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lacroixqueen · 5 months ago
how sevika took your first (18+)
Tumblr media
Summary: it's your first time, and you are super nervous. but sevika is extra gentle, and takes very, very good care of you.
Pairing: sevika x pillow princess reader (lmao sorry i had to)
Word Count: 962
Tags: soft sevika, heavy smut, fluff, wlw, useless lesbians
You would be very nervous, because she was definitely a lot more experienced than you.
You wanted to look pretty for her, so you wore some lacy lingerie but now you were also sort of embarrassed because she could see everything. But she loved every single part of your body. She thought you looked like a work of art, laying in the bed beneath her.
You would try super hard to hide your blushing face, but she could always tell.
Sevika would be surprisingly very gentle at first, because she could see how scared you were. She would give you soft, teasing kisses all over your neck while holding your hand.
“Does it feel good when I do this?” she would ask in a low whisper as she tortured your sensitive skin with her full lips. “What about this~?”
You would moan while gripping onto the bedsheets as she kissed you, because it felt really good and you didn’t want her to stop, not even for a second.
When she could sense you were more comfortable, she would lightly pull down on your bra, and tease your nipple with her tongue.
She paid very close attention to how you reacted to her every motion, and would slow down if she saw that you were being overstimulated.
Sometimes, she would pause in the middle and ask if you liked it, and remind you that she could stop whenever you wanted her to.
Occasionally, as she planted kisses over your chest, stomach, or shoulders, she would say, “You’re so fucking beautiful” just so you knew she really did appreciate every single part of you.
She would run her hands from the curve of your waist all the way down to your round hips, just so you could really feel the way her skin felt against yours.
So you wouldn’t have to second guess that she would stop for nothing to leave you absolutely breathless.
While she kissed you all over, she would purposefully brush her hands against your panty, just so you knew that she knew you were thinking about it.
It was a twisted little game she played on you, but you weren’t gonna lie and pretend you didn’t absolutely love it.
She could tell you were beginning to really enjoy it. From the way you buckled your hips, or curled your toes, to how you squeezed so tight on the pillow your head rested on.
“Y/N…,” she would say. “What would you think about.. me going inside of you?”
She would nod, gently prodding at the tops of your panty with her strap, trying to make out what sort of expression you had on your face in the dim lighting of the bedroom.
“Okay, but just go slow.. Please.” You braced yourself for her by grabbing a tuft of the bedsheets into your fists.
She would gingerly tug off your underwear, smirking when she saw how much you glistened underneath the moonlight that poured in through the side window.
Sevika would take her fingers and rub you so achingly tenderly, causing you to cross your thighs over the other and arch your back into the mattress.
When you were wet enough, she would slowly sink into you until she filled you up all the way.
“Shit..” she would breathe. “So fucking tight..”
You would blush uncontrollably, whining into the sheets as she pushed deeper inside of you.
“Sevika.. It hurts..” you would gasp, starting to tear up a bit.
“Sh..” she said. “You need to relax.” She would lean down and plant painfully perfect kisses all over the side of your neck. “Just focus on how my lips feel..”
You weren’t used to this at all. How soft Sevika was to you when she wanted to be. How much she paid attention to your every motion, every expression. The way she adjusted herself accordingly so you were as comfortable as possible.
You would grip onto her strong arms, trying your hardest to calm down and breathe.
Slowly but surely, you felt yourself opening up to her. Her strap suddenly felt like it ignited a fire in your core, as if it lit up something inside of you that you never experienced before.
She could feel your walls gradually begin to loosen up around her, incentivizing her to start moving, even if it was a little bit. You were delicate. She wanted to take care of you.
As soon as she pulled out, and then rammed back in, you could feel her brush up against your most sensitive spot.
“R-right there..” you would manage to whimper out when she hit that spot again.
“Um.. mhm..”
Sevika wouldn’t stop until you came. It was her greatest reward. Watching your legs shudder as you clasped your hand over your mouth. How your shoulders shook, chest heaved, cheeks flushed, lips parted. And how fucking adorable you sounded when you moaned. Her favorite part.
When you two were done, she would pick you up and have you on her lap on the couch while she sparked a blunt and nursed a glass of whiskey. She might take a smoke, and then shotgun it into your open mouth just so she could watch you stick out your tongue for her.
She would place her mechanical hand on top of your thigh, caressing the side of it absentmindedly every now and then. She would also let you rest your head against her shoulder, watching you fall asleep in her arms while she stroked your hair lovingly.
She was happy you trusted her enough tonight to let her take your first. Because she was willing to take your second, third, fourth, fifth whenever you wanted. You just had to say the word.
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sxpphicfxiry · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
*warnings ~ nothing but some swearing
*pairings ~ sevika x gender neutral!reader
*a/n ~ i thought this was a funny prompt so i just had to write it
while both you and sevika were filling out some paperwork for silco , you could not focus at all.
you had one question stuck in your mind.
and you being you didn’t even get a second to stop yourself before you said it.
"would you still love me if i were a worm?" you turned to look at her.
there was visible confusion on her face as she stared right back at you.
she only could reply with a "huh?"
"i-just... would you still love me if i were a worm?"
it took a minute for her to reply, she was used to your absurd and random questions but this was really something else.
and with that she went back to filling out her paperwork.
you were shocked. she wouldn’t love you even if you were a worm? devastating if you ask me.
"no. why the fuck would you ask that? and why a worm?"
"no reason. i just wanted to know and now i do"
you were sulking.
she turned in her chair to look at you again, turning yours to make you look at her too.
you were clearly upset.
"you aren’t a worm" sevika stated.
"i know" you shot back.
"and you never will be so stop sulking like a baby. i love you now as a human and that’s not going to change"
she gave your forehead a quick kiss before, once again , turning back to her paperwork.
now with a smile you returned to yours too.
Tumblr media
#justicefortheworms :(
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Long Holiday Weekend (Sevika x Reader)
summary: after finding out where her ex girlfriend, who is now a reporter based in piltover, lives, sevika decides to take vengeance methods in her own hands.
warnings: smut, slight dub/con, use of a strap-on, use of a vibrator, anal plug, bondage, daddy kink, orgasm denial, cunnilingus, overstimulation.
word count: 5.4k
a/n: this is pure filth. read at your own risk.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sevika walked silently through the house she had just broken into during the late night hours. Apparently, the enforcers were far too busy with security for the preparations of the city's anniversary fireworks display, implying that on that holiday weekend, they unknowingly would be breaching the security of the citizens.
Even for a citizen, now important to the city: (Y/N) (Y/L/N). A reporter who became popular by writing controversial columns in newspapers and breaking audience records by dealing with topics that were forgotten by the journalists of Piltover. A woman who still talked about Zaun, her former home, despite now living in a comfortable, slightly aristocratic fortress on Piltover's high side. Some could consider that hypocritical on her part, however, nobody could deny that she earned her new found prestige in high society.
Sevika, on the other hand, was enraged by (Y/N)'s emotional betrayal. She had left Zaun when she and Silco needed her help the most. She didn't understand at all that her girlfriend was tired of all the violence and chaos spread by Silco's Shimmer. She'd called Sevika to run away with her to Piltover, somewhere they would start a normal life with (Y/N)'s new job offer, but the older woman just slapped her across the face and referred to her lover as a traitorous rat.
On that fatidical rainy night, the fight between the two women had been so intense that it shook the walls with the vibrations of their shrieks. They woke up the neighbors with all the shouting, objects were thrown, harsh words were uttered by Sevika. She didn't accept that. She didn't accept the fact that (Y/N) deliberately opted to carry her own life and chase her dreams, far away from all the hopeless mediocrity of Zaun, unlike the others.
Clearly, the end of the couple was predictable, and it did happen. (Y/N) left on a Sunday morning mid July, headed to the city of progress while Sevika watched her cross the border as she smoked a cigar. A part of her hoped that the ambitious young woman would regret her decision and turn back, run into her arms and kiss her passionately on the mouth. However, that never happened. No apology, no romantic kiss, no reconciliation. (Y/N) only left bitterness and faded memories behind that smelt like her fucking vanilla body lotion. And so the months went by, the time turning them into nothing but strangers who knew each other far too well.
Deep down, they still harbored feelings for one another. Good and bad. Bitter and sweet. They were all there, drowning in the shallows of their hearts. But life wasn't fair, right? Sevika wondered if (Y/N) still thought about her while living like an exiled princess in this damn mansion in Piltover. But tonight things would change. Sevika would show (Y/N) that she couldn't just walk away like she doesn't mean anything. She would remind this ungrateful bastard that she would be hers forever.
Sevika continued her silent walk through the large, modern house. This place was an absurd contrast to the old rat-infested apartment where (Y/N) had lived for so many years in Zaun. Things had changed drastically in such a short span of time. So short it was doubtful. Sevika felt sick at the thought of how much of herself the reporter had to sell to get where she is now.
She meticulously inspected each room, eager to soon find who she was looking for. She was closer than ever. Sevika's heart was pounding in her chest, she hadn't known much about (Y/N) for almost a year now and only saw her ex lover's face through the grayish television image of Last Drop. Although she was furious, Sevika had to admit that (Y/N) looked as beautiful as she'd always been. Imagining the possibility that she was seeing other people made her blood boil. She was only hers. She would always be hers. No whore in that fucking brothel could compare to her ex girlfriend. Aside from being the most beautiful woman she'd ever seen, she also banged like a fairy in acid.
Upon opening the second door on the left on the second floor, Sevika finally found her. (Y/N) was sleeping peacefully in her comfortable, warm bed. Sevika's heart nearly stopped beating inside her chest. She looked impeccably beautiful, she wore nothing but an old grey t-shirt to conceal her nudity. It brought a smirk to Sevika's dark lips. She never slept with any underwear on, that little fact never changed, she deemed it to be too uncomfortable.
Inhaling a sharp breath, Sevika closed the door quietly behind herself and broke the distance between her and (Y/N) by taking long strides towards the asleep woman. She dropped the black bag she brought with herself on the elegant white rug, and then sat on top of the soft mattress, causing it to sink with her weight. The young reporter shifted in her sleep and turned to Sevika's direction, grunting unconsciously.
Sevika eyed (Y/N) with the intensity of a hawk for a couple minutes, solemnly taking in her features she'd deprived her of for so long. It left a bitter taste in her mouth: abandonment. Calmly, she picked up the mysterious bag previously dropped on the floor and opened it, revealing a diversity of tools she'd brought from Zaun for this special little encounter.
She held a piece of rope in her prosthetic hand while the human one delicately shifted (Y/N) on her stomach and pulled her hands behind her back. She was quick to bind her wrists together. While she was securing a sailor knot, the younger woman was pulled out of her slumber and opened her eyes, moving her arms tiredly.
"Huh?" (Y/N) muttered sleepily when she realized she could not really move her upper limbs. "W-wha'?" She looked over her shoulder and widened her eyes at the sight of no other than Sevika herself towering over her. "What th-" Before she could exactly finish her sentence, Sevika looped her metal arm around her waist and pulled her up to sit with her back pressed tightly against her, the human hand coming to cover her mouth, squeezing her cheeks almost painfully with her fingertips, muffling any sounds that could possibly come from her mouth.
"Shhh." She shushed with her mouth hovering over (Y/N)'s ear. The reporter attempted to failingly struggle by kicking her legs and squirming. It was useless. Sevika was far more strongly built. The only thing (Y/N) earned from her earnest attempts to free herself was making Sevika tighten her grip. "Oh, poor little kitten," she mocked. "Did you really think you could get rid of me? Did I ever mean shit to you, (Y/N)? Living in some fucking palace while your equals are rotting in Zaun?"
(Y/N) protested by uttering inaudible words against Sevika's hand. She groaned and tried to squirm away from her, which was impossible considering Sevika's physical strength and the fact that her hands were tied behind her back.
"How did you get all of this, huh? Are you fucking that bitch Marcia Morcado?" She sneered, referring to (Y/N)'s boss, the anchor of the nightly News. (Y/N) widened her eyes at Sevika's assumption and shook her head, scared of all this. She feared that Sevika would hurt her, as she so easily could, in case she wanted to. "You are mine, do you hear me? You will never leave me. I will kill any other woman who dares lay a finger on my property. Did I make myself clear?" (Y/N) whimpered and hesitantly nodded her head. "Good. Be fucking cooperative, or else I will have to hurt you. Now…" She looked into (Y/N)'s glistening eyes. "I will take my hand off your mouth, okay? If you scream, I will gag you."
Once (Y/N) made a sign that she understood, Sevika slowly lowered her hand, passing it through her neck, sliding on her skin all the way down to her breast. It caused the younger woman to squeak and whimper. She was not expecting this and the helpless predicament in which she found herself at. Sevika suddenly squeezed her tit through the thin fabric of her T-shirt, making (Y/N) grunt and arch her back.
"Please, Sevika…" She pathetically squeaked. "Please, let me go…Don't hurt me…I-I am not fucking Marcia, or anyone…" That made Sevika smirk and grab her chin, squeezing it tightly.
"Do you think I'm fucking stupid, (Y/N)?" She growled. "You need a good reminder of who you belong to. And I am here to give it to you, baby." She said it with a husky voice while looking into her eyes.
(Y/N)'s eyes slowly closed on their own will as Sevika dragged her calloused hand along her body, feeling her up so shamelessly. She wished she could hate how her breath hitched while Sevika pressed herself so smugly against her. (Y/N) hated the way she felt the increasing heat of her core just by the smallest touches of the woman who she craved so much. She couldn't hide her shame for getting so aroused by the way Sevika was handling her. This was so wrong.
"Have you fucked Marcia Morcado?" Sevika's breasts were pressed against (Y/N)'s back while her plump, dark lips hovered over her ear, sending shivers down her spine.
"No." She replied quietly while her body seeked for Sevika's touch on its own. It made Sevika smirk how she obviously missed her.
"I don't believe you. Why should I?" She almost sounded upset. Her tone was surprisingly gentle.
"It's true. Please, Sevika, come on...You have to believe me. Why would I lie?" She reassured her with a shaky breath, watching as now both Sevika's hands fondled her breasts through her clothes.
"Yeah?" Sevika hummed and (Y/N) slowly nodded her head. She seeked for her enticing eyes and stared into them through her long lashes.
Sevika did something that she didn't do quite often. She leaned forward and pressed her lips against (Y/N)'s soft ones, kissing her passionately, but tenderly. The gesture was unexpected by (Y/N). It took her a few seconds to fully grasp what Sevika wanted so she could adjust. Then, she slightly parted her lips to accommodate Sevika's.
Despite the countless amount of times they had fucked in the past, (Y/N) had never felt this wanted by Sevika during all the time they were together. As sick as it was, she loved how Sevika desired to kiss her like this. For once, it felt like she actually cared. Like she actually loved her. Like she was the only girl in the world.
Sevika pulled her face away from hers, causing (Y/N) to chase her lips, which surprised both women. Sevika took a deep breath and pressed her face in the crook of (Y/N)'s neck for a few seconds, inhaling her vanilla scent, drinking it up like fine wine.
"I missed you." Sevika admitted sharply. It made (Y/N)'s heart pump faster in her chest and her nerves to boil. It was rare to catch a confession like this out of Sevika. She despised showing emotions, she deemed them as a weakness, a weapon that could later on be used against her.
"I missed you too." (Y/N) said it back, which made Sevika smile slightly against her skin and plant a kiss on it, revelling in the goosebumps it left. She turned crimson at the reactions her body was having and how her heart so easily betrayed her brain, her faltered breath, soft whimpers and arched back serving as enough evidence.
Sevika placed her hands on the collar of (Y/N)'s t-shirt, tearing the fabric in half at the seams. It made (Y/N) gasp, shocked, as her breasts bounced with the newly found freedom. The wind blowing through the window caressed her now naked skin, making her shiver and grunt at the cold. The shame of being bare while Sevika eyed her body hungrily like an eagle preying on a smaller bird heated up her face, her facial skin turning red with embarrassment.
She growled slightly at the sight and wrapped a fistful of (Y/N)'s hair around her strong hand. She would devour her with her eyes if she could. How she missed seeing her lover naked like this, just for her. It ignited a fire into her that she couldn't control while it progressively spread. Then, she pushed (Y/N) down onto the bed while she reached down to fetch the bag once again.
When she opened it, she couldn't help but grin darkly as she picked up a familiar silver item with a shiny pink stone at the tip. It made (Y/N)'s eyes widen at the sight. An anal plug. The same plug Sevika used when she wanted to punish (Y/N). She shook her head and shut her thighs tightly.
"S-Sevika…A-ah, no! Not that, please!" She stuttered, feeling herself tensing up, her nerves bubbling through the surface.
Sevika's lips curled to form a sly smirk and she put the silver you briefly away on the bedpost. (Y/N)'s eyes watched her hand very carefully, her heart was beating so fast into her chest that she imagined it crawling out of her throat on its own will anytime.
"We will use that later. I have another plan for you now." She cooed and pushed herself further at the edge of the bed, spreading her legs slightly with a perfectly straight posture. Sevika's index finger lifted and pointed idly to the spot between her legs on the floor. "Come here, kitten. I want to watch such a famous reporter eating my pussy like a common whore." She mockingly pursed her lips.
(Y/N) glared up at Sevika with dilated pupils. Strands of her soft hair were slicked over her eye as the burning desire in her features was unmistakable. She could never overcome her addiction to Silco's right hand woman. Her body carried the sweetest and dirtiest memories of their time together. That alone had been enough to keep her entertained in lonely nights where (Y/N) daydreamed about being fucked by her.
Then, she strained to sit up with her hands tied behind her back and grunted to herself. Eventually, she managed to bring herself to the edge of the bed and put her feet, one by one, on the softness of the rug. She lowered her body until she was sitting on her knees, facing Sevika from beneath with her big doe eyes. Such a submissive sight aroused the older woman, causing her to cuss under her breath.
(Y/N) leaned forward and pressed her cheek against Sevika's inner thigh, inhaling her faint scent that was dulled by the thick fabric of her pants. The smell made her whine and lick her lips in anticipation. How much she'd missed being in this position, although her pride would never allow her to admit it. (Y/N) nuzzled Sevika's thigh with her cheek like a needy pet, making the other woman take the hint to pass her strong hand through her hair, caressing it almost gently.
"Good girl. You are such a good little slut for me." She praised her with a husky tone and grazed the flesh of her bottom lip with her teeth. "Look at you…You are devouring me with your eyes like I am some candy." She chuckled. "That's so pathetic. I know you, (Y/N). Acting all smug and confident, so full of yourself," her eyes darkened and she began fumbling with the buttons of her pants, pushing them down to her ankles along with her underwear, revealing her glistening sex to the woman beneath her. "While you're nothing but a bitch in heat."
"Yes, daddy." (Y/N) is quick to respond, referring to her ex lover as the title she prefered in this circumstance. It pleased Sevika. "You smell so good…" She whimpered while nosing her cunt so eagerly, revelling at the natural scent of her core. Sevika's skin shivered at the sensation of her hot breath fanning against her sensitive cunt.
Sevika looped a fistful of (Y/N)'s hair around her human hand and forced her face closer to her pussy. It made the reporter inhale a sharp breath, almost drinking her up like fine wine. She raised her hips slightly in a way that caused her sex to brush against her mouth.
"Mmm…You've missed daddy fucking your face, ain't it right, baby girl?" She blurted out and licked her lips. "Is this why you've been acting out? Are you being a bitch because nobody's here to put you in your fucking place?"
Moaning and clenching her own thighs, (Y/N) then buried her face between Sevika's legs, sticking her tongue out to lick a long, firm stripe against her slit, tasting the bittersweet juices that leaked from her. She groaned at the taste, sending vibrating echoes through her tongue.
"Fuck," Sevika cursed under her breath and arched her back. She felt (Y/N) circling her clit with the tip of her tongue, as always, being very skilful. "Mmm." She bucked her hips, using her mouth however she pleased, the grip on her hair still steady in her hand. She tugged the strands mercilessly.
Soon enough, Sevika arched her back and used the grip on (Y/N)'s hair as leverage to steady herself. She sneered and choked out a dragged out moan from the back of her throat. She was enjoying this wildly. She squeezed her face between her thighs, nearly crushing her skull as her own breath was becoming faltered. At one point, all (Y/N) could listen to were muffled cussing and quiet groans.
"S-shit! I am close! Daddy's going to cum in your mouth! Such a good slut! Fuck!" Her body suddenly stopped moving, and in seconds it began shaking wildly all together. Sevika released choked groans as she fucked (Y/N)'s face, riding her mouth through her aftershocks. (Y/N) swallowed it all down as much as she could, greedily licking every last droplet of her juices. Upon feeling her own muscles relaxing, Sevika pulled (Y/N)'s face away by the grip on her hair, grinning as she saw her fluids glistening brightly all over her mouth and chin.
It took a few seconds for her to finally catch her breath. Thin beds of sweat trickled down her face and she wiped them away with the back of her prosthetic hand. Soon enough, she stood up and walked over to the black bag she brought with herself, (Y/N)'s accompanying every small movement. Sevika's eyes gleamed as she picked out a purple strap-on. The sight had an impact on (Y/N) - it made her whimper and clench her thighs, ashamed at the feeling of the anticipation, her juices leaking down her inner thighs.
"You've missed my cock, huh?" Sevika smugly prompted and strapped it around her hips. "I know all you've been needing lately is a good fucking. Isn't that right, kitten?" She cooed, almost sweetly, but (Y/N) knew better.
"Yes, daddy." She breathed out as Sevika once again sat on the bed, the mattress sinking slightly with her weight. "Thank you." She batted her eyelashes slowly.
Sevika pointed down at her lap indifferently and shrugged her shoulders. Her eyes roamed around a very flustered and horny reporter, still sitting on her knees before her.
"Come get it, princess. It ain't gonna fuck itself." She spoke in an annoyingly calm tone as if her suggestion was the most casual topic to blurt out. However, (Y/N) still took the hint and soon enough, she carefully stood up, avoiding stumbling with the lack of balance in her arms.
“Daddy, please…" (Y/N) whined needily and Sevika smirked, pleased by how much of a slut she became for her. She yelped upon suddenly being pulled into her lap, her body being manhandled by Sevika to straddle her hips. She squealed in surprise when Sevima slapped her ass, making the skin jiggle with the harsh impact.
“Please?” She said with a teasing pout. “Daddy, please…Oh, daddy, fuck me." She mimicked (Y/N), mocking her words like she was pathetic. She grabbed her hips, keeping them still when the younger woman attempted to shift them to find her rubber cock. "Easy, kitten. Slow. Down." She spoke pausedly and held her chin, pulling her in for a kiss. It was rough and possessive. Sevika's chest rambled at the taste of her own cum in (Y/N)'s tongue. It drove her insane.
“Daddy, please…I need to feel y-!” She suddenly shouted, Sevika's strong hands suddenly slamming her hips down on her thick, long cock, providing her no warning of the sudden sensation of being so full.
“We’ll go slow,” She said, casually, with an indifferent hum. Shifting her hips ever so slightly, Sevika striked a skilful thrust upwards, which made (Y/N)'s eyes roll to the back of her head, her cunt forced to feel every glorious inch of her thick cock pull out and back in. Her strong arms wrapped around (Y/N)'s naked upper body, holding her flush against her chest. “In fact…Let's stay like this until you cum, hmm?"
"No…Please, I need more. I'll do anything…Please, daddy…" She desperately whined and shook as Sevika rolled her hips so torturously slow, keeping her still with the tight grip around her hips, it would surely leave a mark.
"Anything? Awww." Sevika once again mocked and leaned forward, sticking out her devious tongue to flick (Y/N)'s nipple, making her squirm more and arch her chest towards her mouth. "You are so greedy, aren't you? Such a greedy little thing. Maybe I spoiled you too much." She sneered and soon enough wrapped her lips fully around her nipple, sucking on it, wetting her breast with her drool.
Then, Sevika lowered her warm hand down to squeeze (Y/N)'s ass, digging her short nails into it. (Y/N) whined in ecstasy and squeezed the ropes binding her wrists together. She was torturously slow, but feel, steady. Sevika's grip around (Y/N)'s hips remained bruising. The younger woman felt a dull throbbing between her legs while her sex was buried into that damn rubber cock. She wished Sevika would linger her hand down and touch her bundle of nerves, pulling an orgasm out of her. However, that did not cross Sevika's mind at all. This was a punishment.
(Y/N)'s mind was roaming aimlessly, brain going numb with the heat Sevika was providing her with. She was such a monster. The aching slow burn in her pussy was increasing progressively until she could no longer take it. She didn't open her mouth to ask Sevika to move a little faster, she knew it would fall on deaf ears, she would stick to this little torture of hers. Her cock once again dragged in and out, brushing ever so slightly against (Y/N)'s clit in a slow burn build up. The reporter moaned and clenched her jaw, overwhelmed by the intensity of pleasure her body was feeling.
She was forced to stay on the edge for so long, so cruelly and agonisingly long that when the climax finally clicked, she finally reached a glorious orgasm she'd been aching for, it was intense and explosive. It was sharp and mind blowing. Her lips dropped open in a silent scream, no sounds coming out. Sevika had to put her metal hand on her back to secure her from falling over, watching with the intensity of a hawk as she rode out her high so eagerly on her cock.
"Good girl. Look at you cumming like a slut on my cock. You've always been my little slut." Sevika smirked and helped her slide out of her strap-on. However, when (Y/N) stood up on wobble legs, Sevika pulled her right back onto her lap, this time with her back facing her. "Tsk, tsk, tsk." She clicked her tongue in a taunting way. "Where do you think you are going? You aren't going anywhere, princess. Daddy's not done with you."
"W-what? I can't handle another one." She protested and attempted to get up, only to be pulled right back on the previous spot. "Dad- Ahhh!" She cried out when Sevika opened her legs slightly, forcing (Y/N)'s own thighs to spread along and then she placed her metal hand onto her dripping cunt, still leaking from her recent orgasm. "What are you do-" She was once again interrupted by her own choked moan when Sevika's metal arm began intensely vibrating.
"You wanted to cum so badly." She taunted and circled her clit firmly with the vibrating touch. It made (Y/N) melt into nothing but a puddle of incoherent groans and moans of her name, firstly trying to retreat her hips, far away from all of that overwhelming buzzing. "So you will cum again, kitten."
(Y/N) shrieked and curled her toes, yanking her tied arms unconsciously, her hips working on their own now to chase the overstimulating hand of Sevika's. The older woman watched everything with a shit eating grin on her face, revelling at her ex lover's begging and desperation. It sent her crazy to know that (Y/N) would always be a whore when it came to her.
"What's wrong, princess? Is that too much?" When (Y/N) whined and nodded her head frantically, Sevika pouted, mockingly. "Aww. That's too bad, isn't it?" She now pressed two vibrating digits onto her clit, starting to flick and rub it at a fast pace. It made (Y/N) scream and throw her head back, riding her hand so earnestly, like her body was made to take everything Sevika was giving it. "Cum for daddy. I want this whole stupid neighbourhood to hear who you belong to."
As a cue, (Y/N) reached her second orgasm of the night, screaming Sevika's name with a melted brain, her pussy clenching with vigorous pulsing around nothing. She finally removed her hand, allowing the reporter to catch her breath. She was a mess, with a heavy panting chest and messy hair. It was the sight Sevika enjoyed the most.
"Open your mouth." (Y/N) knew better and immediately obeyed, looking up at Sevika and separating her lips. "Good girl." She praised huskily and lowered her own face, spitting in her mouth like it was nothing. (Y/N) moaned at the taste and became crimson at the delicious taste of whiskey in cigars sliding through her starving tongue. "Swallow it," she grinned once her order was so eagerly followed and pecked (Y/N) on the lips. "Yes, that's it. Good girl."
Sevika held (Y/N)'s waist and scooped her out of her lap, laying her on her stomach on the bed instead. She pulled up her hips and just took a moment to take in her ruined naked form. It brought a smirk to her lips.
"Look at you…I am nowhere near done." She pressed two of her fingers against (Y/N)'s lips and used her metal hand to squish her cheeks softly. "Suck daddy's fingers. Yeah, that's it, baby." The younger woman eagerly obeyed and circled the salty digits with her tongue, sucking on them a bit and once Sevika felt they were nice and lubed enough, she pulled them out.
She raised (Y/N)'s hips once again and she felt a cool sensation on her butt hole, it was Sevika testing just the tip of her index finger inside, pumping a couple times, then adding another, doing it for a few seconds until she pulled them all together. It caused (Y/N) to shiver and arch her back, not so used to that spreading sensation in her ass. She gasped slightly when she felt a familiar, cool metal being slipped into her, the medium sized anal plug Sevika had separated earlier. The buff woman groaned at the sight of (Y/N)'s tight little hole swallowing it so nicely.
"You are taking it so well for me, aren't you? Look at you…So fucking hot." She growled and pulled (Y/N)'s head back by her hair, giving her a fast, sloppy tongue kiss on the mouth. Soon enough she pulled back and reached over for some other pieces of rope. "Time to complete you, princess."
Grabbing a hold of (Y/N)'s ankles while ignoring the couple protesting words that trailed down her tongue, she pulled her down on the bed, eliciting a tiny yelp from her. She then used a piece of rough rope to tie her ankles together. She was making sure this little girl wouldn't be going anywhere. She had a lot of pent up frustrations to let out, (Y/N) was in need of a big punishment to remind her of her place.
Sevika dropped down onto the bed, sitting behind (Y/N) and pulling her flush against her chest. She fumbled with the rope and tied it around her arms, all the way to her chest, securing it around her breasts so they nearly jumped out.
"You know, (Y/N)..." She hummed and pushed her shoulder down, making her lay on her side. "I've been thinking about what I would do to you when I finally laid my hands on your beautiful little self again. And here you are…Under my mercy…" She chuckled, almost sounding evil, as she now tied a loop around the ropes in her ankles, uniting it with her chest, making her back bend slightly with her knees up. "This is my revenge and you're not going to ruin it for me."
(Y/N) hissed and attempted to struggle to no results. She knew Sevika was a devil when it came down to bondage, she would only get out of those ropes when she allowed her to. For now, she would be forced to take it like a submissive slut.
"Oh my God, Sevika…" She breathed out and tried to wiggle her hips to loosen the ropes, which only erupted a laugh from Sevika. "Untie me, we can talk this out, it's too much already."
"Is it? That's a shame." She pursed her lips with no empathy for the woman. She picked up more rope, which made (Y/N) frown and shiver, knowing well what was coming next. Sevika ignored all of her no's and please's while she tied it around her waist, bringing a thin piece down between her legs, making it press and rub tightly against her soaking cunt, before securing it on her back. A crotchrope.
She pulled back a little to admire her handwork and grinned at the sight. (Y/N) was already becoming hot and bothered by it, as much as she tried to ignore it, the feeling of the dull rub against her slit was too much to handle. Sevika reached down and played with her tits for a little bit, pulling out a string of whines from (Y/N).
"You know the drill, princess. The more you struggle, the more pleasure you feel. You brought this on yourself, (Y/N)." She kissed her on the forehead and then sat up once again, picking up her underwear and pants discarded on the floor previously, sliding one and then the other again carefully.
"W-wait! Where are you going? Don't leave me like this!" She whimpered and Sevika laughed out loud, slapping (Y/N)'s ass harshly in response. It made the reporter moan, her pussy throbbing idly. This was all too much to handle.
"I will go make us some cocktails." Sevika responded plainly and stood up, walking slowly to the bedroom's door, leaving (Y/N) tied up on her own bed. Before she left her alone, she turned her head to face the struggling woman with an evil smirk tugged on her dark lips. "You'd better enjoy yourself, (Y/N). This is going to be a long Holiday weekend."
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xthescarletbitch · 2 months ago
sevika’s metal arm gripping the hell out of your wooden headboard as she furiously rubs her clit onto yours, drawing out moans from the both of you.
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sevikasupremacy · 2 months ago
Confessing Their Love To You
Grayson, Sevika, Ambessa
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
➼ Both of you guys started out as just colleagues.
➼ Grayson had always been impressed with you since the start.
➼ You took your job seriously and you had the potential to be the next Sheriff of Piltover.
➼ You always helped Grayson with everything. That means staying up late with her in her office to work on some paperworks.
➼ Honestly, Grayson enjoyed your company. And you did too.
➼ But what she didn’t realized was that she started to grow fond of you. She was in denial when she started to develop those feelings.
➼ But the fact that you were always there with her, it only made her feelings toward you stronger.
➼ At one point, the other enforcers started to suspect it. Honestly it was pretty obvious that the Sheriff was falling for you. So instead of you following Grayson during work, it’s her following you.
➼ Late one night, you were gathering all your belongings, ready to head out after a long hour of paperworks. As you were about to head to the door, Grayson wrapped her arms around you, pulling you in for a back hug. She leaned her chin softly on your shoulder, closing her eyes as she relished the moment.
➼ “I can’t deny this longer so… Y/N… I think I might have fallen for you. I know this is sudden but please… listen to me… I felt this for a while now but I wasn’t sure if it was actually real… But I know now… I want you to be mine…
Tumblr media
➼ Working as one of Silco’s goon isn’t an easy task.
➼ But with this older woman by your side, you had no trouble finishing your job.
➼ Since the start, Sevika had always kept an eye for you, making sure you were able to handle all the difficult tasks Silco had given.
➼ You, on the other hand, was like her little supporter.
➼ Both of you had been through all the ups and downs.
➼ That’s when Sevika started to develop just a tiny crush on you.
➼ Honestly she didn’t even know she was falling for you when one of Silco’s goons was flirting with you at the Last drop.
➼ After that incident, she acted cold toward you, refusing to even look at you sometimes.
➼ When you have had enough of her unusual actions, you decided to confront her when she was at her office. Sevika somehow got a little annoyed when you pointed it out.
➼ When you wouldn’t stop complaining, Sevika pulled you into a rough kiss before pulling away, leaning her forehead against yours.
➼ “I like you okay? There I fucking said it. Happy now? Or are you gonna keep complaining? I know what I did was stupid but I can’t stand seeing you smiling with other people… I always wished you could smile and look at me like that…”
Tumblr media
➼ You were a councilor in Piltover and Mel’s best friend.
➼ But you have never seen her mother before—
➼ You heard a lot about Ambessa Medarda. Actually you were quite nervous whenever Mel told you stories about her.
➼ Let’s just say when you heard that she was coming for a visit, you were beyond terrified.
➼ But things went unexpected when you and Mel finally saw her. It was as if the moment she stopped in front of both of you, her eyes immediately met with yours.
➼ When Mel introduced you to her, you realized that she wasn’t that scary at all. She was actually… charming?
➼ After couple of days had passed, you and Ambessa started to grow closer. She would find excuses to talk to you alone. And one day, things started to become different…
➼ Ambessa had invited you to a room for a private conversation. You didn’t think anything about it so you agreed on meeting her there.
➼ But the moment you took a step into that room, Ambessa locked the doors, snaking her strong arms around your waist, pulling you in.
➼ She locked eyes with you, her lips curved up into a smile as she watched you with adoration.
➼ “Do you even realized what you had done to me? Oh I fell for you since the day I saw you my dear… You were so beautiful standing there… So perfect for me… Oh I want you all to myself…”
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thehoundwrites · 2 months ago
Guilty pleasures: Sevika
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tagging: @petitepersephone @nora-xox @colourfulkidglitter @midnightsk13s @trashbod @biphrogg
Notes: a new headcanon series while you wait for the priest fics. Little Non sexual things that get each character riled up starting with the light of my life.
Tumblr media
Wearing her shirts or her sweaters, absolutely loves seeing you In her clothes. Makes her wanna rip them off of you right there.
Gently touching her scars or face in general, she's had to be distant and is hesitant when it comes to personal relationships. Absolutely touch starved when it comes to genuine loving affection.
Taking her arm in yours when you walk down the street.
When your just as protective of her as she is of you.
Sitting in her lap and telling her how handsome and beautiful she is. And everything you love about her.
Shotgunning smoke into her mouth.
When you play with her hair, take out her pony tail or comb you fingers through her hair.
When she watches you eat strawberries or fruits in general and sees the fruits drip down your chin.
When you're sarcastic or rude to someone or end up getting in an argument with someone she loves seeing you feisty.
Dancing with you (you will not convince me she can't ballroom dance, idk why, but I think she can waltz and stuff in a suit)
Tumblr media
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espritmuse · 2 months ago
could you do arcane women and their favourite kinds of kisses? where they like to be kissed and where they like to kiss you the most.. i hope that’s clear 🥺💕 i love your account
Sure darling, thank you for your sweet request.
⌕ 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: Vi, Sevika, Jinx and Caitlyn
⌕ 𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬: <3
Tumblr media
She adores when you kiss her hands. They are rough, bloody, full of asymmetrical cuts and scars and, in her eyes, unpleasant and unappealing to look at. She never really understood why you were always holding and kissing her hands, but she loves it, it calms her a lot.
Vi loves to kiss your forehead and your cheeks. To her, you're the most adorable creature that ever stepped on earth — and she’s ready to show you her point of view, planting kisses all over your face at any time of day. Honestly, she just can’t help it, look at you. She’s definitely the type of person that just kiss you mid-sentence, just because you looked too lovely.
Jinx likes when you kisses the top of her head while she’s sitting and working on something. When you just come silently behind her and approach her, your hands gently caressing her shoulders and collarbone while you slowly bend over to plant a sweet kiss on hope of her head. Most of the time — if not all the time— she looks up to meet her gaze, allowing you to plant another kiss on her forehead.
The blue-haired adores kissing your neck when hugging you tightly. She finds comfort in you, warm and security when you hold her close, skin to skin. She’ll mutter some sweet I love yous and gently kiss your neck, slowly going down to meet your collarbones.
She loves to hug you from behind, sweetly wrapping her soft arms around your torso before kissing your cheeks and your shoulders. Caitlyn often rubs her nose gently on your skin when she kisses your cheeks too. You know how stressed she is and let her rest like this for some minutes, sometimes turning your body to face her and hug her back, when you feel like she really needs it.
Caitlyn adores when you kiss her lips. It honestly might not be the most original kind of kiss but it’s her all-time favourite. In her eyes, there is nothing better than a deep passionate kiss, no matter the place or time. In the shower, in bed, sitting in a garden, watching a sunset… She likes this feeling, like you somehow both connect to each other.
Surprisingly, she adores when you kiss her nose. Sevika is seen as tough, merciless, cold-blooded, heartless—and she is. But when it comes to you, it’s all different. Nothing on this earth makes her happier than when she sees you walking toward her, slowly and gently placing your soft fingers on her rough skin and planting a sweet kiss on her nose. She might not show it, but it makes her day.
Sevika loves to kiss your hands. First of all, let’s make things clear, her hand, never leave yours, ever. The undercity is a dangerous place and she doesn’t want anything happening to her precious girl — or at least that is the excuse she gives you, she knows no one’s crazy enough to touch what’s hers, it’s just a foolish pretext to have you close. Most of the time, she slowly brings your hand to her lips to kiss it. When she’s gambling, she also loves to have you on her lap and to kiss your shoulder �� bare shoulders, because she’s the one who chooses your dresses when you go out, and constantly picks the most revealing ones.
She also likes to kiss your ankles when your legs are up when she fucks you but that’s another topic I guess.
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hotxcheeto · 2 months ago
can we get one of Vi, Jinx, Sevika, and Caitlyn with a female s/o who's rather busty?
Tumblr media
𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙧𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙨 - Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn, Sevika 𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 - Cursing, alludes to sex, suggestive, fluffy
𝙥𝙧𝙤𝙤𝙛𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙 ? - Yeah/Nope
𝙖𝙪𝙩𝙝𝙤𝙧'𝙨 𝙣𝙤𝙩𝙚 - I'm so sorry this took so long babes!!
Tumblr media
☼ 𝐕𝐢 - Big pervert, but she's also very sweet. She's touch starved and loves to cuddle, and by loves to cuddle she means laying with her face in your boobs while you run your nails along her back and arms. She calls them her pillows. But Vi loves, LOVES when you wear tighter shirts, or shirts that push your boobs up.
There hers, and hers alone and she'll make it known if you let her. Gets really mad when she catches other people looking at your chest. Jealous monster creeps up on her, making her wrap an arm around you or let whoever it is know that you're hers.
Loves when you wear her shirts, loves going underneath them too. She'll pull it up and lay on your bare chest with her head in your shirt. Loves hearing your giggles when she does it.
Sometimes Vi will just stare, while you're talking. You gotta remind her and push her head up to get her to remember where she is. Does it in public too, she likes checking you out and she's not afraid to admit it either.
But does get all flustered sometimes, especially when you're changing and you point it out. You'll tease her and she'll get all blushy and deny it. But totally squeezed them after. She likes to hold them, then lay in them.
☼ 𝐉𝐢𝐧𝐱 - She's a bit on the smaller side, no shame in the itty bitty titty committee. But LOVES you're big boobs, squeezes them and mumbles shit that you cannot understand no matter how hard you try too. They're her friends and she's probably names them.
Will walk by you and just flop one of them, likes when you wear things that revolve around your boobs too. Like cutout tops and lowcut things.
Totally shoves her face into them for sure, likes laying on your chest along, tracing the outline of your tit. Loves skin to skin contact, its very relaxing and comforting for her. Really reminds her of your presence. So you both laying shirtless against each other is not uncommon.
Loves squeezing them, or playing with them while you're just trying to sleep or read. The type to crawl up beside you and grab the collar of your shirt and peak into your shirt before whistling obnoxiously loud.
Bites them? A lot? Just for funsies. Definetely comes up behind you and holds them. Loves your boobies.
☼ 𝐂𝐚𝐢𝐭𝐥𝐲𝐧 - You both are rather busty with big boobs. And you both love it. Caitlyn loves your tits, she loves your entire body because look at you. Doesn't really outwardly grabs your boobs like Vi or Jinx but definetely takes a gander.
Especially when you wear low cut shirts or things that push the ladies upward. Will try to do it subtly, glancing at your chest every now and again but it always gets a laugh out of you. Definetely pays special attention to them though, don't get me wrong. Likes to cup them in her hands while teasing you.
She'll shop for bras or bralettes for you both, but loves when you don't wear one. You love laying on her chest as much she does yours, you both take turns, and most definetely loves bathing with you.
As much as she loves her eyes on your chest, she does not like it when others lay their eyes on her possessions.
☼ 𝐒𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐤𝐚 - Now this lady, she loves your tits. Loves when you sit on her lap in the bar while she plays poker she gets a nice view of your chest while she tears the other men apart. Knowing that you're all hers gets her going that's for sure.
Sevika isn't the most... subtle. Actually she hates subtly when it comes to many things especially when staring at your boobs. Loves looking at the bust, anywhere and anytime. Their hers, and she loves to look at them. No shame in the game when claiming you're hers.
Sevika herself isn't very touchy, or cuddly but does like some touch once in a while. Like when you're standing beside her, very lightly will she tract the outline of your boob while speaking to you. Hates and loves your very revealing outfits you'll wear to The Last Drop. Loves them because look at you, hates them because other people have eyes. Though, she isn't afraid to gouge them out.
When she swings an arm around your shoulders she'll often find her fingers moving down the valley of your tits. Or tracing the skin around your boobs, especially when you're wearing very lowcut shirts.
Tumblr media
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sramwrap · 3 months ago
i’m not dead, just deteriorating
please have this gay shit
Sevika x Artist!Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
this shit is so soft, it was supposed to be smut but i love the way it ended
sum: a gradual realization of love
an: this shit is not proofread
wc: 800 (im slacking, sorry guys 😓)
warnings: One smoke of ouid, slightly ooc sev, this takes place when jinx is like,, 13, sevika hates herself, jinx is sad, intense imagery, (is that a warning?)
“So this is my place.” You hummed softly, flipping a switch that made the room buzz with yellow and dying light. The apartment was small, more of a nook really. Cluttered with canvas and towels, one wall was swallowed by a bookshelf, its wood bulging under the weight of chewed up books; The adjacent was a mosaic of frames, each holding their own small world. Some parts were bare, the wall a pale preservation of the once topaz painted brick, now only a skimpy eye-sore begging to be concealed. ”Please ignore the mess,” your hands busied themselves with clearing the kitchenette counter of paints and brushes left to dry. “I swear I cleaned the place last week.”
Sevika stood astonished, never in her life had she felt so small; But now, engulfed in everything you are, she was weak.
“Don’t worry about it,” she smirked, “I think it’s beautiful.”
Sevika often found herself back in your home. It was a breath of fresh air compared to her own barron hammock. She’d found herself there, not only in her visits, but also in her mind. She found herself longing for the scent of your incense, the beat of your brush, the burn of your body. Angry at night when the rough cotton of her blankets could never compare to the itch of your hair and the weight of your limp arms. Always feeling out her skin, and loving her the way an empty cot never could. Angry that she could never amount to your love. She slept angry until your soul reached her on the clouds of her dreams, whispering sweet nothings into her ears miles above the hell you both burned in. But it was never you that woke her.
“You’re acting stupid.” Jinx giggled, coloring sloppy lines across the words of her schoolbook. She was laying on the floor, kicking her bootless feet too and fro to the beat of Sevika’s growl.
“Shut up, do your work.” Sevika turned back to her arm, only to find a screw gone from her workstation.
“Is it a boy?” The girl was standing now, holding out a chalked up hand and one bronze screw. Sevika only met her eyes and scoffed before snatching it out of Jinx's palm. “Its a girl!” Another nasty, deserved look. Jinx’s eyes grew and her snaggle teeth flashed, “You’re just like my sister! One time, she snuck a girl into our room and when Va-“ her face dropped, but she recovered. “Well she got into a lot of trouble.” that made Sevika smile, a soft chuckle tumbling past her lips.
Sevika never took you to The Last Drop, or The Gardens. When she took you places, it was never public, it was serene and honest. She loved the way your skin glowed under neon lights, the way your eyes reflected the stars. She swore one day, she was going to make sure you never lost sight of the stars, whether she was there beside you or not.
“I’m gonna make you a new arm one day.” you spoke in breaths, shifting closer against her body. “One so beautiful and reflective of who you are you will never be scared to love yourself.” You were spewing bullshit, syrup slipping off your tounge, so why did she believe you? why were those the exact words she needed to hear, and why did you know how to say them? When would she wake up not scared to hear your poetry?
“You’re not a mechanic, hun.” she huffed, wasting the pull she just took off a blunt, before handing it to you.
“I know,” you sounded ashamed, as if your talents weren’t advanced enough, “But i’ve met a few around The Picket, one man specializes in weaponry prosthetics-“
“Andy, I’ve met him.”
“Yes! isn't he amazing? And there’s a young boy there too sometimes, he sells trinkets, but he's very skilled, odd though.” you reached to your satchel, “Last time I spoke to him, he was working on a new metal, isn’t that fascinating? He claims it's bullet proof.” You pull out a chunk of dirty metal, barely the size of your palm, and present it to her. It was matte and dark grey, but light and firm. “That’s not its natural color. I, well, I asked if we could dye it to match your eyes.”
“My eyes?” She didn’t exactly respond with coy, like she usually would, her lips did not curl, nor did her eyes squint, she looked upon you filled with nothing but awe.
“People don’t love them enough.” You stated as if it was normal.
And the stars were covered, replaced by the white fire of Sevika’s lips on yours, the comforting black of your eyelids.
“I only need you.” she choked back tears, “I’ve only ever needed you.”
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svkahug · 5 months ago
Ekko, Sevika, and Viktor headcanons for dealing with a s/o who has to deal with painful periods cramps? If this is too uncomfortable to quit then I understand
featuring: ekko + viktor + sevika & reader is still gender neutral content: fluff, cuddling
Tumblr media
ekko is PREPARED
the first time he saw you struggling with cramps, he just understood, didn't question, immediately helped you with it
he kinda sees it at the same level as you helping him with his injuries bcs cramps get THAT BAD
there's tea, hot compress, snacks, blankets, what else
will not let you lift a finger even when the pain subsides, just tells you to lie down lol
it's 3 am, and you want jericho's? he's running, he's sprinting, he's zooming on that firelight board
if there's something he has to take care of, he'll make sure to come back immediately
you're treated like royalty ✨ deal with it
at the end of the day he'd just cuddle, especially if you make grabby hands at him, he's soft. he turns into a human hot compress
will give you massages, roll a glass jar filled with warm water on your stomach and make sure you're comfy
Tumblr media
viktor is so clueless it's cute
but not like in a insensitive way bcs he is TRYING
he's kinda like ekko but STRUGGLING
he is that guy standing on the snack/pad aisle for an hour trying to figure out which one you wanted
this man is a pioneer of science but with you he's just a klutz now
voted most likely to burn himself while trying to fill a hot compress
lowkey panics when you start moaning and crying into a pillow
someone help him
makes sure you have everything you need, pillows and blankets and all
comes back with a crap-ton of snacks because he didn't know which one you wanted
reads to you because you told him that his voice is soothing
you'll end up just cuddling, trying different brands of chocolate while watching some dumb opera
it definitely helps distract you from the pain for a lil while
Tumblr media
now onto my favorite skrunkly doo: sevika ✨
sevika is an EXPERT
she has a medal for this, a certificate even
when you were complaining about the cramps, she was lowkey like my time has come
internally happy that she can help/comfort you since she's not normally that affectionate
literally lets you lay down on top of her on your stomach, if that makes you feel better
gives you a massage and runs you a warm bath
ignores silco for you LMAO
sevika checking on you every now and then by pushing away hair from your face and asking you if you're alright
also stands too long in front of the snack aisle and glaring at people to mind their business
Tumblr media
thanks for the request! i had fun writing this lol
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cammys-imagines24 · 10 days ago
• Helping Sevika Quit Smoking •
Tumblr media
Oh boy, if you thought Sevika was scary before, get ready for this whole new nightmare.
This wasn't her choice, hell no.
This all started with you having the audacity to care about her health.
And through your aggravated pleadings, nagging bouts and scientific lectures she decided to give it a go.
Actually, that's not even true.
She just wanted you to shut up about it.
Sevika doesn't take her health seriously ever, so...
This is all on you and she will be vocal about it whenever you grow impatient with her grumblings.
She'll be like, "it's your fault, babygirl. Just let me smoke if you're sick of it."
And you'll be like, "or you could just be mature about this and realize this is what's best for you."
And then, prompted by the scary lady's death glare you'll zip your lips and try to be even more accommodating to her withdrawal mood swings.
Sevika is the grumpiest person alive already whenever you berate her for not eating properly and drinking alcohol all the time.
Seriously, this woman didn't even bother to drink water before you came along.
So, obviously, this non smoking jag is definitely not her cup of tea.
And, as previously stated, she will let you know about how much this whole healthier habit displeases her.
She will talk your ear off about how pissed she is about it.
She'll try to guilt trip you or make passive aggressive comments or rude remarks.
And, I don't think nicotine patches exist in this world so it's even more hellish existing near her since she's quitting cold turkey.
Though since Silco's right hand woman is a gambler at heart, one way of making her less of a foul companion during all of this is through persuasion.
A give and take scenario. Bribery, if you will.
Since she's doing this for you and only for you then you should be doing something for her in exchange.
Like doting on her, running errands for her, massaging her tired muscles after a long day, getting her her toolbox whenever she needs to fix her prosthetic, etc.
Basically, if you're her personal servant, then she will complain less.
Also, one sure way of shutting up Sevika's complaints is through sex.
You have since become the best way to keep her mouth busy. If you know what I mean.
Whenever she gets a craving she will not hesitate to throw you onto the nearest surface, whether you're busy or not and shove you down onto her face by the flesh of your hips.
Hey, if she can't have a cigarette then she's damn well gonna do her favorite oral activity.
Okay, ultimately Sevika likes it that you care about her even if it includes you nagging from time to time.
Though she'd sooner lose her other arm too than admit that.
No one can talk this scary woman into doing anything so just the very fact that you could, should tell you something.
The fact that just you worrying about her health made her quit a habit she enjoys is basically a big neon sign letting you know how important you are to her.
She loves you and if you love her enough to worry about her than who is she to stop you?
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lacroixqueen · 5 months ago
i want to talk about sevika losing her arm. (part 1)
Tumblr media
I feel like Sevika losing her arm was probably one of, if not THE most pivotal part of her character arc.
Sevika is someone who values STRENGTH above all else. She expects it of herself, and also everyone she surrounds herself with.
It is an absolutely CRUCIAL part of her identity.
I'd like to think she considers herself a strong person, both physically and mentally.
She builds her body and her mind to become a weapon because she knows she is about to enter a war that will be VERY difficult to win.
In a way, I think she is very prideful about this aspect of herself, hence her arrogance and swagger.
Tumblr media
She must have loved her arm a lot. It was a tool she used to fight, but was also something she worked really hard to strengthen.
It was a part of who she is.
However, she doesn't just expect strength from herself.
She uses this criteria when she selects a leader to follow. Someone who she has enough confidence in to lead the nation of Zaun.
I think this also begs the question of why she values strength so much.
It's because she knows she must have it in order to achieve her ultimate goal, which is the independence of Zaun.
She was willing to sacrifice something she valued so dearly in order to save Silco's life, because in her eyes, he is the symbol of strength that the undercity needs.
Tumblr media
Also can we talk about just how SELFLESS she is out of sheer dedication to this cause. She didn't even have to think about it for a fucking second. It was an automatic, gut reaction.
She didn't know whether or not she would live when she pushed Silco out of the way and used her own body as a barrier.
She was willing to die for her cause.
In a way, it's sort of poetic since she is giving up her strength in order to empower the future of Zaun.
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sevikas-whistle · 3 months ago
Meant to be Yours: Part 2
A/N: 🔞 Plus ONLY! I’m not kidding. Dub con technically so please do not read if this isn’t your cup of tea. SMUT AHEAD
Tumblr media
Meant to Be Yours: Part Two
You smashed through the door, pure adrenaline coursing through your veins. Using the element of surprise to your advantage, you pushed past Sevika and ran. Grabbing one of your duffel bags along the way.
You heard a surprised yelp from Sevika before you heard her rush behind you.
Still not stopping you ran though the hallway and found your other bag. The euphoric power the shimmer gave you was something you had never experienced before. You felt like you could do anything! Even breathing was exciting. You took another step and felt your lover slam into you, tackling you to the ground.
“No! Get off of me!” You growled, barely recognizing your own voice. Sevika struggled getting the upper hand with you being in such a frenzied state, and you could almost taste her surprise and frustration. Using experienced maneuvers, she threw her entire body over you. Until she finally pinned you down between her legs as you continued to buck against her. With a huff she held your arms over your head, looking you over. The surprised look on her face would be comical in any other situation.
“…are you on Shimmer right now?!” She asked angrily
You laughed and bucked your hips. Remembering a maneuver she personally had taught you months before, you kicked a long leg up and hooked it around her neck, and brought her down with it. In any other situation you would’ve felt bad for the way her head smacked against the ground, but you were desperate to escape, and would do anything to ensure your freedom. With enhanced speed you Quickly rolled over and pushed yourself up. On your feet again you grabbed your fallen bags, taking three more steps to freedom before you were grabbed by your hair and pulled back into her strong body.
When the fuck did she get up? You tried to shake her off but She pulled your hair and made you look into her eyes as she tried to read you again,
“Where did you get it?” She growled
You tried ignoring how it felt being in this position with her. How it excited you, how you felt that excitement melt your core. You suddenly became hyper aware of everything Sevika. Her labored breathing, her full lips, the slight flush in her skin, and how the blue scars on her face pulsed in synch with her rapid heartbeat. Fuck just having her eyes on you like this was driving you crazy. You whimpered and looked away, trying to get ahold of yourself, but she tugged on your hair again, turning you around in the process, forcing you to look at her. You stubbornly closed your eyes and tried pushing against her this time. She grabbed your face with her organic hand, partially covering your mouth in the process. She looked you over, an almost worried expression on her face. Without caring, you bit down on her hand and pushed away from her. You got maybe four inches away before she drug you through the hallway, pushing you through the bedroom door. You reached your hands out, desperately grabbing onto the door frame.
“That’s enough!” Sevika yelled
She wrapped both arms around your waist and pulled, hard. Your fingernails left marks in the wood and you felt something pop in your back as she threw you inside your shared bedroom.
Ungracefully falling to the ground you scurried away from her, trying to create a reasonable distance.
She looked around the room, finally seeing the missing vial of shimmer on the dresser. She ran a hand through her disheveled hair. You expected rage, a lecture, something to tell that she was irritated at your audacity for taking a vile of shimmer from her personal stash. To use against her much less. But she surprised you when she smirked, catching your watchful gaze.
“How you feeling sweetheart?” She murmured
“Pissed!” You hissed back
A look of mock surprise fell on her face
“Pissed?” She tutted, stepping towards you, “You stole from Mommy’s personal stash and YOU’RE pissed?” She questioned lowly
You crawled backward, trying to maintain the precious distance you had created
“Do you even know what you took baby?”
The pet name sent fire straight to your crotch, fuck you were throbbing now.
“You took it in the bathroom hm? So I think you have.. about three minutes before you start feeling the full effects. That’s plenty of time to punish you.”
Your eyes widened, “I’m feeling the effects now, thank you.”
She laughed at that, “Oh I’m sure you are, just not what you expected hm? You take the full vial?” She asked with a tilt of her head. Stepping towards you again.
Your lack of response told her enough.
“That was an experimental strain sweetheart. And a concentrated one at that. You took the entire vial” she hissed. Then continued dramatically, “I should leave you to your own devices and make you figure it out.”
“So why don’t you?” You growled
“And miss all the fun?” She laughed, then continued, “Or so you can try to run out on me again? Yeah No thank you.” If you had known better, she actually sounded hurt.
But you couldn’t interpret that because your body felt like it was slowly Igniting, wiping the sweat from your brow, you remained focused on the woman in front of you.
“Where would you go?” She asked
The question surprised you, but you answered honestly “Anywhere is better than here.” You spat
Her fist clenched at that.
“You’re not leaving me. You’re mine baby girl. Mind body and soul.”
You gawked at her audacity and eyed the door. Fuck the bags, you had to leave, now. You took one more breath before jolting up and making a break for it. You didn’t even make it past her when she grabbed your shirt, using your own momentum against you, she swung you onto the bed.
“You’re being a brat!!” She seethed
“You’re being a bitch!!”
You crawled towards the opposite edge of the bed, ready to fling yourself off when she grabbed you again and flipped you onto her lap while she sat down. It pissed you off that it seemed almost effortless. Hells, it probably was. She used her prosthetic arm to keep you pinned against her legs before you felt a violent slap across your ass.
“I’m being a bitch!?” She yelled, slapping your ass again, harder this time. You tried arching away as you let out a surprised cry. But she continued, over and over again. You fucking hated that you could feel your own wetness dripping down your pants. You prayed to that she didn’t feel it.
“Stop it, damnit!” You cried out, unintentional arousal filling your voice.
She knelt over you, whispering in your ear.
She continued the assault on your ass, “You think you can run away from ME?!”
“Baby wouldn’t know what to do with herself.”
“No, you need me sweetheart.”
“Do I?!” You sassed back, despite the vulnerable position you were in, and the slick dripping down you, you had to save what was left of your pride.
“What is your problem?!” She growled, forcing your head back down
“You KILLED someone Sevika! Did you think I would just OVER LOOK THAT?!” You cried
You heard her hand lift again, bracing for impact. She surprised you by rubbing the tender flesh instead.
“I would kill a thousand more, to keep you safe.”
The twisted sentiment created major conflicting feelings, but she continued before you could think too much into them.
“Did you even notice he had spiked your drink?” She asked roughly
He had been right next to you, in broad daylight, there was no way-
“I don’t regret killing him. Fucking prick had it coming. So that’s all you’re mad about?” She laughed darkly. As if it were amusing to her.
“That doesn’t change the fact that you tried leaving me baby. A misunderstanding I can forgive. But not that. You’ve forgotten who you belong to.”
And the smacks started again.
“ ‘Vika, please, stop!” You cried out
She laughed at that, her Prosthetic arm lifted slightly, ripping through your bottoms until you felt a light breeze, you attempted crossing your ankles to prevent her from seeing your slick
“Why would I stop when you’re having so much fun?”
She shoved two fingers into your sopping hole, making you cry out again, but this time from surprised pleasure. The wet sounds your body made as she curled her fingers in and out of you was mortifying.
“Fuck baby, look at you.”
You whimpered and tried hiding your face, she tsked before removing her fingers and pulled you up, making you face the mirror that sat on your shared dresser, across from the bed.
Keeping you in her lap, she spread your legs over her own, wrapping her metal arm around your waist, she pinned you to her body before bringing her fingers back into your sopping core.
“Who else can get you wet like this sweet girl?” She asked seriously
Sevika ignored your cries and pleas as she finger fucked your body. Her entire hand wet from your gushing core. She curled another finger into you, hitting that spot that left you gasping.
You groaned, trying to wiggle off of her, but she only held you tighter. If anything your attempts only made her pump harder.
“Whose pussy is this?” She growled into your ear, fingers diving impossibly deeper
You refused to answer, gritting your teeth at her and turning your head away, making her laugh
“My stubborn baby”
She removed her fingers from your core, using the same wet fingers to make some adjustments to her prosthetic arm. You huffed and tried again to wiggle out of her grasp. Jolting when her entire arm started to vibrate.
“I meant for this to be a surprise, but, desperate times-“ she cut herself off as she held you down with her now vibrating arm, the metal fingertips resting on your clit.
You yelped and jumped, startled at the touch. Without warning she pushed three fingers into you and began pumping them into your weeping core.
Your body felt on fire, like she was doing too much and too little at the same time.
“Sevika pleasee!” You sobbed, not sure if you were asking for more or for her to stop.
“I know baby, let mommy make it better” she cooed thickly
A tear escaped you from the stimulation, and she kissed it away.
“I feel you tighting over my fingers, are you close already? You gonna come for me sweetheart?” She smirked
You yelled in frustration, your body betraying you under her touch. But you needed it, you felt like you would rather die than go without the gift she was about to bring out.
She continued talking you through your building orgasm, until you finally came all over her fingers. You’re breathing haggard as you tried moving away from her vibrating hand.
“Mhm mm, give me another one”
Another one???!
You tried closing your legs but her own made them open impossibly wider. You looked at your reflections in the mirror across from you. Making eye contact with her. The way your body molded perfectly into hers made your pussy tighten around her fingers, making her smirk.
“This is where you belong sweetheart. Only I can take care of you like this.” Her beautiful voice murmured into your ear. Flashes of other intimate moments coursed through your memory. Remembering all those times she had you at her mercy, and how you loved every moment.
As if to prove her point, She curled her fingers into you deeper. The position would surely give her carpal tunnel, but she remained entirely focused on your next orgasm. The overstimulation becoming overwhelming as she found and rubbed against that spot, over and over again until you came even harder than the first time. You saw spots and squealed, back arching against her as she groaned, satisfied with her work. You tapped her arm, wordlessly tapping out when the words wouldn’t come out yet. She decided to have mercy on you as she gently removed her fingers from you. Allowing you to catch your breath. She carefully loosened her grip on you and you gracelessly rolled onto the bed. Crawling up and away from her. You ignored her as she got up from the bed. Closing your eyes you tried to make inventory of what was happening to your body. You just came…twice, yet you still needed more. You groaned and touched yourself, trying to ease the tention you continued to feel. What the fuck did you take? You’ve heard of what shimmer does, and this doesn’t match up.
Your body stiffened as you felt her on the bed, opening your eyes, you gasped as you saw Sevika wearing the strap. You hated that she knew you needed her.
“Come here baby”
When you made no answer she impatiently grabbed a leg to pull you towards her.
“Unless you want to figure this out by yourself? See how far that hand gets you?”
She was mocking you.
You reached for her and crushed your lips against hers. Hard. She groaned into the kiss and wrapped your legs around her waist. You sighed when you felt the tip of the strap against your entrance. Attempting to jut your hips against it, but she firmly held you in place. You looked at her, frustrated.
“Beg for it.”
You groaned and threw yourself back on the bed. She leaned over you, strong arms on either side of your shoulders.
“Beg for me, and I’ll fuck this shimmer out of your system.”
Tears of frustration left your eyes as you furiously blushed at the situation you put yourself in.
“Please Sevika, please fuck me. I need it.” You cried enthusiastically, bucking your hips.
“I don’t know if you deserve it sweet heart. What’s to say I give you the fucking of your life and you try leaving me again?”
You groaned and hid your face in frustration
“Damnit Sevika!”
She laughed at you, moving your arms so she could make eye contact with you. The gentleness and sincerity brightened her eyes in such a way in made you suck in a breath. “Promise me now, that you won’t leave me.” You sighed and tilted your head away until she wrapped a hand around your throat, making you focus on her. “Ever.” She reiterated. The determination in her voice struck something in you. Something deeper than the raging hormones and shimmer coursing through you body.
“I mean it Y/N…Promise me.” She said softly
The contradiction between the gentleness in her voice but the grip she had on your throat left you breathless.
“I need you Y/N. I can’t do what I do without you by my side. Please.” Her lips grazed yours. You were literally breathing the same air as you nodded.
“I promise.”
She kissed you, deeply. Argument and brawl forgotten as she Lowered herself, aligning the strap to your entrance and thrusting into you.
You gasped and wrapped your arms around her. Clawing your nails down her back as she thrust into you, again and again. Filling you up so perfectly as she murmured sweet praises into your ear.
“That’s my sweet girl, take it, just like that.”
Any animosity you held towards her melted away as she fucked you exactly how you needed.
“My perfect girl.”
************Later that night*********
I took one last look at Y/N, sleeping deeply in our bed, Curled up in the sheets. Exactly where she belonged. I couldn’t help but smile as I closed the door to our bedroom. It was quick work unpacking the two bags she had packed, the throw up on the other hand.. that took awhile. But it’s worth it to hide any evidence of her attempt to leave. It’s almost funny that she was that upset over a fucking creep. Her hearts too big for her own damn good.
I walked out of the apartment, making a quick stop before reporting to Silco at the Last Drop.
The events from earlier replayed in my mind. I’ll give it to her, she took me by surprise taking that modified vial of shimmer. Silco will be pleased that it works exactly how it’s supposed to. Despite the success of the new variant, I still had troubles processing what could’ve happened if I hadn’t gotten there in time. She had two bags packed and no family in piltover. Meaning she was planning on leaving the city via hexgate. Lucky for me, I know where the gate cordinator liked to spend his evening. Looking around before stepping into the brothel, I found exactly who I was looking for. Drinking at the bar and with a man practically draped on his side. Rolling my eyes I sat next to him, making my presence known.
The escort looked like he was about to shit himself before scurrying away. Maury sighed, taking a huge drink before looking at me.
“I’m off the clock” he said simply
Rolling my eyes, I took a few pictures out of my back pocket, “Then I’ll make it quick. If you see this girl trying to catch a ride on a hex gate…you make sure she doesn’t.”
He took the pictures from my hand, putting his drink down before asking, “This your girl?”
I nodded, “In the event you happen to come across her at the gates, you bring her to me. I’ll make it worth your while.” I got up, tossing a bag of coins his way.
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sevikasangel · 2 months ago
Sevika x Deaf!Reader [hcs]
Tumblr media
⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ ⋆✦⋆ ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯
♡ You have this woman's heart the moment she glances at you for the first time, as you are sitting pretty, drinking with your best friend at the last drop. she will steal glimpses of your pretty face during the night, going so far as getting distracted from her poker match.
♡ After swallowing down sips of her scotch on the rocks, she would finally gather the guts to talk to such a beautiful lady, perhaps even lure her under her bedsheets for the night with her smooth talk.
♡ Sevika approaches you from behind and places her human hand on your shoulder, startling you slightly, making you yelp. Glancing backward, you stare at the stranger who smirks and attempts to tell you something. However, you only sat there, almost frozen in place; you tried your best to, at least, read her lips.
♡ She didn't seem to grasp the whole scenario and her features soon morphed into a scowl, probably assuming that you were making a fool out of her.
"Huh? If you ain't interested, doll face, be polite about it and not a fucking cunt."
♡ At those foul words, your friend's eyes widened. She nearly choked on her cocktail. She repeatedly blinked at the buff woman and averted her gaze between you and the stranger.
"Excuse you, miss...This person you are insulting is, in fact, deaf."
♡ Poor Sevika's face would practically fall. She would feel embarrassed for assuming the worst about a cutie like you. She'd awkwardly chuckle as your friend sent her a death glare. On the other hand, you would sit there with a friendly smile plastered on your face. You did not understand what was going on.
♡ Using sign language, your friend would angrily begin explaining the situation. To her and Sevika's surprise, you laughed, finding it hilarious. The two women stood there dumbfounded.
♡ Sevika eventually grins, falling harder for your great sense of humor. It enchanted her how you could find amusement in awkward and upsetting situations. Though she still needed to make it up to you somehow.
♡ You settled for chatting with Sevika. Your friend reluctantly agreed to be the spokesman for the night. It was all incredible. She was interested in learning stuff about you, showing the same excitement to share her own. Sevika is the crime boss of the undercity, so of course, she has a lot of stories to tell. You felt hypnotized by each one of them...God, this woman seemed like a movie star.
♡ Very interested in you, Sevika rushed to learn sign language. She wanted you to feel embraced and comfortable around her. She could not have your friend coming over on every date she invited you. She is so wholesome and dedicated that it always made your heart skip a beat. No one has ever tried this hard for you. No one has ever made so much effort to be in your life. You knew she was so deeply in love with you. You felt the same way, ever since the first time.
♡ She is so protective of you. Sevika despises any asshole with a smart mouth that tries to joke around with your disability. She will surely beat them down if she sees you are upset. Let me not get started over that one time some merchant attempted to scam you, and she found out. That man ended up unconscious, with broken limbs in a hospital bed after the beating he took from her.
♡ You are very respected in Zaun. After all, you are Sevika's sweetheart. If someone messes with you, they have a death wish. She made that very clear.
♡ She will steal the best hearing aids in Piltover to make life easier for you. The smile on your face and the kisses you give her is enough payment for her. No money in the world could buy your happiness.
♡ Sevika loves being affectionate with you. She will always hold you close to her chest after a long, tiring day at work. Ever since she got you the hearing aids, you could just lay there quietly, listening to her heartbeat. You knew it was all for you. And yours, for her.
Tumblr media
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xthescarletbitch · 2 months ago
my toxic trait is thinking that i can pull someone hot like sevika when i can’t even pull myself out of bed
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sevikasupremacy · 2 months ago
Calling Them Mommy
Grayson, Sevika, Ambessa
Tumblr media
➼ Ngl it caught her off guard when you first called her that.
➼ Both of you were enjoying a moment of intimacy in her ahem— office. Let’s just say the woman needs a break after all the arrests she had done and she couldn’t wait until both of you were back at home.
➼ Grayson was peppering your body with kisses, her hands touching every inches of your skin before moving her lips lower to a specific area between your legs.
➼ Just as it could get even more overwhelming, you murmured that one nickname, making the sheriff stop in her tracks, an obvious red color on her cheeks.
➼ After a short moment of silence, she’ll gently insert her thumb into your mouth, feeling your soft tongue, before parting your lips, forcing you to repeat what you had said earlier.
➼ “Come on Love… Mommy wants to hear you again. Say it again. Say it. Don’t be so shy now…”
Tumblr media
➼ Since you were Sevika’s lucky charm, she always had you perched on her lap when she was gambling.
➼ But that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t tease you. She’ll raised her thighs up a bit, applying pressure to your sensitive area at random times before snickering at the sight of needy you.
➼ At one point, you couldn’t handle it anymore. So you had to take matters into your own hands.
➼ When Sevika was busy gambling, you leaned closer to her ear, whispering that one nickname before begging for her to fuck you.
➼ You could literally feel the woman’s body tense up before yelling at the others that she didn’t want to play anymore. You thought you pissed her off but before you could even finish your thought, Sevika threw you onto her shoulder, giving you one harsh smack on the ass before heading to the backroom.
Tumblr media
➼ “You really couldn’t wait until we go home huh? You want Mommy to punish you that bad? Such a brat…”
➼ You didn’t know what gotten into you but you were certain that you were extremely needy for this strong woman.
➼ You were doing your daily routine, massaging Ambessa in the gigantic tub. Seeing her naked didn’t make things easier. You needed her but didn’t know how to hint to her.
➼ So while you were squeezing her shoulders, you leaned closer to her ear, nipping on it before calling her by that nickname. You froze, not sure if she was okay with it.
➼ But the moment you feel your bare body getting pulled into the tub, you knew what was going to happen.
➼ Ambessa’s hands groped your body, her lips attacking your neck, biting and sucking until red marks were visible. Before you could even gasp for air, the woman had already pulled you to straddle her before kissing you roughly on the lips.
➼ “Oh Darling… You want Mommy to fuck you right here? So needy for me…”
Tumblr media
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thehoundwrites · a month ago
Forgive me Father
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Note: Priest!Sevika x fem!reader basically you go to church one night and end up in the confession booth with Father Sevika, sevika is not a good priest, goes to bars, sleeps around, drinks, smokes, and gambles.
Tw: nsfw, relgion, smut, Fingering (vaginal), body worship, size kkinks, punishments, manhandling, spanking, Preist/Father kink, uniform kink, power dynamics, Degradation, praise, dirty talk, humiliation, public sex(?)
Word count: 3,176
Even when the sun was set, and the moon peered from behind the buldings. The sun persisted, fighting to stay in the pinkened sky and yet the streets looked the same. Strangers that stood on the sidewalks of your not so busy town still chatted as their voices got lower and lower drowned out by the hum in your headphones. It was a bustling night however, and you even recognized some faces when they smiled as you walked by. As if on instinct you’d give them a small polite smile back and  in an attempt to avoid any conversations you so desperately didn't want to have, so you decided to put your other earbud in to drown out the unwanted buzz. The air was dull however as the talking died down and everyone had returned home or were on their way, the pink and orange sky turning darker. It wasn’t a fearful dark, since you always took the same route after work everyday, left, left straight for a bit left, right boom home. It was always the same. 
The only change up in your life was when you got invited out clubbing with your friends. Most of them loved to part as much as the next guy, you all found yourselves in a new adventure and whichever guy who was unlucky enough to end up flirting with you ended up with a bruised ego. Your friends knew enough to talk you out of giving him actual bruises, fortunately.
It was content, and calm. But seemingly bland.
You were heading home from work now tonight, your nerves relaxed as you blared the music of your headphones into your ears. "Pink rover, pink rover please send the coward over, and if he starts to holler but a knife up to-" you always tend to get lost within your mind. Music playing lets you escape from reality, although you really should pay more attention to your surroundings. Like now, your shoulder collided with something hard. Someone’s arm you noticed when you took an earbud out to apologize, looking up to whichever poor soul that had to deal with you trying to bulldoze them. And to your surprise stood a woman in a dark cassock, her posture leaning over you a bit. As you noticed her hand curled around your arm, her palms were very big against your bare skin and her fingers nearly long enough to wrap around your entire wrist. "That was an awfully crude song you were singing, my child." You couldn't help it, your eyes were wondering. The black of her could clung to her shoulders so you could see the curves of her muscles, you could see her perfect torso but the coat hung loose around her legs, you couldn’t help but to wonder if beneath the loose drapes were as chiseled as the parts you could make out.
But it seems she noticed your lack of response and took advantage of the silence and invited you inside. 
"Why don't you come in for the sermon, perhaps God brought you here for a reason" she said her gray eyes looked kind, with an intense stare that almost made you melt. You thought she could read your mind for a moment, you didn't know if you wanted her to or not at the moment either.
"Sure, sounds fun" you mocked undecided on attending, waiting simply for her response, you realized her large hand had made its way up your arm to grip your shoulder lightly. "The answer to that would be, Yes Father." She said dark lips curling up and her eyebrows raised, face a bit to yours for comfort. So close that you could smell the putrid smoke of her cigarette in her breath. You gulped your body starting to shudder, a bit.
You felt your cheeks heating up a bit, you weren't sure about the signals, but God you wanted to be on your knees worshiping her. You decided what you had to lose. It's not like you had much respect for churches anyways why should you care if you embarrass yourself. 
"Of course Father, anything you want." You smiled sweetly, your eyes wide at staring at her lips wondering what they felt like on yours, imagining her black lipstick smearing across your skin.
"Good girl" she replied, placing her hand in the middle of your back, guiding you inside,  your jaw clenched and you felt like your ability to breathe was taken away by every touch. 
The two of you walked in silence down the aisle between the pews, you could feel your heart pounding  "It should start in a moment, please take a seat upfront." It seemed you were already in front of everyone, not realizing you had made it all the way across the room. Luckily not many  parishioners had decided to sit in the front pews however. 
"Yes father" you replied,  going to sit down, patting down your short skirt. With your dark clothing, black skirt, collar and ripped nylons you didn't feel like you belong here. You could swear everyone was judging you the moment you walked inside. 
Before the priest had let go of your back she whispered "Keep your legs open for me, princess." Your eyes widened a bit at her brashness. You went silent, licking your lips as your mouth felt incredibly dry all of a sudden. 
"Okay…" you were able to mumble out quietly. Your heart started pacing faster than you thought possible as you sat down, the tingling in your core happy to have some pressure. You'd realized your knees were weak ever since you felt her hand on you. The scent of cologne and smoke tickled your nose still squirming a bit and realizing Father had already started her eyes looked at you for a moment watching you squirm under her glare. Her eyes glanced down to your shoes and you remembered your legs were supposed to be open. Slowly you opened your thighs, eyes glued to the priest, she seemed pleased. Or you assumed by the smirk that grew across her face as she turned to greet everyone.
"Good evening Father Sevika" 
So Sevika was the Father's name, huh?
You kinda stopped listening after that though, you did try to pay attention. You zoned out after a while, and brought your phone out putting a headphone in. Your legs were still wide. The cold air from the air-conditioner had you squirming a bit trying to get relief. You felt hot even though your skin was ice cold. Maybe showing this much skin is actually a bad idea. Not for the reasons they tell you though, goosebumps were covering your skin. Your music started playing finally "I'm not fazed, only here to sin, If Eve ain't in your garden, you know that you can.. Call me by your name-" you brought back into church when you heard a specific word come out of Father Sevikas mouth as she addressed her parishioners, you pulled your earbud out to listen. 
"And in Mathew 5:28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his" her eyes wander over the crowd until the intense eyes met you, legs still hung open for her as she studied your body so intensely, you thought you were gonna melt, and she could probably see the wet spot growing in your panties. 
Sevika went on smiling at the crowd as if she wasn't just undressing you in her mind.
Thankfully the sermon was over sooner than you thought. You noticed the church grew quiet and you bowed your head with them simply so you wouldn’t stand out even more than you already did, a moment later everyone began to leave and you stood with them quietly as they paced and and you watched the father dismiss the last stragglers. 
And you approached her and the two people talking to her waiting for your turn, they said their goodbyes and began to head out. 
"May I confess something, Father." 
Sevika's eyes stared down at you grey eyes studying you expression as you tried to fein your best innocent, desperate look you could. Her eyebrows scrunched a bit and you could see her cheeks move a bit clenching her jaw. "As you wish, follow me child."
You did, you followed her into another room. And the booth was not what you expected; it looked like an oversized dresser with curtains. "God is forgiving my child, please confess thy sins so that I may offer you penance." 
You looked at her for a moment, you were hoping you could say it right to her face, that this entire time she'd been up there you'd been imaging all the ways she should fuck you let your hand trail up those perfect arms as she tried her best to resist the temptation, so you could see the way she would look at you. So you coils see those gorgeous gray eyes darken glaring at you like she would eat you alive. 
"Do you know what to do my child, or shall I teach you" 
"I've never done this before." You said quietly before she placed a hand on your back. 
"Simple, go inside and kneel. Confess thy sins unto our creator and beg for forgiveness." She wasn't looking at you though.
It didn't sound simple. 
"Yes Father" 
"Good girl" 
You did as you were told, moving behind the curtain and kneeled. You weren't quite sure how to start so you just went with what you've heard before. 
"Forgive me Father for I have sinned." You said, your hands against the edge of the room holding yourself still, the skin of your knees pressing into polished wood beneath you and it started to hurt. 
"I've never used a confession booth before and I’m sorry for that. I ask for your forgiveness for my greed, my unfaithfulness, my lust. I've drank so much in my life, I swear, I use your name in vain. But mostly I need forgiveness for my behavior. I've been partying so much, hooking up without any second thoughts. I know you teach that our bodies are a temple that we must abstain until marriage, but women are so gorgeous lord, you made them irresistible. Even your priest here. Father Sevika, my mind has been lusting for her since I bumped into her. I was hoping she was going to have me confess on the pews. I wanted to watch her face as confessed how badly I wanted her to fuck me. that I wanted her to look into my eyes, and watch me undress for her. That I'd get on my knees and worship her like a God… excuse my language…" you snorted you couldn't even keep your face straight anymore. 
"Her eyes are so intense, I felt myself melt from the heat, her hands felt so big on my back, I wanted her hands to go further, to smack my ass to grab my chin and-" the curtain whipped open behind you and made you stop dead in your tracks. You were facing the opposite direction but luckily you were able to stand before she stepped inside.
"Do you think this is a joke?" 
You began to turn around and when you did she was extremely close boxing you in the booth she had to duck a bit as you felt your back press against the jagged wall behind you. 
"No Father I-" 
"I do not care for excuses, I do not allow pretty girls to act like sluts around me without some repercussions".
She didn’t look mad, infact her face oozes arrogance. She stood tall, completely eliminating your ability to leave her arms on either side of you. An eyebrow raised and a smirk on her lips, satisfied by the surprise and fear in your eyes at her sudden actions.
You felt her hands on your hips as she turned you to face the wall, the front of your torso against the wood pulling your ass out towards her. You felt her breath on the back of your neck, it sent chills down your spine. Her large hands trailing up the sensitive skin of your inner thighs rough calloused fingers curling around the hem of your underwear, her short nails scratching a bit of your skin. 
“What? Isn’t this what you wanted?” You felt her dark lips press to the nape of your neck, her hand groping your ass. 
You felt her pants press against the skin of the back of your thigh, your underwear barely covering any skin. Her hand was warm against your skin. 
“Father, please,” you whispered.
“That’s not what I told you to say.” She growled in your ear, a sharp ‘whap’ sounded as you felt a sting on your ass. 
“The answer is ‘Yes father’, and when I spank you. You say ‘Thank you father.’ When I'm inside you, you say ‘Please, Father’. Do you understand?” She asked her lips trailing down your back hot skin teasing your skin as she trailed downward. Her other arm at the side of your head palm flat against the wood keeping you in place. 
“Yes Father” 
She spanked you again, harder. 
“Good girl” 
Your eyes squinted shut your face scrunching.
“Thank you, Father” You choked as her hand rang against your skin again. She smacked you a couple more times and you thanked her as you were told until you moaned it out, in which she stopped. You felt her hand and body leave your body. 
You wanted to look back but you didn't have the nerve your chest was heaving. 
All of a sudden you felt her body press yours against the walls, muscles pressing against your back hard wood jutting into your stomach as her teeth grated against your ear. “Are you fucking enjoying this? You're fucking filthy aren’t you princess.” She asked, gripping your sides, pressing her pelvis against your back, her fingers dipping in between your thighs. 
“Ahh, Yes father. Please..”
“That's right, beg for me.” Her finger began to toy with your clit, messaging it harshly holding your body still with her other hand, her thumb teasing your pussy, the tip of her thumb barely pressing inside but barely. Brushing agonizingly at the sensitive skin right inside of you. 
“P- Please Father”
“God youre so fucking wet, you like this? Getting fucked in church. You must feel so special, are you? Or do you just slut yourself out to anyone who you think could make you cum?”
“Father I-”
“I asked you a question.” She snarled her grip tightening, it felt harsh enough to bruise. 
“Mhmm- not everyone. You’re just so attr-Ahh.”
You were cut off by her shoving a thick finger inside you roughly, her pace was fast as she pumped in and out of you, your panties pulled to the side, and her clothed leg in between the two of yours, her dress shoe hooked around your ankle to keep your leg in place. 
“I didn't tell you to stop.” She huffed, her raspy voice hung lower now, you could tell she was starting to get out of breath. 
“Ahh- please father, you just looked so good standing there- you are so big and domminent, I thought you would fuck me until I went dumb for you Father.”
“Yea- you want me so bad you’d slut yourself out in church. That if you flirted enough with the priest that you’d get fucked like the little whore you are, huh?” You felt her smirk against your shoulder as she curled her finger right at your sweet spot and your legs nearly gave out. 
“C’mon princess you can take it can’t you” 
“Yes Father, Please, Please God you feel so good- Fuck- Please father” 
You couldn’t help but to give in completely, you were completely at her mercy. 
She added another finger and you clenched around her, her pace quickened. She felt big inside you, even with only two fingers, her hands were large. You felt her lean over you, her lips nearly grazing your cheek as her hot breath hit your face. “You sound divine, keep begging and I’ll let you cum.”
“Yes Father!” You were desperate, you needed her so bad, her fingers pumped faster inside of you, the hand on the wall gone as you felt her breath hitch against your skin, you assumed you knew where it went. There was a string of pleas and mumbling “Father” Each time you did you could feel yourself growing closer and closer the knot in your stomach tensing your legs stiffening as you tried to hold yourself up. “Fuck please I’m so close, please father”
“The cum for me princess, Give in. ” She closed the gap this time you could feel the hard skin of her abs against your back, her other hand reached around and pressed on your stomach right above your waist, it was a bit wet before it trailed down to your clit adding the sensation you needed. You began to squirm your hips, moving in rhythm with her hands moaning out her name. She didn’t stop after that, she fingered you through your orgasm until you were leaning on her for support, unable to stand on your own. “Give me one more baby girl, I know you can.”
She continued to finger fuck you until you came again, her hands wet with your slick. She pulled out slowly letting you drip all over your thighs, her hands supporting your body as she pulled your panties back into place. 
She gave you a moment. “You’ll come back next sunday then? You can get on your knees for me next time.” She said, waiting for you to catch your breath, her lips brushing against the skin behind your ear. 
When you could you turned around out of her grasp and leaned your back against the wall. “Wouldn’t it be a sin to worship you?” You teased lightly, still a bit out of breath. “It is, however its still tempting-” she said, stepping in closer to her lips near yours. “Isn’t it?” The soft skin of her lips brushed against hers as you went in to kiss them. Her lips pressed back her body somehow finding a way to keep you in the booth still a tooth scraped against your lower lip so you parted them, she sucked your tongue into her mouth. 
This didn't seem too holy. When she pulled away you were breathless again. 
“If I come back I need to know something first… Are you a real priest?” You couldn’t help but to wonder. 
“With power comes, the power to do what I want. Including girls like you.” She taunted smirking at you before backing away leaving you leaning against the wall. 
“Speaking of, do you need a ride home. It's a bit dark for you to be wandering home weakly in that” she commented, eyeing your outfit. 
You probably shouldn’t.
“Please, Father?”
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espritmuse · 2 months ago
soft sevika please 🥺 like sevika comforting reader or maybe sevika accidentally making reader cry and she gets all soft and worried i love her
⌕ 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: Sevika x reader.
⌕ 𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬: reader helped sevika in a fight but got hurt and now she’s pretty much angry at you.
⌕ 𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬: barely checked it after writing so sorry in advance if you see any mistakes. And thanks a lot doll for your request.
Tumblr media
“You’re so fucking stupid y/n, it’s insane. What the fuck went through you mind!?” Sevika complained, her rough mechanical hand on your bruised knee, a result of your attempt to fight back one of her opponents— a losing battle.
“I just wanted to help you… He tried to hit you and I thought that—“ You desperately attempted to explain, words as stuck in your throat. You tried to hide it in front of her, but every inch of your body hurt like hell.
“Stop it. You’re not helping, you made everything worst.” The woman coldly replied, a long sigh escaping her chapped lips. “Fuck you’re so careless.” She mumbled, not even looking in your direction anymore, just trying to compose herself after what happened.
“I– i just…” You started, feeling all the emotions coming out at once, tears forming in your eyes. You know she was only telling you this because she was worried about your well-being, but you couldn't help but feel hurt by her crude words.“I just wanted to be helpful…”
Her eyes widened at the sight of you tearful eyes. She knew she had gone too far, much too far. You are the only person she truly cherishes, the only person she would do anything for, and yet she had just made you cry. It felt like a stab in her chest when she realized how much her words had affected you.
“Oh no no darling, listen I’m… I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” Sevika started, quickly wrapping both her arms around your torso, pulling you close to her.
“Why are you so mean to me..” You mumbled, face nuzzled up against the crook of her neck.
“I’m sorry angel… I’m just… I was just really worried for you, okay?” She says while holding you even tighter against her, before moving away a little, to look at your pretty face. “Look at me.” Your red eyes finally met hers. Maybe it was because your vision was blurry, but you swore you could see sorrow in her gaze like you had never seen before. “I’m sorry for what I said, I didn’t mean to hurt you darling. ”
“But you did.” You replied in a low, calm voice, gently furrowing your eyebrows, looking up at her.
“Yeah, I’m an asshole.”
“Hey!” She sweetly hit your shoulder, a giggle escaping your lips, which brought a smile to her face at the same time.
“You forgive me..?” She continued, a false pout painted on her lips.
You shook your head playfully, wiping the remaining tears off your cheeks with your sleeve.
“No??” She falsely questioned in an ironic shocked tone. “What can I do for my pretty girl to forgive me?” She asked as she positioned your arms around her neck and your legs around her waist to carry you home to tend to your injuries.
“Nothing, I’m forever angry now.” You replied, wrapping your arms tighter around her.
“Liar. Give me a kiss now, the ride home isn’t free.”
“That’s a scam.”
“If you don’t pay, I drop you right on the ground.”
“You’ll never do that.”
“Never.” She replied, feeling your soft lips on her cheek.
Tumblr media
Reblogs/ comments are welcomed if you enjoyed my writing <3 dont hesitate to send me a request too!
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hotxcheeto · 4 months ago
Hello hello lovely <3 I recently fell in love with your writing especially the way you write hcs! I really liked the one with the girlss comforting you about your insecurities. Could you do one the opposite way? Where you comfort them about THEIR insecurities? (Especially Vi and those scars. Omg my baby.) Definitely fluffy, maybe spicy if you're feeling it.
Tumblr media
𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙧𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙨 - Vi, Caitlyn, Sevika, (Bonus!) Jinx 𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 - Angsty Fluff, Cursing?, Scars, Talk of past trauma
𝙥𝙧𝙤𝙤𝙛𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙? - Yeah/Nope
𝙖𝙪𝙩𝙝𝙤𝙧'𝙨 𝙣𝙤𝙩𝙚 - Still getting my blog together so if some things change don't mind that. Thank you for the request lovely <3
Tumblr media
☼ 𝐕𝐢 - Poor baby. She's been through a lot in her life. Her parents, Vander, Mylo, Claggor, losing her idea of her sister. She's very insecure about the scars that run down her back. Most from prison, especially the ones on her face.
The one on her lip and the one above her eyebrow are ones she really hates. Because you can see them. She pretends it doesn't bother her but man does she wish they weren't there. She wished you couldn't seem them, but the love in your eyes when you look at her is enough for her to feel better.
Vi completely breaks when you run your fingers along them. Especially when she's sitting with her back exposed to you. And she feels your fingers just softly tracing them without her even saying anything. And she doesn't say anything after either. She can't bring herself to, she doesn't want to ruin the moment.
But only if you guys are close, she wouldn't let anyone else touch her like that but you. Might even cry, she just feels so safe with you. You're her home now. So when you kiss the two scars on her face each night before bed, she melts. She's yours, so you better not break her heart.
☼ 𝐂𝐚𝐢𝐭𝐥𝐲𝐧 - Caitlyn comes off very confident. But she's got her insecurities. Especially in her abilities as an enforcer. Most see her as stuck up, which you and her both know she can sometimes come off as. But she's a good person, she never means it.
Caitlyn just needs you to tell her how she sounds. But the enforcers see her as someone who only got the job because of her parents. And it makes her feel that way as well even though she's very passionate at what she does.
She gets really upset about this, she'll talk to you about it while you both lay in bed. Caitlyn loves listening to you tell her how good she's doing. Not many people do. So hearing you, of all people, telling her she's doing a good job. It's something that she cherishes.
☼ 𝐒𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐤𝐚 - Sevika is very insecure, and very similar to Vi in this department. Her arm. It's her worst enemy. She lost it because of her passion for her cause but she wished she didn't have to lose it. Sevika wishes she could've shown her devotion a different way.
But if anyone knows you can't change the past, it's her. You always make sure to hold her metal hand just as much as her flesh and blood hand, even if she can't feel it. You know she's watching, and you know she appreciates it even if she doesn't say it.
Her favorite thing is waking up in the morning and you already being awake. Tracing those little lines on her face that she despises because it makes them a little more bearable.
Sevika would kill to feel your little touches on her skin every minute of everyday. She hates the scars that cover her body, from her legs to her face. The one one her stomach. She can't look at any of them for long. But you, you trace them over and over as if they're art. And that makes her hate them a little bit less.
☼ 𝐉𝐢𝐧𝐱 - She less insecure about her physical scars. It's her mental scars that terrorize her. Her childhood along with the death that plagued it. Her episodes of anger and hearing voices, she's terrified she'll hurt you. And she hates having to look at you after them, because she's scared of what she'll see.
But every time she does look, it's never fear or anger in your eyes. It's always worry, worry and love. You love her, and you want to make sure she's okay. Jinx usually doesn't hear the voices when you're around, they usually are away. Locked up in a box. But on occasion when they come out. You're always there for her.
She loves holding you, feeling your arms around her letting her cry into you. Or leaning her entire body back on you, her head resting beside yours on your shoulder. She'll just lay there, listening to your breathing or what you're saying. Because you don't leave and you never get mad at her.
You don't see Jinx as anyone else does. You see her as she wants to be seen. Like Vi, you're Jinx's safe space, you're her home. Your the person she trusts to go to when her mind isn't safe to be. Because you'd never judge her, and that is something Jinx holds onto.
And so help you God if you ever break her heart. Not that you ever would. You love her just as much as she loves you.
Tumblr media
A/n: This made me kinda sad ngl also tmrw it friday and I am so excited because I'll feel less dead to the writing world
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sxpphicfxiry · 29 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
* warnings ~ nothing but cuteness and fluff
* pairings ~ sevika x fem!reader
*a/n ~ urm so i would have added the original request above but my dumb self accidentally deleted it along with the original draft for this (fml) but this was requested by @eveesbayou
Tumblr media
- first things first, sevika absolutley loves your aesthetic! though her usual moody self would never really admit it.
- she thinks it’s adorable... especially with the clothes you like to wear.
- there isn't a lot of people in zaun that typically have such an incredible aesthetic like yourself... it's very different but that's what drew sevika to you in the first place.
- somehow you manage to convince her to go on cute little dates with you, she likes to pretend she dosen't like them all that much but she LOVES them hehe.
- the most common date for you both is a picnic in a quiet, remote place, in piltover which isn't that easy for many reasons.
- it takes a WHOLE LOT of convincing to actually get sevika up and ready to go outside as she only likes to stay in your shared apartment or the bar *rolls eyes*
- but when you go on your dates it’s the cutest thing!
- you always make sure to make a miniature picnic for the both of you and you take a few of your books.
- she brings her playing cards (she’s trying to teach you how to play… key word “trying”), a cigar and some sort of alcohol... of course.
- if it's really nice outside and sevika has the day off it's perfect, you both just sit outside and you usually end up lying down on your blanket that your bring along with you and on her chest while reading your book.
- sometimes when you aren’t working you will pop into the bar if she is there and sit next to her or on her while she’s playing cards.
- and ALL the guys just stare at you... she dosen't like that at all.
- now she knows that you can protect yourself perfectly fine but that won’t stop her from beating anyone to a pulp if they so much as look at you the wrong way… hot
- if people have a problem with you then she has a problem with them.
- your shared apartment is a weird mix of both dark and light stuff, the darker stuff hers and the lighter stuff yours of course.
- the decor is weird.
- sometimes when you aren’t there sevika will just look at all of your cute little ornaments or teddy bears on your guys' bed which she makes fun of you relentlessly for.
- people often look at you both weirdly as you walk down the street which makes sense, she's tall, dark and broody and you are small, bright and smiley... it’s defineley strange but you both love it.
- oh! and often times when you are both home alone and you aren’t cuddling or making out you manage to get her to put on one of your frilly little aprons, which is hilarious, and you both will bake something.
“i am not wearing that…” she grumbles.
“oh come on, it’s the only other one i have!” you say as you pass it over to her.
*death glare*
- you just smile.
- she loves you regardless if you wore your usual long white dresses and cute little accessories or if you wore all black with some chunky platform shoes.
- sometimes she even helps you pick out your outfits, which again her usual self would never admit to enjoying.
- but the cottagecore aesthetic is what makes you you and she loves that the most.
- also maybe you eventually convince her to let you guys have a little kitten within the house... teehee
- something else she won’t admit she loves but she truly does.
Tumblr media
a/n: this is the first time i’ve ever written something like this so i hope it isn’t bad lmao, i hope you enjoyed! :) also if you want to be added to a taglist then just let me know what type of stuff you want to be tagged in and i will add you asap
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