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Hornet is worried. So, so very worried. She’s scoured the entirety of Hallownest, even Deepnest, to find her sibling. They’re nowhere to be seen. No one has seen them in the past four days.

She hopes they’re okay. Last she saw of them, they looked so uncomfortable. And after a molting, where one is supposed to feel better.

Where are they? Are they okay?

Hornet fidgets with her two extra hands from her own molting. She can’t help worrying, Ghost has a habit of getting into dangerous situations when they aren’t thinking straight. 

Finally, she stands at the edge of the entrance to the Abyss. If Ghost is nowhere, then they could only be here. Unless … no she will not think of that. She refuses to believe that Ghost would just leave.

So here she is, standing before the prison of her siblings. Afraid. 

She steps in.

It’s like the last time she was here, cold and dead. A feeling of dread fills her as she stands at the edge of the metal platform, looking down into the darkness. She doesn’t want to go, but this is her sibling. She loves them.

So she jumps.

And feels something grab her and put her back onto the platform.

Ejp str upi Something rings out inside her head, and she almost falls down. Ejsy fp upi esmy

“What are you saying?” She asks, trying to find the strength to look up at the thing.

She feels the air around her shift, and she looks up to see a large, black creature with many eyes of white staring at her. It’s body is tense, two arms slowly rising to her eye level.

Who are you? It slowly signs. Hornet tilts her head. What are you doing here?

“I am Hornet, the Princess of Hallownest.” She answers formally. “Who might you be?”

Void It says.

They stand there in silence, Hornet watching as the void creature, and the void creature watching back.

“Where,” Hornet starts. “Where is Ghost? They just. They just molted and disappeared and we’re really worried.”

The creature blinks, body tilting. Ghost? The Child?

Does this creature think of Ghost as a child? Well, they are. They are seen as the youngest of them all, it would make sense. So Hornet nods.

The creature turns to the Abyss, and a shade rises from the void beneath. It looks like a Vessel after its first molting, and its horns …


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just realized … The other day, I didn’t share these two pink skies photos, well happen :) otherwise who can skip such photos … never too late so sharing now :)
#Sunset #PastelColors #Pretty #SoftShares #Chicago #UpTown #ChicagoUptown #LakeshoreTrail #ChicagoLakeshore #IcyShores #ChicagoTown #LovelyEvening #SunsetColors #Evening #Shades #CityLife #EveningLights #LakeMichigan #PinkSkies #BlueWater #February2021 #HappyTuesday (at Foster Avenue Beach)

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Bruce Springsteen, wild and innocent on the Jersey Shore, August 1973 by David Gahr, my edit of original via smithsonianmag

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This made me laugh pretty hard^

**Trigger warning for violence and mention of death **


  • If you pspsps at a shade, that’s probably the last thing you will ever do
  • They may give off cat vibes, but you need to remember these bitches have claws
  • Ooh I need to add claws to my last headcanon post
  • They will kill you, and they will make it as slow and as painful as possible
  • What were you thinking pspspsing at a shade?
  • Were you trying to summon them?? Why the hell would you want that?
  • Did you think a shade would make a good pet?? Because they really really don’t
  • Regardless, they’re coming over now. You done fucked up. RIP to you. You better be ready for whatever happens.
  • (Side note: Arya would totally pspsps at a shade, that sass queen. And she’d be one of the few to live to tell the tale)
  • You? Probably not so lucky.
  • -200/10, do not recommend
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*bows* of course, nonny!

Evil Shade Headcanons part 2:

  • The transformation to being a shade gives them the ability to speak any language, instantly.
  • Deceptively thin and scrawny looking. Can still kick ass.
  • Their magic doesn’t have a color, but rather the absence of it. It’s like a black hole or a rip in the universe that leaks darkness
  • They can smell fear, literally. Probably other emotions too.
  • Speaking of smell, they smell like metal.
  • They eat a lot of raw, uncooked meat.
  • Don’t like sunlight or large bodies of water.
  • They don’t age ever, but they kinda look… dead. Like there’s not a drop of blood in their bodies. Vampire vibes.
  • C L A W S
  • The transformation to being a shade causes them to lose any ability to form social bonds, love, friendship, etc. They’re loner assholes who give no fucks about anyone
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