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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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#serotonin sundays

me, searching ‘lee pace’ ‘chr*s pr*tt’ every day for the past several days: just checking to make sure that clown and his bros don’t try anything…not seeing anything…that’s good, Lee doesn’t need or deserve that…

also me, even though it’s a v tiny part of me: I wish a bitch would, just so I could watch the entire internet tell Chr*s Pr*tt, ‘the thing with Lee Pace though is that he can act, which we know from his versatile filmography’

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Sonny Sundays keep on giving Y'all

Here’s the IG news of the day


If I’m not wrong (I’m my defense if I am I don’t speak Swedish), they’re doing a what you long for campaign. Ie. What you miss from getting to watch games live, and they’re rocking the names of some of their fans who commented on what they long for! If I have it right, that’s pretty dope.

We miss you 🖤 tell us what you long for (x)

And from Neverland Management (who also seem to be Rose’s agency!) (x)



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SEROTONIN SUNDAY TIME BITCHES. I also happen to be going back to school tomorrow and if any of you happen to be going through the same regretful situation I recommend going through my serotonin Sundays tag. And then take some deep breaths. And possibly look at some of the group pictures ruined by Shinwon and Hongseok. You’re going to be okay. I promise.

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