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Heard about the harry potter show. Going to rewrite the entire series out of spite. Drop ur fave character headcanons

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Sneeps, bottles, and stuff are so cute 💕💀

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Some things that came to mind about Regulus claiming Severus as his new brother

  • The moment Regulus heard that Sirius was sorted into Gryffindor did they start to drift apart
  • They drifted even further when he was placed into Slytherin
  • For some reason Regulus seemed drawn towards Severus
  • At some point Regulus would start going to Severus when he has nightmares
  • He’d follow Severus around Hogwarts and stay by his side
  • He’d go seek comfort from him when he gets into an argument with Sirius
  • When asked if he had any siblings, Regulus would say “Yes, I have an older brother and his name is Severus”
  • At some point people became convinced that Regulus and Severus were siblings from the very beginning and would forget about Sirius
  • Even Walburga & Orion began to tell people that their eldest son was Severus, they overlooked the fact that he’s a half blood because of his intelligence
  • They had even gotten Severus robes with the Black family crest on them
  • Severus eventually starts telling people, when asked, that he and Regulus are brothers
  • Many people end up believing that Severus is a pureblood
  • Regulus tries to get Severus to agree to let his parents blood adopted him
  • Severus always declines for some reason
  • Severus attends all the quidditch matches involving Slytherin’s inorder to cheer for Regulus
  • Regulus always runs up to him after every match, wether they won or lose, to ask Severus what he thought
  • Regulus had once tried to grow out his hair like Severus
  • Severus greets overly protective of Regulus
  • They secretly get matching tattoos

It’s not a lot but I’m tired

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Chapter Sixteen: Secrets

First chapter on @dionysus-lover-ao3

Chapter rating: Explicit

⚠️❤️Smut +18: Severus Snape × Original Female Character


About the fic:

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Explicit Smut, Graphic Descriptions of Violence

Relationships: F/M, M/M, mention of F/F

Severus Snape × Original Female Character,

Cedric Diggory × Original Male Character

Summary: Andrea seems to be just another Slytherin pureblood, young woman, ready to face her senior year at Hogwarts. She would have never expected the Goblet of Fire to choose her, among all the others. What Andrea will need during this amazing year will be her closest friends, new and unexpected antagonists and the help of a mysterious, dark and fascinating professor.


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sir, your hand! how did it wither like that?
powerful curse, snaperdoodle. trying to fix the mess your old boss made when he yote his soul into some trash.
must you hold the fact that i was a death eater against me, sir?
which of us willingly jumped ship to work for team evil bad guy and got some good people killed?
three words - you fucked grindelwald
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Mine To Protect by me (@Zaharya), +135K (WIP) – Draco/Harry, Severus/Remus, Canon divergence post-OotP, Severitus

I never posted about my own fic before, so if you’ve never heard of it feel free to ignore this (or give me a chance and check it out, thatwouldmakemeveryhappybutnopressureokthx).

Part 1 (Summer) is all published now (yay!) and I’m taking some time to write ahead before starting to post chapters for part 2 (Hogwarts). We all forget things, though, especially if there’s a longer break between updates, and 135K is a lot to re-read just to remember what the hell happened so far.

So, to make it easier to jump back into the story once part 2 does kick off, I thought I’d provide a synopsis of part 1 for anyone who’d like to refresh their memory. Obviously that means that everything that follows the fold is full of spoilers for MTP Part 1 – Summer! So if you haven’t come here from MTP, don’t read any further before checking out the fic itself.

I hope this helps, you enjoyed part 1 and will continue to enjoy part 2!


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Me when people thought “Snape was a coward” as an unpopular opinion.


Originally posted by alexmey-does-an-arts

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“We need more of it”

You know, I don’t imagine this couple happening in James Potter’s vincinity. From the events of the books he likely would pressure Remus to let Lily to him. There was a post discussing it, where deathdaydungeon contributed/answered a post.

I see quite a bit of scenarios for this couple to happen. Remus acts as an intermediate between Lily and James, but it happens Lily is only interested in Remus, and Remus does feel wonderful with her, so their relationship become secret and it takes 7th year to arrive for the rest of the marauders to learn what’s really happening, because Lily won’t bend to Potter’s wishes. And they have to go away, because Sirius is far more loyal to Potter and of course, Peter seeks the strongest bully. It’s also possible they manage to hide their affair completely, but because Potter is suspicious, he starts to distrust Lupin and Lupin is, you know, less invited, less worthy of attention, less prone to receive stares… and he might feel guilty.

Those are the scenarios where Lupin stays as a follower and not as his own leader. And that’s when the real power of the couple stands: Lupin has enough of the marauders after all, and he sees the friendship between Lily and Severus much calmer, saner, with more trust, more acknowledgement he too can make choices, and no bullying. To do that he has to stray away from the marauders and possibly oppose them. That’s where Lupin grows a backbone. And since Severus isn’t interested in that kind of relationship with Lily… well, if we were in a OT3 maybe but I guess it’s not asked here… two sweet-hearted-trauma-hardened halfbloods for the muggleborn…

Anyway, I feel like this ship has lots of potential. We need fics about it. It’s certainly a calm ship with no violence. No, problem is that Lily seems to want a strong man with confidence and she might get frustrated with Lupin, who has to grow and might become angry with the amount of pressure and the confusion of being Lily’s lover, after all, in Potter’s place. And of course Lily would accept his disease, well as long as he takes responsibility for it, and who knows, she might be able to brew Wolfsbane as well.

In any case, for Luly/Remily to work, in what I see is the most canon coherent, there has to be some fleeing away from the marauders, because Potter will 100% represent a menace to Lupin and Sirius & Peter will follow. Characters have to do what’s “forbidden”, though it’s not as rebellious as Snily.

Anyway, the two are not my absolute fav characters… but this is WAY better than Jily imo. I don’t recall Lupin being very toxic to Lily, except when he said that she couldn’t have hated Potter if she dated him starting 7th year…

Oh, and Lily definitely “wears the pants” in this ship. I’d read it, if only there’s a bit of good Sevy story in it, because I seem unable to read a fic if there isn’t a Snape I love in it.

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Cath realized on Saturday afternoon that she hadn’t seen her brother since his incident in Care of Magical Creatures class. It was strange not to see him with Harry, Ron and Hermione during lunch or study breaks. He was no doubt still sulking nursing his “injury.” Draco certainly had a talent for being dramatic.

She began packing up her schoolbag in the Common Room, deciding to go see if he was in the Great Hall doing homework. Ginny looked up from her copy of the Daily Prophet and frowned.

“Where are you off to?” she asked.

“I’m going to see if I can find Draco,” Cath replied. “We had a bit of a row when he was in the Hospital Wing and I haven’t talked to him since.”

“You two are so strange,” Ginny remarked. “We fight all the time in my family, and we are usually back to normal after about five minutes. Except Ron of course.”

“We all know he’s got a terrible temper,” George teased.

Ron reached over from the chair beside him and gave George a whack on the head with a rolled up bit of parchment.

“Case in point,” Harry grinned.

They laughed as Ron rolled his eyes. Cath stood up and departed from the group. Before she could push the portrait open to leave the Common Room, Hermione appeared at her side, grabbing her arm to stop her.

“Cath, would you er-let me know how he’s doing?” she asked in a low voice, trying to sound nonchalant.

Cath wasn’t quite sure why Hermione was acting so strange about it.

“Sure I can,” she replied. “Is everything alright?”

Hermione glanced to where Ron, Harry, Ginny, Fred and George were seated. “Draco and I sort of had a row as well. I don’t think he understands that Hagrid has the best intentions. And he sort of accused me of taking Harry’s side in it.”

“He said the same thing to me too,” Cath assured her. “He’ll come around like he always does. I’ll come find you when I’m back.

Hermione thanked her before returning to their friends and Cath left the Common Room, hoping she wouldn’t have to make conversation with Sir Cadogan on her way out. When the portrait swung open from the inside, Cath saw Neville waiting to get in, a look of frustration and dismay on his face.

“Thank Merlin,” he said when he saw Cath. “I’ve been trying to get in for nearly an hour!”

“Did you forget the password?” Cath asked him.

“No,” Neville replied. “He’s changed it again!“

“It is my duty to protect Gryffindor House at all costs! I would sooner die before I let some mangy murderer into this castle…” Sir Cadogan said, brandishing his sword and flailing it around threateningly.

Neville showed Cath the piece of parchment he had in his hand. “I’ve written down all the passwords. This is just from this past week!”

“Give him a break,” Cath said to Sir Cadogan. “Can’t you see he’s a Gryffindor? He’s got his house colours on!”

“You aren’t brave enough to face me!” he said. “Come duel me, if you really want to get inside.”

“The password is Codswallops, last time I went in,” Cath said to Neville. She looked back to Sir Cadogan, who was trying to kick his fat pony into a canter.

“Codswallops!” Neville exclaimed.

Sir Cadogan reluctantly sheathed his sword and swung open. Neville sighed in relief. “Thanks Cath,” he said. “I owe you one! I can’t forget to write that one down.”

“No problem,” she replied. She continued down the hallway and down a few flights of stairs until she reached the Great Hall. The portraits on the walls were still talking about the events last night. A few of them stopped her to ask if she had heard anything.

“I heard he has red eyes!” said a portrait of a woman hanging sheets on a clothesline to the portrait next to her, of a wizard brewing a black bubbling potion.

Cath couldn’t help but look over her shoulder every once in a while. She wanted to believe that Hogwarts was safe, but it was hard not to feel afraid when so many rumours were still circulating about Sirius Black.

Sure enough, Draco was sitting in the Great Hall at the table where Slytherins usually sat during meals, with a group of his friends around him. Cath recognized Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle right away, as Cath and Draco’s parents were longtime friends with Vincent and Gregory’s. There was also a girl sitting with them who had short black hair, pale skin and a rather snout-like nose.

Draco looked up when he saw Cath approach her.

Crabbe and Goyle, who were about as thick as they come, greeted her with an awkward wave. The girl with them looked at her as though she were a huge inconvenience.

“Cath,” Draco said. “What are you doing here?”

“Looking for you, actually,” she replied. She felt increasingly uncomfortable by the girl’s stare.

Draco shut his textbook and stood up. “I’ll be back,” he said to his friends.

“Don’t be gone too long,” the black haired girl said.

“Who’s she?” Cath asked once they were out of earshot.

“Pansy Parkinson,” Draco replied. “She’s in my year.”

“Sounds like she fancies you,” Cath remarked.

“What is it that you want?” Draco asked, not indulging her in small talk.

“I haven’t seen you since the hospital wing,” Cath replied. “How is your arm? It looks like you’re doing a lot better.”

Draco held his injured arm close to his side, suddenly wincing in pain. “It’s better than it was… but it still hurts a lot.”

Cath wanted so badly to taunt him, but she knew his fragile ego wouldn’t be able to handle it. “Sounds terrible,” she replied.

“Mother and Father are furious,” Draco said. “They’re meeting with Dumbledore about it tomorrow. There’s no way that stupid giant should be teaching here. They agree. I mean, bringing dangerous animals into class and then letting them attack students? It’s completely irresponsible, don’t you think?”

Cath worried for Hagrid. She knew it wasn’t his fault or his intention that a student get hurt during class. “Well, I’m sure Hagrid feels terrible that you got hurt.”

“He should,” Draco replied. “Anyways, I’m sure you’ve heard all about what happened yesterday?”

Cath nodded. “Ron said he saw the Fat Lady right after it happened. She was absolutely terrified.”

“This isn’t going to look good for Dumbledore,” Draco shook his head. “I’m sure they’re doing everything they can to keep Hogwarts’ image as clean as possible.”

“Hogwarts is safe, everyone knows that,” Cath said.

“But think about what’s happened here the past two years. Last year, with the Chamber of Secrets opening. And in our first year with Professor Quirrell,” Draco pointed out. “That’s a lot of bad press.”

“Do you think Hogwarts would get shut down?” Cath asked.

Draco shrugged. “Dunno. But I’m sure the Ministry will be putting a lot of pressure on Dumbledore to keep things safe around here.”

They were silent for a minute as they stood in the empty corridor.

“You should come watch the Quidditch practice today,” Cath said. “I’m going with Ron and Hermione.”

Draco thought for a minute before shrugging. “Maybe. I have a lot of schoolwork.”

Someone walking past them caught Cath’s attention. She looked to her right and to her surprise saw Professor Lupin, who was carrying a stack of books in his arm. He looked extremely tired and worn. A scarf was wrapped around his neck and he wore a grey knit sweater with brown trousers and well worn dress shoes.

Good afternoon, Malfoys,” he said, dipping his head courteously.

“Professor!” Cath said. “I’m so glad you’re back. Are you feeling much better?”

Professor Lupin smiled, exaggerating the lines at the corners of his eyes and mouth. “I’m feeling better every day, thank you Ms. Malfoy. If you’ll excuse me.”

He kept walking down the corridor in the direction of the staff office.

“Looks like he’s seen better days,” Draco remarked.

“I’m glad he’s back,” Cath said. “It was dreadful having Snape teach Defence.”

“Tell me about it,” Draco agreed. “Anyways, I’ve got to get back. See you later, Cath.”

“This afternoon?” Cath asked him expectantly, raising her eyebrows. She knew that once he spent time with his Gryffindor friends again, he would go right back to normal.

He paused for a moment before replying. “I’ll try to come.”


Minerva tapped her foot impatiently, waiting for Albus to stop indulging Professor Sprout in her gushing over the perennials she had planted this year. Nearly all of the professors had gathered in the large meeting room on the tenth floor.

It was a room that was rarely used, except for the very few times that Hogwarts was in some sort of danger. Well, now that Harry Potter attended the school it seemed that something terrible had happened every year. Not that Minerva blamed the boy at all. None of this was his fault.

Poor boy. Only thirteen years old and he had faced death and danger so many times.

Remus Lupin took a seat near Minerva, a ceramic mug of tea in his hands. It was always strange when a former student of Minerva’s went on to teach at Hogwarts. Remus and his friends had been her students when she had started her first year of teaching. After teaching James Potter and Sirius Black, there was no rowdy classroom that Minerva couldn’t have handled.

He had always been so different than those two, Remus. Of course he went along with James and Sirius’ antics, to an extent, but he was quiet, shy, very bright and studious. A real gentle soul. Working with a group of witches and wizards during the Wizard War had certainly hardened him, especially the heartbreak of losing James, Lily, Sirius and Peter.

“Good afternoon, Professor McGonagall,” Remus greeted her politely.

Minerva looked over to him and smiled, shaking her head. “You should know by now that you can call me Minerva.”

“I still haven’t gotten used to it, I suppose,” Remus said, smiling sheepishly.

Professor Dumbledore cleared his throat, and the rest of the teachers that were dwindling and wandering in quickly made their way to a seat.

Finally, Minerva thought.

A piece of parchment and a quill were enchanted to float near Albus’s head and take minutes during their meetings.

“Thank you all for attending this staff meeting,” he said, smiling around at everyone. Minerva had never seen a smile from Dumbledore that wasn’t genuine. She truly didn’t know how he did it.

“First of all, I would like to thank you all for your support during the events of last night. I realize that you had to spring into action during a potentially dangerous time, and your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Second, I want to give a brief update of what has transpired since last night. The Fat Lady, who guards the entrance to the Gryffindor Common Room, was attacked by someone in the castle. She claims it to be Sirius Black. That night, myself and various others conducted a thorough search of the castle, as well as the grounds. We had Dementors circle the entirety of Hogwarts, but were unable to locate Sirius Black. It is my sincere belief that he is not in Hogwarts.”

There was tangible relief from everyone in the room. Minerva could see the look of absolute hatred on Severus’s face. He probably wanted nothing more than for Black, his childhood bully, to be found.

“We will continue to keep close watch,” Dumbledore continued. “I have received many letters of concern from parents, citizens, and the board of governors. But Hogwarts is not in danger. There is no cause for worry or fear. I am in contact with the Minister of Magic, who sent a team of experienced Aurors to help conduct the search last night.”

“Is it true that he’s after the Potter boy?” asked Charity Burbitch, the professor of Muggle Studies.

Minerva swallowed uncomfortably, allowing herself to steal a glance at Remus. He looked sad, his eyes slightly vacant.

“Sirius Black has indeed escaped Azkaban,” Dumbledore replied. “And I know I can say for myself, that even one night in Azkaban prison would be enough to drive me to escape. He is likely trying to live in hiding.”

Another unfortunate event happened this week. During a Care of Magical Creatures class, a student was injured by a Hippogriff. He has made a full recovery, according to Madam Pomfrey and will not suffer any permanent damage. The animals were being handled carefully and responsibly, as is to be assumed of Rubeus Hagrid. However, the board of governors has raised some concerns to me that I will handle privately.”

“So Lucius Malfoy got the minister involved,” Minerva couldn’t help herself. She did not have fond feelings for the Malfoy family, even despite all they had done to help the Potters.

“How are we going to deal with all this negative press?” Filius Flitwick asked. “First a student is attacked, and then Sirius Black is allegedly spotted in the castle.”

Dumbledore smiled. “Hogwarts is safe and always has been. Its walls and enchantments have stood the test of time. There isn’t a witch or wizard who doesn’t know that to be true.”

“The Daily Prophet can spin nearly anything,” Rolanda Hooch muttered, garnering a few chuckles from teachers.

“Going forward, students are to be in their dormitories by nine o’clock in the evening. Additionally, Dementors will be present at Quidditch practices and matches from now on. We need to ensure that we are taking all the precautionary safety measures necessary. Are there any questions?” Albus asked. the scratches of the quill scribbling on the parchment ceased as he paused. Albus looked around at the room full of teachers. “Well, I suppose that concludes things for the day.”

A few teachers left right away to get to their next classes, while others continued to talk and conspire about Sirius Black.

Remus remained in his seat, still staring at nothing with that sad forlorn look on his face. Minerva hesitated before standing up to leave.

“Remus, are you quite alright?” she asked gently.

He looked up at her as if he had only just realized where he was. He quickly put a smile on his face, though it didn’t quite reach his eyes. “Yes. Just lost in my thoughts, I suppose.”

Minerva nodded and briefly placed a hand on his shoulder before putting her cloak on and heading towards the door.

“Minerva,” Albus stopped her before she left. “The Minister has asked if I fancy meeting him for a drink at the Three Broomsticks next Saturday. Would you like to join us?”

She hoped it would be a pleasure rather than business meeting, although if the Minister for Magic was going to be there it was unlikely to be just for pleasure. “Of course,” Minerva replied.

“I do hope Madam Rosmerta has her hot apple cider ready…” Albus said with a twinkle in his eye.

Sometimes Albus’s optimism could be infuriating. The world could be falling apart around him and he would still be smiling and talking about eatings sweets. But at other times, it felt like it was the only thing keeping Hogwarts together. Minerva relied on Albus’s whimsy, his constant joy and curiosity. As if somehow it gave her permission to be the same when times were tough.


“Won’t you be cold?” Ginny said to Cath as they were getting dressed to watch the Quidditch practice.

Cath was wearing a warm knit jumper and a beanie, and was searching for her gloves. “I’ll be fine, Ginny.”

Ginny was putting on a thick winter jacket that looked second hand, and scarf probably knitted by her mom. “Don’t you have a coat?”

“I do, but… it’s ridiculous,” Cath said awkwardly. “My parents got it for me, but it just looks ridiculously posh.”

Ginny was quiet for a moment. “You don’t have to hide your wealth around me, you know. My family isn’t that poor.”

Cath looked up at her, feeling embarrassed. “It’s not that, it’s just… I—”

Ginny didn’t say anything. She just looked at Cath, as if expecting her to finish. It wasn’t difficult to see that the Weasley’s weren’t particularly well off. Cath had never thought any less of them for it, but Ginny was right. Cath felt uncomfortable talking about certain things around her, like vacations her family went on, presents she got for Christmas.

“I’m sorry, Gin,” Cath said.

“You’re going to be cold,” was all she said in reply.

Ginny had a point. It looked as though it were about to snow any day now. The air outside was so cold it made your cheeks sting. Winter was just around the corner.

Cath pulled her jacket out of the bottom of her dresser. It was a long black wool coat with dark green buttons. She pulled her arms through the sleeves and buttoned it all the way up as she followed Ginny out of the dormitory and down the stairs.

Ron and Hermione were already down there, and it appeared as though the two of them were arguing about something. Hermione was clutching her cat, a huge orange fluffy thing with a rather squished looking face.

“I’m telling you, Hermione, that cat has it out for Scabbers!” Ron said crossly at her, holding his pet rat.

“All cats want to chase mice and rats, Ron,” Hermione replied exasperatedly. “He would never hurt him, right Crookshanks?”

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” Ron scowled. “I’m putting Scabbers back upstairs before that evil monster can take another chunk of fur out of him.”

“Everything alright?” Ginny asked, raising an eyebrow.

Hermione sighed and put down Crookshanks, who jumped up onto an armchair and began purring innocently. “Ron thinks Crookshanks is trying to hunt his rat.”

Ginny shrugged. “Scabbers’ time is probably up anyways. It’s just the circle of life.”

“How long has Ron had him?” Cath asked.

"He used to be Percy’s rat, but we’ve had him for… I don’t know, twelve years?” Ginny replied.

“Twelve years?” Cath said incredulously. “Did he find the elixir of life or something?”

“He’s just lucky,” Hermione said.

“We take excellent care of him,” Ron said from the top of the stairs, still refusing to look at Hermione. “He’s lived so long because he’s had such a comfortable life.”

“Don’t get too attached,” Ginny laughed.

The four of them left the Common Room, headed for the Quidditch Pitch.

“I was hoping it would snow,” Cath said disappointedly. “Those clouds don’t look very nice.”

The sky outside was full of thick, grey rainclouds. Cath was suddenly grateful for her warm wool coat. The four walked briskly to the Quidditch pitch, where a few students sat in the stand to watch the practice.

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Marauders British Bake Off Au.

-Dumbledore and Mcgonagall are the judges.

-Dumbledore wears weird clothing with odd combinations of pieces

-he silently judges the contestants choices of techniques or flavors, but offers smiles when he’s pleased

-Mcgonagall is more like Paul and not as easy to please

-her technicals are a lot more difficult but not impossible.

-None of the marauders knew each other before the show, but they got on pretty well.

-They make jokes often and playfully criticize each other’s methods or flavors.

-Black is very good at chocolate work and he makes rather extravagant flavors that you don’t think would work but do (not always though. Sometimes he does a bit too much)

-his pipping is actually very neat, but he gets easily distracted by whatever the rest of the marauders are doing

-hes had a few problems before with his cakes, but he’s the first one to get a handshake from Mcgonagall and he rubs it in everyone’s faces

-during the judging period of the technical he either tries to joke with James or walk around in circles from nerves

-james is straight rubbish at tarts and some pastries

-his scones and breads are absolutely lovely however

-he gets a bit quiet when things get tough and doesn’t take to coming in last very well

-he often jokes with Sirius, but he sometimes makes his way to Lily’s station when he can to flirt

-but whenever his mates need an extra hand at toppings or layering heavy cakes, he’s always the first one to offer help

-Remus is pretty decent at chocolate work as well and has unique flavors once in a while

-but he typically sticks to more traditional and simple flavors which he’s often told to work better at since he plays it a little too safe

-he then starts to work with coffee and tea like flavors which he receives good compliments

-his things are baked just, but his measurements are a bit disporting which has led him in last or close to last a couple of times

-he was one of the few that people thought would be sent home, but he saved himself in the last minute with his chocolate souffle

-he does rise up as an underdog and wins star baker twice

-Lily and Severus also bond since their stations are close to each other. They also learn that they live near each other and have tea and coffee off the show

-Lily is a very good baker on her own, but sometimes she sneaks glances behind her to see what Severus is doing

-Her baking comes out very good, but sometimes it lacks flavor

-her decorating is very creative and beautifully done

-she takes the criticism well but also very personally. She spends a lot of time at home practicing and reading new recipes and techniques to become better prepared

-it eventually pays off and she meets the semifinals with her family’s recipes of jams and cakes

-she often gets a bit annoyed at James but it’s mostly in jest unless she’s freaking out from the pressure

-Severus is more precise with his measurements and he rarely has a problem with his baking

-hes the most experience baker which is surprising since he doesn’t look like he would be

-he still a chemistry teacher and his students are actually cheering him on during the week which surprises him

-he often says his students will never let him live it down if he loses so he works hard for himself and for spite

-his decorating could use some work, but he does well with fruit decorating since he’s very good with a knife

-he doesn’t do much sweet baking and tends to do more savoury and rustic flavors with herbs from his personal garden

-his flavors a very good and can sometime seem like they wouldn’t work like Black’s, but they’re a bit more reasonable and simple

-however he’s done well with more delicate bits, and his macarons are just perfect

- he does some practice at home but with lessons and grading, he doesn’t have as much time as he likes.

-he is almost sent home when his fruit tart wasn’t set correctly and it became a bit raw at the crust

-he distance himself from others most of the time since he doesn’t like distraction besides Lily and occasionally Remus

-but during the judging he walks around towards the gardens to calm himself

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Snape: Well well well, if it isn’t the Marauders.

James: But it is us?

Snape: No, its an expression-

Sirius: Your evil tricks won’t work on us!

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Lol, it’s from the part in CoS when Ron and Harry are under the cloak and Ron stubs his toe. “Thankfully, Snape sneezed almost exactly the moment Ron swore.” If Snape’s sneeze is loud enough to cover up Ron swearing in pain then it can be classified as a dad sneeze.

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I made a very silly thing to make myself feel better today


Featuring happy Snape. I hope this made someone else smile too.

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Sincerely Yours.


Severus Snape x OC/Reader

wordcount: 2349

Warnings: none, minor errors.

Pervious - Next

Chapter 6

Many days passed after the encounter between Severus and Anahstacia. The conversations between the two were always short. Since the duel, Anah kept her promise to him. She bothered the hell out of him, but only to an extent.

Severus on the other hand loathed her since then. Every time he’d turn the corner there she was. At first, it was irking, until he realized how much he’d enjoyed it.

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Severus stepped out into the porch and sat on the steps, watching as the sun rose over the achingly blue mediterranean waters. He had about five minutes of peace before he heard footsteps behind him.

“What do you want, Potter?” he sneered without turning back.

“May I?” Harry pointed to empty space next to him

“Nobody is stopping you.”

Severus wasn´t sure why he hadn’t just sent him away. Maybe he was just too tired. Harry sat next to him, and both of them watched the sea for a few minutes. Severus was almost not bothered. He could almost ignore him.

“It’s not over is it? It will never be over…” the boy who lived said quietly, in a small voice, with none of Gryffindor brass he had cultivated over the years of talking back and acting up.

“What?” Severus smirked bitterly “Did you think that just because the Dark Lord died he’d take all that’s bad in the world with him? That all hatred, all prejudice, all evil would just stop existing? Not even magic can do that, Potter. People will hate and hurt each other till the end of times just as they did before Tom Riddle was even born.”

“Maybe I had hoped the ones he gathered, the ones who followed him would…be easier to deal with. Without him to unite them around a purpose.”

“This is their purpose. Death, destruction. The Dark Lord just gave it a face that was easier to follow. In a way that made it easier for us too. We knew what to expect. But now that they don’t have a leader…they can do anything. They’re lost, angry, scared. Even good people do awful things when they´re scared… But don’t worry. They’ll find a new Dark Lord. Or It will be something else. They always do. As long as there’s someone to hate and blame for their fears, they´ll find something…”

“So we just…wait for them to do something and react…keep fighting in vain?”

“Such is life, Potter. I’m sorry you were ever under the impression that it was anything else.”

“ ‘Life is not a basket of every-flavor beans’, right?”

Harry laughed softly. Severus smiled despite himself.

“She will be fine.” Harry said all of the sudden. “I know she will.”

“You know or you hope?”

“Both. She seems like a good person.”

“Far too good for her own sake.”

“Does she know? I mean, did she know, before yesterday…about you, magic I mean…”

“That’s none of your bloody concern, Potter.”

“So, no.”

“You still think you’re so clever…”

“She’ll be fine. You two will.” Harry repeated. “She loves you.”

“Spare me the platitudes, I don’t need…”

“That day at your house. I can tell by how she looks at you. I’m not really sure why, but she loves you. You must love her too….she’s the reason you’re working with the Ministry, no?”

“Shafiq talks too much for somebody who works in inteligence.”

“Shafiq didn´t say anything. I just imagined that…if you went to work for the Ministry after everything that happened to you…there had to be a good reason. That´s how Dumbledore got you to work with him, maybe Shacklebolt took a page out of his book. Hermione would say history repeats itself, but …it’s a bit different now, no?”

“I swear you Griffindors never know when to just leave it well enough alone…You think you knoweverything, do you, Potter? About me and what I feel…Why? Because I made the mistake of…”

“Telling me the truth. And now you’re going to tell her the truth. And it will be fine. Because now it’s different.”

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  • pairing: draco malfoy x fem! slytherin reader

summary: what if the relationship between Lily Potter and Severus Snape was not simply platonic? What if Severus had admitted his true feelings? Would Harry still be here?

Being the love child of two powerful wizards is a heavy burden to live with. After being hidden away from your previous life in London, until your seventeenth birthday, you learned and lived at the school of Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry- until your father transferred you into Hogwarts for your seventh year.

What truths would be revealed then?

  • prologue: hogwarts
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