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the-dasani101-bottle-club · 9 minutes ago
Sorry if it's taking so long for the pilot roleplay to be here. It may not be coning until the end of April through mid-May.
If you'd like to support and help with this mini community, follow and join our discord server for more information!
Tumblr media
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skully-shipping · 18 minutes ago
Server’s done. Feel free to ask me for the link! If I don’t respond immediately, I’m probably sleeping so please be patient with me! Also, you’ve got to be 18 or older please and thank you!
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theroofcat · 31 minutes ago
That's the thing, we don't say anything
Roof hummed as she ran her fingers through Lily's hair, watching raindrops fell down the window. A roar echoed through the house as lightning streaked across the sky.
It was a long night, with Sleepy and Gummy refusing to go to sleep, wanting to stay up to watch the storm. Bop had taken an hour to console into sleeping, with Lily finally giving up and putting the young god to sleep via spell. Rose, Izzy and Spider were asleep when they finally got bop to sleep so the only other person to get to bed was Eye but they just let him chill in his room.
Roof sighed, closing her eyes and leaning back against the couch, listening to the rain as Lily slept.
She jerked up, feeling a tug at the back of her head. 
Something was at the border.
Roof silently lifted Lily up, gently lowering her down on the couch and covered her with a blanket.
She silently walked out of the room, walking into her own. Grabbing her armour, weapons and rain gear, she opened the front door and locked it.
The rain came down in sheets, hiding her from sight and smell as Roof silently walked through the trees and cresting the hill. She crept up over the hill, her ears twitching as she looked down at the intruders of her home.
Green banners with Oleander embroidered in dark purple cast shadows against the grey sky, with small embers of fires outlining the sea of tents. Lanterns highlight the leaders' tents while disant sound of dragon's roaring against the thunder. 
An army on her doorstep with the banner of the kingdom that tried to kill her. 
She muttered a stealth spell, slipping into the camp in between the beats of thunder. Walking between tents, she made her way to the center of the army, her eyes and ears vigilante for any soldier foolish enough to be out.  Roof stopped when she heard voice in one of the larger tents, slowly walking over as she listened over the rain and thunder.
“The emperor is fucking insane, chacing after some fairytail of a myth. A woman that can create gods? Thats the type of shit you hear from some half baked stoner.”
“Well do ya want to go up to the emperor an’ say that to hi’ face?”
“Hell fuck no, would rather be stuck out side like fucking Relin.”
She continued to listen as she walked away, her goal set in her mind. 
It wasn’t hard to find the emperor's tent, overly rich colors and the size made it easy to differ from the generals, and was even easier to sneak into the emperor's tent. Roof quickly scaled the poles, peering down at the table from the rafters, a smirk on her lips at the sight of the Emperor and generals meeting.
“Your highness, what is even the point of having the army here if there is nothing!” One of the Generals demanded as the Emperor sat in a chair, looking over the map.
“You have our men chasing fairytales, your majesty,” One of the older generals said, his face stoney as he looked the emperor in the eyes, “they are restless and confused about why we are trying to get into ruins.”
The Emperor stood, his yellow eyes uncaring as he looked at his generals and advisers. 
“Do you know the story of this world General Endton?” The stoney face man nodded as the Emperor walked up to him.
“Then tell me our history,” The Emperor got in Endtons face, his face passive, “And tell it well enough I might share my reasons.”
Roof watched as Endton wove the story of the end, how the old gods forsaken themselves for power, that the god of this world had enough of the corruption and created a new one for his people. Nothing she hadn’t heard before to justify the conquering of lands.
“But we were different, in that our empire was made not by a god from the old world but from the ideals of a kingdom that made the god that created this world.” Roof raised an eyebrow as she focused back on the story.
“A book given to us to cull those forsaken gods, about the truth in where the gods' powers lie. It was not the gods themselves that had the knowledge of their powers but a people made to train them, they were called the divine. From this our ancestors from the old world discovered that to free the gods and make them Holy, they must destroy the divine’s influence.”
Endton made to continue but the Emperor raised his hand, silencing him.
“And from this our ancestors made the mistake of killing all but two of the divine, leading to their eventual destruction by the hands of the most powerful of the divine, as the emperor was god at the time.” The Emperor paused, the tension in the room raising as he continued.
“No I am going to do what the ancestors could not think of doing,” The Emperor raised his arm, a smirk adorning his face, “I am going to make myself the most powerful empire using the last divine.”
Roof felt her breath catch in her throat as the generals mutter below her, her mind going back to memories she thought she had buried.
She huffed as she ran out of the hall, her books in her arms as she finally made it to the courtyard. Rufus quickly walked over to her counter of the yard, in between the lilies and the roses. She opened her book as the large doors of the temple opened, causing everyone to look. She huffed and continued to read as voices echoed from the hall, the words of spells and their effects being more important. Rufus' ears twitched as she heard her name being said by the high priest. 
“In the corner is the girl I was talking about,” The priest pointed for the man beside him,”Rufus is the daughter of our most powerful mage and has already surpassed most of our warriors in combat, both in magic and weapons. She will be helping you along with her mother when you get to the more abstract parts of being a god.”
Rufus glanced up, locking eyes with the new god, his eyes an awful yellow. She felt like he was looking at her to sell her. 
“She looks young,” the man muttered, not taking his eyes off her. The priest sighed as he explained.
“She is sadly young for her titles, no doubt due how she was born outside the city, but she has earned them as any other person in this city.” The priest guided the man back into the hall.
“Come now, there is still much to see before you start training.” She frowned as the bell rang, tugging her book back into her backpack. A strange god, she thought, as she headed to the arena, one I do not wish to see again.
She saw him again when he burned her city to the ground.
Roof jerked as a scout came through the flaps of the tent, her eyes wide with relief. 
“Your Majesty,” She said as she bowed, “We have found out from the locals that not only does the last of the divine reside here but also the high god.” The Emperor walked forward, tilling the scouts chin up, looking her in the eyes.
“Anything else?” The Emperor demanded as the scout shivered, from fear or chill Roof couldn’t tell.
“The divine has a house not far from here and the god is there as well, about three miles away.” The scout dropped her head when the Emperor stood. 
“Men,” He raised his arms with a grin on his face, “The time has come for us to take the power from this corrupt god and make the world holy, and with the guidance of the divine unfairly trapped in the god’s sway we will rule the world!” The Emperor smirked as the generals roared their approval as the scout ran out of the tent. Roof breathed, gathering the power that flows through her veins as she dropped on the table starling everyone.
“Your mistake,” She said, her tone calm as she dropped her hood, “Is that you are not the first to seek to use me.” Roof raised her sword, as the Emperor looked at her stunned.
“There is a reason that we were called the divine,” Roof said as her eyes glowed green, energy crackling around her, “And why you should always fear the fury of those that protect the god.” The Emperor and Generals had a moment before the world lit up brightly as lightning struck the tent.
The whole city was on fire as several people tried to stop the flames, warriors rushing to where the city told them to protect. Rufus ran through the smoke, pushing through the crowds to get home as the city screamed in her ears, both the people and the spirit itself. She coughed as she made it to her home, tears in her eyes as she called for her mother.
Roof felt the roar of the thunder as the army sprang to life around her, holding her sword as she muttered indications, her blade radiating heat as spell after spell was casted on it, burning a brilliant white. She cut through the soldiers that tried to stop her, destroying units with a flick of her sword and commanding the storm to destroy what her sword could not.
Rufus ran up the stairs to her mothers office, bursting the door open to her mother being restrained by the new god. He turned to her, his sick yellow eyes sparkling as he gestured for the men with him to grab her.
She heard the dragons before she saw them, large bastardized beasts of what were old world dragons, deadly as much as they were ugly. The stallion landed in front while the flock surrounded her. She narrowed her eyes as she softly spook her spell.
“Thaous lamos kythano atlareayn pathosdus foulic AVENTOUS” She roared as light shined from her sword, piercing the ground. The Dragons screamed as the light burned their flesh, leaving sun bleached skeletons.
Rufus held back tears as the city's screams grew louder, the army surrounding slowly closing in. 
The god smiled as the city was destroyed, the emotions of the god making her nauseous. The god turned to her and her mother, a gleam in his eyes that made her want to vomit.
“Let’s see who is the best of the divine,” He grinned, showing his rotting teeth, “The best will live to teach the greatest god this world has ever seen!” 
Roof stood among the wreckage of the army when she heard a blade drawn. She turned to see the emperor standing with a blade darker than a moonless night. He growled, swinging his blade as she meet him with her own. They fought, each time the blades met silver embers flared. Roof hiss as the Emperor’s blade caught her chest, a long cut through her armor as she started to bleed.
Rufus stood over her mother as tears ran down her face, the blade held over her head. Her mother smiled with tears in her eyes as she told Rufus what she was going to do. She closed her eyes as her mother screamed the spell, swinging the sword down-
Roof stopped holding back, easily countering the emperor and casting aside his blade. She forced him on his knees as the ashes of the tents swirled around them, the rain making the fires sputter and snap.  Roof stood over him, her blade burning the rain that touched it, her eyes glowing with the power of the divine.
“Your mistake, emperor,” She said as she raise her sword, “Is that you threaten what I hold dear, and your ancestor paid that price.” She looked him in the eyes, gold blood flowing from the wound across her chest, and showed him her true arua. 
“And you will as well.” She cut off his head as lightning flashed.
Rufus stood above the emperor, the man begging for his life as if her mother’s corpse wasn’t bleeding behind him.
“Your mistake,” She hiss as she brought the blade about her, “Was made the day you kill my city and now you will pay the price.” She plunged the sword in his chest, the god looking at her in fear as she looked at him. “I forsake any god that comes from this empire,” She hissed, her eyes burning green, “And any god that forsakes the city will fall to their own hubris.”
She pulled the rain to put out the fires, pulling the water to wash away the ruins of what was once the greatest army in the world. Roof looked over the massacre, as she lifted the enchantments not finding any sympathy for the ones left alive. 
Roof looked one last time before heading to the forest, the trees moving to hide her as she headed home.
Roof sighed as she healed herself in the kitchen, her armor and sword hidden in her room. The soft glow of gold faded as the cut healed completely. 
She leaned against the sink, taking a deep breath as she thought about the god. After everything, after never being able to make a home without worrying about those wishing to use her, to kill her for parts, to enslave her, she still has to worry about that god. Roof felt her hand shake as she started to cry, tear drops falling into the sink as she cries about her city, her home and her mother.
She takes a breath and stands up, her eyes set in determination as she looks for the book of wards, determine to not lose her family again.
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theroofcat · 33 minutes ago
The one of a kind (because time still moves on)
Roof stared silently at the sky, the galaxy and stars bright against the blackness of space.
"You know, I hate this," she whispered softly, "I hate waiting to see you again." 
She pulled up her legs, wrapping her arms around her.
"Over 70 eons and I still can't figure out how to keep you alive," she felt the tears in her eyes as she looked at the sky.
"Over 70 eons and I'm still left behind because of time," she dropped her head on her knees, sobs bubbling in her throat.
"I'm still the only one alive," she whispered as she looked at the graves, a giant oak cradling crystal graves as she cried silently.
"Over 70 eons and I am alone again."
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lopmon1234 · 34 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Wizarmon: even when I collapsed, no one stopped to help me. I thought my death would come all too soon... until you came.
Wizardmon: the one day, I fell from the sky and crashed, and no one stopped to help me. I thought I was a goner, until you came.
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theroofcat · 34 minutes ago
Our Choice
It was weird moving from one world together, Roof thought, kind of push and pull not unlike that of a swing.
Albeit a very powerful and deadly swing, but a swing all the same.
Being as old as she was, she felt the shift of the world's energy collapsed. She was with Lily at the time, asking if she knew what was happening. They both felt the change.
The city cried for her to come back, louder than it had been for years. It was hard to focus but she managed. She and the city argued for three days before the city won. Her compromise was Lily coming with her. 
When they finally made it she felt the world shifting and crumbling as she stepped within the boundaries of the city. The feeling of the cracks disappeared as they both stopped and listened. 
It was peaceful, solid ground and reality, as birds and insects sounded in the distance. The ruins glowing as vines and plants covered them, the lavender stone bright against the green leaves.
"So this is the city?" Lily looked around at the ruins, judging them as Roof heard the city judge her back.
"Yup, home sweet home," She said grimmising as the city grumbled about a witch being in it's lines. 'Shut up, she's my squishy' she hissed back as the city pouted.
"How long until the world is completely destroyed?," Roof asked as she walked down the path, Lily snapping her gaze to her.
"A minute," Lily looked back at the barrier, watching as the ground and reality crumbled.
Roof looked at her, her ears falling down as she put her pack on the ground. She walked over to Lily as she stared at the blanket space that was the world. She saw tears falling down Lily's face as She opened her arms.
"Do you want a hug," she asked softly, as Lily turned and  nodded, buried herself into her friend.  Roof stood there as her squishy started to sob, the ruins of the city silent, not even a bird chirping as she looked at the emptiness of what was her old world.
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theroofcat · 42 minutes ago
Old Ruins
Do you see those pillars, broken and chipped?
See the sun rise above vine covered ruins, of hollow shells of proud buildings?
The people who make these ruins kill those that made this city, hungry for freedom and hungry for power.
Do you know what these people where?
They were builders, tailors, bakers. They were fighters, archers and leaders.
They were the ones who trained gods, the ones who guided the new gods in to their power, the ones who took the god in so they would not be alone.
They were an old race, one person could live for over a million years and the oldest known person being two million.
But because they lived so long children were rare, making this city our place of birth and home 
So those that feared our power came down on the city, there were only so many fighters, only so many archers and few leaders.
They slaughtered us.
Walking among the ruins, I wonder if this was meant to destroy the world. They all knew our purpose, yet they cut us down.
I don't know how long it's been but the gods that once came to learn and be alive are gone.
The tradition that protected the world from corrupted gods broke and with it the world. 
So I watched, the last of my kind as the world aged, empires and kingdoms rising and falling, gods living and dying.
I tried to fix my city, I tired so hard but all that is left is ruins. The only thing kept the same is the garden and my home.
But maybe it's time I build something new, something that is not the past. So I let down the guard's to my city and watch.
The new god has found the city, even in ruins it calls to the god, singing for hope for it.
The city sings for those that need it, from the smallest of crabs to those across dimensions.
And my city sings for me to join, to live again and love again.
So I looked at the ruins of my city and hum the song it sings
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aamitmorthos · 51 minutes ago
Aamit! I have an important message for you!
Tumblr media
No I love you and you're a cool friend 🥺!
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michael-muliona-arts · 53 minutes ago
y'allllll i gotta discord server im lonellllyyy
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goldenraisins · 58 minutes ago
Bro same I decided to become a computer science major for whatever self hating reason and literally half my code is not working and it’s due tomorrow 😫
NOOO 😭😭😭 we are in the same boat <///3 compsci sounds SO rough tho i hope the lines work out !! 🧿🧿
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starlatte27 · an hour ago
At first my head was like “I wanna post some fanart! :D I wanna reblog from my buddies!” but now my trust is going haywire and I honestly feel as if I could just..... I dont even know what to do with myself at this point. I would cry like yesterday but my body wont let me and my mother’s in the room with me. I would get out all of my emotions at once but that would just catch the attention of my neighboors. I just feel... drained. Over a goddamn typo... they did all this to me over a goddamn a month old typo.... what the actual fuck man.  And it happened RIGHT after I blocked one of them too. This cant be a coisidence... it just cant. I need to sleep I cant deal with this shit right now 😟 
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curiousscientistkae · an hour ago
how many people following me recently or in the past while don’t realize i am the dumbass that dubbed the Ruby x Jaune ship Lancaster cause I was a nerd sone SOME-FUCKIN-HOW it stuck
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starconch · an hour ago
Tumblr media
☆ 𝐋𝐈𝐘𝐔𝐄 𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐁𝐎𝐑 !! ꒰ 🍜 ꒱ؘ ࿐ ࿔*:・゚
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