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  • from a very young age i, as a feminine person, was taught that the only way i could deal with hostile or violent offenders was by using my body (through femme fatale media, etc.) and this, combined with being sexualized basically my whole life by strangers and people around me has lead me to see the only way to deal with fear or anxiety over other lifeforms is to in turn, use my sexuality as a weapon against them, which has turned into a weird variation of stockholm syndrome in which i look at disturbing or scary creatures and think the only rational defense is to seduce them
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It’s important to get away from the idea that the way to please a man ends with the idea of being sexual with them. Okay, well, that can be the case when it comes to men of this world but godly men just like you for you without sex. So it’s okay to be yourself in Jesus without thinking you have to be sexually appealing or desirable.

When a godly man is into you, it’s mainly just because he likes who you are as a person - not for self-pleasure.

And if you can’t have a male friend who likes you for you, then that’s okay too. You don’t need them to make you accept yourself. Jesus accepts you.

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You can’t, really. Usually when Christians masturbate, it’s not like they wake up planning to. It starts with a track of thinking, then a feeling, then trying to satisfy that feeling.

So it’s not like how do I stop as if you can automatically turn desire off. It’s not your desire, it’s a physcial desire that you’re meeting, that comes from a wrong view of sexuality produced by the world.

So in the times where your thoughts drift off into thinking sexual stuff outside of Jesus, you have to meditate or commune verbally with Jesus the right things about your body, others, sex in general and how it’s for marriage and stuff. For every lie there is the truth, and truth makes you free.

I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself for the act when you didn’t stir the desire up. It came from the outside, but the way to combat lies is to stand in the truth and to understand that the desire is not a sin when it’s selfless, godly love in marriage with a person who won’t take advantage of you and loves Jesus more than anything.

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Weird thing; I’m a Demi-gynesexual, but I get bi moments. Like, out of the blue I’ll be attracted to someone for a few seconds and it always catches me off guard. The first time it happened, I was so shocked and flustered that I hid my face in a book. My sister, who was with me, laughed hysterically for a total of thirty seconds.

Add on your own bi moments, I want to read them.

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he started to feel certain things when he was a teenager. having crushes on girls was nothing new to him but there were a few guys that seemed to have caught his eyes. nothing ever came of it though until after he left the group home. there was always the wonder of what he could be feeling was real, but it wasn’t something he was ready to explore. kids were cruel enough at times and he was different from the get go. he didn’t need another reason to seem any more out of place than he already was.

being attracted to both girls and guys, but he definitely leans more towards guys since my shipping patterns will tell you as much. he sees what he wants and i’m powerless to stop it. but it was definitely in his teens but he was already a confused kid focused on trying to get out of there. relationships weren’t really that high on his priority list.

i do feel like once he got out from under the tight grip of the group home though he probably let himself have a little too much fun for awhile with both male and female. because he could be free to do what he wanted and he found he enjoyed experiences with BOTH.

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Hugh Ross
As Paul explains in Romans 1:18–32, people firmly committed to reprobate behavior are beyond the possibility of redemption from their evil. Such people in Romans 1:32 are described as malignantly evil. They not only are wholly dedicated to evil, but they are also committed to spreading their evil to as many other people as possible.
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Hugh Ross
Finally, the words “revelry,” “out of control,” and “intent on evil” that are typical of most English translations describing the behavior of the people who were worshipping the golden calf do not do justice to the original Hebrew text. The golden calf worshippers were engaging in nonstop sexual orgies that would make even the most godless peoples and nations around them blush in horror at what they were hearing. Medically, it is well known that people who have sexual encounters with dozens of male and female strangers over short time periods will have compromised immune systems. Such behavior may explain the plague mentioned in Exodus 32:35.
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There’s this thirteen year old girl at my work who of course has mental and behavioral struggles and the way she acts isn’t good and the way she looks at me isn’t good. And it killed me inside to see how far girls will dishonor themselves and shame themselves because they’re going through things. That girl changed me and humbled me because Jesus said to love the least. He didn’t say judge the least. He said that girl needs Him just like a woman who is somewhat sober and functional does. If giving yourself away sexually is easy for you at whatever age as a believer, you definitely need a higher revelation of your created value and purpose, because it’s far, far more than sexual or sensual attention of a man.

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1. change your pad/tampon every time you use the bathroom, or at least every 2-3 hours if your flow is heavy. 

2. your boobs are gonna hurt when they’re growing, & they may be sore on your period. do not panic, this is normal. if it starts to become constant, or you find bumps on your breasts, talk to your doctor just to be safe. (though, bumps when you are growing are usually normal.)

3. exercising is wonderful, even just getting out the house and going on a short walk everyday. getting fresh air and your blood flowing is great. exercise also helps period cramps, surprisingly! 

4. some days it is hard to even get out of bed. it’s ok to have off days. during these days, try to eat at least two meals if you can, and drink lots and lots of water. if your body is tired, it needs rest. if your body is hungry, it needs food. remember to take care of yourself. 

5. if you ever have urges to hurt yourself, instead, take a hot shower, exercise and push yourself, or apply lotion to the skin. when these thoughts come, try to reward the body, take care of yourself, and if you need to “punish” the body, exercising can help with those thoughts. 

6. dress the way you want, listen to the music you want, BE you in all the ways you can! 

7. sexuality can be confusing. you do not need to rush to find a label you are comfortable with. take your time! it’s normal to not know exactly how you feel right away. 

8. gender is another confusing thing for some of us. don’t feel pressured to put a label on who you are, everything takes time. experiment with different pronouns, etc. 

9.  sleep is important! when you’re growing, you should be getting 10-12 hours of sleep every night! i know this is difficult for some of us, at least try to get more than 5 hours. napping is ok too! just make sure it is not for too long, as it can mess up your sleep schedule. 

10. you. need. food. if you are struggling with a relationship with food, please please speak up and tell someone you trust. recovery is not linear, but it is possible. the first step of recovery is to reach out for help. 

11. hygiene is SUPER important. i know some days are difficult to even get up, trust me, i get it. if you’re stuck in a depressive episode, at least try to brush your hair out, (braiding it can help it not get tangled), try to brush your teeth if you can, and use deodorant if you are not able to shower. I personally find it easier to take baths when I am feeling depressed. 

12. take care of your skin!! drink lots and lots of water and at least wipe it down with a wet washcloth if you can. 

13. period tracking apps are super super useful! 

14. grades are important in high school if you want to go to college. try to stay caught up. if you are struggling, please please reach out for help. you could possibly drop classes to help the load. pace yourself and try to keep a schedule that works well for you. 

I know these things are easier said than done, especially if you are mentally ill/struggling. please just know that the little things are accomplishments, like brushing your teeth, getting out of bed, etc. you’re one step closer to recovery every single day. you are loved and you are precious. 

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#Chile #JaguarWright is putting herself in the hot seat again after calling out the Queen of Hip Hop-Soul #MaryJBlige for hiding her sexuality and challenges her to a #VerzuzBattle.

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#YESSGIRL The 43-year-old Cedar Hills, Texas native had the audacity to call out the singer for her alleged hidden sexuality, shading her talent, and requesting a Verzuz challenge from her - which she would probably never get because nobody knows or heard any of her music. #NoShade

Anyways #Chile, this girl was so confident and bold to say that she can produce her own music.

“I can produce my own songs. I can sit down with a competent mix engineer and walk all the way through a mix. I can do those things Mary, can you? What can you do, Mary? Other than play dress up and eat snatch in dark places hoping nobody finds out you’re gay. And If I’m lying, sue me Mary. If you got the heart, let’s do the Verzuz. Or if you want to apologize to me for the way you tried to destroy my career at it’s very beginning, you can do that, too.”

Recently, Miss Thing ain’t no chill after accusing singer #Common for sexually assaulting her while they were in relationship, brought up #SummerWalker being assaulted, and more.

Sis just need to listen to #NoMoreDrama to know who to pick her battles with because Mary isn’t the one you want problems with.

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That’s some seriously sexist bullshit. Women with experience are better at all things sexual.

Slut shaming makes women fucking prudes and perpetuates the fact that so many women view casual sex as ‘taboo’. When societies hold double standards like this for sex, putting the whole experience on a pedestal and adding increased pressure on each gender to achieve opposite goals (i.e. women to have the least partners possible and men to have the most), we are causing unrealistic and unhealthy relationship goals.

This is the same logic that perpetuates men idolizing “virginity” and, since it causes men to seek more and more sex with younger less experienced women while women to seek the least amount of sex possible, it’s no wonder so many men find themselves engulfed in pedophilic fantasy, potentially ruining others’ and their own lives in that pursuit.

My philosophy is this, as long as you’re safe about it and both adult parties consent, everyone should fuck everyone they want to fuck. No regrets, enjoy each other and stop treating sex like it’s some sacred rite of passage when it’s really just a biological function that’s also quite pleasurable. I can’t say I don’t understand why other women “hold back” on sexual pursuits, but I can say that I don’t agree with the vast number of reasons they give for it….the type of double-standard sexist slut shaming in this meme being one of the core reasons why many women don’t engage in casual sex.

The type of men who share and feed into the slut-shaming stereotype are much more likely to engage in unhealthy sexual practices and relationships. Not to mention that I doubt any of them have ever experienced tantric sex or any other truly mind-blowing sexual experience. I doubt any man who slut-shames has ever shared sexual experiences equally with any woman who had the experience, practice and working knowledge to enjoy some of the best overall sexual experiences they’ll ever be a part of, the shit fantasies are made of, only real.

This post is ignorant bullshit, pure and simple, and it makes me sad that men think that they should be experienced and women shouldn’t, because that is the very essence of gender inequality, and it creates so many problems in out society and culture….wanna know why most men couldn’t possibly hope to ever have casual sex with nearly as many women as I have men? Shit like this. And sharing shit like this just keeps you all in the fucking doghouse or sleeping on the couch…whatever the case may be.

Women need to be empowered sexually, not shamed.

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