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#seriously where are you two 👀
aro-comics · 3 months ago
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Tumblr media
Ok but in all seriousness, like I mentioned in the disclaimer, this post was originally meant to be a lighthearted joke about this idea all too many of us (especially people who were perceived as girls growing up) have been told time and time again – that you’ll grow up and “fall in loooooooove” and then suddenly you’ll be transformed into the heteronormative ideal of a woman who’s hyperfeminine 🙄 … Yeah, I can’t stand it either, it genuinely makes me cringe to even type this 😫
But as I kept working on this, I realized that … this whole situation goes deeper than just aromanticism and proving your parents/guardians wrong about how you would be when you grew up. This entire joke, and my experiences, are tied with so many other things. There are so many factors to consider, like sexism, classism, environmental impacts, ableism, racism (just to name a FEW). And as usual, if I let myself start rambling this description is going to be waaay too long, even by my standards.
So I’ll summarize my general thoughts in the comments, but if you’re interested in this subject I’ve actually written (… and don’t judge me, PLEASE 😳) a 12 page informal essay covering everything from social factors to my personal speculations on where Aro fashion might go, which you can find a link to on my carrd or on my Tumblr (which will also have some extra art, btw 👀)!  
NOTE FROM ARTIST: Since this is the tumblr, I will be posting the essay in parts here shortly!! There have been a few logistics issues (since the essay is VERY long) but I promise I will try to get all the parts up and linked to each other shortly. Sorry for all the chaos ^^” If you’d like to see the whole thing all at once, though, you can always read it in the original google doc! 
(And as one last note: due to some hand problems – though I’m getting better now thankfully – I’ll be responding either on my computer or with voice to speech! If my responses read differently that’s why 😅)
[Image Description:
Slide 1: “When I was a kid, I hated the idea of fashion, makeup, and dressing up.”
Young Celia grimaces “ewww no!” as she tries to push away a lilac coloured dress being offered to her by an adult off screen, who asks her “Can you try it on please?”
Slide 2: “And all the adults would tell me –”
Shot switches to Celia’s back as she looks at two women in her family. The younger/taller woman who holds the dress says, “oh you’ll dress up one day, when you fall in ~looooove~”. Celia is unimpressed, and annoyed, very firmly stating “Never!!”
Slide 3: A flash forward through Celia’s life growing up, where she does not care much about looks/fashion. The panel is split into 3.
The top third is labeled age 7. She’s running into the forest, saying “Eh, it’s appropriate –” wearing a plain orange t-shirt layered over a light grey long sleeved shirt. Her hair is wild and unkempt and a written note says “Running around like a little gremlin”.
The middle third is labeled age 11. Celia is shown hiding in the shadows in the corner of her school building on the playground. She says: “Well, it’s BETTER if I look plain. It’s easier to blend in!” A piece of context is given to the side: I was an avid manhunt player and my strategy was hiding until late in the game.
The bottom third is labeled age 15. She sits hunched over at a desk with short, messy hair and bags under her eyes. It’s late and she’s still working on some assignment.
“Dressing up? That’s … a luxury that nobody has time for,” she says. A note to the side says: Unhealthy work habits from school.
Slide 4: “And I hate to admit it but … they were right about wanting to dress up eventually” Celia ponders with a slight bit of embarrassment now, at her current age. Her outfit is an orange tank top paried with matching orange barrettes.
Slide 5: Note at top of slide: “At a special networking event”. Celia stands bewildered as she stares into the room of the networking event. A projector slide shows the event is called “Climate action lab”. In the distance, two well dressed young professionals talk.
Slide 6: Celia shown from the front now. She is wearing a very plain/somewhat weirdly cut long sleeved plain shirt with old black jeans (in essence. Not something you would wear to a business casual event). She looks a bit uncomfortable, and says “Oh shit, I really gotta up my fashion game …”
In the background two other people (who are also, appropriately dressed for the event) talk. The shorter man says “actually, I’m an environmental scientist to a tall girl who responds “that’s cool!”
Slide 7:
A montage.  At the top left, Celia is shown immediately after the event on her phone, making a note to herself to research business wear when she gets home. Then, in the center right, she is seen typing furiously as she researches on pinterest with a notebook open to her side. At the bottom left, she has already gotten a haircut, has some new hair clips and her now ubiquitous turtleneck top with a green gemstone ring strung on a necklace (which is split in orange and white). She is holding up a spring green puff sleeved blouse with white collar/sleeve details.
The sentence “I WANT TO BE A PROFESSIONAL” is written between all of these scenes.
Slide 8: Celia drawn shrugging nonchalantly now. “It really would have been a lot easier if my parents just told me as a kid “it’ll help you get a job you like”]
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blissfulparker · 2 months ago
idk if you’re taking peter requests right now but him and his gf making out in his room while aunt mays home and it’s getting spicy so he gets up to lock the door.. imagine may hearing the door lock from the kitchen like 👀
I’m going to make this college!peter if that is alright!
One weekend, one weekend where you and peter were away from the dorms and back in a bedroom that wasn’t made of brick walls and eating food that wasn’t from a drive thru. Home. That’s exactly where you and Peter where.
Or at least Aunt May’s house, your parents lived too far so peter offered you to stay home with him and that’s exactly what you did.
Surround by lego toys and Star Wars posters, you felt a little strange making out in peters old bedroom. He still used it, he wouldn’t change anything about it now, but it was once where he stayed up and did Chem homework never thinking he’d bring home a girl. Now he’s kissing the prettiest one in his bed.
“Mmh,” peters hand slid up your shirt, his fingers swiping under the bra and almost whining that it was there. “I want this off.” He told you and you shifted your upper back so he can unclasp the bra.
“Peter.” You stop him. His face flushed red and he looks down at you worried.
“What? What is it? Am I too rough?” Even with just kissing he worried about how comfortable you were. You thought it was sweet but that wasn’t why you stopped him.
“The door.” You look over to the unlocked lock. “Are you allowed to lock it?” You looked at him and his cheeks grew red now from embarrassment.
“Babe, I’m 20, May can’t tell me to not lock my door.” He sits up and shoots it with the web so it locks. You roll your eyes at his cockiness but pull him back into your body. Little did the two of you know that the walls were thin and may heard the thwip of the web.
“Be careful!” You two hear from the other side of the door. At first you act as if she just thinks one of you fell, or something hit something else, but then the knock on the door says different.
“We’re fine May, (y/n) just hit her head!” He lies and you furrow your brows as to why you have to be the culprit.
“Yeah, hit her head, you know I have a funny story about your mom and dad. Your mom ‘hit her head’ pretty hard on a vacation with some friends and your dad and then you came out nine months later.” She tells and peters eyes go wide in shock, disgusted and not sure if he needed that memory of his parents.
“May, please go away!” He calls out and you smack his shoulder. He lets out an ‘ow’ before waiting for her to say more.
“All I’m saying is that there is stuff in your bathroom and stuff for (y/n) if she needs anything too, I don’t want any little—“ she nearly finishes and you cover your mouth in shock and peter lets out a fake sound of pain.
“May, seriously, please stop!” He rubs his hands over his face.
“Alright, dinner will be done at six.” You hear walking away and peter lets his head fall into the pillow next to you.
You lean over and kiss his reddened cheek as he groans into the pillow.
“Can we just have sex with no interruptions one day.” He looks over at you, for the past few months it had been ned accidentally walking in, MJ knocking, anything and everything that left peter frustrated.
“One day.” You pat his shoulder as you sit up and grab your sweatshirt assuming he wanted to stop.
“Woah, woah, woah,” he sits up and looks at you. “Dinner is at six and last time I checked it’s 5:30.” He reads his watch and you grow a soft smile.
“You still…” you look over at the door and his hands go back to your waist.
“Yeah.” He presses his lips to your jaw and you grow and even bigger grin. Your arms wrap around him as you fall back into the bed again. His hands wandering making you smile. Right before things got too far, he pats his pockets for a condom, he always carried one but the last one he had on him seemed to be used the other night. Leaving him with one option. The ones in the bathroom.
“Don’t tell me you have to…” you try and hold back a laugh and his hands come to his face.
“What if we just…” he starts to suggest with his hands he’ll go down but you push his hands away and laugh into the pillow.
“Go get the condoms you dork!” You laugh and he sighs as he grabs his sweatpants and slide them back on.
He could not wait for the day the two of you had your own place. Then he could take you in any part of the house without having to worry about anyone or anything.
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en-hale · 3 months ago
Hi! i just wanna request, phone sex and sext with Jake
Simple and beautiful; two incredible combinations.
༝ ・ ˖ ₊ ˚⊹༝ ・ ˖ ₊ ˚⊹ Enhypen Jake sexting you ༝ ・ ˖ ₊ ˚⊹༝ ・ ˖ ₊ ˚⊹
pairing ⑅ boyfriend!jake x gn!reader
warning ⑅ 18+ content/smut, read at your own discretion
Author's note ⑅ this isn't proofread, lmk if you see any mistakes. Thank you all again for supporting my work! please enjoy! (ps, I'm literally in love with all of the requests I'm getting).
You were watching videos on your phone when you got a text from Jake.
It's kind of weird that he's texting you now since he was in practice.
but he'll always find time to text you ♡♡♡
all it says is "I like you" but you're confused cause you both have been dating for a couple of years.
so you send back "I like you too" and go on about your business.
then seconds later he texts back saying "you know how much I like you?"
you obviously can't help but smile wondering what the actual fuck is he up to.
all you send is a question mark.
it takes him a minute but he sends you a picture.
It looks totally innocent, just him holding up a pice sign until you zoom onto his grey sweatpants and realize he has a boner.
You don't know if he meant to send it like that or if he hadn't realised but you send back a bunch of emojis like these "🔥🥵🤭🥴✨💗😮‍💨👀🍆🍆🥴💗🍆🍆🍆" and obviously you have to send the eggplant too.
he sends back an "🧐".
you tell him that it looks like he's having a party in his pants.
it takes a second, but he responds with a blushing emoji and then a smirk emoji with the following "why are you looking at my junk?"
you can't help but laugh.
you didn't think anything about your conversation with Jake, it's super casual with him sending you a bunch of sexual puns and jokes that weren't funny, but you still laughed.
that was until he asked what you were doing and obviously you told him.
"mm, could you imagine me beside you, rubbing your thighs?" and it sent a tingle throughout your body.
You send back something flirty and Jake adds to the tension with hot and bother-y text messages.
, "which piece of clothing would you want me to take off first?"
"where would you want my hand to be placed?
"what part of your body would I kiss first?"
"How would you like me? I'll do anything you want."
he sends more and more until it pushes you to the need of wanting to touch yourself.
As if he could read your mind, he sends "don't do anything babe, I'll make you feel good when I get there." and it completely drives you over the edge.
You weren't doing much, just a little rub over your shorts, but you still want to tease him.
So you send a picture of you rubbing and it makes him go crazy.
"babe stop it! You're gonna make me lose it."
it went weirdly quiet until a few minutes later, you got sent a 40-second video and it's of him walking to the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, and pulling out his dick that's already rock hard. he lightly stokes it as you start to hear heavy breathing in the background, but then the video abruptly stops.
"keep going baby.." you say, and at this point, your hand had moved to inside your shorts.
Jake teases you, and you tease back until you decide to send him a video that you knew will take him over the edge.
You remembered the old videos of you in your "my eyes only".
it's you recording yourself riding, grinding, and rubbing yourself with a bunch of different sex toys.
You send them, and all jake sends back is "fuck".
it wasn't even a good thirty seconds later until he's sending a video of him climaxing, trying as hard as he can not to moan out loud.
"shit baby" he sends after.
"now I got my children all over my pants".
You send back laughing emojis.
"I'm a freaking mess and we have an hour of rehearsal left..."
"you started it!" you teased. "but if it helps you to know, I haven't finished yet....👀"
Seconds later Jake sends back "don't do anything seriously! I'll finish you when I get back".
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toastmyrolls · 3 months ago
Astrology Notes (ꈍᴗꈍ)
These notes may or may not resonate, enjoy my beautiful humans! 🦋
Tumblr media
Jupiter in the first house individuals LOVE talking. They have so many thoughts and stories that come to their mind, and can honestly talk for hours. Yes, it can be annoying because they will talk over you and tell you their entire life story.
Sagittarius Risings never actually shut up. Like you guys have so much to say and we love it, but let people talk first. They’ll keep a fight going just for funzzies.
Gemini Moons will purposely start drama between a group of friends or just friends in general, and watch the drama go off as if it’s a fucking theater screening behind the scenes.
Saturn in Pisces individuals are quite observant and quiet. (Depending on the aspects to Saturn) they may always expect the worst because they think they did something bad before and that it may come back to bite them in the ass out of the blue. They’re very well connected to the astral realm.
Pisces are just a more settled down version of Sagittarius without the wildness and fast paced energy. I said what I said.
Personally, Aries can be much more selfish and condescending than Leo’s. Leo’s get a rep for being self-centered, but nobody’s talking about Aries over here👀
Taurus individuals either take love so seriously as if it’s a contract or they can be complete hoes. Everyone says Scorpios are known for being more into hookups, but Taurus is just more quiet about it.
Capricorn Individuals may choose to be with someone older than them because they may have lacked a parental figure as a child. They prefer to not date people who are younger than them.
Taurus individuals tend to have high expectations, and can truly not give two shits about anything if they really don’t care. The world could be ending and they’ll be lighting a joint watching it go down in flames.
If a Pisces isn’t having a good time, you best bet that they’ll bring the energy of the entire situation down with them. Same goes for Virgos.
Pluto in the 11th house tend to have a lot of secret or public enemies. They could have always gotten the short end of the stick and get pointed as the scapegoat even if they didn’t do anything.
Cancer Risings will actually get offended if you don’t text back for hours on end. They’ll be moody with you, but y’all will act like everything is fine as if you didn’t just create an entire scenario in your head as to what you’d say to that person.
Pisces 10th house individuals are the type of people who may take a long time to decide on what they want to do with their life. They may become interested in the medical field or spiritually.
Neptune in the 9th and 11th individuals are the types of individuals who would probably start a cult of their own and go off the grid. Most people wouldn’t know where they are.
Scorpio in the 7th house (empty house or not) is the area of life where you’re most controlling and obsessive and prefer to hold the dominance. They tend to attract crazy partners too.
Taurus individual have the best heartbreak/sad playlists. They can really have a hard time letting go of things whether they admit that or not.
Aquarius Moons can be stubborn as fuck. If someone says the wrong thing to them, they can easily turn off like a switch. It’s almost impossible trying to make it up to them if you really pissed them off.
Virgo Sun/Moons are actually pretty freaking weird. Like they can be such a goofy cutie pie or can just be very much a weirdo. Not in a bad way. They say the weirdest jokes. I bet one of you have used that “that’s what she said” joke at least once in your life.
.· ´𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝓂𝑜𝓇𝑒 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝓀𝓃𝑜𝓌☆´¨
With love!
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helloalycia · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
the new recruit [one] // wanda maximoff
Tumblr media
summary: you're an Avenger and weren't present for the battle against Ultron as you were away on your own mission, so upon your return, you're to be introduced to Wanda Maximoff, the newest recruit. Of course, things don't go quite to plan...
warning/s: swearing i guess??
author's note: okay so i've been working on this for ages on and off, it's long overdue to post and it has like 8 parts which progressively get longer so buckle in folks, it's a long one but it's also enemies to lovers so i think you'll like it 👀
two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | masterlist | wattpad
Tumblr media
To say I was exhausted was an understatement.
I'd spent the past four months on a surveillance mission that was as tiring as it was difficult. It was practically off grid with no connection to the outside world apart from a measly television that was in the gas station near the safe house I was staying in. To return to civilisation and the Avengers Tower was a privilege, but of course my morning didn't start well.
My body was aching since yesterday when I'd gotten into an unavoidable fight with the target I was tracking. I'd won, obviously, but that didn't stop the many bruises from forming on my skin overnight. That meant that my sleep was pretty much terrible, especially because the central heating was busted in this shitty safe house in the middle of the snow, so I'd been freezing my arse off all night.
Morning came and just when I thought I may have something to look forward to, the pilot to my quinjet was late. We ended up arguing when he got here with him claiming there was an issue with the timetable and me shouting that I'd been preparing for this extraction date for four months so he should have been prompt.
To top it off, the flight wasn't particularly smooth as there was a storm that caused a lot of turbulence and left me feeling nauseous. I couldn't blame the pilot for that one, but my irritation was definitely making me glare daggers into the back of his head. 
After a long and tiring journey, I soon discovered that there were a lot of changes to adjust to. The main one being it wasn't the Avengers Tower I was returning to, but rather a huge compound.
"Er... where the hell are we?" I asked the pilot as we both walked off the quinjet.
"New compound," he quipped, bitterness residual in his voice from the argument we had earlier. "You missed a lot, but now that we've expanded, Stark moved everyone here."
I sighed, recalling the 'expansion' the pilot was talking about. Being away for four months meant I'd missed the threat of Ultron – I'd only heard about this killing-frenzy AI from Steve, who caught me up soon after they destroyed it. I'd missed news of it since there was no way for me to access the internet or TV, but apparently it was bad.
All I knew now was that we had gained two new additions to the team, one of which I was scheduled to meet today, to my dismay. Apparently the other was a synthezoid that sounded a lot like J.A.R.V.I.S. Yeah, I had a lot of catching up to do. 
With very little energy, my first instinct was to get some coffee and wake myself up. I knew I had to find Steve and catch up with what I'd missed, as well as get ready to meet the newest Avenger, but I couldn't do that when I knew I wanted a nap. So, to the coffee shop I went.
The compound was certainly new to me, so I struggled to make my way around. With some help from passers-by, I located a coffee stand and bought myself an iced coffee before taking a stroll around the place, not in a rush to find Steve. Of course, luck seriously wasn't on my side today, as when I rounded the corner into the next hallway, I bumped into somebody else with a start.
Unfortunately for me, my coffee tipped back and onto my shirt, covering me with an ice cold liquid and leaving me with a stained shirt.
"For fuck's sake!" I snapped, a little unnecessarily in hindsight, but nothing seemed to be going right for me today, so this was just the icing on the cake.
"Shit, I'm so sorry," the stranger apologised, and I looked up to see an unfamiliar brunette staring back at me with sorry eyes.
"Can you not see or something?" I asked with creased brows, waving my hand around. "Is it really hard to just watch where you're going?"
She frowned slightly. "Again, I'm very sor–"
"Fuck, forget it," I cut her off with a sharp exhale. "Just– fuck."
I didn't spare the stranger another glance as I stormed off the other way, grumbling to myself with frustration. Today was supposed to be good – I was finally home and I could take a break! But nothing seemed to be going right and now I couldn't even wake myself up with a nice iced coffee because it was too busy messing up my shirt.
My explosive anger was making me feel hot and bothered and I knew I definitely couldn't meet a new Avenger in this state. It was stupid how irritated I felt, and I'd definitely snapped at that poor girl earlier for no reason, but I couldn't think to act any other way. Knowing it would be best to remove myself from the situation entirely, I asked somebody where my new room was and headed there to get settled in.
It was an hour later, not long before the meeting was scheduled, when I gave Steve a call. I wasn't even sure if he was in the building or not – I hadn't greeted any of my teammates yet since I knew I was snappy – so ringing was my best bet.
"Y/N, I'm glad you called!" Steve answered chirpily, making me roll my eyes at his cheerfulness. "I take it you're back at the compound now?"
"I am," I confirmed, before sitting at the edge of my bed and sighing tiredly. "Look, Steve–"
"I've been really excited for your return," he continued, steamrolling over my next words before I could get them out. "It's been hectic around here without you. But I heard your mission was successful!"
"It was, yeah. Anyway, Steve–"
"You've not missed much," he added, making me groan inwardly. "We did get a new addition to the team though. Her name is Wanda. She's actually here with–"
"Steve!" I interrupted harshly. "I know you planned for me to meet this Wanda girl, but I'm not in the mood, okay?"
"How do you know you're not in the mood? You don't even know what she's like," he pointed out lightheartedly, and I was very close to slamming my head against my bedside table. "We told her all about you. She's been waiting to meet you!"
"Well, she can wait a bit longer, can't she?" I said between gritted teeth, not realising how rude it sounded until it was too late.
"She sounds like a bitch...," a faint voice was heard in the background, and that's when I realised it must have been this Wanda girl. Steve said she was with him – had I been on loudspeaker the whole time?
"Wanda!" Steve scolded in a hushed voice.
I chuckled bitterly. "Wow, so she's with you?" He didn't reply, and like the child I was, I added, "Tell her she sounds like a bigger bitch."
"Y/N," Steve warned, but I only rolled my eyes. "I don't know why you're in a mood, but this was supposed to be a pleasant meeting between you and–"
"Whatever," I said, shaking my head. "I'll see you tomorrow, Steve. We can meet then, happy?"
He was definitely not happy as he said, "Ecstatic."
With another eye roll, I hung up and let myself fall back into my bed with a content sigh. I was being a bitch unnecessarily, I knew that. But I couldn't exactly stop it right now. I was sleep-deprived and frustrated and everything I'd done today could be tomorrow me's problem. Right now, I was adamant on getting some sleep.
By the time the meeting rolled around the next morning, I knew I was screwed. Whoever Wanda was, she definitely thought I was a brat. I couldn't blame her to be honest, but it definitely didn't make for a comfortable meeting, and I wasn't looking forward to it one bit. I would have to apologise, and I planned to! It was whether or not she forgave me that was important.
Steve had arranged for the three of us to meet in one of the spare conference rooms, so after having a catch up with Sam and Natasha over breakfast, I found myself heading to the conference room.
When I entered, I saw that Steve was already there, talking to some long-haired brunette whose back was to me. The sound of the door closing behind me got their attention, and then the girl turned around and I panicked.
"Oh, shit," I realised, recognising the girl as the same one I'd bumped into yesterday and snapped at for no reason other than I was having a bad day.
Her eyes narrowed my way, a green intimidating gaze penetrating through my head with anger. "Wow, that explains a lot."
I furrowed my brows. "Hey, what the hell's that supposed to mean?"
She crossed her arms defensively. "The whole bitchiness thing? Clearly it's a personality trait."
Her words were woven into some sort of Russian accent, giving it a sharpness that pissed me off more than it should have. Okay, she was kind of right, but how could she pounce on me before giving me chance to apologise?
"You know what? Fuck you," I challenged without thinking.
She clenched her fists in her crossed arms and I swear I saw her eyes glow red before Steve stood between us with confusion.
"How do you two already know each other?" he asked, looking between us with a puzzled expression.
"This arsehole made me spill my coffee yesterday!" I answered instantly, returning the girl's glare.
"It was an accident!" she retorted over Steve's shoulder. "I tried to apologise, but you jumped down my throat before I could!"
"Maybe you wouldn't have needed to apologise if you just looked where you were going," I sneered. "Open your eyes next time."
She clenched her jaw, about to say something with several curse words directed my way, no doubt, but Steve spoke first.
"Forget it, forget whatever this is," he ordered, looking between us. "We're starting fresh. We're going to be working together and a team relies on friendship. Now, both of you apologise so we can move on from this."
A silence followed his words as neither of us wanted to make the first move. I definitely wasn't going to, not when she'd said what she did. Bitchiness as a personality trait? Me? How dare she! I was a ray of fucking sunshine to be around! She just ground my gears like nobody else and I barely knew her!
"One of you, please," Steve pleaded gently.
I crossed my arms and looked the other way stubbornly.
"So, what? You're just going to be petty and not fix this?" he asked, fed up already.
Again, neither of us answered, so he groaned with annoyance.
"Fine! Act like children!" He looked to me with a disapproving stare. "I thought you would be better than this, Y/L/N. Especially after a four month mission."
I squinted with anger. "And I thought our newest Avenger would be a little less annoying, but here we are."
Wanda coughed, "Arsehole," and I stuck my middle finger up at her before turning around and leaving.
Could she be anymore of a dickhead?
A day passed when my common sense caught up with me and I realised just how childish I was being with this whole thing. I'd been gone four months and from what I heard, Wanda had been here for two of those. Having a trivial disagreement with her was stupid on both of our ends, and I wasn't going to let it get further than this.
So, that afternoon, I headed to the training room with the intention of apologising to Wanda and clearing the air. I only knew she was there when I asked Bruce, who then proceeded to tell me all about how fascinating Wanda's powers were. That was also how I discovered she had powers – mental manipulation, telekinesis and much more, apparently. Which definitely explained the red eyes yesterday; turns out I hadn't imagined it.
All the more reason not to piss her off! So, with that lovely addition of information, I attempted to track down the brunette without harbouring any anger.
When I finally reached the training room – newer and much bigger than the one at Stark Tower – I saw a handful of agents sparring with one another whilst others took to the punching bags to train individually. My eyes scanned the room, knowing Wanda would be here unless I'd missed her by a few minutes. Then, out of nowhere, a water bottle hit me in the middle of the face, sending me back a few steps and squealing in pain.
"Fuck," I said instinctively, reaching to rub my face.
My eyes searched for the culprit until, of course, they settled on Wanda herself, her eyes fading from red to green. She was approaching me quickly and any civil feelings I hosted for her were replaced with resentment in an instant.
"Of fucking course it was you!" I shouted, before wincing at the pain of the bottle. It just had to be metal, didn't it? "Here I am trying to make things right and you're just being a dick!"
"It was an accident," she said, though she sent me a warning stare as if not to push her.
I clenched my jaw, glaring at her. "You seem to be having a lot of those, don't you?"
She was an inch or so taller than me, so she glowered down at me with fiery eyes that were beginning to turn red. Similar-coloured wisps of energy began to float around her hands, but being an Avenger meant I was not threatened in the slightest by her show of power.
"Save your magic tricks, I'm going," I jeered with distaste, before turning around and leaving. Mumbling to myself, I said, "What a bitch."
God knew what her problem was or why the hell she deemed it appropriate to hit me with a metal water bottle – it was definitely going to leave a bruise – but she wasn't going to get away with it. Accident? An accident? An accident my arse! She definitely did that on purpose. And if she was too immature to put our grievances aside and start fresh, two could play at that game.
It was stupid to resort to childish pranks, but that was the only thing I could think to do.
She'd literally hit me in the face with a metal bottle, but I wasn't as violent. No, I much preferred the idea of pissing her off in other, more annoying, ways such as balancing green food colouring powder in her kitchen cupboard.
She had powers – arguably magical – similar to those of a witch, right? And the stereotype of witches was that they had green skin, wore pointy hats, carried brooms... the whole lot. So, what better way to treat her than like the witch she was?
We all had a designated cupboard in the kitchen, filled with snacks of our own choice. It was the only way we didn't argue over eating each other's food (though I could swear somebody was dipping into everyone's cupboards anyway). It took me a while to figure out which one was Wanda's, but then when I found the cupboard filled with Sokovian snacks and ingredients, I knew it was the one.
I filled a plastic cup with some green food colouring powder that I'd gone out of my way to buy especially for this prank, and balanced it on the top shelf of her cupboard, just about managing to shut the drawer before it could fall on me. A satisfied smile appeared on my lips as I imagined the reaction it would get from her.
"Your cupboard is on the end, you know that, right?"
I spun around at the sound of Sam's voice from behind me, startled because I hadn't even heard him come in.
"I'm aware, yes," I played along, clearing my throat. "I was just looking for something."
He quirked a brow but said nothing more about it as he headed to the fridge to grab some juice. I moved away from Wanda's cupboard so I wouldn't raise any more suspicion, when Sam spoke up again.
"You know Tony was gonna throw you a party for your return?" he asked. "Everybody really missed you."
"Yeah, he told me," I recalled the memory with a shudder. "I threatened to shank him if he did."
I appreciated Tony, but I knew that he was just looking for another reason to party. My absence wasn't that long and I certainly didn't expect to be celebrated upon my return. I'd been back for five days and had already caught up with everyone, now resorting to enjoying a little break before getting back into the swing of things. Partying was the last thing on my mind.
Sam chuckled, pouring his juice into a glass. "Well, we all missed you, but I know you hate parties, so how about this. Nat, you and me go out for drinks tonight. Our treat."
My shoulders relaxed at this offer. "Sure... why not?"
I got along with everyone on the team, but Sam and Nat were the easiest to talk to in my opinion. The least problematic and certainly the least annoying, to an extent. Drinks with them sounded easier than conversing with strangers.
"Hey, so have you had a chance to meet Wanda yet? Cap said he was gonna set up a meeting with you guys."
At the mention of Wanda, I rolled my eyes. "Yes. We met the other day."
Sam didn't seem to notice my irritation as he sipped his juice with thought. "She's cool, right? We all thought you'd both get along well. You know, since you're the youngest in the team an' all."
"Being the youngest means nothing," I told him, crossing my arms. "And she's definitely not cool."
Only now picking up on my change of mood, he creased his forehead with confusion. "I know being the youngest isn't a game changer, but I just thought–"
"Trust me," I interrupted, making a move to leave. "It means nothing."
"Huh... well, she was excited to meet you for what it's worth."
I almost laughed. Wanda? Excited to meet me? She'd been nothing but a bitch to me since I arrived. Okay, yes, technically I started it, but I did try to make it right! It was her fault we still weren't on the best of terms.
"I'm gonna go watch TV," I concluded the conversation, patting him on the shoulder as I walked past. "I'll see you and Nat for drinks tonight."
He was still confused, but nodded. "Yeah, right... see you."
To my satisfaction, it was a few hours later when I was enjoying some good old-fashioned Tom & Jerry on the TV and Wanda burst through the doors of the living room with green powder covering her face and upper body. I almost choked on the orange I was eating when I saw her, unable to hold back my laughter.
"What the hell?!" she shouted, hands on her hips as she glared at me with a heated expression.
"Green is definitely your colour," I teased, enjoying the way she clenched her jaw and squeezed her hands into fists by her side. "You really look like a witch now, like the one out of the Wizard of Oz. Really fits the bill. You're welcome."
Her eyes flashed red. "You're picking the wrong fight here, Y/L/N."
I shrugged calmly. "You started it, Maxi-pad." Her eyes darkened at the nickname. "You're just lucky I didn't get you a broomstick, too. There's already one lodged up your arse, right?"
Her eye twitched as she tried her very hardest to contain her anger. I met her gaze, practically daring her to do something. But she didn't. So, I returned to my orange and continued to peel it casually.
"Fuck you," she muttered harshly, before flicking her hand.
A red wisp wrapped around my orange and before I could question what she was doing, the peel came back a little and the tangy juice squirted me in the eye, making me curse and squeeze it shut. I heard her hum contently before leaving, and as much as I wanted to go after her and give her a piece of my mind, I didn't. My eye was hurting for one thing, plus, at the end of the day, it was her who'd have to get green food colouring out of her hair and clothes, not me.
That was reassuring in itself, but as I blinked the juice from my eye, I knew one thing for certain.
Wanda Maximoff was really starting to piss me off.
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fvcking-l0rd · 12 days ago
hmmm izana, rindou, wakasa with a s/o who's kazutora's older sister and is very protective of him?? 🤔 like seeing one scratch or bruise on him can tick her off and may or may not find the person then beating the crap outta them, what she hates the most is when others uses him for their own gain- 👀
nice idea, anon!! ty for requesting btw <3 this post contains of: violence, grammar mistakes, typos, izana being ooc
IZANA - his gang is huge and thanks to that, he makes some of his minions go out and collect information from the opposing gangs. - so he was surprised to hear that his s/o was an older sibling of kazutora, from toman. - he loves it when you get really defensive and protective of your brother, that was what he adores about you. it was as if you were a sibling he wish he had :( - whenever someone hurts kazutora, you wouldn't hesitate to teach them a lesson, regardless of who they are nor how close your relationship with them is - the longer he spends his time with you, the more he learns to love. you made something in him change even though you may not see it <3 he absolutely loves you - now whenever someone charges towards kakucho, izana would kick their face and make them fly backwards. kakucho, who was confused, asked the white haired male why he shielded him, that was the moment izana realized what he just did. - was silent after the incident lmao - thanks to you, he knew how to protect what's precious to him and that was you <33
RINDOU - didn't know you had kazutora as your younger sibling but wouldn't be shocked either - secretly likes the fact that you are protective of your brother whenever someone tries to hurt him, when ran saw rindou staring at you as you kick other people's asses, he was about to act like you just to tease rin lmfao - imagine him waking up in the morning and see ran like, "rinrin, i will protect you~" LMFAOO - tries to piss you off by making rude assumptions about kazutora even though he knows absolutely nothing about your brother, and guess what? he failed horribly since none of the assumptions he made even described kazutora - but still, if you ever threw hands with him, he'd lose anyway because of the way you put your anger and strength into your punches - likes how aware you are of everything that's happening around you along with your family, there was never a time where you don't protect your loved ones - however, sometimes he'd have to make you chill out because you taking things too seriously when they're supposed to be satire
WAKASA - ..wouldn't care, but challenges you to fight him, if you lose then he'll train you so you can get stronger. (even if you win, he'll train you lmao) - probably met you through senju, and also met kazutora when you two first met (just imagine senju dragging him to the pet shop and see you there with kazutora) - when there's someone suspicious in the building, you just get that bad feeling when your brother talks to them, which means you'd have to keep an eye on them most of the time. so when wakasa saw you staring at the person from behind, he was quite curious to know why you did that. - one part of him thinks you're like shinichiro, you appreciate everyone around you and you have a heart of gold <33 that was what caused him to fall in love with you - and thanks to that, he'll learn how to not let others take what's precious to him ever again
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mandocrasis · a month ago
The Monster You Know
Tumblr media
Pairing: Monster!Max Phillips x F!Reader
Word Count/Rating: 6.3k / EXPLICIT (18+ only, bye minors)
Warnings: Monsterfucking, some angst, oral (m!receiving), unprotected sex (wrap it up pls), cockwarming, some body worship, size kink and lil bit of praise kink
Summary: There's a surprise visit at your office. It doesn't go how you might think.
A/N: I said take monsterfucking and make it soft and emotional. Unbeta'd. Additional notes at the end. Again if you're tagged and this isn't your thing, no hard feelings in the slightest.
Tumblr media
You’ve been ignoring the messages on your inter-office chat all morning. There was a kind fifteen minute reprieve before the first one chimed. You'd barely figured out just how deep of a hole you'd need to dig yourself out of with work.
Sami: The prodigal daughter has returned!!
Linsey: With details?
Curtis: 👀👀👀
They’ve been at it since then, a variety of messages and gifs all designed to poke and prod you into spilling info beyond the “I’m alive” text you sent to your group chat the past two mornings as you called out sick from work. As though you would type out the filthy details of your past 48 hours on a work computer. Did they not take the same sexual harassment course as you?
Beyond not wanting to get flagged by HR, you’re also left puzzling another very important question. It hadn’t come up between rounds of getting your back blown out (seriously, there’s a slight twinge in your lower back now) and you’re left wondering if telling other people that Max is literally a monster is something you’re even allowed to do.
Max doesn’t seem to have too many qualms, considering you’re a nearly random woman he revealed that fact to, but since the existence of honest-to-god monsters isn’t the headline of every major news source maybe it is a secret for you to keep. Either way, you’re not entirely sure how to discuss the life-altering sex you’ve been having without bringing it up. The horns and wings, and not to mention his tongue, were half of the fun.
You want to text Max and ask, but it seems like a strange thing to message out of the blue rather than having a one-on-one chat about it. Plus, if the government is tapped into your phone, it might be best to not discuss those details where someone could easily read it. No need to have Max getting kidnapped and tested on weighing heavy on your conscience.
When lunch finally rolls around they’re practically ravenous. Curtis hardly waits for the elevator to close before he asks, “So is he packing? He has to be packing, right?”
There’s a beat of silence before you all erupt into laughter. You pat Curtis on the arm and tell him, “Yeah, man. He’s big.”
Tumblr media
“Maax,” you playfully whine. “You have to let me go.”
He has you caged in next to the doorway – his wings creating a little bubble for you both to stand in. It had been a struggle to make it this far. Max has tried every dirty tactic and now he’s busy assaulting the spot he already knows you like on your neck. Perceptive bastard.
He barely raises his lips off of you to reply. “I don’t think I have to do anything, lamb.”
You try to ignore the way he’s shifting his thigh into position between your legs. “Well if you don’t want me to be fired and then homeless, you do. Don’t you have a job you should be at too?”
You hope that turning the tables on him will help. Maybe the reminder of some of his own responsibility will be enough for him to let you go. It fails spectacularly.
“Yes,” Max replies, his large hand sliding under your shirt. “I’ve been working while you sleep.”
He doesn’t sleep. Or at least not much. You had guessed at that with Max being awake every time you reopened your eyes, but you hadn’t actually asked. There wasn’t much of a chance to discuss it anyway between the numerous sexual acts you’d taken part in, as well as the necessities of sleeping and eating. Thinking got a lot harder while your stomach growled during your fifth orgasm of the day.
“Do you work remote?” you ask. Your breath hitches when Max presses his firm thigh just a little harder into you, but you try to act otherwise unaffected. It’s a ridiculous game to be playing with him, but you need to make it out the door. Getting fired or even reprimanded by your boss is not on your preferred agenda for the day.
Max, to his credit, goes right along with your game. Of course he has the fun part while you’re forced to try and act like this isn’t exactly what you want. Not fair in the slightest. You’re already plotting ways to get him back for this. “Not all the time. Doesn’t matter when you’re the boss.”
You don’t have a good comeback for that. “Right, well. Not all of us are bosses and mine isn’t going to believe I’m still sick without going to a doctor. So unless you’re also one of those, you need to let me go.”
Max’s hand that had been slowly inching under your waistband stops. You wish that he could keep going, that you could spend another day wrapped in his big arms and wings, but it’s just not realistic. You’ve already pushed it and you really would like to keep your job. It’s not the greatest, but you have friends who work there and it pays well enough. Even grade A monster dick isn’t worth losing that. Barely.
He’s pouting when he pulls away from you. If it weren’t obvious from the look on his face, he’s even letting his wings droop, like a dog lowering its tail between its legs. One final ploy to get you to stay that very nearly works. If only you didn’t need money to live. Fucking capitalism.
“Sorry, Max. I have to go.”
You move towards the door, watching as Max transforms back into his human appearance. It’s jarring, only having seen glimpses of it over the past few days. You reach out, carding your fingers through his hair where his horns normally cover.
You open the door and leave with a wink. “Bye, handsome.”
Tumblr media
You don’t tell them about him being a monster. Not explicitly anyway. When you first sat down at your favorite lunch place you’d had more than half a mind to, but you just couldn’t when it came down to it. Not before talking with Max. It didn’t feel right to divulge his secret, no matter how much you trusted the three people sitting with you.
You find workarounds, little hints to his true nature but nothing overtly saying, yes, he turned into a big monster man and then he fucked me silly for two days straight. The looks on their faces might have been worth that though. Oh well, you can still surprise them with that later.
“No way is that guy stronger than me,” Curtis challenges. You’d just finished telling them how long Max had held you up against the wall for and he’d called bullshit. Said there was no possible way a man could hold any woman up for that long, much less with his dick buried in her. Okay, he’d been less crass about it, but that was the gist.
You shrug. It’s not like you can say it is possible because Max isn’t just a man. “I don’t know what to tell you man, there is a reason I called out for two days,” you answer around a bite of your sandwich. That reason is currently classified, but the wall-fuck certainly factored in.
Linsey pats Curtis’ arm and you feel significantly better about the hit to your friend’s ego. If you know anything about Linsey, she’ll have him feeling like a big, tough man again in no time. Really, Curtis should be thanking you for the no-doubt wonderful evening you’ve just bestowed upon him.
You’re actively avoiding Sami’s narrowed eyes. You know he can tell there’s something more going on, but you’ve already decided against telling them just yet, and if he asks the right question you know you’ll spill.
Maybe Sami is a supernatural creature too with the way he seems to read your mind. The thought pops into your head and you just as soon dismiss it. It’s ridiculous. Just because you met one bona-fide vampire doesn’t mean everyone else around you is some sort of creature too. That’s just absurd.
“Are you going to see him again?” Linsey asks.
“God, I fucking hope so.”
Tumblr media
God, it seems, has a funny sense of humor. You’ve spent the last hour and a half since lunch debating on whether or not you should text Max and see if he’s available this weekend when you hear his voice echoing through the office.
At first you think you’re going insane. That somehow your pussy has taken over full operation of your brain and is now making you hallucinate at work. You’re not sure if that’s something that can actually happen, but at this point you’re not willing to rule much of anything out.
You know you’re not going insane when his voice becomes louder, paired with the telling click of your boss’s stilettos and her shrill pitch.
“Oh Max, we are just so thrilled to have you here. I hope you like what you see," Rebecca chirps. You peek up from your desk just in time to see her place a hand on Max’s bicep and squeeze. To think you’d been ready to shame yourself for interpreting her turn of phrase incorrectly when it had very obviously been the way she meant it.
You’re not stupid. You don’t know what you and Max are and a couple days worth of sex does not a relationship make, but your blood boils watching his hand fall over hers, his eyes raking up her body before replying, “So far I’ve loved every inch. I can’t wait to see more, sugar.”
It’s appalling. In more ways than one. You’re not even sure which you’d like to address first – the clear lack of professional behavior, the gross smiles painted on both of their faces, or the fact that he’d been buried in you within the past twelve hours – but all of them have you seeing red.
You can feel Sami’s eyes on you. He’s already figured out what’s going on and is watching to see if his intervention will become required. You’re honestly not sure at this point.
Rebecca’s high pitched giggle is what sets you off. It’s grating to hear and if Max can honestly stand to listen to it that’s his prerogative, but that doesn’t mean the rest of you should be subjected to it. Sami stands up with you, clearly under the impression you’re about to do something stupid. It’s a fair assumption. You’ve been known to do a decent amount of dumb shit.
The moment you clear the cubicle wall, no longer just peeking over top of it, Max’s eyes find yours. He stops in his tracks and you imagine you must look akin to a raging bull – only you’re not the one with the horns in this scenario.
He looks completely human. Of course he does, he’s in a widely public setting, but for a moment you can see him like you did this morning. Shirtless, that teasing strip of hair leading from his belly button to carelessly thrown on pajama pants, his hair ruffled. A few stray longer pieces gently falling over his horns that you couldn’t help but reach out and reposition. He kept his wings out, letting one gently wrap around you, cradling your body closer to his. His eyes glimmered with the ever-shifting flecks of gold, like a star shower that was happening only in his irises. It was the moment you felt like it could be something more than a days long hook-up.
It takes your boss saying your name to make you snap out of the trance you’re in. “Do you know each other?” Rebecca asks. There’s a look on her face that’s more panicked than you’ve ever seen her. At least you know to keep your anger directed at one person and not the pair. You even feel a little bad now that she’s caught in this situation.
“I guess not,” you answer, walking past her and straight for the bathroom. You’re not sure what you’re going to do in there – you went to the bathroom just twelve minutes ago – but it seems better than remaining at your desk.
Your boss and Max continue their tour, considerably less touchy than before. When they head into her office, Curtis pops over the cubicle wall to look for you. He finds Sami and Linsey staring at him instead.
“Uh, wasn’t that-?”
Sami cuts him off. “Yep.”
Tumblr media
Your friends are the best. That could be the alcohol talking, but you’re almost certain it’s true when you’re sober too. The role of designated driver is on a weekly rotation and it should be your turn but after the surprise office visit on Thursday, Linsey offered to take it instead. Since she’s a total angel, she didn’t even make you swap with her, just said she’d double up. You very nearly cried. You might now.
“I mean, does he have no sense of decency? He probably didn’t even wash his sheets before moving to his next conquest, it’s disgusting.” You’ve been at this for a while. It’s another credit to your friends that they have the patience to put up with you, but they get it. Your hurt feelings are well within your right.
“Don’t worry about him anymore,” Sami says. “At least you got some good sex out of him and found out he was a piece of shit early on.”
Sami has a point. Both yours and his last relationships had ended with your boyfriends revealing that they were huge tools. Yours after you discovered his texts to his buddies degrading you and being pissed about the amount of hours you were working when you were financially supporting him, and Sami when he gave his boyfriend a surprise visit only to find him balls deep in another guy. To find out early on could be a blessing. It still hurts though.
It’s nearing the end of the night, most of the Friday crowd already having called it quits. Linsey and Curtis are making doe-eyes at each other that’s making your stomach twist and you know it’s probably nearing time for you to call it too. At least they can have a nice night together. You really hope they spill the beans on their relationship soon – pretending to not know is starting to take years off your life.
Linsey and Curtis leave first. You and Sami assure them both that you’ll grab cabs or ubers and let them leave without commenting on the way Curtis’ hand dips into Linsey’s back pocket.
“Do they think we’re that dumb?” Sami asks you, watching the bar door close.
You snort over what remains of your beer. “I really don’t know, man. I’m happy for them though. Curtis has been into her since she started.”
Sami clasps a dramatic hand over his heart. “Our sweet little himbo, all grown up.”
A momentary silence stretches between the two of you. This is not the first time you’ve both ended up here, some of the last people remaining in the bar. The beauty of having a friend with the same shit luck in relationships and a matching coping mechanism.
“I am sorry. You seemed really excited about him at lunch yesterday,” Sami says.
Ah. So you’ve hit that point in the night. The emotional one instead of the bitch about your problems in the hopes they go away one.
“I was,” you admit. It sucks to say out loud but it’s true. To make it even worse, the whole kink fulfillment wasn’t even the reason why. You liked Max. He made terrible lewd jokes, had a far too cocky attitude for how soft he was, and had actually laughed at you when you requested an ice pack for your poor overworked vagina, but you liked him.
Of course he had to be an asshole.
"If it makes you feel any better, you did manage to make Rebecca look like she was going to shit herself," Sami offers.
You can't help but smile. The look on your typically unshakable boss's face had been a treat. "Who knew that even she respects girl code."
Sami, ever the saint, covers your bar tab. He tells you he expects the same the next time he has boy troubles and you hope for both your wallet and your friend's happiness that day never comes.
You're still fairly tipsy when you climb into your uber, waving bye to Sami as he continues to wait for his. Alone with your thoughts, you're helpless as they drift to Max.
You feel like an idiot for thinking there was something more between you. It was obvious now that Max had used you for his own pleasure and when you decided you actually needed to return to your own life, you became unimportant in his. Probably just another notch in a bedpost that's likely been whittled to a toothpick.
Your driver is unfortunately chatty. Some young college kid doing this job to try and make ends meet and doesn't know when to keep quiet. He probably still has the romantic idea in his head that he might be some soothsayer for a downtrodden rider. Somehow he doesn't know that role is only for old men with grizzled beards or weird hippie women.
"What has you so down?" The kid asks.
You want to roll your eyes, potentially tell him to fuck off. Emotions and alcohol get the best of you.
"Found out a guy I slept with didn't feel the same way," you answer.
"How do you know?"
You expected sympathy, not a question like that. It's a little intrusive, but you like his gumption. "He came into my office and was all over my boss."
"Yikes, dude! That blows." Yeah, certainly not a secret paragon of worldwise advice.
You huff. "Tell me about it."
"Man, if I were you I'd be over there chewing him out. Blowing you off is one thing but to go for your boss? Low blow," he says, making a shockingly slow right turn.
"To be fair he didn't know it was my boss," you pause. "That might be worse."
He lets out a low whistle. "Like I said, I'd be tearing that guy a new one."
You consider it for a moment. Realistically, you and Max owe each other nothing. You had a few days of mind-blowing sex with no set plans to see each other again and that was it. He could move on whenever and however he saw fit. Something still burns in your gut though. An anger you know you’ll carry unless you get some answers. Fuck it.
“Could you actually take me to this address?” you ask, holding out your phone for the kid to read.
“Oh hell yeah, lady! Let’s get you some justice!”
Tumblr media
On the list of intelligent decisions you’ve made in your life, listening to a college aged uber driver is not high. It is certainly higher than the time you decided to eat an entire funnel cake and then ride the Twister (you were 22 at the time) and higher than the time you tried to work a twelve hour shift on two hours of sleep while sick and hopped up on flu medicine (look, 22 wasn’t a good age for you) – but still, on your list of smart choices, this is not going to be in the top ten any time soon.
You give your driver a 5-star rating and a high five when you get out of the car before marching up to the apartment building’s door. There’s an immediate roadblock. The buzzer.
You blame adrenaline and the remaining effects of booze for you failing to remember this key hurdle. It’s not like you could just buzz Max to let you up. He probably wouldn’t and it would completely ruin your surprise attack.
“Fuck,” you mutter, weighing your options. Your uber has already taken off and you’ve come this far. You need to see it through.
You press one of his neighbor’s buttons. They don’t respond. You try another. Again no reply. Third times the charm? Nope. You try the first one again. Nothing.
You take a deep breath in, trying to calm yourself before you lose it entirely. This always works in movies, why isn’t this working? You try the first one a third time.
This time, a very annoyed voice comes through the speaker. There is a god! “What do you want?”
“Um hi, yeah I need someone to buzz me in.”
Okay, time to think of a good lie. Something to get you inside. “I need to yell at one of your neighbors.”
No! Stupid! Why would you say that? Now they’ll never let you in!
“4C?” the voice from the speaker asks. It takes you aback and you double check Max's address on your phone. 4C.
“Yeah, actually.”
“Go ahead, dude’s a dick. If you kill him though please don’t tell the cops I let you in.”
“You got it.” You don't even remember what apartment button you pressed anyway.
The door lock unlatches, allowing you entry. The stairs look daunting in your current state and you slip off your heels, risking the dirty floors to a rolled ankle.
When you get to his door, you have the thought to message someone where you're at. He didn't kill you last time, but you never know. Things could change.
You send a message to Sami.
You: At Max's. If I don't message by morning assume I'm dead.
It's a little dramatic, sure, but the point comes across when Sami replies almost instantly.
Love of my life😻: What do you mean, at Max's
You: I mean I'm outside his apartment door rn and I'm gonna yell at him
Love of my life😻: If you die I'm telling everyone at your funeral about how you thought a blow job literally meant blowing air on a dick until you were seventeen
You: Fine
It's a risk you're willing to take. If Sami tells everyone that he'll have to include how the guy actually came from that too. It was the best part of the whole story.
You shove your phone back into your purse, taking a moment to collect yourself before pounding on the door. There's a muffled yell from the other side and the telltale sound of approaching footsteps. No turning back now.
The door swings open to reveal Max in a look you can only call Friday night in chic. He's wearing what looks to be silk pants and a large fluffy robe that you had eyed but left alone during your extended stay. You're guessing from the large strip of his chest you can spot that he's shirtless, probably to allow his wings to unfurl. His eyes are wide at your sudden appearance.
"I- you- lamb?"
You push past him, storming into the apartment. The ambiance of the room does not match your energy. It's lit in the soft yellow glow of incandescent bulbs and calming piano music you aren't refined enough to identify lilts through the air. There’s the soft scent of lavender in the air and if it weren't for the book and wine glass filled with what can only be blood, you would think he has company over. Is he wining and dining himself?
The peaceful atmosphere of the apartment throws you a bit, but you refuse to let it distract you from why you came here in the first place. You spin on your heel, turning to face Max. He still seems to be processing your presence and before he can get a word out you yell the question that’s been rattling around in your head since Thursday afternoon.
“What the fuck was that?”
The apparent randomness of your question is enough to jar him. “What was what?”
“Don’t pretend. You were all over her. Sugar? Is that your thing, do you come up with a little nickname for each new partner to make them feel special? That’s sick, you know.”
You hate the look on Max’s face. It’s one of surprise but also intrigue. As though he just had a eureka moment that he’s now going to use against you. His eyes flash gold. “Are you jealous?” he asks.
You scoff. “Jealous? You think I am jealous?”
Unbelievable. Truly. More so than his horns and wings, this turn of events is simply unbelievable. You came here to yell at him for his disgusting and perverse display in a place of business and he tries to turn it around on you.
You watch as some of Max’s features become more monstrous. His eyes shift color, ears becoming pointed once again, and those stupid, ridiculous horns make themselves known. The effect they have on you is infuriating. You’re rooted to the spot, staring at him with open disbelief, waiting for him to say something more.
Max walks towards you, and you can see his body grow larger with each step. Somewhere, in the back of your mind, you wonder why he doesn’t just keep his size at all times. He would certainly be marked as a large man, but nothing too out of the ordinary. As soon as you begin to ponder over it, you admonish yourself. You didn’t come here to wonder about his human disguise. You came here to yell and you aren’t done yet.
“You really have some nerve, you know that? And to think I had just told my friends about you too,” you shout.
Max’s smile only widens, his arm wrapping around your waist while his other hand comes up to cup your cheek. Your jaw is tiny in his palm, easily cradling it entirely while his thumb gently passes over your lips, effectively silencing you.
Your pulse is racing. You want to push him off, tell him that he can go fuck himself in a fit of righteous glory, and strut back out into the night. Instead your breath shudders, letting Max take his time looking at you before he speaks again.
“It’s okay to be jealous, little lamb. Did you think I would show her all of this?” he asks.
You know your eyes give you away. He managed to hit the nail on the head, a truth that you barely allowed yourself to fully process or consider. Max moving on so quickly had only been part of the pain.
What hurt even more was that you had thought yourself special, that for whatever reason, he had revealed himself to you and no one else, only for that idea to come crashing down in seconds. It was stupid and more than a little selfish, but it was true. To think there was even the smallest chance that he would easily reveal himself to Rebecca as he had to you was unbearable.
Max offers you a small pout. You want to bite his stupidly plush lower lip. "My sweet little lamb."
You don't want to give in. You want to hold your ground, yell a bit more, maybe even throw something and yet, you can't help but relax into his touch. His body pressing against yours still feels better than anyone else's ever has and you can feel your resolve slipping.
Max leans down and just before he kisses you he whispers, "There's only you."
You let your purse fall to the floor. Max's lips slot over yours like they're meant to be there, slow and careful. Your anger melts beneath him.
Max's tongue slips between your lips and the kiss grows more heated. Your hands fumble, finding the tie around his robe and pushing it from his shoulders. Once it falls Max picks you up, walking you to his bedroom while trailing gentle bites and kisses down your neck. The bruises he left earlier this week have begun to heal and he seems intent on refreshing them, leaving you marked as his.
He sets you down gently on the bedroom carpet, guiding your lips back to his. His hands slide over your body, pulling at your clothes as though he wants to take them off. For some unknown reason he’s stopping himself and you move back from the kiss. “You can take them off,” you tell him.
“Are you sure, lamb?” Max is looking deeply into your eyes, as though he’s searching for a different answer than the one you just gave.
He takes his time – peppering kisses between each layer you have on. When you’re left in just your bra and panties, he lays you back against the bed, worshipping every exposed inch. He mumbles gentle words into your skin, ones that you barely catch until he’s lavishing attention along your collarbones.
“So perfect, too good for me, thought I lost you…” The last one makes you pause.
You wind your fingers into his hair, careful to avoid his horns, and gentle tug until you’re able to bring his face back up to yours. “What do you mean, thought you lost me?” you ask. You're gentle about it, trying not to seem judgemental or break the nearly reverent atmosphere.
Max looks embarrassed, like he got caught spilling a secret he didn’t mean to share. He can’t hold your eye when he answers. “I thought you were done with me. That after you left Thursday morning I’d never see you again.”
Your heart breaks a little at his tone, but even more so you’re confused. “Why would you think that?”
You sit up on the bed, cradling Max’s face in your hands. You give him time to answer, slowly tracing a finger over his defined facial features. There’s a knit in his brow, as though he’s trying to puzzle things out for himself.
“You didn’t stay and I never got to ask to see you again. You said bye.”
You’re still not sure you’re understanding. “I had to go to work, Max. You had my number, you could have called or texted.”
Max huffs, sitting up with you. The memory foam dips with his larger weight, tilting your body into his. “Most- most people don’t stick around after. I figured you’d had your fill and wanted to be done with me.”
You can see the hurt on his face. There’s no way for you to know how many people have rejected, rebuffed, or used Max over the years. Hell, you don’t even know how long Max has been alive for, but you don’t need numbers to understand pain. To know what it is to not be appreciated or even somewhat cherished.
You climb into Max’s lap, wrapping your arms around him as far as they will go and bury your head into his chest. The chill of his skin doesn’t bother you, even as his arms fall around your shoulders and wrap you in a frosty hug.
“I’m so sorry, Max.” You know your apology won’t suddenly make things right for him, but you hope that it can at least start to make it better. “I didn’t want to leave. I was already debating if it was weird to text and ask you out for tonight,” you tell him. The honesty feels strange but good, the need to build a wall between yourself and your feelings towards him gone.
You begin to press chaste kisses into his chest and push against him until he falls back against the mattress, your body draped across him. “Max, can I show you just how much I wanted to stay?”
Max nods, shifting his hips to help you as you slide his pants and boxers off. He’s only half-hard and you’re already wondering how you’re going to take him. In your days spent with him, oral was something he never pushed. You had asked at one point, wanting to reciprocate, and he’d redirected by fingering you instead. Well, we’ll figure it out as we go.
You lick a broad stripe up your palm, taking him in hand and start to slowly pump, feeling him harden under your steady ministrations. You keep your eyes on his face, watching as his head tips back into the pillows. He’s still holding onto parts of his human visage and you can’t help but wonder why. If it’s more comfortable that way, like not lying on his wings you understand, but holding the rest of it in can’t be truly relaxing.
“Max?” you say, running your free hand over his brow. “You can let go. I’ve got you.”
Max’s twitches in your hand and you watch as he appears in his full glory before you. He's breathtaking, laid out underneath you like this.
You move down his body, positioning yourself between his muscular legs. Max's eyes remain trained on you as you begin to kiss down his stomach, skipping down to his thighs. You murmur words of affection between each press of your lips.
It doesn't take long before Max is moaning beneath you, beads of precum starting to trail down his cock. When he speaks, Max's voice hits a deep pitch that travels right to your own pooling arousal. "Stop teasing me, lamb."
You move away from him, eliciting a whine that stops short when he realizes what you're doing. You take off your bra and panties, tossing them to the floor, and then swiftly turn back to Max and wrap your lips around his cock.
His hands jump to you in surprise – not forcing you further down, but instead moving your hair out of the way. You swirl your tongue around the fat head, moaning at the slightly salty taste of his precum. You're only able to take half of him before you can feel the edges of your gag reflex giving you warning.
Your hand covers what you can't otherwise fit, pumping him while bobbing your head. The noises coming from Max are sinful. He doesn't even need to breathe and yet his voice is catching, making you wonder when the last time anyone did this for him was.
You can't help yourself. Watching Max fall apart beneath you, knowing that you're the one making him feel this good is getting you worked up. You slip your hand down, gathering some of your own arousal before circling your clit.
Max's eyes widen when he realizes what you're doing and his hips buck, making you gag. You pull off to catch your breath, a line of spit still connecting your lips to his cock. When you go to wrap your lips around him again he stops you, a single finger under your chin.
"Won't be able to last, babe."
You can't help but smile at the compliment. Max's eyes are half lidded, a dopey look on his face that allows his fangs to peek through.
"Come here," he rumbles.
His hands are already inching down towards you as you climb over top of him but you bat them away. You're plenty aroused and you don't want to wait – feeling the stretch of him will be worth it.
You position him at your entrance, taking your time as you sink down onto him. You brace yourself on Max's chest, fingertips digging into his pecs. Max doesn't seem you care, his own hands firmly holding onto your waist.
Once you're finally able to take every inch you pause, taking a moment to feel him inside of you. You lean down, pressing more kisses and praise into him before starting to roll your hips.
"F-fuck, Max. You're so b-big. Handsome."
You push your hand behind Max's head, angling it so that your foreheads press together as you increase your speed. His irises are swirling, reminding you of when glitter is spun in a glass.
Max shifts slightly, somehow pushing deeper into you. You're certain you're leaving indents in his chest from how tightly your fingers flex, but Max only groans with pleasure beneath you.
"Close," you moan, your hips losing their rhythm.
Your vision flashes white, little stars appearing, your legs shaking as you clench down around Max. You can feel that he's close too, and in a haze you pull his head closer, placing soft kisses over every inch of his horns.
The combined sensations of you fluttering around his cock and lavishing attention on his horns is too much for Max to handle. He hardly warns you, not that you have the presence of mind to care, before cumming deep inside of you.
Neither one of you attempts to move. You flop your head down onto Max's chest, mindlessly stroking his bicep. Max's hand is running along your spine, making a chill run through you. He chuckles when your body twitches from it.
You look up towards him and smile. "Do you believe that I want you now?"
He kisses the top of your head. "I believe you, lamb. Give me a few minutes and I'll show you how much I want you."
Tumblr media
There's a knock at the door. You're surprised, considering you hung up with the pizza place only 5 minutes ago, but you shrug and go to answer it anyway. You double check the knot on the robe – Max's fluffy one, now yours, before opening the door.
The knocks increase in urgency and you open the door just as the person's fist comes down again.
"Ow, shit!" you yell, holding your head where you were just inadvertently punched.
Max is next to you before you can even look up at your attacker. "Who the fuck are you?"
A familiar voice answers him. "I'm here to make sure my best friend isn't dead, asshole."
The pain is already subsiding and you look to see Sami standing in front of you, looking pissed. Right. The text you were supposed to send. Oops.
Tumblr media
Additional note: I am blown away by the response monster Maxie got and honestly I'm having a ton of fun with him. Please feel free to send me asks and questions about him, I would love to add to this silly little series with more chapters, headcanons, whatever!! I want to answer whatever questions you've got
Everything Taglist: @janebby @spideysimpossiblegirl @roxypeanut @paperbag33 @danidrabbles @honestly-shite @sharkbait77 @stevie75 @tintinn16 @doin-stuff @hdghty @salome-c @greeneyedblondie44 @snow30285 @fic-appointment @kirsteng42 @athalien @missminkylove @niki_xie @tothejedi @readsalot73 @castleamc @nakhudanyx @quietpainter @spanishmossmagnolia @kirsteng42 @dihra-vesa @sergeantbannerbarnes @ezrasbirdie @liviiii98 @prostitute-robot-from-the-future @justanotherblonde23 @mummifymecaptain @gracie7209 @klara-luise18 @mswarriorbabe80 @just-here-for-the-moment @mimimi-stuff @dumb-npc @showbuckysomelove @c-a-v-a-l-r-y @captain_pikas_world @likes-good-reblogs-even-better @shadesofnerdlygrace @mylovelycomandante @starlightmornings @afootnoteinyourhappiness @girlwholoveswords @my-blink-romance
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Close your eyes and think of your HAIKYUU s/o and focus on the images above. Select which draws you in the most and go under the cut to find your scenario/reading! Have fun!
Please...omg! Fangirl with me and share your pick and who your HQ s/o is with me 👀 I'm so piqued!
♡ This shall not be reproduced, reposted, modified, translated in any form or by any means.
Tumblr media
N!SFW part of this series will be posted on my MDNI blog (must be 18+). Send this emoji 💗 in my ask box/reply section to be tagged! And please, I'd love to know which pile you picked and who is your hq s/o!
You were probably already dreaming of each other before you met. Both of you are in the point of your lives wherein you're leaving behind things that no longer serves you any good–these are self-limiting beliefs that prevents the two of you from finding true happiness.
HIM He has been yearning to share everything that he worked hard for when he comes across you. He's now ready for a solid partnership. He might be feeling that the success he has right now is not enough. He might have a period of making the most out of his money, fame, riches, but there's a feeling of discontent and he's now aware that he must leave that kind of mentality behind and open himself up. He is now yearning to enjoy all these things with someone. He is now ready to celebrate all the good things he earned in life, but no longer alone.
YOU You are in a place wherein you are finally in charge of your life. There might have been instances in the past where you feel defeated, but you're now in control and above it all. I can see you finally gaining that inner-child that once died after the grueling challenged you triumphed.
HOW DID YOU MEET: School/university, work, seminar—something related with nourishing your spiritual self and higher-mind. It can also be through a church, religious activity (if you're into that), or in a temple while you're traveling. Yoga classes, etc. You'll share same wavelength in this kind of topic as well. On a mental level, you can both feel a strong connection.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: He thinks that you're like the sun! Full of life and passion, someone very driven and probably has a lot of admirers. Even if you have just a few or even none, he'll think of you this way by how you present yourself to him. He views you like sunshine and this makes him so interested in you that he wants to get to know you better and have meaningful discussions. And're the one whom he wants to share his everything with.
You think that he's very charismatic! No matter if he's introverted or extroverted, you have a crush on him and you feel so much tension just by his presence. He reminds you of someone from your childhood and damn! He can be someone from your childhood that you admire from afar. However, this very magnetic aura will make you hesitate, because how can someone as charming as him take an interest in you. Seriously though, the cupid's arrow is telling that you must have faith because love is on your way.
—earned it - the weeknd; somehow this song started playing, while I'm writing this and it's just so fitting, because he thinks you're worth it and you deserve it. you just have to trust in the moment
high priestess, six of swords, 8 of swords, him: the devil, 6 of pentacles, 4 of cups, 2 of wands, heart to heart conversations you: the sun, king of wands, five of swords, six of cups, cupid's arrow
Tumblr media
N!SFW part of this series will be posted on my MDNI blog. Send this emoji 💗 in my ask box/reply section to be tagged! Must be 18+. And please, I'd love to know which pile you picked and who is your hq s/o!
Okay, so this is the Pile I'm drawn to as well before I shuffle the cards! It means this is our Pile and I'm so excited! Your first encounter with your haikyuu s/o is like a meeting of yin and yang. Opposites attract here which doesn't necessarily mean that one is extroverted and the other is introverted. No. It can be that you're more spontaneous than him or he's more of a feeler typer than you are, and vice-versa.
HIM I can see that he's in the stage in his life wherein he's ending the hardship, whether it'd be a bad relationship, a troublesome work or limiting habits—he's all ending it by the time you first meet. Been there, done that is what I'm perceiving. It's like he's already seen the world and utterly tired of it. Just saving up for the future and those boring kind of things when he wish something new would happen.
YOU As I've mentioned earlier, your meeting is opposite energies. Here, I can see that you are about to begin something new when you two meet. This is literally you having a lot of something new to take in your table, new projects, opportunities, faces, etc. You're breaming with so much passion in life and so far from getting bored with it.
HOW DID YOU MEET: Your meeting will be full of discussions about your dreams, life and principles. The two of you might open up bits about your past. You both feel emotionally and mentally connected in this. I see this more of an unofficial date like a "blind-date" of sorts or just something you wouldn't expect. Like meeting someone new at work/school/museum/travel, any place and then he invited you out for a coffee or lunch/dinner after to continue your discussion.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Both of you get aces here so this is highly love at first sight! You might not believe in it and so do I, but this is what I can see here.
He sees you as someone with a lot of knowledge for your age and admires you a lot for that. He thinks you're his dream come true, yo! Like, he might have been imagining this ideal s/o in his mind, and bam! It's here right in front of him. His life is on the lackluster stage, but then you come and he just sees your possibility of being together. Engagement card shows up for him, so yeah. He already sees you as the wifey/hubby material. Can be consciously or subconsciously. He might be a little possessive about you already. "I just met you but I'm calling dibs" vibe LMAO!
You see him as an old soul. He can be a little older than you too. Nevertheless, someone wise and rich in experience. To be straight, you feel electrified around him. You feel like you're the most wonderful person in his presence omg. It could be through his actions, words and just by the way he looks at you gdi! He's your type too and you're his ofc, yet you can feel that he's love bombing you already for the first meeting, so you're confused and might take him as a serial dater or a player. Regardless if he's a shy type or not, he might awkwardly be a big ball of goof around you, stuttering or blushing like hell. He might have booked himself in all your free weekends yet you can't refuse because you feel excited as well. Though at the back of your mind, you might not show all your cards to him yet because you really mistake him for a flirt or someone so easy to get. However, I can see here that he's just like this around you. Remember: love at first sight and you're both not like this 'normally.'
—streets by doja cat is playing in this pile xD it's just fun how these songs resonate a lot with what's happening. Your Haikyuu s/o must be subconsciously thinking, I ain't mf'in sharing. I could take you to the parents, then to Paris. Plan a mf'in wedding. You the type I wanna marry and keep you merry I'll put the ring on when you ready, in his head during your first meeting like GHJKL
the moon, 10 of swords, 7 of cups, him: the hermit, ace of cups, 4 of pentacles, 9 of cups, engagement, you: the wheel, ace of wands, hanged man, 2 of swords, the golden mirror
Tumblr media
N!SFW part of this series will be posted on my MDNI blog. Send this emoji 💗 in my ask box/reply section to be tagged! Must be 18+. And please, I'd love to know which pile you picked and who is your hq s/o!
Your first encounter will feel like a dream. You would feel like something new has opened for the both of you. This is definitely not a past love kind of thing. It will arrive at a point in time when you will both feel like it's the right time you come a long in each other's lives because you're both already established and open to accept new things to come in. I can see at the right place and at the right time. Definitely, soulmates.
HIM There's so much love and affection here. Even if it's just your first time seeing each other. He's at the place wherein he's just made a big decision in life and that very choice is what brought him to meet you, finally! Your hq s/o has now emotionally matured and now has an open heart to give and receive.
YOU You are at the point in your life wherein you're full of knowledge. You have finally achieved being an old soul and utterly wise. Someone who has seen the world, can be well-travelled and has a lot of wisdom to offer. You're a good balance of fun and stable.
HOW DID YOU MEET: It might be a contract signing. Something like a merger deal or a wedding, but I'm leaning more on a wedding of your close friends and you two happen to be one of their entourage.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Yo! Are you kidding me? You both got the soulmates cards and I even used different decks for this. Seriously!?
He thinks you're fun to be with. Like someone he wants to hang around with yet someone whom he can sense he can be with during serious times as well. There's this soulmates feel to this. He feels immediately so close to you. With the lovers here, he indeed thinks this is fated. He may deny this, but there's no other explanation. His flirting game maybe super strong and super sweet at the same time.
You think he's a very charming and sweet person. He picks up on your love language and you'll think that he's very romantic. Regardless, if it's just him pulling the chair for you or something you will feel super giddy because he gets you like no one else does. Even if he's the stoic or shy type, he'll ask you dance with him like a true prince charming. And if he ain't the type to be a talker at all, you'll just know it by the way he looks, that's kinda' magical. If he's more on the extroverted type, you'll just know it because he'll be awfully obvious about it. You'll think he's you soulmate whether you believe in the concept or not.
—living proof by camila cabello; I shuffled my playlist and this song really makes its way: Where did you come from, baby? And were you sent to save me? I'm picking up that both of you would feel this way on your first meeting like you're the one getting married in the wedding omgggg
judgment, 10 of pentacles, 7 of cups, him: the lovers, king of cups, the chariot, 2 of pentacles, soulmate you: the hierophant, the world, princess of wands, 9 of pentacles, soulmates (told ya' I got soulmates for both of you wtf!)
Tumblr media
N!SFW part of this series will be posted on my MDNI blog. Send this emoji 💗 in my ask box/reply section to be tagged! Must be 18+. And please, I'd love to know which pile you picked and who is your hq s/o!
You'll meet at the time when you're both trying to make your ideals materialize in real life, very transformative. Like a door of opportunity has opened for you to make everything in your life that you're wishing for to happen. For you, it will be about your career, while his is something about himself, self-love, self care, self-esteem, etc.
HIM He just went through a major transformation. He might have encountered something really awful before he meets you and I'm picking up that it's a relationship with someone whom he thinks is already the one but it has become toxic. He's ended all that to finally move forward. This has left him really heart broken, but he's now really trying to work his hardest to gain back the confidence he lost out of that relationship.
YOU Strength appears strongly for you, so in a way, you're completely in a confident position. You're in a very optimistic point in life wherein the wheel of fate starts turning in your favor for you to achieve your dreams especially when it comes to your career. I can see here that you're emotionally open and matured here like the queen of hearts with so much love and support to offer.
HOW DID YOU MEET: You might meet somewhere that involves science or art. It can be an aerospace museum, museum in general, the airport or a theater house. Whatever it is, it's related to your job/studies, and he is there for self-enrichment.
FIRST IMPRESSION Both of you would feel like you have what each other needs. He has the professional wisdom and you possess the strength and vitality. Reading your cards, this is pretty slow-burn.
He sees you as someone very nurturing, someone who could warm up his recently broken heart. You're s a strong person whose very presence makes him believe in himself again. Your presence during your first encounter is something very enlightening and warm. Meeting you makes him realize that it might be okay for him to love again.
You saw him as someone who has been through a lot. If he appears to be super jovial and energetic around you, you'll immediately see right though his facade. Just through this first encounter, you have helped him just through your own resolve and life story and his knowledge about life gave you the wisdom you need at the moment. You really think that the two of you blend well together.
This first meeting is, again, very transformative unlike the others. You might go your own ways afterwards and promise to meet again once you have fully achieved all the things you're working on for yourselves.
—wildest dreams by taylor swift; sobbs this song is playing while I'm doing your 1st impressions...see me again even in if it's just in your wildest dreams. I can hear both of you saying this in your heads because the both of you know that if you meet at the right time, you two are perfect for each other. AWWWWWWWW....don't worry, I can see here with the wedding rings appearing that you both make a promise to unite again uwu or this could be a long-distance friendship ToT
the magician, the hermit, princess of pentacles, him: death, judgment, 5 of cups, 8 of pentacles, it is safe for you to love, you: strength, wheel of fortune, 6 of pentacles, queen of cups, wedding rings
Tumblr media
🧁 @hanmasbunny @discountkiyoko @azazelles @toshiswifey @90steaology @icecappa @cuddlysoftbear @close222u @duhsies @your-girl-mj @that-enby-mf @taurus852 @itsmeaudrieee​ @triskoof​ @avaisdelusional​ @aquenchedsoul​ @just-another-haikyuu-simp @kenmaslov3r @discountkiyoko @toshiswifey @icecappa @@sweet-lovely-bambam @hello0i @jahnvi-d @nao-cchi @xys-haikyuu-simporium
Tumblr media
REBLOGS ARE DEEPLY APPRECIATED ♡ Please help me reach other viewers. Thank you so so much!
Tumblr media
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my daisy / chapter 4 | kim mingyu
Tumblr media
➝ CEO!Mingyu x Secretary!Reader
➝ strangers to lovers // single dad!Mingyu // fluff // lighthearted // non idol!au // like pls dont expect any dramas here lol // tiny bit of angst ig
➝ series warning: mentions of sex, no smut but there’s implied sexual activities, insecurity (as always jshbdjhsfshbf am sorry), curses, food, let me know if theres more ^^
➝ word count: 5.1k
➝ A/N: aaand somehow we've come to the middle of the series alrd 👀 i hope you're enjoying this so far and, as always, don't hesitate to share ur thoughts w me!🥰💕
when your cousin asks you to be her substitute at SVT Inc. as she takes her maternity leave, you’re pretty sure this wasn’t what you signed up for.
series masterlist
Tumblr media
“Remember my words,” Seungkwan says in all seriousness, and you wonder if there’s any important information Seungkwan has just told you that you miss. At your confused face, the guy simply grins. “You can still shoot your shot.”
“Boo Seungkwan!” you quickly shush him, a scandalous expression on your face even though the both of you are in Mingyu’s office to make sure any needed documents and files for the day are complete. “I am not shooting my shot! I’m just doing my job!”
Seungkwan nods mockingly, though the teasing smile on his face doesn’t falter. “If you say so~”
You shake your head, cheeks heating up at whatever Seungkwan’s implying. When you’re both finished and you’re ready to go, Seungkwan pretends to be biting back a playful grin just to annoy you. Your glare doesn’t seem to affect him and you make a mental note not to ever introduce Seungkwan to Soonyoung if you don’t want to die of embarrassment.
Speaking of Soonyoung, it’s been quite some time since you have hung out with the guys since that get together. Between settling into your new job and dealing with your somewhat unprompted feelings towards your boss, you’ve only got to eat with some of them through the weekends because you’re still too tired to hang out with them after work. Seokmin would video call you from time to time, making sure you’re alive and eating well like the mommy bird that he is.
That said, Soonyoung has been demanding another night out with all of you present, and you would probably have to give in to his demand one of these days just so he won’t storm into your place, or worse, the SVT Inc.’s building to drag you out himself. Thank God you haven’t told any of them where your new workplace is just yet.
“We’re here, Miss,” Mr. Lee tells you as the car stops, bringing you back to reality. Right, Mingyu’s house. You exhale once before thanking him and step out of the car.
It's a pretty humble house, if you're being honest. A big one, for sure, but it's nothing like the houses of rich CEOs you'd see in dramas. There is no big front lawn or a fountain in front of the house, just a lot of potted plants that you're sure still cost more than your monthly salary.
It's still a beautiful two-story house, though, and you can tell that his garage is big enough to fit at least 4 cars, so there's that.
You're contemplating if you should knock (would anyone even hear? But the doorbell is in front of the gate and it's stupid if you go back there just to press it) or if you should just try to open the door because Mingyu knows you're coming anyway. But the door opens before you can decide, Jooyeon greeting you politely as she lets you in.
"Mingyu is in Gyuri's room," she tells you as you follow her steps, and you can't help but think there's something endearing about the way she just calls Mingyu by name instead of young master or anything of that sort. "You can wait here while I go get him. Please make yourself comfortable."
"That won't be necessary," another voice booms through the stairs, and you stare at Mingyu in his casual attire—a simple black pants with a plain white shirt that hugs his body perfectly. Has white shirt always been this good of a look?
"Hey," he greets you with a guilty smile. "I'm sorry, this is probably unprofessional of me, but I thought it'd be better if you're with me during the meeting even though it's online."
You barely stutter out a 'no', telling him all is fine and you understand. Though you really don't, to be honest, maybe he's afraid you'll mess up on your own albeit, as his secretary, all you'd have to do is type every detail down so your report wouldn't be askew. It's not like you're there to present something, so you have no idea why Mingyu thinks it'll be "better" to have you with him there.
Later, when Mingyu has changed into a formal dress shirt (no, he didn't change his pants and you're very glad to know even rich CEOs can't be bothered to change their pants into a formal one when only their upper body would be shown), ready for the meeting, you finally understand why.
Your boss looks at you with a sheepish smile, guilt clear in his eyes as he sets down his laptop on the desk in his bedroom. How on earth did you end up having to go to a meeting in his bedroom? Surely he has an office somewhere in the house?
Your cheeks warm at the weird intimacy of the whole thing even though you know this means nothing. This is just a room with a bed. That Mingyu sleeps on. But still, it's just a room and it's not like you'll be doing anything out of the ordinary. You try your best to suppress the memory of you and Mingyu sharing a bed all those nights ago, and you can only hope Mingyu wouldn’t notice your cheeks getting warm from embarrassment.
Gyuri tries to grin at you from the big bed, and you frown in concern at her red cheeks and the fever patch on her forehead. Mingyu shushes her back when she tries to sit up and greet you, so you stand near the bed to get closer even a little because sitting down on Mingyu's bed would not be good for your heart. She reaches up for your hand, and your heart melts at the weak smile on her face when you lean down and take her small hand.
"Sorry, my office's actually in the other room but I really can't let Gyuri out of my sight when she's sick. You know these meetings could go on for hours at time," he sighs and your eyes move to Gyuri who's been playing with your hand since earlier. "She has her room too, but her desk isn't enough for you and me. So I thought bringing her here would be the better choice; I can watch her while the meeting goes on."
You still don't get why you're needed here, but Mingyu seems to catch on even though you don't say anything about it.
"And umm… Jooyeon actually has family matters she needs to attend to and she's going to leave in a bit, which is why I can't leave Gyuri during the meeting."
"So I'm here as a spare babysitter?"
"What, no!" Mingyu quickly denies, worried that you might be offended; though you know even if it's not the whole truth, you're partly correct. "More like… uh, you might need to attend the meeting in my place if I need to attend Gyuri."
You blink slowly at his words, wondering if you hear him right. Meanwhile, Mingyu continues to speak in your silence.
"Technically, I am in the room and I can still listen to them, right? But you'll be there as my representative just in case. Uh, this sounds much better in my head."
This isn't the usual Kim Mingyu you see in the office, you conclude. And while you're not exactly close to him and you have no idea how he usually is, you can figure that he's pretty much disoriented because his daughter has suddenly fallen sick, to the point where he probably doesn't realize he's showing you the side of him he wouldn't have otherwise.
"Should I ask Seungkwan if he can attend the online meeting in my place, Sir?" You ask after a while. "I can just… take Gyuri back to her room and take care of her if… you want? I think it would be best if you can focus on your meeting, Sir. Jennie has told me JS Corp's side can be a bit… hard to deal with."
Mingyu seems to contemplate your option, and you wonder if he simply doesn't trust you with Gyuri or if he's not sure you really mean it.
"Would it really be okay if… you look after Gyuri?" He makes sure, and it finally clicks to you that he's hesitant because of your tone earlier. He probably thinks you're offended when you ask if you're here to be a babysitter when you’re just mainly dumbfounded.
"As long as you and Gyuri are okay with it," you reply with a tone that you hope to be calm and collected.
His gaze travels to his daughter, a little more and he's certain Gyuri will be pulling you to the bed if he lets her be. She's basically gripping your hand, and he knows enough from the first meeting that Gyuri more than simply likes you. How can he not know when she keeps on asking if she can see you again some time? When she keeps on telling him to bring you here if he’s not going to bring her to the office?
Mingyu has no idea how to tell Gyuri you’re not like Uncle Seungcheol or Wonwoo that he can just call over when they’re off work, and he has a hunch Gyuri would not care about that explanation either way.
“Lili wants to be with Miss,” Gyuri’s small voice followed by a small cough greets him before he can say anything. “Papa go meeting.”
He sends her a worried look, probably also guilty that he has to attend even one meeting when she’s sick. “You sure?”
“Yes, Lili with Miss,” she says again.
Her dad sighs before he finally agrees, carrying her back to her room as you trail behind him. He apologizes to you one more time for making you do this, and you reassure him all is fine and you joke about how you’d rather take care of Gyuri than sit through a meeting. Your boss chuckles at your comment, prompting your heart to speed up at the sound of it.
He tucks her into her blanket and tells you to be as comfortable as you want, and as if that’s not enough to make your heart burst, Mingyu just has to lean down and kiss Gyuri’s forehead before he leaves for the meeting. This image, burned fresh into your mind, would probably haunt you for a long time and you’re uncertain if it’s bad just yet.
You exhale a long, deep breath once Mingyu is out of the door, forcing out a smile to Gyuri when she calls for you.
“Hi, Lili,” you call her as you sit down on her bed. “How is Lili feeling?”
"Lili sick," she coughs as she says so, her pitiful gaze looking up at you. "But Miss is here so Lili okay."
You laugh at her words, wondering how a three years old could speak this well. Gyuri scoots closer to your side, practically hugging your lower arm as she struggles to stay awake. You use your other hand to stroke her head and Gyuri buries herself closer to you.
You can't help but wonder if Gyuri has always been touchy with everyone—even to people she has only just met once—or if it's because she's sick and she's delirious. Another thought crosses your mind, one that includes Gyuri needing a mother(or at least auntie)-like figure that isn't Jooyeon, but you quickly snap out of it before your mind wanders that way.
It strikes you once again how weirdly intimate this situation is. You're really in your boss's house, sitting on his daughter's bed as you try to lull her to sleep. You're pretty certain this wasn't on your job description when you applied here.
Not that you're complaining.
"Why don't you sleep, hm? You'll feel better when you wake up, you know," you softly say, trying to stop yourself from thinking too much. You're just doing him a favor, you try to get a grip. Plus, you're basically given time to rest instead of attending a meeting so this is the better choice for you, anyway.
"Want to play with Daisy," she says sleepily, her warm cheek pressed into the back of your hand.
"The duck?" You chuckle at her random words, eyes wandering around her room to see if there’s any Daisy Duck dolls; do kids these days still like Daisy Duck?
"No, you Daisy. I'm Lili. Like the flowers," she tries to explain. You have no idea how you've become Daisy out of nowhere, but you're not going to question a three-years old down with fever. "Lili likes Daisy."
You try your best to hold back a squeal as her eyes start to close little by little, the girl trying her best to stay awake.
"I like Lili too," you lower your voice like it’s a secret. Gyuri looks up excitedly through her sleepy gaze, whispering a 'really?' as if she doesn't believe you. "Yes. But I like it better when Lili isn't sick. We can play later if you sleep now, okay?"
Tumblr media
Mingyu huffs the moment the meeting is over, quickly sitting up from his desk to make his way to Gyuri’s room. He stretches his neck from side to side, the meeting definitely did not need to go past two hours, but apparently JS Corp’s side wants to talk about another deal and Mingyu knows a good opportunity when he sees one.
When he quietly opens the door, your giggles mixed together with Gyuri’s fill his ears. You’re sitting on the bean bag in her room, the little girl comfortably sits on your lap as you pretend like the doll in your hand is attacking her with kisses. Gyuri laughs uncontrollably as the doll rubs against her stomach, leaning deeper into your embrace.
Mingyu continues to watch the scene in front of him in silence, wondering when will the both of you notice him by the door as he tries to remember if Gyuri has ever gotten comfortable with someone as quick as she does with you. He doesn’t know what could possibly happen between the two of you in the span of hours, but on top of Gyuri’s initial curiosity towards you, it seems like the girl has happily accepted your company to the point where she’s comfortably resting against your warmth.
“Oh, is the meeting done?” you eventually address him after some time, finally realizing Mingyu is by the door.
“Yeah, all is good. Might need to attend another meeting for another deal though,” he briefly explains as he walks inside. Gyuri immediately holds up her arms to him, and you instantly hold your breath when Mingyu doesn’t waste a second to lean down and take his daughter from your lap into his arms. It is a mere second, yet his smell immediately engulfs all of your senses and you have to calm yourself down before you face him again.
“You’re still warm, aren’t you?” Mingyu frowns as his palm meets her face and then her neck. At least the bloom on her cheeks have calmed down.
“Just a little?” she tries to bargain, as if afraid Mingyu would ask her to sleep again. “Lili already napped.”
“She has just woken up, actually,” you tell him as you stand up from your seat. “I promised to play with her if she napped, that’s why she’s out of bed.”
“It’s okay,” Mingyu turns to you, Gyuri snug in his neck. You have to keep up the calm façade from the sight in front of you, but your heart is beating like crazy that the sound is loud and clear in your ears. “She seems better too, and it’s about time she eats something.”
Gyuri perks up from the word, innocent eyes immediately piercing yours. “Daisy eat?”
You almost gulp at the question, unsure how to answer. Saying no to Gyuri seems a bit too much, but to join Mingyu and his kid for a meal is not a healthy choice for your heart.
“Daisy?” Mingyu raises his eyebrow, and Gyuri beats you to it before you can answer.
“She Daisy, I’m Lili. We are like flowers,” she nods proudly, and you have to bite down your lip when Mingyu bumps his nose into her cheek.
“You are Lili, not Lily, though?”
Mingyu grins at her confused frown and you can’t help but think this is the most handsome you’ve ever seen of Mingyu; with a happy grin on his face and Gyuri in his arms. Maybe you should be glad your contract only lasts for 6 months, longer than that and you’re sure your feelings would grow like crazy than it already is.
“Daisy eat, Papa?” she asks again, pouting pitifully.
“Only if she wants to,” he decides to say before he sends you a guilty look. He knows it would probably be awkward for you, but he can’t really say no to Gyuri in general—even more when she’s sick—so he guesses giving the choice to you would be the better call.
“Oh? Umm…”
Gyuri seems to catch your hesitance, and she quickly turns to you with the pout never leaving her face. “Daisy, please?”
“Only if you promise you will eat well,” you give in at last, and Gyuri happily nods before she softly coughs from the cold. You smile weakly at Mingyu, but the guy seems to understand the effect his kid has on people. Plus, there’s no loss in treating you to a meal after taking care of his daughter in his stead for a few hours. Even though he’s still not as concentrated as he otherwise would be, it is true that his heart is a little at ease knowing someone is properly looking after Gyuri while he attends the meeting.
Now that he thinks about it, he doesn’t know why he called you here in the first place. He must’ve been out of his mind this morning, too worried over Gyuri to realize this is definitely crossing the professional boundary. He tries to justify it in his mind: that at least Gyuri has taken a liking to you since the beginning, and you’ve been kind enough to accompany her when you don’t even know whose kid Gyuri was. Plus, if you’re recommended by Jennie then you must be trustworthy. That must be the reason… right?
Your phone suddenly rings, snapping him out of his thoughts. You excuse yourself to take the call, and he can tell that it’s a video call by the way you’re holding your phone as you walk away out of courtesy.
“Hi Soo,” he can still hear you faintly. “Oh. Hi Jen!”
“Huh? Why are you not in the office?” Jennie immediately intercepts as she scans your background even though she can barely see anything.
“Gyuri’s sick,” Mingyu joins in, saving you the trouble from answering because you have no idea what to say. You even considered lying for no reason at all for a split second there. Your eyes widen a little when you feel him behind you, so you hold the camera further to show him and Gyuri. “So I told her to deliver my documents here.”
Jennie’s silent for a few seconds, as if registering the whole situation while she stares at you from the screen. Meanwhile, it is Jisoo who immediately fills the silence.
“Hi Gyu!! My poor little Gyuri, should auntie send you food?”
Mingyu blinks at the unexpected person, were you referring to Seungcheol’s Kim Jisoo when you greeted her ‘Soo’ earlier? You quickly tell him that she’s a good friend when Gyuri takes over your phone, holding it much too close to her forehead, animatedly babbling to Jisoo who reacts to everything she says.
The call doesn’t last long after that, Jisoo is only calling to show you she meets Jennie by accident outside and decides to have dessert together. After a little more baby talk with Gyuri, Jennie promises to visit and buy her a cake once Gyuri’s all better. The girl holds up her pink in front of the phone, and you share a laugh with Mingyu at how serious Gyuri takes her words.
“Small world, eh?” he says the moment you put your phone back in your pocket. “Seungcheol is a very good friend of mine.”
You bite back the urge to tell him you already know, that Jisoo has shown you a picture of him, Seungcheol, andGyuri. So you settle for a fake ‘oh? really?’ as you proceed to tell him Jisoo’s one of your closest friends.
“I’m pretty close with Seungcheol too, but never really hang out with him if Jisoo’s not around,” you shrug.
Mingyu sets Gyuri down on her baby chair, telling you to sit down wherever you like on the dinner table. He then goes to heat up the soup on the stove; Jooyeon’s prepared everything, he has said, and refuses when you offer to help.
“You’re a guest now, it’s okay. Just sit there and play with Gyuri,” he gives you a small smile that gets your heart fluttering before turning away. So you do exactly what he says and sit down on the seat next to Gyuri’s.
Gyuri’s pretty calm for a child with fever, patiently waiting for her food as she silently plays with your fingers. You wonder if she’s always been this calm, or if the excitement because someone’s over to play with her wins above all. She whines every now and then, but never big enough that it turns into a tantrum.
You look up when Mingyu puts down the big bowl of soup on the table, so you stand up to help him with the side dishes from the fridge despite his refusal. It doesn’t really surprise him that you, much like Jennie, have the same tendency to be hard headed even with small things like this. When you’ve settled back down on the table, rice and everything ready, Gyuri is already whining because she’s hungry.
“Want Daisy feed me,” she closes her lips shut when Mingyu tries to feed her, a determined frown on her face. Mingyu sighs exasperatedly, about to convince her to let him do it when you shake your head and tell him it’s okay and you don’t mind.
Taking the child-sized spoon, Gyuri happily opens her mouth to you. As she takes her time to chew, you take a bite yourself, not noticing the way Mingyu’s been staring at you and Gyuri since earlier.
“A few hours with Daisy and you already prefer her over me, huh?” Mingyu narrows his eyes at her, a smile automatically blooming into your face at the adorable interaction. If anyone asks about your heart skipping a beat over the use of your new nickname, you’re going to lie and say no, your heart definitely didn’t skip a beat and your neck definitely didn’t get warm.
“Daisy very pretty.”
“And I’m not?”
Gyuri shakes her head innocently. “Papa only tall.”
Oh, if only this kid knows how many women are after her dad. Your eyes follow Mingyu as the guy pretends to be heartbroken in front of his three-years-old and your mind wanders to the missing figure of this already perfect family. You know it’s not your place to pry and you have no plan to do so either, but you can’t help but think why would anyone miss this out of choice.
You’re glad they seem very content with each other, though. Even if you’ve practically only seen them like this once, it is clear to you that Mingyu loves Gyuri very much and would probably do everything for her. Not that you blame him, you’ve only been with Gyuri for less than a day and the girl is already out to steal your heart.
“Maybe we should hang out sometimes,” Mingyu’s voice drags you out of your mind, startling you because of the sudden proposal. Mingyu coughs once he realizes he words it weirdly, and then waves his hand before you get the wrong idea. “With Jennie, Jisoo, and Seungcheol, I mean. It’s been a while since Gyuri meets them, too.”
“Have you ever met Jennie’s husband?” you ask out of nowhere and the conversation flows from there. Starting with Jennie, your most obvious common ground, until it somehow ends up with you both being regulars in the same chicken restaurant somewhere in Itaewon.
If you’re being honest, you never thought you'd have a lot to talk about with someone in such a high social standing as Kim Mingyu. This is the son of the owner (and founder, mind you) of SVT Inc., currently the CEO of the very same company, too. And even though you’ve said his house is not as big as you imagine a rich CEO’s house would be, you notice the pricey decorations and ornaments that adorn his house. If you somehow break one of them, you'd probably have to work for months and months to be able to pay him back.
Also, you’ve noticed just now that his backyard actually has a big-enough-but-not-over-the-top swimming pool.
Still, Mingyu is nothing but cocky. Playful, maybe, but never arrogant even though it’s clear to anyone that he has excellent posture and perfect manners that screams he’s not from an ordinary family.
“I usually just order them for takeout, though,” Mingyu says as he takes another spoonful. "I don't really like bringing Gyuri to crowded place."
You take the information in, wondering if there were ever a time where you two crossed each other without realizing. You feel like you’d recognize him nevertheless, as his presence is a force itself; you’re pretty sure Mingyu can simply be standing around and people would willingly watch him.
“Lili likes chicken too,” she chirps in, bored that the two adults have been talking to themselves.
“Should we order chicken once you’re all better?” he offers, his palm reaching out to ruffle her hair.
“With Daisy?” she asks hopefully.
Mingyu glances at you, and you answer before you melt into a puddle by the way he’s looking at you expectantly. What was he expecting, anyway? “With Auntie Soo and Auntie Nini?”
“Uncle Cherry?” she turns to her dad, recognizing the names.
“Sure, we’ll invite him too.”
"You don't believe me?"
Gyuri shakes her head after taking a sip from her little mug. "Papa busy."
Mingyu's smile along with his shoulders visibly fall at the words, and for the first time since you've arrived here, you can't help but feel terribly out of place. Even your heart drops at it. Your eyes meet Mingyu, and you give him a small smile that would hopefully come off as encouraging.
"I'll do the promise then," you say before the silence gets heavier. Gyuri doesn't really understand what she's saying, you want to tell Mingyu; that she probably doesn't mean the way Mingyu thinks she does. It is a fact that Mingyu is busy and, even if you haven’t known him for long, you can tell that Mingyu tries his best to still be there in Gyuri's life nevertheless. "I am your dad's assistant, you know? I'll make sure he'll still play with Lili even though he's busy, okay?"
"It's okay," Gyuri happily swings her legs from her tall seat, a genuine grin gracing her face. "Papa still play with Lili. Lili just bored a lot."
Mingyu relaxes a little at that, and he leans forward to plant a soft kiss on top of her head before he stands up to put his empty dish in the sink. You smile at Lili as she takes her last bite, telling her she’s done a great job then quickly take yours so you can have an excuse to follow Mingyu after you pat Gyuri on the head.
“You know she doesn’t mean it that way, right?” you whisper, wishing you’re not overstepping any boundaries by trying to comfort him. But Mingyu just shrugs with a bitter smile, muttering something about Gyuri being right; he is busy.
You bite your lip as your mind goes through Mingyu’s schedule. Maybe you should free a little of his time on Friday so he can take a break during the weekend with Gyuri, he deserves it after all those meetings and proposals.
“Daisy, Lili wanna play,” Gyuri calls for you again, her shorts arms reaching out to you. You share a look with Mingyu, as if asking for permission to play with his daughter. But he misunderstands your silence as reluctance and instead takes her in his arms.
“Daisy has to go home,” he pokes her cheek softly. Her fever has died down a little, but her cheek still feels a bit warm and she seems a little sluggish despite her will to play with you. “Her work is done, flower.”
Gyuri blinks innocently, her head tilting to the side in question. “If work done, she can play with Lili?”
“No, baby. Daisy is busy and you need to rest,” he says gently, feeling a little guilty for putting you in an awkward situation. While you don’t seem to mind playing with the girl, Mingyu isn’t sure if it’s appropriate to ask you to spend more time with his child further when he’s promised you can go home after the meeting.
Gyuri pouts at this, though she leans further into her father’s touch and yawns, already sleepy again even though it’s only been about two hours since she woke up from her nap. You want to say you don’t mind, but there’s a chance that Mingyu is just too polite to say he can take care of things by himself and you’re free to go.
It’s a hard situation to be in when you’re not close enough with Mingyu to ask where his stand in this case is.
“We can play again some other day, okay?” you decide to say, not wanting to impose this family time longer. Perhaps Mingyu also wants to have Gyuri all to himself now that he has the day off. “But I have other works to do, and Lili needs to get better first before we meet again.”
Gyuri pouts as an answer, but she nods understandingly after she makes you pinky promise that you’ll see each other again. After making sure you have all the signed documents with you, you tell Mingyu you’re going back to the office and you’ve cleared all of his schedules for the day. He smiles gratefully, thanking you for the arrangement and for taking care of Gyuri when you really don’t have to.
“I’ve asked Mr. Lee to drive you to the office,” Mingyu says, and his pointed stare tells you that you don’t have any other choice but to comply. So you nod your head and thank him once again before getting into the vehicle, bidding goodbye to Gyuri who’s still perched in his arms.
As the car starts and the sight of Gyuri and Mingyu disappears, you can’t help but inwardly groan.
You’re so screwed.
Tumblr media
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catcze · 2 months ago
Fake dating with childe entirely because his siblings thought you two were couple and were really excited
kjans MMMMMM <33333 I am looking like a wHORE 👀👀
ajhsdas I dunno how old his siblings are so I’m just assuming they’re 13y/o and below bc I’m too tired to switch between teen / preteen / etc. speech patterns HAHAH
Tumblr media
“Brother!” Teucer cheered the moment Childe stepped through the threshold of their home, shaking the snow from his coat and graciously taking yours off of you.
“Teucer, Anthon, Tonia!” He called back just as excitedly, gathering up his younger siblings in his arms once your coat had been hung. It was cute, you thought with a small laugh, they were so excited to see him, and it’s obvious that their brother had been missing them as well.
You were content to let the siblings have their reunion in peace, merely warming your hands in your pockets (wow, Snezhnya was cold) until a small gasp from the ginger pile caught your attention.
“Is that them?” Teucer asked with a gasp, trying to whisper but failing adorably. Beside him, still in Childe’s arms, Anthon and Tonia were looking at you with big, wide eyes, sparkling with wonder like you were some kind of mythical unicorn.
But Childe just grinned, releasing them and standing back up. He easily took your hands back in his, encasing them in the warmth of his palms. “Yup,” he said, his grin turning smug. “This is the person I’m currently dating. Told you guys we could both make it.”
The hall was filled with loud cheers, Childe’s siblings immediately coming closer to you. “H-hi!” Tonia said, waving shyly but with a wide smile, while Teucer and Anthon had taken each of your hands in theirs, prying it out of Childe’s hold as they began to drag you further into their home.
“Brother writes about you all the time!” Anthon said proudly. “Whenever Tonia reads what he sends, there’s always so much to read!”
“Is there really?” You asked with a chuckle, looking back over your shoulder to Childe, who didn’t even look ashamed of it, merely shrugging like, did you expect anything else?
You shook your head with a laugh, and his siblings grinned, taking the opportunity by the throat. 
“Uh-huh!” Teucer added. “Ever since he started telling us about you, there’s always another page in his letters!”
“Mom says that we practically know more about his love life than his daily life,” Tonia says, giggling, and you can feel the heat rise in your face once more. Just as another one of his siblings prepares to tattle to you just how often Childe seems to wax poetic in his letters, the man in question swoops in easily, taking your shoulders in a gentle grip and pulling you back against his chest.
“Alright,” he says with faux-seriousness, the quirk in his lips giving him away. His hands on your shoulders squeeze reassuringly, sending heat up your spine. “Embarrass your brother time is over, you three. Tell the others that we’ve arrived–– the two of us have to get ready for a bit, if everyone is excited as you.”
The three pout, but listen to their big brother and go ahead first, calling back that the two of you ‘shouldn’t exchange cooties!’
“They’re cute,” you say when the two of you are alone. Without his siblings around, your smile turns wistful and you don’t feel the need to play a role. Though... you can’t deny that for a little bit, pretending to be together with him hadn’t felt so bad. It certainly helped when he had looked at you so fondly. “I can see why you didn’t want to disappoint them.”
“Thanks again for doing this,” Childe says, either not realizing that he was still holding you, or merely not wanting to let go. “They’re good kids. I don’t have the heart to break it to them that they misread it–– not when they kept asking for you in their letters.”
You laugh lightly, squirming out of his hold, feet carrying you to where the three had disappeared to. “No need to thank me–– I don’t mind. Besides, how bad could dating you for a week be?”
And as Childe watches you venture deeper into his home, he can only hope you hadn’t felt the quick pace of his heart, or the way his breath had hitched when you had been so close to him. Hopefully, he thinks, he’ll be able to make your fake-dating week enjoyable. Enjoyable enough, maybe, that you wouldn’t mind dating him for real. 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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jade-parcels · 5 months ago
If I may kindly ask for an extension to Childe's "dirty secret" where he fights for dominance with us, literally 👀
👀 ask and you shall receive
Extension to this post
- NOTSFW!! Minors don’t interact with this post! -
Fighting for dominance with Ajax can go one of two ways. One, it’s a playful fight where there isn’t actually much violence at all. Two…You guys literally fight. It’s consensual fighting and no blows are actually meant to cause extreme harm so you’ve been warned
Playful fighting will usually just be him throwing you on the bed and pinning you down. He’ll allow you to shove him off and rough him up a little as you try to get him to submit
Usually play fights end in him topping, or at least him getting you in whatever position he wanted in the first place. There’s laughing, jokes and playful smacks on the ass. “Now I’ve gotcha~” a deep chuckle followed by loving kisses being pressed all over your face
He will let you win though just to see you smile :) but then he’ll whine when you take your time with it “Aw c’mon baby! Don’t be a tease, you already won! You’re so mean to little old me~” he can’t take anything seriously lmao
Couples play fight a lot, this is pretty much the same thing. If he actually hurt you while doing this, he’s quick to apologize and kiss whatever injury it was. Like if he pushed you a bit too hard and you hit your head on the headboard, he’d be quick to give you kisses and make sure you’re okay
When it comes to actually fighting (again, it’s a scene not him actually ab*sing you)…Most maneuvers are fair game ***If hitting, biting, spitting or name calling is a squick for you, I recommend you stop reading here!!***
A rough day of being scrutinized by the other harbingers, dealing with idiots all day or just not getting to fully unleash his animalistic side on the battlefield, any of these will lead to him wanting to fight you
It’ll always start with you two sparring, working up a sweat, getting some bruises here and there. Ajax loves when you’re sweaty and grimy from a fight. He loves trapping you against the wall and licking the salty sweat off your cheek, whispering obscenities in your ear
Now that he’s all riled up fromt his fight, it’s hard to get him to settle down
When he gets like this he wants to be on top. Of course, you have every right to be on top of him too. Let the hands begin
You can knee him in the gut, taking advantage of how he loosens his grip for just a second to flip him over
He’ll retaliate, shoving at you, shaking you, twisting your arm until you let go. It truly is all fair game unless it’s…well, stabbing or something
One thing Ajax will never do is hit you in the face. That’s off limits even for him. You can hit him in the face if you want, he doesn’t care! But he will never ever hit you in the face….on purpose.
Of course theres 2 outcomes to these fights for dominance. He wins or you do
He’ll snarl at you when he finally ‘wins’, grinning at you animalistically. Blood drips from his split lip, landing on your chest “Finally~ Damn, you put up a good fight baby. Now it’s time for my reward, huh? Lay back and be good for me, maybe I’ll even let you cum”
He won’t be very gentle either, he’ll take you hard and fast, bruising your hips and leaving dark purple hickies all over your neck. Jeez, you can even see teeth marks in some of them
When he’s worn you and himself out he’ll visibly deflate a little, his shoulders will sag and you’ll know he got it out of his system
He’ll be super attentive and cuddly, telling you how good you were for him and that he’s sorry for getting carried away. You don’t mind much but you’ll make him make you breakfast in bed in the morning.
^^ Ajax will have his fair share of marks too, your scratches down his back and arms, his split lip and bites all over his neck and shoulders. These kinds of nights aren’t as common as the playful ones but damn 👀
When you win, he’ll put up a big fight verbally but not so much physically.
Once you beat him, he won’t try to retaliate, he’ll lay there obediently but he’ll talk a big game. He doesn’t know when to shut up
“You may have beaten me this time but I’ll tell you right now, I’m NOT gonna beg. If anything, I’ll have you begging for me within the next twenty minutes, you just wait!”
That, in fact, does not happen. Instead, you’re smiling sweetly down at him as he yanks at his restraints “Please! Oh please babe, you gotta let me cum this time!” How the tables have turned
Tease him as long as you want, put him in his place! He’s gotten a bit too cocky lately hasn’t he? He’s won too much, beaten too many people in fights to the point where he hasn’t lost in awhile. You better make him rememeber that he can’t always win
Tell him how weak he is. A harbinger? Being taken down by a normal person? You just have a vision! No delusion, no Fatui military training. Hell, you don’t even have your vision in your hand and you still beat him! “Tartaglia~ Imagine what the Tsaritsa would say if she saw her strongest harbinger like this~ Whining like a bitch for me” spit in his face, yank his hair “How pathetic~”
Either way…Y’all know how to have fun 👀
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king-litchi · 5 months ago
Hey bestie pls can I request some argument hcs for Mikey and Draken (separately) ? Thank you !!
Hi AnonBestie-chan ! I’m so sorry for taking so long to write this :3 I have a busy schedule and I rarely have time for myself (I wrote this in my notes at work during my breaks like a little rat <.<)
I also want to apologize for my (bad) English ! It’s not my mother tongue and I’m still struggling but promise you I'm trying to improve !
Anyway I stop telling my life story and I really hope you enjoy it ! (if not, let me know seriously)
warning : nothing :) just a very bad grammar
🜲 Argument Headcanons with Mikey and Draken 🜲
Tumblr media
There are always two possible types of arguments with Mikey. Especially with Mikey.
There are the small arguments: they never last long and can start from nothing at all
And of course the serious arguments that take a little longer to repair
Concerning the frequency of the small arguments, you have at least once a day a small argument with Mikey
Usually these fights don't last more than a couple of minutes and they are quickly forgotten.
It's like « Did you eat all my cookies WITHOUT ME ? But there where 24 of them »
It's a classic with him. 
So you're going to eat the Taiyaki that he reserved for himself to avenge you. Bad decision.
And did something can be sure that Draken and even Takemichi will know about this because he will be so upset. The lion is awake.
But it's never anything mean. The little arguments are more like teasing and it's also Mikey's way of asking for your attention.
And of course you give it to him willingly by playing along because you like it too.
It's your little bickering. You're like best friends with (a lot of) extra love.
But unlike little fights, big fights with Mikey are not at all common
It can happen that you argue about little silly things (it's more like little disagreements) or little whims (often HIS whims)
But usually after a pout and a kiss it's quickly forgotten
Mikey is not the kind of person who wants to get into a fight with you because when you are together he just wants to spend some quiet time with you or have fun (it doesn't matter as long as he is with you) in fact he just wants to have a good time with his favorite human
However, very big fights can happen! And they are so rare that when it happens you really don't pretend (it's explosive)
Usually the cause of these fights are either related to the Toman or to your safety
The Toman is an integral part of Mikey's life, of course you have accepted it: he is a gang leader and you knew it before you started dating him
But that doesn't stop you from constantly worrying (and you are right to do so)
There are certain things that you have difficulty accepting and he has difficulty understanding your position (in concrete terms, he has a lot of difficulty putting himself in your shoes)
Following these arguments (on serious subjects) it can happen that you do not speak for 2 or 3 days depending on the argument but never more, he will always come back to you
He just needs so much time to get his thoughts together
It takes him a while to calm down but once he is calm he will come back to you gently
Mikey really takes what you say into consideration but sometimes he just has a hard time applying it or he thinks he's not wrong
Let's imagine : if he tells you about a Toman member he wants to help even if it means taking very BIG risks and you don't agree because you think it's not the right thing to do (sometimes it's also a moral issue) or you don't want him to get into trouble (you worry, it's normal) then it can go far away because he won't accept it. (*shrug* Pachin...👀) 
He knows you care about him but he is very stubborn and will not change his mind (at least not right away)
But he might change his mind if he sees that he is hurting you with his decisions
He knows that you really care about him but so does he. Mikey cares about you more than he cares about himself
But if the argument is about your safety then he will be unanimous in his decision and you can be sure that you won't get the last word (you have to make up your mind)
Mikey likes it when you tell him when he's wrong, he may not accept it right away but after thinking about it he'll come back to you and thank you for always being honest with him
Sometimes he doesn't know right from wrong and he likes you to be there to remind him
Even though he may use harsh words (if the argument gets out of hand) he will never disrespect you but he may hurt you with harsh words before he realizes it and regrets it
During a serious argument he is not the type to raise his voice at you (at least with you) but his words are firm and authoritarian, if he thinks he is right then he will not make any concessions and will stick to his guns
On the other hand, a little argument, which often turns into teasing, can make him raise his voice and outbid you (you're totally playing into his hands) and he'll end up sulking in his corner in the end, pouting
Honestly it makes you laugh more than anything else
And the little arguments never last long
The bottom line is that you and Mikey are not the type to have a huge conflict and even if it happens (it will) you'll deal with it by trying to find a solution.
You and Mikey are a communicative couple and you're not the type to stay unspoken
You never let the problem fester
On the other hand, small arguments are part of your daily life! (it's never serious, more to make you laugh)
Tumblr media
Arguments with Draken are not common.
In fact, it’s very rare that you argue. Not at all
Draken is mature enough to always avoid conflict
When he feels that he is getting seriously upset he honestly prefers to walk away from you
He’s not running away from the problem but he just wants to take a little time to calm down and avoid saying things to you that might regret
He knows that when both of you are upset the dialogue will go nowhere
He will only want to continue the discussion when you are calm or when he is calm
He takes arguments very seriously so expect him to come back before the end of the evening to speak frankly (he’ll be a bit solemn… )
If you want to pick a fight with him to tease him...well...he's not going to play along at all
Draken acts like he doesn't have time to get into it (honestly, he really doesn't)
He's so used to dealing with babyMikey that he's reached a point of extreme patience
Besides if you try to annoy him it will automatically backfire because he will ignore you...and of course it will annoy you
In short, trying to intentionally piss off Draken will never work and it will always end in a big failure
He knows you by heart so he knows when, how and why you do this
He'll give you an annoyed look like « seriously why are you doing this ? » but the truth is he's really amused by your antics
But if you try to make him jealous...then he'll really get annoyed BUT you'll never know because he acts like nothing bothers him (well, at first)
After a while you start to notice when he starts to get annoyed and sometimes in spite of himself he might say something like « Y/n what the hell was that ? » that might cause a little argument (but nothing serious)
But even when he's upset he's not the type to yell at you
However if during an argument you get a little too carried away and your emotions get out of control he might yell your name just to calm you down « Y/n ! »
He will never hide what's on his mind but he always manages to keep his cool against you
Honestly he takes a lot on himself and is a great listener
If he is wrong he will admit it but this man is as stubborn as Mikey ! (they are not best friends for nothing)
Besides, just like Mikey, what could create a real argument between you and him is anything that concerns you directly (like your safety) or anything that concerns Toman
He has a real sense of morality so if something is bothering him or he doesn't like it he won't hesitate to tell you because he thinks there are no taboos between you
And if he really thinks he's right then he'll take the time to explain why but he won't ask you to understand him
He knows that it may take time for you to accept or calm down, he is patient but he will not do anything to make things worse (on the contrary)
He knows when you're about to have a real fight because you don't call him « Draken »anymore but just « Ken »
At this point he knows it's serious and that you're both going to have a bad time
Reconciling with him when you are angry is not so complicated when it comes to you
If you and Draken had a fight because it was about your safety, then he will come back
It will be very subtle
He'll never actually say "I screwed up" but he'll hug you from behind and place a kiss on your neck
He'll whisper that he was only worried about you and that he's sorry for being so harsh
Also, Draken is not an easy person to get into a fight with, so if you have a fight, there's a real reason
That's why reconciliations with Draken are the best! He will never reject you and he is willing to make the first move. 
All couples argue but the most important thing is to always forgive each other.
End note : thank you very much for the request I hope you liked it and do not hesitate to make other requests :D
🜲 Litchi
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whoreiaki-kakyoin · 24 days ago
okok for the writing prompt number 5 and “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.” with abba please?? sorry my memory is short I can't remember the number (and also I don't know the limit so feel free to choose)
Ah, no apologies for short memories here! Excellent choices for Abba... You have no idea how excited I was seeing this ask. 👀 I may... have gone a lil overboard but this one was just fun to write and play with! 💖
"No panties?" and "You're so fucking hot when you're mad" for Abbacchio
Gender neutral reader (Mista does call you doll at one point), light degradation/name calling, jealousy, confession of feelings
Leone Abbacchio could be an incredibly frustrating individual. You'd been in Passione for a while now, and you two had been dancing around each other for the past several months. Some days, his eyes would meet yours across the room, something dark and wild stirring in his gaze. Others, he'd brush past you without so much as a word. You knew he wasn't much for other people, or for asking for any sort of help or companionship. Still, you wished he would at least get his shit together and tell you what he wanted.
The last straw had come about a week ago. The two of you were catching your breath after a fight with an enemy stand user, and found yourselves ducking down an alley to assess any damage and plan your next steps.
"Glad that's over," you sighed. When you turned to look at Abbacchio, you noticed he was already staring at you intently. Your breath hitched, and time seemed to slow down as your eyes met his. There was so little space between the two of you, and his gaze drifted down, lingering on your lips.... Your heart hammered in your chest as you each leaned in a fraction more, before he— stopped. You struggled to process as Abbacchio pulled away just as suddenly as he had surged towards you, his gaze turning steely and impassive again where it had just been so vulnerable.
"We should get going.'
"Wh.... What?" His eyes stayed trained on the pavement.
"Come on. The others are going to wonder where we are."
"And... We're not going to talk at all about what just—“
"Don't worry about it," he told you gruffly. You felt like screaming, like forcing him to acknowledge you by making a scene right out in the street as you walked back to the car. Embarrassing yourselves both in public might have been worth it if it would have gotten Leone to fucking discuss his feelings. Instead, all you had gotten was a silent car ride home and a week of tense, furtive glances, and fucking radio silence.
Determined to get his attention once and for all, you decide you'll simply have to make him pay attention. Make yourself impossible to ignore. It's a slower night, not much on the agenda in terms of missions, so that means dinner at Libeccio. You smile to yourself as you look through your closet, settling on something form fitting that shows off your figure and bares some skin. A spritz of perfume, a bit of makeup.... and that should do it. When you head down to meet the others, you think their eyes might pop right out of their heads.
"Oh!" Bruno coughs, his eyes slipping up and down your figure and a slight flush rising to his cheeks. "My, you certainly look lovely." Mista whistles, taking you in with wide eyes.
"Damn," he comments with a shake of his head. "You look hot. You're gonna make the rest of us look bad!" The pistols clamor at his side, chiming in about your daring outfit, and you smile. Even Fugo gives you a soft "You do look really nice tonight." Abbacchio, however, says nothing, simply keeps his eyes glued to you as you smile.
"Thank you guys, seriously. C'mon, shouldn't we get going?" Abbacchio maintains a sullen silence as you head to the restaurant, and you laugh inwardly to yourself. Leone Abbacchio was a jealous man. He was territorial. As much as he was keeping his composure now, the night had only begun, and you were going to make him crack.
You allow things to start off calmly enough as you get comfortable at your usual table and order your food. You make a point of trailing your hand along Bruno's arm as he speaks, flashing him your most dazzling smile as you bat your eyes and laugh at his jokes. You try not to look at Abbacchio across the table, but you can see him tense out of the corner of your eye.
When the food arrives, you take a few bites with a smile before declaring, "Gio, you have to try some of mine, here." The blonde raises his eyebrows as you incline your fork towards him with a sugar-sweet smile, but he gives you a reserved smile of his own as he leans in to let you feed him a bite.
"It's good, right?" Giorno blushes as he holds your gaze.
"Yes, excellent," he murmurs, and you giggle sweetly as he offers you a forkful of his own, feeding you just as you had for him.
"Mmm." You tip your head back slightly, letting your eyes flutter closed as you hum out an appreciative noise that sounds just a bit too much like a moan. Giorno's cheeks flush a shade darker, and Abbacchio sputters as he goes to take a sip of wine. You simply bite back a smirk and carry on your conversation with the blonde like nothing had happened.
Dessert comes around, and you find yourself settled in Mista's lap, giggling at his jokes and even the more suggestive of his pickup lines. At one point, you even make a show of fawning over his muscles, fingers running over his biceps as you practically purr how he's sooo strong.
"Ah, you're too sweet to me, doll," he chuckles as your fingers tease the curls peeking out from his hat. His hands drift lower, fingers gripping at your thighs, your ass, and you can hear Leone's sharp inhale. Abbacchio's eyes linger on you for a moment, before he rises wordlessly from his chair and grabs your wrist to tug you out of Mista's lap.
"Uh, hey! We were talking?"
"Damn, Abbacchio, take it easy, yeah?" He ignores you both, ignores the affronted look you give him, ignores the way the others have all turned their attention to the three of you. Instead, he simply pulls you by the arm as he heads to the exit. Out in the street, you huff indignantly, but on the inside, you were celebrating your success.
"Drop the attitude," he snarls, stalking back towards home.
"I could say the same to you," you mutter, but you fix your face in a more neutral expression rather than your previous pout. The walk back is quick and silent, and butterflies swirl in your gut at the way Leone doesn't loosen his hold on you for even an instant. It isn't until he manhandles you through the front door and slams it behind him that he speaks again.
"The fuck was that?" You blink back at him innocently.
"The fuck was what?"
"You know exactly what I mean. Don't play dumb."
"Hmmm." You tilt your head like you're thinking. "No, sorry, I don't think I do, but if there's something you want, Leone, why don't you tell me?" He raises his eyebrows, his eyes flashing as he huffs out a laugh of disbelief.
"That's what this is all about, isn't it?" "Hm?"
"Such a needy brat. You were that desperate for my attention, you'd be a whore to get it?"
"I'm not a whore!"
"No? Oh, no, of course not." He gives a dark chuckle, pressing you up against the wall. "What else would you call it, then, the way you were throwing yourself at the others like a piece of meat for the taking, letting their hands wander as you led them on, hm? I'm waiting." He scoffs after another beat of silence, like he's unsurprised you don't answer. "That's what I thought." You huff out a soft laugh, blinking at Abbacchio.
"Shit," you breathe. "You're so fucking hot when you're mad."
"And you. Are such a little fucking tease. I bet you're not even sorry for your behavior tonight." His tone is unlike anything you've heard before, low and gravelly and thick with need. It makes heat pool in your stomach and between your legs as you think triumphantly that you made him lose his composure this way. He wanted you that badly.
"Why would I be sorry?" Your voice comes out breathy as his gaze burns through you. "You wouldn't fucking talk to me about it, so I gave you a push. A 'thank you' would be nice." He glares, then surges forward, his lips meeting yours roughly. He holds your chin firmly in place as he kisses you breathless, his fingers curling around your jaw sending an unspoken message: mine. He nips roughly at your lip, then moves to kiss down your neck, seeming to take pleasure in making you pant and whine. Once he decides you're sufficiently flushed and desperate, he pulls away to meet your gaze.
"Consider that your thank you. Now—“ He grabs your arm again, tugging you with him up the steps and down the hall to his bedroom.
Leone wastes no time in pulling off your clothes, his eyes widening as he looks you over.
"No panties?" His fingers dip between your legs and you let out a breathy whine. "You're so desperate, look at you... and you were practically humping Mista's lap like some common bitch at the restaurant. I bet you wouldn't care if he realized you didn't have any panties on, hm?" You whimper again at his words, trying to buck your hips into his fingers. "Do you like being such a bratty slut? You like teasing me like this?"
"Yes," you sigh, arching into him as he strokes you. He huffs out a laugh, shaking his head.
"You drive me crazy sometimes, you know that?" He works a finger inside you before you can answer, and your mouth falls open on a soft moan.
"Ahh, mm, Leone.... C...Consider it payback, then," you tell him with a smile. He swears under his breath, cheeks tinting pink.
"Can't believe anyone can look so perfect." He adds another finger, stretching you pleasantly as he crooks them just so. "You make the prettiest sounds... I want to be patient, but...."
"Then... oh, fuck, then don't."
"What?" You'd roll your eyes if you weren't so preoccupied with his fingers.
"Don't be patient. Fuck me."
"Shit," Abbacchio hisses as you start to undo his pants. He quickly gets the memo, though you whine softly despite yourself when he removes his fingers to pull his shirt over his head. His clothes quickly join yours on the floor, and you sigh as he pushes you back onto his bed.
"Are you sure you're ready?" He grabs an elastic off the dresser, pulling his hair back as he straddles you.
"Leone, I've waited months. Please, I need you." He nods. God, he looks like a painting. Pupils blown with lust, muscular chest, his hair tied up hastily... Maybe you'd died and this was heaven. Abbacchio rummages in the drawer of his nightstand, and you decide not to question who he had condoms at the ready for before you. You've made him jealous enough today that you certainly couldn't hold a one night stand or two against him.
Abbacchio pushes in slowly, and you arch your back with a low whine at the sensation. He's decently thick, and you silently wonder if you'll be able to fit all of him inside you. After a few moments, though, he buries himself snugly inside you with a groan.
"Ah, amore mio, you feel so good... You're so tight." Your hand grasps at his shoulder as you adjust to the stretch of his cock inside you.
"You feeling all right?" he murmurs, and you nod, starting to rock your hips against his.
"Amazing." He chuckles, starting to thrust into you at a slow pace as he holds you tight.
"Cazzo," he breathes, his breath warm against your skin. "Should've done this months ago." You moan as he angles his hips to drive right into your sweet spot, your nails digging into his back.
"Mm... Told you, yeah?" You wrap a leg around his waist, pulling him in closer as he trails love bites down your neck.
"Yeah... Mmf, you did." He hisses softly as your nails rake down his back. "Shit, amore... You keep that up, I'm gonna cum." You tuck your face into his shoulder with a moan.
"Ah, please? God, I wanna make you cum, Leone... Please, I'm close." Abbacchio fucks into you with renewed vigor, his thrusts deeper and rougher as his fingers establish a bruising grip on your hips. You feel a familiar warmth spreading through you as the bedroom fills with the sounds of your mingled breaths and low moans of each other's names. Leone's hips stutter, his thrusts growing sloppier until his cock twitches inside you and he cums with the prettiest sound you've ever heard. He brings a hand down to stroke you as he rides out his orgasm, groaning when you clench around him. Your climax washes over you, and you orgasm with a gasp of "Leone!"
It takes several minutes for you to catch your breath. It's Abbacchio, surprisingly, who breaks the silence first.
"I'm sorry."
"Mm?" You turn towards him, and the way he looks at you makes your stomach drop like you're in a free fall. It's not unlike the way he looked at you in the alley that day, but now, you feel fairly certain you can put a name to it. It's a look of pure, vulnerable adoration. "Y...yeah?"
"I was stupid. Caught up in my own head over... whether I deserved you. I convinced myself I'd only fuck things up, and then, well."
"You fucked things up more by trying not to fuck them up." He laughs when he sees the smile on your face, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
"Yeah. That. But, it seems like you'd be willing...?"
"What, to be official?" Color rises to his cheeks, but he nods.
"Um. Yeah. I've been an ass, and you deserve to know how I feel about you." You press your lips to his softly.
"I feel exactly the same. The answer is yes." He kisses you again, more deeply, and you let your fingers tangle in his hair. Laying there against his chest, you feel happier than you had thought was possible. Your bubble only bursts a little when you come to a realization.
"We don't have to go out and face the others until morning, right?" Leone chuckles.
"Not eager to explain those hickeys?" You shake your head, and he pulls you closer with a low hum.
"Fine by me. That's a problem for tomorrow." As you eventually doze off, you think to yourself that you can live with that.
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erriukie · 6 months ago
could u write hcs for playing minecraft with the sdr2 boys? (separately) ty!!
Playing Minecraft With The SDR2 Boys
Characters; The whole SDR2 male cast
Taglist; Takes place outside the killing game, non-despair au, gender neutral reader, can be platonic or romantic relationship, mostly crack
Side Note; Damn, okay so I didn't see this in my inbox until now so I'm sorry😭 ALSO I CANNOT TAKE IMPOSTER’S NAME SERIOUSLY
Tumblr media
Hajime Hinata:
I feel like he would play the game when he was a kid, but a little bored of it due to not playing with people.
He sucks bootyhole at trying to get iron. He's the type of person to actually make deals with villagers.
Doesn't care what skin he wears, mainly uses plain ones. Sometimes a guy with a suit.
Hajime does not like fighting mobs, gets blown up by creepers and zombies so you have to go out and fight them.
This bitch always forgets to bring his sword when going into caves with you. #hajime slander
"S/O? You don't have an extra sword by chance, right?"
Nagito Komaeda:
He liked the game when he was younger, but not many people would play with him. So when you played with him, he went :D
Man, playing with him was a rollercoaster. He finds good villages, but also runs into raids.
He'll use any skin you want him to wear. Even if it looks fucking dumb, he will still use it.
Nagito would probably build the house for the both of you and he would try to get food for the both of you.
The fact that he can survive tons of zombies without a weapon says a lot about his luck.
"Ah look S/O, there's a chest with stone swords, food, and armor."
Gundham Tanaka:
Only played it because he can tame and take care of animals, so he was like okay I'll play it.
He gives off the vibe that he'll take the game a little too seriously. Can't even harm an animal in the game
Uses those "bad boy kings" skin, always something dark with a cape or crown😐
Gunham most likely has his own farm with animals and bears. Bet you he has 10+ dogs that are tamed.
Both of you make a castle to live in with your 10+ dogs, bears, and millions of cats.
"Sorry S/O, but I refuse to kill that bear."
Kazuichi Souda:
He gives off the feeling that he would play the game during lunch in high school.
Kaz would probably make a house out of dirt for the two of you to live in, also takes all the wood from the chest.
Makes the joke of "What if I put my Minecraft bed next to yours? Aha, kidding. Unless,,,👀
He’s the one to always make the coal and swords, likes to refer as a blacksmith in the game.
“What! You already broke your sword? Man, I’ll make another one.”
He would act like he hasn’t played the game before but always plays it in his free time.
Not gonna lie, he would be very good at Minecraft. Knows his way around the forest and can do parkour.
For some reason, Imposter would use a body guard skin and a farmer one? Just likes them.
Please play hide and seek with him in Minecraft, would hide under the ground where you were standing at.
Prefers to be the one to catch the food, also likes to fish. (Uses a fishing rod for everything)
“Nope not this cave, if you look at the floor you can see that it’s a dead end.”
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu:
Little bitch thinks the game is not worth his time, then later you catch him playing the fucking game😭
Of course, he’s gonna use a gangster skin in Minecraft, what do you expect? (Also kills them)
Fuyuhiko likes to fight mobs with you during the night, but when he gets killed, just simply rage quits. 
Bet you he acts smug when he finds a temple or any kinds of goods he can find. 
“This bastard just ripped me off! Ya think Ima let him off the hook?”
Nekomaru Nidai:
Doesn’t play it often as much, but if someone were to ask him to play it he would.
I have a feeling that he’s one to chasing/killing mobs, and gets the wood. He’s a strong man who likes to carry stuff around💞
No fr, because the skins Nekomaru chooses are just not it. Uses one that has a tank top and shorts. But it’s ugly like :sobs:
If you peek over to look at his inventory, they are just mainly wood or stone swords. (it’s kinda useful)
“Dang, someone must have stolen all the food.” You are just like “wtf?”
TeruTeru Hanamura:
He’s alright at the game, just doesn’t have time to play it. When you asked to play it he’s like “really?😳 “
100 percent would own a farm and keep animals there, prefers to grow carrots and potatoes.
Y’all know he’s gonna use a chef skin, no don’t argue with me. TeruTeru WOULD wear it. It’s canon cuz he told me
Anytime you leave to get more food, he would come with you to protect you from mobs, but gets himself killed.
You always have food in your inventory because he somehow has an unlimited source of food.
“Don’t worry sweet pea, I’ll protect you!” gets killed
Tumblr media
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what if you did talk about krerdly in depth 👀
hmm. what if i did. it would be interesting because the reason i don't talk about it much is because, well, i don't THINK about it much djdjdssjdj it's more of a meme to me and not a ship i really ever consider seriously. but i'll give it a go for you, anon!
so. kris and berdly. two kids who've largely been at odds their entire lives. annoyances to lovers. berdly's constant "ooh kris you're sooo jealous of me and noelle you wish you were as epic a gamer and as smart a student as me" gives me the impression that their relationship is just. a faux rivalry where berdly is really passionate about the idea of them being rivals and always teases kris about it but the whole time kris literally could not care less about berdly. berdly is the YOU SHOULD BE ADDICTED TO SHUTTING THE FUCK UP to kris' YOU WANNA KISS ME SO BAD IT MAKES YOU LOOK STUPID. they canonically play games together and kris probably cheats. they know the most obscure glitches and they use them to their advantage and berdly HATES them for it but he always comes to game night anyway because he's nursing a crush on them. he's their little pogchamp. he hates that they can skip class entirely and alphys won't do anything. he wishes he could stop being The Smart Kid for just a day, like them (they're canonically one of alphys' favorite students, remember). they also both struggle with feelings of inadequacy- berdly's a gifted child and kris is the younger sibling of the town's golden boy.
i think they would be cute, i've decided. gamer4gamer couple bonds over dark souls and mountain dew which they both hate but drink anyway for the gamer aesthetic. gifted child angst- berdly will always think he has to be perfect, but maybe a little less so around kris, who could not care less if he's smart and just likes seeing him get mad when they cheat at smash.
it goes both ways, too. kris, the awkward loner social outcast kid who everybody kinda pities because their brother's gone away and they have no one to talk to, poor thing. no one REALLY listens to them. but berdly? he doesn't have it in him to pity them. he's just happy to have someone to play super smashing fighters with, even if that someone is *shudder* a KIRBY main. (i haven't played smash in years and i forget just what mains are considered the most annoying by gamer bros but i feel like kris would main kirby. you get the point.) so kris can secretly enjoy their time together, because he treats them like a normal person. and who knows? gamer love always finds a way...
there ya go. some scattered thoughts on krerdly. i might add onto this if i feel i haven't gone in-depth enough but to summarize: two deeply misunderstood blue teenagers bond over video games and feelings of inadequacy.
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buckysbabygorl · 4 days ago
Best Friend’s Brother (Bucky Barnes College!AU): Rushed (Part 7)
Tumblr media
Summary: Bucky saw everything. Everything.
Word Count: 1.0k
Series dedicated to @marvelrose
Part 6
Warnings: sexual tension, accidental nudity viewing 👀 (if that’s how you phrase it idfk)
So fast.
Everything was happening so fast.
Finally meeting in person. The immediate attraction. The trip into town. And now this.
Now this.
She was naked.
Fucking naked in front of him.
He tried not to stare, he tried not to look anywhere, at anything.
She turned and screamed.
His hands flew to his eyes.
“Oh god. Oh god—sorry! Fuck!” He stumbled back against the door, slamming it shut.
“Fuck, fuck. Sorry—I. Shit Y/N sorry.”
He fumbled with the lock as she scrambled to cover herself.
Slipping on her shorts, she watched as Bucky struggled to get the door open with one hand, the other firmly planted over his eyes
His skin flushed beet red at his embarrassment. She was in his head now, everything just completely in his head—oh god.
He knew—he knew she looked good. The pool left little to imagination, skin glittered in droplets of water, the strings of her bathing suit tied taut against her hips…
But now he’d filled in the blanks.
His hand shook as he tried to open the door—GOD why was it so hard to open a a goddamn door.
“Jesus dude, relax.” She said.
She was trying to stay calm.
She had just been completely stark naked in front of her dumb 24 hour crush, and she was desperately raking through her brain for composure.
Her own hands were shaking as she tried to tie up her top, the straps at the neckline not cooperating as she tried to knot them.
“Alright, alright I’m decent.” She said.
Bucky sighed in relief, though he wasn’t entirely composed, knowing she was somewhat covered behind him quelled the tiniest bit of his feelings.
“Seriously I’m so, so sorry. I really thought you were Bec, I wasn’t thinking—”
She laughed off his nervousness, hoping it would alleviate her own.
“It’s fine, yeah it’s fine it’s—”
She groaned at her top, just fucking knot already.
She huffed in annoyance, “Can you tie me up?”
Bucky nearly had a heart attack.
“What did you just say?”
“‘Kay take your hand off your eyes.”
He swallowed before removing his hand, turning around to face her.”
His shoulders relaxed as he realized what she meant.
“Oh, oh yeah. Yeah I can—”
She faced the window as he reached for her straps, taking the fabric in his hands.
The only sound in the room were their soft, tense breaths.
Hearts beating at a rapid pace, both recovering from what just happened.
He saw her. All of her.
So much all at once, it was getting to the point where they couldn’t keep up.
He couldn’t stop himself from picturing it, the divots on her back above her hips, the curve of her spine and the slope of her waist.
How did he even have time to capture the freckles on her bare shoulders?
Him at her backside, he could see them perfectly in this moment.
He wanted, more than anything, to trace the constellations in her skin. With his fingers, with his tongue…
She tried not to indulge in the feeling of his hands on her back, sending a chill through her body.
Just relax, she thought. It’s fine. You’re fine.
She felt words on the tip of her tongue, wanting to say something to break this silence.
The tension between the two was reverberating off the walls.
Just say something, just say something.
“You got it?” She asked.
Bucky’s breath was hot on her neck, she could’ve sworn she heard his shakes exhale.
“Yeah,” his voice was low, close to her ear. “I’m good with my hands, so…”
He hadn’t meant it to come off the way it sounded, more meaning than he intended being laced into its voicing.
If anyone else had been in the room, the looks he’d have gotten…
The picture of his hands somewhere else couldn’t be shaken from her mind.
He should’ve stepped away, he should’ve pulled his hands back to his sides.
Lord knows that boy couldn’t behave himself.
But she was right there, right in his hands.
He let his fingers glide down across the bare skin of her back. Not for long, but it was enough.
Her breath hitched, goosebumps rose on her skin.
“Good?” He asked.
She hummed in response, but didn’t walk away.
He stayed in his place, hands hovering over her hips.
If only she had turned in that moment, seen the look in his eyes and the tensing in his jaw… he was ready, and willing, to make a mess of her.
He gingerly placed his fingers along the waistband of her shorts, her back arching slightly at the contact.
He was going too far, he thought, he should stop.
But then she leaned closer into him, her skin contacting with his bare chest.
Oh god, what were they doing to each other…
They could write this off as nothing, an accidental moment that should be stopped before it went too far. It was too fast, far too fast.
But the thought crossed both their minds, doing things quickly wasn’t always a bad thing…
His hands slipped forward, forming to grip her hips. She dipped her head back slightly, resting against his shoulder.
“What are you screaming for Buck—oh.”
The two whipped around at the sound of Rebecca’s voice who, unlike her brother, had an easier time opening the door.
Rebecca’s eyes went wide at the scene, quickly stifling a smile as she took in her brother and her best friend.
“I’ll…” she drew out the word, slowly closing the door, “I’ll see you guys downstairs.”
As the door shut, the two jumped apart.
Bucky’s eyes darted around the room, wiping his hands along his pockets.
“So, you’re good?” He asked.
Y/N nodded quickly, cutting him off.
“Yep! Yeah, I’m good.”
Bucky nodded with her, “Cool. Cool, I’ll just—”
He cleared his throat as he walked to the door. “—I’ll see you downstairs. Bring ping pong balls if you find any.”
She gave a thumbs up to his fleeting figure.
“Sure thing.”
He didn’t respond as he rushed out of the room, as the door closed she put her face in her hands.
“I’m a fucking idiot.”
Update! Even though it’s short 🤪 btw if your @ has changed I cannot tag you properly! Sorry babes
Series Taglist: @spideyswebshooters
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Tumblr media
the new recruit [seven] // wanda maximoff
Tumblr media
summary: things take a turn for the worst when the Sokovian Accords are brought to light and you and Wanda seem to be on different pages.
warning/s: mentions of violence and terrorism.
author's note: only one more part left after this. It gets angsty so be prepared 👀
one | two | three | four | five | six | eight | masterlist | wattpad
Tumblr media
When Sam interrupted me from my nap one day, claiming we had a visitor and I was needed with the others, the last person I expected to see was the Secretary of State, Ross, attempting to hold a meeting with the Avengers.
I took my seat across from Natasha on the conference table and tried not to zone out as Ross went on a useless rant about some surgery he had. Only when he got to the point did I actually begin to pay attention.
"The world owes the Avengers an un-payable debt," he said, looking between us all. "You have fought for us, protected us, risked your lives, and while a great many people see you as heroes, there are some who prefer the word vigilantes."
"And what word would you use, Mr Secretary?" Natasha asked straight away, unrevealing of her thoughts at this moment.
"How about dangerous?" he said seriously.  "What would you call a group of U.S.-based, enhanced individuals who routinely ignore sovereign borders and inflict their will wherever they choose, and who, frankly, seem unconcerned about what they leave behind?"
Leaving nobody chance to respond, he stepped to the side to reveal a projector before us all. Video clips began to play of different disasters the Avengers had faced since forming, particularly the parts of the rubble and destroyed city left behind.
"New York," he began listing, "Washington D.C., Sokovia, Lagos..."
I swallowed hard, feeling an overwhelming sense of dread at the videos showing injured civilians and destroyed homes. When I glanced around, it seemed the others were just as guilt-ridden as I was, but when my gaze fell to Wanda, I felt even worse. Lagos was an accident, but it was clear that Ross' visit was a follow-up because of that.
"Okay, that's enough," Steve said calmly, looking to Ross, having noticed Wanda's demeanour, too.
The videos stopped and turned off as Ross looked to us all once more. "For the past four years, you've operated with unlimited power and no supervision. That's an arrangement the governments of the world can no longer tolerate... but I think we have a solution."
Turning to his colleague, Ross accepted a file being passed onto him and passed it to the closest person to him on the table, Wanda.
"The Sokovia Accords," he explained. "Approved by 117 countries. It states the Avengers shall no longer be a private organisation. Instead, you'll operate under the supervision of the United Nations panel, only when and if that panel deems it necessary."
The Accords was passed around between us all and I glanced at the cover, seeing it titled in bright, bold lettering. This was no joke.
"The Avengers were formed to make the world a safer place," Steve stated. "I feel we've done that."
"Tell me, Captain," Ross said, "do you know where Thor and Banner are right now?"
Steve pursed his lips as he glanced up at Ross. 
"If I misplaced a couple 30 megaton nukes, you can bet there'd be consequences." He paced the table again, before settling at the head of it. "Compromise, reassurance. That's how the world works. Believe me, this is the middle ground."
"So, there are contingencies?" Rhodey asked.
"Three days from now, the U.N. meets in Vienna to ratify the Accords," Ross answered.
Tony, who had been uncharacteristically quiet throughout this whole meeting, glanced up and nodded. "We'll talk it over."
Ross nodded in agreement.
"And if we come to a decision you don't like?" Natasha asked Ross the question on everyone's minds.
"Then you retire," he said simply.
Natasha smiled bitterly but said nothing. Since nobody had any more questions, Ross dismissed himself and left us to discuss, which was probably not the best idea as everybody erupted into conversation instantly. Well, almost everybody.
Sam and Rhodey were bickering, with Rhodey sounding quite confident that it was in everyone's best interests to sign whilst Sam criticised every aspect of it. Everyone else was quiet, stuck in thought, including myself who was still yet to 'pick a side', though I wasn't entirely opposed to what Ross had suggested.
Vision chimed in with an equation, essentially blaming our existence for the increase in casualties which, again, made sense, and I was starting to think that maybe this wasn't a bad decision.
"Hey, what're you thinking?" Natasha asked, nudging me to get my input.
I glanced up at her, shaken from my thoughts. "Huh? Oh, er, I don't know..."
She gave me a knowing look, and Steve and the others shut up for a moment as they watched me curiously, so I had no choice but to continue.
"Well," I began, still working it out as I spoke, "I guess, maybe, I'm thinking that this isn't such a bad thing. I mean, in some ways, Ross was right."
"Seriously?" Steve asked with mild disbelief, and I almost couldn't believe it myself, but it was how I felt.
"Look, if one of you guys, the enhanced ones, gets mad or angry or something so minor, people could get hurt," I said truthfully. "Obviously that wouldn't happen, but it could. And look at how much damage we cause after battles? I know Tony has a fund to fix it, but it's a lot of stuff we fail to acknowledge."
"It's an unfortunate consequence, but we help people, Y/N," Sam tried to make me see reason.
I winced. "I'm not so sure about that... if signing this tames us, I don't see the harm... our team is great. But together, we are too powerful. And I can see how that can be scary sometimes."
"So you've made your choice then," Wanda commented, and I looked her way to see a stoic expression staring back at me.
"I don't know," I admitted, meeting her eyes. "Maybe."
She said nothing else and I wasn't sure what she was thinking as she looked away.
"And you," Natasha said, looking to Tony. "You're being uncharacteristically non-hyper vocal."
"It's 'cause he's already made up his mind," Steve noticed.
"Oh, you know me so well," Tony replied sarcastically, before standing up and heading to the kitchen. "Actually I'm nursing a headache. That's what's going on, Cap. It's just pain. Discomfort." As he approached the sink, he groaned. "Who's putting coffee grounds in the disposal? Am I running a bed and breakfast for a biker gang?"
As all eyes were on Tony, he tapped his phone and out popped a projection of a photo of a young boy.
"Oh, that's Charles Spencer by the way," he said with feigned surprise. "He's a great kid. Computer engineering degree, 3.6 GPA, got a floor level gig at an intel plant in the fall, but first, he wanted to put a few miles on his soul before he's stuck behind a desk. Y'know, see the world. Charlie didn't wanna go to Vegas or do I what I would do, go to Paris or Amsterdam which sounds fun. No, he decides to spend his summer building sustainable housing– guess where? Sokovia."
A heavy silence filled the room as Tony poured his coffee in passive-aggressively.
"He wanted to make a difference, or at least I think so, we won't know because we dropped a building on him while we were kicking ass."
Tony sighed, sipping his coffee, and for the first time in a long time, I saw genuine guilt in his expression.
"There's no decision making process here," he said conclusively, before crossing his arms. "We need to be put in check. And whatever form that takes, I'm game. If we can't accept limitations, if we're boundary-less, we're no better than the bad guys."
"Tony," Steve stopped him gently, "if someone dies on your watch, you don't give up."
"Who said anything about giving up?" Tony retorted.
"We are if we're not taking responsibility for our actions," Steve said. "This document just shifts the blame."
"Sorry, Steve," Rhodey interrupted. "That is dangerously arrogant. This is the United Nations we're talking about. They're not the world security council, it's not S.H.I.E.L.D., it's not HYDRA–"
"No, but it's run by people with agendas, and agendas change," Steve cut him off.
"That's good," Tony said, approaching us all. "When I built my weapons, when I realised what they were capable of in the wrong hands, I shut it down. I stopped manufacturing."
"Tony," Steve stopped him. "You chose to do that. If we sign this, we surrender our right to choose. What if this panel sends us somewhere we don't want to go? What if they don't send us somewhere we need to go? We may not be perfect, but the safest hands are still our own."
Tony sighed. "If we don't do this now, it's gonna be done to us later. That's a fact. That won't be pretty."
"You're saying they'd come for me," Wanda realised.
"That won't happen," I assured her, but she didn't seem to believe me.
"Maybe Tony is right," Natasha spoke up. "If we have one hand on the wheel, we can still steer. If we take it off–"
"Aren't you the same woman who told the government to kiss our ass a few years ago?" Sam asked with a raised brow.
"I'm just reading the terrain," Natasha explained. "We've made some very public mistakes. We need to win their trust back."
"Focus up," Tony interrupted, looking to Natasha. "Did you just agree with me or–"
"Oh, I want to take it back–"
"No, no, you can't–"
"Okay, case closed," Tony concluded. "I win."
Suddenly, Steve stood up and began to leave. "I've got to go."
We all exchanged confused glances but Steve was long gone before anyone could question it. Tony dismissed us, assuming we were all on the same page, but I wasn't so sure.
It was clear that Steve wasn't comfortable with signing the Accords. And Sam was backing him up no matter what. The others seems to be in the same boat as I, seeing the good it could do, and Wanda– well, I couldn't tell what Wanda was thinking. She was too quiet and I knew she was still beating herself up about Lagos.
I just hoped everybody would make the right decision in the end, but something told me it wouldn't be that easy.
Training was easy. It didn't require thinking, it was a good distraction and it gave me a good workout. I appreciated training, especially at times like this when everything was a mess.
Steve was in London for Peggy's funeral – that's why he'd abruptly left the meeting the other day, Natasha was at the Accords signing in Vienna, but things hadn't gone well there since the Wakandan King had been assassinated, and everyone had split. I was beginning to miss the times when the biggest issue we had was people stealing food from each other's cupboards in the kitchen...
"Y/N, can I have a minute?"
I stopped punching the punching bag when I heard Tony call for me. Turning around, I wiped the sweat from my brow as he approached me distractedly.
"What's up?" I asked, noticing his preoccupied state.
Ever since the Accords had been brought up and Steve and him had argued, he'd been racked with guilt, presumably because of the way Ross made it out as if this was all his fault. Despite Tony and I's differences, I did admire him for his acts of heroism. He was a good person, albeit a pain in the arse.
"I have a favour to ask," he said, glancing at me with serious eyes, unusual from his usual cockiness.
I narrowed my eyes with curiosity. "Okay... what is it?"
He scratched the back of his neck, biding time, before saying, "I've told Vision to keep Wanda in the compound. And I'm hoping you'll do the same."
"What do you mean, 'keep' Wanda here?" I asked with confusion.
He gave me a knowing look. "She's a ticking time bomb, Y/L/N. All of this Accords stuff, on top of all the Lagos stuff, might make her explode. For the public's safety, she should stay here where we can keep an eye on her. Just until things calm down."
Straightening up, I clenched my jaw slightly. "Wanda is a person, Tony, not one of your inventions. She can take care of herself. And subjecting her to a prison isn't the way to go about this."
He winced, as if pressed for time. "It's not a prison. This is to keep her safe, too."
"You're treating her like a monster," I pointed out, getting a little too protective, but I couldn't help it. How could he talk like this about her?
He frowned angrily, before stepping forward and lowering his voice. "She is not an American citizen, in case you forgot. If something goes wrong, d'you think Ross and his men are going to take it easy on her?"
As much as I wanted to disagree with him, I knew he was right. Wanda still hadn't signed the Accords and if something were to go wrong on her next outing, she wasn't guaranteed protection. At least not by our government.
Tony's expression softened when he saw me conflicted. "I know you care about her, Y/N, that's why I came to you. You have to know that this is what's right for her for now. She won't think anything of it if it's you... and if anything goes wrong, Vision will–"
"Nothing will go wrong," I cut him off, offended. "Wanda would never hurt us. Hurt me."
Tony seemed to think otherwise, but I ignored him. He was right about everything else, but not this. She wouldn't dare.
"Maybe you can convince her to sign the Accords, too," he added as an afterthought. "Just keep her here, yeah?"
I sighed, massaging my forehead to ease the tension building up. This wasn't right, I knew that... but I also didn't want Wanda to get into any sticky government messes. Maybe we had to do the wrong things for the right reasons sometimes. At least that's what I told myself when I nodded to Tony.
"Fine," I agreed. "I'll keep an eye on her."
Satisfied with my response, Tony slapped me on the shoulder gratefully. "Good choice."
As he walked away, I tried to tell myself that this was the right thing, but it didn't help with discomfort in my chest.
For the next two days after my chat with Tony, I'd done a good job at keeping Wanda inside without her knowing. It made me feel like shit, don't get me wrong, but when I saw on the news about all the things going on with the Winter Soldier and imagined what Steve must be going through with his past and the government, it made me feel better to know Wanda was out of all of that. She was safe for now.
I found Wanda hanging in the living-area, watching some TV. When I plonked myself on the couch beside her, I noticed she was watching reruns of The Dick Van Dyke Show. It was one of the few old American sitcoms she enjoyed watching since it reminded her of when she'd watch it with her family as a kid. Personally, I didn't see what the big deal was, but it seemed to make her happy, so I never complained or asked her to turn it off.
This time though, I noticed she wasn't laughing at the 'funny' parts like usual. She just seemed uninterested, staring at the screen but not really watching what was happening.
I nudged her gently in the side, earning her attention. "What's up? You usually love this show."
She offered a small smile, but it didn't reach her eyes. "I'm just bored."
Leaning my elbow on the back of the couch, I got more comfortable. "Well, what d'you wanna do?"
She shrugged halfheartedly. "I don't know... it's just strange being here. It's so quiet when everyone's out."
I frowned, but said nothing.
"It's stupid, but I was getting used to the noise," she said, cracking a smile. "Having everyone here. Now it's just... quiet."
"They'll come back," I tried to tell her. "Things will go back to normal."
She seemed doubtful as green eyes met mine. "Will they?"
Unable to hold her gaze for much longer, at least not without feeling guilty, I stood up. "Why don't we make that dessert you were talking about a while ago? The one you used to have back in Sokovia?"
Looking up at me, she quirked a brow. "Now?"
I grabbed her hands and pulled her off the couch. "Yes, now. C'mon, it'll be fun!"
Ignoring her groan of protest, I pulled her to the kitchen and began to get some baking ingredients out of the drawers and fridge. That's when I realise we didn't have eggs or butter.
"Great start," she said, noticing my face when I opened the fridge.
I looked to her, seeing the amused smile on her lips. It was the first I'd seen in days, so I accepted it as I closed the fridge and returned beside her.
"Okay, how about I run to the store and get the rest of the stuff and you make a start?" I proposed. "Plus, let me know if you need anything else that we don't have."
"Or we could go together," she suggested hopefully. "I'm sick of this place and could use the fresh air."
She made a move to leave, but I blocked her path with a sheepish smile.
"I'll be quicker if it's just me," I said with ease, hating myself for it. "Just text me anything you need. Sooner I get it, the sooner we can bake!"
Not seeing a reason to decline, she shrugged and moved back to the counter. "Okay, see you in a bit, I guess..."
"See you in a bit," I confirmed, before backing up and leaving.
God, I was so shitty. But this was for the best, right?
I was triple-checking my shopping bag to make sure I'd gotten everything Wanda had asked for when I saw an explosion in the distance. It was far away enough from the compound, but I couldn't stop myself from instantly running to Wanda's floor to make sure she was okay.
I certainly didn't expect to find a giant hole in the centre of the kitchen with Wanda and Clint staring down into it. My gasp caught both of their attention and Clint instantly got into a fighting pose, aiming an arrow my way.
"What the hell is going on?" I asked lowly, dropping the shopping bag and moving closer to see what they were looking at. Then I saw it – Vision.
He was unconscious, laying at the bottom. I didn't even think it was possible for anyone to hurt him. Nobody had that power, nobody except...
"Wanda?" I asked, looking up to see her face, a mixture of confusion and anger. "What did you do?"
She squeezed her fists together, glaring at me. "I'm leaving."
Her and Clint rounded the hole, attempting to leave, but I stepped before them, earning their attention.
"Move, Y/N," she said through a clenched jaw.
I squeezed my eyes shut, cursing inwardly at my next words, before opening them and looking to her apologetically. "I can't do that."
She scowled. "Why? Because you see me as a monster, too?!"
"No, that's not it!" I said quickly, shaking my head. "You shouldn't leave! It's safer here."
A tinge of red was in her eyes. "For who? The innocents I'll hurt if you let me go?!"
I looked to her incredulously. "Wanda, stop putting words into my mouth! That's not what I'm saying!"
She scoffed. "Whatever. Just move."
Curious, I raised an eyebrow. "Or what? You're gonna do to me what you just did to Vision?"
Clint, who still had an arrow notched and ready to go if need be, stepped beside Wanda and gave me a warning look. "Step aside, Y/N. Just don't get involved."
"I'm already involved," I snapped, glaring at him. "You didn't need to come here. Everything was going fine."
He pressed his lips together as I spoke, unimpressed and impatient with my words. When I was finished, he lowered his arrow and tried to reason with me.
"Tony told you to keep her here," he said, and I didn't know how he knew, but he did. "I know you know it wasn't right. What's he ever done for you that made you do this for him?"
I swallowed the lump in my throat. "I didn't do this for him."
At this, I glanced over to Wanda, who was avoiding my eyes altogether, making the pain in my chest worsen.
"This isn't right for anyone," Clint said knowingly. "You have to know that, deep down. Come with us. Steve needs us."
I shook my head, clenching my fists. "No. This was... this wasn't right. Not entirely, I know that. Tony's methods are questionable to say the least. But signing the Accords was the right move."
Clint rolled his eyes and raised his arrow once more, but I didn't flinch in the slightest. Even for an Avenger, I was sick of the violence.
"I'm not fighting either of you," I told them both with pleading eyes. "I'm asking you nicely."
Clint sighed. "That's not gonna work. Now move."
Ignoring him, I looked to Wanda and tried to find her eyes. "Wanda, Please. I shouldn't have kept you here, that was wrong. I'm sorry. But it wasn't because you're a monster. I just wanted to keep you safe."
"By lying to me," she snapped, finally looking up to glare at me with watery eyes. "You were supposed to be my friend. Have my back."
The lump in my throat was getting bigger. "I am your friend! Wanda, I care about you–"
"No!" she shouted, eyes flashing red. "Just let us go! I don't want to hurt you."
It had been a long time since Wanda had used her powers against me, and even then, they were harmless pranks. Despite how well we'd been doing thus far, I wasn't having the best feeling right now. And I knew it was my fault. I'd broken her trust.
"Then don't," I said gently. "Please, Wanda."
She clenched her jaw, red eyes glaring through mine.
"Wanda, we gotta go," Clint reminded her, arrow still raised.
"We are," she said, stepping forward.
"Please, Wanda," I tried once more, attempting to keep her in place, but she took that as a threat and used her powers against me.
All I saw was a bright flash of red before I felt myself flying through the air. The impact of the wall against my head was excruciating, but thankfully I was still conscious by the end of it. Kind of.
Through dizzy eyes, I blinked and tried to ignore the strands of pain shooting through my head with each movement my lids made. I just about made out Wanda moving towards me, kneeling before me with teary eyes.
"I'm sorry," she said quietly, touching my face, before standing up to leave.
I wanted to call after her, beg her to reconsider and think about what she was doing, but I could barely keep my eyes open long enough to see her leave. And when I finally forced them open again, she was already gone.
"I'm fine."
"Is there any blurriness? Spots in your vision?"
I narrowed my eyes at the doctor impatiently. "There was. Yesterday. Now I'm fine. I don't know how many times I have to tell you."
The doctor sighed. "Okay. Very well. In that case, you're dismissed."
Feeling bad for taking my mood out on one of the doctors in the compound, I pushed my hair from my face and jumped off the bed.
"Thank you," I said sincerely. "For helping."
The older woman smiled. "It's okay. I get that this is hard, what with the Accords an' all. If you need anything else, just let me know."
I returned the smile halfheartedly before leaving the room and heading back to my room. Since Wanda had tossed me like a rag doll, I'd had a mild concussion. It wasn't as bad two days later, but there was still the emotional injuries.
Wanda was being led astray by Steve and the others. At least that's what I'd convinced myself. Or, at least, she was making a mistake by not signing the Accords. I still felt my choice was right, but what I did to her, locking her up in the compound against her will... that wasn't the right move. And seeing the pain and hurt in Wanda's face when she confronted me broke me. I never wanted to hurt her like I did.
I was in love with her.
But none of that mattered because she thought the worst of me and I didn't blame her. I just wondered if things would have been different if I'd been upfront about my feelings for her. If I had kissed her, that evening in my room when I let her into my head, would she have believed me? Believed that I thought I was doing the right thing in keeping her safe?
Or would she still hate me? Hate that I treated her like she feared being treated?
I didn't know. I just knew that the Accords had torn my family apart and I wasn't so sure they'd be that easy to get back together.
It wasn't long after that incident with Wanda and Clint when Tony called me in for help along with Rhodey, Natasha, Vision, T'Challa – the deceased Wakandan King's son, and some local hero from New York, Peter Parker, in confronting Steve and the others. Apparently, we had limited time to apprehend them all and bring them in otherwise they'd be forcefully brought in themselves as terrorists.
None of us were under any illusions that this would be easy. Steve and the others definitely wouldn't hand themselves in without fight, not after how much they'd gone through to get out of this. But unlike the others, I wasn't entirely prepared to fight them. We were family at one point, and now we were going to prove the world right. That once an Avenger got a bad temper, all hell breaks loose.
The fight broke out instantly, with Tony going for Clint and Wanda, T'Challa going for Steve, Spider-Man going for Barnes and Sam, and Nat and I attempting to take on this new guy, Lang, that Steve called. He had this strange ability to change size – I wasn't sure what he was, but a pain in the arse was the main thing.
His powers were even more annoying than Nat and I could tolerate, since he ended up throwing a gas tank at us, causing an explosion and leaving everyone to deal with the aftermath. Rhodey and Tony grabbed Nat and I just on time, flying us to where the hangar was, where apparently they were trying to get to.
Eventually I found myself facing Steve, Sam, Clint, Barnes and Lang in a German airport, and I tried to hide my shaking hands.
"Captain Rogers," Vision announced from his flying position above us. "I know you believe that what you're doing is right. But for the collective good, you must surrender now."
They all stared back at us with vengeance in their eyes, a mixture of arrogance directed at us also. I met Wanda's eyes across the way, full of hatred and anger, and I knew I couldn't do this. How could I? We were all family at one point, and now we were just fighting over something stupid.
I knew that, but I also knew that it was this or much worse.
"What do we do, Cap?" Sam asked, eyes never leaving ours.
Steve clenched his jaw. "We fight."
As they moved forward, Nat winced with irritation. "This is gonna end well," she muttered sarcastically, and that did nothing to ease my discomfort.
We walked forward, too, and I felt sick the closer we got.
"They're not stopping," Peter called out as we sped up.
"Neither are we," Tony said, before erupting into a run.
I picked up my pace and saw the others do the same. Out of all the things my life had led me to do, fighting my family was not one I saw coming.
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talkfantasytome · 15 days ago
I dont know if Im allowed to send a part three prompt but Im going to anyway and Im just gonna hope for the best but Gwynriel and Nessians brand new babies meeting for the first time and all the parents just "🥺" the whole time
My ask box is open to requests, so pretty much anything is "allowed". LOL And I love this! Although, brand new babies really can't do much, so I made this more a piece of the story than the focus. 👀 It's very heavily Nessian, cause I've just been feeling very Nessian recently. But, it's also fluff on fluff on fluff, so that's something. 😂
Tumblr media
It's been the most amazing two months after Nesta and Cassian welcomed their daughter to the world. And now she's finally able to meet Gwyn and Az's son for the first time. But Cassian remembers what day it is and has some other plans as well.
Word Count: 2,750 | Prequel | Part 1 | Part 2
Warnings: F.L.U.F.F.
Seriously, that's all this thing is. There's, like, maybe one sentence that could be considered angsty. Literally.
a/n: If you missed my earlier reblog, I decided that "Build a Life With Me" is the prequel to this, so it's all the same AU. It allowed me to be fluffier and sappier. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tumblr media
My Candy - Part 3
A screaming cry barreled through the house, shrill and heartbreaking.
It had Nesta up instantaneously. She shuffled toward the stairs without even thinking, pausing at the bottom of them as she spotted Cassian walking down, the wailing bundle in his arms.
"I think someone's hungry," he declared, wearing the same goofy grin that hasn't left his face since their daughter was born.
Nesta huffed a small laugh, taking a step back and holding her arms out. "She must be if she's crying while in your arms."
It came as no surprise to Nesta that Eirena was already a total daddy's girl, never happier than when she was being held by him. Not that Nesta could blame her for that…she clearly took after her mother in that regard.
Their daughter squirmed slightly as she was handed off into Nesta's arms, as if she was curious her problem would be solved with just this movement. But her screams continued within a second as Nesta made her way over to the couch.
"No patience."
Cassian chuckled, standing behind where she sat and resting his hands on her shoulders. "Just another thing she gets from you, sweetheart."
"I am extremely patient!" she argued. She began to unbutton the top of her shirt with one hand as she cradled Eirena in the other arm.
"Yes, dear." He began to rub her shoulders as she finally got her shirt loose enough to bring their daughter's head up to her breast. Luckily, one thing that was never much of a challenge was breast feeding. She was a hungry little thing.
She felt Cassian's weight shift, his hands stilling as his breath caressed her neck. "You know, I could always help you with your buttons," he whispered, pressing a kiss just below her ear, right in that spot that sent her heart racing.
"With our daughter literally in my arms?" she countered, turning her head to find his right next to hers, his eyes boring into her own.
He nodded, his smile growing playful.
"Cass, I think we're going to scar our children enough in their lives. Let's at least give her a few months before we start."
"Children?" His eyebrows rose as his entire face perked up. "As in plural?"
"If you're lucky."
One of Cassian's hands lifted to hold the back of Nesta's head as he lunged forward, pressing a kiss to her lips in a way that had her smiling with him. They couldn't hold the kiss long with their grins, but it didn't spoil the moment. Not as Cassian rested his forehead against hers and breathed in deeply. "You can't say stuff like that to me in front of our daughter if your goal is to avoid scarring her."
Nesta laughed softly, tilting her head to give him a quick peck. "She might be a bit too young to be worrying about that."
"All these rules you set. So complicated." He brushed his nose against her neck and then nipped softly at her ear.
"I'd get used to it. It'll only get worse with another girl in the house."
He beamed at her before his gaze drifted to the dark-haired head still at her mother's breast, his smile only growing. "I think I'll be okay."
Nesta felt a heat build behind her eyes as she placed her forehead to his temple. It was moments like these that made it hard to believe her life was real. With her baby girl in her arms, and Cassian beside her, it was a literal dream come true. She never thought, all those years ago, when he laid out his ideas for their life together on their first date, that she'd actually be lucky enough to get it. But now, here she was, it was perfect.
Well, nearly perfect.
A quick glance at the hand holding her daughter's head reminded her there was still one thing she wanted. One promise unfulfilled that she was ready for.
Small, gurgling noises sounded, Eirena licking her lips with her too-big tongue, full and content, and likely in need of a nice belch.
"Hand me a burp cloth?" Nesta requested, wiping herself off with a tissue before doing herself up again.
Cassian grabbed a cloth from the pile beneath the bassinet they kept downstairs, but he didn't hand it to her. "Can I burp her, please?"
"No." She held out her free hand, waiting.
"But I haven't been able to burp her successfully once!"
"I know. It's my thing, and it's my only thing. Please let me have this." She pushed her lips out into a small pout that had Cassian handing the cloth over to her.
She flashed him a grateful smile and then threw it over her shoulder, standing up and pushing her daughter further up so she could see over Nesta's shoulder. She turned her back to her boyfriend, knowing how much her daughter liked to look at her father whenever she could.
And so began the routine. Nesta bouncing and patting, and Cassian cheering Eirena on with soft phrases like "you can do it" and "burp for daddy".
It was only a minute or so before Nesta felt her daughter's stomach expand as a throaty sound erupted from her lips. She really did have ridiculously loud burps for such a tiny body.
"Wooo! That's my girls!" Cassian exclaimed, as proud as if he'd just watched his daughter make the winning shot in a championship hockey match.
Nesta shook her head, a small laugh huffing out of her as she pulled another, smaller burp from their daughter.
"There, she should be all good for her playdate."
Adjusting so she was now cradling her daughter, she turned to Cassian. "Yes, with Az, Gwyn, and their son. Remember?"
"Right!" He snapped his fingers with the word, nodding emphatically. "Still can't believe the babies haven't met yet."
"We had to wait," Nesta reminded him. "Make sure they both got their whooping cough vaccines."
"Still seems weird."
"It'd be weirder if Gwyn and Az hadn't met her."
Cassian let out a breathy chuckle as he walked over to Nesta, placing his hand on their daughter's head and stroking her softly with his thumb. "That's true."
As if on command, they heard a knock at the door, followed by the sound of it opening and a ringing, "Hello!"
"In here!" Nesta called, still bouncing to keep their daughter placated.
"Hi!!" Gwyn all but burst into the room, a massive smile on her face. A far more subdued Az a few steps behind, carrying a car seat.
She gave them each a quick hug before flitting back to Az's side as he set the seat down and picked up his son.
"Oh, I'm so excited!" Gwyn was literally jumping up and down.
"Darling, you do know that they won't actually be able to do much, right?" Az asked through a laugh.
She flicked him a flat glare. "Yes, I'm aware. But they can't say they shared a crib if they never actually shared a crib."
Nesta's daughter began to squirm, her face scrunching in a way that said she was getting sleepy. "Speaking of…it is nap time."
"Introductions first!" Gwyn demanded.
Nesta and Az both rolled their eyes as they walked toward each other, babies in their arms.
Once close enough, Nesta tilted her arms enough to give her daughter a view of the three-week-older boy. "This is Caron," she said, as if her daughter would actually remember his name from this encounter.
"And this is Eirena," Az added, doing the same with this son.
The two babies looked at each other, blinking.
It was extremely anticlimactic, as Nesta knew it would be, but she was happy to be bringing them together. To get to really spend time with Gwyn and Az - or, at least, spend a full naptime with them.
She handed Eirena to Cassian, knowing he'd be able to rock her to sleep faster, and then made her way back to Gwyn as the two men tried to lull their children to sleep.
With her arms free, Nesta gave her friend a proper hug before sitting down on the couch with her. "So, how are you?"
"We're great," Gwyn beamed. "Amazing, actually. I mean, I'm tired constantly, getting very little sleep, but I couldn't be happier."
Nesta couldn't help but smile back at her. "I know the feeling."
A sudden shout burst through the room that had Nesta's head snapping up. "Cassian?"
He was already walking back to Nesta, a frustrated glint in his eyes. "I don't know what you did, but she seems to be switching sides," he groused as Nesta stood up.
She had to bite down on her lip to not smile too widely. "I didn't do anything."
"You did! And I'll figure out what and get her back, but for now…"
Nesta nodded and took her daughter back into her arms, smiling softly at her. Big, blue eyes stared back up at Nesta as she rocked Eirena, the baby's blinks growing longer with every minute.
She loved it when her daughter fell asleep in her arms. Nesta knew they weren't supposed to do that, knew they were supposed to try and keep their child on as close to a sleep schedule as they could, which meant dressing her for bed and putting her in her bassinet at a certain time each night and letting her fall asleep on her own. But Nesta hated doing that. Hated missing out on the opportunity to rock her to sleep herself, or watch Cassian do it.
One big yawn, and it was only another minute until Eirena was sleeping soundly.
She placed her daughter in the bassinet, moving her a bit to the side to give room for Caron, who Az rested next to Eirena quickly.
"We'll have to make sure someone always has an eye on them," Nesta whispered. "I don't think we're supposed to have babies so young sleeping so close."
Az nodded, his eyes as glued to their children as hers were. They both had tufts of onyx hair covering their heads, Caron's a bit longer, and plump baby cheeks that were slightly rosy. However, Caron was paler than Eirena, looking more a dark olive than the light brown skin Eirena had inherited almost entirely from Cassian. She really was only a shade or two lighter than her father, whereas Caron had clearly become more a mix of his parents.
They watched them sleep, their little chests rising and falling evenly. It truly was precious, to see them together, even if nothing was actually happening.
But they were sleeping. Next to each other. And that seemed to count for something in Nesta's heart.
She heard hushed whispers behind her, Cassian and Gwyn conspiring about something. She was about to turn and let Az keep an eye on them when she saw Eirena's head move slightly.
It wasn't much. Just a slight shift. And then another. And another. Just as Caron did the same. Until finally their heads were angled toward each other, the strands of their hair tangling together. It had Nesta inhaling sharply, tears beginning to pool in her eyes.
She couldn't look away. Not even as a deep voice asked, "What are you two staring at?"
"Come see for yourself," she offered, holding out a hand for Cassian to take as he walked up to the bassinet.
He peeked inside and let out a gentle laugh, letting go of Nesta's hand to wrap his arm around her waist and pull her close as he pressed a kiss to her hair.
She heard a soft gasp from the other side of the cradle and looked up to see Gwyn was standing beside Az, her teal gaze focused on their babies. Nesta couldn't help but smile to herself as she let her eyes fall back to the sleeping infants.
Nesta was far too preoccupied to see the look Cassian and Gwyn exchanged, or to notice exactly what Cassian did when he let go of her and stepped away.
It was at least a minute before she finally tore her eyes away. "Cassian? Where'd-"
She cut herself off as she turned around to see that Cassian hadn't gone far, but was just a couple feet away, in front of her on one knee, holding up an open ring box. Inside was a platinum band with a princess cut grey diamond, a sparkling ruby on each side of it.
Nesta felt herself freeze, her eyes wide, her heart pounding as she looked between the ring and Cassian. His own eyes were bright and hopeful, his face soft save for that one crease on his forehead that told her he was nervous.
He swallowed and then began to speak. "Nesta, since the day we met I've known that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. It took me a while to convince you to even give me a chance, but once you did I knew I could never go back. You infuriate the hell out of me, and I love every second of it. You challenge and question me, and I am a better man for it. You literally thrill me. You brighten my mood just by walking into the room, and there is nothing I love more than making you laugh or smile."
The pooling tears were now flowing from Nesta's eyes, but she couldn't stop herself.
"Eight years ago, exactly, I told you that we were going to build a life together, and you said you thought you wanted that." Nesta felt her bottom lip fall from her top. "Well, we've started doing just that, and it's better than I ever could have imagined. I made a few assumptions that day, but more importantly I made a few promises, and I've fulfilled them all…save one. The very first one I made. I still don't care if it takes another fifty years or if you want to run off and do it tonight. I just want you to know that I'm here for good, with you and the family we create.
"So, Nesta Archeron, will you help me fulfill this final promise? Will you marry me?"
She took in a quivering breath, her body trembling from excitement or love or shock or a combination of the three and a thousand other feelings she couldn't name as all the thoughts eddied from her mind. Everything disappeared, except him. Except the man who'd stood by her for far longer than she ever thought someone would. The man who loved and cherished her, who held her close and made her feel safe whenever she was in his arms. The man who fathered her daughter, who adored and spoiled Eirena as much as he did her mother.
Her eyes remained on his as she fought to find the words, to find her voice. He never faltered. He didn't twitch or squirm. He stayed where he was, kneeling, the ring held out for her as if he was offering her his heart. Only he couldn't, because she already owned that, just as he owned hers.
Finally, her lips curved upward as she nodded, gasping out a wet, "Yes!" as she flung herself at him.
The force of the impact knocked him backwards onto the ground, but it didn't stop his arm from snaking around her. And it didn't stop Nesta from pressing her lips to his as they fell.
Cassian chuckled into her, silver beginning to line his own eyes as she pulled away just enough to look at him. To hold out her left hand over him.
She felt his arms move, his hands fiddling with the ring box over her body, and then the ring was free and he was sliding it onto her finger as he stared into her eyes, the flecks of gold sparkling brightly in the brown and green collage.
It fit perfectly, sliding right into place, but Nesta refused to look away from his gaze as he wrapped his hand around hers and held it to his chest.
"I love you, Cass," she whispered, brushing her free fingers through his hair softly.
His smile grew impossibly wider as he lifted his head to give her a kiss. "I love you, too, Nes."
She kissed him again, savoring the softness of his lips before she dragged her own from his and brought them to his ear. "And to answer your earlier question, yes. Children, as in plural."
Tumblr media
a/n: Please don't come at me about the ring if you disagree. I did not spend a tonnnn of time thinking about it, so it is not a hill I'll die on or even attempt to hold. It's just the concept that came to mind while writing this. If I write another proposal fic, it may be a different ring. IDK. XD
Their daughter's name is derived from the name "Eirene", who is the ancient Greek Goddess of Peace/the personification of peace. So, the name means "peace". IDK if I'll keep it. My next gen fic has a different name for their daughter, but it's a very different situation. I just needed something for this cause I didn't want to use that name, and I like this concept. 😄
For Gwynriel, Caron is a Welsh name that means 'love'. It's unisex according to the website I used, so if you've only heard it as a girl's name...well, now you've heard both.
@live-the-fangirl-life @generalnesta @secretlovelybeauty @nestaisgod @julemmaes @boredserpent @autumnbabylon @angelic-voice-1997 @moodymelanist @sv0430 @confusedfandomslut @gwynrielsupremacy @katekatpattywack @moonstoneriver77 @deedz-thrillerkilller16 @swankii-art-teacher @lemonade-coolattas @whoreforgwynriel @emily-gsh @my-fan-side @champanheandluxxury @sayosdreams
If you'd like to be added to my Nessian taglist, or another one, let me know!
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link-up-the-universes · 3 months ago
My Sibling’s First Impressions of the LU Boys
Thank you to my lovely sibling @felicitea for doing this for me.
The pictures are what I showed them. I hadn’t told them anything about the boys, really, except for a list of their names
I also told them that many of the Links were basically war criminals, so I had them rank them on that too.
Tumblr media
“He’s got a big ass cape. I can respect that about a person. His sword’s got wings, so is this one Sky?
War Crime Rating: 2/10, because of the boots. I don’t know why, but the boots aren’t sitting right with me. They look like Nazi Germany boots.”
Tumblr media
“Well, seeing as one of these pictures is of him throwing a bomb, I think the war crime rating is going up to- well I was going to say six, but then I saw this whole overcoat situation, and that racks it up to like an eight. “
Tumblr media
“Oh, this is your friend! (I had mentioned him before)
I’m giving him a zero on the war crimes. I feel like he’s a stickler for the rules, but that owl there is the one who does the war crimes.”
Tumblr media
“I’ll give him a war crime rating of four. Purely because he’s not wearing any pants. I feel like this one makes clothing choices, specifically to be like “What would make everyone else uncomfortable/confused as fuck.” He shops at hot topic.
If you see something and you think “Geez, who would wear this. Why would they design a piece of clothing like this. Who would even wear this?”
The answer is this man.”
Tumblr media
*immediately upon seeing him*
“Aww, this one looks like he lives in the forest, with all his animal friends!
This one gets a zero on the crimes rating. I feel like he’s friends with Mr. Bomb (Four) and is the reason that he does not commit war crimes. Mr. Bomb says “I will throw a bomb!” And this one is like “No you will not. I will knock that bomb out of the air with my boomerang. No war crime for you today, sir!” “
Tumblr media
“He looks like Sky’s older brother. He’s got an upgraded cape.
He’s a two on the war crime scale. And if he did do a war crime, he would apologize. He looks tough, but he’s sweet on the inside. Look, he’s got a shield for protecting!”
Tumblr media
“Well I would say this is the Breath of the Wild one, because he’s wearing blue, but he doesn’t look anything like the Breath of the Wild Link.
Wait, this is the Wind Waker one? Because he’s got a lobster on his shirt?
Look at those shifty eyes. That man is planning crimes!! He’s gonna do a crime and then he’s gonna be like “👀👀 Oops!” Look at that shifty young man. He’s planning something”
Tumblr media
“He looks like the OG Link. He looks like he works as a guard in the castle. This man could be convinced to do shifty things, but not while he’s on shift, becuase he takes his job very seriously. He will guard the castle, and he will not pull shenanigans while he’s on shift, but as soon as he’s off shift, he’s like “✋✋EeeEehH. I’ll help a little.”
He does get extra points for the cape. I like the cape”
Tumblr media
“He has done a crime, but didn’t know it was a crime. He’s like “what do you mean it’s illegal to do that? What do you mean I can’t cut down all these trees? Private property? What’s that?””
*Points at Twilight* He protecc
*Points at Four* He attacc
*Points at Hurule* He mostly just say put that thing bacc where it came from, or so help me.
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hunnambabe · 2 months ago
benny miller nsfw headcanons
Tumblr media
pairing: benny miller x f!reader
wordcount: 2.2k
warnings: 18+ (minors, don’t interact!), oral (m and f receiving), explicit and implied sexual situations, quite fluffy bc why not
a/n: Benny deserves more love ❤️‍🩹 nsfw alphabet template courtesy of @fairy-tail-babes ❣️
A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)
If he doesn’t fall asleep (lol), Benny is amazing at aftercare. You’re hungry? He will bring you food to bed. You want to shower? He will help you wash up. You want to sleep? Babygirl, he will SING you to sleep. Benny is super affectionate, so trust me, he will smother you with kisses while doing all of these things.
B = Body part (their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
Even before the military and getting into professional fighting, Benny trained almost religiously (thanks to Will) and was very into sports so he is pretty proud of his body. His favourite part of his is his upper body, he has nice toned abs and broad muscular back. He looooves to have your hands roam around his body (even though he is quite ticklish 🤫)
When it comes to you, he loves your smile. Benny doesn’t have specific physical preferences in women, he genuinely loves them all. But a beautiful smile is something he will always notice. He also finds dimples sexy and adorable (I see him being one of these people who poke people’s dimples for no reason 🤨).
C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically)
Benny cums a lot, like honestly, where does it all come from???? His favourite place to come is on your tits and he will then proceed to lick them clean (he is NASTY). After you cum on his cock or his fingers, he will go down on you and thoroughly clean you up with his tongue. You are definitely his favourite taste ;)
D = Dirty secret (pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
Benny loves to have you sit on his face. Not too much of a dirty secret but he is a little embarrassed to admit that he will literally cum untouched when he has you grinding onto his face like there’s no tomorrow. This lil weirdo also would like to see you wear costumes. If you surprise him even with something as basic as a cheap maid costume, prepare for a fun night.
E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?)
Before getting more experienced with sex, Benny ran on pure enthusiasm. He’s here to make sure both him and his partner have fun, what else could you ask for? Though his enthusiasm was more than enough, he learned to listen and observe. If you two are dating, rest assured, Benny is learning his ways around your body because he likes (loves) you a lot and he wants nothing but to satisfy his woman.
F = Favorite position (this goes without saying)
Benny low-key prefers positions where he can see your face. He’s a bit basic but he genuinely likes missionary because it’s close, it’s intimate, he can observe all the little facial expressions you are making and he can grab, squeeze and grip any part of your body. When in missionary, he presses his forehead against yours and drinks up your moans while sharing his, mumbling sweet little compliments “god, you feel so fucking good, baby, you’re so good for me.” He will sometimes hook your leg on his shoulder and kiss (bite 👀) your calf and ankle. Another favourite is when you both are sitting down facing each other because when things get super intense, he can bury his face into the crook of your neck, hug you so tight his fingers leave bruises and keep you close to him as he thrusts up into you.
G = Goofy (are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.)
Just like in his everyday life, Benny can be super goofy in bed and likes to joke to lighten the mood (he has made a knock-knock joke before shoving his cock in you on several separate occasions, god have mercy on him.) He’s definitely not one of the people who take sex way too seriously. But don’t get me wrong, he can tap into the part of his personality that will get things pretty serious and, boy, that’s a beast you don’t want to wake.
H = Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.)
Depends on his mood. Mostly, Benny just trims the hair down there and that’s about it. With you (and women in general) he doesn’t care about hair and doesn’t really understand why some women are insecure about something like that because trust me, honey, hair or no hair he will eat you like a buffet.
I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect)
With any partner, Benny gives his 150% during the process. But, babygirl, if Benny is dating you it’s a next level (aespa stans make some noise). He ADORES you, he is infatuated with you, my man is in love. He admires your movements, the sounds you make and your touches drive him insane. Eye contact is important to him because it indicates connection. When you two are about to get to climax, he likes to take your face into his large hands and just look at you with such an adoration and love and cover your face in sloppy kisses because he just can’t hold it together (he is an affectionate baby boy 🥰)
J = Jack off (masturbation headcanon)
Masturbation is absolutely normal to Benny, he is not ashamed to admit that he does it regularly and enjoys it. His imagination runs wild so he definitely pictures you when he jacks off. If you ever walk in on him masturbating, chances are you’re going to hear him moan your name.
K = Kink (one or more of their kinks)
If you’re kinky, then you’re in luck because Benny is very open-minded and I would even say enthusiastic about trying something new in bed. Don’t tell him I told you this but having you dominate him is a big kink of his. Take control, call him a pretty boy, kiss him all over his stupid handsome face and Benny will be worshipping the ground that you walk on.
The moment Benny discovered overstimulation… oof, get your pussy ready. He is going to fuck you stupid and then eat you out and then fuck you stupid again with no time for recovery. Overstimulation is a perfect way to let out steam for someone as impatient and needy as him.
L = Location (favorite places to do the do)
Just initiate it and Benny is ready to have sex in the middle of the park. Other than literally anywhere, Benny likes bathtub sex (it used to be shower sex but it is off the table now after that one time you both slipped and fell, Benny limped for two weeks). He also likes occasional car sex in his jeep; there is enough space for both of you on the driver seat to get some good-good.
M = Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going)
Benny is horny on main™. But only for you ;) So anything you do will rail him up. Physical affection and words of affirmation are Benny’s primary love languages, so trust me when I say this man will literally drop to his knees and do as you please if you tell him all the right words and touch him in the right places.
N = No (something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Benny isn’t into any sort of r*pe play; consent is very important for him, so even pretending that he’s doing something this awful to you is a huge no for him. He doesn’t really like degradation play, he prefers praising, but will surely try his best if that’s what you like.
O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)
Sit on his face. Don’t hover, don’t hesitate, babygirl, you can suffocate him with your thighs and he will die a lucky man. Benny loves eating you out, he is eager to do so. Every time you two have sex, he is face first, no hesitation. Usually gets you to cum with his mouth only but sometimes adds fingers curling them to hit the right spot. He is so into the process, his moans are so sensual and needy against your wet leaking cunt, they send vibrations all over your body.
He obviously loves receiving oral and tbh will not complain about anything you do to his cock. Slow or quick, feeling the warmth of your mouth drives him insane. Will never say no to a good ole sloppy toppy.
P = Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.)
Even though he doesn’t look like it (let’s be real, my man looks like your typical fraternity fuckboy), Benny listens to you and your needs. If you are in the mood for a certain pace, he will adjust, no problem. But just know, Benny is crazy about you and it takes an ungodly amount of self-control not to pound you into mattress and fuck you stupid every time.
Q = Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)
BENNY LOVES QUICKIES. Did you expect anything else? His perfect quickie is to go down on you and make you cum as fast as he can. He props you against the wall, hooks your leg over his shoulder (or just spreads your legs apart) and dives in with his tongue. He will literally kill someone if you ask him when you give him a quick handjob and then lick your hand afterwards. If a quickie is in a public or semi-public place, prepare to do something to shush this man because he is LOUD.
R = Risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.)
Benny kinda digs the semi-public sex and the risk of getting caught spurs him on. He is a freaky lil shit who will get under the table while you’re on a zoom call or something and will eat you out like there’s no tomorrow. Fucked you countless times in Frankie’s and Tom’s bathrooms when they invite you two over (Tom threatens to blacklist your horny asses from ever getting invited to barbecue at his place.)
S = Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?)
Even on a bad day, Benny can go for two rounds. That man is HORNY horny for you. He lasts a considerable amount of time before he gets tired but he always makes sure to fuck you good, no matter the time.
T = Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?)
Benny doesn’t own any toys but he is very open to buying and using them in bed, both on him and on you. He strikes me as a person who sees a vibrator (an expensive one) when shopping online and makes an impulsive purchase. But don’t worry, it is going to be a long-term investment for which both of you will be thankful ;)
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Benny is a tease but he does it for good fun, not to aggravate you and bring you to the edge because, let’s be frank, this man is more impatient than you and when he is horny for you (which is 25/8), he is not gonna play hard to get. His teasing manifests mainly in soft playful touches and lighthearted comments just to hear your beautiful laughter.
V = Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)
Benny is a vocal type, 100%. He talks, he groans, he moans, he whispers, and honestly??? When your pussy is THAT good, why wouldn’t he let you (and your neighbours) know??? He isn’t ashamed of making sounds and being unapologetically loud.
W = Wild card (a random headcanon for the character)
Who would’ve known but Benny is a biter! He will gently bite your inner thighs when he eats you out. He bites your lips when he kisses you. When his orgasm is getting intense, he subconsciously buries his face into your neck and bites it. When you confront him about bite marks all over your body after, he will be like 😶 no, that wasn’t me. Even if your ass has a bite mark that perfectly matches his teeth (pls this dumbass will gaslight you about his bites).
Another fun fact: he’s a perfect switch. He can and, most importantly, enjoys being both dom and sub.
X = X-ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes)
7.5 inches, quite girthy and, despite common allegations, cut. Definitely knows how to utilise it well and make his partner feel good ;)
Y = Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)
As if I didn’t mention it like 350 times here, Benny is horny. And his sex drive is insane. He is enthusiastic about sex, especially sex with you. If he could, he would have sex with you every day and every night (sometimes you have a fucking weekend – that entails exactly what it promises, you two just fuck the entire weekend 🙃)
Z = Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Benny falls asleep enviably quickly but he’s a light sleeper. He loves to crush you with his whole body and either cuddle you or just lie on top of you all through the night. Is it super hot outside? Well, too bad, Benny is going to cuddle you and there is nothing that can stop him. He also wakes up unconsciously in the middle of the night, every time without fail, plants a kiss on any part of your body he can access at the moment and falls back to sleep. And he doesn’t remember that in the morning (i think we already established that he has one brain cell and it’s not even functioning properly, what a dumbass in love.)
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