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I have started a new you tube channel. Whoever is interested in social issues, human rights and these sorts of topics is welcome to have a look and let me know your comments and opinions

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relatives are being very sexist and discouraging again, someone help

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The dumbndumber fuckers should take notes from marvel and wandavision. This is the proper way to show so many sides characters can have. And alll the characters. The gradual losing it period. She started as villain, is an anti heroine, people still love and root for her. And why shouldnt they, she is that iconic.

Daenerys isn’t even an anti heroine. She has always helped and saved and been do fucking kind. Her rule was way overdue and they gave us that shitshow of a season. That fucking episode. Sorry if its too difficult for your fragile ego to handle the absolutely correct fact that the woman who birthed dragons thinks its her destiny to save people who cant save themselves

If wanda goes down the villain path, people will be angry and disappointed but still it will be well received. We see her pain, her struggle. We are all rooting for her to fight, she is good at it. But if she can’t, people won’t blame her and call her ‘mad’. Because loosing to your trauma, when you are a woman with power, isn’t 'mad’ (for all of us). That is not the default. No one calls loki mad. If it was the default, there would be fire everywhere. She has all the reasons to 'burn it all’. But wanda is still fighting, still struggling. Guess how many us are doing that? Doesn’t feel good to have your doomed end decided, does it?

You know why this was pure bullshit for daenerys? The spontaneous insanity and destruction and the ultimate breakdown a woman is bound to have when or after she has 'lost it all’. Because the woman saved the living from the dead like a week before being killed that cowardly. Moments before dying she said we can rule together. She was recovering. She was fine. She wouldn’t go mad. That is an insult to all she has survived

Tldr: Not all of your 'complex’ female characters have to end up being mad. Why are women either normal and good, or mad. Stfu and learn to write

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Potato Head.

That is all.

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You know what? I’m done. I’m done with this bullshit. We need to change things. The only, and I MEAN the ONLY thing a girl or woman HAS to do is take her iron and calcium pills. NOT rip her skin off everyday, NOT spend hours and hours raising her blood pressure over mastering the new make-up trick, NOT torture her head hair with BURNING heat for the worlds selfish viewing pleasure, NOT always look like she’s running a runway even when she’s having a bad day. That is her CHOICE. So the next time you ask me, ‘ you look tired, did you put your makeup? or say, ‘ gosh your hair is a mess, no one will like you’ or judge ‘eeek! is that hair on your leg! shameless girl!’ , ASK me this instead, ‘darling, did you take your iron and calcium today?’. BECAUSE THE ONLY THING SOCIETY SHOULD EXPECT FROM ME IS TO CARE FOR MYSELF FOR MYSELF! If I wish to dress up I WILL DO IT and if I don’t I WON’T. NO ONE ELSE SHOULD HAVE A SAY IN THE MATTER! If society really cared for me it would put standards of well-being rather than standards of perfect-looks, especially ones that cause so much PAIN.

That’s it. That’s all I had to say. I don’t care if anyone reads this. I just wanted to get this off my chest.

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The last couple of years I’ve started to feel so uncomfortable with and come to hate the trans community.

Over and over again “communities” and groups that come together in “solidarity” repeatedly prove to not really exist. As a child learning that women (afab) often don’t come together or uplift each other in any kind of “feminist” way was a sad experience.

Then again learning the LGBTQ community is also full of bigotry, and then again with the trans community, its all so miserable ive stopped believing in communities,

Sometimes people come together in their similarities only to be torn apart for their differences

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Shitty posts that exclude m/f enemies to lovers (or redefines them into oblivion) are just perpetuating the paternal aspect of sexism, which has completely been forgotten because things like trauma and victimization are now the dominant language of feminism and so-called feminist media.

There really is no difference between this 👇


and some “women are the delicate sex” bullshit. Naturalizing the victim role (prey) to women is sexist 🙄 Double standards for women is sexist. This shit is basic. 

We haven’t spent the last several hundred years criticizing damsels in distress narratives only for thin-skinned Gen Z kids to reboot them as feminism just because they can’t say they only like gay or vanilla couples like normal. No, it has to be some stupid thing about how the ship/tropes are harmful or inherently x or y, ironically using sexist logic and being sexist towards shippers in the process to justify saying so. None of this shit should matter, it all should just be a matter of taste and comfort and lulz, but since it expands into actual gatekeeping it’s worth pointing out the actual “problem”.

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Kendall Jenner called out by fans for alleged Photoshop fail: 'So dangerous and so sad'
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Transgirl here. This gonna be a long one btw, imma include the Tl;Dr in basically the next sentence, but it’ll be in the tags in a bit of a better more explanation, so thanks ahead for reading.

Some of y'all don’t know the difference between terfs and transphobes and it’s fucking STUPID.

Someone is not a terf if they just pull-up with like “transwomen aren’t woman because there men” IS JUST TRANSPHOBIC?! it’s not terfish to say, it’s STRAIGHT UP transphobic? Most people outside of heavy internet users don’t know what the FUCK a terf is. but they sure as hell know what transphobia is. A terf is, BY FUCKING NAME, a trans exclusionary radical feminist. And the problem is, when you use terf you’re minimizing the conversation about them. Transphobia and terf bullshit are different breeds of the same shit. The main problem with terfs isn’t that there transphobic (which they are, and is still an issue) the problem is there transphobic “feminists” which brings up some more issues. Firstly, they have a transmisogynist view of feminism. Because most transphobic people are just like “hate those [REDACTED SLUR] there gross” and that’s like. The end of it. but terfs decided to go a step further and try to come up with reasons why. Instead of it simply being “hate those freaks” it’s “I’m protecting the cis woman from getting [ 4 LETTER R WORD REDACTED] in the bathrooms. Also transguys PWEASE come back queenies, your just confused” (but, on god, I have never seen this shit before, like besides people calling it out?? That’s a different post, different conversation y'all ain’t ready for)

Think of it like this a terf is constantly on offense, trying to justify there shit and deflecting, which means you have to actively fight back against there bullshit. They are ACTIVELY trying to fuck over transwomen and trying to repeal our hard earned rights, with very clear intent. Transphobes, on the other hand, are on defense. They’re actively trying to keep us on the same level we are right now. They know it’s basically futile to try to go back, so they just impede forward progress.

So, here’s the issue. Terfs are co-opting a good, necessary, movement. Feminism is something we still very much need, and terfs are ruining it’s image. I think some of the people who just call any and all transphobes terfs are either passively or actively doing it because they hate feminism, and that’s a problem. Most of the time, what these people are saying has NOTHING to do with feminism. Terfs present more issues that JUST being transphobic too btw. They also hate woman expressing them in a way that is common, but still can feel liberating, or even just preferred, like shaving your body hair and doing makeup. They want to like, force everyone into being reverse trad wife’s. We need liberation through confidence and rep, not simply spite and reversing roles. We don’t need to simply dodge the problem, we need to break them down and rise above them.

ALSO terfs usually LOVE the fact that there terfs, they wear that shit like a badge of honor. It’s a lot harder to love being called a transphobe, and I don’t want these bitches to have an OUNCE of breathing room. Once theyre comfortable, they’ll fight to keep that comfort, and if we can get rid of it, they’ll slowly die out.

I don’t know, maybe I’m wigging out too hard, but I’m tired of people not knowing what shit means, and I’m REALLY tired of feminism being demonized in a different way every like 2 years. It started with people saying femi**i, then it was the red hair girl, then it was gamergate. Im fucking tired of it. Feminism doesn’t just impact female liberation, it also helps combat racism that is specific to different racial groups, THATS WHY THERES A WORD FOR RACISM SPECIFICALLY AGAINST BLACK WOMAN, and it’s misogynoir btw.

In conclusion, not all transphobic people are terfs, but all terfs are transphobic

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How did I never notice all the blatant casual sexism in Supernatural the first time I watched it? I keep waiting for it to get better, and it just… doesn’t?

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i don’t know how to explain to people that their personal experiences don’t give them the right to be sexist towards men, just as my experiences with harassment and abuse don’t give me the right to be sexist towards women

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It’s not too often that we get straight up sexist toxic in the Overwatch voice chat, but hoooo boy it does happen. I was just called a bitch, said it was like a bird chirping in his ear and grating on them, and then both healers refused to heal me - a TANK - for an entire round. My infraction? I had answered a question and then later pointed out that we’d in fact won the round, so it wasn’t helping to call everyone trash.


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Swear to god you motherfuckers could be dropped into a Medieval court and be like “this is Feminism”

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So,I like true crime, and I was browsing a tag of one case that has kinda always stuck with me ever since I’ve heard of it (it’s a very sad and graphic case so I’m not naming it or the victim because I don’t want someone being overly curious and getting scarred by something they can’t handle). I get to this one post and it says men are more evil than women after listing several well known and disturbing cases involving male perpetrators. It talks about how men are the most numerous perpetrators for these violent crimes. The thing is…these get more media coverage and women tend to not get caught as easily. There are plenty of examples of women being murderers,abusers,and r*pist. Women are very much capable of some of the most heinous things you can think of. No gender is inherently evil either. I don’t know,that claim pissed me off because to claim men are more evil than women is sexist both ways, reaks of terf rhetoric, and is just…so vain.

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This happened to my BFF yesterday/today. Feb. 2021.


Tl;dr: Adult woman tries to get estimate on siding, contractor refuses to give information without husband present.

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Hey here’s something ironic:

So Russia and Ukraine both have versions of a reality show called “Pacanki” (”Tomboys”) where basically they gather a bunch of young women (some of whom are “tomboys” in the sense that they break traditional gender norms, some of whom have serious problems with addictions and risky behaviors, etc.) All of them somehow don’t fit the mold for “proper young women.” The show is supposed to turn them into “proper ladies” (typical competition show format, one contestant leaves each week, one winner gets a prize). As you might expect, both shows are filled to the brim with gender norms, heteronormativity, sexism, etc. 

Another detail: many of the contestants (probably about half) are openly queer. The Ukrainian version actually mentions this in the show (the Ukrainian version is somewhat less heteronormative in general). In the Russian version, any mentions of LGBTQ identity are edited out (there’s a law against “gay propaganda” in Russia), but the contestants speak about their sexuality on their individual platforms anyway, so it’s not really a secret. Anyway, after the show, most contestants gain a significant social media following, where they speak openly about being LGBTQ, about their experiences with queer romance, about homophobia, etc. And most of them continue to break gender norms after the show. 

The irony is that a show entirely centered around gender norms and heteronormativity ended up being one of the biggest sources of representation for queer and gender non-conforming women in the Russian-speaking world. And honestly, no one really takes the “proper lady” stuff seriously- not even the more conservative viewers. From what I can observe from the social media following of the show, it has had the reverse effect; it exposed a more conservative audience to queer celebs and challenged their biases, and it provided many queer Russian-speaking women with celebs that represent them (okay, maybe “celebs” is an exaggeration, but considering how few openly queer Russian celebs there are, it is still significant). 

Anyway, I just find it ironic and kinda cool that a show intended to restrain and disparage queer and gender non-conforming women and push for traditional gender norms ended up having the exact opposite effect!

Edit: P.S I should mention that I mainly got interested in the show bc I have a massive crush on one of the contestants. Her name is Ksenia Milas and this is her:


It’s been a few years since her season. She now hosts her own show on the same channel (as far as I’m aware, she’s the only openly lesbian tv show host in Russian tv history). 

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