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More Beastars sketches

Pic 1- Juno gijinka , love the design It was somewhat hard trying to mimic some other animal features from the original but i think i made it work. Also she kinda reminds me of sailor Jupiter a little. though i wanna go and try it again as I’ve always imagined Juno has short haired to rival Haru long hair. 

Pic 2- Legosi gijinka pretty standard didn’t really stray far from Paru original drawing but still add a few of my own twists. specifically the loads of bandages and mullet which i think adds to a more “delinquent” appearance.

Pic 3- up and coming render of human human Haru + some of my personal headcanons. not much to say on it right now but i generally had fun doing thise piece.

Pic 4- up and coming render of my favorite scene featuring juno from the festival arc! more on that later.

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