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last updated : 28 / nov / 2020

♡ priority


❝ S E R I E S ❞


▸ everydayjob!au (ot8) ♡

▸ soundcloudrapper!au (3racha)


❝ R E A C T I O N S ❞


▸ the one where they propose


❝ B L U R B S ❞

▸ meet-at-a-wedding!wonwoo

▸ childhood-friend-to-college-friend!jeongin


❝ B U L L E T S C E N A R I O S ❞


under the lights — first date!chenle ♡


▸ you again — ex boyfriend!jeongin

savior — prom au!seungmin ♡

plot planned out, need to finish polishing; tumblr deleted my draft so i have to start over

catching lightning — hawaii!hyunjin

▸ beauty is the beast — nerd!hyunjin, glow-up!au

plot somewhat planned out


❝ F I C S ❞


intruder — lee minho

roommate!au, fluff, slow burn

not a kdrama — han jisung

college!au, fluff

in your eyes — han jisung

harry potter!au, hogwarts!au, enemies-to-lovers, fluff, angst

hoodie season — kim seungmin ♡

college!au, friends-to-lovers, fluff, slow burn, suggestive : about 23k words in, possible 2 parted fic


timeline — jung sungchan ♡

neighbor!au, childhood friends-to-lovers, fluff, coming-of-age

plot somewhat planned out


inconveniently convenient — joshua hong

resort/vacation!au, brother’s childhood best friend, fluff, slight angst

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seventeen - seokmin x fem. reader | fluff, boyfriend au, 473 words


“What kind of tea do you want?”, you ask from the kitchen while taking two mugs from the cabinet, the electric kettle beside you already beginning to rattle. “Earl Grey, please!”, your boyfriend answers immediately, and you just hum under your breath, filling both mugs with the finished hot water. You carefully walk back towards the living room, trying not to splash any of the hot liquid over your hands, and place both mugs on the coffee table in front of the tv. One of the Avengers movies is playing in the background, but neither you nor Seokmin are paying any attention to it. Instead, you’re both focused on the little ball of white fluff you’re taking care of this weekend. Your aunt had decided to visit some friends for a few days, so she‘d asked if you could look after Otis for her. As you truly adore any kind of dog, you had of course immediately agreed, quickly asking your boyfriend to spend the weekend at your place as well, knowing he shares your love for puppies. Otis is a quite energetic one, always running around your flat and trying to steal your socks. But right now, he’s cuddled to Seokmin’s chest, ears and nose twitching from time to time while he’s dreaming. You coo at them both, and your boyfriend gives you a bright smile. “He only just fell asleep.”, he murmurs, gently running his hands over Otis’ soft fur. You take a seat beside Seokmin, and snuggle into his side while he wraps one arm around you. He buries his nose in your hair and inhales deeply. “We should get a puppy too, at one point.”, he suddenly whispers, and your heart skips a beat. You pull back to look at him, getting lost in his beautiful deep eyes, filled with so much love and adoration. The corner of his lips curl into a tiny smile, and you swear your heart is about to burst when he leans down to press a gentle kiss on top of your nose. “We definitely should.”, you finally answer, voice barely above a whisper, and Seokmin breaks into his signature sunshine smile, the one that made you fall for him in the first place, months and months ago. It truly never loses its effect on you. “But we should probably finally move in together first.”, Seokmin then says, voice laced with nervousness, and you raise both eyebrows, surprised. “I- really? Are you serious?”, you ask, body tight with anticipation. Your boyfriend just nods, and tilts his head to one side, clearly waiting for your answer. You brush your lips against his, just the whisper of a touch, quickly answering with a happy Yes. Seokmin just smiles at you, clearly relieved, and nuzzles your nose before murmuring a soft I love you under his breath.


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Thank you, take care and stay healthy as well!! I’m glad to have another member in the short haired club, welcome!! (Also I don’t have any vitamins lol, I’m a poor college student. If you can recommend me any good ones I might try them though)

The member I ship you with most: Seungkwan

Seungkwan and you both care very deeply about friends and family. The both of you would instantly fight everyone who dares hurt them. Of course this also includes each other. He will play a lot and I really mean A LOT of volleyball with you. It’s his favourite sport after all and you playing it would be very cool to him. When the two of you are powered out you will eat something together and watch a movie while cuddling later. The both of you would take care of each other not only physically (as in reminding each other of medication and so on), but also mentally. He will talk to you a lot about his feelings and abou thow much he loves you, but he’ll also let you know if you hurt him.

The member I ship you with least: Mingyu

He is someone who needs his s/o to voice exactly how they feel. As he likes to joke around a lot, he might hurt your feelings or your self-esteem in the process. If you do not tell him he would not think anything about it or how it affected you. Mingyu needs his other half to be very head-strong to lead him and compete with him a bit. You probably wouldn’t argue with him as he is very stubborn, so your point doesn’t get across to him very well.

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Aw thank you sooo much! I wanted to give everyone a reason as to why I picked which member and I just ended up writing more than I wanted to haha. Tysm for the feedback

The member I ship you with most: DK

He checks off everything you want from your love languages. PDA is something he is very good at and he will constantly make you feel loved. Spending time with you is very important to him as well, he just loves being around you and feeling you by his side. He is a very sensitive and emotional persona as well, which means he probably knows how you feel even without you having to say much. Something he really likes is how you always listen to him and take him seriously as that is something not a lot of people do for him. He will constantly invite you out for dates once he learns you like them. Most calm activities turn into a lot of laughter when the two of you are together.

The member I ship you with least: Woozi

Woozi and you share not liking to talk about your feelings. The both of you would rather hear the other say something first, which means if any problems arise the both of you are gonna keep them to yourself and they will likely never be talked about. Physical touch isn’t for him, but I think everyone knows that. Woozi would almost never take you out on a date, he is too much of a homebody to even consider that. For him a good date would be just you spending time with him in his studio.

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Neighbor next door

pairing: Wonwoo x reader 

genre: angst to fluff, Neighbors!au, nonidol!Au

type: oneshot

summary: You recently moved in to a new apartment building and a kind and charming stranger, who turned out to be your neighbor, helped you to move your remaining and boxes and helped you unpack. The two of you started becoming closer, and when you shared your romantic feelings, the rejection coming from him was unexpected since you thought he might have felt the same way. But, feelings change too don’t they?

You heaved the heavy box filled with stuff back at your apartment and entered the apartment building yet again. Probably for the 6th time now. You wiped off the sweat that was forming near your forehead and making the hair stick to your face. Even with the aircon from the lift system blasting you, you were still feeling extremely hot and stuffy.

It was an extremely hot day however, you were still very excited to move into your new apartment and meet your new neighbors. You were told from the nice old landlady that the people here were of different variations. Some were working, students like you or parents with newborns or children. It was a way better environment as compared to your old apartment.

At the old district there was hardly any conversations or interactions between you and your neighbors. You clearly remembered the only interaction you had with one of the neighbors, a floor above you, to keep it down. Even though you weren’t making any noise. He was a grumpy looking elderly, and he looked at you with such a aggressive look.

You looked at him strangely but apologized anyhow, wanting so badly to return to the book you were then reading. It was getting to the very best part where the charismatic male character was going to kiss the protagonist and confess to her under the mistletoe, on a cold yet beautiful winter night. 

You kicked your front door with one hand balancing on the box and the other supporting the weight of the door. You placed the box on the floor where it remained with many other cardboard boxes filled completely with all your belongings.

You sighed out and proceeded to tie your hair up into a messy bun to keep it from sticking onto your face. i just have two more boxes, then i can start unboxing….god there is so much to do, you thought to yourself as you sat on the end of the sofa, taking a short break before leaving for those two boxes again.

Yes it was definitely tiring, but you still smiled to yourself as you thought about the new encounters and relationships that might form in this new building. You took a sip of your opened can of soda that was still cool and sighed out in satisfaction, as the cool liquid helped cool you down for a second and satisfy your thirst. 

You smiled brightly and greeted the neighbors that you came across while moving the boxes. They were all very friendly and open in welcoming you, you made note to bake them some of your special cookies later on to thank them. 

Wonwoo was just returning from the nearby convenience store, sucking on a cold soda-flavored ice popsicle. Under the sweltering heat and bright sun, this was what he needed. He was nearing the apartment building when he saw you. He didn’t recognize you at all, and he was sure he recalled everyone’s faces. You were struggling with a heavier box, and he remembered the landlady coming over previously with a box of brownies and a notice that someone was going to move in to the apartment next to his.

“Wonwoo dear, someone is moving next door, isn’t that exciting” she said smiling brightly 


“She looks really gorgeous dear, around your age, Slightly younger i believe. She is moving in next month so do welcome her warmly, ya hear me” 

“Yes grandma” Everyone had the habit of calling the warm soul, grandma. She definitely did treat everyone like family, no one dared to mess with her either.

Grandma was watching Wonwoo munch on the delicious brownies and spoke up, “You know maybe you should show her around, get a little closer huh” she smirked deviously. 

Wonwoo only took a sip of his milk, “Grandma this isn’t some fictional romance novel” he replied nonchalantly. 

“You’d never know my dearest” 

His flashback ended and he had noticed that you were still struggling with the heavy box and next to it was a smaller one. He swiftly walked towards to you and took the box from your hands with ease, “here let me help, I’m wonwoo. You must be the new tenant. floor 7, unit 11? i live next door, unit 12″ he spoke up.

it was only then you realised there was a handsome charming man holding onto your box and literally speaking to you, while you stared at him in a slight daze. Holy macaroni, his face is god-like and his voice? come to mama. You continued staring at him, mouth slightly open until he waved his hand infront of you and pulled you out of your imagination. You got flustered at the fact that you were literally swooning over a man you just met, your neighbor for god sakes and in front of him. Get it together Y/n

“Hey, i’m Y/n nice to meet you Wonwoo” you stretched out your hand to shake his. Wonwoo placed the box on the ground and shook your hand gently with a warm smile. Grandma was right when she called you gorgeous. Wearing a tank top, pajama shorts, a messy bun and slippers, you still looked amazing. 

You lifted the small box, “Thanks so much for offering to help, these are my last few boxes and i can finally start unpacking” you looked so relieved that wonwoo chuckled. “No worries, we live beside each other so it would be convenient too” He grabbed the heavy box and walked beside you towards the elevator. The two of you starting a simple conversation.

“I can’t believe we’re gonna be neighbors. Not saying i would hate it, i just kinda pictured the next door neighbor to be someone older” You wondered out loud.

“Grandma did say you were around my age, but i’m glad that you’re friendly. You’ll definitely fit right in” Wonwoo smiled at you. “she also told me that you were around my age, are you attending college?” He asked curiously, looking down at you since you were shorter than him. 

“Yeah, i’m attending the college a few minutes walk from here. Psychology”

“nice, i’m attending the same school but taking business.”

Your stomach growled, you just remembered you haven’t eaten breakfast at all. Wonwoo laughed out loud and you pouted. “Why don’t i help you unpack and get some takeout so that we can share. It’ll help you save time” He suggested. You felt very touched by his kind gesture, “If you don’t mind, it’ll really help, i’ll pay for the takeout.”

The two of you unpacked and continued getting to know each other. It simply clicked between the two of you. There wasn’t any sign of awkwardness, and you never felt uncomfortable at all around him. Wonwoo made you feel at home. talking to him felt like you were reuniting with a friend from long ago.

Wonwoo held up a book from one of your boxes, “Holy shit, i’ve been trying to find this book for ages” you looked up from folding your clothes, “That is one of my favourite books, good eye. i had to queue hours to get that, but at least with the author’s signature as well” you winked at the end at him. His eyes widened and flipped to the first page where in deed, the bold yet elegant signature of the author lay. “i could lend it to you, as a thanks for helping me as well.”

Wonwoo smiled so brightly you were going to faint he looked like a kid who had just received a kitten for his birthday.

From then on, the two of you became the best of friends. Meeting earlier in the mornings to eat breakfast together before morning classes, walking to school together and even eating lunch together most of the times. Wonwoo introduced you to his big group of 13 friends, and not gonna lie when you first met them, you were really intimidated. Most of them were almost a head taller than you and you felt so small standing next to them. However, they welcomed you with open arms and you loved spending time with them and wonwoo.

Movie nights became a weekly thing after the both of you completed all the dued assignments. You would place you leg on his lap and the both of you would indulge in unhealthy snacks and sodas the whole night before falling asleep together.

Doing laundry together, studying at the library together and buying groceries together. it was normal to see the both of you together. There was never an awkward moment between the two of you. For the first time in your life, you trusted a friend that much in such a short time, it did kind of scare you at how fast you trusted this man but well wonwoo had never done anything to make you doubt him. In fact, he has been doing the opposite. Whenever you feel down about missing your parents or a bad test grade, wonwoo would hug you tight and wipe away your tears. He would do anything to make you happy like telling you about the dumb things his friends had done this week and afterwards tuck you in, sleeping on the couch just to be sure you were okay.

You entrusted him with a spare key in case of emergencies. The first time you realised what you felt for him was probably not entirely platonic was when you returned from your part time job one night. You were exhausted, it was a busy night at the restaurant and your manager had you running table to table taking orders and serving dishes. You wanted so badly to just collapse and your bed and sleep till tomorrow noon. You lazily unlocked your door and threw your bag on the floor, bending down to collect your shoes when you realised there was already someone inside your apartment. You recognised the back of Wonwoo’s head, his soft fluffy hair sitting on it giving him a nice look. Wonwoo heard some rustling and turned to find you finally home, “hey y/n welcome home, how’s work?” You organised your shoe and wonwoo came over to give you a squeeze. You felt his warmth and it felt so good to come back and wrap you arms around hi—.

your eyes opened in shock. You realised that with wonwoo, you were always happy. He made you feel at home, just by being next to you. He was your rock, and you looked forward seeing him everyday. Seeing him laying on your couch, a book in his hands when you reached home, immediately made you feel at ease and less tired. It was so natural, seeing him in your apartment, waiting for you to come home to him was normal.

oh my god. i’m falling in love with Jeon Wonwoo

After you started realising your romantic feelings for Wonwoo, you started being more cautious and aware of his behaviours. You would get flustered when your hand accidentally brushes against his when the both of you are walking. When he hugs you, you found is hard to let him go. You realised the sparkles in his eyes whenever he smiled and how much you enjoyed his laughter, never wanting it to stop.

The both of you would continue doing the stuff you’ve originally been doing. Baking together for the neighbours and grandma or going for walks in the park together. Only until one day, Wonwoo told you

“Y/n i’m so excited, i’m going to go on a date” You felt your smile falter, your heart breaking into tiny pieces. All hoped of “maybe he might feel the same way as i am” were thrown out of your window. You dug your fingernails harshly into your skin and you forced yourself to smile again

“hey that’s great, who is she?”

“Min jun, she’s in business as well. Super talented and smart and she’s really pretty too”

tears were starting to form, and you uncomfortably looked down at your lap, “That’s great, when are you guys going out?”

“Tomorrow, 6pm. I’m gonna bring her to that fancy restaurant Minghao recommended me.” Wonwoo looked so excited, it broke your heart even more.

“but won its movie night tomorrow” you said softly. “Don’t worry i’ll get back in time, just maybe a little late” eyes focused on his clothes. He picked out a button down and showed it to you, “Hey do you think this looks like date material”

“yeah” you mumbled. playing with your fingers, trying to distract yourself from breaking down infront of wonwoo. That night you left his apartment earlier than usual, telling him you still had some assignments to complete. If assignments meant crying the whole night.

the next day, you didn’t see wonwoo that much since you had more classes than usual. You were surprised you were still able to pull through them. Your doorbell rang and you opened it to see Wonwoo.

He was dressed nice in the same button down and jeans. His wrist adorned an elegant watch and his hair was styled nicely. he smelled of fresh shave. Your heart was pounding in your chest at how handsome he looked. “Wish me luck Y/n, i’m going to pick her up now” he smiled, showing how excited he was.

“have a great time Won” You said softly, knowing you wouldn’t have a great time knowing the person you love was going to meet someone else. Wonwoo waved goodbye to you and you closed the door. Sliding down the cool wooden surface and onto the ground, bringing your knees together and bawling your eyes out.

It was about 1 am, you sat on the couch waiting for Wonwoo to return for movie night. this heavy feeling of regret on your chest. You wanted to tell him about your feelings, at least let him know how deeply you felt for him. you knew you couldn’t pretend how much it didn’t affect you that he didn’t feel the same way about you.

The doorknob jingled and you realized it was wonwoo unlocking the door. You stood up and cleaned your sweaty nervous palms on your pajamas. Wonwoo opened the door and was shocked to see you still awake and waiting for him, snacks laid out on the coffee table and tv switched on to the netflix channel. “Y/n i wanted to check if you gone to bed already. I’m so sorry, we had such a good time i lost track of it and i walked her home”

Your heart once again broke at the fact that he had a great time. Of course you wanted him to find a nice girl, but it hurt you so much knowing it wasn’t you. “Wonwoo it’s fine…i need to tell you something and it’s really serious” Wonwoo rushed to you and the both of you sat on the couch. “look won, i really treasure our friendship but i just have to get it off of my chest. i-i love you, but more than a friend loves her bestfriend.” The hand that wonwoo used to hold your hand slowly retracted from yours.

“i know you don’t feel the same way” you said, your voice slightly breaking because your tears started dropping freely. “But you found someone, Min jun, who is much better than me anyways. Treasure her okay? i just want you to be happy and if you’re the happiest with her, then she is the road to go” Wonwoo instinctively raised his hand to wipe away your tears, but he brought it back down at the last second. “Y-y/n i’m so sorry, but i-i just don’t feel the same as you do. i really wished that i did” he looked down at his lap

You sighed out, “It’s fine wonwoo, it’s not your fault either, i just want to lay down now so goodnight. See you later Alligator”

“Goodbye crocodile” Wonwoo mumbled.

You snuggled closer into your blankets as you heard wonwoo leave the apartment and let the tears flow freely. 

You know what hurts the most? Loving someone who didn’t love you back.

Wonwoo didn’t sleep that night. you were on his mind the whole time. Guilt spreading his entire body as he could still remember the way you looked when you confessed your feelings to him. The way he wanted to hold you so tight then and chase all your problems away. He reached out his hand to wipe away your tears without even thinking but backed away in the end. 

He raised his hand in front of his face and stared at it. he knew he didn’t think of you as anything else but a friend…..right? He recalled all the memories he shared with you, food fights when the both of you woke up at 3 in the morning and had the terrible idea to bake cookies right then. The way your eyes lit up as you stared at the fishes in the sea aquarium. How bright your smile was when he brought you to a cat cafe. Oh god he loved your smi–

Wait no. He thought, i like Min jun, yeah the girl i’m going out with. Right?

He didn’t see you around that much anymore. You didn’t invite him in for breakfast. You walked to college on your own and you ate lunch that you have already prepared yourself. Wonwoo’s heart broke knowing you were purposefully avoiding him, trying to get over him. He himself spent countless of nights trying to get you out of his mind. But his mind always wandered back to you, have you been eating properly? Taking enough rests? or overworking yet again. he hasn’t been taking care of himself. Meals were half eaten, his eyes were dull and he hardly smiled anymore. he just wanted to see you again 

your smile, your eyes, your gorgeous face, your kind heart. 

his head kept convincing himself, Min jun, Min jun, Min jun.

but his heart chanted, Y/n, Y/n, Y/n.

Glasses clinked together, waiters moving around swiftly. Under dim lighting, Wonwoo stared at his date, Seo min. Seo min was talking about her new designer bag that she bought. Wonwoo zoned out of the conversation tapping his fingernails on the table, he switched his phone on from under the table and stared at the screensaver. It was a selfie of you and Wonwoo. 

Seo min clicked her fingers to gain wonwoo’s attention. “Hey you okay? you seem distracted” 

Wonwoo rubbed his face and flashed her a fake smile, “erm yeah i’m sorry, what were you saying?”. she continued droning on and Wonwoo had to put in so much focus just to hear what she was saying. He realised how similar the both of you looked. H/c hair, same hair length, height. But she wasn’t you. She didn’t want to get know Wonwoo, she didn’t care to ask if he was taking care of himself. 

oh god, i’m in love with Y/n, wonwoo realised

“S-Seo min, i-i need to go, i’m sorry. and i can’t see you anymore. Here is the money for this meal. i have to go” before Seo min could even say anything, Wonwoo was running out of the restaurant. 

Wonwoo ran like he never ran before, every breath came out as a light smoke as he ran through the cold wintery streets towards the apartment building. He climbed up the stairs as he was too impatient. 

Wonwoo impatiently knocked on your door, panting heavily from running and climbing so far. He waited for you to open the door and brushed through his hair. 

The multiple knocks on your door made you put down your book and hot chocolate. “I’m coming!” you said, wondering who was visiting you at this hour. You opened the door and was shocked when you saw Wonwoo panting like he just ran miles. 

“Won-” wonwoo stopped you by placing his lips on yours, slowly snaking his arms around your waist and pulling you impossibly closer. You were shocked for a second, but hesitantly wrapped your arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. You broke the kiss first, leaning away and placing your hands on his face waiting for him to talk

“Y/n, these few week has been misery. As cliche as it sounds, it wasn’t the same without you. I missed you so much, your smile, your laughter, everything. Cooking with you, studying with you and even doing laundry together” Wonwoo said voice slightly quivering as all his emotions poured out for you. “i realised as much as i was attracted to Min Jun, my heart belonged to you. I love you, and i didn’t see it before but i really do. I hope that you’ll consider me again and i’ll really like to bring you out” he finished

You gave him a small peck on the lips, “of course Wonwoo.” He gave you the brightest smile, knowing he has you back in his life and that you love him as well, made him the happiest man alive

He wrapped his arms below your knees and carried you into your apartment and onto your bed. The two of you kay and cuddled for a while. Talking about the events that happened when the two of you weren’t talking.

With you, Wonwoo felt like himself. In contrast to when he was with Min jun. That night he kissed you goodnight and had the best sleep in a few weeks.

Wonwoo has been bringing you on dates for a couple of weeks now. Regular activities such as having breakfast together and spending time together resumed.

On christmas morning, you woke up earlier to make pancakes for the two of you. A pair of arms wrapped around you from behind, you let out a small yelp and Wonwoo’s deep chuckle made your hair on the back of your neck rise.

You turned around and gave him a kiss, “Good morning won.”

“Good morning baby”

You raised your head to realised the mistletoe that you hung were above you guys.

“look won” pointing to the mistletoe, “looks like i get another kiss”

Wonwoo looked up as well, “Well darling, i have one question. Would you like a kiss from won? or a kiss from your boyfriend Won?” he said bringing you closer. “because i would definitely love to kiss my girlfriend Y/n, not just Y/n.”

you can’t believe he was asking you to be his girlfriend, and on christmas morning under the mistletoe. Your hand wrapped against your mouth in disbelief as wonwoo continued staring at you. You finally nodded frantically and Wonwoo’s face erupted into a big smile

He brought you in for a kiss. A kiss under the mistletoe, from your boyfriend next door.


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Smash Blows

note: I tried to do sth with the title there but idk… I saw this picture of Woozi and couldn’t help myself, he’s just too adorable

word count: 556

includes- sub!Woozi x (gn) dom!reader, blowjob, bit of bratty Woozi, mommy/daddy kink

summary: You suck Woozi off while he’s playing Smash Bros.


You saw Woozi sitting on the couch, covered in a blanket, playing smash bros and you fell in love all over again. He was absolutely with his sweater paws, holding on to the controller tightly. His eyes were hooded, and he looked like he was close to dozing off to sleep, having played for so many hours. He let out little whines whenever he drove into a trap and put on the biggest smile, jumping in his seat when he won. This went on for round after round and the sounds he made hit you harder each time, as you were watching him from the door fame.

Walking over to him you kneel, moving the blanket to the side so his crotch was exposed. He was only wearing boxers, unbothered to put on pants as him and you where the only people home.

“What are you doing?”

Your movements surprised him, and you quickly got his attention away from the game.

“Just focus back on the screen, I want to take care of you.”

Although hesitant, he eventually returned his gaze to the game. You waited until the next round started before laying on hand onto his boxers, slowly massaging his crotch. His breathing became more staggered and you could see his fingers tense around the controller. You pulled down his boxers so his cock could spring free. It was so pink and cute, and it made you lips water ever more.

Holding his shaft in your hand you let your tongue dance around his tip, earning you a silent moan from the small boy in your hold. You lowered your head down onto his length, hollowing out your cheeks and giving him small kitten licks, the way you know drives him crazy. It became harder and harder for him to hold onto the controller in his hands, his arms starting to shake as he was trying not to squirm, letting out the tiniest whimpers.

You moved your left hand under the hem of his sweater and glided upwards to his right nipple, pinching and twisting it, while picking up the pace of you bobs onto his cock. The game shifted out of focus as his vision became blurry and he sunk deeper into the couch and into your hold. He tried to close his legs on you put you used your right hand to push them back open again. You could feel his length twitching in your mouth, and you knew he was close to his orgasm. Gulping around him you gave him the signal that he was allowed to cum and with a few more licks he came in your mouth, moaning out your title (mommy/daddy) as he threw back his head so hard that it hurt. You swallowed his load, licking him clean as you slowly took him out of your mouth.

“You made me lose my game.”, he groaned.

“Are you really complaining after I just selflessly sucked you off without even teasing you?”

“No”, he looked down, pouting slightly,” I just…”

“You just what? You just don’t appreciate my efforts?”

“No no, I do, I really do, I’m sorry mommy/daddy, I didn’t mean to complain.”

“And what did you mean to say instead?”

“Thank you… thank you, mommy/daddy.”

You patted his head, “that’s better”, and he smiled up at you lovingly.


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Thank you so much! Have a great day as well!!

The member I ship you with most: Jeonghan

Deep talks is something he values a lot. Connection to you on that level would be very important to him. I think he would probably joke with you about intimitating you seem and act like he was intimitated the first time you met, although that isn’t true at all. He is someone you can always rely on him and while he isn’t always the best at cheering you up he will go with you through anything.

The member I ship you with least: Wonwoo

Wonwoo isn’t good at cheering others up. He will try his best to be supporting, but he will never feel like a true help. He’d most likely try to distract you.Wonwoo is just like you in the aspect that he needs someone positive around him and when the two of you hit a low at the same time you’d both have nobody to get you back up again. Aside from that Wonwoo isn’t good at being emotional and could make you feel like you don’t know what is going on with him at times.

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Thank you for reading my writings!! Don’t worry, it’s not too long at all

The member I ship you with most: S.Coups

Both you and him love spending time with each other. He likes how artsy you are and will support you in any way. He will buy you lot of new things and would love how you can repair old clothes. Be careful though, once he tells the other members you will be swarmed by repair requests. He loves it when you are hot tempered. To him it’s just proof of how passionate you are about something.

The member I ship you with least: Hoshi

Hoshi can be very hot-headed as well, this could lead towards the two of you getting into a few fights. Quality time is important to him, but even more important is physical contact to him. If that isn’t for you he might feel rejected. He can’t sit idle beside you while you sew, his attention span is too short and he would start to annoy you.

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The member I ship you with most: Mingyu

He checks of all of your love languages perfectly. He will constantly shower you in compliments and do literally anything for you. He will sometimes drag you to public events he has to attend. While he as a guest of honor can’t leave early he will make sure you go home safely. Will take you on a lot of dates and shoot a lot of pictures of you. It doesn’t matter what you wear on that day, every day you are the most beautiful to him. He is just as clumsy as you, which he loves a lot because he doesnt feel embarrassed by dropping something around you. Just like him you are very open with how you feel and he appreciates it more than anything. He will baby you when you feel down, but he wants you to baby him when he feels down as well.

The member I ship you with least: Jun

Jun is someone who always speaks very softly and will never use his cool when it comes to his emotions. Sure he will get angry, but he will never say anything he will regret later. He would like it if his partner is like that as well, so they can have a honest discussion about feelings. Generally speaking he doesn’t match well with fire-y people at all. He prefers someone calmer in general so he can wind down. I feel like your go-getter attitude can kind of scare him sometimes.

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❧ Anon asked: Roadtrip AU - “stop distracting me.”

❧ A/N: this one is a little shorter than the others but it’s still pretty good 

~※ 5K Game Masterlist ※~


You and your boyfriend Vernon were on your way to a really awesome music shop that you had found online. It was huge, way way bigger than any of your local places. You were on the hunt for a specific record and you were hoping that since this place had such a large collection that you’d be able to find it. You had persuaded Vernon to take the trip with you by promising him you’d pay for lunch. 

The drive was rather nice. The sky was clear and the sun was shining brightly, bringing some warmth to the usual cool autumn weather. The beginning of your trip was exciting; the two of you listened to your favorite songs on full volume and sang along badly. Now, you were checking on your social medias while Vernon drove. You could feel his eyes peeking over at you every couple of seconds. He let out a quiet huff, breaking the silence between you. 

“Stop distracting me.”

“What?” you laughed, looking up from your phone, “How am I distracting you?”

“You’re sitting over there…”


“And being you and shit,” he half mumbled

“What are you talking about?” you laughed

“You’re being…cute or whatever.” 

If he wasn’t driving, you would’ve smacked his arm. God, he could be so cheesy sometimes and it gave you butterflies every time. You laughed loudly, partly because of how cheesy he was but also to distract from the blush that was starting to rise up onto your cheeks. 

“You really are a big cheeseball, aren’t you?” you teased

“Shut up or I’ll turn this car around.” 


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