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The Seven and Nico in your class

Leo: That one kid in your class who’s really funny and gets in trouble A LOT

Annabeth: That one kid in your class who’s freaking smart

Percy: That one kid in your class who’s a troublemaker

Piper: That one kid in your class who’s SUPER pretty and popular

Jason: That one kid in your class who’s just perfect

Hazel: That one kid in your class who doesn’t really know what’s trending these days

Frank: That one kid in your class who you can use as a bodyguard

Nico: That one kid in your class who’s really quiet and sits in the corners

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betty - Seven

Very irrelevant but I got a paper cut where I hold my phone when I write so this was quite literally a pain to write. If there are typos, that would be why haha

Warnings: spoilers for Seven’s name!

Summary: Seven has been away on a mission for almost a month now, with very little communication with you. He decides to surprise you when he comes home. To clarify, MC is not necessarily named Betty, just the Taylor Swift song i used as inspiration haha, slight AU

You missed him. It hurt how much you missed him, in fact. You and Saeyoung had been dating for a little over a year now; you had moved in with him and Saeran about two months ago. Things were good between the three of you. Then Saeyoung was called to go on a mission.

It would take a month; he was over in America. You couldn’t text one another, as it would not only give away his location but also could be dangerous for you. You were, however, able to call every once in a while. He would have Vanderwood scramble the signal and call you every three days or so. You would burst into Saeran’s room so he could be a part of the call too; you typically had about ten minutes to catch up before he had to go. It was nice hearing his voice… you had noticed Saeran was sort of sad without his brother around.

The two of you tried to do fun things to keep the house lively without Saeyoung; you played board games almost every single night, went to the movies last weekend, and went apple picking the other day. Anything to take your minds off of the emptiness of the house. You were grateful for Saeran; if he wasn’t there you probably would have gone insane. The two of you talked it through and decided to have a small party with the RFA members at your house this weekend; it would be nice to see the others.

On the day of the party, Saeran focused on crafting the perfect playlist while you made brownies. You got a call from Seven and, almost dropping the bowl of batter, you quickly picked it up, turning it on speakerphone. “Hi Honey!” You called. Saeran set his phone down and moved closer to you.

“How’s it going, Saeyoung?” He asked.

“Oh it’s good. How are the two of you doing?” His voice sounded slightly robotic. The signal must have been bad.

“We’re actually going to have a little get together tonight with the RFA,” you stated, matter-of-factly.

“It’ll take all of them to fill this house with as much personality as you do,” Saeran joked. The two of you chuckled.

“That sounds so fun! I’m glad you’re finding things to do. I’m sure you both miss me a lot.”

You rolled your eyes. Of course you missed him, but how Seven of him to state it like that. “Are you safe? And healthy?” You always asked him this.

“Yep yep. I might have even grown an inch. Hear that? Inch. Americans are so weird with their measuring system.” You heard a horn honk loudly in the background, the sound being drawn out. “Traffic,” he explained. “Drivers are crazy. I’d hate to bring one of my babes here.”

You sighed, certain he was talking about his “babe cars.” Saeran caught your expression and laughed.

“Hey, I’m sorry I can’t talk longer, but I have to go. It’s hard to keep the signal like this when I’m moving.” He didn’t sound sad or anything, like he typically did at the end of his calls. It was probably because he was focused on all the traffic.

“Oh, okay! Take care of yourself. Can’t wait to talk to you again Honey.” Every time you went to say goodbye your eyes welled up with tears. This time was no different. It was just hard because you weren’t sure when you’d be hearing from him again.

“I’ll call as soon as possible. Bye Babe, bye Saeran. Love you both.” Saeran wasn’t even able to utter a goodbye before the phone hung up. You sighed.

“You okay?” Saeran asked as you set the phone down, focusing your attention back on the brownie batter.

“Yeah. Just feel cheated the call was so short this time,” you explained. It was a silly thing to be upset about, but it did make you sad. “Sucks we don’t know when he’ll call again.”

“As soon as he can, I bet. Can I help you with anything,” he asked, eyes trained on the bowl.

“Do you maybe wanna vacuum? I haven’t gotten to it yet,” you asked. He rolled his eyes and sighed, nodding before heading off to the closet to get the vacuum. He knew you hated vacuuming and liked to put it off; it frequently became his job.

Much later, things were all in place for the party. The punch was made, brownies were frosted, floor vacuumed, music playing. It was perfect. You were honestly kinda excited! You really enjoyed planning these sorts of things for your friends.

Jaehee arrived first (no surprise), carrying a plate of cookies, asking if you needed any last-minute help. She was always on top of the game. Then Jumin, bringing a few fancy bottles of wine with him. Next was Zen, then finally Yoosung, who had brought The Game of Life to play.

You thanked them all for coming and got to quick work setting up the game with Yoosung, organizing all the cards and lining them up. Jumin offered to be banker, which Zen disagreed with immediately. Then Zen offered to be banker. When he wasn’t sure how to hand out $80,000, the task got handed to Jaehee. This typically happened.

You were just about to purchase your house when there was a knock at the door. “Who could it be this late?” You asked, standing up to take a look at the monitors. “Maybe a package or something?” But it was 9 pm. That made no sense.

“I’ll… come with,” Saeran offered. He seemed on edge slightly. Nobody came to your house this late: only the RFA or Vanderwood. And the RFA was here. And Vanderwood was in the U.S. with Saeyoung. You felt a million times better with Saeran by your side.

You took a glance at the camera situated near the door. Was that… Saeyoung? “Why is he knocking?” You asked. Saeran subtly grabbed a knife from the knife block.

“What, are you afraid it’s his evil twin?” You joked. He probably would have laughed if he hadn’t been so nervous. You thought it was kinda funny. Saeyoung was always big on entrances; this was probably all a bit.

You opened the door a decent amount but not all the way. Saeran had put you on edge honestly. “Saeyoung!” You greeted, as though you hadn’t looked at the monitors already to see who was there. “Why’d you knock? You quite literally programmed the entry.”

He swung his bag off his shoulder, setting it down. “You know, now that I think about it, it was probably pretty concerning to see me ringing the doorbell. I just wanted a dramatic entrance.”

That was your Seven. There was no denying it. You launched yourself towards him and wrapped your arms around him in a tight hug. He picked you up, feet flailing in the air. He set you down gently. “Hey Saeran. What’s with the knife?”

Saeran’s eyes widened, and he leaned over to set the knife down on the counter, making his way to greet his brother. Seven pulled him in for a hug which made him extremely flustered, but you could tell he was happy his brother was home.

The RFA had made their way to the doorway to see what was the cause of all the commotion. “Welcome home, Saeyoung,” Jumin smiled. Everyone else joined him in greeting the redhead. He had his arm tight around your waist as he said hi to everyone.

“I thought you weren’t supposed to be back for another week or so,” you commented, turning to look at him. He turned to face you, your cheeks so close they were almost touching one another.

“But how could I miss game night!? I love game night.” He joked, a wide smile on his face.

“We’re playing Life though. Six players max.” Yoosung explained, scratching the back of his neck.

“Don’t worry about it. We can make you be a paper clip or something. We haven’t gotten too far into the game,” you reassured him. He absolutely loved Life.

“Eh, it’s fine. Can I just be on your team?” He asked, poking at your side. Zen made a comment on that not being how the game worked at all, but Saeyoung brushed him off. “I’m playing the role of husband. It counts. Have you gotten married yet?” He asked you.

You giggled. “Yep. I’m about to buy my house.”

“Oh man,” his face fell. “Well what am I gonna do with the ring then?”

“What ring? What are you talking about?” He was confusing as always. You knew he was teasing you, though, from the way his eyes sparkled as he played along.

He reached into his jacket, pulling out a box and popping it open. “This ring.” Your jaw dropped. It was so beautiful. There was a large square cut diamond that caught all the light from the kitchen, with small diamonds lining the band. “I was gonna try and be your husband but I guess that role’s already taken.”

“Saeyoung… I-“ you didn’t even know where to start. He still had his stupid grin on his face. “I’m so confused. This does not seem like the time to be messing around with me.” You chewed your lip nervously. Was he seriously planning on proposing?

He let out an extremely exaggerated sigh, mumbling “fine” and getting down on his knee. “Will you leave your husband in The Game of Life for me, and marry me, but for real? Like in real life?”

You laughed. The movement caused a tear to fall down your cheek. You sniffled. “Of course I will Saeyoung.”

The RFA was clapping; it was so cheesy. Saeyoung got up, complaining about how his knee hurt from the concrete, and took the ring from its box, sliding it on your finger. “Did you sign a prenup or anything? I hope you don’t lose it all in the divorce.” He teased, still very focused on your board game marriage.

“Shut up you idiot,” you joked back, pulling him in for a kiss, his hands finding your hips easily and pulling you closer. Saeran whined something about PDA and the RFA went back inside, telling you to come back In when you were done being all gross.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I was coming back,” Saeyoung whispered, his features only highlighted by the moonlight now that the house door was shut. “I wanted to surprise you. I know you don’t always like my surprises, but was this one okay?”

“Best surprise ever,” you grinned, plastering kisses all over his cheek until he was laughing nonstop. “Now let’s go inside before we go completely bankrupt.”

“We’ll have to find a good lawyer to help file the divorce papers,” he commented, scanning his way back into the house.

“Well, Yoosung is the lawyer, so good luck with that one.”

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MC: *Goes to Mint Eye* *Realizes she can’t reach the others* Hm…

moments later…

Ray: Hey MC-

MC: *secretly hacking the system to access phone calls outside Mint Eye* *Hides her phone from Ray before he sees* Yes?

Ray: Can you please stay here with me? *puppy dog eyes*

MC: …

MC: *sighs and keeps her phone* Alright. *whispers to herself* I’ll make sure to contact Seven later…

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707 x mc

rating: G

prompt: v x mc / {dance}

warnings: angst and feels! 

word count: 1,228

ao3 link

[my Ko-fi♡]

When Seven attends her wedding, he doesn’t think things can get any more painful.


He tried not to go.

He thought up every plausible excuse. He didn’t sleep for days. He considered taking a one-way trip somewhere and leaving everything behind.

But in the end, something told him that he needed to be there to see it happening. Maybe if he saw it with his own eyes, he would be able to find closure.

Of course, he was wrong.

She’d gushed about a lot of things concerning the preparation and reception to him, but she hadn’t mentioned how breathtaking she would be in her wedding dress. Everyone stood as she walked down the aisle of the church, but as soon as he saw her, his hand reached for the back of the pew to steady himself. It hadn’t felt real until that moment. His heart had been pounding nervously all day, but it was only when he saw her there in her dress that he realized she truly wasn’t his.

It was almost too much.

She floated down the aisle like a goddess, and oh how he would have fallen at her feet if she’d asked him. Everything about her was glowing; from her hair to the flowers in her hand to the angelic smile on her lips. A part of him hated that she looked so happy, but he knew that her happiness was what mattered, not his.

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Sweat tee in the summer. Sweet tea in the summer. You can literally sing it any way and make it sound sane.

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