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#sessrin is cute
two-tied-heartsa day ago
Theory: The new preview with Sesshomaru carrying Rin is not taking her to give birth but after Zero tries to put the spell on her.聽
Tumblr media
First we have this photo. This was from another preview from I believe it was last month. I believe that this is when Zero first tries to put Rin under the sleep and binding spell.聽
Tumblr media
This photo is Sesshomaru cutting what appears to be a whole different type of butterfly from the purple one. My theory for this green one is that it鈥檚 what was responsible for the sleep and possible binding spell. So I think that Zero used it to at least put her to sleep temporarily but Sesshomaru cuts it so Rin wouldn鈥檛 be put completely in the sleep and binding spell.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
After he cuts the butterfly, he calls Ah-Un for a speedy getaway. To explain why he鈥檚 with Ah-Un he could have called for him just incase something went south. I really think Rin got to raise her babies because why would Setsuna have her memories if Rin was in the sleep spell?
On Twitter, it has been theorized that the two pictures above is when he takes Rin so she can give birth but if that were the case wouldn't her belly be, I don鈥檛 know, HUGE? Woman with who have twins, usually have big stomachs. And considering her body size, she would be all belly. And I don鈥檛 see one here. You鈥檇 think the animators would know that right?
Just a reminder this is only a theory. This scene could be when he takes her to give birth but we don鈥檛 know yet. This is my theory on why that isn鈥檛 the case. We will have to find out when the episode with this in it happens.聽I am in no way trying to take your guy鈥檚 fun away.聽
What do you guys think?
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fr6zen8 months ago
This made my heart melt... Dang... You hit me right at the feels bruv...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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eeriemagician8 months ago
Oh. My. God. Kill me. KIIIIIL ME FOR FINDING THIS SO CUTE. I CAN'T. *squeals* *fangirl overload*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Credits to the author: Just.A.Weeb (pinterest)
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sessrincanon2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Still be soooooooo unbelievable & excited!!!Our SessRin couple reunited and meet us in such a romantic scene!!!鉂わ笍馃槝馃寛馃拹馃憦鉁煄
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haru-writesa year ago
Rin: do you think I can fit 15 marshmallows in my mouth at once?
Sesshoumaru: i love you but you're a hazard to society
Inuyasha: and a coward. Do twenty.
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dearmisskittya month ago
Tumblr media
This a sticker available at
It can be used in mobile/digital chat or physically printed and shipped worldwide!
I was blessed to be a part of the website's amazing project, and many other artists have their designs available as well. Show your support for our beloved community!
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anime-top-arts5 months ago
Tumblr media
Sessrin week day 7: Eternal Love
It鈥檚 the first time i drew them, and gladly i found some time to make this ^ ^聽
Don鈥檛 repost without my permission and always give the credits to me.聽
(I was going to draw them under a cherry blossom tree but i didn鈥檛 have enough time so i decided to draw something else for the background, maybe one day i鈥檒l make a different background haha).
i hope you enjoy ~聽
- By Animetoparts/MaLockser ~
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princess-towa-positivity7 months ago
HNY - Episode 20 PTP鈥檚 thoughts
Ok first, let's be clear.
I have sooooo much to say, but I'll keep it simple.聽
I want to share with you a few thoughts I had during the episode.
To begin with, let's not forget that the flashback is told by Setsuna herself. So that means she's telling from what she can remember.
What hit me so hard is that she was scared to say the least from A-Un鈥檚 presence because she didn't know (or remember) him.
Tumblr media
And then, Grandpa Jaken, hiding behind A-Un, talk to her while trying to make it looks like it's A-Un talking.
And then she says this.
Tumblr media
A voice she couldn't quite place.
Like, she has a feeling that she heard that voice before, but she has forgotten it.
That would make sens, if like in episode 15, Jaken said he would take care of them, in a role of caretaker.聽
After she's introduced to Miss Shiori and the hidden village, two hanyous asked her about her parents.
She gets sad and says this.
Tumblr media
I felt so sad for her. I had a feeling she wants to remember, but she just can鈥檛.
Now, there is still so much we have to learn.
You remember the frame in the opening about feet running in the fire and some people stated that those feet might be Rin's? I personnaly think that those feet looks more like children鈥檚 feet.
Tumblr media
I have to say that after this episode, I'm quite positive that Rin was in the forest as well.
My theory is that she found Setsuna, alone (Or Zero/Kirinmaru found her first, who knows?) and she had to sacrifice herself for her safety. The price? The dream butterfly comes in play.
Setsuna forget everything.
It鈥檚 basically the only thing I鈥檓 quite certain. Because after the fire, Setsuna already forgot about her twin sister, Towa.聽
What I鈥檓 glad of is that Sesshoumaru, Papa of the year, made sure she was taking care of. I mean, sending gifts and instructions without explanation is so fitting. You can鈥檛 deny that.聽
Tumblr media
I鈥檓 glad and grateful we got to learn her life journey. She grew so much through the year.聽
Now, Kudos to this scene which I ABSOLUTLY ADORE. I鈥檝e already stated multiple time how much I love Towa, but I can鈥檛 deny my love for Setsuna. Her developing character from the beginning is so amazing. Look at how soft and comfortable she鈥檚 getting with her sister, even teasing her!聽
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This episode made quite clear that yes, she is Sesshoumaru鈥檚 daughter, but without a shred of a doubt, Rin鈥檚 daughter.聽
I didn鈥檛 anticipate to have a post this long, I鈥檓 sorry! I guess I really loved it 馃グ
I will talk about my thoughts about Episode 21鈥瞫 preview in another post.
Have a good day guys!聽
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cheesomaru8 months ago
You know what, I'm going to say it.
I think Yashahime will have a second season.
Despite what some fans see as controversial, it was the 4th most watched daytime anime in Japan in 2020, and its trended quite a bit on twitter! It also has characters that reached the top 100 in Animage Magazine, though I'm sure that's just hard-core subscribers.
Good on you Yashahime!
Another reason why I think there could be a second season is the way they have been talking about Riku. Or in general, the antagonists of Yashahime. You have Kirinmaru, Riku, and now Zero. They all seem pretty serious villains. And even in some interviews, they talk about whether the girls will be strong enough to defeat Kirinmaru.
So what if they aren't strong enough? Or maybe they defeat Zero, freeing Rin from from her sleep, take back Setsuna's memories, but everything else is left unresolved?? And Kirinmaru escapes, but not before injuring Sesshoumaru (because otherwise he is too powerful to stick around).
So then that would leave things up in the air for season 2. We get Rin back, but Sesshoumaru is temporarily of the picture, which in turn let's the three Yashahimes continue trying to fight Kirinmaru. I'm not sure how Inu//kag fits into this, but they could come back into the story only to be de-powered as well (I should emphasis no one is dying here, unless they are a new character).
I could be wrong as well and everything wraps up nicely. But I don't think Sunrise would do that. I definitely think there will be a second season. There's so much of the inuyasha world left to explore.
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