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Confidence never looked yummier
  • I’m Bisexual and not a lot of people know that about me. I crave female not as a sexual object, but as Art for it’s the connection of femininity and power.
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I want to know every line of her. Her face, at the corners of her eyes, in the nooks of soft skin and over the hills of her cheeks. And that mouth. Oh God that mouth.

I want to memorize the slopes of her cheeks as she smiles, the tremble of her mouth as she cries out for more. More of what I can give her. I want to kiss her awake in the morning. I want her eyes to speak to me every day of her silent thoughts.

I want to have the shaking of her shoulders and belly as she laughs imprinted on my mind. I want my fingers to know her hands better than they know their twin. I want to know her body’s map of beauty marks as well as any constellations.

I want every single part of her. Every inch.

Her. Yes, her. But I haven’t met her yet.

-Freya Fabbi

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