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Stargate Atlantis | Instinct 2x07
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scifidancer · 9 months ago
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If I were you Rodney, I'd keep my hands off Jennifer...
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stargate365 · 3 years ago
[SGA] 2.07: Instinct (1/2)
Tumblr media
Yet another mysterious, misty planet with dark and dingey surroundings… and a pub. I like a good pub I do.
Ratira? Mountains? They exist beyond the fog?
That’s a big heavy door… are we locking ourselves in, or others out?
Pfft. John, nobody would ever believe that you were just a simple traveller. Not with that getup.
Pfft, you mean Ronon looks like he can take care of himself… and maybe Teyla. She is small, but fierce.
Rodney’s face when he puts the dots together because Wraith.
Well that doesn’t sound like a falling star… and that wreckage certainly ain’t natural. Hello Mr. Wraith… ah… goodbye Mr. Wraith.
*tragic screaming*
Okay, ew, that doesn’t look like your typical Wraith victim.
Ronon is just so eager to get with the hunting and the killing.
Rodney is always attracting children, it’s so cute.
“We’ll kill it [Wraith] before that happens.” “You must be great at parties.” Pfft. The Snark.
Teyla looks like she’s on the edge of tripping… Ronon’s spotted something. Be funny if it was just a really big rabbit…
Nope, not a rabbit, a girl… wraith. Girl wraith? Baby Queen??
Wait… what??
What, baby wraith triggered parental instincts??
Rodney is looking very curious… all this science-y stuff.
Don’t worry John, I’m as confused as you are.
Yeah… Carson that sounds like a load of bull, either there was serious intervention or it was the bugs infecting humans.
Um… that sounds shady, both ethically and scientifically…
Ellia’s voice sounds very familiar…. and her face… okay, that settles it. Jewel Staite from Firefly. The way she says “no.” I’m having flashbacks to her interacting with Nathan Fillion.
Ronon looks so grumpy at not being allowed to shoot things.
Aww. Poor kiddo. Sorry, Ronon is just not very friendly.
He is VERY not friendly.
Yeah, well you’re not one to talk about table manners Mr. Eats-With-His-Fingers
I can’t be the only one wondering why a single small ship fell to a planet, with several battle-ready Wraith and a Baby Queen, and nothing else… was it an escape pod from a Hive ship that was destroyed…?
Uh-oh… kiddo eavesdropping… well, this will never end well.
Kiddo’s gonna go inject herself with untested serum, isn’t she…
And now it’s all going to go to hell…
Huh… so Baby Queen has been snacking on the side… poor darling.
I bet the big one has been teaching her how to feed telepathically…
Okay… growing claws now… and screeching… that’s not good.
Um… what now… the fuckk???
Oh… he let Elia snack on him.
Why? He asks why? Isn’t it obvious? Father looses family, and finds orphaned cub? Adoption was inevitable. Duh.
We still going with the serum story?? Okay, that’s cool. I got your back bro, she never snacked on anybody else.
Sad ending to a sad story… ;w;
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spockvarietyhour · 4 months ago
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There are two alien tavern types.
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rodneymckays · 4 months ago
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Teyla pushed forward, past John, and started down the steps. “…you shall not touch [Rodney].” The tall man looked at her with sharp assessment. "You challenge our right? You will fight for him?" Teyla set her feet down firmly, raising small clouds of dust. In her boots, she came up to the man's chin. "I do, and I will.”
— torch, The machinery of heaven
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stargatecaps · 2 years ago
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jumpingpuddles · 5 years ago
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Stargate Atlantis: Instinct
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annakiaora · 3 years ago
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Yeah - Ronan and Sheppard being badass 
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minzart · 11 months ago
All I can imagine in the sga au is, Y/N falls in love with the sidekicks like all their plans fall apart when instead of falling in love with one of the boys, she is just spending time with Diablo feeding him giving him attention and similar things with the others. Even better if they know a lot about animals or creatures that the sidekicks are.
Yuu holding the henchmens: Don't talk to me or my children/honorary uncle ever again
Poor Grimm's gotta catch up or he's gonna be replaced
List of best sidekick to .... ok, from Yuu's perspective (till they meet them better):
Iago(gossip privilege), Iago made an amazing first impression to Yuu and overtime he just got more and more relaxed in their presence, so relaxed in fact that he started to hangout with Yuu to gossip the news constantly
He got into so many fights with Grimm bc he gets more pets than him, the bird just fakes stupidity when the monster cat trys to blame him for some chaos that happened when Yuu was away for five seconds. And seven have mercy on Ace and Deuce bc Iago will do the pleasure of roasting them constantly, while Yuu's away, and hide under their protection when things go out of the rails
Over time Iago just becomes a constant companion it's to keep an eye in the others, not bc he enjoys Yuu's company, no sir, not at all to Yuu during classes and breaks, together with the one brain cell trio, that Yuu starts to research more about his specie, now in lunch time, Iago may see himself with loads of fruits and vegetables as snacks, and somebody help him when he got so comfortable that he rolled his belly up to get some scratches may noone ever find out or he's in one hell of a teasing ride for the rest of his existence
As for Jamil I think he would see this more of an opportunity to bound with Yuu over Iago and his shenanigans, even if he gets jealous sometimes of how much attention Iago robs him of, Yuu would just gush about things Iago does when he think nobody is looking and Jamil would inform them about Iago's preferences, since the bird is with him for more time and die internally bc Yuu can just be so fucking adorable when they want to what the actual fuck
King of Hearts (pleasant funky old man), is becoming a pleasant uncle, every time Yuu goes to Heartslabyul he's there with a cup of tea and a friendly ear for their problems finaly a therapist for the unofficial therapist of this goddam school, he's very shy and doesn't have every solution for every problem, but just the fact he's willing to listen in silence is good enough, the Queen is this close of singgin the adoption papers
Riddle's a little conflicted, on one hand they are coming in their own will and spend a little bit more time with him than normal, on the other most times they are with the King, instead of him, having tea, he gets a little sad that yuu prefers the King's company over his, but he understands why the King is doing very good things for Yuu, and honestly some days Yuu comes to hang out specifically with him and he suspects the King may be a mastermind behind that shy exterior
Crow (just a pleasant Crow, best buddy), while Iago gets to hang out with Yuu during classes, Crow gets the domestic stuff, after all he's the mail boy and his duty is to delivery the letters, so he spends much time in Hamshackle with Yuu while they write the letters back, which can take some good time when inspirations doesn't strike
Crow is very affectionate after he gets used to Yuu, to the point were his mimicry ability can say Yuu's name, playing with their hair and even helping Yuu with simple things, he's a very smart boy, a little helper in the dorm, Grimm even got a motivation to be less lazy bc Yuu just showers Crow with praises every time he helps around
But of course, remember, he too is a smug little shit, messing with Grimm's tail is his favorite activity and the only time poor Grimm has a break is when the headmaster is around, it's a war between those two
Suddenly Dire Crowley gets so more useful, helping with the dorm and even getting Yuu gifts, in retaliation Crow just flexes his bird form privileges, getting gentle scratches from Yuu right in his face, but that's ok for the headmaster, the problem is when the praises come "aren't you so kind? Thanks Crow", That's HIS TITLE YOU-
Vil is quite surprised when Yuu comes asking him about Crow, he's so busy that he doesn't spend much time with him or Yuu sadly as it is, but Yuu's fascination catches his attention and he starts paying more attention and asking the evil queen for details on the bird, sharing cute pictures with Yuu ever saw the video of a crow playing in the snow?, he won't admit it, but in his bad days he hates how much Yuu is so entranced by that bird, he wonders if the little shit is plotting against him, which is proven absolutely wrong when Crow makes then hang out more than ever, even if Vil doesn't notice the master plan the bird brain is doing at the moment
Diablo (guardian angel and Yuu doesn't even suspect) is more reclused than Crow, watching Yuu from afar during the day, always ready to mess somebody's advice towards the child of man, he's quite chill, and if Yuu ever needs a time alone, he's the best choice for a companion, sitting in their lap doing happy noises as quietly as he can manage so not to disturb the peace
Night time is the best time to hangout with him, in the nights Malleus doesn't show up, Diablo does and has a little moment with Yuu in the forest, being in silence only forest noises as their atmosphere or hearing how Yuu's day went gathering info for more victims
Of all of them, Diablo has the best relation with Grimm, since the raven doesn't try to catch Yuu's attention constantly, and only shows up at night time, when Grimm is too tired to cause a fuss
As His and Yuu's bound grows, he gets bolder with the chaos he creates, now if Yuu ever briefly mentions a prank they desire to do, Diablo's eyes GLOW WITH EXCITEMENT and Yuu gets the impression that this raven really, really~ likes causing mayhem in his spare time as much as he likes stalking
Malleus doesn't even notices how much Yuu loves Diablo, until they mentioned missing the birds presence in their night walks, he gets pouty but he can manage, specialy if this gives him an excuse to talk more to Yuu, he asks Malleficent about the raven just so he can have more knowledge to share show off to Yuu who already knows what Malleus is saying
Pain & Panic (those shapeshifters imps that just get into constant trouble but are endearing) messed up one of the days they tried to spy on Yuu and got caught, Yuu is just so tired and used to all those animals appearing out of nowhere that they don't even care anymore, gives the two imps some lunch and gets to bed [the imps will now die for Yuu], and then the next day Yuu notices that those things maybe aren't animals
Pain unlucky strikes gets him in constant dangerous situations that Yuu helps him on instinct, and then they screams bc THATS A FUKING DEMON, and then they stop bc of fucking course demons exist in this world WHY WOULDN'T THEY. JUST LOOK AT GRIMM!
Panic... panics. But he's quickly calmed dow by Yuu's ability of: fake it till you make it, that gives them this aura of "I got everything under control" that calms anyone
The imps kinda hangout in Hamshackle some weekends, shapeshifting when convenient, which makes Yuu's day way more fun, they usualy give terrible advice and have half a brain cell in total, but are strangely endearing. The kindness Yuu shows them makes the two kinda forget what they are supose to be doing manipulating Yuu's view on the boys in favor of Idia
Idia isn't realy bothered by it... until he sees the boys doing the stupidity of encouraging Yuu's confession to somebody Idia has no idea who is, ohhohoho do they get a lecture from Hades and an unusual frustrated Idia, but those interactions give Idia an excuse on a crazy high of anger to get out of his room Hades thanking the fates in the distance to get pain and panic's asses back, which involves talking, in person, to Yuu congrats Idia you gave Yuu a reason to visit you besides gaming night
The hyenas (they didn't made a very cool first impression) their first impression was "trying" to eat Yuu so... yeah. Not a great start, so when Yuu visits Savanaclaw somedays later, they are... aware of the three hyenas, and the trio doesn't make it easier either, they like to mess with the herbivore, until Shenzi and Banzai found Ed being pampered by Yuu, this shifted their interaction to a more amicable one and then to "were are my favorites Boys and Girl!"
Yuu gets used to the diferent sounds the trio does that they can discern which one is "talking" before they even see their appearances, Shenzi tried to talk to them once, but magicless humans can't understand animal lenguage until Yuu falls to an unfortunate accident in potions class and gets beastmen characteristics, then it's another level
Leona doesn't like that he can smell the trios scent in Yuu, it gets annoying he can't leave his scent so why the three idiots can?, so his solution is to just pick the herbivore and lock them in a nap... that gets interrupted by the trio trying to get Yuu's attention they just settle in sleeping closer to them instead, then he asks Scar to give more work to the trio so he can spend more time with his herbivore alone
The eels (they look creeply at Yuu every time the go to Mostro Lounge) don't look exactly very friendly to Yuu and are constantly watching them with those big glowing eyes that are way more unsettling than Jade's or Floyd's ever was.
But with time and research they discover that some of the duo's habits is nothing creepy and only natural, the open and close jaw is for breathing, even if it looks more like they are chatting or plotting, the second set of jaws intrigues them to see it in action don't tell the Leech twins
So one day Yuu offers to feed them, and lo and behold Flotsam and JetSam can look creepy, but are oddly shy to a new person in their territory, days are needed for them to actually get closer to Yuu so they can play together, petting them and feeding while they entangle themselves in Yuu is surprisingly fun and relaxing, just got to be careful with the feeding part, their eyesight can be poor and accidents may happen
Ursula is pleased by how much her soon-to-be-in-law gets along with her boys, and Azul... is managing the jealousy inside him, that isn't enough to overcome his insecurities and show Yuu his cecaelia form more frequently, however their little smile and delight is enough to make him a little soft... next day he trys to persuade the duo into letting him make profit of them
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logicgunn · 4 months ago
If you're playing the fic ask game, The Long Dark series 1, 9, 15 please :)
1: What inspired you to write the fic this way?
I adore apocafic. It's my absolute favourite genre. There are a handful of wonderful ones in the SGA fandom that I find time to read multiple times a year and I wish there were many more.
I knew I wanted to write one of my own, but I also knew I wasn't going to be able to pull of anything quite as lonely as the ones that came before. I started musing over settings and concepts, zombies vs disease vs global war etc, but my mind kept flicking back to the video game of the same name. I take a lot from the game, the setting and some lore and characters, but it's very much a "drop the characters in the situation and see what happens".
I wasn't entirely sure what I was going to do with it until I scrapped my first draft...
9: Were there any alternate versions of this fic?
Yes. Sort of.
When I first planned out part 1 J and R weren't going to get along at first. Not so much enemies to lovers but mutual irritation to mutual survival to mutual trust to mutual attraction. But in completing the first draft of chapter 1, I hated it enough to completely disassemble the whole thing and start over. Draft 2 came out warm and fuzzy and I realised I found my niche. All the events that I planned still happened, but once I started off on the right foot it all came together into a great bug fluff fest.
Someone once told me TLD is like a hot flask of cocoa on a cold, snowy day. I really liked that, and I'm glad I went with my instinct instead of struggling against it.
From early on I've had two mutually exclusive directions I wanted to take this series, and now I'm on part 14 I've reached the point where I need to commit. It's one of the reasons there's such a long wait for this next part. I was debating myself for months and I'm still not sure it's the right choice. I'll have to see how I feel when it's done. If I hate it I'll go back to the drawing board and try the other path, but I think I'm on the right track.
15: What did you learn from writing this fic?
The most important thing I learned was to write what I want because it turns out some other people want it too. TLD is the story I have the most reader engagement with (not the most reader praise, but the most reader chat) and that means a lot to me.
But also, in researching how they can plausibly live in this video game setting (I love the game but it's very light on realism), I've had to learn so much about survival and historical methods of things like hunting and hygiene, the activities of wild animals and how to fight off hypothermia. There are parts I fudge things for the sake of plot or flow, but there are so many interesting things humans have done for millennia that I've really enjoyed learning about.
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mathiaskejseren · 8 months ago
I'm really enjoying See on Apple TV (if you haven't seen it go check it out, especially if you're a SGA fan!) But God why is Kofun so fucking stupid!! I get that he was a sheltered 16 year old or whatever but so was Haniwa and she gets the concept THAT PISSING OFF THE PEOPLE THAT ARE TRYING TO KEEP YOU ALIVE IS A BAD IDEA. Oh my God stop that you not so little shit! Hes got the self-preservation instincts of lemming and is cringely incompetent at doing anything physical and its getting really annoying.
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hewwwwkayyyy · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Stargate Atlantis | Instinct 2x07
The way his flashlight is literally shaking.
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prettyboyreyes · a year ago
non-lesbians ESPECIALLY non-wlw need to be conscious of the way you treat expressions of sexuality from lesbians because it’s very obvious what the line is. I said on my old blog that I thought Lena Bosko looked hot in a low cut tank top and I was called disgusting and predatory. Straight women talk graphically about the sex they want to have with Evan Buckley or Eddie Diaz and it’s not thought of as weird or bad at all. When you see a wlw (especially lesbians because it’s much more common when the person in question is a lesbian) express any sort of attraction to another woman and your first instinct is “that’s gross,” you’re being homophobic lol. **Being sga does not excuse you from perpetuating homophobic or biphobic rhetoric. We all grew up in a heterocentric society. Don’t hide behind being sga when you’re rightfully criticized for ingrained prejudice**
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prettyboy-parker · 2 years ago
starker abo: homecoming
warnings: emotional and physical abuse (nothing explicit!), smut at the end, implied thorki, mentioned sambucky
words: 3.7k
“Jesus, he’s such a fuckin’ crybaby. I feel bad for Quentin.”
Everyone turns to look at the table across the cafeteria. Peter Parker, the world’s snootiest omega, is perched on top of the navy lunch table and bawling his eyes out. Loki, a lithe snarky omega, is patting under Peter’s eyes with tissues. His usual posse huddles around him, cooing at and petting him.
“I don’t. His performance in bed probably outweighs his attitude, if you catch my drift.” Sam snickers and Bucky punches him in the arm. The alpha lets out a whine and rubs at his shoulder. “Hey! What was that for?” He snaps at his boyfriend. Bucky just narrows his eyes. Tony finds himself looking at Peter again. He seems to have calmed down a little. His friends usher him out of the cafeteria, no doubt to help him fix his makeup. Tony could gag at how fucking prissy the omega is.
“You okay, Tony? You look a little pale.” Steve says, and Tony can’t believe he’s actually concerned.
“Jeez, Steve, I’m fine. Your motherly instincts take over?”
The table howls with laughter.
“Good one, Stark!” Thor booms and Steve rolls his eyes. Tony sends a wink at Steve, a group of girls heading towards their table emerging in the corner of his eye.
“Steven,” Peggy, the beta exchange student from England, pipes up. A few of her friends giggle behind her. “Would you come with me? I have to talk to you.”
Steve nods wordlessly, trailing behind her like a lost puppy.
“He’s smitten, I tell ya’.” Bucky slurs, tossing a crumpled napkin at Sam.
“Idiot. I’ve got to piss, see you in Calc.”
Sam groans and Rhodey shouts “TMI!” Tony passes a table of girls on his way out, and they all call his name. He shoots them a wink, opening the double doors to the hallway. It’s actually quiet in the hallway, aside from his combat boots thunking on the linoleum floors. He fishes through his leather jacket’s pocket, looking for his cigs, when-
“Watch where you’re fucking going!”
Tony stumbles back as he knocks into, well, none other than Peter Parker. He looks like he’s going to cry again as Loki lifts him off of the floor. The tan-skinned beta flips him a bird as they walk away.
He can’t believe Quent would ever say that to him. For one, he’s not a slut. He’d never cheat on Quentin, he knows that, so why did he say it? Two, Quentin’s lucky no one was around to see Peter’s tears.
What he can’t get over is how Quentin touched him like that.
He’s heard of alphas hitting their omegas, but it’s always been an old wive’s tale, or whatever. He guesses that Quentin’s just stressed. He didn’t do so hot on his Pre-Calc test, so maybe he has some pent up anger.
Peter needs to send him some flowers.
By the time he gets back to his apartment, he’s already tried calling Quentin three times to apologize, but the alpha never picked up. He drops his Vera Bradley book bag on the floor with a heavy sigh.
“Hey, Peter! How was school?” Uncle Ben asks from where he’s seated at the kitchen island.
Peter breaks down into tears.
Uncle Ben takes him in his arms, holding him close. That’s the thing about his uncle, whenever he’s upset he just lets Peter cry it out, never asking for an explanation. Peter appreciates when his aunt gives him advice, he really does, but sometimes it’s nicer just to be held.
“I’ve got Halotop ice cream that’s calling your name.”
Peter giggles softly as Uncle Ben ruffles his hair.
Soon enough he’s cuddled under his silk sheets, a carton of peanut butter cup ice cream in his hands. In the midst of watching Cady and Janis mix together foot cream, his phone rings.  “Quentin 💕💕” lights up on the screen over a very flattering picture of his boyfriend.
“Hi,” Peter answers quietly.
“Hi honey, I just-um-wanted to say I’m sorry for what I said. I didn’t mean any of it.”
“It’s okay Quent, I was a bitch too. I’m sorry.” Peter responds quietly, stabbing his ice cream with his spoon.
“You kind of were. I’ll catch you tomorrow, okay?”
“Bye, love you.”
Peter hangs up the phone, feeling emptier than before.
“Anthony, you are not wearing that.”
Tony smirks and adjusts the collar of his leather jacket.
“Don’t worry, dad. I know Peter. It’s all good.” He replies, running a hand through his hand. Howard clenches his jaw.
“Come on, boys. We don’t want to be late.” His mother calls, ushering the two to the car. Howard still looks pissed as he climbs into the driver's seat, Tony scrolling through Instagram as they drive to the Parker’s. A picture of Peter appears, the omega posing on the hood of a cherry red ‘65 Thunderbird. His long, milky legs are displayed by his tiny red running shorts. A sliver of his toned stomach is exposed by his cream Coca Cola crop top. His almond hair looks like it’s blowing in the wind. Red heart-shaped glasses frame his face perfectly. The caption reads “Taste the Feeling! ♥️♥️”.
A small part of Tony wants to taste him.
He ignores that part.
“Now you behave, Anthony. This deal is important, we’re paying Benjamin a lot of money for his program.” Howard reminds him.
“Yeah yeah,” Tony replies, rolling his eyes and itching for a smoke. They pull up to one of the apartment complexes in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Tony begrudgingly follows his parents, the elevator operator nervously pressing the buttons.  The elevator brings them directly to Peter’s penthouse because of course, the Parkers have a penthouse.
“Oh, hello!” A voice exclaims from the kitchen. He stands awkwardly until Mrs. Parker emerges from the other room. “Welcome, all of you!” She exclaims, giving his mom a hug.
“Oh, Anthony, I remember when you were just a baby. Your mother came to me for a dress for a gala, and she brought you along. You’ve grown into such a handsome alpha.”
Tony flushes, embarrassed. His mom laughs loudly and pinches his cheeks.
“Peter should be down soon, he always takes forever to get ready.” Mrs. Parker complains, pushing her glasses farther up her nose. “Benjamin is picking some whiskey from the cellar. Why don’t you come sit down?”
Mrs. Parker leads them to the living room, where the couches are covered with blankets and the fireplace roars. Tony sinks into the knitted blanket, sighing heavily.
“Oh, goodness, I’m sorry I’m late!”
Peter Parker is at the top of the steps, in a tight, glittery maroon dress, looking like an absolute vision.
“Come down, Pete.” His aunt calls with a smile. The omega’s heels click on the hardwood staircase as he comes downstairs. He’s prettier up close, a silver glittery barrette holding his curls out of his face. Gold glitter is swept over his cheeks and eyelids.
“Anthony,” He says, scrunching up his button nose. Tony winks at him. The only empty seat is next to the alpha, so Peter daintily sits down on the couch. He smells divine, like expensive floral perfume mixed with the sweet scent of omega.
“You can call me Tony, you know.” The alpha purrs under the voices of his parents and Mrs. Parker. Peter rolls his eyes.
“Dully noted.” He snaps back, but Tony just laughs.
Dinner goes on slowly and Tony keeps his mouth shut. Peter’s definitely checking him out (or maybe that’s just Tony’s ego.) During the meal of lamb and beef, Tony notices a bruise blooming under the hem of his dress.
The omega gives him a glare and adjusts his collar.
“Did you hear? We’re being assigned partners this time.”
“Ugh, gag,” Peter grumbles, tapping his pink pen on his pink notebook.
“I know,” Loki responds, eyes glancing to the back of the room. “I hope I get paired up with Thor, though.”
Peter smiles and picks at his cuticle.
“He better ask you to homecoming. I’m blackmailing him if he doesn’t by Friday.” He says nonchalantly, eyeing the burly blonde in the back of the room. He’s laughing about something with Anthony.
“Peter. I’ll beat you to it, you know that.” Loki jokes. Peter nudges him in the shoulder of his dark green sweater. The class quiets down when Ms. Hill steps into the room.
“Good afternoon, everyone. As you may have heard from the other classes, we’re starting our quarter project.” She announces. “I’ll be assigning you into partners, and you’ll be researching the impact and achievements of a Chinese dynasty.”  
The glass groans, a few pairs of eyes flicking around nervously.
“Calm down. It’s senior year, you should all know each other by now. I’ve already have your partners, so listen up...”
Peter studies his French manicure as Ms. Hill calls out their names. He gives Loki a wink when the teacher pairs Thor with him for the Tang Dynasty. It’s getting to the end of the list, and Peter’s worried that Ms. Hill might have forgotten him, then-
“Tony and Peter. Song Dynasty.”
The omega dies a little inside.
“Alright, get to work! Rubrics are on my desk, get brainstorming!”
The class disperses into a flurry of noise and movement. Tony slowly stalks over to him like the douchebag he is.
“How about you get the rubric?” Peter suggests, but it’s more of an order than anything. Tony smirks and places his pencil on the desk next to Peter.
“Anything for you, princess.” He teases, causing the omega to flush a bright red. Peter doodles in his notebook until Tony gets back with two rubrics.
“Song Dynasty. I’m fuckin’ pumped.”
This actually makes Peter giggle a little bit.
“Calm down, Anthony.” He quips back, a small smile on his face.
It turns out the two work together pretty well.
Tony’s definitely not a slacker, and had avid ideas that Peter wrote down. They settled on a comedy-style presentation. (Which Peter would neverdo, but who can say no to Tony’s puppy dog eyes?)
When the bell rings, Tony walks him to his next class, like a...gentleman.
Who knew?
“Good morning Midtown! I’m Peter Parker, your SGA President.”
Tony turns his attention to the T.V in the hallway. Peter sits at the newscaster desk, in a navy and white tennis polo, a matching headband pushing back his curls, and two big pearls adorning his ears. Tony could purr, but he pinches himself. There’s no way he can be falling for Peter Parker.
No way.
The entire hallway goes silent, in awe of their queen on the screen.
“A quick reminder-next week is spirit week! The days are posted on our Instagram and around the school. Don’t forget to buy your homecoming tickets. They’re being sold all week in the cafeteria. Thanks, and have a wonderful day!”
Everyone resumes their conversation.
Tony slams his locker shut.
“Oh god, you are not making me ride that.”
Tony laughs loudly and tucks his hands into the pockets of his jacket.
Peter stands with his arms crossed over his baby blue Chanel sweater. His pink lips are turned down into a frown, button nose scrunched like it always is.
“I am. Unless you want to walk?” Tony coos, handing his helmet to the omega. His honey eyes glance down at the black helmet, then back up to Tony.
“You’ll keep me safe?” Peter asks quietly, his bitchy facade dropping. Tony’s eyes widen.
“Oh, of course, Pete. I’d never let anything happen to you.” The alpha responds, genuine care in his voice.
“Well, then let’s go, slowpoke.” Peter huffs, placing the ill-fitting helmet on top of his curls. Tony chuckles and straddles the bike, waiting as Peter slowly wraps his arms around his torso, resting his cheek on his back.
“Hold on!” Tony calls as he starts the bike, causing the tiny omega to yelp. They leave school, weaving through the cars and students. Peter shouts directions to his house in Tony’s ear, the alpha smiling as the wind whips behind him. They eventually arrive at Peter’s apartment complex, parking his motorcycle in the garage for the occupants.
“That sucked,” Peter grumbles, but-Tony sniffs the air.
Peter’s turned on.
He’s about to crack a joke, but stops himself. Peter looks at the ground, embarrassed.
“Sorry. Didn’t bring my car.”
Peter tries to hide his smile.
The omega brings him up to his penthouse, heading to the kitchen to grab something to eat.
“Do you want anything, Tony? I’ve got...quite a lot.” Peter asks, grabbing some wheat crackers and spread from the fridge. Tony shucks off his leather jacket, placing it over the back of the chair. He runs his hand over the cool marble counter.
“I’m good, but thank you.” He responds, pulling his notebook out of his bag. Peter shrugs, grabbing his book bag.
“Suit yourself. Let’s go upstairs, my aunt will be home soon.” He tells Tony, not sparing him a second glance before heading to the staircase. The alpha rushes behind him, narrowly avoiding an expensive looking vase. They turn right down the hallway, pictures of Peter at all stages of his life on the walls. One catches Tony’s eyes, a little baby Peter with a big blue bow on his head, smiling as he plays in a pile of leaves.
“Please don’t touch anything, Anthony.” Peter sniffs when they reach his room, pink exploding in Tony’s vision. His room is huge, perfectly cleaned and organized. There are pictures everywhere, Peter smiling with his friends. A king-sized canopy bed sits in the middle of the room, expensive silk pillows arranged with care. Peter plops himself on the ground, spreading out his papers.
”Your room is...nice.” Tony comments, sitting on the ground next to Peter. He's still overwhelmed by the omegan aroma filling the room.
”Thank you.” Peter says softly, clearly pleased.
”Should we get started? I had some ideas about how we should present the civil service exam.”
They get a big chunk of their work done but end up talking about everything butthe Song Dynasty. Peter’s actually really fucking smart, wanting to study biological engineering in college. He's down to earth and an absolute sweetheart when he's not surrounded by the student body.
And he's really fucking pretty.
”I know! Fury is such a hardass!” Peter exclaims through giggles, tears coming out of his big doe eyes. His curls are a mess, splayed underneath his head.
Tony isn’t thinking when he reaches over and thumbs away Peter’s happy tears.
The omega blinks in surprise, but-
sucks Tony’s thumb into his mouth.
Tony growls loudly, removing his thumb from Peter’s mouth with a pop, leaning down, and pressing his lips to the other’s. The omega is everything Tony thought he would be. Sweet like sugar, with the remnants of the crackers on his tongue. He hums happily as Tony picks him up, pulling the smaller into his lap.
“I fucking like you, Parker.”
“Tony,” Peter whispers as the alpha lightly drags his fingers over his bare thighs. “Tony, I have a boyfriend.”
“He doesn’t deserve to be your boyfriend, Peter.” Tony says, almost frantically. “He-He fucking hurts you.”
Peter flinches at his word choice.
“He doesn’t. It’s none of your business.” The omega breathes, avoiding Tony’s gaze.
“Peter, please tell someone. Or break up with him, I don’t care.” The alpha pleads, taking Peter’s hands in his. The omega rips them away.
“He loves me. Please drop it.”
Tony bites his tongue.
“Loki, your bow is crooked.”
Loki rolls his eyes and spins around.
“Then fix it, Peter.”
Peter laughs and straightens the blue bow that holds his black, silky hair out of his face. It’s Class Colors Friday, the seniors getting their rightful color of blue. Harley takes a bite of his sandwich, looking over Peter’s shoulder.
“Uh, Pete? Quentin’s coming over here, and he looks mad.”
Peter turns around, seeing his boyfriend heading towards him with a scowl on his face. Peter pretends to light up, giving him a small wave. Before he can greet the alpha, he’s grabbing Peter by his cheerleading jacket.
“You fucking slut,” He growls, blue eyes narrowed. “You sleeping around with Stark now?”
Peter whimpers as his breathing picks up.
“Quent, you’re making a scene.” He whispers, tugging at the alpha’s sleeve gently. Quentin grins menacingly.
“Am I, now?” He chuckles, pressing a kiss to Peter’s cheek. “That’s high praise coming from a drama queen like yourself. Have fun finding another homecoming date.”
With that, Quentin pushes him back, and storms out of the cafeteria. Peter follows him, ignoring the shouts from his friends.
“Quentin, baby, wait!” The omega calls out once they get into the hallway, causing the alpha to spin around.
“Is it true? You made out with Stark?”
Peter’s bottom lip quivers as he stays silent. Quentin sighs exasperatedly, clenching his fists tightly.
“You deserve everything I did to you, Peter. And I hope you fucking know it.”
Peter doesn’t see his, well, ex-boyfriend, leave through his tears. He shuffles off to the omega restroom, trying to keep his mascara from running. He sifts through his purse for his little packet of tissues, dabbing at his eyes frantically. The door swings open, and Peter expects Loki and Harley, but the smell of smoke and musky alpha fills the room.
“Shit, Peter, I’m so fucking sorry,” Tony says quickly. Peter just whimpers and cuddles into the alpha’s torso.
“You were right,” He cries, breathing in deep breaths of Tony’s scent. The other boy strokes his curls, shushing him. “And now I don’t have a homecoming date, and all my friends do, and senior year is just going to suck.”
Tony sighs deeply from above him.
“I can go with you, if you want.”
Peter looks up into Tony’s deep brown eyes.
“Are you asking me out, Anthony?” He teases, poking the alpha’s cheek. His eyes widen in surprised.
“No! Not at all. I’m just saying, if you wanted to, I’d be willing to go with you.”
Peter laughs and kisses him.
Tony’s so fucking nervous.
His hands shake as he grips the stupid plastic corsage box in one, ringing the doorbell with the other.
Mrs. Parker opens the door.
“Tony. Come on in. Peter will be down in a second.” She says with a glint in her eyes. Tony follows her into the apartment, perfectly clean, like always.
“Let me see,” Mrs. Parker smiles, leaning over to look at the corsage in the box. “He’ll love it.”
Speaking of him-
Peter Parker appears at the top of the steps.
Tony’s mouth parts subconsciously. Peter looks-Peter looks stunning. His dress is a cherry red that matches his lipstick, all lace and off the shoulder. He walks down slowly, smoothing the skirt of his dress.
“Peter, oh my god, you look beautiful.” Tony sputters as Peter gives him a peck on the cheek.
“And you look handsome,” The omega responds, thin fingers adjusting Tony’s tie. “You bought a corsage!”
Tony laughs, opening the box and picking up the white rose. He adjusts it on Peter’s wrist as the other boy pins a white boutonniere to Tony’s lapel.
“Perfect,” He coos, pressing another kiss to Tony’s jaw.
Mrs. Parker gives him a quick, threatening talk as Peter uses the bathroom. Peter fake swoons when Tony opens the passenger door to his Audi.
They’re the perfect pair.
They take pictures and dance and kiss and it’s everything Tony could ever dream of. Peter wins homecoming queen, as he should. He looks divine on stage, sparkling tiara on his curls and smiling wide.
“Alpha,” Peter whines, 30 minutes before the dance ends, making Tony’s heart skip a beat.
“Yeah, baby?” Tony responds, grinding his hips forward against Peter’s ass, a quiet ‘oof’ falling from his lips.
“Can-Can we go back to your place? If your parents aren’t home-“
“Fuck yes.”
The car is thick with the scent of arousal, the mixing of their pheromones making Tony crazy. They’re on top of each other once they make it inside.
“Tony, where’s your room?” Peter moans as Tony nibbles on his neck. The alpha doesn’t respond, instead lifts the smaller into his arms. Tony rushes upstairs, making sure he doesn’t drop Peter. They collapse onto the bed, Tony pressing his lips to Peter’s. He tastes delicious, as always, and Tony can’t help but moan. He pulls off of Peter, shucking off his suit jacket as Peter stands up.
“Alpha, can you help undo my dress?”
That phrase sends a jolt of arousal to Tony’s dick.
He obeys, thick fingers tugging the silver zipper down. Peter steps out of the dress, his freckled back on full display, as well as his delectable ass that’s barely covered by white panties. In awe, Tony runs his fingers over the pale stretch marks littering his flesh.
“Is that- are they too gross? Quentin always said t-they were ugly.”
Tony’s speechless.
“No, no, baby,” He coos, spinning Peter around so he can see his face. His doe eyes shine with oncoming tears. “You’re fucking beautiful, you know that? You’re the sexiest goddamn thing I’ve ever seen.”
Peter giggles shyly, flushed.
“Fuck Quentin. He’s a pussy, not a real alpha. He never deserved you. You’re perfect, my little omega.”
They make love.
There’s nothing else to call it-not fucking, not sex. Peter rides him for everything he’s worth, tiny cock leaking against his stomach as his thick thighs straddle Tony’s. The tiara stays on, his curls becoming damp with sweat. Tony doesn’t last long, he pops his knot too early, but he doesn’t mind, since Peter is right behind him.
“Tony?” The omega whispers after Tony slipped out of him and cleaned them up.
“Yeah?” The alpha responds, breath hitting the back of Peter’s neck.
“I fucking like you, Stark.”
Tony laughs, pulls Peter closer under the covers, and kisses him.
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spockvarietyhour · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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glitch-in-space · a year ago
50 Follower Celebration - Fic Requests!
I’ve reached just over 50 followers and as such, I’m going to take the time to have some fun and celebrate the small milestone (god knows we could all do with some more joy nowadays).
Therefore, from now until 1st Dec 2020, I will be taking up to 51 fic requests!
They can be prompts for a new fic you want me to write (the more specific the prompt, the better), or they can be a request for me to finish a fic I’ve already got or to post an abandoned fic. Depending on the amount & nature of the requests I receive, the fics may be anywhere from 250 to 2k+ words.
If you have a request, fandoms & details are below the read more. Feel free to send me an ask if you don’t see the fandom you want or you have any questions.
If you don’t have a request, please reblog this so others can see.
You can request/prompt through an ask (anon or otherwise) or comment on this post.
When requesting please include the fandom, characters (+ pairings, gen or otherwise, if any), and your prompt or whether you want to see a fic I’m working on/have abandoned. I’m more inclined to write slash but any non-incest pairing goes. If one character is underage in canon, I will likely age them up or age down the older one so it’s not creepy, eg Vlad/Danny from Danny Phantom would have Danny be over 18 or an AU with Vlad also being 14/15. Crossovers and AUs are welcome.
Things I won’t write: non-con (I will write case fics without detailed description of the events or fics where it has happened in a character’s past but not the event itself), absolutely no incest (this includes adoptive/foster family), graphic smut
Fandoms I write for:
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Criminal Minds
Danny Phantom
Doctor Who Universe (includes Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sarah-Jane, and Class)
Ghosts (the BBC tv show)
Grey’s Anatomy
Hawaii Five-O (2010 reboot)
The Hobbit & LotR (mainly the movies)
Houdini & Doyle
Harry Potter (TERFs not welcome)
Law & Order: SVU
MacGyver (2016)
MCU (mainly Loki, Iron Man, Spider-Man & Antman but prompts not involving these are welcome)
Merlin (the BBC tv show)
Night at the Museum
Nobody’s Looking
Now You See Me
Pacific Rim
Primeval (also Primeval: New World)
Project Blue Book
Shadowhunters (tv show)
Stargate (the movie, SG-1, SGA & SGU)
Star Trek (anything & everything)
Teen Wolf
The Flash (only up to S2 or 3 though)
The Listener
The Sentinel
The Umbrella Academy
The Vampire Diaries
The Witcher
X-Men (movie!verse)
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stargatecaps · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
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jumpingpuddles · 5 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Stargate Atlantis: Instinct
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arrowsbane · 2 years ago
Okay but please consider a sort-of HP AU to SGA. No HP involved, but the universe? Heck yes.
So we have a whole expedition just arrived in Pegasus. Low on food. Low on moral. Steve gets loose for a moment during transit to Hoth, and John’s just done. He’s so tired of this bullshit, so he nails the sucker with a wandless stunner in front of everybody.
And then he realises what he’s just done. Liz is staring at him, her mouth agape. Rodney is frantically radioing Carson because now he’s hallucinating. Teyla is… curious. Can all Tau’ri do this? It would be useful.
And then Miko lets out an ungodly shriek of rage, throws her hands into the air and storms off. John shifts from foot to foot. So… let’s get Steve to Hoff.
That night at dinner, Beckett and Markham sit down opposite him, looking very unimpressed.
“Does the statute of secrecy mean nothing to you?” Beckett yelps, and beside him, Markham nods sullenly. John winces, because he was tired dammit.
Miko comes stalking over next, practically hissing with fury. She may be tiny, but John’s instinctively on guard, because everybody knows a chihuahua is scarier than a great dane. You can see the Danes coming.
There’s a furtive, angry and hushed conversation happening at this dinner table, and the rest of the expedition is very blatantly eavesdropping. The phrases “—supposed to be a secret!” “—are you out of your mind? –” “–not like the auror’s can arrest me now of all times—” bounce around, because Atlantis was not always designed for quiet conversations.
The four of them look up sheepishly to see Liz frowning down at them.
They cave like wet paper bags in the face of a hurricane.
Turns out… it’s not a bad thing. John’s not the only one with a stash bag that has an undetectable extension charm on it, full of pretty much everything and anything. Seems like paranoia comes hand-in-hand with the ATA gene and magic. Who knew?
Miko is very, very gleeful to present her actually fully-functioning terrarium that is packed full of adolescent coffee plants. Rodney very nearly proposes marriage there and then. Radek might actually follow through on that thought if he pulls one more all nighter.
Turns out, Carson’s also a fully certified healer. John admits that he snuck along his broomstick. Markham winds up delighting the Athosian children with his patronus.
And then… Miko turns into a ferret. All that work on her transfiguration mastery finally paid off.
I didn’t think it much further beyond Miko turning out to actually be a Jarvey and having to explain it to Ronon. “Like a ferret, but bigger. And a serious problem with swearing” “what’s a ferret?” “...cat snake.”
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loveinthetimeofcovidsblog · 2 years ago
I had an experience happen that was so moving tonight I had to share. Have you ever been going through a difficult time and someone reminds you of the best version of yourself? Or, at least a better model?
I don't see myself the way others see me. I never have.
In high school you will see me and a lot of people know me but I have all of one friend. It was David Bell, the gay kid that knew he was gay, and proudly wore his Barbie Backpack! We are in Owensboro, Kentucky at Apollo High School. David is a freshman proudly wearing his Barbie back pack, and he is teased. He is beaten up. David's life is hell.
Well, I move to Owensboro my Junior year. Everyone is already friends with everyone that they have been friends with their entire life. So, I go to the library and eat lunch everyday. Until one day I see this beautiful boy with the biggest mouth full of braces, and the CUTEST pink Barbie back pack. And it was like time had stopped. And I knew we were going to be best friends forever.
Lol, AND we were both Geminis! My love story with David is interesting. It's how I describe my life with the Democratic Party. The second time I see David, two boys are picking on him. And, teachers are WATCHING as he is being picked on. David was shoved down. I remember, I am eating lunch in the library, and this situation is escalating. And the boys are over the top of David, and my mom instincts kick in. And, I went and I shoved the boys in the chest that were picking on him. I said, "Hey! You like it if someone picks on you! It's not fun! Is it?" And I started poking these boys that are much more muscular than me. And they don't know what to do because I am a girl. They aren't supposed to hit a girl. So they walk away. I reach down and I lend my hand to David, and I ask him if he needs help up. "Do you need a anything? An ear to listen to?" That's the best way I can describe what it's like to be a Democrat. It's a life long commitment to being an advocate for the underdog. The people without a voice.
Can you imagine how brave and COURAGOUS it was for that 14 year old boy to be openly and PROUDLY out in Owensboro, Kentucky? David was remarkably courageous.
For the next two years I am a soldier. It is my responsibility to get David everywhere he needs to be. I don't give a shit if people don't like me. I am a writer, and I am going to move to New York after high school anyways. He is my best friend and it is my job to get him where he needs to be, and safely. And, I never once got violent. I would emasculate the young men from time to time. Which, it was wrong of me. But, sometimes when you are dealing with bullies...it worked.
Well, I am also the fat kid, so it wasn't too big of a surprise when I am not asked to prom. I cry a lot at night time. My Dad says, "You're beautiful! You're just a late bloomer!"
LOL, well, I get to college and I still have not yet bloomed! Lmao I also never made it to New York.
My senior year I was wait listed to NYU. All of my peers are getting their acceptance letters, and I haven't heard back from anyone.
It was on graduation day that I got my four heavy acceptance letters. I got a full ride to Moorehead University, Western Kentucky University, Kentucky Wesleyan College, and NYU.
I am all packed up and ready to leave for New York. And two weeks before I am supposed to leave my Dad had a heart attack. It was a mild one, but the Doctors told him his heart was failing him. My Dad was my best friend. We had already survived SO much together, there was no way I was going to leave him! Dad blamed himself that I didn't go, but, I always told him that it just wasn't my calling. I ended up going to Kentucky Wesleyan College. And I'm glad I did. I made some of the strongest relationships of my life at that school. Lol, and our bonds are all forged in the fact that we are angry at how much debt we are now in! 😂😂😂😂
That was a joke...
So, I am in college. I am still the fat kid, only now I try and get along with people a little better, I wear head phones to walk to walk to and from class, and of COURSE I don't join a sorority! When I find out that you can be a little sister to a Fraternity- AND you don't have to pay dues? Sign me up! It was awesome. I hung out with my best friends every night. I would study, and then go play video games, or Risk, or write poetry with my Big Josh. Lol I am the guys, girl!
I also started a riot...that is a completely different story for another day....
I get a message from a guy that I was in college with. And he gave me his number and he told me to call him. This guy was the guy in college that I would see at parties every once in a while, and I always thought he was SO cute! He would see me, and I would see him, and we would smile. But, that was it! I thought he was SO cute, that I am too shy to talk to him! ME! TBH that is how you know I like someone- I don't talk to them. I stare at them. I have conversations in my head with them, but face to face it's like pulling teeth! I have gotten better the older I have gotten! Thanks to the interweb! 😂😂😂🤓
SO, I call him, and I am nervous to dial out! We get to chatting and he is going through something similar to me. We are catching up, and he says, "Look, I always had a crush on you." I start to laugh and say, "You totally must be thinking of someone else!"
And he very sincerely says, "We are in college and you wear purple everyday. I don't know if it is your favorite color or if it's because you were really in to school pride, but you wear purple everyday. You really like the show Spin City, you were involved with every organization, you relentlessly run for SGA every year, you were an advocate, you wear a beret and it drives me crazy because of your bangs. You wear it crooked, and your bangs poke out of it. And I really thought you were cute."
And, it was genuinely one of the sweetest things anyone will ever say to me. In my life. I was speechless. I didn't even remember that girl he described. I mean I DO, but it was nice that someone else remembered her. And, nothing will probably come of this. Bad timing, and I am no good for anyone right now. But, it sure was nice that someone remembered me before me. It gave me hope that I can still get back to that girl.
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