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#sex education
gimmemattsunsdick · 2 days ago
Im sorry for this long ass post but Im doing this because i care about minors and their safety but....
Am i the only one that finds it problematic when a minor writes smut but then tries to be smart by putting 'Minors DNI' in their captions and tags.
Stop. Writing. Smut.
No one under 18 needs to be writing sexual fanfics.
Please go outside, enjoy your childhood, explore the world, focus on your studies and be productive. Its okay to be curious about sex, theres no harm in that. We all were while growing up but its not healthy to be obsessed about it. Sex is indeed a wonderful thing but it shouldn't be the centre of your attention. Yall click on those porn links in these Tumblr fanfiction masterlists without realising the major damage you're doing to yourself.
Even if you're a minor who's engaged in sexual activity, it doesnt mean anything. You're still a child in our eyes, being sexually active doesn't automatically give you a free pass to gage in explicit 18+ content.
Its not healthy that someone under 18 is looking for a 'Daddy/Mommy' or someone to 'choke them with their dick' (these were the comments Id get on my old Wattpad account and it was disturbing when id check the profile bio and it would belong to a minor)
Hiding ur ages from ur bios, doesnt mean anything. We all can tell when contents written by a minor.
I just want to clarify, fanfiction is solely fiction. Those characters involved do not get harmed irl but you can. So the fanfics/headcannons involving:
Teacher x Student (i get why its a popular trope in fiction but please if your teacher tries to engage in a sexual relationship with you. ITS NOT ROMANTIC. Idc even if that teacher is goodlooking and you're 18 and still in school, its very problematic. Report that predator NOW. I was molested by my teacher and I wished I had a voice back then to stand my ground. So Im just looking out for you. Please dont be embarrassed. You can save yourself and others from being hurt.)
Nude Pictures (again, nude pics in fanfiction. Another sexy theme which i love but remember, the characters involved are 18+ and cannot be harmed in reality. If you're under 18 and sending nude photos to someone, that is child pornography. You may not think much of it at the time but it will come back to haunt you in the future. Believe me. Children and teenagers have no need to look sexy....)
Drug Use (Okay, please please PLEASE hear me out. I've been reading alot of fanfics regarding drug use. This is a triggering topic for me... Doing drugs isn't cool and I wished some writers stopped glorifying it especially because minors gravitate towards NSFW content. I almost ruined my life because of addiction to X and M*lly. I nearly lost myself along the way. I told myself that I'll just do it 'once' and never again. That one time, became another and so on. It took me a long time to get clean from the heavy shit and let me tell you... withdrawals are not fun and are horrible)
If you are a minor who is planning on engaging in sexual activity with your partner. Please take my advice:
Sexual education is VERY IMPORTANT.
Condoms are NOT BORING and can prevent STDs.
Visit a gynecologist and discuss safe sex and what methods of contraception are best for your body
Dont rely on your partner 'pulling out'. Its the worst and yes, you can get pregnant.
If you're under 18 and your partner is 18+, thats pedophilia. Please date someone in your age bracket and grow together with them, emotionally.
If your partner has engaged in sexual activities with different partners. Please tell them to get tested for STDs before doing anything sexual
Theres no such thing as a 'safe day'. Its a myth often used in Hentai.... you can get pregnant anytime.
IMPORTANT: Being a virgin doesnt make you a loser. I'm 25 and a virgin because it has always been my choice to remain celibate until marriage. I'm not saying you have to be celibate. I'm just telling you not to feel pressured by others. Have sex when you're ready, not because your partner is pressuring you. If they threaten to leave you, let them. Because they dont deserve someone beautiful like you
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musicsavedmylife16 · 2 days ago
I think my favourite thing about Sex Education is that none of the characters are just there as plot devices. They’re all such well developed, fleshed out characters and it’s so refreshing. Even the characters who we aren’t necessarily supposed to like or who are originally just there as obstacles for the main protagonist all have layers and back stories and they actually feel like real people. I think that’s part of the reason why we get so attached to the characters; because we see them as real people and not just as characters in a story who are only there for plot convenience.
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To be blessed with so much beauty… it’s unfathomable, truly.
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clarkgriffon · 15 hours ago
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What am I gonna say? What am I gonna do? All of my stupid friends know that I’m here for you. Guess I misunderstood, thought you liked me too...
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dailymimikeene · 2 days ago
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Mimi Keene throwback.
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