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#sgs au
pippytmi · a year ago
24 for the writing prompt, darlin’ 😘
“Please tell me you know how to defuse a bomb.”
Kara pauses at the window. It may not be a happy greeting, but it’s something, and Kara is just happy it’s not a venomous jab at the whole… Supergirl thing.
“Uh, hi,” Kara says nervously, choosing to leave the window open for good measure. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” Lena replies irritably. “But there’s a bomb underneath me, and I’d be much better if you were to defuse it.”
“Right, yes,” Kara says. She drops to her knees and does a quick scan of the bomb, then gives Lena an awkward thumbs up. “Good news, it’s not that bad.”
Lena fixes her with an entirely deadpan stare. “I’ll have to take your word for it,” she says.
“I meant…it’s a regular bomb,” Kara says. She very carefully starts her work of untying Lena’s hands, then her legs, all the while keeping an eye on the explosive beneath Lena’s chair. “How did this happen?”
“I am going to ignore the fact that you just called a bomb regular.” Lena rubs her temples and sighs—sighs like Kara is being nothing short of inconvenient right now.
““But it is! It’s not chemical or nuclear. Just…explosive. I can fly it out of here and—”
“And what?” Lena interrupts. “Let it detonate?”
“Um. Yeah?” Kara tries, but all that does is make Lena frown.
“I am not going to let you blow yourself up,” she says. “Can you defuse it or not?”
“In a way, letting it detonate is kind of defusing it.”
“It most certainly is not,” Lena says, and by the way her frown deepens, Kara decides not to press. “Don’t they give you some kind of superpower seminar where they teach you anything?”
“I’m more or less learning on the job,” Kara says, bewildered, because this…this is new. They’ve never talked about her being Supergirl before and what that entails; they just dance around each other with passive-aggressive silence (Lena’s side) and worried glances (Kara’s, predictably). Lena has never even said whether she’s mad or not, and frankly, Kara is beginning to fear what an angry Lena will be like once she lets her guard down.
“Can your cousin defuse bombs?” Lena asks.
“I don’t know. I’ve never asked,” Kara says. “Because I can handle bombs my way, you know! It’s one of the perks of being bulletproof—I’m pretty explosive-proof too.”
“I’m not going to let you test that theory,” Lena argues. “Here, scoot over. I’ll defuse it.”
“What? No. Lena, that’s dangerous,” Kara yelps, already trying to reach over to scoop the bomb away. But it’s too late; Lena ducks down and blocks her way, and Kara will not use superspeed to move Lena away from it—it just feels like that’s a boundary she can’t cross anymore.
“I’ve defused a few bombs in my day, Supergirl,” Lena says, and that is not new. Kara is no longer Kara Danvers as far as Lena is concerned—it’s been Supergirl no matter what. “I can handle another.”
“But you shouldn’t,” Kara protests, “because I have also handled bombs, so I’m pretty sure I have seniority. Superhero seniority. The point is you’re a civilian, and I’m Supergirl, and in the superhero fine print I’m pretty much legally obligated to make sure you don’t do this—”
Lena gives her a dark, dangerous glare. “I already said I’m not going to let you risk your life.”
“But,” Kara persists, “Supergirl has done this lots of times—”
“Well I didn’t know Supergirl was you before, Kara!” Lena yells, and Kara’s mouth shuts completely. Lena’s ticked off expression seems to vanish entirely, and she is left with wet eyes and nothing but devastation in its purest form. “I know it’s stupid, okay? You can protect yourself just fine. But I don’t—I can’t—” Her voice is shaking like it’s hard to continue, and Kara quietly steps in.
“Lena,” she says softly. “You won’t lose me.”
“You can’t promise that,” Lena says. She blinks away any semblance of tears in her eyes, next, and looks back at the bomb. “Look. Guide me through it, okay? We can defuse it together.”
Kara swallows, hard. “How?”
“Use your X-ray vision. Tell me where the wires are, so I can find them,” Lena says. “And if it gets too risky for me I promise we can try it your way.”
“You really promise?” Kara says. “If this goes awry, you’ll let me fly it out?”
“I do. I promise,” Lena swears, and Kara gets the distinct feeling like they’re not just talking about the bomb anymore. They’re promising something else to each other—a promise they’ll get through this, maybe, or even just a promise to talk.
And so Kara takes the leap of faith. Maybe that’s all she can do right now, anyway.
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minzart · 3 months ago
Scar: now we're going to improvise, I'll see if Jack has a recorder and you will sing those lirics to set the mood and then-
Leona: this is stupid, It's too corny, it's not going to work-
Scar: if everything goes as planned Cubs are on the way by nine months or marriage are you in or not?
Leona: ...pass me the script
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imababblekat · 2 years ago
Imagine SG Con’s With Their S/O’s Cat
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(A/N: I looooove cats!! So no need to worry about this being weird in anyway! I’ll take any chance to write about kitties!! Also here’s a link to what I envision noisy furry baby to sound like when arguing w/ Soundwave!!) 
Characters For Ask:
SG Tfp Starscream/SG Tfp Soundwave/SG Tfp Megatron
Starscream loves playing with his s/o's cat
his s/o's purse had a cat toy in their bag once and when they told him their cat must have batted it in there his only thought is," Cat?!!", and he begs his s/o for the longest time to meet them
his favorite toys to play with the cat are those small balls with the bells in them and the feather rods
you know the cats visiting the base when you hear the sound of constant digging and delighted seeker giggles
Starscream collects whatever he thinks will make great toys for the cat when out on patrol, and has a huge chest just full of things he's gathered and bought from actual shops
when not playing with toys, the cat really likes to flop over and hold his servo while kicking and biting it in a playful manner, and Starscream always pretends that he's been defeated by them
he finds their sand paper tongue very weird, especially against his metal plating but doesn't have the heart to stop them when they decide to give his servos a cleaning, especially when they reach over with their paws to pull his digits closer; he's been blessed
Starscreams pointy servos are A++ for giving the kitty belly scritches when allowed by said kitty
Soundwave's introduction his s/o's pet is when his s/o receives a video from their friends/parents of something making very loud, slightly obnoxious noises
he soon learns that it's his s/o's cat and after watching the video and seeing them let out this really long meow he has to meet them
the Con has to know how something so small can produce so many and such loud noises
him and the kitty actually have conversations and it's the cutest thing ever when they get into "arguments"
goes something like:
“soft but firm mew”
SW: “No, you cant drink that. Energons bad for you.”
“determined meow”
SW:“I said no. now stop trying to drink it.”
“angry meow”
SW: “because I said so!”
“very long, very loud mrow!!”
SW:“*gasp* how dare you!! s/o tell our child to watch their mouth”
yep, that's right, he calls his s/o's cat their child, and if one didn't know better some might think Soundwave really was their parent with the relationship between the two
the cats honestly a bit of a little shit with him, but Soundwave absolutely loves them whether he admits that or not, but every now and then his s/o swears he called them Ravage when that's not their name; how weird
Megatron sees pictures on his s/o's phone and his expression’s just :O!!
he has to meet the small fluff, and when they're brought over his spark just explodes at how cute they are in real life
Megatron won't approach the cat or try to hold them no matter how much his s/o insist it's okay
he wants them to come him on their own terms, and his patience is rewarded with the cat rubbing up against his pede in happy delight
as time goes on and Megatron becomes more confident in himself around the small creature he'll start to pick them up more often and give them more pets
he's a big boi after all, especially for a Con, and along with that very pointy, so the last thing he wants to do is hurt the adorable kitty and his s/o's  trust
while everyone else has human charges, his charge is the cat, like seriously, they follow and go with him everywhere and anywhere(except deadly missions of course), that's just how tight their bond has become
if he has time to, Megatron will sit with the cat in his lap and gently pet them, their content purrs and soft fur easing his stressed mind to a restful stasis nap
99.9% of the time will wake up with lil kitty paw prints across his frame and his face
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foleypdx · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
My wife has been reading me @seabiscuits-us‘s SuperCorp Frontier AU. 
So I sat down, started listening to Bear’s Den, and drew this. 
Happy Holidays, everyone. 
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minzart · 3 months ago
Jade: Have you seen the video Cater recorded of the little prefect Azul?
Azul, already searching on magicam: what video? Oh
[Yuu on the kitchen, singing Poor unfortunate souls like a pro]
Ursula: chuckles* isn't this just adorable, makes you think if they were thinking about anyone?
[Yuu acting: and don't underestimate the importance of body language~]
Tomato azul: ... do you think they would perform at the lounge?
Ursula: me and the boys could give you a hand on other matters~ you know, what we just need is a boat and a lake
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foleypdx · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Wanted to reimagine the super-suit for Butch!Kara. 
Hope y’all enjoy.
A version with the comic logo is below... In case anyone’s interested. 
Tumblr media
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battenthecrosshatches · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
While waiting on a challenged call, she glances at Lena and pulls her shirt up to wipe her face, not breaking eye contact. 
@hrwinter​​‘s tennis au is a treat
Tumblr media
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minzart · 2 months ago
Ya know what, fuck it: sgs AU, how they each first manifested to Yuu
Queen of Hearts
Yuu was in Heartslabyul again, waiting for Ace and Deuce to hurry up so they can all go study together, when they heard footsteps behind them. When they turned around there was nothing there but the smell of roses. Then riddle appeared and politely greeted them and offered tea.
Jack had ask Yuu to help water his cacti collection with, so Yuu went over to Savanaclaw to meet up with him. When Yuu passed through the mirror and when they passed the watering hole they heard a loud growl come from the area, the only person besides them was Leona, who seemed to be groggy from waking up and gave them a nod.
Yuu was off at work in the monstro lounge, just waiting tables as usual when it suddenly became cold and they suddenly felt like a tentacle was wrapping around their arm like a rope and it started tugging at them. The cold and feeling suddenly faded as azul power walked in, pink in the face and looking distressed and muttering about he can handle something on his own, he than turned to Yuu and offered them some snacks for their work.
Kalim invited Yuu over to study with him, so they were in the kitchen making snacks with Jamil, who at the moment was mixing the ingredients. Then the sauce they were stirring started to boil rapidly as some of the sauce went flying and landing on their cheek. When jamil came over to see what was going on, the sauce went back to a simmer and Jamil helped wipe the sauce of Yuu’s cheek.
Evil Queen
Vil invited Yuu to one tour the pomefiore gardens with him, so Yuu was following him through the gardens and pathways when from out of the corner of their eye, the saw a dark mass with eyes and a crown watch them intensely. When Yuu turned to face the mass, there was nothing. Vil noticed them lag behind and offered his elbow for Yuu to hold onto so they could keep up with his pace.
Ortho invited Yuu down to play video games with him and his brother on a day off. So they decided to play some simulator game about a goose and was having a good time and curled up next to idia when a sneeze rang out through Idia’s bedroom, instinctively Yuu let out a bless you to the disembodied voice, while Idia’s hair suddenly turned red along with his face. A few disembodied murmurs were heard, the most Yuu made out was what sounded like a “what the fuck”.
Malleus wanted to show Yuu the gargoyles at Diasomnia, so he was guiding them around on personal tour while his retainers were away at clubs. As the pair walked up to one of the gargoyles, they noticed a certain raven was perched on it, watching the pair. Then suddenly the bird swooped down onto yuus shoulder and started preening with their hair, moving it behind their ears and then flying away. Turning around to face malleus and ask him if that was normal, they saw a figure similar to malleus behind him, staring at the pair. Which then disappeared quickly from view.
The Queen letting a smell of Roses, Scar just waking Leona up a groggy Leona sound so fucking CUTE
Ursula just tugging yuu and then Azul just POWER WALKS IN I can see it, Jafar just giving zero fucks about the sauce and boiling that shit just to make an adorable scenario
The menacing presence I felt by the Evil Queen and her Crow is just top tier! YOU EVEN MADE A SCENARIO FOR THE HADE'S SNEEZE, and Diablo just fixing Yuu's hair is absolutely adorable to me, plus Maleficent just right behind Malleus and just vanishing seconds later is just 👌
Yuu after each one of these was just: must be the stress
And then after a certain number of times just went full on theory mode
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musicniinja · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
guys he killed incel. 
they dont know how to feel about it, meanwhile Jazz is hella freaked out about his mirrored self:
Tumblr media
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daskey · a year ago
Tumblr media
when the prompt is dragon, obviously you dig up an ancient sketch and ink it
here’s lena, kara, alex, and sam as dnd characters because... dragon?
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minzart · 3 months ago
[Very early morning at NRC]
Evil queen: are they the one you're fascinated with young man?
Vil: it's complicated
Evil queen: how so?
Vil: I'm an actor your majesty, it's not easy to have an relationship much less managing one
Evil queen: if this is your normal mindset they must be realy special for you to even fantasize about it then
Vil: I don't-!...yes
Evil queen: chuckles* sing to them, sing your one and only song from your heart, steal theirs and when they love you they'll understand, they already do, don't they?
Vil: they-?
[Yuu sitting on the weel and starts singing very quietly "I'm wishing"]
Evil queen: your chance is now. Go
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minzart · 3 months ago
[Malleus escaped sebek's and silver's watch, and now is walking by the forest on day time]
Maleficent: and you two have a night walk? How adorable
Malleus: it's nothing realy, we do this all the time
Maleficent: and you still doesn't belive they might love you
Malleus: grandm- mistress, it's nothing like you are expecting, we only talk... well I talk and they listen... they always do little smile*
maleficent: chuckles* I will see it myself once night falls then... are you hearing this?
[Cautiously Malleus slides behind a tree, only to be surprised as Yuu pass by, dancing with Grim singing once upon a dream]
Maleficent: well if that isn't something, a great opportunity to make the first move don't you think so child?
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