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writerzunite · 9 months ago
Beautiful, Beautiful ❦
Tumblr media
You were the Sun, and he was the Moon. He was fire, and you were ice. You were Persephone and he was Hades. Destined to be, eternally.
He vowed to never leave you. You were his whole heart, his reason for existing, and he loved you for 6,500 years.
And he never broke his promise.
Druig x Eternal F!Reader
Summary: how you and Druig fell in love.
Part Two
It took Druig approximately 300 years to finally realize that you were more than just an ally. And then it took about 200 years for him to realize you were more than just a friend. He loved you. He couldn’t describe how he felt, it was so intricate yet delicate, as if with one touch he’d ruin it. It was similar to a breath of fresh air after swimming in the river. The colors of sunsets. Gentle, yet powerful all the same.
He dreamt of you in Mesopotamia, when he fell asleep to the Milky Way. The early days where the purpose was fighting Deviants and emotions couldn’t get in the way of the mission. But in the night, Druig couldn’t help but let his mind wander to the possibilities, especially when they could go home to Olympia.
Decades turned into centuries. Humans died but more were born. The Eternals moved to Babylon. Trees grew taller, streams became rivers, but Druig’s love for you remained unchanged. He felt cursed but in the best way. The mission didn’t matter anymore to him, only you.
The nights become unbearable. He drifts off and wakes up alone, thinking of your mouth, your skin, your bright eyes, everything. All of it. He’s intoxicated but he doesn’t give a damn. He wanted you to himself, just you and him. Only you, forever.
He watched Sersi and Ikaris have what he didn’t. But instead of feeling discouraged, he only felt a spark. But Ajak made sure that spark became a forest fire.
“You love her. We do not know how much time we have here. Tell her how you feel.” Ajak could only smile at how truly lovesick the once brooding Druig had become. She had a keen eye and saw how he looked at you. His gaze would linger, his facial features softening, his frown becoming a relaxed smile.
She also noticed the small glances you made at Druig as well. You fidgeted with your fingers when flustered, which is what you did constantly around Druig. You protected him the most with your telekinesis powers during battles against the Deviants. Lingering touches.
The love between you and Druig was a beautiful love forged from longing during the centuries.
You thought of him at night when you couldn’t sleep. The way he would look at you, so soft and gentle. He hated everyone but you, only you. His eyes on you constantly. You clutched your chest where your heart slammed against your rib cage.
It all came crashing together when Druig got knocked aside violently by a Deviant’s serpent-like tail. You could hear Druig’s sudden gasp of surprise as the tail crushed his ribs and sent him flying across the sand. You let out a cry of fright and sorrow, and without thinking, you run to his collapsed body.
“Druig! Druig!” You outstretch your hands and his body moves on his own towards you, and you fall to your knees to catch him in your arms. You cradle his head in your arms, ignoring the resuming battle around you.
Ajak appears before you call out for her, kneeling down next to you. She opens her mouth to tell you to rejoin the battle, she can heal Druig, and that everything would be alright.
“No, Ajak, I cannot leave him,” you brush his raven hair from his blood-soaked forehead.
She said nothing, only healing him with a wave of her hand. The blood disappears from Druig’s forehead and his eyes snap open like a wild animals.
“Druig,” you whisper, crushing him in a hug and falling on top of him. “Druig, you’re all right. Oh, I was so worried…”
Druig almost passed out again from what was happening. He shakily lifted his hand and cradled the back of your head, letting himself close his eyes in relief.
“You’re all right,” he murmured. “Good.”
“No, you’re all right! I thought…,” you leaned back and he saw your eyes filled with unshed tears. “Don’t leave me like that again.” You close your eyes and the tears began to fall from your lashes.
Ajak only watched in bewilderment when Druig softly wiped them away from your cheeks. “Beautiful, beautiful Y/N, I could never.”
It was new love, precious and gentle like a summer breeze. Druig spent every waking moment with you while you worked on building structures, buildings, and homes for humans across Babylon with a wave of your hands. You both would explore hidden natural treasures Babylon had to offer. Sneaking small, delicate kisses. Hands intertwined. Then he would walk you to your bedchamber, leaving you with the feeling of his lips on your own.
“My beautiful, beautiful girl…,” he’d murmur into your hair, lips ghosting the shell of your ear, making you shiver. Hands on your hips, waist, everywhere. “You have stolen my heart.” Lips on your neck, collarbone, throat. You would think he’d put those thoughts in your head on purpose, but no. You were falling in true love with him, and so was he.
He’d make his true feelings known in the dark of night, whispering his love for you in your ear, just like how you had imagined it during previous nights alone. He’d have you against a wall in your bedchamber, breath hot and heavy from the jog from the roof to here. It was innocent, but when he saw you in that dress and a flower in your hair, he had to tell you his true feelings.
“I love you, Y/N, my beautiful girl.”
A kiss on the shell of your ear.
“You are a dream…you’ve stolen my whole heart.”
A small bite to your earlobe.
“Druig-“ your whisper was cut off by a chaste kiss, his large hands cupping your face, tilting your head up to meet his lips.
“My Y/N, I love you.”
“Druig…I love you.”
“Don’t leave me,” he’s dragging his lips slowly down your neck, and you bite your lip.
“Never,” you hold the back of his neck, nails slightly scratching him, and he pulls back so his eyes could meet your own.
“And I’ll never leave you, my darling. Nothing in the universe could tear us apart.”
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themology · 9 months ago
for those who didn't get it, he was referring to getting people to watch it on the cinemas itself (big screen) so in that way, the screen is big enough to see him and he can mind control us😭💖
credits to @_ropert_ on tiktok.
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thatonebrazilian · 8 months ago
Thena: Guys, I’ve been meaning to tell you… Y/N and I are dating.
Kingo, Druig, Y/N, and Sersi: *Gasp*
Thena: Y/N, why are you surprised?!
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inknopewetrust · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
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raggedy-dxctor · 6 months ago
eternals reacting to seeing themselves as your phone wallpapers
characters: thena, kingo, druig, sersi, makkari & gilgamesh (might do the others in a part 2)
pairing(s): ^^ x reader
Tumblr media
she probably doesn't know what it means but she loves seeing the photo of the both of you everytime
it makes her feel so much more safe and secure in the relationship because she finds it so wholesome and pure that you would parade your relationship with her
promises you that if she ever gets a phone you'll be her forever wallpaper, she'd probably match with you
if you ever mentioned wanting a mew one i feel like she'd suprise you with a painting of a different photo that has just as much value, so it's even more personal
he is absolutely speechless and gets super flustered when he sees the photo as your wallpaper, it makes him tear up, it's such a small gesture but it means so much
immediately changes his to one of you both that only he has, but he most likely takes forever deciding between the options
it boosts his confidence so much and he absolutely loves to brag about it with the eternals
or with your human friends
"y/n? what's your lockscreen again?" before you can even answer he just buts in with a giant grin "it's a picture of us on our first anniversary"
absolutely whipped when he sees it, he swears he'd do anything for you
immediately forces you to take another pick with him for his background, the more unprepared and hectic the better
he just loes the idea of any pursuers of either of you instantly backimg off when they see tue adoration and dedication im the picture
it just leaves her grinning all day, she absolutely adores the photo
and plus the thought of you loving the picture so much fills her with happiness
she suddenly messages you a few hours later while you're at work and asks you for your favourite picture of yourself, you get home a few hours later and notice it's her phone wallpaper, she edited kt slightly by writing "my love" underneath in her cursive and writing and the date she asked you to be her partner
it's an absolute blessing to him because he loves seeing your smile in the photo every time you open your phone
he loves your reaction everytime because it's almost like you've never looked at it before
when he first sees it he just smiles slightly and chuckles, wrapping an arm around you before kissing you on the head. the smile doesn't leave his face for days
she grins as soon as she sees it and wraps you in a hug
she's so over the moon that you treasure her enough to show her off to the world
asks you to send the exact photo to her so she can set it as hers to. she'll change it slightly though, she'll probably write "my forever darling" with a line eventually curling into a heart under it
looks at it everday, for a little linger each time, with literal heart eyes
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buckysimp02 · 9 months ago
Soooo I have not seen the new Eternals movie BUT I can already say this based off of tik tok and everywhere else on social media:
Who we thought was gonna steal our hearts 👇🏼
Tumblr media
Who actually did 👇🏼
Tumblr media
I’m 100% a simp for Druig and I haven’t even seen the movie… I’m scared of whats gonna happen WHEN I ACTUALLY DO WATCH IT. Am I gonna simp harder for this man?? 😭😭
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poemsforparker · 6 months ago
Can you write a fluff Druig imagine where Kingo overhears a conversation and misunderstands a thinking Druig and the Etenal!reader are breaking up leading him and the Eternals to meddle while Druig and the reader are confused?
It Takes Two - Druig × Eternal!reader
my first requested one! yay! :) thank you soo much for your request, anon! ‹3 I enjoyed writing this sm! I pictured Kingo being just like Boyle from b99 and being CRASHED with what he thought he heard, I love the concept.
no warnings for this one just pure fluffy fluff ahh
word count: 1266
(not my gif)
Tumblr media
You were currently on your shared bedroom with Druig at the dome. Laying side by side and game consoles in hands. You were having a blast with the new game you just got. Although it did cause some minor arguments about who did the mission wrong or whatever. The both of you knew you didn't mean it when you argued over games.
You were playing "It Takes Two", resuming a lot the history, it is about a couple that was getting a divorce. Very ironical, to say the bare minimum, since the game and the consoles were your anniversary gift for him, for one of your hundreds (literally) of anniversaries.
You never hoped that Druig would become so found of such a human/modern thing. But he was. He loved games, specially the ones he could play with you. You both would spend hours playing and laughing together, those turned to be one of his favourite moments with you.
The moment at the game now was one of those phases you both had to cooperate to get by. It was turning out to be more stressful than fun. But you both were still smiling at each other every time one of you did a stupid thing that made you loose and have to start over. After you made him fail at one of his tasks he stared at you doing the same expression his character had at the game and said, playfully at you "And that is why we're getting a divorce".
What neither him, or you, could ever imagine, was that a very unaware Kingo was walking by the door of your room and overheard the hole thing. This can't be happening. He thought. Without y/n Druig is going to be unbearable again. He rolled his eyes just by the tough of it. I have to do something.
. . .
While you were literally all fun and games. The eternals were crushed at the living room thinking about how would they try to convince you to get back together.
Kingo and Sprite were pure despair. Makkari and Sersi were both feeling offended you didn't talk to them about it before you made your decision, while Ikaris would never admit he cared about the both of you as much as he did, and he did think Druig was more bearable with you so he wasn't exactly happy either. Gilgamesh, Thena and Ajak were being reasonable and saying they would support whatever decision you made. But also sad.
. . .
When Ajak came to call the both of you for dinner you could tell something was off, she has a frown on her face and you looked at eachother very confused. You nod at her and say you two are coming soon, just need a little bit more time alone, tho you didn't mention it was for a game. Poor ones. She thought. They're thinking about a way to tell us.
"They're coming" she said now sitting at the table with everyone else. "Don't act all crazy about it. Let them have their own time." Everyone at the table nodded at her statement, ready for the two of you to come and spill the news. Witch got them very confused when the two of you walked at the room holding hands and smiling.
They're good at pretending. Kingo thought. They're so good together. He let out a tear he was quick on wiping out. But not before you noticed it and ask him what was wrong. Y/n's so strong. He thinks. Going through all of this and still concerned about me. "I'm alright" he says giving you a very-clearly-fake kinda smile "Are you alright?" He asks squeezing his eyes giving you a creepy look.
"I am," you say laughing at his weirdness "thanks for asking, kings" with that said you took your place at your seat next to your lover and acted normal trough the whole thing. Obviously. But for your other fellow eternals it was starting to get weird. You two were saying nothing?
By the end of the meal, Kingo was getting tired of the both of you hiding it, constantly exchanging looks with Sprite every time you showed affection towards Druig and, in his head, faking it for them. When you were about to seat up with the help of the mind controller hands. Kingo got up suddenly before you and yelled, very offended "So you two were planning on telling us when?"
You look at your lover shooting him a very confused gaze and he gives you a shrug and a frown, showing he also had no idea what was the subject in question, witch is what you decided to say. "What are you talking about?"
"ABOUT THE TWO OF YOU!" he says pointing his finger at you intertwined hands with your partner. Okay, now you were confused.
"About us?? You do know we're together, Kingo. You were literally at our marriage. 'the hell are you talking about?"
"YES. AT. THE. MARRIAGE. I WAS THERE. AND YOU TWO WERE NOT GOING TO TELL US ABOUT YOUR DIVORCE?" he yells and you look your other friends looking for answers, but for your surprise, they were all agreeing with him.
You look at Druig and start laughing. "What kind of joke is this?" you say unable to control your laugh and almost out of breath.
"Us," Druig points at you and him repeatedly "getting a divorce" he even leans on you now to support himself, the laugh also getting the air out of him.
You stop once you see the two of you were the only ones who where laughing. Now with the two of you in silence, you hear Sersi's voice. "Wait, so you two are not getting divorced?"
"Of course not, why on earth would we do that?" You ask her "And if I was, witch I'm not, you really thought I would do this without talking to you first" you sign to Makkari while verbalising it to Sersi. They both shrug, embarrassed. "Unbelievable, the two of you, unbelievable"
"Why did you think we were getting divorced, anyways?" you hear now the lovely accent of your partner behind you say while he places his hands on your waist, as someone who's reassuring everyone in the room you're still his.
"Well, I heard you say it" Kingo reveals waiting for the both of you to be shocked. You just laugh again.
"Kingo, have you ever heard of privacy? We were playing a video game, that's all, man." Druig shoots him a disapproval glance. "And also," before Kingo answers to him, he's now turned towards Ikaris "was that a sad look on your face when you thought y/n and I were breaking up?" Ikaris blushed
"No, it was not"
"Sure thing sweetie," now it was Sersi's turn to speak as she cupped the face of her husband. "let's pretend you didn't just asked me at dinner 'what would be of our double dates now?'" she air quoted his words while the eternals now turned their attention to him to make fun out of it.
"That's adorable, Ikaris" you mock while hugging your husband and looking at your family gathered at the table laughing at Ikaris. It may not be true you two were parting, but heavens did it feel good to see how much every single one of those cared about the two of you that much. You look at Druig cupping his face with your small hands and smile at him. "I love you, handsome."
"Love you more, my beautiful"
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melwilson · 8 months ago
one of the first things i noticed about ikaris was how robotically he moved compared to the other eternals. he moved almost soullessly, like he was being controlled (kind of reminding me of bucky from ca:tws). however, the rest of the eternals moved with life and purpose. they had families, got jobs, and they all somehow figured out how to impact humanity without using their power (except druig, but i’m in love with him so don’t worry abt it). it seemed as if ikaris never found his purpose outside of being an eternal, therefore never finding his true will to live.
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annamarielabeau · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
After watching WandaVision, Loki, Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Shang Chi, and Eternals. I’m excited to see more of these badasses!
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river13254 · 3 months ago
I’ll take care of you
Druig x reader
Warnings: hurt, and tons of fluff
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You and the rest of the Eternals just got done with a fight. Everyone was fine no one was hurt which is a good thing. However you had gotten hit pretty hard by one of the threats and there were bruises on your sides and you had a throbbing headache. 
Once you all had won the fight you brushed off the pain cause you could not stand it if someone were to worry. The main person you wanted to keep it away from was your boyfriend Druig. He would immediately take care of you in a heartbeat but you hated feeling week and fragile. Especially being babied, you can take care of yourself. Plus it didn't hurt that bad...right?
While everyone was in the kitchen doing their own thing you reached up for a cup only to wince and let out a small whine. Your side felt like it was on fire and you where beginning to be light headed. While you had thought was a bruise on your side, was not the case. It was actually much worse than you wanted to believe. 
You tried to ignore the pain until you heard Gilgamesh's worried voice project through the room. He looked you over when he heard the noise come from you and immediately ran to you. “y/n oh my goodness” 
Shaking your head in order for him to stop being so loud, didn't work he kept looked at you and he tried to help you. “if you don't be quiet. I don't want people to know please. Just let me handle it.” Gilgamesh just looked at you and was about to say something until he seen Druig enter the room
You looked to where he was looking. “damnit.” Druig looked you over and that's when he seen what the problem was. He looked at your side before coming to you. “what the hell why didn't you say anything?” 
Gilgamesh and the others left so you both could have privacy. “because I can handle it myself I just wanted food first” He looked up at you and gave you a look that said that the answer you provided wasn't good enough. However he didn't press as he went back to helping you. 
He lifted up your fist to examine what was going on and once he did he let out a long breath. You looked down and seen your side actually having a deep gash in it. From where the thing got you. “oh” you said. 
He looked up at you and didn't look to happy but not really angry at you. “oh is right. You need to talk to me.. or anyone. We are all a family and we want to help you. I want to help you.” the only thing you could do was nod as he lifted you up in his arms and brought you to your bed and laid you down. 
He made sure you were ok before getting Thena. Thena came in and smiled at you to try to ease your nerves before kneeling down beside you. She got her kit out and got all the tools she needed. “this is gonna hurt but you will get through it” 
You nodded “alright lets just get this over with” 
She began to stitch you up and when she was done she pulled tightly. A little too tightly actually. “ow what the hell Thena. Careful!” Thena just rolled her eyes as you squeezed your ryes shut. Once she was done she smiled and squeezed your hand before walking out. 
You looked around and Druig was gone. He must have done something while Thena was tending to you. You sit up with struggle but manage and once you do Druig walks in. “hey beautiful” 
You smile “hey Druig what were you doing?” 
“I made a bath for you” he said as he came up to you and lifted you into his arms. This causes you to laugh “You know I can walk right?”
He put his hand on your mouth to shush you. “no you cant now shush and let me take care of you.” He sat you down onto the counter and looked at you as if asking permission to help and you nodded knowing that you wouldn't be able to bend down or raise your arm very high. 
He gently took off your shirt and when you had to lift your arm a bit you flinched. He kissed you in order to slightly distract you. He finished undressing you and helped you into the bath. 
He was about to leave when you spoke “can you stay in here with me?”  He nodded “yeah ill sit right here until you need me” 
You laughed at his blindness “no can you get in here with me...please” your voice got smaller. Especially since you both have never done this before and this is a big step in your relationship. 
He tried to hide the big smile that was forming on his face but didn't do a good job. “yes I will” He undressed himself and got in behind you. 
Once he got in he started to massage your shoulders which caused you to relax against him. You rested your head on his chest and let your eyes close. You were almost asleep when Druig let out a laugh before kissing the top of your head. “you cant fall asleep yet I have to wash your hair” you mumbled in response. 
He grabbed your hair products and began to wash your hair. You melted into his touch and you felt like you were in heaven. If there is such a place, his touch was always gentle with you and you appreciated him so much. 
“I love you” you mumbled
“I love you too beautiful” 
Once he was done he did his business and and then gently got you out and wrapped a towel around you. He dried your hair and gave you his clothes to wear. They were huge on you but your not complaining. Lifting you back up he laid with you on the bed and held you close cuddling as you both fell asleep. 
Once he was done he took care of himself and then gently got you out and wrapped a towel around you. He dried out your hair and gave you his clothes to wear. They were huge on you but your not complaining.
Lifting you up he laid back on the bed and held you close to him and you both fell asleep cuddling.
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acourtof-ash-and-ruin · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
I love them.
Tumblr media
They’re just 🥺♥️
Tumblr media
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writerzunite · 9 months ago
For Eternity ❦
Tumblr media
Can be considered a part two to Beautiful, Beautiful. She is my whole heart, my fic child, thank you for giving her all the love.
Summary: when the Eternals separate, Druig sees his fantasy come true.
Pairing: Druig X Eternal F!Reader
Warning: implied sexy times but nothing explicit.
Druig has dreams, and they are painful glimpses into…something.
He can’t put his finger on it. The past? Future? The dreams seem like memories but he can’t recall them ever occurring. Perhaps they are visions of what’s to come. Either way, he wakes up with a start, his dreams always concluding with eruptions, screams, and explosions that make him shake with adrenaline and fear.
He sees the same explosions and fire below him where the humans wage war. Where they invade. Where they kill. His heart is shattering, and you can feel it just by looking at him. Everyone is tense, secluded at the top of a pyramid, watching, and waiting. Waiting for the night to turn into day, waiting for Thena to wake up…waiting for the humans to stop killing each other.
You remember how quickly the days pass, how decades are like minutes. But tonight feels like a century. The sky remains dark, with flame and smoke staining the sky like a poison.
Druig watches you hold Thena’s hand as you wait for her to wake. He can feel your sadness and confusion, and especially your pain. You both loved humans and watching them tear each other apart in war makes you both physically sick.
When Thena wakes, the Eternals are done. The last Deviant was killed, and with no purpose left, you were all able to leave and lead your own lives. And this day was supposed to be a celebratory day…and yet, you all stand silent. The centuries with each other have moved too fast to catch and to remember clearly.
But how Druig longed for that; to disappear from the others with you and to be hidden from the world. For once, he wants to be selfish and have you for only himself, and you not being used for the mission. He always wanted this, craved for it, to have a life of his own.
But seeing the humans slaughter each other below and him not doing a damn thing is tearing him apart with guilt. He has glorious powers and he could use them for good, for a bigger purpose than killing Deviants.
He raises his hand without thinking, and the commotion below everyone falters as humans drop their weapons and stand still, their eyes white and cloudy. You stride towards him, your hands grabbing his outstretched hand, and bringing it to your lips.
“Druig, you can’t,” you whisper against his fingers. “We can’t interfere.”
He stares at the humans below, knowing with a wave of his hand, he could end this. He could-
Ikaris barges through, interrupting his thoughts, and slams Druig against the stone of the pyramid. His hand is torn from yours as he struggles against Ikaris, his breath leaving his lungs.
“Don’t touch him!” You cry out, regaining your balance. “Don’t you dare touch him.”
“Y/N, stay out of this,” Ikaris doesn’t even look at you, he only glares at Druig.
“Let them go.” His voice is deep and frightening, but of course, Druig doesn’t stand down.
“You’re gonna have to make me.” He stares right back at Ikaris, unblinking.
“Druig, please,” you appear from over Ikaris’ shoulder. “We can’t interfere. And Ikaris, let him go before I make you.”
Ikaris does eventually let Druig go from his iron grip, and you shove him out of the way to get to Druig. You embrace him, your face in his chest, surrounded by his warmth. He hugs you back, his hand behind your head.
“Please let them go,” you’re shaking from adrenaline and being overwhelmed. “Please. Let’s just go, you and me…remember what we talked about?”
How could he forget? How could he forget how you wished you could live next to the beach, the salty air embracing you, the waves enveloping you both. How you wished for him to stay by your side forever, in a small cottage by the sea, where you could spend the rest of your days before you all left for Olympia.
He lets the humans go without another thought. And you knew, in that moment, he’d do anything for you.
“Let’s just go,” he repeats after you, his calloused hands holding your cheeks. His eyes are soft, as always when looking at you, and he gives you a small smile.
“Yes, let’s go, just you and me.”
He places his forehead against yours, his smile growing bigger.
“I’m yours forever, my love. Let’s go.”
So you do. You depart from South America and just go. The rest of the Eternals were happy and overjoyed that you both could find a life of your own together. And so we’re you. You were excited, because for once, Druig is only yours.
Centuries pass, and you and Druig spend lifetimes together in a small cottage by the sea. It’s made out of wood, built by you with a wave of your hand. No humans ventured this far to find you or Druig here, and you preferred it that way. You both spend your days by the ocean, letting the water go up to your knees. You both fish, you both find shells, you use your powers to move the water to collect them.
Life becomes a treasure together, a gift, because for once, the mission doesn’t exist. You could do whatever you wanted with the love of your life, so you do.
You both explore each other. There were centuries where you couldn’t even touch each other because of the mission. Now it’s different. He can touch you now, wherever, whenever, and however. You the same to him. For once, you both are unashamed to physically show each other how much you love one another. You spend hours just exploring his face, his eyes…just looking closely and commenting how beautiful he is. Eventually, this leads to exploring his mouth with your own. Then his neck, his collarbone, his bare shoulder, all of it. His bare skin is yours, he says so himself. All of him belongs to you, and only you. You regain the centuries back that were stolen from you both.
You both fall asleep in each other’s arms to the sound of waves, and wake up to the sun.
The sun hits Druig’s eyes first, and he blinks them open to see you still sleeping soundly on his chest, skin to skin. Your breaths are heavy, yet not as loud as the waves outside. He knows you probably want to be woken up, but he can’t. You’re so peaceful there, so delicate, his beautiful, beautiful Y/N.
“Why haven’t you woke me up yet, my Druig?
Your eyes are still closed, but you could sense him watching you. His beautiful eyes that watch you all the time, unable to look at anything else. Nothing else is as beautiful as you, his beautiful Y/N.
“I just couldn’t. You looked so at peace.”
He trades your cheekbone with his fingers, and you smile at his touch.
“Do I, now?”
“Yes. Do I?”
You’re eyes are fully open now, staring into his own.
“Yes, and it’s what you deserve.” His smile becomes bigger at your words, and he bends down to kiss your forehead. You sigh in content, snuggling into the crook of his neck, kissing his pulse there.
“It’s what we deserve, my beautiful, beautiful girl.”
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thatonebrazilian · 5 months ago
Thena: What does take-out mean?
Wanda: Food.
Sersi: Dating.
Natasha: Murder.
Y/N: All three if you're bold enough.
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sig-nifier · 9 months ago
the way people characterise druig in fic is so funny to me cos he’s always this antisocial guy who only has eyes for makkari, which is a type of character i absolutely adore, but thats not at all what he’s like in the film
he clearly cares deeply about the other eternals - he goes to phastos’s side when athena attacks, he makes jokes and laughs with sprite, he reassures sersi that he can put tiamut to sleep, he nods and smiles goodbye to karun as he leaves
the only kind of hostile behaviour we really see from him is towards ikaris, who clearly dislikes him just as much, and kingo after all the bad news of the emergence
i think druig is a lot softer than people are portraying him. the guy cried in front of them all because he couldn’t stop the deaths and conflict that war was creating!
but i will absolutely eat up every single fic i read of this guy please keep going with the ‘i hate everyone but you’ trope it is the only thing keeping me alive
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raggedy-dxctor · 6 months ago
angsty eternals scenarios
warnings: heavy heavy angst, main character (reader) death and spoilers
characters: thena, ikarus, druig, gilgamesh, kingo, sersi and makkari
Tumblr media
thena leaving you because she's scared that she'll hurt you, but she just can't cope with completely leaving your life, so she watches over you for the rest of it. she watches you move on and fall in love all over again, wishing it were her. she never lost that love for you and she likes to think that you never lost it for her either, but she'll never know. she missed her chance.
ikarus' last wish to sersi being to watch over you and break the news gently of his death. he can't bear the thought of you being alone and he knows how much the greif will affect you, but he hopes someone like sersi will be your new rock in life and help you through the situation. his last words being a shaky "thank you" as sersi vows to fulfil his wish
druig loosing you on a mission so he locks himself away and mourns you alone, everyone tries to help and get through to him, but no one is successful, not even makkari. for a very long time all he can do is think about you and blame himself for your loss. when he eventually starts letting down his walls, everyone tries their absolute best to comfort him, but the terrifying images from his nightmares overpower their words.
you leaving gilgamesh because he's too wrapped up in missions, he feels as if he has no right to fight back and try to win your heart again because you're completely right and justified, but he can't do anything about it because he's forced to put being an eternals first, no matter how much he wants you to be his number one priority. even after a year, he still accidentally lays a place for you in the table and makes your favourite drinks to just sit on the side, untouched, hoping one day you'll come back and drink the entire glass again, with a small smile and a blissful expression on yohr face.
kingo loving you from afar, his love probably unrequited, but he's too scared and hesitant to find out. he sticks with you through thick and thin. the shame seeping through his veins causing hom to always kick himself, longing for a future that was always too far out of his reach
sersi leaving all sorts of hand written notes, including poems, letters, and stories based on your relationship, behind for the scenario that she doesn't return. she instructs every single eternal to make sure that you get them, no matter the cost. she just cannot bear the thought of not being able to say goodbye on her own terms. she cries everytime while writing them, but it's better than imagining the pain you'd go through if your beloved didn't say goodbye
you being put at risk because makkari is an eternal, so she tearfully breaks the news to you that you can't be together anymore because she's too scared for your safety, you cry in eachother's arms for hours and say your final goodbyes, neither of you wanting to let go of the other's hand. sue promises she'll visit from time to time, but she never does, or at least not that you know of. she's saved you from harm on four seperate occasions, the sudden blur flashing past the corner of your eye going unnoticed all times except for one. but that's all makkari could be to you anymore, an unnoticed rush of motion in the corner of your eye
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mischiefmanaged71 · 8 months ago
Everything Has Changed - Kingo x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: It’s been millennia since Kingo set his eyes on her, but it doesn’t stop his beating heart from racing like the very first time.
Author’s Note: A request from @boggartcore​ who wanted a fluffy reunion with Kingo. I loved this idea and so here ya go! Enjoy! I loved writing this! It's so cute, I WANT TO CRY! Can y’all tell I have a Taylor Swift obsession? ON REPEAT!
Pairing: Kingo x Eternal! Fem reader
Warning: fluff, cuteness, ETERNALS SPOILERS
Word Count: 4K
All Y/N knew as she glanced around was this apathetic feeling rushing over her. Her eyes clenched shut, chest heaving to capture air as she struggled to breathe. Hand clenched on her thighs, she leaned forward to support herself as black dots spotted around her vision. The laughter and chatter around her filtered out, only thoughts battering around her sole existence. A crashing hurtle of feelings pound in her head, ensuing this particular attack. 
Kingo’s feet carry him into the courtyard, eyes scanning until he sets his eyes on Y/N’s hunched figure. A pang of worry rushes through him at her clenched eyes in search of relief. He carefully positions himself quietly at her side to let her know of his presence. He’s cautious, placing his hand over her own and gently taking it in his grasp. Her eyes flutter open at the warmth, an anxious expression meeting his concerned gaze. Confusion fills her in the moment as Kingo pulls Y/N to her feet, a reassuring smile while he tugs her hand to lead her away. 
Sersi glances from her seat, a smile gliding across her features at Y/N’s trust in Kingo while he leads her through the compound. Ajak follows Sersi’s gaze and they exchange a warm knowing smile at the pair. If there were kindred spirits among them, it was the meld of Kingo’s charm with Y/N’s caring disposition. 
The rest of Eternals had noticed this particular relation between the pair. The unique concern and attention Kingo devoted specifically for her. The way Y/N would glance over at Kingo when his focus was elsewhere, focused as she appreciated his features and the blush that took over when they made eye contact. The glistening light that Kingo’s murmured jokes brought to Y/N’s eyes as she laughed, Kingo’s bright smile as he joined in and threw his arm around her shoulders. 
Even on the battlefield, Kingo was never too far from Y/N. Blasts would intervene with an approaching Deviant she failed to notice, letting her know of Kingo’s arrival. In that moment, she would whip around and send him a grateful look, making sure to exchange the favour. One wouldn’t often be spotted without the other in tow. 
Kingo leads her up through the halls, a comfort filling her at the familiar grasp of his hold. His eyes glance down at her as she distantly focuses on steadying her breath. They skirt a corner and Kingo turns, nodding his head to the ladder leading to the roof. She looks up, unsure of what exactly he had planned, her face twisting in a curious expression. A tremble in her hands rises when she reaches for the rung and bites her lip. Kingo’s hand reaches out, grasping her hand to steady the tremor of her palms. 
“Do you trust me?” Kingo draws her attention away, focusing on his observant gaze.
“You know I do.” as he placed her hand on the rung and brushed her waist. 
“It’ll be fine,” he assured her as her anxieties continued to plague her mind, triggering the physical signs he was all too familiar with. She nods her head, inhaling deeply before taking the first step. A hand on her back notifies her that Kingo is not far behind, following her up. Landing on the flat roof of the tower allows Y/N to feel the evening breeze as it brushes her hair around in a flourish. Her head glances around, overlooking the small city they had taken part in building. A feeling of ease fills her, the solitude allowing her thoughts to reduce to a manageable load. Her head tilts up to look up at the stretch of stars spanning across the sky, exhaling at the alluring sparkle in the distance. The white glow of the moon spills over the city, the piece of light illuminating Y/N’s face under the night sky. 
“It’s beautiful,” she notes, a breathlessness to her tone as she shuts her eyes and Kingo agrees, his sight still set on her as they sink to sit on the floor of the roof.
“I thought it would be quieter up here.” Kingo steps closer to Y/N, drawing her eyes to his with a grateful smile growing on her mouth. “Thank you,” she murmurs, taking solace in the silence. 
“Whenever it gets too much, just tell me.” he states as her gaze softened. Y/N felt her composure melt as her cheeks burn under his enamoured glimpse of her under the moonlight.
“You don’t always have to do that,” she states, clutching her arm as she stares at the ground. The butterflies take flight in Y/N’s stomach as Kingo reaches out a hand and she thinks he’s growing to grasp her cheek as he tucks a strand of her hair behind her ear. Her heart pounds in her chest, capturing Kingo’s enrapturing gaze and devoted attention to her. 
“I’ll always be here. Don’t count on me leaving any time soon.” Kingo muses, his voice echoing a promise meant only for her ears. 
“Won’t you be bored up here?”
“I could never be bored with you,” Kingo remarked, a smile gliding across his face as his hand bumped against her’s. 
A soft look crosses her face as she considers his words and turns back to the scenery, basking in the view and company. Enraptured in the view, Y/N fails to recognise the ease with which she relaxes in Kingo’s presence as she subconsciously reaches out for him. In an instant, her hand drifts and clasps his own. Surprise fills Kingo as Y/N pulls herself closer and leans her head on his shoulder. He relaxes, allowing himself to bask in the way she fits perfectly in his embrace. 
Although no further words were exchanged for that portion of the evening, there weren’t particular words suited to the feeling nor the emotions running through Kingo’s mind as Y/N took solace in his presence. The thought fulfilled him unlike any other memory with the instant that she trusted him. 
A burst of nerves in Kingo’s stomach stirs as he clenches his fists at his side anxiously. His feet carry him toward the spot where Sersi said Y/N would be. Kingo insisted on doing this alone, the others understanding it was best that he was the first one to see her. Sersi agreed, speaking up for him before anyone could put their two cents in while a warm smile of encouragement graced her features. 
Kingo halted in front of the park, glancing at the serene setting. The vast lake extends across his vision, abundant greenery and trees past his sight. His eyes flicker across the field, landing on a familiar side profile. 
Truly with the swell of his own heart, Kingo believed in emotions flourishing over time as he felt blessed to grace her beautiful features once more. Kingo’s breath captures in his throat as he watches from the street, hands tucked into the pockets of his jeans as she paints absent-mindedly. The furrow in her eyebrows lets him know of the deep concentration and focus on her task. She strokes the brush precisely across the canvas, glancing back and forth between the scenery and the easel. 
Strands of her hair brush her face and she tucks them back behind her ear, squinting as she brushes a finger on the board and glances back at the scenery. It doesn’t seem real to Kingo, the elegant curves of her face that draw his eyes in and swell that all too familiar feeling in his chest. The bottom of her dress brushes the ground as the breeze drags it behind her. Straightening her posture, her hands brushes her face before she suddenly stands and places the brush down next to the assortment of paints. 
When they had separated in Tenochtitlan, everyone assumed they would leave together but within an instant it was an uncertainty. With a final glance, their paths had diverged for what would be several thousands years. All leading up to this very moment as Y/N turns from her art. Her eyes glance around naturally and lock onto a familiar figure which halts her in her being. 
A wave of nostalgia hits her, eyes stinging at the prospect of Kingo standing there and not a fragment of a memory from long ago. The modern clothing he wears clue her in enough as she finally sucks a breath in and takes that first step, followed by another. Kingo gulps down his anxiety and steps forward, taking each in stride until he’s standing in front of her. A pang strikes his chest as she holds his gaze, almost as though he would disappear at any moment. She looks exactly the same, as expected, except for a change in haircut and clothing. A flush covers Kingo’s cheeks as he graces her effortless beauty and opens his mouth to speak but he’s dumbfounded. 
A warm smile graces her mouth as Y/N musters a smile, “What are you doing here?” she breathes out.
Kingo shuffles on his feet, “Um, well. You see-it's a long story.” he musters, feeling the slightest bit self-conscious.
She hums, a smile gracing her face as she tips her head at him “I could spare some time,”. Kingo finds himself fumbling internally for words when she tips her sweet smile for him. He almost dips his neck in shock, expecting an uncomfortable reunion for showing up unannounced after so long, nodding his head in understanding as she patiently waits. 
“I should probably also mention that I obviously haven’t been waiting around for this moment for ages. I should probably also mention I’m really sorry for what I’m about to tell you-”
“Kingo.” she says his name affectionately, a chuckle escaping her. She hums at his rambles that were certainly missed “It’s fine, it’s okay,” 
“I-I uh, I’m just sorry I didn’t call.” he admits, brushing a hand across his neck as guilt rushes through him.
“I understand, Kin.” she murmurs, “I knew you would come back.” a trace of heartache behind a delicate smile as she takes a step forward and stares into his eyes.
“You’re back and that is all that matters.” her hand brushes his arm and a rush of butterflies spark in Kingo’s stomach, reminding him of the all too familiar spark absent from his life. It’s a twinkling sound echoing through his mind as Kingo’s hand extends to brush her’s at his side while he guides her to the jet where the others wait.
Despite the sweltering humidity and trek through the forest, Kingo remains close by to Y/N, occasionally capturing glances at her as she focuses on the path ahead. Thoughts wander through his mind of what sorts of things she had been up to all this time. Whether she had found anyone. Whether or not she held back any contempt for him because he didn’t search for her. 
There wasn’t a day that Kingo went without thinking about Y/N and wondering about whether she ever -if she ever could feel the same. Trekking along the same path with the other Eternals behind them, Kingo narrates to Karun as they approach Druig’s camp, the occasional reference to the others as they grunt and prepare for the impending conversation with the telepath. 
“Here we have Y/N, resident expert in all things to do with the elements. Fire, water, earth and air. Why don’t you tell the camera a bit about yourself?” Kingo remarks, throwing his arm around her as she looks over her shoulder at the camera. She hides from the camera in front of Kingo, crossing her arms against her chest.
“You’re unbelievably cute when you blush.” Kingo murmurs as her cheeks burn and she hides her face.
The comment surprises Y/N while her mind races, arriving at the retort “It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.” she teases, revelling at the way his smirk morphs into a stunned expression. The sound of Sprite’s snort resounds as Y/N chuckles, winking as she glances ahead. 
Kingo tilts his head, blowing a puff of air from his mouth as he shies away. A hand pulling his arm draws him into Y/N’s apologetic eyes, offering a comforting refuge as a soft chuckle escapes her mouth. Her hand pulls Kingo along, linking arms with his to make sure he stays close-by. They move absent-mindedly, absorbed in each other to remember Karun’s camera which captures the exchange. 
When the scream sounds through the silent forest, Kingo’s first thought is Y/N while he searches for her. Kingo’s distracted mind catches up to him with the Deviant that lunges at him. A grunt escapes him as Kingo slides across the ground and rolls to a stop, the Deviant approaching him threateningly. He assesses its movements while he rises to his feet, forming energy blasts. In quick succession, the blasts hit the Deviant with explosive bursts. His attacks take chunks of the Deviant but it suddenly heals from each of them, leaving Kingo dumbfounded and fearful of what would come next if he couldn’t kill it. Landing with a huff from a swipe for his head, Kingo grunts as he barely dodges it’s dangerous claws. The Deviant pounces on Kingo, dragging him across the ground and slams his body against a tree. Heart pounding in his chest, Kingo musters a blast in his palms when the Deviant is slammed and thrown from his path by a wall of water. The water morphs and hits the creature again as it moves to target Kingo once more. 
Kingo’s eyes draw to the distance where Y/N approaches, curving her hands to control the water and push the Deviant back. Her face is strewn in focus when she places her hands on the ground to trigger the roots that enrapture the Deviant. Kingo moves to his feet as she circles the Deviant and clenches her fists, stringing up the creature further into the hold of the roots. The tail whips out unexpectedly, catching Kingo who yells as it slashes across his cheek. The sudden cry catches Y/N off guard, releasing her focus and the vines. The Deviant breaks free with a yell, leaping for Y/N but she throws her hands up, igniting a flame in her grip. A blaze overtakes her hands while she flips and knocks the Deviant from their path. Slamming her foot on the ground, the earth rumbles and obstructs the Deviant’s approach as Y/N predicts it’s next movement. Her arms swing widely, floating upward and curving to the ground before slamming her hands together to encase the Deviant in a cage of fire. Her hands held the formation as she turned her head to glance at Kingo who brushed the blood from his cheek. The concern in her voice stills Kingo as finds himself lost in her entirely. 
“Are you okay?” her voice filled with concern, while he nodded, moving forward to assist her. Lost in the wondrous display of her strength and protective nature, Kingo’s mind darts to the first thought as he blurts out “I wouldn’t mind if you threw me around like that,”.
Y/N responds with a wide-eyed gaze “You flirt in the most awkward situations.” 
Kingo recovers, a smug smile despite the situation’s urgency “You know you love it.”
“Aim for the head,” she remarks, releasing the Deviant from the cage and leaping forward. Her arms blaze as she launches over its head to draw the creature’s attention from Kingo. A brewing fire across its side causes the creature to screech in pain and whip its attention to the Eternal as she swiftly avoids its attacks. Y/N’s hands grip the ground, gliding across the ground to look up at the creature and draw its attention from Kingo who builds a blast in his palms. Nodding her head, she leaps from her crouch and slams her fist into its neck, pummelling the Deviant into Kingo’s trajectory when he releases the ball of energy.
The blast knocks them both back as blood and guts spray across the forest floor. Kingo grunts as he rolls onto his front, glancing around for Y/N anxiously. A hand darting in front of his vision draws his gaze to her delicate smile, offering a hand. He gratefully accepts it, allowing her to pull him off the ground. Satisfied that she was fine and uninjured, Kingo relaxes until he recognises the wet sensation plastered across his face.
“You’ve got a little,” Y/N pointed to Kingo’s face, a laugh escaping her at his disgusted expression. 
“Yeah, I know,” Kingo grimaced, “Gross,” he mumbles, shaking his hands to get rid of the blood.
“Agreed,” she murmurs, laughing at his flustered state. She gripped his hands, stopping him from spreading it further. She mustered up a sphere of water and swiped her hand across his face to remove the blood. Kingo smiled gratefully at her, returning her bright smile as she took the lead back toward the others.
The sombre tone that settles over the group is unnerving after the funeral. Each of them sat separated across the lakeside, an uneasy silence at the recent death of Gilgamesh. Kingo and Karun had led a small ceremony to send off Gilgamesh who died protecting them all. Seated in front of the lake, Kingo’s thoughts rush from regret to guilt with the grief overwhelming his system. Kingo reflected over the puncture in his resolve as he stepped back the fire and a wave of sorrow hit him at once. All before he could crumble to the ground, a hand reached and grasped Kingo’s. He glances down and catches Y/N’s mournful gaze, clenching his hand tightly as she leaned her head against his shoulder. Kingo sucks a breath in and dips his head to steady his uneasy heart.
Many things run through his mind at this point, one at the forefront of every one of them. For too long he had held off in fear of rejection. The prospect of ruining the relationship they currently held frightened Kingo. Although the recent discovery of their true mortality and purpose opposed Kingo’s assumption. Wouldn’t it be better to tell her even if the timing is wrong, than to never tell her at all? 
Before his mind contradicts every confirmation, Kingo stands from his seat in search of her figure. His feet carry him to Y/N who leans against a tree, head tipping upward at Kingo’s arrival. She offers him an inviting smile, looking back at the scenery in the quiet of the evening. Taking a seat next to her, Kingo touches her elbow to gain her attention. “Can we talk?”
She turns to him, “Of course. About what?”
Kingo pauses, glancing at her and all her beauty under the moonlight. With a deep exhale, he goes for it “You and I…we’ve known each other for a long time.” and Y/N hums, nodding her head as she leans against the tree to give him her sole attention.
“A lot has changed since we last saw each other and if time has taught me anything, it’s the fact you can learn a lot of things, but your feelings-those emotions-they don’t change much.” Kingo rambles, confusion taking over Y/N as she leans forward and lays a hand on the ground between them to support herself. She doesn’t interrupt him once, allowing him to continue and understand with a reassuring look.
“I can’t imagine my life-myself-without you anymore. And I really don’t want to.” 
The surprise lurching in Y/N’s mind reverberates as Kingo watches for a response. Y/N feels everything at once, a realisation of something that was always there right in front of her. Maybe it was an oblivious nature or possibly something akin to fear that prevented her from the epiphany. Kingo’s shoulders sag at her silence, her posture and stare laced with shock.
“From your reaction, I shouldn’t have said anything.” he gasps, shaking his head as he awkwardly moves to stand. 
“Kin-” her hand reaches out to pull Kingo back, “Wait! Please don’t go.” even as Kingo shakes his head in fear of the harm further rejection would have. 
“Please don’t leave.” she pleas, “You just surprised me is all.” 
Kingo’s eye darted away from her, his arms slumping on his knees as he wallowed in his own suffering. “If you’re going to-please just get it over with.” he shakes his head.
A sigh breaks free from Y/N as she moves onto her knees to sit closer to Kingo, planting her hands on either side of her legs “Kin…please look at me.” and the desperation in her voice tugs at his heart strings. Kingo’s eyes sting as he forces himself to make direct contact with her, preparing for the impending harm he wished she wouldn’t inflict.
“For years, all I could think about was the regret of not leaving with you when I had the chance.” her eyes glisten, “I’ve thought about this moment for years and I’ll be damned if I let you leave again.” she lamented while Kingo remained silent, mouth agape as he scanned her eyes for lies. 
“I have loved you for so long and it would be my pleasure to stick by you for the rest of your life.” she muses, wetting her dry lips as she gauges Kingo’s reaction. 
“You never lost me. Never really, I was always with you.” Kingo admits, memorising the curves of her face. A shuddery chuckle escapes her as she gasps, swiping her teary eyes. Kingo leans forward and grasps her face, wiping the streaks from her cheeks as she pauses.
“I would appreciate it, if you would kiss me right now.” Y/N muses, the proximity of Kingo’s face a thought at the forefront of her mind, gaze flickering between his eyes and lips. 
After scanning her eyes and gauging the truth in her words, he grasps her cheeks and pulls her in. His lips encase her’s in a passionate embrace, the kiss filled with everything he had to offer. Her hands flirt to his neck, clasping around in a comfortable rest as she responds in time. His lips were warm and soft, breathing her in as he gently caressed her cheek. All of his affection and emotion is poured into the kiss. Her hands tug on the hairs on the back of his neck, pulling him closer as his nose nudges into her cheek. A warmth consumes them as they’re tangled in a tender embrace, butterflies dancing in Y/N’s stomach with the sensation of his lips moving against her until she needs to break for oxygen. 
Kingo’s forehead leans against her’s as they breathe each other in, a smile tugging at her mouth. “No idea how glad I was to see you again,” her arms resting on his shoulders as he pulls her closer. Her head falls into the crook of his neck, Kingo’s hands gently pulling her in by the waist. 
“I’ve missed you so much.” he hums, caressing her neck as she leans her head on his chest in relief.
'Cause all I know is we said, "Hello"
And your eyes look like comin' home
All I know is a simple name
Everything has changed
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reallygoodjob · 6 months ago
Movie Night
Ajak : So what are we looking ? What is your favorite movie ?
Druig and Ikaris : Star Wars !
'Druig and Ikaris look each other in the eyes, confused to agree on something'
Kingo muddled : Did they just
Sersi : Look so but it appear so unreal
Ajak : I can't believe my eyes
Phastos : Okay everybody stay calm
'Makkari disappears'
Phastos : Makkari stay calm does not mean running away, oh my god
Ajak :... or my ears
Phastos : We're lost if she leaves forever, nobody can handle Druig except her
Sprite : we're all gonna die
Gilgamesh : everybody, last part of pie before chaos ?
Ajak : I must be dreaming that's it
Gilgamesh : No ? I'll take it then
Thena while forming a shield in front of Y/N and her : Stay behind me love I will protect you
Y/N above Thena shoulder : But there's two way to watch it no ? I mean the first Star Wars in the chronology is not the first who came out in theater ? What is your favorite way to look at ?
Druig : First theater
Ikaris : First chronology
'Everyone take a breath and relax'
'Makkari came back with twinkies for Ikaris and snacks for Druig'
Sersi : Yes that's a good idea, here Druig your snacks and Ikaris come that opposite way for your twinkies
Y/N : So can we just watch Narnia again ?
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