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riseabovedefeat · 17 hours ago
Both gender and sexuality are a spectrum.  There are no fixed boundaries except personal feelings and experiences.  When someone tells you how they identify respect that.  Honor that.  And never judge them.
This list is not all inclusive, there may be genders and sexualities that I don’t know about, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist, but I wanted to start a list to show how expansive the gender and sexuality human experience is.
Again this list is just what I know, not an all inclusive list of every possible identity.  If someone comes out to you fucking respect their identity.
For instance I am a Non-Binary Lesbian 
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newblogamiright · 2 days ago
I'm asian and gay
I'm officially calling myself
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monogender · a month ago
The video store lets people rent locked rooms where they can watch adult video content. According to the Harford County Sheriff’s Office, they have received complaints from area residents and other patrons about the store.
“I went inside and was hooking up with someone and the next thing I know eight of us were against the wall with handcuffs with plastic zip ties on them,” one man arrested in the raid told the Washington Blade. “And we all spent the night in jail. I was released at like six o’clock in the morning.”
"I don’t know why people have a problem with this. We go there to meet people like us.”
A friend of another of the arrested men said that his friend and another man were in a locked booth together when police “in full riot gear unlocked his room and arrested him and his friend.” They are now facing a charge of indecent exposure for their activity in a locked room.
“They spent the night in jail and were badly treated,” the arrested man’s friend said.
Maryland’s law against perverted sexual practices bans oral sex with other people and animals, as well as any other “unnatural or perverted sexual practice with another or with an animal.”
Like many sodomy laws, the text of this law does not explicitly name gay and bi people – heterosexual couples can also engage in oral sex – but in practice laws like these are only enforced against people having sex with the same sex.
Sodomy laws like this one were overturned by the Supreme Court in its landmark 2003 Lawrence v. Texas decision, which said that states can’t use appeals to morality to justify laws that ban private activity between consenting adults.
A 2013 Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision about Virginia’s ban on anal and oral sex reaffirmed that it’s unconstitutional to ban private sex acts even if the laws apply to heterosexual couples as well. Maryland is in that court’s jurisdiction.
“There are cases around the country discussing whether certain areas are private, usually focusing on whether the participants had a reasonable expectation of privacy,” attorney Greg Nevins told the Blade. He said that locked rooms in video stores should be considered the same as locked hotel rooms.
That several of the men aren’t facing charges for indecent exposure at all indicates that authorities are not even accusing them of having sex in public.
The Sheriff’s Office defended the raid in a statement, citing “an increased number of concerns and allegations of a wide variety of illegal activity.” The statement did not say whether those complaints were about sexual activity happening behind locked doors.
Tumblr media
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headspace-hotel · 8 months ago
This is totally random and I can’t fully express what I’m trying to say but: “it’s okay to not want to do kinky stuff in the bedroom” is an important message, but it’s missing something and I’m not sure what.
I mean, for one thing, it’s okay not to want to do anything in the bedroom, and we DO talk about consent, but there’s still this...assumption that a certain set of acts are the Basic Package that constitutes Normal sex, and that all the “weird” stuff is in steps up from there or something, and that being an allosexual individual means you get the Basic Package.
So we don’t often tell people that it’s okay not to want to do oral or to have penetrative sex. In particular, no one encourages people to evaluate whether it’s okay to “expect” that of their partners in the same way they do with “kinky” stuff.
So like, I keep seeing people criticizing the fact that “kinky” stuff is becoming Expected and Normal, but as an autistic person whose sensory experiences are very different from what’s “expected,” it’s like...nothing in particular should be Expected and Normal? “They might not be into that/enjoy that” is just as true of the most “basic, vanilla” sexual acts you can think of as the most out-there weird crap you can think of? There’s no single specific act that every single sexually active person should be presumed to enjoy?
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grumpytrans · a year ago
so loving men isn't a curse. loving men isn't "unfortunate". loving men isn't a bad thing. yes, we can joke about how awful men can be, but it gets to a a point where this mentality can really hurt. it can really feed into you hating yourself for something you can't control. loving men is something special. loving yourself is just as beautiful.
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itsnotswikriti · 27 days ago
being gay is saying “that’s homophobic” at every minor inconvenience
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the reason the LGBTQ community won’t acknowledge detransitioners is because they present a conundrum that’s damaging to the movement’s revolutionary goals:
if they never actually had gender dysphoria then we need to be intensely scrutinizing the standard for diagnosing gender dysphoria
if they did have gender dysphoria, but then it went away, we need to question the ethics of prescribing permanent bodily changes for what could be a temporary condition
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babblebunny · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The self discovery of sexuality is often not linear and it can change. Maybe in the future I will feel different and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean it was “just a phase.” It doesn’t mean those feelings were invalid. It just means those feelings changed. That’s life.
Edited 8-24-20 to correct misunderstanding in phrasing. Apologies!
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madamehearthwitch · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Q: How would you describe your gender?" A: loosely
Q: How would you describe your sexual orientation? A: with an "ehhhh" noise and a sort of noncommittal wiggley hand gesture
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glassgirl5 · a year ago
Tumblr media
To all of us who are a wacky mess and don't really understand wtf we are.
You are valid my friend. Just because you don't know which one suits you best or you just don't like fitting into one term, you're okay, you're still part of the community and I love you.
Stay strong!
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headspace-hotel · a year ago
I fucking love libraries man like I’ve been chilling in my college library and randomly pulling out books and today I looked at one called “medieval sexuality” and it was talking about how monks thought they should never have sexual feelings or get erections ever and there was a quotation from the account of this one monk who wrote about how a woman had to stay with him one night because she was like travelling or something and the sight of her made him so horny that during that night he had to stick his hand in a candle flame to distract himself from how horny he was and also at least one monk wrote about having homoerotic dreams about Jesus
kids these days need to open a book and be scarred for life by some obscure historical fact that they could have easily gone their entire lives not knowing
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liberaljane · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Your partner does not define your sexuality. 
Art by Liberal Jane
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intersapphic · 3 months ago
Bi and lesbian solidarity is so important but I think a lot of us get it wrong because we don’t know how to do it. It’s not just telling each other we’re valid and good, it’s not just positivity posts, it’s actively deciding we’re going to learn about each other and listen to each other when something truly harms us, it’s learning about our unique struggles.
It’s about while talking about biphobia and lesbphobia, we’re not being biphobic or lesbphobic in the same breath. We have community together and are going to be connected by our oppression and love whether some of us want to admit it or not. Some of us are so hurt by what has been said that we become reactive and lash out at other sapphics who have done nothing wrong, and that’s understandable but we have to learn how to change it. Contrary to popular belief, bisexuals AND lesbians are being run out of LGBT+ spaces due to majority perception and assumption about us.
In reality, lesbians and bisexuals will both have unique relationships to gender and identity and society that need to be respected and we need to take the time to listen and understand them. It’s not a competition of who is the most marginalized and affected by xyz, this has been said a million times but when we do that we are actively taking away from the severity of lesbphobia and biphobia.
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ppl be like “oh I love Handmaid’s Tale” then turn around and use words like “birthing person” and “chestfeeder”
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catarium · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy Pride Month! 🌈
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