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Krobus is my new favorite in Stardew Valley. The next time I start up a new game my goal is going to be to get Krobus to become my roommate.

Krobus lives in the sewers and is pretty shy. Once you get the Rusty Key you can access the sewers and visit Krobus. He runs a small shop that sells some obscure items in the game, such as these “everyday” items:

  • Void Egg
  • Void Essence
  • Solar Essence
  • Sign of the Vessel
  • Monster Fireplace

He also sells special things on different days of the week, like Omni Geodes on Tuesdays, or Iridium Sprinklers on Fridays.

You can become buddies with Krobus. He accepts gifts like the other NPCs in the game do. He “loves” Diamonds, Iridium Bars, Pumpkins, Void Eggs, Void Mayonnaise, and Wild Horseradish.

If you plant a bunch of pumpkins in the Fall, you can quickly get your friendship rating up with him. Abigail and Willy also love pumpkins, so a big harvest will get your friendship up quickly with all three of those NPCs.

To get him to become a roommate, give him a void ghost pendant and he’ll move in with you as long as you’re not married to someone else.

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I always wanted to play a Ducktales 3. I played both on game boy as a kid. Was thinking of making a third on my own.

So far they have been in

Ducktales 1

African Mines,
Amazon Jungle,
The Moon,

Ducktales 2

Niagara falls,
& the Bermuda triangle

I though the third game (Ducktales 3) could feature

Duckburg City and prisons
Viking town
Mt Vesuvius
& Kyoto

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