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here's that request i sent to your old blog 😼💖
can i request a severus snape/reader fic where they go to a field of flowers for a date to take photos but end up laying in the field together and picking beautiful flowers for each other. i saw the prompt and thought,, severus just needs some love and what better way to do it than with flowers 🥺🥰,, can it be super fluffy with just a tiny bit of spicy content ( teasing, praise kink, little making out etc )
i love reading your writing when i get the chance, i loved reading your birthday fic you did a while back DAMN IT WAS SO GOOD 😼
His Flower -Snape x Reader (post war)
Hello friend! I'm so sorry this took me months to get to, I'm settling in on this blog and I think I'm finally ready to bring Sev back. I hope you don't mind that I'm setting this in his Post War AU, that's my favorite verse for Sev and it brings me great comfort to write him as an old grump who is recovering from PTSD in his quiet little cottage.
Based on your bio I'm going into this with a she/her reader in mind, but I will keep details about body type vague because all women are beautiful and deserving of Sev's praise, and gorgeous gorgeous girls come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes and parts
Tumblr media
CW: fluff, chronic pain mention, praise, light teasing, kissing, no explicit smut but the reader and Sev very clearly have a sensual relationship, reader and Sev are married
The war had come and gone, the seasons changing as time passed. You had time to grieve and cope, to adapt to a new life with your husband as he healed from wounds the war had left him with. By your side, Severus made a swift recovery and by the end of summer, he was able to join you outside for sunshine and fresh air.
Most of the time he would accompany you in his wheel chair, his hip still badly fractured and his body still sluggish, but you didn't mind. You enjoyed pushing him through trails and meadows, and often times he would read to you as you did so. Your favorite past time had quickly become listening to his baritone voice recite passages from Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh as you strolled through the neighboring glen.
On one morning, Severus was feeling particularly tired of being in the house and requested a picnic in the park. You obliged him gladly, preparing fresh fruit and finger sandwiches and chocolates and wine.
The trip to the park was long, but you didn't mind. The view was beautiful and today, Severus was reading the fable of Snow White. Each word from his lips made you melt, and by the time you made it to the meadow, unpacking your lunch, you were already love drunk without a drop of wine.
"Would you like a cucumber sandwich?"
He hummed in response, marking a page in his book and setting it in his lap. You watched as the wind rustled through his graying hair, the sunlight almost making it appear to be a mix of glorious black and gold. He was far too young for his hair to be turning white, but you supposed after years of trauma it was natural.
You handed him his sandwich and he took a generous bite, his dark eyes wandering to admire the green grass and the glistening stream ahead. A soft click and a bright flash brought him out of his thoughts, his gaze turning to you.
"What do you think you're doing?" He asked sternly, the hint of a smile teasing the corners of his mouth. "Are you taking pictures of me?"
"I want to remember every moment with you," you defended, snapping another shot.
"With a muggle camera?" He bemused, a thick brow arched. "Where did you even get something like that?"
"I can't tell you all of my secrets, Sev. Then what would I have to tease you with?"
He rolled his eyes and leaned over to take the camera, looking it over quickly before pointing it at you. "Alright, sit there and look pretty then," he demanded. As he clicked the shutter, his sour expression melted into something soft and genuine. You recognized this strange phenomenon as admiration.
"Wait, let me pose," you demanded. "I wasn't ready. Okay...now!"
Severus laughed as you leaned back slightly, one hand propped under your chin and your other arm flourished dramatically as if you were dancing.
"Okay stop being cheeky, give me a smile."
You smiled slightly, dropping your hands to your lap.
"No. A real smile."
"Sev! I am smiling," you protested, grinning now with laughter.
"Alright," he huffed, setting the camera down. "How about you go pick some flowers and I'll put one in your hair? That would make a nice photo."
You were quick to your feet, bounding off with your summer dress flowing behind you, your bare feet in the wet grass.
Severus watched you from afar, nibbling on his sandwich until you returned with a bouquet of assorted wild flowers. He glanced down and spotted a lilac lily, and for the first time in his life he saw the flower without remembering her.
"I like the daisies and the fox glove. Hold those and lay down."
You furrowed your brows with a soft laugh but obliged, laying on the blanket with the requested flowers in hand. You watched him get out of his chair and carefully crouch beside you.
"Sev, doesn't that hurt?"
You pursed your lips and suppressed a chuckle, looking up at him with a humored gaze. He took the hand that held the flowers and carefully brought it to rest above your head.
"You look like a painting," he whispered. "Tilt your head a bit and look away."
"Okay now look at me and smile, my love."
He lowered the camera, a hand gently moving to unbutton the top buttons of your summer dress. You looked bashful as he made his intentions clear, your lace bra visible under the fabric of your open blouse.
"You're insufferable, Severus," you teased.
"I think you mean insatiable."
You howled with laughter as he took a few more photos, undeniably in love with him and his staunch sense of humor. When he leaned down to kiss you, you were still smiling, even more so when you felt his hand brush the hem of your skirt.
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Pairing: Severus Snape x reader
Requested by Anonymous
Summary: You help your husband relax...
I kept this fluffy, as I’ve written a lot of smut lately, and I apologize if you wanted smut
As soon as the door to your rooms shut, Severus’ entire body went slack.  He let the tension and stress of the week slump off of him, but only for a moment.  There was still so much work to do.  Severus sighed as he made his way to the desk in the corner of the sitting room, pulling exams that needed to be marked from the drawer.  After this stack of papers, Severus still had to draft the next exam, plan the curriculum for the next two weeks, make and submit a list to Albus of supplies he needed…the list went on and on and on and on.  
“Sev?” you called, emerging from the bedroom, your robe tied around your waist.  It was 8 o’clock in the evening, your husband had stayed in his office working himself to the bone, and seeing him sit down to do even more work made you frown.  “Hello, darling,” he greeted, not looking up from his papers.  “Sweetheart, you can’t keep working yourself this hard.”  “I have to, Y/N,” he countered.  “These papers need graded, I have to take inventory of my supplies, lessons need to be planned, I-”
“Shhh,” you silenced him, taking the quill from his hand, tucking the papers back into the drawer.  “Severus, enough.  You’ve been going nonstop for 14 hours, you’re going to exhaust yourself.”  “But there’s so much I still have to do.”  “And you don’t have to get it all done tonight, honey.”  Severus sighed, wanting nothing more than to crawl into bed at your side and sleep, but the work he needed to to demanded his attention.
“You can order your supplies tomorrow, you can grade these exams tomorrow, you can plan your lessons tomorrow.  Give the kids a study period, Merlin knows they need it.”  Severus nodded, seeing the truth in your words.  “You need to rest or you'll work yourself into an early grave.  And I’m not burying my husband because he couldn’t put his quill down.”  Severus was silent for a moment before nodding.  “Alright,” he said, and you smiled, bending to kiss his forehead.  
“Good.  Come with me, darling.”  Your husband let you help him to his feet and lead him into the bathroom, where a steaming tub waited.  “Did you have this ready?”  “I had a feeling,” you said, and Seveurs laughed softly.  Your husband let you undress him, the act nowhere near sexual, but gentle and intimate.  He then stepped into the tub and lowered himself into the water, sighing as his tense muscles relaxed.
When he reached for the body wash, you intercepted his hand, grabbing the bottle and washcloth yourself.  “Just lie back and let me take care of you, baby.”  Humming, Severus did just that, letting you bathe him.  You ran the soapy cloth over his arms and across his chest and abdomen, before lifting one leg at a time from the water to wash there.  You left the more intimate areas for Severus to clean himself, knowing that if you did, the evening would take a different turn, and your husband needed rest.
“Can you sit up for me, love?” you asked, and Severus did.  You took the pitcher resting on the lip of the tub, filling it with water and wetting your husband’s hair, his black tresses clinging to the back of his neck.  You squeezed his shampoo, which smelled like pine, into your palm and lathered it between your hands.  Severus let out a groan when you began washing his hair, your nails scratching gently on his scalp, relaxing him immensely.  A comfortable silence had descended on the two of you, the only words spoken being soft ones from you; asking Severus to tilt his head one way or another so you could rinse his hair.
“All clean,” you said, and Severus smiled, feeling light and drowsy, more relaxed than he’d felt in days.  He took your hands as he stood, shivering as he left the water’s warm embrace.  You dried Severus’ hair while he toweled off his body, smiling when you kissed the bridge of his nose.  A pair of clean pajamas sat folded on the counter, and you helped him dress before returning to the bedroom.
There was a fire crackling in the hearth, and Severus sighed happily as he laid down in bed, the sheets having had a warming charm cast on them.  You laid down at his side, pulling the covers over the two of you, opening your arms for him.  Your husband snuggled into your chest, finally letting himself relax.  “Thank you, Y/N,” he said, kissing you sweetly.  “I needed this.”  “Of course, Sev,” you responded, rubbing his back gently.  “I love you.”  “I love you too, darling.”  Severus cuddled closer yet, and before he knew it, he was asleep, snoring softly against your chest.
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Headcanons on Sev and Lucius for first time waking up in their arms? (first time spending the night essentially)
Waking up with Sev
A little awkward and not entirely sure what to do if he wakes up first so just lays there and doesn’t move, even if he’s in the most uncomfortable position he’s ever laid in
Can’t stop a sweet smile spreading across his face when you wake up and your eyes meet his
He looks so sleepy with puffy eyes and pink cheeks. Very soft and warm
Nose kisses and lots of cuddling
Strokes your hair
Wants to stay in bed with you all day, you practically have to drag him out if he has somewhere to be
And then at every chance he get a he daydreams about waking up next to you again
Waking up with Lucius
He would have you laid across his chest all night, and you wake up there with his arms still tight around you
When his eyes flutter open, he pulls you up onto the pillows where you can gaze at each other adoringly
He somehow still looks perfect in a morning; his hair doesn’t look as though it’s budged an inch out of place
Romantic whispers and soft little kisses
So cuddly. He’s practically glued to you
Orders breakfast in bed to be brought to the room - whatever you desire
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monster-energies · 12 hours ago
if you want blood, you got it
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
Tumblr media
pairing: severus snape/reader
summary:  you're staying at hogwarts for the christmas break, and what better way to spend it? by being with your lover severus snape. but when mother nature goes its own way, how would severus react?
warnings: this oneshot includes the following: 1. depictions of the reader being on her period, 2. mensturation, 3. implications of fainting
rating: teen and up audiences
ʚ♡ɞ please click here if you would like to be apart of my taglist
ʚ♡ɞ taglist: @insomniacaesthetic @eternal-silvertongued-prince @sevsssnape  @mirarenwick @diamondbitch116​ @mamawolfsmith16​ @nickangel13​ @a-queen-and-her-throne​ @deepperplexity​​ @amazingzou​
word count:   5185
this oneshot can be found on archive of our own
author’s note: the title’s namesake is from the song if you want blood, you’ve got it by ac/dc
HELLO !! i am back again,, this fic was a request from my fave girly @insomniacaesthetic​​ who requested:  reader is a 7th year slytherin student going to snape’s office to request to be excused from classes due to cramps 😩 but hers are so severe she collapses in sevys arms. he takes good care of her the whole day since he has a soft spot for her (lots of cuddles, massages, and forehead kisses PLS) until she feels better.
very happy to be writing this request for my bestie !! i LOVE writing for her and if you come across this fic in the tags,,definitely check out her ao3 and her tumblr because she is so talented !!!
reblogs and likes are very much appreciated,, i hope you enjoy this oneshot
Tumblr media
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
being severus snape’s girlfriend seemed to be a dream impossible to come true but for an extremely bizarre reason, that seemed to be the only thing you wanted in life.
you found yourself head over heels for your potions professor in your 5th year, hoping that it was a silly school girl thought.
but the more you spent time with him, the more you realized that severus was the man you wanted to be with him.
severus however never really took notice of you until he saw all the things that made you different from the rest, but not the sort in a cheesy muggle movie.
you were undoubtedly different.
you felt more than happy to stay with him and found yourself sad when you had to leave him, but after reciting to yourself in the mirror several times, you plucked up the courage to at least let him know of your feelings for him.
you knew it was wrong.
he knew it was wrong.
no student or teacher could know of your relationship with him, it was obvious that this relationship you had with severus had to be kept between you both.
today however, was probably the best time for you two to be alone. a vast majority of students had gone home for the christmas break, from the slytherin house though you were the only one staying at hogwarts.
as severus entered the main hall to inspect who would be staying, his eyes immediately darted over to the slytherin table, you were sat there reading a book. he looked to see the students walking off to their dorms.
you looked up to see severus standing there in his usual fashion, his eyes switched to yours immediately and in an instant he managed to make a note on a nearby piece of paper you had left.
the perks of wandless magic.
he walked off, leaving you to your business but then your saw the piece of paper form words.
meet me in my private chambers. i have something for you.
yours lovingly
severus snape.
you couldn’t help but smile to yourself at the note. you had always known severus to have the cold and menacing demeanour but whenever he found himself alone with you, he was gentle.
something you had never seen before, it was almost as if he was a different person. you guess you took the weight off his shoulders when you were with him.
you grabbed your things and headed off to the one place you could always escape to. you went down the spiral stairs and to the dungeons where next to the potions class was severus’ chambers. a place you had often found yourself at.
you opened the door and closed it with out anyone witnessing you, you found severus at his desk for once he looked peaceful, reading a book that you suggested to him. “hello love.” severus greeted.
he put the book down and you let the opportunity sink in, you approached him and pressed a chaste kiss to his lips.
“you were supposed to be with your family.” severus said.
“change of plans, my family decided to go to america.” you replied back.
“without you?” severus asked.
you could only nod.
he had known bits and pieces of you, you were born in quite a large family. so you didn’t get all the attention you so needed. your siblings had taken up quite a lot of hogwarts’ time and your family’s so unfortunately you found the least time for them.
hogwarts was undoubtedly your save haven and the one place you could call home.
“we were supposed to go to london this christmas…i planned it all.” you said.
you weren’t crying? over a stupid outing were you?
you quickly turned away to wipe away your tears, trying to keep a strong face in front of severus, you hated being weak.
“love, i’ll always be here. now, i was about to brew some potions, would you do me the honour of joining me y/n?” severus offered as he took your hand and held it softly.
“why i would love to join you severus.” you said, giving him the opportunity to follow him into his personal potions room.
you hadn’t been there before, so you had been very eager to see what it had look like. the moment you stepped in, you knew it had been just how you expected.
vials of ingredients on the bookshelf, all neatly ordered, potions equipment all hung up neatly on the wall and a cauldron right at the end.
“it looks so beautiful severus.” you said.
severus didn’t say a thing, your kind words were enough to silence him with wonder. he hadn’t ever crossed paths with a student such as yourself and while he never showed it, he was lucky enough to have done so.
“i was stocking on calming draught, some students would need it most.” severus said, handing you  a roll of parchment that had the instructions on it.
as you helped him create the potion, you couldn’t help but wrap your hand on his upper arm, to which severus didn’t hold back a smirk to only you could see. it was almost ethereal to watch him at work, and you got to see it first hand, not with other students such as yourself.
as you slowly let go, you brought to vials to severus so he could fill them all up. you put them in vial holder and with a wave of his wand, the cauldron was cleaned and put in its rightful place.
“i was hoping you’d stay here, you seem to enjoy my company.” severus said.
“obviously, and besides i love being here…with you.” you said, the words made severus almost speechless, other than you there was no student who would be willing to spend time with him.
except his slytherins of course.
you and severus sat by the lit up fireplace, you picked up a book that you were very quickly immersed in upon the first page.
he was sat on the armchair while you were sat on the dull patterned carpet, severus looked at how invested you were, but it looked like you needed a much more comfortable sitting place.
you looked up at severus and gave him a small smile, he took out his hand and you gently held it before he helped you up and let you sit on his lap.
“what are you reading love?” he asked.
you showed him a non fiction book that you picked up, which left him a little bit shocked, it had nothing to do with wizardry or potions, how did that end up on his bookshelf?
must have been one of his first years who forgot it.
your time with severus was quite peaceful, rarely disturbed and you could actually get on with some work when you had the chance.
but you felt off…
a tinge of pain hit your lower abdomen, you winced slightly as your hand went to your stomach. as that easily caught severus’ attention, he looked to you with a hint of worry.
“are you okay y/n?” severus asked.
now you couldn’t decide what to say, how were you supposed to explain such a personal process to severus?
“i’m fine severus.” you answered.
“are you sure?”
it didn’t hurt for him to ask, after all; severus would so anything to keep you safe and well.
“yes…can you give me a moment?” you said.
he didn’t refuse, you got off from him and went to the bathroom, as you had done so, you noticed a trail of blood down your leg, which sent your heart racing. your eyes widened as you panicked at the situation you found yourself in.
“sev!” you called whilst at the door. severus heard your call and approached the bathroom door but before he could open it, he heard the door lock.
“y/n, you’ve been gone for a while, are you sure everything is okay?” severus asked.
“yes i’m fine, i just…i need you to do something.” you answered.
“and what would that be?”
“i need you to go to my dorm.”
“yes. my dorm.”
severus wouldn’t ever go into the slytherin common room unless it was something essential, whether it be to make an announcement to the house or to have meetings with his students. why would he go there?
“is there something important in your dorm?”
well, that made things worse for the potions master…he had to go to your dorm.
“yes! i need you to get everything from the last drawer.”
rather specific of you to say, he felt as if he was trying to navigate himself through some sort of muggle game.
how many quests did he have to fulfil this time?
“the last drawer?”
“do i sound like a parrot to you?”
severus said nothing.
“oh and once you do, transfigure it into anything…anything but rats! i hate rats!”
transfigure? was it really that bad?
“be careful love.”
“yes okay, love you, now hurry up! please.”
severus sighed as he finished your conversation from the other side of the bathroom door, what could be important in the last drawer that you needed so desperately? he hoped you were okay, he was lucky to even be roaming around the slytherin common room whilst it was empty.
he found the dorm with the sign that you happened to make yourself, he opened the door and had a look around the room.
the first thing that came to mind was your wardrobe, severus knew that you couldn’t be roaming around school in your uniform, he picked out what looked to be some comfortable clothes for you and placed them to the ground.
after, he went to the last drawer, opening it up, he saw products that he hadn’t seen before. not that he didn’t feel embarrassed picking those sort of things up, however he couldn’t decide on which one to choose from. furrowing his brows, he picked up all of them and placed them by your clothes.
waving his wand, they transfigured into 2 cats; he left your dorm and the now transfigured cats followed him to his chambers.
once he arrived to his chamber, severus knocked on the bathroom door and left the cats on the step. when you opened the door, the 2 cats scurried in and slowly reversed back into inanimate objects; how did he know to even get you spare clothes?
he must have taken initiative, you then looked over to the boxes of pads all in varying sizes, he definitely couldn’t decide which one to choose from.
you couldn’t help but smile to yourself at how thoughtful he was, sure it was something as little as collecting something for you but you were grateful nonetheless.
once you had completed sorting yourself out, you saw severus at his desk idly marking assignments. and so you skipped along to him and hugged him from behind, you saw him smile to himself as he brought his free hand to yours.
“did you know that a kiss stimulates 29 muscles and chemicals that cause relaxation.” you said.
“have you been too immersed in that book?” he asked, but before he could even answer, the potions master was peppered in small quick kisses all over his cheek.
to say he wasn’t flustered was undoubtedly an understatement.
“what are you doing love?” he asked.
“stimulating my muscles.” you replied back with a giggle.
severus sighed softly to himself as he shifted to get a full glance at you and kissed you back.
“you should get some rest, its getting late.” severus suggested.
“can you come with me to bed…please?” you pleaded, giving him your best puppy dog eyes. severus couldn’t resist the look you gave him as he then got up and headed to the bedroom to pick out his pyjamas.
you smiled to yourself knowing you’d be in bed with him. you arrived just as he finished putting on his pyjamas, he slipped into the duvets and soon you joined him after. you found yourself instantly hit with a wave of exhaustion as you rested your head on severus’ chest and your hands wrapped around his middle.
you closed your eyes and fell asleep in the arms of your lover. severus had been reading a book to keep his mind away from the realities of being a potions professor, but was soon interrupted to you shooting up from his arms, completely out of breath.
“y/n? is everything okay?” severus asked, his brows furrowing with worry as you panted completely out of breath
“did you know that twelve percent of people dream in black and white?” you managed to utter out.
confusion was all severus could muster.
“you’re not getting a fever are you?” he asked placing his hand on your forehead, to check if you were showing any signs a sickness.
“well no but…did you know that?” you asked.
“know what?” he replied.
you rolled your eyes, and sighed.
“that twelve percent of people dream in black and white.” you repeated.
now coming to think of it, he didn’t know that. but now wasn’t the time to worry about whether he dreamed in  black and white or technicolour.
“love go back to sleep, you must be exhausted.” he said.
you pouted and rested your head back on severus’ chest. as you had done so, you couldn’t help but think of how you had weeks off from school, weeks with your lover that you couldn’t wait to cherish.
꒱࿐♡ ˚.*ೃ
the morning had arrived much quicker than anticipated. awakened by the wave of cold air that bestowed upon you, you slowly felt you eyes open
you looked over to the other side of the bed and assumed severus woke up before you, to which you assumed correctly.
you were never an early bird, if handed the opportunity to sleep in then you would take it.
but something prompted you to wake up at what looked to be 7:30 in the morning, then the worst happened, as you were about to get yourself dress you felt like you were drowning in something, you hands quickly pressed to your stomach as your eyes widened slightly.
the moment you looked over to the position where you laid, there was a red spot…
it looked like mother nature really wasn’t on your side today.
you grimaced to yourself as you slumped back into bed with the duvets over you.
“y/n…i brought you breakfast.” severus called, with the tray of breakfast in his hand he saw the duvets still over your body.
he put the tray to one side, slowly pulling the covers off and peppering your cheek with kisses.
you squirmed, trying your hardest not to laugh too hard before shifting to meet his eyes.
“sev…no offense or anything…but get off me.” you said with conviction.
severus’ brows furrowed, until he got his hands off you. your expressions very much had him puzzled, and your movements also.
“wait, no.” you muttered, immediately taking his hand back into your own.
it looked as if you didn’t want to get up from the bed, “love…is everything okay?” he asked.
“i’m fine, everything is great.” you replied back, your patience had been slowly dwindling.
“are you sure? do you need anything?” he asked again.
“no, no…i’m completely fine.” you said. severus had noticed you looked like you needed to be left alone, “i love you…do you know that?” severus assured.
“i love you too.” you said. you gave him a small smile before you watched him walk off.
as the door closed, you looked over to the breakfast and picked up the slices of toast. you were almost glad the breakfast was light, your appetite seemed to fade away with your patience.
the 2 slices of toast was just about as much as you could take, once you finished you got up only to realize….you instantly clutched at your stomach feeling the instant rush of pain from those awful cramps.
next thing you knew, you were instantly at the bathroom with the door slammed, you needed to get the pads, but all of a sudden you almost found yourself to dizzy to even try to grasp the box.
but once you reached the counter filled with products, you dropped.
that was the last thing that happened.
꒱࿐♡ ˚.*ೃ
he had been sorting his potions shelf for quite a long time, he almost had the potions aligned perfectly until he heard a huge thump from the other side of his chambers.
his brows furrowed and looked to the closed door, instantly rushing to open it and the to the bathroom door. “alohomora.” he said as he grabbed his wand and waved it to the now locked door.
as he opened the door, his eyes widened at the scene at hand. the items off the worktop and you were on the floor, and there was blood?
he panicked, your entire lower half of your body had been filled with patches of blood. he hadn’t been aware of any wizard activity, definitely not around in his chambers.
he most certainly couldn’t bring you to the hospital wing at this point, he knew you had plans to stay with him at hogwarts during christmas and if anyone had known that you were bleeding (quite heavily much to his concern) questions would be raised and his job, at risk.
he was almost lucky enough to find a pulse, thank merlin you weren’t dead.
“s…sev.” you murmured.
“y/n! merlin you’re awake.” he quipped up concerned that you had been bleeding heavily.
“who did this to you?” he asked.
you felt too warm.
the sweat began to drop, your body began to tighten like a knot.
“was there someone here?”
then the pain. that torturous pain rushing to your stomach.
“i’m…i’m on the period.” you revealed.
that was when the penny dropped.
severus blinked. periods? he’d almost forgotten how he had to deal with draco whinging about how pansy parkinson had to deal with excruciating cramps and the boy would do everything to help her, but at a cost.
“i’m sorry, i should have told you.” you muttered.
“darling you have no reason to apologize for such circumstances.” he said.
then another gush of pain hit you. you winced which caused severus to hold you closer to him.
“how about a bath…a nice warm bath, perhaps that could help.” severus suggested.
you only nodded, his grip tightening at the pain you’d felt.
“sev, the mess.” you whimpered.
“i’ll take care of it sweetheart.” he answered, kissing your forehead.
“could you allow me to remove your clothes?” severus asked, you nodded, perhaps a warm bath was just what you needed.
you allowed him to remove your clothing, and with a wave of his wand, the bath tap switched on and filled the bath, whilst that was going; severus had taken off each piece of clothing one by one, putting it to one side and putting your now cold body into the bath. as he was about to get somethings for you, you looked up to him in panic fearing that you’d be left alone.
“please stay.” you whimpered.
“of course love, i will.” he said. severus hung up his cloak, unbuttoning the sleeves of his dress cloak and rolling them up.
his hands at your hair after grabbing your favourite shampoo and massaging it into your scalp. you tilted your head back as your mind and body slowly relaxed in severus’ grasp. you had been quite stressed out the last few days, especially after your family left for america this christmas. so your period couldn’t have come at a better time.
as he was massaging the shampoo into your scalp, he noticed that your eyes had been battling sleep.
“would you like me to go for a bit love? so you can get yourself sorted?” severus offered. despite the bath being to your usual standards, he noticed that you look like you needed some time to yourself.
you nodded, “could you get me some spare clothes?” you asked.
“of course y/n.” severus replied.
much to his surprise, severus had been quite a patient man whenever he found himself with you. you seemed to have taken the edges off of his daunting and foreboding personality.
he was almost fortunate that he had you in his life. much like he did with another pair of eyes.
severus went over and grabbed another combination of clothing for you and placed the folded clothes neatly on the basket.
you thanked him before you let him go back to his usual routine. once severus closed the door, you found yourself closing your eyes at the hot water surrounding your body filled with pain.
you wanted to sleep, you could almost fall into a deep sleep at this moment, but you knew your cramps wasn’t going to let you do so.
after you found yourself a spark of energy, you cleansed off your body and let the blood go down the drain. you dried your body off with a towel and used your pads before getting into the clothes that severus got for you. you looked into the mirror, bringing the towel to your hair and drying it. you hadn’t given any attention to your appearance, but the further you looked into it, the more you got worried.
you left the bathroom and went to collect a hot water bottle, but you saw that red stain from earlier this morning, that would be a nightmare for either of you to clean out, before you could even think of getting any form of stain remover, severus had come in to check on you and saw your worried face upon seeing the leak.
he waved his wand and in an instant, the red spot had disappeared. you smiled awkwardly to severus as you found yourself crying once you sat at the edge of the bed.
“y/n? love what’s the matter?” severus asked.
your tears instantly dropped to your clothing, trying to conjure up a reason to why you would be so upset, but nothing came to mind.
“i feel silly.” you mumbled.
“love, this shouldn’t be something to feel guilty for…why didn’t you tell me this sooner?” he asked worriedly.
“i don’t talk about this stuff…not to anyone, i’m scared.” you answered.
“scared of what sweetheart?” he asked again.
“people...they’ll make fun of me.” you answered.
severus sat beside you and took your hand into his own but was instantly swatted away, but then you instantly regretted it and brought his hands to yours, squeezing them a little bit tighter than usual but severus didn’t seem to mind.
“you know that i’m not just anyone. y/n, you shouldn’t be ashamed of such a process. and frankly, i couldn’t be more proud of you…for coping with such things.” severus reassured, his thumbs stroking over your hands softly.
“you’re proud of me for doing the bare minimum.” you couldn’t help but laugh to yourself, severus couldn’t help but form a small smile at your laugh. to say that he was drawn to you was an understatement, you were wrapped around his fingers and couldn’t help but be more emotional than he usually would.
“love, i’m proud of you for being you.” he said. your tears began to flood and severus was quick to wipe away your tears and press kisses all over your forehead.
“come on my dear. there’s a muggle movie with your name on it with that tea you like, what do you say?” severus offered to you.
“now that is the perfect way to spend my christmas at hogwarts.” you replied, you both slowly got up and lead you out to his chambers.
“you never told me you watched movies.” you perked the courage to say.
severus then tapped into a small part of the wall and suddenly an old television had appeared, underneath a vcr tape player, that instantly turned on.
“vcr? god you’re so old sev.” you muttered playfully, severus took no offense to that.
“its what i grew up with. well, rather my mother.” he said.
it was truly perfect, severus was truly perfect to you.
you and severus always wanted this relationship between the two of you, and it was moments like that, you cherished so deeply.
you picked up a movie that you were familiar with and put the tape into the player, then sitting down on the small sofa that separated the chambers that severus had lived in.
“sev...hurry up, the movies started!” you whined, severus held back a small laugh and arrived by your side, he placed a tray beside you and then handed you the hot water bottle that you picked up from your bedroom.
severus then sat down, instantly giving you the opportunity to scoot slowly and lay down on severus’ chest.
as you both watched the movie, you could feel severus’ fingers in your hair slowly stroking at the strands, while his other hand was at your waist. you both sipped at your tea as you both watched the movie.
nothing but the noises of the movie surrounded you, you could take staying at hogwarts with severus any day. you loved being with severus, your mind drifted into the moments where you were alone with severus in class. having idle conversations and helping you with potions where it seemed fitting. those were the perfect days for you.
the more your mind drifted, the heavier your eyes were becoming. severus could sense you trying to fall asleep and in an instant, he waved his wand with his spare hand and whisked a blanket and pillow.
now that you could get some sleep even if it was on the sofa, you could only hope that today couldn’t get any worse.
꒱࿐♡ ˚.*ೃ
you woke up in an absolute panic.
the movie was over, but where was severus? you didn’t want to get up, and then that pain hit you the moment you attempted to move.
and there you sat, completely helpless. the worst part about periods was the pain, it was undoubtedly a nightmare come true.
you let out small sobs, which brought your lover’s attention. “y/n? sweetheart is your body aching…again?” he asked.
“everything hurts sev.” you whimpered. severus shot up and went to his shelves filled with potions, he knew that you needed one specific potion that would help ease all of these symptoms you were feeling.
“y/n, here! drink this.” severus said with the potion at hand.
when you attempted to try and reach for the vial, your hands didn’t stop trembling in the slightest. this made severus instantly take hold of your hands.
“can you tilt your head back and open your mouth?” severus asked. you nodded and did exactly as told.
opening the vial, he left a few drops in your mouth and once you swallowed the bizarre flavours that was severus’ potion, you found your self slowly calming down, the pain in your body not as severe as usual, the stomach cramps eased slowly and you found yourself slightly relaxed than usual.
“do you feel better?” he asked. you simply nodded.
you slumped into his arms as you just wanted these few days to simply go away and cease to exist.
you laid in his grasp, whinging over how everything has gone downhill because of this period.
“still hurts.” you murmured.
“what still hurts dear?” severus asked.
“cramps.” you answered, putting in little to no effort in your responses.
severus had thought of everything he could possibly do, even then you still felt pain.
“would you like a massage?” severus offered.
you perked up at his suggestion, you nodded at his request. his hand slowly rubbing at you’re your lower stomach, and with that you found yourself slowly getting better. your tense body was now at ease, from all the womanly pains you had to endure…for the time being.
“you must enjoy me looking after you hm?” severus said.
your cheeks seemed to heat up at those words, nodding at his question. severus didn’t seem to mind, he loved to look after you, whether it was a minor inconvenience or a severe event, he would always help you out whenever you wished.
“feeling any better love?” severus asked.
“yeah. a little bit.” you replied.
severus then put his legs up on the sofa with you scooting once more to his chest and laying there as his hands comforted your body.
“sev, you won’t leave me right?” you asked. severus looked down to you with his brows furrowed.
“why on earth would you ever think of such a thing? of course not.” he replied.
“i know you won’t, but sometimes…sometimes i feel like there’s going to be something or someone that will split us apart.” you admitted.
you knew what you were signing up for and the feelings of getting caught always seemed to linger in both your minds, but as long as you made severus happy and he made you happy; you were inseparable.
alongside your fears of abandonment and loneliness, it was not foreign of you to ask severus of such things, especially when you had a rough day. you looked up at him wanting an answer from him, even though you knew well what the response would be.
“you mean so much to me love. all the days where you are at my classroom, when we’re alone and you tell me about your day. do you know how much i love that?” he said.
“you must like it a lot.” you said and to which he agreed.
“i love you y/n. and you only.” severus said.
“i love you too sev.” you replied back, severus pressed a kiss to your forehead before you laid back down on his chest, his heart beating slowly as you found yourself closing your eyes once more.
“when all of this is over…come and live with me.” severus said.
that seemed to get your attention. “okay.” you murmured.
“that’s it? just yes. no convincing.” severus asked.
“i’ll be here wherever you go sev.” you answered.
“love…is that the potion talking?” he asked again.
this made you giggle slightly and you shook your head. “no really…i’d love to move in with you, when i leave hogwarts.” you said.
severus’ lips perked to a small smile. but then his mind seemed to linger, would he want to take you somewhere as miserable as spinners end?
you looked over to him and you could instantly read him, he looked worried.
“we’ll figure it out sev…together.” you said.
you were right, you’d work it out soon. but his attention quickly landed on you when you whinced slightly.
“now…i can’t seem to leave my girl famished in his hour, what do you say to a spot of dinner?” severus offered.
“that seems like a lovely idea severus.” you said, sitting up and pressing a kiss to his lips.
it was in that moment where you realized…
perhaps the break won’t be that bad after all.
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yan-senna · a day ago
Friendship with the Potions Master (Severus Snape x Slytherin student! reader)
By yan-senna
Other links to the story: Wattpad / AO3
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Author’s note:
Surprise! Did you really think I would end the story like that? Here is the actual end of Friendship with the Potions Master! This chapter is 2.5k words long. I hope you enjoy!
Chapter 1 / All chapters
Three Months Later (chapter 40 - the end)
TW: Age gap (Y/N is 18 years old)
It’s been three months since the war ended.
Y/N got Exceeds Expectations in all her subjects in her NEWTS. Severus couldn’t be more proud.
She also got her internship - she will start next month. He knew she could do it.
As for Draco, the boy still has no idea what he wants to do. He has been thinking about teaching Alchemy at Hogwarts…
But first, he has to focus on his wedding. He will get married to Pansy Parkinson next week.
Draco can’t express enough how happy he is. He’s sending a letter to his Godfather almost every day, stating how happy he is and how he can’t wait for everyone to be at his wedding.
He has even invited Potter and his friends, saying it’s merely to show truce. Well, nonetheless, the Gryffindors have accepted the invitations.
Speaking of letters, Y/N sends Severus letters every day. And he replies to every single one of them.
He always gets so happy when her brown owl knocks on his window, nuzzling his arm before stretching out its leg for Severus to grab his letter.
Y/N has come to visit him quite often together with Draco. However, this time, he has invited her and only her.
He needs to finally tell her. He can’t take it anymore, he might go insane if he never tells her how he feels.
At this point, he doesn’t care if she will be disgusted with him. He really needs to tell her, to say it out loud for her to hear.
He just hopes it won’t ruin their friendship… He hopes she will still want to see him, not cutting him out of her life.
A few seconds later, a knock on the door can be heard. Severus takes a deep breath. It’s now or never. He has to do this.
He slowly walks towards the door, opening it. As he does so, he’s met by Y/N smiling, her owl on her shoulder.
“Severus! I missed you so much!” she exclaims, hugging him tightly.
The owl flies off her shoulder in time, hooting happily.
Severus can’t help but chuckle, immediately hugging her back. “I missed you too, Y/N” he admits.
He then sighs. Can he truly do this?
“Severus?” she asks, looking worried.
Clearing his throat, Severus gestures for her to sit down on the couch. She immediately does so.
“Y/N, I have to tell you something… But before I do so, please don’t yell at me. I understand if you will never wish to see me again, but please just… listen” he begs, pacing around. He can’t sit down, he’s too nervous to do that.
Looking even more worried, the girl merely nods. Severus then continues.
“There’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you for such a long time… You see, I have been in denial. I have just been too afraid to admit it” he says, thinking how to word this.
Should he just blurt it out? How in Merlin’s name do you confess your feelings to someone?
He takes a deep breath. “Y/N, I…” he says, trailing off.
There’s no going back now.
“I love you, Y/N. I love you so much, with all my heart. I have for such a long time. And I don’t mean as friends, I mean as… more. I know this is inappropriate, considering not long ago you were my student, and also the fact that I am twenty years older than you, but I do. I really do love you. I understand that you don’t love me back as you love someone else, I understand if you are disgusted with me right now. But please know that I just had to tell you, I would go insane if I didn’t. If you agree, we can stay friends… If you wish to never see me ever again, I promise I won’t ever bother you…” he says, finally confessing his feelings.
He doesn’t dare to look at her. He’s afraid of what he would see if he did. Hatred? Disgust? Betrayal?
He hears her rising from the couch. Severus closes his eyes. What is she going to do? Storm out of here? Slap him?
However, she does neither.
She instead wraps her arms slowly around him from behind, hugging him close to her.
Severus blinks a few times. She isn’t angry?
Fidgeting with her cauldron necklace, Y/N steps in front of him, looking into his eyes.
All he sees is love.
Biting on her lip, she gives him that shy smile he loves.
“I love you too, Severus… I thought you could never love me back” she admits.
That surprises Severus. Did she just say that?
“Y-y-you… You love me? You love me back?” he whispers, looking bewildered.
Y/N nods. “I have for a long time… Remember at the Yule Ball when Draco whispered something to me?” she asks.
Severus nods immediately. Of course he remembers.
“He asked me if I fancy you… I said yes” she confesses.
Severus blinks away his tears. All this time, he has been the one she loves?
“I don’t love someone else, Severus. You are the one I love. You are what I smelled in the Amortentia potion. I was just afraid to tell you, I thought you only saw me as a friend. I was afraid you would hate me” she admits.
Severus chuckles, letting his tears fall. All this time, they have both loved each other… And both being too afraid to tell the other one.
“And by the way, my Patronus is an owl. A brown owl” Y/N suddenly says. Her owl hoots happily at that.
That startles Severus. He had forgotten that the owl was there.
She then retrieves the handkerchief that he gave her in her third year, wiping away his tears.
He smiles at her. Yes, Severus Snape is smiling.
“My Patronus changed… into a brown owl. And I smelled you in an Amortentia potion as well” he confesses.
Y/N smiles back, letting her tears fall down her cheeks. Severus wipes them away with his thumb, resting his forehead on hers.
He then gently grabs her hands in his, slowly bringing them to his lips before kissing them. That makes Y/N blush but also smile more than ever.
They both look into each other’s eyes before leaning even closer. Severus puts his hands on her waist while she wraps hers around his neck.
His neck is fine now, there are however still a few scars. Severus hopes she won’t mind that. He has a feeling she won’t, which calms him down.
Their lips then meet.
Severus is overwhelmed with emotions. He finally gets to kiss her. They kiss each other slowly and passionately, Y/N on her tiptoes.
Once they both need air, they reluctantly pull away, however still having their hands on each other. They are both breathing heavily, faces flustered.
Y/N gives him a bright smile. She seems to be admiring his pink cheeks.
She then rests her head on his chest. His hands travel from her waist to her back, gently rubbing. He kisses the top of her head as they both cherish the moment.
“So… What does this mean?” she asks after a while, breaking the comfortable silence.
Severus smiles, his lips still on the top of her head. “I believe this means we can be together… If you wish to give it a chance” he tells her, hoping she will say yes.
“I would love to. I would love to spend the rest of my life with you, Severus Snape” Y/N says, smiling as well.
“And I with you, Y/N Y/L/N” he says as he kisses her right cheek.
The owl hoots happily, seeming thrilled to have witnessed this.
Suddenly, they hear someone yell.
“Ha, I knew it! You owe me, Mother!” a voice exclaims smugly.
They both immediately recognise that voice.
Using wandless magic, Severus opens the door. At the doorframe is Draco, Narcissa, Lucius and… McGonagall?
“Oh, hello, Severus, Ms. Y/L/N” the new Headmistress of Hogwarts says, greeting the two.
They both however can’t help but notice the satisfied look on her face.
“Um, hi…” Y/N shyly says. Severus’ hands are still on her back. She doesn’t seem to mind that, though.
“What are you four doing here?” Severus questions, raising an eyebrow.
Lucius sighs. “Well, Severus… I just found out today that my wife and son have made a bet. With my money” the man mutters, glaring at his family.
Narcissa rolls her eyes while Draco smirks.
“Indeed? About what?” Severus asks.
Narcissa clears her throat. “Oh, simply just when you two lovebirds would finally confess each other’s feelings… I honestly expected you to do that right after the war” she says, crossing her arms.
Severus blinks a few times. Did they seriously bet that?
“Did you know, Narcissa?” Severus asks, not hiding his shock.
McGonagall chuckles. “Severus, dear, I believe everybody knew… You would have to be a fool not to” she says, smirking at them.
Lucius snorts. “I can’t argue with that, McGonagall… It was quite obvious. Why else would Severus have convinced the Dark Lord that Ms. Y/L/N shouldn’t take his mark?” he asks, shaking his head as he chuckles.
Y/N looks at Severus, surprised.
Severus clears his throat. “I merely didn’t want her to endure any pain…” he mutters.
“Right, if you say so. I’m just glad that I won the bet - though, I was starting to get worried that you would never confess to each other” Draco says, shrugging.
Severus rolls his eyes. Right… The spoiled boy just wanted his money.
“Albus and I made a bet, too… He sadly can’t get his galleons. Well, at least his portrait will be pleased that he won” McGonagall says, giving a sad smile.
“… You and Albus bet?” Severus asks, looking at her in disbelief. How long have they known?
“Indeed we did. Did you really think we never noticed how often she stayed behind class?” she points out, smirking.
“Well, now to the most important question - when is YOUR wedding?” Draco asks, looking smug.
Y/N and Severus look at each other. Severus then gets an idea.
“What would you say about a double wedding? Or does the spoiled teenager want all the attention he can get?” he taunts Draco.
The boy huffs at that. “Of course not. I would love it if we had two weddings in one day. That is if you agree to get married in the Manor” he states.
Everybody looks at Severus and Y/N. They don’t hesitate with their answer.
“We would love to” they both say in unison, smiling.
A week later, it’s time for the big day. Everyone’s gathered at Malfoy Manor, ready to witness the two weddings.
First up is Draco and Pansy Parkinson. They both look so happy.
Thank Merlin the Dark Lord was defeated. Otherwise, it could have been Draco and Y/N right now.
It would feel more like a funeral rather than a wedding.
Severus has agreed to be the one to help them with their wedding vow.
Draco and Parkinson hold each other’s hands as Severus points his wand at their combined hands.
“Will you, Draco Lucius Malfoy, take Pansy Parkinson as your wife?” Severus asks.
Draco looks at his bride, smiling. “I do” the boy says.
“And will you, Pansy Parkinson, take Draco Lucius Malfoy as your husband?” he asks as he looks at the girl.
She smiles as well. “Yes, I do” Parkinson says.
A golden light covers their hands for a few seconds before sparkles evolve them.
“You are hereby a married couple” Severus declares.
Everybody cheers as the newly married couple kiss. Lucius smiles proudly while Narcissa wipes away her tears with her handkerchief.
It’s then Severus and Y/N’s turn.
They both walk to the spot Draco and Parkinson stood at a moment ago. Severus is wearing a black suit. He’s not used to wearing something else than his teaching robes and cloak, but he’s not complaining.
He can’t help but admire Y/N. She’s wearing a long, white dress. It looks beautiful, but not as beautiful as the girl wearing it.
Lucius approaches them, having agreed to marry them.
Y/N gently grabs Severus’ hand. Smiling at their combined hands, Severus gently squeezes hers before they turn their attention to Lucius.
“Today, we are gathered here to witness yet another wedding. The couple is none other than my friend, Severus Snape, and my son’s best friend, Y/N Y/L/N. It is an honour to marry these two” the blonde-haired man says before pointing his wand at their combined hands.
In the front seats are Draco, Pansy Parkinson- well, Pansy Malfoy, Narcissa, McGonagall, Crabbe, Goyle, Zabini.
And Y/N’s father. Right now, the man isn’t showing any emotions. He had been rather reluctant to let his daughter get married, so Severus is surprised that he even showed up.
On the wall right next to McGonagall is Albus Dumbledore in one of the paintings. The man is smiling.
Behind McGonagall are the Trio and other Gryffindors.
Meanwhile, on Y/N’s left shoulder is her owl.
“Will you, Severus Tobias Snape, take Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N as your wife?” Lucius asks as he looks at his friend.
He doesn’t hesitate at all. “Yes, I do” Severus says, caressing Y/N’s hand with his thumb.
“And will you, Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, take Severus Tobias Snape as your husband?” Lucius asks as he looks at Y/N.
The girl smiles. “I do” she says.
“I hereby pronounce you husband and wife” Lucius declares as a golden light covers their hands, sparkles evolving them.
The owl hoots happily, basking its wings in excitement.
Everybody cheers, standing up from their seats. Severus and Y/N notice that even Y/N’s father is cheering, having tears in his eyes.
Severus never thought he would witness that.
Severus then looks at Y/N. All he sees when he looks into her eyes is love. He can’t help but smile at that, not caring that he’s in public.
“I love you, Severus Snape” Y/N says, giving him a bright smile.
“And I love you, Y/N Snape” he says, his forehead resting on hers.
They then seal their marriage with a kiss.
Severus hears Potter and Draco whistle, but he ignores it.
Right now, all that matters is Y/N.
They will live in Spinner’s End together for the rest of their lives. Severus will love YN every day, respecting her, appreciating her.
He will never regret confessing his feelings. It’s the best decision he has ever made in his entire life.
What started with a friendship between the Potions Master and his student ended up being love for a lifetime.
Author’s note:
This is it, this is the actual end!
Thank you all so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed the story! And I hope you like the ending!
If you have any requests, such as requests for one shot ideas of Friendship with the Potions Master, let me know! 😇
Also: Thank you all so much for the likes and reblogs as well as comments/replies! I really appreciate it🥺
Fun fact: This series was originally supposed to be a mini series of 7 chapters, each chapter a year! I quickly realised I had too many ideas to do that lol🤭
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strawwritesfic · 2 days ago
Severus Snape x Female!Death Eater!Reader: Steps [Part 2 of ?]
Summary: There is no such thing as a silver lining.
Rating/Warnings/Tags: T (arranged marriage; fantasy racism; verbal abuse; continuation of a ludicrous premise for a Harry Potter fan fic; set during Half-Blood Prince)
Challenge: "115 Words" challenge by BonitaWolfSpirit on Lunaescence Archives.
Tag List: @imaginesfire; @anfre109
Part 1
“Why were Narcissa and Bellatrix here today?”
The sitting room had grown dark in the hours since they left, but you knew the remaining black shape in the center was your “beloved” husband. He did not allow Pettigrew out of his chambers without permission, after all, and who else would be lurking about so long after sunset? Leaning against the doorway that led to the kitchen, you saw Snape shift on the couch. His beady eyes flashed in the dim light that came from the candle in your hand. Had he been sleeping all that time? No, his voice was not thick with dreams when he answered:
“I fail to see how their business is any of yours.”
“I am the woman of this house. Business that goes down inside it is my business,” you said as you strode into the room.
His sneer was a predictable as the phases of the moon. After a year of seeing that expression so often, it still annoyed you, but no longer drew you into a blind rage. Very little made you that upset anymore. The fire of your anger had blown into cold ashes. Though the Death Eaters had seen many victories of late, time had not been so kind to you.
“And what a woman you are,” said Snape. “A real woman of the house would have been here to greet them herself. Narcissa would have, had the roles been reversed.”
Your cheeks went dark. Narcissa Malfoy was not a Death Eater. She had a life so different from yours that imagining living it was impossible. Snape meant to rile you up, that was all, and you would not give him the satisfaction. It was one of the few pleasures left to you in life to deprive him of his.
“I was on patrol,” you returned. “While you were playing happy hostess, I nearly got caught by Shackelbolt. Not that you’ll care, I expect.”
“You are correct in assuming I do not.”
He kept his gaze carefully away from your face. You had no delusions that seeing the painful effects of your duel with the auror bothered him. It was only that if he could pretend you were not in the room with him, he would. Too bad for him that you had no intention of playing along with him that evening.
“What did Bellatrix and Narcissa want?” you asked again, thrusting the candle into his greasy face. If he burst into flames right then and there, burned into a soot stain on his ugly furniture, you wouldn’t have minded.
Before he could, Snape killed the flame with a lazy flick of his wand, and plunged you both into further darkness.
“How do you know that they were here at all?” he asked
“Pettigrew told me.”
“Ah. Keeping track of the Dark Lord’s nosy castoffs is much more difficult when I have so many living in my home.”
“Dammit, Snape, if you don’t tell me, I’ll—”
“Kill me?” He raised a single eyebrow, then stood. “I don’t think so. A spy is still needed at Hogwarts, and who would replace me? You? You wouldn’t last a day around the likes of Dumbledore. Not when you can’t even win a duel against one Auror.”
“Kingsley Shacklebolt is not just an Auror,” you snapped as Snape walked toward the kitchen. “I gave as good as I got. You’re not really risking your neck when the old fool trusts you, are you?”
Snape stopped with his back still toward you. Heart hammering in your throat, you wrapped your free hand around the wand in your pocket. There would be no repeat of your wedding night if you could help it, even though you’d been spoiling for a rematch ever since. You would teach your husband—whose loyalties no one could ever truly be sure of—to call you a castoff and a lover of blood traitors if he would just give you half the chance.
When he turned his head to look at you, however, it was not to cast a spell, but to answer your question. “The information won’t help you anyway. Bellatrix was here, yes, but only incidentally. It was Narcissa that begged for my help, and that she will receive.”
Your eyes narrowed despite the disappointment you felt over having nothing to report on Bellatrix. “What kind of help?”
Again came his cold smile. “I am touched,” he pressed a hand to his heart, “that you care, but it is a trivial matter. When Draco fails, as you know that he will, I will kill Albus Dumbledore.”
Over the months since you had married him, you had endured much from and because of Severus Snape. Your fellow Death Eaters—Bellatrix especially—made no secret of their disdain for you and your husband. He might have left you alone for most of the year to teach at Hogwarts, but still you saw him at meetings where he showed you no more respect than the rest. From your lofty position of trusted servant, you had fallen to the lowest of Death Eaters. Even Peter Pettigrew claimed more honor than you. And for what? A man determined to mock you at every opportunity.
“You think I lie?” he asked softly.
“You will not bite a hand that feeds you. Why do you wish to protect Bellatrix so?”
“Bellatrix,” he said, “can protect herself. You, on the other hand…”
“So can I!”
“Hm. Judging by the sores Shackelbolt left you with, I don’t believe you. When the time comes—and it will come—I suggest you run. The Order will come here first, and so will he.”
With that, Snape took his leave. You stood in the black study with your heart racing. The danger was obvious. If Draco was to kill Dumbledore and not Snape, the Dark Lord would take no pleasure in his plans being thwarted. Your husband was among his most trusted Death Eaters, yes, but you were no longer. If the Dark Lord believed you to be involved, you would pay with more than just your life. The Order would not be any more merciful. And yet…
And yet no one could beat Albus Dumbledore in a duel. Not you, not Lord Voldemort, not Harry Potter, and certainly not Severus Snape. This was a step in the right direction. You had been warned, and so could plan ahead. All you had to do was bide your time, and maybe—maybe—you could put an end to this miserable chapter in your life. If not? Oh, well. It was not much of life anymore anyway.
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truebelieversworld · 4 months ago
To my late night scrollers, the ones that are just like me, looking for comfort and love, acceptance and a way to escape.
We all have the thing that helps us, for many of us on this site it's fanfiction. Whether it be hurt/comfort, noncon, a/b/o, friends to lovers or even the one bed trope, everyone has the fics that help us through, with the characters we dream about that make us feel loved, appreciated, wanted.
They're here, waiting for you, ready to see what adventures they're in for tonight. Ready to be your comfort, your friend, your shoulder to cry on. What will you two do tonight? They're so excited, maybe they're waiting with bated breath, ready to meet you all over again, to fall for you again, ready to relive that favorite story, you're happiest moments.
They're there, arms open, smile wide, ready for you. You're their favorite character, their favorite part of the day.
I hope you're scrolling tonight goes well, that you get what you need. I hope that tomorrow is better then today and that at some point, you wake up and don't need the comfort as much, that it's not a need anymore.
From the girl on Tumblr who wishes she could give every single one of you the love and comfort you deserve. Remember, your comfort character believes in you, and so do I.
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rickmandowneyjr · 4 months ago
Can I request a snape x reader. With the trope of hidden family but humor fluff. See I love any fic where Minerva helps snape get into a relationship but the trope of 'your married and didn't tell me?!!!' will always hold a special place in my heart. Could you imagine the look of slight fear in his face when the reader makes an appearance at an ootp meeting because now things will go to shit and he knows he's fucked (insert I'm in danger meme) . Lmaoo
'yeah so severus told me for like the first 5 months he worked alone and had 0 colleagues. And before you ask :yes I would have loved to have you for the wedding but someone told me you were probably to busy'
'darling your making this so much worse,,, what happened to the vow to protect one another'
'yeah no offense severus but the angry Scottish lady might fulfill the' death do us apart right now'
And Minerva is just like :I'm not talking to you severus 😠😔😔😠, to you (reader) however 🥰🥰🥰💓💓💓you may tell me everything.
(he gets her catnip to apologize)
I'm Sorry... His What?!
Fluff Pairing: Severus Snape x Wife!Reader Warning: implied smut(?), established relationship, Sev might be too cute to handle Word count: 2250 A/N: I loved writing this although it took me some time. I loved the lines you gave me and wanted to work them into the story naturally. I scrapped a lot of different drafts before finally writing this, so I hope you enjoy it, anon! :)
Tumblr media
"Minerva, for the millionth time... I. Am not. Interested," Severus declared, walking through the door of Grimmauld Place. "What are you doing here, anyway? You hardly ever attend meetings."
"But why not?" She pouted. This was the third woman that Severus had rejected... this month. "As for your question, Albus said we have a new member joining the Order. A young witch, apparently," she answered.
"Wonderful," he rolled his eyes. "The young ones are always a little too enthusiastic for my liking," he scoffed, "It's like they've joined a club for afterschool activities."
They entered the meeting room which was already full of the Order members. Taking a seat, Minerva continued her attempts at persuading Severus to at least meet the woman before rejecting her.
"I'm not looking for someone," he informed. "I'm quite content as I am, thank you."
Just as she was about to speak, Dumbledore entered and Severus thought, 'Thank, Merlin. I've never been happier to see the man.'
Dumbledore spoke, talking about the newest witch to join them and Severus simply stirred his tea, uninterested in the introduction. As he took a sip, Dumbledore said, "Please welcome, [Y/N] Snape," and Severus spit out the tea, hitting the back of Sirius' head with it. Everybody turned to face him and he sunk lower in his chair, covering his face with one of his hands.
As you walked in, everyone turned back in your direction and Sirius asked, "Is she a distant relative, Snivellus?" He turned back to him and teased, "Because if she's a sibling, I might actually feel sorry for you since all the good-looking genes went to her."
Sirius Black. You'd heard all about the man from Severus but wanted to form an impression for yourself. Considering the fact that the first sentence he'd said in front of you had been to insult your husband, it wasn't a good one. With a clearly forced smile, you spoke up.
"His wife, actually," you said, and Sirius snapped his head toward you so quickly that you worried he might have injured himself.
"I'm sorry," he said, looking absolutely shocked, "-his what?!"
You furrowed your brows, wondering why he was so shocked. You'd never met any of them, but they were practically acting like they didn't know Severus was married. It took a moment, but it hit you as you observed the look on everyone's faces. You looked at Severus who was sweating profusely, refusing to look his left, where a woman - who you guessed was Minerva - was glaring at him.
His eyes finally met yours, a small smile appearing on his face even though he knew he was royally screwed. He could practically feel Minerva's stare burning into his skin, but when he saw you, it all just disappeared. You offered him a sheepish smile, mouthing an oops. Suppressing a blush at how adorable you were, he sighed before finally facing Minerva, and said, "Well now you know why I keep saying I'm not interested."
You walked over to Severus who didn't actually have an empty seat next to him since he wasn't keen on the chirpy, new recruit sitting next to him. That was before he knew it was you, though. He immediately shifted his chair and pulled a chair between McGonnagal and himself, simultaneously using you as a shield. Minerva's face softened as you sat between the two, looking extremely tense. You turned to face her and offered her an awkward yet warm smile which she kindly returned.
The others were giving Snape a confused look, but he didn't care enough to explain. The only person he did care to explain to, didn't look like she'd listen right then. So, he decided that he'd wait it out. The meeting commenced, and Dumbledore had a very pleased smile, knowing what he had done.
Through the course of the meeting, Minerva stopped glaring at Severus, her gaze studying you instead. She started off by asking you if you felt comfortable or needed anything. You were a little nervous considering how mad she was, but she assured you that it was Severus who she was cross with, not you. As the meeting went on, you felt more comfortable around her even though you hadn't actually conversed.
With the meeting finally coming to an end, Minerva immediately chirped with excitement over getting to know you. You giggled softly as the adorable woman poured you another cup of tea (she poured you the first one during the meeting). As you took a sip, she asked, "So, [Y/N], tell me about yourself."
Severus put his hand on the small of your back as you drank and said, "Well, she's-"
"You had more than enough time to tell me about her but you didn't, so keep that mouth shut while I talk to her, now!"
Severus' mouth closed instantly and you choked back a laugh at his reaction. He sank in his chair, fiddling with his wand as he eyed you. He mumbled so softly that even you could only barely hear it, even though you were seated right next to him. "It's like I'm back in school all over again. She's scolding me like a teacher," he complained, and you giggled.
"Well, I'm from Ilvermorny. I was only here on some work four years ago when I met Severus."
"Oh. So, how did you two end up together," she enquired.
"Well, we spent some time together - and I mean I pestered Severus to show me around - and a friendship developed. A year later, I asked him out and he said yes. And six months into the relationship, he proposed, to which, I said yes." A smile had appeared on your face as you told the story, which was mirrored on Minerva's face. It slowly faded as a realisation dawned upon her. She quickly shifted her gaze to Severus, giving him a deathly stare as she asked you, "Did you just say that you've been together for over three years?"
"Yes, nearly four actually. Our third marriage anniversary was last month," you informed.
"Merlin! It's just struck me that there was a wedding!" She said as her eyes found yours again. "I missed Severus' wedding!"
"Well, even though I learned of your existence only a month before our wedding - he had me convinced that he had no colleagues at work, which, given his tendency to not mingle, didn't seem unbelievable till I saw a letter from you, actually - I really wanted you to be there since he told me all about you," you said fondly. "He told me you were busy, though now I realise he never asked."
Severus finally sat up straight, leaning in close to your ear as he murmured, "[Y/N], my dear, the love of my life, you're making this so much worse. Whatever happened to our vow to protect each other?" He reminded, sounding frantic as he hid behind you.
You found this situation quite hilarious and joked, "No offence, darling, but Minerva looks livid, and I think she'll be fulfilling the 'till death do us part' clause of our vows."
Minerva let out a laugh at that and the two of you continued chatting as you told her various stories of your time with Severus. He, however, was not given the opportunity to speak since Minerva was mad at him right up until the two of you took your leave, excusing yourself for the evening.
As you entered your home at Spinner's End, Severus took off his robes, leaving him in his dress shirt and slacks as he said, "You know, I love you, but I'm very mad at you."
"What did I do? I didn't think people didn't know you were married. If anything, I should be the one mad at you," you mumbled.
You were standing in front of the mirror, readying yourself for bed when he walked up behind you. "I just assumed everyone knew since Dumbledore did," you said as you eyed him in the mirror.
"He didn't know," he stated, unbuttoning the top two buttons of his shirt.
"Well, he deserves an award for that acting, then," you said, recalling your conversation with the elder wizard.
"You never even mentioned the Order to me," he said, prompting you to tell Severus the whole exchange:
Sitting in the headmaster's office, you were sucking on a lemon drop as he said, "[Y/N]... Snape, you say?"
"That's correct. I realise we've never met but Severus has told me about you. Of course, I also knew of you before that," you chuckled awkwardly. "He's told me how you mentored him and it truly is an honour to meet you."
The man looked a little confused as he narrowed his eyes at you. "I would've loved to have you and Miss McGonnagal at the wedding, but Sev said you were busy. I understand, of course," you rambled nervously.
There was a twinkle in the man's eyes as he heard that and said, "Ah, yes. I've been waiting for Severus to introduce us. Why don't you come to the Order meeting tomorrow."
You nodded happily and he added, "Don't tell Severus. I'm sure he'd enjoy the surprise."
As you finished retelling the incident to him, Severus sighed and mumbled, "That sly old bastard," and you chuckled.
"It's not that bad to be associated with me, is it?" You teased.
"You know that's not it at all," he assured you even though he knew you weren't being serious.
"I don't see the problem, then. You don't have to hide it anymore. That must be a little relieving, right?"
"Yes, but then now that everyone knows, I'm going to have to share you," he said as he wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you back into his chest. "I liked having you and all your time.." He placed a kiss on your shoulders and up your neck, speaking in between kisses as he said, "All. To. Myself."
You giggled as he lifted you and carried you off to the bedroom, showering you with kisses as he did.
It was the next week and Minerva was still cross with Severus about having kept your relationship a secret. That morning, you had spoken to Severus and he was sure he would win Minerva over, today.
He knocked on her office door, entering when she asked him to come in. She rolled her eyes on seeing him and said, "I'm still upset. Try again tomorrow, maybe."
"I understand that I've upset you but I feel like I should explain why I did it." He took a deep breath and continued, "Every good thing in my life has been taken away. I guess, in a way, I was trying to prevent that. It's silly, but I just thought-" He sighed, "I thought if I didn't officially declare that I was happy, the universe wouldn't take it away from me."
Minerva's gaze softened as she looked at him sympathetically while he stared at the floor. Before she could say something, he looked up and spoke.
"I have something for you as an apology," he said, pulling a bag of catnip from behind him to lighten the mood. He didn't miss the hint of a smile that Minerva let slip accidentally before returning to her frown.
"Do you really think this makes up for lying to me for three years?" She asked. She was no longer mad at him, but she wouldn't let him know just yet. Especially with him joking, she knew he was fine.
"No. Which is why-" he said revealing another bag, "I have this." He smirked as Minerva cracked a smile, feeling a little relieved.
"Though amusing, it still doesn't make up for it," she said, shifting her attention to the papers she was grading.
"I thought as much," he sighed, setting the bags down on a chair. "Thankfully, I have one last thing. I saved the best for last, so if this doesn't work, I'm at your mercy."
Severus stepped closer to her desk, his hands gripping the edge of the desk nervously as he spoke. "I received some rather good news this morning," he started.
"Did you now?" Minerva asked in an amused tone, not looking up from the papers she was grading.
"Yes," he continued. "[Y/N] and I," he paused, taking a deep breath before continuing, "We're pregnant, and I wanted you to be the first to know..."
Minerva's hand stopped writing and she was absolutely still as her eyes shot up to meet Severus'. When she realised he was being serious, she jumped up and pulled him into an embrace, holding him tight as she said, "I'm so happy for you Severus. Good Godric, I'm going to be an auntie!" She squealed with excitement.
"Well, not quite... I want you to be the child's godmother," he said, a faint blush creeping on his cheeks as Minerva pulled away from him, giving him a shocked look before smiling the widest smile he had probably ever seen.
"Yes! Yes yes yes! Merlin, a little Snape! Aaahhh!!" She was visibly vibrating with excitement as she hugged him once again.
"I take it I'm forgiven then?" He asked, knowing what the answer would be.
"Yes, you dunderhead! I stopped being mad at you the moment you explained yourself but there's no way I could've stayed mad after hearing that."
He finally wrapped his arms around her and sighed, glad to have his friend back.
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insomniacaesthetic · a month ago
| 𝐌𝐲 𝐃𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦 𝐆𝐢𝐫𝐥 | Snape x Reader
Tumblr media
Requested anonymously
Summary: I would love to request a story where snape and a graduated student (muggleborn, who left Hogwarts like one of two years prior) live between his Hogwarts Chambers and spinner's end and they have a very fluffy and domestic life (as in character as you can do ahah) and everything seems finally peaceful for him so he decides to propose? thank you in advance
Warnings/Contents: Heavy petting, marriage, reader is a former student of his (if that icks you out), love bombs, etc.
Category: Fluff but contains implied sex
Song: Only You by The platters
A/N: So I didn’t want to write about Severus’ life at Spinner’s end as I imagine he would never bring someone he loves there. So just pretend he sold his home and he and reader live together in a cottage somewhere in England.
.・゜゜・  ・゜゜・.
It was a beautiful summers day. The sun was out in full force, something that was quite rare in England. Usually the skies were overcast and gloomy. Severus was up early, taking advantage of the good weather to tend to the plants in his greenhouse.
You strolled out from the house with a pitcher of lemonade, barefoot and wearing a flowy summer dress. When you arrived at the greenhouse you saw Severus hunched over the flower beds pruning and prodding at his plants. His sleeves bunched up at his forearms as his fingers were buried in the soil. His black hair was pulled into a messy ponytail, a few stray pieces framing his face.
“Sev? Want some lemonade?” You asked after pushing open the door.
“Sure thing. Let me just finish pulling these damn pesky weeds.” He sighed as he pulled a series of scraggly looking plants from the dirt and tossed them onto the ground.
“My mom usually uses weed killer on those. They sell some at the muggle shop down the road you know? I can go get you some.” He stared at you dumbfounded by your suggestion.
“Absolutely not. I’ll just brew some herbicide.” He pulled his hands from the ground and dusted them off. You set down the pitcher of lemonade after pouring a cup for him.
“Same thing babe.” You chucked and passed the glass of lemonade into his outstretched hand.
“Not at all.” He grumbled and lifted the glass to his lips. You rolled your eyes and brushed past him to inspect the flowers planted at the back of the greenhouse. He planted them for you, and he came out every single day to tend to them. Sometimes he would pluck one of the flowers and leave it on your nightstand along with a handwritten note. It was his favorite way of showing how much he loved you. He found that it was much easier for him to express his feelings in writing rather than words.
You jumped slightly when Severus came behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist. He pressed a kiss to your cheek before resting his chin on your shoulders. The loose strands sticking out from his ponytail tickled your ear. “What’s on your mind?” As he spoke, his chest rumbled against your back.
“Honestly? I’m trying to think about what to make for dinner.”
“I’m feeling pasta. You make great pasta.” He hummed and kissed you on your cheek again after releasing his hold on you. When you turned around he was bent over collecting the weeds he had thrown.
“Fine I’ll make pasta tonight. But before I do anything, you need to come clean up your office it’s a mess.” You went to leave but he grabbed your wrist before you could push open the door.
“I wonder why that is.” He raised his eyebrows suggestively and your cheeks flushed crimson. He was clearly hinting at last night when you strode into his office in a sheer nightgown. Trying your hardest to tempt him away from his work.
He didn’t crack until after you sat atop his desk and swung your feet back and forth, in turn kicking him gently over and over. When he turned away from his work to glare at you, all you did was part your legs to reveal the brand new thong you were wearing. He immediately got to his feet and picked you up. With a swipe of his arm, he threw everything off his desk and onto the floor. Then he turned you around and fucked you hard while bent over his desk.
“That’s not relevant!”
He smirked and kissed your knuckles then released his hold on your wrist. You snapped your hand back to your chest and rushed out of the greenhouse before he could make any more suggestive comments. A small laugh escaped from him as the door closed behind you.
A few hours later, you were in the kitchen chopping vegetables and grinding spices while your boyfriend was cleaning the rest of the house. Sometimes you would catch him peaking his head in the room just to check on you. Once the tomato sauce was simmering, you lowered the heat and left the kitchen to check on Severus.
You eventually found him in your shared bedroom. He was pulling a new pair of sheets on the bed. He didn’t hear you come in, so you just leaned against the door frame and watched him struggle with the sheet. When he tucked it into the final corner, it popped off the opposite end. He groaned and threw his head against the mattress in frustration. You unsuccessfully tried to hide your laugh.
“Having trouble there Sevy?” You teased. He didn’t share your humor and instead pulled his wand from the bedside table. “Oh come on you can do this without magic. It’s easy.”
You pushed yourself from the door frame and headed over to the bed. With ease, you replaced the sheets without it slipping off. When you turned around to give Severus a smug smile, you jumped at how close he was behind you. “See? Just like that.”
He raised a brow and then lightly shoved you so you fell back against the bed. He climbed over top of you. His head hovering over yours so his hair dangled in the space between you. He leaned down and pecked your nose. You pulled him down by his shirt to connect your lips to his.
Severus ran one his hands up your thigh, hiking up the material of your dress in the process. His touch left goosebumps in their wake. He nibbled at the skin on your neck as his hands roamed your body. When his fingers reached the waistband of your underwear, you raised a hand to his chest to push him away.
“We can’t.” You whispered. His lips left your neck, but his hands stayed unmoving on from their place on your skin. A look of disappointment on his face. He wanted you desperately but knew better than to press.
“I’m in the middle of cooking dinner. Later I promise.” You slid from his grasp and stood up to readjust your dress. He merely rolled over onto his back and stared at the ceiling. But as he did this, the fitted sheet popped off the corners of the bed again and encased him. You left the room in a fit of giggles as he threw out a series of swears at the bed covers
The rest of dinner was easy to prepare once your tomato sauce was finished simmering. All you had to do was boil the pasta and toast some bread. While you waited for the water to come to a boil, you started tackling the dishes. Scrubbing pots and some plates while you hummed along to the current song that was playing.
Severus was reorganizing some knickknacks on his shelf when he heard the music start. He rushed out of his study and propped himself up against a wall and watched you. Your hips swayed in time with the music, and you sang the lyrics to the song under your breath. He couldn’t hide the smile that broke out on his face. He never smiled like this in front of anyone, but with you it was a different story.
It took him months to open up to you. The first thing he said to you that wasn’t a little dig or meaningless small talk came three months after bumping into him at Hogsmeade. He had been restocking supplies for after the Christmas holidays and you worked in one of the nearby shops. At first he only saw you as a former student, but as he spent more and more time around you, it grew more into a sort of odd friendship. More often than not, Severus would find himself heading down to the village just to bother you at work.
When you called him out on it, he used the excuse that it was because his dunderhead students ran through his ingredients and equipment during their mess ups, so he frequently needed to restock. Although he would never admit it, he often volunteered to go down to Hogsmeade for anyone who needed anything just so he had a reason to stop by and see you. He thoroughly enjoyed the conversations you shared. Over time he found himself growing closer to you.
The first date you went on together was such an uncomfortable experience for Severus. You had spent most of the night talking while he tried his best to remain calm. The first time you kissed him, he couldn’t believe it had happened. He was so shocked he didn’t move. After you kissed him a few more times though he realized it wasn’t a dream and snapped out of it and was able to move his lips passionately against your own. After several months of dating, you moved in together at his request.
Severus smirked as he watched you dance. He loved everything about you and was reminded of how much he cared for you on days like this. Days where it was just you and him doing ordinary things like cooking and cleaning, and yet even mundane tasks felt extraordinary when you were there with him. A sense of peace fell over him unlike any other. He had never felt quite so happy before.
You turned off the tap and dried your hands on a tea-towel. Just as you were finishing straining the pasta, a pair of arms snaked around your waist. Severus planted a loving kiss to your cheek and pulled your back flush against his chest.
While holding you in his arms, he started swaying just as you had done earlier. You laughed at the uncharacteristic show of romance from your lovely boyfriend. You leaned your head back on him and looked up to see him smiling down at you. He threaded his fingers through yours to turn you around so you could face him while you both danced.
Neither of you were very good dancers. Your movements were not on beat at all, but it didn’t matter. As you swayed back and forth, Severus pressed kisses to your knuckles of the hand he was holding, the other resting on the small of your back. Just as you thought the moment couldn’t get any better, he pulled away and ungracefully twirled you around. You broke out into a fit of giggles.
“Sorry I’m not much of a dancer.” He laughed and pulled you back towards him.
“I wasn’t laughing at you. I was laughing at my bad spin.”
“Hmmm well then let’s try that again, shall we?.” He held your hand and spun you around again. But this time when he pulled you back to him you tripped over a bunched-up floor mat and crashed into him. You both fell to the floor with you landing on top of him.
“I’m so sorry!” You sat up into a more comfortable position. Taking the weight off his body and instead choosing to straddle him. “Are you alright Sev?”
Worry filled you. You both had hit the ground pretty hard. Plus, you had landed right on top of him. Was he injured? Had you just ruined the perfect moment?
His answer was a laugh. One you had never heard before. A genuine unrestrained laugh. It was contagious and you found yourself joining him. After several seconds of laughing together you asked, “I’ll take that as a yes then?”
He nodded and ran his hands along your upper thighs. His touch trailed along your body until he reached your face. He cupped your cheek and stroked it gingerly. Severus’ black eyes stared into your E/C ones with such love and desire that you nearly lost your breath. Your eyes fluttered closed, and you leaned into his touch.
Unbeknownst to you, Severus was working through the biggest insecurity and fear of his life. The fear of rejection from you. It had always been there throughout the entire course of your relationship. You always reassured him, but he still sometimes found himself dealing with poor self-confidence, especially when intimate. Severus found it hard to leave his mind and focus on the pleasure rather than the doubts in his head. But as he stared at you overtop of him, all doubt and fear melted away. He loved you terribly and no one had ever made him feel so safe.
“Marry me Y/N” He breathed out. He had been considering asking you for weeks now but always shied away at the last moment. He didn’t plan on asking you to become his wife while you were both laying on the floor of the kitchen, but the moment felt so perfect it just sort of slipped out. Though he couldn’t deny now that he had finally asked you, a great weight had lifted from his shoulders.
Your eyes flew open. Did you hear him correctly?
“W-What?” You gasped. He sat up straight. Pulled you closer to him on his lap and tilted your chin up so you had no choice but to engage in intense eye-contact.
“Will you do me the honor of marrying me? I want you to be mine entirely Y/N. Forever and always.” He punctuated his words with a delicate kiss. As the realization of his words sunk in, a flood of emotions washed over you. Without a second thought, you nodded violently.
“Yes Severus! Of course I’ll marry you. I love you” You grabbed him by his cheeks and pulled him down to kiss you again. The kisses became more heated. His tongue swiped your bottom lip and you instantly granted him access to explore your mouth. The hand resting on your thigh squeezing it every so often. His lips trailed all over your face. Whispered “I love you’s” in between each one.
Severus was in the middle of leaving love bites on a tender spot on your neck when the smell hit you. He didn’t seem to notice and continued his mission to mark you as much as possible. “Sev. Stop. Something’s burning.”
You pushed him away slightly and he groaned. “What’s wrong?”
“Something’s burning!” You scrambled to your feet and over to the stove. When you yanked open the door, you were met with the sight of several smoking charcoal looking slices of bread. “Lovely.” You groaned.
Severus got to his feet and joined you in staring at the burnt bits of bread. “What a pity.” He said sarcastically. Then he kicked the oven door close with his foot and spun you around to face him. He smirked and lifted you up onto the counter, tugging your dress up and parting your legs to expose your underwear to him.
He got to his knees and positioned himself in-between your legs. As he tugged down your underwear he stared at you in your lust-filled eyes and said, “Guess I'll just go straight to dessert. That okay with you Mrs. Snape?”
Click here for the prequel to My Dream Girl. (How Sev and Reader met)
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incorrectquotesharrypotterv · 2 months ago
Lilly : Why is Y/n asleep on your shoulder?
Severus: Shut up! It's sweet!
Lilly : You were just complaining that she was annoying.
Severus: I changed my mind!
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becausesevdeservedbetter · 7 months ago
Snape subtly showing The Golden Trio that he’s trying to protect them while also not giving up his cover:
Tumblr media
The Golden Trio not listening because they’re convinced he’s helping Voldemort and trying to get the Stone:
Tumblr media
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fandom-puff · a month ago
Getting What You Ask For
Pairing: Severus Snape x reader
Requested by: a mixture of two asks
Warnings: smut, use of vibrators, overstimulation, begging, reference to edging, established Dom/sub dynamic, crying during sex, degradation
Gif creds to owner
Tumblr media
Whenever Severus mocked you and cooed and asked if you were positively sure you could handle it, no matter what ‘it’ was, your answer was almost always yes.
Nine times out of ten, you bit off way more than you could chew, leaving you writhing and whining on the bed, the sheets twisting as you squirmed in earnest, torn between trying to wriggle away from the intense sensations that sent flames through you blood, while simultaneously trying to get more, more, more.
Naturally, Severus found this all very amusing, watching with a quirked brow as your eyes rolled into your skull and your back arched off the bed until you were sat practically upright, trying in vain to grasp onto his wrist, in a weak attempt to wrench the buzzing toy away from your oversensitive clit.
“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” He murmured, his voice barely more than a whisper but still penetrating over the incessant hum of the vibrator. “I thought you were more than capable of taking this… if I remember rightly, you practically begged me to put it onto full power and let you come…” you whined, pushing your hips up closer to him, the action pressing the vibrator firmly against your swollen clit. “See, you’re even thrusting up against it. Are you really that desperate?” You gave a weak nod despite yourself, tears welling up in your eyes. “Are you that much of a needy slut that full power of this ten-speed toy isn’t enough for your greedy little cunt?”
The low rumble of Severus’s condescending drawl had you shaking and rocking your hips uncontrollably , your breath coming in short little pants as you felt the coil tightening -again- in your belly, ready to snap at any moment.
“Are you going to come again, little one?” He asked incredulously, as if he wasn’t the one in charge of holding the toy against you. “You won’t be able to take my cock at this rate- you’ll be too fucked out on this little piece of plastic,”
“Please…” you whined pathetically, your entire being tense and quivering at the effort of staving off your orgasm until Severus said so; even when quaking with overstimulation, you waited for permission.
“Good girl, you can come,” Severus told you, and just as your umpteenth orgasm crashed over you, he yanked the toy away, switching it off and tossing it aside, watching your overused clit throb and your sodden cunt clench around nothing. “Shhh, good girl,” he cooed, rubbing soothing circles into your thigh with one hand and reaching to swipe away the fat tears rolling down your cheeks.
“More…” you whined, reaching up to him and making a grabbing motion with your hands. “Want you, Sev… want y’cock, please, want you t’fuck me,”
Severus surveyed you for a moment, before patting your cunt gently, smirking at the little whimper that slipped from your mouth. “I will, little one, don’t you worry… do you think you can manage one more for me?” At your eager nod, he smirked, reaching down to press a gentle kiss to your damp forehead. “My clever girl,” he murmured, reaching between your bodies to stroke at his cock, before slowly lining up with your entrance and pushing in, hissing at your wet heat.
Whimpering at the stretch, you grasped at his biceps, surely leaving little crescent shaped marks on his skin from your nails. With a kiss to your forehead, he braced his arms either side of you, beginning to rock his hips, the drag of his cock against your g-spot making you see stars. As you wrapped your legs around his narrow hips, he grunted, taking it as your hint for him to fuck you. His teeth bared in a snarl, he thrust his hips hard, the room soon filling with the sounds of your crying out and his grunts, as well as the slapping of your skin.
“You’re going to come, aren’t you sweetheart?” Severus growled, holding your thighs so he could thrust harder, deeper. “I can feel it. I can feel your tight little cunt squeezing my cock,”
Moaning, you nodded, your eyes glazed over with pure lust as Severus pressed his thumb to your clit, making you cry out his name as you came, fresh tears pouring down your face, sticking your loose hair against your heated skin as you came down from your high- a prolonged process as Severus pounded out his release, coming with a strangled cry of your name.
Panting, twitching, and completely blissed out, you fell back amongst the pillows, expecting Severus to snuggle into your neck or drag you out of bed to go to the loo while he fetched you some water. That would of course come soon; for the time being, Severus was merely admiring his handiwork, watching as his come trickled out of your used hole, smirking as it clenched as though it were still hungry for his cock. That could be arranged.
But right now, Severus was more focused on bundling you up into his arms and pressing kisses all over your face as your eyes steadily drooped, and with a final kiss to the top of your head, Severus cast the various cleaning charms non verbally, rubbing your back as you snored gently into his chest.
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professorsnape394 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
DAY 7 - Potions and Pranks
Pairing: Severus Snape x Reader (ft. Weasley Twins)
Rating: 🥰
Prompt: Potions
A/N: Day 7 of Snapetober 2021. Just a fluffy lil piece for you all to enjoy.
Warnings:  Mentions of using a love potion against their will, (magical roofie?).
Word Count: 1730
Credits to Gif Creator.
Tumblr media
Fred Weasley raked and rummaged through the rows of never-ending jars and vials that cluttered the shelves of the potions store cupboard, meanwhile his brother George stood watch.
“Quick, he’s coming.” The lookout urged, his tone a hushed whisper. The dungeon bat himself was only a few steps away, ready to round the corner at any second. “Just grab it, Freddie, come on!”
“Okay, okay.” The second brother replied, continuing to search the shelves. “I got it!”
Jumping out of the cupboard just in the nick of the time, brandishing his stolen vial, Fred Weasley took the time to celebrate his own handiwork, before the twin boys set off in the opposite direction from which their potions master was heading.
“Hold on just a minute.” Professor Snape droned, enunciating each word perfectly. “What exactly are you two young Gryffindors doing loitering around by the Slytherin dorms, not to mention… my office?”
The twins shared a look of half panic, half menace. If Severus wasn’t a sceptic, he would almost believe they were communicating telepathically on which excuse they would use this time.
“We had a class.” Fred blurted out idiotically.
Scepticism validated.
Clocking the single raised eyebrow that meant Snape was about to dish out punishments if he wasn’t provided with a better excuse in the next three seconds.
“What he means is; we had a class with the Slytherins. Professor Y/L/N wants us to work on a project together, we were just leaving from a study session.”
“Very well.” Snape hummed, moderately satisfied. “But know if I find out that the two of you are up to something, it’ll be a month’s detention with Mr. Filch. Is that perfectly clear?”
“Of course, Professor.” The boys chimed in unison. Two equally large grins plastered on their faces having gotten away with the initial phase of their prank.
“What the hell did you say that for?” Fred nudged his brother. “Wouldn’t Snape just go and ask her if she set a group project.”
“Of course, he wouldn’t. Snape and Y/L/N hate each other. That’s what makes this prank so perfect!”
Later that day at the Gryffindor table the Harry, Hermione and the younger half of the Weasley clan all gathered to discuss their long-awaited revenge plan on Snape. No less than a month ago, the old bat took away near to 100 points from Gryffindor house because he claimed they were disrupting the Slytherin's Quidditch practice, Meanwhile Malfoy and his entourage got away Scot-free, despite the fact it was they who took unlawful control of the pitch during their slot in the first place. The twins had been working on a plan to get back at him ever since.
“So, who are you going to give it to?” Ron asked, fiddling with the precious liquid curiously.
“Professor Y/L/N.” George responded.
“Why her?”
“She’s always going on about how much she hates Snape. It’ll be hilarious.” Fred cut in, snatching the bottle back from his younger brother, concealing it in the inner pocket of his robes.
“Aren’t you worried Snape will catch you.” Ginny questioned.
“He’ll be too distracted to even notice. And by the time it’s worn off, he’ll have forgotten all about us.”
It didn’t take much to distract y/n early in the morning, she never was fully awake before she finished her morning coffee. Forever drifting off at her desk, doing laps of the room to keep herself awake and constantly forgetting half her coursework back in her office, there would be plenty of times to slip the potion into her drink unnoticed.
Just as the twins had predicted, right in the middle of the lesson the ditsy professor let out a sudden gasp.
“There I’ve gone and done it again; I’ve left the assignment on my other desk.” She face-palmed. “Give me a second guys, carry on with your work, I’ll be right back.” She called, already sprinting out the door.
“Give it here.” George demanded; a hand outstretched his brother.
Casting a simple levitating charm, George Weasley enchanted the vial to discreetly float across the edge of the classroom, slowly unscrewing the top, before tipping the entire contents into the woman’s mug of black coffee.
The boys exchanged a smile and thumbs up.
Mission Successful. Now all they had to do was sit back, and let their plan unfold, wreaking havoc in its wake.
As she always did during her free period on a Monday, y/n headed off to the library for one last moments peace before the chaos of the week to come well and truly set in.
It wasn’t uncommon for y/n to run into Professor Snape in the far corner of the library, he often frequented similar quiet spots as she, though rarely did either of them address each other’s presence with little more than a simple nod of the head.
As usual Severus sat in the opposite corner from y/n, nothing more than a large bay window separating the couple. To and onlooker the juxtaposition was staggering; y/n loved lounging comfortably on a large pillow reminiscent of muggle bean bag, sipping the dregs of her coffee while reading, Severus, on the other hand, perched himself on an old hard wooden chair, hunching over a nearby desk while he scribbled away on his stacks of parchment.
Y/n liked it this way. She could keep a wary eye on Snape out the corner of her eye, while Snape couldn’t see her at all unless her turned his whole body. The man made her nervous, she couldn’t bare to sit under his intense gaze unknowingly.
Distracted from his writing by the harsh sniffs of y/n, Severus could take it no longer. He spun on his seat, glaring down at the young woman eyeing the contents of her mug and subsequently sniffing it suspiciously.
“Do you mind?” Snape growled irritably.
“Sorry.” She shrugged bashfully. “It’s just… nevermind.”
“Go on.” He pressured with a roll of his eyes.
“Does this coffee taste funny to you? It does to me, only I’m sure I can’t smell anything out for the ordinary.” The woman rambled, continuing to sniff her coffee before tasting it once more. She retracted in disgust, the strange flavour still dancing on the tip of her tongue.
“I am not going to taste your coffee.” Snape grouched.
Turning back to his papers, annoyed by the trivial suspicions of his colleague, Severus shook his head disapprovingly. However, the potions master within him would not stop nagging the rest of his brain to investigate.
“Come with me.” He sighed, piling up his belongs reluctantly.
“What? Why?”
“I have reason to believe the Weasley twins might have slipped a potion in your drink. I need you to come back to my office so we can figure out which one before the effects kick in.”
Y/n nodded vigorously, rushing after the potions professor hastily as he stormed his way down to the dungeons.
“Take a seat.” Severus offered, fetching his index of the Hogwarts potion inventory.
“Let’s get this over with.” He mumbled, running a large finger down the inner spine of the book. “I know how much you hate to be around me.”
“That’s not true.” Y/n confessed.
“I’m sorry?”
“I don’t hate being around you. I don’t hate being around anyone.”
“You can’t stand it then; the exact terminology doesn’t make much difference to me, frankly.”
“Who ever told you that? I don’t hate you Severus, or even dislike you, not even a little a bit. In fact, I rather love you.”
Severus’s finger came to a half halfway down the page. His entire being buffering for a second to process the witch’s blunt confession.
“Excuse me?” He scoffed.
“I love you, Severus. I have done since the day I met you, I suppose. I only keep my distance because I assume you don’t feel the same. And it hurts… so fucking much.” She exclaimed, resting her face in her palms.
“Amortentia, it is.” Snape muttered to himself, flicking back to the start of his book.
As he reached for the antidote hidden in his apothecary of drawers, Severus paused for a moment, allowing his eyes to scan over the clearly very distressed woman.
“Humour me.” He said, relaxing back in his chair. “What exactly about me do you love?”
The woman slowly pealed her hands away from her face. While Severus knew it was all a delusion induced by the world’s strongest love potion, he saw no harm in prolonging her fanciful state to allow himself a moments pleasure, and feel like he was actually wanted for once in his life.
A wide infectious grin took over y/n’s face. Her eyes lighting up as she thought of all the things that made fall in love with Severus Snape.
“Everything, I guess.” She beamed. “You’re mysterious for one; that’s drew me in in the first place. Then it was your intelligence; I was utterly in awe of your genius the first time I heard you teach. And you have such a passion for potions and teaching, it was hard not to find you attractive when you worked. My favourite thing though is probably your sarcasm, you’re extremely funny, and kind when you want to be! But it often goes unnoticed because your scared people will see it as weakness.”
“Anything else?” Severus chuckled, astounded that her imagination had created quite a list.
“Well, there always has been something about your nose. I’ve always found incredibly… sexy.”
“Is that so?” Severus smirked.
The look on the woman’s face could keep him amused for hours on end. She really was utterly infatuated; her wide doe eyes sparkled in the candle light, her cheeks had blushed a shade of bright pink. He had never seen such a side to her before, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes upon.
Shame none of it was real, Severus thought to himself.
“Next time you boys lie to me it’ll be detention for the entire term. Twenty points from Gryffindor… for each of you.”
A chorus of groans and whines echoed along the Gryffindor table.
“You out to remember, messing around with potions can have very dangerous consequences. Amortentia is not something that should be used lightly, you’re lucky Professor Y/L/N wasn’t harmed.
“But Sir, we gave Professor Y/L/N Veritaserum.” The twins chimed in unison.
The penny finally drops.
Click here for Part 2.
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sevsnapes · 12 hours ago
I feel like, with them being so tall, Sev and Luci would love have a girlfriend who smaller/shorter than them.
- Both being fond of scooping her up into their arms/lap with their strong arms wrapped around her waist.
- Both also being fond of carrying her.
- Calling her ‘little one’ , ‘doll’ or any other pet name that emphasizes how much smaller she is.
- Both loving to tease her about it. Especially in bed.😈
- Using their height to their advantage in bed.
Sev would love to wrap her up in his cloak when she's cold, and finds her standing on tiptoes to kiss him the cutest thing.
Luci would love being the big spoon, eclipsing her as he wraps himself around her in a warm embrace.
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mornings like this
pairing: severus snape x fem!reader
request(s): hiya !! can i have a severus snape/female reader oneshot where him and the reader come home from work and just live a domestic life and they get up to all sorts of things. stuff like they do drawings of each other, baking together, reading books together and after that their day ends with them cuddling each other on the sofa/bed and telling them how happy they are with them. i just want some fluff for my favourite potions master,,, like absolutely tooth rotting sobbing into my pillow type fluff SJFSKSKFJSJ. i hope you're well and having a good day !!
warnings: just some cute ass fluff
note: so sorry this took so long @monster-energies , but I hope you enjoy this!!
Tumblr media
severus loved mornings like this one, where he could see the outline of your body underneath the sheets, the soft glow of the sun peeking in through the windows, and your soft skin resting against the pillows as if they were clouds.
he simply loved watching you.
you both had come home from work the previous night, a bit drained from what your jobs asked of you, but looking forward to the weekend nonetheless. you had made an easy dinner as severus set the table, a small candle between the both of you and two glasses of wine beside your plates. after dinner, the dishes washed themselves and kisses were exchanged between you and your lover.
you both had laid on the couch - well, you laid atop severus - as he brushed your hair, talking about your days and the plans for the weekend. severus loved hearing you talk, almost as much as he loved feeling your fingers graze over his cheek once you noticed he had fallen into his thoughts.
he had leaned forward, catching your lips in a soft but passionate kiss, his thumb rubbing your cheek in a soothing manner. one kiss turned into two, and he made sure to lay his lips upon your cheeks, eyelids, nose - anywhere he could reach.
your soft giggles were the best thing he had heard all day.
soon enough, you awoke to his thumb rubbing your cheek once again and as your eyes opened, you let out a quiet laugh, "you have a serious staring problem." a yawn followed soon after.
severus hummed, "is it wrong to admire my wife?"
you laid on your back, pointer finger running down his nose, "I guess not, no - but why when I sleep?"
he answered quietly, kissing the palm of your hand, "because you look like the most ethereal being to walk this earth."
with a blush, you pushed his face away gently as he laughed, "you're such a sap."
after putting on one of his dress shirts and a pair of shorts, the two of you made your way to the bathroom, brushing your teeth and getting ready for the day. severus stood beside you, admiring your features as you made faces at him in the mirror; after rinsing, he grasped onto your hips, giving you a quick kiss.
with a hum, you wrapped your arms around his neck, "eggs and toast?"
severus nodded, "fried?"
you scoffed, "of course - dippy are the best."
soon enough, the both of you were in the kitchen, bread already toasted as you stood over the stove, eggs being placed on toast. reaching over the stove into the cabinets, severus grabbed 'everything but the bagel' seasoning, sprinkling it on top of your eggs and toast.
severus leaned over the kitchen table, laying a kiss upon your cheek, "thank you for breakfast, my love."
you loved mornings like this.
there were some mornings where you barely ate, mostly paying attention to the potions professor. how his nose crooked just the right way, the way his hair still looked like bedhead, the way he tried to stifle a yawn, and among others. you simply loved looking at him, enamored with how stunning he was.
he'd notice your staring and say with a soft chuckle, "you have a serious staring problem."
you stuck your tongue out at him.
later on, throughout the day, you'd accomplish many word searches as severus would do crossword puzzles, silencing enveloping the two of you. your feet would lay upon his thighs, and you two would be stretched comfortably upon the couch. if you wanted, a fire would be going along with soft music playing on his record player. he'd give a flick of his wand and once the vinyl was finished, another would be playing soon after.
severus loved hearing you hum the songs that played, as he adored watching your tongue lay between your lips in concentration. your eyebrows furrowed as your eyes scanned the page, a soft "yes!" escaping you as you found a word.
when he'd focus on his crossword puzzle, you'd love to watch severus as a focused frown would form on his face. he'd place the eraser side of his pencil between his teeth, talking to himself as he replayed the hint in his head. every once in a while, he would lean down, using your legs as a table to fill in his word; you'd try not to laugh as he did this.
flipping through the newspaper - or even a book as you read throughout the day - you saw a recipe for mini apple pies. feet wiggling excitedly, you looked through the ingredients, noticing you had everything you needed, having gone shopping the night before coming home.
severus would hum as your smile grew bigger, "another recipe I'm assuming, sweetheart?"
you bit your lip as you looked at him, "but they're mini apple pies."
he'd look at you with side-eye, "do we need anything?"
you shook your head, "we have everything here."
rubbing a thumb soothingly over your leg, severus would lean back in his spot on the couch, "are we sharing?"
"depends on how they turn out."
while you two were no professional bakers, the tiny slices severus had cut the apples in to came out pretty good, fitting perfectly within the dough you placed in muffin pans. with careful precision, and trying to ignore severus poking your hips as you sliced the dough to lace the top of the pies, the apple pies were "pretty damn good."
you ended up not sharing with anyone.
flour hadn't gotten everywhere - shockingly - and even as severus stood behind you when you mixed the apples, sugar, and cinnamon together, the ingredients had stayed in the bowl (and in the kitchen). once they came out of the oven, two glasses of milk were sat on the table and you both cheer'd to your baking skills.
you decided to leave the dishes for sunday's problem; though, it didn't take much convincing from severus. he washed his hands alongside you, making sure the flour and sugar remains were off your arms and such. grabbing a washcloth, he'd grab your hands, drying them with such care and gentleness that a small smile worked its way upon your lips.
you loved afternoons like these.
severus always loved dragging his fingertips up and down your legs, feeling the goosebumps rise just from him. there was nothing inherently sexual about what he was doing, no, as he just loved feeling you under him.
he loved evenings like these.
soon enough, you two found yourselves in the shower, making sure to wash today's remains from your bodies, shampooing each other's hair, and washing one another. severus loved laying kisses upon your skin, smelling the body wash or shampoo on you.
once you felt a fluffy towel covering your body, you sometimes felt as if you never wanted to leave. severus's body would always be so warm after a hot shower, and as he always stood behind you, you couldn't help but be drawn to him. after searching through your drawers, a new pair of underwear would be put on and one of your husband's undershirts would go along with it.
severus groaned, "I'm going to have no clean clothes on Monday, darling dove."
your heart always soared whenever he called you that, "I'll wash it before then, you big baby."
and by you washing it, you meant he'll wash it before Monday.
laying in bed together, facing one another, the only light coming from the moon and soft light from a bedside lamp, severus felt so at peace, as did you. he'd once again rub his thumb over your cheek, tracing your lips as you'd smile softly at him. leaning over, a kiss would lay upon your lips, cheek - wherever he could reach.
"I love you," you'd say before he could pull away from you. "you make me the happiest person on this planet, and I hope I tell you that enough."
severus would have a light blush over his cheeks, resting his hand on your waist, nose brushing with yours, "and I love you, my darling dove. i will love you until the end of my days, always."
"as long as I'm right behind you."
severus loved nights like these.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
((Louis Garrel fan cast as young Severus Snape))
Imagine: Severus being in love with you, but you’re unaware of this crush because you think he’s still in love with Lily. [x]
Y/N: We should go to Hogsmede together, Severus! It will be fun, I promise! *puppy dog eyes* Please... Severus: O-oh... *blushes* I- Y/N: -Unless you’re going with Lily! And, that’s fine! I know you like her- I’ll go with someone else! Severus: No! I mean, no I want to go with you. Over everyone else. Just you, okay? Y/N: *smiles* Sounds good.
Want to request an imagine?
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Harry Potter preference “How they comfort you/take care of you when you’re sick”
(Woooo i’m back with some HP!!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)
Tumblr media
Severus-When you’d be sick, he can’t help but be utterly worried and would insist on you staying in bed and getting all the rest you need, even growing stern with you whenever you’d try to get up and leave. He’d be quite softhearted whenever you’d mumble your needs and would ask for him to keep you warm, gladly cuddling you and risking getting sick himself knowing you’ll take just as good care of him, and would of course make sure you’ve eaten and taken your medicine properly regardless.
Tumblr media
Remus-When you’d be sick, he’d be worried of course and would reassure you that he can handle your workload for the day as he wants you to rest at home, promising you that he’ll do well and that you have nothing to worry about. He’d make you some hot drink that he’s heard could help and would gladly make sure it gets perfectly warm for you take it slowly, massaging your legs or shoulders to get your circulation going as well.
Tumblr media
Sirius-When you’d be sick, he’d be quick to catch on and would want to baby you completely, making you stay in bed and rushing to cook you something to make you feel better. He’d insist on feeding you himself and would make sure you’ve taken your medicine as well, before rushing to prepare your warm bath and helping you get it and get clean and finally tucking you back in for the rest evening.
Tumblr media
Lucius-When you’d be sick, he’d tell you to stay in bed and to not worry about your work, assuring you he’ll handle it before making sure the house elf will tend to you properly, only to actually worry about you while he’s away and wanting nothing more than to go back home to you. Once he’s back he’s preparing you a warm bath and making sure the food is perfectly done for you to take along with your medicine, surprising you with how much he’s missed you with the way he pampers you and insists on staying by your side.
Tumblr media
Draco-When you’d be sick, he’d blame himself for it, having insisted you come along with him in the dark of night when it was so cold and would spend the day sneaking around the potions room to find something to help you. When he’d find the right one he’d be so glad and can’t help but let it show through as he’d smile and would just be happier, gladly helping you with anything just to make it up to you and even surprising you with a thicker scarf or beanie to keep you warmer next time.
Tumblr media
Harry-When you’d be sick, he’d want to spend the day with you, helping you out with your workload after he’s made sure to give you the proper medicine and a cup of warm hot chocolate to cheer you up. He’d make sure everything in the room is perfect, checking up on the chimney to keep you warm and closing every window as well, whether or not you have thick socks on and scolding you if you don’t as he rushes to go get some, before asking you if need anything else as well.
Tumblr media
Moody-When you’d be sick, he’d insist on you to stay in bed and would quickly search everywhere to find you the right potion to get you back on your feet as fast as possible, wanting nothing more than for you to be well. He’d end up asking advice from any friend that he finds helpful and would give a try to showing more affection in those instances, like tucking you in and kissing your forehead before you sleep, only to get utterly embarrassed when you’d tease him.
Tumblr media
Fred-When you’d be sick, he’d try to cheer you up and prank you a bit before surprising you with a soup recipe from his mother, hoping you’d like it and would feel better from it. He’d be glued to you and for sure would spoon feed it to you while at it, staying close to keep you warm and of course entertained to make you forget your sickness, wether it be reading a book to you or telling you about this amazing prank he did the other day he’d want to keep you company and see you fall asleep by his side.
George-When you’d be sick, he’d want to take care of you and would stick around just to help you with any of your work and make sure you rest properly, gladly taking you back to bed whenever you show up near him. He’d give you his hoodies or even socks to keep you warm and would always have some tissues in handy when you’d be stubborn and walk over to help still, of course he’d lead you right back to bed and would keep an eye on you as you eat and take your medicine as well.
Tumblr media
Tom-When you’d be sick, he’d be worried about you and would think about you all day while he’s at school, quickly sneaking to your dorm room to give you some food or just keep you company as he doesn’t like being without you. He’d do his and yours homework by your side and would gladly get you anything else you need, only to drag his time to the point where he ends up sleeping in your room not caring that he might get kicked out.
Tumblr media
Percival-When you’d be sick, he’d make sure to call you often and check up on you while at work before showing back home with some medicine and maybe a snack that can cheer you up. Once he’s home he’d tend to anything you couldn’t and would even cook for you before surprising you once more with everything ready as he brings it to bed for you, he’d even spoon feed you if you’re exceptionally sick, truly making you realize how much you mean to him as he’s always this way with you.
Tumblr media
Barty Crouch Jr.-When you’d be sick, he’d tell you that you’re fine and would want you to get up and do things, only to feel bad when he sees how unwell you really are and decides to get some medicine. He wouldn’t be as lovey still, handing you the medicine before seeing you struggle and preparing it for you and acting like every little thing you ask him is hassle even cuddling only to love deep down proving for you this way.
Tumblr media
Newt-When you’d be sick, he’d try to let you rest or do the lightest task if you can still help, all while checking up on you despite busy before surprising you with something to cheer you up whether it be his beasts coming together to show off or simply him preparing you something to eat. He’d show his concern with his questions to you and how he rushes to help you whenever you’re doing something, surprising you with how expressive he can be when you’re both alone this way.
Tumblr media
Theseus-When you’d be sick, he’d instantly to stay in bed not wanting you to get worse and will pamper you while at it, giving you back rubs and making you a warm meal for you to enjoy. He’d really prepare everything for you and would even bring it to you in bed, before cleaning up once you’re done and tucking you in bed and making sure you’re comfortable to sleep and of course cuddling you regardless.
Tumblr media
Grindelwald-When you’d be sick, he’d get annoyed and would work hard to get you better and back on your feet, needing you by his side, not caring about anything else even as you’d assure him. He’d hold you a lot as you’d recover and would make sure to see you take your potions to heal, being quite stubborn and only being reassured when he sees you with his own eyes, only giving into your demands then.
Tumblr media
Dumbledore-When you’d be sick, he’d trust the nurse within Hogwarts to take care of you, dropping by to visit you on his free time just to make sure you’re all right and even surprising you with any of your favorite students to keep you company for a while. He’d love to hear laugh and speak more and would gladly stay longer to distract you from your sickness for a while, before letting the nurse do her work on you and helping sneak any snack to you just to cheer you up.
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mrssnivellussnape · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Not my gif, creds to original owners
December’s Kiss
An: Happy 1yr anniversary to my Tumblr 🥰! You guys I’m excited for this oneeeee. I was thinking of doing a part two of my Christmas story from last year, but decided to start new… enjoy!
Oh and Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays if you don’t celebrate that, of course! ❤️💚🤍
Pairings: Severus Snape x reader
Words: 1.7k
Tumblr media
“Professor L/n, Professor Snape, look!” A student called out to you two.
The two of you raised an identical eyebrow before listening to the young man and following where his finger was pointing. Although when you did so, you’d regretted it immediately.
“It’s a mistletoe!” Another student, Halle, apprised.
Severus rolled his eyes, “I think we’re aware, Miss Blye.”
She wasn’t phased by his sardonic behavior unlike most of her classmates. “That means you have to kiss.”
Yet again, a glare was sent her way from Severus while you’d found it funny. She often reminded you of your younger Gryffindor student - Hermione was her name, and just like her, they both often directed the attention to the wrong things. Severus couldn’t stand the poor girl, however, she happened to be one of your better students.
“No, thank you. I’d rather my lips not shrivel up and fall off, Miss Blye.” You teased her, but you’d put a bit of truth behind it.
Now Severus’ attention was directed towards you, “And who’s to say the same can’t be said about you?”
You held a smirk, one that could challenge his own, and snickered, “I don’t care either way, but usually people prefer their first kiss to be with someone they like.”
“You’ve never kissed anyone before, L/n?” He jested right back at you, your choice of words aiding his insult.
“I meant you.” You sneered.
Your students didn’t seem to care about your conversation, but if it got them out of finishing up their assignments, then they’d listen. That still didn’t stop them from asking if you were going to follow through with the mistletoe.
Your joint response was no, with no further questions being able to get asked.
Class had been dismissed with neither you nor Severus paying much attention to each other after the fact, and you’d both packed up quietly as the last student left.
When the door was shut closed, you looked towards Severus, “Think you’re funny, do you?”
“No idea what you mean.” He answered. He finished stacking the loose papers on his desk before gesturing you to the door, “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” He tried his best to hold in the proud simper that was threatening to show.
“Sod off, Snape.” You shot his way on your way out.
The door was barely closed when he said, “After you.”
You’d made your way to the dining hall for dinner while Severus had chosen a different direction. You didn’t care, as long as he was away from you and out of your sight. The only thing on your mind, anyway, was the delicious feast that was waiting on you.
Somehow, though, you and Severus had reached the large doors at the same time, something that confused the both of you. Nothing was said as you tried opening the doors before he could… yet you couldn’t move from your spot.
“What the hell…” You mumbled. You tried again, to no avail. “Why can’t I bloody move!” You exasperated. It was rather aggravating considering you could smell the delicious food on the other side of the door.
A loud sigh was heard next to you, forcing your gaze on the loathsome man, “Move out of the way, L/n.” Severus advised. Then he tried… and just like you, his attempt to move had been futile. “What in Merlin’s beard…” he mumbled angrily.
“Why would you try it if it hadn’t worked for me?” You frowned in confusion.
“I was hoping for a result other than what yours had been.” He admitted.
That’d made no sense, “Like what?”
“Like being able to walk into the dining hall.” He’d remarked as if it should’ve been obvious to you.
The two of you couldn’t deepen your rising argument before two, distinct voices were heard speaking to you. “Hello, Professors!” You were greeted.
“Seems that you’ve found yourselves caught in our newest spell.” Fred started.
George continued, “I’m sure you two know the only way out of it.”
A muddled stare was sent their way.
Their eyes followed up to right above where you and Severus were standing. Immediately, your faces fell at the realization of what they were eluding to.
“You’re the reasons all of these mistletoe are hanging everywhere?” Severus wondered aloud. “Take them down!” He demanded.
The boys shared a cheeky smile, “Can’t, Professor.” Fred spoke.
George nodded along with his brother as they moved around you two, “The only way out of it, is to kiss.” And with that, they’d disappeared into the great hall.
You stood there for a second, both silent, until the gears in your heads started to turn. At once, either of you had drawn your wands and tried to fire off a few simple spells that could counter the charmed mistletoe. Surprisingly to Severus, none of them had worked; you knew better than to be nonplussed.
Fred and George had always been talented wizards and when it came to how they created spells or pulled pranks, that was no different. You’d found yourself on both ends of their jokes one too many times to think otherwise. You knew better. Which was why you knew exactly what you were going to have to do.
“We’re going to have to kiss.” You interrupted his musing.
That’d brought him completely out of them, “Excuse me?”
His surprised response caused you to look towards the ceiling in annoyance. “You know, just as well as I do, that there is no other way out of this. Fred and George are too skillful and if they’ve thought of this possibility, the only way to get out of this is to listen to them.”
He looked at you as if you’d grown two heads, a third arm, and had started speaking a language he wasn’t familiar with. His thoughts were nearly presented in front of you with how hard he was thinking. His eyes had shown that he was done pondering, though.
You were going to try and convince him further, your stomach grumbling had started to bother you, but he’d already taken the initiative.
Severus’ lips connected with yours in a way neither of you expected. It was like two puzzle pieces connecting in an unfamiliar way - one that worked. It’d warmed you while at the same time confused you. But you hadn’t had time to dwell on it when you found yourself being pulled closer to Severus’ body. Forgetting where the two of you were, you’d found yourself breaking free from the one spot you’d previously been stuck in.
Your back was being pushed on the doors that you’d been trying to go through earlier, but you’d ignored it. Your hands found the back of his neck while one of his traveled down to hold your waist, with the other cradling your cheek. It’d felt like one of the longest kisses you’d ever had, but it was so, so pleasant and oddly passionate that you couldn’t find yourself caring.
Prior to being able to pull him impossibly nearer, you’d both found yourself leaning back as the once stable doors had suddenly started to quickly open.
In an instant, the two of you were met with the stunned faces of everyone in the dining hall. Your students had a mixture of astonished, disgusted, and snickering expressions. The professors table, on the other hand, held looks of knowing and ‘about time’ displayed on their faces.
You’d let go of Severus as he’d done the same, except for the hand that was resting on your lower back. It would have been comforting if not for the fact that you were embarrassed at being caught. You’d started to feel like the students that you’d sometimes discover in an empty classroom together. You wanted the attention off of you and quickly.
Had it not been for Dumbledore, everyone would still be frozen in their spots, looking at you. Instead, their attention was on the man who had tapped his goblet in a manner that caused every open ear to listen. Thankfully, you were able to get to your seats afterwards.
Everybody had gone back to either eating or engaging in their conversations with the other after Albus sat back down. Although, Minerva had shared an appreciative look with you before mouthing, ‘Took you long enough.’
You ignored that and merrily ate your food. Tried would be more like it. It would have been easy to do so if it wasn’t for the fact that Severus had continued to glance at you from time to time. You knew he wanted to speak about what had happened, however, you weren’t too thrilled to do so where there were a plethora of listening ears and a meddling Minerva.
“Yes, Severus?” You whispered, finally connecting your eyes with his.
He discreetly leaned closer to you, “We need to talk later.”
Nodding along to his words, “Alright,” you agreed. “Just bring some hot cocoa and marshmallows, and we have a deal.”
His face scrunched up in mild disgust, “I don’t like marshmallows in my hot chocolate, Y/n.” He admitted.
Your look of bewilderment nearly made him chuckle. You shook your head in disbelief, “You don’t like marshmallows in your hot chocolate? Why do you hate love!” You dramatically expressed.
That time, he couldn’t hold the snigger that came out of his mouth, “I prefer Firewhiskey.”
“You can’t put alcohol in hot chocolate…” You admonished.
“According to who?” Minerva chimed in.
You raised an eyebrow at her interruption and Severus leaned forward so she could see he wasn’t impressed by her interference either. She blushed at showing that she had been listening and turned back to talk with Albus.
Shaking your head with a small giggle, “We’re putting marshmallows in our hot cocoa.” You insisted.
But that had amused him, “Says who?”
“Me.” You pointed to yourself smugly.
Your shrug that followed up had also been funny to him, “And what if I don’t want to?” He wondered.
You tapped your chin in faux thought while looking up at the ceiling. You stayed silent for a moment longer then responded with, “Then I guess you won’t be drinking hot cocoa with me.”
“Bossy.” Severus threw at you.
You laughed, “You’ll learn to like it.” You promised. You were satisfied with his nod of agreement.
I know this was short, but I hope you liked it! Like I said in this, I’ll be back to posting regularly (soon) and since I’ve fallen out of it, I have to get comfortable with it again - hence the short fic <3
Tumblr media
Tags: @a-queen-and-her-throne, @thethotthatbreathes, @starryeddie, @once-upon-an-imagine, @resplendentlady
(If you want to be removed from/added to my tags, let me know!)
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rickmandowneyjr · 5 months ago
hello! i really liked the stories you've posted so far, so i thought that maybe i'd request something too. could you please write a story set during 'The Order of Phoenix' in which Umbridge constantly harasses the Reader (a young female professor) and Severus, secretly having feelings for her, is really not okay with that (defends and comforts the Reader in his snarky way or something). i definitely wouldn't mind if after one particularly nasty altercation with Umbridge our couple had to... blow off some steam, if you know what i mean ;> i hope it's not too complicated, thanks a lot!
Hello there, and thank you!! :) I hate Umbridge with a passion so I think I'm gonna enjoy this one a lot XD
Petty In Pink
Fluff, slight angst(?), smut (18+)
Pairing: Severus Snape x Reader
Warnings: bullying/harassment, NSFW content
Word count: 4447
A/N: I realise I didn't really write a nasty altercation but I tried to keep it a little light-hearted because I feel like it would've been even longer if I made the whole issue with Umbridge too elaborate and serious. Hope you still enjoy it, anon :)
Tumblr media
You were in Severus' chambers grading papers together. Previously the professor for Defense Against the Dark Arts, you were now Dolores Umbridge's "co-professor" when she really just treated you as an assistant. You had no say in the lesson plan, which in your opinion was absolute bullshit. She refused to let the students practice, focusing only on theoretical learning, which would be useless in real life. Not to mention she'd always sit in on your classes, to ensure you stuck to her lesson plan. As you angrily marked the hundredth essay she had handed out this week, Severus cleared his throat and spoke up.
"The quill is about to snap," he chuckled, trying to relieve a little tension. Usually, you were pretty chatty but had been deep in thought this particular evening. "Is everything alright?" Severus asked, and you couldn't hold back the need to rant anymore.
"No, actually. The woman is infuriating. As if it wasn't bad enough that she was sitting in my class, she's started making comments about my teaching methods... and don't even get me started on the essays," you said, getting up from the desk you were at, and started pacing around. "She doesn't do any practical learning, so she hands out all these stupid essay assignments. I mean, a couple of them are okay, but one every class?! She doesn't even correct them! Simply hands it over to me to have it marked by her next class with the students," you finished, as you plopped yourself down onto his couch.
Severus got up from the desk as well, sitting down next to you on the couch. He had his eyebrows raised and a slightly amused expression on his face. He didn't find your situation funny in the slightest, but the way you had walked around, mumbling angrily, you'd just looked too adorable to the man.
However, when you looked at him, he switched to a less smitten expression and said, "You should just refuse next time. Speak your mind, [Y/N]."
You were a lot calmer now, having gotten all of that off your chest. You simply sighed and said, "What then? She has the authority to fire me under the education decree as enacted by the Minister," you said, imitating her squeaky, annoying voice. Severus lost any composure he had maintained and actually laughed out loud at that. Your frustration faded as you heard him laugh, a small smile appearing on your lips, instead.
"Well, how about a little tea break?" He asked, catching his breath. "I've brought those little cakes you like so much. We can relax for a bit before we continue marking," he suggested.
You placed your hands on your chest and batted your eyelashes at the man in black, saying, "My hero. What would I ever do without you?"
"Be in Azkaban for killing Umbridge, probably," he joked as he walked off to his kitchen.
You had known Severus since school. Though his junior, the two of you became good friends since you wouldn't ever let him sit and wallow in peace. After you graduated, you became the DADA professor and rekindled your friendship with the potions master. Well, maybe more than a friendship. You'd liked him, back during your school years, but had kept it to yourself since it was pretty obvious that he had his eyes on Lily Evans. You thought you were over him, but all those feelings had come rushing back when you started working at Hogwarts and had started spending time together again.
"You really shouldn't let her walk all over you, though. I don't like it," he said from the kitchen. You got up and walked to him, saying "Are you saying that I ought to take more umbrage to her words?" You snapped your fingers and pointed finger-guns at him, with a smile on your face as he stared back at you with a scowl.
"No cake for you," he muttered and you threw your arms around him as you giggled and apologised. "No, no, no. I'm sorry. I want the cake," you pouted. He cleared his throat, making you realise how close your faces were as you looked up at him. You calmly moved away, before laughing it off.
As you finished your tea and cake, you thought, 'I can't tell him all the things she says. He'd get too concerned. Besides, I can take it. I don't really care what she thinks,' trying to convince yourself.
The next day, in one of your classes, Umbridge made sure to point out how you wouldn't give the students any learning aids and assignments, and how that was the reason they were doing poorly. In reality, your students were doing perfectly fine while hers... not so much. You'd know, you graded the papers, after all.
You simply rolled your eyes and ignored her, and continued teaching. The comments kept becoming more personal but you decided to not have a conflict in front of the students. She wanted to cause a ruckus in front of them, and you wouldn't let her.
As class ended and the students were gathering their things, she strolled over to your table, speaking rather loudly. "Your choice of clothing for teaching is rather odd," she said condescendingly, making you look away from the board you were clearing, to her. "Some might wonder what you teach after hours," she paused. She looked around the room, the students still hurriedly packing their belongings, not wanting to be in this awkward situation. "You tutor some of the kids, yes?"
You let out a deep sigh as you turned your attention back to the board, brushing off her implications. She wanted to rile you up and your lack of reaction was beginning to get to her. However, what she said next was difficult to ignore.
"You know... I knew your mother... back in school. It's a pity she passed away," you turned to glare at her, warning her to tread carefully. She obviously ignored it and continued, "But I also am glad that she's dead. Seeing what you turned out like... She would've been so disappointed," she tutted.
You quickly scanned the classroom and saw that a majority of the students were still there, a look of disbelief on their faces at the woman's words.
You looked back to Umbridge, your jaw involuntary clenching as the anger bubbled inside you, threatening to explode at any moment. You knew what she was trying to do though, and wouldn't give her the satisfaction. You simply picked up your bag and walked out the door, slamming it shut behind you.
Entering your chambers, you reminded yourself that there was no truth to her words, but that didn't make it hurt any less. Umbridge had hit you where it hurt and the fact that you just walked away, was infuriating you now. So you let your tears fall and cried out in frustration. The past month of bullying and harassment had finally gotten to you, and so you cried, trying to lighten the weight on your chest.
Severus was on his way to your quarters with a plate of food since you had missed dinner. It was unusual for you to do so. Especially without telling him. As he made his way through the halls, a couple of students were mumbling about something.
"I can't believe she actually said that!" One exclaimed in disbelief.
Normally, he couldn't care less about the gossip amongst the students, but as he crossed them, he heard, "Do you think that's why Professor [L/N] wasn't at dinner?"
This got his attention and he swiftly turned on his heel, trailing the girls at a distance, hoping to hear more.
"I suppose," the other said.
"And you're saying that Professor [L/N] didn't say anything back either?" The earlier one asked.
"Nope. I honestly don't know how she managed to do it but she just picked up her stuff and left," the other replied, making him roll his eyes. 'Of course, she just picked her stuff up and left,' he thought.
He'd heard enough. He quickly turned again, resuming his journey to your chambers while mentally preparing a lecture for you. Upon reaching your door, he knocked, to which, he received no answer. He took out his set of keys to your room and unlocked the door, letting himself in. He expected you to be out, but when he walked in, he saw you asleep on the sofa with your back to the door. He quietly shut the door and made his way to you, placing the plate of food on the coffee table as knelt next to you.
"Wake up, you dunderhead! You slept through dinner," he scolded playfully.
You jerked awake at the sound of his voice and turned to face him, unaware of your tear-stained face and puffy eyes, having cried yourself to sleep. Severus' smile faded the moment he saw your face, being replaced by concern instantly.
"Hey, what's the matter?" He asked, moving his hand to cup your cheek. Your eyes widened as you realised that you probably looked like a mess, and he had realised that you had been crying. Sitting up instantly, you moved away from his touch, and he retracted his arm.
"Um... nothing," you mumbled as you looked away from him, your voice hoarse.
He carefully reached out, gently turning you to face him and said, "It was Umbridge, wasn't it?"
"No, don't be silly," you chuckled weakly, trying to brush it off.
"I heard the students talking, [Y/N]. What did she say?"
You sighed. Of course, he knew. So you told him. Everything. How she'd been making your life miserable for the last month (more than you had let on), and how she had crossed the line with her comment today.
Severus put his arms around you and said, "I'm so sorry." You tried pushing him away, knowing the tears would fall again if he held you, but he still pulled you close and rubbed your back as he said, "It's okay. You don't always have to be so strong, you know? Especially around me."
That was enough for you to lose any composure you were holding onto. You let the tears fall and they wet his chest. You cried as he gently stroked your hair, trying to soothe you. After a couple of minutes, you calmed down, but Severus still held you. "You know... I could just poison her tea..." he said, suggestively.
You giggled and Severus looked at you, a small smile forming on his face. "What are you giggling about?" He asked.
"What you said."
"I wasn't joking," he said, raising his eyebrows, which made you laugh even harder.
"You won't do that, Sev. If you get fired, I'd lose my best friend."
Ouch. Best friend. That hurt... but he'd rather have you as his best friend than not have you at all. He'd lost one already, and he didn't plan on making the same mistake twice.
"Thanks for bringing me food, by the way," you said, looking at the food on the table.
"I was doing myself a favour, really. We're supposed to be grading together, later, and you're a tyrant when you're hangry," he rolled his eyes.
You playfully hit him and pulled away from his chest which was now soaked with your tears. "Sorry about that," you mumbled awkwardly.
"Again, a very selfish reason. Your tears are rarer than a Phoenix's. I was collecting them to try and use them in a potion," he joked. You chuckled softly as you looked at him. Severus Snape might've seemed like a mean old potions master to the rest of the world, but to you, he was probably the sweetest person to exist.
You spent the rest of the night, chatting, watching movies, and completely neglecting the papers you had to grade as you laughed your heart out with Severus, instead.
The next day, on your way to your only class for the day, Umbridge made a lot of comments, especially regarding her papers that you hadn't graded. You decided to ignore her and just nodded mindlessly till you entered the class.
You conducted class, as usual, trying your best to ignore her, but the woman just wouldn't shut up! Sometime in the middle of the lecture, you saw Severus slip in through the door, and immediately thought, 'Uh oh. This can't be good.'
As the class went on Umbridge kept correcting you, disrupting your flow and you could see that Severus was seething. You subtly motioned for him to not say anything and escalate things.
As the class was coming to an end, she spoke again, "Professor [L/N]." You hummed asking her to continue, not looking away from what you were writing on the board. Guess she'd use just about any reason to bring your mother up because she said, "It is impolite to ignore your superior when they speak to you. Or did your mother not teach you that?"
You stopped writing and slowly turned to face the insufferable wench who had a smug smile on her face. She looked so proud of herself for finally getting a reaction out of you. Just then, a deep voice boomed from the back of the classroom. "Professor Umbridge."
Her smile faded as she faced Severus, who had strode towards her and was now looming over her. He opened his mouth to speak but then stopped, as though he had realised something. Thinking she had him at a loss for words, Umbridge said, "Got something to say, Professor Snape?"
Pleased that she had walked right into it, he said, "Well, I was going to say that you should pick on someone your own size, but then I realised that there's no one around here that's that short." You couldn't help but snicker at his remark and Umbridge scowled at you. You looked around to see the students giggling amongst themselves, while some were shocked. Feeling a surge of confidence since Severus had spoken up for you, you said, "Now, now, Severus. That's not true..." Umbridge's smug smile returned to her face when she thought that you were about to defend her - your superior. However, it disappeared as quickly as it appeared when you continued, "I'm sure we could find a house-elf, don't you?"
The students laughed out loud now, not being to contain it any longer. Umbridge snapped her head in your direction, glaring at you. You folded your arms over your chest, straightening up and towering over her.
"I could report you to the Headmaster for this," she threatened.
"Oh, please do," retorted Severus, "I would love to take this to him and bring up how you've been harassing Professor [L/N] over the last month. Not to mention the fact that you've been overworking her as well."
"I'm a Ministry bureaucrat," she boasted, "He's more inclined to listen to me and fire her."
"[Y/N]'s pleasant to be around, so I highly doubt that," he debated.
"I have the Minister backing me," she smirked.
"Allow me to repeat myself. Unlike you, she's pleasant to be around, so I'm sure they'd be happy to back her up," he said, motioning to the students, who just gave Umbridge a firm nod when she turned to look at them. "Now, the question remains," Severus said, pausing (for dramatic effect) before continuing, "Do you still think that you have the upper hand?"
Umbridge was speechless and you welcomed the change. She stuttered a few times before finally finding her words. "I expect the essays graded and on my desk, by tomorrow morning," she mumbled as she walked towards the door.
"No, I don't think I will be doing that for you anymore," you said, causing her to snap her head back in your direction, giving you a questioning look. Severus stepped closer to you, nudging you, with a look that said 'go on, set her straight'.
"If you want to assign the students hundreds of essays, you can correct them yourself. Also, I'm done with you bossing me around. As co-professors, we're equals-"
"[Y/N]'s better," Severus coughed.
You smiled and continued, "If anything, I'm the one who's more experienced when it comes to this subject. So, no. I refuse to be harassed by you any longer."
Umbridge simply scoffed and walked out as you let out a sigh of relief. You turned to Severus, who raised an eyebrow and said, "Not bad. I'm proud of you." You simply hugged him, and just as he was about to hug you back, he noticed all the wide-eyed students and cleared his throat, bringing your attention to the class. You quickly pulled away, fumbling awkwardly as some students smiled to themselves.
"Well then, back to Pixies," you announced. As the class returned to their textbooks, Severus stepped up to you and whispered, "Meet me in my quarters when you're done here. I think we ought to celebrate." Giving you a subtle smile that no one else saw, he turned with a flick of his cloak and left the class.
As the class came to an end, you quickly wrapped up and made your way to Severus' quarters, as asked. Once inside, he took your cloak and said, "Take a seat. I'll get drinks."
"Don't you still have a class to teach?" You laughed.
"I never said that the drinks would be alcoholic. Besides, it takes a lot for me to get drunk. Unlike someone," he teased and you simply rolled your eyes at him. "But yes, I do have a class, so I won't be drinking."
"Then, are you trying to get me drunk, Severus?"
"Yes, I am. You're the one who's finally free of Umbridge," he stated as he walked out with two glasses, and a bottle of Firewhisky. He filled them both up and handed you one.
"I thought you weren't drinking?" You teased as you brought the glass to your lips.
"I'm not. It's for show. I need to be good company," he replied.
"You're always good company, Sev," you said, shutting your eyes as you took a sip, feeling the liquid burn your throat as you swallowed.
Severus blushed at the simple statement that you didn't think much of, as he eyed you. You were so beautiful and looked so peaceful in that moment. With your eyes still closed, you mumbled, "I can feel you staring at me."
You opened your eyes to look at him and he said, "You're imagining things."
After half an hour, and a few glasses, you were officially drunk. Severus chuckled as you babbled on, venting and completely insulting Umbridge as you came up with insults that you could have said earlier.
"Yes, [Y/N]. That was very witty. Maybe think of it during the argument next time."
You narrowed your eyes at him and turned to him, getting incredibly close to his face. "Are you getting smart with me?" You scolded.
Leaning back to put some distance between the two of you, he chuckled and said, "Me? I wouldn't dare."
Still on the sofa, and kneeling to seem taller, you said "Listen here mist-" but wobbled and lost your balance (thanks to the Firewhisky) and fell on him, resting on top of him as you pinned him down.
Severus tensed, feeling your body pressed up against his. His arms had instinctively wrapped around your waist and his heart was racing as he felt you shuffle, trying to get up.
'Severus Snape! Do not get hard! Quick! Think of something unpleasant... Wormtail, for instance!' he thought, a frown appearing on his face.
You quickly snapped him back to reality as you hoisted yourself to sit up, now straddling him. "Pffft. You know... Of all the ways I imagined I'd get on top of you, this certainly wasn't one," you snorted.
Severus just gulped, eyeing you as you gently straddled him. He propped himself up on his elbows and said, "Alright. I should've cut the Firewhisky off a while ago. It's gone straight to your head. Let's get some water in you and then you can rest here till you're feeling better. After that, you can go back."
You pouted, "But I wanna stay here with you."
Severus sighed and said, "You may, but let's at least get you into bed."
"Only if you join me," you winked.
Bolting upright, Severus tightened his grip around you and got up, lifting you along with him. He carried you to the bedroom and set you down before walking off to get you a glass of water, along with a potion to help sober you up faster. When he returned, he ensured that you had them both and tried to get you to lie down.
Like a child, you refused but when he finally managed to lay you down, you grabbed his collar, holding him close. You looked into his dark eyes, getting lost in the abyss as you said, "You remember telling me that I should speak my mind?" Flustered by your proximity and not being able to find the words to respond, he simply nodded.
"Well, I'm about to kiss you," you said, pulling him closer, your lips gently pressing against his as his eyes widened. He kissed you back for a moment before pulling away to say, "[Y/N] you're drunk-" but you cut him off with another kiss as your hands worked the buttons of his robe and shirt.
He broke the kiss yet again. "Are you sure you want to do this?"
"Severus," you sighed. "I've had a crush on you since our school days. The question is whether you want want to do this."
"That's... A long time," he said, surprised. Your expression fell as you prepared yourself for rejection, but he said, "I've only liked you since a few months after you started working here."
A giddy smile appeared on your lips at his words, and he kissed them. This kiss was different from the earlier one - rougher, hungrier and faster. Your hands worked fast as you stripped each other. Your fingers traced his torso and his hands gripped your sides as he explored your curves. He broke the kiss and you gasped for air as he made his way down your jaw, neck, collarbone and chest, leaving little marks as he did. His lips wrapped around your hardened nipple as he rolled the other one between his fingers. A soft moan escaped your lips at the sensation and you felt him smirk against your skin.
His other hand made its way up your thigh, stopping right before he reached your throbbing cunt. You ached for his touch and let out a whimper as he toyed with you, not giving you the pleasure of feeling it. He chuckled lowly, and his deep voice only aroused you more.
You exhaled sharply as he pushed two fingers inside your folds, and his fingers curled inside you, hitting your g-spot. His long fingers pumped in and out of you, moving around to create the most delightful sensations.
As he continued working you, your hand dragged along his torso, wrapping around his cock, and you felt him swallow hard as you began stroking it. Using your thumb to apply pressure to the underside, you stroked him in long, slow motions.
He let out a groan as he brought his other hand to your clit, massaging it softly. He went ahead and added a third finger, increasing his pace. You let out a whimper as you felt your climax building. No words were said, but the look in both your eyes said it all. You were silently competing to see who got the other one off, first.
Your hands were now slick with his precum, which allowed you to pick up the pace. You pumped him harder and faster, with purpose. His breath hitched at the sudden change, and he almost faltered for a second. Your nails lightly traced circles on his back, sending shivers down his spine.
Your breathing was erratic and you were on edge, and you knew Severus could tell as a smirk appeared on his face. Severus licked a strip up your collarbone and neck, stopping at your jaw. Breathlessly, he said, "Come for me, darling." The feeling of his hot breath and the sound of his sultry voice was enough to push you over the edge as your back arched and you cried out his name as you came undone. You mumbled something under your breath, still panting.
"I understand words, love," he mused.
"Sev," you breathed. "Please."
"Please, what?"
"Fuck me, please," you managed to say.
"How can I not, when you ask me so sweetly?" He teased. His hands left your body as he positioned himself at your entrance. With one swift thrust, he was inside you, and you couldn't help but let out a loud moan as he filled you, still sensitive from your release.
Giving you a moment to adjust, he placed his hands on your hips, slowly pulling out before slamming into you, again. The sound of his skin slapping against yours, accompanied by both of your cries of ecstasy, filled the room as he picked up the pace. Moving one of your hands that was holding onto him, you covered your eyes as a few tears of pleasure escaped.
He brought a hand to your yours, intertwining your fingers as he took your hand away from your face. "Look at me, love," he commanded. He would've been concerned at the glassiness of your eyes if it hadn't been for the soft smile you had on your face.
As a hand made its way to your clit, you moaned his name and he exhaled shakily. "Bloody hell, darling. If you keep this up, I don't know how long I'll last," he groaned, still thrusting into you. He could tell he was close and placed your knees on his shoulders, hitting you at a new angle, and you threw your head back in pleasure. He rubbed your clit softly and with a few more thrusts, he had you coming again, following you closely as he felt you clench around him, milking him completely.
His lips captured yours in a gentle kiss as he pulled out and lay down next to you; the both of you, breathless. Severus wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his chest as he cuddled you. You let yourself melt into him before you remembered something. Though tired, you managed to mumble, "Get up, Sev."
"No. I want cuddles," he fussed.
"You're precious," you chuckled, "But you have to get up."
"Why?" He whined.
"You have a class in five minutes," you reminded him.
"Shit," he exclaimed, jumping out of bed, scrambling around for his clothes. "Will you be here when I get back?" He asked as he got dressed, his voice unsure and slightly worried.
You gave him a soft, reassuring smile. "Yep. Right here, under the sheets, completely naked, waiting for you to take me once again when you get back," you said, smirking at him.
He let out a frustrated groan as he buttoned his shirt and robes. "Merlin, this is going to be the longest class of my life," he said, pulling his coat off the hook and running out the door.
"Mhmm," you giggled as you drifted off to sleep.
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insomniacaesthetic · 2 months ago
| 𝘼 𝙜𝙞𝙛𝙩 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙮𝙤𝙪, 𝙎𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙪𝙨 | Snape x Reader one shot
Tumblr media
-=Originally Posted on my AO3=-
Warnings: smut, non-con, death eaters, etc.
Summary: Voldemort has taken you hostage and forced your favorite professor to have his way with you in front of all the other death eaters after forcing you to receive a dark mark.
This story contains rape. Read at your own discretion
A/N: this is my first time ever writing something on Tumblr! sorry if there's errors as I'm not familiar with the platform.
.・゜゜・  ・゜゜・.
Snape dreaded whenever he would feel the burn of his mark. Calling him to appear before the Dark Lord for whatever reason. He would dawn his cloak and mask, and rush to the apparition point. Taking care to avoid any students or even the ever nosey Mr.Filch.
Thoughts were pushed to the back of his mind. Forcing his head to be clear of any and all plans Dumbledore had given him. Occlumency was the only reason he is able to survive these days. If he ever let slip even the smallest detail around Voldemort, his death would surely follow.
Snape reached into the sleeve of his robes and withdrew his wand. Pressing it into the skin of the dark mark, he muttered the phrase that brought him to the needed location.
It was Malfoy Manor tonight. Snape entered through the ornate doors and was met with the faces of his fellow death eaters.
“Good evening, Severus.” Lucius nodded at him.
“Malfoy.” The words that left his lips lacked any emotion. ‘ I can’t let any emotion show while I’m here.’  He thought. There can be no signs of his and Dumbledore’s plan.
Many of the other death eaters were congregating in a corner. Goblets of wine gripped in everyone’s hand.
“Severus!” The all too familiar voice beckoned him.
“Dolohov” Snape spat out. “I’m quite busy. I must check-in with the Dark Lord. Can this wait?”
“But of course Severus. I just wanted to introduce you to my daughter again. She was at the last party, and you had refused her offers to dance.” He pushed forward the young girl from behind him. She was short and thin with pale skin. Incredibly bright blonde hair and no traces of imperfections on her alabaster skin. Dressed in a flowing black dress with mesh sleeves, she almost looked like a porcelain doll. She looked nothing like her father. Who had dark greasy hair that was combed back to show off his large forehead. Scars littered his face, many of them hidden within his unkempt stubble.
“Takes after her mother.” He smiled, showing off a silver tooth in the process. He slid his sausage like fingers down her exposed shoulder. The girl shuddered and looked at Snape with pleading eyes.
“Thanks for the introduction Antonin, but I have to get going.” Snape slowly drew his eyes away from the young girl and met the cold black ones of her father. “Snape you should be grateful I’m offering you my daughter! She’s a pure-blood you know!”
Snape fists clenched. As if he cared about blood-status. Besides, he knew Antonin was only trying to force his daughter onto him in hopes of gaining favor with the Dark Lord. Snape was in good graces with Voldemort. Practically his right-hand man and believed to be his strongest supporter. He only wished to pawn off his daughter in exchange for status. It disgusted Snape to his core.
Besides, he didn’t care about anyone like that. The lie was easy to believe at first, but he couldn’t stop the small flash of your face from appearing in his mind. He fought to keep you out of his thoughts. Should anyone have decided to penetrate his mind at that moment, he would’ve put you in grave danger. Cursing at himself, he headed into the main hall where several men and women were gathered around the chair where Voldemort sat. A muggle girl, which he was resting his feet on, lay dead at the bottom.
“Severus!” Voldemort called out. His hands shooing away everyone who had previously been talking to him.
“My Lord.” Snape bowed deeply.
“I hope you have come bringing good news, Severus. Your last report was not in the slightest bit adequate. I don’t wanna have to punish you as I have done with Yaxley.” He gestured to the old man who was twitching with pain. Clearly under the affects of the cruciatus curse, his screams of agony echoed within the room.
“I hope you will be pleased with what I have brought you.” Snape kneeled at the base of the chair, his knees resting on top of the muggle girl’s hair. Voldemort’s cold frail hands reached down and placed themselves on either side of Snape’s head.
“Legilimens” Voldemort yelled.
Cold ran through his body. Stay focused. He told himself. Show him only what he needs to see. He allowed himself to see what Dumbledore has told him. How he and Harry were going to leave this week on a trip to the Crystal Cave. Snape never allowed him to see the conversation that followed of Albus telling him that “That night will be the night you do it.”
Now certain he had seen enough, Snape attempted to turn off his thoughts. Showing now just memories of his classes. Students serving detentions or any other mundane tasks. Anything and everything to give him the idea that there was nothing left to see. Yet the release of being freed from having his mind picked through never came. Voldemort was still searching. For something, anything.
With a moment of panic, his strong front slipped. Only momentarily, but it was enough for him to push past the barriers Snape had perfectly constructed.
Snape was now reliving a memory about you. The time you had come to his office, begging him for help with potions.
“Slughorn is not my cup of tea. I don’t like how he teaches potions. I miss you Professor. Please help me with my homework.” Your (E/C) eyes were wide as you pleaded with him. Snape, who had the biggest soft spot for you obliged with a small nod.
You instantly snapped out of your puppy-dog face and gave him the brightest of smiles. You clapped a few times before running up and hugging him. “Thank you Professor Snape!” He even surprised himself when he returned the hug, burying his face into your hair and inhaling the signature scent of your shampoo.
The air left his body. He collapsed onto the floor. Coughs racking him as he struggled to regain his composure.
“Who’s the girl?” Voldemort’s snake-like eyes were glaring down at him. Snape was tense with fear and anxiety as he faced him. “She’s just one of my students.” He said breathlessly.
“Tell me, do you hug all of your students like that, Severus? Who is she.” Every word was laced with venom. Snape cursed himself for being so weak. Fear was no doubt evident on his usual expressionless face.
“She’s just one of my students my Lord. I have no relations with her.”
“CRUCIO” Voldemort yelled, his wand pointed at Snape. Instantly he fell to the floor in pain. Every bone in his body felt like it was breaking into pieces. His face was screwed up in torment. Beads of sweat clinging to his forehead as he writhed around the floor in excruciating pain.
“I’ll ask one last time Severus.” Voldemort was out of his chair now, circling Snape’s hunched over form as he howled in pain. “Who. Is. She.”
“Y/N L/N” Snape shouted. The moment your name escaped his mouth, he regretted it. What had he done? He had only agreed to be a spy for Dumbledore because he thought it would protect the ones he cared about. He thought it would protect…you.
Voldemort had ended Snape’s torture with a wave of his wand. Though he still felt agonizing pain but this time in his heart. He had said your name to evade the pain.
I’m a weak worthless piece of shit. He thought over and over. “L/N” Voldemort repeated. The name sounded wrong when he said it.
Many of the death eaters were still staring. Murmurs and whispers filling the room. He heard your name within them.
“Well! It seems Severus has finally give up his affections for Mudbloods.” Voldemort laughed. This encouraged everyone to join him. Their laughs echoed around him, making him feel helpless. He sat frozen to his spot, still on the floor.
“I have to know.” Voldemort said while he bent down to be at eye level with Snape. “Have you fucked her in her uniform?” The question made his stomach churn. A smirk was etched onto the dark lord’s grey face. When Snape cast his eyes to his feet and didn’t answer Voldemort simply tutted. “Don’t tell me you haven’t done it yet?”
“She’s just my student, My Lord.” Snape said through gritted teeth.
“For now. When does she graduate?” Snape stayed silent. Voldemort, pissed with his disobedience pulled out his wand threateningly.
Before he could cast the crucio curse again, Snape mumbled out “This summer.”
“Perfect. Good to hear.” He returned his wand into his sleeve and plopped back onto his chair, kicking the muggle girls lifeless form in the process.
“Bellatrix, a word my dear.” He called out. Bellatrix skipped over to him, right past Snape and onto the lap of the dark lord. He whispered into her ear for several moments. Snape didn’t like the look of pure excitement that cross Bellatrix’s face. The twinkle of mischief in her eyes could only imply that Voldemort had ordered her to hurt someone.
Fear gripped Snape. You were in danger and it was all his fault. His thoughts were running a mile a second. He couldn’t focus on anything except the memories of you and your smiling face as you passed him in hallways. How you always preferred to hang out in his office rather than your common room. The laughs you would share as you beat him in wizards chess. He knew it was wrong to feel this way about a student. He knew he should have pushed you away like he did with everyone else. Yet, he could never find the power within himself to turn you away when you showed up at his office door.
He denied the feelings he had for so long. He would lie to himself. His heart leaping in his chest whenever he saw you was a result of his morning coffee. He only missed having you in potions because you were his best student. When he was in advanced potions class last year, brewing amortentia at the request of several 7th years, he even denied the traces of your sent he caught from the pearlescent pink potion. ‘Her perfume is just extra strong today’ He tried to convince himself.
Though right now, sitting on the floor at the foot of a man who could kill you without a second thought, he did not allow himself to deny those feelings. It was the fear of you being taken away from him that broke down the walls he had built up. He cared about you, but now you were in danger because he cared about you.
“We’re done for the night. Everyone leave.” Voldemort bellowed. Snape scrambled to his feet and gave a half hearted bow before apparating back home.
He needed to speak to you. Though it would have to wait till morning as you were no doubt asleep in the (H/N) dorms by now. He would find you first thing at breakfast.
When Snape couldn’t find you sitting at the (H/N) table this morning he panicked. He checked the hospital wing, the library, and he even went down to Hogsmeade. He prayed that you were sat inside the three broomsticks sipping on some butter beer. Yet you were no where to be found. Every hour that passed he became more frantic.
He paced outside the (H/N) common room for hours. Asking anyone that left it if they had seen you. Many of the students were terrified as they had never seen Snape in such an emotional state. When he saw your closest friend about to enter the common room, he pushed them to the side and demanded they inform him of where you went. Though they seemed to have no clue either.
With this news, Snape allowed himself to retreat back to his office and shut himself up inside. When the door slammed behind him, it rattled the mason jars that lined the walls of his office. Full of anger, he marched over to the shelf and tipped it over. Glass crashed to the floor all around him. Flobberworm mucus mixing with some salamander blood forming a muddy green puddle. Other ingredients spilled out around the shards, leaving his floor a complete disaster. Snape ran his fingers through his hair, then pulled out his wand and gave it a small wave. The mess disappeared in an instant.
Snape resigned to his chair behind his desk. Sinking down into it with a loud sigh. He was full of self loathing. How desperately he wished you were here in his office as you so commonly were. Him sat behind his desk, peaking up at you every so often while you worked on your homework at a table in the corner.
Sometimes, he would drag out his cauldron and together, you would work with him on a potion. Anything you requested he would do. All it took was one look into those damned (E/C) eyes of yours and he was putty in your hands. He slammed his head down onto his desk. Would he ever get to experience looking into your eyes again now that he had given the dark lord reason to suspect you meant something to him?
Snape’s thoughts were interrupted by an intense burning in his left arm. It was burning so intensely tonight it was impossible to ignore. As much as he wanted to sit in his office and sulk, he knew the burn from the dark mark would not let up until he appeared wherever it demanded he be.
He had apparated back outside Malfoy manor. However, when he entered the room he was not greeted by anyone as he had been the night previous. The only sign of life was coming from deeper in the mansion. A slight hum of music. It was going to be a party tonight. Snape sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. He wasn’t exactly in much of a partying mood right now. Perhaps he could just stop inside, say his hellos and slip back out. He could ride the lie of there being someone injured at the school so he needed to be there for the commotion.
Arriving at the source of the music, Snape entered the vast room which was packed with death eaters and their partners. Some were dancing, others drinking, and a few were off to the side laughing at a group of muggles fighting off the cruciatus curse.
Voldemort as usual, was sat in a foreboding chair in the center of the room. Surrounded by many female death eaters. Some at his feet worshiping him. One girl sat in his lap, legs splayed open while he caressed her.
Snape had to fight to keep the grimace off his face. He hated whenever the death eaters were so…public about their sexual endeavors. Though it was all too common. Frequently, the dark lord hosted parties where sex was the main entertainment. Snape did his best to avoid these parties, or remain inconspicuous off to the side. Sometimes women would approach him, completely nude, eager to please him yet he never took them up on their offers.
Some of the men joked that he could “Only get it up for mudbloods.” Which of course infuriated him.  It only seemed to spark an idea in Voldemort. The next party, he had brought in tons of muggles. Some were put under the imperius curse and forced to be willing participants in their own defilement. Others, were simply tied up and taken advantage of. Their screams of pain and pleas of hope lost in the room filled with the sounds of others pleasure. Of course, Snape didn’t participate that time either. Forcibly taking a woman wasn’t something he got off on like so many of the other death eaters.
Snape approached the chair of the dark lord and gave the usual bow. This time however, he was more on edge than usual.
“Ahhh! Welcome Severus! So glad you were able to arrive.” He shoved the girl on his lap off roughly and stood up. She fell onto the floor with a pained whine
“Thank you my lord for the invite. However, I must be returning to the castle. There has been an incident and-“
“And miss the entertainment? The main event? I don’t think our guest of honor would appreciate your absence.”
Snape was certain whatever entertainment was being shown tonight he wished to have no participation in. “I’m very sorry my lord. Please give them my best.” Snape nodded and turned to leave.
“Why not do it yourself? Bellatrix! Bring her in.”
A door off to the side, different from the main entrance, swung open. Bellatrix, as giddy and insane as usual, glided into the room. She was grasping a rope over her shoulder. As she skipped into the room, what was attached to the end of the rope came into view.
Snape fell to his knees at the sight. There you were, thick rope tied around your middle, binding your hands behind your back. A torn piece of cloth was shoved into your mouth and another one blindfolded you. You were wearing a white night gown, which bunched up on your sides as you were dragged across the floor towards the dark lord.
Snape couldn’t move. His heart thumped so loudly it made his ears ring. He wasn’t breathing. The feeling was so overwhelming, he would’ve taken the the crucio curse anytime over it.
Your body was dropped infront of Voldemort. Bellatrix handing him the rope before coming up behind you. Her eerie giggles next to your ear as her thin fingers worked on undoing the knot that held your blindfold in place. You tried to shake it off, but she pressed her nails into back of your neck, causing you to whimper quietly.
When the blindfold was removed, you were temporarily blinded by the bright light that filled the room. When your eyes adjusted, your eyes jolted around the room. Desperate to figure out where you were. Everyone’s eyes were on you, some looked smug and humorous, and some of the men and women looked at you full of lust.
As your eyes dragged across the room, you finally found a familiar face. It was your favorite potions professor. He was kneeling on the ground, his eyes locked on yours. You tried to call out to him only for the gag to muffle you.
“I hope you enjoy your gift Severus. I had Bella fetch her just for you.” Your eyes searched for the source of the sinister voice. It was Lord Voldemort. At the sight of him, you thrashed around in your bindings. Hot tears falling down your cheeks.
“She put up quite the fight too. Nearly scratched my eyes out.” Bellatrix smirked. Then gave you a rough kick to the side. You curled up in pain and let out a muffled sob.
“Now now Bella. Be careful, we don’t wanna break her before the show now do we?” Voldemort questioned. He stalked over to you and leaned down to grab you by your tied wrists. He dragged you over to a chair that was surrounded by the unmoving bodies of muggle women. You tried kicking out as he pulled you. Digging your heels as hard as you could into the ground, but it was all in vain as your feet just glided along the smooth marble floor.
When you reached the chair he pulled you into his lap. “Severus come closer. I want you to have a front row seat.” Your eyes flashed over to your professor, he slowly raised from his spot on the ground and trudged over to the foot of the chair.
“My lord please.” Snape whispered. He appeared broken. His onyx eyes which were usually so full of hate were empty and lifeless. “Please don’t hurt her.”
Voldemort gave a hearty laugh. “I thought she was just a student Severus. Do you harbor feelings for her?”
Snape went silent. Perhaps if he was honest, he could spare her. Once he admitted his true feelings, the dark lord was sure to kill him for being dishonest the day before.
“CRUCIO” Snape flinched, waiting for the pain to strike his body. It never came. Instead, your loud cries pulled him out of his throughts.
You were writhing in pain. Tears streaming down your cheeks and soaking the gag that was shoved between your lips. The pain was like no other. It felt as if thousands of knives were stabbing you all along your body.
Voldemort’s began to laugh again as he watched you flail around in his lap. “Answer me Severus and I’ll stop it.”
“YES.” Snape shouted. “Yes. I do.” He longed to reach out and grab you. To brush your hair away from your face and kiss your cheeks and forehead. He would whisper in your ear that you were safe and he would protect you. That was the last thing he was able to do at the moment. You were still held in the arms of Voldemort. Crying as you recovered from the effects of the crucio curse.
“Very well then. I don’t wish to defile a woman that is yours.”
Snape let out the smallest sigh of relief. He looked into your eyes. You were still crying, yet he could see the small flash of relief within them.
Voldemort’s cold hands went to untie the ropes that bound your arms behind you. His long nails scratched against your soft skin. Before you could pull your arms in front of you to shield yourself, he grabbed your left arm by your wrist.
He slammed it down onto the arm of his chair. You tried to to tug it away from him but he held out his wand threateningly. You ceased your movements. He ran his wand up and down the expanse of the underside of your arm. It left goosebumps in its wake.
He dragged the tip of the wand to your forearm and pressed it into your skin. The stabbing pain returned. Though it was focused entirely on your forearm.  “Morsmordre” he hissed against your ear.
You watched as swirling red lines left from underneath his wand and curled around your skin. The lines were burning themselves into you. You screamed out in agony. It looked as if thin red worms were crawling around underneath your skin, desperate to come to the surface. Your eyes were screwed closed. Your other hand squeezing the opposite arm of the chair. “No no. Watch my dear as you are forever marked. “ he trailed off. Grabbing your cheeks squeezing until your eyes opened again. “As a death eater.” He finished.
The red lines settled themselves into the design of a serpent slithering out of a skull in a figure eight pattern. When Voldemort ran his hand over it once again, the bloody red color turned into a deep inky black. There would be no hiding the mark ever. It was permanent.
Forever marked as a death eater. The words rang in your head as you watched the snake move ever so slightly. What would your parents think? Their daughter a death eater. You would never be able to return to hogwarts like this.
You were so lost in your self pity you didn’t notice as the gag was pulled from your mouth. It didn’t matter however. You had nothing to scream for anymore.
Snape had watched in horror as you were brandished with the dark mark. He fought to keep his face as stoic as possible. But the horrible sound of your cries as you realized what had happened broke his heart. Once Voldemort had ran his hand over it, turning it to a dark black, it was completed. There was no removing the mark. Snape had tried to. After Lily was killed, he was desperate to rid himself of the thing that had caused her death. He scrubbed at it till it bled. He tried every curse, jinx, and hex he could think of. No matter how many times he tried to cut, burn, or cover it the mark always reappeared. Now, because of him you too would forever be brandished with the mark.
“Here you are Severus.” Voldemort smirked as he shoved you off his lap. Snape rushed forward to catch you before you hit the ground. He pulled you into his embrace and held you close. His face buried in your neck. You didn’t return his hug, you just laid there completely limp.
“Now wasn’t that fun.” Voldemort stood up once again and looked around the room. Everyone clapped or cheered. “Another death eater for our group. Snape why don’t you give her a proper welcome.”
A few men behind Snape wolf whistled. Encouraging shouts were coming from around the room. A proper welcome? What did that entail?
“I suggest you get started Severus. Or else I can give Lucius or Yaxley a go instead. It is your choice.”
Snape looked down at you. You were gripping his cloak in your fists. Your face pressed up against his chest. “Make it entertaining.” Voldemort hummed as he settled back into his chair and beckoned over one of the muggles under the imperius curse over to him.
Snape’s hands shook as he pulled you closer to him. The meaning of Voldemort’s words settling in. He wanted him to take you in-front of all these people. He couldn’t bring himself to move an inch. He stayed holding your shaking form. Running his long fingers up and down your back.
Sobs racked your body as you cried into your professors chest. He smelled like leather bound books, old parchment, and standard ingredient from potions. You breathed in his scent deeply as you tried to calm yourself. You felt his hands grasping your shoulders, tugging you away from him. You hesitated as you drew your eyes away from his chest and up to his own. You gasped as you saw his expression. He looked conflicted. His pale hand reached out to grab your chin tilting it up slightly as he leaned down to connect his lips to yours.
You were so shocked that you stayed unmoving against him for only a moment. After a beat, you returned his kiss. Your shaking hands winding their way up through the strands of his long black hair. You pulled him closer to you, desperate for the contact of his skin against yours. His hand dropped from your chin and he slid his hands to either side of your cheeks, holding you gently as he kissed you passionately. As he held you close, you could feel wetness against your face, his tears brushing against your cheeks. You pulled away, quickly realizing where you were.
His eyes opened slowly. Snape was basking in the moment of finally getting his chance to kiss you. How desperately he wished to feel your lips against his own for ages. His cheeks had a red tint to them as he looked down at you. You were bitting your now swollen lips, gazing off to the side at the floor.
“Get a move on for fucks sake.” Voldemort groaned. It dragged Snape out of his thoughts. Fear flashed over your eyes as realization struck you. You scooted away from him slowly. Desperate to remove his hands from your waist. He pulled you closer though. His breathing heavy as he brought his lips to your ear. “I’m sorry Y/N.” He whispered.
His hands brushed against your shoulders. Pulling the silk material down to expose your skin to him. He pressed a kiss onto your shoulders. Working his way into the crook of your neck. You panicked and tried to push him off. He gripped your hands by your wrists and held them in front of you. When you tried to move again, he gave them a warning squeeze.
“Professor. P-Please don’t do this.” You choked out. You meant for it to come out much quieter than it did. Everyone heard it and promptly began to laugh at you.
“How cute. She’s begging.” Came a voice from within the crowd of people watching you and Snape.
Snape’s touches became more rough. The tenderness he has shown earlier gone. He was bitting down on the sensitive skin of your neck. Making you cry out. His other hand tangled in your hair, tugging slightly as he worked on giving you several hickies all over.
“Please. Professor” This time it came out as intended. A whisper only Snape could hear. It caused him to falter, which allowed you to pull your wrists out of his grasp, you placed your hands on his chest to push him away. His lips left your neck, and he met your tearful gaze. The regret and pain that was once all over his face, was now replaced with lust. This wasn’t the same man who had begged the dark lord not to harm you.
Snape couldn’t stop himself. He had denied his feelings for you for too long. He was lost in the feeling of your body against his. The small whimpers he drew from you were music to his ears. He deserved this. He deserved you. After everything he’s been through. After everyone he has helped, he should get something in return. At least, that’s what he made himself believe.
His hands left either side of you, and went to your thighs. You gasped out in shock. He pushed the silk nightgown higher up until it exposed your cotton underwear to him. You were trying to kick him away but he easily overpowered you. Pushing you down against the cold marble floor with one hand, while the other pushed the nightgown up even higher. Exposing the soft skin of your stomach to him. He leaned down and pressed a kiss right above your navel. You arched your back in shock.
“What a whore.” Another taunt came from the crowd of people. Who were now even closer, encircling you. Snape pressed kisses down your stomach until he reached the waistband of your panties. He pressed his nose against your heat and inhaled your sweet scent. A growl left his lips.
He licked a stripe against you through the fabric and laughed at your small gasp. You tried again to push him off you, but were unsuccessful. Your attempts were laughed at by the various death eaters watching you. Your teary eyes looked around the group, some of the men were palming themselves through their robes as they stared at you. Others just watched, their eyes blown with lust.
A kiss to your cheek forced you to tear your gaze away from the people around you. Snape had gripped your chin again, this time much more firmly, and forced his mouth on you. His tongue pushing past your lips and exploring your mouth. You attempted to force him out of your mouth but every time you tried, he tugged on your hair painfully. His hips ground against yours as he worked his mouth against you. Squirming away did nothing but encourage him to grip your ass to hold you in place. He groaned into the kiss.
When he pulled away, panting, he started to undress. He unhooked his cloak and threw it off to the side. You watched as he unbuttoned every single button that lined his robes. Once he finished he cast it aside to join his cloak. He was just in his black trousers now. His bare chest was littered with scars and marks. Some were still red and fresh. While others were faded and old. On his left forearm, was an identical mark of the one you just received. He stood up, leaving you lying on the floor. You used the opportunity to pull back down your dress to cover yourself. A few people laughed at this.
Snape kicked off his black leather shoes and began to unbuckle his belt. He reached down and grabbed you by your hair until you were kneeling down in front of him. He resumed removing the pants. His crotch eye level with you. Fresh tears started flowing down your cheeks. He pushed down his boxers, revealing his large cock. You tried to shrink away from it, but his hold in your hair brought you closer. “Open” he simply stated. You violently shook your head. You used every bit of strength you could muster to get away from him, but he only gripped your hair tighter. The pain only pushing more tears out of you.
“Miss L/N do as you’re told.” He seethed. Resigning to your fate, you opened your mouth slightly. He took the opportunity to slide his length inside. He groaned loudly as he did so. You gagged loudly on him. Placing your hands on his thighs to push him away, but it did nothing but making him pull you even closer. He fucked your mouth. Only stopping every few thrusts to pull out and let you gasp for air. A trail of spit connected your lips to the swollen tip. After a moment, he would shove himself back in your mouth. Obscene sounds filled the room. The sounds of your gags and sobs mixed with his loud groans of pleasure.  You prayed it would be over soon. That this was some horrible nightmare. Any moment now you were going to wake back up in your dorm and get ready to head to classes. Your eyes closed as you tried to space out.
“She’s zoning out on you Severus.” Voldemort’s cold voice came from the crowd. Several small light slaps to your cheeks brought you back to the reality. Snape pulled your hair down, forcing you to look up at him in his eyes as he used your mouth and throat.
“Look at me while I fuck that pretty mouth of yours” Each word was punctuated with a thrust into your mouth. You stared into his eyes. Silently begging him to stop. It only seemed to spur him on. His thrusts became sloppier and his grip on your hair loosened.
Your nails began to dig into his thighs. You were running low on air. His groans became more frequent, and aggressive. Then after a few short thrusts, he snapped his hips into your mouth painfully. Your nose buried in the dark curls of his pubic hair. He held your head against him as he came down your throat.
You banged your firsts against his thighs. Desperate for oxygen. The corners of your vision started to blacken.
I’m going to pass out. The thought repeated itself in your head. “Swallow.” Snape ordered. His eyes still glaring into your own. You swallowed thickly around his length. The taste of his cum overwhelming your senses. “Good girl.” He purred as he stroked your cheek. He pulled himself out of your mouth. You collapsed into a fit of coughs. Your were heaving as you tried your best to get in as much air as possible.
A few claps came from the people surrounding you. A few other people moaned as they also reached their release. You felt disgusting and used. You wrapped your arms around your knees and brought them to your chest. Hiding your head in your lap, you let yourself cry.
You were only allowed this brief sense of privacy for a moment. Soon Snape’s hands were back on you. He pulled your hands away from your legs, and placed them on ground to your side. He parted your thighs with his large hands. He hushed your whimpers and brought himself up to your lips to kiss you again.
As he kissed you, he pulled your night dress up again. Only breaking the kiss to pull it up and over your head. You now lay clad only in your bra and underwear. He broke the kiss again, and left a trail of them down the valley of your breasts until he once again reached the waistband of your underwear. He hooked his fingers in the elastic and tugged down gently. The cold air made you shiver as Snape exposed your most private areas to the room.
You attempted to clamp your thighs shut, but were stopped by his hands which held them open. He continued his kisses from where he left off. Making you gasp with each gentle press of his lips. When he reached your clit, he took it into his mouth and began to suck gently. You cried and tried to close your thighs again around his head. He only laughed and continued his assault on your body.
Your hands entangled themselves in his hair, tugging slightly as he skillfully ate you out. Your thighs rested on his shoulders as he held you open to him. You raised your hips eager to meet his tongue.
Snape felt like he was in heaven. Your little mews of pleasure encouraging him to swipe his tongue against you with more ferocity. You tasted simply divine. He could stay here between your legs for hours. He did an experimental swipe around your tight entrance. When you gripped his hair tighter and pulled him closer, he continued his ministrations.
He fucked you with his tongue, his nose brushing against your swollen clit. You bit your lip and tried to cover your mouth with your arm, but someone from the circle came forward and yanked it away. “Let me hear you.” Snape demanded. He brought a sleek finger to your entrance. Circling it before slowly pushing inside. You let out a guttural scream. You had never had anything inside you like this before.
The pleasure was overwhelming. You found yourself trying to escape it but Snape wouldn’t let you. He held your body in place as his fingers worked their way in and out of you. Every so often, his thumb would brush against your clit, which sent you wailing.
“Stop.” You panted. “It’s too much.” Your stomach was in knots. You felt yourself rapidly approaching an orgasm. You couldn’t let yourself let go like this, not in-front of all these people. With renewed fervor, you tried to scramble away from Snape’s alluring touch. “Shhh” he soothed. Bringing his other hand up to your face, he brushed away the sweaty hairs that had stuck to your forehead. “Come for me Y/N.” You shook your head. Tears threatening to fall once again. “No.” You whined.
He increased his speed. Two fingers now pressing inside your slick heat. He leaned down and pressed a kiss on your cheeks before capturing your lips with his. This time you didn’t fight against his tongue when it entered your mouth. You could taste the slightest bit of your arousal on him. It made you shudder.
With a final press of his thumb against your sensitive bundle of nerves, you felt yourself reach your climax. Your body tensed as waves of pleasure crashed over you. You cried out into the kiss. Gripping the base of his neck as he continued to finger you through your release.
Your hands slipped from his neck and onto the floor. You were completely spent. Time felt like it was moving in slow motion. Snape’s fingers slipped out of you. Watching as he slipped them into his mouth and sucked on them passionately. Humming as he did so. Then he leaned down to kiss you, allowing you to taste yourself once again.
Your body was exhausted. All you wanted was to curl up and go to sleep. It seemed however, that Snape had other plans.
“I’m not done with you yet, little girl.” He lifted you up slowly. His hands brushing against your skin as he reached around to unclasp your bra. You leaned against him, your chin resting on his shoulder as he stripped you of your last bit of clothing.
He pulled the straps down off your arms and finally fully exposed you to him. His eyes ran over your body with hunger. He dipped his head down and licked down your cleavage. He cupped your left breast as he brought his mouth over your nipple. He sucked on it for several moments before switching to the other. Your moans were breathy and tired. Too exhausted to fight back, you let him take full advantage of your body.
Your skin was so soft under him. He groaned out with every swipe of his hand along your body. He peppered kisses onto every spot of your skin he could. He was desperate to be inside of you. He had completely forgotten where he was, the people who were lingering around you both not visible in his mind. All he could see was your beautiful naked body beneath him.
“You’re mine.” He whispered into your ear. Then sucked on your ear lobe gently before starting another trail of kisses. Your (E/C) eyes locked onto his. Snape used this opportunity to drag his length along your slit. He moaned against your lips. He gripped his cock and lined it up with your tight entrance.
You could feel the heat radiating from him. With one last pleading look you met his eyes. “Please, Severus.” You whined. He took this as an invitation to push himself inside of you.
Your pained screams were soon muffled as he covered your mouth with his hand. Your sobs were met with his hisses of pleasure as he eased himself even deeper within you. “FUCK” he shouted.
“You’re doing so good for me.” He panted as he dragged himself back out before slamming back in. Both of you screamed in unison at the rough meeting of your hips. Snape set a punishing pace. His thrusts were deep and hard. Alternating between several quick snaps of his hips to slow drawn out ones that deliciously dragged his length against your walls.
Your cries of pain slowly turned into ones of pleasure. You arms wrapping their way around his neck as your hips raised to meet his thrusts. Your felt the familiar feeling from earlier begin to form in the pit of your stomach.  Moans fell from your lips in rapid succession. Each thrust now hitting a sensitive spot inside you.
“Please, Severus” you cried. Though this time, you were begging for him to continue rather than to stop. His hand reached up to your throat, squeezing it slightly. His thrusts were rough. Each slam of his hips crashed into yours with a slight twinge of pain.
“Look at me.” The words didn’t process. Your eyes stayed screwed shut in pleasure and pain. He tightened his grip on your throat. “I said look at me, Slut.” He spat.
Your eyes shot open as your breath was almost completely cut off. His face was inches from yours. Eyes locked onto each other as he continued to squeeze your throat while he fucked you.
Your mouth fell open as you gasped for air. Your hands flew up to his, pulling desperately at it. “Are you going to come on my cock like a good little girl?” He mocked. You nodded violently. He snapped his hips once again. His thrusts were slowing down and getting sloppier. He released his hold on your throat and you gasped out for air. He grabbed your hair and forced you to look back into his pitch black eyes.
“You’re mine Y/N L/N.” He pulled himself out of your throbbing cunt completely as he said this. Then shoved himself back in just as quick. You tensed as you came around him, making sure to hold eye contact as he demanded. Every single part of your body felt like it was on fire. His name fell from your lips on repeat.
“All. Fucking. Mine. “ he moaned in your ear. Thrusting his hips after each word. With the one final thrust, he came inside of you. Your nails dragged themselves down his back as he pressed himself as deep as possible into you. He collapsed onto of you. His body weight felt good against you as you came down from your incredible high. He kissed you many times all over your face whispering how beautiful you were and how good you are for him in between each one.
A slow series of claps pulled you out of your haze. While most of the people around you had left, Voldemort still stood watching over you.
“Fantastic show, Severus. I hope we will get to see more of it at our next party.” Voldemort held a devilish smile as he observed you both. “We will definitely have to have another one before Miss L/N starts carrying the heir to the Snape lineage.”
Snape sat up and grabbed his cloak, he wrapped it protectively around you, covering you from everyone’s perverted stares. “Thank you my lord. We are going to take our leave now.” Snape helped you to your feet and wrapped his arms around you.
“So soon? Such a shame. Well then. See you both at our next meeting.”
Before any more snide remarks could be said, Snape pulled you close and apparated.
Snape had brought you to his home in Spinner’s end. After running you a warm bath, where he gently washed your body and hair, he brought you into his bedroom so you could finally rest. He held you throughout the night. He pressed light kisses to the top of your head and stroked your back until you fell asleep listening to his heart-beat.
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