "And if you tell her it's a date she'll throw in a free dessert.
"Thank y-"
"Not. A. Big. Deal." Mare slammed the door shut. Colin smiled at her fading figure, she was definitely warming up to him.
Colin’s heart was beating out of his chest as he pulled up to your house, a million thoughts running through his head. Things like was he too early? It was only 7:30 he wasn't supposed to pick you up till 8:00. What if you weren't ready, was he dressed up enough, was he over dressed?? He shook his head trying to clear all the thoughts that plagued him. 
He made his way to your front door and after a few seconds of hesitation rang your doorbell. The sound of loud barking made him jump up in surprise. “I’m coming.” He heard your voice yell and the sounds of your footsteps approaching the door. You opened the door with a smile, you were holding a big fluffy dog by its collar as it strained against your hold. “Hey Colin! Sorry about him, he always barks when someone is at the door.” He glanced down at the dog, it was eagerly trying to pull its way towards him, tail wagging intensely. “Let me go put him outside. I don’t want him jumping all over you.”
With zero hesitation Colin said. “Let him go.”
“What?” You asked in surprise.
“Let him go, I wanna meet him.”
You let out a little laugh.“ Are you sure? He’s a jumper.”
“Of course!” You let go of your dog’s collar and he went barreling towards Colin, who was squatting down with his arms wide open. Your dog ran into his arms and knocked him flat on his back. You rushed forward to pull your dog back until you saw Colin laughing. Your dog was licking him all over while Colin nestled his face into your dog’s fur. “You’re such a good boy aren't you?” Colin asked as he petted your dog, your dog just wagged his tail even faster and tried to lick Colin’s face even more, you smiled at the sight 
“It seems he likes you.” You giggled out. 
“What’s his name?”
“His name is Tino.” 
“Hello Tino, I’m Colin.” Colin shook your dogs paw introducing himself. You smiled at his antics and squatted down next to him, rubbing Tino’s soft ears in your hand. “What kinda dog is he?” 
“I’m not sure, I adopted him from the center in town and no one seemed to know what kind he was.” Colin nodded at your answer and tried his best to stand back up, it was a task in itself since Tino kept trying to knock him back down. You stood up as well and let out a small laugh at Colin’s appearance. “What?” He asked. His once crisp shirt was wrinkled, and his perfectly combed hair was all tousled. He was covered head to toe in dog fur. 
“I think Tino may have gotten a little bit of fur on you.” He glanced down and saw all the dog's hair sticking to him. He laughed with you and did his best to try and pick the dog hair off. ‘Wait here.” You went inside and came back with a lint roller in hand. He took it and began to roll it up and down his clothes. You moved closer to him and brushed his hair out of his face, smoothing it back into place. He blushed at the action. 
“Are you ready to go?”
“Yea! Where are we going?”
“It’s a surprise!” You laughed, it really wasn't he only really had three options on where to take you in Easttown. And you figured it wasn't going to be the Taco Bell or KFC. 
The ride to the restaurant didn't take too long and in no time you two had pulled up to the place. He parked and rushed out of the car to your side. He opened your door for you and you swooned at the old fashioned action. You looped your arm through his and he led you to the door, he whispered something to the hostess and she smiled widely and quickly led you two to a table. It was almost sectioned off from the other ones, it had an aura of privacy to it. She rushed over and placed a rose in the vase at the center of the table and lit up the candles. Colin pulled the chair out for you before sitting down on his own. 
He picked at the table cloth, not meeting your eyes. “‘So, did I pick a good place?’ He asked with a nervous smile.
“Mhmm, this is my favorite out of all of Easttown’s numerous restaurants.” You smiled at him coyly, he let out a little laugh. 
The rest of the night seemed to speed by, you and Colin just clicked, there wasn’t a moment that wasn't filled with conversation. Either about his work or about your own, him telling stories about his current cases or you telling him about the rude customers you had gotten that day. Then it shifted towards talking about your favorite tv shows or movies. He admitted that his job didn't leave him much time to watch tv and you vowed that one of your date nights had to be a tv or movie marathon. He blushed at the insulation that there was going to be a second date. 
You two had just finished off your meals when the hostess came by holding a piece of Tiramisu, you let yourself think about the irony of it. You guys had met at your coffee shop and here you were on your first date beings served a coffee flavored dessert. She set it down in front of you two. The plate was decorated with chocolate powder in the shape of a heart. You glanced down at the table and noticed Colin’s hand resting on the table, inching its way closer to yours. You closed the distance and placed your hand over his, squeezing it lightly. He smiled up at you and you returned it. He let you take the first bite of the desert, and he even let you have the last bite. He was a true gentleman through and through. 
The drive home was filled with constant loving stares back and forth, your hands resting intertwined on your thigh. When you guys got back to your place you didn't want to leave the car, it had been a while since you had a date like that. One filled with so much comfort and romance, one you never wanted to end. More often that you went on dates with sleazy men that picked you up two hours late and flirted with your hostess. Which resulted in you sneaking out the bathroom window and drinking your sorrows away at the bar. But you had a feeling you wouldn't be ditching any of your upcoming dates. 
Colin, being the gentleman he was, got out and went to open your door for you, much to his and your own dismay. You slid out of the seat and walked as slowly as possible to your front door. He held both your hands in his own. “This was fun.” He looked down at his shoes, not meeting your eyes, fearing you wouldn’t agree with him.
“It really was, we should do it again.” His head whipped up at your response, a smile taking hold of his features. 
“How does next Friday sound?”
“LIke it’s too far away.” He blushed at your words. “But I think I can wait till then if you continue to come by every morning.” 
“Well I couldn't very well start each day without the best cup of coffee in the world now could I?”
“Oh shut up.” You giggled, his heart fluttered at being able to make you laugh. What he wouldn't give to spend the rest of his life trying to make you laugh. A little warning light went off in him at that thought, was he seriously already thinking of spending his life with you. You guys had only met this week and it was only your first date. What if you thought he was moving too fast? What if you didn't want to even go out again? Wait, you had just said you wanted to go out again. He was spiraling, lost in his own thoughts. You saw his brow furrow and reached your hand out to smooth out his worry lines. 
“What’s bugging’ ya detective?” His eyes widened at hearing your sweet voice address him by detective. 
“Nothing, just lost in my thoughts.” His ears turned red at the realization he had just zoned out in front of you. You just giggled, moving your hand down to cup his face. He leaned into your soft touch and slowly moved his hands up to rest on your waist. He pulled you closer and you began to slowly move forward. Your lips connected, it was very soft and hesitant. You moved your other hand up to cup the back of his neck, running your fingers near the edges of his hair. The wind blew softly around you two, making your hair and his coat flutter. You pulled away and rested your foreheads together. You looked up at him through your lashes, reluctantly beginning to pull away. “Goodnight detective.” 
He pulled away as well, letting his hand linger in your own, holding on to your fingertips until he couldn't anymore. “Goodnight (y/n), I’ll see you tomorrow.” 
“I can’t wait.” You closed the door and he stayed outside your door until he heard the locks click shut. Once he knew you were safe he made his way back to the car, pumping his arms in the air, in joy. 
Unknown to him you were watching his little display of happiness from your window. You did your best to suppress a fit of giggles as you sat down at the little window seat, unfastening your heels and tossing them to the floor. You tucked your feet underneath yourself and watched him get back into his car, a smile never leaving his face, and never leaving yours. You gently touch your fingertips to your lips, the lingering taste of his lips on your own. You sighed at the memory,  he was going to be the death of you. 
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ms-indifferwnt · 6 months ago
“I’m Cold”
“I’m cold"
“Can’t you give me your jacket or something?”
“Can’t you accept my proposal and marry me already?”
In which Prince Donghyuck’s parents are forcing him to get married and he decided to propose to the first girl he sees to shut his parents up
Genre: Prince!Lee Donghyuck x Maid!Reader, Angst, Fluff, Arranged Marriage (kinda), Slowburn
Warnings: Curse words, Suggestive (I’ll add more if there are)
Notes: Chapter 13 out of 13 of Im Cold. I got a biiiiiiit to excited for this one, I will be posting an epilogue soon. Thank you so much for reading up until this poit💕💕 PS GIF not mine credits to owner♡♡
Prev / Chapter 13 / Next
Tumblr media
Five months. That's how long its been since the Prince last saw you. The Engagement was called off a week after you left, which left him into a silent depressive state, holed up in his room.
"Donghyuck," Prince Jeno says and knocks "Look I know how it feels to loose someone you love but you have to believe me that locking yourself in you're room won't help"
Prince Jisung nods and knocks on to Prince Donghyuck's door "Hyung come on, please let us in" which was greeted with no reply, Prince Jeno, Prince Jisung, Prince Jaemin and Prince Mark all sighed
Prince Chenle groans when he finally appeared, Prince Renjun right behind him "Crowned Prince of the West Lee Donghyuck, pull yourself together, get over the fake relationship and let us in"
The other Prince's eyes went wide at the younger's words and Prince Donghyuck opens the door "Get the fuck inside and shut up, all of you" He spoke coldly and harshly that the other Princes obeyed Prince Donghyuck without a second thought
Once they've entered the room they were greeted with The Prince sitting on his bed. The Prince had eyebags under his eyes, his clothes were a mess, mismatched and buttoned all wrong, his bed wasn't in good shape either, the blanket was curled and pushed to a corner while his pillows were placed around the room. It was obvious the The Prince hasn't eaten breakfast either from the sight of his untouched plate of food
"Oh Hyuck" Prince Mark says sadly "You look horrible"
"Thanks Hyung" He rolls his eyes "I can't believe you told them"
"I had to Hyuck, its been what four months? 'till we last saw her and you"
"We want to help you" Prince Jaemin agrees
Prince Jisung looks at him with a soft smile "You look like shit, seriously"
Prince Donghyuck smiled at the way the youngest teased him "If you are gonna curse at least try not to sound awkward"
The Princes all smiled at how the room's mood elevates when Prince Donghyuck smiled, they were glad to see him smile at least. Prince Donghyuck sighed and counted the people in his room "I count five people," He pursed his lips "Where's Lucas Hyung?"
"He wanted to come" Prince Jeno assured and summoned some maids to clean up the room before Prince Donghyuck could say anything "But he and Lady Yeonli are preparing for their marriage ceremony"
Donghyuck stands and leans against the window so the maids could clean up "Its fine, none of you had to come" He looks out the window "Congratulations Hyung"
"You know you're invited too" Prince Renjun aswers and shows him the invitation "And Y/n" He places them both down on the bedside table and Donghyuck sighs looking off
"You really need to get yourself together," Prince Renjun starts and Prince Mark closes the door after the maids leave "You were the one who started the agreement"
"I know" Prince Donghyuck sighs once more and tilts his head "doesn't mean it'll help make me feel better, the thought of her so far away, or that the last memory I have of her is her crying on to my chest 'till she fell asleep" he frustratingly ran his fingers through his hair
"The last?" Prince Renjun asked
"I fell asleep by her side that night," He looks at the bed and remembered that night, the way you clinged on to his shirt, the half tiara discarded to the side as you cried on his chest until you were too weak that you lost consciousness, he remembers how you clinged on to him even as your energy decreased, he gently lifts you and placed you on your bed ready to leave you for the night so you can rest, the hand that held his top was still in place and he smiles, lying down beside you, letting you snuggle as close as you want 'till you feel better, he remembers how happy he was to see you depend on him so much, he remembers wiping the stray tear that would escape your eyes, he remembers how he whispered how much he loves her. "She wasn't there when I woke up" Prince Donghyuck stands up to get something from his bedside table "She left me" He shoves the letter to Jaemin's chest " And this is all she left behind"
Jaemin took a step back from the force the older Prince have him the letter as read it aloud: "Good Morning, My Prince. Please forgive me for my actions last night, I wasn't in the right mind, if his highness can't find it in himself to forgive me I would accept any punishment I am charged with but if the Prince does accept my forgiveness, I will be forever indebted to you.
His Highness, shouldn't worry about me anymore, the sadness I felt will soon become a memory and I will make sure that it will, I thank his Highness for being my Rock and for taking care of me in the two weeks I have been under your care. I wish the Prince nothing but Joy and Happiness in the years to come, I may not be the girl that truly lies in His Highness' heart but without a doubt it is an honor to experience it. I wish The Prince to meet someone he will love with all his heart and love him back, I wish you all the best
Love, L/n Y/n
P.S. Thank you for the wonderful night, I hope his Highness doesn't mind but I kept the gift" Jaemin reads and looks back at the Prince who motioned for him to look at the envelope and he does, he takes out a familiar silver bangle moon charm bracelet that was supposedly his birthday gift, then a gardenia flower necklace, then the silver necklace she wore on her birthday
"These are all your gifts" Prince Jeno mutters
"It is," Prince Donghyuck starts and takes the jewelry from Prince Jaemin "The only thing she kept was the hair clip I got for her" He says sadly and covers his face, tears pricking his eyes once again
"You should confess" Prince Chenle suggested flopping on Prince Donghyuck's bed, making the latter lift their head to narrow their eyes at the younger boy "So she could reject you"
Prince Donghyuck scoffed and wiped the stray tear "Jisung you're nearer do me a favor and whack him for me?"
"Hear me out Hyung" Chenle pointed out and crossed his arms at the snickering Jisung in his peripheral vision "When she properly and straight up rejects you, you'll be able to move on, isn't that better than locking yourself in your room?"
Just then there was a knock on his door, Prince Mark opens it being greeted by Doyoung holding a tray "Excuse me Princes, but I have brought tea and refreshments"
"Come in Doyoung" Prince Donghyuck instructs, in an attempt to stop Prince Chenle's train of thoughts
Doyoung bows and places it down on a table and started handing the Princes their favorite flavors, "Mint tea for Prince Mark, Honey tea for Prince Renjun, Black Coffee for Prince Jaemin, Rose Tea for Prince Donghyuck, Cinnamon Tea for Prince Jisung and Vanilla tea for Prince Chenle"
They all bowed in thanks and Prince Donghyuck makes a face at the smell of roses, something about the scent of roses made his anxiety spike and now he can't bare the scent of it "Thankyou" He says and watches Doyoung leave before he presses the cup against his lips to take a sip before placing it back down with a sigh
"Doyoung is really good at brewing tea," Prince Jisung notes before looking at Prince Donghyuck who refuses to touch his tea "Isn't Rose tea your favorite? Why aren't you drinking it?"
Donghyuck nods "It tastes," He looks at the tea "Different. I haven't drank Rose tea in a while cause of this" He answers and hums
Prince Chenle sighs and stands from his position on the bed "We're going to Y/n Noona's flower shop and you'll confess to her"
"Does Chenle have a problem with his hearing? Did you hear anything I said?"
"I did," Chenle says "and it hurts to see someone who we think of as our brother, locking the world out just because they lost a love. Hyung you deserve to be happy even if the girl isn't noona, all I, all we want is for you to be happy" He looks at Donghyuck in the eye "And this is the first step in getting over her, so I'm forcing you to get up and change into something decent cause we're heading out"
"Hyung" Jisung cuts in and nods "We think this might be good for you" Prince Jeno, Prince Jaemin and Prince Renjun all nodded at the youngest's words
Prince Mark placed his hand on Prince Donghyuck's shoulder "We're not the only one who's worried about your well being"
Donghyuck looks at the untouched Rose Tea and nods "Fine, Lets go"
"Welcome!" You greeted once you heard the familiar bell of the door open, Donghyuck smiled for the first time in a very long time at the sound of your voice, even if the reason he left his room was to finally experience closure "Your Highnesses?" you asked surprised
Donghyuck smiled at you and opened his mouth to greet you before Chenle whizzed passed him to hug you "Noona I missed you"
"Hi Noona!" Jisung called with a wave of his hand
You grinned "Hi" You waved back, bowing down to great the royals in your shop
"No need for that" Prince Renjun spoke "You're still our friend"
You stared at him as you straightened making you tuck your hair behind your ear, the clip, Donghyuck can now see that you're still wearing, no longer doing its job in keeping your hair out of your face. Donghyuck's fingers twitched and his heart swelled, he wanted to walk up to you to clip your hair in place like before and he was more than happy to see you still using his gift just when he was about to say one more thing the door to the storage opened and he met Hendery's eyes
Hendery was shocked to see the amount of royal in his your shop but he really doesn't have the right to say anything about it, he bows "I humbly greet the royals"
"Rise" Price Jeno was first to speak after a long silence
Doing as he was told he looks at you "I've already did what you asked"
"Thank you" You replied and looked at him, you both kept the eye contact a bit too long than usual, you only woke up from your trance when Hendery cleared his throat and looked away while you looked away as well "Oh, Right before I forget" You grabbed a glass of water and handed it to him "Here drink something first, its hot outside. And this is the key you asked My brother last week" you showed it to him
He nods drinking the water and taking the key "Thank you" He smiles and you smiled softly "I should go" He replies
You nod "Right," You took a step back "See you around?"
He looks at you and nodded, placing the glass down, his eyes not leaving yours before he smiled softly once more
Donghyuck looked away and sighed "Yeah" He says turns around "I'm not doing it"
Prince Mark grabbed him by the forearm to prevent the Prince to leave, waiting 'till Hendery finally left
"Prince Donghyuck?" You called and he looks at you "Are you ok?"
"Yeah" He answered quickly "I just wanted to see you, I mean, how you were, I wanted to see how you were"
You tilted your head and Prince Jaemin holds your hands "Actually Prince Donghyuck wanted to tell you something"
"Oh?" You looked at the Prince just met your eyes "What is it about, My Prince?"
Prince Jeno pushes Prince Donghyuck's shoulder "I think it'll be better if you both talk alone"
"But His Highness, I can't I have to watch the shop"
"You heard her," Donghyuck replies and pulls his arm away from Mark "We're intruding on her work time"
"Don't worry about it" Prince Jisung starts "We'll watch the shop while you two speak"
You blinked "No, I cant, you can't I cant ask royals do this" You panicked and grabbed Prince Jaemin's hand again
"You can, besides we're Royals if we can't watch over a shop for a little bit then we fail as possible future Kings" Jaemin points out and you pout
"We'll be ok, Y/n" Prince Jeno assures and you nod
"If the Princes wish it" You replied with a bow and smiled at Prince Donghyuck "This way your Highness" You lead him to the back where a couch and a coffee table was
"Oh," You smiled "Would His Highness like tea? I can make you a cup of Rose Tea"
He stares at you and nods "Yeah, that would be nice"
You nod "make yourself comfortable, My Prince, I'll make you a cup" You smiled and left the room momentarily to prepare the tea for the Princes
"Noona!" Prince Jisung calls with a tilt of his head "Did you and Hyung already talk?"
You shake your head and motioned to the make shift kitchen "No, not yet. I was on the way to make tea for the royals"
"That'd be lovely Y/n" Prince Mark says as he puts away some of the mess the Prince's made. You chuckle and started readying the tea "What Tea are you making Y/n?"
"Rose tea" You smiled and added a bit of honey into the bottom of the cups for an added flavor and then you poured the hot water, placing the tea on the counter you happily handed it to the Princes "There's still honey, If it doesn't suit, His Highness's tastes?" They nod and all adjusted the tea according to their tastes "I can do it" You yelped once Prince Renjun adds a bit more honey
He swats your hand "Focus on Donghyuck, and give him his tea"
"But I can serve you all too, Prince Renjun"
"Nonsense, Donghyuck wants to tell you something important, besides he hasn't drank Rose tea in a while," He starts remembering their earlier conversation
"He probably misses it" Prince Jaemin adds and takes a sip, he didn't adjust the taste and he hums in approval "You're Rose Tea is so refreshing"
You tilt your head "Wait, Prince Donghyuck hasn't drank- Thank you, Prince Jaemin" You bowed before continuing your sentence, Prince Donghyuck's tea in your hands "The Prince hasn't drank Rose Tea?"
Prince Chenle nods and places the tea on the counter "He says it tastes different"
You looked at the tea "Weird" you mutter
"What is Noona?" Jisung asks taking another sip
"I'm sure I left the procedure of how Prince Donghyuck likes his tea in the kitchen before I left" You answered
"Doesn't matter" Mark cuts in and motions for you to return to Donghyuck with a wave of his hand "Maybe he'll drink now, Go to him Y/n"
You nod and left them to walk to where Prince Donghyuck was waiting for you, "My Prince?" You called and he looks at you "Here you go" You bowed
He takes it, the scent of roses was calming now he smiles, and he takes a sip before looking up at you "This tastes good" He starts and takes another sip
You chuckled at the sight "Your Highness, may I ask you something?"
He nods
"Are you ok?"
He looks at you "What?"
The Princes all take a sip of the tea "Someone should listen in on their conversation" Prince Chenle starts and they all look at him
"Are you really a Prince?" Jisung replies "You know we shouldn't"
"No, No lets hear him out" Renjun says and places his cup down
"Its Donghyuck Hyung, he might back down. Hyung will only have a hard time if he decides not too" Chenle spoke
Mark nods "I'll do it" He stands and places his tea on the counter "Chenle has a point, so I'll do it."
"Yeah? Why not me?" Prince Jeno asks pointing a finger at the oldest
Mark scoffed and pushed his hand away "Pointing is rude, besides" He points at the door "Customers" He smiles slyly and goes to where you and Prince Donghyuck is before the others would tell him to stop. He stood in front of the door, listening to the conversation
"Your Highness, what did you wanted to talk about?" Mark heard you speak
There was a long drawn out silence before Donghyuck spoke, Mark can only guess he was drinking the tea "It doesn't matter" Donghyuck says and Mark sighs, Chenle was right, he did back down, "Don't worry about it, ok? When the other Princes ask, just say you said no" Mark gently massages his temples, He knows that nobody can really force Donghyuck to confess if he truly doesn't want, In fact Mark is ready to defend Donghyuck, if he really doesn't want to confess then Mark is willing to lie and say you turned Donghyuck down
"I don't think so?" You spoke up and Mark froze, that was an unexpected answer
"What?" Even Donghyuck was surprised
"I- I'm so sorry, I spoke without thinking!" Mark heard the distress in you voice
"Don't bow" Donghyuck says and shifts to help you sit up "I told you, speak your mind, I won't do anything that'll hurt you"
"Its just." You took a second to gather your strength "If it doesn't really matter, Why does my Prince look so sad? or why you refuse to look at me? And I don't think the other Princes would take His Highness here to speak with me without a good reason"
Mark smiles, you were able to see through Donghyuck's white lie, he's relieved, if you were to have stayed by Donghyuck's side, Mark can tell you'd be a wonderful Queen one day, he wishes both you and Donghyuck happiness in whatever the outcome maybe
"You're getting good at that" Donghyuck murmured
"You taught me" You replied "His Highness doesn't have to tell me, forgive me, I forgot my place-"
"They wanted me to confess" Donghyuck said, getting angry at your words and how low you think of yourself
Mark grinned, the moment was perfect there is no way Donghyuck can go back on what he says now, he nods and leaves the two to speak, satisfied
"What?" You asked surprised
The Prince licks his lips and takes the tea he previously placed down in an attempt to calm his nerves "I love you" He whispers and takes another sip "A lot, I just didn't confess cause You and Hendery were still together"
"So," You narrowed your eyes, "Now that we're not-?" You asked
"They wanted you to reject me" he cuts you off once more "So I can get over you properly" He places the cup down and looks at you
"Well in that case, Your Highness I'm flattered but I respectfully-"
"I don't want you to"
"You, I'm sorry?"
"I don't want you to reject me, the five months I experienced without you was horrible and I refuse to go through that again," He gets off his seat to hold you hand in between his as he kneels "Please, let me love you, I want to make you happy, I never want to do something that'll hurt you. I don't care how long it takes but please, let me stay by your side"
You stared at the Prince in shock
"Let me court you, let me win your heart" He takes a deep breath and bows his head "If you decide to reject me now, I'll honor your words and leave, but hope is cruel thing isn't it? If there is even a slightest chance of me, winning you over, I'll fight for you, Because I love you"
Tumblr media
"What- what is all this, My Prince?" You asked in confusion as The Prince entered the shop holding a bouquet of Primroses, and behind a truck full of primroses were waiting "Primroses?"
"Miss Y/n" Says MinJung, one of the hired help that Prince Donghyuck practically hired for you so you don't have to work as much, "Where should I put these?" She asked
"My Prince?" You asked and raised your hand as a way to tell MinJung to wait "What's this for?"
He tilts his head "You said last week you wanted Primroses"
You blinked and stare at the Prince, pursing your lips to avoid smiling "Forgive me, but when?"
"You showed me your garden and mentioned that Primroses would be perfect or it"
You smiled
"You didn't ask for it, did you?" He says in realization and you shake you're head "Oh god"
You laugh and took a step forward to cup his hands "Thank you" You looked to the side "MinJung please put half of the ones in the truck for display here in the shop and the other half," You turned to look to the other side to spot another hired help "YeonWoo," You called "The other half plant them in the garden" You instructed and they did as they're told
You pulled away from the Prince and he pouts "If you don't like them you can give them back, you don't have to do that"
You smile and lead the Prince inside "I like them" You assured handing him a cup of tea you were previously making "Forgive me but that's not Rose tea, would you like to try?"
"What tea is it?" He aske inching closer to you
"It would be an honor if Prince Donghyuck would guess"
He raises an eyebrow and takes a sniff of the air "Lavender?"
You grin and nod "Does His Highness want to try?" you asked with a small tilt of your head and The Prince smiles and nods
"You made it right?" You nod, and offer the cup to him which he accepts and takes a sip
"How is it?" You asked "Does the Prince have a suggestion?"
"You can add a little bit of honey" He answers after a second sip "But other than that I like it"
"Honey? isn't it already flavorful?" You moved to pour yourself a cup so you can taste it yourself, when the Prince handed you his "Pardon?"
"Drink from here" He instructs and you pursed your lips "Y/n come on"
You nod and accepted the cup taking a sip "Honey?" You asked again
"If you're unsure you can always go to the palace and ask Doyoung yourself," He points out as you add a bit of honey "He hasn't seen you for a year, I know he'd be happy to see you" He bows thanking you when you readjusted the taste
That's right, its been seven months since Prince Donghyuck asked to properly court you and a year since the agreement, he still comes here almost whenever he can and gives you gifts and reminders for his affection "Doesn't my Prince get tired?" You thought aloud
He turns to look at you "What?"
You blushed "I'm sorry, I misspoke"
He reaches out to hold your hand "Speak your mind" he lifts it to kiss the back of your hand. You take your hand away and he frowns, he thought he at least got you comfortable around him that you're letting him hold on to you like before "Y/n what's wrong?"
You look down "I've said this before, Your Highness, but won't you get tired, waiting for me I mean, I could say No. Its been, seven months and I am still here, I don't want the future king of this country spend majority of his time wooing a woman that would cherish him"
The Prince tries his best to not look at you, as a smile leaves his lips. He looks back at you and cups your cheek, making you look up at him "You know, I know you're very serious right now and that I should assure you that isn't the case but the mere thought of you being worried about me I just- I'm very happy" You scrunched your nose and pulled your face away from him and he reaches out to hold your hand, locking your fingers together trailing random patterns on your skin "I'm not getting tired" he says before leaving a soft and loving kiss on the back of your hand "Forgive me, but I will never get tired of you, besides this future King won't accept anyone else as his Queen unless its you." He leaves a soft peck on each of your fingers before trailing up your arm
You found your breath getting caught in your throat, you didn't want to push the prince away and before you could process what was going on, there he was mere inches from your neck, breath fanning against your skin making you catch your lip between your teeth as your eyes fluttered close, cheeks and ears going a shade red
The Prince happily smiles at you, he was happy you're not pushing him away, for him you're worth the wait "I love you, I always have and I always will. I'm never leaving, so its either you or I'm never marrying, In all honestly you might be the first to get sick of me," He whispers, making you shiver, "I'll always be waiting for the day you accept me into your heart officially," his free hand reaching up to release the lip in between your teeth "You were the one who'd scold me when I'd bite my lip cause it'll affect my natural lip tint right?" He keeps his thumb over your lip
You placed your free hand the wrist of the hand on your lip, he didn't move or say anything letting his hand go slack so you can pull it away if you wanted, you didn't. He also noticed the way your eyes flickered from his eyes to his lips, and he grins.
He decided to be bold and moves to peck your lips, well he actually kissed his thumb, the one pressed against your lips. Neither of your lips touched but The Prince smiled at the thought of something like his thumb being the only thing that separates that desperate wish of his to reality
You grip on both his hand tightened at the sudden action but it didn't come, He kissed his thumb and the fact he was so close made your heart beat fast enough to think of you're still alive
You both just end up staring at each other's eyes a little longer, his hand, that was previously holding your chin and pressed against your lip, has snaked its way to your nape, slowly leaning in.
You leaned towards him too, letting his hand guide you towards him, you were both close enough that his lips was just brushing against yours, both your eyes closing, ready to feel each others lips
"Miss Y/n, someone asked if they could speak with you" YeonWoo calls opening the door and you immediately push the Prince away by covering his lips with the palm of your free hand while your head lifts up and away from him to look at a panicked YeonWoo in the eye "I am so sorry, I didn't- I wasn't expecting, I'm just gonna go- Um, we can handle the one outside, uh resume?" He asks and leaves closing the door
You looked back in front of you to see your hand still on the Prince's mouth and you flinched "I am so sorry" You pulled it away and he chuckles lifting your still intertwined hands up to leave another kiss on the back of it, You quickly pulled it away
He laughs and sits back down and you pressed your lips into a thin line the earlier possible scenario still in your head "Shouldn't you check on your customer?" He teased smiling at how you seem to stare of into space
You stood up "Right, I-I, uh, I'll go now, your Highness" You moved to walk away but stopped "Shall I walk his Highness to baby first?" You picking on the skin of your finger when you spoke to the Prince about his car and he grins
"No I'll go out the back," He looks at his phone "Doyoung is summoning me anyway" He walks up to you and you take steps back until your back hits the wall
"You've-you've become quite bold your Highness" You replied while he stands in front of you his hands in his pocket
"You've become quite shy, My Love" He chuckles, leaning down to your level, holding to your wrist so he can leave a soft kiss on your cheek "I'll call you tonight" He pulls away and your hand flies up to your cheek touching the tingly memory of the Prince's lips against yours "Don't overwork" He waves and leaves via the backdoor and out of your sight
You released a breath you didn't know you were holding before forcing yourself to stop thinking about it and walked out, to do your job "Yes? I was called?"
MinJung, who was holding a bouquet of lilies smiled at you, "YeonWoo handled it, Miss" She smiles and gasped "I love the new bracelet, Miss Y/n" She complements and assists another customer
You mad a face and looked at your wrist to see a familiar silver bangle bracelet, complete with its moon and star charm and you smile "I can't believe it"
Tumblr media
Prince Donghyuck was busy instructing all the hired help into setting up the stand for todays Flora Festival that You were so excited to join in, the stand and the flowers were her and already prepared, everything was ready, all except you, you weren't here, and its been ten minutes but why hasn't he heard anything from you?
He fishes his phone out of his pocket, dialing your number, he counts to the third ring before a familiar click "Darling!" He happily exclaimed "Everything is ready all we need is you, where are you?" He waits for a reply only to be greeted by a sob "Y/n? Y/n are you crying?"
"I-I'm so sorry" You cried and The Prince's instincts went to over drive
"Sorry? Sorry for what?" You let out a choked sob and a quick intake of breath before exhaling sharply only to repeat the process. It took the Prince a moment to realize you were in the middle of an anxiety attack "Oh God," He breathed "Y/n baby, I need you to relax, I know its hard but I need you to do that ok? I'm here over the phone, forget about everything else listen to my voice ok? You can do that right? Breathe with me, my Darling, slowly, in the nose out the mouth, please, you can do it, breathe with me" He says and starts breathing in his nose and exhaling through the moment it took a couple of coaxing before you followed after him and slowly the sharp intake of breaths slowed and stopped, only a steady breathing remaining "that's it, good girl" He praises "That's right, just like that breathe"
He waits and nods till your breathing normalized he spoke softly "What happened? Can you tell me?"
You sniffed and took a while to reply but the Prince was patient, he couldn't stay still he kept pacing back and forth as you slowly forced your voice to come out "I can't come to the festival, I know you worked hard, I'm-I'm so sorry" Your voice cracked at the end and he can tell you were about to cry
"Y/n, the festival doesn't matter, are you hurt? is that why you couldn't come?" He asks worriedly
"My Brother" You choked out
"What happened to Hyung?" He asked softly
"He-" You sobbed and he bites his lip in worry "He got into an accident, he's hurt badly, he's in the E.R." you trailed off
"Y/n?" he calls out to you
"I'm so scared" You finally spoke
"I'll go to you, Darling tell me where you are"
"Dre-Dream Hospital" you sniffed
"Ok, I'll be there in fifteen minutes, wait for me ok?" there wasn't a reply, he pulls the phone away ready to turn it off "Would you like me to stay on the line?"
"Yes please" You choked out
"Alright darling I'll stay on the line"
"MinJung" He calls to the hired help "Give me your phone, I need to make a call"
MinJung nods and unlocks it before handing it to the Prince, he hears a total of two rings before Doyoung's voice greeted him "Kim Doyoung Hyung, summon Dr. Hwang BonHwa"
"My Prince?" Doyoung asked suprsed at the unknown number "What's wrong are you hurt?"
"No, take Dr. BonHwa to the Dream hosipital and have him treat Y/n's brother, L/n JiOk," The Prince ordered
"I'm sorry, You want me to take the royal physician to look after Y/n, your ex fiance's brother?" He asked surprised
Donghyuck growls, he really wasn't in the mood to entertain Doyoung "Good your not deaf," He barked "Do it, Now"
"Yes, My Prince" was said after a silence and the call ends
The hands the phone back to MinJung "You're incharge of the stand, Y/n and I might not return" He nods and bows before leaving
"Your Highness?" you called
He flinches before speaking softly "Yes? I'm here, I'm sorry did I scare you?"
There was no reply as he unlocks and sits at driver's seat of his car "Darling I know its hard but please try and reply whenever you can ok? I need to hear your voice just like how you need hear mine" He starts
"Ok" you replied and he nods
"Thank you" He says and "Y/n I'll close the door of baby ok? so don't be scared if it's loud" He warns and closes the door "My heart you still there?"
He heard a small hum and he smiles thankful you tried to reply, but he needed to you to get you mind off that "Y/n do you wanna hear baby purr?"
"Purr?" you asked voice soft that he barely caught it, He starts the car and it purred to life, he heard a small giggle coming from you, he smiles thankful to hear it again
"Y/n I'll connect my phone to baby, so I might be disconnected for a second, I will be right back, ok?"
"Ok" He nods and connects them, just like he said he disconnects from the call for a quick second, it made your heart spike, fear wrapping itself around you as if wrapping itself by your neck making you loose your rationality and breathing until you hear his voice
"Y/n? My Love? are you still with me?"
You take a deep breath a choked sob leaving your lips "Please, quickly" You begged holding on to your phone like a lifeline, with it and his voice literally being the reason why you haven't lost your sanity
"I'll be there, I promise" He says worry in his voice as he drives towards the hospital,
"Doyoung Oppa?" You called out and Donghyuck breathes a sigh of releif as you spoke with Doyoung and Dr. BonHwa. The short way to Dream Hospital, he speaks softly and lovingly, saying weird and different things to get your mind off it and he's thankful that you'd try to reply to him
And finally he was there he parks and grabs his phone, turning the engine and car off ending the call and he runs in "Where is L/n JiOk?" He asked the nurse who stared, frozen at The Prince in surprise, He growled "I said where?" he says intimidating the nurse who quickly looked for it and gave him the the room he is supposedly staying at and he ran
Once he got there, right infront of the door his breathing stopped as all he heard was your crying plee "Your highness?! No please! you said you'd stay! No! No! No! Prince Lee Donghyuck! Please, I need you please!"
"Y/n" He says and opens the door, running up to you to hug you "Shh, I'm here, The call got disconnected, I'll never leave you, I'm here, I'm so sorry" He breathes and kisses the top of your head as you clinged on to him
"I'm so scared" you choked out
"I know," He whispers and holds you close, "Its ok, I'm here now, let me be your rock. I'll protect you, you'll be safe with me"
Tumblr media
"My prince?" You asked when he entered the shop, slightly out of breath, You poured him a glass of water ready to pick it up and give it to him
"Why are you closing the shop?" He asked taking steps towards you making you step back until the wall stops you from taking another step back "Did something happen? Let me help you" He says worriedly sandwiching you between him and the wall and you laugh
Placing your hand on his chest and gently pushing him away "Don't worry about it, Your Highness"
"No, I will worry about it, is it financial problems? I can pay off the debt, do you need more help? I can hire more people, Do you need a new building? I can buy-"
You laughed a bit louder and held his hand "I have to take care of my brother while my parents are away and nobody could take care of the shop that's why I have to close the shop for a little while. I appreciate the offer but I won't accept your gifts, My Prince"
"Then why do you need to close the shop?" He asks you have the help
"I'd rather them rest"
"Y/n but they're the hired help"
"You might be right, Your Highness, they're my hired help, and I don't think I'll be able to relax when I have to take care of both my brother and shop"
"Then" He smiles "I'll take care of the shop"
He nods and motions around "I'll watch the shop for you"
"No" You answered and shook your head "I can't ask The Prince to watch the shop for me"
"Well you're right you can't ask the Prince" He nods agreeing with you "But you can ask  Lee Donghyuck" He grins knowing how romantic that line was and honestly it made you smile back
"Still, My answer is still a no, You're Highness"
He whines "Ok, fine. One week" You looked at him "come on, You refused me when I offered to pay for the hospital bill"
"That's because I can't ask the Prince"
"You have to, you should," He crosses his arms "I would do anything, give you anything as long as you ask"
"Which is exactly why I don't ask for anything"
"I-" He reached out to pin you against the wall caging you between his arms "Do you even know why I want you to ask me for things? I'm a Prince, I can get anything you want and I'll gladly give it to you," bit his lip "I want you to have everything and anything like, you deserve at least that much, I want to be someone you can lean on, let me spoil you"
You blushed, your hand pressed against his chest in an attempt to get him to leave a couple of inches away from you, he was too close, you can see every detail in his eyes, way his tongue darts out to slightly wet his bottom lip, you shamelessly followed it as your cheeks turning pink even more
The Prince leans in, his breath gently fanning against yours, he was so close that you were afraid the the Prince could hear your heart beat against your chest, he hand fell from the wall to your nape gently tugging you closer. Your lips brushed against one another before you flinched at the sound of the door opening as one of your Hired Help opened the door, pulling away from the Prince's lips and hide your face against his chest
He laughs, this was the second time someone walked in on the both of just when he is about to kiss you, should he build another room just so he can kiss you? He holds you close, even if he doesn't get to kiss you, holding you like this is enough "Please?" He asks "Just one week then after that you decide on what to do yourself"
You grunted "You get one week" You said face still against his chest
He grins "Thank you" He kisses the top of your head
You came to the shop every morning before you go to the hospital to help your brother, only to see the Prince holding a bouquet of flowers that YeonWo wrapped and prepared, he handed it to a customer who bowed once they spotted you, The Prince hasn't seen you yet so he continued conversing with the customers
Every morning you see the Prince getting more domestic than then the last, the first day he was in the make shift kitchen giving the hired help some breakfast, the second he brewed coffee for everyone, the third day he was carrying a crying child who couldn't find his mommy, the forth day he sat in front of a little girl who thought him how to make a flower crown.
And everyday when he sees you he drops everything and happily hugs you like a puppy you couldn't help but giggle and pat his head, this time was a little different you didn't visit in the morning and The Prince started sulking all day, until that evening when he was cleaning up ready to close the shop when you entered, the most he caught sight of you he dropped everything and tackled you in hug making you yelp at the force
"Y/n!" He says
"My Prince~" You smiled and pet his hair, something you learned early on he really liked, you were getting used to his hugs at least that was what you thought until he hides his face in your neck making you stiffen "My, Prince-" You said in shock
"I know," He murmured "just a little longer, I won't see you for a long time, I need this"
He pulls away and smiles a bit sadly "My Birthday is coming up" He informs and you nod "The King and Queen will host a ball to celebrate, so I won't be able to see for a while"
"You're arranging it yourself?" You asked and he nods "That's fine, don't look so glum" You playfully teased and rubbed his cheek with the back of his finger
He held your hand that's on his cheek and gently nuzzled it "How can I? When I won't see you often for the next couple days?"
You chuckled "It'll be over before you know it, then we can go to the place His Highness loves"
"You're house?" He teases and You blushed "I'm kidding, When you're finally mine, I know you'll show me your home yourself" You refused to look at him and he smiles "Can I ask you for a favor?"
You tilted your head and nodded
He takes a step back and kneels offering his hand "Would you, L/n Y/n do me the honor of letting me escort you to the ball?"
You stared at him "But-but there'll be rumors"
"I don't care, as long as I'm with you." He confesses "I want to to show you that I can love you and care for you better than anyone, so please let me"
"OK" You answered and he looks at you as you accepted his hand "I'll let you escort me" He grins and stands up to tackle you in a hug
"You will not regret this! Thank you, Y/n!" He says and pulls away slightly, only then did both of you realize how close you were, how if he leans in and press his lips towards you he could finally kiss you "Y/n?"
You were awoken by his voice and you looked up at him, before seeing how close he was, you squeaked and he grins keeping you in place "Y-yes?" you stuttered
"I really want to kiss you" He confesses and tugs on your waist, making you come even more closer "But I know that I'm only courting you and a kiss is out of the ordinary, but I love you so much and I know that I told you I'll wait and I will and it doesn't change my previous promise, you-you don't have to agree actually, on second thought can I just kiss your on the cheek? Forget everything I said up until this point-" He rambled on
You blushed, listening to him ramble his grip on your waist still firm and you thought about it what the Prince meant to you, how you've learned not only to depend on him but wait for him to burst into your shop's door and greet you, you started to anticipate his calls every night before you sleep or how he sends you pictures of his food and say how he misses eating with you, you learned not only to accept yourself and Hendery's decision but you also learned the reason as to why Hendery made that choice. You looked up at the Prince as he continues rambling and you smile, "I like you too"
He stops mid sentence "what?"
"I-I like you too, My Prince"
"My name, please, say-say my name" He whispered afraid that all of this wasn't real
You smiled and cupped his cheeks "I like you too, Donghyuck" You answered
He exhales sharply and hugs you, tears trailing down his cheeks as he held you close "I- wow" He chuckles "I never expected how happy I'll be to hear you say that. I love you, Y/n" He says in another attempt to hear you say it
"I like you too, Prince Donghyuck"
"Thank you" He breathed and and smiled wiping a tear away "God, I'm so happy" He kisses your cheek "Thank you, Thank you" He repeats and leans his forehead against yours "I love you" He said again.
And you giggle "I'm sorry that I just realize it now" You whisper
"I don't care, as long as you're mine," He looks at you "You are mine, right?"
You playfully pursed your lips "maybe, You haven't asked me anything yet, My Prince"
He laughs and holds your hand "Will you be my girlfriend and be mine?" He asks
And you nod Yes, I'll be your Girlfriend, My Prince"
He smiles happily and pecked your lips, he didn't realize he did, he only did once he pulls away ad you both froze
"Oh, uh, I'm sorry-" He starts and rambles on again about how he lost himself and you leaned up to peck his lips making him stop "I-I" He stutters out
"Now we're even~"
He blinks and held you by the waist "Again" He commands tapping his lips "I want one again, right here" He says and leans in to you, gently pressing his lips against yours and you kiss back, moving your lips together into a slow rhythm, it felt absolutely amazing, the way the two of you seem to perfectly fit into one another it felt so good that neither of you wanted to pull away even with the lack of air
With great reluctance he pulls away, and you pout and he chuckles, chest heaving as he leans back down again to happily give you another breath taking kiss
"I love you" He breathes and leans his forehead against yours, he smiles happily "So so so so so much" he pecks your lips once more
Tumblr media
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persephoneyss · 8 months ago
Bad Movie.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jung Hoseok x f! Reader. Ft. Jungkook.
Genre: Yandere, dark themes, angst, gore a little.
Summary: ❝Looking for the person you love, beautiful woman.❞
Warnings: Yandere behavior, obsession, harassment / stalking, humiliation, forced marriage, non-sexual intercourse, abuse of power, implicit murder, drug use naming, minor past master / pet relationships, secondary character abduction, ugly hallucinating hoseok , beatings, blood, photos depicting abuse, mistreatment and death, bribery, sexism and humiliation (directly aimed at female prostitutes), hoseok mistreats and humiliates jk, awkward marriage proposals, use namjoon as a secondary character because it hurts more:(, etc.
Number of words: 6000+
︙Author's Note: This is my longest fic so far, I think. It took a lot for me to do it, especially since I didn't have a clear idea about the whole plot that would take and the role that each character would develop. So if you see Jungkook in a kind of strange character, blame my mind for including him almost last. Also, I hate Hoseok in this fic. Namjoon angel and fallen soldier, by the way let me know if they cried with his death, it hurt me to write it. Thank you very much for the 200 notes in my previous fic, I'm crying.
Read the Warnings well and enjoy!
(Sorry for any mistakes, my first language is not English and I am not fluent either.)
Puedes leer este fic y más aquí en español.
Tumblr media
Confidence, a beautiful and treacherous feeling at times.
Feeling superior is a constant whisper of the ego within you, calling to be released and make others feel as what they really are, despicable and useless trash. It was fun laughing at losers when you haven't had that sense of defeat yet.
Hoseok fervently watched his rivals fall at his feet, laughing at his incompetence and stomping even more pathetic defeated form even though they were already dead in tears of pain. He smiled, he always did when he felt invincible and He bit his lip gently to hold back an excited laugh.
No one could be compared to him, and in his high sense of power he could never be alert when he struck him with a blast of vengeance.
It was you.
His eyes stared at you in horror and anger, his ego inside him hated you from the first moment. Because while despicable, he loved you for much more than his pride and winning sense.
He fell at your feet but he never made you notice it, behaving as he normally would around you even though he was always behind you.
Luck was her greatest ally, he always smiled at her and she helped him. It was fun to play with your opponents pretending to be the victim, the cornered mouse and then smash everyone with a snap of your fingers.
His mother looked at him with love and his father with pride, he was the only and favorite son of the Jung family. His success was never derived from love, much less, it was blasphemy in his family to say something so false and impossible.
Hoseok admired his family when they met in the great message of his parents' house, his grandparents smiled and his relatives brought out their most exquisite stories to entertain. They were all crows pretending to show interest in a prestigious place in the will of the family's monarch, his grandfather.
It was at one of those dinners that he got to meet you, he used to get bored of hearing his cousins ​​tell their anecdotes with prostitute women who mostly called, whores of a night. Mocking their shocked faces when they refused to pay them and threw them out of their big luxurious houses.
He rolled his eyes when a family friend, little Jungkook who was known to his father because of his prestige in his last name, chimed in trying to get into the conversation with a shy smile.
Lucky bastard, he thought bitterly. He didn't like the little idiot sticking his hands in boiling water, he wasn't even supposed to be there.
He hummed a goodbye as he walked out the front doors, walking aimlessly to his bored eyes. His feet stopped abruptly with a strangled sigh when he first saw you, you looked tired as you apparently searched for a key inside your bag. Could visualize the logo on your shirt from the grocery store where he assumed you were employed, He stood looking for what seemed like an eternity at you before you find the keys and rush through the back door. He snorted before lazily continuing on his way, however the next day he ended up following in your footsteps again and with even more confidence.
It took a few weeks for him to be able to enter the small commerce store and be able to look you face to face for the first time, it was expected that you would serve him with a smile asking if he was offered something. But he did not see you anywhere, he looked for you before another equally young woman approached him kindly, he sighed making a face of disgust surprising the she worker, his expensive shoes got dirty on the floors of the humble place with shame. His little investigation and search took him through many corridors of the establishment, he observed the shelves and each person who seemed to be wearing the uniform of the store thinking of finding you distracted with your work, maybe he thought of approaching you and asking for directions which he clearly didn't need. Knowing that  she you couldn't refuse because that was your job. In a way, you were there to serve him.
He let out a bored sigh, tired of playing hide and seek, he turned around ready to leave that place that disgusted him so much in a certain way, but once again he stopped in an instant. It was a moan. He clenched his fists, walking hurriedly to the place where the noise came from, he was sure it was your voice and that made him even more angry thinking that he would find you in a compromising position with someone.
He did not think that his lover would be such a stupid and dirty person.
You were crouched on the floor, grimacing with pain and exhaustion. You seemed very annoyed trying to lift a box with your arms, the scene was tender and certainly pathetic, she smiled noticing that you were so distracted that you were never aware of how I was watching you with carnal desire and painfully bad adoration.
"I-can I help you." He was surprised at his little babble, justifying himself later. Nobody ever managed to make him nervous, his father used to despise weak people and certainly he always sought his approval by doing things that were not correct. "They seem heavy."
Your face pale before the scare, turning into a face of shame quickly, you shook your head with a gentle movement, smiling still pained. "I'm fine sir. Can I help you? Maybe he got lost, let me guide-..."
"Actually, I do need help but not with your services." I speak in disagreement, you seemed confused but she nodded at his request. The customer is always right, right? How convenient. "I need you to allow me to help you with that heavy box, not to be rude or calling you weak miss, but you can't seem to handle it."
Lie, under his politically correct excuse was a dialogue about how insufficient you are even with things as easy and common as carrying a box, obviously you needed his help and Hoseok could give you that and more, much more. You just had to say it, it was so simple and fun.
"I -... I can do it, but i will accept your help sir ..." He smiled making an emphasis for he to give him his name, he let out a small laugh finishing his sentence.
“Hoseok, you can call me Hoseok, darling..." He mock imitating his position, your name left your lips like a melody and he immediately felt the sweet taste of it slide down his tongue. Beautifully perfect, indeed. "Now that we can finish the introductions please allow me."
Her expensive outfit crumpled as she bent down to lift the box with ease, you were once again oblivious to her incoherent and certainly crazy fantasies, it was like a romance comedy movie in her eyes. The charming fellow always stays with the girl. And likewise, no one could go against the fictional plot.
He was immersed in the beautiful narrative that you would be hers at the end of the credits.
It was not the last time she saw you, she returned to her same routine of continuing to stalk you with obvious impudence. The only thing that really changed was her new setting and her character, he was hiding between the shelves waiting for the right moment to appear in front of you with a charming smile. Over and over, he was locked in an infinite loop.
He was starting to get tired of just having you in his arms and sheets just in his heavy and lustful dreams.
"A date? How funny Hoseok."
His face twisted in annoyance, but he put on a fake smile again when you looked at him again. "Hobi." He corrected in a high-pitched voice, insisting that you call him that. "And she spoke very seriously my dear, everything is ready."
"Eh ... I -..." A simple wave of her hands was enough to shut you up, you frown in confusion and secretly disgusted.
"On Saturday, I'll send you the address of the restaurant. Goodbye, dear!"
You watch it for a few seconds but he's already gone, you resign yourself to continuing with your work of ordering the products on the shelves. Thinking and trying to remember when you gave him your number. A very characteristic noise distracts you, a call makes you smile with love and adoration.
The plot is taking an interesting turn.
Hoseok was charming by nature, his economic position made him even more desirable to the opposite gender and even his own. It was not strange to see people flirting with him or being suggestive with his proposals, he was on a pedestal and he enjoyed it. His subconscious whispered a little bored. I couldn't deny that he became boring in a way, but you appeared in the story as an extra who soon became a main character. You changed the script of his life already established and narrated.
You were so funny.
He smiled in front of the mirror when he thought of you, since he met you that day he started chatting with you secretly from your supervisor. You had told him several anecdotes to make him laugh, you were also naturally charming pulling out various expressions of adoration that you did not even notice. Oblivious to that, you'd better get ready for the climax of the movie.
The wind was strong in the streets of Seoul, your hair was noticeably messy causing you to let out a tired sigh. You should be planning your wedding banquet right now, but you honestly didn't want to leave Hoseok alone at the dinner he had organized. You put the invitation in your bag, thinking of giving it to her when the time was right with a smile. He seemed like a good person and undoubtedly a good friend in the future.
"You're on time, I was just about to order our food. Honey." The last word slid down his tongue with malice and arrogance, Hoseok inwardly chuckling at your disengaged expression.
"Thanks, but don't stop you can order for both." You say arranging your chair correctly.
The restaurant looked relatively empty, there were only three other people including a couple who ate dinner while chatting enthusiastically.
You smile unconsciously, thinking about what would also make you feel the same way.
"I was looking forward to this dinner, my dear. I also hoped I could tell you how much you have captivated me for a long time, specifically since the first day I saw you." And the others too, he thought shifting your posture.
"Thank you, I'm very flattered to cause that feeling ... in, good in you." You whisper clearly uncomfortable forcing yourself to stay calm. You were sure that you had never given a hint or anything else in Hoseok to establish romantic feelings. "But I-... "
"I know, darling. That is why I have to offer you the opportunity to be my girlfriend and my future wife."
For a moment, you feel a rush through your body. You refuse to make a scene in front of all the few people present out of respect, you calm down by counting to ten slowly in your head, but it becomes very difficult for you as you continue to observe his comfortable smile and how he behaves. He seemed very sure of the affirmative respect you would give him, you snort angrily at the thought.
"I am sorry to have been misunderstood Mr. Hoseok, but I am not seeking a relationship with you and very sorry I reject any relationship beyond friendship." Your body lifts up, making Hoseok laugh well in advance of your final sentences. "I am engaged and my future husband is waiting for me, good afternoon."
Trembling, you leave the invitation in silence, leaving the luxurious premises in the same way. The waiters watching you with surprise, being an audience of rejection and humiliation on your part. Hoseok sighs, sipping his wine glass patiently pretending not to hear what the couple behind him are saying.
What a bad luck.
Life wanted to want to return all his damn vanity to him, making fun of him with your almost imminent rejection, obviously he knew that you were engaged and that you loved the poor man who had the bad luck to be his competition, but love is not always the important thing in a relationship or at least not of both parties. The voices of the waiters and the couple distract him from his plans for his next step, he clenches his fists angrily dropping the silverware on the plate calling the attention of everyone in the place.
"Filthy vulgar and talkative people, she will be my wife even if her words have been heard by her prying ears." He raised his voice, causing everyone to shut up. "It's just part of the script."
Maybe if the character who wanted to be the main loses the role of him, he should be the villain. The bad guy in the movie.
He read the invitation with meticulous delicacy, laughing at the little message you put aside. He thought about attending for a second, wondering if it would be nice to walk in to go straight to the altar and shoot your husband willing to take his place by your side. But that would be risky.
"Where are we going, sir?" He asked his driver with a smile.
"Take me to the best brothel in Seoul." He whispered delicately, smiling just as happily as before your rejection. I'd make you pay double the bill for your indulgence.
And likewise, the world is a truly small place. Jungkook nodded clearly uncomfortable obeying someone other than Mr. Jung. Hoseok cornered him like a helpless rabbit in the claws of a cunning fox, flashing his jaw in warning. He felt confused about his little assigned task, watching the direction pointing the right way to his chauffeur who only followed orders.
A small feeling of remorse ran through him, making him want to vomit when he remembered how Hoseok's face was so close to his with arrogance, as his hands roamed his arms gently. He was disgusting how he used his power to such a useless and demanding gain, sometimes without any realism.
"Little Jungkook, you have a very lovely name. I'm sorry I didn't tell you before, you were so insignificant that you seemed pathetic to me." He whispered making her wince. "My father told me that you are good at obeying, I would like to test his theory." His cold hands were constantly running down his arms, making a shiver run through his body. "Still remembering well, I already did it before."
Jungkook was weak under his cloak of power, where he could so easily hide it. Lose it. "Yes, h-hyung." An inappropriate moan came from his lips causing him to cover her mouth in shame, a little touch near his crotch was enough to tempt him. Hoseok smirked, narrowing his eyes before walking away slowly wiping his fingers on his expensive clothes in disgust.
"I want you to befriend someone, don't ask, just do it. I'll tell you your next step when you're done." He ordered bored.
"We are here, young Jeon." Notice Jimin with a smile, Jungkook sighed wearily thanking him before getting out of the car ready to fulfill his mission.
I observe him for a few seconds standing in the entrance without doing anything, he was cleaning the windows of the building with force. He seemed like a nice person, certainly a bit humble. He approached making the man bow respectfully, even though he was older. Money can buy everything, they say.
"I am young Jeon, a new investor. May I have a chat with you?"
The man was surprised, no one who was someone by name and a few numbers along with several zeros would be able to notice his presence and at least greet him. A coffee sounded more intimate and undoubtedly inconvenient for him, but again out of respect he accepted the offer with a smile adorning his features.
"My name is Jungkook informally, but I like you and you can call me that." He spoke kindly.
"Namjoon, Mr. Je -... I'm sorry, Jungkook." He corrected sheepishly, making her smile.
He still didn't understand that he planned to do Hoseok with a building cleaner, but he didn't feel in a position worth asking. Furthermore, he would still not receive an honest answer.
He passed by the same place every day, pretending to enter the building only so he could meet Mr. Kim and talk about unimportant subjects. He gained his trust almost immediately, promising that he would give her a better job soon at his own company. He felt like an idiot taking advantage of the man in front of him in such a way for a simple whim from Hoseok.
He was an idiot, but he didn't want to go back to what he was before. A pet.
"I'm very happy, I think she will make a good wife." He responded with encouragement, seeing how Namjoon nodded looking for a picture of his fiancée to show him. He seemed excited, Jungkook understood his happiness after he explained that he saved for a long time to achieve his dream of getting married in a church. They were both in it together, in looking for a future.
He got lost in his thoughts, maybe if he lied to Hoseok about gaining trust from him, saying that Namjoon was a very cold and quiet man, he could make him forget about it. He sighed squeezing the coffee cup in his hands, Namjoon caught his attention by showing a photo of you smiling at the camera with a background of the bridge and the sun behind making a beautiful background.
Jungkook became alert, having seen that face before.
Hoseok had you as the wallpaper on his phone, he knew it was you because of your characteristic features and the scarf you wore in both photos. You were the new fad of a rich fool.
"T-is ... She's so cute, you're very lucky."
Namjoon nodded with a smile, apologizing before returning to his work upon being called by his supervisor. Jungkook put aside his cup feeling the bitter taste of his thoughts, Hoseok was planning something, he knew he was a son of a bitch who liked to keep his plans under lock and key and in a deep grave. He walked away calling for Jimin quickly, before being accosted by Namjoon who came running over, seemingly forgetting something of the utmost importance.
"I apologized Mr. Jeon, but I wanted to give you this personally. It is an invitation, in addition to the proposal to be the best man at our wedding. My fiancee said that it would be appropriate for me to choose someone and I decided that you were perfect, you can decline if you prefer. . " He spoke kindly, as always. Namjoon seemed to have no hatred in his heart, making his own feel heavy on his chest.
Could he bear the blame?
"It's my pleasure to accept her proposal, thank you for considering me. Good afternoon, namjoon-hyung."
He said goodbye by getting into the car as fast as he could, making Jimin look at him with derision. Obviously noticing his nervousness, Jungkook sighed hiding the invitation as much as he could before reading Hoseok's message ordering him to go to his house to sort out his affairs.
It seemed like a joke as he always looked so flawless, ready to humiliate him again.
"Jungkookie, I'm glad to see you again. Now, we'd better come in for our talk." He smiled making anger grow inside him, Hoseok sat on one of his expensive furniture before pouring himself a glass of wine. "Well, I heard from a little bird that you accomplished your task. Good pet."
"Don't call me that, hyung." He grunted in annoyance, making him laugh. "I can't go through with this, I did what you wanted. Leave Namjoon-hyung alone."
"Oh, they're close now really cute. But you forget that I can't fulfill your wish, because "Namjoon-hyung " is an essential piece in my little game." I speak mocking him as always. "Then we will move on to the next step ..." He thinking for a moment, before snapping his fingers. "Invite him to a bachelor party night at the brothel in the center, I already made the reservation. When they are there, leave him alone. A whore will take care of him properly, and maybe you can go make him a oral another yourself." He sneered evilly, reminding her of his past, Jungkook bit his tongue resisting the urge to respond properly. "Since you're clearly good at it, little pet."
"Yes, hyung."
Hoseok nodded saying for him to leave asap, tired of seeing his stupid face. He got up ready to do so, but his arm was taken tightly before bringing his face closer to hers, Hoseok let out a sigh, doing he could smell his breath of mint and wine combined. His hand lowered him into his pockets dangerously close to his crotch, he bit his lower lip to resist a moan escaping him, this had happened before and he begged it to stop forever. From his pocket, she pulled the invitation out, making her gasp in horror.
"Godfather of wedding, new facet of you... kookie." Rolling he eyes pushing him away from him, he fell to the ground before being met by a blow to his cheek. "What a shitty pet, you idiot."
Two days was enough for you to tremble at the thought. Your dress was proud to be seen, it was the most comfortable dress you could find at a fair price. Namjoon tried to enter but he was stopped by your friend who said that he will wait until you keep the dress out of his sight avoiding bad luck. A smile wavered on your face, everything was perfect up to a point.
Namjoon looked at you, a blush covering his cheeks before asking his obvious question. You didn't expect him to want a bachelor party, but you couldn't refuse because you simply trusted him.
Maybe it was your mistake.
You wished him luck, feeling an inexplicable emptiness. Your friends didn't offer to make one for you, they just sat on the couch in their living room talking about movies and arguing about what color the cake would be. It was the calm before the storm.
Jungkook felt a giant headache, the lights of the place were making him dizzy. Jimin had insisted on going with him to such an 'unusual' place to keep him safe. Namjoon had brought a couple of friends who seemed to be always close to him preventing the woman who did the job Hoseok had him do from becoming difficult.
He smiled, thinking that he would have no choice but to let it go. But Hoseok was not a good loser, and neither was he a good winner.
He distracts his friends, and be careful what you say, kookie.
Received at 11:30 p.m.
He bit his lip, glancing around the bar, thinking he'd find him sitting somewhere spying on everything but nothing looked suspicious. He sighed, sending Jimin out for drinks with one of Namjoon's friends who he gladly accepted. He got up having pushed one away, the other who introduced himself as Jackson seemed more reluctant to leave his friend alone but with a few excuses about feeling bad managed to get him out of sight.
Believed that he would find Namjoon sitting right where he was before but no, he was gone. He felt a burning feeling of guilt, maybe if you didn't find out, nothing would happen.
"You're still the same as before, boss." Jimin sat down next to him, making him uncomfortable.
"Same as before? I am no longer a child."
"But you continue to obey as one. The manipulation they use on you is your greatest weakness, you are afraid, you obey without hesitation thinking about how this will indirectly affect you. But you never do anything to avoid it, you feel bad about this but you still sit here without doing nothing."
"What can I do, Jimin? I don't know if he really left by his will, or if they forced him. I don't want to enter a room in this dirty place and see him sleeping with another woman, because he wanted to and is a fucking infidel . "
Jimin ignored his words, falling silent after several seconds.
Feeling unhappy is a horrible feeling without a doubt. The curious eyes looked at you as if they themselves could judge your story.
Namjoon disappeared as quickly as the wind, many sharp tongues said that he eloped with a lover so as not to marry you. Others believed it was a kidnapping, maybe a robbery gone wrong and he was taken away or he was killed somewhere far away. A sob escaped you just thinking about it, the detective in front of you watched you cautiously.
"We don't know anything about him yet, but we will continue with the investigations."
You nod, without saying a word. Jungkook came in minutes later with a handkerchief in hand, he observed you before gently hugging you. You had the pleasure of meeting him after Namjoon disappeared that night, he introduced himself as a close friend from work and quickly offered to help you with the search.
Maybe he felt guilt.
"Thanks, Jungkook." You smile wiping the tears that escape from your eyes.
"They are looking for the best they can, they even alerted the Japanese embassies in case they might take him there."
"Japan?" Puzzled questions. "Why would someone take him so far? He's just a man with little money, that's ridiculous."
"We don't know, but I promise I won't rest until I find it."
Hoseok sighs bored, witnessing the moment. He had been bribing the bloody police force to hide the information from you about the discovery of your fiancé's corpse floating in the middle of the waters of the river where they used to go together. The only thing that was removed intact from his clothes was a small photo of you smiling, sitting on the banks of the same river.
The police mourned the death, but his faces left grief when they saw the money in his hands. He made fun of Jungkook as usual, who passed by him ignoring him when he went to his house to talk to his father, he knew that the useless little one was very meddlesome in the search for your future husband and ex-fiance. He rolled her eyes remembering how she used to look at him with discontent in meetings, suspicious of him.
He was a good detective, he couldn't deny the obvious.
"You didn't have to do this, a I'm sorry was enough." You say admiring all the bouquets of flowers that came to your house from him. "And I'm sorry for your loss."
He wasn't sorry.
"My dear, losing a loved one is something without a name. I can give you more than this if you promise to smile again, I love your smiles."
Jungkook snorts approaching you from behind, Hoseok to growl at noticing him so close and see how he puts his hand on your shoulder, apparently like support.
"Hyung, he didn't think it's a good time for ... That."
"But little kook, when is not a good time to express how you feel about your loved one?"
"When that person you say you love is crying over the loss of someone special because of evil people who don't know what remorse is. Do you understand that, hyung?"
"No, not really." He laughs cynically making you lose your patience, your little body comes between the two men, with one already furious and the other inadvertently giving up, you make a face of annoyance before speaking.
"Sirs!" You yell at him immediately, Jungkook steps back adjusting his tie. A mania that he had and that you noticed when he presented himself in front of you with regret, he did it when he was uncomfortable or nervous. "This is not the time to argue, I think you'd better leave my house if you're just wasting your time. Thanks for the flowers Hoseok, and Jungkook ... I, I want to continue the investigation on my own."
"What you heard, don't feel responsible for Namj's disappearance -..." You tremble correcting your words, making Hoseok scoff. "My husband, he was just at the wrong time in the wrong place. Thanks for your help, I'll see how to pay you very soon." Jungkook denies trying to insist but fails when you are already closing the door and giving him an apologetic smile.
Your breath feels heavy, you sigh falling to the ground sobbing again. You wanted to find Namjoon, but a large part of you was afraid of how. Dead, with another woman, with serious injuries or simply ... Alive but with trauma for life. You did not want to see him suffer, it was your judgment in life to see the person you love cry in his pain.
You observe yourself, telling yourself that you would be fine when you find it.
Your email seems to explode with thousands of messages received from people claiming to have seen a man like Namjoon near their homes. You ignore them knowing that most of them were false, the first few days you read all of them giving the police false clues that they quickly denied and dismissed.
You dry your tears, closing all the windows and cooking a simple instant soup, eating in absolute silence. It was overwhelming feeling alone at home, where you were supposed to feel safe indoors.
The rain, thunder, and evil outside seemed to be invisible within that place.
A chill runs through you, the control of the television seemed tempting to calm that neat silence and avoid your boredom. You give up turning on the TV, you see the first channel, you keep changing looking for the unknown, you didn't know what you wanted to see. Maybe a newscast saying they found a tall man with dark brown hair and charming eyes unconscious, with a couple of blows to the face and a few scratches but okay, safe, alive and waiting to see your face waiting for him with a warm smile.
Swearing never ever to let go.
A couple of tears slide down your cheek, ruining your fast food. A few knocks on the door manage to scare you, causing you to bite your lip in anger.
"Who is?!" Questions in a shout.
"It better be good ..." You say in muttered, you open the door expecting to see a child running to his house laughing at his childish joke.
But no, there is no one at the door. Just a small envelope that easily slipped underneath, you take it hoping it's a letter from the police announcing good news. Maybe a simple identification of suspicious faces, or footprints at the club.
"I hate being the bad guy, it makes me feel good.
He's dead, I did it for you. For me. For us. I want to make you happy but it's so difficult when I don't know what you want, tell me what you want.
Love you. Love you. Love you.
My heart is so weak in your cold eyes, I feel that you look at me with ignorance of my feelings. Do you want to find it? Do you want to do it?! Okay. Good luck with it. "
It was everything, plus a picture of a golden ring with a large diamond shining brightly. You wrinkle the letter in anger, tossing it into the first bin you found nearby. It seems that in the end, someone did want to joke with you.
Your days remained the same, you went out to work and in the afternoons you called each of the investigators to ask for new news, it was almost always a solid wall, there was nothing really important to report and little by little, they gave up.
Jungkook knocked on the door, he heard some footsteps approaching making him have a little hope. But when the door opened he saw you with a worried face, he felt his heart squeeze in his chest when he tried to get closer but you avoid him by leaving in a hurry. You were dressed in a long black skirt and a white blouse, you were elegantly ready for something.
"Where are you going?" He ask stopping your hurried pace, taking your arm tightly.
"Yo, listen... He... Or her, I don't know who it is but ... You know, he or her know where, he's alive I know. I just don't have time, please."
Your mouth moves wiht fear, you were hiding something but not from him. You were willing to tell him but not now. Not at that time.
"Let me accompany you, I can take you and I will feel better if you are safe."
You nod, letting go of his grip and running down the stairs, outside there is a very elegant car, apparently waiting. The driver smiles at you as if he had known you before, you make an uncomfortable face trying to continue on your way but Jungkook introduces him saying that he works for him.
"Jimin, he's Jimin. He's a good person and a great friend, I've told him about you before."
"I see, sorry." You speak with a bow before climbing to the back, Jimin just smiles kindly, as always.
"Where are we going today?" He asks animatedly, Jungkook takes your hand for support making Jimin remove the smile from him. Your nervous state and your afflicted face are enough for him to understand the situation.
You give him an address, Jimin searches the map being unknown to the place. Your eyes sparkle when the lights of Seoul are reflected in them, Jungkook holds your hand tightly in fear of letting you go again. He felt sick when you stopped calling him, cutting connections with him totally to this day. He spend sleepless nights looking for more clues, the only thing I had until that moment was the identity of the woman, she was a prostitute without anything special, when he spoke with her he seemed indifferent saying that he did not know Namjoon and that the last time he saw him It was when he drugged him and left him in a room as ordered.
The whore made fun of him saying that he would give him this information if he did not tell the police anything, he obviously accepted. Now he repented, the woman disappeared after that and days later she was found in a garbage container. It seemed to be a suicide, the container was from her building, the window of her old apartment faced just where she was supposed to fall if she threw herself without thinking twice.
Right in the garbage.
The wheels of the car made a thud when it stopped, it was a cabin, the only one nearby. You came down quickly thanking Jimin who just made a flirty face. Your hands trembled with the cold, you look at the letter that tells you where and when you should be standing at the door.
"Wait for me here, if we don't go out or you hear noises, you know who to call."
"Yes sir!" Jimin obeys with a laugh at the boss's serious tone of him.
"Y-you should go, I can do this alone." Your voice rises in the echo of the silent place, Jungkook rolls his eyes before offering his arm to you, making his decision clear.
You laugh calming your nerves, the door opens just as you both step close to it. A man stops them, saying that only you can enter the next room. You stop Jungkook who was to protest, you calm him down by leaving your ring in his hands with a smile.
Your body disappears when another man closes the door silently, Jungkook sighs looking annoyed at the guards who ignore him.
A message coming to his phone distracts him for a few seconds.
Should I call the police, Mr. Jung, or the hospital?
Received at 9:35 p.m.
Smile ready to answer before hearing the door open again, he approaching you to ask everything and at the same time nothing. Your pale face is enough to make want to hit the person who was inside with you. Questions remain in the air, your arms surround him while you sob for forgiveness.
From the shadows Hoseok smiles, admiring the document in his hand, your signature shiny as gold is glued to it. He thought it would be more difficult to convince you to accept his marriage proposal, but the precious and expensive ring fit you perfectly. He raised his hand proudly admiring his own, the wedding would be planned as soon as possible making him jump like a happy child.
You had accepted, with the promise that he would bring you back to Namjoon.
But it was never specified in the contract that he would be alive.
The wedding was in a meadow, outdoors with distinguished guests and a few friends and family of yours. Hoseok greeted everyone, by taking your hand tightly introducing you as his wife immediately. It's as if he wants to show everyone that you now belong to him, as if you were a prize.
And maybe if you gave him the key to her success.
"You better smile my dear, nobody wants to know what will happen if you don't." Her lips brushed your hand before placing a chaste kiss on it. "I love you, my beautiful protagonist."
You sob, tears falling from your face as you melt into his disgusting caresses. The man in front of you, your un-predestined husband. The one who stole the position of your true love, he was kissing you delicately.
"Don't cry, decorate the room just the way you wanted. The photos were a special touch ..." His teeth bit into the sensitive skin of your neck, an involuntary groan of pain escaping. "Love you."
Your eyes move desperately to find a photo where the beaten, abused or dead body of Namjoon cannot be seen. You scream when you find one where you see blood everywhere, you are resigned to look down at the ground where Hoseok was crouching kissing the inside of your thighs.
Your mind tried to process the idea that Namjoon had been killed, mutilated and thrown into a river that washed away his body along with happy memories. Farewell to him was prolonged as your body faded in pain.
Hoseok enjoyed the sight of your eyes tightly closed, his cock throbbing inside you as she fucked you like his wife.
The head of the bed moved crashing into the wall, and unconsciously your walls tightened around it causing it to release a curse aloft to the sky.
We got to the end of the movie, smiled as he dazzled the credits by seeing Jungkook's lost name. His little bitch who was his toy for many years, laughed remembering how she did wonders with her mouth.
He pretended not to know him when her father introduced him, taunting her hurt face.
He held you in his arms tightly, you had been struggling to free yourself from his grip as he continued to abuse you over-stimulating your pussy. Your eyes closed falling asleep from crying so much.
He caressed your face, kissing your dry, chapped lips.
The end.
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dibschair · a year ago
(18+ NSFW)
Blowing your slasher boyfriend.
(AN: FOR THE LOVE OF THE GODS DON'T READ THIS IF YOUR YOUNGER THAN 18. Please take a juice box and cookie and move along!! If I wasn't on mobile I'd put a read more so it's not just out in the open. But screw mobile users guess!!!!! But seriously this is NSFW. DIRTY FUCKING WORDS!!PORN NO PLOT. 18+!!!)
Herbert West
• Herbert's cock isn't the most astronomically huge thing you've ever seen. It's just over average length and cut. He keeps himself very clean.
• And thank the stars he does, because this man is an absolute WHORE for oral. Though he'll never admit it outloud.
• He likes his blowjobs messy, surprisingly enough.
• He just LOVES to see you drooling on his dick. It strokes his already pretty massive ego.
• It's best to just get to the damn thing when blowing Herbert. He's not one for hand jobs or kitten licks.
• "I have so much to do (y/n), will you please just-" (Incomprehensible moaning)
• You're pretty sure the only time Herbert shuts up is whenever you deep throat him. He'll sit there panting, hands gripping at your hair as he tries not to cum.
• Speaking of cum, Herbie's favorite place to do it is either directly down your throat or in your mouth so he can watch you swallow his hot load.
Thomas hewitt
• Tommy has a big dick. Full stop.
• The first time you saw it your eyes nearly bugged out of your head. Hell they still kind of do whenever you see it. He's uncut and girthy, much longer than anyone you've been with before. And the head of his cock is extremely sensitive.
• He's not the type to outwardly ask you to blow him, though he loves oral. Especially after a long day.
• So the best time to blow him is after he's had a hard time. It's a perfect stress relief!
• Tommy is extremely susceptible to teasing. Little kisses and licks are more than enough to get his head swimming.
• But his absolute hands down, will come loads if you do this. His favorite thing. is if you lay him down, and gently place the base of his cock between your tits and suck on the flushed tip.
• This is a sure fire way to make Thomas cum. There's just something about watching his big dick defile your soft tits and pretty mouth that just absolutely SENDS HIM.
• He twitches a lot when he's about to climax, so you're always well prepared for his huge load when he does cum. It almost always over fills your mouth, leading to some very messy situations.
Billy Lenz
• Billy talks a lot of game for a guy with such an average cock. He's maybe slightly longer than average, but it's not really anything you haven't seen before. Tough talk for a fella with such a small cock
• What he lacks in mass, he more than makes up for in in enthusiasm. Always finding new ways to bring both of you pleasure.
• That being said, this fearl man abuses his blowjob privileges. Seriously. You'll be minding your own business, and suddenly ah fuck there's a cock in your mouth.
• He can and will just pounce on you at any given moment. He doesn't care if you're alone in the house or not. Hell! He doesn't care if one of your sorority sisters could walk in at any moment.
• When Billy wants his dick sucked, he's gonna get his dick sucked.
• 10/10 will face fuck you. He's extremely selfish about it and becomes super rough without any warning.
• But he's surprisingly quiet when he does so. The only indication of what's happening will probably be your gagging.
• He's a real bastard about cuming too.
• He NEVER warns you. Either cuming directly in your mouth, or jerking his cock out at the last second so he can come across your face.
• And then he just up and disappears into the night, leaving you a absolute mess. What a bastard.
Brahms Heelshire
Tumblr media
• I have absolutely no justification. I just know his dick is BIg. He's cut and is slowly getting better at keeping himself clean.
• He does it just for you Y/N!!!
• Brahms is the type of lover that gets hard over NOTHING. And he fully expects you to take care of it.
• He absolutely loves when you blow him. He prefers it neat and to the point.
• Or at least that's what he says... he secretly has a thing for watching you gag on him.
• If you have a dom leaning and really wanna put the brat in his place. EDGE HIM.
• Though if you're gonna do that, be prepared for him to eventually snap and just absolutely RUIN you.
• He can and Will use his leverage and strength to make you regret teasing him. This man is a switch!!
• Irregardless of whose in charge, Brahms always ends up thrusting into your mouth. It's how you know he's gonna cum soon.
• Brahms exclusively comes inside you. So when you blow him, be prepared to swallow.
AN2: Haha. I wrote smut. I'm in danger. :) anyway I've listened to WAP too many times and it produced this.
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tetsuroyaoyaoya · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
A sigh left your lips as you stared blankly at the grey door standing before you. You knew that piece of wood was the only thing standing between you and your  relationship - not that it even existed yet - but its still seemed so daunting. The last of your hope barely existed now, and no matter how much you tried to envision a happy ending for yourself, it just didn't seem possible, at least not with Semi. 
Even with your problems and your doubts, the most important thing right now was the band and its fans. If you couldn't coax Semi back to Miyagi by tonight, then... you weren't actually sure what would happen, but you had a feeling that it wouldn't be good for you and Semi, or the band either.
You reached a hand up, resting your hand on the door before pulling back and knocking thrice.
Somewhere deep within you, you were expecting an answer, and something told you there was hope yet, so you knocked again.
To anyone else, it must have seemed crazy that you were in this part of the district, banging on some random door in an empty building, and at this point, you could only agree. 
What were you doing? Chasing after some boy who clearly didn't want you, when you should’ve just stayed at home with your friends. You thought about doing exactly that, returning home, having your usual movie night sleepover, but you couldn't bring yourself to do it. 
Shirabu and Taichi were your friends now too, and you couldn’t let them down.
With one last longing look, you finally turned away, hopefully leaving Semi behind you now, and made your way out of the building, ready to go back to Miyagi. 
It was almost showtime. 
“Y/N! I missed you!” You barely had time to brace yourself as a body flung itself at you, a blur of clothes and hairspray. A cough forced itself from you at the overwhelming scent, and the body, who revealed itself to be Taichi, backed away, a look of regret on his face. 
“Sorry...” You shrugged and smiled, reaching over to adjust the lapel on his denim jacket. 
“No luck then?” Your gaze slid over to Shirabu, who knew the answer the second you looked at him. He sighed, but smiled back, trying to hide how hurt he felt. 
The journey home had taken longer without the aid of Kenma’s helicopter, and so it was barely fifteen minutes until the show, meaning there was very little hope of Semi showing if he wasn't here now. It also meant that the two remaining members has very little time to come up with a plan on how to play a whole show with just the two of them. 
You began to panic as you watched them finishing getting ready, a knot in your throat as you began to come to the realisation that you were most likely the cause of the situation. Taking a few steps backwards, you removed yourself from the room, away from the mania of the dressing room. You needed a second to collect your thoughts, the venue suddenly way too hot and stuffy for your liking. 
Escaping out of a fire exit, you swallowed heavily as the cool evening air hit your skin. You tried to slow down the thoughts running circles in your mind, and came to the realisation that you don't remember the last time you had a moment to yourself to think quietly. 
It must have been before the party for Kenma’s company, you guessed, sine that was before the scandal and all of this drama you were putting yourself through. It was at the point where you couldn't actually remember how peaceful your life had been before. You had grown used to - and maybe even fond of - the chaos. It also helped that you had three new friends to keep it all in control. 
Chaos in Control.
How fitting. 
“Y/N!” Your head sprung up, squinting your eyes to see through the darkness as the alley was only dimly lit by the small light above the exit door. 
A familiar turf of grey hair came into view as Semi jogged towards you, already dressed ready to go on stage, guitar slung over his back. 
“They haven't started yet, have they? Look, I’m sorry-” He didn't have time to finish as his head snapped to the side, a sharp sting in his cheek. He reached a hand up to sooth it, wincing as he made contact with the skin. 
“Ow?” He looked back at you, eyes wide as he saw tears forming in your eyes, even though you looked as though you could murder him on the spot. 
“The show starts in five fucking minutes and you have the audacity to show up now? Seriously? I don't think I’ve ever met anyone as self-centred, arrogant... selfish!” Taking in a deep breath to calm yourself, you refused to look away from him. It clearly didn't work through, as the boy across from you couldn't help but crack a smile, letting out a laugh as he stepped forward, pulling you into his arms and wrapping them around you. 
As cliche as it sounded, it felt like you fit perfectly into him, your bodies moulding together as one as you relished in the warmth of the embrace. Eventually, you relaxed, giving into the feelings you were barely holding back, resting your head on his shoulder. 
“I missed you.” You held your breath at the words, so quiet as his voice was muffled in your hair, but clear enough to cause your mind to falter, your resolve wearing thin as you tried your best to stay mad at him. He deserved it, after all. 
“I’m sorry.” You let out the breath as your attempt to hate him crumbled before you, not being able to resist the whisper of his breath brushing over your ear. You finally lifted your own arms up, wrapping them around his waist, reciprocating the hug. 
He squeezed you tighter for a moment, partly out of relief that you hadn't pushed him away yet, and partly because he really had missed you, and he was going to savour every moment with you from now on. 
It wasn't long, however, until the screams of the fans inside the venue began, and you both separated in a panic. With a silent understanding between the two of you, Semi grabbed your hand and pulled you into the building, you trying to keep up the best you could. 
It looked weird with only two of the band stood up on the stage, but you knew Semi was actually here, and he himself would be up on that stage in a moment as well, taking his place where he truly belonged. 
He parted with you at the side of the stage, and you quickly helped him take his guitar out of his case and pushing it off to the side out of the way. 
He hesitated before going out on stage, quickly turning last second you peck you on the cheek, leaving you a blushing mess as he joined the band and you tried to mingle in with the first few rows of the crowd. 
The boys looked surprised, but nevertheless happy, to see Semi, although you knew he was in for a major scolding when the show was over. 
Even so, they got on the show, and even from the first song you could tell the energy was much better than it had been the week before. Semi looked as though he had finally figured himself out, and it affected his performance in the best way it possibly could have. You just hope it stayed that way. 
It got to the end, and you were readying yourself to help empty the venue when the band had said their final words when Semi suddenly silenced the crowd. 
“Actually, we - well, I - have one more song for you all.” The crowd mumbled between themselves in excitement, and Shirabu and Taichi glanced at each other, shrugging. 
“This is the first time this song has ever been played and heard by anyone other than myself, so please bear with me if it isn't the best. Its not like its my job or anything.” The crowd cheered in support, and so did you, unable to resist a smile at the cheeky grin that spread across Semi’s face as he walked over to the side of the stage, a member of staff switching his electric guitar for an acoustic one. 
“Many of you know by know that I have a beautiful, amazing girlfriend, who is somewhere out in the crowd tonight.” His eyes scanned the crowd, lingering on you for maybe just a moment longer than he should have, as the people around you began to whisper and gossip.
“I have to admit, I’m a pretty shit boyfriend. I really don't deserve her. But no matter how much of a dick I am to her or anyone else, she sticks by me. She likes me for me, and I couldn't ask for anything more.” There were a few ‘awh’s and you couldn't keep the grin off of your face. 
“So, this is my present to her, for putting up with me. Here’s the Story of Us.” 
It wasn't until a few weeks later, when the whole band was in the recording studio, reimagining the song that you ever actually heard it, because you were pretty sure you just blacked out after that point, too preoccupied with your heard beating out of your chest to listen to it. All you could see were Semi’s eyes shining under the stage lights as he strummed expertly on the strings of his guitar, literally serenading his way into you heart. 
You didn't notice the tears running down your face until you could taste them as the song ended, and there was no time to wipe them away because suddenly Semi was handing his guitar to Taichi and jumping off stage, pushing his way through the crowd to get to you. 
He was in front of you in a blink, hand on your cheeks, lips meeting yours for the first time in what felt like forever. 
You could see the flashes of cameras even with your eyes closed, but you didn't care. 
Finally, your happy ending. Not exactly in the way you imagined, but just as amazing.
The chaos was finally controlled.
You groaned as you looked at the empty venue, knowing you were one of the people who had to clean up after the crowd. 
Semi hadn't left your side since the end of the concert, and you had to physically pry him off of you so that you could leave, earning a chuckle from him as you struggled, before he finally left you go, leaving him alone with his two band members. 
He allowed himself to relish in the moment before turning serious. 
“I know you have a crush on her.” It was difficult to see exactly who he was talking to, but the other boy cracked a smile, looking directly back at Semi. 
“What did he say?” Taichi whipped his head around so quickly it was a wonder he didn't get whiplash.
“Kuroo let slip then?” Shirabu sighed, his secret finally out in the open. 
“Yeah, he popped by last night. Now that I look back though, it wasn't exactly subtle.”
“You clearly didn't notice.” Semi laughed at the sarcasm, not at all mad at his friend.
“Nah, I’ll get comfy in the friend zone. I quite like it here.” Semi rolled his eyes, bringing both his boys in for a group hug. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* updates every monday *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
one chapter left :(
its going to be a short one as well as its more of an epilogue. full tracklist coming soon.
previous || masterlist || next
Tumblr media
taglist: @chaelysian, @mybbysuguwara, @jeez-niki, @iwaisa, @reyya-rea, @xathxnax, @4kaashl, @woah-there-cowboy-or-cowgirl, @kac-chowsballs, @celamoon, @eitadesu, @kingkagss, @macchiatoast, @lexysclubhouse, @cowward, @sun-daddy-yoriichi, @bbyouamazin, @flrtykawas, @attixca, @introvertatitsfinest, @sadcosmicdoggie, @keijikunn, @amberalisa, @a-moon-fairy, @missalienqueen, @mirikusashes, @ohayoposts, @sunflwrsandprettyskies, @tarasaoristark, @mxngy, @akkaso, @xstormiii, @haikyuufairy, @simpforkurootetsu, @iloveyouasmuchaspoohloveshoney, @clulesspurble, @vicassa, @leinnah, @stinkybitch1919, @agaashesmilktea, @asunflower, @sugawater, @quiche-inoya, @hoekageyama, @darkangeldesignstudio, @crescenttooru, @tsum-tsxmus​
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a-well-groomed-rat · 5 months ago
Been out of commission this week as a result of certain aspects of my biology that I'd rather not possess. So I've mostly been watching YouTube and Vampire movies. So I guess I'll chronicle my thoughts here:
Interview With The Vampire (1994): what started this whole venture. Really decent movie, loved the costumes. Your average melodramatic gothic horror (loved it). Two things I noticed immediately with this movie that remained pretty consistent throughout: INCONSOLABLY HORNY. Seriously I've never seen a movie where every character except a literal child should go to horny jail (also, the horny is very concentrated between a trio of male characters so... Pretty gay, bro). Holy shit. The second is that Louis will always set something on fire. Usually a building. With varying numbers of people inside. It literally happens three times. So....🔥🔥🔥
Tumblr media
[Gif Description: Antonio Banderas as Armand being unnecessarily horny with a lit candle. He runs his hand over the flame and then whinces with pain, pretty much. End ID.]
I think this gif sums up that movie.
The Hunger (1983): didn't even get around to watching this one actually. Only really considered it because of David Bowie and Susan Sarandon (and also some sapphic themes, always nice). Then I just saw that it was too poorly rated by too many people. Maybe I'll watch it at some point for sheer shits and giggles.
Tumblr media
[Gif Description: Catherine Deneuve as Miriam, is smoking a cigarette. She has on red lipstick, a pair of dangling earrings, some black leather gloves, and a pair of statement silver sunglasses. End ID.]
Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992): somehow even hornier than Interview With The Vampire in some parts. Always a fan of blasphemy against Western Christianity, so that was nice to see. Winona Ryder is always a win in my book, love her. And it was nice to see a younger pre-Matrix Keanu Reeves. Anthony Hopkins did a great job as Dr Van Helsing too. I liked it, very dramatic, tragic, horny (duh), and lots of blood👌
Tumblr media
[Gif Description: Sadie Frost as Lucy Westenra after she has been turned into a vampire. Her face is painted white, she is wearing a gaudy wedding dress with a massive round collar, and a wooden cross is seen being held in front of her. She bears her bloodied teeth. End ID.]
Cronos (1993): haven't been able to find this anywhere, but I really wanna watch it, because I like Guillermo Del Toro and I know he has a particular affinity for monsters. So I'm excited to watch this one. As such, there is no gif, I don't wanna spoil it for myself🤐.
What We Do In The Shadows (2014): different from the others because it's a comedy, but I loved it, it was awesome 😊. Jermaine Clement and Taika Waititi did so well in making the whole thing awkwardly hilarious. Very quotable and great for if you want a change of pace with vamp movies. Will always bring a smile to my face I think😁
Tumblr media
[Gif Description: Taika Waititi as Viago, dressed in old 18th Century European clothing, is using a toothbrush to clean the "teeth" (fangs) of the character Peter. Peter's look is clearly influenced by the 1922 film Nosferatu. He is bald with long pointed ears, pale mottled skin, grey irises, and several long yellowed fangs. He's wearing a simple black cloak. End ID.]
Sidenote: seems like the early 90s was for some reason a really good time for vampire movies. Also I've already seen Lost Boys, a while ago. Maybe I'll watch it again soon, who knows. 🤷 I also wanna watch Nosferatu.
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itsadamcole · 11 months ago
christmas with benefits
fem!reader x ‘hangman’ adam page
reader and 'Hangman' Adam Page made a deal a few years ago; that if they were single at Christmastime then they would hook up. Christmas with benefits is what they called it, but this year, it's a little different ...
Tumblr media
word count: 2.5k+
warnings: smut (friends with benefits, kinda), kinda fluffy, idrk what else :)
— day 25 ... we did it, and i will be going on a short break after this is posted (it’ll probably be around 11 pm est when y’all see this bc i was really late when i began to write this). i hope you enjoyed these christmas / holiday / winter themed imagines bc i enjoyed writing them —
masterlist || request an imagine here
~ 18+ content below - read at your own risk ~
You sit in your bed in your room back in your parents' house in Virginia. You've texted your best friend, the Hangman Adam Page, to come over since he's not that far away.
It's late, almost midnight on Christmas Eve going into Christmas Day. You sit in your Christmas pajamas as you wait. Your parents have gone to sleep so you just wait for the usual "I'm here" text from Adam so you can go open the front door for him.
This has been a thing every Christmas since yours and Adam's Ring of Honor days. Five years ago, five Christmases ago, both you and Adam agreed that if you were both single during the holidays then you'd casually just hook up. No strings attached, no feelings attached. Christmas with benefits is what Adam first called it, and you couldn't help but agree.
Every year, you'd either meet him at his childhood home, he'd meet you at your childhood home, or you'd meet at a motel.
You don't know how it even got to this point. Five years of hooking up on Christmas. Only one Christmas was missed because Adam was technically seeing a woman and didn't want to do the Christmas with benefits that year, which was fine with you.
The led lights that hang around your room are set to a light blue color and you play with the remote as you wait for your phone to go off.
Just before midnight, at 11:48, your phone starts ringing and Adam's contact pops up. You answer.
"Hey," you say. "Almost here?"
Adam says, "Just turned down your street. I hope you don't mind, and I wanted to give you a heads up, but I brought you a present. I don't know the next time we'll see each other so I wanted to make sure that you got it."
You smile and leave your room, walking downstairs. "Yeah, that's fine," you say. "I have something for you too."
It's been a while since you've seen Adam. He works with AEW and you work with WWE. Your schedules just don't allow you to see him except for a few times a year. Especially since you're NXT women's champion right now.
"Yay," Adam says. "I'll see you in a few."
You say your goodbyes and you wait at the door, watching for Adam's car.
This is something you've always looked forward to. It's something about being close to someone who cares for you and who you care for deeply. If it wasn't for the no feelings attached rule then you would have told him how you felt a long time ago.
Adam's car pulls up out from and you open the front door. The cool air hits you and you shiver a bit. You watch him get out of the car in his cowboy Christmas pajamas. He has a bag and a wrapped box.
Another part of your deal is that after the hookup then it's Christmas movies and snacks. Adam has snacks. That's what you assume is in the bag.
He walks up to your front door and smiles when he sees you. "Hi," he says. "I thought that maybe we can open presents before we, um, you know."
You smile and nod, moving aside so he can walk inside. You close and lock the door behind Adam as he walks upstairs to your bedroom. You closely follow him.
Adam sets the bag and the box down on your bed and you sit on the bed. You grab Adam's present off the bedside table under the lamp before you crisscross your legs and look up at him.
He sits in front of you, mirroring your position. He holds out his present and you take it. "Go ahead," he says. "I'm excited to see your reaction."
You giggle and begin to unwrap the gift. You open the box, which is actually kind of big.
Inside the box is an AEW merch shirt, one of the bandannas that Adam's worn during his entrances, and a necklace that you've wanted forever. It has your birthstone inside of a heart.
"Adam," you gasp. "I've been wanting this necklace forever."
He laughs and says, "I know. I figured it was time to buy it for you. Also, I dare you to wear the AEW shirt to work one day."
You laugh and say, "Stop trying to get me fired."
Adam helps you put the necklace on as he says, "Tony Khan already has told me he wants you on the roster so if Vince McMahon fires you then just come to AEW."
His fingers linger on the back of your neck by the necklace clasp a little longer than they probably should. You look back at Adam and say, "We'll see." You smile. "Anyway, it's time for your present. Open the little envelope after you open your gift."
You hold out the medium-sized box and Adam takes it. He unwraps it and opens the box.
Inside the box you gave Adam is a cowboy hat that has the AEW logo on it, one of your merch shirts, and a little silver bracelet with "cowboy shit", which is Adam's thing, and "ice queen", which is your thing, engraved on it.
You're known as NXT's resident "ice queen" because of your cold heart and rude personality. It's your gimmick. You love it, and it sounds kinda cool.
Adam smiles and opens the tiny envelope. You watch as his eyes widen and he says, "I know you didn't give me a yearlong pass to come to any WWE show."
"Of course I did," you say. "Front row, off-camera for the most part. I know we haven't seen much of each other because of conflicting schedules but maybe if you have some free time and are in the same area then you can use this pass to go in and out of the arena. It's completely free so you don't have to waste several hundred dollars just to see me for twenty minutes."
Adam's tried to come to WWE shows, but tickets were always sold out or not where he wanted them because it was always so last minute. You had the idea of the pass a few weeks ago, talked to management, and got it in time for Christmas.
He says, "You are literally the best person on this Earth."
You giggle and say, "That works for literally any WWE event. A Takeover, a regular NXT live show, or even Wrestlemania."
"Thank you, Y/N," Adam says, putting everything back in the box. "Seriously."
You do the same and say, "It's the least I can do. Maybe we'll see each other more than three or four times a year."
Adam looks at you and smiles. "I'll have to use that pass all the time," he says. "I need to see you more than three or four times a year."
You put your gift from Adam on your bedside table and say, "I agree."
He says, "So, about this Christmas with benefits thing."
"I wanted to talk to you about that," you admit.
While you waited for Adam, you decided to tell him how you feel. Screw the no feelings attached rule.
Adam looks at you confused and says, "Okay. What's on that pretty little mind of yours?"
Your face gets flustered a bit as you say, "We agreed that there would be no feelings attached and no strings attached, and we've done well at that for the past few years."
"But?" Adam asks. He knows what's about to happen.
Nervously, you say, "But recently I've been thinking of you as more than my best friend. I just want more out of this besides sex. You already treat me so well, and we've known each other for years, so I thought that maybe we could try to be more than just friends."
He stares at you as you talk. He can't believe this. You've been doing such a good job at hiding this that he had no idea, and he's not mad about it. He can finally tell you how he's been feeling about you.
In one swift movement, Adam cups your face and pulls you toward him. Your lips crash to Adam's and you gasp. You gasp softly but kiss him back.
The kiss lasts for a few moments before you pull back and ask, "What was that for? You've never kissed me except for when we're, you know."
Adam pushes your hair behind your ear as he says, "I thought that I could start kissing you when we're not having sex."
A smile forms on your lips and your face gets a little flustered. "I would, uh, like that," you stammer. "Can we still have our usual Christmas sex?"
He laughs and says, "That was never out of the equation, Y/N."
You giggle and lean in, kissing Adam again. He kisses you back and you crawl onto his lap, straddling his waist. Your hands slide into his curly hair and his hands slide up the back of your pajama top.
Sighs leave your lips when his hands touch your skin. You smile against his lips and push Adam onto his back.
Slowly, you begin to undress Adam underneath you. You kiss Adam's bare chest once his shirt is off. You do leave a couple of marks on his chest.
"The first chance you get, you mark me up," Adam says, looking down at you. You trail your fingers over the marks and down to the waistband of his Christmas pajama pants.
You look up at Adam with your eyes before you say, "You're mine now. I hope."
Nerves rise up within you as Adam says, "I am. I'm yours."
"Thank God," you sigh as Adam smiles.
You pull off Adam's pajama pants right before Adam rolls and lays on top of you.
He stares down at you and attacks your neck with kisses. You sigh and let out a soft moan. Adam's hands roam your body as he kisses your neck.
You pull off your top, leaving your upper body exposed. Adam's eyes are on your body and you bite your lip softly, watching him. After a moment, he leans down and presses kisses to your bare stomach. You sigh softly.
Adam hooks his fingers into your pajama pants waistband and pulls them off your body. He slips his fingers into your panties and runs his fingers through your folds. You gasp and your back arches off the bed.
After a few seconds of this, Adam pulls off your panties. You look down at Adam and find that he's looking up at you with his eyes. Your tongue swipes across your bottom lip as Adam slips a finger into you, moving it shallowly and slowly. You create a little 'O' with your mouth and a moan escapes.
"Baby, you have to be quiet," Adam reminds you. "Your parents are just down the hall."
You giggle and say, "Oops."
He laughs and speeds up his fingers as he begins to play with your clit with his tongue. "Adam," you sigh. "God, don't stop."
Adam smirks and adds a second finger. Your fingers are back in his curly blond hair. He edges you closer and closer to an orgasm. Your back arches off the bed a few times before Adam pins your hips to the mattress.
You feel your walls begin to clench around Adam's fingers, and he realizes this too. "You gonna come, baby?" he asks. You nod eagerly.
"Please," you whine, needing to release.
He nods and says, "Come for me."
So you do. All over Adam's fingers. You softly moan his name as you release. He sucks his fingers clean before coming up to your lips and kissing you. You moan into his mouth as you kiss him back.
While he's distracted with kissing you, you roll so you're straddling Adam's waist. Your lips are still on his.
Adam pulls back from the kiss and asks, "Where did this all of a sudden come from?"
"I wanted to try something new," you say, kissing Adam's jaw and neck. He sighs beneth you.
You slip your hand down to the bulge in his boxer shorts. You rub him gently and he makes a soft growl sound. "Y/N," he says with a soft moan. "Be nice."
In a split second, you decide to be a little tease. You grind down against his bulge and say, "You won't do anything."
He stares up at you as your finally pull off his boxers. You take his erect member and pump him a few times. You line him up with your entrance and he asks, "Are you still taking the pills?"
"I got an implant to make it easier on myself," you admit. "I kept forgetting to take the pills."
Adam laughs and you smile. Adam's laughs turn into soft sighs as you lower yourself onto him, his length slowly beginning to fill you. You throw your head back as you wait a second before you move. Your hands are on his chest to keep your balance as you begin to move.
Both of you let soft sighs leave your lips. Adam's thumb finds it's way to your clit as you move your hips. You moan softly as you move your hips faster. Adam's other hand is on your waist, helping you move.
He sits up a bit, propping himself up on one arm. His thumb is still rubbing your clit. You wrap your arms around his neck and your fingers are in his hair. His lips are on your collarbone.
His lips make their way up to your jaw. He says softly, "Keep going. You're making me feel so good."
Adam’s praises give you the confidence to move faster. His tip hits your g-spot and you gasp.
You lean down and kiss Adam softly as you move.
Your walls clench around Adam’s length. He moans into the kiss softly as you both reach an orgasm.
His name falls from your lips as you release around him and he releases his seed into you. You both fall into the bed beside each other.
The kissing doesn’t stop. You messily makeout with Adam as you both catch your breath. Your hands both roam each other’s bodies as your lips move messily against each other.
Adam is the first to pull away from the messy kiss. You look at him and he says, “So, we’re together now?”
“Take me out on a date first and we’ll see,” you tease.
He laughs and kisses you one more time before he pulls you into his arms. You bury your face into his neck and smile against his skin before dozing off a few moments later. Adam soon follows you and dozes off too.
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bumblesimagines · 9 months ago
We All Have Secrets
Tumblr media
Request: Yes or No
Finally gonna give the straights some attention lmao. Also, I'm not completely sure what (Y/N)'s secret should be so suggestions would be appreciated.
TW: Transphobia, homophobia, and biphobia
(Y/N) looked down at his phone, smiling softly as he walked. He quickly answered a text from Isabela.
'Isa, just tell them to keep it a secret. Nat and Mari would never tell anyone. Raul wouldn't tell anyone either.'
"Baby!" Maria called, smiling widely as she approached him. (Y/N) slid his phone into his pocket, arms wrapping around his girlfriend and lifting her up. Maria giggled, leaning in and kissing him gently. (Y/N) put her down, tucking a strand of Maria's black hair behind her ear. Maria's gaze softened, forehead resting against (Y/N)s.
"Hey, lovebirds!" Dario called, waving them over. (Y/N) chuckled, taking Maria's hand and pulling her along towards where their friends were sat at.
"Why can you two be like Maria and (Y/N)? They don't try eating each other's faces off every five seconds." Dario crossed his arms, looking at Isabela and Pablo. Isabela scoffed and rolled her eyes while Pablo chuckled. (Y/N) sat down, smiling when Maria sat on his lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck, looking at their friends.
"How did the Nona thing go?" (Y/N) asked softly, gazing at his girlfriend. Maria hummed, smiling.
"I think Nat did a great job." Maria shrugged lightly, pecking his cheek before she opened her lunch bowl. Maria got some of her salad, raising it up to (Y/N)'s lips. (Y/N) smiled, opening his mouth and happily taking the food. Natalia leaned forward, frowning and looking at Gerry.
"What's up with Rosita? Why is she coming over here? Is she gonna be sitting with us everyday?" Natalia asked, disgust evident in her voice. Gerry ignored her, grinning widely and extending his arms towards the girl.
"Hey, how are you?" Gerry asked as Rosita approached them and sat on his lap. (Y/N) shared a look with Maria, chuckling softly and shaking his head. Natalia blinked in shock as Rosita and Gerry began to make out.
"Gerardo! Gerardo, stop it! Seriously? If you're gonna be doing this, find somewhere else." Natalia huffed, glaring at the couple.
"Don't be envious." Rosita said, pulling away and looking at her.
"It's not personal, Rosita. If someone sees you here, they'll think anyone can sit with us." Natalia said, shaking her head lightly. Rosita scoffed, rolling her eyes and standing. As she walked by, she knocked over Natalia's new purse.
"Don't you know how much this cost, idiot?" Natalia huffed, picking up her purse. Maria frowned, shaking her head.
"Oh, just leave her alone already. Poor Rosita." Maria said. Natalia scoffed.
"Poor Rosita what? She needs to learn her place." Natalia grumbled, zipping up her purse. Isabela turned her head, looking at (Y/N).
"Hey, (Y/N), you want something from the vending machine?" She asked, brow quirking. (Y/N) got the hint, nodding.
"Yeah, sure." He smiled, looking at Maria. Maria licked her lips, standing up so (Y/N) could get up.
"You want something, gorgeous?" (Y/N) asked, giving her a small smile. Maria shook her head, returning the smile as she sat down. Maria watched Isabela and (Y/N) walk away, slight jealousy bubbling in her stomach. She tried pushing the feeling away, knowing (Y/N) and Isabela were just good friends.
"Why wouldn't Pablo want me to come out to my friends?" Isabela asked, frowning and she looking at (Y/N). (Y/N) licked his lips, shrugging.
"Lots of reasons.. He's not ready, he doesn't want the news to spread, he thinks he'll get shit for it." (Y/N) listed off, taking out a dollar and looking over the snacks. Isabela sighed, scratching her forehead.
"All I heard was him, him, him. What about me?" Isabela shook her head, frown on her face as she sighed deeply. (Y/N) got some dortitos, looking at Isabela.
"Don't stress, Isa. You do what you want. If I were you, I wouldn't tell Gerry or the other two idiots. They're already misogynistic and homophobic. You know how they treat Luis who has never done anything to them. They still make jokes about me cheating on Maria with a guy." (Y/N) frowned, opening the bag of chips.
"I just.. I don't want Pablo to get mad at me." Isabela said, rubbing her arm. (Y/N) hummed, sighing.
"Well, Maria can keep a secret. You can start by telling her." (Y/N) said softly. Isabela gave a small smile and nodded, getting a small snack and heading back as lunch ended. Maria perked up when she saw her boyfriend, smiling.
"I saved you some salad." She said softly as (Y/N) picked up his backpack. He smiled, pecking her lips and taking the bowl from her.
"Thanks, baby." (Y/N) cooed. Maria giggled, nodding. She glanced at Isabela, licking her lips. She looked at (Y/N), head tilting.
"You guys were gone for a bit. What did you talk about?" Maria asked, picking up her bag. (Y/N) finished eating, handing the bowl back to her and closing the bag of chips. He slid it into his backpack, shrugging.
"Typical gossip stuff." (Y/N) replied, looking at her. Maria grabbed his arm, waving to their friends. They started heading to class.
"I wish I had a friendship like you and Isa's." Maria said, resting her head against his arm. (Y/N) chuckled, glancing at her.
"Me and Isa have been friends since we were kids. Our mother's have always been friends so it's only natural that we're friends too." (Y/N) shrugged, looking forward. Maria looked at (Y/N), giving him a small grin.
"Let's go to the janitors closet." Maria cooed, standing infront of him. (Y/N) cocked a brow, chuckling.
(Y/N) looked at Quintanilla, boredly listening to his speech about cellphone use. He sighed softly, looking at Maria. Maria looked back at him, leaning over and kissing him. (Y/N) hummed, kissing her back. They pulled back when they heard a distorted male voice coming from the video.
"Who is Isabela De La Fuente?" (Y/N) furrowed his brows, glancing at Isabela. He watched the video, dread filling his stomach when he realized the direction it was going. Whoever had made it, did it with the intent on outing Isabela as trans. Students began shouting insults and asked Isabela questions. Isabela quickly stood, leaving the auditorium. (Y/N) stood up, following her out.
"Isa, wait!" (Y/N) called out, hearing Maria and Natalia calling for her as well. Isabela rushed into the bathroom. (Y/N) stopped infront of it, frowning.
"We'll take care of her, babe. Don't worry." Maria assured him, kissing him softly and entering the bathroom with her sister. (Y/N) looked at his phone, seeing people already posting about it. He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. He turned his head, noticing two girls trying to listen in.
"Don't you two have better things to do? Are your lives so boring that you have to be in other peoples business?" (Y/N) asked, cocking a brow. The girls scoffed and walked away, mumbling between themselves. (Y/N) watched Pablo and the other boys approach the bathroom.
"Did you know she was a dude?" Ernesto asked him. (Y/N) scoffed, rolling his eyes.
"Are you fucking blind or stupid?" (Y/N) asked, glaring at him as he straightened up. Isabela stepped out of the bathroom, teary eyes settling on Pablo. She went to hug him but Pablo gently pushed her back.
"How could you do this to me?" Pablo asked as Ernesto, Dario, and Gerry made more comments.
"What do you mean?" Isabela asked, brows furrowing.
"Yeah, nobody told us you had a dick." Gerry said, shrugging.
"Shut up, asshole." Isabela huffed, glaring at Gerry. Pablo swallowed, licking his lips as he glanced at the guys.
"I mean, you lied." Pablo shrugged. Isabela stared at him in shock, betrayal written all over her face.
"No, I didn't."
"I trusted you." Pablo shook his head. Isabela scoffed, stepping away from him and glancing at their friends.
"You're a fucking asshole." Isabela glared at Pablo, walking away from him with the others following. One of the teachers, Susana, gently hugged her and took her away from the others. (Y/N) looked at Pablo, shaking his head.
"Way to go, dipshit." (Y/N) snapped at him, feeling Maria gently place her hand on his chest and step infront of him.
"Let's make sure Isa is okay, baby." Maria encouraged lightly, not wanting them to fight. She gently took his hand, pulling him away. Isabela was allowed to go home early so her parents picked her up. (Y/N) took out his car keys, approaching his car. He glanced up at Pablo.
"Did you know?" Pablo asked quietly. (Y/N) unlocked his car, opening the door and hitting Pablo with it. Pablo grunted softly, rubbing his arm.
"Of course I fucking knew. Isabela is like a sister to me. You can go to hell for that shit you pulled." (Y/N) barked, tossing his backpack inside.
"Baby, can I stay over at your place?" Maria asked, lifting her dress a bit and jogging over to them. (Y/N) nodded, motioning to his car while holding eye contact with Pablo. Pablo broke it, looking at the ground.
"Get in." Maria went around, opening the passenger door and getting in. She took off her bag, placing it on her lap. (Y/N) got in, closing the door and reversing.
"He did it to save his own ass. No wonder he didn't want Isabela to tell you guys. He was embarrassed." (Y/N) scoffed, knuckles whitening from his grip on the wheel. Maria frowned, taking his hand and gently kissing it.
"I hate it when you're upset." Maria mumbled, thumb running over (Y/N)'s knuckles. (Y/N) let out a deep sigh, shoulders slumping.
"How about we order some pizza and have a movie night?" Maria asked, smiling. (Y/N) shook his head lightly, licking his lips.
"Isa needs me." (Y/N) replied, gaze focused on the road. Maria sighed, leaning back against the seat. She looked away from him.
"What about me?" Maria asked softly, playing with her hair with her free hair. (Y/N) glanced at her, frowning.
"I just feel like we haven't been on any dates recently." Maria shrugged, looking at him. She gave him a small smile.
"It's fine! We can spend the night at Isa's place or she can come over." Maria shrugged.
"No, I'll.. I'll give her a call. We can spend the rest of the day together." Maria smiled widely, nodding eagerly. She leaned over, kissing his cheek.
"Thank you, baby."
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tanzaniiite · a year ago
hi i hope ur doing okay🥺!! Can I request a fluff scenario where older kuroo and his s/o are cuddling and he's rubbing his palm against her belly which seems bigger than usual and thinks that shes pregnant since they haven't been careful lately (he's excited about being a dad so he's :D!!) but turns out that she just ate too much for diner and she suggests rlly trying to have a baby after seeing kuroo so enthusiastic? Thank you so much :(💗✨
Tumblr media
requests: OPEN
warnings: none!
word count: 1.5k
a/n: omg yes anon we’re on the same wavelength, i live for this shit. thank you so much for the request! 😊
part two
Tumblr media
send me more shit like this, 🅱️lease
Tumblr media
“Hey princess! I’m home!”
You looked up from your work as the door closed gently. You watched as your boyfriend took off his shoes and tossed his gym bag on the couch. "Excuse me sir, get your smelly gym clothes off my couch" You teased, getting up to greet him. Kuroo feigned a wounded expression, "Uhh babe, my clothes do not smell" He retorted, his hands grabbing your waist and pulling you closer.
You smiled and leaned up to peck his lips, "Your body odor begs to differ" You say, scrunching up your nose and turning on your heel. You hear Kuroo gasp dramatically and you giggle to yourself. "Ugh, you're so mean to me Y/n. What's for dinner?" He asks, hugging you from behind. You roll your eyes playfully, knowing exactly what your horny boyfriend was trying to do. "Hm, let's see.. how about a shower?" You ask rhetorically, turning around to face him.
"What? Seriously?"
"Yeah, seriously. I just cleaned these counters Testu"
He groaned as he went towards the bathroom like a grumpy child who didn’t want to take a bath. You shake your head and turn back around to get dinner ready. Moments later Kuroo pops his head out, "At least join me?" He pleads. "Testuro." You say, without even turning around. "Okay okay, I got it" He mutters before returning inside the bathroom.
Tumblr media
"Oh? Did you actually comb your hair this time?"
Kuroo fake laughed as he dried his hair, "Ha ha ha, you're hilarious babe" He mocked. You smiled widely at him, "I know right? Maybe I should quit my job and do stand up" You replied, washing your hands in the sink. Testu rolled his eyes and kissed your cheek. "Dinner looks great, are your parents coming over or something?" He inquired, reaching for the gyoza.
You smacked his hand, "No, I just don't feel like cooking every day this week. Whatever we don't eat will be leftovers. Wash your hands" You explained. "Ah well, I'll have you know I have a big appetite," Kuroo said, nipping at your neck. You let out an annoyed sigh, "Testu, your hands. Wash them" You stated, putting down the plates. "Ugh, you're no fun" He whined, going to the sink.
Tumblr media
You and Kuroo laid in bed, watching some show on your TV. It seemed like you would be able to go to sleep without any of your boyfriend's traditional before bed antics. But even you knew that was stretch, especially when he burped in your ear. "Ew Testu, you're disgusting" You cringed, turning away from him. "Aw come on, I know you love it," He said, turning you back over to face him.
"I don't like your burps babe, it's gross"
Kuroo scoffed, "It's the circle of life, especially when your girlfriend makes a kick-ass dinner" he complimented. "Flattery won't get you in my pants" You laughed, as Testuro feigned a hurt look. "Do you think that all I think about is sex? I'm wounded princess" He claimed. You rolled your eyes, "No I don't think that but I know it takes up a good chunk of your thoughts" You say, tapping his forehead lightly.
Your boyfriend's fingers ran up and down your forearm, "Since we're on the topic of sex, you okay? We haven't y'know.. done it in a while" He asked. You shake your head, "I'm fine babe, my sex drive just isn't as high as yours. But if you behave, we can do something tomorrow" You promised, placing a kiss on his lips. Kuroo smirked, "Oh yeah? I look forward to it" He replied as his hand starting trailing down to your stomach and rubbing it gently.
"Testu.. are you trying to make me fart?"
Kuroo let out a loud laugh, "Maybe. I can't be the only gross one in this relationship" He said. "Ugh, whatever man" You retorted, closing your eyes. Testuro looked at your stomach with piqued curiosity, was it just him or did your stomach look bigger? Feel bigger? He didn't want to get his hopes up but maybe–
"What're you all smiley about?" You asked, peeking at your boyfriend with one eye open. "Nothin'" He hummed, continuing to rub your stomach. Maybe you were pregnant and you didn't know? Or maybe you did know and was waiting to surprise him? Oh, what if– "Okay babe, talk to me. You're never quiet unless you're asleep, what going on?" You ask, turning on your side and looking at him with concerned eyes. "I'm alright... random question: when was the last time you got your period?" He asked, looking you in the eyes.
You laughed thinking he was joking but when you saw his face you stopped, "You serious?" You asked. Kuroo nodded, waiting for an answer. "Uhh, about two days ago, why?" You answered. Testuro's face dropped a bit, he knew he shouldn't have gotten his hopes up. They were crushed before they even festered. You placed a hand on his cheek, "Hey.. what's up? You're acting weird all of sudden" You whispered. Kuroo just sighed, "It's nothing, just a silly thought" He mumbled. You must've looked unconvinced cause Kuroo kissed your forehead and dismissed the conversation.
"Let's get some sleep, ‘kay?"
Tumblr media
This has been gnawing on your mind for the past week. You knew your boyfriend and you knew he wasn't telling you something. He was fine earlier in that evening, cracking jokes and being his usual stupid self. But when you guys started cuddling he got all weird and even asked you about your period. What the hell was that about anyway?
Your head snapped up, "Oh. Sorry" You apologized. Kiyoko just smiled slightly, "You seem to have a lot on your mind. Penny for your thoughts?" She asked. You chuckled breathlessly, "I don't even know what's going on, Testu's acting weird" You claim. Kiyoko raised an eyebrow, "More than usual?". You laughed, "Yeah something like that. Enough about me, so you and Tanaka huh?" You asked, holding her hand to admire the engagement ring that adorned her ring finger perfectly.
Kiyoko chuckled, "Yup, he finally wore me out" She stated. "Lucky you, I don't when Testu is gonna purpose. But probably no time soon since he bought this expensive ass promise ring last year" You vent, looking at the ring on your finger. "Yeah.. but you never know. I didn't even know Ryu had money in savings, let alone the money for an engagement ring" She explained.
"But back to you, Kuroo is acting weird. How exactly?"
You explained what happened last week to her. Kiyoko hummed and sipped her tea silently. "It sounds like he thought you were pregnant" She stated, placing her cup down gingerly. You almost choked on your coffee, "Huh?!" You exclaimed. "Yeah, I'm surprised you didn't come to that conclusion on your own. He asked you about your period" She said. You placed your face in your hand, "Okay.. but why on earth would he think that?" You asked rhetorically.
"Well you said he was rubbing your stomach, maybe you gained weight and he figured it was baby weight?" Kiyoko guessed. You blushed slightly, "We literally just finished eating, I was bloated," You say defensively. "Hmm, have you guys been using protection lately?" She asked. "Well, not really" You answered, sipping your coffee. "Ah, that's why. You haven't been using protection and you were bloated. He probably thought he put two and two together" Kiyoko shrugged.
"Ugh boys are so stupid"
"You said it"
Tumblr media
"I'm home!"
You turned to the door from your spot on the couch, "Hey baby, how was work?" You asked. Kuroo shrugged, "It was alright" He replied plainly. You grit your teeth slightly, before getting up and standing in front of your boyfriend. "Okay, enough of this. Tell me what's wrong or we're going to sit here until I guess correctly" You state, crossing your arms over your chest. Kuroo sighed, clearly tired.
"Princess I already told you, I'm–"
"You thought I was pregnant"
Testuro looked at you with a shocked expression, "What?" He asked. "Last week. When your whole weirdness thing started, you thought I was pregnant. Right?" You pressed. Kuroo tried avoiding your gaze but you weren't having any on it. "Testu." You warn. "Okay fine! Yeah, I did, it was a stupid thought" He sighed. "I– the thought of being a father really excited me and when you said you got your period, I don't know.. it kinda bummed me out" Your boyfriend explained, looking anywhere but your face.
You grabbed his face gently, positioning it to look at you. "Hey. That's not a stupid thought. Do you know how many times I think about having kids with you? Too many times. I'm glad we're on the same wavelength when it comes to that. Not too many guys are keen on kids when they're still in their twenties y'know?" You replied, resting your forehead on his. Kuroo let out a relieved sigh, "Yeah, good thing I'm not like most guys, huh?". You giggled, "Yeah you're really one of a kind, your pull out game is on point. Most guys can't do that" You jest. Testuro rolled his eyes but looked at you with complete love and admiration, "Well, what would you say if I wanted you to put a baby in me right now?" You asked.
Kuroo pursed his lips in fake thought before grinning widely,
"I would say: let's fucking go"
Tumblr media
tanzaniiite © 2020 — all rights reserved. do not repost, modify, or copy. do not plagiarize. thank you.
Tumblr media
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spencers-dria · 10 months ago
Meet Me in the Woods
Someone To Stay Ch. 7
Spencer x fem reader
Tumblr media
After dinner, the guys and girls split up into their separate rooms, taking turns in the showers. After you finished washing up, you put on some red, plaid pajama pants, a black tank top, and a pair of slippers that looked like bear paws. You made your way into the kitchen, where Rossi was cleaning up.
"You didn't happen to bring marshmallows, did you?" You ask, eyebrows raised.
"You read my mind, kid." Rossi gives you a wink as he hands you a bag, already full of everything you need.
While he finishes, cleaning you make your way outside. All you can hear is the sound of crickets and the wind in the trees. It's like music to your ears, so peaceful. You walk across the back patio that overlooks the lake, heading towards the fire pit. Sitting on one of the log benches, you start to pull out all the supplies you need. After gathering some kindling, you start a fire in the stone fire pit, giving it a poke here and there to help get it going. Within a few minutes, the fire has grown to a decent size, and you can feel it's warmth from your seat.
It's not long before the doors open and the rest of the group joins you, gathering around the fire. Everyone grabs a skewer and starts roasting their marshmallows. Derek gets a little over eager with the fire and keeps burning his, so JJ has to help him out. The chocolate Rossi brought to use isn't plain Hershey's, but instead it's Ghirardli chocolate with different fillings like caramel or raspberry! These have to be some of the best s'mores you've ever tasted.
Once everyone is snacking on their s'mores, you hear Spencer speak up. "Alright! Who wants to hear a ghost story?"
The group lets out some claps and cheers for him.
You watch as his face changes and he lets the group get quiet as he sets the mood for the story. He pulls a candle out from somewhere behind his seat and lights it in the fire. He holds it in front of his face as he begins to speak, but stops when he hears a snicker. He turns and gives you a serious look.
"I'm so sorry!" You and JJ both giggle, trying to pull yourselves together. "It's just really funny watching you take this so seriously."
He rolls his eyes at you, but you swear you almost see a smile. He tries to get back in character before starting.
"In Fredericksburg, Virginia...there is a hospital that would seem completely normal to most people. But to anyone who has been a patient on the 4th floor, they know better." He uses overly dramatic inflection in his voice, which only makes it more humorous.
"Really Spencer...the hospital where I work?"
He stops again, turning to you. "You know what ghosts really hate? People who interrupt. That's right! And they're coming for you next." He gives you a shove, and neither of you can keep a straight face anymore. You're both laughing, trying to catch your breath.
"Hey! I want to hear the rest of the story!" Penelope pipes up.
"Oh please he's just making it up as he goes along. It's not even that scary." You joke, playfully.
"I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that, but I think we all know who did hear it..." he says in his spookiest voice. "Anyways! Like I said, the 4th floor is haunted. Patients who stay in rooms 26  and 27 have reported seeing a young boy and young girl. They say the girl always asks them if they want to play with her ball. Other patients have said they can hear a ball bouncing in the hallway in the latest hours of the night."
You shift, a bit uneasy in your seat. This was starting to sound familiar. It reminded you of stories you had heard from coworkers...but how would he know about this? You normally aren't spooked easily, but as Spencer continues, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.
He continues the story. "They say the only people they really go after are the staff. They wait until their guard is down, the sneak up behind them, and..."
"GOTCHA!" You jump up from your seat as someone grabs you from behind.
You look down to see Derek Morgan, bent over with laughter, tears in his eyes. Spencer is laughing just as hard, if not harder. The rest of the team joins in, and after your nerves settle, so do you.
"You planned this didn't you?!" You yell at the two of them, trying to stifle a laugh and be serious.
The pair of them still laughing too hard to even  speak. You have your answer.
"Well that's enough fun for me. I'm headed to bed, anyone else?" Rossi gets up and everyone else joins him, heading inside.
When you step inside, you grab your green, plaid, wool blanket off the couch and carry it back out to the patio. Everyone is already getting ready for bed, so no one notices. You spread it out on the deck and turn off the porch light. You finally lay down on your back, looking straight up at the night sky. You could see a few stars from where you live, but out here there are more than you could ever count. It looks like pixie dust, spread across a deep abyss of black. You take a deep breath in, smelling the forest. For you, it doesn't get any better than this.
You soon hear the patio door open and close, followed by footsteps. You see Spencer standing over you, looking down at you with curiosity. He's changed into purple PJ pants and a Star Wars shirt.
"Whatcha doin?"
"Taking it all in." You smile up at him.
"Mind if I join?"
You scoot over, making extra room as you pat the spot next to you on the blanket.
You let out a long sigh, feeling completely content and relaxed. "I don't know what it is, about space, the stars, the galaxy...but I have always been so mesmerized by all of it. Part of me just appreciates how beautiful it is and part of me appreciates how it is all so much bigger than me. It's beyond what I can ever wrap my head around. There's nothing I wouldn't do to one day take a trip up there."
"Do you know the story of Perseus?" Spencer asks before explaining. He's learned not to underestimate your random knowledge as well.
"Believe it or not, I do actually."
Spencer smiles to himself. "I'm not surprised. Anyways, so there is Cephus at the top, Cassiopeia below him to the right, then Andromeda, and finally Perseus at the bottom left."
Your face twist in confusion. You don't see any of it, but you're too embarrassed to admit this, so you nod as if you see them. You sometimes forget what Spencer does for his job. He scoots closer to you to share your line of vision. He then looks at you and smiles before grabbing your hand and directing your pointer finger along the path of each constellation.
"It's beautiful isn't it?" You ask him.
"What is?"
"All of it. The stars, the trees, the sounds, the's perfect." You close your eyes feeling completely at peace in this moment.
You don't see Spencer roll his head to look at you.
"Yeah, really beautiful." He responds.
You feel your body relaxing and slipping away from the moment as you fall closer towards sleep. The next thing you know you feel arms slipping underneath you and lifting you from the ground. Mostly asleep, you absent-mindedly wrap your arms around the figure carrying you. You feel your body being carried up and then tucked underneath you bed comforter. Your eyes flit open for only a moment. Through the thick darkness you barely make out Spencer's outline climbing back down the ladder and quietly slipping out of the room. This is the last thing you see before you are awoken by the scent of smokey bacon.
You open your eyes and look around the room to see all three other ladies are still fast asleep. Sunlight is dripping into the room from between the curtains. You carefully make your way down from your top bunk and tip toe out of the room, trying to avoid any squeaky wooden floorboards.
When you finally reach the kitchen, you are surprised to see Hotch cooking breakfast. He's smiling and flipping pancakes at the stove. You haven't known  him very long, but this is still not something you would have expected from him.
"Goodmorning" you yawn, rubbing your eyes and adjusting to the sunlight flooding in from the large kitchen windows.
"Morning!" he beamed. "Care for some pancakes?"
"Pancakes sound wonderful, thanks! Need any help?"
"You can set the table if you don't mind."
"Not at all! Happy to help," You give him a smile as you start to pull place settings out from the cabinets.
"So, pancakes from scratch...where did you learn that?"
He lets out a small chuckle. "Rossi's not the only one who can cook ya know. Truthfull though, I learned a lot from my wife Haley. She was a great mom, and a wonderful cook." He smiles as he seems to get caught up in a memory, but you can here the sadness lacing his tone.
You can't help but inquire. "Was?"
He looks down at the bacon he is now grilling, avoiding eye contact as he continues.
"She was my ex wife for only a little while before she was killed. It was a serial killer that the team should have...that I should have caught." He has stopped cooking and is now gripping the counter infant of him, as though he was trying to keep himself from falling over.
You may not know him well, but your job had made you fairly comfortable with talking to people dealing with situations such as this, so you decide to approach him. You place a comforting hand on his shoulder.
"I'm so sorry, that you and your son have had to go through that. No one should ever be put through that much trauma. But I can tell its made you really strong. And your son, he's lucky to have a dad who cares so much about him and keeps him safe."
Hotch takes a deep breath before continuing his cooking as he flips a few pieces of bacon and pours another pancake. He then turns to you and gives a warm genuine smile.
"Thank you, Y/N. I really appreciate it, truly. We have all been through a lot. And I'm not the only one who's lost someone because of this job..."
He trails off when you expected him to continue. There was something about the way he said that last part that made you believe he wanted to say more. Could he be talking about Spencer? Who did he lose? What happened to them? When did it happen?
Questions start to flood your mind but are quickly pushed to the back as the rest of the team starts to make their way into the kitchen for breakfast.
Everyone is talking about their plans for the day. So you turn to Spencer.
"I have something fun planned, if you're willing to trust me."
He raises his eyebrows, intrigued.
"Well I trusted you yesterday and I turned out okay" he laughs.
"Well it's definitely more laid back, even relaxing. If you want you can even bring a book."
He puts his elbows on the table and leans forward on his hands. You've clearly peaked his interest.
"Ok you've won me over. What is it?"
"A surprise." You smile as you grab both of your empty plates and bring them to the sink to wash them off.
"Well can you at least tell me what I need to wear for this?"
You take a minute to think.
"Definitely sun screen and probably something can get a little bit wet or dirty and also some sturdy shoes."
You both make your way to your rooms to get ready. You find the other three ladies already getting dressed and packed for their planned activities.
Alex is getting ready to go on a hike with Rossi and Hotch. JJ and Morgan are taking some rental jet skis out on the lake. Penny will be relaxing on her float again.
You put on a grey tank with an open, oversized navy flannel, some grey khaki shorts, and chacos . You grab your north face backpack and head to the kitchen to sort through the snacks. The backpack gets filled with granola bars, fresh fruit, cashews, and water bottles.
As you are finishing up, Spencer makes his way out of his room. He's in a half zip grey long sleeve, khaki shorts and tennis shoes. It doesn't look ah all like something he'd usually wear.
"Nice outfit" you smile at him.
"Oh uhh thanks, I borrowed the shirt from Hotch and the shorts aren't something I usually wear, but I brought them on the trip just in case." He seems to be blushing a bit. You feel bad, thinking you've must have embarrassed him.
"No really though, the outdoors look, it works for you." You elbow him as you giggle. The blush on his face turns a dark shade of red. Maybe he's really not used to getting told he looks good. This seems a bit crazy to you. He's ridiculously attractive. So much so that you brushed off any possibility of anything happening the night you met him. Spencer was just a friend, and that's exactly what you needed.
You throw on your back pack and lead the two of you out the glass doors and down the patio steps. You make your way further away from the cabin until the only thing left surrounding the two of you are trees.
The two of you walk for a couple minutes in a comfortable silence. You take in the sound of leaves crunching under your feet, wind in the trees, birds chirping. You look up to see sunlight streaming through the leaves of the trees above you. The path is covered by a canopy of green and gold. It's almost magical. You finally look over to see Spencer with a big smile on his face. He's looking around in awe. You have a feeling he doesn't do this sort of thing often.
"Wow" he breathes out. "It's so beautiful and calm. It's almost a bit..."
"Magical?" You interject. He looks down at you in surprise to see you smiling back up at him. He just smiles and nods.
You finally make your way to dock at the edge of the lake. You toss your back back into a red canoe tied up on the dock.
"We're going out on the lake?" He questions.
"Yeah is that okay?"
"Yeah that's ok. I've never actually been in a canoe before, I'm not sure how much help I'll be rowing."
"That's ok, Spencer. We're just here to relax and have fun" you reassure him.
You motion for him to step in first. You untie the boat from the dock push it off into the water as you jump in at the other end. You instruct him to turn around and face the front and hand him one paddle. You call out instructions to help him with pace and directions. After a couple minutes, he starts to get the hang of it. I mean, he has a PhD in engineering, you're not surprised.
Eventually, the boat is fairly far from shore and you both put down your paddles as he turns to face you. You reach into your backpack and pull out blankets to lay across the seats. Then you pull out the snacks and the water.
"A picnic on the lake, huh?" He gives a slight chuckle.
"Yeah" you shrug. "A bit cheesy, I know."
"It's perfect." He glances up at you with a genuine toothy grin on his face. He looks really happy. When you see this you can't help the ever growing smile on your face.
"What gave you this idea?" he asks as he starts munching on some cashews and grapes.
"Well, I love hiking, I love the water, and you already know I love food. So why not combine all three? Plus, there's just something really therapeutic about being in a boat out on the water, rowing, the only sound is your paddle in the water."
"Well I hope you don't mind, I brought something. I didn't know what we'd be doing, but I thought it might come in handy. Um it's not mine and Derek had to show me how to set it up. It's probably stupid anyways."
"I wanna see!" You give him a light shove on the shoulder.
He reaches into the backpack he brought and pulls out a Bluetooth speaker. Next he pulls out his phone and you hear the beep as it connects. You're incredibly intrigued at this point. The next thing you know, you hear the hear the gentle harmonica and acoustic guitar as "Ghost on the Shore" by Lord Huron fills the air around you.
You lean back on your hands, tears threaten to fill the brims of your eyes.
"Spencer... this is really, really sweet. How did you even find this song?"
"I noticed you looking at some of their music in that coffee shop with the music store. I listened to a little bit, and I really liked this song. I figured you would too."
"It's one of my favorites."
The two of you spend more time listening to music,
snacking, and just taking in the beauty of the nature around you. Way off in the distance you hear laughter and can see JJ and Derek racing around on their jet skis. You decide to head back and join the others, music still sounding from the speaker tucked into a side pocket of his backpack. "Meet Me in the Woods" echoes through the trees as you hike back towards the cabin together. Today had turned out even better than you ever could have planned.
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marissathomasauthor · 3 months ago
Querencia - a Steve Rogers Imagine/FanFic
01. Visit
"He's a piece of shit is what he is," my friend Claire said as we pulled out two chairs that rested around a wire table outside of our usual coffee shop. "Who the hell, in their right mind, would let a babe like you go?"
"Seriously, Claire," I started to tell her as I shook my head, sitting down and taking a sip of my latte before I continued speaking. "It's really not a big deal. I'm not looking to date, anyway. Work has me slammed."
Claire looked at me over the top of her cup, studying me intently before slowly lowering it from her lips. "Okay first off, you guys went on like, what, six dates? And the fucker has the audacity to ghost you? Go track his ass down and I'll give him a piece of my mind on your behalf. Secondly, when are you finally going to tell me about this new job?"
"I already have," I said, well aware that I was lying to her. "I'm still in the bounty hunting business, it's just more private is all. More exclusive clients means more secrecy."
"Okay, well if this exclusivity means less time spent with my best friend, then I don't approve," she told me bluntly and I couldn't help but laugh. "We haven't gone out in ages, Vaia. We need to get you out and actually meet someone worth your time."
I rolled my eyes, my finger running circles around the rim of my cup as my mind wandered. "I love you, Claire, but I have other priorities. A man doesn't fit into my life at the moment."
"You're no fun," she complained as she let her back dramatically slam back against her chair.
We talked for a while longer, neither of us daring to delve into the topics of work or my love life again. As we reached the end of our coffee, our cups empty, we both pushed away from the table and exchanged a hug, promising to see one another at the same time tomorrow. I stood there and watched her slip into the bustling D.C. crowds, heading off to work when I turned and began to walk in the opposite direction.
I weaved in and out of the crowds, heading toward the familiar pizzeria that had two lofts above it. I hesitated outside the door in the alleyway that brought you up the stairs, my finger lingering over the buzzer before I bit my lip and finally pushed it.
"Hello?" A familiar male voice responded, almost echoing in the alleyway despite the loud sounds of the city.
"It's me," I replied and a moment later I heard the sound of the door buzzing open.
I frantically pulled it open and made my way inside, heading up the stairs as I listened to the faint sounds of the customers in the pizzeria. I practically hear my own heartbeat, the usual nerves taking hold as I stopped outside the door on the left. I brought my knuckle up and knocked three times before I heard the sound of footsteps running which instantly brought a smile to my face.
"Mommy," my daughter yelled when she yanked the door open and jumped into my arms as I kneeled on the floor. "I missed you."
"I missed you, too, pumpkin," I told her as I hugged her tightly before pulling back slightly to give her a smile. "Have you been good for your father?"
She gave me a big toothy grin as she nodded frantically which caused me to chuckle. "Always."
"Why don't you go play, princess?" Mark said to our daughter as he rested a hand on her shoulder, his eyes on me. "Mommy and I need to talk for a minute."
Evelyn gave me a smile before she quickly pushed past Mark and ran towards her room. Once we knew she was out of ear shot, he sighed and ran a hand through his hair as he turned and walked over towards the couch.
"Mark, please don't do this," I whispered as I sat down next to him, already knowing what the conversation was going to be.
"We need you here, Vaia," he said, turning to look at me with what appeared to be desperation. "Your little girl, our daughter, needs her mother. I need you."
I shook my head, tears springing to my eyes as the memory of that dreaded night began to resurface. "I can't, Mark. You know why I can't. You don't think it kills me knowing that I'm not here to watch my baby girl grow up? You don't think that every single day, I imagine what our life would be if nothing had happened all those years ago?"
"You're not that person anymore," Mark responded in a whisper as he reached for my hand. "What happened that night wasn't your fault."
"Then whose was it?" I snapped, still kicking myself for allowing her to be in that situation in the first place. "Cause the last time I checked, a mother is supposed to protect her child, not be the reason she almost dies."
Mark squeezed my hand before letting go and turning his whole body so he was facing me. "For fucks sake, Vaia. You're the reason she's alive right now. You need to stop being afraid and realize how much you've changed. Realize that you're not a danger to her."
"But I am," I told him sadly, resting my elbows on my knees as I put my hands in my hair. "This job, everything I've been doing for the last eight years, it puts her in harms way."
"Then quit. Quit and come home to us."
I scoffed before I chuckled, rolling my eyes as I lifted my head to look at him in disbelief. "Come home to you? You're the one who kicked me out. You're the one who wanted a divorce. You walked away from me and expect me to come back just like that?"
"It always comes back to that, doesn't it?" He barked out, pushing himself up abruptly from the couch. "You're never going to forgive me, are you?"
"Do you realize how ridiculous you sound right now?" I fired back, standing up as well, matching his anger. "You cheated on me, I was going to forgive you to keep this family together, and then that night happened and you no longer wanted me in either of your lives anymore. You're the one who threatened to take her away from me if I didn't sign those papers. You can stand there and tell me that you think I've changed, that I'm not a danger, but the truth is you're just lonely. You don't give a shit about me and you don't want me here so quit pretending that you do."
Mark shook his head, running his hands aggressively through his hair as he started to pace in front of me. "Don't stand there and act like you put up a fight. You were more than willing to sign those papers, Vaia."
"This bullshit right here? That's why," I told him sternly, my teeth clenched in frustration. "You don't have the right to tell me what I was thinking or feeling when I did what I did. With what happened, there wasn't a doubt in my mind that if you took me to court that they'd grant you full custody and not give me any visitation rights. I did what I did so I could still see my baby girl. Not a damn thing I have ever done has been for you and I sure as hell am not going to start now."
"So that's it," Mark stated matter-of-factly as he faced me and crossed his arms over his chest. "You're just going to walk away from us again?"
I shook my head, feeling some type of resolution within myself as I stared down my ex-husband. "I'm walking away from you, Mark. I'll never walk away from my little girl."
"Mommy," Evelyn's soft voice said as I looked over and saw her come walking over to me. I leaned over to pick her up, resting her on my hip. "Can I come with you this time?"
"Soon, pumpkin," I told her with a confidence, knowing damn well that I was about to do everything in my power to make sure I could give her a safe life. "Next time you see me, I'll bring you home with me, okay? I promise."
Before she could respond, my phone started to ring in my back pocket. I gently set her down and smiled as she wrapped her arm around my leg as I pulled for my phone and saw Fury's name lighting up my screen.
"What's up?" I answered, not wanting Mark to know who I was working for.
"Where are you?" He asked as I heard the sound of a car door closing. "I need you to meet me at the park on eighth. I have something for you."
I glanced down at Evelyn and rested a hand on her head, smoothing down her hair. "I'll be there in fifteen."
I hung up the phone and slid it back in my jean pocket before kneeling down and wrapping my arms around her. My daughter flung her arms around my neck and held onto me tightly, her head resting on my shoulder.
"I love you so much, Evelyn," I told her as I closed my eyes and squeezed her a little tighter. "I'll see you soon, alright?"
"I love you, too, Mommy."
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nct ot21 reaction to: being dared to kiss their crush on 'truth or dare'
part 3: wayv
nct 127|nct dream
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
please go to the ask box to send your requests or questions♡ you can interact as much as you want !
summary: you have been friends for quite some time now, you aren't besties but for sure you have a nice friendship and connection. You hang out to eat and stuff with the same group of friends, sometimes just the two of you talk and have good conversations.
kun is such a cutie honestly😭 he seems like the type of guy that doesn't falls easily for someone, he studies the person, seeing if he can trust her enough and after that he might developed a nice and cute friendship. As soon as Kun met you he feel so comfortable with you, you were always smiling and including him in any conversation, that made his feelings for you grow even more.
winwin texted inviting you to have a movie party on wayv's dorm with some other of their friends, he said it was going to be fun and there was gonna be a lot of food so you agree immediately. You are happy to spend some time with Kun, together and watching movies. He is really sweet but he isn't that talkative with you but he always laughs at everything you say melting you with his cute dimples.
you enter the dorm and greet Hendery who opens the door for you, you place the snacks you bough previously, on the food table and start looking around searching for Kun. You see him facing the tv trying to pick a movie with Ten. You make your way to say hello to them when Yangyang stands in the middle of the living room grabbing everyone's attention.
"Since we all are standing in a circle, let's have some fun before the movie and play 'truth or dare." He claps excited and sits on one of the couches.
Kun turns agaisnt the tv sitting in the table and smiling at you while waving his hand.  The game was going well making Hendery and Xiaojun embarrass themselves making everyone laugh and having a good time. Then the bottle stops pointing at Kun.
"Kun! Truth or dare?" Yangyang asks excited.
"Uhm, dare." Kun hesitated a bit but also wanted to join the fun.
"Wow, you are bold now."
"Well, since you seem to have a lot of fun with y/n, always laughing about her bad jokes... i dare you to kiss her." Yangyang looks at you raises his eyebrows playfully.
Kun stars blushing and stays still for a few seconds, after he reacts he slowly makes his way to to you. He gives you a shy smile and proceeds to lift your jaw connecting your lips. He starts kissing you slowly making you feel butterflies in your stomach. You follow him and grab his shoulders pulling him closer to you. He is so gentle and romantic, he doesn't includes his tongue but he keeps the kiss so passionate.
you slowly end the kiss and look at each other and laugh after noticing how flustered you look.
"I'm sorry our first proper and direct interaction had to be like this." Kun smiles shy looking at the floor.
"But i enjoyed it." He looks directly in your eyes making you panic inside.
"Honestly, i enjoyed it too." You give a shy smile back.
"Since we enjoy each other so much maybe we should grab a meal together." He says in a happy tone.
"I would love to."
in my opinion ten is fearless and he isn't really afraid of showing interest on the person that he likes. I think he will be build a nice friendship with them making that person trust him and have a lot of fun together, and eventually get to know the person better and see if they can really build a nice relationship. He seems like a really open guy but even thought of that I feel like he takes things seriously, so he wants positive people in his life instead of people that could be like problematic or something so he's kind of picky in that part.
you were invited to Lucas birthday party and since you haven't seen your friends in a while and needs to have some fun, you decided to accept the invitation. You try to prepare a nice outfit because you realize that ten is going to be there and you wanted to impress him. He's always so nice and cool to you but you feel like there's something missing between you two and you really want to build a new phase with him.
you enter the apartment greeting all of your friends that are by the door and proceeded to congratulate Lucas for his birthday handing him his gift, he takes it with a really happy expression in his face and gives you a hug. You look around searching for Ten but he's nowhere to be seen so you wished you can see him later that night.
"Let's play 'truth or dare'!!!" Haechan screams while grabbing your arm and making you sit on the circle of people. You notice Ten at the other side so you try not to show your smile.
the whole night was fun, full of laugh and embarrassment from the dares. The bottle spins and then stops on Ten. 
"Ooooh, fun." Jaehyun says playfully.
"Yes, yes don't ask, i pick dare." Ten rolls his eyes pretending to be annoyed and makes everyone go 'oooh'.
"Uhm, since we are doing fun stuff today, i dare you to kiss y/n." Jaehyun smiles obviously teasing Ten.
Ten smirks and walks to the spot you're sitting on, he seats down in caresses your face, then places a piece of your hair with kind your ears he grabs your face between both of his hands and starts kissing you is slowly. He starts sliding his tongue inside you, tasting every bit of you. You place your hands grabbing his neck in making the kiss deeper. You feel so complete by finally kissing Ten and letting out all of your emotions.
you separate after a while realizing how many people could be around you, and look into each other's eyes kind of embarrassed.
"So can we go on date now? I mean we already are a step ahead." He laughs.
"Yes, i would like to go on a date." You smile back at him.
"Yah! It's my birthday, don't grab all the attention." Lucas jokes making everyone laugh
he is the type of guy who tends to seem shy and that holds back but in reality, when he is around a circle of people that he feels comfortable with his confidence increases a lot, and that's how you started liking him and being into him so much.
winwin and you have been friends for a while, he is always really talkative, friendly and a little flirty i should say, he says the right things in the right moments.
you arrive at mark's birthday party, you were nervous because this was the first time winwin and you were going to see each other in "bigger" social situation, by mow you've had a nice thing going between you two but you still weren't you sure what was happening. As soon as you enter the apartment you say hi to all of your friends and try not look to obvious while searching for him between all the people. You finally see him and when you are about to approach to were he is sitting you see he is happily talking with a girl, they laugh and become kinda touchy while chatting, you try to hide your disappointment and continue to talk to your friends.
you aren't feeling well and the night seems to last a lifetime and just in that terrible moment someone shouts "hey, gather up, we are playing truth or dare." you don't eve think about moving from your spot but then "get up, let' play." Mark says smiling. "mark, i don't feel like playing, sorry." You said looking down. "hey, i know you are upset because of winwin and that girl but you will be okay, come on it's gonna be fun." You grab his hand finally agreeing to play.
you are sitting on the floor with everyone else and when you look up winwin is sitting in front of you, you don't see the girl anywhere what makes you smile on the inside (lol ??). He stares at you and smiles, you smile back. suddenly mark sits besides mark and whispers something in his ear, mark smiles and high fives him, then he goes to other members, you have no idea what is happening but it makes you nervous.
the night is going really well, everyone laughs and enjoys but you try not to look at winwin all the time even tho he hasn't took his eyes of you in the whole night, you still kinda upset so you don't pay attention. The bottle starts spinning again and points at winwin. "oh my god." mark says really hyped, not even a second later. "truth or-." mark says. "chill, it's my turn to ask, i know what i'm doing." jaehyun says while smirking. "winwin, truth or dare." He asks to the beautiful chinese boy staring right into him. "dare." Winwin says without any hesitation while smiling at his friends.
"okay, that's an easy one." jaehyun says taking a look around the room. "i dare you to kiss your good friend y/n". jaehyun claims while smiling. Winwin doesn't even answer and he is already walking at your spot, without noticing he is in front of you staring at your eyes. Everything was going so fast that you didn't eve knew how to act, you palms were sweating and your heart was beating fast. He takes your hair off your face, grabs your jaw between his fingers and gives a little peck. Hhen it takes you by surprise that he starts kissing you slowly, even sliding his tongue inside of you. You feel like heaven. He decides to end the kiss and stares right into your eyes. "do you really think i was going to be with anyone at this party if it wasn't you? i even made the guys dare me to kiss you so you could finally see that I've been dying for you." He says smiling. "let's go, i want to take you somewhere right now" he says while he grabs your hand and you get out of the party.   
Lucas seems like he isn't afraid to show his attention towards the person he likes, it seems like he would just be friendly and nice as he is just everyone but with her, he would try to learn about her favorite things and make her laugh all the time.
as soon as Lucas met you his heart went all ways, you were so nice and kind, you immediately became his friend and started to laugh at his jokes so he felt touched because of that.
wayv were finally coming back to korea after a long time of promoting in china and they are throwing a little party. You are excited to see your friends and congratulate them for doing such a good job, but you were specially happy to see Lucas again. You loved his happy and bright personality that always made your day better.
you enter the place trying to find any wayv members but you just see some of your friends gathering at the living room, you get close and notice that the members are sitting in there as well playing 'truth or dare'.
"Y/n come join." Xiaojun smiles, patting the empty spot next to him indicating that you can sit. You go there and the games starts.
the atmosphere is all pretty nice, everyone is having a good time and it's all fun. The bottle keeps spinning and stops on Lucas he gives a bright smile and cheers a bit since it hasn't been his turn yet.
"You are excited aren't you?" Hendery gives a playful smile.
"Truth or dare?."
"Mmm... truth! No, dare!." Lucas says excited.
"To give you a little more excitment i dare you to kiss a really beautiful girl, y/n!." Hendery stands his arms and points at you. You open your eyes in surprise and gulp. 
you see how Lucas smirks and walks to your spot. He sits in front of you and grabs your face between his big ass hands and without warning starts kissing you, he doesn't hesitates and goes straight to explore all the inside of your mouth. You place your arms around his neck so you can give him more access. You feel Lucas smile during the kiss and you smile as well. You are so glad to finally have a moment like this with him.
you both finish and stare at each other with a big smile but then you stare at the floor embarrassed.
"I really liked that." Lucas smiles at you
"I likes it too." You give him a shy smile back.
"Would you mind if hang out tomorrow and maybe repeat it again." He says teasing you.
"I wouldn't mind at all." You sat caressing his arm softly.  
he looks he would just try to be friends with the person he likes. He would try to get to know them better so like that he can be closer to them and he would just try to establish a nice friendship and then slowly show his feelings for her.
ever since you met Xiaojun you love to spent time with him, he was always so sweet and smiley, carefully listening at your words. He even tells you to recommend him some songs and it makes you go crazy.
you decide to do little party for your birthday, you invited some of your friends over to spend the night. You chose a nice outfit and did your makeup. Some people have arrived already but then you see the cute Xiaojun entering your house lighting up the whole place with his sweet smile.
you make your way to were he is standing but one of your friends grabs your hands and takes you to the living room.
"You are the birthday girl, so you definitely have to play 'truth or dare' as well." Your girl friend says excited. You notice how wayv members join the game as well and then your sight crosses with Xiaojun who mouths a 'happy birthday' from the other side of the circle while giving a big smile.
the game starts and Xiaojun is the first one to go.
"Truth or dare." Ten asks.
"Okay, since it's a birthday i'll go dare." Everyone cheers making you both laugh.
"So, for the birthday girl we have a good gift... a kiss from Xiaojun. Dude, that's your dare go ahead." Ten says encouraging his friend to go to you. Xiaojun looks shocked but goes to your spot anyways.
he grabs your check and connects your lips making it the sweetest kiss ever. He is so nice and gentle while kissing you, making your palms sweat and your heart skip a beat. You had no idea he was going to make you fall even more for him, but now he made it.
he separates from you and stares into your eyes making you blush.
"I'm sorry that i had to make this before giving you your actual gift." You both laugh.
"I don't think there is better gift that this." You say playfully. He laughs and covers his face.
"Uhm, so maybe we should hang out more, you know, just the two of us." He is shy but manages to speak fluent.
"I would love to." You smile and stroke his cheek.
he seems like a really nice and friendly guy so if he interested in someone he will try to find the things they have in common and start from there to build a nice friendship with them, making them feel comfortable, and he will tried to be a friend they can always go to.
Ever since you met Hendery you have been really into him, he's always including you in all conversations asking questions about the things you like or what do you think about certain topic your group of friends is talking about.
you were invited to your friend's party and you i immediately accept since you knew Hendery was going to be there. You put a little but of effort in your outfit so you can get his attention and finally head to the party.
"Y/n, you came! Let's go play 'truth or dare' with rest." An excited Hendery says dragging you to the room where everyone's gathering.
"Our dear friend Hendery." Ten pats his shoulder.
"Truth or dare?"
"Mmm...dare!" Hendery answers.
"Well since are having fun tonight i dare you to kiss y/n." Ten smiles playfully. Hendery opens his eyes wide in surprise and turns at you while you are already flustered.
"Here i go." He whispers softly.
he connects your lips making it the sweetest and most gentle kiss ever, and even though he doesn't use his tongue he already makes you feel like you're in heaven. You can't believe that you have been awkward to each other for some time but now you are like this.
"Y/n i like you, i really like you and if i didn't said it know i wasn't going to do it ever."
"So would you mind if i take you in a date?" He ask with an awkward smile.
"I wouldn't mind at all." You hug and he smiles because of his success.
this boy isn't scared of anything, he is really nice and cool to be around but if he likes someone he would try to give them signs. He would enjoy being friends at first but wants to let the other person know that he is interested so like that he can see their reaction to that.  
Yangyang is the best guy for you. He always made you feel so comfortable and good. He would take any chance to sit next you and have a nice conversation, he was always so flirty but you couldn't deny you really liked that
you were invited to Renjun's birthday party were all of your friends were going to be at. You were so hyped to see Yangyang after a few weeks, you really want to go on a new level with him and be more than friends. 
you enter and go to the people gathering on the living room joining whatever game they are playing. After finding out it's 'truth or date' you roll your eyes since your friends always make you do stupid stuff.
Yangyang is pointed by the bottle next.
"Truth or dare." Winwin asks.
"Dare!." Yangyang says without hesitation.
"You seem to be nice friends with her so, i dare you to kiss y/n." Winwin claps excited.
Yangyang smiles and sits in front of you. He grabs your face with his right hand and starts kissing you. You love how bold he is about everything. The kiss doesn't last too long but is one of the best experiences you've had.
"So you after this you shouldn't be shy and go on a date with me." He gives a playful smile.
"Woah, woah, you are fast, aren't you?" You laugh.
"Yes I'm when i want to get something." He stares at you.
"Okay, i'll go on a date with you to see if you can get me." You wink and he smiles at you.
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starlit-serenade · a year ago
Starry-Eyed Smile | Chapter 1
Tumblr media
⭐ Summary: You practically grew up with Youngjo, attached at the hip, two peas in a pod. You did everything together. At some point, both of your feelings became more than platonic, and you both knew it. Everyone knew it. But neither of you have had the courage to do anything about it.
⭐ Chapter 1: 2,255 words
⭐ Pairing: Reader X Kim Youngjo (Ravn) / Characters: GenderNeutral!Reader; Kim Youngjo (Ravn); Lee Seoho (Seoho); Kim Geonhak (Leedo); Lee Keonhee (Keonhee); Yeo Hwanwoong (Hwanwoong); Son Dongju (Xion);
⭐ Rated: E / Warnings: I talk too much about Youngjo’s smile / Genre: Fluff; BestFriends-To-Lovers; Angst; Love Triangle if you squint; Happy Ending;
《 Series Masterlist // ONEUS Masterlist // Boy Group Masterlist 》
Tumblr media
"Youngjo, I got your food!"
You push your way into the recording studio, where Youngjo had told you he would be waiting for you, and for dinner. You haven't seen your best friend in almost a whole week, because he's been so busy preparing for ONEUS's upcoming comeback, but you finally managed to organize a time to hang out.
Tonight, he had said over the phone, at the recording studio. For dinner and maybe hanging out and relaxing after a hard day of work.
But now that you're here, you find his usual spot in his chair is empty.
"Huh?" You glance around the table. "He isn't at the dorm, is he? He said we'd meet here, right? Did he go to the dorm?" you ask yourself out loud.
His bag is on the floor, so he can't have gone home. Unless he forgot all of his stuff here, which isn't likely. He's usually more responsible than that, and it would be difficult to forget everything at the studio without noticing. You take out your phone to text him, opening texts and clicking on his icon. 
Suddenly, someone grabs your shoulder with a "boo!" and you yell in surprise, turning around with your hands up in a fighting stance, only to be faced with Youngjo himself, smiling like an idiot, looking so proud of himself for scaring you.
"Oh my gosh, Youngjo, you scared me," you say, lowering your hands. He laughs.
"Good to see you too." He hugs you tightly, and as he lets go and pulls away, his hands linger on your shoulders. This isn't a rare occurrence. They linger the same way his eyes often linger on yours a bit too long after you finish a conversation.
You've felt the tension between the two of you before. You and Youngjo practically grew up together. You know him like the back of your hand, and you're sure that Youngjo knows you that well, too. You know that you both feel something more than platonic feelings toward each other.
And yet, despite the feelings that you are almost useless that you both have, you two are just friends. You don't know why. Perhaps it's laziness. You're both so comfortable in friendship, and you love having Youngjo as a friend and you're somewhat worried that something romantic would ruin that. Or perhaps it has to do with busy-ness. Youngjo is a music producer, an idol. He's always busy, working tirelessly. You don't want tk be a distraction in his already busy life.
"I brought food," you say, lifting up the bag of takeout between you.
He smiles, says "Thank you, Y/Nie," and takes the bag, gesturing for the chair next to the desk before he sits down in his own chair. He sets the bag down and smiles at you.
"Are you the only one here?"
Youngjo shakes his head. "I think Seoho might still be here."
"How're comeback preparations going?" you ask.
"Things have been going well. Most of everything is done, we just have finishing touches left and, of course, filming," he says. "But things are well. We're prepared."
"And how are you?" you ask. Youngjo sighs, leaning back in his chair.
"I know you are," you say. He usually is anxious for comebacks. He, and the rest of his members, work so hard every time, and he typically spends a lot of time perfecting everything, worrying if it's good enough for ToMoon. "I'm sure the album is great, Youngjo. Your music always is."
He smiles. "Thank you, Y/Nie. What'd you get?" he asks, reaching for the bag of takeout.
"Some spicy ramyeon. The kind I know you like."
He smiles sweetly, and you feel very proud of yourself for making him smile like that. You love his smile. You grew up with that smile. As kids, you would make each laugh every day with stupid jokes and fun kid games.
"Do you want some?" he asks, lifting the bowl toward you. You shake your head.
"I'm okay, I already ate," you say, but the smell of the food makes your mouth water anyway.
He pouts. "But you walked all the way here. I know you're a little hungry."
You stare down at the box of spicy ramyeon. It looks so good. And what you ate earlier today wasn't actually very filling, now that you think about it . . .
"Maybe I'll have a bit."
He smiles. "I knew you'd want some." He gathers the noodles on his chopsticks and raises it up for you. "Open up!"
You laugh a bit. You've been feeding each other since you were kids, so this isn't out of the ordinary. But now that you're both adults, it kind of feels silly and childish. Not in a bad way, but in a fun way. It brings you back to the times when you and Youngjo would sit in the grass and feed each other ice cream on hot summer days.
Youngjo feeds you a bit of the ramyeon. He offers you more but you politely decline. As he continues to eat, you two talk about anything and everything. How your work is going, what's happening with the other ONEUS members, what's going on with each of your respective families (you both say nothing much). As you two talk and talk, you find your eyes drifting back to the half empty bowl of ramyeon.
You're still hungry.
"Do you want to have some more?" Youngjo asks, noticing you staring at it so longingly.
"Yes please." You nod.
He chuckles and grabs the chopsticks and feeds you again, the same way. The noodles dangling from the chopsticks barely make it to your mouth, and you barely catch them. While the two of you are giggling, the noodles halfway in your mouth, the door creaks open. You nearly fall backward in your chair as you and Youngjo look at the intruder.
Lee Seoho stands in the doorway, one hand on the doorknob as he looks at you, a couple noodles hanging from your mouth. Embarrassed, you quickly cover your mouth with your hand and slurp up the noodles.
"Y/Nie," Seoho says, his voice cheerful and sweet. If you weren't peeking at him over your eyes, you'd still be able to hear the smile on his face. He's clearly amused by the sigh of you with noodles hanging from your lips.
"Hi Seoho," you say. Youngjo hands you a napkin, which you use to dab away at the drips on your chin. Seoho watches with a wide smile on his face, amused by your appearance.
"You two are cute," Seoho says. His smile softens a bit. "Youngjo, just so you know, I'll be heading to the dorm in about an hour, if you need anything."
"Okay, thanks."
"You two are cute," Seobo repeats. You roll your eyes, but Youngjo scolds him, twisting around in his chair to completely face Seoho.
"Hey! Don't you have a dance to practice?"
"Sorry," Seoho squeaks, giggling as he backs out the door and shuts it behind him.
"Anyway, would you like a sneak peak of a song?" Youngjo asks. He puts the empty take-out box and trash in the take-out bag to throw away later.
He smiles widely and grabs the headphones from the table. He holds them up to you, and pauses.
"I can only show you a few seconds because too many spoilers isn't a good idea, if that's okay,"  he says. You nod. "Good."
You listen to the start of the title track, 'To Be Or Not To Be'. The beat is nice, and the music is a real vibe. But after ten seconds of the intro he moves to the chorus of the song. Ten seconds. Pause. He removes the headphones.
"What do you think?" he asks expectantly.
"I love it!" you say. "I mean, you only showed me about twenty seconds of the song, but from what I heard, it was awesome! I loved the beat, and the vocals were great! I heard some of your voice in there, Ravn. It sounds amazing."
He smiles proudly, and you swear his eyes are shining. "Thank you, Y/Nie!"
You can't help but smile. He's always loved the compliments. He doesn't usually tell you that he likes the praise, but you can tell from his smiles of pride he displays whenever you tell him he did a good job always makes you feel giddy inside. It's been this way since you two were kids.
"I'll show you one more," he says, obviously overcome by his joy.
He hands you the headphones again and plays the song. This beat is significantly different from the title track, and when he skips to the chorus, the beat is different. Surprising, but still really enjoyable and satisfying.
"Youngjo!" you yell a little louder than intended due to the music playing so loudly into your ears. He looks at you, that cute smile still spread over his face. "This one's really lovely, too!"
"Thank you! I knew you'd like it!" he yells back, amused with your volume. He lifts his hands and takes the headphones off of your head.
"Oh, was I loud?" you ask, voice lowered now that the headphones have been removed.
Youngjo laughs. "Yes, a little bit."
"Ah, sorry."
"No, no. It's ok."
Oh gosh, his wide smile is seriously to die for. Whenever he smiles at you like that, with his starry eyes, your heart beats ten times faster and you can't help but smile back. The same way he can't help but beam like the sun when you praise him.
"Oh, what time is it . . . ?" you ask, checking your phone.
"Oh right. You said you have to leave at 10:30, right? You have a meeting before work, right?"
"Mhm." You open your phone, squinting at the clock. "Ah! It's 10:43! I should get going," you say, standing up and gathering what little you brought for yourself. You grab the trash-filled take-out bag as well. "I'll throw this away on the way out."
"Okay. Need any help?"
You shake your head as you approach the door.
"Alright then. See you later, Y/Nie!"
"Bye, Youngjo!"
You close the door behind you as you exit the studio. As you make your way down the hall, you pause. Seoho should still be here for another ten minutes. Maybe you should say bye to him, too?
You head to the practice room you would usually find him in. Inside, you see him through the glass door, taking a drink of water, and you knock on the door. Seoho looks over in surprise before smiling widely and waving you inside. You enter and walk over to him, glancing around the room.
"I was just getting ready to go," Seoho says. "How are you, Y/Nie?"
"I'm well," you say as Seoho gathers his things. "Kind of busy with work and all. I have a meeting early tomorrow morning, which is why I'm leaving now."
"Ah, I see. What's that?" Seoho asks, nodding to the plastic bag in your hand.
"Oh, it's trash. I brought Youngjo some take-out because he'll be working so late tonight, and I'm taking the trash on my way out," you explain.
"I'll come with you. I'm leaving too, anyway, so I can walk with you and we can catch up."
"Alright, I'd like that."
He finishes gathering his stuff--water bottle, spare shoes--and walks with you outside. The night air is cool, and you shiver a bit. But it's not cold. You smile, feeling the coolness on your cheeks.
"It's been a while since I've seen you, what with all of the chaos of pre-comeback preparations. It's nice to see you Y/Nie."
"Yeah, it's nice to see you too, Seoho." You smile. "Are you excited for the comeback?"
He nods cutely. "Mhm. Excited and nervous."
"I'm sure. I listened to a bit of 'To Be Or Not To Be' and another one."
"Oh, did you?" he asks, eyebrow raised. You two reach the dumpster in the alleyway behind the RBW building, and you toss the bag of trash away as you nod.
"Which side track did you listen to?" he asks.
"Youngjo didn't tell me the name, but it went like this." You hum the tune, and Seoho claps joyfully.
"Oh yes, that one. 'Dizzy'!" he says.
"Oh! You and CyA contributed to 'Dizzy', right?" you ask. "Lyrics and composing."
"Yep!" Seoho laughs. "How did you like them?"
"They sound great. I heard your voice in the chorus of 'To Be Or Not To Be', and you did amazingly!" you say. "Youngjo only showed me tiny parts, but I can't wait to hear the full versions and the rest of the album. As for 'Dizzy', I could definitely feel your vibe."
"I can't wait for you to hear them," Seoho says. He thinks for a bit. "Y/Nie, the six of us are going to be filming tomorrow and the day after. You should come on Thursday to cheer us on."
"That sounds like a fun idea," you say, smiling. "I'll get to hear more of the title track then. I'll see if I can make it, what with work and all."
"Alright. Let me know and I'll text you details."
"Okay. Bye Seoho-ya," you say. You start walking away before pausing and turning back to him and giving him a tight hug. You pull away and smile up at him. He smiles back.
"Bye Y/Nie!"
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mycatshuman · a year ago
A Risky Mystery
This is heavily based on an ask on @the-officially-kat 's blog about how prinxiety got together in their Scooby-Doo au. You can find that ask here
Art by @the-officially-kat
Colored by me
Masterlist | More
Warnings: There is a moment when the others think Thomas and Virgil have gotten seriously hurt, so look out for that. Let me know if I missed any.
Thank you to @icequeenoriginal for reading through this for me!
A lone van drove along the twisted road into the town of Letchworth. The people of the town watched the van through their curtains as it passed by while on it's way to the town's only hotel, Brooks Inn. The town was on fear induced lockdown during the night. But the people in the van couldn't possibly know that. 
The people in the van were actually kind of professional sleuths. They had handled countless different mysteries before. Each one ranging from predictable to bizarre with various different monsters as the cause of each one. Of course, the townspeople couldn't possibly know that. So they watched with fear-filled eyes as the van pulled into the Inn's parking lot. 
Out of the van came a small odd little group consisting of two glasses-wearing figures, a princely looking fellow, a fellow with dark eyeshadows under his eyes, and a dog. Together, they walked inside the Inn and the townspeople lost sight of them. 
An older woman sat at the front desk to the Brooks Inn. The inn was empty, not a guest laid in her rooms. It was to be expected, the recent events have scared away any previous guest and most others left after one night. The old woman, whose name was Agatha, sighed. She wasn't sure why she didn't just close the inn. After all, it was late and recent circumstances provided a bit of a risk in staying open at night. Just as she decided to close the inn, a small group walked in. She quickly put on a small, reserved smile and greeted them. "Hello, welcome to Brooks Inn." 
The one in darker blues and glasses stepped forward. "Yes, hello. We would like two rooms for the night please." 
The woman nodded. "That will be $75," she said as she moved to grab two keys for each room. She placed the keys on the counter and took the money the man in front of her had placed down. "Can I have a name for the records?" 
One of the others spoke up, "Virgil Rogers." 
The woman frowned a little before filling out the information on the computer. "Alright," she said. Let me take you to your rooms. She led the group up the stairs and then to their rooms. "Here we are." She handed the keys over. "Rooms 2B and 3B." 
"Thank you!" One of the group called. He had glasses and lighter colored clothes. 
The one from earlier, Virgil, spoke up as he glanced around suspiciously. "This town seems awfully empty."
The woman bit her lip. "Oh, that." The group became alert and they all turned their attention to her. "Um, recently, we've been having some trouble in town." 
"What kind of trouble?" The last human of the group asked. His look seemed to consist of colors one would associate with a prince. 
"Well.." The woman hesitated. She didn't want to sound crazy but she decided to just tell the group, it wouldn't be right to keep it from them, they were at risk too, even if they didn't know it. "A phantom has been terrorizing the town recently. They scared off my last paying guest." 
The bubbly one's eyes lit up as Virgil groaned. "Well gang, it looks like we've got a mystery to solve!" The woman's eyes widened in surprise. The first one of the group, the one wearing the ascot, spoke up. "We are sleuths. We've solved a few mysteries before. This one will be a breeze. And I assure you, there is most definitely a logical explanation for this." 
The woman nodded slowly, not quite believing them. "Well, enjoy your stay," she responded before turning and leaving to go shut down the Inn. 
The group watched her go before turning to each other. "Alright, we'll see you tomorrow. Sleep well!" The bubbly one exclaimed and took one of the rooms with the other glasses-wearing figure following him after giving his own good night. 
The other two and the dog turned to their own room and closed the door. 
The next morning, the gang gathered in the inns dining room to discuss their next move to begin their investigation. "Alright, let's start by looking around for any clues and if we find anyone willing to be interviewed, we'll interview them," Logan explained. 
"Sounds like a plan," Patton agreed. 
 "We're not going to split up, right?" Virgil asked as he scratched behind Thomas's ear. 
"Not, yet," Logan answered and pulled a journal out of his bag. "I've written down a few questions and things we should look out for while we're investigating." 
Roman rolled his eyes. "Come on, Logan we've been through this a million times. We know what to look out for and what kind of questions to ask. Let's just get going already." 
"Be nice," Patton chided. 
The group got up and left the Inn and began walking around town. They found it a little weird that the town now seemed so lively. When they had arrived last night, it was still fairly early, far too early for everyone in town to be all locked up in their homes. After walking for a fair amount of time, the gang noticed a few people walking around as if they were on eggshells. Virgil bit his lip before jerking his head at one of them. "Maybe we should ask one of them." 
"Alright." Logan walked over to ask if they could interview them while the rest of the gang waited. Soon Logan waved them over. The gang approached as the person before they inspected them carefully. "You said you saw the Phantom," Logan started. "Would you mind telling us about that?" 
The person bit their lip and glanced around. "Well," they started. "I was just taking my evening walk. When I started to hear this loud wailing." The person before them shivered. "It was really unsettling, so I turned to go home only to run into the Phantom. It looked like they had stepped straight out of a scary movie. They had pale bluish-grey, ghastly skin and it terrified me." The person sighed. "Ever since then, the Phantom has walked around every night. And two nights ago, they nearly pushed someone off the roof of the library." 
The gang shared a glance, they had never dealt with a mystery like this. Sure there were some terrifying monsters they had to deal with but none of them ever put people’s lives at risk. "Did the Phantom say anything to you?" Patton asked.
They nodded. "Yeah, they told me to leave and never return before I regretted it." 
Roman's nose wrinkled. "That's interesting. Is there anything else you can tell us about the Phantom?" 
The person shook their head. "Nope, I'm sorry." 
"That's okay, thank you for your help," Patton said and the gang walked away. 
"Do you guys think whatever this phantom wants is something that involves getting all of the people in town to leave?" Roman asked. 
Virgil shrugged. "I mean, it seems like it, but why?" 
"Let's head back to the Inn for lunch and then I'll do some research on the town and see what I can dig up." 
"Sounds like a plan," Virgil said as he ruffled Thomas's head. The gang head back to the Inn. Patton ordered a pizza while Logan went to get his tablet. Roman, Virgil, and Thomas wandered into the dining room to wait for their friends. Soon they were joined by Logan who immediately began working on pulling up the town records, recent articles, the most recent town map, and an older town map. By the time Patton came in with the pizza, Logan had about three different theories about why the town was being haunted and a few different suspects. 
"So, what have you discovered, Logan?" Patton asked as the group ate. 
"Well," Logan began. "I have found that recently, a wealthy business owner had offered to buy the whole town. But they refused. So he offered to buy single bits of land at a time." 
"I thought it might be something like that," Roman piped up. 
Logan nodded. "Yeah, I think our most likely suspect is Carl Livingking. He's the business owner. Although why he would want to buy up the town, I haven't a clue." 
Virgil bit his lip, "I have to agree, that seems like the most likely situation. But why would he go to the lengths of risking people's lives to get the town? I mean, it seems like he's trying to scare people off, and you can do that without putting people's lives at risk so why is he doing it?" 
Logan shrugged. "That's what I can't seem to find anything on. The land isn't even that good. But something tells me that we're missing out on an important clue."
"Hey, L," Virgil started. "Can I borrow your tablet for a minute?" 
Virgil quickly opened a new tab and did a quick google search. Soon he found something that looked promising. "Maybe you can't find anything, because this town is fairly new." He spun the tablet around to face the rest of the table. Thomas hopped up on a chair to get a closer look. "It says here that apparently, the land that this town sits on is part of a larger area that is said to be the hiding grounds of the legendary Sanderson Gang." 
"Oh, I've read about them!" Logan exclaimed. "They were train robbers. They stole over two million dollars worth of coins and precious stones. But they were never caught. No one knows where the loot went. Rumors spread that it was somewhere in this area but most people thought the gang had fled the country with their treasures and settled down on a remote island somewhere in the Pacific. Eventually, the rumors died down and some people settled down here and started a town. Since then, the Sanderson Gang faded into legend and most people forgot they were real people." 
"So Mr. Livingking must be trying to find the treasure," Patton exclaimed. 
"And what better way than to buy up all the land, evict the town and start a massive expedition."
"He could keep people out and avoid anyone trying to steal the loot." 
Logan nodded. "Yes. It seems so, he isn't doing a good job of covering his tracks. He was actually able to buy a nearby abandoned factory." 
The gang went silent as they looked between each other. "Should we set up a trap?" 
Roman asked. 
Logan bit his lip. "It would be wise. During my research, I found that the Phantom has put two people in the hospital with near-death experiences. Even if it's not him, the Phantom is clearing trying to scare people out of the town so they should still turn up if we are out at night." 
"Yeah, I'd rather have a trap for the most likely culprit already then not have one and risk someone else getting hurt," Patton agreed. 
"Alright, so what's the plan?" Virgil asked as Thomas hopped up on the chair beside him. 
Logan quickly opened the drawing app on his tablet and began to sketch out a plan. 
"Okay, Patton, Roman and I will set up a trap in the town square-"
"Oh don't tell me," Virgil started. "Thomas and I are gonna be the bait." 
"Well, you two are the faster runners out of all of us," Logan explained. "It's only logical." Virgil and Thomas pouted. Logan rolled his eyes. 
"Would you do it for a Thomas Treat?" Patton asked Thomas. The dog's ears perked up a bit but he stayed still. 
Roman poked Virgil with his foot. "Do it or you're straight." 
Virgil sputtered. "Don't threaten me!" 
Roman snorted. "Then do it." 
Logan rolled his eyes at the two childhood friends. As Patton finally convinced Thomas. And it only took ten Thomas Treats. "Okay, I need you two to go on a walk around town. Virgil, I need you to talk out loud about buying the whole town with Thomas. It'll be like you surveying what you're going to buy while taking your dog for a walk." Virgil cringed, not likely the idea of acting like one of those rich people. "I want you to eventually end up at the abandoned factory and if you happen across the Phantom, lure him back to the square. Okay?" 
Virgil groaned. "Yeah, I guess." 
"Great," Logan said and the gang continued to flush out their plan. In the end, they came up with an elaborate trap, one of the few things Logan allowed himself to be elaborate in, that included the entire town square. They were to block off all other entrances into the square except for the one leading to the factory. Virgil and Thomas would lead the Phantom into the square where they jump on a trampoline in front of the town hall and jump up onto the balcony and when the Phantom tried to jump on it, Logan would click a button to release the mechanism which would cause the trampoline to be pulled along a track and drive him right into a giant ball out in front of an apartment building where Patton and Roman would drop a large net over from the top of the building. The plan was flawless.
Virgil and Thomas walked through the old factory apprehensively. "I don't know about you, Thomas, but this place is really too scary." Thomas nodded his head in agreement as they walked. "Like, I think there's no one here, so let's go." Just as Virgil and Thomas turned to go, a loud wailing sounded throughout the factory, bouncing off old machinery and creating a terrifying echo. 
"Get out!!!!!" Virgil and Thomas froze. The wailing got louder until the Phantom stood right in front of them. "GET OUT!!!" It screeched. 
"Don't worry, we are!" Virgil shouted and he turned tail and ran with Thomas running along beside him. The Phantom chased after them with a terrible that grated at their ears. They raced through town but ended up getting turned around. Eventually they scaled up a fire escape and ended up on the roof of Town Hall. They skidded to a stop as they got to the edge. They gulped as they looked down at the trampoline below them, a jump from this height would still be risky. But soon the Phantom was behind them. And before anyone could blink, Thomas and Virgil jumped. 
Roman groaned as he waited. "Where are they?" He asked Patton. The other shrugged. Just then, as he glanced around the square, he noticed Thomas and Virgil on the opposite roof with the Phantom close behind. Roman's eyes widened in fear. Before he could say anything, the two jumped off. "Virgil!!" Roman screamed. 
It all happened in a blur. The Phantom jumped off too and bounced right back into the air after landing on the trampoline. They flew in an arch and landed into the ball pit. Roman and Patton dropped the blanket in shock and raced off the building quickly as they could. Meanwhile, Logan raced over to the ball pit with the police. The Phantom was indeed trapped. "Just hold on," Logan told them before meeting up with Roman and Patton. "What exactly happened?" 
Tears streamed down Roman's face as he answered. "They jumped off the roof!" 
"What?!?!!?" Logan exclaimed. "Where are they????" Roman went to answer only for a shout to draw their attention. 
The gang turned to find Thomas and Virgil stumbling out of the doors of town hall. The world around Roman stopped. The noises and flashing lights of the police cars fading into the background. Images flashed through Roman's mind. They have been best friends since birth. This was the boy who dyed his hair neon green on a date, the boy who ran to his house to show him his new dog, the boy who continuously jumped into terrifying situations willingly for his friends despite his fear. And suddenly the realization that he was so irreversibly and incredibly in love with. 
Roman marched as fast as he could to Virgil without running. His hands cupped Virgil's face as soon as he reached him. He slowly leaned in and kissed the other softly. Virgil returned the kiss without hesitation. It was so much better than either could have imagined. 
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Thomas howled approvingly as Patton and Logan clapped. Eventually the two pulled away. "How did you-" 
"I found some rope and tied it around my waist and a hook on the roof before I jumped and we swung down into the open window." 
"I was so worried." 
"I'm okay. I'm okay."
"I think we should just hurry up and wrap this mystery up and get out of here," Patton said. 
"Agreed," Roman and Virgil said in sync. The gang moved over to where the police handcuffed the Phantom. Roman clung to Virgil, which made it a little difficult for them to move, but they managed. 
Logan walked over and grabbed the mask. "This is none other than Carl Livingking!" He exclaimed. 
"What?" The sheriff asked. 
"Carl had learned about the legend of the Sanderson Gang's loot and decided to look for it. So he offered to buy up the town. But when he was refused he decided to try and scare everyone out so he could begin looking for the treasure."
Carl huffed. "Yeah, and I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids and your dog." 
Roman sighed as he laid in the back with Virgil, clinging to him like a kola. "I'm sorry again, Thomas." Thomas turned his head back to face them from his spot in the front seat as if to say it was okay. Roman smiled and nudged his face into Virgil's chest. Virgil pulled him closer and they slowly fell asleep. Content being in each other's arms. 
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