#sga: common ground
hewwwwkayyyy · a month ago
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prurientpuddlejumper · 3 years ago
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stargate365 · 2 years ago
[SGA] 3.07: Common Ground
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Run for your life!!!
Who’s shooting at us this time??
What the??
A grappler?
Oh fuck. Dammit Kolya, we should have killed you the first time.
Liz is anxious. No surprise. AR-1 looks pissed.
“What are you gonna do, like ask the Genii if one of them took Sheppard?” “Yes, I am.”
Hi Ladon. Wow, Ronon you being scary is not what Liz needs rn. Save it for later.
Yes John, you should have killed him.
Wow, doom and gloom prison buddy. Now we just need a harmonica to complete the cliché.
Oh joy. Kolya’s lackeys. Can we kill them too? Soon? I hope.
Rude person with a gun.
“Commander Kolya insists.” “Oh, he insists. Well, why didn’t you just say so?”
…Ladon has changed his hair.
Wow, that is an old school camera set.
Yeah, nobody looks happy to see him. No surprise.
Rodney is Not Happy about Sheppard being kidnapped.
Wow, Ladon needs to do some house cleaning. With Bleach. And maybe Ammonia mixed in. (Yes, I know what happens when you mix the two.)
Where the hell did Kolya get a Wraith? The metal glove is… an interesting idea.
Liz is going to burn you Kolya. She’s going to burn the heart out of you.
“You’re in pain.” “Well, I just got fed on by a Wraith. What do you think?”
And now John’s getting suspicious. This dude knows an awful lot about the Wraith…
Well crap… John’s not too happy about his cell-block mate.
Nnnn. Arguing is a waste of time…
We got a match?? Yas queen!!
*cough-splutters* Rodney acting like a Comando Squad Leader. Doing things by the numbers.
“What are you on about?” [sheepish:] “Oh, just things that Sheppard would say, so I thought I would, uh…”
(In the background Ronon looks baffled, and Teyla puzzled.)
Pfft. Good luck with that, you’d be shot before you even made it into the Gate room.
Rodney, really? What did you shoot.
Even Carson is there with a handgun, ready to defend his buddy.
“I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I just, uh… You know, I reacted.” “What is it?” “It’s a, um, mouse.”
“We just wasted two-and-a-half-hours… and a mouse.”
*sighs* Nothing is ever scheduled these days…
John is seriously badass for surviving this shit… I don’t think I could.
He looks so tired though.
John plotting with the Wraith for mutual escape. Teamwork is a good idea, yes!
The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend… for now, anyway.
Don’t give up John!!
“Oh now he wants to escape.”
Woops. The Genii are suddenly looking like a good snac.
That shifty look, like, please don’t eat me bc that would suck.
John peering around the corner, and turning back to having a gun in his face, like no don’t point that at me!
*snorts* What did you expect mate. You tortured two sentient beings, gave them a common enemy, and left them alone together to plot.
“Don’t be so negative!”
“You think you’re gonna make it?” “If I feed.” “Well, don’t look at me.”
John being grumpy af. Don’t blame him rn.
John is stubborn af too, refusing to leave his new buddy behind. And determined that his people will find them.
“You are more like Wraith that you know.” “I’m not sure I like the sound of that.” “There is much about Wraith, that you do not know Sheppard.”
I am curious about the wrath sociology now.
Oh wow, three moons.
“Oh, it was worth it. If only to see the sky again.” “I’ve got slightly higher expectations.”
*snorts* Liz isn’t letting Kolya stay alive.
Oh yeah, like bullets will work against a Puddlejumper.
Isn’t it obvious? They’re disappearing bc they’re dying.
Oh wow, John looks… mostly dead.
Holy crap… John’s okay again. What just happened.
I did not know Wraith could do that.
“How is this possible.” “Don’t ask me.”
Erm… wat? Did the Wraith just call John his brother?
Goddammit. Kolya escaped again.
“You didn’t kill him?”
“Thanks for showing up.”
“Next time we meet…” “All bets are off.”
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jumpingpuddles · 4 years ago
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Stargate Atlantis: Common Ground
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kikathedemon · 3 months ago
Ok, so I love Wraith, alright? But why, for the love of gods, do they have to hiss all the time? Someone should start hissing back at them, preferably during a feeding session.
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captainrina · a year ago
Me, while eating pot roast: if I was starved and locked in a cell for a decade and the new pot roast in the cell next door was the first thing to talk to me in a long time and had a good sense of humor and offered to make a jail break with me, I would do it, but I would probably want to eat a few of its potatoes first too.
My sister's bf, also eating pot roast: it looks like he ate more than a few of Sheppard's potatoes.
My sister, getting another helping of pot roast: he's tasty
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beejones2180 · 3 months ago
circled back to watch common ground (i skipped over it the other night because i knew it had torture and i needed something lighter) and i liked it more than i thought i would, once we got into the odd-couple second half.
however. HOWEVER. H O W E V E R.
John middle name Sheppard, oh my fucking god, next time ‘all bets are off’?? are you kidding meeeeeee?????? you have, for the FIRST TIME, established a REMOTELY amicable relationship with your terrible human-farming enemy and you THROW IT AWAY???
Tumblr media
in related news, Elizabeth got to do absolutely no damn negotiating with Kolya despite having regular contact with him. no discussion of other things they could offer him. no stalling for time. so i guess it’s not like John is getting good diplomacy examples.
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ice-the-irken · a year ago
"Many generations ago, during a culling, the Genii were able to shoot down a Wraith Dart."
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"The Wraith tend to self-destruct, I'm surprised you were able to get ahold of something like this."
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"I merely allowed myself... to be captured alive..."
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stargatecaps · 2 years ago
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annakiaora · 3 years ago
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Oh - Rodney’s face when John is being tortured 
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hewwwwkayyyy · 3 months ago
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For Wraith, hunger burns like a fire.
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prurientpuddlejumper · 3 years ago
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dancingwerewolf · 4 years ago
Common Ground is such an amazing episode. It has everything I could ever want: 
Shep whump
worried team
loved ones forced to watch while hero is tortured
bounding with the enemy while weak
surprise! fellow prisoner is your mortal enemy
working with the enemy to survive
team fighting to save hero
reminder that our hero may still die due to his torture even if he is rescued
hero and enemy fighting beside each other kicking ass
the hero giving the enemy his trust while weak and injured and hoping he’s not killed for it
oh no! our hero is dead
nah, he fine and looking fine too
parting ways with the enemy as bonded equals with the understanding they both will go back to enemies the next time they cross paths 
BONUS: countless amazing episode tags. Thank you fandom! And thank you Sheppard for being so deliciously whumpable  
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mcsheps · 27 days ago
i will always choose sga over sg-1. the sole reason behind that is due to the fact of how much more well written and developed the characters were (imo). everyone has their own individual reasons for desiring one show over the other, whether they decide that consciously or subconsciously.
but I’ve realised this is the reason that always draws me back to sga. as an individual in my personal life, I value and seek strong, unbreakable friendships. the idea and possibility that some of the most broken, seemingly unlovable people can still find a family of their own is so desirable to me.
what the writers did with john and rodney was so significant, irrespective of the fact they didn’t make them canon. an unlikely friendship, but both share commonalities of someone who is broken.
rodney, someone who purposefully avoids potential meaningful friendships by being particularly hostile, selfish and narcissistic. john, someone who purposefully avoids potential meaningful friendships by being completely emotionally unavailable.
both john and rodney want to avoid the same thing, caring about someone to a great depth. because it’s utterly painful. however there becomes a point where they both naturally start to gravitate toward one another. i believe that’s why their connection is so solid, it’s not something as “simple” as just being a good friend.
it’s the realisation that two, polar opposite beings can find common ground and discover they are not so different from each other. so when they do become great friends, irrespective of the fact that they are both broken individuals… it becomes something powerful. It becomes something worthwhile, something worth protecting and nurturing.
it’s like saying “well, I didn’t know it was possible to find someone just as broken as i am. but now that I have found them, I want to show them just how loved they can be. because on a deeper, subconscious level I want to know that I am capable of being loved to the same degree.”
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atlantis-scribe · 23 days ago
May I submit Todd the wraith for your character ask game?! Cheers!
first impression: I'd read a lot about Common Ground before I actually watched it, and when I finally did I was surprised by how good I found it! it was a really solid episode, and I remember being so excited about finally seeing another layer to the Wraith folks (I read the Star Trek novel Final Frontier way back when, and I remember meeting Todd and feeling the same feelings I felt when I read about Field Primus t'Cael & all the insight his POV gave me about the Romulans/Rihannsu)
impression now: bastard boy (affectionate) HAHAHA he really is the perfect poor little meow meow for the SGA fandom, and I'm really bummed about how his narrative ended(ish) in canon. while I can't see myself ever taking the novels seriously, knowing that he has a 'real name' and more layers to his character is a nice fact to remember every now and then
favorite moment: referring to Sheppard as a brother. that shit was SO COOL narratively speaking (and not the least because of how freaked out the idea seems to make John lmao)
idea for a story: FALL! OUT! FROM! MILLER'S! CROSSING! I wanna know what Todd thinks about everything that went down with Henry Wallace and how that whole shitshow might've affected his opinion of the Tau'ri and the Atlantis crew
unpopular opinion: hmmm I don't actually find him all that sexy? but that's probably just the ace in me lol he's more of a misbehaving toddler (geddit?) that I wanna occasionally hit with a giant pool noodle
favorite relationship: Sheppard! they have such an interesting dynamic that is made even more complicated by the lurking fact that John's BFF Teyla is now ~~ technically ~~ the queen of Todd's hive lmao
favorite headcanon: he likely would've hated Michael's gutssss
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mathgirl24 · 4 months ago
Top 5 SGA eps 😊
Another great ask!! Thanks!!
Whooo boy, this is going to take some thinking.
1. Tao of Rodney
2. The Storm/The Eye
3. Conversion
4. Echoes
5. Before I Sleep
But then there's also Honorable Mentions - The Long Goodbye, The Siege trilogy, Home, The Real World, Common Ground, The Return 1 & 2.... aaah!! Too many to choose from, and that's not including the darkest timeline of seasons 4 and 5... if I include them I'll add Lifeline and Vegas.
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Watched SGA "common ground" again and it just reminded me how much I love John
+ how much everybody else loves John
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TAT: leader whump: SGA Common Ground 🦋🦋🦋
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stargatecaps · 2 years ago
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annakiaora · 3 years ago
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Rodney looking good in the new uniform 
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