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#sex ment tw
w-existential-fear-e · 3 days ago
I just took a pregnancy test, after having sex never, wish me luck
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alukardtheabysswalker · 3 days ago
I just finished Mass Effect 2 and I have nothing better to do so I'm gonna rank all companions by sexiness. It’s important to note that I am both a Dom and a Top so keep this in mind while reading:
1. Tali:
Listen we all know how hot Tali is but I have a special place for her in my heart. I love sweet and talkative characters and not only does she look amazing in her suit, the love and tenderness with which she talks about intimacy is so compelling that I would marry her on the spot. Simply the best.
2. Garrus:
I don’t think I have to tell you how sexy Garrus is. Every time I talk to him I have to re-do the dialogue because my mind turns off and all I can think of is:”Kiss Kiss Kiss”. He’s the hottest sniper and his scars only make him sexier. The only reason he’s not sharing Top 1 with Tali is because he is a bit of a cop and can get out of control but other than that? Sexiest guy in all of Mass Effect.
3. Legion:
Yeah I’m a robot fucker, what of it? I mean look at them. Cool ass warrior, great scars, deep and interesting analysis of organic society. I don’t know what to tell you it’s just, their voice, the possibilities of a special kind of relationship, info dumping mutually every day. They’re not Top 1 or 2 only because Garrus and Tali are VERY special to me but that’s not Legion’s fault <3
4. Thane:
His voice is SO soothing. He is so careful and kind, I can tell aftercare with him would be the sweetest thing. You don’t need me to tell you, you’ve played the game, you’ve dreamt of having a date with him at sunset. He’s the dreamiest daddy.
5. Kasumi:
She is a thief who steals from the richest and loves gossip. Not only is she cool af her skills make her so hot AND you get to kill a rich asshole in her mission. I could spend the night spilling the Tea with her after stealing some arsehole’s probably stolen art collection.
6. Grunt:
So we’re approaching a point in this ranking where you will see characters that have a LOT of sex appeal they just don’t appeal to me specifically. Grunt for instance is the kind of guy I would love to Duo-Dom someone else with. His voice is just *cheff kiss* and he’s always ready to body slam a motherfucker. 10/10 he’s just not for me but damn is he hot.
7. Samara:
You’re probably really angry with me right now for having Samara so low on the list and honestly I can’t blame you. She is a Mommy, hell,, her first scene has her stepping on another asari with high heels on. Again, I just don’t want to be Dominated but that doesn’t mean I can’t see how much sexyness exudes from here so more power to you. (no but for real she is SO hot).
8.  Jack:
She is SO cool and I can tell some of you would love for her to snap you in half, not my thing but I get it. She’s a bit murder happy but hey noboy is perfect. If only the devs would have allowed me to be her friend instead of either partner OR coworker.
9. Jacob:
Our man Jacbob is amazing, great voice, really cool, don’t need me to tell you how hot he is, he ut’s his old man in place when it’s time . Unfortunately he is kind of boring. There are way cooler companions in the game and after you’re done with his mission there’s not much else to his character.
10. Miranda:
Talk about a wasted character. You had the chance to make a very interesting character arc with her backstory but nope, she’s just another racist human who won’t hear anything bad said against her precious Cerberus. She’s not at the bottom of the list only because her relationship with her sister is really sweet.
11. Mordin:
I love Mordin, I wouldn’t fuck Mordin but I do love him and love to hear him sing. That’s it.
12. Zaeed:
I wish I could push a button and eject him from my ship, fucking asshole.
And that’s it, thank you for coming to my TedTalk.
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olubusayoo · 11 days ago
Say what you want about Riverdale (please. I love reading the opinions of people who love, hate, are ambivalent and/or are fascinated by it-also stopped watching halfway through season 2), but they had a paedophile character and they kill her off after one season.
FOR being a paedophile.
She wasn't even murdered for a reason unrelated to what she did to Archie. Someone saw her and thought 'you deserve to die for what you did to that child', and, well. Not every show can say they did that (Hunter x Hunter, Arrested Development, Community, Desperate Housewives and a bunch of others- looking at YOU).
I mean I'm just SAYING. Like, if you insist on writing murder into your show. I don't love violence, but. That's a pretty good motive.
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leaf-hates-pears · 17 days ago
Rewatching Arena be like
ok so the first shot is just like,,, McSpirk flirting. I can get used to that
aha so we’re at spones now. interesting
uh oh, desert
redshirt down
jimmy boi dodging attacks like a model
“nevermind about me, protect my ship” me when reading very emotional hurt/comfort
spock running to save jim is just *chef’s kiss*
 ok srsly that’s a little harsh
Spock is so sad after Jim snapped at him :(
uhhh this is the one with Gorn isn’t it? it’s been years since I watched TOS
Oh god oh fuck he has a stick what do I do *swings his leg up like a ballerina*
the homoerotic tension is strong in this one
my rock is bigger than yours
just climb on a rock and talk about your feelings, good idea Jim
Spones worrying about their boyfriend
BAMBUS!!! (only coldmirrror fans will understand this one)
HOW did he survive that one
yes, yes, you go smarty boi
“it is possivle that you have feelings towards your captain” they really said McSpirk rights
oh god I love Bones I know he’s problematic but that was good
Spock being aroused by Jim being logical O.O
did Spock say “coal” or “cool”? scientists can’t tell (and I refuse to believe the subtitles)
yay, he spared him!
“you’re still half savage” damn straight bi he is!
and we finish it with some more McSpirk! yay!
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remromischill · 22 days ago
Ah, I see we've got sub-human filth here? You wanna share why you think you deserve to breathe or are you just gonna use this as an excuse to whack it to an incest fic?
Im a child. Please dont come to my account to accuse me getting off on incest. Additionally, I myself am an incest survivor and DONT condone real world incest and shipping is a common coping mechanism. Also where did you find my account?
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justanothergeekyfan · 26 days ago
Akuma:”sex?........romance?.........why don’t you die one thousand deaths!”
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hues-of-purple · 28 days ago
So, I recently read a post (can’t remember where from) where it said that they wished that two main characters would begin as friends and stay friends instead of ending up in a romantic relationship...
While I do absolutely agree with that, the person went on to say ‘characters don’t need to fuck each other all the time’ or something along those lines. I do agree with that statement, but also ?? As a sex-repulsed/averse ace who is also panromantic is would be nice to see some clearly romantic relationships that do not involve sex.
Characters in TV shows and movies and books (depending on the book obviously) always betray romance as romance and sex as if they just automatically go together no matter what and it’s just really disheartening.
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no but i love those old western cowboy movies from like 19whatever cuz theres like no romance and any sex scenes are almost always super brief and not at all focused on like in modern movies and they always focus on the action and storyline of the movie and even though there is a lot of violence in a lot of them theyre not super gory or vivid so its not uncomfy 
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uncertainlyogs · a month ago
New completely original OC ☺️ Experimented with my style a bit!
Tumblr media
Wanted to give Harlow a friend. Some info:
Constance "Connie" Hart
Sex: Intersex Pronouns: He/they
Orientation: Bisexual, Aromantic
Race: Caucasian (Canadian)
B-Day: June 22nd
Age: 24
Height: 6'4"
Personality: cold, intimidating, distant, protective, smug, sassy, dominant, sometimes playful
Likes: sweets, reading, history, science, fun conspiracies, the unknown, mysteries, insects
Dislikes: hot weather, being told what to do, not taking action, being alone, hair being touched, subtlety, aggression
Hobbies: Reading, traveling, photography, puzzles, collecting pins and bottlecaps, taxidermy, playing piano
MISC facts: silent even movements, hard to read, seems cold and distant but is actually fairly chill, gets a kick out of startling people, really likes chocolate, an excellent liar, is a contortionist, hardcore believer in the supernatural, favorite food is calamari, didn't get braces until he was 20 due to his family not believing in medical science, appears immune to flirting but becomes flustered behind the scenes, hypersexual (but doesn't talk about it, also takes a lot of convincing), eats like he's either high or pregnant
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cuti3--pi3 · a month ago
I just made song about why I don't wanna go to the disco to my parents, it went something like this
"It's a crowded mess
And I'm clastrophobic af
To many people, I'm introverted
Drugs, alcohol, leave me alone and
I can't dance
And I'm perplexed
And there's also people having sex"
And at that last part my mum just went
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ultrafluorescent · a month ago
Im still irritated by something that happened the other day so i just wanna say that telling someone even jokingly that they should "just have sex already" is really rude.
No one is obligated to have sex. No one has to disclose their reasons for not having sex. Whether that it just hasnt happened or is a choice. Whether its based in trauma or pure indifference. Whether theyre ace or not. Whether theyre waiting til marriage or not. Its not your business. And its rude. Even as a joke.
Sex isnt obligation in anyones life and acting like it is is a damaging mindset.
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polyamorouspunk · a month ago
we are burning people? i would like to burn my ex who knew i was aromantic when i hesitantly agreed to 'date' her and proceeded to tell me every chance she got that i didn't love her enough, and when i didn't want to have sex with her because i'm ace spectrum she told me i was only using her for her own pleasure and pressured me into having sex with her. she even pressured me into doing a "cnc" scene with her that i really didn't want to do. believe it or not but "consensual non-consent" can still be nonconsensual if the submissive partner is consenting and the dominant was pressured into it. i can't even tell people about that because i feel like they'll blame me for it. fortunately i left her about two and a half years ago now? and i'm getting better but both before and after i left she threatened to kill herself. i've only recently started being able to tell my friends about other friends i have that they don't know without being afraid they'll be angry at me. i've only recently started being comfortable again talking about sex when i'm on the more ace end of things.
I’m proud of you for overcoming that and yes coercive rape means fire babey-
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It’s sad how you learn more about safe sex and consent on a Mario video then from health class
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igosploosh · a month ago
sam also canonically fucks regardless of if hes the father of ponk’s child or not cause he referred to the prison as his son. i hate it here.
I need a comprehensive list of every character who has canonically fucked so I can burn it
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moonikku · a month ago
Hey uhm... can I talk to you guys about something?... it's about me questioning if I'm demisexual so if you don't like mentions of all that please don't read more
Lately, I've been thinking about if I was demisexual like I have years ago, since I've have feelings like it's definition. The problem is is that I'm still a teen so idk if I should talk about this certain thing. Of course I'm not gonna have s*x with anyone cause... why? I'm a teenager and I still need time to develop. And when years ago I thought of being demisexual, SO many people invalidated me for it, and it just brings back bad memories.
Though like, if I were to see someone or a pic of someone attractive(Excluding a kid obviously cause I'm not attracted to kids ew), and maybe I would feel either romantic, aesthetic, or sometimes even sensual attraction?(I'm not sure if sensual and sexual are the same thing), but not like... sexual attraction. But if I were to know them better and have a good connection going on, and I'm a full on adult by then, I could maybe do sexual things with them if they wanted to as well.
Maybe I'm over thinking this, but yeah... If you guys have anything to help me with, I really appreciate it. This isn't exactly me coming out as demisexual, but rather thinking about it..
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megaumbreonda3 · a month ago
When I said I liked it rough I ment the sex not the whole ass relationship.
A, about L and B
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acejupiter · a month ago
here’s to asexual people in relationships. those who only come out to their partners. those whose identities get put into question when they enter relationships. those who are asked intrusive sexual questions about them and their partner. those who id as polyam. those whose partners are allo, and those whose partners are acespec. those who choose to have sex and those who don’t. 
your relationship is valid. your identity is valid. your relationship and identity can and do coexist. i wish you well with your partner/s & your ace identity is beautiful.
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ending-to-begin · a month ago
Weh... First world problems, no? Haha
I just... GENDER
I so confused and mad and glad and CONFUSED asdfghjkl....
I haven't talked with anyone about it... But I... Eeeeeeeh.... All the therapy is bringing stuff uuuuuppppp.... And I'm not exactly comfortable with it atm XP
Look... I like... Things... I like the way other people look. I like ideas. I like... Genders... Not terribly picky tbh... But.. meee... ????
I'd be happy if I was neither I think. But... Also... Both.
URGH. I think I'd be happier if I was neither or both. This... One stuck stuff is BS and I don't like iiiit.
Especially because of the one I'm stuck with isn't even Right for like what it's supposed to be for and I'm all bleeeeh.
I'm nonbinary. I know I am. But like... It's soooo IRRITATING that people can only seem to see me as a woman and it just prickles up my spine. I don't like it unless I WANT to be seen that way that day. And it requires soooo much effort to not and STILL it's hard not to be identified as a 'lady'
... partly because I'm all 'small' and 'dainty' 🙄... I do have beautifully fine hands. Wouldn't trade those for the world to be fair...
But if I say to someone 'I'm not' they get all weird and invasive and I can't lie (is against my morals) and say I don't have parts or say I do have other parts and it's so frustrating!!
Like... I wish I did!! I'm WEIRD and wrong in the physical way for being woman... But that's not enough 'you still got a uterus. Still can have periods.. you're a woman'
And it's just like 'noooooooooo I'm noooooot' 😭
But TECHNICALLY they're not wrong
AGH *pops*
... buuut at the same time I'm glad I can wear pretty things and not be completely shamed for it. Dresses skeeve me out because I don't feel pretty or feminine Enough for them (or nonbinary Enough), but they're so preeeeetty and I wannu wear themmmmm....
*thunks head on desk* *waves away*
I'm whining I know... But thoughtsssssss....
Also... MAN do I want to be a top sooo bad! But it's just not right! AGH so s*x is like weird for me and not all that interesting knowing my role/natural bits and I think that's why I'm ace because it's just... Not what I'm interested in (I don't 100% enjoy being poked/messed with), really but it's what I got bleh... And it's not the worst thing but it's... Not as enjoyable as I wish it was you know?.... I overthink Everything and just can't enjoy Anything can I? Lol
... this is why I'm a writer.. yes. Live vicariously *rubs hands together in a sinister fashion* heeheehee
But seriously tho... Am I trans? Am I not? What am I? Does it matter? Probs doesn't matter and idk if I'll ever do anything with it about it, but I confuuuuuused. I didn't want to remember that but like... aaaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHH. Therapy.
I feel like how you would feel if someone threw up on you. I feel gross and like people should avoid me until I can wash all of it off, but it's like... Dream vomit so it's always wet and doesn't get crusty... Lol
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