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Things you do for Sevika that she loves
(*¯ ³¯*)♡
Tumblr media
After a long day making rounds for Silco, Sev is pretty beat. She opens the front door to her hole-in-the-wall apartment and trudges in, her boots lightly dragging on the wooden floorboards. Her right hand tugs at her red cape, the buttons proving to be too much of a task to complete at this moment. Any resistance is met with a huff and a harder tug, resulting in buttons shooting towards the floor. A problem for later. Further trudging leads her to you, normally sitting on the couch at this time of night.
She plucks the book from your hands and throws it in a general direction. Another item to be picked up with the buttons later on. You complain but only lightly because by now you have learned it isn’t worth telling her different. She manages to kick her boots off and without making it fully around the couch, she falls on top of you. The sudden weight leaves you a little breathless but you’re quick to embrace her, undo her pony tail, and massage her head. She nuzzles her head deeper into you if possible, a thank you mumbled into your skin.
This can last for a while and you never seem to mind helping her relax. If she does manage to pull herself up into a sitting position, you follow her lead. Your hands make quick work of her shirt, throwing yet another item on the ground. “I know what you want but love I’m too tired” Your fingers immediately begin to massage the area where her metal left arm meets skin and muscle. This usually emits a light moan from her because the area can get so sore and tender after prolonged use. Sometimes you’ll stand behind her and run your hands over her neck. The back yes, but also the front which she seems to love more. Her fall plops onto the soft couch and your hands being rubbing the area. This can lead to her actually falling asleep, but on occasion she will keep her eyes open because the view she gets is quite pleasing (the tatas).
If Sev knew how to find the words, she would let you know how much she appreciates being taken care of in this way. But until that day, it’s kinder looks than she gives most people and soft kisses and on occasion an all nighter of her making an absolute mess of you.
Letting her do your hair:
You would never have guessed this was something she loved but it was. On the rare days that you both find a gap of time unfilled with work, you spend it practically twisted around one another. No not that way. Not always anyway. But the thing she loved to was play with your hair. Not just brushing her fingers through it but actually making a hairstyle.
It started with her randomly asking how to braid hair. Why she asked, she wouldn’t tell you but you continued on explaining how to do it. You proceeded to show her which led to her trying it out. You held your breath as she gathered the hair, admittedly afraid she might ‘man handle’ it and hurt your scalp. Instead, you watched in the nearby mirror as she gently tried to apply what you taught her. After a few minutes you realized that she was so deathly afraid of hurting you, she was almost too gentle and made a rather loose braid. Your giggle broke her focus and you informed her that even you were a little harsher with your hair.
After a while though, Sev became quite good at turning your hair into something that even you would have struggled to do alone. One day, whilst figuring out how to make hair flowers, you prodded her on why she liked doing this sort of thing. She never seemed the type to bother considering her own hair was short and thrown into a pony tail day in day out. Without missing a beat, she replied.
“It’s you.”
That answer alone was enough to make your cheeks flush and belly erupt with butterflies, but it was still vague.
“Go on…” you pushed. She chuckled, her eyes never leaving your hair.
“I’ve watched you do your hair countless times and that alone was soothing but I’ve always wanted to try it myself. Now, I find that doing your hair is soothing and I get to look at you the whole time.”
Man oh man was that a straight arrow to the heart. You almost want to squeal in delight. Your hands gently touch hers, signaling to pause briefly as you stand up and give her a kiss. If you knew any better you would almost say she was surprised to receive affection for her response. Her arms wrap around you, a smile plastered on her face as she stares at you.
Fucking her:
Yea. Obviously. The woman knows what she likes and before you, there were regular visits to the brothel. It was a physical way of venting frustrations that the day had built up.
On the nights when Sev wasn’t overly tired and barely making it through the door, she was opening the door quietly. Something assumed to be impossible because the place wasn’t exactly in top-notch shape, yet she managed to do it. You could be found in various parts of the apartment either cooking, doodling, reading, etc. Perhaps you should’ve known better than to let your guard down (this was Zaun afterall) but after some time, you chose to let your guard down because there was always a 50% chance she was going to grab you up and head to the bedroom and you knew it.
She would take her boots off at the door, gently lay her cape on the couch, and make her way over to you. One fowl swoop and you where off the ground and soon being thrown onto the bed. Bouts of giggles and greetings are quickly cut short as her mouth meets yours, a hunger quickly growing in both your bodies. (Any resistance shown would immediately halt things, and she never minded holding you for a change to talk about what might be keeping you down).
These nights usually went on for a while, she has quite a lot of frustration, moans bouncing off the walls and wafting into the night air. Once satisfied on both sides, she’d pull you close, her lips pressing soft kisses to whatever part of you was near. The silence of the night now filled with soft whispers of love and devotion. You had helped to break down her walls and give her vulnerability stretch after being caged in for so long. Knowing this meant your being extra sincere in the reassuring words you told her. And while it was normally tough to receive verbal praise from her for such a thing, in this moment she was quick to say thank you and bask in the warmth of your love.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
By Hound (18+ only)
CW: bars, dancing, shimmer, smoke, break up, angst, police violence mention, drinking, classism
Word Count: 1020
Notes: The next part is called "Blue" Mentioned here (Series is called "the colors of love") I LOVE FORGETTING TO TAG LMAO
Tagging: @nora-xox @colourfulkidglitter @midnightsk13s @petitepersephone @trashbod @biphrogg @thebleccbird
Tumblr media
There was something in the way she looked at you, her dark grey eyes dulled from their hardened demeanor. She'd watch you laugh with your friends all gathered around the booth entranced by your smile. Throwing quick glances here and there because if any of those idiots knew about your secret relationship with Silcos one and only Sevika. The right hand man. Or whatever. Both of your loyalties would be questioned or even tested.
It was hard to keep her a secret, your friends were her friends. Coworkers, drinking, buddies, rivals. And as much as you adored her most people avoided her. Talked about her very out of ear shot. Too afraid to be heard. You'd never thought the two of you could make it under such stressful situations. After the bridge, Vander, The kids, Powder turned Jinx. You'd think the two of you could be more open. But no. Love makes you vulnerable. Made you weak.
You couldn't help but to apologetically shrug at her as your teammates walked inside with you. The two of you were supposed to discreetly leave and go on your "after near death comfort night mission" (the name was still in the works) but instead they dragged you to dance with them then drink with them. You saw Sevika hands fly to the table to haul herself up from her game and head upstairs, and you followed with the lame excuse "I have to pee, if I'm not back don't call the enforcers please" luckily they hadn't noticed her brooding figure or they'd start to question.
They knew you were lying, but they wouldn't even if the enforcers ever helped Zaunites. But by now they knew where you were from. Your family was originally from Piltover where you lived as a kid. Only to move on to Zaun in your teenage years finding out the hard way what your people did to theirs.
Sevika was already upstairs, and you were clearly getting excited to see her, a dumb little smile playing on your lips. However Sevikas legs were longer so it took a minute for you to catch up, plus a few tedious moments spent with Chuck to tell him he was doing fine.
When you made it upstairs you already knew which door it was the same as every other visit. And you knocked softly and pushed. The old door creaked open revealing your partner's bare back leaning against the wooden frame of the other for right inside. The light was dim, a buzz of electricity from the blue led light beside her bed, usually it was red, but tonight felt calm, smoke blew from the silhouette of your lover.
A thick cloud of pungent smoke as she let out a "I was starting to worry if you got hurt sugar" she didn't turn to face you. So your eyes wandered to her back. Her normal blue scars that covered her face were fading back to the usual color. The fluorescent pink of shimmer that coursed through her veins slowly disappeared before your eyes.
"I can't get hurt when the scary lady herself is waiting up here just for me."
She'd never shown you just how bad they were, not by choice. You'd taken care of her while she was unconscious but she distanced herself since then. You took in the view getting traces of less magical scars covering her shoulder blades and ribs as you approached behind her wrapping your arms around her waist and pushing your face inbetween her shoulder blades.
The silence was comfortable until it wasn't.
So you cleared your throat, and let go walking past her a bit, grey hair peaked from the roots of her hair, whether she was extra stressed or just getting old or both was yet to be determined. You turned around to peek at her face. You noticed a lazily wrapped blunt pressed between her two lips black lipstick smeared a bit across her chin. And a fresh scar on her abs, a large piece of gauze duct taped to the skin.
"Sev" you whimpered so quietly, yet it felt like you dragged a fork across a plate to her.
"I don't want your pity"
"Great cuz I don't pity you." You replied rather bluntly, Sevika raised her eyebrow at you.
"Then what was that?" It was a genuine question but the way she said it was harsh and you got defensive.
"What, I can't be upset you're getting seriously injured?"
"Since when do topsiders care about us? About me?"
"Please sev? Tell me what's going on. You don't have to shut me out"
"No." She cut you off. Something was wrong. "You need to leave and never come back."
"get out"
"WHY ARE YOU SO AFRAID OF LETTING ME IN, even after all we've been through"
"Before I make you."
You stared at her in disbelief, eyes transfixed in hers that couldn't look at you. You got up to move past her tense frame, tears struggling to escape, the explosion rung clear in your mind but you knew this was different. Something was weird.
You couldn't help but to whisper what you normally did whenever the two of you departed.
A weak "I love you" fumbled from your lips a hot teae staining your cheek, grunge from the under-city washing away with the pain.
Only this time was your last, the last time this said those three impactful words.
You couldn't help but to have your long and complicated relationship flash before your eyes as your arm skimmed hers when you walked by. But you could've swore she said she loved you back. But now you'll never know. She's just a distant memory, a happy one. With a bittersweet end. If she said I love you that would've been her first time that's why it hurt. She was always too late. You'd stay awake hoping she wasn't dead. Waking up to hold her hand only to remember it's just another lonely night.
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Sevika in "they'll only miss you when you're gone"? ❤️
My first sevika!
Tumblr media
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So yeah I made a thing
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Scary Lady 🥵
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A little xmas gift for my sweet @deadly-flourish 💜
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terrapia · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
SEVIKA + smile / smirk
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paternosters · 6 months ago
jinx likers: firm subscribers to the malnourished, emotionally volatile little meow meow pipeline, now with neon colors. love her because of her unparalleled emotional depth as a character and the agency she had within her own tragedy but ALSO because of her vitamin d deficiency
vi enjoyers: true believers in huge arms and the inherent attractiveness of grievous bodily harm. love her because she somehow manages to be the literal heart and soul of the story despite the fact that she spent the entire season wearing what had to be her filthy striped prison uniform pants. distracted everyone from that fact by bleeding so attractively
caitlyn connoisseurs: perhaps the funniest of the bunch, these people slammed on the brakes the moment they saw this Mad Hatter/Sherlock Holmes allusion with blue hair and pronouns. love her because she has somehow managed to dodge the guillotine of being rich and a cop by being perhaps one of the most effective portrayals of true empathy and compassion in recent times, despite being built like a praying mantis
mel medarda fan club presidents: soldiers—and I mean SOLDIERS—fighting for our right to love shady politicians who neglect half their city. love her because she is simultaneously one of the best-executed morally gray characters of all time, the most jaw-droppingly stunning collection of pixels ever commited to screen, and has successfully been able to turn a blind eye to both the suffering of Zaun and the fact that she is miles out of jayce’s league.
sevika supporters: cousins of vi enjoyers, but more interested in the one doling out the grievous bodily harm than the one receiving it. love her because instead of being your average Grunt #2, she brought another crucial layer of depth as an antagonist who was blunt and honest, even though her apology for betraying of Vander came in the form of kicking the shit out of his kid not once but THRICE
heimerdinger heads: he‘s a little fucking guy
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hellyeahpancakes · 2 months ago
your girl (me) has a fat FUCKING crush
on HER!!!
Tumblr media
Yes i hate silco and despise him for his actions yes i love Sevika and condone all of her actions. It's because she's hot. We exist
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Tumblr media
Remember kids, if you have a problem you just need some shimmer!
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alexkablob · 5 months ago
Underratedly hysterical part of Arcane is Silco’s face after Sevika doesn’t betray him because it’s just 100% “HOLY SHIT. HOLY SHIT I WAS BLUFFING I WAS NOT CONFIDENT AT ALL THAT SHE WASN’T GONNA KILL ME HOLY SHIT. HOLY SHIT I COULD HAVE DIED—”
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lynmbo · a month ago
Tumblr media
I am an anxious little rat
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abbysfrenchbraid · 4 months ago
Leaving the party early 🥃
Tumblr media
Sevika x femme!reader, smut!
Summary: The reader is Sevika's girlfriend and spends the evening with her at the last drop. Someone is too needy to wait until they get home, so they desecrate Silco's desk. Sevika and the reader are both stone lesbians in this, the reader is high femme.
6.2 k words, CW for alcohol, smoking, and rough, kinky sex
" Here.” You put down two glasses of Zaunshine and step around the card table. Sevika pulls you into her lap.
“Thank you, baby,” she says into your ear, breath tickling the sensitive skin beneath it.
The five men she is playing against are all wearing different amounts of disdain and annoyance on their faces but don’t dare to say a word. Instead, they all wait patiently as Sevika presses a kiss to your neck and readjusts your position so you sit comfortably on her left thigh, leaning back against her metal shoulder.
“Trump?” she asks absentmindedly and the youngest of the men shuffles in his chair, obviously impatient.
“Cups.” You can see a faint shimmer in his eyes. He has a good hand.
You know better than to underestimate Sevika, and it seems everyone except this newcomer does, too. They keep straight faces as your girlfriend hums and leans forward, snaking her prosthetic arm around your waist and holding you tightly to her chest.
“Well,” she sighs.
She draws a card from the stack and the kid can barely contain himself. One of the older guys grunts and shakes his head, throwing his cards into the middle and pulling out a pack of cigarettes. He’s been playing with Sevika for years and knows she is about to teach this novice a lesson.
As the others take their time making their plays, you lean your head back against Sevika’s collarbone. She is hard and warm against your back, a mountain of muscle and metal. And she’s yours. You push your ass back into the crook of her hip, then you slowly, almost unnoticeably, grind forward on her thigh. Sevika flexes her thigh and tightens her grip around your waist, nosing at your bare shoulder. You decided to wear a short, skin-tight dress today, exactly the same color as Sevika’s cloak.
There is no better feeling than walking through the streets of Zaun with your lover’s arm around your shoulders, people’s eyes widening when they recognize who is walking next to you, and then quickly looking down, trying not to offend. It makes you feel invincible. You roll your hips forward again and feel Sevika’s breath on the back of your neck, making the hairs there stand up.
“Baby,” she murmurs warningly. You hum and cock your head as if particularly interested in the current player’s move. You know the effect your bare throat has on Sevika. She can be ravenous, oftentimes leaving your neck bruised and bitten after a long night between the sheets.
It’s her turn again. Only the kid and two other players are still in this round. The idiot rookie is practically drooling now. Sevika leans forward and draws another card, furrowing her brows as she inspects it. You roll your head into the hollow beneath her jaw and peek at her hand - she has the Magician, the Wheel of Fortune, the Empress, and the king of cups. Unless the kid has more trumps than her and only major cards, he's out of luck.
You press down into her thigh and sigh quietly, grabbing her metal hand and interlacing your fingers with hers. One of the men gives you a wary glance - he’s probably seen that hand in action and wouldn’t dream to come near it. You lift your conjoined hands to your face and press a gentle kiss to Sevika’s copper thumb, winking at the man. His adam's apple bobs furiously, then he looks away, inspecting his dusty boots.
“Do you really need it that bad?” Sevika whispers into your ear, quiet enough so no one will hear. You can feel your pulse quickening.  “Do you want me inside you, baby?”
You nod, squeezing her hand and grinding against her. You can hear her laugh through her nose, her chest jumping against your back.
“Want me to take you to the bathroom and bury my tongue so deep in your pussy you won’t even remember your own name?” Her voice is a low rumble, barely audible but still crashing into you like a freight train. You can barely stop yourself from whimpering.
“Do you think you could be quiet? Stay silent as I push three fingers in your wet little cunt and fuck you like the slut you are just a room over from this one?” Her lips graze the shell of your ear. “I don’t think so, love. I think you would scream so loud the entire bar would know how good I’m fucking you, how deep I’m inside you.”
The kid puts down his cards. One of the other guys has folded. Without missing a beat, Sevika leans forward to inspect them. You need to blink a few times to focus, vision still foggy from the picture she just painted. His cards are good, two Major Arcana ones, a three of cups, and a five of swords. He’s already eyeing the stack of coins on the table. The last player, a heavily tattooed, black-haired man, shows his cards. Two Majors, a three of batons, and a queen of coins. The newbie blows a breath out of puffed-up cheeks. His cups saved him - barely. All eyes rest on Sevika.
She gently fans out her cards on the tabletop and waits for the realization to sink in. The tattooed guy rolls his eyes and takes a cigarette from his friend’s pack. You bite your lip, watching the emotions play on the kid’s face. Disbelief, denial, concentration as he counts again, defeat, fury. He jumps up so fast his chair is knocked over. It hits the concrete floor with a bang and everyone in the room turns toward him.
He clenches his fists at his sides, his eyes tight slits as he looks back and forth between you and your lover. You draw your eyebrows together, a pitiful expression on your face.
“Ay!” Some other kid, probably a friend of his, calls over from the other side of the private room. He holds up two pints of beer and shoots the loser a warning look. The kid blows out another breath and turns to walk over to his rescuer.
The tattooed man leans over and puts the chair back into a standing position, cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth. He gives Sevika an amused look and she shakes her head at him. He collects the cards and begins to shuffle them while another player pushes the coins over to Sevika’s corner of the table.
Your girlfriend rests her warm, strong hand on your thigh, massaging the inside of it with her fingers. You lightly wriggle in your seat, trying to get her to go higher without spreading your legs for the entire room to see. Her thumb wanders up under the seam of your dress. The lace thong you’re wearing underneath is completely soaked, but she’s still too far away to feel it.
“I don’t think I’ll make it that easy for you,” she says into your ear, keeping her eyes focused on the dancing cards. “I think you need to wait a little longer, learn some patience. I can’t have you dripping all over me every time we’re out in public, keeping me from my business.”
You turn to face her, giving her your saddest and most pathetic look. Doe eyes usually work on her, she can’t resist you when you beg her like this. And indeed, she takes a deep breath, nostrils flaring. She licks her lips, fingers digging into your thigh. Then her expression clears and she picks up the cards she’s just been dealt, her face completely neutral again. You want to scream.
During the next game, you zone out completely. All you can think about is Sevika’s tongue dragging through your wetness, her glistening chin when she comes up and smiles at you, her fingers inside your mouth, her arms holding you in place as she fucks you without mercy. Your breath is shallow, your hips are moving on their own accord. Luckily, this round seems to be a lot more high stakes as the money piles up and all eyes focus on the table.
After a few rounds, Sevika folds her hand and leans back, spreading her arms over the back of the leather sofa. You decide to try again. Slowly, you lean forward to grab her copper cigar case and a lighter, making sure to present your ass to her. You can feel her eyes on your back, tingling up your spine. Turning to face her, you push the small cigar into her golden mouthpiece and flick the lighter. She holds your gaze as she takes the cigar and her lips tighten around the metal, taking a drag and releasing the smoke out of the corners of her mouth.
She pats your upper thigh and you let yourself fall back against her, pressing your temple to her jaw.
“Baby?” you whisper, arching your back to press your ass against her again. “Can we go?”
Sevika takes another pull of her cigar and blows out a few perfect rings of smoke.
“I still have some stuff to take care of. Will you be a good girl and wait your turn?” She rests her hand with the cigar on your thigh. A piece of ash falls off and you flinch at the tiny speck burning your skin. It feels like a needle pricking you.
“Oh, I’m sorry,” Sevika drawls. “Did that hurt?”
She wipes your thigh with the edge of her palm and a small darkened spot remains, as big as a pinhead. Handing you the cigar for a moment, she sucks on the tip of her thumb into her mouth and rubs it over the spot, leaving a shiny ring on your skin.
You’ve played with wax once before, and pain is a friend you welcome when it comes to you and your lover. If you were aching for her before, this is making you absolutely feral with want. Sevika seems to know. She lightly scratches your left thigh with her metal fingers, leaving red streaks behind.
“I need to go back to the office and sort some things out. If you behave, I’ll take you home and fuck you so hard you’ll feel me inside you for a week.’”
You nod breathlessly, craning your neck to press a kiss to the silvery-blue scars on her cheek. She claps her thigh and looks around at the other players.
“Alright, guys, I’m out. Duty calls.”
A few of them mutter something back, but most are still enraptured in the cards on the table and in their hands. Sevika pats your ass and lets you get up first, letting her copper hand slide down your back and over the curve of your ass to stroke the inside of your thigh for a second. Then she gets up, pulls her cloak over her prosthetic arm, and immediately puts her hand around your waist again on the way to the door.
A few called greetings, a nod to the bar, then you’re out on the streets. It’s still relatively early in the night and Zaun is pulsating with lights and music, people desperately seeking distraction from their inner wasteland and willingly pursuing anything the fissures offer them. You pass a pair of enforcers who try hard to act like they’re not scared of Sevika. She chuckles to herself.
“Little rats, scurrying around here looking for scraps.” She pulls you closer and presses a hard kiss into the side of your head. You can feel the heat of her exhale on your scalp and snake your hand around her slim waist, squeezing back.
When you arrive at Silco’s headquarters, everything is dark. He’s up at the docks with Jinx, having left early to go along with something exciting she wanted to show him. Sevika unlocks the door and lets you in before turning and locking it again. Green neon light shines in from the street so you don’t turn any lights in the entrance hall.
Silco’s office is behind a heavy wooden door only he, Jinx, and Sevika have a key to. She unlocks it and takes your hand, flicking the lights on with the other.
“I just need to prepare some shipment forms and leave instructions for the second crew tomorrow. It won’t take too long.”
You sigh and throw yourself on the sofa in the corner while Sevika sits down at Silco’s desk. She begins sorting through some paperwork and you stare up into Jinx’s web of planks and ropes, covered in drawings and splashes of color. That girl has a screw loose, but you usually don’t mind her presence. On the rare occasions that you met, she was always nice to you, although quick to try and embarrass Sevika in front of you. Calming your girlfriend down after those encounters involved a lot of reassurance and praise, making sure she knows how much you love and respect her and how everyone else does, too. The latter, at least.
Sevika coughs and you look over to her, bent over her forms and scribbling intently. Your gaze wanders over her silky dark hair, her smooth brown skin, her furrowed brows, her curved nose. Her tongue darts out between her lips as she sketches something on the paper. Sometimes you think you'll die just from looking at her.
You get up and slowly walk toward her. She barely looks up. You round the desk and lean back on it right next to her, trailing your fingers over her shoulder.
“Not yet, baby. I’m busy.”
You let out a little whimper, rubbing your thighs together. Her hand grabs your knee, stilling your movements.
“Stop that. Be patient.”
“Please…” you whine and pull yourself up on the desk. Slowly, you spread your legs, the fabric of your dress riding further and further up until your clothed core is exposed, dark with wetness.
Sevika closes her eyes, nostrils flaring. You know she can smell your arousal. You smell it, too, sweet and dark, your love’s biggest weakness. Her grip on your knee tightens.
“You’re killing me, Y/N.” You perk up at the use of your given name. She usually only calls you pet names.
She pushes her forms to the side and pulls you into the middle of the desk, then she scoots forward between your spread legs. Massaging the insides of your thighs, digging her metal thumb in just a little too hard, she leans her forehead against your chest.
“I need to work, don’t you see that?” Her voice is hollow as her hands go higher, caressing your hips and pushing the fabric of your dress up further until her fingers hook around the seam of your thong.
You lean back on your hands and lift your hips so she can pull your underwear over your thighs. A clear string of wetness hangs between the fabric and your throbbing cunt for a second, mesmerizing both of you. Then Sevika pulls the silky lace over your knees and wrestles it over your leather boots. Her chest lifts with every hard breath she takes. Her eyes meet yours. They’re almost completely black.
“Come here, you little brat.”
You scoot forward and bend over in hopes of a kiss. She grants it to you, dragging her tongue against yours lazily. Without warning, she thrusts two fingers all the way inside you. You gasp into her mouth, knocking your forehead against hers and squeezing your eyes shut.
“Shhh, what’s wrong, baby? Isn’t this what you wanted?” She curls her fingers inside you, making your toes curl.
“Yes,” you moan, fighting for breath.
“Do you know what my problem is?” Sevika asks, leaning back in her chair without pulling out of you. The pads of her fingers rest on that perfectly tender spot inside you, every tiny movement shooting electricity up your spine. A pat of her metal hand on your thigh makes you jerk your head up.
“Today I thought, you know what, I’ll take my girl out for a drink, bring her with me as a good luck charm. So I take you to the Last Drop, buy you a drink, make sure you’re nice and cozy, let you sit right on my lap in front of everyone.” Her copper fingers wander up your body and pinch your nipple, making you cry out. “I mean, I gotta show them you’re mine, right?”
“Yours,” you pant, “yes.”
“But it seems I underestimated just how much of a needy little slut you are, how I can’t even let you sit on my lap without you getting all riled up.”
You’re paralyzed by her fingers inside you, excited and terrified of what she will do next.
“So I think to myself, I’ll take you here while I finish up instead of sending you home and joining you later. I don’t wanna make you wait all alone. God knows you’d start getting off without me.” She curls her fingers again and you sigh deeply. She frowns at you. “Tell me you would have waited for me.”
“I wouldn’t…” you whine, “I would, I -”
Sevika smiles triumphantly.
“I know, baby. You just can’t help yourself. All evening you’ve been thinking about me filling you up, about my face between your legs. I’ll make it better.”
She pulls her fingers out of you and shoves them into your mouth, standing up and pressing closer. You suck on them desperately, looking up at her with pleading eyes.
“Taste yourself, baby. That’s a good girl.” You moan around her fingers, sucking harder. “God, I love that pretty mouth of yours.”
She pulls her hand back and you let go with a pop before Sevika finally captures your lips with her own again. Her tongue presses into your mouth, wet and thick, sinking into you for a moment before she pulls back and runs her metal hand over her hair.
“Don’t move.”
She rushes out of the office, boots heavy on the tile floor. You’re left alone on Silco’s desk, the cool air brushing against your wet folds. You shiver. After a minute, your girlfriend returns, still wrapped in her cloak. You shoot her a questioning look as she sits back down in her chair and scoots close.
“I need to finish this paperwork so the others can do their job in the morning. But if you’re so desperate, I’ll make the wait more enjoyable. She unclasps her cloak and lets it fall over the backrest of the chair. A bulge in her pants captures your attention. She wasn’t packing earlier, you would have felt it on her lap.
“For me?” You whisper, delighted.
“Come here.”
You slide off the desk and step closer on unsteady legs before straddling your lover. Your foreheads touch as you slowly open the button on her pants and pull down the zipper, holding your breath in anticipation. A strap-on the same color as her skin is trapped in her pants, fastened into a boxer harness. You feel yourself salivate as you pull it out and weigh it in your hand.
“It’s so big,” you whisper. The strap-on you’ve used before at home is a lot smaller. You’ll have to fight to get this one in all the way.
“Oh, you’ll make it fit.” Sevika grabs your jaw and makes you look at her. “Won’t you, baby?”
You nod and lower your head again, feeling wetness run down the inside of your thigh and on Sevika’s pants. You grind forward and whimper as your clit grazes the base of the strap.
“You’re gonna sit on my strap,” Sevika says, “and stay there with me buried deep inside you until I’m done. No fucking yourself on it, no bouncing around and distracting me. You’ll stay quiet and you’ll be grateful that I allowed you to keep me warm while I work.”
“Yes, Sir,” you mumble.
“Now make it nice and wet for that pretty pussy of yours.” You hold her gaze as you let a thread of spit fall from your lips, perfectly hitting the head of the dildo, then you start spreading it with your fingers. “Good girl. Come on, show me how well you can take it.”
You lift your hips and guide the strap-on between your legs, slowly sinking on it until you’re halfway down. You feel impossibly stretched out, the pain making you slightly dizzy.
“It’s so big,” you gasp, digging your fingers into Sevika’s shoulders.
“Shhh, baby. You’re doing so good. Here.” She strokes your cheek with her thumb, then she presses it into your mouth and you close your eyes, sucking on it as you sink deeper. “Look at how well you’re taking my strap, baby. You look so beautiful like this, all filled up.”
Her metal hand grabs your ass hard, making you hum around her finger. You feel yourself hitting the fabric of her boxers with your clit and sigh, releasing her thumb from your mouth.
“There you go.” Sevika’s voice is gentle, soothing. “Now give me some time to finish up here, okay?”
You nod, still unable to speak, and let yourself fall forward against her. Burying your face in her neck, you wait until your body adjusts to the size of the strap-on inside you. Sevika is already absorbed in her strategy plan again. Slowly, carefully, you push your hips forward an inch. Your clit brushes against her boxers again and you press an open-mouthed kiss to her neck, repeating the movement.
You do your best not to disturb your hard-working girlfriend, moving your hips in tiny waves as you grow more and more desperate. You long to sit up and fall down on her strap again, long for her to slam into you. You’re growing wetter and wetter as you try to increase the friction to your clit, but there’s no way, so you have to content yourself with minuscule movements that send tiny flashes of heat up into your stomach.
At some point, Sevika wraps her mechanical arm around you, probably trying to get you to move less. You sigh into her shoulder and consider squeezing your hand between you to use your fingers on yourself. As if she knows what you were thinking, Sevika adjusts in her chair, making you shudder as she moves inside you.
“You’re not thinking of disobeying me, are you?” Her breath is hot in your ear.
“No, never.”
“You wouldn’t dream of fucking yourself on my strap until you cum while I’m busy with work, right? You would never just touch yourself after we said you needed to wait, would you?”
“I wouldn’t!” You cry out, using the moment to grind forward and shivering with pleasure.
“You wouldn’t.” You can hear the smile in her voice as she tightens her arm around you and begins writing again.
If this goes on much longer, you’ll actually cry from frustration. You press your forehead into the crook of her neck, dragging it against her skin and nuzzling your nose under her jaw, rubbing your face against her. She sighs and jerks her thigh, thrusting the strap-on even deeper inside you. You bite down on her neck.
“Five minutes,” she growls through her teeth. “Five fucking minutes, Y/N.”
You still completely, hoping she’ll work faster if you wait this out. The sound of her pen scratching over paper is the only sound that breaks the silence. You can feel your insides convulsing around the strap-on, searching for movement, for friction, anything. Tears well up in your eyes, blurring your vision. You press a chaste kiss to the small hollow behind Sevika’s earlobe. The pen clatters to the tabletop, then papers are stacked and placed in a drawer. Then, silence.
Slowly, you lean back and blink up at your lover through teary eyes. She cocks her head, looking at you with soft adoration, then she brushes a tear from your cheek.
“Hey. What’s this about?”
“I need you,” you whisper, grinding forward again. Her hands fall to your hips.
“Speak up, baby.”
“I need you to fuck me. Please, I’ve been waiting so long.” Your bottom lip quivers as you give her your best doe eyes again. “I’ve been a good girl for you.”
Sevika melts right in front of you. Her hands tighten on your hips and guide them upward. Both of you watch as the strap-on becomes visible.
“God,” Sevika breathes, “I fucking love your pussy. You’re divine.”
Not taking her eyes off the strap vanishing inside you, she suddenly snaps your hips back down on her. You cry out, the sound echoing in the large room.
“Yes!” You hold on to her shoulders and let your head fall back, exposing your throat. Sevika is there in a heartbeat, sucking a mark into the delicate skin as she pulls your hips up and slams them down again.
“Look at you, baby. You need it so bad, don’t you? Need me to fill you up and fuck you until you can’t think?”
You nod frantically, forcing your tired thighs to cooperate as you bounce on her lap, your gasps getting louder and more erratic.
“You’re already doing so well on your own, I’m not even doing anything.” Sevika’s hands massage your ass, spreading your cheeks. “Tire yourself out on my strap, baby, fuck yourself on me until you’re too exhausted, then I’ll take care of you. I’ll fuck you nice and deep, right on this table.”
She uses her metal hand to pull down the neckline of your dress, taking one of your nipples into her mouth and sucking hard. You whine and start scratching her shoulders, trying to find purchase and ending up burying your fingers in her hair. Her other hand wanders lower, deeper in between your cheeks until her forefinger brushes over the sensitive ring of muscle there.
You pant, instinctively pushing back against her fingers. She grins up at you before sucking another mark into the soft skin of your other breast. Then she presses the tip of her finger inside and you pull her hair hard, making her hiss and sink her teeth into your soft flesh. You slam yourself down onto her strap, beginning to mumble curses, pet names, love declarations. You know you’re getting close, and you haven’t even touched your clit yet.
“I’m gonna come,” you gasp, and half expect her to punish you by stopping.
Sometimes, she edges you for hours, bringing you to the brink of orgasm dozens of times and denying you release until you’re a crying, begging mess. But she seems to have different plans today.
“Touch yourself for me.” Her metal arm holds you tight, supporting your movements.
She continues covering your breasts in lovebites and you shove your hand between your bodies, finding your swollen clit waiting for the final push over the edge. It barely takes three strokes of your fingers, and then you’re howling her name. Sevika pushes her finger deep inside you while she slams you down on her strap and bites down on your nipple.
Your orgasm seems to go on forever, your lover forcing your movements even as you hang limply in her arms, a long, continuous whine escaping your lips. When you finally come to, you tap her shoulder.
“Too much,” you slur, “too much.”
Sevika hugs you tight, letting you breathe for a moment as you sit with her strap buried to the hilt in your cunt. Then, she stands up and sits you down on the table, grabbing the backs of your knees and pushing your legs up so she could see herself move slowly out of you. You lean back on your elbows, pleading for a break, just a moment to breathe.
“Uh-uh.” Her voice drips like dark syrup as she pulls out up to the tip and then slowly pushes forward again, stretching you out. The angle is even more intense like this.
“I know it hurts, baby, I know. You’re just a little overwhelmed right now, but you can take it. Take my entire strap, take it so deep, baby.” She bottoms out inside you and your eyes roll back into your head. “I’ll go slow for you, but I won’t stop. You just have to relax for me.”
Your heavy breaths fill the room as she keeps a slow pace, pulling out as far as she can and then driving home deep inside you. You feel exposed, your pussy on show for her, making wet, obscene noises as she fucks into it. After a few minutes, you feel the pressure building in the pit of your stomach again. You need her closer, deeper.
You whine and grab at your lover’s strong upper arm, fingers slipping and finding no purchase.
“What do you need, baby?” She’s breathing more heavily now, struggling to keep her slow rhythm instead of slamming into you. You whimper again, pawing at her. “Use your words.”
“Harder,” you whisper. “Please.”
“Hmm,” Sevika cocks her head, considering. “Do you deserve it? Have you been a good girl? I’m not sure.”
“I have, I waited for you,” you whine, “I waited so long! Please!”
“You want me to fuck that tight little pussy of yours? Make you scream right here in Silco’s office, spread your cum on his desk? How bad do you want it, baby?”
You haul yourself forward, interlacing your fingers behind the back of her neck and pulling yourself close. Looking up innocently at her, you open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Sevika’s eyes flash and she thrusts into you hard, grunting. Then she spits in your mouth, hitting your tongue. You make a show of swallowing it.
“Thank you, Sir.”
Sevika growls and pulls your ankles over her shoulders, then she grabs your lower back and slams into you. You hold on for dear life, her breath mixing with yours in the small space between you as she spears you on her strap again and again.
“Fuck, baby, fuck, yes,” you moan and she crashes her mouth against yours, teeth clicking together and her tongue finding yours. You suck it into your mouth, desperate and hot, grabbing a fistful of her hair and pulling as her thrusts increase in speed.
Her hands are everywhere, over your back, in your hair, on your ass, on your neck. Her metal hand grabs your jaw hard and forces it open again. Some of Sevika’s spit hits the corner of your mouth and she smears it over your cheek, wild eyes boring into yours.
At some point, your strength leaves you and you fall back onto the table, arching your back and trying to find something to hold on to as she fucks you into oblivion. Your hand sneaks over your stomach, trying to reach your clit again. Sevika slaps your hand away.
“You want to come, baby?”
“Yes!” You force yourself to look at her. She smiles.
Then she spits on your clit and starts rubbing circles into it with her thumb. Everything else fades away. There is only the thump of her hips against your ass, her copper fingers digging into your breast, her warm thumb heavy on your clit, her strap splitting you open for her, her hot breath on your thigh before she bites into it and you’re falling into sweet nothing.
Your entire body convulses as heat explodes through your veins, knocking the air out of your lungs. You almost choke on the impact, drawing in a ragged breath and scratching your nails over the wooden tabletop.
“Fuck!” you manage to shout and fight yourself up on your elbows. Sevika has slowed down, staring at you like you’re the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen. Her mouth hangs open and her thumb strokes your clit again, making you jerk up and laugh breathlessly.
“No more, please,” you whimper against her lips. She runs the tip of her tongue over yours, then she looks down to where your bodies are conjoined and slowly pulls out.
You let out a relieved sigh, scooting forward to jump off the table. But Sevika is not done yet. She sinks to her knees between your legs and runs her hands up the insides of your thighs.
“Oh baby, you’ve made such a mess,” she purrs. “Look at that destroyed little pussy, leaking all over the table. Who’s gonna clean this up?”
You fight down the instinct to close your legs and escape her burning gaze.
“I don’t know,” you whisper.
“Do you want me to do it?” She squeezes your thigh and gently blows air on your sensitive clit. “Wash you with my tongue, make sure I get deep inside and swallow every last drop of cum?”
You caress her hair with a shaky hand, nodding sheepishly. You have no idea how you’ll survive this. But there is no other way, her face is determined. You sigh. “Yes, please.”
Sevika begins slowly by pressing soft kisses to the inside of your thigh, making her way up to your pussy, and gently running her tongue over your clit. You shiver, knees trembling. Then she drags her tongue through your wet folds, meeting your gaze.
Your face is hot with exhaustion and the rush of intimacy. Sevika is so incredibly unapologetic about her desire for you, so unbothered by anything you might have hidden from another lover, so devoted to every single inch of your body. You had never known how good sex could feel before you met her. She lets you reach for the stars and she has never failed to bring them down to you.
Her broad tongue laps at you, evoking a pleasant tingle between your hips. She licks the tops of your thighs, the soft skin around your entrance, then she sinks her tongue inside and drinks you in. Her lips close around your clit and she sucks gently, making you moan and grab her head, pressing her closer. She grunts and sucks harder, dragging her hot tongue up and down over your core.
You can already feel yourself approaching another high, slow and gentle this time, but Sevika has other plans. Her mouth wanders lower, tongue pressing into the tender flesh beneath your entrance, then she pushes your thighs up for better access and goes even lower.
“Oh fuck, baby…” You’ve never felt her lips there, never known how intense it would feel. She laps up the wetness that has run down between your cheeks, then she swirls her tongue over your hole and gently pushes the tip inside. You let out a high-pitched moan and wrap your hands around your thighs, pulling them closer to your chest.
Sevika hums appreciatively and runs her hand over your ass, slapping it hard and kneading it. You can feel your nails digging into your skin and bite your lip, trying not to lose yourself. But then her tongue pushes in harder, teeth grazing your skin, and her thumb sinks inside your dripping cunt.
Her fingers lay gently on your clit as her thumb presses up against your g-spot. Her hot, wet mouth works on your ass and something wells up in your stomach, dark, dangerous, like nothing you’ve ever felt before. You desperately pull your lover’s hair and her tongue pushes inside you again, fingers rubbing up and down your clit. Her thumb fucks you gently, shallowly. The combination is too much, it’s delightful and torturous and oh, oh -
Your orgasm hits you without warning, slams through you like an explosion and in the middle of it, Sevika’s mouth keeps eating you out, her fingers don’t stop moving, her moans envelop you and make you feel safe as you ride out your high.
When your body finally stills, sweaty and numb, she gently pulls out and lets herself fall into her chair. You roll your head to the side and watch her wipe her mouth with the back of her hand before she runs her eyes up your body, caressing every inch of it with her loving gaze. When you hold up a hand and reach out, she pulls you up and lifts you off the table, right into her lap again. Your clit grazes the cold, sticky strap-on and you flinch - too sensitive.
“Shhh.” Sevika strokes your hair and presses tiny kisses to your cheeks, your forehead, your nose, your mouth. You both have to smile against each other’s lips. “Want me to take you home, baby?”
You nod and bury your head in the crook of her neck. She chuckles quietly, adjusting your dress to the correct position again. Then she bends to pick up your underwear and pockets it without comment. You help her remove the strap-on from her boxer harness and she lets it fall into a small bag she wears under her cloak.
When you finally stand again after what felt like an eternity, your knees are still wobbly. Your girlfriend wraps a strong arm around your back and you hold on to her waist. You fall into step as you walk toward the door, boots thumping a heavy rhythm. Sevika flicks off the light and locks up.
When you’re out on the street again, people give you curious looks that quickly turn into respectful nods toward Sevika. You must look thoroughly fucked. And as if on cue, wetness starts leaking out of you, smearing between the tops of your thighs with every step. You smile and press your temple against your lover’s chest. She squeezes your shoulders and kisses the top of your head.
“You okay?” she asks in a low voice. You smile up at her.
“Never better.”
Bonus: The next morning. Silco's office.
“The next time I find an imprint of your girlfriend’s private parts on my desk I’ll personally hand you over to the enforcers.”
“Understood, boss.”
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faderiftss · 5 months ago
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SEVIKA in Arcane
“we should hit them back. we’ve got the numbers to beat them.“
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shahs1221 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Silco is defo a sad drunk but his VA Jason Spisak is a fun drunk! Was supposed to be a shitpost but ended up being wholesome??
For context: Spisak did a drunk history reading of the nation of Zaun as Silco. Here's a marvellous montage of this train wreck.
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linbeifongismywife · 6 months ago
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shouty-y · 6 months ago
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Some sketches of Sevika in a suit 👉👈
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lojaalli · 5 months ago
Jinx, standing with their back turned: I’ve been expecting you, Silco.
Silco: How did you do that without turning around?
Jinx: ... To be perfectly honest, the first couple of people I did that to were not you.
*1 hour before*
Jinx: I’ve been expecting you, Silco.
*Turn around, and I oop face*
Sevika: What the actual fuck
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super random AU doodle where shimmer is just a fast food joint competing against the last drop and everything is just petty neighbor squabbles. also everyone's alive. sevika and silco are probably fake married to avoid taxes.
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SEVIKA in ARCANE episode 2 "Some Mysteries Are Better Left Unsolved"
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