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sevikasupremacy · 2 days ago
Demonstration - Sevika x Reader
Words: 2.3k
Warnings: Cunnilingus, fingering, reader’s a virgin, Sevika being her first time, oral sex
Tumblr media
Summary: After finding out about your lack of experience with your ex boyfriend, Sevika decided to show you what you’ve been missing.
Pushing the door open to her apartment, Sevika was startled to see you sitting on her couch, swinging your legs lazily.
Judging by your half-lidded eyes and the obvious frown on your face, things didn't go well with your boyfriend.
Sevika rolled her eyes, plopping down beside you before placing a cigar in between her lips. She made a motion, asking for a lighter.
Your shoulders slumped down, giving her a tired look before reaching into your pocket. With a quick swift of your thumb, you lighted the cigar for her.
Not bothering to put it back in your pocket, you tossed the lighter onto the wooden table with a thud. You groaned, crossing your arms as you leaned down into the soft cushion.
Sevika raised an eyebrow to your remark, smoke escaping from her lips.
“What? He dumped you for another woman?”
“You had to rub salt into the wound didn’t you?” You glared at the older woman, lips quivering from her comment.
But she was right. He did.
For someone better, according to him.
You knew it was over the moment he threw all your stuff out the door, kicking you out in the process. With tears streaming down your face, you were desperate to seek for a place to stay overnight, giving some time for you to sort things out and find a new home.
And the only person you could think off was none other than your close friend, Sevika.
So here you were, in her apartment uninvited.
“You have better things to do than cry over an idiot.” Sevika side-eyed you, noticing your glossy eyes.
You bit your lip, quickly wiping the evident tears away with the back of your palm.
“Well it’s hard when we’ve been together for so long,” you dug your nails into the cushion, “and now he’s head over heels for another woman.” You said in a sarcastic tone.
“I never liked him in the first place.” Sevika let out a final puff of smoke before stubbing out her cigar in the ashtray.
“He wasn’t genuine. He didn’t look like he loved you in the first place.” Sevika shrugged before standing up, ushering you to her small kitchen.
“Excuse me?” You gave her an offended look as you followed, a little puzzled if she was trying to comfort you or not.
“Get over him Y/N, if I say he never loved you, he never loved you. Stop lying to yourself,” Sevika clarified as she popped open a bottle of whiskey, pouring a glass for you, “And I know you know that. Do you not see the way he treats you? He acts like you’re a complete stranger.”
“He used you,” Sevika slid the glass of whiskey over to you, “Everyone knew that. He only wanted to show off and prove the others that you were an easy target.”
“And naive you fell for it.” Her statement made your heart ache a little.
But come to think of it… Sevika was right. You were just a little toy, an easy object that everyone could have. You gave in too easily, not realizing how much it could heard you physically and mentally.
You were naive.
“Yeah, you were right. He barely showed any affection toward me.” You scoffed, lifting the glass to your lips, gulping down the whiskey in one go.
“Not even a kiss?” Sevika raised an eyebrow, giving you a sardonic smirk.
“We kissed and hugged. But only when we’re around others. He never did such things when we’re alone.” You slid the glass back to Sevika, asking for more.
Sevika immediately turned to look at you, completely baffled.
“Wait—“ Her eyes widened, “You’re still a virgin?”
“What’s so shocking about that?” You stared back at Sevika with an expressionless face.
The older woman scoffed in disbelief before shaking her head, slowly walking over toward you. Her eyes wandered up and down your body, lips parting as if she wanted to say something.
“What? You thought I slept with him?” You snapped, giving Sevika a look of disappointment.
“As much as I like him, we didn’t do it.” You tried to explain, leaning against the counter, “Even though I was curious to what it would feel like… nope, didn’t happen.”
Sevika stopped in her tracks, gripping the bottle of whiskey in her hand, trying to process what you had just said. She stared dead into your eyes, making sure you weren’t just saying that as a joke.
“Curious?” You looked back at the older woman, oblivious to the whole situation. You blinked a couple times, trying to decipher what on earth she was dumbfounded about.
“Yeah? I mean I want to know how good it feels,” you chuckled, shaking your head a little as you kept watching Sevika’s bewildered expression, “And since you’re so experienced, you might as well tell me how it’s like. Is it good?” You raised your eyebrows, thinking that you might’ve gone too far and had asked a personal question. Too personal.
Sevika felt her heart pound inside her chest. With the swiftness of her feet, she was already in front of you, her giant figure towering over your frail body. You held your breath, backing up until you were completely attached to the counter.
“How about I show you instead?” You knew that expression of hers. The sign of danger. No one ever made it out alive if she eyed you like that. Usually this results to her high on shimmer and your fragile body crushed into pieces. But she would never hurt you…right?
You squeaked the older woman’s name, trying to regain her consciousness as her metal hand found it’s way to the back of your head.
Sensing the sharpness of her claws made you shiver. The same claws that had killed multiple men. The same claws that scream bloodshed.
But all those fears were gone the moment you felt a soft pair of lips pressed onto yours. A weird sensation danced in your abdomen, a different feeling to your kiss with your ex. You weren’t sure if it was a good feeling, but it made you craved for more.
You let out a soft whine, not knowing what to do as your body froze in its place. You puckered your lips, attempting to copy what Sevika was doing.
The older woman pulled away, a little concerned.
“Is this how you kissed him?” She frowned, her metal hand still holding your head in place. You gave her a tiny nod, embarrassed that you couldn’t even act out the simplest gesture.
But that wasn’t a problem for Sevika.
Your lack of experience made her want to show you more. She wanted to make you feel things. Feelings that you never had the chance to feel when you were with your ex boyfriend. She would be lying if she said she didn’t have any desire to take your virginity.
Without realizing, your hips were lifted by Sevika’s hands and before you knew it, you were sitting on the counter with her in between your legs.
“Sevik—“ You were cut off by the warmth of her plump lips once again. This time, you immediately grabbed onto the older woman’s collar, trying to stay seated as she pressed her lips harder onto yours. As you felt her soft tongue running along your bottom lip, you couldn’t help but part them, inviting her.
Sevika took this chance as she gently sucked on your bottom lip. Her tongue found its way inside your mouth, relishing the taste of your soft, wet tongue.
You felt like your entire body was melting the moment Sevika pulled away, her eyes preying on you.
“How was that?” She gave you a cocky grin, pleased with her own actions.
The older woman didn’t waste any time. Her lips latched onto your neck, sucking on the sensitive skin until it left a purple mark. You threw your head back, the unfamiliar feeling catching you off guard.
“I can do so much more,” she coaxed, “you just need to beg for it.”
Purple marks were being added to your neck and collarbone as she spoke, urging you. As her hands ran along your thighs, she leaned in, nipping your ear.
“Beg for it.” She repeated, her breath tickling you.
“Please…” You bit your lip, a hand running through her hair. But the older woman didn’t budge. She continued teasing your inner thighs, the coldness from her metal claw making you shiver… but somehow it felt enjoyable.
“P-Please Sevika… Show me more…” The begging was the only thing Sevika needed to hear. She scooped you into her arms, princess carrying you to her bedroom.
As soon as she kicked open the bedroom door, she threw you onto the bed, your body bouncing off the mattress a little. Before you could react, Sevika was already on top of you, keeping you bounded. With her metal claws, she slowly glided it down your top, leisurely ripping the fabric as she moved down, revealing your black bra.
Your eyes followed the metal arm as it made its way to your stomach, tracing circles. You wanted to squirm, but was too afraid that you might get hurt.
“Pretty little thing…” You heard her cooed, not hesitating to rip your bra with her claws, exposing your breasts. To tease you, she traced around the areola with her real fingers, taking her time as she took in the image of you.
You closed your eyes, concentrating on Sevika’s every move. The sudden wet contact on your nipple made your back arch. You let out a whine, feeling Sevika’s lips enveloping your hardening peak, flicking it with her tongue.
“Tell me…” Sevika cooed, “Am I making you feel good?” Her real hand reaching up to squeeze your other breast. You quickly nodded, only wanting her to continue.
“Speak.” Her raspy voice demanding for an answer.
“Y-Yes…” You squeaked, your wrists still secured by the older woman’s grasp.
You sighed in relief, feeling Sevika finally letting go of you. Feeling the mattress sinking, you knew what she was doing. Before you could guess, your pants had already ended up on the floor, along with your soaking underwear. You gasped, the cool air against your aching heat making your body twist, needy for more.
“Do you get this wet when you’re around him?” Sevika’s booming voice made you flinch, causing you to open your eyes. You looked down, realizing that you were completely bare in front of her.
“Never..” The response satisfied Sevika. A sly smirk formed on her face once again.
“So you’re only wet for me? Such a good girl…” She praised, kissing your inner thighs.
“Sevika…” You whimpered, her hair tickling your inner thighs as she moved closer to the area you were desperate for.
“Yes, moan my name.” You felt her hot breath against your throbbing sex.
You laid your head on the pillow, taking a deep breath as you prepared for her next move. The calling of her name echoed through the room as you felt the same tongue moving up and down your slit.
“Tell me how good I make you feel.” Sevika ordered, her tongue lapping over your sensitive bud.
“Good… S-So good…” You whined, gripping the bedsheets as Sevika pushed your legs apart even more, wanting more access.
Just as it was getting overwhelming, Sevika stopped, your juice coating her dark lips. You exhaled, thighs quivering as they begged for release.
“Come here.” She urged, getting back on the bed, pulling you up before positioning you in between her legs.
You were a little confused, but decided to go along with whatever the older woman was asking for.
“Can I use my finger?” She whispered, licking the shell of your ear, her fingers lightly swiping against your wet entrance.
“I’ll be gentle.” Sevika kissed your shoulder, her metal hand cradling your jaw.
“Go slow please…” You muttered, your back leaning against her chest as you patiently watch.
Pain and pleasure course through your body as you felt Sevika’s thick finger slowly entering you. The sight of it disappearing into you made you even more wet.
Even though Sevika was kind enough to give time for you to adjust, it didn’t mean she was going to be gentle the entire time. As you gave her a hum, signaling her that you were ready, she pumped her finger in an agonizing speed.
“How is it hm? Does my finger feel good?” She purred against your ear, starting to move her finger faster, pulling more moans and whimpers from you.
“Fuck, how can I be so gentle when you’re moaning my name like that?” Sevika gritted her teeth, growling in your ear as she fastened her pace, making you yelp.
“Do you even realize how wet you are? You’re soiling my sheets.” She hissed, thrusting her finger inside you, going in deeper.
“Keep moaning my name. Who do you belong to now?” You immediately answered, your eyes shut as you started to feel the built-up knot in your stomach to be too overwhelming. As you focused on the rhythm of Sevika’s thrust, the tension that you’ve been holding on for so long was finally released, resulting in a high pitched moan.
Sevika groaned, pulling her finger out that was soaked with your juice.
She brought her finger to her lips, enthusiastically sucking on it, leaving it clean when she took it out of her mouth.
“Fuck you’re delicious.” She whispered, kissing your ear to soothe you as you came down from your high, your body sinking into Sevika’s arms.
“That felt… amazing.” You smiled, your head leaning against her chest.
“Well now you know what it’s like.” Sevika scoffed, her real head holding your chin, pulling you in for one more kiss.
This time, you gave in, kissing her back, earning a small hum from the older woman.
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beanlot · a day ago
How does Sevika realistically react in an argument? What is she like when she falls out with you? I love ur fics, babe 😫 please don’t disappear on us.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
at first, hostile.
if we’re considering the most grievous argument, one that’s been nosediving down the rabbit hole of wrath and disharmony for some time with shit finally hitting the fan - i think sevika is a hell of an antagonist on the last straw. she knows her physicality is her paramount and uses it to trivialise you, whether this be through pillaring over you and getting you used to looking up at her with doe eyes, make sport of you through her words. and if we’re talking a fatal level of pissed off, it might go a little something like:
listen to me, i’m gonna lose it.
stop running your fucking mouth.
but sevika doesn’t strike me as someone who yells, even at her final stroke, she’ll say things slow and serene.
still, as detrimental as her potential gets, she knows she won’t lay a hand on you. of course, you’ll see the narrow irises bleach with fury; the flare of heliotrope in her scars and the way the vials in her arm slowly elevate to revitalise itself with shimmer - but sevika presents herself as emotionally disciplined enough to not lose her shit entirely, atleast not with you. if she’s acclimatised enough to keep her presence of mind even with jinx, someone she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about, there’s no gate in hell she’d pass to get physical with you - because that’s literal domestics my guy.
in terms of loyalty, sevika’s proven time and time again that loyalty is everything that she is; even when you’ve got her foaming at the mouth and things aren’t looking so lovey-dovey between you right now, she isn’t one to use the brothel or other women as her outlet. sevika’s mentally mature enough for you to understand that if you’ve got her, you’ve got her; i really doubt the first thing on her mind after arguing with you is sex, not only due to the lack of sexual frustration she gets after conflict, but she’ll take her devotion for you to the fucking grave.
i don’t think sevika even has an outlet - we don’t see her display much angst in her scenes, but rather repress them to preserve this shatterproof image of hers for zaun’s cause. this might fuel her potential to be bitter towards people, perhaps an increase in gambling/alcohol use, which often results in drunken fights.
Tumblr media
but she’ll come to you, when she’s ready.
sevika’s stated herself she needs time with disagreements, and since you were the fucking world in her eyes, she’ll need a lot of it.
she’ll leave the house for a few days, maybe more; test the waters with how well her spine adapts to the seating in silco’s office. but fuck, she’ll start missing the delirium of having you planted beside her, fingers outlining how artistically sculpted her copper ones were when they’d rest amongst your hip - what was one thing that she missed became two things, then three, then four.
she’d blueprint her master plan, and for satire purposes:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i’d imagine sevika to be a romantic when apologising, because at the end of the day, she’s your sweetheart. at your door with a bouquet of white roses, but she won’t say she stole them from piltover, especially since flowers were such a fucking delicacy in zaun. instead, she’ll say she’s sorry.. no, no.. she’s so, so fucking sorry. she’ll say she doesn’t want you to be scared of her, that in short - she’d do fucking anything, giving herself up through acts of service, just to get a lick of what coming home to you felt like again.
if you’ll take her back is your choice.
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sevikasleftpussyflap · 14 hours ago
You: "Totally want to write about how she’d deal with her pregnant s/o."
Me: *kicks your askbox open*
Legit I was gonna ask you about amab!Sevika's reaction to getting the Reader pregnant, but let's roll for cis!Sevika, too. How does she react? If they keep the baby, what's the decision process like? How does Sevika deal with the Reader's cravings, hormones, mood swings, etc?
Also the mental image of Sevika holding an itty bitty baby makes my ovaries explode sorry not sorry.
These are really shitty bc I’m having a crisis <3 might do more later
I think she’d be proud if she got you pregnant. Definitely triggers her memory of the time it most likely happened and she will look at your belly and smirk. Because she did that.
Will only cradle your belly with her human hand. Even though she’s never once nicked you with those claws when you weren’t pregnant, she’s not taking any chances and ignores your pleas of missing that metal arm around you.
She’d adjust to your unstable moods fairly quickly. She likes your increased libido and has only edged you the one time when you broke down in tears. She only sticks to light teasing now. I think she would be more of a pushover while you’re in this state. And once you catch on you’ll start using it to your advantage.
You’ll press her hard limits and break down in tears and yelling when she doesn’t give in. She allows herself to be manipulated by you, but when she doesn’t, she will silently hold you while you cry or give you space.
Will have a hand around you and resting against your stomach in public. You’d always have to be tucked into her side.
Sevika won’t let you do a damn thing by yourself. Not even pull out your chair. Either her and her men will get you whatever you need. That also includes late night cravings. She becomes an extra light sleeper once you’re pregnant, and your struggle to get out of bed always wakes her up. She’ll simply pull you down with a gruff, groggy, “No.” and go get you what you’ve been craving for the last five days.
Cuts back on the violence around you because she knows it makes you nauseous. She doesn’t bother to hide her judgmental stare at the baby growing in your belly whenever it makes you Ill
When preparing for the baby and buying clothes, toys, stuff like that, Sevika will start buying them weapons too.
If it’s not planned, Sevika would try to keep her face as stoic as possible to not show the panic and unsure emotions flickering across her face. Because she’s been on her own for so long and used to looking out for herself only, the first thought that pops into her head is to leave you. But she’s dealt with that throughout the entirety of your relationship. When she fell in love with you, her mind screamed at her to cut ties with you. When you got her a one year anniversary gift, she hovered near the door with her bags packed that night until you tiredly called her back to bed, unable to sleep peacefully without her. You make her weak and a part of her will always hate you for it.
But she loves you so she stays. She wouldn’t know how to continue living without you now that she knows what it’s like to have you in her life.
Sevika will wear one of those baby slings and go about her job (the less dangerous parts) with them when you need a break. She’ll occasionally lift a tiny hand to her mouth to give it a kiss when it’s been a good gremlin.
Definitely kills people while holding them when you’re not around. She wants to desensitize them young.
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unholywench · a day ago
I've been struggling to finish what's in my drafts so have some barely edited domestic fluff <3
The sound of the door slamming shut pulled you out of the pages that were previously occupying your attention, the heavy footsteps that followed indicating your wife’s presence drawing closer to you as a smile grew on your face. You attempted to act like you were still invested as your eyes scanned the page for where you had previously left off, something explicit involving the protagonist and her soon to be girlfriend. The weight of the couch shifted beneath you as she took up the majority of the comfort the cushions provided, you made adjustments as necessary, invading her personal space and settling back against her in retaliation. She made a better seat anyway.
“Is this the one with the half dragon barbarian? I thought you finished it by now.” Her flesh hand trailed down to rest against your thigh as she pressed her mouth to the skin of your shoulder, dark lips curling into a smile at the pleased hum the gentle affection drew from you.
You took a moment to savor the kisses being trailed along your neck before giving her a breathy response, “Sort of, I wanted to go back a bit to make sure I fully absorbed…everything.” That wasn’t a complete lie but as interesting as the details in this particular chapter were they only made it harder to wade through the time it took for Sevika to return home. How fortunate that she was here now.
She tilted the book into her line of view, brows furrowed as she sifted through the paragraphs, paying you no mind as you attempted to hold back your mischievous grin. “Hm, I don’t know babygirl, I don’t see what there is to absorb here. Is the magically advanced strap-on supposed to be important?” Before you could conjure up an answer the book was snatched from your grasp and thrown elsewhere, not that you really minded. Unless she damaged the spine, then maybe you’d have something to complain about.
Shifting around in her lap to face her you grabbed at her chin, “I never thought you’d resort to throwing things, how truly menacing of you.” The scowl from your babying did nothing to stop you from toying with her cheeks and you could only giggle at her signature “scary” face, something that would send anyone else in Zaun running. For you it didn’t draw anything but adoration and love for the softie behind it. That and occasional horniness.
“Can I at least have a smoke if you’re going to be a pain in the ass?” She grumbled, baring her teeth like an irritated cat when you switched to peppering the nose you loved so much with kisses.
“What’s the magic word?”
There was a pang of silence and then- “Honey, that’s two words.” You knew you were in for it now but hey, getting pinned to the couch wasn’t really that much of a punishment.
She had your arms above your head in a flash, the weight of her body nearly close enough to crush you while she waited for your laughter to subside. “If I murder you one day I’m blaming it on how insufferable you are, you and your overly descriptive porn books.” Her grip loosened at the unattractive snort that drew out of you, causing her further annoyance as she had to sit through another small fit of laughter. She did at least indulge you by letting your hands wander when you came to.
One of which moved up to brush the messy strands of hair away from her face, your smile softening as you watched her lean into the touch. “You love me.”
She rolled her eyes at you in response but made no effort to hide the corner of her mouth turning upward, “Unfortunately.”
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dinasslut · 17 days ago
Bully!Sevika Fingering dumb reader while telling them how dumb they are:(
Minors & Men (cis or not) DO NOT INTERACT.
Warnings: Fingering, Bullying/Degradation, Subspace, Orgasm Delay, Afab reader.
Mean. Mean was how you had always described Silco’s second in command. Mean was what you called her the first day you’d met, her barreling out insults after insults within the first ten minutes you’d known each other. You called her mean when she had told Silco how useless you were, how you wouldn’t help his cause and instead diminish it. You called her mean when she’d constantly make fun of you in front of other to purposely make you feel embarrassed and bad about yourself. When you had made a mistake in getting a little too drunk and venting to her about how you’d sometimes get insecure about your body and ever so often, after that night, she’d bring it up around others to pick fun at you about it, it always resulted in you storming away with tears leaking down your hot face and soaking the collar of your shirt. You called her mean then. You’d call her mean when she’d also purposely direct you wrong and laugh in your face when something, as it always did, went wrong. In your book, Sevika, she was the biggest, meanest, bully you had ever met in your entire life.
And even now, you called her mean as she verbally assaulted you with words while her two thick and calloused human fingers assaulted your cunt’s spongey walls. It was euphoric, her huge fingers constantly rubbing right against that spot that sent tingling throughout your entire body, starting from your toes all the way up to your chest. That spot that made your vision spotty and your toes curl. That spot that sent warmth to your belly, tightening that coil in your stomach that threatened to snap with each powerful thrust of Sevika’s wrist. All while completely neglecting that small bud that just throbbed for her attention, that small bud that needed just a few strokes before convulsing and contracting under the pad of her finger. She knew that you needed it, that extra push to finally be able to finish, that penetration alone wasn’t enough to be able to finally push you over that edge of euphoric bliss. And she used that to her advantage. Mean. Mean, Mean, Mean Sevika.
“You know how fucking insulting it is?” She spat, her harsh breaths hitting the sensitive skin of your love bitten, bruised neck in a way that made you whimper. “How damn insulting it is to constantly be sent on missions with you. You, someone who’s biggest issue daily is deciphering whether a door is a push or pull one.” She finished, curling her fingers on that spot and mercilessly rubbing against it, forcing the most pornographic whine to escape your lips.
You were boneless. She had been fingering you for well over an hour, your head rested upon her shoulder as you couldn’t find the strength to hold it up on your own anymore. You were both in her office in the last drop, everyone long gone home or whatever the hell they were, while you and Sevika were left with stacks upon stacks of paperwork that needed to be done by you two. But, that was long forgotten by the two of you now.
“Sev..Please, please. I’ll be good I promise. Please-”
“Please what?”
Another long whine escaped your lips at her constant teasing, you’d had enough. At this point, you were willing to say or do just about anything just for her pay some sort of attention to your clit, anything that’ll send you over that edge. You’d get on your knees and beg if that’s what she wanted.
“Please! Please, let me cum. I can’t take it anymore, please Sev..” Your hips moved on their own accord, trying desperately to find that final push that you needed. Maybe a brush of her palm, or of the pad of her finger, maybe even just a slight brush of your clit coming into contact with the thick muscles of her arm. Anything.
“Do you think you deserve it?” She whispered so close to your ear it made you shiver.
You nodded, so eager and desperate to get off that’d you had suddenly gained a new found strength as you sat up in her lap, basically drooling with the thought of you being so close to be able to cum.
“Y-yes! I’ll be better I promise! I’ll-”
You were cut off by the the blinding pleasure that shocked it’s way throughout your entire being as Sevika finally used her human thumb to rub small circles on your clit while she sped up her two fingers curling and scissoring themselves inside your cunt. It was overwhelming, so overwhelming that you couldn’t even think, you couldn’t move, you couldn’t talk, you couldn’t even breath.
You weren’t aware of how your back arched completely off Sevika’s front as a whole, or the way your eyes harshly found themselves rolling to the back of your head before squeezing shut tight, or the way your fingernails dug themselves into the fabric covering Sevika’s thick and muscular thighs, or even the way your mouth formed the perfect “O” as you silently screamed in pleasure. You were also unaware of just how tight you squeezed Sevika’s fingers as you came, and how hard that sensitive bud contracted against her thumb. It was a sight to see for sure.
It was a sight that Sevika had implemented into her mind. A sight that, like everything else, she teased you with for the next two months. You laughed too loud in a way that annoyed her, she’d mocked your begs and pleas in an over-exaggerated high pitched voice. You said something she didn’t like, mocked. She just didn’t want you around her, mocked again.
But, she did ease up. Just a little.
Please let me know if there are any typos or sentences that don’t make since! also, please send in request if you want! I don’t mind :)
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lacroixqueen · 6 months ago
how sevika took your first (18+)
Tumblr media
Summary: it's your first time, and you are super nervous. but sevika is extra gentle, and takes very, very good care of you.
Pairing: sevika x pillow princess reader (lmao sorry i had to)
Word Count: 962
Tags: soft sevika, heavy smut, fluff, wlw, useless lesbians
You would be very nervous, because she was definitely a lot more experienced than you.
You wanted to look pretty for her, so you wore some lacy lingerie but now you were also sort of embarrassed because she could see everything. But she loved every single part of your body. She thought you looked like a work of art, laying in the bed beneath her.
You would try super hard to hide your blushing face, but she could always tell.
Sevika would be surprisingly very gentle at first, because she could see how scared you were. She would give you soft, teasing kisses all over your neck while holding your hand.
“Does it feel good when I do this?” she would ask in a low whisper as she tortured your sensitive skin with her full lips. “What about this~?”
You would moan while gripping onto the bedsheets as she kissed you, because it felt really good and you didn’t want her to stop, not even for a second.
When she could sense you were more comfortable, she would lightly pull down on your bra, and tease your nipple with her tongue.
She paid very close attention to how you reacted to her every motion, and would slow down if she saw that you were being overstimulated.
Sometimes, she would pause in the middle and ask if you liked it, and remind you that she could stop whenever you wanted her to.
Occasionally, as she planted kisses over your chest, stomach, or shoulders, she would say, “You’re so fucking beautiful” just so you knew she really did appreciate every single part of you.
She would run her hands from the curve of your waist all the way down to your round hips, just so you could really feel the way her skin felt against yours.
So you wouldn’t have to second guess that she would stop for nothing to leave you absolutely breathless.
While she kissed you all over, she would purposefully brush her hands against your panty, just so you knew that she knew you were thinking about it.
It was a twisted little game she played on you, but you weren’t gonna lie and pretend you didn’t absolutely love it.
She could tell you were beginning to really enjoy it. From the way you buckled your hips, or curled your toes, to how you squeezed so tight on the pillow your head rested on.
“Y/N…,” she would say. “What would you think about.. me going inside of you?”
She would nod, gently prodding at the tops of your panty with her strap, trying to make out what sort of expression you had on your face in the dim lighting of the bedroom.
“Okay, but just go slow.. Please.” You braced yourself for her by grabbing a tuft of the bedsheets into your fists.
She would gingerly tug off your underwear, smirking when she saw how much you glistened underneath the moonlight that poured in through the side window.
Sevika would take her fingers and rub you so achingly tenderly, causing you to cross your thighs over the other and arch your back into the mattress.
When you were wet enough, she would slowly sink into you until she filled you up all the way.
“Shit..” she would breathe. “So fucking tight..”
You would blush uncontrollably, whining into the sheets as she pushed deeper inside of you.
“Sevika.. It hurts..” you would gasp, starting to tear up a bit.
“Sh..” she said. “You need to relax.” She would lean down and plant painfully perfect kisses all over the side of your neck. “Just focus on how my lips feel..”
You weren’t used to this at all. How soft Sevika was to you when she wanted to be. How much she paid attention to your every motion, every expression. The way she adjusted herself accordingly so you were as comfortable as possible.
You would grip onto her strong arms, trying your hardest to calm down and breathe.
Slowly but surely, you felt yourself opening up to her. Her strap suddenly felt like it ignited a fire in your core, as if it lit up something inside of you that you never experienced before.
She could feel your walls gradually begin to loosen up around her, incentivizing her to start moving, even if it was a little bit. You were delicate. She wanted to take care of you.
As soon as she pulled out, and then rammed back in, you could feel her brush up against your most sensitive spot.
“R-right there..” you would manage to whimper out when she hit that spot again.
“Um.. mhm..”
Sevika wouldn’t stop until you came. It was her greatest reward. Watching your legs shudder as you clasped your hand over your mouth. How your shoulders shook, chest heaved, cheeks flushed, lips parted. And how fucking adorable you sounded when you moaned. Her favorite part.
When you two were done, she would pick you up and have you on her lap on the couch while she sparked a blunt and nursed a glass of whiskey. She might take a smoke, and then shotgun it into your open mouth just so she could watch you stick out your tongue for her.
She would place her mechanical hand on top of your thigh, caressing the side of it absentmindedly every now and then. She would also let you rest your head against her shoulder, watching you fall asleep in her arms while she stroked your hair lovingly.
She was happy you trusted her enough tonight to let her take your first. Because she was willing to take your second, third, fourth, fifth whenever you wanted. You just had to say the word.
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angelltheninth · a month ago
Sevika seeing other's flirting with Fem!Reader (who is her girlfriend) and later fucking her in an ally with her strap to make her gf understand who she belongs to
The moment I saw this I had so many ideas in my brain. Here are all of them in this fic.
Pairing: Sevika x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, established relationship, semi-public sex, strap-on, rough oral, possessiveness, teasing, rough sex, dirty talk, name calling, praise kink. jealous Sevika
Word count: 2.1k
A/N: Loved writing this, somehow I wrote it really quickly too. I guess I was hit with inspiration.
Tumblr media
Sevika has well and truly had enough. She's been watching you charming your way into getting tips all evening. She's more than okay with you working at the Last Drop, its how the two of you met after all and you working there means you can spend more time together during the day.
And she knows that you'd never fall for any of the half-drunk idiots that you smile and wave at. Yet it bothers the hell out of her. It boils over when she sees you hook a finger under a mans chin and take a bit more then he ad the intention to give you. While locking eyes with Sevika across the room.
She stands up rather abruptly, scaring the patrons around her as she stomps her way towards you.
"What exactly are you doing?" She looks from you to the every individual at the table, watching them shrink in their seats under her deadly gaze.
"Working. What does it look like?" You pocket smile and attempt to walk past her. Her metal arms closes around your wrist, not painful but more than enough to stop you in your tracks.
"It looks like you're testing my patience love." She shoots the table another look before taking you around the back. You don't struggle even as she opens the door to the back alley and brackets you against the wall, "What was that back there?" She demands, her jaw tense.
Your heartbeat quickens just a little at the close proximity and the dangerous tone of her voice. Slowly you embrace her around her shoulders, bringing yourself closer, lips ghosting over her, "I was trying to make you jealous. And by the looks of it, I'd say it worked pretty well."
Sevika growls and kisses you hard. Her hands settle on your hips as she bites at your lip, pulling it just a little as parts, "Jealous? Of them? Please. I'm better than any of them and you know it. I can teat you better. Kiss you better. Fuck you better." She grinds her knee between your legs, making you grip the little hairs at the base of her skull. "But if you want to act like a whore, then I'll treat and fuck you like one." Her words send a thrilling heat between your legs, making you buck against her thigh. "Ah ah. If you want that you need to earn it. On your fucking knees."
You do as she says but not without dragging your lips over the purple scars running along her face, jaw and neck. Sevika sighs, smoothing her hands over your hips before they settle on the wall behind you.
"See? You can be a good girl when you want to." Her hand cups your cheek, her palm warm against your skin, "Or maybe you're just craving the punishment."
Your hands quickly undo the belt and zipper of her pants, "Maybe I am." You glance up at her as you lower her underwear, revealing the hard, black strap underneath. As you wrap our hand around the length and slowly stroke up and down you can't help but flush under Sevika's hungry gaze, "But only if you're the one punishing me." You place a tentative kiss on the tip, before licking along the underside, from the hilt to the head.
"If you wanted my cock all you had to do was ask for it." Sevika's hand moves from your cheek to the back of your head, "Because mine is the only cock that's allowed to fuck you." Her metal hands joins the other at the back of your head, applying just a little pressure, "Now be a good little slut for me and make it nice and wet."
You can't help but moan from her words, hands shaking as you grip her thighs and wrap your mouth around the tip of the strap, sucking loudly as you take inch after inch into your mouth, running the flat of your tongue along the underside, making sure to cover every inch of it. Sevika chuckles above you and pulls backwards, leaving only the tip in your mouth, humming as you roll your tongue around it.
"More please." You mouth as you kiss the tip.
"You don't get to ask for anything today sweetheart, Today, you're my personal fucktoy you understand? Mine to fuck. So shut up and get back to it." Only she doesn't give you the chance.
In one quick thrust her entire cock is back in your mouth. You yelp as she starts to thrust in and out, barely giving you the chance to lick the tip. Her grip on your head is strong, preventing you from moving much.
You go almost completely limp under her touch, your eyes fluttering closed as you let her have her way with you completely. You can hear her grunt at your submission, somehow sliding even deeper.
"Fuck, I love how you take it so well. You wanted this all along didn't you? Did you get wet from thinking about it? Did you think about me fucking your every hole while you talked to those guys?" You moan as her hips still for a few moments, her cock still in your mouth. When you open your eyes to look at her, you see nothing but lust, hunger, the need to claim you, "I know you did sweetheart, I know you did. Don't worry." She starts moving again, "I'm gonna give my pretty, beautiful slut exactly what she wants. And I will show you that I'm the only one... fuck... the only one who gets to fuck you like this."
You can feel yourself absolutely dripping from the rough treatment. You jaw starts to go a little numb but you don't care, it's a pretty small price to pay for Sevika to fuck you into oblivion.
"You're not even bothering to deny it. You're so perverted, thinking about getting fucked hard while you're at work. We'll you're getting sweetheart, hopefully you have no plans to going back because you're not gonna be able to walk when I'm done. And after? We're gonna go home and I'll fuck you all over again. Your mouth, your tits, your ass, your cunt. I'm gonna leave every part of you sore, used and thoroughly fucked." You start rubbing your thighs together only for Sevika to push her boot between your legs and lift her foot up, pressing the cold steel against your wet panties. "What a desperate little whore you are hm? Trying to get off before I'm done fucking your mouth."
Suddenly she pulls you back hard, her strap falling from your mouth, glistening and wet.
The moment you meet her eyes she knows what you want. And she doesn't even have to tell you to stand up, put your hands on the wall and spread for her.
"Good girl. So fucking good for me. The best I've ever had." She bends forward, the strap slotted between your legs, rubbing back and forth over your still clothed sex as she leaves kisses and bite marks across your exposed neck.
"Put it in. Fuck just put it in already." You grind backwards, letting out a long pleased groan as the length slides against you.
"You think you've earned it? My cock deep inside that dripping cunt? Fucking you for all that you're worth?" Even as she speaks she starts to undress you from the waist down. You're delighted when you feel her fingers on your lower lips, over your clit, teasing your wetness. "This cunt certainly seems to think so. So damn wet. You really want to be fucked huh?"
You chase her fingers, hands balling into fists in frustration, "Yes, yes, yes. Please Sevika. Fuck me. Use me. Ruin me. Prove I'm yours." She licks along the back of your neck as you beg, nipping at the skin. "Please." You whine, desperate, needy.
"Since you sucked my off so nicely, I guess I might as well. No sense in wasting a good, needy, slutty hole like this." The kiss she plants on the base of your neck is shockingly sweet, a complete contrast from her words.
Sevika backs up, her hand back on your hips. You wait. It seems like an eternity before she sinks in, fully, her strap spreading you open, filling you up, all the way until you feel her hips against yours. A long moan falls from your lips.
"How do you feel?"
"Full. So damn full." You want to ride her cock, you know she likes it, but this isn't the time for that. This is the time for you to take everything she gives you. So you force yourself to stay still and wait.
Luckily it's not long before she begins to drill into you with a brutal pace, pulling out almost entirely, only leaving the broad tip in before sinking back in. It's hard and wild and painful and so fucking good.
"Look at you. Taking my cock in a dim alley like the good little whore you are. Being fucked where people can walk by and see. You want them to see. You want them to know that you're mine. That this cunt is mine. Mine to fuck whenever I want. Mine to use whenever I want." She sinks in deep and holds still for a few moments, before pulling back and doing it again, each thrust making her length drag so deliciously inside you. You can't help but bend your knees a little giving her an even better angle. "You're all mine, sweetcheeks, don't you ever forget that again. Next time I may not be so nice. In fact... I might just fuck you right there on the table."
"Only you." You manage in between a slew of whimpers.
"What's that? Speak up sweetheart."
She gives you a long thrust, slowly dragging out and waiting, "You're the only one... I want seeing me like this. The only one who I want to be a slut for."
"Oh fuck." Sevika groans out the words, starting to hammer her cock in rough and fast, "You can't just say things like that and not expect to be fucked like this. But I love it. I love hearing you say you're my personal slut. And you know what? I'm yours too. You're the only one who gets to be fucked by this cock. Because you're the only one who can take it so damn well, so nice, without question. Yours is the only cunt I want to be in."
That does it. You arch your back you feel your orgasm hit you full force, grateful for Sevika's grip on your hips and the wall to lean on. Sevika chuckles, her pace still wild and rough, fucking you well through your orgasm, the alleyway filled with your moans, Sevika's praise and encouragement and the smacking of of her hips.
As your orgasm begins to die down Sevika slows her movements, fucking you just as deep but letting you catch your breath. "Holy shit."
Sevika laughs, low and a little rumbly as she pulls out, her hands still on your hips, slowly rubbing your sides. Only when you let out a very long content sigh does she spin your around and grab your chin with her metal, tilting your head up for a kiss. "Can you walk love?"
You shake your head and she shuffles a little as she pulls her underwear and pants back on. It's a little awkward at this angle and the lack of space but she's not about to let you fall over. You hear the sound sound up her zipping up her pants, and cursing as tries to do her belt.
"Let me." Your hands smooth over her shoulders, her jacket and down her abdomen. You do it slowly, letting the quiet movement wash over the two of you.
When you're done Sevika lets you put your clothes back on and not even a moment later scoops you up in her arms, giving you a deep kiss as she does so. "Back to our place then?" You nod and tuck your head into the base of her neck.
"I love you." You whisper against the scars running down her neck.
"I love you too. And don't you ever for get that." Her words no longer have the same bite as before but they still send tingles down your body. You're starting to get horny again already, "Don't worry, when we get home I'll make sure to remind you of it until morning." You barely hold back a moan as Sevika kisses you on the forehead and begins walking back home.
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sxpphicfxiry · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
*warnings ~ nothing but some swearing
*pairings ~ sevika x gender neutral!reader
*a/n ~ i thought this was a funny prompt so i just had to write it
while both you and sevika were filling out some paperwork for silco , you could not focus at all.
you had one question stuck in your mind.
and you being you didn’t even get a second to stop yourself before you said it.
"would you still love me if i were a worm?" you turned to look at her.
there was visible confusion on her face as she stared right back at you.
she only could reply with a "huh?"
"i-just... would you still love me if i were a worm?"
it took a minute for her to reply, she was used to your absurd and random questions but this was really something else.
and with that she went back to filling out her paperwork.
you were shocked. she wouldn’t love you even if you were a worm? devastating if you ask me.
"no. why the fuck would you ask that? and why a worm?"
"no reason. i just wanted to know and now i do"
you were sulking.
she turned in her chair to look at you again, turning yours to make you look at her too.
you were clearly upset.
"you aren’t a worm" sevika stated.
"i know" you shot back.
"and you never will be so stop sulking like a baby. i love you now as a human and that’s not going to change"
she gave your forehead a quick kiss before, once again , turning back to her paperwork.
now with a smile you returned to yours too.
Tumblr media
#justicefortheworms :(
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fict1onallyobsessed · 2 months ago
True Tales
Sevika x Reader
Summary - you get injured and Sevika wasn’t having it
Tumblr media
A/N - haven’t written for her in a long time lol
You couldn’t even call the hum of the music quiet anymore. The Last Drop had turned into more of a catalyst for all other crime happening in the Undercity. No one cared about anything, so there was no consequences for beating someone up or smashing up a window. It was free will at all times, if you had an issue, you solved it yourself.
Your legs carried you through the crowd, who immediately gave way to you as they saw the state you were in. Being Sevika’s girlfriend had its advantages, but considering the blood dripping out of your nose and the black eye already forming, people didn’t want to get in your way.
A frown upon your face showed everyone else not to mess with you. Simple repercussions like that prevented scraps out in the street���most of the time. You’d used that long before you found Sevika. And most of the time, it worked.
Your girlfriend was sat at the table, probably gambling for cash again. Cards in her palm, cigar in her mouth, eyes scanning the remains of her cards in her hand before you entered her vision.
At once, she dropped the cards on the table, the men around her raising eyebrows at her as she completely ignored their existence with furrowed eyebrows. She stood and walked towards you as you angry walked towards her. You weren’t angry at her, just the men that roamed The Undercity.
“What happened?” She’s asked once she finally reached you, an arm protectively reaching up to cup your face. You relaxed a little, her touch was gentle regardless of how rough her demeanour seemed to be. The men she was playing cards with were watching from a distance, eyes wide as they saw how much cuts and bruises you had all over your body.
“Don’t give me that bullshit.” She stopped you, grabbing your jaw gently and lifting your head upwards so she could see better. “Who.”
“I took care of them.” You finalised, the flashbacks of their face being smashed in replayed in your head. It was an unfair fight. 3 against 1, yet you someone managed to be the only one able to walk away. “Trust me. They’re not gonna bother anyone.”
She looked down at you and sighed before dropping your head back down and whistling over her shoulder. The men she’d previous been playing cards with were now at her side, ready for whatever command she gives them.
“Find them.” She looked directly into your eyes as she said it, and didn’t break eye contact until her men were gone out the door. She watched as you rolled your eyes an huffed. There wasn’t much left of them anyways. There was nothing to find.
She gripped your bicep next, walking into the backroom of The Last Drop and whistled once again.
“Everyone out.”
Like dogs they scurried one after the other to the nearest exit, none of them questioning it once they saw you. Not that they’d do that anyway. Sevika had too much power, too much ego.
She walked with you to the nearest bench, sat you on it, grabbed a chair and spun it in front of you before straddling it with gauges in her hand.
“You give me a headache.” She sighed, ripping one of the antiseptic wipes open to clean your face with. You knew she cared and she wasn’t serious. Her doing this for you proved it. She wouldn’t go out of her way to clean someone else’s wounds. Just yours, because she loved you.
“Me too.” You joked, noting how much your brain felt like it was pulsing. She only huffed out of her nose, a tiny smile momentarily on her lips as she leaned in towards your face. You let her grip your jaw with her free hand, knowing you’d pull away once the alcohol transferred into your wounds. “Wait-”
She didn’t give you time. She, as gently as she could, held onto your face as she wiped away the dirt in your face. You tried to pull away but her grip was just strong enough to keep you put, her eyes softening momentarily as you winced and shook your head.
Your headache only increased when she stopped. The extra movements didn’t work in your favour, so now you put your head in your hands and tried to cover your eyes from the light.
“Come on, let’s go home.” She spoke, standing up and moving the chair, extending her arms out for you to take. “You can rest your concussion there.”
Slowly but surely you made your way to the exit of the loud bar, where several others where still drinking and partying on the stage.
You kept close to Sevika. Her warmth was enough to comfort you through your wounded body, but yet the headache only got worse and worse. You didn’t think anything of it at first, but now your vision blurred. Things turned into clouds of colours and nothing was audible apart from the hum of some voices. You barely made it out of The Last Drop before you could feel yourself passing out, the rest was nothing but a black void.
“Stop moving.” Sevika’s strong voice said in a quiet whisper as you groaned. You wanted to move, but yet again the same full ache in your head prevented you from doing so. “You’re never going out alone again. I swear to God, (Y/N).”
You huffed some air out of your lungs, eyes opening slightly to let the minimum amount of light coming through. She saw this, watching as you struggled to make eye contact with her. With a sigh, she pushed herself off her bed and walked towards her window, closing the blinds tightly before returning back to sit next to you.
“You have a concussion.” An ice pack was slowly being placed on your head, a relief you could only sigh in content to. She watched with furrowed eyebrows like a hawk, she didn’t even know what for. She was just looking at you.
“I’m not dying, Sev.” You whispered, basically feeling holes being drilled into your skull from her intense eyes.
“You made me think you were.” It came out harsher than she wanted it to, making you open your eyes fully this time. Her gaze softened as you looked up at her, an apologetic smile small on your lips.
“I’m sorry. They just attacked me some nowhere.”
She remained quiet, a sad sigh escaping her lips as she continued to press the ice pack to different parts of your head.
It took a while, but you managed to sit up on your own without being dizzy. Sevika though, wouldn’t let you leave the bed. She’d brought you everything and enough to last you weeks. Safe to say you weren’t leaving anytime soon, not without Sevika.
It’s was okay though, because you persuaded her to lay with you so you got endless cuddles and constant movie marathons ;)
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cammys-imagines24 · 2 months ago
• Helping Sevika Quit Smoking •
Tumblr media
Oh boy, if you thought Sevika was scary before, get ready for this whole new nightmare.
This wasn't her choice, hell no.
This all started with you having the audacity to care about her health.
And through your aggravated pleadings, nagging bouts and scientific lectures she decided to give it a go.
Actually, that's not even true.
She just wanted you to shut up about it.
Sevika doesn't take her health seriously ever, so...
This is all on you and she will be vocal about it whenever you grow impatient with her grumblings.
She'll be like, "it's your fault, babygirl. Just let me smoke if you're sick of it."
And you'll be like, "or you could just be mature about this and realize this is what's best for you."
And then, prompted by the scary lady's death glare you'll zip your lips and try to be even more accommodating to her withdrawal mood swings.
Sevika is the grumpiest person alive already whenever you berate her for not eating properly and drinking alcohol all the time.
Seriously, this woman didn't even bother to drink water before you came along.
So, obviously, this non smoking jag is definitely not her cup of tea.
And, as previously stated, she will let you know about how much this whole healthier habit displeases her.
She will talk your ear off about how pissed she is about it.
She'll try to guilt trip you or make passive aggressive comments or rude remarks.
And, I don't think nicotine patches exist in this world so it's even more hellish existing near her since she's quitting cold turkey.
Though since Silco's right hand woman is a gambler at heart, one way of making her less of a foul companion during all of this is through persuasion.
A give and take scenario. Bribery, if you will.
Since she's doing this for you and only for you then you should be doing something for her in exchange.
Like doting on her, running errands for her, massaging her tired muscles after a long day, getting her her toolbox whenever she needs to fix her prosthetic, etc.
Basically, if you're her personal servant, then she will complain less.
Also, one sure way of shutting up Sevika's complaints is through sex.
You have since become the best way to keep her mouth busy. If you know what I mean.
Whenever she gets a craving she will not hesitate to throw you onto the nearest surface, whether you're busy or not and shove you down onto her face by the flesh of your hips.
Hey, if she can't have a cigarette then she's damn well gonna do her favorite oral activity.
Okay, ultimately Sevika likes it that you care about her even if it includes you nagging from time to time.
Though she'd sooner lose her other arm too than admit that.
No one can talk this scary woman into doing anything so just the very fact that you could, should tell you something.
The fact that just you worrying about her health made her quit a habit she enjoys is basically a big neon sign letting you know how important you are to her.
She loves you and if you love her enough to worry about her than who is she to stop you?
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xthescarletbitch · 3 months ago
grounding | sevika x reader
- warnings: smut; reader has a 🐱
♡ MDNI ♡
Tumblr media
your girlfriend was (silicone) balls deep into your cunt as the room started to spin. you felt fuzzy, completely at utter bliss. the pleasure grew intense and you sensed the need to ground yourself and ensure that this is reality.
5 things that you can see…
her beautiful grey eyes, that you constantly get lost in, staring into yours.
her luscious lips, finished off with that gorgeous mauve shade that you love so much.
her skin glistening with beads of sweat that she’s accumulated from the exertion she’s putting in to give you pleasure.
her strong hands gripping your hips tightly as she pounds into you with her favourite strap-on.
her collection of love marks that you gifted her, spread across her neck and collarbone.
4 things that you can feel…
her body slamming into yours at a brutal pace.
her sweet lips as they pepper your face with wet kisses.
her hand moving down to rub circles onto your clit.
her love for you as she expresses it through intimate physical touch.
3 things that you can hear…
her breathy moans as she draws out her strap and then slams it back into you, making the sounds of your wet pussy all the more evident.
her loving praise as she commends you of what a good job you’re doing, taking her so well.
her primal grunts as she tries to get you to repeat your own moans, all of which fill the room in harmony.
2 things that you can smell…
her breath, which smells of her favourite alcohol that you both drank prior to her throwing you on the bed, ready to fuck you into oblivion.
her scent, which is comprised of the cigars that she loves to smoke and a faint smell of your own body fragrance - a testament to how often you both are physical.
1 thing that you can taste…
Tumblr media
♡ a/n: i got this idea a few days ago. i hope to write more soon, branching out as well to my other buff loves. enjoy. ✨
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sevikasupremacy · 2 days ago
I feel like Sevika LOOOOVES making out— like every chance she gets she would pin you against a nearby wall and just start SMOOCHIN
She probably doesn’t give a fuck if someone happens to walk by and see. Honestly I feel like she’ll even make out with you in front of the others to show off
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beanlot · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
thinking about sevika who fancies doctor!reader, a lot. she’ll neglect her reputable aptitude for just an eyeful at you, because you’re therapeutic enough to cure any mortal wound.
she’ll yell that she’s bleeding out, and relish the tenterhooks on your face when your office door opens to see that there’s not one scratch on her; she’ll say it hurts like a bitch when you’re tending to a diminutive incision on her arm to impound the opportunity to clutch onto yours and bring you close enough to know that you smell like moroccan rose handwash. but the conversations she’d bring up seemed unorthodox - such as the differences between a vein and artery, how to extract a bullet or what remedy was for what.
and one day, you get hurt, severely enough that you can see the fucking grim reaper. but sevika is the shoulder that your head lays on as she medicates you, the finest stitches in your skin with the art of her precision - you’re wondering how she knows all of this so quintessentially,
and she’ll tell you she learnt from the best.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sevikasleftpussyflap · a month ago
HBFHBHEBIB my second username of choice was sevikasstickystrapon
Warnings: Smut, MDNI, subspace, overstimulation, sevikas sticky strap
Literally any pace would have you falling apart. She's all about the motion of the ocean and she will take all night discovering what gets you to make those pretty sounds for her
You're so responsive for her that she might think she's your first
If she's not, you'd tell her that no one's made you feel like that before/made you come that many times in one night
This would honestly piss her off and she'd want the names and addresses of your previous lovers bc it is SO EASY FOR HER to please you
Which means they weren't trying so they need death :)
"I was wringing you dry last night, the fuck?" You'd be a blushing mess at her words, her protectiveness, and the memories
You'd defensively ask her if she had ever made someone come like that
"Have you never made someone come before?" You stuttered out defensively, cheeks alight with embarrassment. A low chuckle meets your ears, smug at your naivety of her reputation. "Honey, I have. But never that many times in one night. You came every time I stuck my strap in you."
She'll be fucking you so good and you can't help but claw at her back, ignoring her no touching command and leaving red welts in your wake
"Hands." She growls. Your bliss is interrupted by her stern tone, nails retract and arms cautiously wrap around her neck. She stills and barks the command again but you don't want to let go of her. "No, please I just want to hold you." To her dismay, this softens some part of her and she kisses you, irritated. She'll start fucking you harder and you'll be clawing her up again, but she'll put up with it this time
Sevika is an absolute menace when it comes to over stimulation. If you work yourself too hard during the day, she's gonna make you relax. You'll just have to lay there and take what she gives you
She loves the face you make when you're fucked stupid, all of the worry and stress of the day gone
So she'll want to see it again and again and again
I hc that you're her first true relationship. With her job she never really had time for anything serious. The brothel was there for a stress reliever when she needed it (and she needed it a lot)
So you're the first thing that's truly hers. There's no sharing you with anyone, she has someone to call her own and she's gonna show you her appreciation
Also take a little half-assed drabble:
Moans filled the room. You were bent over the table, stuffed absolutely full by Sevika's strap. She didn’t even have to move the large toy in your cunt, wet dripping down your thighs, squeezed together as if that would stop her from breaching your entrance. You tried to move as little as possible, every movement overwhelming as the toy filled and pressed against the entirety of your walls. Whimpers fell endlessly from your lips, thighs slick and slipping together. When your eyes weren’t squeezed shut, they were rolled to the back of your head. Gentle pets against your hair comforted you as you moaned, overstimulated from every sensation. 
“Good, baby?” 
Your nod was sluggish and cut short when she pulled out slightly. The noises that fell out of your mouth were not under your own volition as the strap slid back inside you. Somehow her slow humping was more overwhelming, each drag rubbing against that one spot and bringing you to the edge faster than any harsh thrust would.
When you fall over your scream is guttural, sobs ripping from your throat when she continues those measured thrusts.
“It’s alright, just lay there and enjoy it. Take what I give you.”
Your head was fuzzy, comprehending nothing but the feelings she drew from you and her gentle commands. Dutifully, you laid there spread for her, letting her use you and unravel every shred of coherence until there was nothing but her. 
“How am I supposed to stop when you keep making those pretty noises for me?”
Lips brushed your ear, breath casting over your cheek and sending shivers down your spine. You were wailing, sobs and moans falling from your mouth, intensifying when a hand lifted your thigh to give her more access.
“That’s right, open up for me.” 
It felt like you couldn’t stop coming. Her hands massaged your tense muscles until you were boneless, every touch feeling like a kiss. Ink smudged beneath you from your tears, whatever document she was working on before was absolutely ruined. Like you.
You whimpered as she pulled out, shushing you before her warmth left you completely. Metal clanked against porcelain, something falling to the ground followed by a muffled “-shit.” You could only focus on your heartbeat pounding in your chest, the pulsing throb between your thighs.
Time didn’t exist. You had no idea if she’d been gone for five seconds or five minutes. Warm, calloused hands rested on your thighs and you pliantly spread them, slightly pushing your hips up and presenting yourself to her.
“That’s good, baby. But we’re done with that.” Words dripping with amusement weren’t enough to snap you out of your haze. A rag lightly cleaned between your thighs, mesmerizing her with your glistening arousal. Sevika smiled softly when you pushed back as the cloth wiped over your entrance, thighs parting again. 
“Eager to please, huh?” 
The rich oak wood slid against your cheek as your head bobbled in a nod, halted by hands now cradling your cheeks. “We’re through, sweet thing. Come back to me.”  
Sevika watched as your bleary eyes slowly crept into focus, a sleepy smile settling on your face.
Your quiet voice was met with her chuckles. 
“Hey, babygirl. You good?” 
The sight of you utterly spent brought a satisfied smile to Sevika’s face. She loved being able to give you the pleasure you deserved, that it was her that was able to take away all of your worries until you were floating in the clouds. Sevika wasn’t used to having someone to call her own. She had favorites at the brothel, sure, but they were never entirely hers. Now here you are, someone she could never tire of, who she always looked forward coming home to, who she could ply with riches, status, and sex until you were sick of it. 
She never thought it would be possible to feel this way about another person and now she made sure to give her thanks to you in her own way, making sure your needs were met and that any stress of the day was fucked away before you slept. Of course to you, she was just your hyper sexual partner.
After she was able to get some water in you, combating the whines with coaxing pets and encouraging praises, a bowl of fruit found itself in her metal hand. Your grumbling protests were ignored as you were hoisted into her lap.
“I wanna sleep, Sev.”
“A few bites for me, c’mon.” 
By the third bite, you were mostly back to yourself and gave her finger a nip when it pushed a berry to your mouth.
“Brat. For you to behave, I have to fuck you stupid? Is that what it takes?”
Burning cheeks hid in her collar bone, a teasing little “maybe” muttered into her skin.
“I’ll keep that in mind.”
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shortestcake · 3 months ago
Pairings: Vi x reader, Sevika x reader, Caitlyn x Reader (separate)
Pronouns used: none
Gendered terms: pretty girl
Genre: fluff
reader is described to be short, femmine, cutsie and bubbly
Tumblr media
🍓 Vi, although I feel like doesn't have an exact type, definitely enjoys your dynamic.
🍓 Cute little you, walking around the streets of Zaun with a 5'9 brute like her
🍓 She doesn't care too much about her appearance, often completely prepared to go out in under 20 minutes
🍓 You, on the other hand, need to be told a few hours before leaving, so, she ends up watching you with lovey-dovey eyes while you get ready
🍓 Anyone who dares make a snarky remark on how you dress will certainly get their face bashed in
🍓 She often steals clothes from Piltover for you, since she knows how much you struggle to find outfits you like in the Undercity
🍓 Most people view your relationship as an opposites attract situations due not only to your appearance, but personalities
🍓 Little do they know how soft Vi is behind closed doors
🍓 How tightly she holds you each night, how sweetly she looks at you while you ramble about your day, how her mood visibly brightens when she sees you
🍓 As much as she loves holding your waist or slinging an arm around your sholder while you walk, she can't seem to get over the feeling of your delicate hands holding her rough ones
🍓 Vi isn't oblivious to the fact that most people will see you and assume you're weak
🍓 Your cheery attitude and frilly outfits create a ridiculously high contrast to the dark world surrounding you
🍓 Naturally, Vi becomes protective of you
🍓 She glares at anyone who looks at you for over two seconds, prideful when they immediately move their gaze to something else
🍓 Violet melts the first time you stand on your tippy-toes to kiss her
🍓 Ever since, she often refuses to bend down to kiss you, preening in how cute you look when you get needy
🍓 Either that or she'll pick you up, since she likes kissing you far more than teasing you
🍓 Her favourite thing to do after a long day is come home to you, if you're cooking or washing the dishes, she'll walk up behind you and wrap her arms around your waist
🍓 Eventually managing to coax you out of doing any more work, in favor of cuddling her
"C'mon, I know you'd rather snuggle up with me than this. I swear I'll wash them later, 'kay? Good, let's get to bed now sweet-thing."
🍓 Similar to Vi, Sevika enjoys your dynamic.
Tumblr media
🍓 The scary lady of Zawn together with such a cute thing as yourself
🍓 She likes how small you are compared to her
🍓 How she could just pick you up and not struggle in the slightest
🍓 Speaking of, she adores, picking you up, your little suprised yelps never fail to make her grin
🍓 Sevika isn't one to fret over her appearance, doesn't mean she doesn't appreciate the effort you put into yours
🍓 Probably complains about the ridiculous amount of time it takes for you to pick an outfit, but she's only half serious
🍓 Your style isn't very common in the undercity, and it's one of the main things that attracted her to you
🍓 From the second she saw you walking around The Last Drop, she knew she had to know you
🍓 And so, now you spend your time at the infamous bar on Sevika's lap rather than snooping around for god knows what reason
🍓 Soon after you started dating, if she's gambling, you on her lap is a must
🍓 Your personality is something quite refreshing for Sevika
🍓 How excited you get over small things is a nice contrast to the gloomieness she's used to
🍓 She often jokes about how bizarre it seems that you've made it so far in the undercity without in protection
🍓 As light-hearted as these jokes are, Sevika isn't stupid
🍓 She knows that a lot of people consider you an easy target
🍓 So, regardless if you can defend yourself or not, she becomes extremely protective of you
🍓 If you're out together, her touch is a permanent factor
"What? Am I not allowed to hold my pretty girl? No there's no reason behind it, just want to touch you."
🍓 Caitlyn loves spoiling you
Tumblr media
🍓 She takes any chance she gets to buy you anything and everything you like
🍓 The two of you will often probably help doll each other up for events
🍓 Caitlyn is tall
🍓 She's never really thought much about her height until she met you
🍓 When you started holding onto her arm, your much smaller frame leaning into hers while you walk around, is when she really started appreciating your height difference
🍓 Tends to carry things for you, not because she thinks you couldn't by yourself, she just like doing things for you
🍓 Loves it when you cling onto her, you could be cuddling, walking, anything really
🍓 Forehead kisses are her go-to when it comes to showing you affection
🍓 She secretly puts things higher than you can reach on purpose, just so she can have the satisfaction of giving it to you
🍓 Caitlyn is a pretty calm person, so your energy fits hers perfectly
🍓 A large amount of your conversations includes you rambling excitedly while she simply listens
🍓 You're usually on her lap while she's completing paper work, talking about your day
"Mhm, of course I'm still listening love. Just a few more papers and then we can cuddle, how's that sound?"
Tumblr media
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thehoundwrites · 16 days ago
Sevika x Fem!Reader MINORS DNI
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
CW: NSFW, eating Sevika out, she calls herself momma, inexperienced reader, loving Sevika
Words: 1800+
Tagging: @nora-xox @colourfulkidglitter @midnightsk13s @witxhy-lexx @dumbdoll-420 @biphrogg @thebleccbird @lucky13les @petitepersephone
What would you like to see more, Toxic Sevika or Werewolf Sevika? Make sure to request AoT, and Horizon characters while I'm in the mood. Comment to be tagged for anything :)
You didn't know which part of her was more intoxicating, the way her large palms gripped your scalp, long rough fingers combing through the thick roots of your hair tugging the strands ever so slightly to guide your tongue along her curves. Bits of white cut at your vision while you drowned in her. One of those magnificent hands has connected to each side of your head pulling at your skin. With just enough force only to sting. Dull nails scratching into the back of your neck as she lets you work on her lips. Only allowed to suck, and lick and nip at her as she ordered. Her muscles tightened around her shoulders ready to pull you in further whenever she wants. 
You didn't know if it was the way her large body hung over you extruding copious amounts of heat and tension, it felt with the way she curled her back keeping you close to her heaving chest as your tongue lapped at her clit, fighting it's way through the thick hair that covered her skin. She mercilessly closed her legs around you, her thighs now pressed to your ears as she smothered you with her. 
Or maybe it was the way she'd coo at you, the way you could see the smirk without even needing to raise your eyes to look. The loving insults that fell out of her mouth like second nature. The love that could only be said with that arrogant tone of hers.
Maybe it the her eyes went dark, clouded over with lust when you tease her, when you're naked, or how those stormy grey eyes would linger on your lips when you pull yourself away for air. Her slick leaking down your chin as she had her fun with you..
Every so often she'd lean forward to kiss your sweaty forehead. Wiping away strands of hair that stuck to your face. 
"You said whatever I wanted, baby, don't you need a break?"
You'd answer but the palm of her hand shoved your tongue further inside of her pussy. She clearly didn't actually care if you needed one. She's always such a tease. You squint your eyes nodding, knowing she would keep teasing if you didn't answer her. 
"Aww c'mon baby, you can talk with your mouth full I won't judge" a snort behind her words as she lifted a hand away from you, however you weren't worried about it yet trying to satisfy your girlfriend. 
You couldn't, you could only mumble into her clit, your arms wrapped around her legs, nails scratching into the sides of her thighs as she squished you a bit more, strong calves pulling you closer. Her free hand lifted your bangs so she could see your eyes peek over the top of her. 
"Look at me" 
Yet no matter how much she teased, how meant she was, how cruel she could be, you obeyed. Your eyes fluttered open to see her staring at you, familiar grey eyes boring holes into your head. Heavy lidded as her smoky eyes had sweated a bit down her cheeks leaving stains along her perfectly scarred skin. 
"You look beautiful like this angel" 
Your eyes closed, lips wrapping around her clit as you sucked the sensitive bud , arms lifting to rub your palm against the muscles of her stomach. Her soft skin was scarred through and through, rough patches covered every other inch and you love ghosting your fingers memorizing each and every imperfection. 
"Fuck, youre so good baby"
Her hands combed through the front of your hair as she moved your head exactly how she wanted to, grinding her clit further and further into you, as your face paled. 
She was so intoxicating sometimes, like now. How you struggled to breath, how you'd fight away tears and the sting of asphyxiation to make your lover finish. 
"Make me cum" her thighs squeezed you more as you struggled to breath, excitement only was keeping you going, desperate to please her, your fingers unclenched her thigh moving inwards underneath the tongue that played with her clit. You inserted one finger, that made her groan, you felt her other hand reach your head once more, gripping your hair tight. 
"Just like that" she said, pushing you into her harshly. 
One finger had dipped just as easily as two. Your two fingers are lost inside her wetness. Fucking the spongey skin inside of her as full as you could, your fingers felt small. You felt almost inadequate. Like you couldn't please such a beautiful, powerful woman. 
But with the grunts escaping her, the way her limbs cut off your vision as her clit throbbed in your mouth proved otherwise. The tips of your buried digits scissored inside of her brushing the spot only slightly over and over pushing her. 
Breathy deep chested groans left her, your eyes peering up for only a minute. To see her sweaty body heaving above you, her neck thrown back as her hands and legs kept you in place, her tits bounced perfectly as she rubbed her clit into your face. 
When you added another finger it was all over, it sent her over the edge. Full moaning as you felt her cunt squeeze onto your fingers, her perfect nub convulsing in your lips as she came. 
Slews of curses fell out of the woman's mouth as she loosened her legs enough for you to breathe, her hand going to the bottom of your chin to lift your face up. Her fingers pressing into your cheeks. Only now could you feel how uncomfortably hard the floor was beneath your bones kneecaps. How cold and sticky you were, you wanted her back on you so bad. But you obeyed, you let her lift your head without resistance, eyes following to see your lover pant. 
Her cum was still dripping down your face, when she leaned forward to kiss you. Her warm hands found the sides of your face, her thumbs rubbing circles underneath your eyes on the sharps of your cheekbones. Her lips connected to yours as she pressed harder, her tongue swirling around your mouth to taste herself on you. 
"God you taste so good like this"
She sighed leaning back against the soft cushiony couch she sat on. Both of you butt naked. You began to lift yourself, the palms of your hands pushing against the tops of her thighs, before wrapping both thighs around hers, your clit brushing against the rough bush right below her stomach. 
"Hi baby" 
"Hey princess" 
She replied with her hand pulling at you waste, motioning you to rub your clit on whatever's closest, for now it was her chiseled abs. Her eyes watched the way your body grinded against her, she pushed you lower so the two of you were basically scissoring when you thrusted forward your clits would rub when you motioned back your lips wrapped around her thigh. It was sticky, and wet and hot and you couldn't get enough. 
Sevika seemed to be in a good mood, the after taste of whiskey and expensive cigars lingered in your mouth from her kisses. The feeling of calloused skin wouldn't leave your hips, and the strings of soft compliments and praises ring through your ears. 
You barely blinked when she switched your positions and now she was on top, her metal arm held the back of the couch, her body curled over you as you could only sink further into her couch, she positioned her hips above yours and began to grind her clit roughly into you, it was hard and it was big. Probably a result of the testosterone taken to work out, or maybe every bitch this muscular had a bigger clit. You didn't know or care, but the way she expertly fucked you with it, how the sofa kept banging into the wall. You couldn't get enough..
The room was quickly filled with your moaning, and her panting. You heard a rip as her sharp claws sunk into the fabric of the couch behind your head. She was already wet and warm. She used her cum to help slide your lips together, melding into one another only made you wetter. She lifted her hips and used her good hand to push two fingers inside of you with ease. 
"Good fucking girl, do I really make you this wet?"
You could only moan, words left your head as she kept abusing the wet skin inside of you, fingers opening and closing stretching your poor little pussy out. Your hands lifted and locked behind her neck attempting to bury yourself in her chest.
"Damn, your all fucked out already?"
She smirked at you, her fingers working at your core pulling strings of moans and cries from you. 
"Please, please please Sev mmh." 
Fingers twirled inside of yoy her metal hands moving to wipe away stray strands of hair dangling in your face. Other hand still mercilessly fucking you.
"Seeev" you whined her name.
"Do you need to cum already, doll?"
"Pleeease" your eyes squinted shut as she kept dancing around the spot inside of you purposely. Whines of protest left your lips.
"You look so good angel, momma's gonna fuck you until you can't think" 
"Seeev" the way your mouth couldn't stop saying her name. The way her lips left black lipstick stains across your neck, the way she sucked your skin leaving marks on her girl, tears left your eyes as she kept pushing your limits.
"You're so pretty when you cry for me" she chuckled her lips moving to wrap around your nipples taking them into her mouth one at a time, black lipstick marks all over your torso. Yet all it took was that palm rubbing your clit, and her fingers thrusting into that spot and it was over. 
Her name fell from your mouth, over and over like it was the only way you could breathe. "Sevsevsevsevsevsev" your juices spilled over her arm and thighs, making a nice wet spot on her sofa. Your face flushed a bit in embarrassment.
You felt warm hands wrap around you and pull you into her. She was once again sitting on the couch, you now cradled in her arms. As she lifted your face to hers. 
"You did so good for me" she whispered her nose nuzzling into the soft part of your cheek, her words lingered on your skin as you close yoy eyes trying to catch a breath.
 "I'm so proud of you baby, remember when you could barely handle one finger" she smiled, and you grinned a small laugh coming out of your throat. 
"We're way past that aren't we baby" you said taking one of her hands and ghosting your lips on her knuckles. 
"I think you're ready to try my strap"
"Next time right? I can't move"
"Of course, if I fuck you anymore now I'm afraid your gonna knock the fuck out." 
"I ammm" you groaned, burying your face in her shoulder. 
"You could keep going even if I do" you smirked. 
"I can do whatever I want" 
"Like me?"
"Like youuu." She smirked, nuzzling herself into you neck. 
"My pretty pretty princess" 
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imajinxnation · 3 months ago
could make an hc with dresses that arcane characters like to see reader wearing to parties, you can put images if you want (of course i know they would all love the dresses you choose)
Their Favourite Dress On You - Arcane Headcanons
I absolutely love this idea!
This is aimed at FEMALE readers, but no pronouns were used so, if you're a guy who likes to wear dresses, be my guest!
Warnings: Fluff, maybe some Suggestiveness
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The first time Silco saw this dress on you, he absolutely lost himself.
You came into his office to ask him what he thought about it.
He was invited to a big formal event, and he obviously wouldn't leave you home, so he let you come with him as his plus one.
He was shook to his core when he first saw you wearing this dress.
The lace at the top had such a cute, innocent vibe, but when you look a bit lower at the black corset, it's more sexy.
Somehow you managed to capture both the sweet and sexy look, and that's what amazed him the most.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I chose this dress as Vik's favourite because I feel like he loves a more sophisticated, yet elegant look.
This dress definitely captured his attention when you walked in the lab to try and make him take a break.
Honey, if you wear that dress, ANYTHING is possible with this man.
You'd get him to lay down on the couch and put his head in your lap.
Staring at you're features and he feels your fingers run through his hair.
In that dress, you look so pretty, and it makes him so glad you chose him as your boyfriend.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I feel like Jinx would like someone who is a hard worker and isn't afraid to get down and dirty sometimes.
You were a mechanic, so you constantly wore this dress because god knows how much needs to be fixed in Zaun.
But the one time Jinx actually saw you wearing this dress was when she herself had something she couldn't fix.
Not even gonna lie, the sight of you working in that beautifully dirty dress turns her on a bit.
Expect some fun after your done with the job Jinx gave you.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Because Vi is such a gruff and butch woman, I feel like she'd prefer someone smaller and cuter.
This dress was definitely that, and the first time she saw you with it on sent her.
It was your first date in awhile, so you wanted to take her out to a bit of a fancy restaurant.
You can bet Vi wore a suit.
When you got home after dinner that night, well let's say you might need a new dress.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Very similar to Vi when it comes to the smaller and cuter thing.
Not even gonna lie you just wore this dress cause you knew Sevika would like it.
And you were correct on that assumption, because the moment she saw you, she couldn't keep her eyes off of your body.
I can tell you right now if anyone flirts with you, especially in that dress, a bitch is gonna die.
She's definitely gonna take you back to her apartment to show you who you belong to.
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