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Trying to Wake Them Up, Kirishima x Setsuna for anonymous

@badthingshappenbingo @arjengelly

“Hey! Hey, Tokage! Wake up!”

The young hero with red dyed hair held his girlfriend Setsuna in his arms. She didn’t appear to be conscious. Kirishima shakes her body lightly, hoping to get some kind of response from her.

“Th-this isn’t funny, Setsuna! Wake up! Please!” Kirishima cried out, tears flowing from his eyes. The only response he got was Setsuna’s body going limp.

The tears continued to flow down Eijirou’s face. He buried his head into Setsuna’s body. “Please,” he tearfully muttered as the sound of an ambulance started to fill his ears.

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[gotcha jade! i already had something in mind for both of them before you asked this.]

Baker S/O [Featuring Sen Kaibara and Setsuna Tokage x GN!Reader]

Here you go @jxdesandpxsies


Reader’s Pronouns: They/Them

Warnings: None

Pairings: Sen Kaibara x GN!Reader, Setsuna Tokage x GN!Reader

Additional Information: Y/N is a flirt, Satou is mentioned a bit for both headcannons cause he also bakes so why not mention him?


Setsuna Tokage

  • Girl was already simping for you, I mean—she’s that bitch. So girlie was shocked when you started flirting with her.
  • Y/N: Stop it! You’re under arrest for stealing my heart!
  • Setsuna: 😳
  • Usually she’d roll her eyes when someone tried to flirt with her, but you? You were the definition of sexy hot godzilla non aging cutie cute, so you got a pass.

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I’m mad at myself for not noticing how cool and beautiful Setsuna Tokage is.


Like her Kendo and Kodai are now added to my harem.

So many people I can have my character with yet I can only choose one.

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A week and change has passed but I wanted to celebrate 3 years of Setsujirou. Artists are @megaferal @frosty-tian @amoop @medjed @myself @anchoashido @justetto @erijaime and @son-of-an-art-block

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Okami: **takes deep breath**

Okami: I lo-

Setsuna: Yes, you love Tokoyami and Kuroiro. I know. You love them so much. They’re the lights of your life. You love them so much. You just love Tokoyami and Kuroiro. I kNOW. You love Kuroiro and Tokoyami. You fucking love them. Okay, I know. I get it. YOU LOVE TOKOYAMI AND KUROIRO. I GET IT.

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Bnha leverage AU

Grifter: Camie, Shinsou

Retrieval specialist: Tokage, Monoma

Hacker: Hatsume

Theif: Awase

The strategists: Midoriya, Yaoyorozu

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I’ve seen a few posts, and one Tiktok where it’s bnha characters, but with English names. It was mainly class 1-A centric, so I thought it’d be cool to do one with some class 1-B characters, plus some Shiketsu students.

Kaibara: Alexander. People call him Alex for short

Tsuburaba would probably be Owen, or Lucas.

Kamakiri would probably be called Deshae. Whenever he starts to act up, people just go “here goes Deshae again, doing the most.”

Kendo: Kaitlyn, or Katie for short.

I know Tsunotori is American, and her name is technically an English one, but if her name wasn’t Pony, it’d be Emma.

Tokage would definitely be named Samantha or Jordanne. All the girls I’ve met with those names are wild like her.

Camie would probably be named Jayden.

Tagging: @mobihyuki and @kaibaras-camera if they want to add anymore names to the list

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7 days after its birthday but sometimes the best birthday presents are the ones you wait for. The anticipation built up and I am not disappointed.

@justetto is a fantastic artist and I will definitely have to commission them again in the future! Maybe for my next fic anniversary. OwO

Happy 3 years of existing, Love Me Like a Reptile and by extension, the Setsujirou ship. And thank you so much, Etto!

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Mezo: You three broke the bed last night?!

Setsuna: It must have been wild!

Okami: Not that it’s any of your business… but yes. It was.

[Last night]

Shihai: Bet you can’t jump high enough to touch the ceiling

[Okami and Fumikage climb onto the bed]

Okami: Try us!

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If class 1-B was a musical 🙌💗

Yo guys . Here’s my short animatic, hope y'all like it ✌

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