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#sfw furry

Today was a bit frustrating, so did some self soothing with cute bunnies.

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Comm for a client over discord! Oh, to be warm and cozy in a kigu….

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Unfortunate Q&A


I’d love to answer questions about these guys! You can find them all in this th folder!

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Comm for @.KKirkway on twitter! It’s rare for me to draw a full scene, but I do adore how they turn out c:

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I’m actually SO happy with how this came out! I love Prism a lot she’s so fun to draw and this is definitely one of my favorite pieces now (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ 🌈☁️🐇

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Preston progress: Ear fluff complete. Final: Antlers. (Will brush out fluff once the antlers are done.)

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A new reference sheet for Aki!! i love his warm colours sm,,, *cries*


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But your worries will be over if you truly realize

One day you’re going to die!

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Flat-colored anthro couple busts for a client on Discord of their and their partner’s sonas. Thank you for commissioning, enjoy!

Art: @b1ttercherry

Character(s): Wished to remain private.

Like what you see? Consider commissioning me by clicking here!

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more experimental art w my favourite colours

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👻Spookywriters is taking commissions!👻

Additional Notes:

-All payment is done upfront via invoice, do not send me money first!

-Please have visual reference of some kind to hand if you have a certain pose in mind or an idea for what you want the oc to be wearing! This can be a crappy sketch or pics you found on google, anything is considered helpful!

-Bear in mind that after a certain point, corrections will begin to cost more, especially the further past the sketch stage I am! I allow a minimum of two corrections before I begin charging more and the rate will be decided based on the complexity of the corrections desired (minor ones may not be charged for at all depending).

-Once past the sketch stage the commission is NON REFUNDABLE.

-I reserve the right to refuse a commission for ANY reason.

✨✨If commissions are a bit much, that email is also my paypal email should anyone want to donate instead. Any little helps!!✨✨

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