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#sero hanta

three friends get coffee together and no one gets poisoned
by orkestrations

“Yeah!” Eijirou agrees, nodding rapidly. “You’re great with all the sidekicks and interns you take on, so I’m sure you’d be great at teaching, too!”
Izuku rolls his eyes. “I am a terrible role model. Besides, interns and sidekicks are one thing. Students are another thing entirely.”
“Not… really.” Hanta shakes his head. “It was actually a fairly simple transition? Interns are just students, after all, they’re just students you only see three times a week or whatever the schedule you have set up is.”
“Besides, you’re a great role model!” Eijirou will not let this injustice go uncorrected.

Exactly what it says on the tin: Izuku, Eijirou, and Hanta get coffee together. No one gets poisoned.

Words: 4610, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 12 of our souls are open wounds (we may heal together)

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Is That My Shirt? - Sero Hanta

A note from Quirkless: This is a repost from my old blog! It’s still one of my favorite fics, so I’ve decided to post it again!

Sero Hanta x Reader

Disclaimer: Sero is aged up and a pro-hero in this fic.

Tag List: @kurinhimenezu @kingtamakimurder @thedreadthreadanomaly @fortheloveofiwaizumi

Sero had woken up before you, as always. Even when he worked late, like he had the night before, he always seemed to rise with the sun. Not that he minded. You always looked so cute when you were sleeping, so peaceful and sweet. It gave him a chance to lay there and admire your beauty, to gently run his fingers over your face and press sweet kisses to your forehead and fingertips.

Once he had finished admiring you in all your sleeping glory, he carefully crawled out of bed, being sure not to wake you. He let out a soft groan as he stretched in front of the coffee pot, a grin slowly spreading across his face as he remembered that he had the day off. Meaning he could take his time that morning. Maybe once you were awake, the two of you could go to the park, or that new bookstore you had brought up to him a couple nights ago.

It had been an hour after he had woken up that you stumbled out of your shared bedroom, grunting and muttering like the tired gremlin you always claimed yourself to be. And yet, to him, you were the most beautiful gremlin alive. He stood up from the table to greet you, his grin widening at your dishelved hair and sleepy, half-lidded eyes. You met his smile with a tired one of your own, opening your arms and silently demanding a hug from him. And who was he to say no?

“… I missed you.” You muttered into his chest, and he let out a soft, slightly guilty chuckle. He had been gone for a few days, and he knew that you always had trouble getting to sleep by yourself.

“Sorry, babe… but I’m here now, yeah? I’m all yours.” He pressed a kiss to the top of your head before releasing you, watching you stumble over to the coffee pot. It was then that he took in your appearance, letting his eyes admire you in your pre-coffee beauty. It was then he actually noticed what you were wearing, as he didnt dare turn on the light when he snuck into bed next to you the night before. His shirt hung off one of your shoulders, the wider than normal sleeves waving freely around your arms with each step. The hem just barely met your hips, not leaving much to the imagination as you stretched up to grab a mug from the cabinet.

“Uhh…” he paused, an eyebrow twitching upwards as you turned around. “[Name]? Is that my shirt?”

You paused, visibly looking down at the slightly baggy shirt you had pulled on the night before, and Hanta could see the tips of your ears start to turn red as you realized it as well.

“Uhm… yeah…” You slowly turned around to face him, twisting the pale yellow fabric bashfully between your fingers. “I-I… couldn’t sleep. And you were gone, and I… missed you…”

His own cheeks felt a little warm, but he shook his head, waving a hand to stop you.

“No, don’t worry… I just-… didn’t realize how cute you could look in my clothes.”

“You’re… not mad?”

“Mad? How could I be mad?” You were adorable! How could he possibly be mad to know that you missed him so much that you had to find one of his shirts to be able to get to sleep? “I’m honestly thinking that I may just have to start working more hours, if it gets you to wear more of my clothes.”

“No!” He laughed as you protested, running over to hug him tightly. “Don’t you dare!”

“Alright, alright…”

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The bucket list of characters from bnha that i simp hard for:




Tokoyami (my main baby)


Sero, Kaminari, Izuku and Giran (my main nasty man)


Shoji (my second baby) and Spinner (my second nasty man)




Koda (my third baby)

Ft a failed attempt of me drawing myself simping over these men


(it all started with me drawing Tai, /yall can prb tell that i spent more time on him than any of them/ and it escalated quickly, guess my type challenge ahahaaa)

Please do not repost, (even if you question for my permission, which i would most likely say no 🤷) trace or steal my art..

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Sample of Sero fic I’m workin on

A loud scream followed by the sound of.. crying? Alerted everyone down to the common room immediately. The thought of UA being under attacked rang through everyone’s head as they prepared for a battle that ceased to exist. Instead of villains they were met with a crying Denki.. hanging from the ceiling while wrapped in tape.

Aizawa sighed deeply and looked towards a near by clock that read 9:13am. He only looked back to his students when he heard snickering. The snickers came from Mina and jirou, a few others like Bakugo smirked, and Iida was losing it, screaming how this wasn’t “proper behavior”. Aizawa started to summon his quirk as a warning but stopped when his eyes darted over to your and Sero’s shaking form. Your hands cling tightly to Sero’s shoulder, trying to keep yourself from doubling over in laughter. Sero doing the same except he was better at keeping his cool unlike you.

As soon as Aizawa put two and two together you fell down to the ground howling in laughter as you couldn’t keep it in anymore. Sero joined you on the floor as you two shared your laughter together. Everyone turned to look at you both, shaking their heads slightly as they should’ve known who was up behind this plan. As everyone turned their attention towards you it was quickly taken away as another protest for help left the electric boys mouth, long forgotten.

What do you think so far? Should anything be added:)?

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Bakugou: I can’t believe you would do something this stupid!

Mina, Sero, Kirishima and Kaminari: I think we can all believe that we can do something this stupid

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“I done been down so long, lost hope,
I done came down so hard, I slowed.
Honesty, forever, all a real nigga want.”
Kendrick Lamar

Word Count: 1.3K
Pairing: Kirishima Eijirou x Reader
Context: Mafia!AU. Kirishima’s last relationship was pretty shitty and he’s scared of it happening again :/
Warnings: explicit language, mentions of cheating

All Characters are 18+

A/N: Bakugo should be a relationship counselor or something. He’s a little rough around the edgeds, but he makes some pretty good points. Enjoy <3

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