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now-i-can-see-the-pain · 2 months ago
Why are all people on Tumblr into kinky shit like choking, bondage, and other bdsm stuff but the men I meet in real life are like: 'I can't choke you I'm afraid I'll kill you' or 'if I slap you harder I could hurt you'.
Well boy that's the fucking point!!
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drive-in-the-ocean · 2 months ago
I think we all want a Brad but we all need is a Cooper 🥺
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solariconsblog · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝘱𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘦, 𝘥𝘰𝘯’𝘵 𝘳𝘦𝘱𝘰𝘴𝘵!
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waigee-254 · 2 months ago
My whole life , I have been fighting against the notion that wanting to have it all, was asking for too much. But it turns having it all is a myth.
Sometimes 85% is as close to having it all as you're ever get. And that 15% you just couldn't live without? That damn 15% that keeps you itch for more, turns out that last 15% can cost you everything.
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crazytimescrazygirl · 7 days ago
I can be a bad influence ...but as a slut ,that's part of my job .
I sorry this is long and boring but I'm not forcing you to read it ,unless you want me too ,or unless you force me to read it too you ,while naked x
We were on a visit to friends , now again with my husband being 15 yrs older than ,many of his friends were older than me , as were the couple we were visiting , I had met the guy about 8 times in the past ,but only met his wife twice and in limited time ,but I do remember we had gotten on great , I was still nervous as we pulled up at there's , I'm not good at situations where instead of hotel we stay at others , I never know how to act , at home I'm very naked or just in underwear as I slob around , I also spill my dinners a lot , and I pee with door open , so it's finding boundaries that makes me nervous . We all greeted with hugs n hellos and were shown to our room and then invited for cup of tea and catch up , I hung around the kitchen with Carol ,I noticed she had put some weight on ,quite a bit ,but it kind of suited her better ,she was before slim with what I would call sharp features ,she could look a miserable bitch even though she wasn't ,but with more weight she had rounded out and looked in my opinion so much better , I'm not actually into women ,but I kinda wanted to spank her big ass to to hear that slap sound on it ,of course I didn't . They were quite well off which was shown as we spent that afternoon on their canal boat which the roof made a wonderful place for sunbathing ,as my husband was having a go at steering ,I looked down for my laid on roof position and saw him between my legs ,he waved ,I flashed him my pussy from my shorts as I had no underwear under them , then we parked the boat if that's what you do with boats in a boat car park and we had a pub dinner and set off back ,it was a really nice relaxing day ,next day we went into the town and shopped ,went to a village for dinner ,got bored as the men watched a cricket match on the green . When that finally finished which seemed like it took 3 fucking weeks to do Carol said because of that her and myself will be going out tonight without the men ,they can do whatever they want ....yay ...girls night out .
Carol walked in and said " oh my " , I looked at her as if to say whats wrong but she says she didn't realise it was full on going out clothes , I was stood in my underwear of red matching lace bra and panties with red suspender belt ,black stockings ,I had red heels ,red lips ,black dress waiting to go on ,Carol had typical 50 yr old lady M&S trousers and a blouse ...I looked at her and said "NOPE" and pointed at her to go get changed , we flicked through her wardrobe as she moaned she was too old and fat now , I said nonsense as she has an ass with all the curves the men love ,I even said I'm fucking jealous of them curves ,we found a red and black polka dot dress that was just above knee length ,,it was sleeveless so I did concede on her wanting a little black jacket but she put on lace shorts underwear ,black tights and pixie boots , I told her she looked fab and that she should invest in a bikers jacket for women as they make outfits sexy and will give her more confidence , we went down and did an approving twirl to the men ,then we fucked off outta there .Starting at a pub then cocktail bar and finally ending in a little club .
We found a table and claimed it with our handbags before hitting the little dance floor , 3rd song was when they guys danced closer ,making eye contact ,then saying hi , there was 3 of them ,all around early 30s ,fairly pleasant to be honest ,nicely dressed ,still couldn't fucking dance like functioning humans ,all 3 totally different from each other , guy 1 was dad bod and belly ,hair that didn't really suit him as he was trying to look younger than even his early 30s ,the seconds was a broad shouldered black guy with good body but skinny jeans on which I instantly asked him wtf he was thinking wearing skinny jeans , the 3rd was short but thin with a big captain birds eye beard and no hair ,they didn't look like they belonged together but they as I say were all highly pleasant individuals ,so from now on they will be known as dad bod (DB),token black guy (TBG) and captain birds eye (CBE) . I will be known as me ,and Carol will be known as Carol ...Lets crack on . It wasn't long before we were asked if we wanted drinks so we sat at our table just chatting in general and got to know each other , 1 did a job ,another did a similar job ,other invented dogs or underwater horse torches ,I don't know I didn't pay that much attention and Carol and myself were the only married ones but pointed out its perfectly fine to hit on us if it keeps the drinks flowing ,which we all laughed at despite it not being that fucking funny . The night went on and we had various drinks and mixed dancing ,sometimes I danced with 1 guy ,sometimes 2 or all 3 ,sometimes all 5 of us danced ,sometimes Carol danced with various ones . But it was at the point where Carol had nipped to toilet ,CBE was waiting at bar to bring us more drinks and I was dancing with DB and TBG ,and lets just say it was sexy as fook ..mostly on my behalf ,I was grinding against DB with my arse and had my hands around TBG neck as I wiggled up and down with all 4 hands on my hips and occasionally ass , I did a slow slut drop in-between them and flashed a lot of stocking top ,then I spun and reversed them with my ass now grinding onto TBG ,who had his hands firmly on it as well , I saw CBE heading back and said come on lets sit and Carol had returned and was giving me wide eyes ,she mouthed something but I couldn't understand ,so I whispered "do you want some privacy" she nodded her head and I turned to the guys and said "fellas ,can we have 10 minutes alone ,scoot off and dance or talk sports ,but come back and find us soon , we need woman talk " and they all stood said ok and left us alone . Soon as they did Carol turned and said "OMG you let them touch your bum and was so sexy with them " I said "well ,yes ,we are semi drunk in a club ,its what we do " I then said " I also ran my hand on the outline of DB ,impressive " and I laughed ..."she had her mouth open and gave out a " Nooooo...really touched him" ...I nodded and said "of course ,through his trousers " and giggled ,I added a "lighten up ,get that booty felt up girl " ...she then looked at me kind of serious and said :
Carol : " can I ask ...have you know ,ever "
Me : " what "
Carol : " you know ,without him knowing ,like with ,well..."
Me : " have I ever felt up dicks ..of course "
Carol : " have you ever cheated "
Me : " I trust you ,so absolutely I have ,quite a lot ,very lot"
Carol : " and he has never ..."
Me : " no, never found out "
Carol : " oh , well ,I don't know what to think ,don't worry your secrets safe though "
Me : " you cant say you never had a little secret meeting with a different dick "
Carol : " No ,I would be so scared , I don't think I could "
we got into a deep conversation as she enquired as if it was lack of sex or disappointing sex at home ,I said it wasn't ,its just I'm very greedy with cocks and kinda want them all for myself ,she laughed and said her sex life was almost dead ,and surely I noticed she had put weight on ,again I reassured her she looked so much better and more to grab ,but she said her husband wasn't nasty about it ,just hinted at her losing the weight as he prefers her slim , I answered that with a " OH HELL NO ,you be whatever YOU want to be " , It was at that time the 3 grinning goons arrived back and I straight up asked them if she was hot and if her curves and that ass were on point ,all 3 agreed .It put a smile on her face ,I stood up and grabbed her hand pulling her up and said " Come on ,everyone dance "...and I loudly said while looking at her " and you guys better make her feel special as fuck ,grab her ass ,tell her shes fit ....but you over step and I will smack your balls and not in a good way " . And so we all danced and got groped ,DB even pushed his luck when he was behind her and grabbed her boobs ,she looked at me with mouth open but it was a happy mouth open , I was in my man sandwich again dancing with CBE hands on my ass ,he moved them around and said " oh is that a suspender belt clip I feel " ,I lifted my dress as side showing my whole stocking clad leg and even as high as my hip , TBG put his hand on my bare hip ,keeping my dress and leg on full display as we all danced more ,with my arms around CBE neck ,TBG from behind slid his hand slightly round and onto the front of my panties ,his finger was toying with material and wiggled its way inside ,at this time Carol and DB danced to the side ,she noticed and gave me big eyes and mouth a clear "OMG " and started giggling ,TBG then put his hand down the front and went straight for my clit , I flashed my eyes at CBE and pulled him closer while TBG rubbed my clit as he squeezed me into his friend from behind ,we still made dance moves though ,then CBE moved his hand down and very quickly joined his friends hand , I looked over at Carol who's mouth had hit the floor and was trying not to giggle so much and another mouthing of "You are so naughty " ,I grinned and stuck out my tongue then bit my own lip as CBE stuck a finger in me and I got both my clit rubbed and my hole fingered by the 2 guys . I soon giggled and pushed both off because I was going to cum but that would have distracted my dancing ,I said "naughty men " and I grabbed Carol and danced with her ,she instantly said " did they both just touch you inside your knickers " , I said " of fucking course they did " I pulled her dress up at the back and said "flash a bit " and in doing so I showed her tights clad ass to the guys ,she giggled and I made it even by flashing my ass ,then we all sat down ,I made sure my dress was high and both my stockings were on show , I looked at the guys and said " my my ,I am a married women ,and you 2 just fingered me ,I think that deserves more drinks " and then the drinks rolled in. DB who stayed at table with us also had his hand on my leg and his other on Carols ,she looked a bit nervous and I leaned into him and loudly said " she's not a whore like me " he went to move his hand and I said "no no ,keep it on her, just move it up a little bit to tease her " and he did ,and Carol looked at me and let him ,his hand on my leg though was also close to my pussy on inner thigh ,I said "you may as well have a feel then you don't feel left out " and he gently slid it under my panties and had a run up and down my wet slit .We carried on till early hours ,flirting ,dancing ,teasing ,getting felt up until it was 2 am and the place got ready to close, we headed out into the night ,the air was cold but crisp and for a club kicking out time it was surprisingly quiet. We all stood around ,we had said when we were done we would ring our husbands and one would drive to pick us ,Carol got her phone out her bag and the guys asked if we wanted to walk with them first as they were heading
to train station ,before Carol could press her call button I had said yes and made her put it away .
It wasn't that far from the club part and we headed down a very thin side road between a building and bushes which came out at the train station ,there was a small almost waist high wall on one side stopping people falling into the bushes ,but with Carol and now CBE slightly ahead ,and TBG and DB with me ,TBG behind ,he , as we walked lifted my dress at back and took a big handful of my arse , I stopped and turned and we started to make out ,kissing and groping ,DB pulled my top down and for fist time they got to see and play with my tits ,I turned and leaned against wall with one guy either side ,DB sucking my tits and TBG playing with my pussy ,I had hooked my leg over his arm as he pushed fingers into me , a small group passed the end of the road ,stopped and gave a loud cheer and whistles at the obvious sight of me getting finger fucked , they soon moved on but the noise had made Carol and CBE turn around and head back ,I looked at Carols face and she was quite calm ,I blame the alcohol but I did notice CBE was rubbing her ass and hitching up her dress at back ,my hand had fallen to TBG cock as he had took it out and I started to rub it ,he was kissing my neck and I asked what he was gonna do with his cock ,he simply answered "I'm gonna fuck you " , I whispered back " well you better get on with on " I moved forward ,turned myself around and bent over the little wall with my dress fully up over my arse ,I reached around and tugged my panties down letting them drop to the floor and waited as his cock eased its way over my slit and straight into my pussy ,you could see the cold air breath leave my mouth at every thrust ,I looked to side and saw DB cock was out ,I reached to side and grabbed it but was awkward position with the wall ,I did try and move my head but there was no way I was getting it my mouth as I was so far bent over the little wall ,and by now I was being hammered hard ,the only sound in that little side road was my moans and his cock slapping into me ,his fingers were gripping my hips as my moans got louder and I let out a loud echoing "of fuck " as my pussy started to orgasm , my elbows by now had also rubbed raw on the concrete of the wall but as my pussy juice trickled down my inner thigh and soaked up on my stoking top , I really didn't give a fuck if they wore down to the bone , I looked over and Carol was enjoying the show I looked at DB and said "are you gonna fuck me next " and he nodded ,right then TBG asked if it was ok to cum in me ,I said "yes do it" and he nearly tipped me over the wall as he shoved his cock in deep and exploded inside me with his cum, I pushed my ass back onto him as it pumped into me ,he gave an exhale and pulled out ,the spunk ran out , little bit on my leg but you could hear the slop as it hit the ground below between my legs ,some catching my panties on the floor , I didn't have to move or wait long and DB was shoving his cock in my used hole ,he started fucking it with longer thrusts out and then slamming it in hard and each one again pushed me onto the wall , I looked over at Carol who was looking around and biting her lip with her standard wide eyes ,clearly CBE had got her dress right up at back and was rubbing side of her legs and booty ,you could see her white lace shorts under the dark of her tights , she was closer to me ,I looked over my shoulder and saw CBE ,I winked and smiled at him ,still as I was bent over I moved my hand to the side ,following the wall ,I held my fingers out indicating for Carol to hold my hand which she did as I got fucked ,I then slowly started to pull her hand and smiled at her and saying quietly "it ok ", I carried on pulling as she got closer ,I moved mine and her hand over the wall ,which in turn made her bend forward ,I didn't use much force but there was some resistance at first ,however soon enough I had pulled Carol right next to me ,and she was bent over like I was ,I looked again at CBE and smiled ,moving my eyes to her ass ,he very quickly got the hint ,I could hear her tights being pulled down and looked down between her
legs ,seeing both the tights and her white lace shorts at her knees ,before I looked up I heard her moan ,and soon she was also being moved forward with every thrust, I looked her in the eye and smiled as we both were bent over next to each other taking a cock inside each of our pussies ,she had her eyes closed but was being more vocal ,again I tried to look as I felt jealous the noise her ass was making ,a big ass getting fucked from behind will always be a sight of pure wonder ,weirdly she also sounded posher letting out a very English " Oh my Gosh " her hand seemed to flail out in front of her searching for something ,I re-grabbed it and held her hand tight ,DB was slamming me and again I felt the twitch as he pushed and he added his cum inside me ,I stopped moving forward but felt Carol still being fucked but I still held her hand , CBE was making all the sound of wanting to spunk ,Carol opened her eyes and Looked at me and said " No cant do that ,not ready for that " and I told CBE not to cum in her ,"she stood up and said that's enough ,that's all I can take " , poor CBE was ready to let loose his cum so I said quickly said to stick it in me if he wants ,he shoved it straight in me just as he started to cum and I ended up taking the load that was meant for Carol ,but I didn't mind ,I loved it .
We just had a silent moment between us all ,before Carol said "well...that was" I smiled as she started to pull her tights back up ,I bent and picked up my panties and put them back on, dicks were put away ,much heavy exhales were done and we walked the last bit to train station ,we all sat and the guys offered me there numbers which I took and then Carol called for one of the husbands to come get us ,the night train came before our ride and the guys thanked us and left . Both me and Carol must have fallen asleep while sat on the station bench as it was a beep that woke us from my husband in the car park ,we got up and crossed the footbridge ,I said to Carol " can you get in the front " and she said "sure ..why" , I pointed out if my husband was feeling a bit amorous and if she fell asleep in back then I would find it hard to hide the 3 lots of spunk currently residing in my womb , I also said do me a favour and show some leg so he doesn't keep looking in mirror at mine , that way I may be able to do some sneaky wipes , Carol looked at me laughing and then also said " I'm a bit scared ,honestly I have never done anything like that " I told her to be calm and normal and it will be fine especially as her husband seems to have dropped interest ,I said by time you home it will look and feel normal down there anyway as she had no cum sloshing about inside her ...she pushed me and laughed and called me a dirty bitch , before getting in the car I quietly said " did you enjoy it though ", she sheepishly looked back and said " I did " , I leant through the window and forced my tongue down my husbands throat and said "I'm laying in the back ,I'm wrecked darling ,drive nice so I don't throw up " , I managed to fill my handbag with spunk wiped tissues as we drove and getting back when my hubs grabbed my arse I said "I am so tired ,and I fell ,look" and showed him my elbows " they really hurt ,it was on the steps coming out ,anyway how about I suck you off " and I used my mouth on his cock to distracted him from my well used pussy and I certainly didn't mind my 4th guys spunk of the night entering my body through any means
The Moring conversation or how to get away with adultery from the mind of a sneaky cheating bitch ...
To be fair ,its nothing to be proud of ..but we are .
I went down rather early for a drunk bitch and saw Carol in just a white short nightie standing over the kettle ,It was a beautiful morning and both our husbands were doing the man thing of pretending they knew how to fix a lawn mower ,again a show of wealth as it was a ride on ,In my mind I kind of wanted to ride it naked , Carol turned and she didn't look like she had been crying but looked like she could , I asked her if she was ok .
She whispered : " I cant believe I did that , I really shouldn't have ,you were so calm and like its just normal but I`m a bag of nerves "
She held out her hand as it was shaking and said :
Carol : " what I have I done ,what will he say if he finds out "
I sat on the chair of the kitchen table ...again it was like pure wood £2000,00 table ,and sipping my coffee ,
Me : " Well ,he wont say a thing as he wont ever have a clue "
Carol : " but surely I have hurt him "
Me : " you cant hurt him ,look at him out there loving it ,he can only be hurt now if you make the choice to actually hurt him by telling him , but right now ,him not knowing has absolute no hurt at all , its all fine and good ,in fact I bet you feel better inside ,you still feel that buzz of adrenaline don't you ,still a little tingle where it matters "
Carol smiled : " well ,yes ,it was so naughty but I`m going to feel guilt "
Me : " its not guilt ,its excitement "
Carol : " What if he asks ,you know ,if I had an affair "
Me : " why would he ever just bring that up if life is normal ,and you simply say no "
Carol : " I would find it hard to lie "
Me : " Your not lying to him ,your just refusing to answer a generalised question , you didn't have an affair that is so different "
Carol : " a fling then "
Me : " no ,it wasn't a fling either ,so you are not lying when you answer him No "
Carol : " A...Fuck then "
Me : " again ,was it a fuck ,I would say the first guy fucked me ,the 2nd shagged me ,the 3rd just entered and used me if by the million to one odds he says CAROL DID YOU GET FUCKED answer No ,because you class that it was a shag and vice versa "
Carol : " So what if he says has a man ever put his penis inside of me "
Me : " then you be truthful and say yes ,YOU and some previous boyfriends ,, smile and laugh and wait for the other or another man that wasn't dating you and while we were married that I do not know of quip that will certainly follow "
Carol : " how the hell can I get away with that ,if he genuinely asked if any other man has had sex with me behind his back while married "
Me : " that's open to interpretation , its a woman's right to be absolutely stubborn and petty without him knowing shes being like that , so the answer will be a very resounding NO ,I HAVE NOT , because who is another man ,which other man ,there's million ,if he isn't being specific of who then you dont' need to be specific either and is another man the mans name ,and sex , sex is passion ,you got a cock up you ,that's not sex ,and behind his back ,how the fuck do you know which way your husband was facing while you took a dick and while married , while who was married ,the guy last night wasn't married on all ground its NO and you never need to elaborate ,it a just you chose how to interpret his question and give a No"
Me : "however you can give a little of maybe a guy tried to flirt with you as if you saying not even 1 guy said a thing then that's highly suspicious , and always add that of course you found it flattering but it would never go further ,and that's when you turn it onto him ,drop a Maybe I wouldn't be so flattered if you looked at me like you used to , add some emotional shit of like you have noticed he just seems uninterested and it hurts that you cant be the woman he fell in love with, turn that shit back onto him , he will fucking crumble "
Carol : " you are wicked " as her standard mouth opened .
Me : " no darling , I'm just real , remember if you get in a quick I WOULD NEVER ...NEVER LOOK AT ANOTHER MAN " then your still telling truth because he banged you from behind so you didn't look at him ,you looked at the wall "
I grabbed her hand and said come with me ,watch , I walked out into the garden towards the men ,my husband looked up and said morning sleepy and asked if we had a great time ,I grabbed his face cupping it with my hands, I put on an over the top Shakespearian actress voice and said
" Oh darling It was magnificent , the drinks flowed ,I was the star of the dance floor ,3 burly brutes ravished me until my shining knight came to me rescue "
and I placed a kiss on my husbands lips
Hubs : " you're still a bit drunk " he laughed " and you wish that happened "
I kissed him again and giggled and told him I`m going to shower and another coffee and to keep playing with his grass machine .I walked Carol back and said " see ,it a piece of piss ,my tone and gestures made him think I was being a daft bitch but I can use any tone I want to to confess my sins "
Carol : " but you did say you wished it happened "
Me " wished are not real ,what happened was real ,so the wish is irrelevant ,plus ,how do you know your husband wouldn't love that you got extra dick "
Carol : " Oh Jesus no,I honestly don't know if I would ever do it again "
Me : " That's your call, but he has his hobbies ,you can have yours and again if you use your prerogative to demand exact questioning then there is always a valid answer that you can give to him to calm his mind "
Carol : " I`m going to have to think on this "
Me : " what's there to think on ,last night is done ,its the past and that stay in the past and it was fucking amazing ,your very good to fuck next to "
Carol : " oh stop it ,that was so rude wasn't it "
Me : " but you loved it, because you did it , and I can tell you the exact moment its when they pull things down isnt it ,when He pulled your tights down or when you happily drop your own ,that feeling is ..its just indescribable its like your finally accepting its going to happen and your letting it ...I live for that feeling as it never gets old "
I asked if I could use the shower and she said of course , I told her to just call me anytime if she ever felt weird and I'll talk her through things , I had my shower ,got more coffee and skipped down the grass, pouncing on my husband ,Don't get me wrong I totally fucking loved him and the sex with him ,but where some get there thrill from skydiving ,driving fast ,riding lawn mowers ,mine comes from riding new cocks.
It was well over a year before we saw them again ,but at the 1st chance she got, Carol asked if I was still being naughty ,of course I said and asked her the same ,she explained she had though long and hard and within a week when she realised there was no come back of her actions ,she simply stopped worrying I asked her 3 times if she had done it again ,she eventually said no she hadn't ,but she had flirted more ,she had accepted complements more from other men ,she even took me to window and pointed at what I guess was around a 20 yr old and said he now works on the moorings on the river and how she had flirted and had teased him when she did some bending over , I told her to fuck him but she said no, but she had realised that since men had looked at her ,she had got her confidence back which in turn got her husband looking at her again as she had this bounce in her step ...I told her that adultery is the cure for most things and can help in many ways ,she didn't believe it totally ,neither did I actually . I mean we all know the house of slut comes crumbling down at some point .
Oh and as for the 20 yr old boat lad ,I fucked him into next week ,on there boat about 3 days later , I also convinced him that Carol was gagging for his dick and he should make moves on her ...coz im kind like that x
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kindled-ember52 · 2 months ago
Wish I would have recorded my reaction … does he have a license to carry that thing 😂🤣
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doingitallmama · 26 days ago
In the last few years we’ve worked very hard to take our sex life from good to incredible. Our relationship hasn’t always been easy but I love where we are at and want to keep exploring. We haven’t always been comfortable having really direct bedroom conversations but we are working on it. What do you want most from your partner that you might not be willing to ask for?
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Tumblr media
Una cosa iniziata in modo così bollente brucia molto in fretta🔥
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igiveafitafterdark · 2 months ago
Sucks not being able to have sex when you have all this extra energy from great nutrition, working out and losing weight. 😓😓😓
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beebubble · 2 months ago
the influence people have over us is scary like idk if any one has watched sex/life on netflix but brad was pretty toxic and messy and generally kind of unlikeable but everytime i’d see him begin to cry i literally would have done anything for him
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hi i need a mutual to overshare sex lives with thank you :)
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snusmumrikenmii · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
𝘉𝘪𝘭𝘭𝘪𝘦: 𝘈𝘳𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘴𝘶𝘳𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶'𝘳𝘦 𝘰𝘬𝘢𝘺 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴?
𝘉𝘳𝘢𝘥: 𝘰𝘬𝘢𝘺 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘸𝘩𝘢𝘵?
𝘉𝘪𝘭𝘭𝘪𝘦: 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘮𝘦 𝘪𝘯 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘴𝘱𝘢𝘤𝘦. 𝘐𝘵'𝘴 𝘢 𝘣𝘪𝘨 𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘱.
𝘉𝘳𝘢𝘥: 𝘸𝘦𝘭𝘭, 𝘧𝘪𝘳𝘴𝘵 𝘰𝘧 𝘢𝘭𝘭. 𝘐𝘵'𝘴 𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘴𝘱𝘢𝘤𝘦. 𝘚𝘦𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘥, 𝘐 𝘸𝘢𝘯𝘵 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘪𝘯 𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘺 𝘴𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘭𝘦 𝘪𝘯𝘤𝘩 𝘰𝘧 𝘪𝘵.
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crazytimescrazygirl · 17 days ago
" Its just ..weird...seeing you out like this Ms " said my student .
I don't know why it is but anyone who works with others will instantly know what I mean when you get hit with the Its weird seeing you out line , I mean to be honest even I do it ,I don't recognise my postman in normal clothes or its odd seeing my Dr shopping in Asda ,but it was not the 1st time a student had seen me out and been sort of mesmerised , like I dare to have an out of work life , Its not like I wear a uniform ,and I have been seen in many student bars during term time ,but us who work within education don't go into hibernation in the summer holidays ,and that's why I was sat alone having a quiet drink in a little pub that the tourists of my town didn't know about ,it was still busy ,but nothing like the main pubs .
Most students call me Ms H or Ms W***** , So when I heard a
" Ms H ,omg ,Ms H so weird seeing you here " and one of the students plonking himself down across from me ,part of me sighed from the knowing of the chat coming ,but to be fair I was also glad of someone saying hello to me as I have had a couple of lonely feeling days ,feeling a bit sorry for myself ,I smiled at the standard compliment and the usual being told I'm one of the fittest in college in a typical students limited way of complimenting people. And even though I would have preferred someone noticing I had temporarily gone from blonde hair to brown ,the subject of compliments fairly stuck to my legs and body in general , but being a natural flirt I went along with it all ,I did shut down discussions about the college as after all I was on my holiday too ,even if it just meant me hanging around my home town ,the flirting intensified when I was asked If I had been sunbathing on beach at all and then the questions of did I go topless? ,do I have any white bits? and when am I going next as he would make sure to be in the sand dunes spying on me , it did lift my spirits a bit ,he looked at me and joked " can I tell people this was a date with you " ,I told him not to be so ridiculous as my standards may be low but not that low and he gave his best over the top look of feigning insulted , I got up to got to the toilet ,he asked if I wanted another drink ,I thought about it for a moment ,thinking if I say yes it means I am committing to sitting and chatting when I was just originally wanting to sit quiet and think ,but I opted for the drink ,he made a comment about my arse as I got up which brought a little smile to me , 1 drink led to another , soon the time was passing and I was actually enjoying just some casual chats with hint of sexual innuendoes dropped in ,it had gone from daylight to dark ,and he had leaned forward telling me everything about me ...or so he thought .
question after question caused a variation of smiles, eyerolls and tuts dependant on how wrong he was in making judgements about me and my life , he sat back while I had a look of joy on my face ..." I will get some things right " he boldly predicted ,"you are highly sexual " he continued ,yet " there's something missing " ....I sat forward ,taking a sip and added my own thoughts " well...that's nothing revolutionary ,I have never hid the fact of any of them ,but nice try in pretending to be a psychologist though " I laughed .
"what if I could tell you exactly whats going to happen tonight" he grinned .
I rolled my eyes so hard that I opened a portal to another realm "ohhh let me guess ,I`m going to be going back to yours and begging you to fuck me blah blah blah ...also ,I have noticed your hand on my knee"
His confidence level seemed to just go up as he removed his hand from my leg and sitting back ," No ,not at all ,but I can tell you what is going to happen next and its in 3 parts " he answered
" then " as I leant forward with fake intrigue .
" I am going to get us 2 more drinks , you will go to toilet " before he could finish ....I quickly interrupted him and pointed out that of course I was going toilet as Id had 3 drinks ..he stopped me this time .." no, you will be going to toilet ,where your going to take off your tights and ...and...Im guessing you have a thong on ,but your going to remove that ,come back here ,sit back down and hand me your underwear " .....we looked into each others eyes before I burst out laughing and adding "silly dickhead " ..I got up and he quickly said " you will never know part 2 or 3 if you don't ,and do you want the same drink again Ms H " .
I was a few minutes in the bathroom ,I had a wee , I looked at myself in the mirror ,at least my feeling sorry for myself had gone , but I also wondered what the part 2 and 3 was ,I laughed at myself ,prettied up with a top up of lippy and paused inner voice said ".......Noooooo..don't be daft ,don't even think of it "
I went and sat back down ,he had moved our chairs much closer ,so when I did sit our knees were touching , he had put my drink on the table which he had moved further to the side ,I took a sip and started to ask him why the hell he wasn't out in the main town where its busier and probably filled with younger woman and his mates , he just looked at my legs and said " You have no tights on now ,that means you also took your panties off ,so hand them to me " , I sat back ,yep ,indeed the intrigue had got me more and I had taken them off ,I put my hand in my cardigan pocket and while separating my thong from my tights I started thinking for a minute that a fucking student had just so easily got me to take of my underwear and now here I was handing them to him ,he very boldly opened up the white thong before curling it up into a ball in his hand , he leaned into me ,and asked "are you ready for part 2 " ,I already felt his hand back on my knee ,still intrigued I met his forward lean and said " yes ,what's part 2 then " ....I felt his hand move a little further up my leg ,they were closed and together but his hand traced where they met in the middle ....." you Ms H ,are going to have an orgasm so good ,right where you are " as he said this his hand went quickly under my skirt ,I was busy looking around and nobody paid attention ,I opened my mouth to protest and stop him ,while going to move my hand and push his hand away from under my skirt...yet with my mouth open no words actually came out ,and my hand did not move ,in fact it gripped the arm of the chair tighter , his hand soon was at the top of my pussy ,it attempted to move down and part my thighs ,it met resistance but only momentarily ,my right thigh opening up and creating a gap between my my legs which was soon filled with his hand ,his thumb soon found my clit and started a circular motion while 2 of his fingers found my hole and I let out a small jump and silent gasp as they pushed inside me , we leaned further into each other ,almost face to face as I kept scanning the room ,surely anyone looking over would be able to tell I was getting finger fucked in my chair ,my breath was fast and shallow ,he never said a word to me ,just kept fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit ,I could feel how wet I was ,he then asked me to make sure I tell him when I am going to cum ,I tried to keep my composure ,I wanted nothing more than to scream out loud in pleasure but I just kept scanning the room ,in a small, quiet breath near his ear I spoke.."...I'm gonna cum ,I'm gonna fucking cum, don't stop ,I'm gonna cum" I noticed he took his other hand and placed it under my skirt ,my legs parted willingly further , he was passing the balled up panties I gave him into his other hand ,then as I started to feel my orgasm hit a point of no return ,he pushed my panties deep inside my wet pussy ,I tried to keep my upper body as still as possible ,but my hips and legs were shaking as my orgasm ripped through me ,I quickly grabbed my drink ,my hand shaking and struggling to hold it ,I took a sip and bit on the glass rim as the final of my orgasm left my shuddering pussy ....." oh fuck " I let out breathlessly , placing my drink back down and slumping back in the chair ,he with drew his hands ,I could see my pussy juice on his fingers and my panties were still fully inside me , he had a drink of his drink and sat back .
It seemed like eternity the silence between us , I could feel how flushed my pussy and face were ,I was hot and started to fan myself with what was one of the pub menus , I broke the silence " ok ,ill give you that one ,that was hell of a fucking orgasm " in my head I knew I must have looked weak ,yet he didn't show any signs of cockiness that I expected until he opened his mouth " part 3 ? " he queried ...I answered " part 3 ,what about part 3 then ,its not going to go how you think ,I had my orgasm ,I'm good to go ,I could go now and be happy " I laughed
"Part 3 is where you invite me to yours to fuck you " he said with a straight face
" I ,I defiantly will not being that " I replied ,
we sat quiet for another few minutes finishing our drinks .
" well If you are certain your not going to want sex ,can I at least keep your panties " he asked
"by all means ,there yours " and I lent forward to pull them out of my pussy
he grabbed my hand and put his up my skirt ,I felt his finger toy with the outer lips ,running up and down my slit ,and 1 finger going inside and hooking my panties ,slowly he pulled them ,I could feel the material inside me unfold and as it was pulled out my pussy ,and it felt so good ,he leaned in and said "I just need to make sure they are soaking wet " and he pushed them back in and out ,in and out his fingers swirled my panties inside me and it was driving me wild ,he could sense my enjoyment and asked ,"shall I leave them inside you and take them out at yours " ..I smiled as he toyed with them inside me more ,I wanted them out but also in ,I didn't want him to stop as I pushed my hips in rhythm to my panties being inserted , " fine " I hissed ...."fine what " he asked .
I took a deep breath and exhaled as he pushed them deeper than ever into my pussy
I closed my eyes at the sheer pleasure I was feeling and then my lips opened and I let out a breathy ..." You can come back and fuck me " .
despite him knowing he had won ..he replied " Please " while now 3 fingers had joined my panties inside me ...
I was struggling to contain my moans ..." Yes ,ok ...Please ,Please come back and fuck me "
His smile said it all ,and he simply answered " Yes Ms H ,ill be happy to " x
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pixie88 · 2 months ago
Hi pixie,
I saw your comment on the Sexlife 19 minutes 50 seconds post. I have just catch up with this series it was hot 🔥 I wondered if Adam and Ella would reenact that elevator scene? The one where he finger fucks her and she has so many floors to 🎆
Hi Nonnie!
Wow! That scene is hot 🥵🥵 I'm not sure I can compete with it but I gave it a try and I hope ya like it! 😘 This is continuing from the By the sea ask.
Going up?
Pairings: Adam x Ellie.
Word count: 401
Warnings ⚠️: NSFW 🔞
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They giggle as they walk through the hotel lobby a little tipsy, the lift pings before the doors open. Ellie walks in presses her back against the hard metal wall, "What floor are we again?" he asks her. "two floors too many!" she gives him a look that means sleep is the last thing on her mind. He presses their floor number and the doors shut as he makes his way over to her.
"Do you think we can make it to our floor without anyone interrupting?!" she winks at him. "I dunno, why what did you have in mind?" he's inches away from her. His hand slides up her thigh until it reaches her bare centre.
She smirks, knowing he found she wasn't wearing any underwear. " long you been like this beautiful?" He asks as she parts her slick folds, he doesn't give her time to answer. His lips claim hers, looking up at the screen they have thirteen more floors to go.
He works against her clit, "Let's see if we can get you to come before those doors open again." She clenches around his fingers before he crouches down and throws her legs over his shoulders. His tongue rolls against her apex, "Adam....we...I....shouldn't!" But he's not listening to her, he moves his tongue against her button as his fingers curl to hit where she needs him most.
She grasps a fistful of his hair and she is barely holding on. She's close to tipping over the edge, "I'm....!" She hits her climax! Catching her breath, she looks down and he smiles up at her, "two more floors to go!" He laughs as he moves her legs, so he can stand.
Wrapping his arms around her the doors open, he claims her lips again. "Come on, we better get back to our room before we don't make it." She giggles knowing he'd have her in the hallway if they didn't hurry.
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hayalkampii · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
love is love and motorcycle ...
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