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#sex mention
prokopetz · 10 hours ago
Those little “[action] [body part]” dice represent a more efficient way to sin because it’s both fornication and gambling.
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ace-culture-is · a day ago
Ace culture is thinking that the song Cake by the Ocean is actually about eating cake on the beach for *years* and then realizing that it is, in fact, not about that
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penny-anna · a day ago
just struck me that the main ghosts cast consists of 3 probable virgins, 4 people who almost certainly only ever did it in the missionary position, someone who was part of a tribe of free love happily polyamorous cavepeople, & Julian. imagine them talking about sex. chaos. pandemonium.
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traumasurvivors · 23 hours ago
If you liked the article, please “heart” it (on the site itself). This lets me know of how many views, how many people thought it was a good read or helpful. (It’s totally anonymous and I can’t see anything about you if you click the heart on the article.)
You also don’t need to login or anything like that to view posts on this site. And there are no pop ups asking you to subscribe or anything. It’s my own website and I keep it as simple and safe as possible.
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aspecpplarebeautiful · 9 hours ago
Liking sex in fiction or the idea of sex and being asexual is normal. Asexual doesn't mean non-sexual, some aces are still sexual in some ways.
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phoenixyfriend · 6 hours ago
What is it about Obi-Wan in sexual situation that makes the lesbian brain go brrr? For me personally I vaguely look like him and lean more submissively, it’s the self projection essentially. I’d also like him to raw me but enjoy him being subby with other characters. You seem like a top tho, do you have thought in this you’d like to share?
I've... been assigned top by anon. Okay then.
[finger guns] I'm asexual and don't really get anything out of sex (and am also still a virgin by like 95% of standards), so for me everything is either vicarious or a different form of pleasure (like cuddles), because, like... making out gets boring after five minutes. My body doesn't react the way it's supposed to.
So like. IDK what to tell you. Ace Lesbian brain goes brr at anyone having a fun time, Obi-Wan's just near the top because he's an Adult Main Character in both of the sections of canon I play in (Prequels and TCW), and he's more versatile than Anakin "I have been in love with the same woman since I was nine" Skywalker.
I do like subby Obi-Wan buuuuut that's mostly because the people I see him get shipped with tend to either be directly subordinate to him so it's weird for him to dom (e.g. with Cody), or have such forceful personalities that it's funniest to read him as a bratty sub than anything (e.g. with Quinlan).
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justmeandmygayships · 2 days ago
Consider: Intrulogical ghost au-
i agree wholeheartedly but the only thing i can think of is sex with a ghost
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another-confused-ace · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hey it’s ace week and you’re local ace has something to say! I’ve been out as ace for 3 years now and it’s still a big part of my identity that I’m proud of so here’s a lil something for those who need it!
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enough about clonefucking. real question is: would u take your clone out for a nice brunch and derive genuine enjoyment from their company & conversation?
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prokopetz · 2 days ago
My default age for any given OC basically boils down to “old enough that it’s not creepy for a grown-ass adult to be speculating about their sex life, but young enough for the fact that they’re just generally Bad At Life to be endearing rather than worrisome”, which in practice mostly boils down to “ambiguously twentysomething” – though that can skew as high as “probably late thirties, I guess?” depending on whether their backstory gives them a sympathetic excuse for being a total dumbfuck.
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ace-culture-is · a day ago
(sex indifferent) ace culture is listening to very sexually explicit songs without being flustered at all 'cause you like the tune
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what-even-is-thiss · 6 months ago
If you don't wanna date a trans person then just don't date a trans person. The thing we're mad about is people treating us like we have cooties, people that are attracted to us feeling ashamed of their attraction, and people being terrible to us. Not whether or not you personally find us attractive. Jesus. We ask to be recognized as the gender we are and people are like "Oh yeah? Well I don't wanna have sex with you!"
Okay? Do you just walk up to everyone you don't wanna have sex with and tell them that? Just walk up to random people and let them know that you think they're unattractive? You must be real fun at parties.
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one-time-i-dreamt · a year ago
Tumblr media
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actuallyfeanor · a month ago
What is this nature of Middle Earth thing I'm going thorough your blog trying to find our and I am Terrified.
It's a collection of hitherto unpublished Middle Earth essays by Tolkien, due for publication this autumn. There's a preview available, and there's A Lot about chronology and Tolkien trying to do the math to make the story he had already written somewhat plausible within the framework of a timeline where one elf year is at least ten human years. My favourite part of this is the note he wrote in pencil at the bottom of one essay: "This will not fit the narrative in the Silmarillion. What of Maeglin?" Even Tollers himself realises, at some level, that his timeline is completely nuts and requires olympic levels of mental gymnastics to make it work.
However, the thing that's blowing up in the fandom (because of course it is), is the fact that Tolkien also writes extensively about the elven life-cycle, including procreation:
On the other hand the act of procreation, being of a will and desire shared and indeed controlled by the fëa, was achieved at the speed of other conscious and willful acts of delight or of making. It was one of the acts of chief delight, in process and in memory, in an Elvish life, but its intensity alone provided its importance, not its time or length: it could not have been endured for a great length of time, without disastrous “expense”.
This seems to imply that a) elves have sex for fun and not just for childmaking purposes and b) elves fuck hard and fast.
So that's why everybody's losing their minds right now.
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hues-of-purple · 7 months ago
Reblog if you think it’s possible for an asexual person to have a loving relationship without sex.
(Obviously it is ♥️)
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daring-elm · 7 months ago
4am hot take from your local alloaro: you can't support us if you don't make an effort to unlearn sex negativity, especially in regards to sex outside of long-term relationships
there's nothing inherently wrong or less valuable about sex with a friend, casual sex, one-night stands, etc—sex isn't morally wrong for not happening between two committed romantic (or queerplatonic) partners and insisting that it is is amatonormative and arophobic
edit: alloros please reblog, just don't clown
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penny-anna · 21 days ago
George RR Martin: you can't imagine hobbits having sex can you
Me: I can imagine it just fine
People on tumblr: you can't imagine George RR Martin's characters shitting can you
Me: no I can imagine that just fine too
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phoenixyfriend · a month ago
One of the upsides to "Obi-Wan is a 35yo virgin who held off on sex because he felt it would make it too difficult to stay true to his vows on an emotional level, but then enters into a romantic and sexual relationship during the war (as the Code is relaxed to allow more room for non-terrible coping mechanisms during the Order-wide trauma that makes it difficult for the mind healers to treat everyone)" paired with "Obi-Wan was aware of the Anidala relationship, just not that it was that serious, he thought it was a stress relief fling that Padme was keeping strictly casual for Reasonable Political Worries" is that we can then have "Obi-Wan frets before his First Time, severely, and Anakin gets him to talk about it because his vibes are harshing Anakin's mellow, somehow this segues into Anakin giving Obi-Wan sex advice while Obi-Wan sits there in horror because he does NOT want to hear about his little brother's (apparently very kinky) sex life, even if some of this information is pretty helpful."
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garden-owler · 3 months ago
We should celebrate things that empower men ✨ Like vasectomies 😍, castration (because if you don’t want kids what do you need balls for?) 💖Getting pegged by female clients for cash (don’t you want to eat?) 💕 charging women to kick you in the balls ❤️ (some men find that really empowering and enjoy it 💫 )
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