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#severus snape
Tumblr media
‘You disgust me,’ said Dumbledore, and Harry had never heard so much contempt in his voice. Snape seemed to shrink a little. ‘You do not care, then, about the deaths of her husband and child? They can die, as long as you have what you want?' Snape said nothing, but merely looked up at Dumbledore. ‘Hide them all, then,’ he croaked. ‘Keep her - them - safe. Please.’ ‘And what will you give me in return, Severus?' ‘In - in return?’ Snape gaped at Dumbledore, and Harry expected him to protest, but after a long moment he said, ‘Anything.’
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sayssnape · 2 days ago
dumbledore: are you a warrior?
snape: yes, i worry a lot.
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hphm-vault · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Concept arts for the launch trailer by Klaus Scherwinski
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Tumblr media
Snapetober 2021 10: Headstone
Prompts found here! By sxvxrxssnape.
Lost two friends in one night. 
(sorry for all the angst--couldn’t figure out how to turn a prompt like this into something happy also i like drawing tears)
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lunap999 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Snapetober Day 15 Ghosts. When Dumbledore asks you to dress up for the Halloween Feast.
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momo-t-daye · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Snapetober 2021 21: Contemplation
“The action of looking at something thoughtfully for a long time”
Very much inspired by this piece by @sneverussape (I hope the link works) which is one that sticks in my memory for the themes and feelings of these two.  So I suppose this is fanart of fanart, huh?  
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xugxyxkjh · a day ago
what do you mean snape is not draco´s godfather? Severus is literally in the family portrait above the fireplace in the Malfoy manor, he even went to Lucius and Narcissa´s honeymoon because they didnt want to leave him alone and he regularly babysitted Draco, How couldn´t he be? :/
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mrsseverussnape · 3 days ago
👕HP Characters As T-Shirts👕
Severus Snape:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Harry Potter:
Tumblr media
Hermione Granger:
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James Potter:
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Albus Dumbledore:
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Sirius Black:
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Professor Flitwick:
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If you wanna be on my taglist, let me know!
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mrssnivellussnape · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Gif credits to yours truly
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This Moment is Crucial
Requested by @monster-energies: ‘hi hello !! for snapetober can you write for number 7 from the fluff list and number 1 from the angst list ( angst with a happy ending pleathe,,, i can't handle misery 😎🤏🏼😿💔 ) i love your writing btw !! i hope you're having a good day 🥰’
Prompts: “I just want to see you happy”, “Run away with me.”
An: You’re sooo lucky you specifically asked for fluff at the end 😭 I wanted to make it angsty lmao. I feel like it’s more on the fluff side with an overbearing amount of fluff rather than angst, and a bit of dramatic-ness, but I hope you still like it 🙃. Enjoy! 🖤🖤 (Young!Severus x Reader)
Words: 1.7k
Warnings: slight angst
It’d had been like any other day: Severus had roamed through the halls feeling like one of the ghosts that often occupied the corridors. Except, they were actually liked by the students.
He’d spent the day with his head down, angry grumbles leaving his mouth whenever someone looked at him. He supposed he had never made his infamous hate much better, he never offered to be kind to someone - then again, there was no point. Although, being in his seventh year, he found no reason to try and make friends this far along.
He’d had you, and he was alright with that. After his falling out with Lily had ended so horrendously, he hadn’t found interest in speaking to anyone else. Most were either afraid of or admired Potter and his gang and he didn’t see the appeal in it, and due to that, a majority of his peers had taken a disliking to him.
Either way it went, Severus was perfectly fine with the one friend he had. Well, he thought he was.
You two had seemed to be doing well in his mind and you’d shown no signs of contradicting that, but then again, Severus wasn’t well familiar with healthy friendships that’d forced the other to communicate their emotions. Still, when he’d been walking down the hall leaving his last class and going to the next, the last thing he was hoping to see was you with Sirius Black.
His scowl set into a sneer and Severus felt a primal instinct to bare his teeth and assert his dominance. It’d made him feel odd, he’d never wanted to do that before, but he assumed it had to do with seeing the imperious arsehole with his arm wrapped around your neck.
Severus passed you, making a show of his heavy stepping feet, and bumping into Sirius.
“Watch it, Snivellus.” Black barbed, dropping his arm to turn around and look at Severus.
Moving quicker to get away from not only his voice, but seeing the image of you in close proximity with Black, his side coupled with yours, Severus sped up. He’d heard your voice saying something but couldn’t decipher exactly what it was before the sound of your light, airy feet hit the cobblestone floor briskly.
“Sev!” You called after him, but he kept walking. “Severus!” You repeated.
He hadn’t stopped nor slowed down and you were quickly getting aggravated. You decided to do a swift jog, stopping in front of him, and successfully making him halt his pace. He looked down at you angrily and it’d caused you to frown at the countenance.
“You didn’t hear me calling you?” You huffed out of breath. You knew he did, there was no way he couldn’t have.
He rolled his eyes, childishly, “Weren’t you busy with Black?”
His mocking remark made you feel some kind of way and the look on his face was annoying you. “Seriously, you’re mad about that?” He avoided your eyes and you’d crossed your arms, “Sirius isn’t even an acquaintance, let alone anything more.”
“I couldn’t tell.” He countered.
You scoffed, “He isn’t, and even if he was, what would it matter to you?”
He began to speak, to answer your question, but his mouth couldn’t say what his brain was. He wanted to tell you exactly why it mattered to him, however, he couldn’t. His inability to express how he felt had caused him to become even more frustrated.
Instead of answering your question and wanting to reassure you that he wasn’t necessarily mad at you rather than with you, he ignored your question and abruptly left. That’d, of course, only supported your bewilderment.
You and Severus both had shared a final class for the day and instead of sitting next to each other like you always had, Severus had placed his bag, along with his books, on your seat. You’d glared at him, harshly telling him that he was childish and that his behavior wasn’t needed, yet, he’d continued to ignore you. He’d taken it a step further by brushing you aside and pushing his - your - seat beneath the table.
Class had been spent seated next to a girl who never listened, didn’t like doing her work, and was simultaneously failing potions. When it’d come time to take notes, she refused to use her own, clearly not being able to keep up, and alternatively chose to copy off of yours. She’d moved your elbow out of the way when your quill had obscured her view of your well-written notes.
To put it lightly, class had been awful. So when the bell for dismissal rang, you shot up out of your seat and jetted past everyone, avoiding any attempted conversations. You hadn’t noticed Severus’ look of concern and if you had, you still would’ve chosen to disregard it.
Your dinner had been spent with a few of your other friends while you all shared entertained laughs with one another. You weren’t going to continue to dwell on Severus’ odd conduct, if and when he was ready, he’d find you. And he had better be bringing an apology with him… a chocolate frog wouldn’t hurt either.
It wasn’t until the moon had risen and the twinkling stars were dancing in the sky that you’d journeyed back to your dorm. The hallways were empty, aside from a few students miming what you were doing, and your main focus was on falling into bed and snuggling into your comfy blankets.
What you hadn’t been expecting, was your forearm being grabbed and the culprit pulling you into an abandoned classroom and locking the door.
“Fucking hell.” You complained when your head had gotten hit during the commotion.
There was movement to your left before candles set aflame in front of you. You were met with the face of Severus, his eyes holding an apprehensive look.
You held a contempt mien for him, “Why the hell are you hiding in empty rooms, and why are you dragging me in with you?”
“Why were you with Black?” He chose to interrogate you in lieu of answering.
Now you rolled your eyes, walking away from him and sitting down on top of an empty desk. You hadn’t quelled his anxiety and you’d unintentionally only helped it to rise. But then, you’d finally responded, “This again?” You sighed, “Sirius having his arm around me means absolutely nothing, Severus.”
“And now you’re calling him… Sirius.” The usage of his first name appeared to be more than difficult for Severus to say.
“Dammit, Severus, had you stayed long enough you would’ve heard me tell him to sod off and stick his arm up somewhere the sun doesn’t shine. But, noooo, you just had to ignore me.” You weren’t going to take it easy on him.
He’d continued to stay where he’d previously been, “You could’ve told me that!”
“And how the hell was I supposed to tell you when you walked away and ignored me all day!?” You stood to your feet now, and although you might’ve looked silly with your height difference, you stood tall enough. “I wasn’t going to keep trying, Severus!”
He gave you an indignant grunt, “You should’ve, perhaps we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”
“How dare you, you arse!” You went over to slap his shoulder, roughly. “Would you have? Would you have kept trying to speak with me?” The lighting might’ve been dim, but you could see the embarrassed blush that covered his cheeks. “I didn’t think so.”
“I came to apologize.” He admitted.
You still weren’t happy, nevertheless, an apology would be welcomed. “Then do it.”
He shuffled on his feet, nervously, and twiddled his thumbs in an anxious manner. He hadn’t made a move to say that he was sorry, and that he’d blown everything way out of proportion, so you decided to leave. You shook your head, trying for the door handle once you reached it, and turned it.
Your hand was quickly snatched back when Severus pulled you to him, spun you around, and delivered his mouth to yours. You were caught off guard and quickly tensed up, even swifter coming to and responding back to his sudden affection.
His lips mingled with yours, lighting your body on fire and forcing tingles to cover your warmed skin. You melted into his body and brought your arms to wrap around his neck while his encased your waist in his grasp. He brought you closer, pushed your bodies impossibly tighter together, and deepened the kiss.
Your smile broke through and it interrupted the sweet sentiment, “Been holding that in, eh?” You teased.
He gave you a few more pecks, “Run away with me.”
You paused, “What?” You gave a confused laugh but his serious expression was showing that he wasn’t joking. You distanced yourself a bit, “Where did this come from?”
“I hate it here, Y/n; you can’t tell me you haven’t noticed.” He leaned his head on the wall nearest to him and closed his eyes, grabbing you with his outstretched hand. “You… you make me happy. I don’t care where we go, just as long as you’re with me. I can’t be here… it’s the same thing, day in, day out.”
“No,” He knew you were going to try and justify a reason to stay at Hogwarts, “Run away with me, Y/n, just you and me. Together.”
You were searching his eyes for any form of deceit, but you knew Severus wasn’t the kind of boy to lie so carelessly. “When?” You needed to know.
“Tonight.” He stressed.
You looked at him incredulously, “Tonight!” That was demented, and mad, and… and—
“Please.” He’d begged you. He’d brought his hands to yours, locked them together, and had begged.
You couldn’t deny that look, that pitiful yet heart aching look. You didn’t want to imagine a life without him and you were certain that with or without you, Severus was leaving. You didn’t care if he’d only thought of you after having planned his adieu, that didn’t matter. All that did, was that he was fleeing and you were going with him, hands clasped tightly together.
“I just want to see you happy.” You whispered on his lips. “And if that means leaving this place with you, tonight, then I’ll do it.” You sealed the promise with a kiss. It was a kiss that had a covenant of its own - one that wasn’t going to be broken.
Tags: @a-queen-and-her-throne, @thethotthatbreathes, @starryeddie
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seriouslysnape · 2 days ago
Unlikely Babysitters
Severus Snape x Fem! Reader x Infant (?)
Warnings: None.
A/N: This is an unofficial part 2 to this drabble! Also, I have no idea how to label these. 
Word Count: 1.5k
“I don’t believe she’s ever seen twins before.”
Tumblr media
“Look at this, Georgie. I think she likes you!” Fred declared, motioning towards the small human sitting at his brother’s feet.
George diverted his attention from the cauldron in front of him, allowing his eyes to flicker to the ground. Sure enough, George caught the sight of the 8 month old little girl staring up at him through wide black eyes. The smile that appeared on George’s face matched Fred’s as he gave his attention to the content infant. 
It was the second day in a row that Severus had brought your daughter to work with him. It was the second day that you were feeling ill, and while you were better than the day before, you still weren’t up for chasing after a baby all day. Severus was more than happy to bring her along, considering how well she had loved it the day before. 
The middle year students had LOVED her. Not a lot of work had gotten done due to the fact that everyone had been distracted by her. Honestly, Severus didn’t mind giving the students an easy day if it meant that his child would be occupied. Today meant that Severus would be teaching the older kids, and he assumed none of them would be very interested in entertaining her. 
Severus had allowed her to crawl around freely, since he had learned that holding her while in a room of new surroundings only made her antsy and fussy. He kept his eye on her as always, making sure she didn’t get somewhere that she didn’t need to be. He figured that she’d crawl underneath the desks and then tire herself out until she was ready for a nap.
But it seemed that she had taken a liking to one of the infamous Weasley twins, and that everyone else was more excited by her presence than he originally anticipated. 
Severus’ eyes snapped up from his desk when he heard someone speaking to his daughter.
“Well, aren’t you a little heartbreaker?” George spoke to the little girl who was sitting with her legs out in front of her.
A smile appeared on the infant’s face when registering that she was being spoken to. Her little arms raised above her head, her fingers making grabby motions as she continued to look at George. George and Fred let out gentle chuckles, while a few of the girls in the class let out a soft “aww”. George bent down, hooking his hands underneath her arms to raise her off of the floor. 
“You’re better off up here. We can’t have that pretty pink dress getting all dirty, huh?” George said to her as her tiny hands landed on his face.
She burst into a symphony of giggles, feeling extremely pleased that he had accepted her request to be held. At first, Severus went to scold George for holding her. In his mind, Fred and George Weasley were the last people that he thought should have the responsibility of his child. However, when he really thought about it, he supposed that the twins had more experience with little kids than the other students in the class. 
George and Fred had been around Ron and Ginny when they were little, so they were a little more familiar with kids that he gave them credit for.
“If you drop her, it’s sixty points from Gryffindor and I will personally hurt you myself.” Severus said to George, giving him a frightening glare.
George wasn’t fazed by Severus’ words, only grinning at him confidently.
“Not to worry, Professor. We’re professionals by now,” George proclaimed, “Isn’t that right?” He asked rhetorically to the beaming child in his arms.
She only squealed with delight as a response, her giggles offering relief to Severus’ nerves. He watched even closer now, because he still wasn’t sure about this. The twins were clearly not interested in their work anymore, because they began walking around the room with her in tow. George and Fred bopped around the room from table to table to antagonize his classmates.
“This is Angelina. See how her potion is green?” Fred asked her, “It’s not supposed to be.”
“Angelina is whack at potions.” George added.
Angelina’s jaw dropped and she huffed.
“Sod off, you two!” She hissed, but only before she smiled and tickled at the child’s belly with her index fingertip.
She fell into a round of giggles again, very excited from all the attention. George and Fred zoomed around the room with her, making her laugh and getting some of the other students to play with her as well. She was having the time of her life interacting with the older kids, and Severus was grateful that she was getting her social time in. 
George refused anyone who tried to hold her, keeping her close and bouncing her in his arms.
“She chose me. I’m her favorite, you wankers.” George announced with a sneer.
“Weasley!” Severus barked, “Language!”
George and Fred snickered, but George addressed his mistake.
“Sorry, Professor,” He said, “Yeah, don’t say that...unless someone says it to you first.”
Severus shook his head in dismay. He never imagined that he would’ve been roped in to letting the Weasley twins play babysitter for the day. George did, however, allow Fred to take her for a moment or two to give his arms a rest. However, she didn’t meet Fred with the same bubbly reaction. Instead, she stared blankly at him and confusion riddled her expression.
It seemed that she had failed to notice yet that Fred practically had the same face as George, and she was confused as to how she had ended up back in George’s arms when he had just handed her over. She looked at George, then back to Fred, and then back to George.
“I don’t believe she’s ever seen twins before.” Severus explained, when the two red-heads were puzzled by her reactions.
The students all laughed at that, continuing to be completely captivated by this happy baby. Once she got a handle on the whole twin thing, the rest of the class was spent playing with anyone who would give her the time, and giggling until her small sides were sore.
“And this is a wand. You’ll get one of these one day.” Fred explained as he let her grip his wand that he had drawn from his pocket.
She flailed her arm and wildly threw the wand around, very occupied with it. Thankfully, she couldn’t talk yet, or else Severus would’ve been worried that she’d accidentally cast a spell.
“Maybe she’s a Gryffindor.” Alicia Spinnet said as she watched her poke at Fred with the end of his wand.
“No way! Look at those eyes! She has to be a Slytherin.” Marcus Flint argued.
Soon, all of the students were arguing over which House she was in. Some said she was Gryffindor because of her boldness. Others said you were Hufflepuff because of your sweet personality. There didn’t seem to be a general consensus, but they presumed they’d know in about ten years or so.
Severus watched from his desk, his quill still in hand from where he had just been grading. He enjoyed watching her smile and hearing her laughs. Sometimes he had a hard time understanding how he had been blessed with such a beautiful little girl. She reminded him so much of you, yet he saw parts of himself within her. 
He loved being a dad and he loved getting to get to know her personality more and more every day. It made him feel good to know that others were so willing to love her too.
The rest of the class went by quickly, and soon everyone was packing their things to get on with their day. She had returned to her original playmate, and all the playing had worn her out. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was slow as she napped.
George and Fred approached Severus’ desk, keeping their voices low and quiet as they spoke.
“She’s brilliant, Professor. If you ever need some babysitters, let us know.” Fred smiled.
Severus let out a breath that resembled a laugh. While they had done a great job of taking care of her, the odds of Severus letting them babysit unsupervised were low. Still, Severus didn’t want to break their spirit.
“I’ll keep that in mind.” He remarked.
“I think our work here is done, Professor.” George grinned, referring to the sleeping infant against his shoulder.
Severus couldn’t help but offer the smallest of smiles, standing and holding out his arms.
“I suppose so. I’ll take her.” Severus instructed, carefully letting George switch her over to him.
She hardly even stirred, her head falling to Severus’ shoulder in the same manner as she snoozed away. The twins said their goodbyes to her, before packing their own things and leaving Severus and her alone. She slept soundly, tuckered out from all the events of the class. Severus opted to let her sleep on, because she still had several classes to get through.
And if they were like this one, she’d need all the rest she could get.
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mo-the-plaguer · a day ago
Tumblr media
If you continue to sit with such a sour face, I will pierce your hand with a fork.
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moonlightdancer26 · 2 days ago
IMAGINE calling wolfstar and lily/James toxic and not thinking snily is and still shipping it. Shut the fuck up lmao
Lmao dude. What’s toxic with Snily? Forgive me for shipping Lily with someone who genuinely loves her and cares for her and who was friends with her, rather than someone who harassed her, lied to her, blackmailed her, stalked her, threatened her with violence, abused and bullied her best friend and most likely abused her too. And I’m sorry for shipping Remus with someone who loves him and who’s Patronus changed to match his (which shows that you truly and genuinely love someone), rather than a child abuser who used him as a murder weapon to rip their favourite chew toy apart and for their sick idea of “fun”. Shut the fuck up lmao
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unbentunbowedunsnaped · 2 days ago
My problems with Lily Potter is not that she is a flawed character (if anything that makes her more interesting) its that she is a flawed character who is presented as flawless by the narrative.
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nikkori · a day ago
Severus and Luna dancing + Victorian AU
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was the dress for me (the frills almost killed me-) but that was a nice request fam TvT👌✨
The Background source.
Luna's dress inspiration (but I had to modify if to look like one of those in the Victorian Era~)
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