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#seven deadly sins
sirgilthunder · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hero artwork & cut-in art for the new holiday unit 「 Halloween 」 Will of Protection Diane in Hikari to Yami no Grand Cross.
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zorria · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The fact that gelda didn’t want to stay behind and genuinely wanted to help Zeldris was so cute. She doesn’t want him going and doing things alone anymore. And I love that so much
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winterlogysstuff · 2 days ago
Inspired by @fandoms-have-absorbed-my-life
NNT AND 4KOTA Actor Au Headcanons
Gowther cracks up a lot during takes, which makes shooting S1 and S2 rather difficult because he's is on the no-emotion phase.
There are three actors that played King (duh)
Diane doesn't like it when she's on the giant form because she has to film the scenes alone.
Gelda's favorite part of her costume is her fangs.
Meliodas stole the dragon handle
Ban kept the apron.
King kept the hoodies.
Gowther kept the heart necklace.
The Sins have their very own replica of their sacred treasures. Diane have to be specifically made to be smaller for obvious reasons.
You know the iconic scene where Elizabeth slapped Meliodas, that's improvised and Meli's reaction is genuine.
"I feel like, that's what she would do in that moment," Elizabeth said in an interview.
Ban has the most drip during interviews.
King and Zeldris are paired up in an interview and they just started talking about how everyone is an idiot especially Meliodas.
The scene where Percival tickled Nasiens' back is actually a blooper.
Percival shouting "I'M ABOUT TO LAY A LOAF." also a blooper
Percival's "death" scene is the hardest one to film because Percival would just start laughing out of nowhere.
Percival loves using the harness
Everyone knows when the Sins would appear except for Percival because he can't keep that big of a secret.
Nasiens has the most drip during interviews.
Tristan always makes his entrance dramatic
Remember that scene where Lancelot drank beer, yeah, that's real beer.
Also, that scene where Howzer and Nasiens had a drinking contest, also real beer.
Donny is notorious for stealing props.
The chaotic pairings during interviews include the following:
Ban and Meliodas
Meliodas and Zeldris
Zeldris and King
Zeldris and Ban
King and Gowther
King and Ban
Anne and Donny
Tristan and Lancelot
Percival and Donny
Donny and Nasiens
Ironside and Pelgard
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Sds actor au headcanons.
I've been thinking about this nonstop. Might try and draw it at some point.
- Sun Escanor and Night Escanor have switched personalities. Sun Escanor is a little (big) sweetheart and it throws people off so much.
- Night Escanor has that important person persona. Business man, except he's an actor. The rest of the crew is more scared of him than sun Escanor.
- Gowther might be non-binary, haven't decided. It makes sense, they are a doll.
- One time Gowther was on for a line, and he straight up came out in Merlin's outfit. She was in a tank top and leggings looking around frantically just to see this bitch in her costume.
- Everyone thought it was hilarious though.
- Continued doing it with all the girl's outfits. It's a thing now.
- You know that scene where Meliodas goes: "Whoa, whoa, whoa, Ban! Look, your face is the only joke we need!"?
- Yeah, that was totally improvised.
-The studio next to them could hear the groan from the crew and cast.
- Mel: Keep it in there.
- Zeldris has the most bloopers running.
- Mel is keeping count.
- Any scene where he says something angsty in that deep voice cracked him up.
- "Meliodas, you- pfft. 'All you ever want to do is play Fortnite, you never pay attention to me anymore, it's like... I'm not even there."
Mel: ...Arby's
- The only scene he didn't laugh at was the teacup scene. He couldn't mess that up. It was too iconic.
- Arthur almost that when 4kota came around. He couldn't handle asking for his bride. He couldn't do it.
- Diane is pretty bad as well. Even if something isn't even funny she'll laugh.
I gotta make a part 2 of this.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here’s the full set of Sinners at their worst(except Margarita of course) tagged under Nightmare Fuel, with links to the full descriptions and individual drawings.
Happy Halloween, everyone
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ladymerlin-lab · a day ago
Elizabeth: Stop!Ban! Merlin! You have to try being friends please😢.
Ban: ... okey, whatever you say princess.
Merlin: *sighs* Only because you want us to be friends nene.
Elizabeth: Thanks!!!
Merlin: ...
Ban: ...
Merlin: So... what is your favorite color?
Ban: Don't ask stupid questions Merlin, ask something more logical and mature, you say you are smart don't?
Merlin, grinning: Of course dear Ban. How many moles of sodium bicarbonate are needed to neutralize 0,8ml of sulfuric acid at STP?
Ban: ...
Merlin: ...
Ban: ...My favorite color is red.
Merlin: Of course.
Elizabeth: 🤦🏻‍♀️
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pencilofawesomeness · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Fox Sin of Greed
I don’t have a cool looking weapon on my Ban. Sorry Ban.
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ramunebbls · 2 days ago
I am looking for more blogs to follow.
Some fandoms I'm heavily involved in are:
Jujutsu Kaisen
Lupin The Third
Ace Attorney
And some other fandoms I'm in are:
One Punch Man
Mob Psycho 100
Fire Force
And occasional reblogs from fandoms including To Your Eternity, Noragami, Bungou Stray Dogs, Seven Deadly Sins, D.Gray Man and any other anime or manga I'm currently watching/reading or have seen in the past.
If you post content from these fandoms, please like or reblog so I can check you out!! And since these are fandoms I reblog content from, if you're interested please feel free to follow!
(would also appreciate reblogs to boost!!)
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sirgilthunder · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hero artwork & cut-in art for the new holiday unit 「 Halloween 」 Hunter Slader in Hikari to Yami no Grand Cross.
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zorria · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The fact they haven’t kissed yet is a sin
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- Arthur is the Tom Holland of the group.
-He has to be supervised during interviews, most of the time by Merlin.
-He talks too much and gets excited too easily.
- (Spoiler?) You know how Tom, at a preview for Infinity War shouted, "I'm alive!" when he walked in the theatre?
- Yeah, he so did that with season 3.
- He also talked about his shock about being a villain in 4KOTA during an interview, BEFORE THE SHOW WAS EVEN ANNOUNCED.
- Also all the younger fans love him.
-Gilthunder has played as a prince in several movies, like BIG movies.
-He just has that look, so being a knight fit really well.
- Elban is really awkward to film.
- Elaine is of legal age, but Ban gets so uncomfortable every time they have a scene like that.
- "Ban, you need to do it, we need this scene, it's important!"
- "People are going to think I'm a Hisoka!"
- "They won't! You have to do it!"
- Howzer is single in real life, so he can really relate to Howzer hating the lovey dovey couples.
-Will unknowingly start glaring at the couples on the red carpet or at interviews.
- This has turned into several meme formats.
-Ban is inside Galand's suit because he is so tall.
- He has had so much fun messing with everyone.
-Galand's suit was standing next to the rest of the costumes and set pieces, as soon as King walked by, Ban reached down and grabbed him.
-King let out the most high-pitched scream you have ever heard in your LIFE. Ban thought this was the funniest thing in the world, and posted it on Tiktok. It went viral.
- The ten commandment eye contacts are really uncomfortable, Zeldris brought it up and every single commandment started talking about it.
- Drole was used to contacts, since he wears glasses. So, he was the only one who didn't complain.
- Grayroad's heads fall off all the time.
- Like ALL the time.
- Hot glue is a MUST
-Howzer's beard in NNT season five, and 4kota is real. He was iffy about it, but he likes it now.
- Guila and Jericho hate it and tease him about it constantly.
-Elizabeth's voice is a little deeper than in the show, and her favorite part of the "Newer" seasons was not calling Mel "Sir Meliodas!" any longer.
-The first body paint they tried to use on Drole, he had an allergic reaction to.
-His body was red for like, a week.
- Gloxinia: Maybe they will make him Red instead of blue for you.
- Drole: Shut up.
- There are pictures of Guila, as a little girl, dressing as a vampire for Halloween going around the internet.
-It's adorable.
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salemwitchezz · a month ago
pairing: lucifer x gn!reader
prompt: 11 - "am i your lock screen?" "you weren't supposed to see that." (fluff)
> masterlist <
Tumblr media
lucifers room was quite, no noise other that the fancy little fan above on the ceiling whirring around as well as lucifer's non-stop scribbling from where he was working at the little makeshift work area in the corner of his room.
it was peaceful, there was no noise outside just yet since it was still super early in the morning even though there was bound to be rustling in the hallway in just an hour or so. but for now, he just decided to enjoy the silence he was provided.
his mind was deeply immersed into his work, nothing could break him from it. he was totally and completely focu-
knock! knock! knock!
well so much for peace, because it was just thrown out of the window.
lucifer could already feel the annoyance nagging at him, and he hadn't even answered the door yet. but, he only knew one person who would knock on his door before coming in, and his raging nerves eased.
"y/n?" he spoke up loud enough to where the person on the other side could hear.
there was a moment of silence before the door cracked open, and it was indeed your head that poked into the room. "how did you know?"
the avatar of pride wanted to smile to himself but decided against it, "never mind that, what brings you here so early in the morning? who else is awake?"
you invited yourself into his room and shrugged, not caring that you were still dressed in your night wear. "it's just me. i woke up early and couldn't sleep so i walked by and knocked on doors to see if everyone else was awake cause i was bored, and you were the only one who answered.. sooo."
lucifer's mood dropped drastically, and he began to feel impatient. you could literally see it in the way he evidently expressed it with his features, because you offered him a nervous smile.
taking a deep breath, lucifer spoke with a dangerous edge to his tone. "and for this reason, you chose to disrupt me?"
you stood silent for a moment before opening your mouth with unease, "i'm gonna assume you were really focused with you work?"
lucifer closed his eyes for a moment, bringing a hand to his head before looking looking back up at you with a crease between his eyebrows. "that's correct. if that's all, then i'd like you to leave now."
"yep.. i was just about to do that." you say quickly, and turn to leave when the ding of a d.d.d. went off on lucifer's nightstand beside his bed.
"heavens." you heard lucifer mumble, glancing at his nightstand which was all the way over at the other side of the room. "would you get that for me? then you are free to leave." he instructed you, not even bothering to spare you a glance.
you squinted at him, but did as he said and mumbled under your breath. "what an ass."
"what was that?"
"i'll be fast!..?" you quickly replaced, speeding your pace up until your reached his phone. leaning over to glance at his screen, you didn't know if you wanted to hug him or make fun of him when you saw what you saw.
picking up his phone, you admired his lock screen for a little bit, ignoring the notification that was in the way. it was a picture of you, one you had taken at an event when your own d.d.d. had died and you asked to borrow lucifer's, you remember being surprised when he let you use it, too.
it was just a selfie you had tried to take of you and lucifer, and he had ducked away right before you could snap it. but still, he used it as his lock screen.
your heart fluttered a little bit.
you walked over slowly to his makeshift desk, still looking at the screen before finally breaking away to look at lucifer with a smirk. "am i your lock screen?"
lucifer's head snapped up to look at you, and you could see the panic instantly settling in as it flooded his features. he stood up abruptly and leaned over his desk to snatch the device from your hand, glancing down at it in horror before sitting back down, placing the d.d.d. face down.
"you weren't supposed to see that." he snapped, glaring at you.
your grin widened, your eyes sparkling. "if i wasn't supposed to see it, why'd you ask me to grab it?"
you saw his fist clenched on top of his desk before he looked back down at his work, pretending to be busy. "satan put it as my lock screen yesterday, i just forgot to change."
"y'know for the most powerful, high and mighty demon brother, you are a terrible liar."
lucifer ignored you, "don't get so full of yourself, it'll be gone by breakfast."
your smile faltered, turning into a small disappointed frown. "oh."
at this, the demon glanced up at you with a cocked eyebrow. "oh?" he repeated. you remained silent for a moment, shrugging your shoulders as all your hope died away. "it just.. i thought it was a nice lock screen." you say with a deliberate pout, looking to the side for dramatic affect.
lucifer's features soften, "it.. it is. it's a very lovely lock screen.. i just.."
"so you think i'm pretty?"
you fought a grin, taking your d.d.d out of your pocket. "you said it was lovely, so you think i'm pretty?"
lucifer's cheeks were dusted pink as he tried to come up with the correct words for this situation, and you could tell he was trying to force it away. but he didn't have enough time as you lifted your phone and snapped a picture of his red face, smiling to yourself once you looked back at the picture you took.
"now i have my lock screen." you said happily to yourself, glancing back over at lucifer only for your muscles to tense up when you saw the darkening scowl on his face.
"delete that picture."
you froze, pretending to think for a moment before squeaking out a quick 'no' and scurried out of the room with lucifer not far behind you.
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