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#seriously wtf

Yall say Geminis are two faces, but you’ve clearly never met a Libra who thinks they’ve been wronged. I’ve never met someone so petty. Like holy shit

Update: you get angry about dinner, but don’t even have the consideration to actually eat what’s made 🙄🙄

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reading the tags on my art 

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Talking on the phone to a patient about their warfarin:

Pharmacy: Have you had any bleeding or bruising?

Patient: Well I was walking to my recliner in my living room last week and I heard a pop and I looked down and my leg had popped open.

Like WHAT!!! How the hell do you pop open your skin?! And it was AUDIBLE!!

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“I’m as sure I’m right as Davinci was mad at church for telling him he could’t paint a dick on god”

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Can anyone explain the thought process in shortening the name Richard into Dick?

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I just had a conversation with mum about why my friends get high. and I don’t, 
While I was absolutely blazed

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So the other day I was at dinner with my family all the adults were talking shit about liberals and being rascist. Shit was falling out of their mouth. They are all so fucking clueless. And so my bitch ass self decided to stand up for the people they were shit talking. I ended up getting mansplained by my uncle about how responsible brave storming the capitol was and how disgraceful the BLM movement was. I then proceeded to speak up for my community (LGBTQIA+ duh) and when I said Tru*p did a horrible job with transgender care… MY WHOLE ENTIRE FUCKING FAMILY SLAMMED THEIR HANDS ON THE TABLE AND SAID “Ah no those people are not right inn the head. They do not know their truth.” Then my great aunt fucking said “ Well honey there is a term in Physcology that means when poeple think they see something or are something that they are not. And the term is called delusional.” LITTLE DID THIS BITCH KNOW THAT I WAS A TRANNY SITTING RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. BUT I AM TOO MUCH OF A PUSSY TO STAND UP FOR MYSELF BECAUSE I WAS THE ONLY TEEN/MINOR THERE AND I DID NOT WANT TO OUT MYSELF. FOR THE LOVE OF GODS CAN SOMEONE ADOPT ME? 

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…what does this mean, nesquik?

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Can’t tell if it’s my mental illness or if I genuinely misinterpreted, misunderstood or God forbid imagined whatever this is between us. And now I’m too scared to ask. Wtf is even real anymore

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not so friendly reminder that if you have ever participated in s*kusa hate night(s), gtfo off my blog. block me. stay away from me. you’re not welcome here.

and the fact that this has happened more than once now is absolutely disgusting

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A message I needed today, because…oof. My mantra of the day was “you are a failure” because I could have painted my trim, or written a *real* book, or redesigned a website or or or. Something.

But we survived! And that’s definitely not nothing.

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I accidentally got Tom Hopper and Armie Hammer mixed up, and was REAL CONCERNED when I learned (from Tik Tok!) that Armie Hammer apparently fantasies about literally eating people (according to his ex-girlfriend). I mean I’m still concerned but also glad it’s not Luther like omg!

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You know what are 2 the most popular questions in my DMs?

If my boobs are real or fake(asked mostly by women)

What are my big 3

Really?! Wtf

It’s aries sagittarius gemini, pleasant reading.

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Okay… I… I am… I’m not gonna say shocked, because I’m not, but it’s not something that I expect that from… Anyone.

I’m not a fan of the guy, I know like 3 movies with him, and all of them I didn’t watch it because of him, he kind of just there for me, but this messages with this girl… Kinky it’s one thing, and I’m not here to judge kinks, I have mine, and some of them are a little weird, so I’m not here to judge. But there’s a gigant difference between BDSM and kinks to abuse. And as I was reading those messages, and I was seeing that whole thing, as I was going I was like, there’s no way that this is true, it’s way to wattpad, like straight up, those things sounds like it came out of a dub-con, non-con fanfiction. But as I went deeper, and deeper and his pictures came up… Oh my god, I’m like, straight up laughing, but it’s not because it’s funny, I don’t find any of that funny, but it’s so uncomfortable, weird, scary that my only reaction it’s to laugh….

I’m just so sorry for those women, and honestly let that be a warning for everyone (she, he, theys) who likes BDSM and kinks, be aware of fake doms and abuse, be aware of red flags.

And Armie Hammer…. Seek help man, if you like kinky stuff, good for you (but honestly, stop with a few of them, they are dangerous for you and whoever it’s doing those things with you), but it’s not kinky when the other one it’s not enjoying it, it’s straight up abuse. Seek help and pay for what you did


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