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#sev’s cats
sevdrag · 2 months ago
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The Snuggling Potato
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sevdrag-again · a month ago
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proving it’s me
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“Güzellikle hemhal olmak, başlı başına şifadır. Üstelik güzellik bizi adalete davet eder. Bir çiçeğin, bir ağacın, bir hayvanın güzelliğini idrak edebilen kişi onlara zarar veremez. İnsanın güzelliğini gören, onu incitmek istemez. Kalbimizin ayarlarıyla oynayalım ve etrafımızdaki güzelliği, ruhumuza görünür kılalım.”
•Kemal Sayar
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severnrsstuff · 11 months ago
I laughed too much at my cat weird face and she decided to beat the shit out of me
I kinda deserve it tho
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arodynamic-enby · 2 months ago
Hey i need some help
We are getting a new cat. I am responsible for naming him.
Our existing cat is named Tobias, because i thought it sounded like a sufficiently snotty 19th century englishman name.
I want a name for the new cat that matches that energy, please give me suggestions
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masterjedilenawrites · 17 days ago
Delta Squad: Unlikely Cat Owners
He's on a lengthy, boring mission, and only focused on keeping his squad focused... and then he notices this little black cat is always showing up wherever they go
He'd try not to acknowledge it at first
It's small and scrawny and skittish, but it seems to really like him specifically
He'll start by tossing it scraps of food. Then he'll start talking to it. And next thing you know, he's inviting it inside his tent for warmth at night
And eventually the cat has its own little basket on the ship and its own food dish and it takes up half the cot when it sleeps and Boss just puts up with it
Doesn't name it, ends up calling it "little guy"
It's a girl but he doesn't know that
The cat mostly does its own thing during the day, occasionally appearing wherever Boss is and bringing a secret smile to his face
He doesn't want other units to know about the cat. But he also doesn't want to leave the thing behind when they inevitably have to leave
So he ends up taking it with him on the down low, and anyone who notices just knows to not comment on it
Heaven help the poor soul who messes with Boss's little guy
He's back on the ship, keeping an eye on the squad while they're on a recon mission, when the ugliest freaking cat in the whole galaxy wanders up the open ramp
He only notices because he suddenly starts sneezing
He panics, trying to shoo it away without getting too close, but the thing just sits there and stares at him
Eventually figures out if he turns on certain filters on his helmet, he can pick the thing up and carry it outside without issue
Soon after, though, it starts raining, and no matter how hard he tries to focus on the mission, he can't stop thinking about that mangy cat with the crooked tooth and the chipped ears
Spends an hour searching for it before finding it shivering under a bush
Spends the next hour researching , what do cats eat, how to get rid of the mange, what to do about its bowed legs, anything else he can to help this unfortunate creature
The squad doesn't understand why he insists on keeping it around. It hacks up hairballs and scratches out chunks of its fur. And it makes Fixer sneeze and itch himself
He just really wants to help the thing have a better quality of life
He can't cure the cat's ugliness, but he helps restore its coat to health and figures out what it can eat without vomiting
He interviews candidates to adopt it, scrutinizing everyone until he finds someone with as much care and patience as he had
He misses that ugly cat, but he's glad he can breathe again
He'd come across a stray but friendly orange cat wandering the streets where he's on mission
As it snaked between his legs and rubbed up against him, he'd immediately become attached
He'd first double check he didn't belong to anyone else, multi-tasking with his mission duties and asking around if anyone recognizes the cat
It's an annoying stray, everyone insists. Don't give it food or it'll never leave you alone...
Scorch has already been feeding him snacks all day
So now the Squad has a pet cat
He'd name it something really pretentious like Lord Jefferson, and the squad has to refer to him as My Lord or His Lordship
It doesn't matter that Fixer's allergic; Scorch makes him readjust so the cat isn't disturbed by all the sneezing
Lets the cat have free reign of the ship. Will let it walk around on the control panel and curl up in the ammunition box
But if the cat disappears, he makes everyone stop whatever they're doing to find him
Thankfully it prefers to sleep on top of Scorch's chest or back at night, so the others can get some relief in their own bunks
Wherever Scorch goes, the cat follows. Doesn't need to be carried, but will occasionally perch on his shoulder
He was camped out on a solo mission. A stray cat with tabby-like markings kept sneaking in his camp, trying to get food and he'd shoo it away
But the cat was determined and it became like a game between them. Sev would try to hide his food and the cat would find a way to get it anyway
One day he returns to camp to find all his bags of food torn through, and the cat is curled up on his cot, sleeping so peacefully
So Sev just accepts he has a cat now
He tries to train it, like to ride on the back of his speeder or to only pee in pre-determined areas
But it's stubborn and never listens
He has several names for it: Jerk, Dumbass, Mr. Moron, Butthead, Sir Nincompoop, Mouth-Breather...
When he's in a nicer mood, he just calls him Stinker
He's constantly finding scratch marks on his things, or bites taken out of his food, or hairballs left on his pillow
It also gets stuck in trees a lot. He gives him a lecture about being an idiot and tries not to cave to his crying, but eventually saves him anyway
But no matter how much he yells at it, the cat sticks around. And he lets it
When his mission is over, he leaves the cat. He knows it's a free spirit and wouldn't do well cooped up in an apartment or on the ship
But he does plan secret visits back to check on him from time to time
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astrovagrant · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
sitting at my feet while i work... apologies for the extremely conspicuous litterbox, i don't rly have anywhere else to put it for now
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rosesoraa · a year ago
Everyone is so pretty with your art! Let's see Snape with a cat or him reading? I'm not Pro-Snape but I can recognize a great character (and I'm fascinated by him tbh) and what great things the fandom has done with it!
Thanks You ♡!!!!and yes, Snape is a really really fascinating character, and the snapedom is quite fantastic.
Sorry for the late answer :(
I tried to draw Snape with a cat. It was a bit difficult because I NEVER draw animals, so it was quite the challenge for me but I liked it!
Thanks you for the ask! And I hope you'll like it!
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pcripeteiia · 2 months ago
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the audacity to call him a twink. he will not stand for this slander !
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sevdrag · 3 months ago
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5 min out of this chair and who moves in?
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v-for-violet · a month ago
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good morning :)
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catboyhuacheng · 5 months ago
hi hi hows it going!! heres some cats
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arodynamic-enby · a month ago
Cat beans work on my phone screen…
Im gonna let tobi make a post
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maccaillte · a year ago
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@jericholeader​ said: *gently runs his fingers through Seven's hair*
Tumblr media
Seven only trusted a few people in their life they felt truly comfortable around. Markus was one of them, but he too trusted them and enjoyed their company. They didn’t feel like a bother to him and Markus looked like he needed some company. He was lying on the couch going through some files, Seven had no hesitation crawling onto the couch and laying on top of Markus who just casually lifted the tablet up so they can get in position and gently had it propped on their back so he could still look them over.
At some point Markus started to gently run his fingers through their hair and Seven let out an unneeded but happy sigh. Nuzzling their face into his chest a little more and leaning into the touch.
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werewolfcandy · a year ago
Tumblr media
for as much as i talk about him, i don’t think i’ve ever posted pics of Sev on here.
every so often he likes to come into my room, sniff my stuff, stand on my bed for a minute, and then he leaves. i set a blanket down on the floor for him so he decided to lay on it and chill for a little bit. we’re hangin out!
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babygray-dam · a year ago
When speaking in Japanese, there’s a lot of different ways to say ‘I’. I found out the pronoun Severus uses for himself years ago via a doujin, but this morning, I woke up with an urge to check and to find out what some of the other characters used. That said, in Yuko Matsuoka’s translation of Prisoner of Azkaban:
Hermione uses the neutral 「私」 (watashi), simple, generic. Okay. No soft, feminine 「あたし」 (atashi) for you, I see.
Harry and Ron go with 「僕」 (boku), perfect for boys and young men. Draco uses it as well.
Remus and Sirius use 「わたし」 (watashi), which looks almost casual next to Hermione’s... and also what I wasn’t expecting. (I thought Sirius would use the more masculine 「俺」 (ore). Hagrid does, because he a big, casual guy.)
Dumbledore refers to himself with 「わし」 (washi), because he’s an old man and that’s just how old men refer to themselves in fiction.
And finally, Severus uses 「吾輩」 (wagahai), because he’s a pompous, arrogant git. And possibly a cat.
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tait101 · 2 years ago
Ok so I may be a total crazy person, but I want to try to train Sev(my cat) to do scent work.....
I know total crazy person, but like why not? He’d probably enjoy it, and I think it would be fun to try. I know he’s trainable, he can sit on command, walk on a leash, jump up on my shoulders, and objets on command. And he’s a big sniffer, I mean most cats are but that's his go to thing with new stuff, and he air scents a lot too. 
So I’m going to try. if anyone has any resources for scent work that would be great!
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