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feat. Jinx and her pretty pink eyes
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Sith ladies…
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warnings: NSFW, 18+, mentions of cheating, threesomes, anal, modern-ish au(?), farts?, pegging, gun mentioned, public sex, vomit, really weird embarrassing gross sex stories and etc. got most of these from twitter entire thread made me cackle
silco: once hooked up with someone and before they started having sex, silco told them "i'll show you what i use for protection" and they thought he was going to pull out some exquisite collection of designer condoms or something. nah. silco pulled out a gun and left it out the whole time they were having sex. he never heard from them ever again. not like he wanted to either. he didn't think the sex was that good.
sevika: tried tipsy/drunk sex once and never again. the person she was hooking up with threw up all over her when she was getting down on her knees. literally was in a state of shock, and was so grossed out she ended up throwing up too.
vander: agreed to get pegged one time and it was his first time and was so nervous that he got a stomachache. dude was so gassy and it didn't help that he kept trying to hold his fart. right as his partner pulled out, he let out the gnarliest, most loudest, foul smelling fart. they did not continue.
vi: hooked up with someone when she got out of prison and it was her first time and she's nervous but it actually went well. then it got awkward and she still doesn't know why she did this, but she pressed her index finger against her partner's clit and said "ding dong"
caitlyn: wasn't even having sex yet; she was just making out with this girl and she started doing the Joker "why so serious" monologue out of nowhere and caitlyn didn't know what to do so she put her hand over her mouth and did her best bane impression. she wasn't impressed.
viktor: was having sex with someone and they said "cum for me" so he stopped and hugged them because he thought they said "comfort me"
jayce: first time he had sex with someone, he couldn't tell whether his dick was in or not, but it felt like it was so he didn't stop and continued until he came. apparently, he was having sex with the bed the entire time. his partner felt bad so they faked an orgasm and never told him.
mel: was having shower sex once and they stopped to lather each other up and without looking her partner grabbed her mint shower gel rubbed it onto her vagina and it fucking burned so bad, mel curled up on her bathroom floor and cried. never had shower sex ever again.
marcus: decided to have a threesome with his (ex)girlfriend with one of his mates from the police academy. it was so awkward because they were focusing on each other and basically ignored him the entire time. turns out they've been fucking each other behind his back. both of them ended up getting married and they invited him to their wedding.
grayson: was fucking her partner in her car and they didn't notice the enforcer outside their car until he tapped on the foggy window. poor officer almost had a heart attack because that's his boss, so he apologised and literally ran off. the next day grayson couldn't even look him in the eye.
finn: was enthusiastically eating someone out and got lock jaw. like literally his bottom metal jaw got locked and he panicked, tried to pull away but ended up accidentally biting down on her clit, and it hurt so bad she kicked him in the face.
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Sevika: There’s a tree out there growing wood for your coffin.
Jinx: Bold of you to assume my body will be found.
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hello, gorgeous!! it's your girl here (if you guess i'll give you a kiss).
well, since i'm madly in love with you and we both are obsessed with Sevika, i was wondering if you could write an one-shot or headcannons about a modern au where Vika falls in love with someone on the internet, but then finds out they're like, an ocean apart and the crush is one-sided. :)
it's okay if you don't want to, pretty, but if you do and find out who i am, please tag me, okay, doll? *flying kisses*
love ya!! <3
@illicittete Nice to see you here again, my love 💜✨ Now you have to keep your promise and kiss me 💋
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Can Only Dream - Sevika!Modern AU
Warnings: None
Word: 789
Tumblr media
Summary: Sevika finally admits her feeling to her internet crush but it seems that she had received a message she didn’t expect…
“I’m sorry, Sevika… But I don’t feel the same way…I just don’t see you in that way.”
Sevika took off her glasses before setting her phone down on the nightstand. She turned off the lamp before laying back down on the bed, pulling the blanket up to her waist.
It’s been about months now since she had been talking to this woman online. Others would say that you shouldn’t trust people on the internet but can she help it? It’s not everyday she gets to meet such a lovely young woman who was genuinely nice to her. She would be lying if she said that she wasn’t falling for the young woman after several video calls. The woman Sevika was talking to was indeed beautiful, both inside and outside.
She knew that she could trust her. And the woman could trust Sevika too. Both of them had nothing to hide. But not with Jinx and Silco around.
Both of them always picked on Sevika, telling her how she shouldn’t trust someone that easily after just months of texting and calling. What if that woman wasn’t who she thinks she was? What if she was lying to Sevika?
But Sevika didn’t listen to all those nonsense.
At first, Sevika was in denial about the fact that she was catching feelings for this young woman. But the way the woman spoke to her, the soft hums and giggles she made when Sevika told her something interesting… it drove her crazy.
Sevika was scared to admit her feelings. But she definitely knew she didn’t like the woman in a friendly way. She wanted something… more intimate.
How Sevika desperately waits for a text message from that specific person, how excited she gets when she receives an incoming call… they were obvious signs of her falling in love.
But the moment Sevika found out how far apart they were, she could feel her heart aching. Why did she have to be so far away? This just made the woman more… desirable. Oh how Sevika wished she could just hold her, touch her… or even kiss her.
But all those ideas and imaginations were already thrown out the window.
Tonight, Sevika had confessed her true feelings to the young woman… but the answer wasn’t what she had expected.
The poor older woman stared blankly at the dull, white ceiling, the message along with the younger woman’s voice repeated in her head.
Sevika pulled the blanket over her head, hoping her thoughts would quiet down. But instead, she reached for her glasses and phone. She let out a grunt, staring blankly at the painted walls before shifting her focus back to the bright screen in front of her.
She took a deep breath, tapping on the keyboards on her phone before closing it, putting it back on the nightstand.
She tucked herself with the soft blanket, not knowing that the person had read her message.
“I understand. No matter how you feel toward me, I just wanted to let you know that I really love you and it’s okay if you don’t. I know I’m being cliche right now but I’m sure that I have feelings for you. Well now that you know.. you don’t have to return that feeling. And that’s perfectly okay. Hope for the best in the future :)”
Tumblr media
Notes: Aight imma go cry now.
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sevika liker
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thehoundwrites · 2 days ago
Farmer Grayson and Farmer Sevika could both be a thing except in the opposite nature. Grayson has fields of strawberries, has a wife and rides horses and Sevika grows Weed and has like a 5 girl harem and lots o dogs.
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commission for @of-the-argonath !! Aaaah this is so cute I’m in love with the daddy daughter date ideas!!
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nop7 · 14 hours ago
Jinx *whispering*:"do we do something?"
Sevika *calmly smoking her cigar*: "i say we just let it happen"
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All of these are 150% correct and I will not hear any arguments to the contrary.
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finchz · 20 hours ago
vi, staring with awe in her eyes as sevika slams someone's head onto the bar table and very loudly tells them to fuck off: holy shit my aunt is so badass
caitlyn, who cannot believe vi grew up in these conditions: what the fuck
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family issues
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ryuuna · 5 months ago
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When you’re trying to do errands but your boss is making you babysit the brat that evaporated your arm off
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Scary Lady 🥵
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Silco: Have you tortured any useful information out of the prisoners yet?
Sevika: Not yet.
Silco: Well, keep trying. And could someone mop this blood up? Someone could slip!
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Don’t Touch Her - Chapter 11
LOYALTY - Sevika x Reader Series
Warnings: None
Word: 1,210
Previous Chapter
Tumblr media
Summary: After your encounter with Finn, Sevika showed signs of discomfort and… jealousy.
The rustling sound of the elevator could be heard as it started moving upwards. A while ago, Sevika had informed Silco about the Chembarons’ assembly… which is why the three of you ended up here.
Silco ordered you to come along too. You weren’t sure why but he said it would be better for you to know what was going on up there. Sevika, on the other hand, wasn't okay with it. Why? Well…
Rumors were spreading in The Last Drop about how one of the Chembarons was keeping an eye on you. Even Theorem knew about it.
One time when Jinx came over, she brought up the topic to the poor, shaking bartender. And of course, Theorem had to tell her everything. Let’s just say that you weren’t in any danger, but one of the Chembarons seems to take an interest in you. Little did Theorem know, Sevika heard every single word that came out of his mouth. And she will track that Chembaron or Chembaroness down.
“We aren’t due for the assembly.” Silco entered the room with a grey box in his arms. You and Sevika stood behind him quietly as both of you waited for any other responses. That’s when you heard a soft chuckle coming from a Chembaron.
Tattoos plastered all over his face and chest, the bright color of his jacket stood out… somehow making him look powerful. Not only was he talking back to Silco, but he was also staring at you. Obvious signs of desire and excitement could be seen in those green eyes.
Finn. You exactly knew who it was. He was well known… didn’t think he was the one preying on you.
You looked away, not knowing that Sevika was already planning a murder in her head as she gave the tattooed man a death glare. Her hands tightened into a fist as if she was ready to pounce at him at any second.
“Never knew the Undercity had such a beautiful doctor. It’s not every day we find such a pretty little thing. I see that she’s been helping you with your business.” Finn purred, walking over to the three of you to take a closer look.
“Such beauty…” He leaned down, raising your chin to study your face. In discomfort, you took a step back, ignoring his presence.
“You don’t have the right to touch her like that.” Sevika’s booming voice made you flinch. Finn snickered, turning his head to look at the enraged woman. He scoffed, turning his back toward them as he walked away, back to the same position he was in.
You let out a relieved sigh before you felt someone nudging your arm. You looked up to see Sevika, a gas mask in her hand.
Ah… Silco’s plan.
Your body jolted up as soon as you heard a clank of a metal object. That’s when you put on the mask, stepping back to let the other two do their work.
“God that was crazy.” You ran your fingers through your hair overwhelmingly. You let out a loud exhale, craning your head up as you leaned against the couch.
After the near-death incident at the Chembaron’s assembly, Sevika had gotten a little…cold. She didn’t talk to you throughout the way back to the apartment. She just kept walking, as if you were not there behind her.
“Are you going to keep ignoring me?” You scoffed, eyeing the silent woman who was sitting on the bed across from you. She leaned her back on the headboard, her arms crossed as she stared blankly into space.
No response.
You let out a frustrated groan before standing up, walking over to the bed. The older woman glared at you for a minute before looking back at the frayed wall. She let out a huff, giving you a sign that she wasn’t in the mood for any silly games.
You rolled your eyes in annoyance before climbing up, straddling the grumpy woman.
“What do you think you’re doin—“ Before Sevika could yell at you, you pressed your lips on hers, earning a grunt from the older woman.
“Is this because of Finn?” You whispered in between the kiss, your hands cradling her jaw, “You know I hate him.” You tried to give her as much reassurance as possible. You finally pulled away, looking deeply into Sevika’s eyes. It felt like the world had stopped spinning for a second.
“I would never go for an idiot like him. I would nev—“ Sevika growled, kissing you back roughly, trying to shut you up.
She pulled away for a minute, pushing you backward as she hovered on top of you. Her strong aroma roamed your body, making you feel lightheaded.
“Sevika slow down!” You felt defeated the moment the older woman pinned your wrists above your head. Squirming around was no use but you did anyway, trying to break free from her grasp. Not that you weren’t njoying this, you just needed time to… prepare yourself.
“Sevik—“ The older woman kissed you again, this time forcing her tongue into your mouth hungrily. A soft whimper escaped your mouth as you felt her warm tongue running along your plump bottom lip.
You swore you saw stars the moment she pulled away before attacking your neck, her other hand going under your shirt.
You let out a squeak, feeling a slight sting on your neck. You arched your back, the feeling of her lips and her rough hand exploring your body was just too much.
“Sevika…” You whispered, feeling her letting go of your wrists. The older woman stopped in her tracks before craning her head to look at you, her deep gray eyes filled with lust and desire.
“Sevika, please… I only want you… I only need… you.” You cupped her face in adoration. The older woman’s eyes widened from your comment, but then softened as she leaned down to kiss your forehead. Her lips lingered there for a bit as she breathed in your alluring scent.
You closed your eyes, smiling as you sense the pad of her thumbs gliding over your eyelids and eyebrows. You let out a content sigh, feeling the same pair of lips on your eyelids.
“I don’t want anyone laying a finger on you…” Sevika finally spoke, her lips ghosting over your cheeks and lips.
“I’m sorry if I scared you…” Sevika snaked her arms around your waist, pulling you up into a sitting position before pressing her forehead against yours. You shook your head in response, giving her a tender smile.
“It’s okay. I understand.” You wrapped your arms around her neck, going in for a tight hug.
You never expected this moment ever, but let’s just say you were glad that it happened. Not only were you taking your relationship with Sevika to another step, you were able to see another side of her… a soft and endearing side.
Finn was right. It’s not usual to come across such an attractive woman in Zaun. But that wasn’t the main point. You had a good heart… you were willing to do anything to protect the others, to keep them safe. You were a strong woman from the beginning…
That’s why you were perfect… just for Sevika.
Tumblr media
Notes: I hope y’all didn’t forget about this series 🥲
Taglist: @holysmokesblog @illicittete @honeyr4ven @im-sidney @meetmeinthervng @uwuttaja @tiptoeingquietly @trashbod @Doc-blu @mayalopxz @pinkiedash101 @Rockyroad-is-bomb
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 i believe in the “women of arcane” supremacy 
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OH, THE MISERY arcane having an amazing soundtrack
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