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#seventeen imagines
rainysebong · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
note: the prompt game is now closed! every new request will be declined,, sorry!
Tumblr media
prompts: 1 (“you know, you always look so much better when i mark you up.”), 29 (“take it off. slowly.”) & 46 (“wanna see what i’m wearing underneath all this?”)
pairing: hoshi x reader
warnings: dom!soonyoung x brat!sub!reader , voyeurism (?) , striptease , mentions of marking
Tumblr media
soonyoung’s hands were roaming on your curves as you were slightly whimpering under his touch; “wanna see what i’m wearing underneath all this?”, his lips curved into a smirk as you said that, and eyed your body from head to toe, focusing on your red lace lingerie that peeked from one of his shirts that you were wearing. you slowly took it off and left it somewhere on the floor.
“you already ruined it all babygirl, wasn’t it new?”, he got up and patted your thighs, then took a chair and sat right across your bed, only for you to nod and open your legs in front of him, showing the wet spot on your panties to him.
“guess you already played with yourself without me-”, he placed his chin on his hands and then gestured to you to undress yourself, “you naughty girl”.
“take it off. slowly”, you chewed on your lip and nervously got up; you were now standing in front of him with your hands on the laces of your bra as you were fidgeting with them.
while you were slightly teasing him, he placed his hands on your hips and started to play with the hem of your panties; “nah-ah, didn’t you say slowly? now you’ll get it, slowly”, you grinned and placed his hands on his thighs.
“playing hard to get today? good”, he licked his lips as you finally took off your bra, dropping it to the floor. your hands gripped on your boobs and squeezed them a little while teasing your nipples with your own fingers, trying to repress every little sound your body wanted you to make.
“are you sure you want to go on with this little show, babygirl?”, he poked the tip of his tongue against his inner cheek and you nodded as your hands finally found place on the hem of your panties. your fingers brushed against your core and you whimpered, then your fingertips hooked on the laces and unfasted them. as you were finally naked in front of him, soonyoung got up and smirked as his hands were on your hips, “you really are something”.
he chuckled and kissed you slowly while making you sit again, then made you lay down in front of him; “you know-”, his lips brushed against the skin of your cheek and placed a tray of wet kisses all along your jawline, “you always look so much better when i mark you up”. he whispered and started to slightly suck on the skin of your neck as his hands left red spots because of his tight grip on them, “you’re all mine”.
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serenityseventeen · 2 hours ago
Hi! Super love your work! May please request Seungcheol or Jeonghan inviting you to go out, and since you have a crush on him, you agree... to find out they asked you out to make their ex jealous?
The angstier the better (im sorry i need to cry) but you can choose how to end it ❤️
Dwooskahsoanxjwps I think I might have went a little overboard with this one but I hope you can at least get a little sad... (Even though you probably don't need to cry anymore)
Thank you!!!
Here are the links to your requests!
"Deception" - Jeonghan part 1
"Damage" - Jeonghan part 2
"Dreams" - Jeonghan part 3
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serenityseventeen · 3 hours ago
Jeonghan (윤정한):
synopsis: You believed that maybe your love for Jeonghan would help you forget what he did, but soon, you realize that it's just another dream that wouldn't come true. It was all like a dream.
parts: One - “Deception” | Two -“Damage” | Three - “Dreams”
genre: angst
pairing: jeonghan x reader
a/n: I didn't know how to end it off so I just did things. I want to talk about the ‘not alone’ m/v but this is too sad of an imagine/small series so I won't say anything and save it for my next happy one...
Tumblr media
“Is this what you call it? ‘Hurting so good that you don't know if you should leave or stay’?” You asked yourself, staring blankly at the wall.
Jeonghan and you were sitting against the shoe rack. His head was on your shoulder. You were sure that you didn't like Jeonghan. You were falling in love with him every second that goes by.
Even if he hurt you and shattered your heart to a million pieces, you couldn't hate him. You liked- no, loved him even if everything gave you so much pain. Even if you shed so many tears because of him. You couldn't tell if your love was just hanging on to the hope that he'd change or if you were willing to accept that he was going to forever not like you romantically.
Jeonghan's phone was on the floor.
The screen lit up and it vibrated. A message popped up on the screen.
You didn't want to look at it but reached for the phone anyway. With the phone in your hand, you turned it on and saw the first notification. A message from his ex-girlfriend. They continued to pour in, filling his entire notification tab.
EX-GF: Did you clear everything up?
EX-GF: Are you no longer feeling guilty?
EX-GF: Can we date now?
EX-GF: Where are you, Jeonghan?
EX-GF: 😠😠😠😠
EX-GF: You said you'd get everything worked out by today. Are you lying to me again?
You turned off the phone and placed it into Jeonghan's lap. Once again, a dream was cut off. Tears filled your eyes once more to find out the truth was nothing like the dream you wished for. The one thing you wanted was gone in an instant.
You brought your knees to your chest and hung your head. The tears dropped onto your knees as you cried in silence, trying not to wake Jeonghan.
‘Why should I be considerate of him?’ You asked yourself. ‘Why should I? I was the one who was continuously hurt. He just bothered me for a month to make his guilt go away.’
You abruptly moved away, causing Jeonghan to fall onto the floor. He woke up almost immediately.
You stood up and opened the door, showing the darkness of the night and bright crescent moon. The streets were lit with yellowish street lamps.
“Oh, Y/N, you're back?” He asked, rubbing his eyes.
“Get out.”
You pushed him out of your house with all of your strength, making sure he didn't fall down the stairs though. You stood up and gave him his phone and shoes.
“Leave! Stop coming to me! I've forgiven you, okay?!” You closed the door to your house.
Jeonghan got to his feet and walked down the stairs. You continued to push him out of your lawn, tears rolling down your cheeks as you did so. You were shouting for him to get out. He could only say your name softly, trying to get you to calm down.
“Go! Go to the arms of the one you love. The more you stay here and do stupid things for me the more my hope of being with you will rise. I don't want that dream to come true,” You pushed him one last time, into the road. “Go!”
Jeonghan placed his hands on your shoulders. “No, you're misunderstanding everything, Y/N!”
“I'm not misunderstanding anything. Forget my two-year-long crush, I hate you to shreds!!! You use me once to get back your ex, then tell me it was just for jealousy. Now you use me again to get rid of the guilt you feel? I'm done! I can't stand being around a guy like you! You're just a selfish bastard!”
Jeonghan shook you, his hands gripping tighter on your shoulders. “I'm not using you! I want-”
You pushed Jeonghan again, into the road.
“You're just a liar!”
“I want us to start over! Are you that stupid, Y/N? I'm doing nothing but hoping for your forgiveness so that we can begin again. I've realized now, belatedly, that we-” Jeonghan paused.
While he was waiting at your home, his knees on the floor, he promised himself not to move an inch. He promised himself to stay kneeled to get your sincere forgiveness. Jeonghan just looked down, his mind flashed back to moments that you two shared.
He did use you to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. That was something he had to admit to. What wasn't planned was what you guys talked about. Everything you guys shared with each other were genuine.
Jeonghan didn't realize it then but he wasn't even glancing at his ex-girlfriend once. You were able to keep his full attention. Even if he put strands of your hair behind your ear and helped you wipe your mouth with a napkin, thr conversation you two shared was the real thing.
Jeonghan knew that he still somewhat liked his ex-girlfriend but he was willing to begin again. He was willing to retry this relationship with you properly so that he can enjoy making physical gestures just as much as he enjoyed talking with you.
“Hey! Watch out!” A bystander yelled.
You, on the other hand, didn't know what to believe. It felt like a dream. Everything. A blinding light approached.
Jeonghan looked over immediately and saw the headlights, outlining the familiar car that he's seen once before.
You two were so caught up in your argument that you had forgotten that you two were in the middle of a road. You turned to the left and saw a car approaching the lane you were on.
You turned to Jeonghan, whose eyes were focused on the speeding car as his legs spring toward you.
It wasn't even a second since you saw that car. Jeonghan had charged toward you, his arms did their best to secure your body, but you already knew what he was going to do from a millisecond gaze.
Your back was facing the car.
There was a loud screech as the drunk waitress stopped her bloody white car. You two were on the floor, holding each other.
Your eyes were opened enough to see Jeonghan's face. You gazed into each other's eyes. You couldn't say anything because your body simply had no more strength.
The woman got out of her car and stared at the two. The bystanders called the police and soon the place was filling with blue and red lights. Seeing her ex-boyfriend on the ground, her knees became water.
He blinked once and lifted his hand to your hair, taking a strand and placing it behind your ear.
“Now you look pretty.” He mumbled.
Tears rolled down your cheeks.
Jeonghan's head was bloody on one side. You couldn't even see your own condition but you weren't sure if it was better.
His bloody hand reached for yours. He held it tightly. You couldn't even smile back at him, who had tears in his eyes. You two were laying on the ground together, your head resting on his arms and your entire body paralyzed.
The sirens grew louder, but at the same time, fainter. The red and blue lights flew around brighter.
Jeonghan opened his mouth to say something.
“Don't go.”
It felt like you were going to sleep.
Your eyes met one last time.
Two butterfly kites flew in the sky. The sky was an abnormally bright blue and the grass was an uncanny bright green. The field had flowers in it and there was no one but you two there.
The car was parked at the exact same spot.
The brick building was there too.
Jeonghan helped you control your kite, one of his hands on yours. Your heart fluttered immensely from his small touches. Even his chest bumping on your back gave you butterflies.
You two looked at each other, smiling.
After a bit of gazing, Jeonghan leaned in and gave you a soft kiss on your lips. Then, he turned back to the kites.
It was indeed like a dream, like a scene from a fairytale, like a classic romance storybook. He wrapped his arms around your waist, still holding on to his kite.
“Three,” He counted down, smiling dazzlingly.
You smiled. A few birds flew by, chirping.
“Two,” He whispered, tickling your ears and making you giggle.
The sun was shining happily.
Your kite's string broke off.
Your butterfly drifted somewhere, far, far away, toward that sunlight that was way too bright.
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serenityseventeen · 3 hours ago
Jeonghan (윤정한):
synopsis: After finding out that your crush used you to make his ex jealous, you get extremely angry and sad. He doesn't know what to do to make up for it so he tries everything, without knowing that the damage had been done.
parts: One - “Deception” | Two -“Damage” | Three - “Dreams”
genre: angst
pairing: jeonghan x reader
a/n: This story is literally when you hate and love someone at the same time. You hate what they did to you but still can't stop falling in love with them. It's really hard and I would even say that type of love is toxic to some extent. What kind of ending would this have...?
Tumblr media
You reached the crosswalk, seeing the blurred traffic lights and yellow and white headlights of cars.
There were already puddles being formed nearby.
People were covered by their own umbrellas or running to seek shelter. You sat down right next to the road, on the sidewalk. You felt tears well up in your eyes as you stared at your feet.
It was so cold.
People crossed the sidewalk. They glanced at least once at the person crying on the street.
You just sat there and cried. You cried because he, the man you liked for two years, was nothing but a liar. The man you thought was finally giving you a chance used you for his own good. ‘Jeonghan never liked me. Everything we did...’
Your mind flashed back to the cafe, where you remembered being so happy, talking with him. You two had so much in common, was that all fake too? Did he pretend to like you to fool you? To make you two try to look like some happy couple? He wasn't sincere at all. Those were only some of the thoughts that made the tears fall faster.
“Y/N!” When Jeonghan called, you wished you could just disappear.
You buried yourself in your arms, curling up your knees. You were crying too much. You just wanted the moment to stop, so that perhaps you could recollect the shattered pieces of your heart.
“Y/N, I'm sorry-”
When he tapped your shoulder, you completely lost it. You stood up, seeing him soaked in rain just like you. When you saw his dreamy face, that's when it hit you. He was always just a dream.
Even his eyes didn't have any sincerity. He was just coming back to defend himself, like a jerk.
“Why are you here!? I told you to leave, I told you to go with her! The girl you wanted to retrieve in the first place!” You pointed back at the park, your eyes filled with rage and pain. Your heart felt like it was being stabbed again and again just seeing his face. “I was nothing but a toy to you!!”
“No, no, listen-”
“You want me to listen? Listen to you defend yourself? You want me to believe that you actually, sincerely, genuinely, wanted to take me out and get to know me?” Your voice softened but it still showed so much suffering. You looked down at the ground, the rain fell harder and you grew colder.
“Why would you ever do that to me? What did I do wrong? Why would you just- Why would you place a strand of my hair behind my ear, wipe my mouth with a napkin, and touch my hand while standing behind me... Why would you do those things to someone you don't even like!?” Your clenched fists hit Jeonghan's chest.
You bit your bottom lip, trying to hold back the river of tears that were about to flow.
He took a hold of your wrists but you broke out of his grasp almost immediately.
“It would have been fine if I didn't like you,” You couldn't even see his face clearly anymore. He was just standing there in the rain, looking at the pitiful you. “It would have been fine… but I liked you. I liked you so much- I liked you for two long years!”
The rain was getting quieter and the dark clouds were fading.
“Did you know? Did you know that I liked you so much? You did, didn't you? That's why you used my genuine feelings!!” You hit him again but this time he didn't hold onto you. “I don't know who you are. I don't know where the man I liked went.”
Jeonghan couldn't say anything. He couldn't deny that he didn't know your feelings from the start. In truth, he chose you specifically because you liked him. His eyes couldn't even shed a tear for you, making the guilt inside of him rise even higher.
“I only wanted one thing,” you covered your mouth, continuing to step backward. The tears were too much. “but you threw away my everything.”
Jeonghan took a step forward. He called your name but you just shook your head.
“Let's not meet each other again. I don't want to see you, ever. I can't bear looking at you.”
Jeonghan paused in between his next step. This time, his eyes were filled with true guilt, but it was already too late.
“You're just a selfish jerk. Liar.”
Those were the last words you told him.
Jeonghan stood still, watching as you ran away and became a small dot, before disappearing. He didn't even say anything because everything you said about him was right.
Jeonghan stood still. He stood there for what seemed like hours. The words you said couldn't leave his mind. He was nothing but a selfish jerk. He didn't even know how to make up to you, knowing he had lied too many times.
The sun was coming out again.
The brightness of the sun was blocked by the curtains of your house. You sat down in a corner, curling yourself up as small as possible.
You hoped that your love for Jeonghan would be buried in the darkness and just dissipate.
You sat still, clenched your fists, and continued to cry.
- [a month later]
Jeonghan couldn't take it anymore. When you opened the door to your house to leave, Jeonghan pushed you back inside your house, coming inside himself.
“What are you-” You turned around to see Jeonghan. He locked your door and continued to block the way to it. Your emotions began to overwhelm your entire body.
“Why are you here? I don't want to see you, get out.” You tried to remain calm and fierce but your liking for him still didn't fade yet. You were growing afraid that it would never leave, that you'd be stuck liking a guy who hurt you like this.
“Look, I just want to get some things clear. Let's just sit down and talk for a few minutes.” His eyes were genuine.
You looked away, clenching your fists. Finally, you shouted, “I said I don't want to see you! Get the hell out!”
The tears were burning your eyes.
“You just hurt a person who you didn't like, what's the point in feeling remorseful? You never cared for me, you didn't consider my feelings one bit, why are you suddenly acting like a saint?” You squeezed your eyes shut. “Let's make it easier for both of us. Just leave me alone you selfish bastard!!”
Jeonghan licked his lips in frustration and ran his fingers through his hair. He wanted to hold you and tell you how sorry he was, but everything would still seem insincere.
Jeonghan tried his best to stay calm. “I wasn't trying to get my ex-girlfriend back. I was just trying to make her jealous.”
“Is that what you were trying to clear up? If so, it's useless. Stop coming here and leave for good. I don't want to see you.” You wiped your tears, still refusing to look at him.
“I know you think I'm a liar- I am a liar, but not now. I'm not telling you any lies right now. I'm sincerely sorry and I want you to forgive me. I've done everything, cleaned your front yard, watered your flowers, bought you things…”
“I didn't ask for anything. Don't act like you did it on my request!”
Jeonghan had come by your house every day for a month. He was leaving letters, telling you how sorry he was. You pretended to not read anything but you did. You read all of the letters.
“Can we just forget about what happened? I seriously want to start over. I want to become… friends with you again.” He dropped to his knees unexpectedly. His voice was soft and calm but held desperation. “Please, just forgive me. Please?”
“If I forgive you, will the memory leave?” You asked, crouching down to look at Jeonghan who had his head down. He was silent.
“If I forgive you and act as nothing happened, will the time I suffered suddenly disappear? If I forgive you,” you felt the tears well up your throat. “will I just continue to like you and leave out the memory that you used my feelings to make your ex jealous?”
Jeonghan felt like he lost all hope.
“I can forgive you,” you stood up straight. “but I won't forget what you did to me. It'll continue to pain me whenever I see you. I'll be continuously reminded of that moment when I see you. I can forgive you, but I have to continue living like this. I have to continue living as a fool who likes you while only getting hurt from it.”
You took a deep breath, sniffling, and unclenched your hands. “Stand up and leave. There's no hope for a better ending.”
Jeonghan didn't budge. For a moment, you missed seeing him smile.
You left him alone and left your house, asking him politely to close the door when he leaves.
When he heard your car leave, he completely collapsed. He hit the floor with his fists and tears fell from his face as his forehead bumped against the wooden floor.
He was being punished. He broke you first, now it was only right that he had to live with the guilt. Jeonghan knew of this, but still, he wanted to find a better ending.
When you got home from work, the front door was closed.
When you stepped into the house, you were presented with Jeonghan. He was still kneeling but his head had dozen off and was resting at the shoe rack to the right of the entrance.
You dropped on your knees and took his face into yours, feeling the tears come on your face again. He wasn't a mere crush.
“Just get away from me you jerk,” you said, tears rolling down your cheeks as your hands caressed his cheeks. “I don't even know what to do anymore.”
Jeonghan's weight shifted forward and he fell into your arms.
Tumblr media
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serenityseventeen · 3 hours ago
Jeonghan (윤정한):
synopsis: You have liked Jeonghan for a long time and he finally asks you out on a date. Later on, you come upon the true reason for why he asked you on a date, realizing that being with him was always just a dream.
parts: One - “Deception” | Two -“Damage” | Three - “Dreams”
genre: angst (part 2&3 has more angst)
pairing: jeonghan x reader
a/n: Okay, anon said Seungcheol or Jeonghan and I'm just xodjowjfiwjao I didn't know who to pick- but I think Jeonghan would have played off this kind of character more than Cheol (if this was a drama or something). I don't know, I can't just feel that this one is more for Jeonghan.
Tumblr media
Your insides were spilling with excitement and your face couldn't stop smiling.
Your body vibrated as you thought about your upcoming date with your crush. You stared at your reflection in the mirror in front of you, examining each side of your body, looking closely at your clothes. Your mind couldn't stop making up fantasies of how your date with him will go.
Two days ago, Jeonghan came up to you while you were at work. Of course, your heart was racing when he approached you, scratching the back of his head so shyly.
You had liked Jeonghan for two years, ever since you were introduced to him through a mutual friend.
That day, the sky was a mix of blue and purple, blending with the orange and small bits of red. It was the perfect time of day: sunset. You received a call from Jeonghan. He asked you to meet him outside of your workplace. His voice made your heart and stomach fill with butterflies.
Of course, you were going to meet him.
You two were standing outside of your workplace, facing one another. You fidgeted with your hands and tried to look into his eyes.
“The thing is...” Jeonghan seemed confident. He had one hand in his pocket. He was dressed comfortably, wearing black sweatpants and a short-sleeved plain shirt.
You pressed your lips together, almost unable to process the moment.
“Are you free this Saturday?” Jeonghan asked.
You looked into his eyes in surprise. “This Saturday...? Why?”
“Well, if you don't mind,” Jeonghan said with a smile. He pointed at you. “I want to take you out on a date.”
Your heart fluttered and you dug your nails into your hand. You didn't know how you were able to hide your excitement.
Well, that's how you did it. You simply accepted the offer from your crush to go out on a date together. It was a bit sudden, you had to admit, but maybe he just realized his feelings for you.
You put on your most beautiful and neatest shoes. You were supposed to meet him at a cafe where your date will take place. After that, Jeonghan said that he will determine where you two go next.
You left for the Cafe and Jeonghan was already there. You two talked and talked, you couldn't stop laughing at his every word. It was like you two were really flirting! He asked what you wanted to eat and bought it for you even if you insisted on buying instead.
You guys talked about your interests and found out that you two had a lot in common. You were so joyful inside that your main thoughts were to make him like you back. You were so happy and felt that you were getting close to being his lover. Of course, being his lover was not something you were obsessed about, it's just you were so excited that you couldn't stop thinking about the future.
From time to time, Jeonghan would help you wipe your mouth with a napkin. He would also place a strand of your hair behind your ear. It was perfect, everything was so romantic.
You two were talking but the topic shifted to past lovers. He was talking so casually that you didn't feel uncomfortable. Maybe it was because you liked him too much.
“I'm ending for the day,” A waitress said, interrupting you two with her voice. She sounded a bit irritated and annoyed. She was the waitress that served you and Jeonghan.
You were surprised because it was so sudden. Her voice was a bit loud too since she was standing right next to your table.
After eating and talking at the cafe, Jeonghan drove you to a park.
You were thinking that he just wanted to take a quick strode around the park but he went to his trunk and took out a kite.
“Are we going to fly this!?” You exclaimed, walking to the trunk. It was a cute butterfly kite.
Jeonghan nodded while smiling. “Do you know how to fly a kite?”
You shook your head. Your heart had been fluttering the whole day. “How about you, Jeonghan?”
Jeonghan casually took your hand and dragged you gently to the open field of green grass. There were people of all ages, some playing around, some laying on the cozy grass field.
Your heart couldn't stop itself from racing.
Jeonghan stood behind you and took your hands, placing them on the kite. Your stomach filled with more butterflies than before, your heart fluttering intensely as your heartbeat continued to quicken.
“So…” his voice faded out as he explained how to fly the kite.
All you could hear was your loud heartbeat, thumping so quickly. You could feel his chest press against your back. Before you knew it, the kite was soaring in the sky, seemingly so far away.
All you could think of was his hand on yours that you didn't realize that he had stopped talking.
You turned around and looked at him. He was looking somewhere, at someone in the park across from you two. She was also flying a kite but you couldn't see who she was.
“Wow! You really know how to fly a kite!” You said, smiling while watching the kite.
“I'll be right back,” He said, patting your shoulder as he left. He approached a brick building, which you thought was probably the bathrooms.
You just nodded belatedly in response.
You focused on flying the kite, running around hoping that he was looking from afar. Before you knew it, you weren't near the green field anymore. The sun was slowly fading into the clouds.
“Where is he...?” You walked back to Jeonghan's car but caught a glimpse of something at the brick building.
You could see the outline of Jeonghan's tan shirt and jeans. You walked over only to overhear something you shouldn't have.
“Just tell me the truth Jeonghan. You're doing this to make me jealous, right?” It was a familiar voice. Like the one that asked what drinks you wanted only minutes earlier.
You clenched onto the kite that was now in your hands instead of gliding in the air.
“You? Why would I need to make you jealous?” It was Jeonghan's voice. “Are you saying I'm doing this because I want you to want me back?”
“So you still like me?”
“Mind your own business. You're only approaching me because your jealous, huh?” You pressed your lips together.
“You did it on purpose. You're purposely trying to make me jealous because you want me back. Out of all cafes, you chose the one I worked at as your first date with this new ‘lover’ of yours. Out of all parks and out of all activities, you choose the things that you know I will be at and doing.”
“Think what you want.”
“You can't move on so fast, I know that. Tell me it's fake. Tell me you don't actually like-”
“It was just a coincidence.”
“I want you back, break up with that person and I'll date you again.”
“Fi-” Jeonghan looked over his shoulder and briefly saw you.
‘Fine’ was what he was going to say.
There was a flash of lightning and the wind blew roughly. Thunder roared in the distance but you didn't even flinch. Your eyes were already filled with rain.
That was the answer that Jeonghan was waiting for all along. He was just waiting for his ex's walls to break so that he can bring her back into his arms.
Every precious thing, every little effort you gave to get close to him flew away, along with wind, somewhere where it could never be seen again. Those specks of dust you sprinkled in hopes of becoming special had become a waste, even if they took the hardest efforts.
Your hands dropped the kite onto the floor. Jeonghan turned to you, silent.
The kite was taken away by the wind.
Rain began to pour.
People began to flee, seeking shelter.
You stood out in the rain, staring at Jeonghan in disbelief. He was at least covered by the roof of the brick building, which you learned held cleanup equipment.
Tears began to disguise themselves as rain.
Your hair that you took hours to style, the precious clothes that you never wore except for this occasion, your excitement that you couldn't contain, everything was gone. Ruined.
You spoke first.
“I'll leave then,” You walked past Jeonghan.
He took your wrist but yanked it away almost immediately. Your heart was shattered into a million pieces and the butterflies in your stomach had all died.
You saw her, the waitress.
“Give her a ride home, I'll walk since I'm already soaking.”
Inside, your heart was also soaking wet. You hoped that Jeonghan would mistake your tears as the rain.
You walked away, covering your mouth and trying to refrain yourself from crying out loud. You couldn't believe it.
He was just using you to make his ex-girlfriend jealous? He didn't mean anything he said? Did he tell so many lies just to get his ex back? He used your pure and genuine feelings to retrieve something he lost? He took your innocent love and threw it as bait to catch what he wanted?
Your body was shaking and you couldn't hold in everything. Hoping you were far enough away so Jeonghan couldn't hear your pain, everything poured.
Jeonghan turned to his ex-girlfriend.
She had an anticipating look. Her hair was a light brown and she looked like she wanted Jeonghan to choose her. She seemed almost confident that he would.
Jeonghan took her hand, knowing he had to choose one or the other.
She gave a soft smile.
Jeonghan opened her palm and placed his car keys on it. He looked up at her, her smile faded.
Guilt was taking over his whole body.
“Drive yourself home.”
Tumblr media
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kpop-hive · 5 hours ago
Seventeen: A Member Walks In On You Two
Tumblr media
S. Coups: You have waited all day for Seungcheol to get back from tour, not only did you miss his persona, and adorable demeanor, you missed his dick. As soon as he got home, you and him began a heavy makeout session. Clothes started to fly off, you both went down on each other, and just as he was about to insert himself into your entrance, “Hey Seungcheol, you left your- Oh my God! You just came back from tour and your already fucking each other!?” Jeonghan yells. “Jeonghan, get out!” Seungcheol replies trying to hide both of your bodies. He walks out, and you let Seungcheol calm down. “Are you okay baby?” You ask. “Yeah I’m fine, are you good?” “Yeah, but I would be better if we picked up where we left off.” You responded. “Of course, babe.”
Jeonghan: “You don’t know how long I’ve missed your pussy.” Jeonghan says pounding into your wet heat. He had you on the bed face down, ass up, in front of the door, fucking you hard and fast. He had just come back from practice, and he was ready to release his stress from overworking, lucky you. “Oh, Jeonghan, you feel so good!” You whimpered. You both were close to releasing, you could feel it, but you were disrupted when Dino walked through the door looking frightened when he walked in. “I just c-came to g-get my ch-charger.” Dino muttered. Jeonghan stopped mid thrust to say this, “Either get out or watch, but let us continue.” And with that, Dino was gone, and Jeonghan continued trying to help you guys chase your high again.
Joshua: The boys just left, perfect for you and Joshua to have some alone time you both desperately craved. “I want you.” You told him. “Same here baby.” You and Joshua began to heavily makeout, taking off your clothes in the process, Joshua pulled out a condom and slid it down his length, he pulled you on top of him, and you slid down his length. “Ah, Shua, you feel so good mmm.” “You too, angel” You began to ride him at a steady pace, making you both feel pleasure. Joshua holds your waist, and you rest your hands on his chest as he starts to control the pace, lifting you up and down on his length, as the pace gets faster, you hear the door open, and you both freeze. All you see is Vernon going to the kitchen, and you both watch immensely, and he leaves while saying this, “Sorry, forgot my phone, you guys enjoy” before closing the door, while you and Joshua try to figure out what happened.
Jun: You and Jun were watching a movie when he began kissing your neck. “Jun, stop.” You giggle. “But you look so sexy I want you baby.” He leans in, and kisses your lips, laying you down as you began to remove your clothes, he kisses down to your panties, opening your legs up, and kisses over your clit, causing you whimper. He pushes your panties to the side, and licks a bold stripe up your clit before his lips latch around the sensitive bud. “Jun, that feels so good, ahh.” You moaned. He expertly sucked on you clit while he held your legs open, you held onto his hair, while he continued his assault on your pussy, it wasn’t until he traveled down to your entrance, and stuck his tongue inside it when Minghao walked in. You tugged on Jun’s Jaír to get his attention, but he thought it was nothing, and moaned into your pussy. “J-Jun, Minghao is in here.” You whimpered. “It’s okay, baby, he knows where the exit is, if he wants to leave he can, or he can watch you cum all over my face, it’s his choice.” He says while continuing to eat you out.
Hoshi: “Harder please, shit!” You moan out. Soonyoung was doing a number on you making you cum twice already, trying to draw out a third orgasm from you tonight. “Yeah, does my little slut want me to fuck her harder, make her cum again like the little slut she is? Hmm?” “Yes baby please!” His thrusts sped up faster causing you to whimper out ready to cum again. You felt great your body close to tipping over, you could feel your orgasm piling up on you. “Ugh! I’m gonna cum!” You screamed. “Cum Princess.” Soonyoung replied. Just as you released you heard a third voice. “Ahh, why!? Just why!? My eyes!” Seungkwan yelled. You and Soonyoung both screamed, covering each other up. “Seungkwan what the fuck!? Get the hell out!” As soon as he walks out, and shuts the door, Soonyoung looks at you with pleading eyes. “Wanna go again with no interruptions this time?”
Wonwoo: “Wonwoo are you okay?” You ask. “Uhm, yeah, kinda.” Wonwoo trails off. “What does kinda mean?” He looks down at his lap, and your eyes widen. You stare at his bulge that is being strained by his pants. “Oh.” You say. “I couldn’t help it, you’re wearing a low cut top today, and your boobs just look so nice.” “You want me to help you baby?” You ask. Wonwoo nods his head, and you kiss his lips before your hand goes down to his bulge palming him, causing him to groan into the kiss. You get down on your knees, and unzip and unbutton his pants, you pull his pants and underwear down and his member springs up, groaning as he is released from his confinements. You grab it in your hand and began to pump it slowly while your thumb teased his tip, just as you were about to attach your mouth to him, “Wow who knew (y/n) gives you blowjobs?” Mingyu said as he walks in. “Mingyu can you please leave?” You ask. He walks out not wanting to mess up Wonwoo’s blowjob. “You want me to continue?” You ask and he nods his head. You get right back to working on his cock.
Woozi: “Baby Can you help me? I really need a good stress reliever.” Woozi asks as you walk into the studio. “Of course, I’m always here to help.” You respond. You began to sit on his lap and makeout with Jihoon. Without hesitation, he slipped his tongue into your mouth, as he held tightly to your waist. You began to grind down on his lap making him moan out into your mouth. Jihoon detached his mouth from yours, and you started to kiss down his neck, causing him to moan out. He tugs on your shirt signaling you to remove it. “Take this off please.” He says. You slip your shirt off over your head, and you also remove his. “I want to fuck you so bad.” Jihoon moans to you. “I hope you don’t plan on doing that while I’m in here.” You heard someone speak, and of course standing at the door was Seungcheol. “Cheol, can you please leave? Can we take a quick break?” Jihoon asks. “Okay, but make it quick.” Seungcheol says before winking at the both of you.
Dokyeom: “I love you sweetheart.” Seokmin says to you as he thrusts slowly into, causing you to whimper and pull on his hair. This was your and his’ first time, so he wanted it to be special, he made sure to make everything special for you, and he did well, taking his time with you, learning about your body, and finding all of your sweet spots, he told the boys that you were coming over, and not to bother you guys so he thought that was enough, but it wasn’t. “Seokmin, it feels so good.” You told him, he kisses your neck, and grabs your hand, but then you heard the door open and saw a head peek through. Causing you and Seokmin to both jump and scream a little. “Jun get out!” Seokmin yells. “You said no one should disrupt you and (y/n) for two hours, it’s been two and a half hours now. Honestly we didn’t think that you would last this long.” He explains. “Leave!” You and Seokmin both say. “So much for our first time.” Seokmin says annoyed.
Mingyu: You and Mingyu were in the kitchen baking cookies just to pass the time, that is until Mingyu’s focus was on something else. “Okay so now we need flour, and- Mingyu s-stop.” You stammered. He began kissing your neck nipping at it gently while his bulge pressed into your ass. “Mm, I can’t help it, you just look so good in these shorts.” He whispered in your ear. As time passed by he kept toying with you, and as soon as you put the cookies in, you finally gave him what he wanted. “So sexy, he says as he pulls your shorts down right before bending you over the counter, and inserting himself inside you from behind. You gasp at the stretch while you he lets you adjust to him, after the okay he began to thrusts into you at a steadily pace gradually increasing with each thrust. “You feel so good baby.” Mingyu moaned out. Your moans kept getting louder as he pounded into with hard thrusts. The only sound you could hear was skin slapping, but then, “You guys do know we cook there? Gross, oh and by the way, your cookies are smoking.” Jihoon says before walking off. “Shit! The cookies!” You yelled.
The8: Minghao didn’t want to admit it, but your mouth felt so good. You had just started your relationship and have only had sex once before, and you never really gave him a blowjob, he was nervous about asking you until you noticed how shy he gets around the conversation. “Does this feel good baby?” You as you detach your mouth from him. He nodded profusely. You continued by on attaching your mouth to his tip, and swirling your tongue around it, and using your hand to rub the rest of his length up and down. “Ohh!” Minghao moaned. He began to twitch in your mouth signaling that he was going to cum, so you began to suck harder on his tip, but the feeling was gone when Joshua walked in, “Myungho, we are leaving in five- I’m sorry guys.” Joshua says as he walks out. You detach your mouth from his member, and you look down. “Even though I didn’t cum, I really enjoyed your mouth on me.” Minghao responds with a smile.
Seungkwan: “Kwannie, I need you please.” You whine. “You are so beautiful.” Seungkwan says as he pushes himself into you. You wrap your hands around his back as he thrusts in and out of you. “You feel so good, (y/n).” Seungkwan moans. He is relieved that you both get to have some alone time for once, and now he was ready to continue and finish it off was a good orgasm for the night. As time passed Seungkwan’s thrusts got faster, and now they were becoming sloppier making you and him close in your orgasms. “I’m close.” You whimpered. “M-me too.” As you and him were in the midst of coming, you heard a familiar voice ring in your ears. “Next time lock the door please, I don’t want to see you two make babies.” Soonyoung says right before walking out. “I thought you locked the door?” You asked. “Oops.”
Vernon: “Oh Vernon, your tongue feels so good.” You moan out. “Mmm.” Vernon moans into your pussy. The way his tongue slid in and out of you sent you into a frenzy. One hand was gripping his hair while the other was gripping the bed sheets. You were a little needy today, and you needed some relief, as soon as you told Vernon, he brought up the idea of eating you out, and you’re glad he did. He enjoys it just as much as you. Seeing your skirt up to your stomach, no panties on, just his tongue devouring you. His tongue trails back up to suck on your clit, causing you to mewl his name. You were so close when you saw Wonwoo walk through the door. “Hansol, have you seen my- never mind, I’ll find it later.” Before leaving really quickly.
Dino: “(y/n) can we try something?” Dino asks shyly. “Yeah what is it baby?” You responded. “Can I handcuff you?” Your eyes open wide, but you agree to it anyway. “Sure, why not.” So there you were handcuffed to the bed while Dino ate you out. You have to admit, it was excruciatingly painful to not touch him, but it only added more tension to your arousal. “Chan please let me t-touch you, Ahh.” You whimpered. “Sorry baby, you agreed to this, so you’ll take it, he says as he gets up to insert himself inside you causing you to cry out at the stretch. He began to slowly thrust into you while nipping at your neck. He felt so good, and you were in pleasure until, “You know when you asked us if we had handcuffs we didn’t think this is what you were gonna use them for.” Seokmin said, causing you both to shift your gaze to him. “Can you leave?” Dino asked. “Sure thing!” Once he left you both picked back up where you left off until you both heard this, “Dino is using the handcuffs to fuck (y/n)!” Seokmin yells to the other boys.
Tumblr media
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Seventeen Throwing You a Surprise Party
Tumblr media
(a/n): Basically what role they would take when planning a party for you. 🎂🤪😝
In Charge of Music; Hansol, Seungcheol
In Charge of Inviting People; Seokmin, Jeonghan
In Charge of Decorating; Minghao, Joshua
In Charge of Food; Mingyu, Jihoon
In Charge of Presents; Dino, Wonwoo, Junhui
In Charge of Distracting You to Set Up; Soonyoung, Seungkwan
Tumblr media
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Teeny Tiny Update:
Tomorrow (Monday) is the start of finals week, which means I have one final I need to finish (I am almost done with it) and one final paper (I’m literally dreading this one, the things I’ve had to go through this semester because of this one professor...anyway) my aim is to be done by Thursday. So why am I telling you all this?
Well on Sunday I officially graduate with my Bachelor’s degree, which means that I will have time to write again!!!!! I am going to take a few days maybe a week before I start writing again here. Because lord knows I need a break, LIKE A HUGE ONE. 
But after that I will officially be back, of course, I will make a formal announcement, announcing my return lol, as well as new update schedule and you know all that jazz.
Also during my break I decided two things:
1. I am going to open a KOFI, for donations in which if you want and feel like it you can donate, but please don’t feel forced to if you can’t. I will continue writing. 
2. I am going to start writing for the one and only BTS, so yes I will deliberately make myself go through the pain in writing for both BTS AND SEVENTEEN. (pls, pray for me lol)
Lastly, IDK how this happened but during my hiatus I have reached 900 followers and honestly THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART IT LITERALLY MEANS SO MUCH TO ME, YOU HAVE NO FREAKING IDEA.
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Pen Pals
Chapter 2
Tumblr media
Friday night, Jun and I were sitting on the couch watching horror movies on the couch of our apartment with a big bowl of popcorn by our sides and the lights completely off. Intently watching the film, the door shuts, causing me to scream from startled just as a murder scene appears on the screen. Jun laughs at my reaction and looks back, seeing the direct light flip on. An instead tallboy stands next to the lamp and looks at Jun before looking at me. "Horror movies again, jun?" he asked, and Jun chuckled "always~ You're home early," he responded, looking at the boy, whom I would presume is Minghao. "Yeah, Sooyoung forgot he had a meeting tomorrow with the dance team at school, so we had to return early. Dino too," Minghao explained and looked at me. "Is this our new roommate?" he asked curiously, and I nodded, smiling. "Oh yes. Hi! I'm y/f/n y/l/ln. Nice to meet you." I responded, standing up, giving a slight bow. Minghao returned the gesture and smiled shyly at me. "Xu Minghao. Nice to meet you," he responded, and I gave a friendly smile. "Thank you so much for giving me a place to stay. I do appreciate it" I started with a smile at both Jun and Minghao. "Oh, it's our pleasure. Besides, our rent went up, and we needed another roommate. Plus, some of our other friends, well. They're a little. Crazy," Jun replied, laughing a bit, "especially Jeonghan." Minghao raised an eyebrow at Jun and chuckled. "You're not one to judge," he replied before heading to his room as I watched him leave.
"Don't worry, he's shy," Jun started looking at me. I looked back at Jun and chuckled, nodding. "Oh, I understand. Not everyone is so open right away." Jun got up from the couch, heading for the kitchen, "Want anything to drink?" he called out as I looked back at the screen. "Cola would be nice, please!" Minghao came back to the living room, taking a seat on the floor looking at the screen. "What are you watching?" he asked curiously, holding his phone in his hand. "We are watching Halloween," I answered, looking at the screen. Thankfully, I love scary movies, and I thought Jun, being a horror movie lover, would enjoy this movie. I looked over at Minghao, who seemed to be typing away on his phone. Jun returned to the living room with a big bag of chips, some colas, and a couple of sandwiches, one for me and himself. Jun flopped back on the couch and handed over my sandwich and drink. I chuckled, taking it from him, bowing dramatically "thank you, kind sir." I laughed, taking the plate and setting the glass on the coffee table. "You're welcome, m'lady," he answered, putting the snacks on the table.
I noticed Minghao was looking at me out of the corner of my eye, and I looked over and smiled, tilting my head, "Yes?" I asked curiously, and he shrugged, "Are you enjoying your new home?" he asked and I smiled, taking a bite of my sandwich, "I am, yes, thank you" after tasting my food, Jun looked at minghao "Oh! , How's your pen pal?" He asked taking a sip of his cola. Minghao looked up at Jun and sighed. "I don't know. I sent them an email a while ago. But they haven't emailed back yet. I'm worried." Minghao looked at his phone and sighed again, watching it, waiting for a message to arrive. "I set my sandwich and smiled softly at him. "You know. I think it's sweet of you to worry, but I wouldn't worry as much. Maybe your pen pal is busy right now and hasn't had a chance to get away and reach out. I'm sure they're okay," I reassured. Minghao looked at me, giving me a soft appreciative smile, and nodded "you're probably right." he replied, leaning back on the armchair. "I have an idea, let's go an...hang out tomorrow, You, me and Jun.. Roommate bonding?" I suggested grinning at the boys. Jun smiled wide and nodded. "I'm game." He answered, looking at Minghao. Minghao looked between the two and nodded, Shrugging his shoulders, "sure, why not?" he answered, looking back at the movie. I looked back at the screen just as my phone started to ring beside me. I looked over to pick it up before answering. "Hello, this is y/full/n," I responded, holding the phone too. ear. "Hello.. Ho. Can I help you?.... I am free Monday.. Anytime works… sure, that's fine… Great! Thank you!. Have a great day," I said, hanging up the phone and looking at Jun. "Guess who got a job interview on Monday???" Jun dropped his sandwich in excitement and screeched, pulling me into a hug. "Oh my god! Congratulations! I hope you get that job!" He beamed, and I giggled and hugged back. "Thank you!". Minghao looked up and chuckled, "What job did you apply for?" he asked curiously, watching me and Jun pull away from the hug. "I'm applying to be a barista," I answered cheerfully and bounced in my lap. "My first job in Seoul!"
Chapter 1 || Masterlist || Chapter 3
Tags: @ssssssssssssscoups @cheolsblackgf @qtdoesart @whoyoulovedbefore @wonunuu @cupidhaos
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imagine teasing chan in front of his members and them complaining about why you get to do it and they can’t
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A/N: You guys seem to REALLY love Mingyu fluff, and so thanks to the copious amounts of feedback on our lovely Mango I wrote some more ^^. Key word: feedback! It leads to more content that you guys want to see when I know how whether you guys like it or not! Enjoy 💜
(I also haven’t written for svt in a hot minute ;-;)
Word Count: 2,146
Synopsis: Mingyu x Female! Reader; established boyfriend concepts and well, y’all are bickering children because that’s the real love, he’s whiny and pouty as usual, and there’s some mentions of sex and ish hence why it’s also in the smut tags as well as fluff. It’s hard to describe just read it tbh 😂
Warnings: Mentions of sex, some kissing, cuddling (I mean do I need a warning for that? Eh sure), it’s very domestic so warnings are minimal
You rustled around in the covers, your eyes fluttering open slightly. Rays of butter sunlight were spilling through the cracks of the curtains, your source of warmth (and love) laying sound asleep next to you. 
Getting up slowly you turned to get out of bed, careful not to make any noise too loud as you threw on a sweatshirt and some slippers, figuring you’d get some donuts from the shop a couple minutes walk away from you guys. 
The walk was quiet, but a peaceful quiet, the type where you can hear the leaves rustling softly in the wind, and birds sending their own secrets back and forth in the canopies of trees. The owner recognized you as soon as you walked in, asking you would you like your usual. You nodded, and was back soon enough, opening the door softly and closing it just as quietly. 
You slipped off your shoes and stood at the kitchen counter as you chewed through your breakfast, tiptoeing back in you guys’ bedroom after you were done, Mingyu still fast asleep. 
“Mingyu~” you whispered out, walking over to his side of the bed to poke the side of his head. He only stirred slightly, prompting you to jump on his form and straddle it, Mingyu waking up with a start and a rather loud swear word. 
He flopped his back back down once he realized it was just you, gathering his breath as you sat atop of him laughing. 
“ do that…,” he panted out, groaning as he sat up to lean his back against the headboard, adjusting yourself so you sat more comfortably in his lap. His honey eyes were slightly hazy as he was coming to, the length of his lashes casting a small shadow on his face in the dim light. 
“Because it’s fun. And you didn’t wake up when I tried to do it politely,” you informed him. Mingyu raised his brows and hummed, his warm hands on your thighs as he rubbed delicate shapes on them.  
“When you say “try”, was it like a, ‘hey I rustled you multiple times and you didn’t wake up’ try, or a ‘I called you, half heartedly, and then figured that was enough’ try.”
“The latter but nonetheless I did try and that’s all that matters.”
Mingyu smiled at you incredulously, pulling you closer to kiss you. You hummed at the feeling as you felt the contact, the tingle his lips gave you never ceasing now matter how many times he kissed you. 
He retracted rather quickly, earning a confused stare from you as he smacked his lips. 
“Your lips taste like sugar. Why.”
“I got donuts.”
“It better have been for two.”
“No Mingyu, I got them for myself only because screw you,” you countered. Mingyu laughed and then proceeded to make his attack, tickling at your sides, causing you to roll off of him and onto your back as you thrashed at the feeling. 
“I surrender, I surrender!” you panted out, rolling underneath him as you tried to escape his hands, Mingyu unable to stop laughing along with you. 
“Where are the donuts?,” he asked you, pinning your hands to the side of your body as he looked down at you, his messy bed head falling into his eyes. 
“On my spaceship Mingyu,” you remarked, your sarcasm earning another round of battle from him, this time leaving even more out of breath. “What, I feel like that was a valid answer given the question you asked”, you defended, catching your breath from his shenanigans once more. 
Mingyu didn’t immediately reply, his cinnamon orbs staring at your face, almost as if he was in a world of his own. The silence caught you off guard and made you shy, clearing your throat as you looked for something to say. 
He filled the silence with action, leaning down to kiss you again, his hands enveloping yours and pinning them above your head. You felt your toes curl as it got deeper and deeper, your eyes popping open as you remembered something and promptly pulled back. 
“What, what’s wrong , what I do-”
“I haven’t shaved,” you interjected. Mingyu’s eyebrows furrowed in pure confusion, not quite understanding. 
“I mean, I’m not like a thirteen year old boy. Like, I dunno, I feel like, if I really love my girlfriend, which I do, I’m not gonna like feel leg hair and shriek like we’re in a haunted house,” he explained to you, his eyebrows still furrowed together. 
“No, not that...I know, I meant like down south. She’s kinda grown out a bit babe.”
“Well it wouldn’t be a he now would it?”
Mingyu dropped his head into your shoulder and broke down laughing, so much so he rolled off of you and next to you to catch his breath, covering his face with his hands. 
You whacked him on the arm, laughing just as hard. “I mean am I wrong?”
Mingyu didn’t say anything for a moment until he caught his breath, clearing his throat as he did so. “No, I get that. Yes, it’s a she. But I mean, I don’t care. You do realize that right? I mean real talk babe, when I eat you out it’s not like I am thinking about ‘hm, I wonder if the hair is longer than it was last time?’. I could personally care less.”
“Okay but like what if you got hair in your mouth?”
Mingyu scrunched his face in laughter, almost amazed at the conversation you guys were having. 
“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Now I can please make out with you?” he asked, fluttering his eyelashes dramatically as you gave you rounded carob orbs. You giggled and shoved him playfully. 
“You may.”
You burst into more laughter as Mingyu got back on top of you, both of you guys kissing in between smiles and laughter. Your hands found purchase on his shoulder and his on one of your thighs, the kisses getting more and more desperate until your hands were reaching for the hem of his shirt, Mingyu willingly letting you pull it over his head and start kissing your neck. 
Your breath hitched as you felt the tip of his canines brush against your neck as his mouth ghosted over the skin of your pulse, sucking softly on the skin as your back arched into the feeling. His hands went under your own shirt and warmed the skin with his hands, raising your hands above as an indicator that you indeed wanted it off. 
Mingyu chuckled at the action and pulled it over your head, his chest rising as you saw you weren’t wearing a bra underneath. “You know you could’ve taken it off yourself,” he nevertheless informed you, kissing down the line of your shoulder and your collarbones. 
“I took off yours,” you replied back, sighing out as you felt his lips drag down the midline of your body methodically, stopping at your favorite spots to suck marks onto your skin. 
“That you did,” he hummed, kissing over the colors that were blooming on your skin. “How far are we going today? Tell me your order and I shall deliver,” he cheesed. The line made you shove his shoulder as you broke into more laughter, covering your face with your hands to calm yourself down. 
“Please don’t make this cringe,” you told him, though you and him were both smiling like idiots, Mingyu’s canines bearing in full view as he rested his head on your stomach. 
“What, consent is never cringy,” he tutted, raising your brows at you playfully. 
“Yes, I know. Doing it in a manner that makes me feel like we’re in a cringy porno is though,” you reminded him. Mingyu giggled and kissed underneath your rib cage, his hands massaging the skin on your hips. 
“Just answer the question. We’re getting distracted.”
“Coming from you.”
“Question. Answer,” he reiterated. 
“Let’s go all the way baby.”
Mingyu closed his eyes and burst into more intense giggles, whacking your hip lightly. 
“So you can be cringey but I can’t?” he said between giggles, the apples of his cheeks reflecting the slivers of sunlight in you guys’ room. 
“I think it’s safe to say we’re both cringey don’t you think?”
“Agreed. So all the way?”
“Mhmm,” you hummed. Mingyu nodded and came back up to kiss you, your hands running through his hair as he kissed you with a fervor that never seemed to lessen as time went on. His lips broke free from yours and began retracing over the marks over your shoulder and neck, getting more and more eager as he drug his lips down your body. 
Your back arched but something felt off, though you tried to shake it off your hands running through his raven locks. Mingyu looked up at you for confirmation as his hands went to the waistband of your shorts and you cleared your throat, tensing up. 
“Are you okay?” he asked sincerely, watching you freeze up. 
Mingyu’s brows furrowed when you pulled back suddenly, his  breath ragged as he brushed his hand over your cheek. 
“What’s wrong?” he asked. 
You bit down on your lip, thinking. 
“So uh.”
“Yeah?” he pushed gently, grabbing one of your hands and kissing your knuckles. The sensation made your fingers tingle, just like they did every time he kissed them. 
Mingyu blinked and widened his eyes, becoming a confused puppy. 
“Repeat that?” he pushed softly. 
“I don’t wanna uh….have sex...right now…sorry,” you added on, your face feeling hot and your gaze flickering up to the ceiling.
“Say it again, this time without the “sorry”.”
“I do not want to have sex right now,” you retierated. You still weren’t looking at him because you felt so embarrassed for some reason. Mingyu picked up on it and sat up, grabbing your waist so you were essentially straddling his lap as he reached for your shirt and gave it to you. 
“Is it because of the hair?” he asked it bluntly and you knew it wasn’t his intention, just his ever present curiosity. 
You shook your head and quickly put it on and tried to escape from his lap but his grip was stronger, kissing your shoulder. 
“Er, no. I guess I just like lost the feeling for some reason,” you muttered, refusing to make eye contact with him. 
“I don’t think you’ve been this embarrassed since you got drunk last New Years and thought you were a witch,” he joked softly into your shoulder, massaging your hips. 
“It’s just I mean like, you were ready to go, and then I just like, stopped your flow. Hey that rhymed,” you rambled out, playing with strands of his hair to distract yourself from how hot your body still was. 
“It happens. I mean if I came to you and was like hey instead of getting Italian I actually want Chinese takeout, you wouldn’t have a whole bitch fest over it-”
“This is diff-”
“Is it though?” he questioned pulling back and gave you a goofy grin, the tips of his canines showing. “As your extremely intelligent boyfriend, who happens to be right all the time-”
“Gyu you’re not even right fifty-” Mingyu put his hand over your mouth, shushing you. 
“Shush. I’m talking and I require no interruptions.” You rolled your eyes and gestured for him to continue, Mingyu laughing at your facial expressions. 
“Thank you. Anyway, as I was saying, as your extremely intelligent boyfriend who is right all the time, you just don’t wanna admit it, this is no different. You changed your mind. It happens. But you know what?” he grinned, giving you goofy expressions as he stared at you. 
You giggled and swatted his shoulder, Mingyu giggling as much as you.
“What?” you replied back in the same goofy tone, your smile now mimicking his. 
“I still love you~” he said in a sing-song voice, sealing the deal of making it extra cheesy by giving you kissy faces. 
You laughed and playfully shoved his face away, Mingyu whining at the process. 
He poked the side of your head, frowning playfully. 
“Are you not going to say it back?” he sassed. 
“I was getting there thank you very much.”
“Hurry up.”
“Stop interrupting me.”
“Say it~”
“Kim Mingyu I love you,” you huffed out. 
You watched as Mingyu’s irises swayed back and forth in thought. 
“Mm, say it nicer.”
You rolled your eyes once more and tried to get up from his lap but he just tightened his grip, whining. “Say it nicer~”
“Gyu, the donuts are getting cold.” At the sudden remembrance of food he released you without notice, causing you to flop onto the bed and be left as an afterthought as he went to the kitchen to eat his donuts. 
“Way to just abandon me babe,” you called out to him while he was in the kitchen. 
Mingyu came back a minute later, his mouth full of donut and lips covered in sugar. 
He gave you a gleeful smile as he flopped alongside you on his back, both of you staring at the ceiling in a silence. 
“So are you not gonna put a shirt on,” you inquired after a moment, flickering your gaze over to him. He wiggled his eyebrows and you whacked his shoulder, Mingyu laughing. 
“Don’t you think I look sexy like this, walking around shirtless,” he mused, flexing his biceps. 
“You’re so lucky I love you,” you remarked with raised brows.
He reached over and pecked your temple, his hand going to massage the skin on your hip. 
“You’re right; I am.”
Please leave feedback whether it be anons, comments, reblogs, in the tags, whatever! Likes aren’t feedback! It just makes me less likely to write for certain members, BUT lots of feedback means more content for said member/concept. It’s a give and a take loves 💜
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cha-lan · 12 hours ago
nothing else in the world.
Anon requested on 210315: "prompt 38. 'The way I feel and the way we kiss, swear that nothing else in the world exists.' Lauv; Invisible Things with a burnout joshua hong please?"
Song lyric prompt 38: "The way I feel and the way we kiss, swear that nothing else in the world exists." Lauv; Invisible Things.
Find the rest of the prompts here!
Pairing: Joshua Hong x gender neutral reader
Genre: fluff, light underlying angst, established (long-term) relationship.
904 words
Warnings: a minor allusion to sex, mild relationship insecurity.
“Cross my heart if we both forget; someday, we'll both look back and remember this.”
Alternatively, relationship burnout; what does that even mean? In the grand scheme of things? Is it just an excuse—an umbrella term—for something else that swims beneath the surface? (Or, simply, where you and Joshua lay beneath your star projector.)
A/N: Hi, anon! Thanks a bunch for the request! I apologize in advance for not quite writing about burnout as you've asked for; I took a different approach as I wasn't entirely sure if it meant angst or fluff, mostly relying on the song for inspiration. Most of what I've written below was done across a few late nights, which I think helps to emit the fic's tone. With that said, I hope you still enjoy it! Take care <3
Here is the song that I used to inspire this fic, along with its lyrics.
Tumblr media
•• It's strange if you think about it—how everyone in your life was once a stranger.
What is the border between strangers to becoming acquaintances? To friends? Family? To your lover?
"Hey," Joshua's voice is hushed in a low whisper, a little kiss to the shell of your ear—a habit of his when he lies next to you. "Whatcha thinking about, hm?"
Your head tilts slightly to meet his brown eyes—a pair of eyes you don't think you could ever grow tired of seeing.
"Nothing important," you match his murmur. Your eyes flutter closed, and you nuzzle into the crook of the boy's neck, pulling him closer to you.
Joshua is warm. He smells familiar—you can't quite pinpoint it exactly. Maybe it's faint pine; maybe it's sandalwood; something earthy. Perhaps it's what home smells like to you—you've laid next to Joshua for so long that his smell has begun to fade into the distance like a supporting soundtrack in the background to your long-term romance.
His thumb grazes between your shoulder blades: a steady rhythm to match the beating of his heart beneath your palm where you, too, trace your fingers along the ridges of his bunched-up t-shirt.
Since when has his heart stopped racing when I'm pressed this close against him?
It's been years of holding hands and cheek kisses and cuddling beneath those old glow-in-the-dark stars pressed against the ceiling of your teenage bedroom. (You've since grown out of that room and found an apartment with your boyfriend—a shift that both of you had anticipated for a while. And instead of those glow-in-the-dark stars, you've since replaced them in their electronic form. Little lights dance across the ceiling, beaming from a projector situated on the top of a dresser across the room.)
You shift slightly in his arms, moving your face to see the ceiling where a plethora of little stars fade in and out of existence.
"You know, you can tell me anything, right?" the baritone of Joshua's voice rumbles in his chest beneath your hand.
"I know," and it's the truth; you do know, but the lump of doubt stuck in your throat says otherwise. "Thank you, Shua."
Relationship burnout is a funny thing if you think about it—who's the judge of when the magical feelings begin to fade?
Your fingers brush down along Joshua's bare arm—tracing a path of goosebumps on the boy along the way—until you reach his hand and intertwine your fingers with his.
"I love you," your voice is barely a whisper, and yet it seems to echo in the enclosed bedroom.
You're not sure why you feel yourself tearing up at the sentiment.
You tune your attention to the flickering lights above: little make-believe galaxies, the same constellations present in Joshua's features—his eyes (that's a given), his toothy grin (possibly your favourite), in all the freckles that adorn his body and are only visible by you (freckles that you've made it a goal to kiss each one of them). On the tip of his nose, on the backs of his hands. You've painted a plethora of constellations across the boy's smooth skin with your mouth and likewise with his on yours.
"I love you," you repeat as a tear slips down the side of your face.
"(Y/N)," you shut your eyes once more as Joshua's thumb swipes at the wet trail along your cheekbone, cutting the tear's journey short. "What's wrong? Why are you crying?"
"Because," you squeeze his hand, "I love you. So much," your voice wavers. "And I don't want to lose you."
Joshua props himself up on his elbow, and you can feel his stare beneath your closed eyelids.
You hadn't realized the breath you've been holding until your boyfriend moves to envelop you once again. With his hands finding their way beneath your back, he squeezes his soft arms—complete with all of his constellations—around your torso while the ends of his hair tickle the underside of your chin as he nuzzles his nose against your collarbone.
A muffled "Who says you'd ever lose me?" fans across your neck before a kiss is placed onto the area.
"I don't know,"—another truth—"it's stupid, I'm sorry."
One of your hands instinctively finds the back of Joshua's head and plays with his dark strands, while your other hand rests across his back to squeeze his shirt as you hold him close to you.
"It's not stupid," Joshua's head lifts, and he props his forearm next to your face. "I love you too," a quick kiss breaking his words, "please, (Y/N), there's no one else that makes me as happy as you do," another kiss, this time longer as the boy retraces his fingers against the side of your face.
And as your mouths move together in practised rhythm, nothing else occupies your mind; it's only Joshua. Nothing else seems to matter anymore as long as he remains in your arms.
The fabric of his sleeve bunches beneath your grasp on him. Your hand is somewhat clammy, your leg is falling asleep with the way it's bent, but none of it matters.
All that matters is him and the way he smiles against your mouth.
You pull away first, seeing Joshua's round doe-eyes gaze into yours so fondly (and sparkling with those constellations still swirling on your ceiling) and, for the first time in a while, you feel your heart begin to race like it used to.
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halloweenniles · 13 hours ago
helloo!! could i request a seventeen reaction when their s/o is really clingy? thank you<3 (also i love ur work sm
Thank you so much!
Just as clingy as you: Jun, Dino, DK, Hoshi
Likes how clingy you are as it makes him feel special: Wonwoo, S.Coups, Mingyu, Seungkwan
Fine with you being clingy in private but gets embarrassed in public: Vernon, Woozi, Joshua
As long as you are clingy in moderation they are fine with it: Jeonghan, The8
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halloweenniles · 14 hours ago
How do they react to you fangirling over them in glasses
Would be cocky about it and wear them more often: Jeonghan, Joshua, Wonwoo, Dino, S.Coups
Turns shy, but likes how you react: Jun, Seungkwan, Vernon, DK
Acts like it's no big deal but is really happy about it: Woozi, The8, Hoshi, Mingyu
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serenityquartz-boosk · 14 hours ago
dino: hansol, do you like seungkwan?
vernon: *sweats*... no
dino: then why do you draw 's+h' with hearts everywhere?
vernon: it stands for suffering and hatred.
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halloweenniles · 14 hours ago
Can you please do svt as the seven deadly sins?
Pride: Jeonghan, Dino, DK
Greed: Seungkwan
Lust: Hoshi, Wonwoo
Envy: Woozi, The8
Gluttony: S.Coups
Wrath: Joshua, Mingyu
Sloth: Jun, Vernon
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semicolorn · 16 hours ago
one last dance.
↝ xu minghao (the8) x you
↝ strangers to lovers, fluff, angst towards the end
↝ [!] just me repeating the same words over and over, mention of being sick, death, etc.
Tumblr media
hundreds of eyes in the room and yours found mine
minghao sipped on his champagne, eyes slowly scanning the ballroom of his cousin's wedding. jun and his wife had tied the knot earlier that morning, and the reception was more than luxurious. it had a magical feeling with the song picks and the decorations, as if the wedding came out straight out of a child's storybook.
but then, he knew life isn't as beautiful as the fairy tales.
he recognized the voice calling him as joshua, his other cousin. after finishing the remaining liquid in his glass, the brown haired then walked to him sitting not far from his table earlier. "what?"
"nothing. you just looked lonely sitting there by yourself, so i called you."
the chinese rolled his eyes, a sigh escaping his mouth. "i told you i'm fine. stop treating me like a toddler just because i broke up with my girlfriend a month ago. i'm way over someone who cheated on me."
joshua pursed his lips defeatedly, and minghao felt a little bit guilty for snapping at the older male. he sighed again. "why are you alone, anyway? i thought you came with your wife?"
"i did. she just went outside to pick up her friend. she was jun's junior if i'm not mistaken." the light haired male lifted his eyebrows before looking past his cousin. "oh, there they are!"
minghao turned around, and his surrounding somehow came to stop as he catched a twinkling pair of eyes belonged to someone next to joshua's wife - you. you seemed to be feeling the same, since your eyes just continued to stare into his brown orbs too.
the two of you didn't break away until joshua and his wife coughed, the couple's eyes teasingly glinted at the sight of you two getting awkward all of a sudden.
"yn, this is minghao. remember that cousin of jun that's really talented in art? that's him. and minghao, this is yn. i'm sure you've heard jun talking about his beloved junior that's talented in dance."
"oh..." your soft acknowledging voice sounded like a melody to him. "hello. i'm yn, one of jun's junior."
your eyes locked into each other again as you both smile. "hi, i'm xu minghao."
i asked you to dance and by chance our hands intertwined
minghao's eyes couldn't seem to leave your figure that night. after the exchange of introduction - which then lead to joshua teasing him when the two were left alone again, saying how fast did the universe gave him another love story to begin with and how he shouldn't have been worried for the younger male - he continued to set his eyes on you.
after leaving minghao and joshua to go and congratulate the main characters of the night with their beautiful apparels, he had been watching you talking to joshua's wife for a lot amount of time now.
then a soft breath left his mouth as he watched you walking away from her, taking a seat on a table next to the dancefloor. the blood suddenly rushed into his brain, thoughts of coming over to you are clouding his mind.
and before he knew it, his legs already stopped in front of you.
god, did he love the way his name slipped out of your tongue.
"hey." he smiled. "mind if i sit here?"
you slightly tilted your head before smiling. "not at all."
the two of you sitting on the same table opened multiple conversations, from your opinions about the wedding up to your daily lives. minghao truly adored the way your eyes sparkled when he brought up dancing into the conversation, and you were fluttering at the way his lips formed a smile everytime he talked about his painting stuffs. you two had been conversing for a whole hour.
"so..." his voice trailed off as he looked over to the dancefloor. noticing a few couples were dancing to the romantic song played through the speakers, including the bride and groom. then he looked back at you, breath slightly hitching - either because of your beautiful grin or because of the thing he was about to ask you.
maybe both.
"do you want to dance?"
his question made your heart beat twice faster. your grin turned into a shy smile, and you could feel your cheeks getting warmer as you nod. "um... sure."
god, did you love the way his fingers perfectly filled the gap between yours.
what lasted for minutes seemed like eternity
"no, your foot is supposed to be here!"
you chuckled as you teach him how to dance because, apparently, the way he had been doing it wasn't the right way. minghao sigh exaggeratedly as he followed your instructions, although he couldn't deny how adorable you were - teaching him excitedly like a new parent teaching new born toddler - with your giggles and squeals slipping from time to time.
"it's too hard, ms. yn. can't i just do anything i want?" he asked with a tone resembling a kindergarten kid, and you slipped out another chuckle as you said no. "you can't just do anything in a dance, mr. xu~"
"really? so i can't do this?"
minghao didn't know where the sudden bravery come, but he immediately moved his arm to circle around your waist completely and bringing you closer than before. you two could feel each other's breath at the new distance.
"or this?"
his face moved towards you, and your noses are practically touching each other by then.
you felt as if the time stopped.
he searched for uncomfortableness in your eyes; and when he found none, he finally asked. "yn, can i?"
and though the dance didn't last that long because of the sudden phone call from your sibling telling you to go home, it was still long enough to maintain a dreamy smile on your face as you played the beautiful memory over and over again in your head on the way home.
i had no clue this one dance would lead you to me
the two of you were practically inseperable after the wedding. you and minghao could be seen all over the town next to each other almost every time.
at the museum, standing side by side when the leaves were dropping to the ground.
at the library, slumping against each other's warmth when there was nothing but snow as far as everyone's eyes could sight.
at the park, exchanging laughters in front of your canvases while the warm sun settled down.
at the altar. when the two of you said your vows while the flowers were blooming outside the building, and the two of you are gazing at each other with eyes full of love and affection.
and you had never felt more grateful for a single dance in your life.
hundreds of friends in the room and you're dressed in white
minghao could feel his heart thumping loudly in his chest as he stood still in front of the crowd, waiting for your figure to show up from the back of the room. people in the crowd were wearing their best clothes, all shiny and in different colors. he gulped for the nth time, fingers tapping on the surface of his suit as the mixed feelings inside him grew bigger.
but then, all of them died down the moment you stepped into the room. his breath hitched once again as the crowd stand from their seats, the colorful garments they're wearing were nothing compared to yours - yours were mesmerizing.
you stood out of many people in the room. and despite the fact that you were the main character for the day, pure white fabric of your dress dragging through the aisle accompanied by flowers in your hand with the same pristine color was also being another strong reason why.
you walk down the aisle and i smile to know that you're mine
the one thing that managed to wobble his legs was your beautiful smile, especially because it was directed to him. minghao admiringly smiled back at you, feeling as if he was gonna melt right then and there when he saw your nose slightly scrunching in the most adorable way possible.
he watched you walking down the carpet, your steps slowly scraping the distance between you two. then he reached out to take your hands, steadily grasping it while the man in front of you began to recite the words and the two of you exchanged your vows.
and as the final words slipped through the man's lips, as the two of you kissed each other with the cheering crowd muffled in the background; minghao's eyes sparkled as he whispered to your face.
"you're finally mine, sweetheart."
we cheers our champagne and wait for our song to begin
"hao, you okay?"
you pulled minghao out of his thought, your thumb softly rubbing his arm. he had been staring at you for a good amount of time, and his glass of champagne was still untouched.
"i'm okay." he whispered as he leaned forward, capturing your lips in a soft lingering kiss. he pulled away some time later, moving to kiss the top of your head before happily sighing. "i'm more than okay."
a hum vibrated from your chest, heart swelling at his gestures. then the two of you sip through your drinks before tasting it on each other's lips, waiting for the familiar sound of your song to fill the room in between the sound of the crowd.
the band starts to play and you ask me to dance once again
and when it did, the two of you slipped to the dance floor just like when you first met. his hand completely circling your waist, your breath fanning against each other.
a grin showed up on your lips as your fingertips crawled to lightly squeeze his arm. "want me to teach you how to dance, mr. xu?"
minghao laughed at the question, feeling as if it's your first time dancing together all over again. he peck your lips before answering, the same answer he said that day.
"yes, please, mrs. xu."
fifty-nine years have gone by since you said yes
a match made in heaven had been your relationship's nickname, given by your friends and the people around you that had been around long enough to witness the two of you growing old together.
minghao had spent the best days of his life with you, feeling and experiencing lots of amazing things. like when the two of you step into your new house together, when the two of you woke up next to each other with a smile, when he watched a bump formed on your stomach over and over; he truly loved the feeling of watching it grew into high pitched cries bouncing off the walls of the house every night, then it turned into soft giggles along with the sounds of tiny little feet running around the house every morning, then it turned into something bigger and bigger until it turned into a figure heightened almost the same as the two of you.
the years blurred together, but there wasn't a day that goes by where he forgot the feeling when you said yes in front of him at the altar.
even now in your hospital bed you still look your best
"the kids will be here soon."
he held your hand tight, lips forming a soothing smile in hope it'll take your pain away. you know what he was trying to do, and you smiled too as your fingers went up to brush through the strands of his grey hair. "okay."
minghao silently sighed, leaning to kiss your cheek softly before murmuring. "you're beautiful, love."
we might be old but there's still one thing we can do
"what can i do to make the pain go away, mm?" minghao whispered, eyes slightly getting teary at the sight of you whimpering out of pain.
you bit your lips to mask the whimper once again before asking. "play our song, please?"
put on a song, let's pretend to dance round the room
"hao~!" you freely giggled, watching as your husband swayed your hands back and forth as if the two of you are dancing. he chuckled too, pressing kisses to your knuckles from time to time. your song playing in the background made the mood more comfortable that afternoon.
and right at that moment, you forgot about the pain inside you. when your eyes were getting heavier and your breath were staggering to stop, the only thing you remembered was the melody of your favorite song.
but even the melody of the song couldn't mask the sobbing coming from minghao as he kneeled to the ground, along with the long beep sound of the machine echoing through the room.
thirty-five hours have gone by since your last breath
"get some rest, pa."
the door closed after that, leaving minghao all by himself inside his bedroom - your bedroom. the space felt bigger with your absence.
memories of dancing with you are all i have left
he laid down, staring blankly at the ceiling as he played his memories with you over and over again in his head. the only ones he could bear to remember was those moments when the two of you were dancing together, bodies pressed against each other while you giggle and kiss each other from time to time.
his lips formed a soft smile, his fingertips slightly twitching as they remembered the feeling of your warmth.
just a few seconds before it's my time to go
then he felt his eyes slowly dropping too. he didn't fight the feeling, slowly closing them as he imagined your smiling face. and just for a moment there, it felt like he could hear your voice calling.
hello my god and my love, at last i am home.
"welcome home, love."
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cheolsblackgf · 17 hours ago
sunrise, sunset
chapter 51: girlfriend
warnings: maybe language, they get a little hot and heavy, mentions of SEX
so much svt stuff happens when i’m gone smh
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
←previous | masterlist
hope you all are well. see you when I do~
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imagine-svt · 18 hours ago
imagine you and hansol having a sing-off to see who gets to be vocal team’s honorary member. in the end, the two of you complain so much you’re both crowned honorary members
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catboynonie · 19 hours ago
Hello!! can i request a make out session with wonwoo x fem reader then fingering and cockwarming maybe? and they call each other ‘baby’? a fluffy smut if that’s ok! thank you!
heated kisses
Tumblr media
pairings: soft!dom!wonwoo x fem!reader
genre: smut (do not interact if you’re not comfortable!!)
w.c: 937
warnings: fingering, cockwarming, praise, established relationship
summary: after a tough day at work wonwoo needs you more than anything else
wonwoo entered into your shared apartment, he was exhausted. the last few days at work were tougher than ever, he never felt that tired in his entire life. in that exact moment he just wanted to hug you, feeling the warmth of your body, laying on the bed with his lover.
after he went upstairs he opened the door of your room, finding you with your head lowered on your books. you felt his presence and turned his way greeting him with a warm smile. “welcome back baby” you immediately felt that something wasn’t right with him, you got up and approached him “is anything wrong?”
wonwoo was looking at you, but he didn’t say anything and just hugged you tightly. your hands immediately went on his back, rubbing it softly and getting closer to his body. he sighed, stroking your hair “it’s been tough these days at work,” he put his head in the crook of your neck, kissing your skin lightly, loving the comfort he felt in that moment. “i need you baby” his voice, low and warm, whispering on your skin.
you moved a bit so that you were looking at him, you put a hand on his cheek caressing it. wonwoo loved your touch, he loved touching you. it makes him feel loved and he always remembered that you were here. one his big hands held your hip, keeping you closer to his body. his face moving closer to yours until your lips touched, kissing each other like you were starving.
you suddenly felt your whole body getting hotter, his hands started to move on your body teasing it a little bit. your hands moved on his shoulders squeezing them lightly while your lips were crashing on each other. you whined a bit when you felt a hand on your ass moving your hips forward, meeting his hips. he hummed and took this opportunity to deepen the kiss.
he kissed you passionately but at the same time you knew that he just wanted to keep you as closer as possible to his body. wonwoo’s tongue was moving in your mouth, trying to take control over yours. his grip on your butt was tighter, you gasped a bit continuing to kiss him deeply.
his face moved slightly from yours, trying to catch air. his lips were red and puffy, glistening because of the mix of your salivas. he looked beautiful even though he always looked like he was from a model’s magazine. “lay on the bed baby” you nodded giving him a light kiss. the mattress was soft under your back while you waited for him.
he unbuckled his belt, your eyes followed his long and thin fingers moving on the leather piece. on his face his lips moved, smirking because of the way you were looking at him. wonwoo came closer to the bed, staying at the end of it. his hands started to move on your thighs, squeezing them and teasing you.
you started to breathe faster while his hands were taking your pants and your panties off. his big body hovered yours, his fingers moving closer and closer to your center. “you look so pretty under me baby” his deep voice making you shiver in contrast to your cheeks getting reddish because of his compliment.
suddenly his fingers started to draw random figures on your clit, you opened you legs more letting him pleasuring you. you covered your mouth with your hand trying not to moan loudly, his fingers moved up and down trough your wet entrance, slipping one of them into you.
his free hand moved yours from your mouth, holding it before he started to kiss you again. open mouthed kisses muffling your moans while he insert another finger in your core, continuing with their actions.
wonwoo’s fingers started to move faster, opening them and starting to finger you. you were panting on his lips but you kept kissing him moving your tongue with his. “you’re doing so good for me baby” he whispered, few inches from your lips. you blushed again kissing him another time, moaning in his mouth.
his thumb came to your clit, moving on it while his fingers sped up making you moan louder than before. “i th-think i’m cl-close wonwoo” he nodded and kissed your cheek, “cum for me baby, you’re always the best” talking with his low tone. you smiled a bit feeling your orgasm approaching, your walls clenched around his fingers when you reached your high.
he removed his fingers putting them in his mouth, licking them clean from your juices. you bit your bottom lip while you watched him. wonwoo got up and took off his pants with his boxers, his shaft hard leaking with pre-cum. “can i ask you something baby?” you nodded, lifting your torso so that you were now seated on the bed facing him. “everything wonwoo”
“can i just be in you while we rest together? i’m too tired to have sex” you observed his features, his eyes were so tired that you nodded immediately. “don’t worry babe, you know i would do anything for you” you opened your arms and he came closer hugging you once again. “i love you so much” then he lay on the bed, you moved over him lining yourself with his cock so that he could be in you.
you moved your hips down on his shaft moaning a bit while he sighed because of the pleasure. you rested your head on his chest, wonwoo caressed your body and closed his eyes. “i love you too” you whispered and he smiled sleepily.
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