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ttthebreakfastclub · 18 hours ago
Absolutely disgusting. I'm enraged.
Women's and other's bodies are NOT rehabilitation centers for broken and toxic men. It's not our fucking job to "fix" men who want to exploit us. This shirt only perpetuates the idea and view that we're purchasable and that our bodies should be used as tools by men/the patriarchy. How can you wear this shirt as a woman, as a feminist and be proud of yourself? Like congrats - you're literally normalizing the raping and exploitation of women.
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zuko-always-lies · 2 days ago
Mai’s “Toxic” Behavior toward Zuko
1. Comforting Zuko and reassuring him while also (jokingly) setting boundaries(”The Awakening”)
2. Kissing him and having a picnic with him(”The Headband”)
3. Not responding well(as in not becoming happy) to Zuko’s inane attempts to make her happy when those attempts reveal that Zuko has little understanding of her and what she likes(”The Beach”).
4. Telling Zuko off when he acts in an incredibly controlling and borderline abusive manner toward her(i.e. blowing up at the very moment she so much looks at another boy and refusing to let her talk to any other male)(”The Beach”).
5. Asking Zuko to get her food(”The Beach”).
6. Breaking up with Zuko because he won’t stop doing #4(”The Beach”).
7. Defending Ty Lee from Zuko when Zuko acts like a complete asshole toward Ty Lee(”The Beach”).
8. Telling Zuko that having a difficult life(like every other one of the Fire teens) doesn’t excuse him acting like a complete asshole to everyone around him(”The Beach”).
9. Helping (with Azula and Ty Lee) Zuko get to core of his emotional turmoil(”The Beach”).
10. Completely forgiving Zuko and taking him back as her boyfriend despite points 3 through 8 without receiving an apology from him or any guarantee that he’ll act any better toward her in the future(”The Beach”).
11. Having a good time with Zuko(”Nightmares and Daydreams”).
12. Reassuring and trying to comfort Zuko when he gets worried and angry  (”Nightmares and Daydreams”).
13. Being mad at Zuko when he breaks up with her in order to commit treason without giving her a real explanation, putting her life in danger in the process.
14. Despite #13, being willing to commit treason and die to protect Zuko.
15. Completely forgiving Zuko for #13 despite never getting a real apology for it and being willing to be his girlfriend again.
Clearly, we are looking at a serial abuser! Mai doesn’t orientate her entire life around pleasing her boyfriend, is unwilling to completely accept his toxic and controlling behavior, is only willing to die to protect him, and actually has opinions of her own.  Completely unacceptable in a female character! What a monster! 
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lesbiansinthegarden · a day ago
Things that are actually a white woman's fault:
- White women saying racist shit
- White women doing racist shit
Things that are not a white woman's fault:
- White men saying racist shit
- White men doing racist shit
- Men of color being held responsible for their sexism
- Men of color attacking the women in their own communities
- Patriarchal religions controlling women
- Male controlled media focusing on white female victims rather than black or indigenous female victims (all of whom were killed by men)
- Anything done by men of any race that the internet is desperate to blame on a group of women cus god forbid we stop worshipping dick long enough to acknowledge that men of all races and religions are shit
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Women aren't allowed to age, to visibly grow older, I think that's something to never forget when it comes to realizing so many women regret being younger. It has a lot to do with the fact that under patriarchy we are only considered by men for our potential beauty, youth and lack of experience, something that gives them the signal that we are innocent vessels where they will be able to pour their thoughts, their "mansplaining", their experience, their knowledge as adult men that age and take pride in it. The more young, the more there is potential for beauty, in their eyes, the eyes of men who see naivety and submission as the only beauty, never strength, experience, the courage we can gain with time. It's the exact reason why women after basically 40 years old are pushed to stay young on a surface level, with cremes, "treatments", plastic surgery, they know they are less and less valued in this society and they try to save themselves.
And even when they do all the things they are told to do to stay sexually/socially relevant, possibly leaving themselves in the process, in so many cases their husbands will still get rid of them for a younger woman. There is nothing bad about growing old, I've realized that, we can only become more complete versions of ourselves, always learning, not fatally having zero sex life all of sudden, our lives don't end after we pass the age patriarchy has decided is too old for us to have value. Fuck this, fuck the fact that men can grow old and have grey hair and it being seen as sexy while women are seen as witches (as usual) if they don't dye their hair after they go white, fuck these double standards, fuck how normalized this shit is.
For the longest time as an older teen I dreaded entering my young adult life and then after that each year I was so sad and mad that I was getting older, wishing to go back, not being able to normally enjoy my years because unconsciously I thought youth was were everything cool happens. No, it doesn't have to be. Ageism is everywhere and it's profoundly linked to sexism, women are seen as perishable, men are seen as "ageing like fine wine". FUCK THAT. Men don't see that they get old themselves and reject women who go through the exact same thing as them. I hope all women know they aren't doomed by time and we have beautiful rich lives ahead.
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riuascita · 2 hours ago
this based of personal observations/surroundings/understanding/readings, therefore, do take it with a grain of salt. may you have a fun read, friend!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
prominent lilith placement in a birthchart could provide an interesting perspective on people's reaction to the female identifying person w said placement. especially when putting female identifying celebrities/influencers into consideration and how often time there are those who gets hate/trash on for no proper reason.
a decent example would be taylor swift who has prominent lilith aspect in her birthchart. lilith conjuct ascendant and pluto in scorpio. despite how there are people who do have reasons to dislike/disagree w her, you also have the few number of people who dislike her simply because she just rubs them off the wrong way.
considering she is a plutonian w prominent lilith placement, the general public response to her existence could possibly be triggered by her lilith placement in which it is theorised how the presence of lilith triggers misogynistic people. this usually cause a reaction of bullying, projecting, looking down, + etc. on lilith person— in short, not the most positive reaction.
it is also much more interesting considering how often times, it is men who are more likely to demonise her rather than women. not to say there are no women who demonise her, however, women who do not demonise her are often time aware of how she was/is a victim of sexism and misogyny. the media has shown how people are often quick to judge/react towards female identifying people's existence, therefore, it is no surprise how much more extreme people w these placement experience it. with the existence of "cancel culture", it seems like people are more likely criticise/call out "problematic behaviour" of these particular folks than others, despite others putting out similar behaviours.
more examples of celebrities w prominent lilith placement: billie eillish, meghan thee stallion, anne hathaway, megan fox, addison rae, natalie portman, meghan thee stallion, marilyn monroe, lana del rey, tina fey, etc.
but of course, despite the placement itself, it of course does not dismiss the possible actual problematic behaviour put out by those people. this is to simply just discuss how there are multiple perspectives to an issue and to a certain extend how the "villain" could be the victim just as how the victim could also be the "villain".
hence, before deciding to jump on the "cancel culture" train of disliking celebrities/influencers, consider this, are you actually holding someone accountable for their problematic behaviour or are you simply uncomfortable by their presence¿? if so, why¿?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thank you for reading this far, friend! feel free to share your thoughts and perspective on the topic as well if you like :) would love to here everyone else's perspectives on it. may you all have a good one or at the very least survive today <3.
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Tumblr media
Calling this out doesn’t mean you don’t love LeBron James.
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movie-chat · a month ago
Comic Book Movie Sexism: Food
It's July 2021.
The MCU has been churning out movies for 13 years at this point. Black Widow finally got her first solo movie (er, despite technically being dead but let's not get into that...) and I watched the movie eager to see if Natasha would finally be shown to EAT something substantial, and with joy.
The depression sandwich (with out of date peanut butter) delicately nibbled on while crying does NOT count.
Tumblr media
Minor spoiler, Natasha does not eat much in the entire movie.
I counted: a delicate spoon of a confectionery (ice cream? Yoghurt? Either way it's insubstantial food) where the spoon is more visible than what's on the spoon, and only a delicate lick happens.
And, she chews gum.
Oh, side note, Yelena helps herself to one of Natasha's 5 years out of date bar (candy? Protein? We will never know), unwraps it to take a bite yet it is obscured by her hands, and as she chews she is definitely not enjoying it.
I have to say, I'm disappointed.
Disappointed, but not surprised. Because the script isn't written by women, it's written by men. In fact nearly all the comic book movies are written by men, and directed by men.
Women never eat onscreen.
Let me be more specific: the women protagonists in superhero movies never eat substantial food joyfully.
I've already said that depression sandwich doesn't count.
Neither does the Shawarma scene in Avengers Assemble, because we never see the food enter Natasha's mouth, and the mood isn't what I'd call joyful (but if it had visibly been a good bite I would have allowed it).
Tumblr media
By all means go watch the clip and see for yourself, we get the usual trick of jaw movement to pretend the actor is eating, then at the very last moment Natasha does LIFT a piece of food... only for the scene to cut out before it reaches her mouth.
Tumblr media
Meanwhile three separate men at the table have no problem shoving food into their mouths.
Tony Stark has eaten a fair amount over the course of the MCU...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sure, you could argue that Tony's hamburgers and donuts are on the same level as Natasha's depression sandwich. Heroes only eat when they're depressed? Great job, Disney.
But there's still the sexism of how the food is eaten. In that it's acceptable to watch a man shove food in his mouth, but not acceptable to watch a woman doing it.
Which is likely why the latter is rarely shown across all of Marvel/Disney, or DC/WB.
Wonder Woman licked an ice cream once? (Doesn't count. Dainty licks of a confectionery is not substantial food.)
Gamora sexily licked a piece of fruit once?
Tumblr media
I've watched this scene again and again, and I've discounted it for multiple reasons. Gamora is pretending to appear at ease, by licking a small piece of fruit and being performative about it.
One could argue she isn't really eating at all, just licking, to distract Peter before she steals from him.
Also, she obscures her mouth so we the audience see nothing go in.
This is all really sad, if I'm going to be honest.
And it's not like women can't eat onscreen in Hollywood, period. Keira Knightley ate in Pirates of the Caribbean. Darryl Hannah ate a specially made vegetarian 'lobster' for Disney's Touchstone pictures.
So why aren't women superheros eating anything decent?
The only women in comic book movies taking a proper BITE of food or eating substantial food joyfully, are the villains/antagonists.
Nebula and the it's not ripe gag in Guardians volume 2.
Tumblr media
Does it even count if she spits out the food right after the bite? Sigh.
Next, Amanda Waller eating a fine steak in Suicide Squad (2016).
Tumblr media
Arguably, showing Amanda cutting up and eating meat is purposeful because in the scene she's also discussing her new team of disposable soldiers.
It's symbolic to show her devour meat, and Amanda is the antagonist of the movie not the protagonist.
This leads me onto the only woman protagonist in a comic book movie (that some would still call the villain/antagonist) to have broken the glass ceiling of eating food onscreen.
Harley Quinn.
Tumblr media
We all remember how enamoured the character was to have her breakfast in Birds of Prey (2020). In fact, "Harley x Egg sandwich" was practically a ship.
Is this surprising, given that the movie Birds of Prey is unique in having women in creative control from script, to director, to producer?
That has to be the difference.
Harley's relationship to food seems natural in the movie, and she is shown to eat more than once, and talks about food multiple times.
The scene at the end where Harley finally gets to eat her egg sandwich is clearly a joyful moment.
And so rare to watch in this genre.
Look at that decent bite actress Margot Robbie takes, and ask yourself when did you last see any woman in a superhero movie enjoy food like this?
Tumblr media
This may seem insignificant to some, but it's become something that really irks me.
I was disappointed that Black Widow never got to eat anything except a sad flat expired sandwich in her MCU career.
Meanwhile, back with Harley Quinn again, she's taking a good bite of apple in the trailer for The Suicide Squad (2021).
She also talks about "going number two", and it seems that only antagonists or villains in these movies are permitted to speak about bodily needs or functions (we all remember Iron Man peeing in his suit, and even actor Robert Downey Junior described the character as "his own antagonist"), while the women protagonists get to... chew gum or delicately lick confectionery.
It's unsatisfying.
(If anyone has photo evidence of a woman character shown to be eating in ANY comic book live action, the TV shows too, I'd love to see it. Food MUST go into the actor's mouth to count! No more delicate licks or delicate sips from a straw.)
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starryarchitect · 2 months ago
Gender Roles in Miraculous Ladybug
Miraculous Ladybug is filled with excellent subversions of gender stereotypes. And no, I'm not just going to say it's feminist, because what I'm talking about is much broader than that. The show is filled with characters that refuse to fit the standard roles their gender lays out for them, both for female and male roles.
Let's start with the most obvious example, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, or Ladybug. It's pretty clear that her character and function in the story revolts against stereotypes of femininity: she is a woman—well, a girl—but she leads her team, which is a traditionally male role. She is the decision-maker, the rationalist, the realist, the one who catastrophizes before she hopes—this is stark contrast to the traditional expectation that women follow and comfort, holding the team up with optism and joy. She is the head, not the heart (that's Adrien). She is driven, strong, determined, and self-assured.
Adrien, too, subverts stereotypes—perhaps more than Marinette, although it's not something you notice immediately like Marinette's subversions. (This is because we're familiar with the patterns of feminist characters, but not the anti-sexism found in Adrien.) At heart, Adrien is arguably the most clasically "feminine" character in the show. On the surface, it's easy to see—he is a model, objectified for his beauty, something that has been done to women for all of history and is still being done today. But it runs deeper, too. He is submissive, mild, willing to bend to other's will—both his father's and Ladybug's, as well as the desires of other people in his class like Chloe and Lila (both of whom are, interestingly, women). His kindness and sensitivity, as well as his role as the heart and support when suited up, all mirror traditionally feminine traits and roles.
And yet, despite all this subversion, neither of the main characters are simply a rebellion against stereotypes. It's clear in Chat Noir's tendency to flirt and his function as a protector, but it's especially evident in Marinette, who doesn't just subvert female stereotypes—she also fulfills them.
Marinette is a leader, a thinker, a pessimist, but she's also interested in fashion and art, both of which are considered feminine. More than that, she's incredibly kind, exemplifying that women can abandon the negative feminine stereotypes of submission and obedience without sacrificing the positives like kindness and selflessness. And finally, she's clearly not a "strong independent woman who don't need no man" because she wants a man. No, she doesn't need a boyfriend, but she wants one. True feminism doesn't mean women throwing aside all romantic relationships, it means not pressuring women either way, into or away from romance. Marinette can be strong and independent while still loving someone and wanting to be loved back.
The character in Miraculous Ladybug are not governed by stereotypes. They were written to be good, nuanced characters, not feminist characters. Marinette has both feminine and masculine traits, proving that traditional "feminine" values are just as valuable as "masculine" ones. Adrien has both, but far more feminine than masculine traits, demonstrating that masculinity is not superior, and that toxic masculinity is just as harmful as classic sexism.
Miraculous Ladybug didn't say "We need to stop forcing women to be feminine," which is a common and harmful misinterpretation of the feminist vision. It didn't say "We should let women act like men!" or "Femininity is bad! Let's leave it all behind." It said, "Stereotypes—both for men and women—are harmful, and we should let people just be people instead of defining them by their genders." It created a world where there are no traditionally feminine and masculine traits, there are just people traits, and anyone can be anyone.
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talk-about-anything · a month ago
Im assuming this Olympic Committee is a bunch of old, fat , perverts and I'm so done with this fucking sexisim in sports!!!
Go Norway!!!! Hell yeah Pink!!!!!
More teams need to stand up to this, wear what you are comfortable with!
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prokopetz · a month ago
Ageism in fandom spaces is definitely a thing, but let’s not go putting 100% of the blame on teenagers. A lot of the people acting like it’s disgusting for women over the age of 25 to participate in fandom are dudes in the 35+ age bracket themselves, and they have a pretty specific reason for wanting to cultivate that particular double standard.
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zuko-always-lies · 2 days ago
To this day, I’m convinced that a lot of the hatred toward Azula derives from the fact that she doesn’t completely subordinate herself to her older brother like “she should.” I’ve seen people comment before that Katara(the deeply traumatized “team mom”) is “Azula how she should have been.” Certainly, the number of fanfics which “redeem” Azula by turning her into a “good sister”(read: someone who completely subordinates herself to her brother) is disconcerting.
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killjoyfem · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Men are so sad.
What’s even more pathetic is that this kind of douche is exactly the reason why women don’t want to be around men in the first place, lmao. Comparing our wanting to feel safe and not be sexualized to literal racism. It really shows how much they’re uncomfortable with/hate women’s boundaries.
Anyways, I can’t imagine how much more relaxing it would be to work out around women only. I’d definitely be way more into it instead of worrying about other things. If only there was a place like this near me 😭
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theconcealedweapon · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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one-time-i-dreamt · a year ago
Tumblr media
A red flag... for WHAT exactly?
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1-800upsidedown · a month ago
do nasty t e r f s not realize how similar they sound to sexist conservatives saying a woman's body has to have certain qualities??
Like there's seriously no difference in saying "women should have a vagina" and "women should be skinny and pretty". Literally no difference, they are both unrealistic and unobtainable patriarchal beauty standards. The minute you force a specific body type onto women, you are a misogynist.
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lesserfandomappreciation · 2 months ago
Apparently there’s an American Olympic fencer that has to have a “safety plan” to keep him from women because he faces multiple sexual ass*ult charges but a woman was disqualified because she smoked weed to cope with her mother’s death. The fencer was actually flown in on a separate plane than the rest of the US team.
Tumblr media
Fuck all the dudes running the Olympics. WTF.
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