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◡̈  apartment 5c
synopsis : when yn’s exchange student roommates leave, they are left with the unfortunate task of finding a new place to stay. lucky for them, a room just opened up at apartment 5c, complete with the most interesting group of people they could ever hope to meet.  pairing : svt 96 line x gn!reader  genre/s : university au, roommates au, fluff, tiniest bit of angst (maybe), slice of life, humor
episode 02 : new routines
◡̈  part 02 fun fact !!  no one in the apartment sleeps before midnight </3
previous  ➤  episode two, part one  next  ➤ episode two, part three  apartment 5c  ➤  masterlist
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from reese, with love <3 oh to eat cereal in silence with jun ;-; hope everyone is doing ok!!
Tumblr media
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seventeen; saying i love you [vocal unit]
Jeonghan: He frames his love in gentle teasing. Soft laughter as he catches you unaware with a playful kiss, a constant cycle of nicknames that you never asked for but are more than happy to receive (all except for the oh so affectionate ‘stinky’, but you accept it because of the way his face lights up when you roll your eyes at him in response to it). He frames his love in gentle teasing. It’s fun for him, to watch you squirm at his touch and sigh at his jokes but, moreso than that, it is necessary. It’s him dipping his toes in the waters of love—testing, waiting, hoping. His humour and sly wink are a veil to hide his softness—so full of love and so full of worry. Be patient with him, coax him out slowly and, one day, when he wraps you in his arms all pretense falls away and he calls you simply ‘my love’, then you will know he has finally taken the plunge. 
Joshua: Love is a fact for Joshua. Something measured, evaluated, and addressed. He cannot help his practical nature just as he cannot help the nature of love as it greets him at night—a thought fluttering in his mind, in his chest. There to be observed until it becomes solid fact inside of him. He turns to you and sees it—plain as day. Observable, quantifiable, solid. Love is not something wispy and conceptual—how could it be when he feels it so keenly? When it greets him in your every smile, in your every touch? And as any fact should be, he states it out loud—breathing life into what was once just theory. “I love you,” and it’s not easy, that statement so full of meaning and hope, but it is true. It is fact. 
Woozi: ‘I’m not an affectionate person’ he says when you’re a month into dating, but you know this is a lie. A carefully crafted misdirect to shield him from his own feelings. You shrug and say ‘that’s okay, I just like spending time with you’ before tucking back into your dinner and leaving him in a sea of his own thoughts while you bide your time happily on the shore. And as the tide always does, he comes in. Slowly, but surely. Moving his way across sandy beaches towards you with ease, and only a little bit of caution, until suddenly he’s there. His hand grazes the small of your back, his lips nest themselves against the hollow of your cheek—he’s there. Love in every small touch. And even as the tide inevitably recedes, you remain on the shore—trusting his return as you stand with stars in your eyes. 
Dokyeom: It arrives for Seokmin one morning, riding on the golden rays of the sun as it kisses his skin through the windows of his apartment, love, love, love. Something to both marvel at and to fear in equal measure. For days he creeps around it on tip-toes, careful not to disturb it as it settles in around him. He watches it as it follows in your path, settling into every surface that you happen to touch. He wants so desperately to reach out and clasp his hands around it—to let it pull him into the yawning abyss of love—but the fear and the worry lingers there, always, at the back of his mind. He has a gentle heart—easily spooked and easily led. So lead him. Lead him forward; softly at first, with gentle kisses and easy words. Let him test this new reality, and then leap. Straight into the abyss that he so fears but so desires. He will realise when you land—hand in hand, together—that there was nothing to fear in the first place. That the love was always there to catch him. It is there for him. For you. 
Seungkwan: Love wants to explode out of him—with every breath, and every smile he wants to feel it so acutely that it feels almost like dying. Like drowning in a river of hearts and stars. So intensely he feels it, but so intensely he fears it as well—unnecessarily—on your behalf. Maybe it’s too much? Maybe he’s too much? The flood is controlled, maintained, held back. He worries over you, ‘I’m sorry I can’t be better for you,’ he laughs, but you see the nerves behind it, ‘I’m sorry I can’t be more’. Smooth the worry from his cheeks with the pad of your thumb, ‘you have always been enough’, and watch as all the love he has held inside bursts forth from where he was holding it hostage inside himself. 
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hello!! if it’s okay to request, may i ask for jeonghan joshua hoshi wonwoo and jihoon’s reaction to their s/o saying “i love you” to them so casually even though it’s their first time saying it? ahah i’d like to think s/o is not shy, just maybe not a very verbal person... does that make sense? AGAIN only if it’s okay!! thank you so much, i love your works :)
svt + s/o's first "i love you"
➔ reaction || requested
➔ 793 words ➔ notes: fluff ; yes, that makes total sense and of course it's ok!! these reactions are more like their reaction to a casual first "i love you." the first time i said it, i was so shy haha sorry you have to wait so long for these posts ;A; i wish i could write faster. if you liked, pls reblog <3
JEONGHAN: "i'm going to a meeting, but feel free to make yourself at home until i'm back. the others don't mind when you're here," he tells you from the front hall, hands busy tugging on his boots. you hum from the couch, raising your arm in a half hearted farewell that he can't see. "okay, drive safe, i love you." the footsteps marching towards the door suddenly stop. there's hurried unzipping as he kicks off his boots and rushes into the living room again. "what'd you say?" the distance between the threshold and your spot is tiny, but his voice is breathless as he stops by your side. "say that again." you furrow your brows. "okay, bye, drive safe...?" but with the way you're fighting your smile, he knows you're teasing him on purpose. sits on your lap and refuses to get up until you say it. "i'm going to be late, y'know." "and whose fault is that???" "yours!"
JOSHUA: maybe he would've reacted differently if you two were alone, but you're not alone. two other members are in the kitchen preparing snacks for movie night, and they definitely heard your casual "i love you" when he asked about — actually, he can't remember what happened leading up to this moment. what were you saying before? his mind is filled with his friends' amused ooh's from the other room, and he's busy planning how he can respond without making a fool of himself. he settles for pressing a kiss to your knuckles and smiling to soothe your nerves. "we'll talk after this," he says, squeezing your fingers as you nod. it's all he can think about during the movie, though. if you wanted to distract him from something he's wanted to watch for a while, congrats, you've succeeded, so now you have to re-watch it with him.
SOONYOUNG: he's face down on the practice room floor when you come in and squat beside him. "whatcha up to?" you prod at his shoulder. he groans, twiddling his fingers in your general direction. "taking a break. there's this cool part in the song, but none of my moves really fit." he huffs. "i figured i'd clear my head and try again in a bit." "you want snacks?" "yes please." "alright, i'll be back. love you." his hand shoots out to grab your ankle before you can step away. he doesn't move, though; it's silent for a moment until he lets out a single chuckle. a pause, and then another chuckle. it doesn't take long for him to start full-on giggling into the ground and you're rolling your eyes when he flips onto his back, giddy smile as infectious as ever. you poke his forehead this time, red from sticking to the wood flooring. "want to walk to the store with me? maybe the air here is getting to you."
WONWOO: you perk up at the box of sweets in his hands. "wow, i was craving these!" you exclaim as he opens the package and gives you one. "i know. i overhead you muttering about it, so i picked some up," he says, taking one for himself. you've been hyping them up so much; time to see if they're actually good. he takes a bite. "you're always paying attention. thanks for that, i love you." he chokes and hits his chest before wheezing, "you can't just — say that out of nowhere!" he's burying his face in his hands now, bent over at the waist. this is so embarrassing. he can't believe you just said those words and his first reaction wasn't to say it back but to nearly do a spit take like in a tv show. peeking out from between his fingers, he mumbles, "can we rewind two minutes and do that again?"
JIHOON: he's showing you one of his party tricks, probably the karaoke echo one, and the way he's getting weirdly excited over it has your heart so fond. "you're cute," you say, laughing at how your attention stokes his ego. his spine straightens at that. "i love you." he stops then, nearly dropping his microphone. "ah, is that so." he nods like it's not a big deal, but he can't make eye contact anymore and you know how he acts when he's embarrassed, so when his ears get progressively redder, your grin just widens. "can you show me another trick? maybe the finger snapping one? you haven't done that one in a while." "huh? oh, yeah. yeah, i can. uh." you've rarely seen him so flustered, and it's sweet that he's like this over just a few words. it'll take him a day or two, but he'll text you and ask if you meant what you said. of course you did??
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jeongwife · 14 hours ago
bestie we need part 3 of the chan making out ask pls 😵😵😖😖
part 1 | part 2
you mewl at chan’s filthy words, hips bucking into his hand to feel his fingers reach deeper inside your warm, wet walls, slick pouring out of your needy entrance at the thought of him ruining you. “p-please! w-want you, c-chan,” you gasp out as he continues pounding his long fingers into you, “wan-want to b-be…your c-cockslut—aah! gon-gonna c-cum!”
“yeah? gonna cum all over my fingers, baby?” chan hums, using his free hand to rub and flick at your swollen clit, grinning when your body starts to shake from the impending orgasm, “when i’m done with you tonight, you’re gonna beg for my cock every night.” you cum with a loud sob when he lightly pinches the sensitive bud, releasing around chan’s fingers as he continues thrusting them into your pussy to help you ride out your high. he pulls them out of you after your breathing evens, holding his hand to your face to show you the pearly substance coating his digits before bringing them to your lips. immediately, you open your mouth, allowing him to push his fingers in so you can clean them of your release, and the sight is more than enough to have chan’s cock throbbing in his pants.
“fuck, you’re so dirty,” he growls, pulling his fingers out of your mouth to undo his belt. tugging off his pants and underwear, his cock springs up and slaps against his stomach, painfully hard and the red tip leaking with precum. you watch, fascinated and in awe, as one of his hands wrap around his girth and begins slowly stroking up and down, causing more precum to bead at his tip. “you see how hard i am, baby? it’s all for you,” chan groans, tugging you towards him as he lines his cock to your dripping entrance. at that moment his demeanour shifts and he looks at you for confirmation, softly asking, “are you sure you want it, angel? we can stop anytime—”
“no!” you protest, wriggling your hips in an attempt to get him inside you, “i want it so bad! p-please ruin me, i w-want it!” your whiny voice has his cock twitching in his hand, and chan slowly pushes himself inside you. the initial stretch stings a bit, but he patiently stills his movements until you’ve adjusted to him, suppressing the urge to start thrusting. after a few minutes, you give him the green light to start moving, to which he begins a slow steady pace as he rocks his hips gently against yours, not wanting to hurt you.
your pleasure builds quickly, and soon chan’s slow thrusts aren’t enough to satisfy the aching in your core. “p-please, channie, harder… i want it h-harder,” you whimper, desperately trying to fuck yourself onto his cock as you grab at his biceps for support. a disappointed whine leaves you when chan pulls out, feeling your walls clench around nothing; your whine morphs into a scream when he sheathes his cock back into you without warning and starts a brutal pace, his hips slamming against your own as he roughly clutches at your waist while pounding into you.
“you want it harder, baby? you want it so hard that you can’t walk tomorrow, hm? who knew my innocent angel was so fucking filthy? you’re just begging to be ruined,” chan growls, driving his hard cock into your dripping cunt over and over again while you can only nod frantically, your mind blanking from the intense pleasure in your gut. your moans are wanton as you beg him to keep going, to give you more, to fuck you until you only know his name, egging him on to continue his rough strokes while he begins nipping and sucking at your neck to mark it with bruises. another orgasm approaches rapidly as the tip of chan’s cock nudges against your sweet spot with precision, your legs trembling uncontrollably around his waist as you warn him of your impending release.
“go ahead, baby, cum,” chan orders, rubbing fast circles into your swollen clit with his free hand as his other hand holds your squirming hips down, “cum nice and hard around my cock.” his words send you over the edge as you cum yet again, body twitching as the pleasure rips through you violently. the erratic clenching of your walls triggers chan’s orgasm, prolonging your bliss as you feel ropes of cum shoot into your spasming pussy and paint your walls white. chan shallow thrusts into you to ride out his orgasm, letting your tight walls milk him dry before gently pulling out of you, earning himself a whine from you as globs of cum leak out of your entrance.
you breathe heavily as you come down from your high, eyes fluttering open in surprise several minutes later when you feel something nudge at your entrance again, staring back at chan with widened eyes as he runs the head of his half-hard cock along your slippery folds. his eyes are still darkened with lust as he drags his cock through your slit, drawing a sob from you when the head pushes against your sensitive bundle of nerves. “c-channie…wha—” “i never said i was done with you, baby,” he chuckles, massaging your hips with one hand as the other guides his girth back into your cunt, “when i’m done with you, you’ll have cummed so many times that you won’t remember your name, gonna turn you into my cock-drunk slut, yeah?”
😃😃😃😃 — admin lily
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Daylight - Jeon Wonwoo
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jeon Wonwoo x mostly gn! reader
Genre: fluff, wonwoo likes hugs, established relationship, vv soft!!
Word count: 650 words
Sypnosis: Wonwoo usually isn't very touchy, but when he is, he makes the most of it.
A/N: i hope you guys like this one! I'm also taking requests :>
A cat.
That was what he was like. There were times when he would get so stingy and out of reach that you could barely talk to him but there were times like the one you were in now where all he wanted to do was sit beside you and be in your presence.
"Can't breathe." You huffed, trying to wriggle your way out from under your boyfriend.
"Don't care." He replied, tightening his grip around your body. Wonwoo wasn't always affectionate, but it doesn't mean that he didn't love you. It was just that he showed his love for you in different ways, in ways of his own. Which is why you basically got caught off guard when he decided to take the book you were reading out of your hands and climb on top of you, hugging you tightly as he sat on your lap.
Deciding to succumb to his wants despite his heavy weight; you sigh and accept defeat. It wasn't always that he needed your touch, so why not savor it while it lasted.
"Did you have a bad day?" You mutter, stroking his hair. He didn't answer, not wanting to further discuss the mystery of his sudden touchiness. Instead, he muzzles his face on your shoulder and takes in your scent.
Wonwoo could feel your warmth enveloping his body and it made him feel of the utmost comfort. Truth be told, nothing drastic happened to him; he just wanted to hold you or in this case be held by you. Sometimes he would curse himself out for being shy, for not being forward with his actions because it meant having to come up with excuses to be near you. If he could, he would spend his days enveloped in your arms, in your warmth, in your presence.
"I love you." He whispered, closing his eyes. The brunet could feel warmth emanating towards his cheeks; he was blushing.
You sucked in a breath of air, staring at nothing. Was it real? Did he actually utter those words? It was like time stopped for you and you could feel your heart beating loudly against your chest. This would be the first time Wonwoo initiated the sentence between the two of you. Usually, it would be you that expressed your love for him verbally and he would follow suit.
Leaning back, you look at him with awe and shock. "What?"
Your boyfriend looked down, he was getting shy again. The words felt like it were stuck and his tongue was twisted.
"I wanna hear you say it again." You said to him in a hushed tone, putting a hand on his cheek.
Gathering up the courage, Wonwoo takes a deep breath before uttering the sentence again, but louder this time.
"I love you." He said, giving you a shy smile.
Giggling in delight, you pulled his face towards yours and gave him a kiss. Oh, you felt like you could conquer anything right now. Who knew that three simple words from the man you adored the most could make you feel such a way? Is this what gods felt like whenever they were praised and offered the finest things life had to offer? Perhaps this is what heroes felt when they won victories and gave their homes pride. Whatever it was, it filled you with adoration and glee.
"I love you too, baby." You replied, breaking the kiss between the two of you.
Wonwoo grins, and situates himself back into your arms, his face buried on the nape of your neck. Together, you spent the rest of the day enjoying each other's company. Only a few words here and there were muttered, but it didn't matter, your heart felt full. You always thought that love would be burning red, full of passion and adrenaline, but this moment with your beloved proved that love was golden, precious and warm.
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Tumblr media
pairing. wonwoo x reader
genre + themes. assistant-professor!wonwoo, student!reader, fluff, strangers-to-lovers!au
wc. 5030 / warn. one scene of anxiety attack, kissing, kind of rushed?
synopsis — for whatever reason, wonwoo couldn’t stop himself from wanting to hold you nor did you resist your urge to have him close.
yunan is not alive. this fic is heavily self-indulgent and is reworked with updated writing and scenes hence the extra 2000 words compared to the previous 3100 words. hope you enjoy this, reblog + comments are appreciated!
Tumblr media
For as long as you could remember, you loved being surrounded by literature and knowledge. Your mum had begun reading her favourite books to you ever since you were at the tender age of two. Difficult words and sentences that were too hard for your new soul to comprehend had fascinated you. It wasn’t too shocking when you began reading as soon as you learnt how to, it was a bonding experience for you and your mum to sit in silence, in the warmth of your family house’s living room, wrapped in the same blanket while reading: that was exactly what you thought meeting like-minded readers would be.
To your dismay, you never met that many readers.
High school felt like a slap in the face. You never liked your English or literature teachers too much; maybe there was one you liked but you had already read the books assigned for that year and didn’t pay attention. Your mum thought they censored too much because of the system, it’s not right to dislike them for that she said. Then studying literature in a college filled with like-minded individuals became your dream. Movies of coming-of-age and indie style had put your expectations high. You hate how high they were.
The first day of college, far from home and the only person akin to your mind and interests felt horrid, to say the least. The growing emptiness in your chest as days passed in your lonely apartment and classes that didn’t interest you came crashing until a new asistant professor was appointed for your History of Literature course
His sharp, cat-like eyes are hidden behind his glasses, shirt tucked into his high-waisted slacks with the beige coat he wore every day, he was beautiful in all his flaws; the almost aloof expression he always wore and lack of smiles. Never liked anyone staying late or interrupting his alone time in his office. But when he taught, it felt like the world came alive. Finally feeling like it should’ve, like all those movies and books you’ve read, you felt a heat bubbling your stomach with every word that rolled off his tongue, his leaping gaze that stops at you and the feeling of subtle arousal, you felt alive.
His name is as perfect as he was, Jeon Wonwoo.
Tumblr media
When your mother finally visited you, you felt the liveliness in your bones tingle, you wanted to tell her all about the new professor but keep it to yourself for the moment because you feel as if you are harbouring wrong emotions towards the wrong person.
“Honey, should you come back home?” your mother asks, wrapping her arms around your torso. It feels safe and like the old days when you slept with her because the monsters under your bed had caught your dreams. Her calming scent embraces you as did her warmth, making you feel buoyant in her warmth as the rain hits the windows of your apartment. You feel reassured in her hold. “You can always come back with me.”
“Thank you, mum… But I like this semester,” you whisper into her shoulder blade. Slowly coming apart from her, you smile at her tenderly with a small nod. “I don’t feel lonely. If I do, I’ll give you a call.”
“Promise?” she holds out her pinky, giving you a concerned look.
Giggling, you said as you wrapped your pinky around hers, “Promise.”
But that was weeks ago. And now more than ever you need her to hold you. Shaking in the corner of Kim Mingyu’s house party, you pray and hope for someone to come hold you and whisper words of comfort into your ears. The room shrank with people squeezing and grinding on each other. The air felt thick and toxic and heavy as you took deep, hurried breaths to calm your nerves. It was suffocating to be there, your head felt like a nail was being hammered in and nausea builds in your chest.
“Hey, are you okay?” you hear a guttural sound from above your head. Holding out your hands, your neck snaps up to see the person. Kim Mingyu peers down at your flushed blotchy face with worry written all over his face. “Here, grab my hand.”
He guides you upstairs, into an empty room. Your heart hammers in your chest as you enter the room; scared of him, of this situation and what’s to come. Assumptions of his intentions cloud your mind until he brings your attention back to the present by handing you a glass of water. “Drink this and calm down,” he softly said, placing your shaky hands on the glass. He guided the glass to your lips and helped you drink it as he rubs circles on your back.
He sighs, softly asking, “Wanna talk about what happened?”
“Don’t worry about it—It was a mild anxiety attack,” you purse your lips together, giving him a small smile. Inhaling heavily and breathing calmly, chest free of its previous tension, you finally feel at ease.
Mingyu grins, patting your head and standing up, “You can take a rest here. I’ll make sure nobody comes in here.” he said.
“Thank you.”
“It’s okay…” he trails, waiting for am introduction and you complete his line with your name. He leaves the room telling you to make yourself comfortable in the room. Looking around the room for the first time, you notice the huge bookcase that leaned against the wall filled with books. Titles familiar to you like Murder on the Orion Express, If We Were Villains, Ninth House and A Secret History sat amongst them. A few romance titles from Nicholas Spark; The Notebook, The Choice, The Best Of Me lay on the farthest corner, it seems like they were meant to be hidden.
From the corner of your eyes, you spot the table under the window piled with papers and you recognise the beige coat that was above the table. A blush paints onto your cheeks, chest tightens as your heart begins palpitating. Pieces of the room begin clicking to form the person who inhabited the room. Having never been close enough to him, the scent of the room didn’t remind you of him. The earthly musk scent did seem to suit his quiet and mysterious aura. Just like him, it slowly starts intoxicating your senses lulling you into a slumber you didn’t mean to fall into.
Tumblr media
“Mingyu, why is there a girl on my bed?”
Words fall to your ears, stirring you from your sleep. Sunlight blinds you as you open your eyes curtaining them with your hands. Turning towards the source of the noise, you find the man who entirely owns your liveliness. Springing up from the bed, tumbling over your feet as you dive into a bow to greet him.
“Professor!” you cringe at your squeaky tone peaking up at him. He gives you an inquisitive look before it looks like he realised, “Ah, you’re from HOL 306, I assume?”
“Yes, sir!”
“Please keep your voice down,” he said, signalling you to move away from his bed. Scurrying behind Mingyu, you give him a tired smile, mouthing a thank you again for last night and checking for your phone in your pocket. Gasping at the time, you yelp, “Omg I am late!”
“Thank you for helping me, Mingyu! I owe you one!” you said hurriedly, grabbing his hands in yours. He keeps your hands in place asking you to wait and rummages through a drawer in the room, pulling out a jacket from it. “Wear this, it rained yesterday. It’s chilly out there.”
“Oh no, no. I can’t take this. You’ve already done enough.”
“Please, take it—Consider it an excuse for me to come to you.” his words send a flutter through you causing you to blink a million times proving you speechless and Wonwoo eyes the two of you, disapprovingly.
Mingyu seems to notice, giving you an amused smile and putting the jacket over your shoulders. Silently thanking him, you left the room and house with flushed cheeks that do not cool down. The scent of earthy musk wrapped around you slapped the realisation into you.
The jacket wasn’t Mingyu’s. It belonged to Prof. Wonwoo.
Tumblr media
Early the next morning, you rush to dry the jacket you had accidentally left in the washer all through the night. The sun peppering kisses on your skin while you sit on the fire escape waiting for the sun to warm the jacket. Thoughts of Wonwoo, professor Wonwoo for you, floods your thoughts while you let your eyes lose focus on the jacket taking sips of your morning coffee. Having to face him first thing today causes a rush of adrenaline to pump in your veins, you didn’t think you would have the chance to form a bond with him outside the general student-professor dynamic—maybe you still don’t have that but you decide to not let a chance slip through your fingers.
Temptation urges you to not wait for Mingyu to approach you and instead for you to approach Wonwoo. Your shy personality didn’t make it seem possible but with determination, maybe, it’s possible. Mingyu was known to flirt and be kind to everyone, you didn’t think he was seriously interested in yourself considering maybe you felt a flutter that night only because of his earnest attention on you while you were vulnerable. A loud, open-minded, big-hearted person like him would likely grow tired of your personality of constant doubt, overthinking and narrow-mindedly views on experiences that didn’t sit well the first time.
Snapping you out of your thoughts was the loud banging you hear from your apartment door. Sighing as you dragged yourself back into your apartment, you place your cup of coffee on the kitchen island calling out, “Coming!” quieting down the banging noise.
“I’ve called a billion times!” your friend, Yebin hurls herself into your tiny apartment yelling. Stomping all over the living space she rambles on though her words fell on deaf ears. “Excuse me?” she calls. Blinking yourself out of your daze, you greet her for the first time by closing the door and grinning, “Hey, Yebin.
“What brings you here?” you ask quietly as you made coffee with extra sugar for her. Her usual pleasantness always returns after a cup of coffee. “I thought we were meeting on campus.”
“Oh, I see you don’t know,” she mumbles, slumping on the couch nearby by the open kitchen. “We are having an observational class today; courtesy of the vice-chairman.”
“For HOL?”
Rolling her eyes and taking the coffee you offer her, “Of course! They’re taking us to a museum that’s having a special guest—A novelist, they say.” Yebin smiles widely while chugging her coffee. “Let’s go now. Hurry up, please.
“I going to wait in the car,” she said, leaving you to your own devices.
A hint of disappointment flashed in your eyes when you realise that you won’t be in a lecture hall with your eyes on your lit prof. It wasn’t as though that was all you did in class but it helps to keep your maximum attention on what’s being said by him. Just as the disappointment settles in, your eyes catch sight of the jacket as you dress.
Gulping hard, you begin searching for the most out of your normal aesthetic outfit because you tend to dress for comfortably than to look good when you attend classes even when you lowkey hoped your professor thought you looked pretty once in a while. You stare at your reflection for the longest while until deciding at the end that shooting your shot with him was the goal. The outfit was not unusual to your style, just a little more thought put into it and his jacket went well over it. Wearing it wasn’t going to be a sad mistake but a happy one, you convince yourself.
“Yebin, How do I look?” you ask, opening the passenger door with a pose. “Seducing? Tempting? Like a temptress mayhaps?”
“Damn, girl, who are you hitting on?” she purrs in response, giving you a glint of satisfaction as you settle into your seat. “Prof. Jeon will be blown away.”
“Huh?” you choke, darting your eyes at her.
“Honey, don’t play dumb,”
Confused is an understatement. Horror courses through you when you peer straight into her eyes; unamused look dances across her face with a pout, she rolls her eyes beginning to drive as she said,
“You’re very obvious.” and that was enough to make you blow a fuse, remember why she was the only friend you made in your time at college so far.
Tumblr media
“Welcome to our first observational class,” Wonwoo said standing in front of everyone on the bus. His regular slacks and shirt were missing and instead, he wore a t-shirt with jeans, his beige coat also missing. He looks oddly normally, casual and it made you feel overdressed.
“I hope that everyone enjoys and takes something from this. I’ll let this class be an open room, you can leave when you want but there will be an assignment based on this.”
A string of groans escape the class as he finishes and went to take a seat. He sits alone beside a window, taking out a book and plugging in his earphone. The sun was peeking but not at its best, still shining elegantly over him. He looks angelic, the glow of the sun hugging his aura replicating a halo in my eyes, also, he hasn't noticed the jacket you were wearing yet or he hasn’t seen you yet you nod, reassuring yourself.
Taking a leap of courage, you guide yourself to sit beside him. Keeping your head down, gaze on your lap, Wonwoo glances over at you with an unreadable expression. He once-overs you nodding his head lightly in greeting. “You’re Mingyu’s friend.”
“Hello,” you said with a smile. The heat was rising when you notice that his eyes keep finding your shoulders and he bites his lips before clearing his throat. He looks at you straight in the eye, “Is that my jacket?” he asks.
“Ah! Oh, yeah? It’s Mingyu’s though...?” you said acting as if you didn’t know. His lips upturns only to waver a little and you blink at him with beady eyes, his cheeks glowing with heat as you push yourself off the seat to remove the jacket.
However, he stops you, looking back out of the window and said, “It’s okay, you can wear it. Though I do hope Mingyu brings it back.
“It is my favourite,”
Unconsciously pressing your thighs together, you shift your side bag over them; whatever confidence or plan you had to approach him went down the drain. His deep voice that spoke eloquently, gently and arousingly was already too much for your heart to take. The addition of his stare on you was flatteringly breath-stopping. Every time you notice it, you’d catch your breath until he looks away.
Unable to look at him and speak to him, you decide to just read. Not moving from beside him, you got lost in the world of whatever book you were reading. Your mum told you quite often that you were an expressive reader. Eyebrows dancing with emotions, lips curling as your cheeks would display embarrassment and anger as you read. Wonwoo found it very difficult to look away from your figure. He thought you were gentler than you seemed. Quieter than you wanted to be. And prettier than you credit yourself to be or at least in his eyes, you were pretty.
And it was then when he also began reading, your heart did a little somersault. You have always craved to sit beside someone, basking in the warmth of their existence and reading in silence, enjoying the little and subtle ways of expressing your tender care and affection. Smiling to yourself in whatever bout of satisfaction you had, you sigh as the rest of the ride wasn’t long enough for either of you to pluck up some courage and speak up. Unnoticed by you, Wonwoo’s eyes didn’t stray far from you as you walk away from him and into the museum.
He bites his lips, taking a deep breath to calm his racing heart. You have an odd effect on him and he couldn’t place his finger on a reason. He reminds himself that he is your professor and wasn’t allowed to indulge in you unprofessionally.
Shaking his head, “From now on, you’re on your own. Please remember to act respectable, you’re representing your school.” Wonwoo said sternly as they waited for the tour guide.
A few of them left on their own to explore the museum leaving only about five to six who stayed for a proper tour. You stay behind with Yebin, who wants to take pictures as you follow the tour guide explaining the pieces slowly.
Just as she wanted, the guide was extremely slow and started to confuse you. What did art pieces have to do with literature? The very monotone voice of the guide somehow got tuned out from your senses allowing you to get lost in your head. Standing in front of a single piece for a bit too long, lost in the bright yellow, red and earthy browns and greys of it. It invoked a feeling in you. A feeling of aliveness you hadn’t felt like a constant in your time as a college student. The colours reminded you of the man who made you feel alive just by breathing and being himself.
“Mind if I join you?”
His voice was low and husky, making you sigh in a way you didn’t know you could, churning the insides of your stomach as heat rushes to your face. Calm down, you said yourself, stop imagining. Your body is consumed with the thought of him, you thought as you started to smell his cologne.
Come your name, seeping into your deaf ears. Blinking yourself out of the daze, you glance beside you to meet a flushed Wonwoo. He stands a bit too close for your sanity. Maybe if it were another man, it wouldn’t have affected you but this was him. Eyes meeting him, your lips parted, getting lost in his gaze. A flickering stare shifted between his lips and eyes.
“Wonwoo,” his name fell from your lips softly, almost tempting him to devour them with his. He chants in his head, this is just physical attraction. This wasn’t anything but sexual frustration catching up, don’t give in. He looks away from you, releasing the breath he held unconsciously from being too close. He shivers when he sees you take a step toward him as he moves backwards and he weakly breathes out, “P-professor Jeon for you,”
“Do you like this painting too?” you hum, looking back at the picture and inhaling sharply as he takes a step closer.
“Yes. It feels full of life and the sun,” Wonwoo glimpses your nodding, tilting your head as if you were trying to decipher the painting. “I can see what you mean by the sun—It truly feels warmer than I would imagine a painting could be,”
“That’s um, I guess what I mean as well. Though I am sure other painters have warm paintings too,”
Giggling quietly, you tie your arms behind your back and turn your body entirely towards him and another wave of shivers go down his side, leading him to tremble ever so slightly and you notice.
“You’re cold,” you said with a pout, pinky reaching out to his own. Your lovestruck expression, sparkly eyes and pouty lips said to him everything you wanted to. He knows you are feeling as he was. He didn’t move his hands from yours as you took them in yours. “You can have your jacket back.”
Slipping it off yourself, Wonwoo feels his heart picking up the pace a bit. Your look even smaller than before when his jacket is off you and he is reminded of how young and impressionable you actually are. He was your age just a few years ago. You smile tenderly wrapping his jacket around him rather than just giving it to him. Your arms went around him in an almost hug, squeezing his heart and guts as you take care of him.
Your smile burns itself in the front of his mind as you excuse yourself. You left the museum with that. He stands frozen in that spot for moments after you left, reliving the feeling of your warmth.
He knew there was no going back if he decided to act on his feeling. But that is exactly what he decided to do.
Tumblr media
It’s been a few days since he saw you eye-to-eye. He starts noticing your absence more often ever since the time you shared in the museum. The class felt a little less alive without you there. Your constant gaze on him that was almost exhilarating is missing, it felt off. Sometimes he’d hear your name from his roommate, Mingyu. As much as he wants to ask about you, he didn’t. Putting a distance would help, his craving for your warmth was occasional, they came in short bouts of hurting. A very frequent occasion though he wouldn’t admit to it.
He took up the post of an assistant professor because his professor in his post-grad was sure it would be a good experience on his resume and biodata, an opportunity to learn about teaching and network a little. He accepted a semester only because he wants to continue his post-grad without a side gig. You were not part of the equation at all; all four years of college, he didn’t date anyone other than his girlfriend from high school which broke off as soon as a distance was built-in. You though are far in a different way.
At first, your gaze on him was intense and so obvious—you don’t know what you looked like from his point of view but your glowing cheeks and easy smile that was intertwined with shyness and your interest in his talking made him feel excited to teach, to come to class and know there was someone who was looking at him the way you do. Seeing you out of class was rare but whenever he did, he thought you were cute. Shuffling in and out of class, grinning silly with your friend; though he thinks you have only one, when you help someone off the streets, halls and oh, especially when he finds you only three tables away from the table he uses in the library, eyes glued on the book you were reading and putting on a whole show of theatrics, you are charming and you make your presence in his daily life loud in the quietest ways.
“Wonu, you wanna play?” Mingyu asks, peeking his head into his room holding a PS joystick. “Also, she asked for you today!” he informs in an amused tone before walking into the living area to set up the game having known he caught his friend’s attention.
He hears a thud before Wonwoo came flashing in front of him. “She as in...” he trails, getting a nod his way for confirmation. “What did she want?”
“She asked how you were doing. Also apologised for missing class, she’s been out of town. Came back yesterday night”
Groaning at this response and not satisfied, Wonwoo plops down beside Mingyu on the couch. His teaching period was coming to an end soon. He wants to hold out before shooting his shot. Losing his job wasn’t advised nor wanted. A few more weeks before the semester ends then he could show you exactly where he wanted to go with you in your relationship.
But it was proving harder than expected.
“Do you know where she lives?”
Tumblr media
It rained for hours today. You skipped classes for three days to visit your mum immediately after the observational class. Ever since you can remember, you’ve gone to your mum for any advice. Your heavy and pacing heart didn’t calm as you told her everything about your infatuation with the Lit Prof. She chuckled heartily before telling you to just follow your heart. He wasn’t an old, ageing man nor a married man. He was a young, good-looking intellectual, very appealing, she said.
Her words put your chest at ease. It wasn’t wrong to like him. To want him to hold you, to touch you, to kiss you. There wasn’t anything wrong with wanting him. Hearts just love, without reason. Love gave reason to the most mundane of things about him but didn’t have a reason for your heart to love him.
Lying in the tub, filled with scented water, you try to maintain your senses before having to face him again. To calm your mind and body of the feverish heat he gave you. Silk hugged your figure as you sipped on tea reading a book for class. Dressing up and taking scented baths always calmed you as did camomile tea. Though your mind never truly left him. Every pretty word you read sent your thoughts to him. Every shiver you felt, reminded you of the time at the museum.
You know you didn’t know much about him to be this drawn to him, you know maybe you were being too easy with giving your heart away but Jeon Wonwoo was worth it in your mind, he was just like the perfect love interest you always wanted after reading a great romance; you understand he probably isn’t perfect, not even close but you think you don’t mind having to navigate through the flaws because even you have your fair share of them.
A tread of knocks pulls you away from your thoughts. Dragging yourself to it, you open it whilst hiding your body behind the door. Even faster than your eyes fell on him, his lips crashes desperately on yours and you found yourself melting into it as his familiar scent surrounds you. His hands cup your cheeks holding you in place as he places a rough, passionate kiss on you. His touch feels a mixture of warmth and cold, the wetness of his fingers startles you but he kisses you once, twice and thrice and again before softly letting your forehead touch, eyes slowly meeting for the first time that day.
“I am sorry.” he softly said, hands still holding your face to look at him. His face was painted in the same shade of love as was yours. Lips swollen from his previous actions. “I really wanted to do that but I should have asked,”
“It’s okay…It was you after all,” you breathe with a small chuckle, meeting his eyes.
Raising your hands to take his hands into them, you bring him inside your apartment; He is soaking with rainwater, he hadn’t seemed to notice. You gently push him on the stool of your kitchen island telling him to wait. While you went into your room to bring him a towel, you place a hand over a heart commanding it to slow down. His lips left a lasting sensation on you and it didn’t leave even as you licked your lips to wet them.
“Why did you come here in the rain?” you ask, approaching him. Bringing the towel over his head, you caress his head into the towel, slowly rubbing his wet hair with it, you bring his head into your chest. You swear he could hear your heart.
Wonwoo takes hold of your hands when he feels his hair is dry. He pulls your body down to him, pressing his lips against yours in a gentle kiss, unlike the first time. It felt fleetingly light on your lips almost begging you to deepen the kiss but you pull away from him and stare him straight into the eye, “W-we can’t. You… You’re a professor, you’ll get fired.” you stammer nervously, letting your arms rest of his shoulder.
“How old do you think I am?” he asks.
“Huh?” you blink, tilting your head and leaning as he leans back into the kitchen island. “I never thought of it.”
“I am only 24,” he said, “I can’t be a full-time Professor yet.”
“Why? I thought you were our new professor, aren’t you?”
“Only for this semester, for the experience. I got in through little qualification and influence—Just until the actual professor comes back.”
Nodding along with his words, you felt a little relief knowing you won’t be costing his job. “Do you think you can wait for two weeks?”
He smirks a little at your question, wrapping his arms around your waist. Your silk pyjamas get soaked as they touch his wet shirt. Shivers ran down your spine from the coldness of the rain contrasting the warm breath that fell on your collarbone.
“Why do you think I am here?”
A light flutter of your heart sends another wave of heat to your neck-upwards. His words almost certainly told you that he felt the same as you in your infatuation with him. “I couldn’t bear it anymore. My jacket doesn’t smell like you anymore,” he whispers.
“So does this mean..?”
“I like you,” he sighs, looking into your eyes with eyes full of hope. “Do you like me?”
“I’d be a fool not to. You make this whole place feel alive.”
He let his hands tangle in your hair, pulling your face down to his and pressing a kiss on the corner of your lips. Your hands cupping his cheeks as your body melts into him, lips touching, chest touching, you felt as if your hearts were also touching. He pulls your lips between his teeth when your arms are wrapped around your neck. You feel a smile against your lips before he whispered between the kisses,
“You make me feel alive too.” he breathes out and you tighten your grip on him, remembering that he was still dressed in soaking wet clothes and now your pyjamas are also a mess and push him away.
“Mr Jeon, we need to change out of these clothes or else we will die of hypothermia,
“My heating is broken.”
Tumblr media
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otptings · 2 days ago
Fool Proof
Tumblr media
Idol: Choi Seungcheol (SCoups)
Genre: Jealous Sex
Word Count: 1056 - something short to end my hiatus, will be edited another day
Warnings: afab!reader, dubious consent, somnophilia, jealousy, mentions of pregnancy (at the very end), mentions of old marks, barely any smut/plot,
Wandering hands slid up your shirt, pushing the material up your chest, revealing bruises that lined your stomach. Dark purple bruises that were purposefully placed along your hips, accentuated with bite marks that you could never easily explain, forcing you to wear long shirts whenever you left the house.
Bruises and marks aren’t new. Seungcheol was possessive in all the best ways, but due to his career and you being in the public eye he was forced to mark you in places only the two of you could see. His next best way of ‘marking’ you was the many rings he brought, necklaces engraved with your first name and Seungcheol’s last name, handing his hoodies or sliding his jacket over your arms before either of you leave for the door, and not being afraid to kiss you whenever he saw other men looking.
But it wasn’t enough for him. Not when his members still had the balls to flirt with you.
Waiting patiently for the director to pull him away to record his parts before they approached you. Seungcheol could only watch from his spot in front of the camera, watch as they made you giggle loudly, sneaking glances at him as if they wanted him to watch. It took all of his self control to keep his face blank, failing multiple times when the director called for him to relax his brows, to not bare his teeth but smile properly, soften his expression so that he looked happier, not so steel like.
He was grateful for the director telling him to take a break before the group shoot. Forcing himself to walk he approached you, wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you into his side.
“You look so well styled like this, especially with your hair slicked back. Carats are gonna love the pictures.” Seeing you smile up at him, coupled with your sweet words, was all it took for him to begin to relax. Yet he couldn’t bring himself to drop the possessive feeling in his chest from growing further as you continued talking to Joshua and Vernon, in English at that. The only word he properly understood at the speed you were talking was baby.
That was when it finally hit him. He knew what he needed to do for them to stop flirting.
Alast, even with his plan in place it still took him a couple days to properly execute it. With so many early morning schedules he had to wait for the perfect night. Even then he had to wait for you to fall asleep before him in order for it to actually work. It took almost a week, but the perfect night finally happened, with you falling asleep during movie night, head resting in Seungcheol’s lap.
Excusing the both of you, he picked you up, carrying you into his room before laying you on your back and pushing your legs open enough to accommodate him.
Wandering hands slid up your shirt, pushing the material up your chest, revealing faded bruises that lined your stomachs, leading down towards the top of your shorts. The sight was something you’d see in porn, the thought of recording a sex tape flitted through his mind before it was quickly pushed away. The thought of anybody else getting their hands on it angered him.
Placing kisses along the faded bruises, temptation to replace them flooded his body but he knew that it would only wake you up too quickly. His plan only worked when you were too sleepy to fight him on it.
Sliding your shorts down, checking to make sure you were still asleep before lowering himself down, maneuvering himself so that he could easily lick up your slit, slow light movements. Enough for you to relax and get aroused but not enough that you’d wake up. When he knew you wouldn’t wake up he slid a finger in, which turned into two and three.
Once he started scissoring the three fingers you began to move, causing him to pull out and listen to you hmph before throwing your arm over your eyes, chest continuing it’s slow rise and fall.
Pulling his underwear off he threw it to the floor before slowly sliding in. Your eyes flew open once he was balls deep, arms wrapping around his neck as he started to thrust into you. A loud moan of his name before you remembered where you were. His room in the dorm. Biting your lip you tried to withstand his thrusts, allowing your eyes to roll back at the feeling of him pressing his cockhead against your g spot.
Wrapping your legs around his waist you dug your heels into his back, forcing him to slide deeper than before, causing you to whimper.  “Come on baby, I know you can be louder than that.”
As if to punctuate his point he pulled out before thrusting in harder. Your resolve only lasted two more thrusts before you were crying out, a scream of his name as he took that as a sign to speed up. Rapid thrusts as he attempted to fuck you into the mattress, his hand sliding between your bodies to rub your clit, getting only a few circles before you were cumming. The tight, rhythmic pulsing of your cunt pulling him over the edge. A few more aborted thrusts and he was positive you’d milked him dry.
Once you’d both come down from your high Seungcheol changed the positions so that you were on your sides, softened cock still nestled deep inside of you. When your breathing calmed down, you finally asked him the question that was on your mind since you’d cum to your senses.
“I thought you weren’t big on somnophilia?’ A weak shrug and his hand came up to the back of your neck, rubbing it soothingly.
“Well, you’d mention it a few times. Why wouldn’t I atleast try something that you wanted?” Snuggling further into his chest you giggled at the feeling of his cock twitching inside of you. You both were on cloud nine, for varying reasons however. You for an amazing orgasm that only Seungcheol could give you, Seungcheol? Why wouldn’t he be? Knowing you had a baby on the way.
Afterall, how could you not be pregnant after this? His plan was foolproof.
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bluehoodiewoozi · a day ago
13 Days, 13 Men, 13 AUs #9:
CHWE HANSOL (VERNON) + roommate au
Tumblr media
1,3k words /// genre: bullet-point scenario; romantic comedy, but the romance is a sub-plot /// warnings: none.
In which I forgot how to make full sentences, so here are some headcanons for what it would be like to be roommates with Vernon.
Tumblr media
➺ being roommates with Vernon would be pretty fun ngl
➺ he’s a pretty go-with-the-flow type of guy so he didn’t even blink when you just pretty randomly moved into the second bedroom
➺ though to be fair, he probably didn’t even realise you’d actually moved in until he found you making soup in the kitchen at like midnight one stressful evening and he almost called the police on you. it’s a fond memory now.
➺ for the sake of some sort of plot, let’s say you moved into the apartment with your cat. best believe the cat is communal property now.
➺ you quickly became friends and co-conspirators
➺ late-night cereal eating is definitely a thing and an unspoken tradition
➺ no words need to be spoken. only cereal and each other’s company while you semi-shamefully sit in the kitchen and stare into space.
➺ rock-paper-scissors to decide who has to clean and do the dishes
➺ he can’t really cook that well (as evident from pretty much all of his on-camera attempts of cooking) but he’ll absolutely try to help you when you decide to cook
➺ Vernon 110% plays his music too loud some days
➺ at least he tries to avoid doing it when you’re home? i guess? the moment he knows he’s home alone, the speakers are working overtime 
➺ so you’ll come home and the apartment is just borderline screaming at you and the first few times you were like “bro wtf we’re gonna get a noise complaint”
➺ but now you’re pretty used to it. there’s no point in confronting him about it anyway: he can’t hear you. plus the neighbours seem to be even worse than he is. (look at you, Lee Jihoon from the apartment below ಠ_ಠ)
➺ your roommate also does his laundry at questionable times. a firm believer in night-time laundry-doing for the sake of lower prices. 
➺ which would be fine if the bedroom right next to the washing room wasn’t yours
➺ he definitely forgets a sock or a beanie in the washing machine very often and you don’t realise it until you go to take your whites out of the machine and half of them are a weird neon colour
➺ but worry not! after sharing an apartment with him for months, you’ve finally figured out how to deal with this
➺ (and whatever magic you use for that: I am rooting for you)
➺ Vernon quickly grew into the habit of just sort of ,,, walking into your room?
➺ he’ll just see something cool on the internet and run to your room. he could not care less about knocking. 
➺ until he walked in on you changing once. he didn’t dare to enter your bedroom for a good two weeks without knocking. but he soon forgot about it and now he continues bursting into your room at random.
➺ saw a funny meme on twitter? coming to your room. 
➺ finished a new song? running to your room and smiling at you so widely that you just can’t help but say ‘yes’ and discard the laundry basket that’s been begging for your attention for weeks.
➺ got your objectively grumpy and unaffectionate cat to be happy in his arms? coming to your room just to make your jealous.
➺ his co-workers were dumb at work? he’s in your room before you are in your room and the moment you enter, he’s rambling like a madman. an unusual occurrence but not a rarity. 
➺ he had a bad day overall? he’s already wrapping himself into a blanket burrito in your room and whining loudly when you scold him for messing up your bed.
➺ he has a better relationship with your cat than you ever will, honestly
➺ the cat goes to greet him every time he comes home. follows his sleepy self around to give him a morning report in the form of purrs and meows. SITS IN HIS LAP WHILE HE’S WATCHING TV????
➺ you suspect he’s been providing your little friend with catnip or something. why else would the cat love him so much??
➺ Vernon 1000% bought a giant cat tree like six months into your stay at the apartment. he’s spoiling the little guy the most (even if it means eating instant ramen for three weeks afterwards).
➺ he also re-organized his entire room to designate an entire bookshelf to your cat. your cat now has a nap shelf with Vernon’s softest sweater as the mattress.
➺ Vernon can also be very sweet towards you
➺ he might not be the most attentive man on the block (that title goes to one Lee Seokmin from 6b), but he has his moments
➺ when you come home and look even a bit more out of it than usual, he’s running to your room just to comfort you and find out what happened
➺ half of the time you’re like “I’m just tired??? let me be??” but he just wants to comfort you so you can’t exactly kick him out either
➺ he firmly believes that you shouldn’t be alone when you’re upset. even if it just means that he’ll quietly vibe in the corner of your room while watching you punch your pillow.
➺ if you ever came home in tEARS??? panicking. screaming. arguing with your cat over what the best approach is.
➺ usually sneaks into your room in an oddly cat-like manner and wraps you in his arms to let you cry in ultimate comfort. he’s not very good at comforting crying people, but he’s trying his best for his favourite roommate.
➺ if you came home particularly happy, he is down to celebrate in whatever way you see fit. you want cake? he’s paying. champagne? he’s down. movies and popcorn? he’s already working on it.
➺ somewhat expects the same energy in return, but he won’t say it out loud
➺ about a year into living together he becomes ridiculously protective of you
➺ and also as in “they were supposed to be back three hours ago. what if they died? what if they got run over? what if the bus broke? what if they’re dead in a ditch somewhere and I don’t even know? what if I missed a call from the hospital and they need a new kidney?? what if–” you get my point.
➺ best believe he’s gonna start walking the extra mile just to walk you home. 
➺ he’s very chill about it too, like just waiting for you outside the building pretty nonchalantly, hands in his pocket, staring at some random passerby’s samoyed. 
➺ “ready to go?”
➺ your neighbours and friends accuse him of having a crush on you and he’ll go “pft! no.” and then continues to stare at you with heart-eyes
➺ but then he proceeds to whine until you agree to go to a family gathering with him and you’re sort of like “I’m just your roommate???” 
➺ it doesn’t get much less confusing when all of his family members keep giving you awfully suggestive smiles and knowing looks
➺ when you ask him about it, he looks at you all weird and tells you that you had too much to drink
➺ and he says it with such conviction that you truly start to wonder if the lemonade was spiked or something
➺ he has no qualms about acting like your boyfriend if you need him to scare off a creep. zero qualms. he’s enjoying it, actually.
➺ because acting as your boyfriend gives him a reason to hold your hand and maybe kiss your cheek without looking suspiciously in love with you
➺ listen, he didn’t mean to fall in love with his roommate! but he can’t help it and now he’s stuck in this predicament. 
Tumblr media
A/N: writer’s block hit me hard this time ha... 
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networkluvs · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
yours truly | grudges
synopsis: in which your rivalry with over competitive soccer star lee chan is put to a halt when your match-o-matics results reads a 99% match.
taglist: @leech4ns @http-mewchuu @ofcoursewhynottt @cloudyhaos @jwonwoosglasses @atomoonchild @vanillxangxl @vanillxangxl @sbnchaos @twogyuu @i-might-be-in-love-with-hao @dnylwoo @jordand2012 @timelessruins @kimjngws @ktzuki @leechannie @woozarts @asobrada99 @sunniesoobin @ru-lin @moon-gyus
cannot tag :( @elllooo @Yjhdaily @thinkingabhvc @mulletdinos @despanked
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hotgirlmingyu · a day ago
hiii ^^ who would call you "princess" during sex? (cheol & gyu 😫)
def seeing seungcheol, jeonghan, jihoon, mingyu with this pet name in particular... maybe even wonwoo, but only if he’s using it degrade you. seungcheol & jeonghan would live to use it when they’re teasing you, having you on edge desperately wanting release. jihoon would use it when he feels you fluttering around his cock, coaxing you over the edge with his sweet voice. mingyu, just loves pet names tbh.. he’s a sucker to see which one has the biggest effect on you, toying with your arousal. the favorite that rolls of his tongue the sweetest is definitely princess though.
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shuaflix · 7 hours ago
10:30 p.m. ▸ there was a different type of high that rock star!wonwoo craved.
it wasn’t the buzzed feeling people get from marijuana (and he knew plenty about weed thanks to his band mate, vernon), nor was it the adrenaline from performing in front of a raging crowd. no, not even that thrill could compare to the high wonwoo got when he was fucking you backstage. 
he was rough yet calculated when he fucked you, jerking his hips in precise motions to make sure he was hitting that perfect spot right beneath your cervix. all the while, he was circling a finger around your swollen clit. he loved the way his name fell from your pretty lips, all incoherent and jumbled once he had you falling apart under him.
wonwoo’s band members teased him for keeping a groupie around, at first. however, when they got to see how much he really liked you, they started to treat your relationship more seriously. that meant giving you both space after concerts so that he could have his way with you in the fitting room. 
“w-wonwoo,” you stuttered out as you were bent over one of the vanity tables, whimpering with each sharp thrust of your boyfriend’s hips. “i’m so close.”
he grabbed a fistful of your hair and raised your head, forcing you to look at your fucked-out expression in the mirror. “look how fucking pretty you are, y/n,” he rasped, voice all silk and velvet. 
this had you clenching and cumming around his cock, crying out in pure bliss. wonwoo fucked you through your orgasm, helping you ride through your waves of pleasure while you unraveled in front of him. 
as you were coming down from your own high, wonwoo buried his face into the crook of your neck, pressing an open-mouthed kiss to your skin. 
“you taste like fucking strawberries.”
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ilostmyblueberries · a day ago
boyfriend au
≈pairing: boyfriend Jeonghan x female reader
≈genre: fluff
≈warnings: none
≈just your boyfriend trying to cook the dinner
Tumblr media
You were laying on the couch watching Youtube while your boyfriend Jeonghan was in the kitchen, cooking for the two of you.
You originally wanted to go out to a fancy restaurant but he cancelled it last minute, saying he would rather just chill at home with you by his side. And you weren´t against that idea a single bit.
But he still felt a bit guilty so he decided to cook the dinner as a comparison. He ordered you to rest while he will be preparing everything. Even though you wanted to help him, he forced you to lay down and stay in the living room.
As you were peacefully watching, a burning smell hit you in the nose. You looked up from your phone and saw smoke coming out of the kitchen.
,,Is something burning?” you walked into the kitchen.
,,Just my desire for you.”
You raised an eyebrow at his behaviour when you saw in the corner of your eye clout getting on fire.
,,Hannie! The clout is on fire!” you rushed to it, quickly blowing it out.
You sighed at the sight of burnt clout laying in the sink.
,,I am sorry baby. Today just isn´t my day.” he hugged you from behind, slowly moving from one side to the other.
,,Don´t worry about it. How about I will make the dinner and YOU will rest a bit, hm?”
,,Okay.” he hummed and left the kitchen.
You looked at the burnt onion in the pan and overcooked noodles in the pot that were still in the boiling water. You needed to clean the space first so you could actually cook.
After washing up everything, you began to prepare the meat and vegetables. You put in the rice cooker enough rice for both of you and started to fry those chopped ingredients. 
,,This smells nice.” hungry Jeonghan shuffled back in the kitchen.
,,I will start serving food in 5 minutes.”
,,5? Then we still have enough time for cuddling.” he smiled sweetly and hugged you tightly.
,,This feels wonderful.” you melted in his arms.
He slowly went from the kitchen to the living room and lay down on the couch.
You wanted to go back to the kitchen and check on the meat and veggies. But before you could leave, two big arms hugged you around your waist and pulled you down next to him.
,,Hannie, I have to go.” you whispered.
,,You said that we have 5 minutes.” he said with his eyes closed.
Your eyelids were getting heavier too and even tho you tried to fight the sleepiness, it found its way and took over you as well.
You shot open your eyes when you smelled the burn. You quickly ran to the kitchen only to find Jeonghan already cleaning burnt pans.
His gaze met yours and he smiled at you cheekily.
,,Oh god.” you chuckled.
,,We still have the rice.” Jeonghan pointed towards the rice cooker which turned off automatically once it was done cooking.
,,Let´s order some chicken to it.” you covered your face with your hands, being a bit embarrassed that you failed to cook the dinner for him. 
,,Looks like neither of us has luck in the cooking today.” he grinned at you and you just laughed. ,,I would call it a match made in heaven.” he winked at you.
You hugged him, trying to hide your red face in his chest.
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wonforgyu · 7 hours ago
mingyu slowly teasing you- rubbing you through your panties, watching how desperate you are as you two watch a movie.
“m-mingyu p-please- mmph” you whimper, trying to keep all your moans in.
mingyu smirks slowly running his fingers up and down, your ruined panties. he starts trailing kisses down your jaw, until he reaches your sweet spot, sucking hard, trying to get a bigger reaction out of you. he moans hearing you trying to keep quiet while you buck your hips into his hand.
he trails his hand up, slightly teasing you as he trails the tips of his finger up to the band of your underwear. he slowly slides his hand in and gives in to your desperate cries.
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seoulbinz · 2 months ago
moments of intimacy with seventeen
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
lazy days in bed, kisses pressed to your shoulder as you cuddle. cooking breakfast together with his arms wrapped around your waist and his head on your shoulder. rubbing his thumb absentmindedly on the back of your palm. kisses to the crown of your head. comforting you and talking through both your issues together. gentle hugs and slow dancing to the sound of rain hitting the roof. giggling when you kiss his dimples.
playing games together, laughing and bickering the whole time. peppering your face in kisses until you push him off of you. taking road trips and singing off-key. baking together and pretending it’s good when he asks. teasing the members and your friends together. doing each other’s skincare and laughing at how you look with the face masks on. stealing each other’s clothes and mixing closets.
holding hands every hour of the day. messing up your hair and pretending he doesn’t know what happened. making dinner together and stealing bites of the food when he isn’t looking. mini-photoshoots together at golden hour. being pet parents. watching kdramas together and reenacting the scenes. butterfly kisses and nose nudges when snuggling.
him never moving when you put your head in his lap except to play with your hair. bright grins and sparkling eyes as you explore towns during sunset. tickle fights and laughter-filled afternoons. kisses to the back of your shoulders when you sit in his lap. teaching you chinese and laughing when you butcher it. making ugly outfits for each other and trying to make it work. reading books out loud to help you sleep.
teasing as a love language. kissing and booping your nose whenever given the chance. teaching you to dance to do partner choreos. making instant ramen together and calling it a gourmet meal. nagging you whenever you get sick while taking care of you. stealing kisses whenever you’re focused and laughing if you tell him off. late nights talking about anything and everything.
sharing knowledge and stories like they’re ‘i love you’s. playing with his hair and being wrapped in his arms as a thank you. cleaning together and holding mini-concerts with the supplies as music fills the house. feeding the stray cats (and maybe adopting one) together. introducing each other to new music. chaste cheek kisses and hair ruffles. bright smiles and joke after joke when he’s with you.
being allowed in his studio no matter how busy he is. teasing him for being short with kisses to the top of his head. learning how to compose and play instruments with him. late night runs to the convenience store with shared smiles and junk food. making playlists for each other. texts whenever he’s thinking of you. massages and soft r&b before bed.
hugs whenever your arms are free. letting him take a break from everything with soft kisses. singing you to sleep. dedicating songs to you. feeding each other as a love language. baths together with rose petals and your favorite things. finding and binging animes together.
shoving his hoodies on you and giggling at how terribly they fit. hysterical laughter over shitty puns and tickles. hand kisses and dinner dates. calling his dog ‘ours’ and planning on getting more. picnics at the han river, homemade food and his softest blankets. being the only person who can make him be quiet. kissing his cheek and his whole face turning red.
drawing each other and being one another’s muses. being taught to dance just so he can dip and kiss you. reading together and having a mini book club. his hand on your waist whenever you’re in public. buying him cute frog items and watching him light up. washing each other’s hair. making him giggle more than anyone else.
being serenaded whenever the mood hits him. kissing your collarbones and smiling when you say it’s ticklish. being over-dramatic when you bicker and playfully fight with him. learning girl group choreos together and doing dance offs. having a perfect impression of one another and pretending to be each other in conversation. sharing headphones while snuggling. quiet days spent in each other’s arms and in comfortable silence.
asking a question in one language and getting a response in another. making you laugh and smile every chance he gets. freestyle rapping about anything he sees and trying to relate it to you. tickling him to make him pay attention to you. reading webtoons together and getting emotionally invested in the characters. kisses to the weirdest places to make you scrunch up your nose. being his safe space to be vulnerable.
telling terrible jokes to make you cringe. babying you and peppering your face in kisses whenever he gets a chance. sharing his passions and hobbies with you. being hugged whenever he’s tired or asleep. you being the only person who gets him to open up completely. buying gifts that remind him of you any time he goes out. playfully being mean to make you pout so he can kiss it away.
taglist: @sunshinelixie-lee
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wondersung · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
JOSHUA. picking a loose eyelash out of your eye. 
you’re sitting next to him with your upper body turned to look at him; in the middle of a random conversation before he leans closer and interrupts you. 
“you have an eyelash here,” and with the most delicate touch, he presses his finger tip against your cheek, successfully grabbing the stray eyelash. he looks at his finger before looking back at you with a smile. “make a wish.”
MINGYU. casually brushing the hair out of your face. 
he had been begging you to go to a nearby park with him so he could take pictures. tired of the begging, you agreed. and now you were sitting on a thin blanket, having a picnic with him. 
“there’s this small area over there, we could take pictures there,” you suggest. a strong breeze passes, making some of your hair fly in your face. not missing a beat, mingyu reaches over and brushes them away. “yeah, sure. we can go after we finish eating.” he keeps brushing your hair with his fingers gently, unknowingly making your heart beat faster. 
WONWOO. his hand on your lower back. 
you’re out on a shopping trip with him, excited to buy new clothes. what you hadn’t expected, was the amount of people with the same plans. the mall was absolutely packed, making it hard to navigate. 
there’s huge crowd of people you have to go through in order to get to where you’re going. wonwoo notices your hesitation and places a hand on your lower back. “excuse us,” he tells them politely. he gently guides you through the crowd until eventually he doesn’t need to. he smiles at you, “it’s a good thing i’m tall.”
VERNON. peeling off all the white bits from a mandarin. 
had gotten a bit hungry throughout the day, completely forgetting he had packed a mandarin in his bag. it’s not until he looks in his bag that he sees it. he’s almost finished peeling and suddenly remembers you’re standing beside him. 
“do you want some?” he asks. at your nod, he turns back to the mandarin in his hand and thoroughly peels off all the white bits before separating a decent sized piece and handing it to you. “here.” such a simple gesture, but it made your heart feel warm. 
Tumblr media
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starlightxsvt · a month ago
Because I Love You I c.sc
Tumblr media
pairing ➳ best friend!seungcheol x female! reader
genre ➳ best friends to lovers, idiots to lovers, a good dose of angst, lots of pinning, fluff to heal your heart, a lil spice.
warnings ➳ cursing, jealousy(lots of it), Mingyu being a big dumdum, Halloween party( yes ik very well halloween is over), reader wears a slutty witch outfit, emotional constipation ig, they are both idiots, arguments, crying, heavy makeouts, them both horny.
word count ➳ 9.3k
synopsis ➳ harboring feelings for your best friend of years have never been this hard. now, when he shows up with a beautiful girl in his arms you aren't sure how long you can keep your feelings to yourself.
playlist ➳ because I love you- gummy// lie- sasha sloan// in silence- janet suhh// teenage dream- katy perry// lean on me- seventeen// you belong with me- taylor swift.
a/n: hi hi everyone! It is here! A good dose of pinning and angst and jealousy is finally here! I had a fun time writing it and I hope y'all feel the same while reading this. Let me know your thoughts please 🥰
Tumblr media
When you first saw Seungcheol, he was a floofy haired boy wearing this cute jumper and baggy pants. His cheeks were squishy and his smile was gummy which instantly warmed your heart and made you want to be friends with him. Which you did.
It was middle school then.
Now you are in college.
Seungcheol still has his squishy cheeks and his gummy smile but now they sit on a tall, well-built and dashingly handsome man. But he hasn't changed. He's still the same boy at heart, who welcomed you into his circle with open arms all those years ago.
If anything has changed though, it's your feelings for him. You two started as friends and soon became best friends, literally inseparable from each other all through middle school and then high school.
Now at 21 years and in college, you have realized how exactly deep your feelings run for your best friend. The wake-up call was when he showed up with Evelyn; a sweet, petite brunette at a get-together with all your friends.
That was the first time Seungcheol showed up with a girl anywhere and you realized it's serious as Seungcheol is more of a one-night stand and no relationship type of guy. He was smiling ear to ear, his usual cheerfulness more prominent and you discerned he must really like her.
Now two months later, they are still going strong and seeing them together everyday has given birth to a little green monster inside you. And you hate yourself for it. Seungcheol is your best friend for fuck's sake, you should be happy that he is happy. But you are not. At this rate, you wonder how long you can continue your friendship with him before you lose your damn mind.
"Hey, you alright?" Seungcheol's voice makes you jump out of your reverie.
"Huh? Y-yeah, I'm fine."
"Really?" Seungcheol narrows his eyes at you in suspicion. You shift under his continuous stare because you know how well he can read you. "If something is bothering you, you can always tell me, you know?" He adds softly. "Of course I know Cheol. I promise I'm fine." You try your best to act unbothered.
He nods understandingly before a ping comes from his phone, alerting him of a text which he checks immediately. "I gotta go, _____. Let's hang out sometime, yeah? Just you and me."
"Hmm, yeah, sure." You give him a thumbs up as he jogs away. As soon as he's gone you let out a breath of relief, sagging back into the bench. However, your time to yourself is shortlived.
"_____!" A loud voice calls your name and you turn to see Mingyu running towards you, hand waving wildly in the air.
"If you are here for my notes then get lost Mingyu," you say dismissively before he can even come close. The giant man whines before sitting down next to you, his lips shaped into a pout. "Come on babe~ don't be like that. I just came to say hi."
"Mhmm," you hum, not buying his words.
"When are you gonna tell him that you like him?" He nudges your shoulder with a smirk on his face as you whip your head towards him. "What! I don't have a crush on Seungcheol!"
"I didn't say who," The bastard's smirk grows bigger as he wiggles his eyebrows at you. You feel your whole face heat up.
Oh god.
Laughing at your flustered state Mingyu sighs, "I knew for years. You probably had a crush on him when you first joined our group. You keep looking at him with these lovey-dovey eyes."
"Shut up, Gyu!" You smack his arm. "If you tell Cheol a word about this I swear-"
"I swear my lips are shut," He holds up his hands in surrender. "But...you know, I could help you get him." He comes closer to you. You roll your eyes with a defeated sigh, "What are you trying to do, Mingyu?"
"Nothing!" He gasps, offended. But then he coughs, scratching the back of his head, "Well, there's this red-haired babe in your psychology class and I was wondering if you could set me up with her." You watch him, baffled. "Idiot, you don't even know her name! Besides, what am I? A matchmaking service?" You roll your eyes at his antics to get inside yet another girl's pants. Mingyu has quite the reputation around the campus for jumping from one girl's bed to another's.
"Aw, come on, don't be like that," Mingyu keeps whining like a child. "I help you, you help me. Or more like I help you get the man you've been in love with and you just hook me up with this girl."
"What is your grand plan to get me the man I've been in love with, may I ask?" You raise a brow at him. His face inches closer to yours and a conspirational grin appears on his face, "You see, there's this huge ass fancy Halloween party at Joshua's place this Friday. And you, my babe, are gonna show up in the sexiest outfit in town- hold up, it gets better! I am gonna act all handsy with you, ya know what I mean?" He wiggles his brow and you let out an annoyed groan, pushing his face away, "Yeah, that is like the worst plan in the history of plans, you dumbass. You really think you can make him jealous? He's in a fucking relationship, a very committed one at that!"
"Eh, I wouldn't be so sure," Mingyu shrugs, tilting his head. Your brows crease eyes narrowing on him, "What do you mean?" Blatantly ignoring you, the man continues, "Listen, you show up with me and then we get all touchy with each other in front of Seungcheol. When he sees me all over you, he should step in and if he does, bingo! That means he has feelings for you." You watch Mingyu with a bored face as he rambles on, wondering how stupid someone can be. It's truly a mystery why all girls go gaga over him.
However, later that night, when you lie down in your bed, Mingyu's words haunt you, and the more you keep thinking of it, the more convinced you feel.
How bad could it be? It doesn't hurt to try. It's harmless, right?
So somehow, you end up agreeing to Mingyu's offer, and the next day you both go out for outfit shopping where the giant man almost forces you into buying the skimpiest clothing ever, a slutty witch outfit. It's a black velvet top with the lowest neckline you've ever seen paired with a scrap of material they call a skirt. It also comes with mesh stockings and gloves and killer heels which are so long that you know your feet will be numb later on. When Friday comes and you stand in front of the mirror with the outfit on, you keep staring at your reflection with your jaw loose.
Why are you doing this again?
Sexy is probably the decent word to describe how you look. While doing your makeup you contemplate your decision and you almost chicken out, until Mingyu calls you to let you know he's outside your apartment. Asking the heavens for help, you walk out the door and when you meet him outside his jaw almost touches the floor as he whistles, "Holy shit, remind me why we're not dating?" You roll your eyes, "Shut up, Gyu."
Grinning evilly he laughs, "Just kidding babe. But you look fabulous. Real fabulous." Chuckling softly you move towards him complimenting, "You look fabulous as well." He's dressed in a vampire outfit, nothing too special, a white shirt and black cape and fangs, but he has the looks to make it special. "Shall we?" He extends his arm towards you and you grin, slipping yours in it.
When you arrive at the party it is going on in full swing, loud, full of not so sober students dressed in various outfits and it takes you a while to spot your friend group amidst the plenteous crowd. They are all relaxing in the backyard, drinks in their hands, laughing loudly over something. Your eyes land on him first, dressed in what you assume is a devil's costume, shiny black shirt paired with blazer and pants as the horns attached to a band are sitting in his hand.
"You guys are here!" Someone chirps but you don't pay attention, too busy looking at Seungcheol as he turns his head and stops his eyes on you before they dilate, probably in shock. Blatantly, he eyes you from top to bottom as you stand there shaking in your boots, realizing this was all a stupid idea.
"_____..." Seungcheol begins but gives up, professedly at a loss for words as he keeps on staring at you, making you feel only more flustered under his gaze. "_____! Wow, you look seriously hot!" Joshua says, appearing from somewhere with drinks in his hands. Evelyn, who is dressed in the prettiest angel costume ever, grins, agreeing with Joshua, "Seriously, you look bomb! That outfit? You're killing it."
"Thanks," you go demure with all the compliments and Mingyu decides it is the perfect time to get handsy with you as he throws a hand over your shoulder, pulling you close while almost smashing you into his huge chest and grinning, "Thanks, guys! I picked it for her!" You don't miss the way Seungcheol's brows furrow at Mingyu's reply and a faint hope blooms in your chest. Maybe, maybe he's jealous.
Seungcheol stands up, eyes on you as he saunters towards you. "_____, wow, you look...wow." You can't help the giggle that escapes you before you thank him for his compliment. Probably seeing Seungcheol talking to you, Mingyu wraps himself tighter around you, if that's even possible. You try to nudge him discreetly but he just keeps grinning like a fool before announcing, "I'll get some drinks for us. Wait here, babe."
Too busy glaring at Mingyu, you miss the way Seungcheol scowls at the interaction in front of him and as soon as Mingyu skips over towards the drinks, your best friend speaks, "Hey, can you spare me a second? Let's talk inside, it's too loud here."
"S-sure." Abruptly, he turns around and leans towards Evelyn to whisper something in her ear, and in reply, she nods, beaming at him. You follow Seungcheol inside Joshua's house, shuffling through the overflowing crowd all over and he leads you up the stairs and towards Joshua's bedroom, where you finally find some quiet.
"So...what's up?" You immediately plop down on Joshua's bed, thanks to the ridiculous heels which are nothing short of killing you. As if hesitantly, Seungcheol sits beside you, scratching the back of his head. "Did Mingyu really pick this for you?" He asks, motioning towards your outfit, and you nod, confused. "Why? Is there something wrong?"
"No! No...I just- I've never seen you in something like this..." He murmurs and you see faint redness appear in his ears. You shrug, trying your best to appear unfazed, "Well, there's a first time for everything." Seungcheol simply nods and silence follow, making you chew on your lip anxiously. What's going with him? In your years of friendship, there has never been a time when things were this quiet and...awkward between the two of you. Awkward, right.
The air in the room feels extremely awkward, full of thick tension and you wonder why he is so silent when he called you here. You're about to open your mouth until he does. "Are you and Mingyu...a thing?"
"Are you... like- dating Mingyu?"
"Why do you ask?" You question abruptly. Seungcheol looks taken aback for a while. "I'm...I'm your best friend. I am curious. I mean we recently had that talk about you dating and stuff and you appeared rather disinterested so I...I wasn't expecting to see you with someone...especially Mingyu. "
"What's wrong with Mingyu?"
He rolls his eyes, letting out a noise of annoyance, "Come on. You know how he is."
It is true that last week you and Seungcheol had a conversation about your rather plain dating life and him encouraging you to see someone to which you replied you'll think about it. So now, when you are seemingly dating, why is he so sour about it?
"I don't know what you are talking about, Cheol. Mingyu's pretty decent." You feign ignorance, adverting your gaze. Seungcheol rakes a hand through his hair, "You didn't exactly answer my question, _____. Are you dating him or not?" His voice sounds snappy suddenly and a frown comes over your face. You can't help the venom in your voice, "What is it to you, Seungcheol? Why are you so bothered? I can date him or just fuck him or whatever, what is it to you? Who are you, my dad?"
Shock colors your best friend's face and immediately you feel guilty. You don't know what made you spew those words and you instantly regret when you see him frown, hurt painted all over his face. "_____," he calls your name but then abruptly stops and you bite your lip.
Shit. How could you say those things to him?
You open your mouth, ready to apologize a hundred times when he stands up with a loud sigh. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get nosy. I should go downstairs. They're waiting for me." His tone is flat, dejected and it breaks your heart into a million pieces. Tears burn your eyes but you're so choked up that you can't utter a word so you watch him leave.
"I fucked up bad, Gyu," you murmur in a hopeless tone. Mingyu, who doesn't seem all too bothered hums while digging into your leftover lunch. "I'm sure it's nothing you can't fix." He offers and you sigh, rubbing your forehead. "It's all your fault. If only I didn't listen to your stupid idea."
"Hey now! That's mean!" The puppy-like man pouts making you roll your eyes heavenward. "It was a fantastic idea," he continues. "If only you kept playing cool and didn't lose your temper." His words make you sigh louder and you feel like a deflated balloon as you sag against your chair. "Oh god, what do I do now. I was such a bitch. I'm embarrassed to even show up in front of him." You wail. Mingyu is about to console you when Seokmin appears, suddenly sitting down at your table.
"Hey, guys! What's up?" He grins, his usual cheery self. Mingyu sets his spoon down, "Oh, _____ is just sad that the love of-" You kick the stupid man underneath the table and send daggers his way, trying to get him to stop. Seokmin looks between the two of you, confused, before he rests his hands on the table and leans towards you. "Hey, _____. What's going on with you and Seungcheol? Is there any problem?"
"Huh? N-no, why?" You can't mask the tension and alarm in your voice. "No...it's just that yesterday we were talking and I brought you up and he seemed weirdly stiff. You also left the party all of a sudden that day. Is everything alright?"
"Uhm..yeah, yeah. We're good." You swallow. We are so not good. Out of the corner of your eye, you catch Mingyu raising a brow at your obvious lies, sporting a smirk and you clench your fists. This sly bastard. You send him a threatening glare that says I'll deal with you later but his expression says that he couldn't care less.
That day after your classes you accumulate all your courage and send Seungcheol a text, asking him where he is and if he's free. A few minutes later, comes his reply in which he tells you that he's in the studio so you immediately flag down a cab to get there promptly.
When he isn't attending classes, Seungcheol spends most of his time in this studio downtown where he works on making music and choreo with two other guys named Woozi and Hoshi. In the early times, when he first joined the studio he was really shy and didn't tell you about it for almost two months. But you eventually found out and you and others in your friend group realized that he's got a knack for writing songs and rapping. It's been a couple of years since he joined the studio and he made a few good bucks by writing and composing some songs. When you asked him if he wants to make a career out of this and in reply, he told you he's still thinking about it.
The cab stops and you jolt out of your thoughts, quickly paying the driver and entering the building in hurried steps. You head straight for the practice room where you find Seungcheol sitting alone, busy with his- surprisingly because you expected others to be there too. Closing the door behind you, you tentatively step inside. "Hey."
He looks up from his phone, "Oh, hey." He sets the device down as you pad towards him looking around. "I thought others would be here."
"Yeah, I came early. They'll be here in a while," Seungcheol replies, stretching his legs. Nodding, you stand uselessly in front of him, hands busy fiddling with the hem of your tote bag. He watches you with blank eyes which magnifies your shame a hundred times. It was never like this between you and him. It was never supposed to be like this. With a deep breath, you take an attempt to get yourself together before gently sitting down next to him on the floor. Staring down at your lap, you speak. "I'm sorry."
Unnerving silence is all you get and you are too ashamed, almost paralyzed to sneak a peek at him. Long, agonizing moments pass before you hear him sigh. "No, it's okay. It was my fault." Your head spins towards him, "No! No, it wasn't! It really wasn't. I was a total bitch. You were just asking your best friend if she is dating someone and she was a snarky rude bitch to you." Despite the situation, he chuckles softly before setting his eyes on you, gaze fond. "Don't be so hard on yourself. It's okay. I'm your best friend. I forgive you."
Wow. That went easier than you thought. His easy forgiveness makes you somewhat more embarrassed. You whisper, "Thank you. And I'm really sorry, once again. I...I don't know what came over me."
"It's okay. I was rude too. If you genuinely like Mingyu, you should date him," he advises, his voice soft like silk. You chew your lower lip anxiously, "Yeah, about that... I'm not dating Mingyu." Seungcheol gapes at you in silence before raising a brow at you, "What?"
"Yeah... We're not dating. In fact, he has his eyes on someone else." Seungcheol sits in silence for a while, making you feel nervous for no reason. After a few bits, he murmurs, "Oh. Then why was Mingyu like that with you?" He frowns. A nervous chuckle escapes you as you tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear, "I don't know either. You know how he can get too friendly at times. I didn't mind him, really."
Humming, Seungcheol nods before leaning back against the mirror on the wall. You do the same and like that, the two of you enjoy some tranquility and this time the air is much more comfortable, like old times. He hums a tune sitting comfortably next to you as you play with your bag on your lap, thanking the heavens for letting you overcome his hurdle with ease. The quietude comes to a halt when Seungcheol opens his mouth, his voice subdued as he utters the words, "Evelyn and I broke up."
You almost choke on your saliva because never in a million years did you expect him to casually announce his breakup. You turn your head to take a look at him and oddly find him smiling a little. He doesn't appear bothered or hurt and that troubles you further. "I- what? Why?" You whisper. "It just wasn't gonna work out, you know. We both agreed to that so we just split up." You don't have words to that so you nod your head dumbly, murmuring, "I'm sorry."
"Nah," Seungcheol waves his hand in the air. "It's alright. It's nothing to be sorry about. We separated on good terms. She was saying that she actually likes someone else and I totally understand, you know?" You don't but you just nod your head, still processing the news. After a few more moments of stillness, you attempt to joke, "Well, welcome back to the singles club, I guess." Seungcheol laughs, playfully smacking your shoulder as you join him, your face splitting into a grin. Your heart feels lighter and your mind a lot less burdensome and you wonder if it's because you made up with Seungcheol or because of his breakup.
The next day, on your way to class you come across Evelyn who stands by the economics building, looking around for someone you assume. At first, you think about not saying hi but deciding it'll be rude, you approach her with a slight wave. "Hey, there." Her eyes land on you and she grins, as sweet as ever, "Hey! _____!" Her hands move enthusiastically. "How are you!" You come to stand in front of her, "I'm good. What about you?"
"I'm great too," she smiles. Tentatively, you offer, "I'm sorry about the... breakup, you know. Seungcheol told me."
"Oh," she makes a face, waving her hand in a dismissive gesture. "It's alright. We broke up on good terms, you know? It's all fine. I also might like someone else." She grins conspirally. "By the way, have you seen Seokmin?"
"Huh? Seokmin? No, why?"
"Oh, he was supposed to go to the library with me but I can't seem to find him. He isn't picking up either."
"I have no idea where he is. Sorry." You offer "No, it's alright. He's probably sleeping. You'll get late for your class now. Bye!" She points to her watch, reminding you of the time. "Yeah, right! See you," you return her enthusiastic wave before walking into the lecture building still processing how casual their breakup really was.
Later that week when you and the whole group sit down for dinner at a restaurant, Jeonghan suddenly makes an offer, "Hey guys. The vacation starts tomorrow. Why don't we all go somewhere together this time." Chewing on his food, Mingyu agrees excitedly, "That's a great idea dude! We really need a break."
"My father's friend has this nice resort by the beach. I'm thinking we could go there. What do you say, babe?" Jeonghan asks, turning to his girlfriend, Iris who nods her head with a grin, linking her hands with Jeonghan's. Ever since they started dating a year ago, she has become a part of this group, and boy, do they not hesitate to get affectionate with each other in public. On cue, Jeonghan returns her grin, more mischievous as he leans over to press a kiss on the corner of her lips. Seokmin makes a noise of disgust, "Can we have one dinner without you two smooching each other?"
"Someone's jealous," Jeonghan teases, slinging an arm around his girlfriend while all of you chuckle. "But seriously, it's a good idea. We should go." You speak, taking a sip of water. Seungcheol hums his agreement from beside you and like that, everyone is on board with the idea. So a couple of days later you all get on Seokmin's dad's minivan as Seungcheol drives you all to the beach. It's not a long ride by distance but it definitely felt lengthy when Jeonghan and Iris started aggressively making out in the back of the van, which was positively intended to annoy all of you. Seungcheol turns the radio louder to cover their obscene noises and Seokmin covers his ears whining while Mingyu, being a sly, unashamed bitch, sneaks glances at them and you try your best to focus on the music playing and the view passing by. When it's dusk, you arrive at the beach and check-in immediately, starting your seven day vacation. Everyone gets separate rooms except the gross couple but you aren't so happy about it because your room is right beside theirs and you know they'll keep you up at night because you are pretty sure the walls here aren't soundproof.
The next morning you wake up fairly late due to the exhaustion of the journey and your general laziness. Stepping out of your room after quickly making yourself presentable, you head downstairs to catch the complimentary breakfast buffet. By the time you finish eating there is no sign of others so you call Seungcheol to know about their whereabouts and he informs you that they are at the beach. And by them, he meant just him and Seokmin because when you arrive at the relaxing area under a huge umbrella you find only two of them there. And Seokmin seems to be napping away under the sun, a straw hat resting on top of his face to sleep without hindrance.
"Hey there. You're finally up," Seungcheol smiles, yomping through the sand. He is dressed in a pale blue oversized shirt and white shorts but what gets heat steaming from your ears is how he left the top two buttons of his shirt undone, which gives a delicious peek of his silky skin beneath. Also, the sunglasses resting on top of his head doesn't really help with your mental health. Swallowing you quickly look away. "Yeah, I slept like a baby," with a sheepish smile you walk closer to him. "Where are the others?"
"Oh, Mingyu and the gross couple went to town for sightseeing and shopping. Min and I stayed," Seungcheol explains, kicking the sand underneath his feet. Nodding you gaze around, relishing the beautiful scenery and the perfect weather; the sun high up but not too hot, just perfect. As it is off-season the number of visitors is very low hence there are like three people besides you all on the beach.
"You look nice," Seungcheol juts his chin towards your dress; a simple pale yellow mid length dress with spaghetti straps. His compliment makes your heart flutter and your face burn. "Thanks," you reply as coolly as possible. The two of you sit down on the folding chairs and enjoy the waves crash and the blue of the ocean. As a thought occurs to you, you speak, "The other day I met Evelyn." Turning his head towards you Seungcheol takes off his shades. "Oh?"
"Yeah...she was really chill you know- not that it's a bad thing, I'm just saying. She also mentioned she likes someone else. Do you have any idea who it might be?" You turn to face him. "I'm so curious." Seungcheol chuckles softly at your desperateness, "Trust me I am too. When I asked her who it is she just smiled and said I'll see." You groan, "Ughhh, who could it be! I'm really curious who she left you for."
"Ouch," he feigns hurt, making you laugh. "I guess we can only wait and see. I wish the best for her. She's a great person." Nodding you nudge Seungcheol. "You're not so bad yourself," you tease.
The day passes by as you all play in the water when the others return and then eat some hearty lunch from a small restaurant nearby. After that you all lounge on the beach as the sky turned dark, sipping drinks and watching Seokmin and Mingyu be their stupid selves.
The next day is full of more sightseeing and sunbathing and taking pictures. After a really fun day, Mingyu sets up a barbecue at the beach as all of you assist him. With lots of side dishes and beer, all of you eat by the bonfire which Seungcheol and Seokmin worked hard on setting up. As you and Iris clean up the one-time plastic plates Jeonghan proposes to play a game. After a debate between him and Mingyu, it is decided to play truth or dare which Seungcheol claims is just childish. "You're just scared," teases Jeonghan with a suggestive wriggle of brows. The game begins with Seokmin who chooses truth and is asked by Jeonghan when did he lose his v card. The game progresses like that, full of silly truths and dares and Jeonghan's relentless teasing. At your first turn, you choose dare and end up doing or trying to do belly dance.
"Is there anyone among us that you have feelings for?" Jeonghan drawls, taking a sip of his beer, catching you off guard on your second turn. The look that he shares with Mingyu makes you realize that the bastard did not keep your secret.
He fucking told Jeonghan! That prick.
"Um..." Swallowing, you look around nervously, chewing on your lip. Half of you just want to lie and say no but you know for a fact that Mingyu and Jeonghan won't let you off so easily knowing your little secret. You take a peek at your best friend sitting next to you, his face concentrated on yours, and blowing out a loud breath you huff, "Yes." Seokmin makes a scandalous gasp as you feel Seungcheol shift next to you. The two evils snicker among themselves as you glare at them.
You're gonna kill Mingyu.
"Who is it?" Jeonghan smirks. You grit your teeth, "That was not the question, asshole. You asked if I was interested in someone and I replied. Done." Jeonghan, not one to give up says, "Okay then. Give me another truth. Who, among us, do you have feelings for?"
Oh god. You were gonna commit homicide.
"It's not my turn, Jeonghan." You hiss at him, sending daggers his way. Completely baffling you, Seungcheol speaks up, "No, _____. Answer it. Who is it?" Shocked you gape at your best friend.
Why is he doing this to you?
For a second you hope he's joking but the utter seriousness in his face tells you he's not. There are a few moments of stunned silence where you and Seungcheol stare at each other while four pairs of eyes burn into the two of you. Blinking, you murmur, "I'm out." Standing up quickly, you wipe the dust off your ass before marching back to the resort. You think they'll leave you alone but they don't- Seungcheol follows you with a call of your name. Annoyed, you turn around to face him, "What?"
"Is it Mingyu?" He asks, coming to a halt right in front of you. You can't help the tears that form in your eyes.
Is he really doing this? Again?
"Really, Seungcheol?" You whisper disappointedly. "No...just. Why don't you say it out loud?" He rakes a hand through his hair, frustratedly it appears as he huffs. "I mean, we're all friends here. You can just say that you like Mingyu. Why are you hiding?" Clenching your fists, you will yourself not to cry. "Well, you being like this makes me think maybe we aren't friends." Your voice is a breath above a whisper. You don't wait for his reply as you turn around and resume your walking, only faster this time, desperate to get away from everything, from him.
Maybe you shouldn't have come on this trip.
A night full of crying later you wake up to your phone ringing. There are a few texts from Mingyu and Jeonghan asking if you are in your room and are you okay and you realize it's almost noon. Sighing you quickly type out a reply to Mingyu before heading towards the bathroom, trying to wipe the tear stains on your face and your puffy nose. Just as you finish freshening up, there's a knock on your door and opening it, you come to face Seungcheol.
Immediately your throat tightens and you're about to close the door until he speaks, "Can I come in? Just for a minute?" His voice is soft as if he's addressing a child and swallowing the lump on your throat you step aside and let him in. He cautiously sits down on the small sofa by the bed while you gulp down an entire glass of water, trying to get your parched throat working. Wordlessly you sit down on the bed and look at him, awaiting him to speak, too tired to open your mouth.
If you're being honest you are too tired after last night to deal with him right now but since he's already here it's better to get it done with. "I'm sorry," he whispers. Expression bleak, you watch him. The silence is unnerving. Seungcheol stammers, "I- I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me. I just- I'm really fucking sorry, ______. I crossed the line." Rubbing your forehead with a sigh you look down at your lap. Yeah, he did.
But part of you wonders, why? Why did he suddenly become so desperate, so... jealous? Perhaps...?
"Listen, I'm sorry for being an asshole. I just...I couldn't control my curiosity. I really wanted to know who you have feelings for. You're my best friend. I... wanted to support you."
Yeah...best friend.
With a soft exhale, you smile at him as your heart breaks with a slap of reality, "It's alright. I understand. Let's forget it." Seungcheol stares at you for a beat, a perplexed look on his face as if he can't believe you just forgave him. How can you not? You're so fucking in love with him.
"I- that's... great. Thank you." He stumbles over his words. "And sorry for barging in. You just woke up, you should eat." He gets up swiftly, murmuring an awkward goodbye to you, and heads out the door. Blowing out a frustrated breath you lie down on your bed, the tornado of emotions inside you becoming a bit too hard to manage.
You spend the rest of the day by yourself, locked up in your room, saying that you don't feel really good, which was true and opt to watch Netflix. Mingyu and others pay you short visits throughout the day, making sure you're okay but not pressuring you to come outside after last night.
The next morning arrives, all bright and shiny, sky clear, birds chirping; too much of a nice weather to stay cooped up in your room. So after having breakfast in your room, you head out in search of your friends who you find are all sitting in the lounging area by the resort pool.
"_______! Hey! We were just about to call you!" Seokmin waves his hand excitedly as he sees you approaching them. "Seungcheol is going-" He is cut off by Seungcheol who stands up swiftly and smacks his shoulder. "Hey, ______. Can we talk... for a second?" His nervous tone and everyone's weird attitude bewilders you, nonetheless you follow Seungcheol as he leads you to the indoor lounge.
"Hey, so umm," Seungcheol fiddles with his fingers, weirdly nervous which makes you nervous. "Seungcheol what's wrong?" You cannot mask the worry in your voice. Seeing you distressed, Seungcheol quickly says, "No- don't worry. I just um- I just wanted you to hear it from me.''
"Hear what?"
Seungcheol inhales deeply, "I'm proposing today. I...like someone. I've honestly liked someone for a long time." His confession makes your world stop, quite literally. It feels like you are free-falling, falling and falling and falling with no ground to catch you. Simply, breathlessly, you stare at him while he does the same, probably waiting for your reaction. Your brain completely stops working. For a while you draw blank, feeling nothing until your brain suddenly reboots and you blink a few times. Coughing you try to mask how crestfallen you feel and appear not at all heartbroken. "That's- um...wow. That was quite unexpected. I'm not even sure if I heard correctly."
Seungcheol gives you his signature gummy smile with a tinge of shyness. "Well, I've kept it hidden for a long time and...I just can't anymore, you know?" Giving him your best enthusiastic smile, you ask tentatively, "I'm really happy for you. Who's the lucky girl?" Shyly he scratches the back of his head, "Someone you know actually." Your brows shoot up, "In our friend group? Who?" He throws a teasing smile at you while you mentally go through all the females you and Seungcheol are aquatinted with.
Who could it be?!
"You'll know when I confess," is all he says and you don't prod him further because you don't really want to know who it is. You want to live in your fantasy for just a little longer, before everything crashes and burns. You manage a grin, "Well, congratulations, dude! I'm so excited and happy!"
It's true, you are. You are happy that your best friend has found someone to love while at the same time you are breaking into a million pieces on the inside because it is not you. You probably never had a chance, you stupid girl.
"Wait so, she is coming here? You are proposing today? What if she refuses?" You throw a series of questions at him, wondering since when was he planning to announce his love. Is this why everyone arranged this trip? How did you not know anything?
Seungcheol scratches the back of his head, "Yeah...um, I'm proposing tonight on the beach. Thought it would be romantic with the pretty scenery and stuff. So yeah, she's coming then. And if she doesn't accept me...well, then I don't know what I'm gonna do honestly." Nodding, you swallow the lump in your throat. "Wow, you've been planning quite a lot huh?" He laughs, his beautiful gummy smile on display as your heart shatters at his innocent giddiness.
Damn it, ____. Get it together.
Your best friend has found his love. He must know her well enough to call her here and propose. Surely, she will say yes. Oh god. Seungcheol won't be yours anymore. Fuck, he was never yours.
"You gotta be there okay? Others will be there too. Mingyu is gonna be our photographer. I'm planning on having dinner will you all after I propose."
Oh god, could this get any worse? He will propose and he wants you to be there, witness it firsthand? How cruel. Mustering your biggest grin, you say, "Of course I'll be there. How can I not?"
You regret saying that. You deeply, deeply regret that. You cannot be there without starting to bawl in the middle of his proposal. Shit. How could you become like this? When did you become so pathetic? Head in your hands you sit on the floor, back at your room after Seungcheol dropped the bomb. You feel like you're hyperventilating, losing your grip on reality. Half of you want to scream and cry and run away from here and the other half just wants to go to Seungcheol and tell him. Alas, you can do none.
Evening arrives too fast for your liking and as you begrudgingly put yourself in some decent clothes you contemplate on saying that your period started and you're having cramps. No, that would be the most asshole-ish thing to do. Seungcheol would definitely be sad. Swallowing you gaze into the mirror, making sure you do not appear like you are on the brink of losing your shit. Smoothening your hair and dress, you take a lungful of air before stepping out of your room and towards Seungcheol's. He opens the door as soon as you knock, dressed in a black shirt and washed jeans with a camo print jacket and he looks fucking insane. His hair; oh god his hair- is styled back with gel, a few strands falling loose, revealing his forehead and you go nuts. In a trance, you stand there like a lovestruck fool, too busy drinking him up. God his girlfriend is gonna be so lucky.
He motions you to come in with a smile, "Hey, I'm almost finished. I just need to put my shoes on, okay?"
"Mhmm," absentmindedly you hum. "Is she here?"
"Uhh, yeah. She's nearby. Will be here soon." There's that giddy, shy smile on his face as he talks about her. Your whole body burns with jealousy and it frustrates you further. You have no right to be jealous when you have been running from your feelings for years like a pussy. "Great," you manage a fake smile, watching him as he puts his socks and shoes on. When he's finally ready he grabs his phone, checking it quickly before turning towards you, the biggest smile plastered on his face, "Let's go." You literally see the excitement and tension radiating from his body and it makes you more solicitous. Your sanity is hanging by a thread now, as it all starts to feel extremely real.
It is happening.
Before you can stop yourself, you call for him, "Seungcheol?" He has almost reached the door at this point. "Yeah?" He takes a few steps back to meet your gaze.
"There's something I need to tell you." You breathe. Wait, what are you doing? Nodding, he takes a few steps towards you, "Sure. Go ahead."
Breathe. Just breathe.
You will yourself to just inhale and exhale while trying to not crumble down in front of him when saying the words that have been on your tongue for years. This is might not be the best time; in fact, it isn't, but you need to get this off of your chest or else you might actually die. So putting your big girl shoes on, you do the worst thing one can do to their best friend just before they are about to confess to someone- you confess to them instead.
"I love you." Your voice doesn't waver, surprisingly. It's loud and clear, no hesitation, full of candor.
"I love you. Not just in a best friend typa way. I love you as in you're the love of my life, Cheol. I've loved you for years. I'm fucking crazy about you. You're all I think about. I- I really had to get this off my chest, you know? I love you so much that if I didn't say it out loud I thought I was gonna burst." By miracle you keep going while Seungcheol watches you; first with a frown and then his face covering with shock as his eyes widen like saucers, his mouth hanging open a little. He gapes at you, like a fish, all wide eyes and unbearable silence.
And you just stand there, waiting to embrace whatever comes next to you. Still, when he utters one single word you realize you are not prepared at all for what he's about to throw at you.
"Fuck." He whispers under his breath.
Fuck it is.
Fuck, it truly is.
Everything is fucked.
It feels like a staring competition, you and Seungcheol just watching each other. You stay rooted to your spot despite just wanting to run to the farthest corner of the world. The realization has started to dawn on you- your untimely confession and Seungcheol response. Shit. Shit. How could you do this to your best friend?
"_____-" Seungcheol opens his mouth to speak but he can't manage to speak many words so he shuts it again and stares at you with that flabbergasted look. You try your best to save what is left of the situation which is nothing basically. "Seungcheol, I am so sorry. Fuck- Forget I said-"
"I hate you _____." Seungcheol's voice stops you in your tracks as you watch him like a deer facing a hunter's gun. Your broken heart breaks even more but you stand strong and soak his words up, knowing well how much you deserve it. Of course he hates you, genius.
"I really hate you, you know? You ruined my proposal. You just had to confess when I was gonna do it. Do you know how long I've been preparing for this? Do you know how stressed I was? I worked so hard to surprise you and now-" Seungcheol was sulking and rambling while you stand there like a deer caught in headlights.
What the fuck is he saying?
"WHAT?" You choke out, feeling like you are about to collapse any second. "W-what the fuck are you saying?"
Seeing your stunned state Seungcheol falls silent for a second before whispering, "I'm saying I'm in love with you too. I'm fucking crazy about you too." His face turns red at the confession and he groans, covering it with his hands, "Ugh! This is not how it was supposed to go down!"
While he is worried about the stupid proposal you feel like you've been running a marathon for the last hour. The air in your lung simply dissipates at his words and now you don't know whether to pass out, cry or laugh.
Seungcheol loves you? Choi Seungcheol, your best friend of eons, loves you? Are you dead? Is this heaven?
You're too lost in your head that you don't realize Seungcheol is standing right in front of you until his hands come up to hold your arms. "_____? Hey, you listening to me?" Blinking, you try to focus on him. "What the fuck Cheol?" You repeat once more, undeniably having a hard time trying to decipher everything but Seungcheol just chuckles at your incredulity. "You- you-" you stop yourself before you start crying.
"I know baby. I can't believe it either but fuck, am I relieved." Seungcheol pulls you into his chest, his strong arms snake around you in a secure hold. You immediately melt into a puddle, literally and manage to whisper, "Why...why didn't you say anything?" You hear him sigh, "I don't know baby. I was scared. I was worried we were gonna lose what we had, you know?" Hearing him call you baby makes you want to punch the air and jump up and down until the building is shaking but instead you swallow and wrap your arms tighter around him. Seungcheol holds you even tighter and together, you two just stand there, wrapped up in each other.
Unbeknownst to you, a tear slips down your cheek which Seungcheol notices when he pulls back, "Baby, why are you crying? What's wrong?"
"Fuck. I- I'm just so fucking happy Cheol. This is...fuck. I can't believe it." You stammer with a shy smile. Beaming at your antics Seungcheol wipes the tear off before pressing a chaste kiss on your forehead. You watch him for a beat before whispering, "Can you...kiss me, please?" His eyes widen as he takes in a sharp breath and before you can feel embarrassed he presses his lips against yours. His lips are pillowy soft and you never want to stop kissing him- that's your first thought. They move against yours in gentle motions before tentatively, he slips his tongue inside your mouth. You can't help the moan that escapes from you as you grip his jacket tighter. You're about to climb on top of him like a horny teenager when he pulls back, a flushed yet cocky look on his face. "As much as I'd love to take this further, I still want to propose to take you to the beach. So we should get going. Besides, we have a lot to talk about."
"Can't we just forget all that? I don't care about the proposal." You whine like a child, clinging to Seungcheol. "Oh sweetheart, but I do. I worked so hard for it." Seungcheol coos at you. Huffing you bury your face in Seungcheol's chest as you remember you have to face Mingyu and Jeonghan. Hearing you sigh, Seungcheol asks, "What is it?" You shake your head, "Nothing. Let's get this done with."
When you both arrive at the beach, hands linked together, you find all your gang gathered in front of what you can assume is a decorated tarp. Mingyu and Jeonghan throw a dirty, knowing smile at the two of you as soon as they spot you.
"So...we missed the finale huh? Y'all are all done, no?" Jeonghan drawls, slinging an arm around his girlfriend while Mingyu snickers from beside him. Seungcheol watches them with confusion for a second before gasping, "Wait- you all knew? I- I didn't-"
"Everyone knew you liked _____. Expect...for her, I guess," Iris rolls her eyes. "Wait- What! I had no idea!" Seokmin wails from one side making others roll their eyes. "Of course you didn't, dumbass," Mingyu teased. "Well, I guess we better get going. Y'all probably have a lot to talk about. We can have that dinner tomorrow." Mingyu says dragging Seokmin with him as they all start to head towards the resort, giving the two of you privacy.
"Wait- Wha-" Seungcheol is still flabbergasted and Jeonghan pats his shoulder. "It's okay, dude. We've known you two for years. Y'all would look at each other with heart eyes and shit which it was impossible to overlook. You two are just huge fucking idiots." Jeonghan throws a cheeky wink at you. Inwardly, you're grateful they don't bring up your stupid antics and whining that you have done for Seungcheol until now.
"Wait- seriously? Those two are in love with each other? Like the I- wanna-have-sex with you type love?" You hear Seokmin say as they all take their leave and a smile appears on your face. However, Seungcheol has other plans. "Wait a minute!" He calls to the departing group. "So...at Joshua's party, were you purposefully flirting with her? To rile me up?" His question is directed at Mingyu who smirks proudly while you burn in embarrassment next to Seungcheol.
Your now boyfriend raises a brow at you, "Really?" You squirm under his gaze. "It was his idea!" You immediately point your finger at Mingyu who cackles. "What can I say? _____'s hot." He shrugs casually and your mouth drops at his straightforwardness. Seungcheol growls, "You little shit!" He attempts to throw his shoe at Mingy but the tall man runs away, poking his tongue out to him. Others chortle and follow him while Seungcheol guides you under the tarp murmuring, "I'll deal with him later."
Now that you're closer, you can really see how beautiful the white tarp is; decorated with fairy lights and lots of blankets and pillows to rest on. There's a little table at one side where a nice bottle of wine chills, along with some small snacks. The best thing about this whole arrangement undoubtedly is the view; the roaring waves crashing at the beach, the sound so soothing and melodic to your ears. Seungcheol silently watches you soak up the view with fond eyes. "Do you like it?" He whispers.
"I- I love it. I love it, Seungcheol. Thank you. So much," you whisper, almost breathless and a bit teary. Seungcheol quickly helps you sit down before engulfing you in his arms. He breathes into your hair while running a soothing palm down your back. "Thank you, _____."
"For what?" You whisper. "For choosing me. For loving me. I don't know...thank you for everything. I can't imagine a life without you."
"Oh Cheol," you melt further into him. "I can't either. I've- I've loved you for so long and now-"Choked up with emotions you fall silent and instead lean back and press your lips against him, softly at first. Then he takes the reign and the kiss becomes heated, filled with raw passion and desire. Somehow you end up on Seungcheol's lap while his hands wander underneath your dress, your lips connected all the time. Half consciously you start unbuttoning his shirt but Seungcheol seems to come out of the lust haze for a second as he grabs your hands to stop you. "Wait."
"Huh? Why?" You whisper, lips swollen, hair messy and heart pounding so loud you might die. "I- just...fuck. I don't want our first time to be like this. I wanna love you, be gentle with you." Even though his words warm your heart, the horny part of you pouts. "Well then let's get back to the hotel! You can love me all you want!" Seungcheol chuckles at your antics, "After I worked so hard to set this up? No baby, we have all night. Don't worry." He presses a kiss on your cheek as you sit there, grumping like a kid.
"Now let me pour you some wine. We have a lot to talk about. I can't believe you let Mingyu get all handsy with you!" The sulking in his tone is unmistakable and you can't help but smile. "Well, I had to get your attention somehow!" Giving you a playful glare Seungcheol hands you the wine glass before wrapping an arm around your waist as you both get comfortable against the pillows. "Well, you have my attention now and you're never getting rid of it." He whispers, pressing kisses into your neck, and you hum, a huge grin set on your face.
The night progresses as you both talk and reminisce memories under the tarp, snuggled closely. And when it gets too cold you two leave for the hotel where he ushers you into his room and spends the whole night kissing every inch of your body and cherishing you, whispers of 'I love yous' in the air.
Next week when all of you return after a fabulous trip, Joshua arranges a get-together for all his friends. You and Seungcheol walk into the restaurant hand in hand as the crowd erupts in cheers and teases. Under all their gazes, you turn shy but Seungcheol couldn't be more proud as he every so often presses kisses on your face and hands. You smile as he proudly shows you off and talks about you to everyone like you are the most endearing thing in this universe.
Your mind wanders back into that night, under the tarp, after you had a few drinks and Seungcheol had this giddy yet teasing smile on his face. You remember the way his fingers traced your heated skin and how loose lipped he became when he was just a little intoxicated.
"You're so fucking sexy. I can't believe you are mine, finally." He said, his hands traveling down to your breasts while the other cupped your cheek. "I'm never letting you go. Even if I become the most famous person in the world or a penniless, homeless man, I'm not letting you leave me. And someday, right here, like this, I'm gonna ask you to marry me. I'm gonna make you my wife and have way too many children with you."
"Seungcheol! You're drunk."
"Oh, you wish, baby. I know very well what I'm saying. I'm gonna marry my best friend one day. That's so fucking sexy, isn't it?"
The memory leaves goosebumps on your skin but you feel all giddy inside, like a lovestruck teenage girl. The past week with Seungcheol has been the best of your life and you can't wait to experience what's coming.
You're about to tell Seungcheol to stop his bragging when the restaurant door opens with a jingle, revealing Evelyn. Just as you are about to greet her you see the person accompanying her and your mouth falls shut. Along with you, your whole friend group falls silent as you all gape at the two people that just arrived. "What the fuck?" Seungcheol whispers from beside you. "You gotta be shitting me," whispers Jeonghan from some corner of the place.
Evelyn stands there, hands linked with the other person, a shy smile resting on her face. The same goes for the man, pink tinting his cheek as he scans everyone's reaction with a coquettish smile.
The man turns out to be Seokmin.
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Tumblr media
↣ s.coups
He’d always had a thing for holding you when you were kissing. Even if it was a quick peck in the morning before you both had to leave for work, he’d have to wrap his arms around your waist as he kissed you, no matter that he would have to pull away half a second later because he was running late.
So, it was quite understandable that whenever your kisses escalated, Seungcheol was—almost literally—all over you. It was a task for you to keep your sanity intact when his tongue was in your mouth and his hands explored the skin under your shirt.
He’d touched you hundreds of times before, and yet the feeling of his desperate grip on you almost made it seem as if the two of you had been separated for years prior to this. He was always touch starved, so he always kissed you like this was the last time he’d do this, willing to sacrifice all remaining oxygen in his lungs just so he wouldn’t have to pull away from you.
He breathed you in instead, dizzy and overwhelmed as he had you in his lap, so close, yet still not close enough. He drew odd patterns on the skin of your back, determined to touch every single part of you before the night was over while he kissed you deeper and kept pulling your body closer to his.
Within minutes, he’d grow more desperate, discarding the layers of clothes between you with such speed, you barely registered the cold on your lips when he pulled away. He’d kiss you again – harder, to make up for the full second that he wasted not kissing you – and he wouldn’t let go, expertly maneuvering both of your bodies on the couch so that you were laying underneath him.
He’d make sure his hands touched every single bit of your skin, just like he’d planned, and then he’d go down the same route with his mouth. He loved you—wanted you, needed you, absolutely couldn’t live without you—too much just to make out with you. It may have been years since you started to date, but he still hadn’t learned how to pull away from you.
↣ wonwoo
You’d always thought kissing and making out were two very different things, separated mostly by speed: kissing was usually significantly slower than making out, and it didn’t necessarily last as long. Making out, on the other hand, was fast, passionate, and it usually lead to something.
Funny how you met Wonwoo and he flipped your entire belief system upside down the first time he kissed you. His kisses were quick yet memorable, but making out with him could keep you busy for half a day and render you completely speechless. Not just that, actually; you usually struggled to make sense of your surroundings as soon as he pulled away.
Neither of you were big on PDA, so any form of kissing was a big deal, and Wonwoo always treated this activity with precisely the sort of importance that it deserved. His kisses were grandiose, no matter how long you dated – whenever he kissed you, it always felt like this was the climax of the book. The most important part of the plot of your life.
That was why he could spend hours kissing you. Days, actually, if no one interrupted the two of you.
He’d never go ahead and assume that making out was just foreplay, even if it was painfully obvious that it was, because the two of you were ripping clothes off of each other while refusing to break the kiss. No, he’d always stop and ask – in a husky whisper that made you weak in the knees – if you were sure. If you wanted to keep going.
You’d be suffocating from his drawn-out kisses, your lungs so empty, it nearly stung, and yet you would always nod, just as desperate as he was to have more. More of him pressed against you. More of your lips moving against each other until you could taste yourself in his mouth. More of his heavy breaths in your ear as he tried to make the room stop spinning, beyond overwhelmed from your close proximity.
He kissed you torturously slowly, convinced that you two had the entire time in the world to drown in each other, and yet it never seemed like enough. He knew the taste of your lips better than anything else he’d ever tasted, and he would have gladly spent the rest of his life with his mouth against yours.
↣ mingyu
Most couples usually grew out of the honeymoon phase and kissing tended to lose the exciting spark as the relationship progressed. Perhaps the reason why you and Mingyu were an exception was because you didn’t get a lot of opportunities to be alone together. Or perhaps that was just because Mingyu always planned out your activities in advance and most of them always involved kissing.
Oh, alright, fine. All of them involved kissing.
In fact, if he could find a secluded enough spot wherever the two of you were, he’d immediately push you against the wall at the first chance he got. Honestly, sometimes, the seclusion was questionable – a hallway outside of his birthday party hardly seemed like a safe spot to make out, considering that he was the reason why all of these people were here. And yet Mingyu literally could not have cared less when he had you like this – with your back pushed against the wall and your hands pulling him closer by his collar as he kissed you hard and fast, always desperate, always in a hurry.
He was loud, too. He tried not to be—albeit not very hard—but he couldn’t really control his volume when you’d bite his lip or wrap your hands around his neck, forcing him to bend in unnatural ways so he could match your height. Back hurting or not, he was clearly determined to kiss you breathless, hence the huffing and the groaning as he held onto you, bringing his hips to meet yours in search for more friction.
Making out with him was never half-assed, while playing a game or watching a TV show. He kissed you like it was his job. You always had his full attention and not even a literal explosion could have distracted him when his tongue touched yours, growing more eager each time you exhaled against his mouth.
So, really, it didn’t matter how long the two of you were together. Mingyu didn’t seem to be capable of killing the butterflies in his stomach each time he kissed you, but he was curious to keep trying. Maybe it’d take him fifty years of kissing you before he finally stopped feeling so warm and fuzzy inside at the feeling of your lips against his. Or maybe it’d take him a lifetime.
He was excited to keep kissing you to find out.
↣ vernon
You could take his breath away just by sitting too close to him – he wasn’t proud of that – so, it wouldn’t surprise anyone to know that he could completely suffocate when you actually kissed him.
And yet, even though you endangered his life, Hansol always voluntarily put himself in harm’s way and responded to your kisses with equal—if not enhanced—eagerness. Except he really did need to breathe, so he’d pull away every few seconds – but then he’d make up for that by reconnecting your lips again and gaining more courage each time he did that.
It’d start with a tentative kiss. Then, it’d turn into a deeper one as he brought his tongue over your lower lip when he kissed you again. Then, he’d reach out to touch the side of your face so he could find a more comfortable angle. Then, he’d pull you closer until you were straddling his hips.
If he was still alive by that time, he’d either allow you to control the pace – which was what usually happened – or he’d get far too excited and pull your body against his harder while he kissed you faster. Either way, he’d be completely flushed, his whole body burning as the tips of his fingers dug into your soft skin.
He’d say something – or try to – but it would come out as a desperate sigh or a whine at best. He’d need you to tell him to keep going eventually, even though kissing you had already sent his mind halfway to outer space.
Your lips, your skin, your touch, you – it all made him lose his breath, his mind, his sense of self. Kissing you might really kill him one day, he didn’t think that was an exaggeration anymore. But then, as you gently pushed him down on the bed and leaned down to connect your lips again, he decided he was completely fine with that.
As he’d bring his hips upward to meet yours, as he’d wrap his arms around your waist, holding you in place, as he’d kiss you with more passion and progressively less rational thought – he would know there was no other place he’d have rather lived or died in.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
synopsis. you and mingyu have been best friends and secret friends with benefits for a while. after arriving to his Halloween party dressed as him, he gets distracted.
genre. college!au, fwb!au, smut, f2l!au, slight fluff
wordcount. 5.4k
warnings. mutual pinning, oral, back blowing, mingyu likes it when you wear his clothes, edging, mingyu golden retriever agenda!
author's note. i apologize for the shitty header but I just didn't want to seem like a loser who celebrates a festival a month and a half after it was supposed to be celebrated. anyways, enjoy this belated mingyu halloween fic which I wrote in december👍
Tumblr media
“Hey, you’re coming to the Halloween party next week, right?” Mingyu asks, skin still a bit damp and glistening in the moonlight as he ties off the condom.
You frown a bit, stretching out, hand patting around blindly for the blanket. “Uh, I’m not sure. Exams are like right around the corner and-”
He stops you right there by yanking the blankets out of your hand. “Hey!” you say, pushing up on your forearms to glare at him.
Mingyu just rolls his eyes, showing no signs of discomfort at standing in the middle of the room without a lick of clothing on. “You’re going to stay home and study ? Come on, princess; it’s Halloween!” he grumbles before his grin turns wicked. “If you come over, I’ll be sure to have a special treat, just for you,” he all but purrs, sauntering over to the bed, only to dance out of the way with a bark of laughter as you aim a kick at him.
“Dick,” you huff, and his grin just widens.
“That is one part of the treat, yes,” he nods, and not even you can successfully hide your grin as he slides a hand slowly up your calf.
“I don’t even have a costume,” you say weakly, “And I don’t have time to make one either. I have a test the day before.”
“Come as Hot Girl #3 for all I care,” he waves her off, “Or maybe string a bedsheet around yourself so we can match.”
You’re still hesitant, gnawing on your bottom lip. “I don’t know, Gyu. I don’t think I’d be in the party mood after the test. All I’ll want to do is relax, maybe with a B rated horror flick and wine.”
“I can help you relax after,” he offers with a smirk, slinking between your legs. They widen to accommodate him of their own accord. “Or did you forget that’s why we started this thing in the first place?” He nuzzles the crease where your legs join to your hip and you sink back down into the mattress with a sigh. “I don’t mind reminding you.” Your body jerks when he leans in close, close enough that you could feel his short bursts of breath brush across your centre, and you whimper.
“Are you really trying to- ah- coerce me to come to your stupid party with sex?” you ask, breathless, sighing in relief when he swipes his thumb down your slit, spreading around the moisture that has gathered there.
“Someone is coming, that’s for sure.” He presses a chaste kiss, just barely a brush of his lips, against your mound. “I’m playing to my strengths,” he snarks before dragging his tongue determinedly across you. You cry out loudly and try in vain to bring your hips closer. “Is it working?”
“You’re an ass,” you breathe, eyes flickering shut as he finally gets into it, pleasure slowly coiling in your stomach.
For a minute there’s nothing but your harsh pants and the sound of his mouth smacking against your slick flesh, carrying you higher and higher, and then Mingyu pulls away, so abrupt that you actually cry out in annoyance.
“If it helps,” he drawls slowly, mouth and chin wet in a way that does nothing to help your current predicament, “I think you’d like my costume.”
This time your groan is one of frustration rather than pleasure. “Are you fucking- if I say that I’m coming to your stupid party will you shut up and put your mouth to a better use?” you ask through clenched teeth.
“Don’t get all pissy, babe,” he croons, sliding a hand up to tweak your nipple, “I’m just saying, I’ve come to quite like your company from time to time. Mostly when you’re like this of course.” He jerks his chin down at your naked body, splayed out and open to his liking, with your skin flushed as you squirm with want.
“Yeah well,” you mutters furiously under your breath, “I like you a lot better when you don’t stop in the middle of sex to have a chat. If you do that when I come to your damned party, I’m walking out.”
The boyish grin he gives you makes your stomach clench, and he ducks back down between your legs. “As you wish,” he murmurs into your skin, and then gives you absolutely no reason to complain, not stopping until your body is arching off the bed with high pitched keens.
Tumblr media
You have been sleeping with Mingyu for the past nine months.
There wasn’t any grand entrance into, no stumbling and hushed words. Just the two of you studying in his room one night, during which you dramatically flung yourself back on his bed after failing to work out a calculus problem and biting out, “Fuck, I need to get laid.”
“Yeah, me too,” he had replied, easy as nothing while he battled with his history paper.
You don't remember doing anything other than exchanging a heated glance and a few more insignificant words, and then he’s getting you off twice with his hands before you fall to your knees to give him what had to be the world’s messiest blowjob, and that was that.
They’ve continued doing it for the better part of the year and none of your friends know.
Or at least you don't think any of your friends know.
But most of them honestly thought that you’ve been fucking since you were year ones, so you don’t really know what to believe. All you know is that no one has called you two out on it thus far- not even when you very conspicuously snuck off to hook up in the bathroom stall of a bar that one time- which you’re going to pretend means that no one knows.
However, everyone knows about your less than platonic feelings towards him. Everyone but the man in question that is.
So what if you were halfway in love with the guy you’ve been casually seeing for the past nine months?
Everything is fine, and normal, and this is totally not going to blow up in your face at all.
Tumblr media
You honestly forgot about the Halloween party until Jihyo barges into your room, asking for help with her costume. She’s going as Wonder Woman, all hot pants and bustier top with the lasso of truth clipped onto her brace.
“What are you? Student zombie?” she asks, a single eyebrow raised. You flip her off and pull yourself out of bed with a groan.
“Fuck, I forgot that I promised I’d go to this stupid thing,” you grumble as you throw your hair up in a messy bun. “I still don’t have a costume.”
Jihyo just harrumphs and fishes her phone from somewhere inside her top. “Well, I’m sure pinterest has some last minute ideas you can steal,” she says, already furiously scrolling.
“Yeah, whatever, go wild-” you cut yourself off when you spot a bit of bright red fabric sticking out from underneath a pile of clothes on your desk chair.
“Actually,” you begin slowly, picking your way over to the chair, “I think I’ve just found the perfect costume.”
You grab hold of the edge of fabric and tug, revealing a crumpled fraternity sweatshirt, several sizes too big and with the name ‘Mingyu’ emblazoned on the back of it.
Jihyo’s eyes flicker back and forth for a moment as she tries to piece everything together, but when she does, she flings her head back and cackles .
“Mingyu is going to die ,” she says gleefully and you let a smirk pull at your lips.
It doesn’t take much effort to put your costume together: you throw on the sweatshirt, before pulling out the classic black glasses. A classic Mingyu look, you think.
Jihyo can’t stop laughing the whole way over to the frat house, and you can’t blame her. She does stop for a moment to ask when you managed to get your hands on his prized sweatshirt, and you lie, telling her that he loaned it to you during their last movie night.
In reality, he gave it to you to borrow after accidentally busting the buttons on your blouse last month and you had conveniently forgotten to give it back.
The party is in full swing when you get there, and while not everyone gets your costume, most of the fraternity does, Jihoon going as far as snorting beer out of his nose when he sees you.
“Mingyu is going to flip when he sees you,” he says, a sparkle in his eye that reminds you just how close their bedrooms are and just how thin the walls are. You will yourself not to flush.
“Where is he anyway?” you ask, crossing your arms. “He made me ditch what was surely going to be an entertaining evening of Netflix and chill all by myself to be here tonight.”
“He’s somewhere playing host. I think around the kitchen.” He jerks his chin in the direction of the kitchen.
You grin, and squeeze his shoulder. “Thanks Jihoon,” you say, and he tips his wig at you.
Jihyo’s already long gone, disappearing into the house, no doubt to find someone to flirt aimlessly with her, so you take your time picking through the crowd.
You do find him eventually, talking with some lower classmen she doesn’t know and dressed in fucking Roman Centurion armour. He was right when he said you’d like his costume. You especially like the lack of shirt and took a moment to stare at his back, the hard muscle under smooth skin, the breadth of his shoulders.
Shaking yourself awake, you cross the room and looping your arm around his shoulders like he does to you all the time. It’s definitely a lot more difficult to do being shorter, but you persist, and drag your finger over his bicep as you say, voice pitched low to mimic his, “Hey Princess.”
He turns to face you, eyebrows scrunched together and then-
And then he laughs so hard that you’re afraid he’s going to suffocate.
It's the kind of laugh you've only heard on a handful of occasions. A knee slapping, eye crinkling laugh that takes root in his stomach and blooms in his chest, leaving you pink with pleasure.
“Are you supposed to be me?” he asks, delighted as he pulls on the strings of your hoodie.
You swat him. “Well, it is pretty scary, right? If only I could have gotten a mask to go with it, then I’d be a true nightmare.”
The mirth on his face doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. If anything, Mingyu looks at you showing up in his too big clothing and big black glasses as the best thing that’s ever happened to him.
You pinch the inside of his bicep because, well, there’s a lot of skin on display and you can’t help yourself, and then says, “I’m going to go get a drink.”
You turn on your heel, already halfway to the kitchen before remembering to look over your shoulder and ask, “Want anything?”
Except then you see the look on his face as he looks at you and the words die in his throat.
Or, more specifically, you see the way he’s looking at his name, bold across your shoulders.
No longer does mirth cover his face, but something different, something darker, that has your insides turning molten and a current buzzing underneath your skin, like a livewire while he looks at you with unconstrained hunger.
You duck into the kitchen to get your drink before you do something stupid. Like shove him up against the wall right then and there.
Luckily there’s a line for the beer, giving you some time to catch yourself and cool down. It doesn’t stop you from downing at least half your cup of beer before heading back out into the party.
Mingyu is exactly where you left him, arms crossed over his admittedly impressive chest, and when you come back into his line of sight, he looks you up and down in a way that fans the flames licking at your skin.
You squeak when he pulls you closer, his grip mean on your hips for a moment before his palms slowly slide over your backside to tuck into your back pockets. He pulls you into him, head lowering in order to press featherlight kisses to the curve of your cheekbone, and you curl your fists against his chest, not caring that youwere being more than a little obvious right there in public, not caring that anyone can see you.
“I’ve been looking for this all over,” he murmurs, tugging gently at the sweatshirt with one hand while the other squeezes your ass. You sigh into his neck, trailing a finger down his sternum.
“You loaned it to me, remember?” you say with a quirk of your lips, voice pitched low. He whines when you scrape the blunt edges of your nails down his chest, and leans further to nuzzle the juncture of your shoulder and neck.
“Course I remember,” he says gruffly, pressing into you, “You attacked me in the library.”
You splutter. “I attacked you ? I think you got it mixed up, mister.”
“Nope,” he stays resolute, “You lured me away from my work with your feminine wiles. It’s your fault.”
“My bad,” you said dryly, “You definitely weren’t eager and ended up ripping my shirt in two.”
“I’m always eager around you,” he mutters, making you shiver, especially when he bites down on your collarbone.
You try your best to ignore the subtle implications hidden beneath his words. “If you really want your shirt back you can take it. After the party though,” you lean in close to whisper the next part, teeth grazing the shell of his ear, “I’m not wearing much under it.”
The hands on your hips spasm, and just the barest hint of a groan manages to reach your ears before he pulls back to run a critical eye over your form. The hand on your back slides up, up, up, before pressing between your shoulder blades, finger tracing the curve of his name. “Keep it,” he tells you, and you aren't sure if you shiver because of the heat of his palm or the look in his eye. “You look good in it, princess.”
It takes you a moment to gather your bearings- you two don’t do this, never quite so open and visible, but for some reason it sends a thrill through you- and shoots him a shaky smirk. “It’s not that hard to say I look better than you, Gyu.”
The heat is masked by a cocky look and Mingyu says, “You’re such a brat,” before smacking your ass and pulling away.
You aren't sure if things get better or worse as the night wears on.
For one thing, Mingyu seems unable to leave your side. He starts the night off with an arm around your shoulders as normal while you talk with people and do your best Mingyu impression.
You’ve been friends for years now, close in way that you aren’t with anyone else, and not just because of the sex. He’s your best friend, you realise with a start, in the middle of a rant about raccoons where you're just bullshitting half of your facts. Your very best friend here, who you know from cover to cover, just like he knows you, and the thought makes you bite back a smile, glancing over at him from under your lashes.
The lust from before has softened into something else, not quite gone, but placed on the back burner as the softness grows and grows as the night passes.
You have goosebumps, and it’s not just from his hands brushing up against you, slipping from your shoulders to your waist, then your hips, fingers dragging everywhere, especially over the ‘M’ in his name, as you engage in a game of chicken, trying to see who will cave first.
“Have I mentioned how much I like your costume?” he whispers in your ear as you watch a game of beer pong. He’s pressed against you, all solid muscle and heat that you can feel through the sweatshirt while his fingers drum against your hips. His tongue flicks the shell of your ear, uncaring of who sees the both of you, and you lean into his touch.
You hum happily. “I like yours too,” you say, letting your hands dance up his side, making sure to graze the spot under his ribs where he’s most sensitive. Mingyu hisses, and the hands on your hips clench.
“Although,” you continue, acting as though you didn’t notice his reaction, “I don’t like the lack of shirt.”
“Oh?” he says, surprised, flexing against your back. “I thought that would have been your favourite.”
You chuckles. “Don’t get me wrong,” you start, before turning in his arms to face him properly, “I do love it quite a lot. But I don’t like that everyone else gets to see it.”
The heat is back in his eyes, and his voice is hoarse when he asks, “And why is that?”
You would love blame the alcohol you've been drinking all night, but you’re nowhere near drunk and besides, it’s all 100% you when you says,
“Because you’re mine”
Mingyu closes his eyes and groans, letting his head drop in the space between your shoulder and neck, mouth warm and wet on your skin, making you shiver.
“Fuck, princess,” he groans, pulling you closer and you deliberately rub against him, “You’re killing me here.”
You grin even though he can’t see it and press a swift kiss beneath his jaw. “I distinctly remember someone promising me- what was it again?” you ponder, letting your hands slip to his belt and he pulls back to stare at you. “Oh right, a special treat, just for me.”
The look he gives you is obscene, and this time you don't even repress the shudder that dances down your spine.
“Fucking minx,” he grunts, grabbing your hand and pulling you through the throngs of people as you head to the stairway. “You’re doing this on purpose.”
“I’m doing no such thing,” you faux gasp, even as you rub yourself against him as you stumble up the stairs. Mingyu swears again, this time pulling you in front of him, grinding against you in a way that you think you might just melt into a puddle, right then and there.
Eventually you do make it to his room, stumbling against the door. His hands have found their way underneath your hoodie while yours trace patterns across his exposed chest, lingering on his sternum, resting a closed fist against his heart. You can feel it, a rapid pulsing beneath your fist, almost in time with yours, and you kiss him harder.
You do get inside soon enough, and that’s when he slows them down a bit, taking your face in both his hands as he kisses you, thoroughly, languidly, softly, so heartbreakingly tender that you feel your throat clog up.
“Hey,” he says, pulling back and nosing your cheek. You open your eyes and the world is a little bit bleary, the edges of your vision soft and filled with nothing but Mingyu. You squeeze his bicep and smile dopily back at him.
“You’re, uh- you’re my best friend. You know that?” he says, a little bit shy, even as he slides a knuckle across your ribs.
It’s not just a best friend he means, and you get that, getting it from the way his tongue wraps around the word, so carefully, how the edges are soft and vulnerable and you nod once before leaning up to kiss him back.
And though he doesn’t have to do it, not when you already know exactly what he means, he still mumbles against your lips, “You’re mine too,” and it sends a bolt of heat right down your spine.
You break the kiss this time, letting your hands fall first to his belt, tracing a line where his skin meets his ridiculous costume, and then lower, cupping him in your hands, hard and hot and ready, squeezing gently.
“Good,” you say firmly, watching him steadily as she does it again, this time eliciting a groan from him. “Now get this off.”
His smile is nothing but a glint of teeth in the dark. “Yes ma’am.”
You already feel like you’re about to combust, wound up from his teasing all night, and hurries to kick off your shoes and jeans while he struggles with the row of clasps and hooks holding his costume up. He swears when you’re down to just the sweatshirt and your underwear, your own hand drifting to the juncture between your thighs to grind on, to alleviate some of the pressure building there. Fire licks up your spine and you do it again, wondering if it was possible for the two of you to burn the house down. It certainly felt like that.
“Tease,” he grunts, tripping over his own feet when you flick a finger beneath the edge of elastic. His hands catch on your waist, and he throws you none too gently on the bed. “Fucking tease.”
His mouth crashes into yours, all teeth and tongue and spit, while his fingers replace yours, unforgivingly rough against the lace, making you mewl into his mouth.
Mingyu pulls back, lips red and swollen and you snarl in displeasure- one that chokes off into a gasp when he suddenly drops to his knees, pulling your hips to the edge of the bed. He leans in, nuzzling against you, just the barest hint of teeth grazing you through the lace before he sits back on his haunches, looking up at you.
“Trick or treat?” he asks with an insufferable grin. You kind of want to kick him in his pretty face.
“Really? Are you gonna fucking do this now?” you demand, thoroughly unimpressed. You’re squirming with want and need, aching for him to get back to business.
You receive a stinging slap to your inner thigh for that, and you squeak, in pleasure or pain, you don't know. “Mouthy,” he tells you, grinning widely. His thumbs dig into your hips for a second before curling around the elastic band of your underwear. “Trick it is.”
You don't get to ask him what the hell it is he means by that because he wrenches your panties off, so roughly that you vaguely wonder if he’s ripped those too, and then seals his mouth over you, licking into your folds. You cry out when his lips close around your clit, fingers sliding against your skin as he barely brushes against your entrance. He groans against you, slipping one, then two fingers inside before licking you deep, leaving you thrashing against his sheets.
He keeps on building you up, the match that lit your fuse, and it’s only a matter of time before you explode into a supernova.
You’re almost getting to that point, the point where you can’t see anything, can’t hear anything, nothing except Mingyu all around you, the taste of his name sweet on your tongue as you repeat it like a prayer, urging him onwards, waiting for him to give you that final twist of his fingers that would have you-
And then he pulls back, ripping a cry from your throat as you scramble up to glare at him.
He flashes you that same indolent smile, petting a hand over your soft stomach before lapping at you gently, a stark contrast to the way he was going at it previously. You’re still embarrassingly wet, still feel that need crackling under your skin like electricity, though not quite as potent as before, and you sigh, relaxing back into the mattress as your hands drift to his hair.
They tangle in his curls, tugging slightly, and Mingyu makes a soft sound of approval, nipping the crease of your hip. Ever so slowly, the fire burns brighter and higher, taking you right back to the edge again, only for him to stop and pull you back down.
“Gyu,” you whine, trying to lift your hips. They're made almost immobile by the muscled forearm thrown across them. “ Please .”
He just smirks at you, biting the flesh around your bellybutton with blunt teeth, even as his fingers continue to tease you. “Easy princess,” he murmurs into your skin, “Patience is a virtue.”
“I hate you.”
“Nah,” he smirks and then winks at you while his thumb rubs circles into your clit, “You don’t.”
He continues doing that for who knows how long, taking you to the brink before stopping and letting you float back down before jumping into it again. You want to yell and curse at him, but it’s impossible with the way you’re shuddering and shaking, every nerve ending on fire, every pore, every fibre, every molecule of your being just wanting him.
When he scissors his fingers, tongue dipping to twist inside you, you shatter apart with a wail powerful enough to rock the universe.
It takes you a few moments to find yourself again, to realise that you must be hurting him with the grip you have on his hair, and when you let go, he pulls back, still soothing you with the soft brush of his fingers.
You beckon him closer and he obliges, mouth slick on yours when you kiss him, trying to lick the taste out of his mouth.
“Trick or treat?” you ask when you pull back. You tugs him so that he’s lying flat on his back. “Really?”
Mingyu grins at you when you lift yourself to straddle him, limbs still loose and sated. “I think it was fun.”
“Yeah, will I think you’re an idiot,” you grumble, leaning over to grab a condom out of the nightstand.
He mouths at your breasts, swinging distractedly in his face. “Didn’t hear you complaining though,” he says smugly, jerking up with a muffled swear when you trail a finger down his cock in retaliation.
“Shut up,” you mutter, slapping the condom against his chest and leaning back.
“Didn’t hear much of anything really,” he continues, easily ignoring you as he tears it open with his teeth, “Except you screaming my name.”
You feel yourself flush all the way up to your roots. “I did not.”
“You did,” he says, rolling it on, before looking up at you with a wicked smirk. He runs a finger over your mouth, raising up on his forearms and saying, “You like when I make you beg for it.”
You push him back down onto the bed with a harrumph. “Dick,” you snark, gripping the hem of the sweatshirt you still wear.
A hand on your wrist stops you and you quirk an eyebrow up at him, he can’t seem to meet your eyes as he rumbles out, “Leave it on?”
You smirk but let your hands fall away, brushing them over his muscles. “Alright then.” You laugh a little as he watches in fascination as you take off her bra without removing the shirt, and then sneak your own hand up to tweak your nipple.
He groans and wrenches his eyes shut. “You’re insufferable,” he bites out through clenched teeth, hissing when you rub yourself over him.
“And you like it when I wear your clothes,” you say on a gasp, slipping down an inch on him. You lean in close, pulling at his earlobe with your teeth. “You like it almost as much as I like you, quote unquote, making me beg for it.”
His hands are tight on your waist, and Mingyu snarls when he flips you over, landing you on your hands and knees while he kneels behind you, the heat of his thighs searing into you. Gently, he gathers your hair into a fist, letting it rest right against his name, the sweatshirt hanging loose off your frame. It makes you shiver, body arching into him.
He slides in with one quick thrust and they both groan, You at the feel of being full and Mingyu feeling your cunt clinging to every inch of his cock.
Your fingers grapple with the sheets, cheek pressed into a pillow and mouth hanging open as you gasp for breath when he pulls out, only to thrust back in mind numbingly slowly.
“God, you look so good like this,” you hear him groan into the night while his hips snap furiously into yours. You find yourself pressing back into him, unrestrained moans spilling out of your mouth at each move.
His head falls forward, and you hear his harsh pants right next to your ear. “You feel so good like this.”
You keen, muscles quivering, “Mingyu,” you groan, long and drawn out, the only word you seem able to say at the moment. Her heartbeat roars in her ears.
“Gyu,” you try again, eyebrows furrowing, “Please”
“What do you want, princess?” he asks, free hand palming your breast through the shirt, “What do you need?”
“Touch me,” you whimper, eyes closed and he smirks, trailing his hand over your skin.
A hand snakes between your joined bodies, thumbing at your clit and you cry out, twisting your head to the side to try and kiss him. He obliges, desperate himself, and the kiss is more tooth than lip.
His other hand doesn’t move from atop the solid black lettering, the heat of it soaking through the thick material of the sweatshirt, as though he wanted to sear the name into you- his name into you- and you shudder with it, clenching around him.
Used to reading your body’s cues, Mingyu knows you’re almost there, just waiting for that final push and all it takes is him pulling out, almost completely, and slamming back into you while grinding down on your clit, and you’re gone, his name a mix of a shriek and a sob dropping from your lips.
It feels like you’re floating, surrounded by starlight, and the only thing tethering you to earth is Mingyu, his hand now holding onto you tightly, keeping it still as he seeks his own release, the aftershocks of your own orgasm getting him there.
Your knees give out when you come back down, and you groan, hearing him chuckle behind you. It takes some maneuvering to untangle their limbs, and when he flops down besides you, you curl into him, tracing the sinews of his neck, like you always do in the aftermath.
“You good?” he asks, throwing an arm around your waist and pulling you close. His lips find yours, kissing you deep and slow until he’s interrupted by your yawn.
“Shut up,” you mumble, smacking him in the chest. It does nothing to wipe the smug look off his face.
“I didn’t say anything.”
“Your face did.”
“You like my face.”
“I like you .”
Mingyu softens at that, and takes his time tangling your fingers together, bringing it up to his mouth. He brushes his lips against your knuckles in a soft kiss. “I like you too,” he tells you, “And I meant what I said before.”
“Good,” you say, a smile threatening to split your face in two. You tuck your face into his side, content with just breathing him in for a moment.
“I lied before,” you say after a pause, twisting to throw him a cheeky grin. “You’re not getting your sweatshirt back.”
He heaves a dramatic sigh and then says as if it’s some great burden, “Well, I guess if you keep stealing my clothes then I better give you an incentive to keep taking them.” His hands drag across your stomach and roll to settle between your thighs.
You cup his cheek, the sweet smile that pulls at your lips oddly at contrast with the mischievous glint in your eyes. “Are you saying you’re going to rip all my clothes off me from now on?”
Mingyu swipes another quick kiss from you, grinning toothily. “That is exactly what I’m saying.”
Tumblr media
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bluehoodiewoozi · 18 hours ago
13 Days, 13 Men, 13 AUs #10:
KIM MINGYU + monster hunter au
Tumblr media
1,5k words /// genre: slow burn, romantic comedy sort of /// warnings: mentions of death and weapons.
In which you are paired up with the softest monster hunter around. (Alternatively: episodes from your life as a monster hunter paired up with Kim Mingyu.)
Tumblr media
[EPISODE 1: the one where you realized all men are gross]
“Rise and shine! We have a job to do!” you called out as loudly as your lungs allowed you while bursting into Mingyu’s bedroom. You’d think he’d be used to it by now, having been your partner for the better part of a year. But alas.
He lifted his head off the pillow, hair an adorable mess that could never strike fear in monsters’ hearts, and glared at you. “It’s 2 am.”
You took a deep breath and resisted the urge to roll your eyes. “You’re a monster hunter. The night is your day.”
He was the one to roll his eyes. (You made a note to hold his immaturity over his head for the rest of the day.)
“Why can’t we just sleep?” he grumbled, letting his head fall back into the pillow but making no movement to get out of the bed. “I swear I haven’t slept in weeks.”
“It’s autumn. It’s monster season.” You swore you had given this lecture a billion times this month alone. “That means we have to be alert and deal with the infestations. It’s part of the job description.”
“You know what else is in the job description?” Mingyu sighed. “Getting adequate amounts of sleep so that you won’t fall asleep in the middle of a mission.”
“Whatever.” You groaned. “Just get out of bed.”
He stared right at you wordlessly. You made no movement. He continued staring.
Eventually you raised an eyebrow. “What are you waiting for? Am I not scary enough? Should I get Jihoon to wake you up so you’d go on a mission like you’re supposed to?”
Some more silent staring.
“... You know I am not wearing pants, right?”
It took you a moment to realise the fault in your judgement. Your eyes widened as you scrambled to get out of the room. The last time you’d walked in on Mingyu pantless, you weren’t able to look him in the eye for weeks – you weren’t about to make the same mistake again.
It took him a good five minutes to get ready and meet you at the gate, his bow in hand. Why he chose the old-fashioned weapon was beyond you, honestly, but he seemed fond of it and it got the job done, so you let him be.
“Finally ready, beauty queen?” you asked him more out of spite than amusement.
He offered a smile. “Let’s go and fight those monsters. What is it this time?”
“Rogue werewolves fighting for territory,” Seungcheol announced while marching past you, expecting you and the rest of the hunters to follow. “Usually not our problem, but they’re close to a human house and it’s starting to turn into a full-blown war.”
“I kind of like werewolves though. I don’t want to fight them,” Mingyu mumbled a bit disappointedly. It was yet another reminder that this man carried a heart two sizes too big for his body.
You desperately wanted to roll your eyes at his remark, but something about the glare Jihoon directed at you convinced you otherwise.
Tumblr media
[EPISODE 2: the one with the baby griffin]
Being Mingyu’s partner out on the field very much felt like babysitting a toddler or an overly enthusiastic golden retriever on his first trip to the park. There was a reason why you had spent literal hours begging Seungcheol to pair you up with literally anyone – you’d take border-line murderous Jihoon over excited puppy Mingyu any day.
Yet, here you were, standing next to Mingyu in the dark caves.
“You hear that?” he asked softly. “Something’s in that corner over there.”
Your training rarely betrayed you; you let muscle memory take over and took a defensive position. “What is it? Can you tell?”
Beside you, Mingyu seemed less anxious than you. His bow was still loosely hanging in his right hand, there was no arrow shuffling. Rather, Mingyu seemed curious.
“I don’t think it’s a monster,” he mumbled.
Before you could say or do anything, he was already distancing himself from you. In that moment, you prayed he was just being a coward and running away. You really did.
Mingyu being Mingyu, however, was doing the exact opposite of what seemed reasonable.
“Where are you— What are you— Ugh!” You wanted to rip his head of, truly. “Mingyu! Get back here before you get one of us killed!”
Thankfully, he returned to your side almost immediately. You breathed out in relief (you told yourself it was only because Jihoon would rip your head off if you returned without a Mingyu).
He cooed softly at something unknown. “Look at this little guy! So cute. You must have been lonely, huh?”
You realised you had felt relief just a bit too soon.
“Mingyu, please don’t tell me–”
“It’s a tiny griffin!”
“We are not about to adopt a–”
“Please! He’s clearly lonely and hungry and– Oh my god!” He gasped and you jumped to check his hands. He waved you away and started rambling instead, clearly less hurt and more surprised. “It all makes sense now! This little guy’s been terrorizing the Parks’ farm because he’s hungry and scared! Poor little guy!”
You took a deep breath, frustration starting to grow. “We are not adopting a baby griffin.”
“We can’t just kill it either,” he whined in protest, already positioning the small creatures under his jacket. The small animal let out a sound akin to a purr and you just knew there was no way getting out of this.
“You’re lucky you’re both cute, I swear to–”
Tumblr media
[EPISODE 3: the one where you're unexpectedly soft for him]
“I did great, right?!” he beamed at you, a bright smile on his face. It lit up the cosy living room of the headquarters. The fireplace couldn’t compare to the light Mingyu added to the place.
You hated to admit but his smile was truly the one of the most beautiful ones in the entire hunter group and you had a soft spot for it. And so you swallowed down the criticisms on your tongue (and there were plenty of those) and mirrored his grin. “Well done. You’ve been improving.”
“Right!” He bounced in his spot now. “Ah, this deserves a celebration!”
Vernon made his way to your side to wonder, “What’s the big deal? He only shot like one goblin.”
“To his credit, it was one of the nasty ones,” you begrudgingly mentioned. Defending and praising Mingyu felt like a step against your very being. It almost physically pained you to point out, “None of you could take the goblin down, but Mingyu did. Let him celebrate.”
The hunter beside you raised an eyebrow before scoffing softly. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were growing attached to him.”
You said nothing, but it only seemed to confirm his suspicions. His eyes brightened under your very gaze and you quickly nudged him in the ribs with all your might. With a painful cry, he limped away from your side and towards Wonwoo who only offered him a joyful laugh at the sight.
Next thing you knew, Mingyu was standing in front of you, the wide smile still in place. “Can I get a hug to celebrate? Since I did so well today?”
Your jaw dropped. The audacity of a man!
“Come on. One hug? You never hug me.”
“I never hug anyone.”
Seungcheol called out from the couch, “If he gets a hug, I should get a hug too!”
“Not a chance,” you grumbled and firmly shook your head at the puppy dog eyes Mingyu was making at you. “Stop it.”
“Just one hug and I will never ask for one again,” he offered almost desperately.
It sounded like a good deal, you decided after some careful contemplation. Still, you shook your head – it would be no good to grant him his wish in front of the other hunters. Who knows! They might start begging for hugs too.
Mingyu pouted and sighed before nodding his head in agreement and dragging his feet towards his bedroom. You watched him go, acting as nonchalant as you could under the judging glares of your fellow hunters.
“I think you hurt his feelings,” Vernon whispered rather loudly.
You scoffed at his words and walked out of the living room as well. Your bedroom was on the western side of the house, near the other girls’ rooms, but you headed in the opposite direction instead.
Your feet came to a stop behind Mingyu’s door – decorated with a golden sign of his name on it – and you raised your hand. With a soft sigh, you knocked on the door.
This was a one-time thing, you repeated to yourself. One hug and he won’t ask for one ever again: he promised so. Just one hug.
Mingyu opened the door before three seconds could pass. His head tilted to the side in confusion when he saw you there.
“What? Do we already have another mission?” He frowned.
You decided to take the leap. You reached out and wrapped your arms around his torso in a hug. It felt foreign – after all it had been ages since you last embraced someone – but it also felt warm and nice.
You barely heard him breathe out your name before his arms wrapped tightly around you as well. It was the safest you had felt in a while, you realised.
With the realisation, however, came another. You masked your gasp with an awkward cough and pulled out of his arms too fast for the likings of either of you.
“One hug is all you get.”
Tumblr media
A/N: would a longer fic make more sense? sure. but does my brain allow it rn? nope. so an episodic fic is all you get for now. sorry.
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cherritarts · a month ago
↳ kim mingyu
about— sometimes the only way to stop your fwb from moving on is to tie them up
warnings— language, tiny mention of alcohol consumption, fwb, smut in the forms of : switch!mingyu who is an absolute brat, light bondage/use of restraints, oral (m. receiving), fingering (f. receiving), unprotected sex, creampie, this is unedited 
word count— 2.8k
author’s note— i wanted to play around with writing for mingyu, and this is the final (kind of rushed) result! feedback is always appreciated!
you were being such a bad friend and you knew it. you knew he had a date tonight, he’d told you all about it and how he was excited to get back out there. you knew his last relationship wasn’t the healthiest and that your best friend deserved to be happy with someone who wouldn’t threaten the safest of his dog (see: mingyu’s dating history was an utter disaster). you knew that he’d picked out this new restaurant in town that was supposed to have the perfect ambiance for the occasion, with an impressive wine list and experimental desserts that made you drool the first time you read over them. you knew all of this, and somehow it didn’t stop you from dialing his number while you uncorked a bottle of cabernet next to the two glasses you’d set out. he answered on the second ring. 
“not this again,” despite his words he sounded amused, his infamous smirk audible in the hushed tone he delivered. “you know i’m out with hyojung, right?” 
a feigned an ignorant gasp, pouring yourself a glass but leaving his empty; you didn’t want to celebrate too soon. “was that tonight? oh, gosh, gyu. completely slipped my mind.”
“what do you want, baby? is it what i think it is?”
and while you knew that you were totally in the wrong for calling him over, for being selfish with his affections despite that fact that you two were just friends, he was just as bad as you were. the date he’d been looking forward to all week long forgotten at the prospect of being between your thighs again. he thoroughly enjoyed the arrangement that was admittedly the result you trying to sate him after a particularly painful bout of infidelity. he liked the way you kissed with a certain fire and that little trick you did with your tongue whenever you gave him head. he loved the way it felt like your pussy was made for him and the way you said his name after three orgasms. you felt bad for interrupting his date, yes, but not that bad.
“wanna do that thing we talked about the other week.”
the jarring sound of him clearing his throat echoed within the space around him, wherever it was, a cough following it up. “are you serious or are you just fucking with me?”
during a particularly depraved hangout with some mutual friends, mingyu had volunteered the fact that he’d always wanted to play around with bondage but his exes were never down for it.
“i ordered rope cuffs and everything.” you hoped that your pout could be heard over the phone, knowing he was easily swayed if you sounded even remotely upset. “i got the red to match that set you like so much.”
“you’re so cruel.” you fought back a smirk of your own as you poured him a glass, shimmying at yet another victory. “i’ll pretend i have a work emergency or something.”
he hung up swiftly and you knew he’d be at your place in roughly a half hour, half that if they drove separately. you found yourself feeling bad for the girl he was out with, hyojung, considering her dreamboat of a date was making a mad dash for a fake emergency instead of spoon feeding her garlic roasted potatoes or crème brûlée. mingyu was such a catch, you had no problem admitting that. tall with an impressive job, had the sexiest signature cologne, and (obviously) great in bed. he was one of the best communicators you’d had the pleasure of knowing, and he had a great relationship with his parents. any girl would be lucky to have him. and while it isn’t in the way you secretly hoped it was, you do have him. not hyojung.
you slipped into the set you mentioned on the phone— a sheer red one piece custom made in lisbon with italian tulle. the black straps and contrast stitching tied it all together while leaving nothing to the imagination, and you figured that’s what made it mingyu’s favorite. 
he was typing in the passcode to your front door in no time, locking it behind him before barreling towards your room like his life depended on it. mingyu was known to be impatient, probably something to do with his star sign, and this time was no different. he didn’t bother with greeting you as his hands wrapped around your waist, lips feathering kisses across your exposed neck as he walked you over to your bed. 
tumbling onto the mattress, he kept you on your side and facing him, hiking one of your legs over his hip as he got to work sucking lovebites onto your chest. you gave him this moment to be in full control, loving the way he was borderline manhandling you. it was the normal, you being the pliable one with mingyu doing all of the work. both of you liked it that way, but you wanted to switch things up. wanted to see how the other half lived. “how was your date?”
“oh shut up, you think you’re soo funny.” he took the opportunity to slide his shirt off, bunching it up before tossing it near your door. “it was going pretty good until you called, yeah. it’s fine though, i can just reschedule with her.”
as you clasped his muscular arm in appreciation, he attempted to roll on top of you. he would’ve succeeded if you weren’t faster than him, if you didn’t already have a specific plan etched out in your mind. you shoved roughly at his shoulder to keep him where he was already positioned on his side, continuing your delicate ministrations on his nipples. it was getting more and more difficult for him to hide his soft sighs of pleasure, and even more so when your lips began peppering kisses at the juncture of his neck and shoulder.
“look so pretty tonight, gyu. got all dressed up for your date? wanted her to see how pretty you are?”
he groaned in protest, and you could practically hear him rolling his eyes. “did you want me showing up in sweats and a tank top?”
“no. god, no, she didn’t need to see how big your arms are under that turtleneck.” his chest rumbled with laughter, the thrum of his voice evident on the palms of your hand. “i’m just saying...”
“just saying? just saying what?”
you pushed yourself up enough to straddle him, clearing your throat as you made eye contact with him for what felt like the first time tonight. your face was flushed and your hair wasn’t in the same state you styled it, but he was still looking at you like you were heaven sent. you thread your hands through his hair, ruining the meticulous job that the gel he’d slicked on was doing but he didn’t flinched. the room suddenly felt several degrees hotter, his gaze suffocating you in ways that would normally have you running for the hills. you reached for the rope cuffs on your nightstand while your free hand gingerly clutched his deft hands. “i’m just saying that i don’t like sharing.”
you tied his wrists together with practiced precision, looped through the headboard speedily enough for him not to process it right away. they were tight, you made sure of it, and his eyes darted between you and his now restrained hands in shock. “this is not what i had in mind when i told you i wanted to try out restraints.”
“no? but you said you wanted to try them out?” your smile gave you away, let him know that you were feigning naïveté to get under his skin.
“___, don’t play coy. untie me.” 
“i will,” his chest deflated in relief, only to swell once more when you added, “after we’re done.”
you wanted to kiss the pout off of his lips so badly, but you couldn’t one of the only ground rules set in place for your arrangement was no kissing. kissing was considered too intimate for both of you, and you both had been doing so well. but the way he looked smushed between your pillows, hair in disarray with a slight tint to his cheeks... it really made you want to say to hell with the rules. he was starting to notice your staring so you snapped out of it, committing to working on the button of his slacks. “tell me what you want, gyu. you’ve been so good, dropping everything to come see me. tell me what you want your reward to be.”
he wasn’t used to following orders, and you could see the inner battle between giving into you and putting up a fight. eventually, the little angel on his shoulder won as he relaxed further into the comforter. “w-want your mouth. please.”
it was embarrassing how much arousal rushed to your core at the sound of his submission, the tender flex of his mouth as he surrendered his body to you. the slate dress pants— the one’s you told him made his ass look incredible— were easy to slip down his thick thighs and onto the floor, leaving him bare in his calvin klein’s.
you bent over, fluttering kisses along his lower abdomen, trying not to laugh too hard as he scuffled against the ropes. your hands pulled at the waistband of his briefs, tugging them down his legs until they pooled at his ankles. his tip was flushed with anticipation, one of the more prominent veins pulsing at the exposure to the air. -- you fingernails dragged up the inside of his thighs, relishing in the way he squirmed before licking at the precum leaking out of him. mingyu groaned, incoherent speech muttered through tired lips that you didn’t bother asking him to repeat. you tongue whirled around his tip once more before taking him into your mouth, teasing just an inch or so before alternating kitten licks up. 
mingyu was bucking his hips now, jaw slack in shock at the sight of you taking care of him with a devilish grin on your lips. his voice was doused in lust, the lower octave sexier than his regular voice. his head plopped back into the pillows as you used a hand to assist in reaching the part of him your mouth couldn’t quite take, the other dipping between his legs to knead at his balls. it was still unfathomable for you, how big his dick was. your walls had gotten used to it, stretching to their absolute limits to accommodate him; but your mouth couldn’t do the same. he didn’t stop the chorus of moans spilling out of him as you worked his cock, cheeks hollowing as your head started to bob in a adept rhythm. his hands flew to your hair, keeping you wrapped around him for as long as you could before gasping out for air. “you feel so fucking good, baby.” your thumb massaged his perineum as his length hit the back of your throat, an angelic whimper slipping past his lips at the shockwaves of pleasure that reverberated through him.
you pulled off of him completely, taking his balls in your mouth just as his orgasm started to build up in the pit of his stomach. your hand still twisted around him, bringing him so close to the edge that he could taste it. “gonna cum, i’m gonna fucking—” 
“if you cum i won’t be able to ride you.” 
“b-b-but you’re still, you’re still, fuck.”
the dominant role suited you better than you though it would, your plight for sadism easy to get over at the reality of him wriggling underneath you. your hand hadn’t stopped its slick jerking of his cock, and you knew he was awful at putting off his own pleasure. he was a greedy little thing and you were using it against him, testing his self control just for the thrill of it. “you can hold off a little longer, yeah? for me?”
the strangled mewl that belted from his lips almost made you flinch, the rough clambering of his wrists against the headboard painful to listen to. “’hurts, baby, i can’t,” he suddenly sounded out of breath, his eyes watering from the pain. “the ties, they hurt too much.”
you swore, abandoning your actions to immediately untie him. you’d never pushed his limits this far before, and the sight of him so scared had your heart racing. “shit, shit, shit, i’m so sorry, gyu—”
as soon as his wrists were free from the ties he was pouncing on you, rolling you over on the head so he could hover over you with shit eating triumphant grin. “it was too easy, i almost feel bad.” that side of him that you were so used to was back with a fiery vengeance, his hips pressing square into yours as one of his hands pinned both of yours to the sheets.
his fingers disappeared between your thighs, hand tumbling past the material of your set to glide between your folds. your back arched slightly at the mini wave of pleasure it sent through your body, head falling back as the pads of his fingers found your clit. the arousal was nearly dripping out of you and onto the bed as he let his hand have a mind of its own, rubbing all of your most sensitive spots before finally sliding a finger into your entrance. you felt so worked up already, clamping your legs around his hand as he curled into you slowly to stretch you out the way you needed. his palm was softly gracing over your sweet bundle of nerves with every pump of his hand and you could feel your resolve dissipating. “mingyu, please.”
“look whose begging now.” he sucked his fingers clean of your juices, pressing a fervid kiss to your jaw before lining himself up to your soaked entrance. he intertwined your fingers together before he pushed into you with ease, a moan dripping from both of your lips as he bottomed out. “you feel so good for me, pretty girl.” your breath caught in her throat as he drew his hips back slowly, driving them back into you languidly. “s’all for you.” his lips rested against your ear as he continued his sensual pace, rocking his hips slowly enough so you could feel every agonizingly euphoric thrust of his hips.
everything felt hot and sticky and overwhelming, your bodies intertwined so closely that you were sure you could fuse as one. his cock felt so good inside of you, stuffing you to the brim with the sheer size of it. the stroke of his thrusts had you grabbing at his already interlaced fingers desperately. it was all so much and yet you wanted more. “look at me.” he craned his neck to the side so that he could look at you, eyes slightly hooded from sheer pleasure that was bubbling in his veins. “kiss me.”
you expected some resistance, for him to question your request to break the rules. but he was gracious, letting go of one of your hands to favor your chin as he granted you the kiss you were in dire need of. his lips were even softer than they looked, plump and sweet with the taste of the wine he abandoned at dinner. the reminder of hyojung would normally turn you off to him, the reminder of his romantic interest with girls who weren’t you; but now it made you crave him more. he was choosing you, kissing you, fucking you. and while it might not be the relationship you yearned for, it was something.
his tongue licking into your mouth sent you unexpectedly over the edge, your walls clenching viciously around his cock. your legs instinctually wrapped around his waist as your orgasm washed over you, mingyu swallowing all of your cries of ecstasy as he assisted in riding out your high. you never wanted to stop kissing him. you never wanted to stop tasting the way his tongue controlled yours with an ease that shouldn’t be possible upon the first try. 
mingyu’s orgasm followed closely after your own, the incessant grip of your walls on his cock triggering his own release. his spurts of cum painting your insides made you feel even fuller, a hum of satisfaction vibrating your throat. he broke the kiss momentarily, his hand drifting from your jaw to your hip as attempted to gingerly slip his slowly softening length out of you.
your voice came out whinier than you intended as you protested with a “no, not yet.”
“geez, if i didn’t know any better i’d think you had a crush on me.”
you both could feel the way your breathing stopped, the way your heart fluttered under the intensity of his gaze and his pointed accusation. “yeah right, gyu, you wish.”
he scoffed, playing it off as a joke as he ran a hand through his hair. he mumbled to himself as he reached for the remote on your bedside table, praying you wouldn’t hear him. “yeah, i do.”
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