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Chapel of Our Lady of the Snows, Belgrano II Base, Antarctica
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architecture firm CLS Architetti in a 16th century church
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younger seteth n lil flayn
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oh btw! while i generally dont do requests feel free to drop me literally any ORAS character and a pride flag anytime
depending on how im feeling it might take a while n it might be a more fully finished thing or it might just b a sketch w colors but i can at least promise something!
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obsessed with how many cow-related things are in the set design for hilary’s house
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thought I should get started on a few interior spaces in my teapot for razor, kazuha, and gorou :3
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most undesirable || (M)
Tumblr media
Spring has sprung and engagement is on the forefront of all of Regency London's young ladies' minds. All except for yours, of course– the Queen's niece who a certain notorious author has named the Ton's most undesirable.
pairing: lord!jungkook x lady!reader
word count: 5k
genre: BRIDGERTON AU, regency era, angst, eventual smut
warnings: cocaine usage (not oc or jk), oc has dead parents
A/N: this fic was commissioned by the lovely Baby. As per her request, it features me and our beloved izzy! please do let me know if you would like a part two, i have big plans for whats to come next ;)
Tumblr media
A word of profanity left your painted lips as the outsoles of your lace-up boots danced across the limestone floor of the palace, making haste but not in a manner that was unbecoming, your head held high despite your mood running low.
You reached the door of Her Majesty's room with purpose, hands fiddling with the satin of your dress to make sure it covered your shoes. It wasn't that you didn't appreciate the influx of garments your dear aunt had gifted you upon your arrival. Still, the heels Her Majesty had deemed in style this season were particularly uncomfortable. She would no doubt grow sour to see you parading in countryside shoes in her home.
"Your highness." One of the oldest guards snickered, his eyes flicking towards you knowingly as he and another guard moved to open the grand doors to their Queen's private quarters.
You crunched your nose, "Shh." 
Of course, the guards had already read the paper… Rotten gossips.
Willing a smile onto your face, you were let into the room. Your aunt sat at her sofa, the furniture floral in design, its fabric dyed a luxurious red. Between her hands were the source of your dismay, the newest Lady Whistledown papers fresh off the press. 
You hadn't had the pleasure of reading this week's issue personally, but word traveled outrageously fast in the palace; both maids and guards suckers for a good scandal. You knew quite intimately the matter of its content as you were the matter of its content.
"Ah. Niece. There you are.” The Queen called you over, setting the paper down beside her unceremoniously.
You walked closer stiffly, "Aunt Charlotte, you wished to speak to me?"
"You know I adore you, don't you? You're like a breath of fresh air in this miserably dull palace."
Your once tense shoulders relaxed instantly, taking comfort in knowing she hadn't called you in for a scolding.
"It is you that lights up every room you enter, your Majesty." You bowed your head slightly, knowing well that flattery was your best line of defense should the tides change against you. 
"I do, don't I?" She agreed with a grin, before it fell off her face suddenly. "Sorry– whatever were we talking about?"
"Ah, yes! Well, there's no point mincing words. I'm sure you've seen it by now. I mean, can you believe it? That sorrowful sow Whistledown attempting to soil the reputation of my bloodline with such a frivolous title as… as…" She snapped her fingers, forgetting the word she was looking for.
The sound echoed throughout her enormous chambers, currently barren as your aunt was in the process of renovating.
"Ice Princess." You reminded her quietly. She tutted her tongue in recognition.
"How tactless, how tasteless! It is me who sets reputations. Not her. No, no, this simply won't do."
You watched in silence as she pinched the bridge of her nose.
"Remind me, darling. Why weren't you at the Danbury Ball?"
You shifted, thinking back on the excuse you had given her, "I was… ill."
It was a lie, of course. You had been feeling quite well actually when notice of the ball came 'round. But could anyone fault you? Ballrooms and gowns weren't exactly your area of expertise.
Growing up, your mother and your aunt couldn't be more different; you often heard stories of the two sisters butting heads from your grandfather. One sister went on to marry the king of England, the other a humble traveling merchant. One stood throne in England; the other lived simply in France's countryside. Despite their differences, it was no secret that your aunt loved her older sister dearly, writing to her often in hopes of convincing her to come move to England. When she learned that your mother was with child, she even went as far as to purchase land for her sister and soon to be niece.
But your mother was every bit as stubborn as she was kind. She loved her husband and the life she had built with him, staying by his side until she passed last year. Your poor father was grief-stricken; by eight months, the stress on his heart had become too much, dying nearly a year after your mother.
It was your aunt who had reached out first, offering her deepest condolences and, far more noticeably, all the money you could ever need and your very own suite in the palace.
You weren't exactly sure why you had agreed to such a lucrative proposal. You, much like your mother, adored the countryside and the small town you grew up in. And perhaps that was why you agreed, not to move in, but instead to visit. She was family, after all, something you didn't have very much of left, though you have since come to know of a cousin Friedrich, recently married to an Edwina Sharma that your aunt raved on and on about.
In the week you had been here, you had come to know far more about British aristocracy than you ever wished to know, entirely out of your element amidst the corsets and personal maids. Only recently had you managed to lower your number of attending maids to two, a far cry from the original seven you were greeted with.
You did your best to fit in, but you were no fool. You knew nothing of soireés– or how to dance for that matter, so the moment your aunt spoke of a ball, you knew you had to conjure up some excuse as to why you woefully must decline.
"Exactly! For heaven's sake, you were ill. How dare Whistledown suggest otherwise." She gestured at the staff in the room as though they were her audience.
The sound of the Queen's chamber doors being thrown stole the attention of everyone in the room. Unsurprising to you, two young maids barreling in, tripping on each other.
"S-Sorry, Your Majesty!" The blonde stuttered out.
The brunette nodded in agreement, "Our apologies, Your Majesty. We didn't know where her highness had gone–"
"–We came running as soon as we realized she had snuck off."
Isabella and Roselia. Of course. Your two personal maids. You had only just managed to shake them from your trail when you heard the news that the Queen had sent for you. You should have figured they'd inevitably catch up with you.
They were pleasant enough company, the duo were quite funny, actually, but the constant shadowing was something you learned you rather detested. You understood they were under strict orders by the Queen to ensure your every need was attended to but still… surely even nobility understood the concept of wanting to have a moment alone?
"Oh— Are we interrupting something?" Roselia's cheeks went pink, eyes running over the room as she took note of the Queen's pursed mouth. "We'll just… we can wait outside actually."
"Outside, right! We'll be just outside." Isabella chimed in, heading bowing as the brunette maid yanked her back and out of the room.
"Sorry for the intrusion!"
You stifled a snicker, watching as the young maids slipped back out of the Queen's chambers, shutting the grand doors as they went. Your aunt merely rolled her eyes at the bumbling maids.
Suddenly, her Majesty sniffed, and it was as if a switch had been flipped. All her maids ran towards her, offering handkerchiefs as if their life depended on it. You nearly laughed at such a ridiculous display of servitude, but seeing as you had spent well over a week in the palace, you had become accustomed to such theatrics.
"Whistledown is right about one thing, you know." Queen Charlotte said as her nose was blotted at. "Everyone needs to meet you. And meet you they shall."
In surprise, you pulled your eyes from the doting maids, "They shall?"
"Certainly. We shall have a ball. Here in the palace, of course."
You felt your stomach plummet into your leather-bound boots, your aunt's words echoing.
"All of London's marriage-minded ladies and lords are to be invited. We'll show Whistledown just how splendid you are. Oh! How glorious if you were to find a suitor! That certainly would put to rest that frozen title once and for all."
Just faintly, you could make out the sound of white noise buzzing, mixing with the words the Queen spoke. Anxiety flooded you, deafening your brain's attempts to self-soothe and rationalize that this wasn't the catastrophe you felt it was.
"Aunt Charlotte," you tried to swallow, but your mouth felt stripped of all moisture, "I… I'm not sure if that is wise–"
But it was as if she hadn't heard you, rambling on as if you hadn't objected, "I'll be arranging for etiquette and dance lessons since my beloved sister undoubtedly failed to do the same for you. Are you free this afternoon, darling?"
You stood for a moment, no doubt looking foolish as you struggled to get your words out, "I… I suppose I am…"
"Dear, you look like you’ve just seen a ghost. Are you feeling well?" The Queen cocked her head at you, eyes sizing you up with concern.
"I… I am not feeling my best." You admitted.
"That's the second time now. Growing up in the countryside— all that sun and dirt— it's made you weak of constitution. Hm. Very well. We'll wait until you're feeling better. In the meantime, I will begin planning!"
You averted your eyes politely as she bent over suddenly, inhaling a white powder off her tea tray through a nostril. She sat up with an exhale, eyes fluttering open with a smile.
"Oh, how I love having you come to stay in the palace for a change. I'm terribly bored these days, you know." She sighed. "Did you care to assist me with planning?"
Despite how you felt seconds from unearthing your already digested lunch, you managed an apologetic smile, "I'm not sure I'd be of much help. I'm afraid I've never hosted a party before."
"Yes, my dearly departed sister never cared much for such things, did she? Such a shame she raised you out of the aristocracy." She said.
A furrow found your brow.
"You're wrong, you know." You disagreed before you could think to hold your tongue. And just like that you had become a magnet, all eyes in the room snapping towards your frame.
"Oh? About?" The Queen offered you a pointed look.
"About the way I was raised. I wouldn't change a thing about it. My mother didn't fail me… she loved me. I had a mother and father who loved me. That was worth more to me than any new dress could ever." You said, gesturing to the gifted garment you adorned today, with perhaps a touch more spite than you should've.
Of two things those in the palace knew to be true. One— Her Majesty was not wrong. Ever. Her opinion was the first to seek and the only to matter. Anyone was someone because she said so, whether explicitly or subtly.
And two— her love for her niece ran deeper than even she anticipated, as watching you stand before her defiantly didn't fill her with rage as the staff in the room assumed, but rather with melancholy. 
You looked like your mother just then. It seemed you reminded her of her sister more and more as the days rolled by.
"Your mother would be pleased to hear that." She merely replied, wondering if her sister might be looking down on you both at this moment. At her words, your entire demeanor softened.
"Very well. Off you go." Your Queen sniffed, a handkerchief at her nose within seconds.
Bowing, you moved to exit the room.
"And niece," she called one last time, causing you to turn around, "must you wear such unsightly footwear under your dress?"
You felt your face grow hot, muttering a quiet apology before exiting the room altogether.
"Chin up, darling." Your aunt reminded you.
You followed her instructions coolly, hoping you didn't look nearly as nervous as you felt.
It was undoubtedly a soirée for the books; every square inch of the ballroom was gilded in gold, the chandeliers' gleam diffusing luxuriously as it bounced around the room.
Eligible men and women of all shapes and sizes had come from far and wide, donned in their absolute best; every possible hue of pink, blue and purple on display for Her Majesty. The ballroom looked akin to the royal grounds, you thought; the cool-toned dresses reminding you of upside-down bellflowers, floating across the marble floor in a synchronized dance.
Flocks of the most noticeable families and town figures had swarmed their way to the royal estate, drowning themselves in champagne as corseted woman fluttered their eyes at the Ton's lords.
But despite their poised smiles, neither woman nor man spared you more than a cautious glance and courteous bow. As the hours ticked by, you couldn't help but feel increasingly uneasy. Was it fear of Her Majesty sitting beside you that kept them away from you? Or was it the less than auspicious picture a certain faceless author had painted for them about you?
"It's rather hot in here, wouldn't you say?" The Queen spoke to you suddenly, looking larger than life from her magnificent throne.
"I suppose." You agreed absentmindedly, far too occupied with how a group of ladies' eyes flickered your way.
She continued, "Perhaps some champagne will cool you down. Why don't you fetch yourself a glass, dear?"
The meaning behind her words was clear. Go. Socialize.
"A splendid idea." You concurred.
Granting yourself one final shaky breath, you straightened up, walking towards the table where drinks were being freshly poured.
"What shall it be, my lady?" A servant greeted you politely as you reached it.
"A glass of champagne, please." You smiled, grateful for a friendly face, perhaps the first of the night.
The servant nodded, moving to open a new bottle.
"She doesn't even hold a title, you know. That Ice Princess."
You blinked, growing still as your ears caught wind of a conversation between party goers not far from you.
"But she's the Queen's niece?"
A sinking feeling washed over you, the kind that made all the other noise in the room disappear. You flirted briefly with abandoning your spot in the room altogether, but the bubbling pour of golden liquid into a glass kept you still. You thanked the servant with a halfhearted smile.
Bringing the glass to your mouth, you turned an ear to the three gossiping ladies, careful to avoid their gaze.
"Word has it her mother married out of the aristocracy." One of them babbled, pulling noises of disbelief from the others.
"Pity. Though, I suppose that explains the appalling way she walks in heels. You'd think she grew hooves from all that time she spent in the countryside." Another prattled. Stifled giggles rang around the group like they were all in some sort of secret, one that wasn't theirs to know. "Can you believe she thinks herself better than us?"
"One more glass, if you please." You asked the same servant, quickly making your way back to the Queen, now with a glass in either hand.
You approached her wordlessly, merely offering her a glass.
"Ah." She accepted the drink eagerly, and for a moment, there was silence, the two family members enjoying the cool velvety acidity of what was no doubt costly champagne.
"It appears the Ton thinks poorly of me." You blurted out.
You felt rather foolish telling this to your aunt. It wasn't as if you really cared what three cankerous aristocrats thought of you. But who else were you to tell? You knew no one.
Your Aunt Charlotte furrowed her delicately painted brow, "Darling, it'll do you well to realize that this Ton doesn't think. They merely reiterate what they've been told. They don't know you. Never mind what they think they know."
But her words went in one ear and out the other, merely background noise to the way you suddenly felt all eyes on you.
And suddenly, your dress was too tight, the ballroom too small. You felt your breath grow shallow, a sure sign of panic. How may others deemed you the subject of gossip tonight? What else were they saying about you?
"I think I should step out for a moment." You muttered.
"Take your maids with you!"
You were halfway across the room before you could even think to register your aunt's reply. Blinking away your tears, you pushed yourself through the crowd, muttering absentminded apologies as partygoers scoffed in protest.
How small you felt sitting alone in the palace's rose gardens. You wept on a stone bench, wishing ever so badly that your mother was here, looking back with sorrow at how she used to pull you into her lap whenever you were upset. How she used to wrap her arms around you, and everything seemed better, if even for a moment.
How you missed her. How you missed your father. How you missed your life away from this shining, hollow palace.
But they were gone, and the simple life that awaited you back home was gone. Aunt Charlotte was all the family you had left. Without your parents, your home was gone.
"Oh! My lady… forgive me!"
A soft voice caused you to gasp, turning to face the man that had walked in on your self wallowing.
You were up on your feet in seconds, wiping away at your face. 
"No… no, it is I who should apologize! I'm sorry you had to see me like that." Your cheeks burned.
"See you like what?" The mysterious raven-haired stranger pressed, a note of cheekiness to his tone. "Human? Heaven forbid."
You laughed gently, sniffling away your shame. You knew at once he was no threat to you.
The young lord wasn't exactly sure what had led him to the palace gardens; most of the event seemed to be taking place indoors as the night nipped and chilled unforgivingly. Still, a few stray bodies mingled underneath the string of lights that the palace servants had strung up. He had briefly greeted them, passing through the clouds of cigar smoke and small talk before bounding down limestone stairs.
He had tucked his hands into his pants pockets, sighing as the night's festivities grew quieter the further he slipped away, the crunch of wet grass kissing the underneath of his dress shoes. His mind was heavy with thoughts, hardly noticing where his legs had taken him.
It was the sound of your cries that pulled him from his thoughts and jerked him back to his senses.
He was in the Queen's rose garden; he immediately recognized the vibrant flowers and tall bushes. What he failed to recognize, however, was the weeping girl sitting on a stone bench, a look of embarrassment written plainly on her pretty face as she realized she was not alone.
He was quite handsome, you noticed despite your humiliation. He was younger than most of the lords inside, his face still featuring a certain softness despite his sharp features. His gaze was inherently kind, his warm brown eyes all but beckoning you to lower your guards.
"Lord Jeon.” He introduced himself with a bow, eyes never leaving yours. "Forgive me if I frightened you, my lady. I shall return at once and grant you your privacy."
You sank back down onto the bench, pulling the shawl wrapped around your shoulders closer. Your dress was beautiful— you were beautiful… puffy eyes, smeared makeup and all. He couldn't imagine why a lady like yourself would be weeping in the rose gardens unattended.
"It's alright. I supposed I'm not the only introvert at this party tonight. The garden is big enough for the two of us."
Lord Jeon shrugged, "A bit of fresh air is good for the soul."
You watched cautiously as he walked closer, sitting beside you on the opposite side of the bench. 
"You know… I've been told I'm a decent listener." He said suddenly, brown eyes admiring the roses surrounding you.
You blinked, "Is that so?"
"Well… not explicitly. But I've got two ears, so I'd say I do alright." He teased.
You smiled softly, contemplating how much to reveal to this stranger.
"It's… I suppose I'm just a bit out of my element here." 
"You?" He seemed surprised, a slight chuckle of disbelief accompanying his question.
"You laughed." You raised a brow.
He bit down on his lower lip as if contemplating his following words.
"Well, it's just… I can't imagine someone like you having trouble at these events." He confessed.
For a moment, you wondered what he could mean. Looking down at your lap, you realized he must be referring to your extraordinarily fanciful garments.
"Ah. These clothes were a gift, and this hair— well, none of this is me. Not really. Truly, I don't know why I came." You sighed. 
He nodded, "Beginning to feel that way myself, actually. Most lose interest when they hear my name. I'm a bit of a nobody, it seems."
"Funny. It would appear you and I have the opposite problem." You nearly laughed.
"Uptown girl, are you?"
"I'm afraid I've got a bit of a reputation. And no one cares to know whether it's true or not." You said.
He let out a sigh.
"Terrible soirée full of terrible people. I can't say that doesn't happen here often."
You let his words hang in the night's cold air, your fingers intertwining themselves across your lap.
"Is that all?"
Your head turned to face him, growing warm to find him already looking at you.
"Forgive me, it's just," he continued, "your sadness… it feels heavier than you're letting on."
He watched as your body language changed, suddenly tense as if you had built your walls back up.
He was back up on his feet within seconds, his shoes coming into view by the bottom of your dress as he stood in front of you.
Swallowing down a sob, you allowed yourself to look up at him.
"May I?" He asked, extending a hand out as if wanting yours.
Hesitantly, you gave it to him, assuming you would be ushered back onto your feet. To your surprise, however, he merely flipped your hand over, your palm now facing the night sky.
Your eyes widened as he took a finger and traced a line onto your palm. 
No. Not A line. A letter.
He wrote into your palm. You stared at your hand, skin still buzzing faintly from where his finger had run across.
His mother used to do such a thing when he was younger and much angrier, often struggling to say the words when something troubled him. He only hoped it would work for you the way he had for him.
Frowning, you shook your head. He wrote once again.
A tear fell from you as if instinctively. You nodded your head, confirming his suspicions. Spurred on by his touch, you moved to grab his hand, flipping it upside down as he had done to yours.
L-O-N-E-L-Y you wrote.
"… I just wish I had a little bit longer with them." You found yourself saying once you had finished.
"No time is enough when it comes to the people you love." He spoke with heart as if referring to his own personal melancholy.
Another tear fell from your eyes as his thumb ran over your palm, not to spell anything but to offer his condolences.
"No. I suppose not." You sniffed, a shiver running over you as a crisp breeze passed the two of you.
He wrote into your palm again.
You let out a laugh, shrugging dismissively.
"Here." Lord Jeon suddenly peeled his suit jacket off his shoulders. You froze, stunned silent as he gently draped it over your shoulders, a gentle smile on his face.
Your chest tightened, moved by the gesture of kindness. But before you could think to thank him, his warm fingers were at your palm once more.
His smile tugged at your heartstrings. You wondered how anyone inside could possibly look down on him. You didn't need to know his name to see that he was kind, a worthy suitor for any marriage-minded aristocrat.
F-R-I-E-N-D. You wrote back.
Happy was the girl who sat on the cement bench of the palace's rose garden, wrapped up warm under the jacket of the first person to show you genuine, unconditional kindness since arriving weeks ago.
The two strangers sat in silence for a moment, enjoying the quiet of company. Neither of you knew the other, but there was comfort in the silhouettes of the adjacent shadows at your feet, knowing that neither had ill intent towards the other.
"Do you ever wonder what it might be like to live in a palace?"
You fell stiff, mute as you turned towards him, watching how he looked over at the illuminated estate. 
"You think?" He pondered.
"I'm not fond of big empty rooms. They tend to make me feel small." You explained quietly.
"Well, should I ever have a palace, there would be no empty rooms. Every room with music and the sound of children's laughter. I would decree it so."
"Children? And where do you figure you might obtain those?" You chuckled.
"Well, they'd be mine, of course." He grinned lopsidedly.
You grinned back at him. "Then the happiest of children they would be."
You suppose the young lord reminded you somewhat of a child. He was a man by every definition of the word, standing tall and proud, but there was something about the way his large eyes took in the palace that was decidedly childlike. Eyes wide and glimmering with awe.
You watched contently as he suddenly noticed the silver plated container that sat by the leg of the bench; an unopened bottle of champagne sat neatly in a bed of ice, several glasses along side it.
Your dear aunt thought of everything when it came to party planning, you were coming to find out.
"Shall we?" He smirked suggestively.
"I don't see why not." You laughed.
The two of you giggled as he attempted to open the bottle, champagne spilling everywhere. He tried to pour you a glass neatly, but your new friend had no future in bartending, champagne spilling over the glass' edge and onto your fingers.
Sticky but smiling, you brought your glass up, mirroring him.
"A toast." He decided, his own glass now only half full from his carelessness.
"To?" You questioned.
He contemplated for a moment, meeting your inquisitive eyes innocently. A boyish smile broke out across his face.
"To us, of course. Tonight's most undesirables." He declared, making you chuckle.
But before you could touch glasses…
"Your highness!"
Your eyes went wide, your stomach dropping as a certain blond maid came scrambling into the garden.
"Isabella! Please! Just 'my lady' will do." Heat rocketed up your neck, ears no doubt hot to the touch. 
Her hands fell to her knees, clearly out of breath from running around the palace grounds, undoubtedly in search of you.
"My lady, I should advise you to return to the party. Her Majesty the Queen has someone she wants you to meet." She cautioned.
You cursed internally.
"Of course, she does. Give me just a moment then. I'll be over shortly."
The young maid's eyes flickered over to Lord Jeon, cheeks rosy.
"But your highness—"
"Thank you, Isabella." You cut her off curtly. 
The young maid gave you two one more final look over before nodded, pardoning herself with a curtesy.
Hesitantly, you turned back towards Lord Jeon, unsure what to make of the look of disbelief clearly written across his face.
Awkwardly, you brought your glass to your mouth, taking a cautious sip.
"Your highness? You're a princess?" He gawked, eyes still wide. 
"No!" You quipped. "Not… technically?"
The young lord merely blinked at you, his doe eyes telling you everything his mouth wasn't.
You were rambling before you could help yourself.
"M-My mother is the Queen's sister. Technically speaking, she held the title of 'Princess.' Though, I suppose if my mother were born a man then, yes, that would make me a princess— titles are patriarchal in nature, it's all… very complicated, really…" 
You felt like you couldn't take in a deep enough breath, the chilly air now burning your lungs.
"So… not a princess. Just… daughter of a princess." He reiterated, clearly stunned.
You felt a frown form on your face, all your etiquette instructor's reminders of poise and manners slipping from your mind.
"I am the Queen's niece. We shall leave it at that."
The handsome lord had the most fascinated look on his face, eyes locked on the way your jaw twitched, mouth shut rigidly to hold back the slew of word vomit you instinctively felt compelled to let out.
The way he held your eyes – the intensity behind his dark orbs – made you uneasy yet engrossed you all the same.
You bit down on the side of your cheek, "Are you upset that I didn't tell you?"
He shook his head suddenly as if trying to shake off his shock.
"No. I'm not."
"Are you… disappointed?" You grimaced.
You hadn't the faintest clue as to what was running around in his handsome head.
"Disappointed?" He cocked his head.
"I'm sorry, I don't know what the hell you're thinking right now, and it's frankly unnerving." You frowned.
The raven-haired man let out a noise that toed the line between amusement and disbelief. 
"I think you owe me a toast… your highness." He teased.
Rolling your eyes, you failed to fight back a smile, bringing your champagne glass up to meet his, his smirk assuring you that whoever your aunt wished you to meet could wait a moment or two. 
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Tumblr media
feat : gojo satoru, geto suguru, itadori yuuji, fushiguro megumi + nanami kento
ღ warnings — a little suggestive in satoru’s :p
ღ note — just wanna wear their clothes cause i bet they’re all extra comfy ‘n warm sob . . . >3<
Tumblr media
you hadn’t realise it wasn’t yours until you put it on, choosing just to shrug and enjoy how comfortable the fabric of satoru’s expensive, designer shirt felt while you waited on him coming home from work. it’s not long before you hear the door close, rising from the couch when you hear a familiar low tone speak from the doorway. “oh? what’s this? looks like somebody missed me.” satoru hums, teasing while his eyes immediately recognise the shirt on your figure as one of his own as he approaches you, resting his hands on your hips while he smirks one of his more handsome grins. “this a surprise for me, sweet girl? you’re spoiling me, what am i gonna do with you.” he chuckles, a smooth sort of sound that has your toes curling when he pushes his chest closer to yours. but his crystalline gaze turns a little softer when you roll your eyes at his words playfully, feeling him lean into gently press a few kisses along your jawline until you’re batting him away and he’s biting the skin lightly. “‘toru!” you laugh and you feel him hum as he holds you tightly in place. “i know, sweetheart. such a shame i gotta rip this off now, right?”
Tumblr media
you’d always wondered how his clothes would feel, so when you find one of his shirts sat out on his bed you can’t help but try it — always feeling soft the fabric is whenever you’re pressed against suguru’s chest. he doesn’t say anything at first when he returns to your room, you only hear him exhale in a laugh slightly before he’s shooting you a gentle sort of smile—one that has something warm creeping in your stomach when he falls down into bed next to you. “looks good on you, sweetheart.” suguru’s hums, letting his fingers trace under the fabric of the shirt across your body until they’re smoothing along your waist, and the featherlight touch has you pushing deeper into him so he can press a kiss against your temple with another grin. “can’t have you stealing these, you might just suit it more than i do.” you suddenly notice that whenever you go over he always has a shirt sitting out on his bed for you—but he’d always laugh it off as just a coincidence before he’s insisting you wear it anyway.
Tumblr media
yuuji had ran downstairs to grab a drink just as you felt a shiver run through your body, opting to grab the sweater he’d just recently taking off given how warm he usually was— throwing it over your figure while you stand to adjust it. you don’t realise he’s made his way back upstairs until you hear his voice call from the doorway, his body frozen as he holds two glasses of water and gapes at you, lips parted softly and eyebrows raised “you look so good, baby. it suits you! you gotta wear my stuff more, for real!“ yuuji grins enthusiastically, ending up making his way over to his drawers with a bright look in his eyes as he goes through his clothes. “i’ve probably got some more you can try, cmon you can pick some out.” and you watch as your boyfriend turns to face you again, holding a few too many t-shirts in his arms before almost bouncing over to set them on the bed in favour of approaching you after to press a few messy kisses to your lips. “we gotta do this more often!”
Tumblr media
“what’re you doing?” you hear megumi ask as he returns from the bathroom to you laying in his bed newly draped in his shirt, finding it comfier than the one you wore to his. “what do you mean?” you reply, not realising he’s asking about the shirt when he looks away from your gaze— his hand moving quickly to rub at the back of his neck while his cheeks begin to tint pink, clearing his throat before talking again. “doesn’t matter, ‘ts not important.” you huff at his words, curious but the blush on megumi’s face has you focusing on that instead when you feel him climb back into the bed next to you, sitting a little closer than normal this time. you feel his fingers brush against your hip before they smooth over the hem of the tshirt, his fingers fiddling slightly with the fabric while he rests his head in the crook of your neck. “uh, you can keep it.” he hums, voice raspy as he melts into you and you can almost feel the gentle smile he tries to hide with a pout on his lips against your skin.
Tumblr media
you’d grabbed one of his dress shirts to run some errands at the weekend since it had been too warm for you to wear a real jacket, noticing that nanami had already returned home by the time you’d finished as he flicks through his book on the couch. “long day, sweetheart?” he hums, taking a sip of his coffee and you don’t miss the way his eyes give you a quick look over before he’s pushing up his glasses with a ghost of a smile on his lips. “just had some errands.” you sigh, watching him approach you before you go to strip off the shirt that’s hanging over your shoulders, but just when your fingers grab at the fabric you feel his rest over top—holding the shirt in place before he’s bringing you against his chest to smear a kiss along your forehead. but the suddenly close proximity makes you notice the sudden flush that’s decorating the tips of nanami’s ears. “it suits you, sweetheart.”
Tumblr media
© 2022 garoujo. please do not copy any of my layouts or writing and translate or repost onto any other sites.
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secretsofblackthornhall · 6 months ago
Emma to Bruce
Dear Bruce,
It’s tea time. Now that Jules and I are living in England we are trying to embrace the concept of tea time, though as you already know I prefer to take my caffeine in the form of chocolate. (Unlike Cristina, who is literally addicted to coffee.) Chocolate chip cookies, brownie bars, ice cream—any form of chocolate is welcome and acceptable, and there is excellent chocolate in England. I have become addicted to Galaxy bars.
Julian is outside talking to the contractors — I can see Round Tom waving his arms around about something — so I thought I’d take a moment to fill you in on what happened since my last entry.
If you recall, we found a silver flask at the Devil Tavern that seemed to set off all Ty’s Ghost Detector alarms. It was a beautiful flask . . . etched with flowers and butterfly wings, and the initials MF. We brought it back to Blackthorn Hall and had a look at it in the bright light of day, where I immediately remembered where I’d seen that butterfly design before.
On the Fairchild family ring.
I know this because of Clary. (I don’t spend a lot of time staring at her jewelry, Bruce, but Shadowhunters are pretty into family symbols, generally speaking. And there was that time I borrowed her jacket in Faerie and then went to Thule and everyone thought she was dead because her ring was in the pocket…but that’s a story for another time. I’ve got enough to document in the present.) So Jules and I agreed that whoever owned this flask was likely a Fairchild whose first name began with M. Genius-level Sherlock detecting, I know.
Over a lunch of toasted cheese sandwiches we decided it would be better to do a little more diligent research rather than diving right in and asking the ghost ARE YOU A FAIRCHILD, Y/N. So we sent a fire message to Helen and Aline. There are several old Shadowhunter family histories in the LA Institute library, and we asked them to have a look for Fairchilds who had first names beginning with the letter M. I guess Helen was up early, because she got back to us pretty quickly with a short list of candidates. Medea Fairchild, Myles Fairchild, and Matthew Fairchild. It wasn’t clear from the records whether any of them are ancestors of Clary, but I am curious! (I personally hope Medea is, because that is a badass mythological name.) Anyway it didn’t take us long to nominate a candidate for Owner of the Silver Flask. (Drumroll, please, Bruce.) The candidate is….Matthew Fairchild!
We deduced this because Medea died in 1802 at the age of seventy-eight, and Myles died in 1857 at fifty-nine. So, given the timeframe we’re looking at—Jem said his friends were hanging out at the Devil Tavern during the early part of the last century—Matthew, born in 1886, was the only one who fit the bill. (There wasn’t a death date for him, apparently, which doesn’t mean he lived forever or died at birth, records from around that time tend to be spotty.)
Without further ado, we returned to the dining room to contact our mystery ghost. I swear, even though we’ve swept it multiple times, that room just seems to get dustier and dustier. I’d left some papers from the Blackthorn archives (which is a kind way of saying “from the pile of junk with occasional interesting stuff in it”) stacked on the dining table, and they were all in disarray. It made me wonder if the ghost was trying to read them in our absence.
Julian cleared his throat. “Attention, ghost,” he began.
“Maybe they don’t like being called ‘ghost’,” I hissed under my breath. “Maybe we should refer to them as ‘Deceased Person.’”
“That sounds medical,” said Julian. “Like we’re in a morgue.”
We both became dispirited about the idea of being in a morgue. After a moment’s thought, Julian said, “How about wraith or phantom?”
The curtains stirred even though the windows weren’t open. Apparently phantom was the popular choice.
“Matthew?” I said, slowly. “Matthew Fairchild?”
It’s a nice name, Matthew. I thought about Matthew Fairchild, born in 1886, and wondered what he’d been like. Wondered if all that was left of him was a breath of air stirring the curtains in our dining room.
Though the curtains weren’t stirring right now. They were utterly still.
“Are you Matthew Fairchild?” Jules asked, clearly deciding we needed to be more specific.
The curtains gave what I can only describe as an annoyed little shake. This stirred up some more dust, which made the air hazy. I heard a noise behind me and whirled around. The stack of papers on the table tipped over. Papers were being flung in all directions, by an unseen, angry hand.
“So — you’re not Matthew Fairchild?” I said, fighting the urge to sneeze. “Look, it’s fine if you aren’t — we just want to help — we’ll keep looking —”
The papers stopped flying. The room was quiet again. Hushed, even, like the inside of an Institute. I guessed our phantom friend had departed and I realized I was disappointed. I’d really been hoping we’d find an answer . . .
Then Julian laid his hand on my arm. And pointed. Goosebumps exploded across my skin. In the dust on the floor, an invisible finger was writing words — writing in the old-fashioned cursive that had become familiar since our arrival at Blackthorn Hall.
One by the one, the words appeared, the letters shaky and spiky, as if the ghost were agitated.
Read the diary
The imagine of Tatiana’s diary sprang into my mind. I knew, somehow, that was the diary the ghost was referring to. More words appeared:
“But I have,” I said, without thinking. “I have read the diary.”
Julian turned to look at me, a blank expression of surprise spreading across his face. “Emma,” he said. “What diary?”
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yup-thats-me · 3 months ago
Baths and Care || Johnny Depp x reader
If you’re still looking for prompts, could I request something with reader comforting Johnny at the end of the day and helping him relax? This trial is breaking my heart, I wish I could hug him. request by @trekkitkat
a/n: Thank you for requesting! Hope you like it :)<3
pairing: Johnny Depp x reader
summary: you help Johnny rewind after a hard day by running him a bath :)
warning: none. fluff. bath bombs and fluffy 🤧
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
As soon as Johnny found you sitting on the couch, he slouched down on the furniture, his head resting on your lap. You put down your phone and looked down at your wearied out lover.
He hummed when your caressed his hair, nuzzling deeper into your belly to take in your warmth and your sweet smell that he so loved.
"Hard day?" You kissed the top of his head. He hummed in response.
As your fingers ran through his hair, the brown strands felt rough. They had to be taken care of.
"Baby?" he nodded, telling you to go on.
"When was the last time you had the time to properly wash your hair?"
He kept quite, thinking over the week. The week was exhausting. Running from set to home, then back to the set, the make up, the hair sprays, the heat, the dirt all added up to the dryness of his hair, and frankly he didn't cared as much.
He chuckled against you, "Who cares, love?"
"I do," you shook your head and proceeded to stand up only to be pulled back by Johnny. "Where are you going?"
"I'm gonna run you a bath", you said pecking his cheeks.
He watched as you walked in the bathroom, the sound of water running filling the air. You came back in the room, tying your hair up in a messy bun. "Come here," you ordered.
He jumped from the couch and practically sprinted to stand in front of you making you giggle at his actions.
Johnny was bouncing on his feet, excited to see what you had in store for him. "Strip. I'll be back in a second", he nodded.
He was stripping off his clothes when you came back with a colorful ball in hand. Seeing the object in your hands, his head perked up. "Is that a bath bomb?"
You giggled. "Yes it is. I bought it for you. Now c'mere," you pulled at his wrist to hover over the bathtub filled with water. "Ready?"
He bobbed his head and watched as you dropped it in, a childish smile gracing your lips. Your eyes lit up when the ball exploded, the colors spreading out in the water. "Ah. Always the favourite part."
You got in the tub first, Johnny followed suit, sitting so that his back was pressed agaist you. You wet his hair first. He hummed satisfied as the water met his hot scalp, a moan slipping his lips when you messaged the scalp with your fingertips.
"Like it, baby?" You smirked.
"You know I love everything you do or say."
You wetted his hair thoroughly, and reached for the shampoo bottle present on the table beside the tub. Pumping a fair amout, you lathered it up in your hands before applying on his hair. You massaged his hair softly, allowing the product to seep through the strands.
Johnny physically relaxed at your administrations. He felt your soft fingers on his rough scalp, the way you would so carefully scratch the scalp as not to hurt him. He had always loved the way you'd treat him with such gentleness. He'd be forever grateful to the Gods above to hve you in his life.
"Done with the shampoo. Time for the conditioner!" You chirped.
Putting on the conditioner, you grabbed the soap for the soap dish. Johnny turned to look at to you, confused. "I thought the deal was only for the hair."
You smiled "Yeah, but all of you is a part of me."
You lathered the soap on the loofah, and began to scrub his back. You watched intently, the ink on his back fascinating you. Your fingers grazed on the designs on his back. Reaching down for his hands, you intimated the colored ink.
Johnny chuckled. "You've always liked my tattoos", smirking widely, referencing to the uncountable times you had left nail marks on his back, during your passionate times.
Even though he couldn't see you, he could tell you were blushing mad. "Shut up," you muttered quietly.
The rest of the bath session went on wordless. You washing and scrubing his body, washing off the conditioner off his hair. After forty five minutes he was all done. Nice and fresh.
You got out the tub, ignoring all the whines from your boyfriend. You smirked as Johny watched you strip down from your wet clothes and put on the pyjama set.
"When will I see you again, ms. L/n?" He asked dramatically.
"The very moment you'll come out the bathroom and get on bed, Mr. Depp," you bowed your head, playing along the little act. You giggled, making your way to the bedroom.
You were putting on the cream when Johnny came out, dressed in a pair of sweats and a black tshirt you've picked out for him. He jumped on the bed, making the bed bounce on his impact.
After you were done with your night-routine, you got in beside him. As soon as Johnny felt your presence on the bed, he pulled you, your back pressed flushed against his chest.
He muttered something in your neck but you were too busy to smell him to make out what he said.
"Huh? What?" You asked as you were finally done smelling him. Can you blame yourself that he smelt soo good, it was hard to resist. His hair had become soft too.
"I said, Thank you, my love. For everything." You kissed his cheek in return.
You were fast asleep with his warm presence behind you, the same was for Johnny. The both of you slept peacefully knowing nothing in the world matters anymore now that you're with each other.
Tumblr media
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bonky-n-steeb · 5 months ago
nothing holding me back
— roommate! alpha! bucky x omega! reader
summary || Bucky wasn’t expecting you to be laid out in his closet, much less in a nest made out of his clothes.
warnings || dubcon (cuz heats). unprotected sex. alpha/omega dynamics. knotting. breeding kink. fingering. oral sex. heats. idiots in love. PWP. MINORS DNI 🔞 if any of this makes you uncomfortable then please do not read!
I have decided to not do taglists anymore, so if you wished to be notified of my newest updates please follow @bonky-n-steeb-lib and turn on the notifications!
my inspiration to write this died halfway through due to something and now here we are. still I hope you guys like it lmao
Tumblr media
Bucky hummed to himself as he entered his house and dropped his keys in the bowl. He shucked off his shoes and removed his jacket and threw it on the couch as he called out your name.
He frowned when he didn’t get any answer. You were usually home by now and after all these months of living together, it was almost a habit.
A faint waft of sweet smell hit his nose and he closed his eyes as he relished in it. He didn’t know what was smelling so sweet, but he thought it must be one of the scented candles you bought.
He knocked on the door to your bedroom before entering it. He expected you to be there but you weren’t. Instead the sweet smell was a little stronger in your room.
Sighing, he just thought you must’ve gone out for something and decided to go retire to his room. But the moment he entered his room, the scent hit him like a tsunami wave.
He breathed in deeply but still he couldn’t understand why it was pleasing him so much. There was a hint of familiarity in it that he couldn’t quite catch.
He stopped in his tracks when he heard a little mewl coming from his closet. It sounded like something between a hurt noise and a moan.
His alpha instincts were on the edge due to the smell and he walked with light steps before pushing open the closet door with a loud thud.
His mouth turned dry at the sight that greeted him. He wasn’t expecting you to be laid out naked in his closet, much less in a nest made out of his clothes.
You had dumped everything from his bedcovers to his unwashed Henley, everything that even faintly scented like him, in your makeshift nest.
His eyes trailed down your body slowly, still recovering from the surprise, and that’s when he noticed your fingers furious pumping in your cunt.
A growl ripped itself from his chest at the beautiful sight. It was all his alpha hindbrain needed, you, his omega, laid out all ready in your nest for him to just take.
His eyes were still locked at your drenching wet pussy sucking in your fingers till your knuckles. He wanted them to his fingers, his cock, his knot.
“Alpha..!” Bucky’s eyes snapped at your face when you moaned out his designation. Out of his trance, he walked back a few steps and gripped the doorframe tight enough to break.
You were in a heat.
He chewed on his lip hard enough to draw blood to stop himself from pouncing on you. He was painfully aware of his rock hard cock and his own need to bury it in something tight and slick.
But he wouldn’t. He won’t take advantage of you in this helpless state. No matter how much your scent enticed him, he won’t do something you didn’t want him to.
He was an idiot. He should’ve known you were in heat from the scent itself. But you usually wore scent blockers and now due to your heat the scent was so amplified, it was difficult to identify.
He still remembered how skeptical you were while moving in with him. The only reason you agreed to live with an alpha was because the house was really good and the rent was less.
Bucky didn’t need money as such and his home was big enough to house more people. Not to mention how lonely he got somedays, so that’s how he had decided to get a roommate and he’d met you.
Bucky wanted you since the moment he had set his eyes upon you. He had planned to ask you out on so many occasions but always cancelled it in the end with the fear of losing you.
You both watched movies together and talked hours on end on seemingly stupid topics. Bucky took these moments of joy and kept them close to his heart.
“Alpha.. Bucky!” Bucky’s heard was thudding in his chest at the sound of your distress. Your painful moan tugged on his heartstring and with a firm resolve, he kneeled besides you.
“What do you want?” He cupped your cheek and realised your body was flaming hot. You must’ve noticed his worry in his scent as you began purring and nuzzled your face in his hand.
He couldn’t help but think how you were the one soothing him instead of him soothing you. Your cheeks were wet with tears and rubbed them off as gently as he could.
Being so close to you was making him rely on his very primal instincts and he was holding onto the little bit sense he still had in his mind.
“Bucky..!“ you whimpered out as you shut your eyes and arched your back. It took him a second to realise that you were still fucking yourself on your fingers.
But the way your face was scrunched up and you were twisting in his hold, it was clear you weren’t reaching the peak.
Bucky clenched his fist and closed his eyes to regain his composure. He shouldn’t help you, no matter how much his alpha instincts told him to because that is not what you wanted.
“Shhh… I’m right here.” He cooed. He pulled his hand away from your cheek to straighten a corner of the nest but you quickly pulled his pal back on your face as if it was giving you relief.
It probably was, Bucky thought. An alpha’s scent and touch always soothed the omega in heat and the same was true for alpha in ruts.
“Bu… Bucky, I need you!” You hiccuped. It took all of Bucky’s will power to not take you right there. Your voice was so needy and wrecked, but he couldn’t give in to the temptation.
“No… we can’t.” His voice was strained and you looked up at him with tears in your eyes. “Wh.. why?” You whimpered as he pulled you into his arms and laid your face down on his lap.
“Because you don’t want this. You’re in heat and well, I’m an alpha. So you might think you want me now, but you don’t.” Your skin was so warm that he wanted to reduce the thermostat but he didn’t want to get up.
“I want you! God Bucky, I’ve wanted you since I saw you.” You nearly screamed. Bucky stared at your face for a minute before blinking stupidly. “You what?”
“I want you! How much more clear do you want me to be?” You were staring daggers at him by now. “Why didn’t you tell me before? God, I like you too!”
“Are you going to fuck me or not?” You were burning up on the inside and he understood your urgency. “Fuck yes!” Bucky got to work instantly.
He quickly undressed and you openly gawked at his chiseled body. He was much bigger than you in every aspect and cock was proportional to his body.
Thick and long, covered with veins you salivated at the sight of his cock. You swirled your clit as you couldn’t wait for him any longer.
Bucky licked his lips before squatting down between your legs. He held your hand which was buried between your legs and you whined at the lack of stimulation.
Bucky took your wet fingers and put them in his mouthed and sucked. Feeling his tongue lick them clean made a shiver run down your spine.
“You taste so good. I knew it.” His eyes zeroed down on your throbbing pussy and you watched with bated breath as he lowered himself between your legs.
You could feel his breath ghosting on your wet folds and you let out a litany of moans when he licked a thick stripe of your dripping pussy with his wet tongue.
He hummed against your sensitive folds and the vibrations made your toes curl. His tongue toyed with your clit and you tugged on his hair to hurry up.
Your back arched when his thick finger entered you. It reached the spots you couldn’t earlier and satisfied the overwhelming urge to be filled.
Your slick walls stretched around his finger as he added more. His fingers pumping within you combined with him sucking and flicking your clit were making you dizzy with pleasure and you couldn’t last much longer.
Your legs clamped down around him as you came with a loud cry of his name. Your fingers were holding his tresses as your grinded down on his face.
You released him as you calmed down and he got up from between your thighs. His face was drenched in your juices and you gasped at the sight.
When he kissed you, you could taste yourself on his tongue and it was oddly arousing. The little reprieve you’d gotten from the orgasm was soon gone and you begged for more.
“Alpha.. please. I need you. I need you so bad.” You said breathily and pulled Bucky closer to yourself. You buried your nose in the crook of his nose as his alpha scent was soothing to you.
You whined when Bucky rubbed his cock over your folds and teased your clit. “Please.. please!” You couldn’t help but plead for more.
You closed your eyes and relished the stretch when Bucky finally entered you. He was huge and filling you up so good, you couldn’t think.
You were so tight and warm around Bucky, he couldn’t help but start thrusting into your heat. He held your hips tightly as he began slamming his hips into yours.
“Yes Bucky! Please!” Your brain couldn’t catch up with what your mouth was saying as the only thing you could comprehend was on Bucky’s cock fucking you.
“Yeah that’s right. You like this, huh? You like your alpha fucking you. You’re so naughty, making a nest with my clothes and fucking yourself on your fingers surrounded by my scent. All you had to do was ask, baby.”
When you had gone into heat you had been desperate for Bucky’s scent. And so you had started collection things and before you even realised what you were doing, you’d made a whole nest.
Bucky pressed his hand on your soft stomach, “You feel this? You feel me fucking you? God I’m gonna cum so deep inside you that you’d be swollen with my pups in no time.”
He froze for a second as the words left his lips without his realisation. But his fear was washed away when he felt you clenching around him.
“You wanna have my pups?” Bucky asked with a grin as you excitedly nodded. “Yes alpha. Please!” Bucky pace increased and he somehow wanted to fuck you even harder.
“Don’t worry your pretty little head ‘mega. I’m gonna breed you so well.” He grunted in your ear as his hips sped up. You felt the slight tug of his knot forming at the base.
His lips latched on to your scent gland at the base of your neck and and bared your neck in submission. You hissed as his teeth made contact with your gland. He nibbled on your skin but didn’t bite.
“Soon I’m gonna bite you omega. Make you all mine. And keep you swollen with my children so no one doubts who your alpha is.” You nodded as words refused to form.
The room was filled with wet squelching noise of your slick as Bucky rammed into you. You circled your arms around his neck and pulled him even closer to you.
You felt yourself getting closer to the upcoming wave of pleasure and even Bucky realised as he felt your walls contract around him. “Yes fuck. Cum for me my omega. Cum for me, and milk me well.”
His alpha command was all it took for you clench down on him and orgasm. Your legs shook and white pleasure bursted behind your eyelids.
Bucky wasn’t far behind and he grunted your name as his knot fully formed and with one finally thrust, he tied you to himself. “Take every single drop omega. Wanna see your full of my seed.”
You probably came again on his knot, or it was first orgasm still continuing, you couldn’t really tell. You felt yourself floating on a peaceful cloud of never ending pleasure and you didn’t ever want to come down.
Once you both had ridden the endorphin high, Bucky gently caressed your body while you were still laying together. Bucky pursed his lips before giving a boyish smile and asking,
“So… umm, you wanna go on a date?”
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wintercorrybriea · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tribeca Penthouse by Axel Vervoordt
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wintercorrybriea2 · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
source n/a
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jarofstyles · 4 months ago
angst to fluff like harry gets mad and yells at her and she just retreats and stays in the room and he feels bad and tries to get her back
Ok let me get a try for this bc I am bad at angst 🥀
Check out our Patreon!
Here goes nothing 😚
It wasn’t often that Harry got angry. Truly, it was a rarity. Harry wasn’t necessarily even tempered, but he hid his anger more so in keeping to himself and letting himself cool off. He knew himself. When he got truly angry, he snapped. He yelled. And it was scary.
Y/N had never been on the receiving end of that before. She was none the wiser. Of course, she had seen him be angry a few times but it was never directed towards her. Harry was very good normally, able to keep his feelings at bay because he knew that she was particularly sensitive about him. Not that she was a baby- she wasn’t. Y/N was strong and lovely and his perfect match. She knew that when he got snarky that it wasn’t usually aimed towards her. The few times it had thought to be directed at her and she got quiet, he immediately clarified it wasn’t and tried to talk to her about it.
Some days, though, he was met with his greatest flaw. Being unable to talk about his issues, so the things pile up and up until the damn broke. Normally, no one else was around.
Y/N had been on a great mood all day. Harry was going to be home before her, they were set to order takeaway and watch a few movies. They didn’t officially live together yet, but she was buying some things for his house today. He was a bachelor, and despite his resources he didn’t know much all about interior design. Her mood had been brightened even more when she saw a cute mug at the home goods store.
It was a little dog dressed as Elvis with lyrics to Hound Dog on it. An inside joke between the flourishing couple thar she had been giddy to grab. Only $4 was a steal for something she thought he would like much better than the boring slate grey mugs his interior designer had bought. Ick.
When she saw his car when she arrived home, she was elated. Heart picking up as she grabbed the bags from the backseat, she nearly skipped inside to see her boyfriend. He’d been busy lately with work and while she definitely understood, she had been looking forward to seeing him and spending all weekend long with him.
“Babe? I’m home! I got you a surprise.” She called out once she got the door open, kicking it shut behind her. Her shoes were toed off and left in front of the shoe rack, making a mental note to go back and place them properly on it once the bags were set down.
It was quiet but she could hear him upstairs so she called thar she would be in the kitchen when he got down there. Humming happily, she went into the kitchen and set down the bags gently beginning to unwrap the new glassware she had gotten for them. It was exciting. His suggestion too, telling her that she should go out and grab things she liked better. Since it was better than her stink face at the patterned plates that always looked dirty.
She paused when she heard a thump and then a curse, a breathy huff and then stomps over to the kitchen.
“H? You okay?” She asked curiously, only to be met by the answer when she saw his face. A tiny limp in his step and a giant scowl, face red.
“Do I look okay?” He hissed. “Heard me curse, didn’t you?” His eyes cut into her, and then the counter littered with bags and the paper wrapping from the glassware. Some had fallen to the floor while she neatly placed everything out, wanting to have a display for him to see.
“I- did, yeah. I didn’t know what-“
“Fucking tell you every time to put your shoes on the rack. Tripped over them and wrecked my ankle. Cant afford that when I’m working, Y/N.” He said sternly, making her blink a few times. It wasn’t often anymore that she left them. A bad habit she had mostly fixed, it confused her to hear him bring it up when she hadn’t done it in month.
“I- I’m sorry.” She said quietly. “I was gonna go put them on the rack when I was finished unpacking this stuff, I didn’t have enough hands to-“ cut off once again, Harry let out a sarcastic laugh.
“Yeah, I can see that. Did you buy the whole store? Gave you my card to get a few glasses or something. Not redo everything.” He glared at the amount of dishes she had so carefully chosen to fit both of their personalities. “And… they don’t even match? Great. Cant serve shit on that to people when they come over. Embarrassing.”
Y/N felt her stomach drop at the insinuation that he didn’t like them. That it would be embarrassing to serve on them when he hasn’t even looked to see that they did match. The patterns and colors were cohesive- why was he acting like this? Her mind was muddled with confusion.
“I… Harry, you told me to go get new dishes so I did. I spent a while trying to choose the right colors and stuff so it would fit us… took me a long time cause I was trying to choose the perfect ones.” Her voice was wounded but Harry was so annoyed at her that it didn’t matter. His ankle throbbed after being pestered all day long, a project riding his ass, and she had left her fucking shoes down and made a mess of his kitchen.
“Obviously not long enough.” He scoffed. “And you make a mess everywhere you fucking go. Christ, did no one teach you how to pick up after yourself?” He seethed, walking over to the other side of the counter and bending to pick up the papers that fell with an aggression she hadn’t seen before. “How are we supposed to live together at some point when you can’t do simple fucking shit?” His glare and tone was the accumulation of things that had nothing to do with her- but she had no idea about that. It had come out of nowhere.
She felt sick. Embarrassed. Her stomach hurt and her throat was sore from the lump in it, hands shaking just a tiny bit but hidden by the new kitchen towels she had gotten. Harry never spoke to her like this before, and it was scary. It hurt. She was silent, hurt at the accusations, the ridicule of her ability to choose a set of glassware and his aggressive body language. That was something she really didn’t like.
“Jesus, are you just going to stand there?” He snarled. “Not even talk back to me? What is wrong with you?” The sneer on his face made her feel little. Small. Insignificant. “Cant trust you with cleaning up after yourself, choosing appropriate shit as an adult- fuck, a dog mug? You’ve got to be kidding.” His laugh was cruel as he pushed it away. Of course he hadn’t looked closely at it or he would have seen why she choose it. That in particular felt like a kick to the gut. So she remained silent as her eyes glossed over. Harry didn’t notice though.
“God, can I not trust a single fucking person?! Why is everyone in my life trying to make shit so much harder? You’re supposed to be the one who makes it easier for me!” His voice raised, anger in it actually scaring her. He got closer to her, frustrated at her lack of reply. “Can you talk? Why are you ignoring me? Seriously?” The deep voice boomed across the kitchen as he heaved, the anger building up in his system. “Look at me when I’m talking to you!”
It was in that moment that she did, he felt everything drain out of his body. Probably his blood too. She turned to him with the most gut wrenching, tear stained face. Tears he realized he had caused, and she was looking away so he wouldn’t see. His stomach grew sick and then a cold sweat broke over his body as he went silent. The air rushed from his lungs as he realized just what he was doing. Harry was always so fucking tender wirh her. So soft spoken and sweet. He never wanted her to see this side of him, never wanted her to be on that path and he had just majorly fucked that up.
“Y/N-“ the tone of his voice had dropped so low, he could barely hear it. “I-“ the sentence wasn’t finished because she turned away from him, rushing away. His body froze for a moment, unable to breathe as he watched her retreat. Going towards the stairs, he choked on his words again as his feet began to work with his mind again.
“Y/N, wait. Wait- I’m sorr-“ he was cut off by her feet carrying off harder, a faster jog and a soft click of a door upstairs. He followed quickly after her to, feeling like the blood rushed to his ears again. Taking the steps quickly despite the dull ache in his ankle, he cursed as he got to the top and heard the lock click to his guest room.
She locked him out.
“Angel…” he whispered against the door. “Please. Let me inside. Let me see you.” His voice caught as he heads the beginnings of her sob, his body shaking with need fo hold her. When Y/N cried, it was the most devastating thing. He hated it. It hurt him, and he had promised to do his best to never make her do so because of him. Now he had.
Not only that, but it truly wasn’t deserved. She hasn’t deserved all of that thrown on her. It was a mistake, one simple mistake and he had ripped her apart for it. Something thar realistically, she had remedied over the past few months. All of his anger from the past few weeks piled on to the sweet girl who had been so excited on her way inside. He ruined it. Harry was just hopeful, praying, that he hadn’t ruined them.
Dramatic, maybe, but he knew he was scary when he yelled. Y/N was sensitive for him and his opinion of her mattered greatly to her. Just as hers did for him. He aches thinking about if the roles were reversed.
“Y/N. M’so sorry. I didn’t mean to yell at you, baby. I’m not angry with you. I was being unfair.” He croaked, shifting on his feet helplessly as he heard her cries. It was killing him. Yeah, he knew he deserved it, but she didn’t. “M’sorry baby. I’m sorry. Please let me come and hold you. I don’t want you to cry. I need to see you, angel.” Harry despite what anyone else may think, wasn’t above begging.
“Please go away.” She whispered through her sniffles. “I want to be alone.”
That broke his heart. She never wanted to be alone if he was around. His throat was tight, unsure of how to proceed. He wanted to bust down the door but it wasn’t fair of him to do that. He couldn’t demand her right now when he had just verbally ripped her to shreds.
“Fuck- okay. Okay, love. I’m gonna go for 10 minutes but I’m coming back then, okay? I’m sorry.”
It pained him in both heart and ankle to walk away, but he did for her own sake. He wasn’t going to continue to probe her when she needed some time alone. It wasn’t her fault that Harry was mad, nor that he was panicking now.
His pain only got worse in his chest when he went downstairs again, though. Wincing at the counter, taking a closer look and realizing that the plates and glasses all went with the color scheme she had helped him choose to paint later on. They were perfect. She spent time on them, and he had insisted he use his card and didn’t have a limit on spending. The price tag showed they were on clearance. All the money he had, and she had gotten clearance. And He had been dumb enough to subtly accuse her of using his money recklessly. The same girl who venmoed him back $7 for a coffee and cake pop. Fuck.
The worst thing, the thing that ripped his heart open was the mug he had so cruelly laughed at. Taking a closer look, he felt his own eyes gloss over in tears. It was for their joke. Their joke they always laughed about. She had found a perfectly correlated piece for them and he had made her feel childish about it, ridiculed it as if it was something dumb. Harry knew how sentimental his girl was. He knew that she must have been excited to find it.
He sniffled said he held the mug in his hands, placing it gently on the coffee maker after taking off the price sticker. It was adorable, and so fucking personal it hurt. He was a fucking idiot.
It probably hadn’t been 10 minutes but he climbed the stairs again, heart beating hard and sad in the chamber of his chest while he knocked on the door. Still, he could hear sniffles.
“Baby…” he whispered. “I’m such a fucking idiot. Please let me in. You did nothing wrong… nothing.” His words were true, though a bit shaky. “I was so mean to you, my love. So mean and you didn’t deserve a lick of it. Want to be sick that I was so mean to my sweet girl. I know you’re upset with me and I don’t deserve it… but can you let me in?”
He didn’t deserve the relief that coursed through him when she undid the lock, and that was apparent when he saw her face. The tear stains, swollen lips and eyes, runny nose. Her shaky hands she tried to hide by crossing her arms against her chest in a defensive position. A punch to his gut, his face fell further.
“Baby…” he stepped into the room after her as she backed up, looking at him warily. The man had no one else to blame but himself when his heart fell at the eyes she gave him. “Fuck. I fucked up so badly, Didnt I?” He whispered to mostly himself as he cautiously approached, giving her time to back away when she wanted to. “My sweet girl. The most perfect… can’t believe I’ve gone n’made you cry.” The hoarse words made her eyes fall from his face and tear up a bit more.
“No- no, no. Please, my love. I cant even tell you how sorry I am. You didn’t deserve any of my anger. Everything I said wasn’t even true.” He said desperately. “I went downstairs… and I saw the stuff. I was being an ass. The colors… they match the paint swatches. I saw them in your bag.” He sniffed, clenching his fists to keep from touching. “I love them. I should have never, ever thrown you using my money in your face. I love spoiling you, taking care of you. I was just…” he swallowed. “Projecting. Because I found out… y’know Hannah, the girl we were becoming friendly with in the office?” He whispered. At her little nod, he continued. “Heard her talking about how happy she was that she got into our friend group there n’how… shes going to be making a lot of money in exposure. And how she likes going out with me and the guys because I pay. Was telling her girlfriend they were going to be rich.” It was a soft spot for him. People using him. His inner circle was close knit for that reason. People who had no other motives.
“I’m sorry, Harry.” Her weak voice peeped. That should have made him feel better but it didn’t. Even when he was a dick she cared about his feelings. Right now, she shouldn’t.
“Don’t be.” He mumbled. “There’s a lot of pressure in the projects and I had 2 bad meeting… and then after the thing with Hannah, I came home and stained my shirt with ink pen. Had to throw it out. Used real milk in my coffee at the coffee house today… was feeling ill all day. It all piled up on me. But none of that, not a single one is an excuse for how I just spoke to you.” He said lowly, gently reaching a hand out to her arm. She didn’t flinch or pull away, but didn’t lean into him either.
Harry knew that what he just did wasn’t okay, nor healthy. It wasn’t something he was going to let happen again either. “I’m going to figure out something… some sort of way to fix my emotions because there’s no way I am ever letting myself speak to you like that again.” He bowed his head in shame. Out of all the people he could have taken it out on, he did it on sunshine personified.
“I’m not happy, H.” Her weak voice came out. “I won’t… I won’t let myself be with someone who does that. I know it isn’t your normal, and I trust you to fix it. But I’m just telling you. As far and as deeply and madly in love with you as I am, I know that I won’t let myself be treated like that.” Her voice was so soft, hoarse from her sobs and it made him fold. He pulled her into his chest, kissing the crown of her head firmly.
“It will not happen again. And you shouldn’t. If anyone else talked to you that way, I’d sock them in the face. I feel sick on how I just treated you. I won’t ever let anyone do it… including me. I’m…” he closed his eyes as his lips rested against her head. “M’ashamed of it. I never want to lose you. Ever. You’re the best person to come into my life and I love you so much it’s sickening.” The shaky breath into his chest as she grabbed him back and curled into his body flooded him with relief. “My love. I adore you. And I want you to be so happy with me.” He smeared kisses all over her forehead before moving down to kiss any surface. Brushing away the tear tracks in his wake with his thumbs, whispering sweet apologies.
“I love my mug. I’m so sorry I was mean. I love it so much, going to use it every day. I already set it up in our coffee bar.” He confirmed, making a bloom of discomfort wilt. He did actually like it. His tone was real, and she knew it well enough to believe it. “Let me take care of you tonight, Angel. Was so looking forward fo our weekend. We can do anything you want. Even watch those sappy romance movies. I’ll pretend I’m not crying at the end too.” Harry wasn’t perfect but he was willing to put in the work to fix the tear in their trust.
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wearing the wrong shirt ft. childe, scaramouche
Tumblr media
f!reader┆modern┆wc. 1.8k┆navi┆like or reblog┆
bloru’s (@bluexiao + @anantaru) sweet ‘n spice writing collab event! prompt #5: “is that my shirt?”
Tumblr media
scaramouche [balladeer]
it was absolute hell whenever you went out of town because of a business trip. it didn’t happen frequently, howbeit, when it did, it felt like forever waiting for you to come home. he wasn’t one to fuss over fickle matters like this since he is the kind of man who takes great pride in his independence, regardless of your long relationship.
he pines to prove that he is still his own person, that he can function in your absence, and that he inarguably didn’t miss you an hour after your departure. although, he sounds determined and the goals were simple, he soon realizes that it was easier to say than accomplish.
the first day wasn’t too terrible; he was able to attend to his duties and responsibilities for the day while you linger in the far corner of his mind. the second day could’ve been better; he had woken up cold and lonely and, alas, it set his mood for the following hours. he was grumpier than usual and his co-workers, especially his subordinates, felt it.
the third day was awful; there was no doubting that. he was tempted to phone you numerous times. still, with the bits of willpower remaining in his system, he stops himself from making a full-blown mockery of himself. the fourth day was miserable; he spent his free time doing nothing productive. he laid in bed, scrolling through his camera roll and admires the candid pictures he took of you.
and the fifth day was too crappy to even recount. his misery mercifully didn’t extend another day
you return home near dawn. the sun had not risen yet when you walk past your front door and throw your belongings on your living room coffee table. you were initially taken aback to see no one greet you. contrary to your boyfriend’s crabby attitude, he is a morning person, meaning he would’ve been up at this hour. brushing it off, you go to your bedroom.
one thing you were prepared to see once you open the door was another empty room with the lights off. at this point, you were certain he camped out at his office again because not a soul made a sound to indicate anyone was home. and to your shock, you were shown to be wrong when your eyes caught the sight of your boyfriend asleep and hugging your pillow close to his chest.
if only you stared for a second longer, you’d notice he held it the very same way he embraced you at night; your attention was immediately fixated on the garment he wore to know or care about that small detail.
“is that… my shirt?” you ask yourself, and your eyes narrow at the design.
scaramouche normally wore a white, sometimes grey, shirt and a pair of sweats to bed; but today, he wore a random oversized baby blue shirt. you’d assume he just bought one similar to yours if it weren’t for the bold logo of your favorite childhood cartoon show at the front. yeah, it was definitely your shirt.
your heart aches at the scene. were you gone that long? did he miss you this much? question after question bombarded your mind and you were unwitting that the answer was yes, you were gone for a while and yes, he misses you so much.
after you left, he was dumbfounded at how cold and lifeless the house was without your company. every minute he had to endure alone made him feel ill at ease. there was this tiny nagging voice inside his head and it told him he was missing something, or perhaps, someone. it bruised his ego to understand it was because of you. of course, as much as he reassures himself that he didn’t need you at all times, he did.
the past few days didn’t feel complete without you there. he was well-aware this was a cheesy conclusion, and he did roll his eyes when it clicked, but it was the truth.
“you’re home.” his voice was groggy. although it sounds like a question, you knew it was a comment that funnily enough mimics a sigh of relief.
“i am.” you nod, earning a low hum of “hurry up, get in bed,” from him, and it causes you to make haste and change into your sleepwear.
approaching the bed, it didn’t take long for you boyfriend to tug you towards where he laid. he locks you in his arms with him acting as the little spoon for once. he rests his face by your chest then drowsily replies with a yawn, “took you long enough.”
you didn’t know if he was referring to your return from your business trip or the bathroom; however, what you did know is that it was the first time he properly slept in a long time.
Tumblr media
childe [tartaglia]
alarm rousing you awake, you didn’t hurry to leave your bed. instead you stare blankly at the ceiling for a moment or two before proceeding to do your daily routine. you brush your teeth, ate breakfast, bathed, dressed up, and left the house to grab a quick cup of iced coffee then headed to the office building. it became a regularity; there wasn’t a point where you went against the schedule.
well, none that you can recall.
as a petty result, you miss the curious nosy people toss you. from the lady at the reception desk to your co-workers who sat idle in the cubicles, they turn their heads when you walk by and gawked. it wasn’t discrete so how it flew right under your nose is a mystery.
first were their prying stares and followed were their hushed whispers. bit by bit, it gradually grew louder and harder to ignore. on your left, you can hear himiko from three cubicles down murmur to aoi about some long-sleeved maroon polo shirt. you brush it off. those two were obsessed about being at par with the latest fashion trends after all.
on your right, you catch yasuo from finance and his buddies chat about a rumored on-going office romance by the water cooler near the printer.
you try to shrug it off again and focus on your work, uttering every now and then that the sooner you get this done, the sooner you get to go home. it didn’t work. the whispers turn into full-blown chatter and it diverts your attention.from the unfinished document displayed on your computer. you stop bothering and hide in the office break room to unwind.
amidst prepping another cup of iced coffee, the door opens and you watch a familiar figure walk in from your peripheral. your grip on the coffee pot tightens. it was childe.
your boss.
you wouldn’t have bat an eye if you weren’t roused with the memory of what transpired between you after the company christmas party. while he was your superior, he certainly didn’t act like it; and that could be attributed to the fact you share a close friend in your personal life. other people might have gone crazy at the news of this affair, but zhongli—who withstood the long-standing romantic tension happening in front of him—felt pure relief to know you both finally resolve it.
what you didn’t count on to blossom from that winter night you spent warming his bed is a relationship. a real one. thereafter, you find him trying to worm his way into your life and schedule. childe wasn’t shy. he proudly announced that he was going to court you with a stupid grin over dinner out at your favorite restaurant one friday night.
you couldn’t resist him. although he can be wildly annoying, he was definitely the type of man you’d bring home to meet your parents. he was charming, smart, and great with kids; not to mention undeniably handsome too! it was game over for you when he first flashed you his boyish grin.
obviously, such a relationship needed to be hidden. whether you like it or not, it had to kept a secret. whereas you did try to hide it, your boyfriend followed half-heartedly.
“well, if it isn’t my beautiful girlfriend!”
you nearly drop the coffee pot when you hear how close his voice was to your ear. you look up, holding onto the counter to prevent yourself from falling down. he was too near. your inquisitive eyes bore into his towering figure and from his perspective, you look like a scared little bunny in front of its predator. it was obvious you didn’t appreciate his advances right now in a place where people can walk in at any second from now! what on earth was he on?
you were too preoccupied watching the door that you didn’t feel him toy with the maroon fabric of your sleeve.
“wait a minute… is that my shirt?” childe lifts a brow at you. the corners of his mouth quirk up. oh, was he enjoying this.
“is it?” your eyes dart from him to the top you wore. it made sense, you guess, deeply thinking about it. you never saw it before or remember buying it.
“uh-huh!” he nods, rather enthusiastically. “it must’ve went to your pile by accident when we did our laundry together!” lies. he calculatedly placed it there because one, he wanted something of his to be with you and two, he needed a good excuse to visit your apartment.
“y-you can have it! it looks better on you than it did on me!” he blurts in no time, leaving you no room to even offer to go get it dry-cleaned and return it to him the next day.
your mouth opens in protest, however, that’s when it clicks inside your head. everything suddenly made sense! the strange glances… the loud whispers… himiko murmuring to aoi about a maroon shirt… yasuo theorizing about an office romance… they were all talking about you! you turn pale. it also means they’ve connected the dots.
uh, oh.
noticing the slight crinkle of your nose, your boyfriend holds your chin and tilts your face to meet his gaze. his thumb ran along under your bottom lip. “hm, what’s with the sour look, pretty girl?“
“i-i think they know… i think they know we’re dating! hello… how are you so calm? did you not hear what i just said?”
“i did but will it really hurt to let them know?” childe frowns. frankly, he was growing tired of pretending he wasn’t yours when other people were around.
you didn’t need to say it, your reaction did it for you.
“fine,” he huffs, frowning at you, “you leave the break room first, i’ll follow a few seconds later to not draw any attention towards us—okay?”
with a chaste peck on his lips, you do as he planned and bid him a soft goodbye before walking back to your cubicle. you force yourself to focus on your work; though, as you type on the keyboard, you felt the strong urge to look away from your screen. there, to your left, you see your boyfriend walk past your area, sending you a discrete wink.
Tumblr media
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sleepsacked · a month ago
all thanks to you, // c.s.
Tumblr media
+ college student!choi san x afab!reader
+ tags: +18!! minors dni!!!! pure filth ahaha, tbh idk this is one of the first ones ive worked on and completed so im unsure asf how to tag this stuff but zzzzz, college au, virgin!san omg, dry humping, grinding, panty stuffing?, cum stuffing??, hand.. grinding??, making out, usage of petnames (babe/baby) A LOT, teasing, sniffing..(?) IT’LL MAKE SENSE AT THE END, slight body image insecurity (?), reader is canonically on birth control LOL, omg idk just pwp for sure zzz, corruption kink, slight sub!san undertones but not entirely, kinda fluff(?), semi-realistic maybe?:?,,! good god idk help me w the tags pls i beg
+ lowercase intended <3
+ part 1/? (still deciding if i wanna make this a lil smut series) (pt. 2 out <3)
+ word count: 5.3k~
+ summary: classic story of experienced reader corrupting innocent boyfriend who are partnered up for a class project <3
+ a/n: i’ve literally had this in the drafts for months and finally finished it up and edited it but also its been AGES since i’ve written anything and most of the time i jus keep a lot of my writings as drafts or ideas but i actually really like writing so maybe i’ll be consistent </3 if this does well i might make it a lil series cuz im nasty and have plenty of ideas for this concept ):7,82&.&2/@@: OKOK enjoy -3-
you guys had met in your graphics design class at the beginning of your third year in university, which had nothing to do with your major and was just some random filler class that fit into your schedule. although he had sat on the other side of the room, he definitely made an impression. his broad shoulders, slim waist, high cheekbones, the slight resemblance he had to a fox, he was definitely mesmerizing to say the least.
it wasn’t until your professor assigned a partner project and as if fate couldn’t be anymore real; the two of you were paired together.
you noticed that he hadn’t spoken much in class, listening intently to the professor’s lectures (or just really good at pretending), occasionally getting up to use the bathroom. he was definitely a more reserved guy and not one you were used to going after.
you typically hung around guys like those in alpha tau zeta or beta tau sigma, the ones who were easy to bring to bed but never easy to bring home to your parents.
“hey, i’m y/n. looks like we’re partnered together,” you laughed lightly.
“san,” he lowered his head in a nod, gathering his backpack to set on the floor and scooting his chair to the side. you sat down, stealing a quick glance in his direction before situating yourself to move your focus to the professor and the instructions for the project that was about to take course over the next couple of weeks.
“alright, well if there’s no questions, you guys are free to go for the day. and again please don’t wait ’til the last minute to begin your projects. make sure you and your partner are on the same page. have a good weekend everyone,” your professor waved. as the class began to file out, you looked back at san, noticing that he was pretty slow in making his way out.
you both began to speak, “you go ahead first,” you laughed lightly; taking note of san’s avoidance of eye contact and the light blush that began to creep up his neck. he clutched his backpack tighter before letting out a sigh and finally meeting your eyes.
“i was just going to ask when you wanted to begin our project… i’m free on the weekends and i don’t have any classes on fridays either.” his voice trailed off, his eyes averting to the wall behind you and then back to you again.
oh, he is definitely going to be the death of me. you thought to yourself.
you hummed, “yeah, weekends is good with me. i don’t have classes on fridays either so if you’d like we can start tomorrow? do you live on campus?”
“yeah, i live in the arts hall.”
“oh really? i do too. here lemme get your number and i’ll text you later and we can figure out a time to meet! i have a meeting to go to in 10 and its on the other side of campus,” you began to pull out your phone, opening your keypad and handing it to san.
“oh? oh yeah okay yeah just text me whenever, i didn’t mean to hold you up.” he fumbled his words as his hand grazed yours after taking your phone. he typed in his number and handed your phone back to you, you smiled as you took a quick glance of his contact name.
“san :3” cute, you thought to yourself as you gathered your belongings and getting up from your seat.
“don’t worry about it, i’m excited to start working on your project. see you around, san,” you looked at him one last time as you waved goodbye, heading out the door to go to your meeting.
you hadn’t texted san yet, but that didn’t mean you hadn’t been thinking about him the whole day. you were curious to know more about him, his shyness, how you never noticed that he lived in the same dorm building as you. there was already so much you wanted to know and to ask but you decided to be patient with yourself and your own desires.
as you walked back to your dorm from your meeting, you thought of ways to open a conversation. you figured it wouldn’t be too hard to talk to san or at least get a conversation going considering you felt like you had more leverage of being a more sociable and outgoing person.
however, you also weren’t used to taking the lead and being a more dominant person in a situation like this so, naturally, you doubted yourself.
you finally decided that you would just send out a simple “hey” instead of something that might be too bold or overbearing. the last thing you wanted san to think was that you were trying to hard to get at him, and although you didn’t know too much of him, he didn’t seem like the type of guy to like people like that. you pulled your phone out and opened up your messages, finding san’s number and pulling up a new chat.
y/n: hey its y/n~
you stared at the message for a while before hitting send and watching it say delivered. you were surprised to see that soon after the message was being shown as read and a chat bubble appeared.
san :3: hey its san
san :3: but you already knew that of course cause i gave you my number earlier ahahah
y/n: cute ahahaha
y/n: you told me you’re free on fridays right? i was thinking we can start working tomorrow if you’re down
san :3: yeah im good with tomorrow
san :3: meetup…?
y/n: i don’t mind working in my dorm if that’s cool with you? my roommates are gone for the weekend on some class trip but if thats too awkward or whatever then yours?
y/n: or no dorm at all we can meet in the commons or something if thats better
part of you hoped that san would be okay with meeting at your dorm or his, but only because you wanted to get to know him more personally and a little more comfortably.
san :3: your dorm is fine with me :-)
y/n: does noon work for you?
san :3: yeah! noon’s good w me
y/n: its a plan then :> see u tmrw!
and that was where it had all began, working as partners for a project that soon lead to hanging out at every free moment either of you had. countless spontaneous dates throughout the course of the next few weeks until san finally asked you to be his partner. once made aware of san’s inexperience both in romance and intimacy, you were content with moving at a gradual pace - you were understanding! and truthfully, your ego was well-fed knowing that you’d be the only one to have these experiences with your boyfriend for the first time.
today, however, you noticed a shift in san’s attitude. he was more clingy than normal, sticking to your side like glue wherever you went within your shared apartment-style dorm. it started off with not wanting to let you get out of bed to go the bathroom, clinging onto your waist tighter as you tried shifting out of his arms and nuzzling his head in your neck with a low whine to following you to the bathroom.
“baby, whats wrong?,” you stopped mid-track and turning around to look up at your boyfriend, pushing some loose hairs behind his ear before settling your hand on his cheek, which had slowly began to turn a slight shade of pink. he rested his head down in your palm, his eyes fluttering shut.
“nothing’s wrong, i just- i don’t know. i just wanna be around you, that’s all,” san’s lips formed a small pout as he spoke. his fingers fidgeting with the hem of your shirt as he pulled you a little closer.
you hummed before you released your hand from his cheek and settled it on his chest, giving it a few pats before you began to speak.
“okay, whatever you say. lemme use the bathroom and then i can make us something to eat and maybe we can put on that one show you were telling me about the other day, yeah?”
san’s pout protruded more, yet he slowly nodded, still keeping his eyes to the ground and fidgeting under your gaze.
“yeah, okay, that sound’s good.”
you were bent over looking in the fridge, wondering what the hell you were going to make for you and san.
fuck, i need to go grocery shopping. you thought to yourself as you straightened up and began to make your way to the pantry to look for something.
suddenly you felt arms wrapping around you, one around your waist and the other wrapping around your upper chest. you felt light kisses press against your shoulder and the back of your neck.
“baby, can’t we just order something in? i miss you,” san said through muffled neck kisses. you couldn’t help but giggle at your boyfriend’s clinginess. you wanted to keep your composure but his broad chest felt so warm against your back that you couldn’t help but indulge in his affection.
“are you sure you’re okay, san? you’re not running a fever or like… a concussion or something?” you turned your head to try and face him, but his kisses got a little harder on your neck and you felt him wrap the arm that was around your waist tighter, pulling your ass to meet his crotch. he gave a little thrust and you felt his hard-on press into the crevice of your ass. san gave one last kiss before he rested his chin on your shoulder and looked at you with hooded eyes.
“yes, y/n, i’m okay. i just miss you,” san leaned forward pressing your noses together before pushing his hips up into you again, his eyes fluttering before he looked back at you.
“is this why you’re being so clingy? you want me to help you out?”
you knew san wasn’t experienced, and you had already told him that it was okay if he wanted to go slow, truthfully he treated you too good that sex wasn’t primary in the relationship right now. san hid his face from you, which you found more than endearing.
“if you wanna do anything than i’m okay with it, just do whatever you think might feel good for you,” you spoke softly, somewhat anticipating if your boyfriend was going to make a move. the farthest you had gotten with san was occasional heavy make-out sessions with occasional groping. but he never reached to touch you were you wanted most, and you knew it was because of his inexperience.
san released you from his grip, not speaking as he turned you around and gently grabbed your wrist. you looked at him, waiting to see if he was going to give any response but instead, he dragged you to the bedroom, leading you to stand at the edge of the bed before walking back to the door and quietly shutting it.
he turned back to look at you, his face and ears flushed before slowly walking towards you and standing in front of you sheepishly.
“you said i can do whatever i think feels good?” san fidgeted with his fingers, the inside of his cheek pulled between his teeth. you grabbed his hands, gently rubbing your thumb across the top.
“whatever you want, baby. however you want. however you wanna use me, i trust you,” you brought one of his hands to your lips, pressing gentle kisses before opening his palm and pressing your cheek against him. you heard him gulp as you briefly glanced down and noticed the tent in his sweatpants begging for some friction, alongside the faintest spot of pre-cum.
“may you bend over the bed?” he looked at you, eyes still glossed with lust.
you smiled and nodded, lifting your head from his palm. before you began to turn around to bend over the edge of the bed, you stood on your tip-toes. you kissed the tip of san’s nose before you quietly coo’d at him.
“only because you asked me so kindly,” you placed a light kiss on his lips. catching the way his nose scrunched and he was fighting back a smile. he knew you loved how well-mannered he was. you turned around and bent over the edge of the bed, your clothed-ass on display for san. you weren’t sure what he had in mind as you laid in this position, but before you could ponder too long on it you felt cool hands push your shirt up a little so your waist was exposed. you could feel san’s body heat behind you as he was closer now. soft massages kneaded their way into your hips and you couldn’t help but rest your forehead on you arm as you tried your best to look back and get a good view of san.
in the corner of your eye, you could see how timid he was. he stared down at your ass, lip between his teeth and stepping forward more to be more aligned with you. the grip of the massages became harder before his hands stilled and you felt him roll his hips into your ass.
the pressure of his heavy, clothed-cock pressing into your ass had your mouth running dry. it had been awhile since you had sex, of course respecting san’s choices into wanting to take it slow (which you also had wanted to as well, thinking that the wait would most definitely be worth it). for some reason though, the idea of not going all the way right now felt far more intimate than the act itself and that familiar feeling of warmth rushing to your core was making your body run hot quick.
san hadn’t moved, just resting his weight against you. his breaths deep and slightly heavy, you did your best at turning your body to get a better view of him; trying to take in the way his cheeks were flushed and how his mouth was red and puffy from biting it so hard. and how he couldn’t seem to take his eyes off the way his straining cock met the curves of your ass perfectly. you decided to speak up.
“you’re doing good, baby. just do whatever you think feels good,” you pushed your hips back against him, hearing him let out a sigh. “you know i’ll be good for you, san.”
san let out a loud whine, running his hands up your back and raising your shirt in the process before lightly scratching his nails back down and hooking his fingers into your waistband.
“y/n, can i- is it- is it okay if i take off your pants?” san rolled his hips against your ass again and you could tell he was trying to have some self-restraint.
“yes, please, fuck,” you groaned. san slowly rolled your pants down over the curve of your ass, pushing himself off you just enough to get them down your legs and helping you get them completely off before kicking them away from the bed.
“my underwear-“
“i know just- just let me,” san repositioned himself behind you and when you turned your head to glance behind you, you noticed that san had also taken off his bottoms, only leaving him in his briefs and his sleep shirt which was mostly unbuttoned, leaving the expanse of his chest exposed enough to see the pink flush.
you turned back to rest your forehead against your arm, anticipating the feeling of san’s heavy (and now more thinly layered) cock against your ass.
you felt the bed dip on the side of your head, you turned to see san’s hand gripping the duvet as his other hand found contact with your hip again. he rolled his hips into you and as he did so you felt your underwear shift up and put tension on your clit. san soon fell into a steady pace of grinding his hips against your ass, occasionally leaning down to place kisses on your shoulder and suck and nip at the back of your neck.
“y/n, baby, you feel so good like this,” san nipped at your ear, letting out a soft moan when he looked down at where the swells of your ass slightly jiggled every time he rolled his hips.
“yeah? it feels good?” you turned your head to look at him as best as you could. almost all his body weight was on you as he began to rut his hips against your ass. you pouted your lips at him, silently pleading for the feeling of his lips on yours. he leaned down and indulged in you, lazily moving his lips against yours. in the midst of kissing, you caught his tongue with your lips and began sucking lightly. you felt san’s hips stutter and he moaned loudly with his tongue still trapped between your lips. san suddenly pulled away, his hair matted against his head, shirt ruffled and lips puffy. there was slight drool going down his chin and the idea of kissing him until he became a drooly, whiny mess had your mind reeling. but that was most definitely for another day.
“something wrong?” you looked up at san, glancing down at the now more noticeable wet spot on his briefs, a mixture of your desire.
“nothing, it’s just if i come, i wanna look at you. flip over for me,” san placed his hands on your hips, “please,” shooting you a cheeky smile that had you giggling.
once you flipped over, san positioned himself to where one leg was nestled between your thighs and pressed deliciously against your core. his head was nuzzled in your neck, attaching his lips and leaving love bites everywhere he could.
“you know, i’ve been trying not to come fast this whole time. and i’m just wondering how good it’s gonna be when we actually fuck,” he whispered into your neck, lifting his head to take a good look at you. he hadn’t realized how fucked out you actually were and it was a mental image he wanted to keep stored in his head for as long as he could. this time you were the one getting shy, the idea of san fucking you too tempting in this moment right now. your panties were sticky and truthfully it was starting to get a bit uncomfortable. but san had moved his attention back to your neck, softly rutting against your hip bone which had his thigh rubbing against your clit. you involuntarily rolled your hips against his thigh, letting out a feathery moan. the entire time you had been getting messy with san, you weren’t paying attention to your needs. you just wanted him to feel as comfortable as possible and you were more than content being his little toy right now.
san’s head snapped up from your neck, looking down at you with furrowed brows as he pressed his thigh harder into your clothed-heat. your eyes squeezed shut as you let out another moan, head turning to the opposite side from san in embarrassment.
“i want you to do what feels good too,” his hand grabbed your chin, gently pulling your face to look back in his direction again. his stare was too much, his eyes averting from yours to your lips and back to yours before he moved one finger to the tip of your mouth.
as if on instinct, you opened and welcomed his index finger. gently sucking and rolling your tongue around the length while doing your best to maintain eye contact.
san’s eyes were solely focused on how your lips were so perfectly pouted around his finger as the rest of his hand maintained a semi-hard grip on either side of your cheeks.
“fuck, i can’t do this baby, i wanna come on you. please, can i come you?” san’s voice quivered as his eyes made their way back up to yours. mouth still occupied, you nodded, moaning around his finger as a means of saying yes.
he took his finger from your mouth, gently wiping it on the hem of his shirt before reaching for the collar and swiftly removing it from his body and throwing it at the foot of the bed.
“it was starting to get to hot for that. how you feeling?” san spoke, throwing a quick glance at you before he shuffled around on the bed and placing his hands on your knees to spread your legs to make room for him.
“shouldn’t i be asking you that?” you shifted, moving your legs around and he slotted himself between you. it took you a minute to realize that san was more bare than you, something that rarely happened. san wasn’t shy or insecure about his body, at least you didn’t seem to get that impression. you knew he took care of himself, working out as often as he could in between study sessions or dance practices. yet, you had come to the conclusion that maybe he just wasn’t as comfortable being shirtless in a lounge setting than you had initially thought.
“maybe, but you didn’t answer me. how are you feeling?” san laid more of his body weight on you and instinctively you brought your hands up to feel the soft flesh of his chest.
“feeling like i’m gonna overheat in this thick ass shirt but i also don’t wanna take it off.”
his gaze softened, placing pecks across your face. he started with your forehead, leading to your left cheek and then your right. as your as fluttered shut, he gently placed kisses on top of your eyelids, following down your nose to your chin and then ending at your lips.
“you’re beautiful, baby. and i’ll tell you a hundred times a day- no! a hundred times an hour if i have too.” you smiled, looking back up at him.
“can i wear your shirt?”
his eyebrow twitched before he began to frantically nod his head, scrambling across the sheets to bring it up to you. you sat up enough to slip your shirt off and replace it with san’s with ease. thankfully san wore pajama sets so they were thin enough to not overwhelm you. san reached up to your chest, unbuttoning a few buttons on his sleep shirt that revealed just the right amount of cleavage for him to mess with.
once settled back on top of you, he shifted his weight so that his cock laid right between your folds. the wet stains on both of your underwear making the fabric feel much thinner.
“fuck, y/n,” san placed one last kiss before looking down between were your bodies met, rolling his hips with purpose against your clit. the friction of the wet fabric and the pressure of san’s cock made you feel dizzy and soon enough you found yourself rolling your hips with his.
“san, baby, you’re doing so good for me, you know that,” you moaned, wrapping a hand in his hair and gently tugging. he groaned, this time pulling back far enough to slam his hips against yours.
you moaned as your back arched slightly off the bed. you weren’t sure what had come over san, but his energy had changed so much so that you had forgotten he was inexperience. you also hadn’t realized how much he liked to praise and be praise.
“i’m so good for you, huh?” san said through clenched teeth, rolling his hips harder and faster.
“so good you’re gonna let me come on you? let me come all over your panties and stuff it back up in that little pussy of yours?” he was looking at you now, bottom lip glossed with saliva from biting it.
“fuck,” you raised your legs higher as you spread them out more, “are you sure you’ve never done this, san? i didn’t know you could be so mouthy.”
san hooked one of your legs under his arm as he shifted to get a better angle to rub his cock between you.
“you’re the one and only, baby,” he smiled, “didn’t know i had it in me either.”
you laughed, before wrapping an arm behind his neck and pulling him down to you in a kiss. this one was by far the messiest kiss you had ever shared with san. as he rutted against you, his lips moved against yours sloppily. thin trails of spit formed around your mouths as you sucked and licked against each others tongues. san pulled away just enough to speak.
“fuckfuckfuck,” his thrusts against your clit became rougher, the fabric of your underwear rubbing against you hard. you wrapped one leg around his waist, putting pressure on his lower back.
“i think i’m gonna come, y/n, oh, oh fuck-“ you looked up at san, fingers still wrapped in his hair. his brows furrowed together, mouth shaped in a small, cute ‘o’, feeling his hips began to stutter.
“i know, baby, go ahead,” you moved your hips against his, “you did so good. go ahead and give it to me.” that seemed to set san over the edge, a high-pitched whine coming from his lips and you soon felt a warm liquid fall onto of your mound. you looked down to see san still coming, hot-spurts making their way through his briefs, the mental image of him coming inside and milking him dry making your mind reel. you moaned, bringing your hand up to his cheeks and pulling him forward in a lazy kiss.
you felt san’s hand make its way to the top of your waist band as he pulled away from you and looked down.
“i wasn’t joking about stuffing you with this y/n,” san wiped at some of his come from your underwear with his middle finger before bringing it lower to your clothed-entrance. he prodded at the wet fabric, rubbing his come at where your hole was clenching eagerly to feel some type of release. you felt him push lightly against you, rubbing in circles his come-covered finger before applying more force. he quickly swiped up more come before going back to your entrance and pushing his fingers inside you as best he could with your underwear still creating a barrier between the two of you. your head fell back against the sheets and your hips moved lightly against his finger.
“san,” you moaned as a hand reached down to his wrist, holding it steady as your hips moved with more fervor. you felt his hand pull back as he shifted down to be face first with your pussy. just as you were about to pout at the loss of contact, a harder pressure was applied. you glimpsed down through hooded eyes, taking your lip between your teeth and you saw san looking back up at you to gauge your reaction. his palm was pressed against you, cupping gently and moving up and down slightly as if he were giving you a massage.
“grind against me, y/n,” san spoke softly, turning his head and pressing soft kisses against the inside of your thigh. he pressed his palm harder against your clothed-heat, turning his attention back to you. you hips moved on their own accord, the fabric pulling against your clit. breathy moans filled the room and san used his free hand to rub gently into your thighs and waist, occasionally reaching up to your chest and grabbing roughly through your (his) shirt.
you felt his hand pull away again only to be quickly met with a light slap, a jolt rushing through your body as you let out a gasp. your hand reached for the duvet, twisting lightly in your palm as you craved for that feeling again.
“harder, please, harder,” your eyes squeezed shut as you moved your hips closer to san’s face, your way of asking for some release. the knot in your stomach began to coil tighter, waiting to be pushed over the edge. san dug the heel of his hand against your clit, moving softly as you moved your hips at your own desired pace.
“oh- oh fuck, baby, i’m gonna cum,” your hand made way to find grip in san’s disheveled hair, grabbing at the base of his locks and tugging with just enough force. in the haze of pleasure, you could make a distinction of moans that weren’t your own and you had just enough time to look down in between your legs to see san with his eyes shut and eyebrows furrowed and he let out a whine. his hand pressed harder against your clit one last time before the tension in your stomach snapped and your hips stuttered against his palm.
san moaned with you, keeping his hand pressed against you as you rode out your orgasm.
“that’s it, baby, want you to give it all to me,” he turned his head against your thighs again, placing small kisses and bites along the expanse of the fleshy skin. the feeling of your orgasm soon finished and you’d fallen into a comfortable daze, loosening your grip in san’s hair and softly running through it instead. your eyes began to flutter, forgetting about the stickiness in your panties. you snapped to your senses when you felt san move forward, still between your thighs and closer to your clothed crotch. he inhaled where you felt the wetness of both your’s and his release was mixed together, letting out a low moan before he moved back up the bed so he was directly above you.
“you are such a perv for doing that,” you laughed as you ran your hands across his chest, taking note of the flush that was creeping up his neck.
“hey,” he whined, leaning down to nuzzle into your neck, “you said i could do whatever i thought felt right,” you could hear and feel the pout in his voice.
“i didn’t say i minded you being a little pervy, if i wasn’t so sleepy right now i might try getting off again,” your arms wrapped around his back, nails lightly scratching up and down as you felt more of his body weigh against you.
“is that so?” san spoke softly as his lips sucked love bites into your neck.
“it is,” you moved your head to the side, allowing san more room to kiss and suck at your neck, “you know you sound cute when you’re all whiny, san.”
“babe,” his voice dragged out as he rolled off you, embarrassed. your laugh rang throughout the room as you turned to your side and reached out for san before he could make it too far out of reach.
“you know i’m teasing you, baby. now can we clean up real quick before i pass out over here?” you placed a quick kiss on san’s lips before you began to get up from the bed, the stickiness between your legs becoming too unbearable.
san followed behind you quickly, grabbing your waist and pulling you in his arms.
“thank you,” he whispered against your hair as he hugged you a little more tightly. you smiled against his chest as you wrapped your arms around his waist, this man was definitely going to be the death of you.
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Only for you M`lady (E.M )
Tumblr media
Warnings: None, just complete fluff.
Summary: Falling for your best friend turns out better than expected.
Request: Pls some sweet fluff with Eddie x fem!mc 🥹 maybe how they come together, share a first kiss, something like that?
Credit to Gif owner.
Being classed as one of the freaks at Hawkins high came with its challenge's but it also came with its perks. The one and only perk being my crush and best friend Eddie Munson. Now yes its probably not the best idea to fall for your best friend but it just happened and there was nothing that could stop me for falling for the long haired metal head that`s smile could light up the darkest of rooms. Or who`s laugh could pull me out of one of my darkest moods instantly, the man who every girl envied for the curls that adorned his head.
Eddie was my calm as ironic as it might seem from the outside worlds point of view.
Walking down the halls of Hawkins high, my headphones around my neck playing the sweet melodies of guns n roses. My boots echoing through the halls too. I turned my way into the canteen to be greeted with the deafening roar of the rest of the school.
I instantly rolled my eyes and held my bag just a tad tighter as I made my way to the back of the canteen to where the rest of my fellow “freaks” sat every lunch time.
As I approached the table my eyes softened and a warmth spread around my body when I saw Eddie getting excited about his new D&D campaign. The excitement that spread through him was contagious, Eddie was so hyped up on being the best dungeon master Hawkins had ever seen. I swung my leg over the bench seat and sat myself down listening to my only love in life. I became so engrossed by his words I hadn’t realised Eddie had started to ask me a question being so fixed on his beauty.
“Hello, earth y/n. You even listening?” Eddie smirked waving a hand in front of my face.
“Uhh, yea… yeah sorry. Urmm what did you say?” I smiled shyly.
“I said you wanna come along to D&D tonight?” He smiled.
“Yeah course, I’ll be there” I tried to hide the heat rising to my cheeks.
The younger hellfire boys noticing and sending a smirk my way. Everyone else heading back into the conversations they were having. I took my notebook out and started doodling some designs while the rest of the group chatted.
Eddie had asked me to draw up some designs for the band logo, he wanted something new for corroded coffin. I looked up and admired my sketching and noticing Eddie glancing over and smiling. His hand sliding over my thigh and giving it a little squeeze. Once again I felt my cheeks begin to turn red and hot.
“They look really good sweetheart” he smirked while getting up from the table.
“Right my fellow men and m’lady, I have some business to take care of. Catch you all at hellfire later”. The rest of the group smiled and waved as Eddie made his way out the school canteen.
Not long after the bell went for the end of lunch and I made my way through the rest of the day in a daze. My hand absentmindedly drawing little logos and things for hellfire and corroded coffin. What I hadn’t realised I’d done in amongst all of those drawing was put mine and eddies initials together in a flaming heart, little bats flying around the heart.
The last bell of the day rang and I made my way to the theatre room where Eddie held hellfire. I looked though the little window before going in to see he was the only one there so far. I pushed the door open and walked over to the man with his back to me setting up the table, I ran my hand up his back in a spider motion and jumped to the side when he shot up from being bent over with a smirk on my face.
“Jesus Christ Hender… Oh it’s you sweetheart, I was about to loose my shit at Dustin” he smiled.
“Nope, just me” I smiled back.
“Good, I’m glad. Means I get you to myself for a bit” he smirked handing me a book.
There it goes again that stupid blush making me feel like a fire was spreading across my face again. I looked down at the book Eddie handed me.
"Urmm what`s this for?" I stuttered still feeling flustered.
He just smiled and said "For you".
"Ohh, so am I like... apart of hellfire now?" I asked.
"Urmm sweetheart, you`ve been wearing the shirt for weeks now. I think you`ve passed the initiation process" he smirked as he placed the last touches to the table.
“Although I do have something in mind that would be only for you. You know your own initation” he smirked.
Eddie walked over to me and placed his fingers under my chin, tilting them slightly so I looked up at him. Into those big brown doe eyes, my heart rate picking up. I felt as though my heart was beating in my ears, his lips looked so soft and plump but at the same time could do some despicable things. My gaze flitted between his eyes to his lips, Eddie noticing and taking that as his cue to make a move.
My breath hitched in my throat and I felt as though I wouldn`t be able to breathe on my own again, that was before he leant down and placed his lips on mine in the most delicate kiss. My eyes fluttering shut and my hands coming to rest on his forearms as both of his hands held my face as he kissed me. For months I had tried to imagine what this moment would feel like, whether I would ever get the chance to experience it. He tasted sweet and sour probably from the coke he had been sipping on when I arrived and the last fragments of the cigarette he smoked before coming to set up. I smiled against his lips, Eddie doing the same.
He pulled away just enough I could still feel his breathe fanning over my face, the air finally filling my lungs again a small pant leaving my lips. The blush well and truly visible now, I pulled him close to me placing my lips on his in a more heated and feverish kiss this time. Our lips moulding together in a perfect dance, his taste and kisses becoming so quickly addictive. I bit his lip to stifle a moan, him groaning.
Eddie pulled away this time, " Slow down sweetheart, don`t want me to revved up for hellfire. I want to do this right"
I smiled sweetly at him placing a kiss on his cheek.
"Now m`lady, I Eddie the banished. Request your help in a quest to defeat the evil Vecna with his Lady by his side. Does one say yes to helping?" he smirked as he bowed at me holding out his hand for me to take.
Giggles escape my lips, as I place my hand in his.
"She does say yes, to her knight. As long as he promises to take her to the tavern for a drink after?" I wink back at him.
Eddie pulls me into his chest, wrapping his arms around my waist. Looking down at me and a smile creeping its way across his lips once again. He lets out a laugh before pressing his lips to mine and mumbling against them.
"Anything for m`lady".
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