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#sex appeal

“Sex appeal is 50% what you’ve got and 50% what people think you’ve got.”

— Sophia Loren

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#onlyfans #naughtygirl #fuckme #naughty #onlyf@ns #promo #sexytime

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If I wanna be sexy and enjoy the attention of others then that’s what Imma be.

You do you and I’ll do me, okay?

Talking about this is for male attention. Baby, first of all, it’s for everyone’s attention because I go ALL the ways.

I want to spend my life being smart, sexy, and innovative and Imma be just that.

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Be Honest, Jorja Smith ft. Burna Boy (2019)

If you’re going to write about sex, it should be sexy. Jorja seems to know one or two things about that. Take notes.

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‘Mujer Caminando’ a series by Nacho Lopez (1955).

This series was one of the multiple social experiments of the Mexican photographer to understand human behavior. In this case, it was about seeing the average reaction to an exuberant woman, the model chosen was the burlesque dancer Maty Huitrón, who would later become an eminence of the performing arts in Mexico

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As a lover of 80s cult cinema, I greatly enjoyed the work of Marcia Karr, my newest interview subject, in movies like Chained Heat, Savage Streets and Killer Workout. I befriended Marcia on Facebook a while back, and was amazed to see her work in charitable endeavors, working with nonprofits like the Make-A-Wish Foundation and…

The Flashback Interview: Marcia Karr was originally published on

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Lilith in libra or in 7th house is most attractive one besides Lilith in Scorpio 8th house...I would say .

I don’t think so about moon conjunct Lilith could indicate attractiveness in a person because moon-lilith is more involved with dark intense emotions that the native need to be expressing in a way. This could lead the native to being moody .

Well anything that touched ascendant gonna effect on your appearance, behavior and impression in some way.

Lilith - asc is gonna make the person appears to be intense in a way that make people feel uncomfortable around you like something about you make them feel uneasy and of course with the high intense sex appeal and there’s always a sexual aura around you .

Lilith in the 7th can lead you to a very intense and deep relationships in your life but also forbbiden relationships. Your Partner can have very deep influence in your life. Beware of the partner who is passionate and full of jealously to walk in to your life

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