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Tumblr media
Cover designs from the official Hanyo no Yashahime manga drawn by Shiina Takashi.
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mama-ino · 15 hours ago
A heated cheek
As the group traveled through a small city, he noticed something. Something that hadn't settled well in his chest. Perhaps it was the lingering stares or quiet flirtatious greetings she'd receive, but it made his stomach turn.
It finally hit him as blood rushed to his cheeks, was he jealous?
Jealous of her smiling hellos, her light touches to a strangers hand, the gentleness of her laughter-
Damn it.
He pushed forward standing at her side, quickly catching her attention, "Sesshomaru?" She saw his cheeks dusted a light pink, was he angry?
He pulled his large pelt from around his shoulders, wrapping it firmly around her.
"Oi, what gives," Inuyasha grumbled clearly annoyed.
Quickly after his eyes met hers, he turned grabbing her around the waist, "Be silent welp," he growled at him. Kagome squeaked as he tugged her closer, "And you." He watched her visibly gulp, causing his face to heat once more, "Enough of that."
Flustered and confused, Kagome finally found her words as his firm hand pressed against her ribs, "Enough of...?"
He turned his tinted cheeks from her, "Just enough miko." He peeked at her from the corner of his eyes, finally murmuring, "You do not play fair."
Kagome's face went red, why the hell did that make her tummy flip flop?
Tumblr media
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sessrin-eternity2 · a day ago
I got my permits from one of my dearest friends @sessrincanon ❤️ Thank you dear! ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There is so much stuff going and that's going to happen. I'm excited! Are you? (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡
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mermaider00 · 2 days ago
Everyone just imagine when Rin finally gets out of the tree and wakes up for real, no longer cursed. Her daughters hold her after saving her and help her stand and mama is just beside herself staring at their pretty faces and tells them over and over again that she loves them, she’s never stopped loving them since the moment their father told her she was pregnant with them, and how proud of them she is and also how sorry that they were all separated. She gives lots of kisses and cuddles to her babies, big babies now, and the girls just melt because it’s their mama
And then Sesshomaru flies over to them and sees Rin awake and standing on her feet, though she’s a bit wobbly. Instantly she calls out to him but she can’t run just yet. Sesshomaru then smiles, the first smile of the show from him and possibly the warmest smile he’s ever made in the whole series. His wife is okay and so are their daughters. His entire family is together. He zips over to them in a flash to kiss Rin and hold all of them 🥺🥺
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savethelastdan · 2 days ago
loving leads to bleeding (and your beauty is a blessing)
SessKagu off-shoot of this one except Akinori lives :) 
originally written for @sweepingtree 
When fourteen-year-old Akinori returns from the fortune teller’s home, he is ashen and quiet. 
This is not like his son, so Sesshomaru waits until the sky is dark and everyone else has retired, before going to the witch’s home himself. 
He hears of a future where he once again wanders alone; where hope sleeps away the years under a blanket of ice and snow; and Kagura screams curses at his back as she folds herself over their child’s corpse. 
Beneath his choking grip, the fortune-teller croaks a curse, if he is to intervene in fate’s design once again. “Your wife, your human daughter - when will it be enough? You must learn to accept grief, instead of forcing it’s hand.”  
But of all things, this is not one that Sesshomaru will accept. 
The Panther King dies the next morning, and Akinori turns fifteen.
“Mama, when will I have a spider mark like yours?” 
Kagura stills. From the hot spring’s shallow end, Akinori’s bright eyes watch her lips curve down. 
His mother is pretty, and thus so is her frown; but he feels guilty all the same. After all, the rare times she frowns are usually because of Papa, not because of him. 
“You won’t.” Dipping her hands in the water, Kagura scrubs at her neck as she answers. “The man who put this mark on Mama is gone now.” 
“Dead.” When she says it, her lip curls, and since it’s halfway to a smile Akinori feels a bit better. 
He’s five years old, so he knows what death is, of course. Death is the time his big sister burst into tears because a bird flew into the side of the door during a storm; the thing that means he has only a sword waiting for him to grow up, no grandfather to go with it; the girl named Kanna his mother talks about when he sits on her lap by the looking-glass.
Death is sad, most of the time. But from the way his mother smiles as she wades over to wash his hair, maybe it isn’t always. 
“You’re sulking.” It is a statement, not a scolding. And yet, Akinori shrinks when he hears his father’s voice come up behind him. 
Pouting, he pokes his head around the trunk of the tree. Sesshomaru stands there, arms loose at his sides, and waits. 
“It’s not fair.” He points one claw towards the bottom of the hill, where his favorite cousin is still playing with the annoying boy from the demon slayer tribe. “She’s younger than me, how come she’s taller?” 
Sesshomaru scoffs in the back of his throat. “What a thing to fuss about.” 
Akinori is only eight years old, but he burns with what someday will be dubbed a righteous adolescent rage at his father’s refusal to take this seriously. “Papaaaaaa. I’m the strongest one, I should be the leader. But Minako said it had to be the tallest - “
“She’s taller because you have more demon blood. It will take longer for you to grow up.” Sesshomaru’s gold eyes glance over his son; Akinori doesn’t notice, but his wife or even his sister in law could hear the admittance beneath his words that this is not something he dislikes. When Akinori only pouts further, he moves to let a hand rest on his son’s head. “Let her be the leader for now.”
“But - “ 
“Akinori.” Sesshomaru’s thumb grazes the half-moon on the boy’s forehead; the mark of their family. “Let her.” 
The unfairness of it all puts the exclamation out of his chest, as he shoves his father’s hand away. “Ugh, why?” 
Sesshomaru sighs; his hands return to his sides. “Because you will outlive her.” 
Later, Kagura will scold him for saying it like that (as though she is anything other than blunt, herself). Because Akinori is eight, and hearing his father speak so calmly of his family passing away is scary. Scary enough that, when it is time to leave, he wraps his arms around Minako’s neck and shrieks. 
I’ll save you like Papa saved Big Sister Rin! 
Four parents discuss it in hushed (and extremely frustrated) tones that night; Akinori never finds out exactly what they say. 
So death, he thinks, half-asleep on Jaken’s shoulder as he’s carried out of his aunt and uncle’s hut, isn’t only something that happens to people he’s never met. 
It’s something to be feared. 
Pulling the blanket over his shoulder, Kagura sits on the side of her son’s bed. Though she’s watched Akinori sleep his whole life, since becoming a teenager he’s found it creepy. Whenever he complains, she just laughs and admits that she can’t help it. 
“It’s like my heart is outside of my chest again, only this time it’s wandering the world and getting into trouble,”  she says to Sesshomaru once. At the time, he hadn’t said a word. But the slight dip in his chin made it clear he’d understood. 
Now, her husband stands in the door, head held high. Some might think it means he’s proud; but Kagura’s spent too many years by his side to be fooled. 
“She said that he was fated to die.” 
Air rips away from her lungs, ready to fasten itself into a sharp weapon; Kagura forces it back, not willing to wake her child. “When?”
“His birthday.” Sesshomaru unfolds the mokomoko from his shoulders as he speaks. When it drops to the floor, out of the corner of her eye Kagura marks spots of blood staining the white. “It has been prevented.”
She thinks of Kohaku, showing off his latest successful hunt to a line of nieces and nephews; Rin, smiling and laughing within a huge crowd of villagers; her own reflection, growing older in the mirror. “Good. I wouldn’t let you come back here otherwise.” 
The statement is an unspoken allowance for him to come closer, and he does. Their sleeves brush as Sesshomaru settles beside her. “The witch spoke of consequences.” 
She says it without thinking. “Whatever they are, they’re worth it.”
For a moment, they are silent; both entirely focused on the sleeping boy. Kagura regains focus first, turning to look her husband full in the face. A speck of blood marks his brow, and she brushes it away with her finger. 
“It’s quite a lot of trouble, loving something this much.” She tries to keep her tone light; it doesn’t quite work, with the weariness in Sesshomaru’s eyes. Kagura lets one hand rest on his shoulder, and the other on the slight swell hidden beneath her robes. “Do you think your heart can handle another?” 
Akinori turns fifteen. He is gifted the sword that fights death, and a fan that makes corpses dance. His confidence in wielding each makes his sister shake her head in disbelief, and his mother show all her teeth in a smile. 
His father’s servant, Jaken, drinks too much and tells him the story of his birth. How he, the spawn of a wind demon, had no air in his lungs. How it was only the sword now hanging at his hip that saved him. 
“And now he’s gone and messed with things again! Oh, please try not to worry Lord Sesshomaru anymore, Akinori,” Jaken wails, wobbling back and forth as his eyes roll back. “I don’t think any of us could survive it if you do.” 
Akinori goes to his father, that night, and cries in his chest like a child. Because whether it scares him or saddens him, love is a bigger part of his story than death will ever be.
“It’s quite a lot of trouble, loving something this much.” She tries to keep her tone light; it doesn’t quite work, with the weariness in Sesshomaru’s eyes. Kagura lets one hand rest on his shoulder, and the other on the slight swell hidden beneath her robes. “Do you think your heart can handle another?” 
Sesshomaru’s lips part, but whatever he plans to say never makes it out; instead, he freezes, chest expanding in an inhale. 
“What is it?” Alarm sends her heart pounding hard against her ribcage as her husband’s yokai energy heats and expands, turning the edges of her vision red. 
He reaches over, clearly fighting to be gentle, and pulls the blanket down. Kagura swears under her breath, blood running cold.
On the back of one shoulder, a brown spider’s mark stains Akinori’s skin. 
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animepopheart · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
★ 【Mmmilk_】 「 1 / 2 」 ☆ ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter
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akiema · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
★ SESSHOMARU ★ Hanyo no Yashahime EP 15
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leemon-jam · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
I have better thing to do (like sleeping) but I decided to do this instead... add more!
EdIIIIt: because of some comments I'll explain myself:
This does not measure the furry level of the characters but YOUR level, so if you like chat, you are 45% furry, if you feel attacked please don't be, this is a JOKE.
Saying that let's explain the rest:
5% - human with animal references: when a character is abt to go ape sh!t and it is shown with a animal reference (nagisa "becomes" a snake, karasuno members' eyes change or crows appear in the bg) you get excited and make you feel things. I have a crush on Noya so I KNOW 😂😂
30% - humans with animal traits: the fact that they share a personality trait with an animal makes you adore them more, mostly if that trait is cute or dangerous.
45% - humans with animal theme transformation: ngl I meant to go straight for the k!nk 😋
50% - half/half: self explanatory, you dont mind the tail, claws, ears and similar, in fact, you think that makes them more attractive and I dont judge you... I understand you.
69% - With human and animal shape: probably you're more into the human but you are aware that the other shape exist... and it doesn't bother you at all.
80% - animal with human features: self explanatory, no need to elaborate.
97% - animals: I'd seen some people questioning abt why Toothless is in the same place as Kovu... well, I've seen things on the internet that will forever hunt me.
Why there isnt a 100%?: 100% is for people who can't be saved...
Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
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sessrin-eternity2 · 2 days ago
Sesshomaru Frames Part 63
Single Sesshomaru frames scenes.
Tumblr media
11. Determined-Maru!
Tumblr media
12. Sessrin Telepathy while gazing at each other, so romantic.🌙💜🧡🍈
Tumblr media
13. Wondering how Kagome knows about Kirinmaru.
Tumblr media
14. Looking at his mini Rins.
Tumblr media
15. Deep in his thoughts, he's fanboying about his mini Rins.
Tumblr media
16. He can't take his eyes off mini Rins.
Tumblr media
17. He's got a face of curiosity.
Tumblr media
18. A meet up with little half brother and sister in law to stop comet.
Tumblr media
19. He's ready to cut that comet in half!
Tumblr media
20. He's so small!
Single Frames Incomplete.
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m-oshun · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
my hands were so shaky trying to draw but missing drawing hours. hope everyone is safe and as well as they can be right now. :,)
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cyakox · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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