#seven foot frame rats along his back
isa-ghost · 12 hours ago
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ftmcamilo · a day ago
shawty had a seven foot frame (frame), rats along his back (along his back)
when he calls your name it all fades to black (fades to black)
he sees your dreams, (he sees your dreams) feasts on your screams
we dont talk about bruno-no-no-no-no-no-no
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anonastronaut · a month ago
Tumblr media
-SEveN fOOt FrAMe
Seven foot frame??!?
Sorry Camilo, your verse in the song absolutely slaps, but this man is three ounces tall. This man is seven foot measured in rat feet.
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meanya · a month ago
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he L P
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werewolfinsheepsclothing · 25 days ago
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kasslookingglass · a month ago
me everytime dolores and camilo sings at we don’t talk about bruno
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ssuzu · 16 days ago
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too beautiful scene!! stuck in my head and wouldn't let me rest until I redrew it ;О; btw! my comms are OPEN now OwO all info is here ;''з
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catastrouge · 10 days ago
Camilo: i remember you were taller, you know… ~7 foot frame~
Bruno: you were five, niño.
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brunos-gf · 11 days ago
please right more smut 😭you’re amazing at writing
Thank you so much, i hope you like what i wrote <3
Such a tease: Bruno Madrigal x Gn!Reader
Summary: You decide to tease Bruno under the table while having dinner with the amazing Madrigals
Genre: Smut
Tumblr media
“Oh keep going~” Bruno moaned while throwing his head back. “As you wish.” You smirked before going down to suck his cock.
Bruno’s eyes rolled to the back of his head while placing a hand on your head, guiding you up and down his cock while he was dying from pleasure.
“Oh y-yes don’t stop! I’m close.” Bruno managed to say between heavy breaths. You gave him a slight nod while grabbing the base of his cock.
You began to pump his cock while sucking on the tip. Bruno was definitely on cloud 9 now. “Oh fuck yes~” Bruno tightened his grip on your hair and began to buck into your face, making you gag slightly.
“O-oh yes i’m going to come!” Bruno announced with short breaths.
And then, just when he was about to come, someone knocked on the door. “Bruno dinner is ready!” Julieta spoke from outside his room.
Bruno groaned in annoyance while covering his face with his hands. “Bruno?” Julieta’s voice spoke again.
“Y-yeah we’re coming!” Bruno yelled back, his voice dripping with sarcasm. By now, you had stopped playing with his cock and joined him onto his bed.
“Don’t worry mi amor. We will finish this later.” You smirked while trailing your fingers up his arm. “I was so close.” Mumbled Bruno.
“And what am I supposed to do with that?” Bruno asked while pointing down at his cock, which was still rock hard.
“Hmm just hide it with your Ruana. Come on.” You smiled while pulling Bruno up by his arm. “Really? You want me to hide it with my Ruana? Everyone will notice mi amor.” Bruno groaned, hoping you would finish him off before going downstairs.
“Bruno!” Alma’s voice yelled from downstairs. “Just wait a minute!” Bruno yelled back while clenching his fists.
“Sst calm down Brunito. No one will see your hard on. Come on we need to go otherwise a war will start.” You mocked while handing Bruno his Ruana.
“Fine, but we’re not finished yet!” Bruno said quickly. You playfully rolled your eyes while nodding.
“Yeah yeah yeah, we’re not finished yet.”
Tumblr media
“So how are things going with you [Y/N]?” Alma asked while before taking a bite of her food.
You and Bruno were currently sitting at the dinner table with all the others. It was actually quite fun to spend so much time with the amazing Madrigals. Although Bruno seemed to think otherwise.
You could see how frustrated he was getting. Probably because his erection was still there and you couldn’t do anything about it.
“Things are going pretty good actually. I’m just enjoying my last few weeks of vacation before i need to go back to work.” You smiled.
“That’s good to hear my dear.” Alma smiled before focusing her attention to Felix, asking him the same question she asked you.
When you saw that everyone’s attention was on Felix, you decided to mess with Bruno, knowing that he was still hard as ever.
You gently placed your hand on his thigh which made Bruno’s breath hitch. Camilo gave him a weird look in which Bruno quietly apologized before Camilo turned away.
“What are you doing?” He whispered while grabbing the table harshly. “I’m going to help you with your little problem.” You whispered back with a smirk.
“P-please don’t.” Breathed Bruno while he felt your hand going higher up his thigh. “Why not? Earlier you practically begging me to finish you off.” You smirked while placing your hand on his bulge.
Your movements caused Bruno to choke on his water which caused everyone at the table to turn around. They all gave him weird looks in which Bruno just quietly apologized, saying he had a tickle down his throat.
“Do you want me to stop mi amor?” You asked while giving his bulge a slight squeeze. “N-no.” Grunted Bruno while holding his hand over his mouth.
“That’s what i thought.” You smirked while undoing his pants. You carefully reached into Bruno’s boxers and pulled out his cock.
“Oh fuck.” Groaned Bruno when his cock was finally freed from the confines of his pants.
“Is everything okay tío Bruno?”
You and Bruno quickly turned to your lefts to see Antonio staring at the two of you. “Y-yes i’m fine, thank you for asking Antonio.” Bruno awkwardly laughed.
Antonio hummed and turned back to his food while Bruno sighed in relieve. “Almost caught.” You chuckled while pumping his cock.
Bruno immediately covered his mouth again while his eyes rolled to the back of his head. “Did you like that, papi?” You whispered in his ear.
“O-oh fuck yes.” Bruno grunted while trying to look as normal as possible. The way you called him papi drove him absolutely insane.
“Please don’t stop.” Groaned Bruno while digging his nails in the wooden surface of the table.
“Don’t worry i won’t.” You smirked while continuing with pumping his cock. “Brunito is everything okay? You seem a bit off.” Asked Alma while she and everyone else turned around to look at Bruno.
“Hmm y-yeah i’m okay.” Bruno nervously smiled while trying his best to keep a normal face.
“Are you sure?” Asked Pepa with a raised eyebrow. Bruno nodded while trying to take a bite of his food while you desperately kept jerking him off.
“Hmm maybe you should keep an eye out for our Brunito, dear.” Chuckled Alma while looking at you. “I will, don’t worry.” You smiled while teasing Bruno’s tip with your thumb. Bruno immediately bit his lip to keep himself from moaning while you were just smiling while talking to his mother.
This was so wrong in so many ways and Bruno knew it. But that didn’t keep him from enjoying it. That was for sure.
When everyone at the table began to have their own conversations with each other, Bruno dared to lower his hand again while softly moaning for you to keep going.
“S-shit i’m close mi amor!” Bruno whispered while clenching his jaw. “I can feel it.” You chuckled while tracing your thumb over his tip.
“Mhmm can i come?” Asked Bruno desperately while his toes curled up in pleasure. “Only if you can keep yourself quiet.” You smiled mischievously while pumping him faster and harder.
“O-oh yes don’t stop. I’m so close.” Moaned Bruno while throwing his head back slightly.
“Come for me Bruno. I know you can do it.” You encouraged while tracing your other hand up his arm which sent shivers down his spine.
“Fuck i’m coming!” Whispered Bruno while bucking his hips upwards. Bruno quickly bit the insides of his cheeks while coming all over your hand.
“Oh fuck~” He groaned while watching how all of his cum covered your small hand which was still around his cock.
“Such a good boy.” You smirked softly while letting him ride out his orgasm against your hand.
“Fuck what do we do about your hand?” Asked Bruno with heavy breaths while looking down at your hand which was covered in Bruno’s cum.
You shrugged while bringing your hand up to your lips after being sure that no one was watching you. Bruno kept a close look on you and watched how you licked his cum off of your hand.
“Oh fuck that’s hot.” Grunted Bruno while watching you closely. You gave Bruno a quick wink before getting your shit together.
Bruno watched how your whole attitude changed in just matters of seconds. You cleared your throat while grabbing your fork and spoon before taking a bite of the food Alma and Julieta had made.
“Hmm it taste delicious.” You smiled while nodding your head slightly. “Oh i’m glad you like it dear. When you’re done we have a dessert you really need to try.” Alma smiled proudly.
“Oh i already had my dessert.” You mumbled under your breath which caused Bruno to choke on his food.
“Really [Y/N]?”
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8-sunshines · a month ago
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radiobuzz · 26 days ago
Disney’s biggest sin is giving us “Encanto’s” Camilo and then only giving us about 10 lines from him, half of them being the best lines of the movie
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marieeviart · a month ago
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Tío Bruno my beloved 🛐🛐🛐
Omg, Encanto's taking place in my heart from now on. The song and colours and everything there is just 🖐️💜
ALSO, Merry Christmas, everyone!!! Hope you all have an amazing holidays! <3
#encanto #disneyencanto #brunomadrigal #tiobruno #doloresmadrigal #pepamadrigal #camilomadrigal #madrigalfamily #wedonttalkaboutbruno #disney #lafamiliamadrigal #mirabelmadrigal
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ftmcamilo · 26 days ago
cant believe this is the same guy that went "seven foot frame rats along his back when he calls your name it all fades to black"
Tumblr media
he rlly went from spooky story teller to clumsy lil guy
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So do the rats just like all of the Madrigal guys or did Camilo convince Antonio to get the rats in on his choreography?
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trafalgar-law-wife · 15 days ago
Bruno: I haven't seen mi sobrino in 10 years. And the first thing I hear him say about me is "Seven-foot frame, rats along his back. When he calls your name it all fades to black. Yea he sees your dreams and feasts on your screams."
Camilo: Ok, tío Bruno, I'm sorry but you gotta admit that I really ate with that line.
Bruno: That's besides the point.
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bridoesotherjunk · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
The Encanto viewing experience.
Edited (poorly) by me.
original comic by @c-rowlesdraws
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curly-freaking-fries · a month ago
The fact that everyone in the Madrigal family during "We don't talk about Bruno" made him seem like this scary and mischievous Loki figure who commands rats and makes bad things happen when in actuality he's like this:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I mean this man wears a bucket on his head and calls himself "Jorge" how did anyone find him scary?
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joleneswriting · 16 days ago
midnight ; bruno madrigal
prompt: “i know we’re not... friends or anything, but... i'm here for you, if you need someone to talk to.”
wc: 1.03k
warnings & others: implied romance at ending, kinda angsty?, gn reader, reader is old as hell 😭😭
a/n: this was written based on a prompt i got from someone and ill try my best to look for them so i can give proper credit!! also i might make a part 2 because personally i djdnt like the ending, but lmk what u think!
Tumblr media
IT'S BEEN WEEKS since the disruptive earthquake that destroyed the mountains of the paradise you call home, encanto. the house of the madrigals that everyone called casita was destroyed, and rumours arose that the notorious bruno madrigal returned and somehow caused the earthquake. you knew that nobody liked to talk about bruno because he was 'creepy' and he, for some reason, had murderous intents towards your goldfish, but a part of you felt bad for this stranger.
now nearing your 50's, you had learned that every bad man has his reason, but not every reason is valid. you were curious whether this fabled bruno's backstory was that of a misunderstood anti-hero or if he was truly the monsterous villain that the townspeople painted him to be.
as you were walking around the streets of the town during a peaceful midnight, you were greeted by none other than the feared soothsayer who supposedly had rats running along his back. he was silent, hands clasped behind his back, eyes glued onto the mural that was painted before antonio madrigal's gift ceremony. the neat cursive above it said 'los madrigal', and every family member was present; even bruno himself. the people of encanto always criticized the artist for allowing the image of bruno to 'taint' the beautiful masterpiece that featured the madrigal family, but you commended them for it. bruno was still a member of the family, after all.
sighing, bruno turned to walk away but was met face to face with you, which startled him and caused him to yelp.
"oh, i'm so sorry, i was just- are- are you okay?" you questioned the man and walked towards him, but for every step foward you took, he stepped back once. "i'm really sorry, i didn't mean to scare you," you affirmed.
"no- no it's fine, i just... i'm not used to... uh..." he trailed off for a moment. "i should go, i don't wanna bring you bad luck or anything." he turned around to leave but you didn't really want him to. you wanted him to stay here for a bit longer since he seemed to like looking at the mural. you cursed yourself for driving him away, so you grabbed his arm which made him flinch a bit. "sorry!"
letting go of his arm, you stepped back and averted your eyes to look at the painting etched on the concrete wall. "you, uh... you don't have to leave, y'know. i've actually been wanting to meet you in person." your statement seemed to have left him confused because as you looked back at him, his head was tilted to the side in a questioning manner. "you wanted to see me? like... actually? 'cause if so then you must be crazy," he said.
"uhm... yes? why is that so strange?" he looked at you again with that look that screamed 'you just said something absurd'. "perhaps you haven't heard of the rumours that i will literally shave all the hair off your head with my visions?" well, you did hear about them, but you honestly just thought the hearsay was preposterous. all of the madrigals were kind, and their gifts helped the people that didn't have such amazing powers. you figured that bruno couldn't be any different.
"i... did hear that, yes. but i chose not to believe them. i mean look at you," you gestured to his... well, everything. "you're just a dude." that last addition seemed to offend him as he raised a finger in defiance, but if he was going to be honest, he pretty much was just a dude. an old dude whose visions exhausted him, who didn't care about the gossip anymore, who just wanted to be with his family.
"i guess so." he walked over to the mural and sat on the sidewalk below it, seemingly in defeat. "do you wanna talk about it?" you asked him, since he seemed like he had a lot on his shoulders. he shook his head 'no' and followed you with his eyes as you sat down next to him. this action made him smile since nobody had been this friendly with him all his life; nobody but his family, he guesses. "i don't really wanna unleash all of my problems on a total stranger whose name i don't even know."
a moment of silence happened before you decided to tell him your name. he hummed in a matter-of-factly way and proceeded to tell you that your name was 'pretty'. you thanked him with a smile, and more silence followed your friendly interactions.
"it's been a while since i had someone other than family to talk to, y'know. thanks for not being afraid of me," he admitted.
this made your eyes widen slightly. you had already pitied the man for being villainized by everyone, but that statement really solidified everything. you wanted to say something. not a 'you're welcome' or an 'i'm sorry', but something you would wanna be told if you were in his shoes- er, sandals. you figured this guy had enough 'i'm sorries' and 'that sucks' to last him a lifetime, and you didn't wanna be one of those careless people. you had no idea if you were wrong for thinking that way, but that's how you were raised as an old geezer.
"i know we’re not... friends or anything, but... i'm here for you, if you need someone to talk to.”
once you finally made eye contact with him, you realized his eyes were nearly brimming with tears. did you say something wrong? did you make the wrong assumptions? maybe you shouldn't have said anythi-
"thank you."
he cut off your intrusive thoughts with the most genuine utterance you've every heard in your 45 years of life. it made your heart wrench, and you had the urge to give him at least some form of affection. and so, that led to you resting your head on his shoulder, which he didn't seem to mind. you two stayed until the sun arose and the sky turned a beautiful orange, and it was there that you said your goodbyes to the man who piqued your interest within just a few hours.
Tumblr media
@aquananner24 - @jennmaldonado - @sheacrowley thank u for telling me to post this! <3 i hope this was at least satisfactory.
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chruper · 24 days ago
Can we just
Tumblr media
and talk
Tumblr media
about how
Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal
Tumblr media
is absolutely adorable
Tumblr media
istg he's got around 6 minutes of screen time but I still love him
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brunos-gf · 15 days ago
↳ Nightmares: Bruno Madrigal x Gn!Reader
Summary: Bruno has another terrible nightmare about losing you.
Genre: Fluff
Tumblr media
“No please no. Leave her alone please!”
Your eyes snapped open the moment you heard Bruno yell from behind you.
You quickly turned around to see a very sweaty Bruno asleep while clenching the sheets in his fists.
He was having another nightmare.
You quickly got onto your knees while crawling closer to Bruno. “Bruno wake up.” You whispered while gently tapping his shoulder.
“No please no!” Bruno cried in his sleep while shaking his head. “Bruno wake up.” You tried again, this time a little louder.
It broke your heart seeing Bruno like this. Since a month or two, Bruno has had a lot of nightmares. Most of the time they were about you. That he had lost you forever.
You always told Bruno that it was just a silly dream but he kept thinking that it maybe had something to do with a vision of his.
“Bruno wake up!” You whisper-yelled while shaking him awake. Bruno’s body immediately jolted awake which took you a little of guard.
“Mi amor?” He asked in a shaky voice while looking at you, tears brimming in his eyes.
“It’s okay mi vida. It was just a dream.” You said softly while pulling Bruno into a tight hug.
Bruno immediately relaxed at the feeling of your touch while he wrapped his arms around your waist.
“I was so scared.” He muttered while pulling you closer if that was even possible. “I-i had lost you again and this time it was much worser.” Bruno mumbled while you wiped his tears.
“Oh Bruno.” You sighed while tracing small circles on his back in a way to soothe him.
“It was just a dream.” You told him while Bruno slowly calmed down. “I-it felt so real though…” Bruno stammered while staring at the wall.
“I can’t lose you [Y/N]. I really can’t.” Bruno said quickly, starting to panic a little.
“Sst it’s okay. You’re not gonna lose me Bruno. I’m right here.” You smiled softly while looking into his beautiful green eyes.
“Are you okay?” You asked after a moment of silence. Bruno gave a slight nod before burying his face in the crook of your neck.
“Is there anything i can do for you? Like getting you a glass of water or maybe some…hot chocolate?” You smiled, knowing fully well that Bruno absolutely loved to drink hot chocolate. Especially at night.
You saw how Bruno moved away from your neck to look at your face. He looked adorable.
“S-some hot chocolate would be nice.” bruno awkwardly smiled while fidgeting with his fingers.
Your lips curled up in a smile while nodding. “Alright stay here.” You smiled before getting out out bed.
Bruno watched how you left the room, still feeling slightly anxious about the nightmare he had just minutes ago.
“It wasn’t real Bruno. Get your shit together.” He mumbled while covering his face with his hands.
After a minute or five, you returned to Bruno’s bedroom with a cup of hot chocolate. Bruno couldn’t help but smile as he watched how you carefully walked over to his side of the bed.
“Here you go mi amor.” You smiled while handing him his cup. “Thank you cariño.” Bruno said softly while taking the cup.
You quickly walked to the other side of the bed and got in. You immediately nuzzled up against Bruno who gladly put one of his arms around you, keeping you as close as possible.
“Didn’t you want some hot chocolate?” Bruno asked with a frown when he saw that your hands were empty. You shook your head with a smile.
“You sure?” Bruno asked quietly. “Yeah i’m sure my love.” You smiled while kissing his cheek.
There was a comfortable silence between the two of you. Just enjoying each other’s presence while Bruno was sipping on his hot chocolate.
“I-i don’t think i want to go back to sleep.” He spoke after a while. “That’s fine. We can just stay up and talk.” You smiled softly.
“N-no i don’t want to keep you up. I know that you’re tired.” Bruno quickly said while giving you a sympathetic look.
“Bruno it’s okay i don’t mind.”
“Are you sure?” He asked. You nodded in which Bruno raised one of his eyebrows. “Are you absolutely sure?”
“Bruno!” You laughed while playfully smacking his shoulder. “Alright i’m sorry.” Bruno awkwardly smiled.
You watched how he finished his drink before he joined you under the covers.
You immediately wrapped your arms around his waist which made him the little spoon. You knew he enjoyed being the little spoon so it was no problem for him.
It was quiet for a while. You thought that Bruno was just quietly enjoying the feeling of being in your arms but when you called his name three times and didn’t got a response, you knew that he had fallen asleep.
You smiled while pulling him closer to you, tightening your grip while nuzzling your face against his back.
“Goodnight Bruno.” You whispered before closing your eyes, falling asleep pretty quickly after that.
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