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#sfw agere
snailsagere2 days ago
Please read my dni in my bio before interacting!
Since it's Halloween soon I thought I'd find some Halloween colouring pages to post 馃巸
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lullabylyssa2 days ago
Aww is my little one feeling extra tiny today? I think you are, sweetie. How do I know? Hmm I think the giggling, extra silliness, and you being extra clingy gave it away. I love it when you鈥檙e clingy, baby. It鈥檚 not annoying. Hush. I鈥檓 going to go grab your bottle and make some angel milk to put in it for you then we鈥檙e going to watch a movie. Here鈥檚 your paci, baby. I don鈥檛 want you making your own angel milk, you鈥檙e just a baby and I don鈥檛 want you to get hurt, okay? Here鈥檚 your bottle, little one. Do you want to sit on my lap? Does my sweet little one want to be held? I鈥檒l hold you all day long. Of course you can play with my fingers while we鈥檙e watching our movie. I would love that. Do you want me to the pick movie for us to watch? How about this one? How did I know that you would want to watch that one? I know you, silly. It鈥檚 your favorite movie to watch when you鈥檙e extra tiny. I love my extra tiny little baby.
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babyfoxprince2 days ago
Found old 2002-2004 care bears! Does anyone know who the green one is?
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kawaiistimss2 days ago
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馃敧 | on ig
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littlegoffgirlie2 days ago
You pick a theme, 馃挆MINE WAS HEARTS馃挆, and find whatever sticker or cut out and completely fill the page, mine is not done yet but I ran out of stickers!!
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bubewie2 days ago
喱( 嗪粹 蠅 鈥 )嗪脆瑩 隃リ湦 覀 喋 * 銆 鈥 藲 藲 藳 藲 藳 鈥 銆* 銆偮 銆* 銆 鈥 藲 鈾
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喱( 嗪粹 蠅 鈥 )嗪脆瑩 隃リ湦 覀 喋 * 銆 鈥 藲 藲 藳 藲 藳 鈥 銆* 銆偮 銆* 銆 鈥 藲 鈾
銆 Soft Angel KittyBun Board 鉂o笌
(based off a character i made!)
鈾 鉁 鈾 . 鈾 鉁 鈾 . 鈾 鉁 鈾 . 鈾 鉁 鈾
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cyborg-frankya day ago
hiiiii! i really like your stories. i was wondering if i could request an ace x fem!reader who鈥檚 a hopeless romantic? his crush gives away all her love to people that don鈥檛 deserve her and/or hurt her in the end and gets heartbroken by romance really easily. fem!reader likes ace but is scared to make any moves or advances due to her fear.
Ace x Fem!Reader SFW Modern AU Word Count: 769
Tumblr media
Too many times had Ace seen you get hurt, over and over the same routine would unfold. You鈥檇 meet someone, fall hopelessly and utterly in love, giving your heart, soul, body to them. It always ended the same, they鈥檇 take and take and never once give you back anything more then a crumb, just enough to string you along, let you fall deeper down the rabbit hole.
He hated to see it, he hated the number of times you鈥檇 end up at his house, crying your eyes out, heartbroken and another little piece of you ripped up and thrown away. Ace wasn鈥檛 sure how much you had left to give.
Too kind, the world was going to chew you up and spit you out. Your heart got a little smaller each time you laid your feelings on the line. You were in love with being in love, red flags all around you waving in the wind that was the storm of each relationship, but you pressed on each time. Brave or stupidly, he couldn鈥檛 tell sometimes.
Each time you鈥檇 trip up the hill before the last thing came along and pushed you down. He鈥檇 seen you fall too many times, seen tears roll down your pretty face more then enough. Your heart was so close to being bricked up behind a wall.
He鈥檇 had feelings for you as long as he could remember, but he watched you navigate clumsily from one bad relationship to a next. At first, he鈥檇 been worried he wasn鈥檛 mature enough for you, or what you needed, he didn鈥檛 want to become part of the long string of problems you鈥檇 had in your life.
But as you sat next to him on the sofa, cuddled against him and watching a movie, he wished he could be your next problem. Ace wanted to show you that your love could be valued, returned in full, but you鈥檇 closed the doors, the palace of your heart had been plundered and looted for the last time it seemed.
鈥淎ce, you have been staring at me for awhile now, what鈥檚 going on?鈥 You turned to look up at his handsome freckled face.
You鈥檇 wanted to be his girlfriend from day one, the feelings you鈥檇 harboured for the dark-haired man hadn鈥檛 lessened over the years of knowing him, you鈥檇 never been single long enough to make a move, you had always been too scared of ruining the one good and healthy relationship you鈥檇 ever had with a man, even if he was just your friend.
鈥淛ust thinking鈥 He shrugged and leaned over to grab his beer, taking a sip.
鈥淲ell, don鈥檛 try too hard鈥 You smirked, he rolled his eyes, moving the cold beer bottle to rest against your warm back, you squealed and wriggled against him. 鈥淵ou little shit鈥 He laughed and repeated it on your exposed stomach.
You moved to the other side and brushed hair from your face giving him a look, a grin still on your face despite the glare you shot the freckled man. 鈥淏ut really, you never look that deep in thought unless we are getting ice cream鈥 You added and slowly moved back to his side.
鈥淚 know you aren鈥檛 dating at the moment鈥 He started, setting down his bottle once he鈥檇 drank the remaining liquid. 鈥淎nd that might not change even after I say what I have to say鈥 He rubbed his neck, feeling awkward suddenly, words starting to fail him.
鈥淲hat is it Ace?鈥
鈥淚 like you, I really fucking like you, I have for awhile but seeing all those guys just treat you like shit.. killed me, I鈥檓 scared I might end up like one of them鈥 He sighed and sat forward, his hands between his legs, staring at the carpet as he let his words sink in with you.
鈥淎ce.. I feel the same.. I mean I鈥檝e liked you for awhile too, but I鈥檓 so broken, I鈥檓 worried it鈥檒l go wrong and I鈥檒l loose the one person I truly love鈥 You looked out the window, anywhere but at the man.
鈥淏ut I know you鈥檒l still treat me better then anyone else and for that, I think.. I think I鈥檓 willing to risk it.. just once more鈥 He looked up through his dark hair, eyes wide as you turned to face him, eyes meeting.
鈥淚 promise to try my best鈥 Ace sat up, his hands nervous, reaching for yours, unsure if you wanted it, you reached his first, holding them tight, smiling, answering his question. 鈥淚t鈥檚 used and broken so please be gentle with it 鈥 but my heart is yours鈥
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gyrfa-gariadusa day ago
cryptid regression
For anon
Tumblr media
A cryptid is an animals that cryptozoologists believe may exist somewhere in the wild, but are not believed to exist by mainstream science.
馃暢 Cryptids are wise creatures taking an outing to museums,old woods, swamps and learning about the natural environment.
馃暢 Most cryptids are nocturnal. So your cryptid will most likely be a night owl.
馃暢 You may find they seem to have either all or no energy. When they鈥檙e energy levels are high it may help if you find a high activity game such as just dance or running sprinting tag. When energy levels are low finding places for your cryptid to curl up and hide.
馃暢 Taking photos of your regressor with the flash in the dark to get that red eye effect
馃暢Halloween and horror themed colouring books
馃暢learn about your local wildlife and how you can best help them
馃暢 sudden chills are never random
馃暢 Those are not people, by the lake, and they do not like it when you stare.
馃暢activities such as match box stuffing and geocaching may help fill the hoarding and foraging urge.
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lauras-happy-place16 hours ago
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bigpubbyya day ago
Got a new bear and a fidget pop it toy 鈾 puppy is happy!!
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babiee-duckieea day ago
activities for regressors:
play on a swing set
play hopscotch
colour with chalk
build fairy houses with materials you find outside
take pictures of your toys in nature. this works best for animal or dino toys
jump rope
go to a beach and find seashells
play in a sandpit
go for an ice cream
leaf rubbings - put a piece of paper over a leaf and use a crayon to rub over it and you鈥檒l get the leaf imprint
carve a pumpkin
use face paints & dress up
go to a pumpkin patch and take pictures
collect leaves and make a leaf arrangement/wreath
build a snowman
make snow angels
make your own advent calendar
have a snowball fight
play hide and speak in the snow
collect flowers and make bouquets
make flower crowns
make daisy chains
play tag with some friends
any season;
redecorate your room
play with makeup
play some board games
have a tea party
do a jigsaw puzzle
play dress up
play with some dolls
play with dinosaurs
play the sims
play pretend
do some sequin art
play with play dough
make/play with slime
read some kid books
play with stickers
watch cartoons
sing songs
have a dance party with your stuffies
play with squishies
go for a bike ride
make a sensory bottle
make a sensory box
set up a dollhouse
make beaded bracelets (i really wanna do this)
make yourself a cute snack
learn a new recipe
make a playlist to regress to
design a picture using glitter
draw some fashion designs
design the perfect little cafe
start an agere/petre journal
make a self-care box
paint your nails
start a scrapbook
make temporary tattoos using food colouring (pls search how to first)
do an 鈥渁ge regression swap鈥 with a little friend and send each other things
that鈥檚 it for now ! keep busy and stay cute, little ones <3
ig - babiee_duckiee
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age regressor culture is just wanting to be cared for
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kokowiya day ago
喃挵 飧濃笣 鈼 爽 鈼 陹贬儛 鈾 i wanna be your little one. '
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pumpkinpages2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Baby Goblin and Lucy love you so much and believe in you! You can do anything! 馃挏馃挏馃挏
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